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Picture book for education in the Hitler Youth program.

Centuries may pass away, and one could never speak of heroic deeds without thinking of the German army in the World War. Then the iron front of the steel helmet becomes visible from the veil of the past...

not wavering and not weakening...

The peace of that time was to be placed as a cornerstone over the covered grave of war...

became the seeds of discourse for new struggles.

“I decided, however, to become a politician.�

I believe in Germany...

and I will fight for her today and tomorrow and in the future, until victory will come to us.

We are one folk and want to be one empire.

The power of life of our people has risen victoriously above the rubble of a sunken world.

“This is the greatest about him,...that in him reside the roots of our world, and he has transported his soul to the stars and still remained a person, just like you and me.� --Baldur von Schirach (Leader of the Hitler Youth program)

Study in the Berghof.

House Wachenfeld on the (mountain) Obersalzberg.

“Our cathedrals are witnesses of the greatness of our past! The greatness of the present will one day be measured according to the values of eternity’s greatness.”



A drawing of Adolf Hitler’s from the World War.

Planning of new buildings.

“I now proudly report the entry of my home country into the German Reich.”

“This Reich has now experienced only the first days of its youth. It will continue to grow in coming centuries; it will become strong and powerful!�

The faces of a powerful Reich...

of a strong military...

of a developing economy...

of a healthy peasantry...

The creator of a folk community...

“The national socialist revolution has overcome the state of betrayal and put in its place a Reich of honor, faithfulness and respectability.�

“If this movement should ever be silent, then this witness (eagle) will speak when centuries have passed.�

“I could not imagine having a more beautiful and more wonderful task anywhere than to serve this folk. One might give any part of the earth, yet I would rather be the poorest citizen of this country.�

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Hitler Youth Picture Book  

Picture book for education in the Hitler Youth program

Hitler Youth Picture Book  

Picture book for education in the Hitler Youth program