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Oct. 1 3, 8 p.m.

Fal l C h o ral Concert I Lag e rq uist C o n ce rt Hal l Oct. 1 4, 8 p.m.

"The Laramie Proje ct" Un ive rsity Theatre P rodu ction Eastvold Auditorium Oct. 1 4, 8 p.m.

Fall C horal Conc e rt I I Lag e rq u ist Concert Hall Oct. 15, 3 p.m.

Un ive rsity Sym phony Orch estra I nvrtational Concert Lagerquist C o n ce rt Hall Oct. 15, 8 p.m.

"The Laramie Project" University Theatre P roduction Eastvold Audito rium Oct. 1 6, 2 p.m.

J a ke Bergevin performs at a J a u Under tile Stars event on campus in J U l y. Photo by Andy Sprain '05.





Scu l pture and Pai nting Steve So b e c k and Scott Davies Univers ity G al l e ry

Photography and E lectronic Imag ing Ste phen Rock and Nichole D e Ment University Gallery

Sept. 7-26

Oct. 4, 8 p.m.

N PR StoryCorps, presented by KPLU Seattle Center

Lyric Brass Q u i ntet Lagerq uist Con c e rt Hall Oct. 7, 8 p.m.

Sept. 11, 1 0:30 a.m.

KPLU Jazz Cruise Pearl Django

Gail Arche r, g u est organist Lagerqu ist Concert Hall Oct. 1-9

"The Laramie P roject" U n iversity Theatre Producti on Eastvold Auditorium Oct. 1 6, 3 p.m.

J u lia Brown and Barbara Baird, g u e st organists Lagerquist C o n c e rt Hall Oct. 1 8, 8 p.m.

University Symphony O rc h e stra with g u est pianist Andreas Kl ein Lagerq uist C o n c e rt Hall Oct. 21 , 8 p.m.

"The Laramie Project" U niversity Th eatre Produ ction Eastvold A u d itorium Oct. 22, 8 p.m.

KPLU Art of Jazz Seattle Art Museu m

Oct. 11, 8 p.m.

"Th e Laramie Project" University Theatre Production Eastvold Au ditorium

Sept. 16-18

Un iversity Wind Ensemble Lag erqu ist Concert Hall

Oct. 23, 2 p.m.

Anacortes Jazz Festival Spo nsored by KPLU

Oct. 12, 8 p.m.

"The Laramie Project" Un iversity Theatre Produ ction Eastvold Au ditorium

Sept. 1 3, 5:30 p.m.

Sept. 1 8, 3 p.m.

Paul Te gels, university organist Lagerquist C o n c e rt Hall

Ho mec oming 2005

College Musi c Ed ucators National Confere nce Con c e rt Lag e rquist Concert Hall Oct. 1 3, 8 p.m.

Sept. 20, 8 p.m.

Regency Jazz Ensemble Lagerquist Concert Hall

"The Laram ie Project" Un ivers ity Theatre Production Eastvold Audito rium

Oct. 25, 8 p.m.

Rege ncy String Quartet Lagerquist Concert Ha ll conlmucd on inside bachďż˝ cover

In "de

Pacific Lutheran University Scene Fall 2005 Volume 36 Issue 1


Here & Now


Life of the Mind Leaves g r a nt a d m i n istrators new perspec tive


On the Hill A l u m s in C o n g ress Lois Capps and Rick La rsen make their voi ces heard in the other Wa shington


That's a Wrap Student film makers get to see their own m ovies on the big s c reen

14 Legacy Lutes

R e p. Rick La rsen '87 stands outside the Ca pitol, where he serves in Congress along with Lois Ca pps '59. See p a g e 8. P h oto by Greg Dohler.

Family passes love for PLU thro ugh the generati ons


Attaway Lutes


Alumni Profiles


Alumni Class Notes


The Arts



Athletic Ha ll of Fame


Leadership & Service


Alumni News & Events U n iversity Congregati o n celebrates 5 0 years

Athletic H a l l of Fame inductee Paulette Bergh '80






Greg Brewis

Ann Johnson '81

Loren J. Anderso n


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Sheri J. Tonn

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The imp ort a n t work to o u tfit the c a m pus with the l a test t e c h n o l o gy is a l l u nde rgro u n d.

Summer upgrades keep campus on the high-tech front line he information superhighway cut through the middle of cam­ pus this summer, in the form of a 5 -foot-deep trench from Morrvedt Library to lower cam pus and the new Mo rken Center fo r Learn ing and Technology. I t was the most cons picuous of the many summer p rojects o n campus, which was called by many "The Big Dig." It included i nscallation of n i ne 4-inch conduits that will soon hold fiber optic and telecommunications cables. A manda M iller, project coord i­ nator for bcilities M anagement, said the project was needed to get the Morken Center co nnccted with the rest of the campus, but planners uscd the opportu nity to u pgrade the entire COI11munication infrastructure. By m id-August, the ditch was filled in and disrupted landscaping was restored. The project, which was paid for with construction funds for the Morken Center , w as completed before students returned to campus in t he fall.

The Morken Center i tself remains o n schedu le for an early opening i n spring semester of 2006. For a list of ongoing campus projects, go to the Facilities M anagement Web site at Jama/projects. for an ongoing look at the construction of the Morken Center, visit UJww.pht. edu/webcams.

Wang Center welcomes new director with broad international experience h istory professor with broad experience in i nternational edu­ cation is the new execurive director of the Wang Center for International Programs. Neal Sobania, formed}' director o f I n ternational Ed ucation and a mem­ ber of the h istory facul­ ty at Hope College in Holland, M ich., s tarted in August. He replaced Janet Rasmussen, who is p u rsuing semi nary studies i n peace building. Sobania also was appointed

to the h istory faculty. " We look to Neal to help the un ivers i ty achieve our vision of educating for a JUSt> heal thy> sustainable and peaceful world," ProVOSt James Pence said. Throughout his 24 years at Hope College, Sobania hel ped position the college as a major player in the field of international education. An African spe­ cialist whose teaching and research areas include both histo ry and culture, he has researched and written articles and books, curated exhibitions and filmed docu mentaries. H e b ri ngs h is experiences, especinlly those in EthIOpia and Keny:t, i nto h is classes i n history> anthropology and art h istory. One of his major accomplishments at H ope College was to increase the number of science students studying abroad. He also ini tiated cam puswide workshops to orient faculty and stu­ dents to the responsibili ties and risks of studying in other countries.

Pastor and alum chosen to head development division he Rev. S tephen Co rnils '66, a pastor with extensive experience in management and stewardsh ip, was named vice president for Development and Universit}' Relations. "Steve is a distinguished PLU graduate who shares a deep com­ m i tment to the universi­ cy's mission," PLU President Loren J. Anderson said. "He has remarkable leadershi p and com m u nication skills and brings exten­ sive experience within and beyond the congregational setti ng." CorniJs joins PLU as the university moves forward with a campaign to reno­ vate the h istoric Easrvold H all into the new home for the D ivision of Hu manities and a stunning venue for music and theater events, and embarks


Princeton and then serve four years in

on fund raising for a new building co

and Sarah Larson will go co France co

house KPLU, the award-winning NPR

participate in the teaching assistam

the foreign Service. Other Washingron

and jazz station.

program. Maja Pedersen and Heather

Achiever graduates are Chrystina

Cornils' ministry began with calls co three churches in California. He lived in

Short were both awarded Fulbrights to

Bowlin, Wendy Fowler, Sang Han,

srudy i n Norway, where Pedersen will

Wajiha Mahboob, Arnie Miller, Chenda Minn, Lam Nguyen, Ian Ric Pulido,

Minneapolis for 18 years, serving as

explore the Norwegian efforts ro com­

senic;r pascor, as a communications

bat obesity and Shorr will study

Morgan Virivong and Bethany Munch

consultam and as associate pascor at

Norwegian approaches to teac h i n g lan­

(graduating in December).

Fulbrights were available in the nation

their colle ge and military careers with

for study in Norway.

the 9-11

Moum Olivet Lutheran, a congregation

of 13,500.

Jim Plourde, who has served as acting

guage ro new immigrants. Only 10

He will continue in his role as executive director of development.

PLU students won two of only 10 Fulbrights available

PLU welcomes diverse group of new faculty members this fall his fall, PLU welcomed more

including 25 in tenure-track positions.

"Ie is an impressive group," Provost

jim Pence said. " The )' bring a broad range of academic experience from

were commi ssioned.

class was Sept. 11,2001. This ROTC class performed above national ages in comparison


av er­

other ROTC

programs, a.llowing a l most all of the graduates ro get an assignmenr in the Army branch of their choi ce, and pro­

for study in Norway-

d uced three

Among PLU's more than 600 gradu­

than 40 new faculty members,


For most of them, rJ1 e i r first full day of

vice presidem the past year, led the uni­ versity co a record year in gift income.

A l so , 13 first lie utenanrs who started

ates so far this year, were the fi rst

D isting u i sh ed

M i l i tary

Graduates: Brett Bartell, Chest<.'r Boyles and Myra Waldher. Oth<.'r graduates arc joy Bleckman, Lisa Bolos, Amy Bowen,

cohorr of the Washington Achievers

Lynn Box (commissioned in july),

program that helps students from

Lawrence Ebel, jacob Estrada (col11mis­

schools with low-income and m inority

sioned in August), Ricardo rerrell ,

studem po p u lations. One was Thu

Travis McGrann , Alexi.s Melendez,

Nguyen, PLU's first Pickering Scholar,

james Phillips, William Sherrell and

chosen to attend graduate school at

Jessica Sorano.


around the coumry and the world." Nearly all divisions will see new faces in the classroom this year. Pence said he

was impressed with the new professors' commitmem to PLU and their desire to

ce e

choose co work here. "They bring a real emhusiasm for the mission and educational values that are

our trade mark, " he said. "We've hired a group of people whose highest priority is teaching."


The large number of incoming faculty is largely due to retirements of long­ time professors. "This is part of the generational change at PLU and within the faculty,"




Pence said. "It is an imentional efforr



READ MORE ABOUT THE NEW FACULTY joining PLU this fall, the Lutes inducted into the Tacoma­

co build the faculty for the future."

Pierce County Sports Hall of Fame

To read more about the new faculty members, go to


and view parts of the student films

featured in this issue at Scene Online. You'll find links to more

Graduates earn

details about the print version, as well as updates on campus events.

prestigious fellowships,

Scene Online also takes you to

military honors

other great features, which have

our May g rad u a t es received

On l i ne news


easy to fi n d.

Fulbright SchoLarshi ps to sru dy

been chosen "Best of Scene." Check it out at


Sara Bergman will travel to Tri n idad and Tobago to pursue women



s ru dics,

HERE & NOW > PlU SCENE FAll 2005


Leave time gives administrators new perspective

From left, Aub rey Cea rl ey, J ulia C o h n a n d M i c h a e l a Metros w o r k on r e c o rding t h e i r sto ries at t h e KPLU studios in Se attl e . Photo by M a tt D u rh a m , West S eattle Hera l d .


could learn a lot about how to live your l i fe from a fourth­ grader. KPLU Program D i rector Joey Cohn spent three months helping students at Seattle's Schmitz Park Ele mentary School write and talk abou t their pas­ sions. He was granted an admi nis trative p rofessional development leave to help two classes at his daughte r'S school p ro­ duce a CD. From i nsects to electric gu i tars, each child on "Student Stories" describes what he or she is passionate about and why. One student sings a lovely version of "Good Night My Someone," from "The M usic Man," while another recites a poem, "My Robot." Students talk with enthusias m and often h u mor abou t why they l ike swi mmi ng, baseball or read i ng. Their unadulterated JOY at making a basket or p layi ng with a pet is uplifting. Cohn he lped the students write their stories, then recorded them at KPLU's studios in downtown Seattle, working with them o n thei r delivery. H e sold the CDs as a fund-raise r for the school, bri nging i n nearly $1,500.




" 'Student Stories' was a great experi­ ence for me because I got to hear 47 kids express the mselves," Co h n said. "It was the first time most of them heard thei r voices recorded. To see expressions when they first heard them­ selves was very entertaining." Cohn said the time off to work at the school his daughter,Julia, attends and the opportunity to i nspire students were invaluable. Equally important was what he learned from the students, teachers and parent vo lu nteers i nvolved in the p roJect. "I learned that I really enjoy working with k ids," Cohn said. "I observed how teachers manage thei r classrooms and how they i n teract with stude nts. I saw that because there was a mu tual respect between the teachers and the students,

it resulted in very few disciplinary p rob­ lems. I learned that positive rei nforce­ ment with children is m uch more effec­ tive than negative feedback. These are all lessons that apply to my work at KPLU." Cohn is just o ne of the ad ministrators granted a p rofessio nal develop ment leave. PLU offers up to four leaves per year to longtime employees to complete p rojects that benefit them personally and p rofessionally. H u man Resources D i rector Teri P h i llips said the adm inistrative leaves are part of PLU's commitment to l i fe­ long learni ng. To be eligible fo r a leave, which can be up to th ree months, administrators must have been employed by the univer­ sity for at least seven years, have a spe­ cific plan for their time away and com­ p lete a summary of what was accom­ p lished. They earn 90 percent of their salary while o n leave. "It's a p henomenal opportunicy," said Alina Urbanec, who as associate director of H u man Resources was granted a leave in 2000-01 to study women's issues and Spanish in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and

Cuba. (The unive rsiry does not cover travel costs.) A diversiry trainer on cam­ pus, Urbanec made connections with educational and social justice groups, includ i ng the i nstitute that PLU stu­ dencs attend for Spanis h i m mersion programs d u ringJ-Term. During her leave, Urbanec realized she wamed ro work more closely with scu­ dems and evemually moved co a new position as directo r of Studem Employmem and Career Developmem. She also starred wo rking with s tudems returning from study away p rograms after confronting her own difficulty re-entering l i fe back on campus. "It gave me an op portunity co be fa r enough away from my life [0 really take a look at i t," she said. jennifer Wamboldt, environmemal health and safery manager, traveled co universities across the country co research emergency planning fro m October through December 2003. S he wcnt to colleges ranging from Washington State Universiry ro Georgecown Universiry in Was hi ngton, D.C. She developed a detailed action plan fo r PLU to addrcss em ergency and environmen tal safery issues. "It's an awesome benefi t for people co have," she said. "I thi n k it's incredi ble that we get that opportuniry. It gives you a break from the Illonocony of the day-to-day and allows you to see things with di fferem pers pectives." Cohn's p roject allowed many at Schmitz Park Elemen tary the chance to see things in a d i fferent ligh t. "Every once in a while a vcry unique opportunity comes along fo r students co participate in something extraordi­ nary," Sc hmitz Park Principal Rich Mellish said. " 'Student Stories' has been one such opportu niry. This CD provides an insight i n co the passions of a grou p o f tru ly wonderful studen ts. I wou l d l ike co give a special thanks co joey Cohn and KPLU for making this opporcunity possible. The generous donation of time and resources wil l make a lasting im pression on t h e lives of our students." �

IJJ' Katherme Hedland Hansen '88

Christian Meyer.

profe or of mathe­ matics, re�ciVl'd the 2005 Award for Distinguished College or U niversity Teaching of Mathematics from the Mathematical Association of Amcrica, Pacific Northwest Section. Susan Mann,

associate director of the Wang Center, and Chuck Bergman, profes­ sor of English, spoke C O 100 u ni­ versiry leaders from Australia a t a con ference in june about inrerna­ tional programs. Bellamy Pailthorp,

business and labor reporrer at 88.5 KPLU, was one of 10 journal­ ists in the country named a 2005-2006 Knigh t-Bageh o t Fellow. She will spend a year studying at Columbia U niversity in New York City. The fellowship is considered the most comprehensive business jou rnalism fellowship in the cou ntry. Patricia Wooster,

harp instructor, per­ formed the world pre miere of Kevin Kaska's "Concerrino fo r H arp and Concert Band" with the Tacoma Concert Band at the Pantages Theater in Tacoma last November. She also coo rdinated the fu nd-raising effort for commission­ ing the piece.

Jeffrey BeU­ Hanson,

associate professor of m usic, complcted the first stage of a recording project with the National Radio Orchestra of B ulgaria during the past year. Two works by composer and jazz pianist jack Reilly were recorded, "Concertino for jazz Piano Trio and Orchestra" and " Elegy." Richard Nance,

professor of c horal stud ies, published a choral piece titled "BaneI' My Hearr, Three-Personed God." The text is one of the h o ly sonnets by Joh n Donne. The piece was commissioned by the Coral Gables Congregational Churc h in Fe. Lauderdale, Fla. In addition, two of Nance's works, "Psalm 36" and "Set Me as a Seal" were featured at the American Choral Directors Association National Convention. Suzanne Crawford,

religion professor, edited, and submi tted 20 enrries to, "American Indian Religious Trad itions: An En cycloped i a." The three-volume encyclopedia i s comprised o f essays written b y nearly 100 leading scholars, many who are of Native descent. The volu mes chal­ lenge stereorypical notions of Native religions, and take a holistic look at spiri tuality and cul ture. Reflecting th is, the chap ters address issues that place religious life in its political, social and culture con texr.






WASHINGTON, D.C. - Lois Capps '59 is a registered nurse committed ro

im proving p ublic health who was thrust inro politics after the sudden death of her h usband. The 67-year-old lawmaker from S ama Barbara, Calif., ran ro f i l l the seat held by her late h us­ band, Wal ter. Rick Larsen '87 started his poli tical career much earlier in l ife as a Snohomish Counry (Was h.) Council man and was elecred to Congress at age 35 in 2000. A third­ term congressman from Norrhwest \l(/ash ingron, he's already well known in the U.S. House of Represenratives for his effective, easygoing sryle. Capps and Larsen are the only PLU alu mni currenrly serving in Congress. Several PLU alums have been elected to local and state governmental bodies, and Jack Metcalf '51, was Larsen's pred­ ecessor. Metcalf served six years in Congress after 24 years in the state Legisla[Ure. Their backgrounds and approaches differ, bur Capps and Larsen have simi­ larities. They're both Democrats caught




up i n t h e struggles o f their minoriry parry. And they both have strong voices, refusing to back down from what they feel is righ r. Capps, the daughter of a Lutheran m inister who was married to a religion professor for 37 years, calls the $2.6 tril­ lion federal budget recenrly drawn up by the House Budget Com m i ttee an "im mo ral documem." Ask her why, and she won't mince words. "I think it's im moral because of the way it robs from the next generation," said the feisry, fou rth-term Democrat who has garnered great p raise from col­ leagues for her com mitment to social issues. "It makes them pay for tax cuts that will go to the wealthiest among us, and i t also will cut up r o $20 billion from the Medicaid health care p rogram over the next 10 years. M edicaid helps peo­ ple who can't afford to pay for their health care - and these funding cutbacks could eventually force m any sen­ ior citizens right out of their nursing h o m es, by depriving them of the money they need to pay for such care."

S i m ilarly, Larsen didn't hesitate when he had to make a crucial decision on the floor of the House. Although he was caugh t u p in a fie.rce re-elecrion batrle - and although his sprawling 2nd Districr contains U.S. m ilitary installations at both W h idbey Island and Everett - he concluded that it would be a mistake ro invade Iraq. So he p u t h is career on the line - and he voted agai nst the Ocr. II, 2002, resO­ lution that authorized the u.s. President ro bring down Saddam Hussein. (Capps also voted against the resolution.) Ask Larsen what i t was like ro pur his neck in a p o l itical noose by voting against a powerful chief executive only a year after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and he poims out that he actually received "very litrle criticism" for voting his conscience in 2002. "I voted against that resolution because I was convinced the Unired Stares shouldn't take a 'go ir alone' approach in Iraq," Larsen said in a recent interview on Cap i ro l Hil l. »




For Capps, who spent two decades as a hard-working p u blic school n u rse i n central Cal ifornia, the road to the U.S. House of Representatives began on a bru tally painful afternoon at Was h i ngton's Dulles In ternational Ai rport. It was there that her beloved h u sband - former Democratic Congressman Walter H. Capps - s u ffered a fatal heart attack in October of 1997. Only 13 months before his sudden death, the longti me reLigion and phi los­ ophy professor at the U niversity of California, Santa Barbara, had surprised the political pundits by winning the congressional seat in the state's 23rd D istrict. Until the. Capps u pset, the Republicans had maintained an i ron grip on this moderate-to-conservative district for nearly 50 years. Sud den ly, Lois Capps was faced with a difficult choice. Should she retire into peaceful obscu rity - or should she fight to keep her deceased husband's h ard­ won congressional seat in the ranks of the struggl ing Democratic Party? "1 prayed a lot and I struggled a lot,"



she said, "and I fin ally decided that the best th ing I could do was to try and serve my country by running for Walter's seat." I n M arch 1998, Capps narrowly won a s pecial election and headed to the nation's capital. Si.nce then, she's been re-elected fou r times, and most political observers believe she'll be able to remain in office as long as she wishes. "The last few years have certainly been difficult at ti mes," she said with a weary sigh. She also lost her daughter Lisa to illness in 2000. "But [ really do think I'm a hopeful person, ill spite o f every­ thing, and I beueve that with the h ard rimes comes the faith you need to keep on living - and to keep on doing your best to serve others." Since entering Congress seven years ago, the end lessly energetic Capps (she's also an accomplished violinist with a master's degree in theology from Yale) has fought ha.rd to improve health care and education, as a member of both the Budget and Ene rgy/Commerce com mit­ tees. In rece nt months, she's also spent a lot of time trying to fend off what she sees as "a growing th reat" to the "safety net" provided by Social Security.

During nearly a decade of fighting for "the vulnerable and the powerless" on Capitol Hill, Capps has drawn s u p port from some powerful allies, such as for­ mer House M inority Leader Richard Gephardt, who described her as "a woman of characrer, imegrity and won­ derful cirizenshi p." Former President Bill Cli nton recendy ech oed that senti ment, while relling an app laud ing CalifornIa audience: "I've never known a better human being than this woman, ever!" Capps, who p resented the PLU Commencement address and was awarded an honorary doctorate i n 2001, said her n u rsing education challenged her "to the limit." S he attended PLU i n rhe earlier days o f the program, when students trained ar a hospital i n Portland, Ore. "Well, rhat program was p retty tough, let me tell you," Capps said. "It was so demanding and c h al lenging. [ can remember crying myself to sleep at n ight more than once from s heer exhaustion." I.n spite of the hards hips, however, Capps says she's grareful for the early les­ sons she learned abollt facing challenges. She said nursing school can p rovide "the

perfecr background" for service-mi nded srudcnr s who might someday decide ro run for political office. "I talk to nursing organizations all the ti me, and I always tell them: 'Look, the skills you need ro be a good nurse are the same skills you need ro be an effective me�ber of the House of Representatives,'" she said. "The caring, the decision-making skills and the teamwork required for good nursing - these are precisel)1 the things you need most, in order to do a good job on Capirol Hill. Every time I talk ro a group of nurses, I wind up urging them ro run for the u.s. Congress!" KEE PING HIS SENSE OF HUMOR

For Larsen, who jokes that he was admitted ro PLU in spite of the fact that he's a lifelong Methodist, serving in Congress is "a huge responsibi lity, but that doesn't mean you have to leave your sense of hUlllor at the door." Ask h i m how he manages ro remain calm during the daily political "crisis" on Capitol Hill, and he'll tell you wi th a straight face: "Nothing ro it - I'm Norwegian!" Larsen and his fellow House Democrats lost the 2002 vote on invad­ ing Iraq (the final tally was 296-133 in favor of the invasion,), bu t he says recenr events there have triggered "increasing doubts" about the wisdom of the inva­ sion strategy. "I do th ink the public in general is growing more and more skeptical about our ch ances for success in Iraq," he said. "We need ro support our soldiers rhere, obviously, but we also need ro push rhis adminisrration more in order ro esrablish some milesrones rhat will let us measure success - such as rhe successful recon­ struction of rhe infrastructure and rhe developmenr of an effective government - rhat will define the point at which we can bring our folks h o me." CHASING THAT 'LAST MEATBALl:

Spend an hour or tWO in Larsen's office in Washi ngron, D.C., and you'll quickly discover thar this PLU political science studem - unlike so me of his Capirol Hill colleagues - is easygoing and not bur­ dened with a jumbo-sized ego. 1 think the key ro being effective in Congress is knowing how ro get along wirh rhe people around you," Larsen said, after f lopping down on a bartered-look­ ing sofa. "

"Take jobs, for instance. In the Pacific Northwesr, everybody knows rhar better transportation means more jobs." That's why he sought a posirion on the Transporrarion and lnfrastrucrure Committee, ro fight for federal funds for trJnsporration in Was h ingron, including more dollars for the i mpor tanr ferry sysrem . "We're talking about $ 5 mil lion annu­ ally for rhe ferries,and thar should be veq' helpful for the economy," Larsen said. "And that rransporration bill is a great example of how you can help your district by learning how ro get along with your colleagues on a congressional committee." Why is Rick Larsen so good at "schmoozing" h i s way ro maximum dol­ lars for his congressional districr? "Well, I was one of eight kids in our family," he said with a delighted chuckle, "and one of the first things you learn i n that situation is that you better speak up and go after what you wam at the din­ ner table. If there's a meatball left on that plate, you better go after it!" Born and raised as the son of a utility company worker in Arlington, Wash . , Larsen arrived on the PLU campus in the fall of 1983 - and soon discovered that he had a passion for the "fascinating complexity" that could be found in both economics and political science. After deciding to major in political sci­ ence, the high-flying Larsen was dis­ mayed ro find h imself enro lled in a required microeconomics course taugh t b y Marlen M iller. "That was the roughest class I ever rook," Larsen said. "I spent two hours a night on that one class, alone! It nearly killed me, but in the end I gOt an A- . .. and 1 learned some amazing stuff about

the power of economic markets on poli­ tics, and vice versa. "The great thing about going ro PLU was the way the professors required you to think for yourself - and Dr. M iller was an absolure genius at that." After graduating and then earning a master's degree in public administration from the University of Minnesota, Larsen thought he was headed roward a career in business. But he wound up running for and winning a seat on the Snohomish Coumy Council in 1997. Three years later, at 35, he defeated a strong Republican candidate in J rae' ro replace Republican Metcalf in legendary Senaror Henry "Scoop" Jackson's ho me district. According ro some of his col leagues and political associarcs, Larsen has a "natural instinct" for politics, and a relaxed, "down-ro-earth" personality thar serves him well. "With Rick Larsen, what you sec is what )'Oll get," said Bob Anderson, a for­ mer mayor of Everett. "He's a very gen­ uine guy, and he's also very bright." Adds former Washington State Transportation Commission Chair Connie Niva: " He's young, he's smarr and he's gutsy. His district is very com­ pli cated, and he's a perfect march for it, because he's very bright, bllt he's also very rough. Thar vote he rook on Iraq that was extremely djfficult for him, but he made the vote, and I think the mili­ tary folks in his district really did respect him for it." Larsen said h is agenda includes help­ ing "the workers, fanners and military folks" who make up the heart of his widely variegared district. "The Second District runs all the way up to the Canadian border," he said, "and we have everything from the fish­ ing indusrry to the aerospace i ndustry ro raspberry producers and military fami­ lies and even a huge aluminum smelter at Ferndale that employs 500 people. "I t'S my job ro figure our how ro try and satisfy all these different needs and aspirations - and thar's why I'm glad I grew up with seven brothers and sisters. When you come frol11 a large family like that, you learn a thing or two about the importance of speaking up for what you want . . . and also aboU[ rhe vital impor­ tance of compromise." ffil Tom Nt/gent is a free/ance IIJI7ter in Washington, D.C



12 PLU SCENE FAll 2005 >


A lot of college studen ts dream

subjects. The scudenrs say they told stories their generation can relate to. Isakson said

of being filmmakers,

the topics aren't surprising given how stu­ of would-be d i rectors. actors and

dents are at a poi nt i n thei r lives when they

screenwriters got the chance to debut their

question what they want to do and wha t

work on the big screen last spring.

their fu tures hold.

Kirk Isakson's Advanced Video

Isakson used the Blue Mouse screening

Prod uction class started \Vi th original scripts and ended with a showing of three short films developed by students at the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma. 'To put it in a real movie house, and on

wouldn't have thought of," M cVay said. Coughl i n enjoyed working as an edi m r a n d coordinating with t h e di recmr.

"I l i ke to be behind the camera," said

the fu ll screen was pretty i mpressive,"

Coughlin, who hopes to make documen­

Isakson said.

taries for a nonprofit orga nization and

The students were th ril led with the opportu n i ty.

"We were really given a lot o f freed0111,"

spem the summer working with AIDS orphans in Afri ca. McVay is i nvolved in Un iversity Theatre,

said Jara Savol '()6, who served as director

so he acted in one fi lm and di recred his

of photography on one short and editor on

own. His 2 1 -minute fi l m derails a scudent.

another. " I t was fu n to do someth ing that

Josh, struggling to balance work, relation­

was completely our own."

The coursc starred with l4 students. "I was pretty blunt and up front with

ships and school. When things begin m unravel, he gets a message from an odd fig­ ure in h i s television set. Josh begins to

them," Isakson said. "I told them it will

qucstion h i s sanity umil the figure'S mes­

requ i re sacrifice. It wi l l requ i re you to give

sages becomes ti'ighteningly accurate.

up a social l i fe. It will require dedication and commitment."

"I wamed to do a short before the class," McVay said. "I accually got my idea ti'om

Four students dropped out.

watching cartoons and saw one with an evil

But the remaining 1 0 had the passion to

TV talking to people. The story rook a d i f­

complete their original movies and put ill grueling hours i n the process - from hold­

i n g auditions to scouring locations to edit­ ing fi lm.

" I don ' t know i f I would say i t was fUll all

the time bccause we worked really hard, bur i t was worthwh ile," said Megan C oug h l i n '06. also an edi tor.

All students came to class with an origi­

nal script, thcn three wcre chosen by the group to be made. They learned fi lmmaking takes more than just a camera and a great idea. They had to deal with the logistics of people's schedules, bad wcather and fi nding ways to

ferent approach once 1 started writing it." H e says the course reinforced h i s passion for fi lmmaki ng.

"There's a whole new world of wan na-be fi lmmakers on the campus," Isakson said. McVay and others have made other fi lms on their own, and a group of recent grads are maki ng movies with Dead Gentlemen Prod uctions, which started when they were students at PLU.

"PLU for a sm a l l school acrually has the

technology rhat a lor of larger schools don't," Isakson said. "i\s long as we have students with imaginarions and as long as we have students who want ro share that imagination, fi l m making will never die."

Fallert '05, Dan Hould '06, Cai rlyn I n Neufer's film, two buddies sit at a bus

stop and people watch. The main character stereotypes the people he encou nters there,

tell him he's



" Limbo" is about people in the early 20s poker, characters are i ntroduced in o r a musician - and what they actually are

doing - working retail and telemarketing.

vision," said Savol, whose dream job would

The main character narrates about the last

be to make documentaries about nature,

n ight he sees these friends and in a tragic

"Jaro came up with a lot of good ideas I

rour the video faci lities.

Stoskopf '08, and Ann Sweeney '05.

voiceover as what they want to be - a writer

his film better.

who invited him to come to campus to

worked on fi l ms were Kyle Duba '06, Adam


McVay said having an ed i tor eyes made

one of the younger students called Isakson,

"Limbo" by Tony Downs '06. Others who

stllck in "the rut of l i fe." Over a game of

science and education.

proCt'ss. More th an 1 00 people attended

the screcn i ng in tvlay. A couple weeks l<lter,

T h e other films produced b y t h e class are

McVay's " We I n terrupt This Program. "

"As an editor. you work for the d i rector.

answered questions about the filmmaking

"George & Darryl" by Britt Neufer '06 and

to make their lives better. H i s friend tries to

You want to get the pictures that are his

screen ing, ar which the PLU group

free reign. "

while random people wal ked i n to scenes.

They said they benefited from the collabo­

volunteer who was not in the class, i nvited studen ts from area high schools to the

"This is what I wam to do," said M cVay

sa)' i ng they arc lazy, un happy and unwilling

before. Savol was an editor on Marc

ou treach. Jennifer Eddy '06, a student

'06. " I t was really good cxperience to have

get the shot they needed in a public place Many took on roles they never held

as an opportunity for comm u n i ty

tu rn , some are forced to re-evalute thei r lives. The stories att' dark, including some

harsh l a n gu age and a d d ress i ng d i ffi cult

Far left. top: The crew coordinates a s c e n e from " G eorge & Da rryl" fi lmed at the Parkland Park and Ride. Far left: Writer and director M a n M c Vay '06, c hecks his sho t while film in g a s c e n e from " W e Interrupt T h i s Program." This page:

left. director Brin Neufer '06 films a s c e n e .



THEN AND NOW: The lider fami ly's legacy started in 1 942 when Gerry '47 and M i lly (H anson) lider met at Pacific Lutheran College, He accompanied

her aBhe participated i n the May Day celebration as an attendant. After


years, their love for

each other and the university that brought them together remains strong,






l i pping through tbei r nearly pre t.:rved s rap­ bl



' 0 2

k pages, Gerry and M il ly Li der la ugh J '

rhey talk about the fWil l i me t hey met and their

r i me toget her . l PLU .

1 'b ir SLOry blgin.'i i n 1 942 when ( ;erry '47 and M i ll)' ( l lanso n ) came ro w har w.u. then Paci nc Lutheran ol l t gl: and mcr at a d ri n k i ng Fou n ta i n . :

Stroll i ng through cam p u , Gerry a n d M i l ly rememher l ht:i r firsl dare (0 I he roo (ball Banquet [he year" ac


"me ey nr of

rdi ng [0 M i l ly, - m a ny wal k. around rhe

P.trkland art'<l and visir ' LO rhl: i n famou kidung po. [ , wh 're wu plc. W<:n l l

�teaJ ki. se',

1 he I.ider�. who l ive in Bel levue, Wa 11


have n \N

bCl:n m :l rricd '59 YI:.lrs .l11d rhei r Jove for [lLU has heen pa sed down through t he genera t i o n . A l l t h ree or r heir chi l d rc.'o - and lIw of their gra n dch i l d n:n. w i t h mo rl: s r i l l LO come - haw anended P LU .


Four of Mark


and Wendy (Lider) Swanson's eight ch i l d ren have attended PLU, includ i ng, top right Nate Swanson

who are numbers



" O u r fa m i l y is



and twins Col i n


left, a n d Carl


of t h e i r combined fa m i l i es to attend the u n i versity.

b lessed , "

M i l ly s a i d .

Legacy, trad ition, heritage

Narc's parents, Wendy (Lider) and Mark

" We're very prideful and honored t h a t o ur

Coun tless legacy fa m i l ies share a love fo r

Sw,lIlson 'Gil of Redmond, Wash . , said PLU's spirit of service, strong aC<1Clcmic.� , Ch risrian

c h i l d re n and gra n d c h i l d ren chose to gradu­

PLU's trad i t ions and m ission, and rheir

ate fro m our a.lma mater. And we're p leased

PLU experiences also create deep con nec­

in fl uence ,)!lei Norwegian background always

about the education they've received. "

tions wi th i n thei r fam i l ies.

s tood o u t.

T h e Lider fam i ly is j u s t o n e of the m a n y

Ask anyone in the Lider h m i l y what rhey

Legacy L ur e families t h a t connect the histo­

Jove about PLU and rhey' l i provide s i m i l :u

ry and the future of the un ivers i ty, k e epi n g

ge nerations i n rouch w i t h t h e PLU and prov i d i n g vol u n teer and fi n a ncial support. La ura lee H agen

'75 '78, d i recto r of

A.i u m n i a n d Parent Relations, said PLU's legacy fa m i l ies choose PLU for more rea­ sons rhan rrad i t i o n . "That's part of it, b u t it's m o re than that," Hagen said.

" Paren ts

k n ow t hat PLU

helped develop thei r values and provided a holistic education, and they want the same fo r the i r c h i l d re n . Fo rtuna tely, S tu ­ dents wa nt t o have those s a m e experiences . " T h i s yea r,

P LU h a s more t h a n


"The heart of PLU 1ll,1(ic an i m pression

on me," Mark said.

responses - legacy, rrad ition a n d heritage.

Coming fro m a Ellll i ly where fou r o f tbe

B u t, you' l l also hear about the ourstJnd i ng

eight c h i l d re n have gone to PLU, Nate said

education they received, the p ro fessors who

he i s gbd to see others from h i s generation

guided them and the l ife long Friends they

wa n t i ng to ,mend . "This is rea l ly a proud


trad i tion in our fam i ly," he said.

" I gOt a good backgro u n d acad em ical ly,

For the Swansons, the heri tage extends to

musica l ly, athlerically a n d s p i r i tually, " said

Ma rk's fa m i l y, many of whom also went to -

i n c lud i ng h i s parents, rh ree brorhers

Gerry, a reti red j u n i o r h igh school princi­


pal. "And friendships that have held for 60

and some their wives and c h i l d re n . " O u r k i d s a p p reciate I' I .U fro m both

years." Wh i l e none of the Lider gra n dchi l d ren arc requi red to go ro l' LU, their parents Jnd

grandpa rents arc h a p py when it's a good fir.

" Everyone i n my fa m i ly was vcry sup­

sides," said We ndy, who left PLU after a year to pursue a degree not offered by rhe u n ivcrsi ry. " J r's part of rhe stOry. There's a lot of heritage . "

retu r n i n g l egacy s t u d e n t s a n d a b o u t 90

porrive of me go i n g to P LU , " said Nate

i ncom i n g

Swanson '00, who was the first gr'lll d c h i i d

PLU fresh men this fal l a n d are num bers

of Gerr)' a n d M i l l y

and 25 of rhe Swanson a n d Lider fa m i l y






who had ,] parent attend PLU. Other exa m­


J t t c n d the u n iversi ty.

p les of Leg'lCY Lutes i n cl u d e m u l t i ple

" I saw rhar rhey had pro fess ional careers

s i b l i n gs who a t t e n d o r fa m i l i es w h o

and were happy. It seemed l i ke a good s tep­

become ieg')cy t h rough marriage.

Y tJ



ping s tOne for l i fe . "

a o u r c h i l d re n

a n d g r a n d c h i l d re n c h o s e t o g ra d u ate from o u r a l m a mater. And we' re p l eased a bo ut the ed u cati o n they've received . " - M i l ly Lide 1 6 PLU SCENE FAll 2005 > FEATURES

Na te's twi n brothers, Carl a n d Col i n , are


combined t o atrcnd t h e u ni ve rs i ry.

Ano ther o f Mark and Wendy's sons , bef

Swa nson '05, said he enjoyed bei ng a s ru­ dent at the same time as other members of h is fam i ly. I n add i tion to spen d i ng fou r years o n cam pus w i t h h i s cous i n , Brita Lider '05, Laef and his brother, N a tc, were at PLU fo r a semester tOgether. " I t was n ice to have a n older brother to



and Carol (Boose



went to PLU's

Homeco m i n g d a nce together i n

1 98 1 .

s o p h o m o re year at PLU

" l was my b ig g est d ream a l l my l ife to come to PLU,

1 0, to o k a y a r off after h i g h school to earn t h e $ 500 tu itio n and, s a stud nt, provided i ro n i n g and ba bysitti ng services to professors.

sa i d

M i l l y,


who w as o r p h a n e d at a g e

hel p me our w h i l e J was he rc , " Lacf s;l i d .

" H e rook me u nder h is w i n g. "

Changing with the times Le ga c y fa m i l ies watch PLU changi ng r h w u gh rhe ge llera t ions. For I n s rance, w h e n G e r r y and Milly were s ru dc n r s , danc­ ing was co nsidered a s i n . B u r r hc ir children wenr ro weckly da nces, p ro t c,ted curfew and srarred l i v i n g i n co-cel halls. Their gra n dc h i l d ren h a ve evcn more f'recc! o lll. Ir w a s a huge accom p l ishmclll for Milly j usr ro gcr ro PLU . Or p h 'l I l cd ar age 1 0, she roo k a ye a r o Cf a fte r h igh sch o o l to e1l'n rhe $ 500 rui rion and, as a sluckll l, provided ironing a.nd babysirring services lO professors. "It was my b i gge sr d ream all my l i fe ro come to PLU, " she s a id . In addirion to wo r kj ng, M i l l y p layed b,lS­ kerball and parrici pared ill r h e May Day celebrarion as an a r rend a n l . S h e a r rc l ld e d P L U for o n e year before conr i n u i ng ar Evcrcrr Gen eral Hospital School of Nurs i ng i n rhe N u rs in g Cadet Core. Milly returned to PLU and worked as

for [\'10 YC'HS wh ile Ge rry, who had lefr rhe school to serve in r h e Navy during Wo r ld Wa r II, fin ished h is li be ra l a rrs d eg ree . Though he was away from PLU for rhree years during rhe war - arrending Dickinson Srare 'I eacht'rs C o l l ege i n Dickinson, N . D., wirh 14 of h i s c1assmares as parr of rhe Navy V- 1 2 program, go ing ro m idship­ man's school i n Ch icago, a nd serving i n bo th rhe Med i rerranean and the Pacific Gerry fel r close to rh e u nive rs i ty. He con­ rinued to ger suppOrt from rhe facu lty and especially remembers h i s fl rsr C hrisrmas away, when he received a greering card signed by p ro fesso rs l i ke Joh n Xavier, Cliff O l s o n , Ole SruCIl, Lora Kriedler, Jesse Pfl ueger and Philip Hauge. While ar PLU, Gerry, whose s is rer Norma ( Longbortom '43) Lidtr also am: nded, sang in rhe Choir of rhe Wesr and various quar­ rers, pl a yed barirone in rhe PLU band, and was class p res i d e n r his jun ior and se n ior years. He re mem b e rs pl ayi n g baskerball games ar ParkJand Elemenrary and pracrica nurse

ing foorball on rhe pebbles of whar is now Red Square. He was also a member o f rh e rrack ream. When Gerry an d M i l l y w e n r to PLU. Old Main, now l<Jlown as H a rs tad Hall, housed al l rhe s r ud e n rs. " In our day rhere was a wooden wall - and rhe men l ived on one



rhe women on r h e o r h e r, "

M i l l y said ."Ir was ra r h e r­ cozy." T h ey saw c h a n ges w h e n rheir son, Eric Lider '75, moved on campus and into a n ewl y co-ed floor i nTingclsrad Hall. This was a big change from j u s r years ear­ l ier when Wendy and Mark were srudenrs. Women had an I I p.m. c u r few, a n d mem­ bers of rhe opposire sex were only al lowed i n rh e lobby. Sr r ic r c:r rules also i ncluded req u i red chapel and d resses for gi rls. M ark said e\ren music was conr roversial w h i l e he was a srudcnr, wirh rock ' 11' rol l evolving on campus. By r he rime his

younger b rorh e r K i rk »



P L U athletics played an i ntegral role for father E r i c Lider ' 7 5, h i s d a u g h te r, Brita L i d e r


a n d h i s nephew, Laef Swanson


At r i g h t : E r i c a n d B rita

com pete d u ri n g their c o l l ege years.


students enjoyed

Nate and his brother Laef a l so studied

daugh ter's May grad uation reminded h i m

weekly dances, As Alpine h a l l president,

abroad - with Laef traveling ro Jama ica o n

o f h o w h i s career in ed ucation started.

K i rk was in cha rge o f fi n d i n g three or fo u r

a J-Te r m t r i p and Natc goi ng r o S terl i ng


hou rs of m u s i c for t h e m . " Every Friday or

Un ivers i ty i n Scotland fo r a semester.

Beckman w i th s pa r k i n g his imerest in edu­


was at


"It opened my eyes to the rest of the

Saturday night there was a dance in a d i f­ fcre llt dorm," he said. K i rk and his w i fe, Carol (Boose


l . ider of Bel lcvue, who haven't had any kids Jrtcnd


cred i ts

p m fcssur Katherine Iverson

ca tion . "She prc>enred the whole elemen­

world and how i t fu nctions," Nate said

tary ed thing with such s p i r i t, " he said. "I

"That was probably my best expetience

thought ' 1 wa nt to do this.' "


PLU . "

Eric fol lowed in his father's footsteps and is

I n addition t o studying abroad, Nate c i tes

yet, mct their sophom ore year

now a tetired elementary physical education

- in a PLU va n, h e l p i n g new students gct to

PLU's science program as inHuenriaL He

teacher who sti l l coaches high school track

ca mpus fo r oricntation.

graduated i n tVhy fro m The College o f St.

and cross co u n try in Lake Oswego, Ore.

"\1V'c grew u p abo u t a m i l e ap art and never knew each [)(hLT," Kirk s a i d .

Professors, travel have strong in fluence Stro n g aca dem ics and

the chance fo r

le a rn i ng outside the classroom are a b ig d raw fo r many It'gacy fa mil ies. All the

Carherine i n M i n neapolis, M i n n . , with a maste r's

of physical

thera py,



i m p ressed with how well h is science classes at

PLU carried over ro physica l therapy. "PLU p l'eparcd me for my fu ture stud­


dation. He d i dn't usc I,is b i o logy major i n any of h i s j o bs, b u t said t h e problem solv­ ing and people s k i l l s he learned at have co n t r i b u ted to his success.

M a rk, a l l emergency room physician a t Hosp i ta l

Med i cal

Center i n

experi ences such as studyi ng a b road fo r

Kitkland, Wash., said h is b i o l ogy p rofessor

influencing t h e m .

Harold l .eraas i n fluenced his decision to go to mcdical schoo l . " H e made m e take the chance and gave me


strong fou n­

wa nted my career to go. " Evergreen

A s stude nts, K i r k a n d C a r o l traveled to

M a n u factu r i n g Co.

Iaco ma, said PLU pmvided

ies," he said. "It gOt me to focus on where 1

Liders cred i t specific p ro r('ssors and other

brad, Egypt and Jordan for a n I n terim

K i rk, a sales/coJ1[tact a d m i n i s traror at ( ; cnnal Plastics


"The school pro d u ces kids who are s u c­ cessfu l , " Mark said. " l owe PLU a Jot for al. 1 that I 've done."

Spo rts create confidence, lasting friendships

( n ow called J-Te rm) B i blical archaeology

the d i rection of which schools

apply to," he

A t h l etics play an i ntegral role fo r many

class. With the i n fo rm ation fresh in their

said. " Leracls had a knack for clI1d reputation

fa m i l ies thmu ghout the gen erations - and

m i nds from a lectu re/sl ide show the n i g h t

fo r gctting students i n to med ical school."

they carry the p ride and dedicarion with

before, the cl ass tou red many B i b l ical sites.


Eric said being back o n ca m p u s for h is

J/ PLU pr pare me for my futu re U I 5, I g o m e s o n where I wa nte d my ca reer to g o. " to Sw nson ' 00 18


them after- col l ege. Tha t's obvious w i t h the Liders, who near­ ly a l l pa rticipated in some spOrt and cherish their lerrers and Lute spo rts memorab i l i a . B o t h Gerry a n d Eric ra n track. Eric, who has had one of h is th ree c h i ld ten go to

PLU , said it was his t i m e on the team and

the p ro fe s s o rs he had t h a t made h i m rhe

coach he is today. "The character a nd how

wome n's soccer team, said she also learned a

h i s tea m m a tes. "Th ey're fam i ly because you

l o t abou t hersel f by p laying sports at PLU.

see them every day," said


A socio logy major, B r i ta is now wo rking on

m o t h e r,


you comp�te i n t he s fJ o r r is more i m portant

a maste r's degree in teaching a t Lewis &

du n w i n n i n g or l os i n g , " h e SJi d .

Clark C o l l ege i n Po rtland, Ore., and ho pes

He a t t r i h u l c s h i s a n i tude t o t h e way

to become a special education teacher.

sporr,s arc run at rLU a n d the classes h e

She said she came to PLU to play soccer ­ and because her fa m i l y always talked so

Frosty \X/cste ri ng .


Frosty was one of those

highly of the u n i v ersi ry. " B rita wanted to do the


thing," said Eric. "A nd ) J US t

loved my small college athletics."

people h e did n't ev�n COJch. As a r Eo and

for h e r because o f what it did fo r Eric,"

track guy. he changed me."

Anne added.

I l is

w i fe ,


co m p J ri ng


") thought

rLU wou l d

be a good choice

someti mes a chal lenge. "J r's

their com m u n i ty. " H is roots a n d h i s char­

learn how to do that, how to priori tize and

is was shapeJ here and h e's transferred t h a t

awesom e


be successfu l i n more than o ne area. "

His daugh ter, Bri ta, w h o was on the


b a tt le w i t h . "

b ud d ies.

i n c l u d i n g some

who are also

coaches. " I t's k i nd o f fu n becausc P L .U is o u r bond," he said. " , ometi l11e� we're com­ peting agai ns t each other,

bUl there's

Brita and h e r cous i n , Nate,

sti l l

attri bute Lhei r

friendships to t h e c ha rac te r isti cs of the peo­

a t t racts

a lot o f really good peo p l c , wh ich ma kes i t

easier to make and keep friends," Natc s a i d . No


what lh::ir ex perimce, all the

Liders agree on one (hi ng. · j ·he fi·icndships d1ey

H e r co u s i n Laef agreed it was rewa rd ing to do well both i n class and o n the soccer

t o s o m a n y peop le."

"They're t h ey olles you go

ple who attend t he u n iversit y. " PLU

Brita said balancing soccer and school was

\Xfeste rill g 's i nsp i r�l t i o n to Eric's i n fl uence i n acter came from I'LL , " she said. "Who he

g ra n d fat h e r

h o pes to p u rs u e a career i n e d u ca t i o n .

t h a t fricnJship tbat was made here . "

guys who i m mediately maJc an i m p res­

sion," h ic said. " H e mJde an im pact on

who l i ke h is

Eric s t i ll keeps i n [Ouch w i t h h is track

too k from reti red A t h l etic D i rector Paul

Hose t h and former head football coach

u n cle, c o u s i n

made have lasted anJ will comilluc


r h rive.

"After all these years our bcsl fr i e n d s


field . H e a p p recia rcd the ca maraderie w i t h

s ti l l rLU chssmates," M i l l y said. rID

Seven siblings

again, Hahn is now an intern pastor in

The Krebs family knows PLU well - with

all seven of KeIth and Kathy Krebs' chil·

Flagstaff, ATlz. Her father is a pastor in Sun City, Ariz.

dren having attended the university.

Ranging from footbal l and basketbal l to

the nursing program and l iberal a rts, the

children - Sandra Krebs '82, Kurt K r ebs '85, Karla Brock

(Krebs '86) Krebs '90,

Houk, Erik Krebs


Gomsrud and Rachel (Krebs

( K rebs


'89, '92)

Foster - all

had different reasons for choosing PLU.


a m i l y ties can

be f o u n d

throughout PLU and across the years. Here a re j ust a few exa m ples of the types

of legacies created by PLU.

Stephanie said that while her siblings influenced her decision to go to the uni­ versity, it wasn't the only factor. HI was

number six In the family, so I got 10 know

the un iversity well, " she said . H it's a well ­ rounded school with a lot of good things to offer. "

Adam Nichols 05, right. decided to attend PLU of the Impact rhe foorbilll program had on his brother. Matt '07. '


Football brethren Like father, l i ke daughter

Brotherly love With three sets of brothers playing last


Rev. John

'68 and '96) Hahn,


Brothers Adam 'OS and Matt '01 Nichols


spring, the PLU men's lacrosse team didn't

daughter, Kacey (Cockram

lack chemistry.

the only known set of father and daughter



' OS


'08 '06 and


Zubi2arreta, utilityman Wes Telyea

'09 and midfielders '09 Rose all say they

defender John Telyea David


and Kevin

love having each other as teammates. HWe get more time hanging out, and we

U n iversity



are to

Being president played an


role in Hahn's time at PLU and in her career

In the ministry. " It was one of my best


kind of a

can return to our roots of playing sports

renaissance for me . I fell in love with the

together, " said Kepa Zubizarreta. He and


his brother, Josu, have played other sports together since they were kids. Kevin Rose said he came to PLU because

of his brother. " H e's the guy I a lways look

played footba l l under legendary former head coach F rosty Westering. While the two weren't on the field at the same time - Man graduated Just one year

serve at PLU.

decisions," she said. " It

are just one of the 48 sets of brothers who

Hahn. who checked out a number of

small liberal arts colleges before deoding

before Adam a rrived - the way the pro­ gram is run stands out to both of them. "You leal/e here with so much more than j ust footba l l , " Adam said . "You learn how to be a better person. " Adam, who played footbal l for a few years in high school before switching to baseball, said his brother guided him with

on PLU. said that while her father influ­

positive encouragement and helped him

enced her decision, he was not the main

prepare to be able to play on PLU's team.

to and I 'm the guy he always looks to,"

reason she came to the university. "My dad

He added that hiS brother's experience

Kevin said. "Just to have that encourage­

didn't pressure me a t all," she said . "When

with football is definitely the reason he

ment is awesome. " •

8y Trista Winnie, The Mast

I came to PLU, It j ust felt like home. "

FollOWing in her father's footsteps once

chose to attend PLU. "I saw the impact that the program had on his life," he said.


This year's


inductees are:


in the School of Physical


as a professor i n the School of

The rowing careers of Paulette Bergh '80 and Ruth Babcock '80 are nearly i dentical. Bergh trans­ felTed to PLU after her freshman year and joined Babcock on the crew team. In the next three years thev were members of the Senior

4 s uad that qualified for the national championships each sea­ son, placing sixth in 1 978 and fifth in 1980. They also won a bronze medal in the varsity pai r at the national champions hips as seniors. Babcock was a four-year letter winner, and Bergh lettered three times, was a team captain and received the team's Most Inspirational Award her senior year. They continued their rowing careers after graduating from PLU, and in 1 983, along with Pam Knapp l3lack '84, won the Senior 4 at both the U.S. Nationals and the Canadian Henley. Bergh and Babcock also finished second i n the pair's races at the U.S. Nationals an d Canadian Henley that same year missing the title in the Canadian Henley by two 100th's of a sec­ ond. They won the pair's race at the U.S. Master's Nationals in 1 985, and Bergh was a member of the E l i te 4 squad that won the Canadian Henley t i tle i n 1987. Bergh was an assistant coach at Western Washington Un iversi ty for five years ( 1 988-93) and was on the board of d irectors of the U.S. Rowing Association for four years ( 1 994-97) .




Colleen Hacker, assistant dean




E d ucation, joined PLU in 1 979 Physical Education and head women's field hockey coach. Two years later, then PLU Athletic Director David Olsoll decided to d rop field hockey and add women's soccer. Although Hacker had not played or coached the sport before, she became the head coach of the new team. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. In a I S-year span that ended with the 1995 season, Hacker's teams compiled a 233-59- 1 8 win­ loss record, won the Northwest Conference ti de 10 times, won

five straight NAIA District I and

NAJA West Region crowns, and played for the NAJA national championsh ip five consecu tive years. The Lutes won the national tide in 1 988, 1 989 and 199 1 and finished as runner-up i n 1 990 and 1992. Hacker's win total remains to this day the NAIA record, and her .781 winning percentage is cur­ rently sixth in the NAJA annals. She was named the conference Coach of the Year five times, the NAJA District 1 Coach of the Year seven limes, Ni\lA/NSCAA West Region Coach of the Year four times and NAIA/NSCAA National Coach of the Year three tunes. She joined the coaching staff of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team in 1 996 and is the teall1's sport psychologist.






1 l:. R1.I.:



L\ A

\'(f R E

K L T 1� A L L

T Li N G

I M ivl l N G The 1 971 I'LU 'CaJ bOllk say:;

CJl'ol Quartaman Kllrnm�rle '8 �

was a

four-time NAIA 1\11-

SWll1tll1 l 1lg. 1 989 �ea­

I\menclIIl I n \I'(lll1l'Il'"

1 986 thro ugh

III the





28 dl lT�rcnt

al r he nlll1()nal mCl't

IllOS( poss I b l e


rhe rop SIX 27

( lIlles.

natIOnal mel'£. vard 011



l1ntshl'd U1 Al thc 1 986

he won thl! 2 00(I

th ree IIUClOl1al

de and


Ch.1 l1lplOn rebr

rcams. ' he

WO Il u

rOl.t! of 25 Norrh\\'c " [

Conference t i rl es . wlll n l llg

vldua 1 (hUm plOl1slu ps



fi'lll" dl f­

fl.· rem I'VCllrs and rdav ti des I II

cwn rs. PLU WO I I the ri tle .1t thc conference mect all fou r rCJ.r:>. d i d not lose a dual mect III rhos.· fOllr sea..'ions, and fil1 l!>hc I sl.'cC:1I1d. filu nh. firth and fi w d l ffert'nr


{hml . I" speniv ·l�·. "tanding!>








KUlll lm:r1e wa!> a co-wi n n " r of the SeltHlr Arh h :re Award


1 9 86.

Brian Peter""on '94


PLU's only

ll the l<LS l fou r years has been M I . na5k�tball at "LU," Ik W:L'; l h� Mn [ Va J uabll1 Playcr for rhl' LUll' and it ti r r­ tealll A l I - NllrrhwI15[ Conlcrenc�

wres l l i ng. H e

pll'k i ll hiS JUnior .:l.J1d scnlor

c1:lSsi ficali(lll I i.' also comrcted

rha t Ake Palm '72




ons, 1 k hdpl:d the l.lICe!> \\IU} th e conf'nmcc tl tlc Ifl 1 9 70 1-1.: I' �cvenrh all-rime 1 11 S lring Will! J ,48 1 l

i n t'. Thl' highlight

of hiS career m.1Y h:lVl' been it g.l m.· ;'Iga.m�t till.' UllIversl t}' uf P u g� [

ound oll l'eb. 26 1 9 72.

hy ll d sh(l[ 94. 1 percent lrom the fi el d a sc hoo l record lhat srood fl r 18 wars_ I ll' led the lcam In sconng average h i S l lS [ lWO s�ons and was t h e cop r bo u n de r three when h� ned a scil()ol rl'cod


1 6 fie ld goaJs



NAtA n:Hi nal -halllpion and [wn- [ i me NAIA All-American i n won

rh.> 1 5S-pOlUld

tide in 1 9 94 afu�r fill lshing seC'­ ond ar



1 99] NAtA



1 5 0 pound

.u i I lal

Chamriollshi p:. i n 1 992 :u 1 42

poun 1:;,


f.1s h I Ollt'd a 43-5 record i l l

1 994 , allll a H9G w l I1 n i n g perce nr­ age, which I� lh


hl'sr slI1 g 1e-sca.­ 11 PLU wrestler.

s(ln p '1'CL'' by

H.Js va-tory lmal LS [ h l rd all t i m!', hi� -arCl' r IOlal llf I 1 4 VKto1'1 .�. 1-11.' \\';'IS named an NAIA All­ Ametlca Seb\rhll'te ill L 993 .1Ild 1 994 . and was .1 CO-\\ 1 11 lie.. of

.1.� I S

PLU's Man



r the Yl'aJ' i n Spons

1 994.

sO'JIght years. P:l l m was also a secolld as


a l I 'co n fl'rcncc pIck

a frcshm.I11

and recclvl'd

honomblc Ill Cll l rOIl ;tl!- co n tcrcJlcc recogll lr ion h i s sophomore sea�ol1.


attaway lutes cOHl"inued

which i nc l u ded the creati on of the Lute

each event receive fi rs t team A I I­

Club Advisory Board and the setting of

America hon ors. Haakenson is the fi rst

s h o rr-term goals. Those goals include

men's o u tdoor track and field All­

i ncreas i n g the n u m b e r of members

American fo r PLU s i n ce 2002.

from the c u rrent 280 to 700 by the end o f tvl ay 2007, and i n c reas i n g the fu nd­

H<L1 kenson recorded a throw of 1 80-4 (54.98 meters) on his final atte m p t in

rai s i n g from the $ 1 00,000 raised last

the prel i m i naries. The m ark qualified

year to $25 0,000 by May 2007. The c u r­

him fo r the fi nal and h e ld up fo r his

re n t president of L u te Club is K n u t

seventh place fi n i s h .

O l s o n '90, a managing partn e r for Thrivent Fi nanc ial fo r Lutherans i n

were held in Wave rly, Iowa. The others

Tacoma. Lute Club Preside nt Knut O l son '90 and rne rn b e r Torn Renne. Photo c o u rtesy J i rn Van Beek '59.

Lute Club reaches out for more members and funds to support athletics

H e was o n e o f fou r Lutes t o comp ete at the national cha m p i o n s h i ps, which

"Athl etics were a b i g pan of my expe­ rience at PLU, and I ' m glad


be in a

were E r i k Jensen 'OS, who placed 14th i n t h e decat h lo n, J o n Payne ' O S , w h o

position where I can help to e n s u re the

competed i n the 400 h u rdles b u t d i d

legacy of excellence re mains strong,"

n o r q u al i fy fo r the fi nal, a n d M egan

Olson said. "Because the u n ivers i ty is

Woc h n i c k '07, who was e n tered in the

c o m m i tted to tbar goal as we l l , I was

wo men's hammer throw and also did

more than happy co take on this leader­

not qu ali fy fo r the final.

s h i p ro le." P lanning fo r the renovarion and/or

Wochnick p revi ously earned I n door All-America honors when s h e p laced sixth i n the "wight t h row at the i n d o o r

he Lute C l u b has, fo r many

construction of new facil iries fo r athlet­

years, h e lped athletics at PLU

ics and recreation bas been under way

national champ ionsh i ps . H e r bid fo r a

th rive. Now, with a reorganiza-

fo r about a year as part of the campus­

second All-America honor was dera iled

tion of the cl ub, a new athletic di rector

wide master plan. Topics of d i scussion

when she accid e n tally step ped on a nail

and the p tospect of b u i l d i n g new fac i l i­

have i n clu ded the renovation o f Olson

before the c o m peti t i o n .

ties in the near fu w re, the Lu te C l u b

A u d i tori u m , the fu ture o f Memo rial

w i l l li kely p lay a larger role in fu n d rais­

Gymnas i u m , the cond ition of the swim­

Two 111 en's tenn i s p l ayers, Matt Lari more '06 and Ricky B u tenko '06,

ing to help keep the teams competi tive

m i ng pool b u i l.ding and field s pace.

also received All-Americ a h o n o rs. They

in the Northlvest Co n ference and

Pres i d e n c Loren A n derson said a p l a n

were named to the I n cercollegiate

to en hance athletic facili ties will be part

Te n ni s Association D i vision III All­

NCAA D ivision I ll. The Lute C l u b raises mo ney to hel p COVCl"

COStS of o perati n g t h e athletic

of the next comp rehen sive fu n d - r,l i s i n g

America Team. Both were selected as


doubles p l ayers.


p rogram through events l i ke rhe Lure Club GolfTo u rn a l11 ent held every June. The money helps pay for p u rchase a n d mai ntenance o f equ i p m e nt and to h e l p with o u t-of-region travel . "We're b u i lding a fo und ation u pon which we can reali/.e an active organiza­

Lutes bring home All-America honors in track and tennis

r i o n , wo rking first on a k i n d of a nnual

an Haakenson '05 made the

fu nd fo r Lu te C l u b " said J i m Van Beek

most of his last o p p o rtu n i ty

'59, a m e mber of the PLU Athletic Hall

at the 2005 NCAA DiVIsion I I I

o f Fame. Van Beck also i s a membe.r o f

National Track a n d F i e l d

the develo p ment staff and helps coord i­

Champ i o n s h i p s .

nate. Lu te Club activi ties with the

Haa kenson met t h e q u a l i fy i n g stan­

Ath letic Department. "Even tua l ly we're

dard in the hammer t h row his sop ho­


more and j u nior seasons, b u r he was


be i nvolved i n fu nd-raising fo r

b u i l d i ngs, faci l i ties a n d endowments.

not selected fo r the natio nal meet i n

But basically we want to be an organiza­

2003, and a n i nj u ry prevented h i m

tion where you can get i n formation,

fWl1l c o m peting last year.

where you can sh ow you r s u p p O rt,

He aga i n p rovisionally q u al i fied fo r

where )'O ll can be i n volved as a vo l u n ­

the national meet this past sp ring and

reer lVi th t h e. ath l e r i c program."

was awarded a berth. Haakenson earned

Withi n the pasr school year the Lute Club u n derwent a rCLlrga n i zation ,



All -America hon ors by p l aci n g seve nth i n the ewIl t . The top e i gh t placers i n

Ta coma H a l l of Fa me i n c l u d e s a slew of PLU athl etes In what was bill ed as the largest s p o rts banquet in the hi story of Pi erc e Co unty, the Taco ma- Pi erce County S ports Hall of Fame inducte d many outsta n d ing athletes - i nc i ll ding 28 with ties to P LU - in M ay. You can read

about each of t he in ductees at www,plu,edu/scene/issue/2005/fa/l! sec tions/attaway-Iutes.html.

haw panici pared


r h c A l u l 1 1 l 1 i Goard,

on com mirtees, donarcd alie riOIl i tems


rhe Sru d c n r Alu l11ni I\ssoci:lri o n , vol u l l ­ rcered ar rhe Wallg C c mc r, givcn fi ll:ln­ cial su p p o rt ro Q Club, vol l l ll tt'cred ;15 a member of rhe

Sca nd in avi a n

Cemer, raught


C l i l r ur:ll

cooklllg class, ,Krell

menror fo r stu d en rs and w i l l soon o n rhe Board o f Regel1[s role



:IS :I

se rve

part o f my

Alwnni Hoard pres idmL

I am so l u cky, :l nd I W:l l1t


s h a r e rhis

wirh yo u l Pa rricipate sOll'll'h ow, a n d in s o m e way. By provi d i ng r i m e , prayer, fu nds and spread i n g rhe :lWan' l l l'SS of

PLU to po r e n r ia l s tu d c n r s you tou a rc part i c iparing i ll L h l' Ieg:lc}' o r- t l w l I n i vl'l"­ siry and a re h e l p i n g it

m o m e n rs in the

discover the difference you can make for PLU i lliam B u tler Years o nce

sJ.i d , "Ed ucari o n is rror rhe fi l l i rr g of a pai l , buc rhe l i gh t i n g of a fi re. " T h a t is h o w I fe lt as 1 grad u a ted


of o u r d a i l y lives

heans o p e n to new i d e as, ncw chal­

Sail Diego, Calo!


Michelle Cheney '85

Susan (Hil debrand) Stri nger '76

Big Fork, Moru

1 [- 1 were a t thar pod i u m , 1 wo u ld h ave c h i med in w i r h my sh are of o p r i ­ m i s m a n d real i s m , b ut I w o u l d h ave mosr fe rve n tl y s u ggested rhat everyone in rhe room b e l i eve in rhe power i n s i d e w

500 e n r h usiastic, en ergized and p ro u d

i t's eas i e r said t h a n d o ne. We all wane

s tu dc n r s graduate fro m t h i s b e l oved

to believe rhar we do t h i s , but

and co nremporary learn i n g estab l i s h ­

err d o f r i l e wce k, w h e n we add u p the


h o u rs com m i t red to work arrd sleep

act on h i s o r her convicrions. Ye s . . at


and all the orher o b l i gar i o n s , c u rrs i dl'r

C o m m e n ce m e n r sh ared messages of

[ile r i lTle :l l i o cari o n fo r givi ng ba c k . Is

h o p e fo r

ir 1 percell t, 3 perccm? Whar s h o u l d i r

i s m in the o p po rtu n i ties and c h a l le n g­ i n g dec i s i o n s t h a t w i l l prcsc' n t them­

be? What d o you w:J.llr i r to be? Wri rer S US:l1l J e ffe rs said, " K nowing

Clayton Cowl '88

Roc hester,

M i nn.

Carol (Teslow) Dahl '62 P ullman,

Dayna (Hesse) Hall '02

Kirkland, Wash.

Don Isensee '64

KlamDth Falls, O re Clarene (Oslerli) Johnson '56

Lakewood, Wash. David Johnson '74 Vi ce Proslde nt Orange, CallI.

Jon Kvinsland '63


Ha rbor, WaSh.

rhat we can make a d i fference in t h i s

Mari (Hoselh) Lysne '96

co c o m c . 1 cou l d n ' t h e l p b u t wo n d e r

wo rld is a great moriva[Or. How can we

Sumner, WaSil

w h :lt each w i l d :lnd p re c io u s I i fe had i n

k n o w rhis and nor be i nvolved?" I r 's a

Dale Nienow '79

s w re fo l lowing t h e h o o p l a arrd the cel­

grear qu estion [0 ponder.

In a world where


two-yeJ.r-old cell

me to give back in d i ffe re n t ways a n d

p h o rre i s consi d e red a n c i c ll [ tech no lo­

i n varied capac i r i e s and fo r thar,

gy, the concept o f l i fe l o n g l e a rn i n g

p r ivil eged. I t h:ls b e e n my e x p e r i e nce

spe�ks t o us more t h a n .:vc1'. \Xl h e re

rhar my giving [0 PLU has rerurned ten­

ch arrge is the n o r m and trad i ri o n o fren

fo ld [0

fi nds i r self c o m p e r i n g fo r

and spiri tual strengrh. Over rhe ye :l rs I


few mere

Dick Weathermon 'SO Sumner.

wash .

j] ,


Lauralee Hagen '75, '78 Director

Erik Melver ASSIs tant


011 actor

Ann Johnson '82

Admi nIStrative Assistant Heather Dewey '01 Director

Ann ua l G i vm g /Q Club Jacob Himmelman '03

A�sl stil n t

Di rec tor

Stephen Cornils '66

President & U niversity R elation s



Bell evue, Wash.

My i rrvo l vemen t w i th PLU enables


Beilevu8, Wash

Wash .

sel ves ro each gr:lci u:ltc over the years

eb ratory rece p t i o n s o f the d ay.

Pam (Weeks) Russell '72

lenges and new, yet u n k nowrr, s o l u ­

fe l t in May w h e n w i m s s i n g m o re rharr

POSt 9 - 1 1 world and of real­

John Carr '87 West Linn, Ore.

them selves a n d chal l e n ge each person



ir is i m perative to keep o u r m i n ds and

from PLU back in rhe day, and how 1

T h ose w h o s poke a t the p o d i u m a t

ffil Ii}" Otto"lin

p r o sp e r

/\/ltnmi 130drd pn'5ident

Lisa Ottoson ' 87 , president of the A l u m n i Board, en courages people to stay involved with PLU and b e c o m e Lutes for Life. Photo by Andy S p rain ' 05 .

Get involved and



fee l

in saris f:l c r i o n , r-e l l owship

Lisa Ottoson '87 Presldunt

RS CJ Kipper '06

Jeff Rippey '78

Stude nt Aluml1i Association Execu llva Director

Carmen Rowe '92


Spanaway, Wash. Portla nd, Ore.

Willie Painter '06 pr�sldent

Ta coma


a l u m ni news & eve nts C'hild of God, you h ave been commissioned by the Holy

Spi ri t and by this congregation to proclaim the nl i ghty deeds o f God and serve the world i n Jesus' name .


i t h those words, The University Congregation sends off graduares each

December and M ay during a rraditional roweling ceremony. Graduates receive a servanr

rowel bearing that quotation. Following the example of

Jesus who washed the disciples' fel.:t and commanded them


love as he had loved

them, these young men and women leave PLU to make their mark on the world seek­ ing to make it a more j ust and h u mane pla(e. The University Congregation

has been helping studenrs do that for

50 years.

Homecoming _005 will celehrate the "iOth anniversary of The University Congregation.

Since its inception in \ 95 5 ,

Univ 'J

ity Congregation has been a welcoming community

for all students. Today, not only Lutherans bur also �tudents of many denominations gather �ch Sunday morning in UCong.


LagerquiM Concert Hall fur worship.

it is a�fec rion atcly called, provides Bible study. service opportunities on and

ofT campus and fel lowsh i p events. Tv.·ice p it: who (ome


the Peace l.utheran

year, studenrs prepare a d inner for the peo­

,oml11unity Center in Tacoma. And evcry

September, two fu l l busloads of freshmen and transfer students head off to h i ke on Mr. Rainier


keep a tradition that d�) [es b,tLk many years. The trip not only acquaints stu­

dents with one of the gems of the PaC i fiC Northwest but also all ows them the time


get to know classmates. The

University Congregation

is also a rrai n i ng ground for future leaders in the c hurch

and in soLiety.

Tilt, piCIIITl'S



of Llites



page.. aye just wert'


samp ling of the

llnd tlre a vital part of The

Ulliversity COllgrl'gfllioll cn/ll mllni�)'. We invite

ni 11'''0 cnl/,·d { Jeo ng join


IIff allllfl­ tiJ{'il' rhurch home while {It PL U to

ill crt,·hratillg 50 yetl1�· 0/ worship. millistry lind

serllire tlur;'lg Homt'coming








Members o f the U c ong band Deliverance perform a t a service.


Former University Pastors James Beckman and Gordon Lathrop celebrate Holy Communion.


The school year starts with the annual hike and worship o n Mt. Rainier.


The Leap of Faith D a n c ers perform at Chapel.


University Congregation takes part in commenc ement every year.


Chandra ( H anlin


Unive rsity Cong regation c hoir


Peters, far right, and others sing in the c hoir.

in 1958.

1 980-85

1 985-86

1 986-93

1 986-94

1 994- 1 995

1 995-present

Ron Pie rre Vign e c

Ste p h en Rie ke

M a rtin We l l s

Dan Erlander

Joa nna Ro bins o n

Nancy J . C on no r

( i ntern)

Sus a n Brie h l

D o n Cl i nton

De nnis S epper






'Lu tes Roc k !

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7 Classes Without QuiZZes

8 a .m .


2:20 p.m.

Homecom ing Chapel 10:30 a . m ., Trin i ty Lutheran Church Golf Scramble

2-5 p m , Sparks Sta d i u m

Campus Tour

4 p.m., Clock Tower

Homeco m ing 2005

is packed with

Powderpuff Cham pionsh i p

4 p. m., Foss

to this year's class reunions of 1955,


1 960, 1 965. 1 970. 1 975. 1 980. 1985, 1990,

Homecoming BBQ

1 995, 2000, and 2005 we w i l l have

5 p. m., Fo s s Fi e l d

the affinity reu nion of Un iversity Congregation, which is celebrating

Book S i g n i n g

its 50th yea r.

5- 7 p . m., Foss

A 50th r e u n i o n s p e c i a l p a c k a g e price is being offered to th e Class of 1 955. For $40 per person, g o l d e n grads can atte n d t h e 50th r e u n i o n p arty, a n n ivers a ry d i n 颅 n e r and H o m e c o m i n g g a l a .

50th Reunion Party

F o r m o r e i nformation o r to reg ister. visit us o n l i n e at www.p/ua/ C a l l 800- ALUM-PLU o r 253-535-741 5 to requ est a registration b r o c h u re.

Fie ld

7:30 p. m ., Eliason home

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8 Into The Streets Commun ity Service M ee t at 9:30 a .m., Red Square Coffee 9-9:45 a. m., Eastvold Lobby Nursing Alumni Reception



9:30 a.m., U C He ritage lecture 1 0 a. m.,


Invitational Cross Cou ntry Meet

10 a .m., golf course Reunion Receptions

1 1 a.m.


noon, M emoria l Gym

Campus To ur

1 1 a _ m Clock Tow er .,

Homecoming Celebration luncheon

N oon,



2:30 p . m . , From the B ayou, Puya l l u p Alumni Tent

1 路4 p . m .

activities and celebrations. In addition

Zero (2005) Reunion


Homeco ming Game

3:30 p.m., S p a rks Sta d i u m Musical Interlude

4-6 p . m . Lagerq u ist 50th Anniversary D i n ner

6:30 p.m., Ta c o m a C l u b Homecoming Gala

7:30 p.m., Museum of Gl ass

SUN DAY, OCTOBER 9 Golden Club breakfast

9:30 a.m , M B R Waffle B reakfast

7-1 1 a . m . , U C Campus Tou r

9:30 a.m., Clock Tower Homecoming Worsh i p

1 1 a.m , Lagerq uist University Cong regation lunch

1 2:30 p . m . Hymn Sing

2-3 p . m., L a g e rq uist

Legacy Lutes keep traditions going strong

Jorgen G i l bertson, A n d y ' 7 7 and Katha leen

Tierney lindblad, Ra ndy '79 Lindblad and Tara

(J a c k son '741 G i l bertson

(Oto n i c a r '79) N o rdstrom

C o l l i n Guil dner, Charlie '83 and Debbie ( M a i e r

Monika Mai er, D o nn '83 and Karin M a i e r

' 8 2 ) G u i l dner

th�ough generations

lisa McCle llan, Rob ert '86 M c C l ellan (d) a n d

Le a n n a ( K a e l i n '86 ) Sti d h a m

Taylor Hacker, Fra nkie Ha cker

ach year the university welcomes a gro u p of s m d e ms known as "Legacy Lmes" - s m dems whose p a re nts h ave graduated from or attend­ ed PLU (See cover story, page



Darren Hansen, Ric hard and Karen ( H e n drickson

Brian McFadden, G uy '73 and Laura M c Fadden

'71 1 H a nsen

Angela Melvard, Scott a n d K a rin ( Gwynne '77)

R a c h e l Hatlen, M a rk '82 a n d Mary (Zitzewitz '84 1

M e l v a rd


lauren Meyer, Michael '79 and M e l i n d a ( D e n ny

fo llowing list reflects inco m i n g Legacy

Jenn ifer Hebner, Kim ( M c K i b b e n '981 Hebner

Lutes registered as of July 2005.

Sarah Herried, William a n d Erin Her ried

'80) Meyer M i randa M i l ler, D a n i e l '69 Miller and Debbie


Ol ivia H i l l i us, G i n nette '94 Rabon Nolan Adams, B e rt and Caro lyn (Liming '81 1

Jennifer Hottle, Ridge '78 and Linda (Anderson


'77) H ottle

Zachary Alger, Mark a n d D a wn '95 A l g e r

Nathan H U l i ngs, D a l e a n d Kathy ( B ayne '82)

Patrick Anderson, C h a rles and J a net (Sire)

A n d e rson

Madison Mosley, Thomas Mosley a n d Kaye



lauren Na nce, R i c h ard a n d Patricia '98

Courtnie Hurlow, Todd a n d Stacie ( S u h re '851

libby Arneson-Walk, M a rk Arneson and D a n a

' 7 3 Wa l k

Johanna Moore, D a v i d ' 7 2 and Mirth (Anderson

'721 M oore


H u rlow

Bonnie Nelson, G l e n ' 6 9 a n d M a ry Nelson

John lafrati, John l a frati


Anthony Arola, K e n t a n d Astrid ( Rog ers '90) Arola Jordan Bahr, B ryon '96 a n d K restin '85 B a h r Garrett Brammer, Russell and S u z a n n e (Westl a n d

' 8 2 ) B rammer Cl are Brauer-Rieke, D a vid '78 and G retc hen '78

Rachel N e l s o n , Steven '76 Nelson a n d Norma '73

Sarah Jamieson, D a n '77 and L i n d a (Alex a n d e r

Aa modt-Nelson

'77) J a m i e son

Lars-Erik Nesvig, J o n a t h a n '67 a n d M o rrene

Andrew lashua, D avid '81 and S a r a h


(Frederickson '81 ) Lashua Briana lerew, Elvin and Teresa '91 Lerew

Brau e r-Rieke Brennan Brown, M i c h a e l a n d Kellie B rown Kelsey Carr, Carole ( S c h r amel '71 1 C a r r


Matthew Christian , J eff and D e b o rah (Johnsen

'761 Ch ristian

I Penc i l Us I n I

Dane Christoffe rson, Glen '81 and Susan ( R o r em

' 8 1 ) Christofferson Tina Coleman, Edward and Ch ristine C o l e m a n N e i l Colombini, D a vid ' 7 7 and Karol J a n e ( K J



, . . • .


, . . • . . .

, . . . ,Tailg ate at California Luth eran

. , . . . . . , . . " , . . , . . . . ' . . ' , PLU G old � Mix a nd M i ng l e Event

J o h n s o n ' 7 7 ) Colombini

September 15

Bradley C o x , J a c k and Roxanne '80 Cox

September 1 7- 18 . . . . . . ' . . . . , , . . , . .

Adrianne Cryer, D a niel and H e i d i (Kn utzen '80)

Cryer Grace Cummings, Craig '80 and Deborah (Fox '80)

Cummings Erika Dornfeld, Steve ' 7 6 and Holly D o rnfeld Krista Dunham, Keith and Wendy (Williams '99)


September 24 October 1









. . . . , . . . Alumni Board Fa ll Meeting

.Tailg ate at Unverslty of

. , ' . . , . . . , " ' . . , . , ,Tailgate at Linfield

October 7-9


. . ,

' ,

. "

4-6 . , ' , , .



. . . . . ,

..... .. , "





• "



, • .

Wisconsin-River Fa lls

Coll e{le, M c Minnvil l e, O re.

, . . . . H omec omi ng Weekend

' , ..., ' , . ..',., . "

. . . . . , ' . F am ily Weekend

, , . , , , , . . . , , , . . . . , , . . . . . . , . . . . . P arents Counci l Fall Meeti ng


November 6 ,

Rachel Edwards, D o u g l a s a n d Ca rolyn Edwa rds

December 2 , . . . . . , . , , , . , .Christmas Concert a nd Reception

Chelsey E l l i ott, H o llis a n d Rosie '07 E l l i ott Trista Fenske, Fay ( B ur nett '741 Fenske Victor Fonta ine, G a ry and B e c ky Ann ( H u c ko '79)

Fonta i n e


(p ortland, O re, )

. . President's Ch ri stmas D i n n e r and Concert (Seattl e)

December 3


December 4 December 10

. . • . . .


. . . " ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cam pus Christmas Cono ert

. . , . . . . . . . Preside nt's Christmas Dinner and Concert ( C a m pus)

Amos Fre i heit, David ' 8 7 a n d Julie Freiheit S a r a h Gauc he, Paul '79 and N a ncy Lee G a u c h e

Fo r more Information:

www.plualumni. org or call 800-ALUM- PLU .

Jevan Gee, R o n G e e and Kitti '85 W h e e l e r



C a re e r m ove p a i d off fo r p rofessi o n a l p o k e r p l a y e r p l aying," h e s a i d . " I made a few t r i p s ro Vegas after I tu rned 21 and did we l l . " When things d i d n ' t work o u r i n h i s position as h igh school social srudies teac her i n Olym p i a, Was h . , he moved i n

1995 ro Las Vegas, where h e studied h i s rory at the graduate p rogram at the U nivers i ty of Nevada Las Vegas and p layed poker at The M i rage. "My n'i p s down I d id wel l, and I was c u ri o u s ro see if thac was just a f1uke," h e said. I t wasn'c. He's recognized as a pro. He wroce a chapter i n poker great Doyle B r unson's book "Su per System 11: A Cou rse i n Power Po ker " and wri tes a regu l a r co l u m n i n Card Player magazi nl' (U',",/?,l/poker_maga.­'le/writen/vicUJ/nm1'lc/Marl?_Gregorich). He has been


com men tator fo r to urna­

ments on rox S porcs. His

biggest win was $ 1 30 ,000 at an

eve n t in the World Series of Poker. He's had n u m erOLiS o ther w i n s between $ 1 0,000 and S 1 00,OOO, he said .

G rego rich plays the popu lar Texas Hold ' E m , b u t he's most renowned fo r Omaha H i gh-Low. In boch ga mes, p lay­ e rs try to make the besc hands wit h their own cards and a set of com mon cards. He says games have beco me more A poker table serves a s the office for Mark G rego rich '92, who s u p p orts his family a s a profess i o n a l p o k e r player i n Las Ve gas. Photo by BJ N e m eth . hen Mark G regorich's ceach­

G regorich srarred playing poker when

ing job fell victim to budge t

h e was a ceenagl'r fo r fu n and a l i erle

cu ts, h e moved t o Las Vegas

mo ney, way b..:fore i t

and gambled on a new career in po ker. Ten years later, G regorich '92 is wel l known i n poker c i rcles a n d m a kes a good livi ng as a pro fessional player. "I try to creat i c as a job because duc keeps me responsi ble, and i t's what I rely on fo r my i ncome, b u t I love play­ i ng," he sai d .

che c u l t u ral

p l ay and I n ternet po ker. And many peo­ ple are hopmg to strike i t rich at a cab l e wi ch l i ctle experience. "As long as you have enough fo r the buy-in, you can pl ay," he said. "But i f

p h enol11<?non that televised CD u rna­

you d o n ' t k n o w w h a t yo u' re doi ng,

m('11 ts !1Jve made it today.

you're going to lose."

"As I gOt o lder, my friends and I k e p c

G regorich descri bes h i m s e l f as a solid, d i s c i p l ined pl ayer who doesn't get worked up over the h i ghs a n d lows o f the game. " I have a reputation for being really consisten t," h e said. "When I p u t my

He plays abouc 30 h o u rs p e r week usu ally ac the l u xurious I3el lagio hotcI but when he's playing

W :1 S

crowded with che advent of celevised



that C:1n q u i c kly go u p to 60 or 70

m o n ey i n to a POt, people te nd to t h i n k I have a really good h a n d . I d o n ' t h :lVc


re p u cacion as someone w h o th rows his

h o u rs. H e travels to some tou rnamencs

money aro u nd . " G regorich acknowledges that gam­

bur re l ies on his daily games fo r mosc of

b l i n g can b e a "mon ster" fo r some peo­

his i ncome.

ple and he has seen the downfa l l of too



many. H e says ic cakes a cercain cem­

chi ngs don't go you r way. The game can

peramenc, along wich s k i l l and l uck, co

be real con s u m i ng if you allow it to be."

win an even c On che World Poker Tour. While h is dream of p ro fes sional poker has been a su ccess, he says i t's n o t easy,

m as cer che game enough co live off i t.

H e's seen plency of players cryi ng to

He s u p ports h i s wi fe, M ary, a scay-ac­

win mo ney back by p lacing more and

and he advises agai nst people c h oosing

home mom to their yo u ng c h i ldre n

b iggl:r bets, o n ly to gec far ther i n to the

cas i nos over college. A l cho ugh his

Mary and i1cnny and h i s scepson


degrees don't necessarily help h i m in

Thomas. ' " I ' m nut

"If I ' m i n a to urnamenc and I win a

h i s p resenc career, he s ays he's glad to

key pot or lose a key POt, it gets p retty

have an education and an other o p ti o n

ga m b l i ng," he s a i d . " I ' m lucky I d o n ' c

i ntense then," he sai d . " Normally I

i f he deci des he's done with poker.

have any i s s u e s wich thac. Some people

don't get toO up or down. You know

l i k e co p lay d i ce and slocs, and chat's an

you're go i n g co h ave some losing days."


ga m bler j us c for che sake o f

expen sive habic. "You h:lVe to h ave self-con cro!' You have a lot o f frus t rating days when

G regorich has p l ayed w i th some of the top-ranked players often seen o n

"I don't recommend it fo r k ids because i t's k i nd o f a dead-end. I've seen people go broke. Not toO m an y people have been able co do what I d i d . " lm By Katherine Heel/and Hansen '88

che televised games, a n d h e hopes to

S c i e nti s re c e ives h i g h h o n o r fo r d e c a d e s of wo rk n the m i d - '60s, Tyl e r Copl en's s c i ­

C o p l e n credits his ex p e r i e n c e at

interaction between rivers and l a ke s

entific cu riosity a n d the skills

PLU ( a n d in p a rtic u l a r, his work with

a n d g r o u n d water, or the c o nta m i n a ­

d ev e l o p e d i n a one -on-one g l ass­

Olsen a n d physics p rofe s sor Ol af

ti o n o f ( a n d r e m e d i ati o n ) of g r o u n d waters.

b l owing c l a s s with chemistry pro-

J o r d a h l) fo r what he has b e e n able to

fessor Ro b e rt Olsen got him i n a little

do. "Th e e d u cation i n v a ri o u s l a b o r a ­

tro u b l e . N a m e ly, it e n a b l e d h i m to

tory s c i e n c es was exc e pti o n a l," h e

the a m o u nts of c a r b o n a n d oxyge n

l e a rn how to use gl ass c o n d e n sers -

s a i d . "Stu d e nts w e r e ta ught a n d

isoto p e s of c a l ci u m c a r b o nate rock a t

a n esse nti a l s k i l l for the disti l l ation of

e n c o u r a g e d how t o w o r k with both

D evils Ho le, a s u b a q u eous c a v e r n i n


their h a n d s a n d th e i r b ra i ns."

south-c entral Neva d a . By stu dying

When Coplen '66 set up h i s new­

An d those same hands that e n a b l e d

Hi s r e c e nt work with the a n a lysis of

the isoto p e s found within th ese w a l l s, C o p l e n was a b l e to d o c u m e nt natural

fou n d ho bby in h i s o n - c a m p u s room,

h i m to b u i l d a d i sti l l e ry h e l p e d h i m

n e e d l ess to s a y, some fo u n d the

d eve l o p state- of-th e - a rt l a b o r atory

patte rns of c l i mate change thro u g h

pra cti c e objecti o n a b l e . Soon the re­

c a p a b i lities before scientific m a n u ­

t h e l a st 500,000 yea rs. lm

after, h e found h i m s elf living in his c a r

fa cturers c ou l d p rod u c e them ­

fo r a s h o rt tim e .

n a m e ly, the a utomation of isoto pe­

Tha t d i d n't d a m p e n C o p l e n's s p i rits - h e c o nti n u e d his stu d i e s at PLU a n d

rati o m a s s spectro m eters. It is this, and the l a rg e body of

e a r n e d a d e gree in physics, with a

work i n Cople n's 30-y e a r history

m i n o r in c h e m istry. An d it d id n't h a m ­

at the U S G S, for which he wa s

p e r h i s long-term prospects eith e r, a s

honore d .

C o p l e n w a s r e c e ntly a w a r d e d the h i g h e st h o n o r from th e U . S .

I n short, C o p l e n stu d i e s isoto p e s - atoms that

D e p a rtment o f the I nterior, the

make u p c h e m i c a l ele­

D i sti n g u i s h e d S e rvice Awa r d .

m e nts. As C o p l e n

C o p l e n e ntered t h e U n iversity of

d e scribes i t , whereas

C h i c a go's Ph . D . program in the g e o­

hyd rogen i s present in

phys i c a l d e p a rtment. "I d i d n't know a

all wate r, the isotope

r o c k from a n yth in g," he re c a l l e d . " But

Hyd ro g e n - 2 (a c o m p o ­

they to l d m e , 'if you u n d e rstand

n e nt o f t h a t a t o m c a l l e d

phys i c s, th e n we c a n te a c h you a bout

d e ute rium) varies by a f a c ­

geology : "

t o r o f t w o i n wate r a ro u n d t h e

Th at h a s c ertainly p rove d t r u e , A few y e a rs after rec eiving his Ph . D . i n

worl d . Th is m e a n s a s c i e ntist c a n m e a s u re the a m o u nt of d e uteri­

1 970, he l a n d e d a j o b with t h e U . S .

u m in wate r and know w h e re it c a m e

G e o l o g i c a l S u rvey - a position h e

from .

d e s c r i b e s as a n i d e a l j o b of a c a d e m i a

By Steve Hansen

Th e tec h n i q u e a l lows him t o b e a b l e

i n t h e f e d e r a l g ov e r n m e nt - a n d h e's

t o atta c k n u m e r o u s e nvironmental

b e e n there ever s i n c e .

problems, s u c h a s u n d e rsta n d i n g the




Class R e presentative positions avail a bl e :

1 00 years as p a rt of the university's cen­

ma ste r's d e g ree i n a d m i n istration, he

1 935, 1937, 1 938, 1 939, 1941 , 1 942, 1 943, 1 941l, 1 946, 1 949, 1951, 1 952. 1 954,

tennial celebration. S u rvivors i n c l u d e his

moved to the Bethel D i strict DHice a n d

d a u g hter, Erica Ann Christensen, a n d

served as a d m i n istrative assistant to the

1 959,1 960, 1 964, 1 965, 1 966, 1967, 1 968, 1 972, 1 973, 1978, 1981 , 1 988, 1 991

two g r a n d c h i l d ren.

s u p erintendent f o r many years until his retirement. D u a n e was also a member of

1 96 1

1 945

B e a utiful Savior Lutheran C h u rc h f o r 27

Class Representative - Ron Lerch

1 928

Class Representative - Annabelle

Jerdis Oliver d i e d March 29. As a dedi­

B i rkestol

cated lirst-grade teacher i n the Puyallup S c h ool D i strict lor 32 years, s h e was award e d the G o l d e n Acorn Award for teaching exc e l l e n c e . S h e served h e r

1 947 Class Re presentative - Gerald Lider

c o m m u n ity thro u g h several organiza­ tions, i n c l u d i n g Root


Bloom G a rd e n

C l u b, Puyallup Altrusa a n d the M c M il l i n G r a n g e , w h e r e she was a liletime m e m ­ ber. J erdis was preceded i n d e a t h by her husband of 5 2 years, Orno, a n d is sur­

vived by her son, J e rry Oliver; her daugh­ ters, Anitra Sudderth and Maxine Herbert-Hill; six grandchildren, including Oliver Sudderth '95 a n d Mike Herbert­

Hill '01; and five great gran dchildren.

Class Representative - Norene (Skilbred) G ulhaugen

Class Representative - Volly ( N orby) Grande

1940 Class R e p resentative - Luella Toso J o hnson

S h a ro n , for 35 years until her death in 1 992. His lile was centered on his fam ily,

1 962

which i n c l u d e d his son Mark; his d a u g h ­

Class Representative - Leo Eliason and

t e r J a n i s W o o d a n d her h u s b a n d , D a n;

Dixie (Likkel) Matthias

a n d two gra n d c h i ldren.

1963 Class Repre sentative - P a u l a IH eyer)

Class Representative - Naomi I R oe)

Arne Pederson died May 23. H e earned th r ee d eg r ee s from PLC and was a pro­ lessor i n the School of E d u c ation Irom 1 956-1989. He supervised student teach­ p l a c e m e n t a n d was active i n S c a n d i n av i a n Area Stu d i e s a n d t h e S c a n d inavian Cultural Center. H e served i n the Philippines during World War II

Morris Kimbrough died M a y 1 4 after a long ba ttl e wilh c a n cer. He worked for

Marianne IPfeiffer) Sakamoto died April 7 after a 1 0-year struggle with breast c a n cer A c c ord i n g to her lami ly, she lived her lile to the lullest a n d loved her friends a n d family very m u c h . She is sur­ vived by h e r husband of 24 years, I . Ben Sakamoto; son John Somm; d a u g hter

Erika Somm '91 and her h u s b a n d, Peter Davis, and two g ra n d c h i ldren.

a n d was active i n Tri n i ty Lutheran Church a n d the Sons of Norway. H e a n d h i s w i l e 01 64 years, 'Gloria (Rummer '42)

1 955

ran G l o rias S c a n d inavian Gifts n e a r

Class R e p rese ntative - Phyl lis I G ra h n )

c a m p u s for many years. I n a d d it i o n t o


A u g . 1 8, 2004. At P L C , she sang w i t h the Choir o f the West a n d was a leatured voi c e i n the c h o i r's q u a rtet, which toured the West Coast and B ritish Columbia. Perform a n c e s helped k e e p PLC linancial­

Iy a f l o a t during the De pression years.

After graduation, she began her teaching career in Randle, Wash. She then moved to Toutle Lake, Wash., where she met her husband 01 58 ye a rs , J. Mark '41, a fellow teacher. She ultimately moved to the Seattle s c hool district i n 1 946 and got a j o b teaching there. S h e taught almost

Robert '66 a n d Cheryl, R ev. David '75 a n d Kare n ILansverk '79) and Rev. Mark '81 and Robin IYost '82), a n d 1 4 g r a n d c hildren, many o f whom are PLU alums.

her master of education degree from the

brated their 50th

scouting den mother, an active PTA mem­ ber, a Democratic Party volunleer, a Sunday school t e a c h er, a member of both

the Conkling Park M a ri n a in

Calvary and Summit United Melhodists

Idaho on Aug 22,

and FISH Food Bank. She was preceded in

churches, the Grenley Orthopedic Guild,

2004. They were j o i n e d by 55 family mem­

dealh by her husband of 59 years,

bers a n d friends who participated in a

�Iarence, and her infant son, J a c k. She is survived by her sons, James IJudy) and Dennis, and two grandchildren.

Duane Berentson received the S k a g i t

1 956 Class Representative - G i nny I G ra h n )

named its innovative library/resource

Award, which h o nors t h o s e who exem­

H a u g e n and Cia rene ( O sterl i ) J o hnson

S u nday s c h o o l , d i r e c t i n g choirs, f o u n d i n g

bachelor of education degree from PLU, she spent many years teaching second


Cou nty B a r Association's Li berty B e l l plify the ideals o f c o m m u n i ty service and

1 964

University of Puget Sound in 1 972. She

1 973, Olympic Hills Elementary S c hool

the U.S. Constitution. Duane served 1 8

Barbara, a n d h i s son Eric.

served her community in many ways - as a

every grade a n d wh en she retired in

c h u r c h e s i n many ways, t e a c h i n g

S u rvivors i n c l u d e his wife of 40 yea rs,

Bonnie, cele·

cruise up the St. J o e River.

center i n h e r h o n o r. M a e d i e served h e r

and was a b l e to visit many countries.

and his wife,

anniversary at

1 50

195 1

many media, such as wood, sta i n e d g l a s s a n d p a i n t i n g . H e l o v e d to travel

grade. She then transferred to the develop­

Philip Wigen

and M a rylyn,

Class R epresentative - E d n a I H a g l u n d ) Doro thy

a l o n g shoreman. M a rry was talented in

ing special education program and earned

and their wives, Leslie '64 a n d Cheryl

( Ta y l or '65), James '67

Pacific Northwest B e l l a n d Bargreen­ Ellingson, but enjoyed most his career as

Edith Skog died April 19. After earning a

G l oria, he is survived by his f i v e sons

Lorena "Maedie" (Poland) Slover d i e d

Billings and Judy P e rry

Nothstein and Carol l S chuler) K a rwo s ki

1. 954

1 949

ers, served as the d i re c tor 01 teacher


years. He was married to his wife,


1 948

Class Representative - Don Cornell

Marion "Frank" Tid we l l died April 22 after battling lym phoma. H e j o i n e d the U . S . A i r Force i n 1 954 a n d s p e n t 30 years traveling the world, i n c l u d i n g a tour i n

years i n the WaShington Legislature rep·

1 957

Vietnam. H e flew t h e KC97, K C 1 35 a n d

a c h u r c h library, a n d j o i n i n g the L a d i e s

resenting the 40th District. I n 1 982, the

Class Representative - Marilyn Katz

the RF4, a c hieving the r a n k of Brigadier

Aid S o c i e ty. S h e l o v e d the outdoors a n d

State Tra nsportation C o m m ission

w a s a n a v i d skier.

a p p o i nted h i m secretary o f transporta­ tion, a position h e held until his retire·

1 94 1

ment i n 1 996.

General. After retiring from the A i r Force

William Foege received the first Thomas Francis J r. M ed a l i n Global Public H ealth from the University of M i c h i g a n for his role in eradicating smallpox. The award,

in 1 984, he worked for Boeing for six years, three o f which were i n S a u d i A r a b i a . H e is survived b y h i s wife o f 50

'53); daughters Sandra '19 and Nancy '96; son Doug and his wife, Laura; and two g r and d a u ghters.

years, Marlys (Larsen

Neil J. Hoff d i e d J u n e 1 8 . H e served i n the A rmy, participating i n the Italian Campaign during World War I I . He earned his law degree Irom the University of Washington and practiced 'law in Tacoma for more than 50 years. H e w a s a professor 0 1 business l a w at PLU

1 952

which carries a $50,000 prize, honors and

Duane Lobeda died in May. After gradu­ ating from PLC, he served in the U.S. Army in Germany for two years. He then

vaccine-preventable disease. I n 1 96 1 ,

began h i s career a s a tea c he r and bus

at the University of Washington, p i o ­

driver at Elk Plain E l e m en t a ry S c h o o l in

n eered the targeted containment a n d

for two years a n d served in the state

Washington's Bethel S c h o o l District. He

v a c c i n ation m o d e l t h a t has b e c o m e the

1 967

Legislature Irom 1 953-57. H e was n a m e d

later b e c a m e vice principal at Bethel

standard of c a re for c o ntro l l i n g out­

Claudia ILuke) lalham retired after 22

o n e of PLU's 1 00 outsta n d i n g a l u m n i i n

J unior H i g h School. After earning his

breaks of emerging disease.

years of tea c h i n g in the Kent IWash.)



supports sustained eHorts to combat Bill, a n aHiliate professor o f e p i d e m i o l o gy

Sianley Hoobing is interim pastor at Zion Lutheran Church i n La G ra n d e , Ore.

S c h o o l D i strict Starting in 1 967, she

was a n a c tive member of Eastern

taught n i n e years and then took a long

Washington Music E d u c ators

leave to raise her two c h i ldren, teach

Association, a s well as other profes­

parenting skills at Green River

sional music organizations. H e was pre­

Commu nity College a n d get a ma ster's degree from Lesley U n ive rsity. She went

ceded i n d eath by his sister, Dana Jean Walk '73. Surviving him are his wife of

b a c k to the Kent district to tea c h kinder­

27 years, A l i c i a, a n d his d a u g h ter, Emily.

g a rten for 1 1 years. C l a u d i a will be join­ i n g her h � s b a n d, Ron, who h a s b e e n practicing retirement f o r two years.

1 9 77

periorming c h a rt reviews a n d serving on

C l a s s Representatives - Leigh Erie a n d J o a n ( N e l s o n ] Mattich

Class Represe ntative - David a n d Teresa

William McPherson d i e d Feb. 8. H e was

1 980

a c e rtified p u b l i c a c c o u ntant and

Class Represe ntative - Phil Wa l d n er


worked with 'I n d i a n Housing thro u g h o u t t h e U n i t e d States f o r many years. H e


was also a volunteer firefi ghter f o r the


Midland (Wa s h . ) Fire D epartment a n d

D a n Strelow h a s j o i n e d Eaton Va nce

c o o perative area parish o f seven c h urch­ e s with a staH of three pastors. They live in Cottonwood, Minn.

M a n a g em e n t as a vice president a n d co­

Kristi (Stangland) Williams is a n a d m i n ­

Summit, Wash.

h e a d of the Liability-Based Solutions

istrative assistant at Central O r e g o n


1 974

1 97 1

Class Representative - D a v e Johnson

Class Representative - J o s e p h Hustad

1 975 Class Representative - Ed Voie

Mary Ruth (Coleman) Hassett is the divi­ sion c h a i r of n u rs i n g a n d health services

both E LCA pastors, who serve a new

f i r e c o m m i ssioner f o r District 9 i n

Class Representative - Lois (We h m a n n )

J r.

Class Representatives - J a n et ( O l d e n ) R e g g e a n d Carolyn Ste l l i n g

Steven Weston a n d his w i f e , Evelyn, are

Class Represe n tative - Rose (Lanes)

1 970

b a n d , M i cha el, live i n Milwaukie, Ore.

1 985

1 9 79 ( H a usken) S h a rkey

1 973

several committees. S h e a n d h e r hus­

Gay (Thompson) Mitchell received a

at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston,

master's degree in art therapy from

I da h o . She was at Fort Hays State in

Marylhurst University in J u ne. S h e

K a n s a s for 22 years, serving a s chair,

retired from t e a c h i n g a f e w years a g o

interim c h a i r a n d a c ti n g d e a n of the

a n d p l a ns t o lead a rt therapy projects

G ro u p , which provides customized

Home H e a lth a n d H o s p i c e . She i s b a c k in

investment m a n a gement solutions for

the workforce aher 1 3 years at home

institutions seeking to va l u e, hedge and

with her c h i l d ren, Robbie, 1 7, Kari, 1 5,

fund their future l i a bilities. Eaton Va n c e i s

a n d J u liana, 1 1 . On J u n e 8, she a n d h e r

a Boston-based f i r m , which m a n a g ed

h u s b a n d , R o bert, c e l ebrated their 20th

a p p roximately $99 b i l l i o n in assets.

a n n iversary.

1 982

1 986

Class Representative - Paul C o l l a rd

Class Representative - Sta c ey (Kindre d ) Hesterly

1 983 Shelly (Burns) Mullin i s the new admi nis­

Class Representative - Dave Olson

trator at Ta coma G eneral Hospital. She is

nursing program. She also served on the

s u c h as d eveloping c o m m u n ity m u ra l s

Kansas State Board of N u rsing, has had

with n e e d y c hildren. She a n d her h u s ­

Mike Wiebe g r a d uated from a doctoral

n u m erous p a pers and one chapter book

band, Chuck ' 74, h a v e established a

program i n worship studies through

pu b l i s h ed, h a d 1 3 grants funded a n d has

fund to assist aspiri n g first-generation

Robert Web ber's I nstitute of Worship

worked o n two funded projects s h e s u b ­

c o l l e g e a p p l i cants. Chuck recently

Studies in Orange Park, Fla. Last s u m m er,

m i t t e d o r co-su bmitted. H a v i n g received

retired and the two p l a n to travel exten­

h e traveled to P a p ua New G u i nea to

responsible for the c li n i c a l a n d opera­ tional activities of the hospital, directing the delivery o f c are to customers and providing admin istrative leadership to department, program a n d c l i n i c d i rectors.

her m aster's degree in psychiatric/com­

sively. They would like conta c t with

tea c h a ma ster-level c o u rse entitled

m u n ity mental health nursing from U C LA

old friends and can be rea c h ed at

"The H e a l i n g Presence of Christ in

1 987

in 1 974, she went on to earn h e r P h . D . i n


Communion" to national pastors a n d lay

Class Representative - D a rren H a m by

l e a d ers. H e a n d his wife, J u lie, are

nursing with a n emphasis on nursing e d u c ational a d m i nistration from the U niversity o f Texas in 1 990.

Eileen (Rue) Reichert is a pediatric n u rs e practitioner in surgical services at

L 976 Class R e p resentative - G a ry Powell

Tim Stark died May 2 1 aher suHering

C h i l d ren's H o spital a n d Regional M e d i c a l

from exposure while hiking n e a r Camp

Center i n Seattle. She i s also a PALS

M uir on Mount R a i n ier. H e took great joy

Tra i n i n g Center coordinator. Her hus­

a n d pride in flying C - 1 4 1 s for the U . S . Air

expecti n g their first child i n O c to b e r.

1 988

1 98-1

Class Representative - Brenda Ray

Class Representative - M a rk

John Wolfe i s the new dep uty executive


director of the Port of Ta c o m a . H e had been Port of Olympia executive director

David Chun

s i n c e 2003.

b a n d , Bruce '76, i s a photo l a b m a n a g e r

Force during a 20-year career, w h i c h

married H e i d i

for Color O n e . T h e i r son, Aaron '04, has

i n c luded service in Vietnam, G r a n a d a

O g a w a M a rc h 2 0

a p prenticed with J o h n B r o m b a u g h i n

a n d I r a q . H e retired i n 1 992 a s a

at the Rio A l l

1 989

p i p e o r g a n b u i l d i n g . Yo u n g e r son Andrew

reservist with the rank of l i e u tenant

Suites and

Class Representative - Lisa ( H ussy) Ferraro

pursues a n automotive technology

c o l o n e l . I n 1 985, he began a career with

C a s i n o in L a s

c a re e r.

U n ited Airlines, flying D C- l Os, 727s, 747s,

V e g a s . PLU

757s, 767s and 777s. He was also the

a l u m n i in atten­

1 972

d e d i c ated s c outmaster of Trou p 32 for

d a n c e were best

many years. S u rviving him are his wife

man Andrew Takamiya, c o u s i n Todd Fukumoto '98, a n d Kevin Aoki, w h o was David's roommate

John Walk d i e d April 23 in S p o k a n e aher a seven-month b a ttle with c a n c er. He b e g a n his high s chool choral directi n g c a r e e r in Libby, M o n t . , i n 1 974. I n 1 978, he earned his m a ster of arts d e gree i n m u s i c f r o m Washington State Unive rsity. He was hired in 1 98 1 as the choral direc­ tor at Gonzaga Prep i n Spoka ne, a posi­ t i o n h e h e l d until his death. D u ri n g his

o f 36 years, N a ncy, and his sons, Marshall a n d Ian.

in Pflueger Hall. David is a fihh-grade

Tom Joselyn i s managing librarian at the Kirkland (Wash.) Libra ry. H e i s responsi­ b l e for the operation o f the libra ry, i n c l u d i n g scheduling, b u i l d i n g a n d facility issues.

tea c h e r at lolani S c hool i n H o nolulu, where his d a u g h ter, D a kota, i s in the

Lisle (Tonnesenj Slichko i s a registered nurse in the Women a n d Newborn Center at Tac o m a General Hospital. She a n d her husband, Matthew, live i n Puyallup with t h e i r children, La n c e Evan, 5, and Rozlyn Ta n, 2.

s e c o n d grade. H e i d i works for Cerid i a n .

1 990

Anyone visiting H a w a i i s h o u l d g i v e h i m

Class Representatives - Sean Neely a n d

a call.

A n g e l a Vahsholtz-Andersen

c a re e r, he received many awards a t l o c a l , state a n d regional c o mpetitions

B rett Rogers i s the director of the

Jazelle ( B udlong) Savin i s a n a cute c a re

1 99 1

and festivals with his c ho i rs from Libby

statewide network o f Small Business

supervisor of the family birth center at

Greg Oehling was promoted to m a n a g er aher six years at Husky Term i n a l a n d

a n d G onza g a . John also d i rected the

Development Centers hosted by

Leg a c y Meridian Park Hospital i n

Spokane area men's barbers h o p chorus,

Washington State University. The

Tualatin, O r e . , a 28-bed u n i t t h a t does

Stevedoring, I nc ., i n Tac o m a . H e loves

a n d taught c l a sses at Gonzaga

S B D C provides n o - c h a rg e confidential

a ro u n d 1 20 deliveries per month. S h e

the thriving business of international

University a n d Whitworth College. H e

c o unseling and low-cost tra i n i n g to

provides in-service c l asses on n e w

a l s o played both p i a n o a n d b a s s at

c u rrent a n d prospective business

e q u i pment, procedures a n d hospital

s h i p p i n g . H e a n d h i s wife, Judy (Slater '89), live in West Seattle with their two

Prince o f Peace Lutheran C h u r c h , and


forms. H e r responsibi lities also i n c l u d e

sons, J a c kson, 6, and Noah, 4. J u dy i s an



assignment editor at KCPO-TV a n d is

new treatment of post-operative pain

Arizona Reprodu ctive M e d i c i n e

completing a c e rtilicate in public rela­

modality and advanced l a p a roscopic

S p e c ialists.

tions at the University o f Washington.

hernia repair.

Michael Standish completed the U.S.

Ed Grogan was named one of South

M.B.A. from the Un iversity of Phoenix in

Army Command and Genera l Staff

Sou nd's 40 under Forty by The Business

May. She is vice president of human

Kristin Latham completed a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology at Oregon State Unive rsity. This fall she begins teaChing biology a t Willamene University

Nancy (Keene) Steele received her

College in Fort Leavenworth, Kan., on

Examiner. The newspaper selected 40

resources at Seanle Fi n a n c i a l Group in

June 17. H e is an operations officer with

young leaders in the c o m m u nity for


the first Corps at Fort Lewis, Wash.

recognition. Ed has more than 13 years of experience in the fin a n c i a l p l a n n i n g field

John Golden i s the new head basketball coach at Walla Walla (Wash ) H i g h

a n d founded Summit Financial Group, which is h e a d q u artered i n G i g H a r bor,

in Salem, Ore. She c a n be reached at Joy Russell married Greg Fulling A u g . 28, 2004, at the Lake Limerick Country Club.

1 996

She i s a registered nurse at Olympic

Class Representative - Mari ( H oseth)

physical therapist and owner of Total

Physicians i n S h e l ton, Wash. Greg is a


Lys ne and Jennifer Ric hes

H ealth Physical Therapy in Shelton.

last season. H e joined the basketball

Mark Mulder was named one of the

Sherrie (Link) Hoffman was ordained as

Sara Portzel married Johan Van

coaching staff in 1996 a s the sophomore

South Sound's 4 0 U n d e r Forty b y The

S c h ool. He w a s a n assistant b a s e b a l l c o a c h a t the s c h o o l from 1 9 9 2 until this

head c o a c h.

Business Examiner. The newspaper selected 40 young l e a ders i n the commu­ nity for recognition. Mulder i s director of

John Welch is the superintendent of H i g h l i ne (Wash ) P u blic Schools, a school district of 1 7,500 stud e n ts.

Auxiliary Services at P LU a n d has been at the forefront of the university's out­ reach into the Parkl a n d c o m m u n ity.

1 992

Class Representative - D a n Lysne and


Catherine (Overl a n d ) H a u c k

TImothy Mitchell is the senior ac count­ ant for the Ald erwood Mall in Lynnwood, Wash. H e and his wife, Traci (Wensel), live in Snohomish, Wash.

Church in America at Zion Lutheran Church in Ba ker, W.Va , on May 28. She received her M a ster of Divinity degree at the Lutheran The o l o g i c a l S e m i nary at Genysburg, Penn., and has a c c e pted a c a l l to the Mason-Jackson Shared Lutheran Mini stry, a five-church parish in western West Virginia.

1 994

Class R e presentative - D a rcy ( Patee)

a minister in the Evangelical Lutheran

Seth Spidahl married Kristine Brundage July 1 7 in Federal Way, Wash. Seth is a men's assistant soccer coach at the University of Washington, where Kristine

Northwest Christian College, a s m a i l lib­

recently graduated. They live in Tacoma.

eral arts college in Eugene, Ore. As the

tion efforts, j u d i c i a l affairs, c o m m u nity

s p e c i alizing in commercial a c c o unts. His

center, athletics, intra murals, and leader­

wife, Sheri (Noah), works part time a s a

s h i p a n d c h a racter development pro­

f i n a n c i a l a nalyst for Providence Hea lth


kids, Claire, 7, Issac, 6, and Emma, 4.

Nancy Bolland died May 10. Throughout

Red Cross, Laulach Literary Society,

in October 2004 to the role of credit prod­ ucts senior manager at Bank of America. She m a n a g e s a team of commercial l e n ders around the Pacific/Southwest

County Diversion a n d CASA programs.

region, focusing on government, health­

She also served a s a lector a n d altar guild member at St. Luke's Memorial

care and institutional clients. She lives in

Episcopal Church in Tacoma. Surviving

Sammamish, Wash.

Melinda (Wilson) Rumage a n d h e r hus­

Amy's dad,

G e rmany with their p u p py, Machi. Tuan works for

mony, and her sisters, Abby Wig strom-Carlson




Alison Wigstrom-Hoseth '93, were bridesmaids. Amy is the exec utive

director of the Tacoma Symphony a n d J o s e p h works for Washington State Parks. Amy was recently named one of The Business Examiner's 40 U n d e r Forty, which recognizes young leaders in the community.

Phamaceuticals in Switze rland and S a rah is a d entist in the Army, having re cently received her doctor of dental medicine degree from Oregon H ealth a n d Science University. Tadd and Chari one I Martin) foote trav­ eled the world this year with some fellow Lutes. They made it all the way from Amsterdam to Africa and are now enjoy­ ing the big adventure of parenthood with

Class R e presentatives - Andrew and

the birth of their son, Warren, in May.

director for administration a t Eastern

Ste phanie (Merle) Tomlinson

Ta d d i s a 3-D a n i m a tor and Charlone is a psychotherapist. They live in Seanle.

Kentucky University. Douglas Thompson is a research associ­

the executive director of C a m p D -AT- KA,

Rikka (Petersen) Stewart graduated from

a traditional boys sleep-away c a m p on

the University o f Notre Dame with a P h . D

the shores of S e b a g o Lake, and Melinda

in theology o n M a y 1 5 . She w a s promot­

serves a s " c a m p mom" during the sum­

ed to director of operations of her com­


pa ny, The Healy Group, I n c . , in January.

Seth, 5, and Kara, 2.

Nguyen are living it u p in

Corey Bray i s the assistant athletics

band, Steve, moved to Maine. Steve is

m e r. They have three c h i l d re n - Sean,

(DIner '99)

at Ta coma Lawn Tennis Club.


her are her d a u g h ter, Sarah Bolland, a n d h e r s o n , Philip Bolland.

Tuan and Sarah

formed the cere­

Bush and Stephanie P a g e-Lester

H i g h School, the

na rrowly missed q u a l ifying for the

Wigstrom, per­

Kerri ( H a rten) Schroeder was promoted

Bellarmine Pa rents' Club, Annie Wright

5 at M c Minnville

Tualatin Wind Ensemble placed third and

Sonnen April 23

1 995

for organizations such a s The American

Parents' Association a n d the Pierce

High S c h ool for three years. At this year's Pac-9 Band Festival, held on April

Pastor Dean

Class Representatives - Krista Sickert­

her life, she was a dedicated volunteer

of bands and orchestra at Tualatin ( O re.)

married Joseph

System Regional Services. They live i n N o rt h Lakewood (Wash.) with t h e i r three

Francisco O p e ra. J o h a n is a n a n i m a l behaviorist.

Amy Wig strom

residence life, student a c tivities, reten­ service, campus m i nistries, the career

of S a n Francisco in 2004 a n d is a c o m m u ­ n i c ation coordinator with the S a n

Oregon State Band Contest.

c hief student affairs officer, he oversees

I nsurance Agency i n Mt. Vernon, Wash.,

profit administration from the University

Brandon VanDyke has been the director

Michael fuller i s d e a n o f students a t

Bill feeney is an owner of Wycoff

Oldenbarneveld Jan. 22 i n Alameda, Calif. S h e received her ma ster's degree in non­

She lives in South Bend, Ind.

ate at Trubion Pharmaceuticals in Seanle.

Brandon Hardenbrook completed a master of pu blic a d m inistration degree a t Seanle University. H e is the d e puty director of the P a c ific Northwest Economic Region, a statutory nonprofit

1 993 Class Representative - Kristina (Kurie) Dolan and J e n nifer (Kreger) Nickel

Susan ISandlin) VanBeuge was rece ntly

1 999 Class Re presentative - Kari e n e Miles

Stacey Johnston

organization that focuses on cross-bor­

married Corey

d e r issues that affect the e c o n o my, envi­

Foley Jan. 1 5 at

ronment and safety of five U.S. states


and three Canadian provinces. H e a n d

S a c rament

h i s wife, Sonja, live i n Seanle.

Rachel Spada married Jesse Hofheimer Feb. 19 a t the Grand Willow Inn in Mount Vernon, Wash. Rachel is the daugh ter of Randy


a n d Cha rlone IOlberg


Spada. R a c hel is a teacher in the Anacortes (Wash.) Sc hool District, a n d J e s s e works in t h e finan c e department for the C i ty of A n a c ortes, after serving four years i n the U.S. Na vy.

Catholic Church

a p pointed to the department of surgery

in Sconsdale,

fa culty at the University of Nevada

Ariz. Stacey is a


School of M e d i c i ne. She's doing

clinical embryol­

Class R e presentative - S h a n n o n

Free l a n d , Wash. Her sister, Jessica

research in breast c a n c e r treatment,

ogist with

( H erlocker) Stewart

Johnson '03, served as her m a i d of



Jenniler Johnson married Joel Zovar Ja n. 2 at Augustine's Episcopal Church in

Be c ca I E h i i '02) Miller served as brides· maids. Rebecca Wells, laura (Cobb) Bangerter '03 and Breea ( DeSloover) Merrig '04 also took part. lisa is pursuing a master of science degree in exercise and sport science a t Oregon State University. D a n, a captain in th e U . S . Army, is serving a year in Mosul, I ra q .

dance included, Randy Webster, Christy IAmondson) Webster, Paul Marquardt 'OJ, Aaron Lunday '03, Justin Lunday '04, lindsey Robinson '04, Lindsay H i ll '05 a n d Kris Slenen '05. They live in Seattle,

S n o q u a l m ie



Ridge G o l f C l u b .

Class Representatives - N i c h olas Gorne

Class Representative - Elisabeth Pynn

a n d Brian Riehs


honor, a n d

Nebraska-li n c o l n i n May a n d has


a c c epted a tenure track f a c ulty position

included Christine Bumpous '00 and Holly Swisher '99. They live i n N ash vi l l e , Te n n ., whe re J e n n i f e r is p u r su i ng h e r do c to ra te i n an th r o p olo g y

at Central Missouri State University.

Kevin Stokesbary mar­ ried Kelly Morrison Oct. 1 6, 2004, at

at Vanderbilt U niversity a n d J o e l is a n

Atten d a nts

archaeologist, illustrator and student i n graphic design at Watkins College of Art and Design.

Justin Johnson m a rried Kelly Kearsley '01 J une 5, 2004, in Portland, Ore. They moved

back to Tacoma after three years in Bend, Ore. Justin is a prod­ uct manager for Engineered Software and is starting his M.B.A. work this fall. Kelly is a r e port er for the Tacoma News Tri bu n e .

i n c l uded Mike

luinstra '97, James Stensel '97, Jeremy VonBargen '98, Steve lim '97 and Andrew Baffney '98. Kevin is a f i n a n c i a l consultant with M ass Mutual Fin a n c i a l Group in down­

Wash., and also works for a property management c o m p a ny in Kirkland, Wash.

They li ve i n I ssa q u a h .

Gretchen (Voge) Manhews and her hus­ band, Marc, graduated from medical school and are residents at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Gretchen is in pediatrics a n d M a rc is i n fa mily

Michael Forbes graduated from b a s i c

coach at Mount Vernon IWash.) High

c o m b a t training at Fort K n o x , Ky.

S c hool a n d teaches physical edu cation c l a sses.

laura Hunter is the new assistant direc·

Jennifer Jennings mar ri e d Brandon Schneider May 14 at Zio n lutheran Church in loveland, Colo. She is a certi­ fied nurse's aid in labor and d elivery and a nursing student. Brandon is a nursing student and an emergency department technician. Jennifer Makenas graduated i n May from the U n i versity of New Mexico with

a master 0 1 s c i e n c e in mathematics.


Eve Onen mar­ Megan Swanson mar­


ried Matt Brown

16 at Bethlehem

Texas, J u n e 25, 2004. She

lutheran C h u rc h

is a

in Renton, Wash. Cyrena

h e a d softball

at Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital, a criti c a l a c cess hos pi ta l i n the most remote area of Alaska ( a c c essible only

coach and

He is a financial specialist. The summer issue of Scene incorrectly announced the birth of ason. Matt.

2001 a n d Linda ( H utson) Pyl e

for native Eskimos. O n a d a i ly basis.

where s h e is a c l i n i c a l researc h coordi­

bou. She lives in Ba rrow. Alaska.

nator at Provi d e n c e Cancer Center a n d h e is a m e c h a n i c a l engin eer.

lisa lindsay

Periorm a n c e Health Technology in S a l e m , Ore.

married D a n Welsh o n J u n e 1 9, 2004, at S t . Patrick's C h u r c h i n Ta c o m a .

Nicholas Baeth earned his Ph.D. in mathematics at the U n iv e rs i ty of

Megan O'Brien

'02 and

on May 9. She lives in New York City.

2004 Class Representative - Tammy lynn Schaps

Amy Kostelecky i s the marketing and guest services coordinator for the SuperMall in Auburn, Wash.

1 99 2 N a n c v Bolland d i e d M a y 1 0.

Lorenl " M a e dl e "

Vanessa Krenz on Apr l f 20.

Aug. 18, 2004.

(Poland) Slover on

I 4 I



Labeda '" May.

Mari.nne (Pfeiffer)

S ak amoto on

Apnl 7

I Morns Knnbrough on May 1 4,



Edith Skog on Apnl 19.

Marion "Frank" Tldweli on Ap n l

I �

John Wa lk on Apnf 23 1 <)

William McPherson on Feb I �

Tim Starfl on May 21


20U \

1 .lcu\r\'

Nell J Hoff on June 18. 2005, Duane

Brianne Vertrees is exe cutive director of the nonprofit North Central Home Builders Association. She coordinates the 420-member association's four yearly events, recruits new members and helps keep members up to date with the indus­ try's lobbying in Olympia. She and her husband, Brian '00, live in Wenatchee, Wash.

C l a ss Representative - Ashley Orr

Andrea White is a software engineer at

leischen Moore received a master of arts degree in vocal periormance, with a spe­

Jard" Oliver on M arc h 29.

1 ':14 1

Tessa c a n e n c o unter polar bears or cari­


Aaron Binger married Becky Franza '02 Nov. 20. 2004, at a sunset ceremony on the beach in Poipu, Hawaii. Aaron is a YMCA director in Tacoma and Becky teaches English at Rogers High School in Pu ya llu p.

I n Memoriam I' 2

Class Representatives - Keith Pranghofer

Desirae (Marvin) Burkley a n d her hus­ band, Joseph '04, live i n Portland, Ore.,

Robert Peebles married Sarah MacArthur Oct. 17, 2004, at Riverside Community Center in Cashmere, Wash. Justin Gavin '97 was an anendant. They live in Wenatchee, Wash., where Robert is a financial consultant with DA Davidson and Sarah is an investment assistant at Piper J a ff ra y.

Finnegan was a bridesmaid. PlU alumni in atten-

English teac her.

by airplane) which h a n d les ev erythin g from major tra uma to school physicals


cialty in musical theatre, from New York

Julie Feltmann married Joshua Dennis 'OJ April

of Arlington,

Tessa (Onow) Gilbert is a case manager

tor of annlJal giving at PlU. She lives in

University'S Steinhardt School of Education

ried Jay Blanton April 1 6 in

Sonja (Anderson) Hardenbrook graduated from the University of Washington School of law and passed the Washington State bar exam in 2004. She works as a public defender for Snohomish (Wash.) C ounty.

Princess Tours and Josh is a help desk te c h n i c i a n for Corbis.

Benji Sonnichsen i s the new football

town Seattle. Kelly is a rea l estate agent with Executive R e a l Estate in Bellevue,

where Julie is a senior a c c ountant for


Arne Pederson died M ay 23. He ea rn e d three degrees from PlC and was a professor in the School of Education from 1956-1989. H e super­ vised student teachers, served as the director of teacher pfacement and was active in Scandinavian Area Studies and the Scandinavian Cuftural Center. He served in World War II and wa s a c tive in Trin i ty luth e ran Church and the Sons of Norway. He a n d h i s wife of 64 years, Gloria (Rummer '42) ran Gloria's Scandinavian Gifts. In a d ditI O n to Gloria, he is s u rvi ved by h i s five s on s and thell wives, leslie '64 and Cheryl (Tayl o r '65), James ' 67 and Marylyn, Robert '66 a n d Cheryl. Rev. David '75 and Ka re n (Lansverfl '79) a nd Rev. Marfl '81 a n d Robin (Yost '821, a n d 1 4 gr a nd c hifdre n , many of whom are PLU alums.





Jennie Vanderpool married M i c a h Vander V e e n D e c . 23, 2004, at Faith

teacher a n d

Thomas Howard

Reformed C h u r c h i n Lynden, Wash. They

and his wife,

live i n D e l Rio, Texas, where M i c a h i s a

H e ather is a n assistant director of admis­

tri c i a n . T h e y l i v e


in S e attle.

Laura, a n n o u n c e

pilot in the U . S . Air Force.

A l u m n i a n d Parent Rel ations, and

Luke is a n e l e c ­

the birth of t h e i r son, Henrik

Emily (Blake) McKee and h e r

Valerie Landwehr married Andrew

Thomas, on


Kinman J a n . 1 4 i n Astoria, Ore. Valerie is

February 1 2.


an i�ventory c o ntrol s u p e rvisor a t J o-Ann

Both are flying

Fabrics and Crafts.

M D-80s for Ameri c a n Airlines, but L a u r a is taking a year off.

200 Class Representative - M i c h ael Steele

Allisen McFarland married M i c h a e l Ellis Jan. 8 a t First United Methodist C h u rc h in

Linda works part-time at the Sammamish

2004. H e joins

holds a b a c h elor's d egree i n m e c h a n i c a l

Elyse M a ureen,

e n gi n eering tech nology a n d i s a mainte­

2 . Kristi i s a

nance s u pervisor with Conagra Foods in

triage n u rse at N o rthwest O B - GY N in

Quincy, Wash.

Northwest o p e rations for presentation

h u s b a n d , Ken,

David, on Dec. 8,

B e h avioral H e a lt h c a re i n Puya l l u p . He

M a e on May 2 3 . S h e joins s i s t e r E m ily, 5 .

services a t The Audio Visual C o m p a ny,

son, Nathan


overseeing Wa s h i n g to n a n d Oregon.

Covington, Wash., a n d a r e involved at their c h urch, C o rn e rstone UMC.

a n n o u n c e the

8, Lori's birthday.

Nancy IHanson) Thorson and h e r welcomed their

M e d i c a l Center at La c k l a n d Air Force

second son, Leif

Base i n S a n Antonio, Texas. Lori graduat­

M a gnus, o n Feb.

ed from the physi c i a n assistant program

27. Nancy is a

at University of Nebraska M e d i c a l

s o c i a l worker

Center in D e c e m b e r 2004 with h i g h

for Big Brothers

distinction a n d w e n t b a c k t o work l a s t

a n d Allison Marie, 8. K e n neth is presi­

h u s b a n d , S c otl,

Big S i s ters a n d Erik i s a Lutheran pastor

dent/chief executive offi c e r of Westlake

a n n o u n c e the

in B i l lings, Mont

S en i o r Living, Inc. They five i n Va u g h n,

birth of Holly


Elizabeth o n S h e j o i n s big

1 989

sister J ulia, who's almost 3. They live i n S a n J u a n Capistrano, C alif.

1 992 Michelle (Jackson) Hammons and her

M a r c h 23. They

husband, Luke, a n n o u n c e the birth o f

live i n

t h e i r son, M a s o n R o bert, on May 7.


H e j o i ns b i g brother J a ckson Thomas,


who is almost 2. M i chelle i s a S p a n i s h

Jennifer (Johnson) Higgins and her h u s ­

Joanna IKreis) Jacobson a o d

b a n d , Andy, a n n o u n c e the birth of A i l e y

h e r h u sb a n d,

Karine on A p r i l 8. T h e y l i v e in Mukilteo,



a n n o u n c e the

the owner of Salero Group LLC in Boise, I d aho, a n d Kim is a n a c c ountant

l. '''<'11 <In k Oil

"o u n ..C

,lnd { h :lrir.lble sivin!;;

(,if; " 011

:lnd yo u r lo\'ecl one.'"


thi' l!(Iflll/n

"(,iji " IIIJil/ll/g"

plan n i n g q u estio n s ?

of iciC';u :md i t l formorioll on

Ducuvcr- hu, ...' dl:lfi rable dOIl,l ( ions

I!ST:1 H : ,


plDv iJc:: pa)"mt!ms (�)r YO l L ro!.dF

Ca.lcuLuc r o u r bcnCn L\ wi( h our onl ine cdcul:Jm r Ua.m how I l�V In): I�w� c:h..lILg.�: dle' "';1), Y0ll! I RA i'h: J li!:hL i :1rie"

Kirstin (Hokanson) Doud and her

p;ly� HlU :: md }'<JUI

253-535-7 1 77 or 800-826-0035


Kreis of O lympia. J oa n n a is a minister of C h u r c h i n Salem, Ore. Randy is a soft­ ware e n g i n e e r with G a rm a n .

h u s b a n d , Alan,

Aaron a n d Andrea (Campbell '96) McCarty

w e l c o m e d their d a u g h ter, G ra c e May, on S e p t

a n n o u n c e the

j o i n s brother

birth of their son,

Aaron, 14. Kirstin

Easton, o n J a n .

i s a music t e a c h e r in the B e l l i n g h a m

2 6 . H e j o i n s Ellie,

(Wash ) S c hool District

3. Aaron is a ter­ ritory m a n a g e r for NorWesCo a n d

1 996

A n d re a w i l l job share h e r first grade

Erik a n d Heather Liv (McDougall '97) Melver

teaching position i n the C a m a s (Wash.) S c hool District s o she can stay home part time with their kids.

a n n o u n c e the birth o f their first

For more informalion, contact Ed- Larson or Doug Page devdopmen ·

grandparents are Roger and Sandra (Bowdish '65)

10, 2004. S h e

I. (ro In wfi'w..pfll r,/"

:!. (Iii k tUI ' lHf,kc " 1J11/1/,f!,JltIfJl",J lifo

2004. Adalynn's

youth a n d family at H oly Cross Lutheran

Have You Visited O ue Onl i ne Gift Planning Resource?

Acau ,! co m r !Cfe

Jean on Nov. 6,

their son Kadin on May 1 7, 2003. Skyler is

e s ane

1 997

1 995

birth o f Adalynn

Patrick, on

all yo u r

s u m m er.

Skyfer Cobb a n d his wife, Kim, welcomed

first c h i l d , J o h n

·cr_ [0

second year of residency in periodontics at Wilford Hall

M a r c h 1 5. H e joins Tyler J a mes, 1 0,

D e c . 3 1 , 2004.

Andy i s in his

h u sb a n d , Erik,

Susan (Weiss) Walker and h e r

announce the birth of Reagan A n d rew on

S a l ly, a n n o u n c e

birth of Luke Andrew on April

1 993

Kenneth Lund a n d his wife, Ellen,

t h e birth of t h e i r

live in Prosser, Wash.

Andy and Lori (Gustafson) Dreyer

March 1 9, 2004. H e joins sister Vivien, 4 .

and h i s wife,

wine maker at Covey R u n Winery. They

Adventure G u i d e s program. They live i n

Erika Somm a n d her h u sband, Peter

Brien Flannigan

a p a rt n e r at Envision Marketing LLC a n d Rayman i s a

Family Y M CA org a nizing activities for

Davis, welcomed their son, A i d a n , on

1 981

23, 2004. Emily is

fathers a n d their c h i l d ren in the

199 1

Futu re Lutes

birth of their son, J a cob, on Dec.

Jaymes i s regional v i c e p r e s i d e n t of

Kristi (Gorud) Waldal and h e r welcomed their

Wenatchee, Wa s h . S h e is a c h i l d a n d f a m i l y thera p i s t a t G o o d S a m a ritan

a n n o u n c e the

Jaymes and Linda (Hollandsworth) Toycen a n n o u n c e the birth of R a c h e l

c h ild, Anika Liv,

JeH a n d Shannon (Robinson '98) Thompson a n n o u n c e the birth of their

on May 5. S h e

twin sons, G un n a r Newman a n d Anders

was b o r n in their

Nils, on April 20. The boys j o i n their sis­

home, a c o u p l e

ters, Shayenn, 4, a n d Skyleigh, 2. They

o f b l o c ks from

live in Kalispell, Mont, where J eff a n d

PLU. Erik i s the assistant director of pro­

Shannon are b o t h teac hers a n d

grams and services in PLU's O ff i c e of


1 998 Bryan and Anne (Karlsgodt '99) Schaeffer announce the birth of their twin dau ghters

Andrew, on Jan. 5. Cra i g is the online services coordinator at KPLU, and Katrina is a stay-at-home mom and part­ time nanny. They live in north Ta com a.

J a n . J 1. Bryan is a graphic design er, and

Kiersten Anne and M eg h a n Brynn on

Shaun and Lena (Tibbelin '99) Buhre wel­ c o m ed their

Anne i s a registered n u rse. They live in

d a u ghter, H a iley


Elisabet, on Oct.


ioins brother

1 , 2004. She

Chad and Sarah (Abbey '98, '991 Roraback welcomed th e i r son, Charlie, o n J uly 1 2, 2004.

Mattias, 2. Lena lelt h e r position a s a sports reporter for the King County J o u rn a l in February to stay at home with the c h i ldren. S h a u n works for Russell M e llon in Tacoma.

Pete a n d Heather (Rossi McLean birth of their son ,

h u s b a n d, Sutton,

on May 27, 2004.

birth of Luc as

al manager at tea ching special e d u c ation at Bellevue's Interlake H i g h S c hool for six years. They live i n R e nton, Wash.

Jared Miller and his wife, Kacey, announce the birth of their d a u g hte r Kellie Alivia on March 5. She i oin s her big sister, Maggie Mae, 3.

Jude Winter on

D e a d l i n e f o r t h e next issue of Scene is September 1 5,



flU CLAS \'EAIljSl







Jay on May 14. They both work at Western Peterbilt, I n c . , in Fife, Wash. - Gloria with AP

imaging and S u tton as a service writer.

Courtney (Woodard) Black and h e r husband, Brian, announce the birth of their son, Baylor Jonathan, on

May 1 5. Courtney does part-time c o nsult­



Job lflformabon JOBmtJ:






ing from home and Brian works in bank­ ing. They r e c e nlly moved from Bellevue,

Gavin and Patty ( Mi lto n '�Ol Brem welcomed

P h otos are w e l c o m e , but o n l y o n e p h oto wi l l be used, and o n a s p a c e ava i l a b l e b a s i s . Notes wi l l be e d ited for c o ntent.

a n n o u n c e the

Pete is a region­ Arrow E l e c tronics, Heather has been

p i e c e of p a p e r, b u t p l e a s e l i mit y o u r s u b m i s s i o n t o l Oa words_

P h otos m u st b e pri nts o r h i g h q u a l ity j p e g s . P l e a s e , no

Gloria (Binkley) Moore a n d her

Zachary David,

i n c l u d i n g c ity of re s i d e n c e a n d w o r k . Feel free to use a n oth e r

r e p r o d u ctions or c o p i e s from oth er p u b l i c ati o n s .

200 1

a n n o u n c e the

> P l e a s e fill o ut as m u c h informati o n b e l ow as poss i b l e ,

Wash., to Ta c o m a .

Marriage (no engagements. pi use)

2002 Jasen and Tara ( M i l l et '00 1 Bennie

Aug. 1 1 , 2004 He i o ins Noelle Ruth, 2. Gavin i s a n U pwa rd

a n n o u n c e the

Bound program

birth of Ka el

d i r e c to r and Patty i s a stay-at-home

C h a rles on Jan.

mom. They live i n Tacoma.

1 3. J a s e n i s a





proiect e n g i n e e r

Christine (Faldet) Bellingham a n d her husband,

at Edward K r a e m e a n d S o n s , a n d Tara i s head basketball c o a c h at K e a r n s H i g h


S c h o o l . T h e y live i n N o rth Salt Lake City, Utah



Greg, announce the birth of J a c k S id ney on M a y

Sarah (Phillips) Rasmussen and

19. Christie i s a

h e r husband,

registered nurse at Virginia M a s o n in

Dave, announce

Seattle. They live in S n o q u a l mie,

t h e birth of their

Wash .

daughter, B a iley


2000 Craig and Katrina (Johnson '99) Coovert announce the birth of their _;;;;;;;.t!.:JiiI1:II first child, Levi



Grace, on Jan. S a rah teaches ESL at David D o u glas

High School in Portland, Ore., and Dave is a Portland police officer. They live in Vancouve r, Wash.

Jason a nd Jennifer (Arndt '01) Anspach celebrated the arrival of their first child, Caleb Abraham, on Oct. 2, 2004. !.m


> MAil TO: Office of Alumni & P a rent Relations, PLU, Ta c o m a , WA 98447-0003; FAX: 253-535-8555; E-MAIL: alumni@plu. edu, Internet: www.plualumni. org. Please limit to 1 00 words.



coHtmtled from page 27 Aaron Oakley, Kevin a n d Leanne (Ma lmo '85)

O a kley Betsy Olsen, Steve '79 and N a n c y ( Lee '78) Olsen

Amanda Sageser, Scot '93 and Cheryl S a g e s e r

Jeani Tommervik, D o n a l d '75 Tom m e rvik

Sarah Sa nders, C h r i s '77 Sa n d e rs

Lauren Van Cislo, R i c h a r d and B a r b a ra Van Cislo

Samuel Olson, M i c h a e l '75 and Vannessa Olson

Theodore Schiro-Mill er, M i c h a e l Eva ns a n d M a r i a S c h iro-Evans

Matthew Osborne, Thomas and Re v. Pamela

Timothy Siburg, D avid '80 a n d Patricia

O s b o rne, J u l i a n n e Butze n-Osborne

(Te n g e s d a l '80) S i b u rg

Diane and Julie Paulson, Gregory '80 and A n n

Daniel Sievert, G a ry '75 S i evert a n d Pamela '75 Russell

P a u l son Bradley Pederson, Rob ert '66 and Cheryl


GeoHrey Smock, Cameron '85 a n d Lisa '85 Smock

Benjamin Perry, Dale '78 a n d Betty Perry

Michael Snow, Ste p h e n '80 a n d M a ry Snow

Peter Peterson, Jonathan and Ruth (Olsen '73) Pete rson

Joseph Sternard, Mark and S a l ly '77 Ste rnard Sara Stevenson, R u ssel a n d Pamela Stevenson

Eric PlaH, Stefani Pfaff

Andrew Stolz, D a vid '79 a n d Ch risty Stolz

Brian Price, G regory '78 and Jamie Price

Carl and Colin Swanson, M a rk '68 and Wendy

Francis Prince, Phillip and S a bine '01 P r i n c e

(Lider) Swa nson

E l a i ne Rehburg, Bruce '83 and N i n a Rehburg

Matthew Terjeson, Thomas '71 and Denise

Leah Wakeman, L . M i c h a e l and S h e ri '90 Wake m a n B r i a n Wehmhoeler, David ' 8 2 a n d Lori (Walker '82) Wehmhoefer Kimberly Whitton, Douglas '82 and D e b b i e W h itton Lisa Wilson, Walter and D e b o r a h Wilson Peter Young, Donald Young and Marcia '75 Bodin Cale Zimmerman, James '72 and S h a rolyn ( E r i c kson '73) Zimm e r m a n *

d e c e a sed


Jonathan Rieke, S te p h e n '81 a n d Eileen

Ruth Tollelson, J a c k '81 and D i a n e Tollefson

( Brande n b urg '95) Rieke

Sarah Voe lpel, D a niel '83 and Rebecca (Smith '83) Vo e l p e l

Share photos with your classmates through online community egisrered members of rhe

\·r llw.;.....s I: \' \lt Il S . 1i\ ft h..l

,Vhy Klng:; and Queens DontWear Crowns

A l u m n i O n l i n e Communiry can rake advanrage o f a special fea[LIre rhar allows users ro post p horos i n t h e al umni d i recrory. Several hundred al u m n i have already shared images of themselves and thei r fam i lies.


have pictures of alums from

around the world s uch as Dennis Knlltson '62 i n Sioux Falb, S . D . , Kevin M arousek '96 in Kazakhstan and S h e l la Biallas


in Hu ngary; a p horo

o f Spider man with J oseph



Red o n na Ste rba; paleo nrologist Dr. Scott Foss '9 1 and a p h o ro of H i roshi Ayabe '99 apparently asleep. I n c l u d i ng yo u r p h o ros o r viewing pictu res is easy. F i rst, you mUSt be a registered member. Vis i t

ni,org, click


on PLU A l u m n i O n l i n e

Comlll u n i ty, rhen " C l i c k Here ro Register Now." You ' l l need yo ur I D n u m b e r, which is prinre d on th e Scene mai l i n g label. O nce registered, you will h ave access ro view p horos o f fel low alums as wel! as take advantage of the entire search­ abl e o n l i ne directo ry, a C a reer Services Cen ter, a permanent e - m a i l add r('ss feature and b usi ness yellow pages.





De spective conti>",cdj7-Unl back cover

Un fo rt u na tely, we see t h i s scenario p l ayed out in co nfli c ts ac ro s s t h e glob e ,

co m m u n i ­ ties and our own ho useholds. Tdevision talk show hosts seem particularly glee­ fu l if they can n u dge peopk i n to spite­ fu l battle with others on t h e i r program. And n e wsc a s ts are often fil led with sto­ ries of cou rtroom drama where the fam­ il ies of vi c tims r a n t a n d rave, calling fo r the perpetrator of a pa rti cu lar crime to s u ffe r as they have suffered. To follow th is road, however, one seldom discov­ ers healing, reconcil iation, peace or new life. Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and retired arch bish o p of South Africa, h as written a n i ntrigu ing book, "No Fu ture Without Fo rgivene ss ." I n i t, h e tells the powe r ful story o f th e Truth and Reco n c i l iation C o m m issio n c reated by then President Nelson Mandela in an attempt to deal no!' to mention in o u r own


pro c e d u re wa s s i m ple

but The p e rpe t raro rs of viole n ce were forced ro listen ro the excru ci a ti n g stories of their victims, ., u bjec ted ro the truth and consequence o f their ac tio ns . Then in many cases, i n c o n s u l ta ti o n with th e vic ti m, t he co mm issio n i ssue d p ardo ns i n an at te m pt to bring about hea l i ng fo r all p a rti es. Tu tu revealed a bold spi ri t ual i ty that ackn owledges the ho rro rs peo plc can inflict upon one another while also recogn izi n g the power o f fo rgive n ess a n d rec on ci l iat i o n . By choosi n g rhe road less traveled, South ,\fri ca e m e rgcd as a n ation re u n i ted and lT l lclVed i.r1 hope fo r its fu ture. pa i n fu l.

Forgiveness is being able to let go of remembered hurt and pain,

w i t h the wo u n d s left by Apartheid. Mandela, the fi rs t fre e ly elected p resi­

looking toward

wh ite South the fal l of A p a rth e i d , ha.d h i mself been a vi c t i m , i m p r i son ed and tOlTured . He k n ew t h at the country could p l u nge inro civil war p i tting blacks aga i n s t whites unless a way was fo u n d to seek hea l i n g a n d reco nc il iati o n . President Ma.ndela appointed Desmond. Tutu ro lead the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, whose task wa.s to b r ing to geth er the victims o f A p a rth e id a n d those who had com m i t­ ted c ri m e s agai n st others - crimes of rape, rolT u re, m u rder a n d the destruc­

theft/lure, rather than dwelling on

tion o f homes and b u s i n esses.



by bo th

b lack a n d

A fr ic a n s foll ow i ng



the past. Forgiveness is recognizing that we are not in control.

-Rev. Rick Rouse Many in o u r wor l d choose the more common path and choose to l ive with unresolved anger, guilt or shame. As a pastOr, 1 have counseled with in dividu­ als w h ose lives h ave been devastated, p u t on h o ld or seem to be leading down

a p a th o f se lf-des tru c t i o n .

I remember with an SO-year- ol d woman tol d me that she had been raped

m e et i n g

She me that her parents refused to bef ieve her, op ti ng fo r denial, and for years it was the " fam i l y secret." As a consequence, she lived with guilt and shame fo r nearly 70 ye a rs and never allowed any man to touch her or get close to her. Now in a retirement ho me , s h e finally fo u n d some peace and hea l i n g t h roug h p rayer an d co un se l ing. C ou rageo usl y, she has o pe ned the doo r to fo rgiveness and reconci l i atio n , real i z i n g t hat it is never too late. Wi th all that said, what is forg iven ess? Forgiveness means we are able to look beyond t h e act and see the other person as a child o f God.. Fo rg i ve n ess i s b e i n g able to let go of rem e m be red h u r t and pai n , looki n g toward t h e future, rather t h an dwel l i ng on the past. Forgiveness i s reco gnizi ng that we are not in con­ trol. I t i s l e tt in g go an d let ti n g God take c harg e of our lives and rel a r i o n ­ shi ps. The road to fo rgiveness a ls o req u i res that we both ac k now l ed ge our own need fo r pardon a n d em. b race for o u rse lves the fu l l ness of God's gi ft of grace offered to us and t o all people. What are rhe consequences i f we do not or ca n no t fo rgive others and seek heal i ng fo r o ur lives? M an y do ctors a nd ps ychia t ris t s tell us that u nresolved anger or guilt often results in illnesses such as c l i n i cal depress io n , h eart arrack, and even cancer. National s tudies have been done by the Templcton Foundation, Stanford M e d i cal School and others that collaborate this claim and more amazi ngly provide evidence of the h eali n g that can occu r when one discovers the p ower of fo rgiveness to b r i n g abo u t renewed hope and new l i fe. A good exam pie of tl1 is is the paralytic who is healed by Jesus in b o dy and i n s p i r it when h e hears t h e wo rds: " Yo ur sins arc forgi ven . " (Mark 2 : 1 - 12) The New Testament offers a vis ion for the h ea l i n g and transfo rmation of the world.. I n d eed , the church as the col lec­ tive people o f God is called to be an agent o f h ea l i n g and reconciliation fo r all peo p l e . In an age of cy n i cism , p rej u­ dice, h a tred a n d fear, w e c a n b e healers i n t h e world ... not with b i tterness, b ut with hope. � by an u n cl e as a yo ung girl of 12.





Oct. 28, 8 p.m.

Nov. 29, 8 p.m.

U nive rsity J a zz Ensemble

C a m a s Quintet

K P LU 88.5 Chr istm a s

Chris Knutzen H a l l

La g e rq u ist C o n c e rt H a l l

J a m Live B r o a d c a st


Nov. 30, 8 p.m.


C h r i s Kn utzen H a l l

Dec. 8, noon

L a g e rq u ist C o n c e rt H a l l I nstrumental and Vo c a l J azz E n s e m b l e s Winter S e n ior Exh i bition

Nov. 30, 8 p.m.

Nov. 2, 8 p.m.

U n iversity Theatre P r o d u ction

" B i rt h d a y P a rty"

P i a n o M u sic From N o rway Trygve Tra e d al, g u est p i a n i st L a g e rq u ist C o n c e rt H a l l

Nov. 4-6 F a m i ly Weekend

Nov. 5, 7 p.m. " Edvard G ri e g a n d N o rway's Stru g g l e for I n d e p e n d e n c e " W i l l i a m H a lverson S c a n d i n a v i a n C u lt u r a l Center

Nov. 6, 3 p.m. M a ry Baker R u s s e l l M u s i c S c h o l ars R e c ital La g e rq u i st C o n c ert H a l l

Nov. 1 0, 5:30 p.m. KPLU Art of J a zz S e attle Art M u s e u m

Nov. 1 1 , 8 p.m. Choral U' n i o n L a g e r q u ist Co n c e rt H a l l

KPLU Art of J azz Se attle Art M u s e u m

U n iversity G a l l ery

Grieg and, His S u c c essors:

Dec. 8 , 5:30 p.m.

Ea stv o l d Au d itorium


D ec. 1 . 8 p.m. " B i rth d a y P a rty" Unive rsity Th eatre P ro d u ction Ea stvo ld A u d ito r i u m

Dec. 2, 7:30 p.m. S a n kta L u c i a Fest La g e rq u ist C o n c e rt H a l l

Dec. 2 , 8 p.m. " B i rthday Party" University Theatre Pro d u ct i o n Eastvold Auditorium

Dec. 3, 8 p,m. " B irthday P a rty" U n iversity The atre Pro d u ction Ea stvo l d Al:Jditori u m

Dec. 8, 8 p.m. String K a l e i d o s c o p e Lagerquist Conc ert H a l l

Dec. 1 4, 7 p.m. An n u a l N o rw e g i a n Christmas S e rv i c e S c a n d i n av i a n Cu ltura l Center

Dec. 16 S e attl e ' s B e st J a zz at Winte riest S po n sored by K P L U

Dec. 1 7, 8 p.m. Choral U nion L a g e rq u ist C o n c e rt H a l l

Dec. 1 8, 6:30 p.m. A n n u a l N ordic C h ristmas Fest S c a n d i n a v i a n C u ltural Center

P l U IN Y O U R N E I G H B O R H O O D

Sept. 10 Ta i l g ate Party a t C a l ifornia Luth e r a n

D e c . 4, 2 p.m.

U n iversity

" B irthday Party"

T h o u s a n d O a ks, C a l if.

U n iversity T h e atre P r o d u ction Eastvo l d Au d itori u m

Nov. 1 3, 3 p.m.

Sept. 24 Ta i l g ate Party at U n iversity of

David P. D a h l, g u e st o rg a n ist

D e c . 4 , 4 p.m.

Wisconsin-River Falls

La g e rq u i st C o n c e rt H a l l

What Child I s This? A C h ristmas C e l e bratio n

River F a l ls , Wis .

fro m t h e C a m p u s of PLU

Nov. 1 5, 8 p.m.

Olson Auditorium

U nive rs ity Sym p hony O r c h e stra

Oct. 1 Ta i l g ate P a rty at Linfield

with Svend R e n n i n g , v i o l i n ist

Dec. 4, 8 p.m.

Lagerqu ist C o n c e rt H a l l

Stilvv i n d e n Flute Choir and G u it a r Ensemble L a g e rq u ist C o n c ert H a l l

Nov. 20, 3 p.m.

M c M i n n vi l l e, Ore.

Dec. 2, 8 p.m. W h at Child I s This? A C h ristm a s C e l e bration

U n ive rs ity Wind Ensemble and Concert B a n d

Dec, 5 , 8 p.m.

from the C a m pus of PLU

L a g e rq u ist C o n c e rt H a l l

Composers' Fo rum

St. M a ry ' s Cath o l i c Church, P o rtl a n d

L a g e r q u ist Conc ert H a l l

Nov. 22, 8 p.m.

Dec. 3 , 8 p.m.

Piano Ensemble R e c ital

Dec. 6 , 8 p.m.

L a g e rq u ist Concert H a l l

What C h i l d I s This? A C h ristmas Cele bration

S o u n d s of C h ristmas

from the C a m p u s of PLU

L a g e rq u i st C o n c e rt H a l l

First Presbyte rian C h u r c h , S e a ttle

N ov. 29, 1 :30 p.m. E n ri c h m e nt S e r i e s : S a m u e l A d l e r,

Dec. 7, 8 p.m.

visiting c o m p o s e r

Keybo a rd SttJ d ents' R e c it a l

L a g erqu ist C o n c e rt H a l l

L a g e r q u i st C o n c e rt H a l l



WINV\i.pliJ. edu/ Seellt: CALENDAR > PLU SCENE FALL 2005


p .Jrspe ctive Th e h eal i n g power of forgiveness

R i c k Rouse, executive d i rector of C h u r c h Relations, says fo rgiving those who c a u s e hurt c a n h e l p p e o p l e recover and h e a l .

By Rick Rouse The following i s a n excerpt from "Fire of Grace: The Healing Power ofForgilic;u:ss, " by Rick Rouse, executilie director of Church Relations at PLU. He writes about his rela­ tionship with arsonist Paul Keller; who destroJ1ed Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynnwood, Wash., where Rouse was pastor. Rouse liisited Keller in Jail, and he and his congregation learned the power of forgilieness.

hen faced wi th difficulties, disappointments and chal­ lenges, we have an alterna­ tive to remai ning in the ashes of defeat,

bitterness and despair. With faith and courage, one can rise up co new l i fe. It is my hope that hearing about how our congregation recovered may inspire hope and healing not just for i ndividu­ als, but also for our contemporary soci­ ety and for religious commun ities. Even as our nation grows more politically divided, our religious co mmunities arc also unraveling as we struggle wi th dif­ ferem visions of faith, values and morality. Resentment grows i n [he chasms between our differences. Yet God's grace reveals a different vision for how we are to live cogether i n rela­ tionsh i ps where we arc less l. ikely [0

PLU Scene, Tacoma, Washington 98447-01lI03

Address chany,,:

I f this copy of S c e n e i s addressed to your son or

d a u g hter who no longer m a i ntains a permanent a ddress at your home, p l e a se nalify the OHice of Alumni and Parent Relations with h i s or her new m a i l i n g a d d ress. You c a n rea c h us by phone at 253-535-741 5, o r 1 -800-ALUM- PLU, f a x u s at 253-535-8555 o r e - m a i l the new information. Thanks !


denounce someone as evil or mindless because they have a diffe rem poim of view or religiolls conviction. Bur first, we have co acknowledcre <:> that we arc all in need of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. Seeki ng healing for ou rselves and others through fo rgiveness is C O U l1[cr­ cultural. The world's standard seems co be "a l i fe for a life, an eye for an eye and a cooch for a cooth." The natural human response co being wronged seems co be one of anger and revenge. eVilfjnued VI! p<zge 38


Life i n S a lishan, 1 0

H omecoming, 22

Honor Roll of Donors, 40

N ew students take to the water off Va shon I s l a n d to l e a rn kayaking at one of the many O r i e ntation On th e Road trips. PLU w e l c o m e d nea rly 1 ,000 freshmen and transfer students this fall.


Jan. 28, 4 p.m.

Feb. 3 , 8 p.m.

H i g h S c h o o l Honor Choir

O p era Wo rks h o p

January 1 -31

Final C o n c ert

Rav e l ' s Te nfant e t l e s S o rti l e g e s "

Jazz in J a n u a ry

L a g e r q u i st C o n c e rt H a l l

Eastvold Audito r i u m

Exp e r i e n c e M u s i c Proj ect


Feb. 4, 3 p . m .

Jan. 7, 5 p.m.

Feb. 1 -Feb. 1 0

Rave l ' s "L:e nfant et l e s S o rt i l e g e s "

Northwest H i g h S c hool Honor Band Concert

M i c h a e l Stasinos, paintings

Eastvold Auditorium

Lagerqu ist C o n c e rt H a l l

University G a l l e ry

J a n . 9-Feb. 1 0

Feb. 2, 8

M i c h a e l Sta s i n os, paintings

U n iversity Sym phony O r c h e stra

S ponsored by K P LU

H o m e c o m i n g C o n c e rt,

S e attle Asian Art Museum

Sponsored by KPLU O pera Work s h o p

Feb. 9

U n iversity G a l l e ry


Art of Jazz

with m e m b e rs of the

Jan. 22, 3 p.m.

Early and B a ro q u e

Ca rolyn Hoover, g u e st p i a n i st

E n s e m b l e La g e r q uist

Lagerq u ist C o n c e rt H a l l

C o n c e rt H a l l

continued on inside back cowr



P a c ific Luth e ra n Unive rsity S c e n e Winter 2005 Vol u m e 36 I s su e 2


Here & Now


Life of the Mind M o r ken Cent e r will p r e p a re for c a re e rs c o m b i n i n g s c i e n c e a n d business


At Home in Salishan Stu d e nts l e arn the value of s e rvic e as they live in a m uti c u ltural c o m m u n ity

14 Reflections on Tacoma D owntown revitalization gi ves n ew l i fe to PLU's l a rgest n e i g h b oring c ity

New condos are j u st one of the ch anges giving new life to downtown Ta c o m a . See page 1 4.

Leadership & Service



Alumni News & Events


Alumni Profiles


Alumni Class Notes


Honor Roll of Donors


The Arts



Lutes R o c k . H o m e c o m i n g 2005

� 20


Attaway Lutes '50s bas ketb a l l sta rs re l ive the h eyday with a reunion

Homecoming iliUSlrfltions by Steve Skr alTlstad

See Volume 36, Issue 2




Ann J o h n s o n '81

Loren J . Anderson



Greg Brewis


Lauralee Hagen '75, '78

address c h a n ges to


alumni@plu. edu or

by Pacific

1 ·800·ALUM·PLU

University, S. 121 st and


98447·0003. Periodicals

A Tacoma Link l ight rail

postage paid at Tacoma,

tra i n passes in front of

WA., and additional



Katherine Hedland

Hauge Administration

H a nsen '88

Stephen J. Cornils '66

Building #207

Vice President,

Erik Melver '96

253·535· 7427

Developmenl and

Assislant Director for


University Relations

Programs and Services

Steve H a ns e n

Please direct any

Scene (SSN 0886·33691

is p u b l ished q u a rterly Lutheran

Park Ave., Tacoma, WA.,

Laura F. Maiovski

J a c o b H i mmelman '03

the Greater Tacoma

mailing oHices. Address


Vice President,

Assislant Director for

Convention and

service requested.

G reg Brewis

Admission and

Events and Outreach

Trade C e n ter.

Postmaster: Send

Katherine H e d l a nd

Sludent Life

Hansen '88

Photo by Jorda n

changes to Advancement

Nesvig Alumni Center

H a rtman '02. D i g i ta l

Services, OHice of

N i s h a Aimani Wade '02

J a m e s L. P e n c e

Tacoma, WA 98447·0003

e n h a n c e ment b y

Development, PLU,

Steve Hansen


253·535· 7 4 1 5

Simon S u n g .

Ta coma, WA, 98447 ·0003.


Sheri J. Tonn

1 ·800·ALUM·PLU J ord a n Hartman '02

Vice President, Finance and Dper81ions


Simon S u n g

© 2005

by Pacilic

Lutheran Un iversity




Toby Beal


h ere &

n ow

Patrina Pellett '06 will do research at the N a ti on al Institutes of H e a lth thanks to a m aj or s c holarship.

Science major wins National Institutes of Health scholarship LU sen ior Patrina Pellett, of Sitka, Alaska, was one of 12 out­ stand ing young scien tists to receive a s ignificant National I nsti tutes of Health scholarship. The NIH Undergraduate Sc holars h i p for Ind ividu als from Disadvantaged Backgrounds p rovides fu nding to S tu­ dents com m i tted to careers i n biomed­ ical, behavioral or social science heal th­ related researc h. The sch olarship awards up to $20,000 per academ ic year for tuition and educational and l iving expenses. Each rec i p i ent also part ic i pates i n a lO-week paid summer laboratory 4 PLU SCENE WINTER 2005 > HERE & NOW

research II1ternship. I\ftcr graduatio n, recipien ts continue their raid research training at NIH in Bethesda, Md., work­ ing one year for each year of scholar­ ship support. Pellett '06, who is majoring 111 b iology and chemistry, graduates in May and will do her i nternsh ip this summer, con tinuing i nto the worl< program next fall. "The facil ities there are amazing," said Pellett, who is thinking about researching signal transduction, which stud ies cells, at NIH and plans to be a chemist. "The idea of getting to work at a place where you have every resou rce at you r fi ngertips is in cred ible." PLU professor of chemistry Craig Fryhle will work with Pellett as a facul ey memor a nd advisor in the scholars h i p p ro gram .

Federal grant will allow Women's Center to start new programs nearly $200,000 federal grant will allow PLU to c reate compre­ hensive education and train ing programs ai med at p reventi ng violence agai nst women. "\Ve're creating a project that empow­ ers o u r whole comm u n i ty to be more i nvolved," said Bobbi H ughes, director of the Women's Center. " It's no more of a problem here than anywhere else, but at the same time, it's a n issue that isn't usually talked about o r very visible." The two-year grant c reates two new part-time positions to coordinate advo­ cacy and training program s , i ncludi ng a Men Against Violence program. It will

more formally connect the camp us with com m u n i ty agencies such as the YMCA and the Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County.

Graduation will move to Tacoma Dome to allow greater attendance al low fo r a much larger audi­ encc at the grand spring com­ mencement ceremony, PLU will move grad u ation [ 0 the Tacoma Dome starting in M ay 2006. The traditions of this i m ponant m i les[One in the lives of PLU graduates and t he university will co n tinue in the new ven lle. "\'(/c're working very hard to preserve thc elemcnt s of the ceremony that make PLU com mencement so special [0 our grad ua tes and their fa rn il ies," Registrar Kristin Plaehn said. "This move will make commcnccment much more accessible and comfortable for everyone who looks forward to rhis important d ay. " The move means tickets will nor be required, and gradua tes can in vire as many fam i ly and fricnds as they want [0 celebrate their accomplishmt'ms in perso n. I n the past, each grad uate received a smal l nu mber of tickets. The dome will acco mmodate an audi ence of 6,000, more than twice what Olson AuditOrium can sear. I t is easily accessi­ ble to people with disabil i ties. With more tban 600 students ea rning graduate and undergraduate degrees in the past few May ceremon ies and evcr­ growing classes, gradu ation has sim ply ou tgrown Olson Aud itorium. POI' many years, Olson h as been filled to capacity well befo re the ceremony starts, sen d i n g many famil ies a n d friends t o twO over­ flow locations airing the ceremony on closed circu it TV. Eve n those have ru n out of seats. o

Having more space also will allow August graduates [0 choose to partici­ pate in either the trad itional May cere­ mony or December commencement, which will continue [0 be held on cam­ pus. There will no longer be a need for a separate su mmer ceremony. Com mencement will continue [0 include trad i tions such as vocal per­ formances, the facu lty process ion, Univers i ty banners and the Universi ty Mace. Also, the universi ty will expand the opport u n i ties fo r grad uares and their famil ies to enjoy campus on com­ mencement wee kend, including the worship service and brunch before the ceremony.

Challenge Program gets


grant to help

students succeed grant frol11 the Ed ucation Assistance Foundation will help fu nd PLU's Challenge Program, which gives students who show academic $40,000

promise a chance to attend college. T h e C hallenge Program serves up to 30 stu dents per year who are condi­ tional ly admi tted to the u n iversity and who show poten tial fo r academic s uc­ cess b u t are not cu rrenrl), qual ified. Students are granted admission to che university on cond ition of their suc­ cessful completion of both the summer and fall components of the program. The Su mmer Challenge is an i n cense, six-week, live-in program with a heavy academic load, suppOrt and anivieies designed to develop a sense of commu­ nity and participation i n the life of the u niversity. Chal lenge students com­ plete seven or n i ne credits offered by fac ulty experienced in working with students of concern. Supplemen tal instruction, individ u al tutori ng, and mentoring are provided by peer coach­ es who live in the residence h all with rhe Challenge s tudents. The Fall Challenge is an intermediate step between the h ighly structured sum­ l11l:r com ponent and the regular work­ load stu del1ts wil l experience beginning i n the spring of their freshman year.

ce e


R EA D M O R E a bout PLU's relation­ ship with the S a l i s h a n n e i g hbor­ hood, H o m e c o m i n g 2005 a n d other sto r i e s from this issue at S c e n e O n l i n e . Yo u'll f i n d l i n ks to m o re d etails a bout the p rint version, a s well a s u p d ates o n c a m p u s e v e nts. S c e n e O n l i n e a l s o takes you to other g reat featu res, wh i c h have been chosen " B e st of S c e n e . " C h e c k i t o ut a t www.p/u.e du/scene.

O n l i n e news easy to fi n d .



here & now continued

Students c a rry bann ers as they take part in the P i erce County A I D S Walk. PLU teams raised $3,000.

Students raise money for hurricane relief and AIDS p rograms ealizing they can make a differ足 ence, studems worked this fall [0 raise money for victims of H urricane Katrina and for AIDS relief. The Associated Studems of Pacific Lutheran Un iversity raised more than $6,000 for h u rricane relief, which was matched by anonymous donors. Donations will be split between the American Red Cross and the Evangelical Lutheran Ch urch i n America's disaster relief fund. The un iversity also welcomed twO Stu足 dems who were displaced from colleges that were damaged by the hurricane. In September, more than 250 PLU students, facu l ty and staff [Oak part in the Pierce Cou n ty AIDS Walk .



"There was a lot of energy and a lot of PLU pride," said Erik H usa '07, who works in the development department of the Pierce Cou nty AIDS Foundation and was a walk coordina[Or. H usa and ASPLU president Willie Pai n ter '06, along with other student leaders on campus, recrui ted walkers. The PLU teams raised more than $3 ,000 [0 fund p rograms and services for those affected by H IV/AIDS.

The walk cOl!1cided with other AIDS awareness events on campus, including G lobal AIDS Week, with activities designed [0 encou rage action against th e AIDS epidemic.

Audiences treated to outstanding writers and artists cclaimed performers and speak足 ers visi ted PLU this fall, cover足 ing [Op ics ranging from gender eq u i ty [0 the arts. Among them were in rernationally known pian ist Andreas Klein, who was all artist in residence for a week. He rehearsed and performed the Ravel G Major concerto with the University Symphony Orchestra, offered a maste r class for studenrs and local

piano teachers and spoke about h is vocational path .


V i r i n i a Val ian , a nationally known expert i n ge nder e q u i ty, d iscussed the reasons behind wo me n's lack of p rogress in many profess ions at "Why So Slow? The Advancement o f Women in Math, Science, Business and Acad e m ia." Claudia Stevens, a lead ing perform­ ance artist, p laywright and composer, as well as a t h i n ker and s peaker about the Holocaust, presen ted "An Even i n g with Madame

F" d ep i cting

the p e r­

fo rmance of music in Nazi concen tra­ tion cam ps. Ch arles K i m ball, an expert in world re l i gio ns, lecrured about when religion becomes evil. Ande 50mb)" a

native Saami, and

Pia nist Andreas Klein rehe arses with the University Symphony Orchestra. Klein was artist in resi d e n c e for a week.


m u si cal trio Vajas shared their c u l r u re

now l iv i n g in the Arctic cli mate of

which S o m by i s a member, also per­

at two Scan d i navian even ts. Som by,

northern Sca ndi navia. He addressed

fo rmed.

p rofessor of law at the U n iversity of

cul tural rights, rights to land and

Tr0111s0, Norwa)', talked abo u t the c ur­

water, and new i nstitutions. The

several readings by acclaimed writers,

rent legal s i tuation fo r 50,000 Saa111i

Norwegian m usical trio Vaj as, of

incl u d i ng essayist Peter Bacho. [ill

The English d e partment also hosted

P R O FE S S O R S E. WAYN E CARP A N D E R I C N E L S O N a p p e a re d i n histori c a l television d o c u m e n taries e a r l i e r this semest e r. C a rp, the B e nson Family C h a i r in Histo ry, a p p e a re d in a s e g ­ m e nt of the P B S series " H i story D ete ctives." An expert in the h i story of a d o ption, he was p a rt of the s e g m ent " H o m e for U n wed Mothers. " The e p i s o d e d eta i l s t h e story of a wo m a n trying t o fi n d h e r b i rth p a rents a n d t h e h o m e w h e r e s h e w a s born. H o m e s for u nwed moth­ ers were a nati o n a l tre n d from the b e g i n n i n g o f the 20th c e ntury u ntil the 1 970s, w h e n they fell from use. Classics profe ssor Eric N e l s o n was fe a ­ t u r e d i n th e d o c u m e nt a ry " Ro m e : En g i n e e ri n g a n E m p i r e " o n the History C h a n n e l . " T h e p ro g ra m c h ro n i c l e d t h e h i story of the R o m a n E m p ire from the r e i g n of C a e s a r in 44 B . C . to its fall a r o u n d 537 A.D. a n d d eta i l s the rem a rka b l e works of a rc h ite c ­ t u r e a n d t e c h n o l o g y d u ring that time.



M o rke n C e nte r wil l p re p a re fo r c a re e rs c o m b i n i n g s c i e n c e a n d b u s i n ess

Jae-Jin L e e ' 0 7 i n wha t w i l l be the c o m p uter science a n d c o m p uter engi ne ering l a b o ra tory o n the second floor of t h e Morken Center. o l laboration between busi ness

"Work i ng toge t h e r in the M o rken

passion fo r working wi th people and

and computer science fac u l cy

Cenrer should e n a blc us co provide new

swi tched majors. H e graduated with a

and s tu de n cs in the Mo rken

o p po rtu n i t ies fo r studen ts," h e said.

b u s i ness degree and

.en ter has the potential to b roaden the

" B u s i ncss majors m ight take dectivcs


m i nor i n com p u t­

er scien ce. H i s experie nces as an u n der­

experi ences and e n hance the career

in i n formation technolog)' or database

prospects o f t h ose studying there. A n d

mai n te nance o r even a minor in

t h e s uccess of s o m e recent graduates

p u ter science that will e n ha nce their

School o f Law at Yesh iva Un iversity i n

and curre n t s t u d e n ts p o i n ts the way.

tech n i cal expertise.

New Yor k C i ty.

"Trade school grads might be h .i red for their ex pertise



e n gi n ee rs .


grad uare sparked an int e resr in law, and he is now in his fi rst year ar Cardozo

"When I'm practicing corpo rate law,

"Com p u te r science maj o rs m i g h t b roaden their und erst;l I 1 d i n g o f and

i t's i nevitable that I ' l l have cases that

I n five o r 10 years t h e y will still be n e t ­

com petence in managerial issues and

i nvolve borh busi ness methods and

w o r k engin eers," s a i d J i m Clapper, dean

expand thei r career options by studying

computer hardware and sofrware sys­

o f tbe School of B u s i n ess. "In 10 years

busi ness," Blaha said.

tems," he said.

the PLU grad uate wi th a major in com­

And s (Udcnts also will have gained a

p u te r science and a minor in busi ness

broader view and preparation by st udy­

wi ll be r u n n i ng the network engineering

i n g the lib eral arts.

gro u p and could we ll have moved i n co u p per management." Clapper says the M o rken Cenrer could faci I i tate the pre paration for a Ii feti me o f success. Ken Bl aha, chairman of com­

u nderstanding both in m anagement

The potential that Clapper and B laha describe is clearly evi dent in the work of some recene graduates and c u rrent dents. B radlcy Thon n ey

"My b u s i ness and co m p u ter science backgro u n d will give me a de prh of


and in how com p u ter systems wo rk, making me a better arrorney." Eri k Voss '05 also began as a co m p u t­ er science major and switched ro busi­

'04 began

h is und er­

n ess with a compu ter science m i nor. In

pute r science and com pu ter engi neer­

graduate career at PLU majoring in

Jan u ary he will begin wo r k i n g for a

Ing, agrees.

co m p u ter science but soon discovered a

medical eq u i p ment s u p ply com pany,



selling a compu cer-based onhopedic device and wo rking as a n operacing room cech nician, hel ping su rgeons run che e q u i p m em. '' I'm exciced [0 combine my business

educanon wich my k n owledge o f com­ p u cers. I 'l l have a career chac will allow ' me [0 prove my fu ll abili cies," Voss said.

RcligLon profe

Cu rrendy scudyi ng fo r a major In C0111 -


p mer science and a minor in b u si n ess, Jae-Jin Lec



named [he

Schick rellow i n

c lass

Religion and Public

j u s c fo r che experience and I really l i ked i c," Lee said. "Com pu cer science and

$ 1 0,000 fellowsh i ps awarded

COll1pmer science and mach are !efc


b rain, all verbal. Ic's cool how differem chey are . "

fa i eh


projects related

fa.wley work ing on

b ra i n, calcu lacing. B u s i n es s i s righc

and public life. To rvend wi l l

research and wrice a book




gi n s of Lu rheran re ponses [0 pover­

CTm learning that to be success­

fae uJry SlI PP()I"C some an'as f rhe Office

SlIpport services,

serv i es,

or the



ty a n d h u nger.

As chair of rhl: Norwegian Loren Anderson, alon g wi rh Kim

essdquisr '8 ,

fo rmer vire Srates

orwegian 311d

Norway's mor her, �I'

irs protes or


\X'a" h i n g e


D . C. , Sepe. J 8.

w i l l publish ..

uestiol1s or


D ecember iSSlie of the Scandinavian

for the 2 ls[

Jou rnal of L iterary Rese31'ch.

a guidc [

"The S i nger of

Wind and Rain : FIVe

Mosc peop le don'c u n d e rscand chac,"

Pal es t i n ian Lyrics"

b e said.

busi ness, p rovidi n g new appl icacions in Sched u led fo r occu pancy j n Janu ary, che Morken Cenrer will be che h o m e fo r che School of B u s i n ess, chc Deparmwm of Machemacics, and che DepartJllenr of

Kingdom premiere

at a


The concert

in London i ll November. wa" .

k i l led by an Is rae l i hul ldozer

better train


teX t is

de igned as a u pplementary text or graduate sl ud cJ1[s in ness


co n

mics, bu�i­

ndm i n i s u'ation and pu hl l

adm i n i so·a c io



s he

Assistam pi fessor of anrhn pology Jennifer Hasty pubhshl'd 'Thl' Pre'

and Poh ri al

u t cmc in G han,

Ju ly. The bllok looks at the




of jOUI'l1a.l i sl11 and new 'mAk ing at privacely owned and St01tc-OpCIIlll!d

daily newspapers in Ghana.

PalCSlJ mall h o u s e. The piec£' prc-

111Iercd I I I he

.s. last s pri ng.

Professor of geosriences Duncan Foley, assisrant professor or geo­

Chris Ferguson


was naIlled associate

A so locaced chere w i l l be chc l o c al

provost fo r

chaprer of a scace p rogram, M E SA,

which works CO s U p p O r t crad icionally u n der re presemed s w denrs in achievi ng and conrribu cing cheir fu l l p O lcnrial in

b u i ld i ng wi l l be held in M ay. []]


protested the demolirion o f a

COll1 p u n:r Science and Com p u rer

A fo rmal ded icacion ceremony for che

in meIllor), of

R,,'lc hel Corri c rhe 23-yea.r-old Americ311 peace ac rivi t wh o was

EI1"i ncning.

machemacics, engineering and science.



made its U n i red

Lee p l ans ro cominue co fo cus o n

wireless necwork cec hnologies.

of public u o h t irs.

Professor of

m l I s ic Greg Youtz's

wich i c che o p p o n u n icics are u n l i m i ced.

swd ies ac PLU and in g rad u a c e school.


marLagers in rhe area

jo b as a p rogrammer. I f ! p u c b u s i ness

Then h e hopes co escablish h is own


Wnltl' " P u b li c

Knsnll Lavran sda.ttcr" in rhe

co gec a

boch COll1pU ce r science and b u s i ness


B lLSi ncss

David E. McNabb

armrive Authority

''I'm leal'll i n g chac co be s u ccessful I s k i l ls

Prill -ess

orweg inn Em bas. y i n

and Amhentici t), i n Sigrid Un dseL's



Marthn, to cl1L' Ki n g and his si eers at

Claudia Berguson

me1r. �fI put business with it the


of the King of


skills to get a job

as a program­

president of the Unired

and member or N/\ f', pra '

a b ro n z e I

and exccuuw


di rcnoI' ofN '\\-, nJ Wal re r � londail'.

Scandi navian sLUd­

need more chan j usc che

nd general adminis­


AmcI; can Foundatilln, I'LU Presldl'I1 l

ful I need more than just the

opportunities are unlimited. JaeJin Lee

area- I n add i tion ,

LI1 r h at

he w il l provide l eadel hip i n academ­

Li fe by the Lu t h e r J nstitll(e in Washingron, D .C. The

busi ness are q u i ce d i ffe rem s u bj ecrs.

leadership IC'

Edgar an d 'Iargaret

expecrs similar success.

"I decided co cake a b u s i ness


Samu el Torvend

l'nvironmenta l srudlcs along wi t h s[Udenr Ben Kort l ever, prc'icnted on geologi­

scie nces and

Rose McKenney,

Academic and lOpics a t rhe ( ,cologiea l

In fOI1l1ation

of i\m�rica. ann ual meering in

Services in August.



Ferguson , who was

dean of I n formati 0 11 Services. wi l l

and Technology

CO I H Il1Ut' to


By Greg lJr<'ll,js






o M E




A LEX M O NTA N C E S '06 spen t h i s first t h ree years a t

the food b a n k and vol u n teers a t Salishan's co m m u n i ty gar­

PLU co m m u t i n g from h i s parents' h o m e in South Tacoma.

den, where res i d e n ts can grow crops.

Searc h i n g for somet h i ng different h i s s e n i o r year, he c hose to

"You don't JUSt come in and c h a n ge t h i ngs," h e sa id . " Yo u

live i n a nearby com m u n i ty he k n ew l i tde abo u t .

J us t assist where you can . "

Mon tances an d tWO other PLU studen ts, Ruth B e n n e t t '06

T h e program, which is i n i ts th i rd year, was s tarted b y profes­

and Whi ttaker H arpel '07, are li ving and volu n teering i n

sor of E nglish Barbara Temple-ThurstOn as an opport u n i ty

S;-d i s h :lll , a Tacoma H o u s i n g A u t h o ri ty c o m m u n i ty i n

for stude n ts com i n g back fro m Tri n idad and Tobago

Sou theas t Tacoma.



t i n u e living in a m u l tic ulrural s e t t i n g. This year, fo r the first

O ri g i n a l l y b u i l t i n 1 943 as h o usi ng fo r war workers, Sal i s h an

t i m e , a class is b e i n g o ffe red as parr of program: Com m u n i ty

tOday consists o f 900 u n i ts that ho use low- i ncome a n d i m m i ­

S t u dy of Sal i sh a n . W h i l e o n ly th ree of t h e s t u de n ts l ive i n

grant fam i l ies, many who have lived there 20 ro 25 years.

the h o use, t h e re are 1 2 s t u d e n ts taking the course, which is taug h t by professor of a n t h ro pology Elizabeth Brusco and

M o n tances, a n a n th ro p o logy m ajor and sociology m i n o r,

associate professo r of soc i a l work JoDee Keller.

l iv i n g in Salishan made him realize how m u c h service means ro h i m . H e vol u nt e e rs with a Cambod i a n dance group.

"It's a tre m e n dous o p portu n i ty fo r s t u d e n ts l iv i n g in the house ro serve as a l i n k be cwee n PLU a n d t h e co m m u n i ty,"

"The kids are l ike my l i trle b ro t h e rs and sis ters," he said.

B rusco said. "And it gets people

"That's what's really i m portan t aboLl C livi n g h e re. I t d e fi n i tely changes anyo ne who comes here."

additio n , s tu d e n ts p l a n fo u r d i n ne r talks t h roughou t t h e

fo ur h o u rs of co m m u n i ty sL:rvice per week, rangi ng fro m vol��

semester where com m u n i ty members, i n c l u d i n g c urrcnt or

u n tee r i n g at a So u rheast Asian food bank ro [U rori n g math at

fo rmer Salishan resi d e n ts , speak about r h e i r ex p eriences.

a local m i d d le schoo l . They agree the service does n't J U S t ben­

H os ted ac the stud e n ts' h o u se , the ralks are o pc n

efi t th e com m u n i ty, but t h e mselves as we l l.

N I S H A A ] M i\ N I W A D F.

' 0 2



co m m u n i ty.

Harpel tu rors math at McIlvaigh M i d d le School, h e l ps o u t at


un derstand t h at there is

The course also has a co m m u n i ty sCJ'Vice rcq u i re m e n t . I n

In exc h ange fo r t h e i r h o u s i ng, each studen t comple tes at least



al l this m u l ticul r u ralism i n the com m u n i ty. "






' 0 2










feel like doing more than just getting a job. I want to do something meaningful." -ALEX M ONTANCES '06

"The cou rse is really a mazi ng," said Ron Vignec, fo rmer PLU campus pas[O r and founder o f the Eastside/Salishan Lutheran Mission. " I t's i m porranr because i t ripples through the com m u n i ty." Vignec and his wife, Nancy, special projects officer fo r the Tacoma Housing Authority, have fostered many self-sufficien­ cy efforts fo r the residenrs of Salishan, i ncluding drug elimi­ nation programs, the communiC)l garden, English as a Second Language classes and mu lticu ltural gatherings. Vignec says he doesn't look at the s rudenrs living in the house as just s rudenrs - rhey are part of the com m u n i ry. Ben nett, H arpel and Mon rances say living in the neighborhood al lows them [0 ap p ly what they learn i n class [0 thei r experiences in S alishan. It is d i fferenr than living on campus, and they see firsthand issues such as poverty, racial divide and crime. "Ie's sort of like coming [0 the real world here," said Harpel, an anthropology and history major who also lived 1[1 the house last spring and throughout the sum mer. "Everyone h as [0 work [0 get through the day. I f they don't work, they don't live." Although there is evidence of d rugs and gangs, the studems said they don't see a lot of crime. " It's still p resen r: it's JUSt !l ot as big as people chink it is," Harp ' I sa i d . "Most residents en joy Living in the Salishan area and think that what other people think about it is a linle inaccu rate." The s ru denrs believe that eno rts such as the Cambodian dance group that Montances volu mcers for are helping make improvemen rs by p rovid .i ng after-school acrivities fl)r kids. And while they said they see a lot of racial tension among the adults, it's not p revalent among the children. Montances said the dance group combines many ethnicities including Cambodians, Caucasians and Vietnamese. He enjoys learning abou t Cambodian c u l r u re - and com par­ ing it to his own Filipino background. "The music is so d iffer­ ent fro m the Fili p i no fol k danci ng I used [ 0 do," he said. " I app reciate it a lot more now that I've been helping the kids dance [0 it." Monrances and Bennett both volunreer at adult Engl ish as a Second Language classes in the co m m u n i C)l, where they see d i fferenr cultures working together to learn English. Bennett, 12


a biology and h is[Ory major, said the classes provide Immi­ grants with an opporrunity [0 connect with the cou n try. " I m m igrants feel displaced," she said, noting that nor all residents o f Salishan are i m m igrants. "They a re stri p ped from everything co m fortable." She can see how those in the ESL clas�cs feel being around a language and culture di fferent from their own. " I t's sort of displac i ng fo r us too," she said. "Service is a good opportuni­ ty [0 con nect wi th people you wou ldn't normally know." Changes are in store for the cOllllll u n i ty. The Tacom a Housing Authority, with help frolll a grant from the U.S. Departllle nt of HOllsing and Urban Development and other sources, is building new homes fo r Salishan residents. That Illeans people have to move out while the houses are f1al t.ened and new o nes go up in their place. The resu lt will be m ore than 1 ,200 new homes, o ffering affordable rental and home owne.rship, and new com m u n i ty facilities. The students arc watching the p rocess begin aro u nd them, wi th people moving out of the houses on their street. Their own house is likely [0 be demolished after the spnng semester. As fo r the fu ture of the program, Brusco and Keller hope to turn it into something simi lar [0 a semester-long in terna­ tional p rogram - giving students a cross-cu l tu ral experience com plemented by courses at PLU. Keller said everyone involved in wi th program has learned a lot - i ncluding herself. "I t's been reward ing to see the trans­ formation with the students," she said. "You can't live here and not change i n some way." Some of the students say their time at Salishan has changed their p lans after graduation. H arpel either wants [0 join AmeriCorps or work in the educa­ tion field - and learn how it relates to multicu l tu ralism and d i fferen t ethnicities. Montances, who was planning to do contract a rchaeology in p reparation for graduate school, is now chin king about put­ ting i t off and con tinuing to do volu nteer wo rk, perhaps with Peace Corps or AmeriCorps. "I feel l i ke doing more than j ust getting a job," he said. "I wan t [0 do something meani ngful." �




dut PLU has been i nextri c a b ly l i n ked

B u i l d i n g, across the street, i s t h e

PLU rro m 1 9 73 to 1 985, Ill' made a

swanky w h i te-tab lecloth Pacific (� rill



and the Cou rtyard M arriott, t h e first

\\Io rth loo k i n g at Taco ma's recem


h i s w i fe: If he ever l e ft h i s

job a s deaJl o f S t u d e l l t L i fe , h e'd


IIlork in down town Taco ma.


IV;1S ;1


;1 l

p l e d ge that many p e o p l e

t h at t i m e, when t h e s t retch o f

Tacoma b e t we e n Taco m a Ave n u e S o u t h

and the T h e a Foss Wat e rway was r i d d le d with h o m e l ess n e s s and c ri me , b u i l d i n g s were vacant a n d i n d i s repair and the

n e a rb y

waterfro n t was an

e n vi ro n men ta .l d isaster. I t was a place

few peo p l e were wi l l i n g to touch. Some 20 years l a te r, as p resi d e n t of U n i te d Way o f Pierce C o u n ty. A l l e n tells the story fro m h i s offi ce o n the fou rth noor o f t h c Spraguc B u i l d i ng, a splendidly renovated 1 8 90s-cra landmark. The UWPC o rfi ces sit ri g h t at the j u n ct i o n

of 1 5 th Street a n d

Pacific Ave n ue - i n t h e h e a r t o f the

hotel b u i l t i n the dOlvll tOwn Tacoma s i nce the S h eratOn barely s u rvived the

s u c cesses, par t i c u la rl y t hrough the eyes

of a few PLU graduates t h at h ave been a

m id-'80s.

p a rt of i t .

Taco ma C o nvent i o n and. Tradl' Center

Tacoma spans abo u t 15 ye a rs ,

The gleam i ng gl as s - a nd - s t e e l (:;1"(.'ater

loo m s n earby, co n s u m i n g an e m i l'(.' c i ty

b l o c k . S o u n d Tran s i t ' s s u ccessful

Tac o ma L i n k l i g h t-rail z i �)s th ro u g h

The rece n t h istory o f down town begi n n i ng aro u n d 1990. It is t h e story

o f a wel l - t i med connucncc of

investillent fro m t he �) u b l i c , private and

t h l' area toward t h e Theater D i s trict co

n o n p ro fit sectors.

of Was h i ng ro n - Tacoma cam p us to the

parents," s a i d Lyle Quas i m ' 7 3 , c h i e f o f

small b u n c hes, not

south, w h e n : s t u de n ts congregate i n e xac tl y bl e n d i ng i n

W . Lad e n b u rg. "Tf t h i s p r oj e c t fai l e d ,

w i t h t h e s u i ts a n d muscu lll-gocrs who

y o u wou l d n ' t have b e e n able c o fi n d

the north, com i n g from the Un iver s i ty

roam abo u t Pacific l\venue c h oosing between the many p laces to

g ra b a

" Every success story h as a h u n d re d staff fo r Piece C o u n ty b:ecutive J o h n

a n yo n e who even l ived i n the ZIP code . "

b i te.

And n i g h ttim e shows wh at is p e r h ap s

t h e Ill O S t s u r p rising t h i n g of all: On


any g ive n eve n i ng, people are Ollt o n

s a m e down town Tacoma i l l w h i c h h e

t h e s t reets, d o i n g the t h i n gs t h a t

promised his wife h e ' d n e v e r work.

peo p l e do i n a t h rivin g

u ll dersratement. From Allen's wi ndow, sportS


wa l k i n g trai l , a m u s e u m a n d

The hislOric

The history For those who gra d u ated fro m PLU a

descri ption of downtown Tacoma



along Pacific Avenue have been


Cllll d o m i l l i u lll s

with 1110re on the way.

b u i l d ing s

renovated to house new reta Il sho resta u r a t s .

even j u s t


professionals the bve and work downtown.

of severell new condominium developments ill recent years.

urban area.

s p a rk l i ng new restaurants and

On t h e other side of t h e S p ragu e

The Blue Olive resta u ran t ( 1 7 1 5 Dod:. SL) caters to urban The long-neglected Thea Foss Waterv-Jay has been the site

That the area has c h anged i s a n a c l e a ne d- u p Thea ross Waterway

the c i ty fo r 1110re than 1 1 5 years, it is

few years ago, s u c h a

wou l d be a l m OS t u n l l1uginable. G iven


p s, businesses and

Since 1 997, the artful span 0 1 the State Route 509 Bridge has become a Tacoma icon. Sound

Tra n si t's Tacoma

link m ove s passengers across

downtown, from the Tacoma Dome to the Theater District. An nbstract trnin

e n gine called

"Locomotive Mon\.Jment�

i s l o c a t e d <.it the corner of South 14th and A streets

I ndeed, there is no sho rtage of peo ple

that h ave had a valuable i m pact on the rebi rth of Tacoma. A n d one needs to look no fanher than the swanky new con d o m i n iu m s and remodeled lofts with i n a stone's throw of Paci fic Ave n u e to se ďż˝ that p eo p l e are defini tely livi ng i n the ZfP code.

S i m i larly, there is n o one s i ngle m o m e n t when Tacoma's resu rgence o fficially tOok root. M o re l i k el y, it was a perfect storm of feder.1l, local and p r iv a te dol lars - and forward-th i n k i n g c itizens

to enable the revitalization of


a neglected and b e re ft regio n o f Taco ma. " People i n Tacoma started to shift from a s i e ge menta Ii ty to see t h i ngs i n a total l y d i fferen t way," said Quasi m . "And when the)1 did that, they were a bl e

to b u ild off even very small successes." tvla n y believe one of the first small su ccesses was when t h e cit)' pu rc ha s e d

U n ion Station and re novated i t i n to the l obby of a new federal co u rthouse. The s tati o n , o n ce a th rivi ng term i n us to the

Northern Pacific Railroad, had fallen i nto such a state of disrepair, the ci ty paid o n ly $ 1 fo r i t. A bou t t h e same time, the state was

see k i n g a new place to h ouse the Was h i ngron State H istory M u se u m .

Pierce Coun ty's legislators convinced the s t a te


m ove i t from Tacoma's

Stad i u m d is t ri c t


The present Fast-forward 15 years. The fru its of this effo rt are evident everyw h e re. Early 1 900-era land marks l i ke the Harmon B u i ld i ng and the A l bers M i l l have been

re fu rbished and are sma rc-Ioo k i ng lofes, apartmen ts, s h o p s and restau rants. The Tacoma Al-t M u s e u m and the Museum

of Glass have recently opened in beautiful new exh i b i tion spaces. H l n just 1 5 years, the m iddle of

downtown shifted sou th," said Marc Crisson '8 1 , director of Tacoma Ut i l i t ie s . And given that, the next question is, as

Crisson put i t: " How do you work around some of the co m m u n ity issues as you move fo rward )) Those c o m m u n i t)1 issues fo cus largely o n housing - namely, mak i ng space available for those who now want to li ve there (and su bsequently mak i ng the downtown core a m o re dell,¡c, t h us safer, area) and en s u ri ng those people have access to goods and services i n

t h e i r i m mediate area. "I've had ftve d i ffe rent d eve l o per s asking abo u t o u r park ing lot," said

A l l en , ges tu r i ng outside h is wind ow.

"Twenty-fo u r to 36 months ago,

T h i s is c e rt ai nly true along the Thea Foss Waterway, i n c l u d i n g along the east side. This is land that remai ns zoned fo r i n du strial use, but many see it as the n e x t best place to bu ild in the downtown area. All this speaks p recisely to what people see in the area - if people rea l ly want to bu ild even b er e , there must be some real

poten tial. These are issues the Tacoma City Council is wei g h i n g, namely how to balance the needs o f residC'nts (and those b u ilding homes fo r them) and those who h ave longti me i n d ustrial use in the corridor. AftC'r all) said

Crisson, "you can 't move the Port o f Taco III a. " S i m ilarly, j u st as the needs of those who have util i zed the port ol'er the years, the needs o f tbose l ower- i ncome residents who live in dOll'llWWn must also b e considered. A co mmon fa iling o f u rban a reas tbat redevelop tOO q u i ckly is that such growth can push aside the lower-wage i n d ivi d u a ls [ h at nude the area home. Tacoma has come toO far, too su ccessfully, to al low t h i s crack in the armor. H\'Vhen you d o n 't have growth, you

no body was ask i n g abo u t i t. That tel ls

have a p roblem. B u t when yo u do have

you that

growth, you have a whole d i fferent set


l o t of people are d reaming

abo u t what [downtown Ta coma] can

of problems," said Crisson . "A l l in all,

look l ike."

this is a b ette r problem to h:1ve."


dOlVllCown, adj acent

to U n ion Station - ;}lld to secure state d o l lars to refu rbish the b u i l d i ng. Tacoma's most prominent ci tizens, tOO, were getting i n to the act. A gro u p o f farsi g h ted Tacoma b u s iness leaders, i n c l u d i n g Ceorge Russell of Russell I nves tment Gro u p and Bill P h i li p o f Columbia Bank, started t o eye undel'Llsed pro perties on the other side o f Paci fic Ave n ue w i t h the hopes mak i n g the property available fo r the poss i b l e expansion o f the U niversi ty of Was h i ngtOn. At the same ti me, Tacoma had leaders with b i g ideas and the gumption to try and i m plement them. Eventually, they b:1cked the downtown location of the U\:V-Taco ma and a convention c e n ter. The c i ty bought con taminated property along the Thea foss Wate rway on the cheap, know i n g that the c i ty could c lean i t u p

long before the federal

gove rn me n t or p rivate business wo uld.

T h e businC'ss co m m u n i ty bought i n to the plans.


2005 1 7

Part of a circle To solve this p roblem, Allen says cities h:1Ve [0 look [0 the nonprofit sec[Ors for help. Wi tho ut it, an effective revit::dization campaign will show its cracks, maybe even fail. "You need [0 look at econo mic development and h u man services as pa rts of a circle," said Allen. "One begins where the other ends. \Vhe rever there is the weakest link, that is where cracks will fo rm." To i l lustrate bis point, he speaks of the Rescue Mission and Nativity House, two essen tial service providers for the area's most desti tute. The two nonprofits were once located just across the street from Allen's b uilding, where the Cou rtyard Marriott and the conven tion cen ter are today. It became c lear, Allen said, that if these new developments were going to displace the facilities that care fo r those in greatest need, then their replacements must not only be improved, but they need to be located nearby. The logic is simple: if the Nativity House and Rescue Mission were moved, for example, [0 south Tacoma, then the population they served would never be able to use those services, and they wou ld be back on the streets. And that wou ld make places like the Cou rtyard Marrioer and the conven tion cen ter - not to men tion simply living downtown - less attractive. So there had to be a balance. The Nativity H o use, now located on South Jefferson Avenue a few blocks from i ts previous space, has a new state-of-the-art facility, serving abo ut three times the people it had once served. "It did exacdy what i t was supposed to do," said Allen. "It helped the people that it was supposed to, and I t helped clean up downtown." Simi larly, [he need to address affordable housing issues i n down town wi l l b e something that Alien, through U n i ted Way Pierce County, will continue to focus on. 1 8 PLU SCENE WINTER 2005 > FEATU RES

"The more you do this, the greater the source of community strength," Allen said. PLU President Loren J . Anderson said having a vibrant downtown core strengthens PLU as we ll. "With Tacoma's renewal, the city offers studen ts, staff and facu l ty a range of cultural, b usiness and social

opportuni ties," he said. "At the same time, PLU p rovides the cicy and i ts residents with a place [0 get a great ed ucation, enjoy scholarly and arts events on campus - and most impo rtan tly - the u niversity sends well­ trai ned leaders i n to the co mmunity to continue the social and economic p rogress." [§J

The Washington State History Museum


ari on


Opened at i rs cu rre n t

i n 1 996, th

m us urn

celeb rared a milestone

chis past

Apri l by WI'Jc m i n g irs m i l l ionth vi itor. Tbe m us u rn , previoll Iy

I cated near rad i u m H i gh Sc h Ill i m i c riP gracefu l curv s nea.rby



nion Station and featu res

n umerous i n terpretive exh i bi t .

M SEU M D ISTRI CT Just north of South 21 st Street on

Pacific Avenue is what many who recall Tacoma's less glamorous days would be surprised to find there: a tourist attraction. And not one, but three. The so-called Museum District consists of the Washington State History Museum and the Tacoma Art

trave l i n g exh i b i r i ns a n d the Great: I iall

(/I'UI II'.

f \'\Ia h i ngt n H i c;ro r y .

Tacoma Art Museum been



TAM has

renee Stnct? rhe mid 1 930s, and h<l!; m oved all over the c ity sin -c tht'n . The sleek new s p ace was !ohorr Ii tt'd for several arch i tectural h n o rs \ hen i t 01 cned i n 2003. Locar�d ju r north in

of rhe other


m LC cwns on

Pacific Aven ue. ir fearml's American , Emopcan and Asian an, including works by nota.bles sucl, <l!; Edward Hopper and Jacob Lawrence.'. II'W IiI. tacomdartmuscum. org

Museum, both on Pacific Avenue, and

The Museum of Glass

the Museum of Glass. The Chihuly

2002, 1111> M useum of Glass fi atures

Bridge of Gl ass spans Interstate 705,

an a.ngled 90-foor su1.i n less-sree.l

connecting the history and glass museums.

The duee m llse u m ho -r tens of thou 'ands of visitor each year. H 're's a look at the th ree m lL�eum thac are an e sennaJ componc.m of the chang i n g face fTac 111 3..


O pened i n

one [ha.t has redefined rhe Tc coma

skyltnc. Inside, there is l J .OOO­ square- feer or ga l l ery pace rhal

displays the work of some o f rhe wo r ld ' s besr glass a n i t5, i nc l ud i ng

a "hor shop" where visiro rs can

warch glass blow rs ply Chell' trade. l/'UJ1/J.

I1IltSCI.f,tl/ojglass. org

project and t h e

of Easrvold

revi talization


"Garfield S n'cer will be a gatewa)'

ro rhc Easrvold projecr wi l l l iven r h is place even morc," she said . She ho pes to see t h e u n ivc rs i ry' s fiscal strengrhcll l n g continue as it wo rks toward the goal of bei n g less depcndcnt on ruition for operating cosrs. And while th e fu ture will inevi tably bri ng more chan ges at PLU, Edwards said core values wi l l preserve a n d shape rhose changes, "The one rh i ng thar will not change is our mission ro educate fo r lives of service." lm

universi ty, and


BOARD OF REG ENTS Cynth i a Edwards '76, chair of the Board of Regents, is p l e a sed with the progress s h e h a s seen at PLU d u ring her te n u re and pred i c ts a bright future for the university.

Board chair impressed

with PLU's commitment hen D r. C yn t hia Edwards was first asked ro j o i n


Board of Regen cs, she d i d n ' t

rhe board's

fu ncrion.

" B m I fe lt rea l ly c l ose to the u n iversi­ ty beca u s e of the personal mentoring I received here," said Ed wards

'76, w h o

i n b i o l o gy a n d met her h u sband, TelT)! ' 77 , ar PLU. "I k n ew the u n iv e r s i ty and fel t good

earned h e r d egree

about r h i s place. I t's been an honor to be i nvolved i n

a more i n ri mate way." Edwards, a fam i ly pr;]cririoner with MultiCare, beca m e a regent i n 1 9 8 7 and h a s seen the u n ive rs i ry make grear s t r i d e s since t h e m . Now in her fi nal year of service, she is servi ng her second year as c h a i r o f the board. " I t 's wo nde rfu l to be in volved in a p l ace thar is an i nves tment i n fu t u re and is

i m p re.ssed

wi r h President Lo ren Anderson's leader­ s h i p and vision. "He carries o u t the mi ssion in his per­

to mission

know m u c h abo u t

She has been c o n s is t en t l y

commi tted


our sreward s h i p

fo r o u r w h o l e wo rld," s h e sai d . Her fe llow board mem bers a re highly com m i tted and talented, s h �

sa id. " T h ey give their time, thei r ta l e nt s and rheir energy and they're always asking what els(' rhey can do," Edward s said.

is m o re wirh each passing year r h an r h e p rev iou s o ne, wh i c h is i n fectious." During her te n u re o n the board, Edwards has seen PLU rake grear strides

Dr. William

glo bal educarion. She has watc hed as

M ary Baker

Belluvue, Wash


C e n te r fo r Learning and Tec h n o logy grew fro m total c o m m i r m e n t and for­ ward

Knut Ol son.

Robort Gomulkiewic�,

LakeWood, Wash

Redmond, Wash chair

, vice

Roberta Goodnow,

Med ina, Wash . M onte S ere no .


Roe Hatlen,

Bisllop Richard Dmland. Great Falls,


Usa D" 050n, Spa n away, Wash. Karen Phillips,

Mercer Island, Was h . Martin Pihl,

Apple Valley, Minn.


Richard Hildahl,

Carol Quigg,




Vashon Island, Wash

David G reenwood,

Rus s e l l M u si c B u i l d i n g and the Mo rken

Nee b, Mo K im Nesselquisl Kenmore, Wash Rev, Dr. larry

OJ. Cynthia Edwards. Tacoma. chair

i n capi tal projects, deve l o p m e n t and

D ona l d Morken,

Seattle, Wash

sonal l i fe," s he said. "I t h i n k he

rhinking. PLU completed a

R ev.

Dale B enson, Ponland. Ore Bruce Bjerke,


Rieke Science Center,

Kathleen McCallum Sachse, Coeur d'Alelle, Idaho

Lureo AndeJson.

Tac oma , Wash.


Bishop Robert Holstad,



Was h.

JeHrey Rippey,

fu n d - rai s i ng cam paign l as t year that

Tacoma, Wash.

Portland, Ore.

s i g n i ficantly lIlcreased its end owment

James Hushagen,

Jim StauHer,

and paid fo r several capital projecrs. Edwards, who earned her med ical d egree from Washington St. Lou is, i s pleased with

U nivers i ty PLU's


i ncreased focus o n acade m i c d istinc­ tio n , s tu d e n t-faculty research and i n ter­ national programs. The seen

the creation

u n ivers i ty


o f rhe Wang Center,

and has reached o u t


i ts comm itmenc

to d iversi ty. She loo ks fo rward to the u n iversity's expan d i n g ro le i n the co m m u n i ty w i r h the Garfield S t reet redeve l o p m e n t

Tacoma, secretary

Missoula, Mont.

Kathleen Jacobson,

Susan Stringer,

Bend, Ore.

Bellevue, Was h .

Darcy Johnson,

Eileen Tellefson,

H a rbo r, Wash.

Mercer Island, Wash.


Katherine Johnson,

Andrew Turner,

Seattle, Was h .

Seattle, Wash.

Estel l e Kelley,

Peler Wang,

Port l a n d , O r e

Pebble B e a c h, Calif.

Rev. Michael Keys,

Bishop Martin Wells,

Anchorage, Alaska

S po k a n e . , Wash.

Anne Long,

Rev. Andrew Yee,

Bel levue, Wash.

B e l l i ng h am, Wash.

Michelle Long, Caslro Valley, Calif.



attaway lutes

Starters fo r the 1 955 b a s k e tb a l l team rec reated the p h oto 50 ye a rs l a te r. From leh, N i c k K e l d e r m a n '57, P h i l N ordquist '56, J a c k Hoover '56, AI G u brud '56, J a c k

S i n d e rson ' 5 8 a n d c o a c h M a rv H a rs h m a n ' 4 2 g athe red on c a m p u s .

)50s basketball stars relive the heyday with a reunion irh only one retu rni ng starter, Pacific Lu theran College'S 1 954-55 basketball team wasn't predicted to have a good year. But, against all odds, the team ended up playing [he second most successful season in PLC h istory up to thar time - and became known as a "Cinderella team." Celebrating the team's 50th anniversary, the five stancrs - Al Gubrud '56, Jack Hoover '56, Nick Kelderman '57, Phil Nordquist '56 and Jack Si nderson '58 and their coach, M arv Harshman '42, reu nited in Olson Auditori u m in Augusr to reminisce aboU[ rhe old basketball days .. "They were whar you wou[d call a 'we' lea m," <;aid Harshman, who coached ar PLU lor 13 years, including foorball, bas20 PLU SCENE WINTER 2005 > ATIAWAY LUTES

kcrbaJl and basebalL "Everybody was very much a part of i t. No one tried to do rheir own rh ing; ir was a ream effort." "We j usr ran togerher and made rhe play," added Kelderman. 'There were no real srars. Marv gave us grear direcrion and we followed it." That arrirude is whar ried rhe team for rhe championship riele thar year and even rhough rhey lost rhe final game to ger to nariona[s - it served as rhe launch­ ll1g pad for rhe besc series of baskerball teams 111 PLU h istory from 1955-1 964. The players remember rhe exci rement of rhe crowds filling rhe srands i n Memoria[ Gym and band playing "When rhe Saints Go Marching [ n" as rhey enrered the C O U rt. "[r gOt us fired up," Hoover said. The rcam won another championshi p i n 1 95 6 at�d rhen went three srraighr

years, 1 957, 1 958 and 1 959, wirhour [os­ ing a game in league play an d took four rrips to narionals. "The success was much grearer than anyone anticipared," said Nordquisr, who recired from teaching h istory ar PLU i n May. " [ rhink we played exceedi ngly well as a ream and rhar's why we won." B ur, for Nordquisr, ir isn'r rhe ream's wins rhar i mpress him mosr, bur rarher how rhe players' success cominued in life - a resrament to rhe ideals of PLU. The ream includes four Ph. D.s, five college professors, twO Lurheran pastors, one universicy ad minisrraror, rhree h igh school reachers and one of rhe rhree first Americans [0 climb Me. Everest. "Whar srrikes me now is how well everyone turned out academically and professionally," Nordquisr said. I3)J Nisha Ajllldlli Wade '02

Hacker's coaching success lands her in

NAIA Hall of Fame he most successfu l women's socce r coach in the history of the N a t i o nal Association of

I mercnl l egiatc A t h l e t i c s was inducted

i mo rhe NAtA Ha ll of Fam e in November. Col leen H acker was i n ducted d u ri n g

rhe o p e n i n g b a n q u c r o f rhe NAJA

Wo men's Soccer Na r i o na l

C h a m p i o n s h i p s i n Olar he, Kan . Hacker had coached fi e l d h o c k e y

S l ll ce arr ivi n g ar PLU in 1 9 79 b u r became rhe head soccer coach rwo years l a ll: r when PLU d ro p p e d rhar s po r r and

made socc e r a va rs i r y s p orr. S h e had

never p l ayed or c o a ch ed s occer She s t aye d wirh rhe ream fo r

be fo re , 15 years,

d u r i n g wh ich rhe Lu res com p i l e d a 2335 9- 1 8 w i n -loss-ri

reco rd , won


Nor chwesr Confere n ce ti tle 10 ti mes, cla i m ed five s r ra i g h r

f\JA D i s tr ic r 1

a n d NAIA We s t Region crowns, and

p l ayed fo r rhe NAIf\ n a r i o n al c hamp i ­

C o l l e n H a c k er

won rhe n ;] rio l1<11 title i n 1 988, 1 989

Year five ri mes, rhe NAJA D i s tr i c r 1

o n s h i p five consecu tive yea rs . T h e Lures a n d 199 1 , a n d fi n i s h ed as the r u n n er­ u p i n 1 9 90 and 1 9 92.

H e r wi ll


remains to r h is day r h e

NAtA record, and her .78 1 w i n n i n g per­

cem;lge i s c u rrc n t ly sixth all-rime. She

was named the conference C o ach of r h e

C o ach of rhe Year seven r i m es, i s

r i me


Hacker j oi n e d rhe co ac h i ng s ta ff of r h e U , S .

fo u r­

Women's National SOCCl'l'

Te a m i n 1 9 9 6 a n d con tinues

NAJA/NSCAA Region Co ac h



as rh e ream's sport psyc h ologi s t, She

of the Year a n d fo u r ri mes was named rhe NAJA/NSCAA N a r io n al Coach of

is also an ass i s t a n t dean in the Sc hool

the Year. She was i n d u cred i n ro rhe

of Ph)/sical Educa r i o n . [ill

PLU A rh l e ri c Hall o f Fame this year.

Cl u b Lute C l u b co ntri butions assist the At h l etics De p a rtment i n p rov i d i n g a n a d d iti o n a l sou rce of funds for tea m travel, rec r u it i n g , e q u i p m e nt a n d ot h e r t o o l s necessary to e n sure teams susta i n a com petitive advantage ove r t h e i r r i va l s . Moreover, your i n vestm ent provides for the deve l o p m e nt of tomorrow's l e a d e rs ath l etical ly, academ ica l l y and social ly. We not o n l y ask you to co nsider renewi ng a n d i n creas i n g your a n n u a l cont r i bution t o P L U ath letic s but a l so cha l l en g e you to b r i n g oth e rs i nto t h e Lute fa m i ly.

plu. edul-athletic 2 53-535-7350


·t ' ,",ff


Ufll' I E R;\ N



/(nSI8 '" "'c -· e rr·

Slep/l a me

Bu�l, 95 '9 H Sn rmon Paga ·L y Have eMer ma" g

OS EmIly alher to InkPIIn 95, Sharu m • em o nes

"residant LOIe<1 Anderson enjoy


ed Ilm� al tho Alumni 80ard Presldenl USa Ollosun

MUSlim of Glass Wllh 'If] and Alumni Board

VIce PreSident Dave Johnson 74

OutstandIng AlumnuS Award recIpient Dave

Kanson '69 shares Ilugll with professor â&#x20AC;˘

OaVld Seal at the Home coming Gala,

Current I1uIfIflll. !rum Thomas Purbaugh d,sh up bral

Wursts at lire Fnda V !Ugh! BBO

UnlVershy paSTOrs shared memoroes 81 1h& UniverSity Cong regallOn Reunion Lunch From left Nancy Conn or 1199�

ptesent), John Larsgaard '44 1 1 958,69), DenniS Sepper 1 1995-p'�sonI1. Ron Tellefson 11977-88). Ron V'gnec 11980 85), Marlin Wells 1 1 986-93), Susal1 allehl 1 1986 93), Dun Ellen der '62 1 1 988-94). Joanna Robinson ( 1 994-951. Don CHnlon 1 1 994-95 1

nl 01 \'101 es 11\ I,o m 8n n os \'I LB Olw edl M lma e 'T\le h P on 10 \" nt dona\l ction mosl lece e oll C rt AlI 1C an A ubralV'S

The 2005 Alhle!Jc Hell 0' Kummerle 89, AIle Palm '12. Pauletts Peterson '94 and Colleen tlecker.


Join the

A l u m n i Recogn iti on Award Nomi nations Awards a re given each year c o a l U I11 n i ,


J nd

stud ems fo r outsta n d i n g

a c h i l'vCl11 Cl1CS and years o f service.

Nominations must include supporting letters and be returned to the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations by Feb. 1 , 2006. Here a re rhe categories: Distinguished Alumnus Award

Through years of dedicarion and service, this a l u m n u s has a c h i eved professional or v()GHi()n�1 d isci nctioTl.

Outstanding Alumnus Award

Awarded fl) a n a l u m n us, beyond

years of graduation. w h o


has excelled i n a

special area of l i fe.

)'ntiR ;--': ( ) J\ I'�I:L

Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award

Awar'ded to an al u ill n u s , w i t h i n 15 )'cars of gradua t i o n , who has ex c d l ed in a spe­ cial area o f l i f'e.

Heritage Award

A wa rde d

ro an

a l u m n us for years of

d is t i n g u i sh e d service to t h e u n iversity. nH:]{ NO,\ j [ N LI.

found old friends through the online community. Users are able co c h a n ge con tact i n form ation and mal' choose whether co make it pub lic. Users also can choose a u n iq ue per­ manenr e-mail address ending i n When a n alum uses h is or her new permanenr e-mail address, PLU's communitl' fo rwards all mail di recdl' co their regular accounr. It's a convenient way for alumni co show thei l' Lute Pride and has even been used on business cards. Other features in cl ude a career-men­ toring cen re r that allows al u m n i to make themselves available as experts in a chosen field. I t is an online version of LuteLin k , which tries co connect alulll­ ni to s tudems looking for career advice or information. A ye llow pages section is also avail­ able, allowi ng Lutes to find alumni­ owned busi nesses and services. You can join the growing number of registered al umni today by going co www. plttdumniorg and clicking on the "New User" b utcon u nder Join the Click.

Cl ick �

More people than ever using alumni online community ince its debut i n J ull' 2003, the online com m u n i cy has grown steadill', and now registe rs abo u t 50 new members every monrh. There are more than 3,500 alumni regisrered and using rhe services. The Office of Alumni and Parenr Relations hopes co register 1 00 users per monrh by May. Access co the com m u n i cy requi res a vali dation n u m ber, which can be found above your name on the label of this Scene. It is also avai lable by conracting the al umni office via email at alumni­ community (dlplu. edu.

The online commun ity has many free featu res, including a database with 33,000 al u m n i n a mes. M �my users have


Special Recognition Award


[() an a l u lllnus or fr i en d of


January 24-31

. . . . , . . , .University Symphony Orchestra Tour. receptions in


Eastern Washington and Montana

univerSIty who has uniquely served rhe

UTl Ivt' rSI f)'.


February 5

Alumni Service Award

February 26 .

February 25 . AWJrd('d

[() an a l u m nus who has d e m o n ­


srrared o ur.s t a n d i n g volumeer lead e rs h i p


YI)I:!./: �()\I1'\iU-

February 28

and/or service

ro t h e i r co m m u n i ty,

M a rch 26 Brian C.

Olson Student Leadership Award

AII'Jrdcd to a s t u d e n t who has

en r


. .



. .

. _

. . . • .










. .

' . . . . . ' , , . . Alaska Connections Event - Anchorage



. . .

. .

. . . . . . PLU GOLD volu nteer event - Seattle

. . , . . . . . Monta na Connections Eve nt - Big Fork

. . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Montana Connections Event - Missoula

, . . . . " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . M o ntana Connections Event - Billings

' . . . ' . . , . , . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H awaii Connections Event - Honolul u

M a rch 31 - April 3 . . . . . . Instrumental and Voc a l J azz Tou r with rece.ptions in .

de m o n ­

strated p o tc n r i a l for a l i fe l on g commit, lll



. , , . . . . . _ . . .

[() [he u n iver'sit), and the aIul11 n i

asson ;} [ l O Il .

Western Washi ngton and C a n a d a April 22-23 . . . . . Apri l

---- -.--- ----






. . . . .



Spri ng Al umni Board M e etings












. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


. . . . . . . . . . . .



. .



. Spring P a rents Coun cil Meeting

Fo r more information: www.plua/umni. org or call 800-ALU M - P LU.

Denver alumni spend

and rhe Lurecasr rca m , rhose garhered

Homecoming together


bal l game being played hal fway across

Boise, I d a h o

rhe cou mry.

l u m ni from r h e Denver ;uea c e l e b rared h o m e co m i ng [Oge ther and even ane n d ed rhe ga me, virtually - ar a Connecrion COt lncil evem. A l l De nver-area Lu res wirh an e­ mai l a d d ress o n file received an invi ra­ rion [0 arrend a "Homesray i n g " parry and barbecue ar r h e home of Jessica


Easr Coasr

were able [0 l i s ren [0 rhe PL U - U PS foor­

by 'Homestaying'

and G re g


wonders of modern Web rech no logy

Picken. Thanks ro r h e

'0 I

Twi n C i r ies, M i n n .

Con necrion Cou ncils are b e i n g fo rmed across rhe cou mry. lfyou are

B i l l i ngs, Kal i s p e l l o r Missou la,

imeresred i n beco m i n g a

Bend, Euge n e, Salem o r

member of a

Ponland, O re .

ream in o ne o f r h e areas l i sred b e l ow, pl ease comacr rhe O ffice of Alumni and

Searrie o r Tacoma

Parenr Relarions:

Evererr or Me. Vernon, \Vas h .

A ncho rage


Los Angeles or San Francisco

Members 01 the class 01 1957, Irom left, Donna (Miller) Lewis, Marilyn (Hefty) Kall, Carolyn (Hoogner) Hillis, Lorraine (Schmick) Beard.mphl, Jan Wigen, and Helen fJordanger) Nordquist, rece ntly gathered in Seanls 10 celebrate their 70th birthdays. Friends since their fresh­

Yak ima, Wenarchee o r

Tri-C i ries,

Wash. �

While driving through the Setesdal Valley in southern Norway Sandra fKjerslad '67) Bauer and a friend

man year at PLU, they have made a tradition of celebrat­

stopped at a linle white churCh in the town o f Valle. To

ing birthdays every

their amazement, they found a large stone monument

10 years with

trips to the Oregon

Coast. Hawaii and Whibey Island.


dedicated to PLU founder Bjug Harstad. His epitaph read, "The word alone, faith alone, grace alone."

PLU friends recently gathered i n Billings, Mont. for the

liia Karlen '87, wile of U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen '87, acclaimed choreographer Willy Tsao '77 and MaryAnn

(Slenehjem) Degn '76. Front row, from lelt are Ed Haymaker '75, Kalhy Roney 75, Slacy Kiyasu '75, Janice Hamley, Jill

Anderson met with other alumni at a reception honoring

wedding of the Sara Degn, daughter 01 Mike '76 and Jill

Degn, back row J i m Yockim 75, Mike Degn, and Greg Hamley '75 . Not pictured but also attending was SCOII Slenehjem '82.

Tsao alter his Kennedy Center dobut


October. Tsao is

the founder of three influential ChInese modern dance companies_



PLU crew star takes his love of rowing all the way to world championships LU crew standout Bjorn Larsen '03 had competed at many levels, but gerring co the world championships i n J apan ];]5C su mmer puc him in a whole new echelon. "You're racing guys who had raced i n t h e Olympics," Larsen said. "There were good crews all around . It was fun co l i ne up next to guys that you had seen in racing videos and always chought were fast. And now, you're close co che same speed." Rowing lighcweight men's double sculls, he and his ceammate, Mike Altman, placed fourth in che B final for a lOch place finish overall in che 2005 FISA World Rowing Champions hips. Geccing co that point cook a lor of hard work and dedication. Larsen, who grew up in Lake Stevens, Wash., discov­ ered rowing by following his besc friend and freshman year rool11mate Jed Stoken '04 to a crew i n ten�sc meeting. He started out on thc novice tcam, joining the men's varsity ceam his sophomore year. With a core group of rowns scicking around all fou r years, che ceam began winning competitions - placing first in the men's ughcweigh .r 4+ ac the Paciflc Coast Rowing Championships and first in the petite final in the open 4+ ac the Pacific-tO Rowing Championships Larsen's junior year. The nexc year, Larsen's team won thc gold medal in the lightweight men's 4+ race at the 2002 Dad Vail Regacta. "\X/e were all focused on the same goal," said Larsen, who was varsity cap­ tain his senior year. "It was a great end­ ing for our careers." Even though his PLU crew career was endi ng, Larsen knew he wanted to keep rowing and ;tttended a l ighcweight sum­ mer camp in 2002 at the Pen n Athletic Club, where he gained confidence before returning to PLU in the fall to fi nish h is degrees. Buying a si ngle scull, Larsen, who earned degrees in math and Norwegian and a coach ing m i nor, spent the year practicing, coac h i ng the men's novice team and helping out with the men's and women's varsity teams. After graduation, Larsen headed back

co the East coast. "I drove to Penn sylvania without a plan," he said. "I had my boat on cop of my truck and my truck full of about t h ree q uarters of what I owned." Camping OUt on a friend's floor, Larsen spent that summer back at the Pen n Athletic Club summer camp. While there, Larsen and his teammates com­ peted at the U.S. Nationals, winn i ng five gold medals and one si lver medal. "It was a very excicing summer because we were going pretty fast compared to other pre-elites," Larsen said. (Elites are those who are i n che upper levels of rowing.) That fall, Larsen joi ned the Penn Athletic Club and concentrated 011 get­ ting even faster and stronger. " It's :t lot more intense," he said. "You're rowing a lot more miles chan you ever had be fore." He placed first in boch 2004 and 2005 at the Main Line Slide Erg Competition on the rowing machine and finished sev­ enth at the C.RAS.H.-B. Wo rld Indoor Rowing Championsh ips in 2004 and fo urth in 2005. Finally, after missing the U.S. national team for men's s i ngle sculls in 2004, Larsen qual ified with Altman in 2005. After spending the summer training at the Princeron Train i ng Center they headed for the world championshl ps. Larsen, who is hoping to return to the world championships next year and is training for the 2008 Olympics, credits his success a s a rower to his teammates, both at the Penn Athletic Club and at PLU, and his supportive family and girl friend. Larsen, who is J. pension ad ministrator at Electronic Data Syscems in Cherry Hill, N.J., enjoys the intensity of the sport and the camaraderie wi th his teammates. "When you have guys around to keep you excited, it's a lot of fu n." He added that the crew teams at PLU, both men's and women's, were like fami­ ly - hanging out boch on and off the water. "Everyone was good fr iends," Larsen said. "We had fun and, in the end, thar's what YOLl want to do."

Larsen started his crew c a reer a t PLU.

((You )re racing gu�'Ys that had raced in the Olympics. There were good crews all around. It was fun to line up next to guys who you had seen in racing videos and always thought were fast. And now) you )re close to the same speed. " - Bjorn Larsen )03

By Nisha A; mani Wade '02


The common g ood G r a d u ate h e l p s i n d i vi d u a ls

ale N i e n ow learned about how people with d i ffe ren t bac k 足 gro u n d s and goals can learn co

H e is executive d i rector fo r the C e n te r fo r Ethica l Leaders h i p i n Seattle, where he h e l p s co m m u n i ties d ivided by d i ffer足

a n d c o m m u n ities d ef i n e th e i r

l ive cogether when he was a grad uate

e n ces come cogether to create a s hared

st udent and hall d i reccor a t PLU, hel p 足

fu ture.

va l u e s a n d future

i ng a d iverse g r o u p of s t u d e n ts get along and fi nd their s i m ilarities. "! got co s t retch and I learned so

their com m u n i ties and d i scove ring that

much abo u t how co create healthy

a l i fe of meaning is m o re i m portant

learning com mun ities," said Nienow

than a l i fe of material accu m u lation, "

who earned his master's in edu cation i n

N i enow said. " I n higher ed u ca t i o n , I was

1 979 and serves on the A l u m n i Board .

work i n g with stude n ts who planne d co

After wo rking fo r more than a

go O u t in the world and do these grea t

decade i n student l i fe at U n iversity of

thi ngs. Eventual l}' I j u s t knew I wanted

Southern Cal i fo rn i a and Seattle

co do that coo."

U n ive rsity, Nienow's quest fo r social


" T here's something that j us t takes hold when you see people e ngaged i n

The non p rofit Center fo r E t hical

j us tice p u l led h i m i n to co m m u n i ty

Leaders h i p helps ind ividu als, co m mu n i 足


ties and orga n i z:1.tions defi n e t h e i r core

continu.ed values, then p u t those val u e s to work in service to " t h e c o m m o n good, " which

Th e Center also p rovides trai n i n g and

h e l p all c h i l d re n succeed in school.

c o ns u l ting fo r b u s i nesses, governmen t

And in New Mexico, Nie now said

the' ce n te r descri bes as a more j u s t,

His panics and Native Americans are

and n o n p rofi t organizations, and ocher

i n c l u s ive and s u s tainable society.

finally fi nding t h e i r s i m i l arities and

agencies. Many ti mes, fi n d i ng t h e i r val­

O n e fo cus is o n creat i n g w h at t h e

wo rking together after 400 years of liv­

ues means re alizing that more t h an one

c e n t e r cal ls "gracious sp ace," wh ich cre­

ing side by s i d e . Both co mmu n i t ies

ideal can ex ist.

ates opportu n i ties for deeper l is tening

h ave worked to i n c l u d e t h e i r langu age

and u nderstan d i ng, welcomes diversity

and c u l tu re i n t h e cu rricu l u m of the

nesses can be both p rofitable and good

and e ncou rages the creative poten tial of

s c h o o l they built tOgether to make the

stewards of earth ; it need n o t be a

d isagree m e n t or d iverse views .

h i s tO ry and traditions of each more

choice between making money and p ro­

O ne of the cen ter's goals is to u n der­ stand that leade rsh i p doesn't reside j u s t i n t h e typical u p -and-co m i n g comm u ­ nity leaders o r execu tives, b u t t h a t every member of a co m m u n i ty has the capac­ i ty to effect change by aligning actions with va lues. In 2002, the W.W. Kellogg

For ins tance, Nie now bcli.::ves busi­

meani ngful fo r t h e yo u t h and fu t u re

tecti ng the enviro n m e n t . And commu­

gene rations, N i enow said.

n ities can e m b race their traditions while being open to those from other

"They're weavi ng tOgether a whole d i f­

c u l t u res.

fe rent way of working together," he said.

"We need to t h i n k in new ways how to

Nienow said the Center takes care when go ing i n to commu n i ties, es pecial­

i n tegrate i m po rtant conce p ts," he said.

ly those stung by racial or ethnic di vi­

"A lot of the fu t u re depends OntO hold­

siveness, to s h ow respect and earn t h e i r

ing onto twO t r u t h s at t h e same time,

F o u ndatio n chose the Center fo r

trust. Ce n re r s taff members don't g o i n

rather t han ado p t i n g a si ngle tru t h to

E th ical Leaders h i p to h e l p create and

a s ex perts who w i l l t e l l resid ents what

conq u e r p e o p l e . We're tak i n g smal l

ma nage Kel logg Lea d e rsh i p fo r

s teps, b u t t h i s is powerful work that can

to do, but rat her ask them to s h are

C o m m u n i ty C h ange. The Kellogg

c h ange t h e wo rld." [ID

t h e i r stories, val u e their inp u t and help

Fo u n d ation has fo r more than five decades been at the fo refro n t of leader­ s h i p develo p m e n t programs narionally. The i n n ovative KLCe: p rogr'l lTI fo cuses


on co m m u n i ties ra t h e r than i ndivid u­ als, seeking to d eve lop the leadership

we l l into the fu t u re. Last s u m m e r N i e now gOt to visit e i g h t KLCC com m u n ities, which i nc l u d e a small African American com­ m u n i ty in Mich igan, an i m m igran t co m m u n ity in Boston, a coal min ing co m m u n i ty i n A p palachia, a Latino American co m m u n ity in Bel l i n gham, Was h . N i e now describes it as the most

3 1 -Auc

3, 2 0 06

Renat� \\'Ind, IIlICfllational Ilonh()dl�,' schola,' ",1<1 [)\�an of Religion at d1(,' Evangelical U n ivl�!'sil'y of �url"n)bl1rg. Cel'ma n," ;

author ot' Ih�·tn�.J, 1� >Ili1' 't:I);'I': J .":ii " d..x li, ILJc' IF/lt'(l and co­ author w i l h CI'':li8 Nl'"SS.1.11 or II '/'1' /. ('/.tn;./ I;'r { � • ."

PLU I n s t it u t e for Cle rgy and Congregational R e n ewa l a n d LENS Prese n t

Summer Theolog;cal Conference

,\lark Drocke.·. "djun,·, prote:--sor 01 ' ethics al ))acltil' LIJlh("ran Tlu:o.olo giral

"Diet-rid, BOIII.,t>ct/1!!' 7/)('11 rI/I{) N" ",: ;-1 Radical Cail 't> IJ,;lciplf" I., ip "

Seminar:v iln(1 �onh\\'('sl

Th eological S" hool ( S.,lom )

p owe rfu l t r i p of h i s l i fe .

and tnlnslator 01' flun h<.>cH('r


"I came away fro m t h is t r i p more hopefu l aboU[ the fu tu re of t he cou ntry

Bob EJ"ick..t;;cn. ,l-s,sol'i,atl' pn)lt-s�ol' oj' f lol()L�llIst Stud ie:-; at Pa..:il-it.: Luther;,.n L:ni\'crsity cwd author or /lr:lf',ry,,/: ('�'rl/l,1JI ( 'I'lm'be!' INIl) /LIt' //I,ft'tW!.'/; his huok j t'r·I '/I'!fI�III. ' { 'I Ilh· II,IIc.,. W.lS n,·n�llt l.y Inwk· intu it

than I have ever been," h e sai d . "The re's so m uc h talent and wisdom in these co m m u n i t ies." Nienow said h e h as witnessed in credi­ ble t r an s fo rmations i n the K LCC com­ muni ties. For examp le, on the Flath ead

comp(,lling: (IOCUlnt"nl�\I:V.

Indian Reservation in Mon tana, where whi tt's and Native Americans s h are



J o i n u s For a s p e c i a l e v e n t c e l e b ra t i n g t h e J 00'1, a n n i v e rsa ry o f t h e b i r t h o f D i e t r i c h Bo n h oeffer, ma rty r and theol ogian.


commu n i ty i n Denver and a Native



Mal"k your ca lendars now!

capacity of e n tire co m m u n i ri.::s so rhey re m a i n st ronger and m o r.:: succ.::ssful

i3v Katherine Hedland Hal/sen '88

t h e m und their own d i recti o n .


h i g h school, res i d e n ts are overcoming d ivisiveness and stereotypes and realiz­ ing they s h are the same goals fo r t h e

Por m o re i n Fo r m a t i o n , c o n ta c t t h e P L U OFfice of

Ch u rc h R e l a t i o n s

at 253-535-7423 or e m a i l u s a t crel@plll.t!Ju . Y o u can also c h eck o u t the eve n ts page o n o u r w e b s i t e a t!crellevent.'.


fu tu re. T h e c o m m u n ity i s wo rking to


a l umni c l ass notes Class Representative positions available:

aher graduating from PLC. From 1 958 to

Bethlehem Lutheran and was a volunteer

1 935, 1937, 1 938, 1 939, 1941 , 1 942, 1 943,

1974, she taught kindergarten and third

o n the P i e r c e County Long Term Care

a n d fisherman. J i m founded the S o uth

1944,1 946, 1 949, 1951 , 1 952,1954,1959,

grade on Vashon Island and in Olympia,

Ombudsman program.

East Athletic Association, presided over

1 960, 1 963, 1 965, 1 966, 1967, 1 972, 1 973,

Wash, S h e enjoyed singing, gardening,

1978, 1 991

fishing and baking and was a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in

1 936 Class R e presentative - Volly ( N orbyl G ra n d e

1 938

II 1

Howard a n d Eugellia (Spellcer! Kvinsland c e lebrated their 65th wedding anniversary June 12 with a reception at the Silverdale Lutheran Church and a fam­

ily dinner hosted by their family. They were married June 15, 1 940, i n Longview, Wash. Until his retirement in 1 974, Howard was an administrator in the Central Kitsap School District, where Eugenia was a pri­ mary school teacher until her retirement in 1 972. Their children are Jon Kvinsland

Olympia for 40 years. Geraldine is survived by her daughters, I n g rid Fortunato, Linda Stenberg a n d Kristen Carr; six grandchil­ dren; and three great-grandchildren.

1 948 Class Representative - N o re n e (Skilbredl Gulhaugen

1949 Luther Watness died A ug . 1 5. Before coming to PLC, he joined the Navy to become an airman, mechanic and gun­ ner. Aher graduation, he attended the Luther Theological Seminary in SI. Paul,

Little L e a g u e c o a c h a n d an avid hunter

the a n n u a l Va l h a l l a Fishing D e rby,

1 953 Class Repres entatives - Naomi ( R o e l Nothstein a n d C a r o l Karwoski

1 954 John Osburn was identified as one of the best lawyers in Portland. Ore., i n The Portland Business J o u rnal's " B est of the Bar." H e was named co-winner i n the category of government law,

formed a n d m a n a g ed several investment g r o u ps, a n d was active in the D e m o c ratic Pa rty. H e i s survived by four of his sons, Ken, Steve, Dave a n d M i ke, a n d four g r a n d c h i l d re n .

1 96 1 C l a s s R e presentative - Ron Lerch

1 962 Class Representatives - Leo Eliason a n d

1955 Class R ep rese nta tiv e - Phyllis I G ra h n l Pejsa

Dixie ( L i k k e l l Matthias

1968 Class R epresentative - Michael M c K e a n

and Nancy (Kvinsland '661 Roesch. They

d e g ree. Luther went on to serve parishes

Peter Luvaas died Aug. 12. A he r gra dua t­ ing from PLC, he served two years in the U.S. Army. He spent his career in the

also have six grandchildren a n d seven

for 33 years in D ee r Park, Wash.;

insuran c e i n d ustry, working for Liberty

great-gra ndchildren.

Portl a nd, Ore., Seattle; O k i nawa, J apan;

M utual a n d retiring from Sayer and

a n d Mountain Home, Idaho. H e retired

Toso/Mission Insurance. He lived i n Los

1 940

from the Army c ha p l a i n c y having

Angeles for the l a s t 22 years. His favorite

Class R e p resentative - Luella Toso

attained the rank of lieutenant colonel.

hobby was golf, but h e also enjoyed ten­

h e r master of arts d e g re e i n a d m i nistra­

H e i s survived by his wife of 58 years,

nis, bowling, crossword puzzles. and

tion a n d c u rr i c u l u m from G o nlaga


1 94 2 Ole Hansen d i e d A u g . 1 7. H e was ordained by the O p e n B i b l e Standard

M inn., e a r n i n g a master of divinity

Isabel ( Ha rstad '46); his seven children, E r i c '70 , Kathleen '71, Rolf, David, Philip, Elizabeth a n d Andrea '86; 1 0 g r a n d c h i l ­ dren; a n d two great-gra n d children.

1 969 Class Representative - Rose (La n e s ) Steiner

Kristine Young d i e d J uly 25. S h e earned

b�ainteasers. H e is survived by his sons,

University. S h e retired from tne Bethel

Peter J r., M ark a n d Matthew; d a u ghters,

S c hool District aher 30 ye ars a s an e l e ­

Cynthia S e l lers a n d Lisa Turner; and five

mentary s c hool teach er. S h e enjoyed

gra n d c h i l d re n .

d a n c i ng, m u sic, quilting, friends a n d her true g i h of painting. Kristin was a devot­

C h u rc h i n 1 954. H i s first pastoral call was

1 950


e d m e m b e r o f Peace Lutheran Church in

to the Country C h a p e l in the M i d land,

Class Representative - E d n a ( H a g l u nd )

Class R e p resentative - G i nny ( G rahn)

c h urch council. She was also a member


Haugen a n d Clarene ( O sterii) Johnson

of the R e d Hat S o c iety. S h e is survrved

i s survived by his wife, Evelyn; sons G ary

1 95 1

No rita (Millerl Liebell married D u g a l d

and G o rdy; d a u g ht e r J ea n n e Glazebrook;

E. larrainne (Larry) Cummings Mann

Stewart M a y 1 4 at Christ Lutheran

died July 1 in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., aher a long illness. She is survived

Church in Lakewood, Wash. Atte n d i n g t h e w e d d i n g w e r e h e r c h i ldren. Stephen

by her daughters, Elilabeth, Sue and Vickie; her sister, Marion (Cummings '53)

Liebe l t '82 and Cynthia (Liebelt '841 Naka. Norita is the widow of Paul Liebelt,

Liming a n d h e r husband John Liming '52; n i e c e s Anne Kristine Felbath '76 and Carolyn Beth Adams ' 8 1 , a n d M a rion's

former PLU math and computer science

Wash., area, and h e later b e c a m e the pioneer pastor of Bethany Open Bible C h u r c h i n Tacoma. H e retired in 1995. Ole

six grandchildren and 12 great-grandchil­ dren.

Ruth ( S i mon s 0111 Hendrickson died March 1 3. At 1 9, she began h e r teaching career in Parkland. S h e a n d h e r h u s b a nd raised their family in University P l a c e , w h e r e she t a u g ht fourth grade for 1 6 years. S h e e n j o y e d golf, travel, nature,

by her mother, M a rc i a Anderson; fiance

professor. D ug a ld is a retired petroleum distributor.

a n d J o hn's g r a n d c h i l d ren, c u rrent PLU students Carolyn a n d Nolan Adams.

Raymond Magnuson d i e d J uly 1 4. H e served i n the Army and w a s a credit

g a rd e n i n g , the Olympic Mountains, g o u r­ met cooking, the arts, reading a n d h e r

James Kerns d i e d July 19. H e served in

m a n a g e r, most recently for ORIX Leasing. H e i s survived by his wife, Mary (Biery)

family. S h e i s survived by h e r h u sband of

the U.S. Army, primarily in J a pan, where

54 years, J im ; d a u g hters Karen B u rns,

he married h i s first wife, the late Chiyo

Carol G i bson, R e b e c c a H a m m o n d and

Kerns, with whom he had three c h i l dren,

Diane Golle hon, sons Brian a n d Dave,

J a n et, H a rold a n d M i c h e l . J i m taught

a n d f o u r g r a n d c h ildren.

Janis '78; and six g r a n d c h i l d r e n .

'56, d a u g hters, Karen M a gnuson and

s c hool a n d c o a ched for 14 years in

1 945 Class R e presentative - A n n a b e l l e Birkestol

Pierce County and King County. He received h i s ma ster's d e g re e from Western Washington U n iversity i n 1968. I n 1 972, h e started a 20-year career with the State of Washington as a c a s ework­

1947 Class R e prese ntative - G erald Lider

Geraldine (Olson) Stenberg d i e d July 8. She married Roger Stenberg '49 shortly


Puyallup, where s h e served on the

er for the D e p artment of S o c i a l a n d H ealth S e rvices. I n 1 977, he married his

Stephen Parent; d a u g h ter, Lynette Young; a n d grandson, Bry c e .

1 970 Class R e p re s e ntative - Lois (Wehmannl


Roger Hansen was appointed district de puty to the grand master of M a sons in Alaska a n d i s the Alaska representative to Masons in Wa s h i ngton. He reti re d in June from the M u nicipa lity o f Anchorage E n g i n eering D e partment aher almost 31 years.

1971 Class Re presentative - Joseph Hustad J r.

1 957 Class R e prese ntative - M a rilyn K a tz


Thomas Gumprecht had an essay pub· l i s h e d i n the Seattle Post-Intellig e n c e r J u l y 25 entitled " A S u rg e o n's V i e w of the Ameri c a n Ethic." Tom is a surgeon in

Class R e presentative - Don Cornell


wife o f 28 years, Patricia. J i m was a c tive in the Y M CA I n d i a n G u i d es, Cub Scouts,

James Sandholm died Aug. 6. H e was

David Halstead was promoted Irom

c o a c h i n g s c hool sports and youth a n d

with the Tacoma Fire D e partment for

d i rector of h u m a n resources to assistant

adul t recreation te am s . H e was a c tive in

more than 30 years. H e was a pilot, a

s u p e rintendent


01 the

Centennial School

District in Portland, Ore. He was also

Michele's business is c u rrently head­

elected president 01 the O regon School

aHiliate; K D N G-TV, an i n d e p e ndent; and

Program a t Antio c h U ni ve r sity - Seattle.

quanered i n College Park, Md. Surviving

NonhWest Cable News. Ray has served

H i s locus was on l ea d e rship a n d organi­


Personnel Association. H e is in his lifth

her are Bruce; her son Ray, 16; and her

as the president and general manager

year in the Cente nnial district after 30

brother Gary Raymond '69. Bruce con­

K N B C-TV in Los Angeles a n d exe cutive

years in Washington sc hools.

tinues to run M i c h e l e's business a s well

w ith McCaw Ce ll u l ar/AT &T wireless, he

vice president of sales lor all of NB C's

now serves as vice president of linance

as maintain his lull-time job as market­

owned a n d operated stations.

a n d business development for start-up

ing m a n a g e r lor the Association

Paul Armin Reitz died J ul y 23. He

Clinical Research Prolessionals in

received a doctorate i n music Irom the University

01 Washi ngton


and served a s

Alexandria, Va.

Telecom Transpon Man agement i n

Lianne Halvorson died from comp l i c a ti on s

01 dia betes

music director a n d organist l o r B a llard

Sept. 26. She graduated with a

degree i n elementary education and

First Lutheran a n d SI. J o seph's and St.

Bruce Bessler died May 1 5. He earned

taught lor many years in Montana. She

Alphonsus parishes in Seattle. He taught

h i s m aster's degree i n g u i d a n c e c o u n ­

was known for her energy, creativity and

at the St. Alphonsus School, County Day

seling a n d taught l o r live years at

love of children. Lianne's faith in God

a n d Kenney High School prior to being

Concrete a n d Dmak (Wash.) High

eased her burden during her illness. She

disa bled i n 2000. While at St. Alphonsus,

S c h o ols. He staned working lor

is survived by her mother, Alice, and sib­


he oversaw the design and installation

S a leway in high school and worked his way up, managing stores in Alaska and

the Fritz- R i c h a rd organ.

lings Gfen '70, Lynene

'71, Holly (Seifert )

'13, Gina and Kirby, who attended PLU .

Chelan, Wash. In 1 98 1 , B r u c e m ar ried Cheryl (Jon es) Adams. He was active in


N o nh s h ore Bible Church, was a mem­

Johanna (Schwich) Marquardt was


hired a s the new program coordinator lor the A u d u bon Society's Barn B e a c h

01 Family

Cheryl; his d a u g hter A n d rea (Scan)

1 985 to 2002, J od y taught biology in

Lackie; three g ra n d c h ildren; parents,

Emporia, Kan., where she was named her school distric t's Master Teacher a n d Kansas State So ft ba ll C o a c h of t h e Year in 200 1 . She was the Kansas re ci pi e nt


the Outstanding Biology Tea c her Award


Lions and lau n d e r

(Lee) Phillips

Clark Mclean anended the seventh World Symposium on Choral M u s i c i n

0 1 line

Class R e p resentatives - Leigh Erie and

lyst at the U niversity of New Mexico in A l b u q u e rque.


Grace and Derwood Bessler; brother

Kevin '78; twin brother Brian '74 and his

wile B i l l ie (Vernon '78); and his sister, Renee Keogh.

Stephen Chestnut. superinte n d e nt 01 the


Moses Lake (Wash.) S c hool District, has

Kathy Torvik received her master's degree

been elected pres id ent

01 the

Washington Association o f School Administrators for 2005-2006.

an educational cross-cultural a n therapy practicum and Spanish immersion. She is c urrently seeking work i n her field.

live days in

Wenatchee, Wash.

Katmandu, Nepal, after a

Art Thiel, recently named S eattle'S

] 973

lavorite columnist in an Evening

Michael Willis left Kennedy H i g h School

Magazine poll, is heard every Friday on

college c o u n seling at

KPLU. He talks spans with KPLU news

reponer Steve Krueger.

2004. D aughter Katie is a s e n i o r a t the

a n d s o n J are n is a

Tracy Tonen is the new president 01

level. She plans a return trip i n the spring

01 2006. Su sa n is registered

nurse in the

intensive c a re unit at Capital Medical Center in Olympia and lives with her fami­


It is one

01 warehouses in the U nited States. 01 the largest privately held

steel compani es i n Southern California.

linda (Stone) Menler retired this year

ly i n Centralia, Wash.

Paul Collard received the Thomas Cross Service Award from the Washington OHicials Association for the 2005-2006 school year. This award is the most rec­ ognized honor an o Hi c i a l in any span receives and recognizes individuals who exemplify the ultimate service to the asso­

ciation. Paul lives in Kirkland and has ref­ ereed high school football for 18 years, i n c lu d in g three state c hampionship

games and college lootball for t he past five years. His daughter, Erika, is a student at Ponland State University and his son,

1 979

D a n , is a junior at Mt. Si High School.

Class R epresentative - David a n d Teresa

1 976

Eatonville, Glenoma and R a ndle, Wash.

Himalayas and a stay at the Mount

distributor, which has made the Top 1 00

College in Washington.

after more than 30 y ea r s of tea c h ing

hike deep

through the

Totten Tubes, a steel tubing and pipe

Ireshman at Green River Community

kinderganen through third grade in

nearly two-week

Everest base camp, 1 8,200 feet above sea

Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma. His son

Kellen graduated Irom PLU in December

in Ponland, Ore., in 2003. Last summer she

Susan (Wark) Amondson spe nt

after 14 years as associate dean. H e is

in an therapy from Marylhurst UniverSity was in Arequipa, Peru, lor five wee ks lor

1 975

01 Arizona

1981 Class Representatives - D e a n a n d Susan

Joan (Nelson) Mattich

Class Representative - E d Voie


S c hool in Redmond, Wash.

choral ensembles. He is a systems ana­

Teachers i n 2002. She a n d h e r h u s b a n d ,


t h e board o f trustees o f T h e B e a r Creek

Kyoto, J apan, hearing a number

1 977

the R e v . C l a r e n c e (Mick), l i v e in East

now the d i rector

Seattle. H e also serves a s president o f

galling a n d lishing. S u rviving him are

Reserve i n Leavenwonh, Wash. From

Irom the National Association

0 1 the

Fest. His ho bbies included gardening,

zational culture. After a 20 -year career

1 983

( H a usken) S h a rkey

Class Representative - G a ry Powell

Class Representative - Dave Olson

Teddy Breeze

1 974 Class Representative - Dave J ohnson

Robert Moluf i s a data architect lor

was the

Medtronic, I nc., the world's la rgest man­

women's l i g ht­



medical devices. H e is

weight wi n ne r

developing the global data model for the

a n d the overall


company's customer relationship man­

women's c h a m ­


agement initiative.

p i o n a t the 2005

Popko di ed April Carol (Peterson)

In Silver Spring,

Boyer was one

01 c a n cer.

of 39 teac hers

After graduation

who received

from PLU in both

Tea c h er Award

drama, she went to work lor Vista Voluteers a s a legal aide representing the poor in th e San Francisco B a y area. Bruce, i n Las Vegas, where she was the editor 0 1 the business section

01 the


Vegas S u n . Her interest in the legal aspects


Bodybuilding C h ampionships, wi n n i ng the coveted Exc alibur Sword. She staned

training a n d c ompeting at age 47. She lives in Spokane.

the 2004 D i sn ey

journalism and

She met and ma rried her h u s b and,

David Campbell died in his beloved Mae

lor creativity in

Hong Song, T h a i l a n d , o n July 1 5 from

tea c h ing. S h e

complications brought on by cancer a n d

parks a n d trails and athletic programs "too numerous to count."

traveled t o

t h e eHects of c h emotherapy.

1 984 Class R e presentative - Mark

C h ristoHerson

Brian Laubach is the co-principal at Lakes High Sch ool in Lakewood, Wash. He has been a tea c h e r o r assistant prin­ c i pal at Lakes since 1 993.

Anaheim, Calif., and Orlando, F l a . , to receive the award and panicipate in extended prolessional development.

1 980

1 985

Class R epresentative - Phil Wal d n e r

Class Representatives - Janet (Dl den) Regge a n d Carolyn Stelling

recycling led her to stan her

own publishing business, Raymond

Pierce County Parks and Recreation Depanment, after 21 years of managing

Empire Classic

29 at her home


Jan Wolcon retired as director of the

Ray Heacox is the new president and

01 three Seattle-area

Communications, which repons o n both

general m a n ag e r

national and international recycling laws.

television stations: K I N G -TV, the N B C

Kurt Maass gra d ua t e d i n J une with a master of arts in whole systems design

Jean (Ladderud) Coy and her lamily

Irom the Organization Systems Renewal

returned from a year i n Carlisle, Penn ..



where J e an's h u s b a n d R o b studied at the

Ross Warner has b e e n a p pointed to the

Helen (Marshall) Stemborski i s a

Larry Erickson is the academic quality

Army War College. While there, Rob was

board of d i rectors of G e neral Steel

promoted to colonel. They enjoyed sight­

Holdings, Inc .. a leading manufacturer of high quality hot-rolled s h e ets primarily for use in tractors, agricultural vehicles

children's case manager at Stillwater Therapeutic Services in Kalispell, Mont.

improvement coordinator at Metropolitan State University in SI. Paul, Minn. I n this

seeing and life on an army post for a year. They are now back to civilian life in Renton, Wash.

and o th e r specialty vehicles. Ross has 13 years i n m a n a ge m e nt, tra i n i n g a n d con­

Roberta Holl m arried Stephen M a d eyski in Octoo e r 2004. She received her master

s u lting experi e n c e both in China and the U n ited States.

Gary G i l l i s married Allison Ahearn J u ly 9 in the Abbey C h a p e l at Mount Holyoke i n South H a d ley, M a s s . G a ry i s an assistant professor of bio logy at M o u nt Holyoke,

ty's Academic Duality Improvement Program and provides support i n i m ple­ menting and managing the ADIP activities.

and Allison is the associate editor of

of s c i e n c e in n u r s i n g d e g ree i n May 2003 intensive c a re unit at U n iversity of New

Nancy (Shryockl Holl is director of client services at Moeller Design & Development.

Mexico C h i l d ren's H o s p ital

She was recently recognized for 1 5 years

a n d is a registered n u rse in the newborn

n ewly created position, he provides lead­ ership for and coordination of the u n iversi­

Hartford M a g a z i n e a n d o f Legends

Scol Sageser is m a n a g i n g director at

Magazine, p u b li c ations of M a rketing

Investors Capital Corporation i n Poulsbo,

Resource Consu ltants.

Wash. H e became a c h a rtered f i n a n c i a l engineer in N o v e m b e r 2004.

of service.

1 99 2


Class R e presentative - D a rcy ( P ateel

Slefan DamSlrom is a product m a n a g e r

Class R e presentative - Stacey (Kindred I

An drews

at M i c rosoft in R e d m o n d , Wash.


Class Representative - Brenda Ray

Neil Kelleher received the 2004 Sleven Dardis was in the first class of 19


Rachel (Daack) Bark moved to Florida and bought a home. She assists at her

outset of their independent research careers. Fifty-eight researchers were honored in a c ere m o n y presided over by

Sam Cook was the assistant upper school principal at Brent International School Manila in the Philippines during the past year. I n A ugu s t, he moved into his first principal position at Brent International School in Pa s i g City, Manila. The school h a s 1 80 s tu de nts

John H. Marburger I I I , s c i e n c e advisor to

from k i n d ergarten through eighth grade.

children's school, loves the sunny life of

the president a n d directo r of the White

The school's Web site i s wI'vw.brent·

Florida and would love to hear from any

House Office of S c i e n c e and Technology


1 986

people who earned degrees as clinical doctors of a c u p u ncture and Oriental med­ i c i n e in the U n ited States. He received his

Presidential Early Career Award for

Class Representative - Lisa (H ussy) Ferraro

degree from the Oregon College of

Oriental Medicine in Portland, are.

1987 Class R e p resentative - D a rren Hamby

o l d c l a ssmates.

S c ientists and E n g i n eers, the nation's

h i g hest honor for p r o f e s s ional s at the

Policy. Neil has established a first-class research program i n proteomics, the

Bonnie Block

study of the full set of proteins encoded

married Frank

by an org a nism's D NA.

Their potential knows no limit. Their tuition does.

Howarth I I I M a rc h 27, 2004, in Portland, O re.

Leigh Ann Evanson i s director of Chemonic I nternational. She continues to

Alumni i n anen­

work i n international h e alth, foc using on

d a n c e were

H I V/A I D S . H e r rec e n t promotion is to h e a d a u n i t that provides U . S , based sup­ p o rt for a health project in M a d a g a s c ar.

Heidi Sch i l l i ng , Jodi (Lewison) Swigart, Sean Wallace and D a n Lewis. B o n n i e works as a hospital pharmacist,

Monica Reisch recently relocated to San Antonio, Texas, where she works at Harcourt Assessment as a senior financial analyst supporting their operations group. Janae Hodge e a rn e d her master's in edu­ cation from Western Washington U n iversity in A u g ust. I n September, she began her 1 4th year teaching S p a n i s h . She lives in B e l l i n g ham, W a s h . , where she teaches at Sehome High School.

I , rROl J UU"IC Ii [JEPEI DEJ\.'T 529 I'LA:-", sponsored by more than 200 o f t h e nation's top p r i v a t e col l cg'�s, i n c l u d i n g P I.U, T h i s un ique S'lVi ngs p rog ra m J e t s y o u prepay future col legc t u i t i o n a t a p ri ce less than you wo u ld pay today, And t h a t 's regard b s or how m uch the cost has risen by the t i me your child becomcs a frc.s hll1a n . What's more, the Plan h a s a l l t h e sign itlcant feeler.1I t<!x benefits o f o th e r 529 p l a ns . We t h i n k yo u' l l

tlnd t here's no be t ter

way t h a n

1993 Class Representative - Kristina (Kurle) D o l a n a n d J e n nifer (Kreger) N i c kel

Vi,it llS

(o r

\" \l'lv. illl/�perltJC/l1529"lall.nrg.

or mil 888 -7/11- 7878 Or COOlael PLU's Financial A,d Director Kay Solt $ lH 253·�-!125 or S"OlfrlSklW;Vlil odrJ.


Independen cUA nJ",os529 Plan "","*"

"A""UJt..\·� raJV4"1"t.COt..u:GO

Purchesel5 $hol,.lld re8� the Di$CI!;l1tJl. 600 lin. _\eluding the Entl)limo-nl Aijf'!lr.1In1. C .a l. w'ly hflOt1 mlkr.g p.uftb�!JO deor$lgns. ltUJc.".r s. Personl) Investor Servlnl, Inc. dlSlJlbUies IIIB IndopendlJnt S2� Plilln TulllOf) C 1l!IUB-or.


Catherine (Overlandl H a u c k

Jenniler (Oyer) Dielrich i s a fellow in the division of pediatric a n d a d ol e s c e nt gynecology at the University of Louisville S c h ool of M e d i c i n e in Louisville, Ky. Her husband, Craig, IS a medical researcher.

David Benson a n d his wife, J e nny, moved b a c k to Mount Vernon, Wash., from O kinawa, J a p a n . David i s a fa mily O a k Ha rbor, Wash. J e n ny i s a family

ried Manhew

phys i c i a n at North Cascades Family

Williams April 2

M e d i c ine in Mount Vernon.

in Se a n l e. Daniel Erlander '62 was

Ind epe nd e n t 529 Pion

the officiant, and other pa rtici ·


on the \Veb ,It

1 994 Class Representative - Da n Lysne and

phys i c i a n at the U . S . Naval Hospital in

Karen Koll mar­

to assure a tlrst-c1ass educa t i o n fo r your c h i ld o r grandcbiJJ-anJ a lot less worry

and Frank i s an a r c h itect.

pants in the wedding includ­ ed Bill and

Gforia (Reinertson) Koll '63, Rob Kall '96, Melissa (Davis '98) Ko lI, Kathy (KolI '71 ) Bangsund, Chris Koll '76, a n d Anna McLeod '05. Karen and M a nhew live in London, England, where Karen earned a

Slacia Gaslon i s the ol·v ner of bac k2back design studio, a full-service graphic stu­ dio located in Gig Harbor, Wash. Through a new pannership with Trinity Media, the company has added Web d e s i g n a n d vi deo production t o i t s portfolio of c r e ­ a t i v e serv i c e s . Conta c t S t a c i a at or g o to

Tala McCormick works for Pran &

master's degree in English literature from

Whitn ey's Bellevue operations,

King's College London.

Pulsedyne, a United Tec h nologies com-

a n d c o m m u n i c a tions efforts that corre­

Ce l i a Kohler, Lewissa Swanson '98. and Sarah Roemer '98. Sarah is an ac c o u n t

spond with the development of new

ma nager in e m p l oyer benefits at Parker

p r o d u cts based 011 pulse detonation

Smith a n d Feek. Edwin is a n e l e c trical

pany. He is responsible for the marketing

t e c h n ology. Tofa earned his MBA in mar­

engineer at Sparling in S e a nle. They live

keting a l o n g with two graduate certifi­

i n Kirkland. Wash.

c a tes. Tofa previously worked for Sa feworks, an international m a n u factur­


e r o s u s p e n d ed scaffolding.

1 998 Class Representative - Shannon ( H eriockerJ Stewart

1995 Class Representatives - Krista S i c k e rt ­ B ush and Step h a n i e Page-Lester

Sarah Graham has been a ppointed to a tenure track position as assistant profes­ sor in Monmouth Colleg e's music d e p a rt­ ment. She will also serve a s the c o l l e ge's

U n iversity of Notre Dame i n May with a

director of choral ac tivities.

P h . D in theology. H i s wife, Rikka

( Petersen)' was promoted to director of Group, I n c . , in J a n u a ry.

Sarah Straks graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary i n Pasadena, Calif .. with a master of divinity degree and a master of science degree in marriage and

Marit and Doug Nierman and t h e i r

family therapy. She lives in Bluffton, Ohio.

daugh ter, Gwyneth, have m o v e d to Walla Walla, Wash., w h e r e Marit is a middle school literacy coach and D o u g i s an e n ologist lor a l o c a l winery.

Garren is a P.E. teacher and head bas­ ketball coach at Lakes High S c h o o l in Lakewood, and Betsy is a math t e a c h e r

Matt lseri rece ived his MBA from Seattle U n i v e rsity on J u n e 1 2. H e is a process

Rachel Peitsch received a master's degree in international business law from the Unive rsity of Sydn ey, Australia, i n

and b a s k e t b a l l c o a c h a t L i n c o l n H i g h School in Ta c o m a .

manag e r at Washington Mutual in

Marjie Sackett is the director of s p e c i a l


events at S t . Ma ry's Academy in

Andrew Finstuen has been working on his P h D . in American history at Boston College. Rec ently, he won a dissertation

Eric Stewart graduated from the

operations for her c o m p a ny, The H e a ly

residency at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

fellowship for his project, "Hearts of Darkness: Americ a n Protestants and the

Portland, Ore. She i s res p o n s i b l e for the most significant annual school fund-rais­ ers. H e r previous experience includes development duties at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Doctrine of Original Sin, 1 94 5 -1 965" through the Louisvi l l e Institute. H e was

Tim Lax graduated from the Oregon

also the featured speaker at Boston

H e alth and S c i e n c es Uni versity M e d i c a l

Coll ege's Boisi Center for Religion and

S c h o o l i n J u n e . He is a pediatric resident

American Public Life, an organization run

at M i a m i C h i l dren'S H o s p ital in Miam i.

by Alan Wolfe, the notable sociologist of religion. At the talk, Science and Theology News interviewed Andrew and subse­ q u ently pu blished online "Original Sin" Helps Americans to Cope With Crisis."

Therese (Affholterj Nation i s a certified rehabilitation registered nurse at St. J o s e p h Medical Center in Tacoma.

Cory Christian


married Heather

Class Representative - Ashley Orr

Marie Gardner July 1 6 in Darby,

November 2004. A 2002 graduate o f t h e

Mark Briggs graduated in J u n e from t h e

University o f Oregon School o f Law and a

Sarah (RoremJ Hammersborg i s in the

University of C i n c i n nati w i t h a d o c t o r o f

member of the Washin gton State B a r

master's of divinity program at North Park Theolo g i c a l Seminary in C h i c a g o.

pharmacy degree. H e is a pharmac ist

Association, she i s n o w a c o n tracts advi­

with Walgreens i n the C i n c i n n ati area.

sor for an e n g i n eering firm in Sydney.

1 996

1 9 99

C l a s s Represe ntative - Mari iH osethl

Class R e p resentative - Karlene M i l e s

bicycling crash at an organized weekly race at Portland I O re . l lnternational

teach at the American I n te r n a t i o n al

Roa dway, a professi o n a l c a r racetrack.

School for two years. C o n c u rrently, Cisco

H e died doing what he deeply loved. H e

i s p u rsuing a master of e d u c a tion degree

w a s a l a b o ratory ana lyst f o r t h e c i ty of

online to teach physics. Watch their jour­

Portland. Charley is survived by his wife,

ney at


Candice (Ulam 'OOJ and his ba by daugh­ ter Anna; sister Margaret Griffith; his par­

Kevin Marousek is clerking for the O range County (Calif.) District Anorney.

1 9 97 Class R e p resentatives - Andrew and Stephanie ( M e ri e l To mli nson

ents, D a n a and Judith Christensen; and h i s grandparents, Arthur and L o u i s e Christensen a n d Jim and J e n n y Wells.

Peter Collins is the new athletic director

a teacher in the math department.

Wash. Amy

and purchasing their first home.

Friedrich, Shayna (Cusack) Hamilton, Jake Fournier, Nate Swanson, Jorguen Senon '02, Ryan

200 1 Class Representatives - Keith

Pelphrey '02. Brian Ruud '90, Caryn (CammockJ Ruud '90 and Kendra (RuudJ

Pranghofer and Linda ( H utsonJ Pyle

Miller '87 were in the wedding pari'/.

Heather (SpeigleJ Hutchinson m a rried

Many more Lutes were i n anend a n c e.

Keith Hutchinson on May 29. The wed-

I n M emorialn March



O l e Hansen o n Aug. 1 7.

Kristine Marie Young on J uly 25.

1 9-17

1 9 74 M i c h el e (Raymond) Popka on April

Semin a ry and was the recipient of The



Robert Goodlin Prize i n May.

Luther Watness on Aug. 1 5

B r u c e Bessler on May 1 5.

Angela O'Brien is a s p e c i a l events m a n ­

U n iversity. H e came from New Mexico

ager W i t h A u d i e n c e s Unlimited i n

Higiliands University, where h e trans­

Universal C i ty, Calif.

program into a

sport sciences d e p a rtment.

ing forward to moving to the D a l l a s area

Gerafdine (Olsoni Stenberg on July 8.

Troy Ehlke received a master of theology

ketb a l l c o a c h at Southern Oregon

ing as a n instructor in the exercise and

Airport in September. The couple is look­

in B e l levue,

1 96 -

Lynn Kennedy is the new women's bas­

Rocky M o u n t a i n Athletic Conference

Lutheran C h u r c h

William Blythe o n May 5.

d e g ree from P r i n c eton Theological

West Division c h a m pion, while a l s o serv­

position of station manager for Alaska

1 Cf-U

tion at the high school and district level.


Airlines at Dalla s/Fort Worth International

Rulh (Simonsonl Hendrickson on

woman the district has hired for that posi­

formed a NCAA Division

7, 2004, at Grace

Miller '01 A u g .

c o a c h i n g boys and g irls' soccer at the

for the North Kitsap School District and North Kltsap High School. She is the lirst

Price '01, Ka rl Satrum '01 and Cahti Unseth. Cory was also promoted to the

at Rogers H i g h School in Puyallup after school for six years. He also continues as

Trish Of son was named athletic directo r

ed Patrick Miller

ried G arrett

Betsy Ruud mar­

Charfes Christensen d i e d July 1 2 in a Christian "Cisco" Wafker and h i s wife,

wedding includ­

, '02, Matthew

Lysne and Jennifer R i c h es

H a nnah, moved to Cyprus in August to

Mont. Lutes anending the

Tyler Kechely and his wife, D a n i e lle,

1 95 1


E . Larraine (La rryJ Cummings Mann

Lianne Halvorson o n Sept. 26.

on July 1 .

1 9 99

James Kerns on July 19.

Charles Christensen on Jufy




Peter Luvaas o n Aug. 1 2.

Kristin Shay Paulson on July 1 0.

taken over marketing and p u b l i c relations

1 956


for all Vafley Bank branches in the area.

Raymond M a g n u so n on July 14.

Andrew Morgan on June

moved to H e l e n a , Mont., where he has

1 9 59 Sarah Hefdefe m a rried Edwin Bactad

Karin Berglund graduated from the

May 14 at the Women's Unive rsity Club in

U n i v e rsity of Wisconsin M e d i c a l School

Seanle. Lutes in anenda n c e i n c luded

in May 2004. She is doing her pediatric


J a m e s S a n d h o l m o n Aug. 6.



d i n g party

ter that provides transitional housing for

was m a i d of honor. Other Lutes in the

Capella hosts an a n n u a l Fort Worden

included Melissa Regan, Marian Burkhalter and

lamilies in San Francisco.

wedding par.ty were Scan Shipp, Brant

Children's Choir Festival for a weekend

Watrous, Christie (Novak) Heany '04, Co l i n Dunn '04 and PLU student J i l l Rolf

each spring.

Emily Ellis. They live i n Bellevue, Wa sh., where

Sarah (McDougall) Smeller is a teacher in Puya l l u p, where s h e lives with her h u s b a n d Mart, who is a music educator i n Lakewood, Wash.

'06. J eremy i s a senior retail c o nsultant for FedEx K i n k o s in Puya l l u p . Kristen i s w o r k i n g on h e r m a s t e r of e d u c ation degree at the University o f Washington Ta c o m a .

Heather works a s a m a rketing manager f o r The A n n u i ty

Man Vancil was a c c e pted into the

Source, I n c . , a n d Keith is a massage

Ameri c a n Film Inslitute's g r a d u at e pro­

therapist at a c h i ro p ra c ti c office.

gram in screenwriting. He moved to Los

( Mesmer '00), who works through a temp agency.

received a master of divinity degree from St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary. H e is assigned to St. Mic hael's Orthodox Christian C h u r c h in Pueblo, Colo.

Kim Johnson married Travis Rothlisberger June " in Manson, Wash. Included in the wedd i n g party

o p e ra , "Ari a d n e auf Naxos." The o p e ra was performed at the U n i o n Aven u e

Marina Czekaj married Kjetil Storaker '03 in Bamble,




Class R e p resentative - Elisabeth Pynn

Norway, o n J uly


3, 2004. Kjetil's father, the Rev.

Class R e p resentatives - N i c h o l a s Gorne a n d Brian Riehs

Kjell Storaker, officiated. They honeymooned in Central Euro pe and held a reception in Tacoma

Kristin Shay Paulson died July 1 0 in a fall while hiking in the Franklin Mountains

for stateside family and friends on J uly 24, 2004. M a ri n a is a p r o d u ct manager at

near EI Paso, Texas, with her husband

the regional office o f Allstate I nsurance

Brian Paulson. Kristin joined the Army

Company in Bothell, Wash., where they

aher participating in the ROTC program at

b o ught their first home, and KJ works at

PLU and graduating m a g n a cum laude.

M i c rosoh.

Andrew Morgan d i e d J u n e 22, i n N e w York C i ty, alter a cycling a c cident. He was well rounded, with a PLU degree in business administration and a minor in jazz studies. While he was a student, he was a radio O J at KPLU. At the time of his death. h e was a m a n a g e r at B l u e R i b b o n M a r k e t i n N e w York. He traveled to most of the continental United States, western and eastern Europe, Central Asia, Mexico and South Ameri c a . He

once cycled f ro m S e a rtle to Austin,

were Leslie

(Johnson '04) Jaynes, Katie Sears, Tricia Degan, Michelle (Axley) Johnson and Chad Johnson.

sional o p e ra performance playing the p a rt of Brighella i n the R i c h a rd Strauss

O p e ra Theatre i n S t . Louis, M o .

Ange l e s in July with his wife, Camille

Brad Powell was ordained to the holy priesthood May 2 1 . On the same day, he

Joe Michels c o m pleted his first profes­

Texas, making many friends along the way. Andy was a n a c c o mpl i sh ed musi­

Jeremy Roll married Kristen Luddy '03 May ' ,

Jennie Bow married Forrest Griek '00 A u g .

2004, at Puya l l u p

1 4, 2004, at the

literature. He i s survived by his parents,

Eric Ruthlord earned a master o f s c i e n c e


Beecher House

Clayton a n d Cynthia Morgan; his sister,

d e g ree in p u b l i c policy a n d m a n a gement

Church. Marc Heany served as

in Peshastin,

Li llian, a n d his brother, Elliot.

Wash. Alumni in

the administration director a n d vice pres­

best man, a n d

the wedding

ident of R a p h a e l H o use, a homeless shel-

Ruth Swanson

par.ty included

from Carnegie Mellon U n iversity. He is

Heidi Ruud, Stacy Marshall, Ryan Reed, Aaron Kaipainen '99, Lance Thompson '99, Mike Houston '00, Aaron Miller '00, Michelle (Hanson) Miller '03 and Joseph Griek '05. J enni e is the g e ne ral manager

c i a n , cook, athlete, artist a nd a lover of

Paul Marquardt married Amber Mazeika Aug. 6 i n Pleasant Grove, Utah. Paul i s a graduate student in entomology at

Purdue, where Amber is finishing her bachelor'S degree in English.

Marc Kostic a n d Adele Anderson were married at Columbia Edgewater Country Club in Po rt l and, O re.

at From the Bayou Restaurant in Parkland. Forrest is a history teacher at Todd Beamer High School.

Janice Kueffler married Nate Wiggins '01 April 9 at Sumner U n ited Methodist C h u r c h . The wedding par.ty included J ust i n LUn!, Rob White, Lisa Rehberger '00, Doug Moore '01, Jordan Mooring '01, Erik Mortensen '01, Patrick O'Neili '01. Andy Sears '01, Jamie (Winchell) Mooring '03, Lori (Hahn) George '04, a n d Heidi Lyman '04. J a n i c e i s a business development associate at Northwest Kinetics, a pharmaceuti c a l research c o m p a ny i n Tacoma, a n d Nate i s a b r a n c h m a n a g e r for Enterprise i n

Adele's cousin, the late Nicole Cunningham '00, was a n honorary brides­ maid. Ryan "Gus" Tootell '04 was a groomsman and Kelly (Shan ) Mullin served a s a candle lighter a n d scripture

reader. Alumni in artendance included Tim and Molly (Baugh) Rothlisberger Molly Banks, Sean Kennedy, Kristyn Smithers,

Jessica Locken, Gillian Hanson, a n d Rindi (Couts) Hartman. P L U physical e d u ­ c a t i o n professor D e b o rah Ta nnehill w a s also there. Marc works for B a n a n a Republic a n d A d e l e is a tea c her in the Tahoma S c hool District. They live in Maple Valley, Wash.

Auburn, Wash. They are b u i l d i n g a h o use

in Bonney Lake, Wash.

Stephanie Charbonneau runs Capella


Ryan Greco mar­ ried Kristin Hovekoner '02 J u ne


at the

Choirs Camp, a n aher-sc h o o l c h o ral pro­

S a n Fabiano

gram for c h i l d re n in kindergarten through

Estate i n

1 2th grade. The program provides exten­


sive vocal a n d theory instruction. In a d d i ­

d' Arbia in the

tion to m a i n-stage c o n c e rts e a c h year,

Tuscan foothills

of Italy. They live in North Bend/Coos

Missouri in Columbia. She was all­

Bay, Ore., where Ryan i s a forester with

American in softball l a s t spring at P L U .

the Oregon Department of Forestry a n d Kristin is a monitoring specialist with the Coos Watershed Association.

Andrea Wells received an N C A A post­ graduate scholarship.

Anna-Lena Thomas married David

Jackie Nuechterlein married Adam

R o m anowski M a r c h 18 in Stockholm, Sweden. H e r roommate, Janne Undheim, a n d classmate S i ri Rokke were i n atten­

Epperson '02

d a n c e . A n n a - Le n a is a c o m m u n i c a tions

J u l y 23 in

specialist with WorldDoc, I n c ., and David

Spokane, Wash.

i s an IT manager. They live in Las Vegas.

Lutes i n the wedding party

> Please fill out as m u c h information below as possible, i n c l u d i ng c ity of resid e n c e and work. Feel free to use a n other p i e c e of p a p e r, but p l e a s e l i mit your su b m i ssion to 1 00 words.


incl uded Rob White '02, Jared Moody '05,

Class Representative - Ta mmy Lynn

Kelsey Briggs '05, Katie Dickman '05,

Photos are w e l c om e , but o n ly o n e p h oto w i l l b e used, and on

Amy Zimmerman '05 a n d c u rrent students Nolan Soete and Aaron Fulmer. Jackie is

a s p a c e ava i l a b l e basis. Notes will b e e d ited fo r c o ntent.


Bridget Roth m a r r i e d Joshua Baeth A u g . 1 3 a t Cedar S p ri n g s Pavi l i o n in Port Orchard, Wash. She is a writer and

a student a t the Gene J u a rez Acad emy, and Adam is a manager a t Wells Fargo Financial i n Olympia. They live in Ta coma.

designer with Ta coma Commu nity College a n d Joshua works a t I c o n Materials, s i t e develo p m e nt contractors.

Futu re Lute

Elaine Lee received a tUiti o n scholarship


to attend Yale U niversity. The s � h o l a rship

Kathleen (Burk) North and her

covers full tuition plus a n a n n u a l living stipend of $26,000. She is p u r s u i n g a d o c ­

Photos must be p r i nts or h i g h q u a l ity j p egs. P l e a s e . no r e p ro d u ctions o r c o p i e s from oth er p u b l i c ations. Deadl i n e for the next issue of Scene is December 16. 2005,










N[W AD DRESS? 'rES ·...J NO ...J

husband, Rick,

torate degree in m o l e c u l a r cell biology.

announce the arrival of Kelly Lian. Kelly was

Lindsey Olson

born in

married J u stin

Hunan, China, on

N a p l l i Bay on Lutes in atten­ Lindsey's par­ ents, Dave '78 a n d Dawn (Civretla '17)

Olson, g r a n d p a rent Russel Olson '82, and friends Promise Warren '04, a n d Lindsey



Job 1"lorm. Ion

Sept. 6, 2003, and

M a u i , Hawaii d a n c e i n c luded



Roth June 26 i n

adopted on Nov. 7, 2004. She and big brother Erik, 8, pro­ vide mUlual amusement. Kathleen a n d







R i c k are owners o f G o o d News Christian Bookstores in Tacoma and Gig Ha rbor, Wash.

Yales '05. Lindsey is a g r a d u a te student in biostatistics at the Unive rsity of

Doug Schlepp

California, B e rkeley. J u stin i s a student a t

Milrlla\Je ino engagements. pie so}

and his wife,

Ca lifornia S t a t e University, East Bay.


They live in Alameda, Calif.

a n n o u n c e the



birth of Mya Lynne on Feb.



24. She joined

C l a s s R e presentalive - M i c h e a l Steele



sister Geneva Lynne, 5. Doug is

Lyndsey Miller

a civil e n g i n eer

married John

working for R H 2

Yates J u n e 25 in

Engineering Inc. S u s a n is a full-time

Colville, Wash.

mother and works part-time in the vin­

PLU students

tage jewelry business. They live in

and a l u m n i in

Sammamish, Wash.





attendance included J e ss i c a Erickson, bridesmaid, Brandi Paul, Britanee Judd, Sara


1987 Karstin (Weik)

Stewart, Jeanine Dryver. Laura

Kliewer a n d her

(Schroeder) Hendricks '04, and Ryan Hendricks 'OJ

Promol ons/Awarils

husband, M a tt, a n n o u n c e the birth of t h e i r

Scotl Stauffer married Sara Stores at


son, M a rek Lee,

Peace LUlheran C h u rc h in Portland, Ore.

on J u n e 7. He

They live in Portland, where S c o tt is a

joins Kayna, 4,

disability ben efits processor at S t a n d a rd

a n d Maximus, 2.

I n surance Comp any.

Karstin is a stay­ at-home Illom and a s u b s titute tea c he r

Mary J o Marquardt is a graduale student

M a t t works a t B o e i n g . They live i n

in paleoanthropology at the U n iversity of

Federal Way, Wash.



> MAIL TO: O ffi c e of Alumni & Parent Relations, PLU, Tac oma. WA 98447-0003; FAX: 253-535-8555; E-MAIL: a/umni@p/; Internet: wwwp/ua/ Please l i m it to 100 words.




social worker with Auamere Health

Tim a n d V i v i an ( H i l l ) Wallace a n nounce the birth of d a u ghter Erin on June 1 3. They live in S a n Bruno, C a l if.

1 990

Services. They live in Spa naway, Wash.

1 994


husband, Brian,

4. They live i n S n oqualmie, Wash.

birth of twin

birth of Abby

Jeff, welcomod d a u g hter Lucy M a rie on J uly 1 4, 2003. She joined big sister Emma,


Grace on April

S h e joins Emily R a c hel, 2. They live in the Puya l l u p, where Am,! is a fourth-grade

a n n o u n c e the b i rt h of their first c h i l d ,

his wife,

Andreas on

June 22. He

Jeff Douglass

N i cole on May 4

Sara (Ha lvorson) a n d Zach '98 Montgomery

and his wife,

in Atlanta,

a n n o u n c e the



a n no u n c e the

1 993

� ..., ... . -

joins Madison, 9, D a nielle, 7, and Olivia, 4.

birth of C a d e n c e

birth of Olivia Ann on Sept. 1.

a n n o u n c e the birth of their

Lori (Hilliker) Coulson and her husband, Michael, announce the birth of triplets, son Br ady

G e o rge Arthur and Emma Elizabeth, on April 26. They

Adobe Systems, Inc., in Seanle,

Daniel and Monica (Keller '86) Voltz

and Karen i s a f re e l a n c e gra ph ic d e s ig n ­

a n n o u n c e the

er/photo g r a pher and a fitness instructor

birth of d a ughter

at the YMCA.

D a n i e l owns a n d manages a

wel comed their

a stay-at-home

Jill (Felgenhauer) Williamson and D ave, a n n o u n c e H a n n a h J o on M a rc h 1 2. She joins Mason, 2.

Jill is a speech­ language pathologist i n the R i c h l a n d (Wash.) School District, and Dave is a nuclear chemical operator for Fluor Hanford. They live in Pasco, Wash. Lori Messenger and her husband, Scan

Josh and Lisa ITreadwel l ) Lawrence a nn ou nc e the birth of their -=_.-'-'.- d a u g h te r, Addison Kaylee, on May 1 2. They live in Royal City, Wash. Travis and Lisa I Balwin '98) Hale a n n o u n c e

Sylvia (Wesche) Beer and her

Conoco g a s sta­ tion a n d convenience store i n Chewelah,

d a u g h te r Macy

announce the

Coast office of Snow Tours, where she

on M a y 30.

birth of S u mm er

organizes ski vacations to Europe for

Anne on Feb. 26. S ylvi a is a pa rt­

groups and individuals.

John and Candace (Haberlin) Wright announce the birth of B e njam i n Daniel o n A u g ust 23. H e j oin s Jessica, 2. John is

Pharmaceuticals and a stay-home-mom.

an engineer with Hewlen P a ckard, a n d

Th ey live i n Seanle.

son f o r

Travis is a devel­ opment manag­

er with OPUS Northwest. They live i n S umn e r, Wa sh .


Kevin Mackey and his wife,

they live in Van c ouver, Wash.

Lisa announce

Stella (Pilostomos) Baily and h e r husband, Paul, announce the birth of Benjamin Elijah, on April 27, 2004. He joined Joseph Michael, 2. Stella is a real estate consultant with K el l er Williams Realty in Everen, Wash. They live in Lake Stevens, Wash.

Jones, welcomed daughter Freya Messenger Jones, on Nov. 1 2, 2003. Lori is a smokejumper with the U.S. Forest Service. They live in Missoula, Mont.


the birth

husband, C l i ff,

Wash., and Monica m a n a ges the West

her husband, t h e b i r t h of

They live i n Orting, Wash.

1 995

time clinical liai­

1 99 ]

Ta coma General Hospital, a n d Zach is a n a c c o u n t executive f o r Federal Express.

Svea on Aug. 23.

husband, Dan,

mom, and Dan i s a Web developer at Safeco Insurance. They live in Seanle.

M a r c h 28. Keith

is a manager at

Radford and her

25, 2004. She is

Lyla Raine on

Mexico. They live in Albuquerque.

Jonelle (Tenneson)

S h e joins sister Ava, 2. S a ra is a nurse at

birth of d a ughter

phYS i c i a n at the U n iversity of New

Aidan C h a rles, 3.

D aniel, on Sept.

announce the

join their sister, Allison M a rie, 3. J eff i s a

and C o u rt n ey Faith. They join big brother

first child, J a c o b

Keith a n d Karen (Faust) Thygerson

twins, E l i j a h

M i c hael, a n d d a u ghters Lindsay Grace

1 997


announce the birth of Caden

Robert a n d Benja m i n Philip, on M a r c h 1 7. They join Curtis i s a family therapist.

Ken Lanyon a n d

Anders S u m mer, on May 2 4 . T h e y l i v e i n t h e Ballard neighborhood of Seanle.

sons, Bradley

J o rd a n , 3. They live i n Spokane, where

Kristina Peterson a n d Ian '93 McA l l ister John a n d Angie (Miller 'Ol) Skibiel

a n n o u n c e the

announce the

Jody (Buck) Peterson a n d her husband,

teac her. _ ....--,

Curtis a n d Rachelle (Snowdon) Mulder

Amy (Jollif) Murphy a n d her

the birth of

1 996

Lindsey Dawn,

Kami (Moeller) Hayes and her husband, Eric, announce the

birth of Ainsley Grace on Sept. 23, 2004. She joined big sister M el a i n a RaeAnn, 3. Kami is a literacy specialist for the Longview (Wash.! S c ho o l District. and Eric is a firefighter for the City 01 Longview.

on Aug. 2. She

joins Erin, 4, and

Kirsten, 1. Kevin

is senior program manager for Microsoft­ Windows Media Di vi si o n in Redmond, Wash. The live i n Kirkland, Wash.

1 998 Wendy (Wesema nn) Rygh a n d her husband, Mark, announce the birth of Adam Todd on March 1 5. H e j oi ns M ega n , 5. They live in K eize r, Ore.

Tamara (Bushek) Sohl and her

Rebecca ( Latner) Talbon

Jennifer (Graham) Hampton and her husband, Dave, announce the birth of

and her hus­

Devin William on

M i c hael, on Aug.

band, Bryan,


announce the

Ethan, 4, and

birth of Ryan

M a d eleine, 2.

neer at Techrizon, a n d M i ke i s p a rt

William on May

They live in

owner of S o h l Paint & D ecorating. They


25. R e b e c c a i s a


live near Lallvtoll, Okla.

son, Colby Tod d ,



husband, Mike,

announce the birth of th ei r first child, son J a d en

15. Tamara i s

He joins


software engi­

Jason and J i l l IStearns) Sommerset a n no u n c e the



on J u n e 29. J a s o n is a program manager

Kalein a n i i s a tennis pro a t Harbor

at Inlospace, and Jill is an ultrasound

Square Athletic Club, a n d D a n i e l is a

technologist, who is c u rrently enjoying

sourcing manager with Washington

staying home with Colby.

Mutual. They live in Edmonds, Wash.

Allyson (Weld)

Jon a n d Emily

Tedrow and her

(Credelle '01) Will iams

h u sband, Arik, announce the

announce the

birth of Isabella

birth of their

Mae on

son, Evan Reed,

Mother's Day,

on May 3 1 . Jon

May B. Allyson

is a product

graduated from

m a n a g e r at

the University of I d a ho, earning honors

Microsoft, a n d

with a master's degree in educational

Emily i s a senior associate in investment

a d m i n istration in May

operations at Quellos Group. They live in


She is a

t e a c h e r in the Lakeland School Di strict,

Lynnwood, Wash., and their website is

and Arik is a sales engin eer. They live in


Rathdrum, I d a ho.

2002 Dave and linda

Kristal (Sutton) Graham and h e r

(Hutson '01) Pyle announce the


birth of d a u ghter


Abby on April,

announce the

29. After Dave

birth of son

graduated from

Carter Dean on


Aug. B. Kristal is

Seminary i n

a s c h ool nurse

May, they moved t o Olympia, Wash., where Linda is starting her second c a reer as a stay-at-home mom.


at Harrah Elementary School o n the Yakama I n d i a n Reservation a n d a part-time l a bo r a n d delivery n u rse. Shawn is a route s a l e s ­


m a n for P e p s i - C o l a in Y a k i m a , Wash.

(Splittgerberl Zuniga wel­

Aubrey (Black)

c o m e d a son,

Schulz and her

And rew, July 9.

husband, M a rk,

She is working

announce the

on h e r Ph.D. in

birth of their

educ ational technology at the University

first child,

of Northern Colorado and lives in Fort

Sebastien Mark,

Collins, Colo.

o n Feb. l B. They live in Colorado

1 999

S p ri n g s , Colo.,


where A u b rey is a n Army officer.

(Glandon) and Mark '97 Bly

Renee (Ross)

a n n o u n c e the

Watson and her

birth of Wyatt

husband, Kyle,

George on Aug.

announce the

1 5. He joins

birth of their son,

Nolan Patrick, 2.

Keegan Hardie, on Nov. 9, 2004. They live in

Heather (Magoon) Thibeau and h e r husba nd, M a tthew, a n n o u n c e the birth of their daughter, Delaney Kathryn, on March 23. Heather

Auburn, Wash.

2003 Emily Murer a n d Michael Newman '04 announce the

is a registered nurse in recovery and

birth of son

M a tthew is a senior project manager for

Gabriel J a m e s

a major m e c h a n i c a l contractor. They live in Snoqualmie, Wash.

2001 Kaleinani (Kowalski) Detjen and her


Newman on


May 19. Emily is


a graduate stu­


dent i n music therapy, a n d Mic hael is a graduate student in special

h u s b a n d , Daniel, announce the b irth of

education, both at Radford University.

their son, Porter K a n i ela, on J u n e 1 .

They live in Christiansburg, Va.

In the rTllddlB of historic Garfield Street 407 Garfield Sf Tacoma,WA 98444 Tel; 253· 535·8397




Lutheran University



cou l d not cont i n u e to do the i m portant

work of ed ucat i n g st udents for l ives of serv i ce without the g e ne rous


s u p port of thousands of i n d ividua ls, orga n izations a n d co m pa n i es . This ess e nt i a l s u p port ensu res that st ud ents h ave n eeded sc hola rs h i ps, facu lty


have fi rst-rate faci l ities and PLU has the reso u rces for both day-to-day act i v ities and for the futu re .

Here we g ratef u l l y recog n ize eve ry dono r who has made a g i ft to PLU i n the last fisca l yea r. We a l so prof i l e a few of those who have supported P L U 's m i ssion . A l l contrib utors a re l i sted once, i n a l p h a betica l o rd e r. I n itials be h i n d the i r name d e note if t h ey a re mem b e rs of


C l u b,

the Lifet i m e G iv i n g Society, the H e rita g e Society, the M atch i n g G ift Prog ra m or g ive to the I n d e p e n d e nt Co l l eges of Was h i ngton, which i n turn supports PLU .


Llfeume Giving Society The lIfellme Grvon9 So<.ietV 'ecoqnlz<!S � n

','"''' 1'10) -04 Jul,. 1701

.. .. vao'dinarv g'oup of dono" who haw gNe1


and �lly over lu"e 10 sustJIln al'ld

wJ>P<1rt PacifIC lutheran UnMrvtv

Ineludes thl!' tnlal lecorded gilts ..lid curren l pledges

01 cas". seturllil!5. tNl est411> and dpptetldted property, ana Includes I�e ci1atJl4ble "dlue of

,rrevO<iIbI" planned 'lim

Thilse tOlals do

�'.geson ('SO) lHO Josef AillJu� ('66) E,I\ ('1.4) ""'. Hdrol� 4.,,1.00 MoUV Ailrtl!n Abam Engr""e", Int }. G<1.1d ('7BI oiJ1d 60""'. Abbott Odvoo

lIIo:1lme glvrlll)


'ndude revocabll' delerred grf1s or gifts 10 KPlU,

Paul .lIn<1 carol Aboduly

and lyPne: ,Abraham Phylll" Abf'�luIm\Qn ( 53) Q


Heritage SOCiety �e",ag" Soaety .. .. g'oup of dono� committed

Ab$.tlef" Con:sllUI;Uon Company


Accffllure Foundaticm. '"�

10 securing PlU's fUlure by making provISIOns lor



the utllve,slIV In Ihel/ eslat.. plans The most

common ",late gift In"olves donating a poruon 01

By USing trun 0' gilt annUity. donorl" can receive an 1t\(ome ,.ream tnr Ih. �mdl"iJer of Ih,m trves, WIUI Ih e remalnlll!J I.ust d"eL' 90rng 10 PlU upon theJr deal'" l'>tate p,oceedl. Lo PLU as part of



cuttent asselS 10 Mlablish a cha"'dble

o Clob W,th a minimum conlrlbulion Mud"nl Illvlng levols begIn al lain IhlS galherlng

01 5300 annually �60 .. yea,), one (an

of dediuted fnench whose

miSSion l'i to provide clUIstance to deservrng

student> as they prepare for IIVl'S of servICe

Ihrollgh a PaCIfIC lutheran UntVe,SlIy !!'duullon

lritrah ("90) and Mttrk AIJ$I.t(l Q


Club 15 Ihe "g"',"g club" 01 PLU's annu al lund, and Ih" mo,,, 1114n 2,000 membe� prOVide Ihe core 01

1dI0la'ship �upport

Matchlllg Gift PrDgTIIID The MaldlJ"9 Gift Prog'am rewg"iles companIes and toundations thaI have <ontrlbuled 10 PlU bV

matrhlny the gifts of Ihel, employee<. Thl, support

is ellh pr deslgnaled IQ a "",U(ula. fund Idenl,fi!!'d

b� Ihe employ"" o. given to Ihe untes1 ritted fund

Independent Colleges of Washington O�19n ..tlon .. for Ind,vlduals. companl'" and foundat,on, who ""V" conlJibuled 10 PLU by

Ihe Independenl lew suppolU p....ate

mak ing (ontllbullon, Ih,ough Colleges of Wa,htrlgton

nigher edU(al on ,n WM�lIngton by '011"110'1

unrestrICtl'd gIlts " Clm many ,ndtvlduals , bUS1nesse1

and foundatlom,

Founddlion ... MilTi Adc;II!'V LH [Jo�e <t"d Gel'lf Adair Bm<><' r021 Deb,. Add"" ('841 Q JIIlITle<J and Jeanne Adams fbchdfd and MoIIxllllt Adan\l John an'; Mary A(1nr LO Ali " Adolf ('711 LO Alh/an<ed 8Io,,,etlta. Ifl( L AdYeot L1Jthl!tolH Olurch., Snoho",I,1 WA 0 Ktmbe,ley and Rlch.1td A<eby 0 Ag i len, Te<hnoktgles OM AgnP'i ¥ld He-nry fi»\ FoullCf.ltlon L fred Ah,,,,-ndt l� lr,t W.mnol Ahreodl ('SJ) lO

Aid �nO(�inIOn 101 l.&JthcnM 1 snuf<oyAlkln Ul) LQ AJ Kollar Roe P.inti� Geuld ",nd M",'Y AIm A\l:.rf 04ri{e Akf'rsoo LH

Stanley Akerson ..... AJ.a,,,'ung PtctUfl!' ll,C

AI�� ;I Ant-n" LOMI AJ".k. SVnod, (lCA L

M.'� (79) .no Ingrid ('SOl Albe('

Albrr' , tomf.)all'i, Inc I

iu\d SulAnnll! Albe"",n l H Albmll FOt!I L C�'nlovhef' A lbte<ht ('94J


JiUTteot Alb,,.,ht

M.moel """ MollY Alb,

Ak(k1 Found.GIuon l AI(on LilbOr.tO(� ,,,'. Angelia "'Ihll1rwt r B,uce Al...n,,", ("6J) 0 Con.nle A'tx.andflc ('S6) (i�rv (78, .md Dorln. Afr-I';tlf'ltt Janll,llf Alexander

It!Jb oil1ld Peggy A�and.r

�a\ll and AnIta


Jlmml.. Alfofd ll'f




Itoln Alben lH �i\trI(k ( '92) and J.m., AlldJ1 Q Jeff,,,,, ('S/) .nd ("B9) Allen K'�lgh 1"911. d (,'JII) A lien O

Merrily Allen 0 Allen fourtdattoo fo'(




a_ly A!)_"

JWnlfl!f ('.94) �nd All AIIKl2n Lodd AIIi'Qn ('781


Jt!.dnfle-n-e ('51) cmd Jdflles Allptlln

De,'II"l io; Ally. if1l ('71) Edllh Aim

Eldon nde",," ['35) to !.Ub.U 4 An� lQ 8rian ('79) ..nd Patriud AndefSOft

(711 ""d "" Y (72) Q Cathy AI'\defSOn (� Anden.on L Ch." .,..u M,(gar�t Andefson 1.0 01..lh."1 AfidlUIfIQ('I tnc.J lanet Brian


Alleomon: M edlcd l FOun dation

J 811t:Ot"



Mat galet Almet'! Dd,,+eI alld Anne Akaker lH ' Jdy AI""

AlTERA COrpor.tton l Ka'hle�n ('86) and Oavid A.I\I� ElhwQrth dud NtiJlCy AlvOrd l William Alvold Ilntf Mary W1JeJan Amo1LI"9 Grarr luth..,a n Church, Abe rdeen. WA AtMlln9 Grd<e Lutheran (hl.uch. Ar\Chllr3ge, AK l AUt.e ('86) lind W,IIi.Jm Amblad Md,.., ('56) ."d Don... Ambuehl

John ('60) and J Oilnn Amend Q

laverne Amend ("56) LHQ Ne.' Amend (,53) l Americ an EXPl bS FQUncLiti Ofl l Amerl(jan H rt Au,oclaUol1 North�st Affrhlllr L n Chtm:h. Arrrrn<ao �uth Mmn eapoll1. MN l Tl1p Jl..ltlellUn«a"dln�viC}J1 foundation L Alntr!r;un Slgl1 & 1f)4jlUlor COlP l Amt!llted, Uhr.ary �tvj(E'.i L Hatry Arnei ;trTd Ji'lot"1 Reiman ('55) lohn (' 74) and 811fb.ui Amroon 0

G.a:JIle F...nch ('19) and St ephen AmorOSI AMR In�url) n,e. U.C Q Cd�\lard anl;f Florem�e Amunlht'n

Anacorte'5 L""t\e'fan C11l lrch, A"a<ort�s, WA. l David and Glenda AncJenen I(lmbetly ('9Q) aud David Andtr;ti' 0

Mark And�rSe!n ('67) dnd Bonnit MacMl1s�er

Andersen (' 66 ) 0 R1.lth Andtl)tn Alan ('8S) and Marijyn ('as) Q The Ander\on Foundation LI A11.hul Anri(!f$On l

iir\" Q

Christophe!' Andllnon {'Oll 0 Oenni'i and Rl,.lth AnOcrson H

0.,.." ('U" 0 Don ('SO) 61� Ril,ij AI\dcto,..on Q Don ('62) dnd Gall Andt:'fson Oon,;Id .tld [lain .. Andl�nQ" Dorothy AndeJ1Q11 l Corothy Anderson ('46) LO EMI and �COn d Andt!non Fay. Andl't'Son H Greqg Anderson {"nl Gus-Llif Andenut' ('48. I �llItldn Af'IoderlDfi ('61) 0 Hazel Anderson l Helen AnderJOO ('38) 0

Htrmln ('lH ,md VI..,I." A.nd�r'1on L Hillary AndeBcm reS) Q 'rl!'ne Aodrrlon I.H J . DQugias ('69) and Bovterly Aj�arlOn Q Jean t'6 t 1 and Gilry �'nde1lnn Jodtm� A.«tiOM ,'80) 0 John ('681 and Co"nl. ("68) AI�l!non Q krhn A/1<Ima" ("�l ."d Mdlilyn Mut(ay Q

John .nd I)()rOthy Ander�n " )udllh AnlJenon ('131 H Julr. "'ndeMn ("59) Q XcJnn Anderson ('99) LH Kathf)h Andor:orsot1 L Kevin ('SO) and B.n-tW-d Anderson Kimberly 1'�5) .nd Jeny An�n LH Krinl! Anderw" ('95) lQi'§ And l'..t'Son ('11) lOfen nod MHryA"n Andets.o" l HOI

Low,'I1 I''') .nd loMa,;e 1721 Ande" ",, l

Mdfd .. G411 A"deflOM ('/ 1) Motrjor-v An6enoM l Mduel .nd And(�� AI,denon

MIt':hdl'l Anderson ('881 My,,,. ('80) .n� Innn ('SS) AfltWl'l«n 0

OJJv AndffSOn L P-.ul PO and Janiuo Arldeu,cm o Paul Ande�on ('92) .and O.nb.'. l-ilJQhei 0 RKhMd ndennn l Rob..• ('M) .,od M.ry ('651 At)d.,Sll" If

Robl!rt ..nd Kat he rine Afflj(:non

Ron.ld ('83) otnd Reb«t..l (,8 1)

Anderwn Q Ruth ('65) tIo'ld John And M)f\ LHO T�e Bnd Linda Anderson Thomoll� ..nd l u ll AndenoM l.Q Thomas AndeuoOn l Ulm�r Ancien.on l H Vlf9l'n i a ,'911 .and Will/om


Heather ('0 I) and Nits Allthl!o!\Y!"

Algo\ Andre.uson l

WJan Atkh'"esl!'n ("99) Q lant- Andrew L Row" .cJnd Piilmela Andrew l Gre4) �nc;t Man:ia Andrl!W\ JoeUen :md Jd ml'S Angtlt:1 H" ROOD'" Anqe< (74) Kart. ,'68) tlnd Miltin Anglf­ Chrintne ('94) �Ild Devin

Anglemyer Etf\e'1t Ar1krim l Anna Ankrum ('S5) Q An . E, Snow fou nd411on Inc. l

Ki nl (74) dnd Kfln nC'dy Anoe td� Anspf}{h Sharo" ('65 ) and Bruce

Anthony Shirl'W Anlhnnv

Jmeen .

('90) .. .... d DOfwn,t

AnlOlltlli Q

Welley (' 58) and Cathertn Apker

Sle'vM ("'4) and SuziNtueAppe10 H,m,. and M

IIty Applr.-whlte

Mcuy Jane Aram l Donna Arb3ug h lHQ George ArbdUqh l

Jumes ('85) d"d linda e85) ArtlAugh H Karl ( '85) dnd Jul i a Arbaugh

to lC.athleen o:Jnd Mithael An:hbold M., ('G@ <ind ".bell. ('69) MkJ1aei pod S\Kt1n Archer Archiled'lutal Building

Spe·oal1iei Q

A((.hit ural W ods 1M AP.CO rQund4ti('lo l


Marla Arima

JU'Ie. ('Sl) and John Armbru\ter Alu AfmHrong (,65) (OcplYI1 ('72) and Dougic1!o; Arm�tlong

Lea Jar,eo Armstroog (74) L Shirley ('54) and (1.lIeo<e Arnd1

John ('36) .r>d 019<' ("3)j Am. LO

Patlicia Am�n

KEY \hiU1non Anum rfJl) G Arnold (' lS' LO tlanci r191 .md keith Arnold N .1 C",S) iHld ICJtIco AmUon WO

(i or!)tt ('63) .nd K.r�" {'66} Amla L Donald " 6.2) �t-.d rf'na f"6Sl Anrrur Andenen l i P F(wndaut)n


l.oi1 Bak k �n (58) 0 Ole ('SO) oJnd Olilne Bclkken 0 Luke ('00) al'\d MUldy Bala"" Q Darlc� Baft' s ('89) 0 Carol ("75) and wdl f'( (''56) B.. U 0 EI�jt' B_II TIWY Bal l ('97) E"'It1p BaJir ..d ('94) Oldelle ('52) end Robert BoJmRlt!.It

Anl-..I[c ConCl"frlp DP1.lgn Int


ASAReQ foundatIOn l

R i charu .nU Bett y B.�ngert

A.11 G,'Q�� CI"!.Jtltdbt t' FCJlmdalltln I

Suunrw (74) Ifnd AI rutt�nbr nnt'f ba," A..'Ihlf'mM\ ('40) RId . rd OIrnd She"" Ashltom.n Johano.:l A\k�'Hd .l Pd�jl �kl.:md '69) LH & I "t P.s

((kJn,,.lIfl9 SenKes,

AU()Ooited �Wdtl't Body of

P.vlfrc lu,neran Utltyenlty

o AT" (omntunlty GIYII1Y Prog r III ;j..nsoo {'C)fi} and Utrle-r (,95) At..I.;IO\ Alldnh' RI(hn..It..J Hcinfo,d Co I st,..!l1i ('em) "nlJ Jehn Attcy ROnl.ev' dfld JO�eph AI'Iood D ,w id Auhrey 11 fl�.A�

SlatV AuglKtine ('88l Q AII'ed Au\ l ulh", W....Uy A... ('32) L WtUlm.t Aud'e,nlifo t hO) 0 8ridn Aust ("92) .tnd Do,Othy ....t>rr Ropt'fl Au\t (,118) He:) Ot'lnrns.nd JoH� Aunln l SUt n ('68) .nd ffaoci� .&\uUin Aut()(IM� I", l 1ht! Autlcn FounriatiOtl L Mau't'et1 and Doug


B JOoJm.., ("9S) nd BrJ.:JO ('92) 84bblU Ray""",,1 llalt(oct. f'Sq) I) Helrn Bathp ('551 illJrtQ(1 8«k llloln ('4':f) John (' 60) 6nri ten 84drman o Alben and CCn\tlJrke Bacor1 H Grf'gorv O-,ron ('84) �Qnitld a.r.ofl ('S9) RI{twd ('6'5) ",tId JudIth Bile,!] 10

nlUlTI." 6r'1d �dlh"Y'l B rlel � t d o f"ichultl" ( 00) and "lIthlP-rine ('00) Bdeln I) Audrry Bah' ('5'6) 0 Cindy!fino (,S'l) nd Thof11dS Mlrnno Q GCOOtgld ('Sin nd Frl"thIt Baile-y O

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Solkrr O

ncJ loiJ B.,,"�r P&infO 8oXf! '

�.) II!!JIJdotn Dan ( 6-3) and ferr I!' Antw B«/1.., O 0001'...1 foundoltlnn M Dwnr1e BC<.htold f12) rind �oben Grider

ditudia Ber(llJsQo

Jennljtt Berk ('93) .00 Alex

Douglaj S""k., ('19) 0

Da\lld ! 7 T ) and lynne ('70) Ritngsund lHQ


linda ('69) .md Jofme'i Berman ludJvina B�nnudez ("10) Barbara ('8�1 Clod J�h

Kdthlet!1J Becker (,89) ('10) �tnd JoArm 1'681

leOna B arKjsund l


Bank of Arnerrca l Bdnk o f America Foundation

LOM Th� B.;.nk of Tokyo-Mitsubi�.hi,

('79) and Paula Banks ('62) and Thomas Barber Joy B a rb",. ('00) linda ('63) and Charles Barbo LO John and J an Bare Ronald Baren'iten H Bargreen-Ellingson I nc . L Stephen and J eani ne Barndl 0 Davld a nd Susan Bar nt's GeDfge and Erea'l or 8drnes l Karl ('98) and Stoll Btlrnf'� Robert and Ellnol B,lrn� I("therine Barnett (' 79) H Wendy ('81) and Neal Bar nett o Keith rd.

Harlt"n cnd Norrnd Barney J. Thdd Jnd Joan 8amowII:' Barnum


nd Ot!borolh


I.tmy ('97) and lonmf•• ( 92)

Mkhetlc Bar c:lVlch


Kevin Jon Barr ( 78) Barr�tt·'or9(,Mon ("94) Q

Gregory ('90) and Kare n Barlett-Wilt J.101C(, Bar�un ('71) Michael and Kristinc Bartanen

o Gt"ort]t Bar tel l I Kurt (7 1 ) dnd lI n d.l Barthel 0 K evin ('97 ) Clnd Ma'I:1 ('9S) 8artholomae Q Susan Bartl�tI

('0 I)

Eldon and Melcede� Barton

LO Gratiil ('90) dnd J(Off Btlrton Inel B arto n LH James Bash ('76) Q William .l nd Donn.) Bash

Ba'f,k lfl Ro bb i n., "1349 0

('6S ) and W.O. Beltes ('90) alld Krista ('90) Bdtes o K ev i n ( '84 ) and Mardu Bates Gance Jay

Shannon Bat�s ('95)

Mark ('7B) and Sidni ( '76) Battle

Bertl tsf!O LHQ

LO,1i 1'82) .llict lUther 8e '!'NYU lHO Vtltln.ll Dc kf'd�I Maren Bckkedlll Jonn,oo ElrZdbelh Bekhvold ('63' 0 Thf!r,....e B.ldrn GmDVeIh'l t 8toll ('Ol) C) janice and W,Uiam Hetl

10., Bl!rn tseo ('ll! LO

Kevin Bdughn


R. Garv and Sylvia Baughn LHO ('49) and David B�lIman

Thomas ('68) and Tondy Baun �o.I r1ncr Q Wdlt�r and Ellzab�th Baul

Ann 'dli tt!r ('90) Dougl" .. Baxtcr ('03) Vi !II1�t n .rjm1 Jail; I' Ba>.t�1 L S"u.r�nfle Bay

RUlh Bd,er L liharnn Baylor ('67)

G4Y'utd (' 58) and M,lry Ann

( ' 60) Boyne Se;lke 1 '8 t) Q Dal)il'1 ('76) and GiJ I)'fl ('75) PhIlIp and Kathleen Enc ('81) and M.ui� ('S3) Bean

B�nh d"y luthcrdn Church.

Da"Ild BeMill er LH Unua BeMiller ('as) lH Ben 8 Cheneoy FOIU""aliorl L Ben Bridge '�W!!It!"' I Mlc..holtt ('78} vnd K4f� ('78) t'7QI ,"d Cindy ('72)

8end.tdwn Q

O. JULgl\ ("51) lind D.a"A gel)drka:s U10 C;lI harlOe ('90) - lid MI{hael Sem:hx�" H hma 8endoc:.k ("41) Q. Oebo,')h BenP.rlKt j'lS) Jame1 (,69) IU'\d TI!'.,l 8en.tM. Lal ry (�) find E,lene Bene.\' nto Q Ohtne. Bengnon ('12) Q Milry ("'9}) .md Scott Benham Q

l'!olind, WA lhf:rdll Ctaurch,

Span� w "d y, WA hel S hool Oistri<.t '403 l Be-thesda lutht'folln ChUfCf1"


Eugene, OR LQ da luther.n Chulch,

MOUntlake lef ra(.\'!. WA Bethlelwm wthe-ran C.hur<:h, �dll!i II, MT L 8ett1 1c1 letn l ut h e ra n Church, Ta(om� WA lQ

T 01llol� (' 90) and Victoritl B ettelued

O@I\IU· ('86) and Patrick Bettinger und" ('64) and Od..l d Betz Q Frar1k EdWdtd ('53) dnd Bi l 9i tta Relf tl� Mdry Jcan ('!It) and De-Wayne Bey

51� n .and L..o,� 8f"flhMH 0 Gtrl antJ Myr .. 8ennett U10 Carla Bt!n�' ('71) and Jot-.N

t ,md Rebe("(a: 8i�0 lQ John .)nri VinnIe 81berdort Susa,., ('81) dnd WllI1nnl


I'i.l,.lln",ne" .. (73) ,,"d !l'te.... Ann D....ld 8en"�tl Kl.l thleet"l 'i,mooil Seflnell ('10) ..;nd rhorM' B�I\I.,..n Nancy (ICJ 1! and BenlV'H O.II� ('63) and Jolrto ('&3)

f1\SQn lHQ

Edith Bl!n'SQf1 Ul �rik ('90t Br"Itf Jennifer ('91) eniOn

6l!nwn H R Gerold ('S8)

,mu SIr.fflrl

Rl'becc. 8en)ot (,92) 0 'Ilfglnld BertifjO I HQ 8t>mcn'ty Foundation t. I:dward (78) and Loi1. Be.ot�y Matgam ("16, and P�1J1

tli!nton l

Paul ('�2) Mld MiUlon Bt'nt�r\ lvtlfYJ1 ('7 H af)(1 Llrry S,"n II O.nhol Afld5u'ioiIf' amllu(].n �ne ('S I) .nd Jo.lnne flt!u�.nt'i�n L J.i!lmC'} ('58) �nd t...Vn"lI� .. Beuml�on Q t!n.Ul Berg �j14) .md Joyce Awry LHO

Bridn Ourir.r ('75) :lind Jan O.'IJ O.t\'l� {''lO) and Stt'r,.twnJE" Seu)


S..g UlO EhZilbtlh Betg L

and RrchA,d B r9 Q

lit"IIJt! B.ry (73) �nd SlJun W,II1dnn, O J<hJI'I Bft.g 0 lynn (b4) and KarPO ('65) B@r9 M..-u Berg ('60' Orm at'lu Susatl B"rq

Chr,\Une ('8S) and DaVid





Arr.anda 8eo:lrden (' 0 1 )

G ault ('3 1 ) and

Oartl nc;t' G"ull H B.nnbndge

Gctry ('68) .nd Jime B eard IJnd Andrea

Mdqn'!d Beryen

Calflpany l

r65) (tnd C,eo(91! Bake r ('611 and �ol"old 8ak.k1! J uan " 60) aud Ot l t!y Illlkhn 0 Kenrutth ('&9) rlld Thf1t'Sa ('71) S.'k""

('1)4) Betlrd O

Carole UOO th t-I

Be'IJlnQil,a.n �te"lrdlVlng

Ga�It! ( m


Vi g go Bertel

Oliver ('61) arid Emma Berven

Dd"I,d ('6 1 ) alMt PdUlfllt ("61.



Wa(tbn Bt'rton ("57) and

Joanne and h;)Hn lip ll

B�n;on LH




I<dthc.J'IT Bell ('g.) Pduf M 8ellam1 Foun(ta,lon L MMy Bf'!ilart') 111'(1 Vt::" Id Ri1 lph

MICha.( ('69) ond Mo.y ('71)

Rl(hartj lind lois Bauer l Sandra ('67) and Arthur Boluer

Carew BelT't'§.on June ( ' 18) Jnd Thom� Berry 0

olne ('19) �d

natd an d E, Bic rdart ltnda (" 1) arld T. Bieker AM BiefWlotC)en ('O l ) Gar y ('b8) dnd Mardel BI�ag en Q Rich,,,, 8l1bro "'lh LH 8 1 11 & M el i nda Gate-.c. r-ou"d.ll inn I.OM John (" 16) And Sharon B i l l d t Oonal� {'78)end Judith ('61) Blllh10s 0 Pall ia 9111iogs ('03, Q Roy aUd Ethth Billin<.Jl

(,SO) Q J. Bill' ( S9, LHO Jolflic:e Bilb Un Bin ford l RrchMd Bir d ('82) .nd litUh� Evangel ine Biliingsll!Y

Prlnea Birds

Eye roodi l

PhIlip ('85) .md Jean Birkel and

H AnOd!Jel le- 8. rkestol ('45) lHQ

Gracr Birk",tol (' 45) U"'IQ Miclla� (79) lind Lori ('8 1 ) 8,shuP Q



Herutn and Anna Lee 8jcrk Jdne ('90) aNd K('vl.(l Bjork

Crai9 Bjo<klund ('67) lO DI�lnf' 8tnrkll.Jnd ns) Gwendolyn ('48) and John BfOtkstam Q ladd B,orn y ('80) Hans met < VlYl 8jomen M. OeaJ1 ('SS) and Ndncy (,60) Bjorn\Cfl Q pamc'a (' 84) �nd �nllie Bj ormef l

David and Dorot hy 9jomron Q Ju li e B,o,"��an

818fk burl'l O Bldl r O

GeOfgp ("n) find �lphlnp

8ldil' Kt_II Blai r {'OS) q l.iHJra (182) Ind John 8r.iSdttli Mo<!I.l. Blok. ('74)

KhUI ('85) and R.




Cindy rOS) and Bill Boweo 0

Oh",,, 81<imd,tU tH

Mark ("81) dnd Ellzsbeth

I'll( Bla,�d.!rll LH

HOwet'i Ch.rk:, ('76) and C'J'01ill.D Bowl..

Odvid ('S8) .nO Si d ney Blank. 0 Abigail DI,lr!knt!r ,'94) LMry dnd Sh,..l a .Dt�d� Audrey ('51) •• >d (f.tfo<d


Knninu ('03) and Brandun

BCWflllll Q Barbara ('68) dnd Rodri<.k


B{Jyd HO

('80) and Nino ('81) BI.y

Mlduel and Mardd B oyd

RdY aflU let! Boyd H J«!� � It: ... BOyf" ("OS) Q Kafell ('tIS) dnd Mi c ha el 80Ver

J R ind Mtlt 10/1 Bloch poggy ('92) and Bruce ('86) Biocht'l

Vi oje' Boyer I Dan ..1 8oyko

POS9\< 81Gef'ald dno SvanhiJd BIQ(�

K,l;'ri ('6:6) and Joseph Boyle H

Shirtey Bloch

W/ilter ('Sq oiInd Jeanette ('54)

Rfdafl dt HO ('79) and lori ('79) Qraatt' n

Judllh d,ul Golly Blck:1o; h,r., Ht,.dl Ann eIQtm.k.e-r ('90. S. Dian ('61) and (omehus 810m H Gra(� Ulornqulrt l


Goo'g� Bracher l

Mlinanne 810Jnquin

ll:!U ."d RaE' SIomqulst Oofldkt IlhJ\.h4!f �' Oavld ('61) dnd Judith HllJhm LO P"f�f 1'79) tlnel �mt i Rhrndm, II J(;dj"I!O AM Sex-tor ('6) Danl". Rode ('81) Deb", Boo_ ('m Mart i') Bodin ('75l dud Donald YQunQ "'1"'9"".... Bodrol\) ('U} LH MVld (" 2) .Jnd Shari 80e O.nrld. 1'61) �nd Huh,orJ Boe 0 D�.. (100 C'J51 1H Dw.ght ('47l--ir,. ,d eleanor B�


SII•• lvrh .. 80. ('39) LH Tt1(1 8�inq Cnm-pany LQ M Sar\>o.a Bog ... (,89) �o'\lhryl1 Boquf" ('gl) Om" rl and Clotulirol BOQumii Gotl ('15) ond Ro"dalp" BCti,snnoo Q KAum ("6n and (h.rffl 8<Jhlke o Don, 80hm n LO MUlti, BotlTno'n l Boi:� CaKade- Corporal Ion l Alice Solduan U. EMI" 8"'duan LH Emllv ('71) .iJl'ld Doug Bo le'.,." MilMn ('58) and 8t"ve,IH Ball.mrl Ll i Steflt en Boll1n9tt l .R�IJih ('36) and Rosernary (,�9) lloiSlad l H ThoilldS ('9 1 ' ""d Amy Bonldf Chil,ln �r,cj MOlrllyn 8.omgren

LI!>'" S. ... (,40) 0 An<lr_ 8ongfpjd, (""0) 0 Paul f57) and Juli«!l Bonqtetdt o �h,,,.on Snnqtetdl Eddi. and Gotll Boob Book OUb 01 Washington 10( SU!dnne ('98) olnd �..n' 8bort«! Rita Booth {'�n Rh0d4 " 67) ilnd Thorn ..:!> ,ding

('87) Carq. lyn Bo,ol l i Nurm. BOI'glord ,'S61 l HO MiUY Sorn faG) Qu"Ie\ BQfquiSl Q vandd Borteofl l H Illhnw G, "'e 8Gue" ('74) Mary aofde��

('12) and 1111 (71) Bjerke


D.mlel "94) .mti leilunlF! ('94) •


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Gall Blt.1r ('69) Bruce

and ft-JbY Blndl l "... 8(.. (''lII) Itl1dl"oPy 4nd (lu....U 8litCk Nellie Jdrr ('19) and Mdt �In


l.lm6 Bernt.$on .,nd Mary

W. B l


J h.t

H�n(y 8t1"fllW!n l

MJChae' ,:lnd Sarah 8en$On

Pcltrick Bauer


GMY ('1 4) und Nancy Bffllt:r 0 K,ht i n a ('61) and Bruce Berney fll Ite.rnlbr 0 OdVld ('58) and Carolee ('59)

EliulM!tttl a"�t!'nPll!f" ('84) C)


Erik B ar r ett {'S"" I) <rnd Ji l l


WIlliam ilt!'CVar l.. rhOfT1it\ and Not. Oeell!f Marl�(' e�9ln (,91)

Oaniel BJ"ken ("87) 0 Su�<m ('67) ilnd John Banker

Scott ('77)


Mlldrf'd tlttlt,,Solodra

Bl!l g l und 0 Art,," and Ol .m:" Rcrgql.i'� t GI.dy, ('48) ilnd Howard (ler g\ lm LO


GeQl1}C!' Bcorg LH


Phil Betygren

Andrew ('00) lUlU JooHeco ('0 t)

St.'a\lChamp TImothy .lind

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aergt>ron ( 88) 0

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J(.ffrey Bauman


(�l'Ithl. 8atll!'Y H".ben iOI"d BE'lty Pain l a.4tna 8ililltlf Oa\l.d and Mddfll�int; 8ainl!'� Jeanrw lW.ird ('� l t1" JO,l'. 176) Judith ('62) jnd (j�g� ael,d Almy,. Qa�er L HUltl!"), Dllflk I ('85) 0 l l bl'rt Bo1kf'r l '''J''!Kt! Bltker L jc."Uf'� ( lSl) and DumUl ('8]) MIUldei lilld


Jack a nd Inez B erkey

,01,r1 AJ.('\\OfI " 15) "IIKi"l

I<; II\I(\Q Cut!! ( 64) and D;JrI Ay,a

Cu' BJom�al 1'8.1) and OIOlnne

l:,oml Beck- Q

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ltd. I

A\\Ot i"ted P1y'chia1tu,

Ronald ('59) and Elly Berg L Auhur Berge l

Ba,btlr.t 8f!<:ker 0

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Robert ('69) and Lmda Bpat'" 0 Ch""."" .....tty (''10) 0 t<oUy 8rOllY (-891 0 Kath� ("SI J and MiCftOltll

Kimbellv Brad ford ('94) Shel ley (87) ind Crdllj Bladley H",van.. ' BrcN..lne'1 l Ha;uld ('74) and Cl>oryl ('n, S,bd\haw Mary o"d Pdul Btad"haw �therme ('99 and Robe'rt

Brady M.!rr9.!IIt: t 6rahm ('70)

LJnda pll ond lohn Br cufhw;tl' e

R.egina Braker ('78) Gcoroe and )ockrt! 8r ammt'r l GoJdl d Brammer L M.h:1red Br.tmnutr


Otto Bram m.:r L OScar B n 'I"Ll Edlfh t.ut fir

linda ('65) <lnd Gary B r<Jnae 0 Bnan Ot.ndl Rlrharfi ('li5) .nd Brenda 8/imdt Ehk Brannfol'\ ('95) "!Id lcnnifpr Specht Br an n fots ('94' 0 lohn ('64) .and At1gel a Bra nnfon. lHQ

P.ul and L�Ii .. Br" ntner H Pau' ('82) �.. d Cofl illle BrOissey

f. O. Br.uberg lH HJordi", efdtibcig lH Jallel BraUJand ('99) 0 SI.nVM ilni1 Brute Bratl Gor otl ar1d Mtlrv Ne." Braun Q Yvonne

Braurre ('&0)

Dougl.a.s ,111d Julie Brauns Q Kdtbfyn B reat�..It:� J QWOil Qrl!'iI''''Q l EII�n Bfetl("n 1'69) Q Jan �nd PnsCllla Brf'� ke l B ren '$ Alignment & Repail, Int Burril l Bres.t:1J m1 H Myrtle Bre\emann ('41) LH Ruth Btttt h ri m ('8t) and Grant A.nt..'flg Nhctlllel arrd P.llllt"Ia Breu m

Coonifl (77) oiInd Cr.lrg Brewll1gton 0 Gregory .• lrI d thy Brf"o"\lls Q J A. Bucker ('56) LO Judy Brkt..e l l Chrhtinol erl�ton ('71)

Rut h 8rehl

Mrft&..It!!1 .."d

Vltglflid ("63) -md Robert

arie5m@l�td Jomf!1, and Dan iell Q a,ink l T�rry " 83) C1nd K erry Brink Q 8nn" & Sedler

flO ('701 .nd INron (' /01 amtrdm Stepoon and Hehm Botslo,d PIIOllip ('8�) .nd � .. n

Robert Strtt ('85) Q Arthur ('52) a"d '.tn (hob<lck

8@Ilnd. ('86) dfld RolJ.,rt ('84.

o Ft.mlc. ..lid Barbatd Brocker lQ Milrk ('79) and Donna ('80) BlOt tr 0 Ryotn (' 96) Bnd Alayna ('02)

nU\'ld�n Q 0•• "" ('87) ol1d D.vj� (,a6)

Kathy (70) dnd Ltoy d SrodOfo1k



BOWl! Amy Bowe<> ('OS)



o {togt!1 6.rodr"llttl;. ('9/)



AN'" ('50) .ntJ June ('57) 8roe("l" I O

G.>ry 1'19) .nd Cynlh'a ('79) Brog Q

Rebert ('SJ) .ncf Co1'tnie- ('S4) 6rog LHQ GI.o ",• • "d Raben I,orn,oll A16n ('61) lind EI.ln� ('62) IJrooh LO � 1'16) 4'lr'Kt Mar,IV" Brook", H �il0 and

Mary Brook,

John Gnd �U\a n

L Scot ('74) and Kathy ('71) BlISl'f H

Br;ulley ('88) and Ti..ha 8 u�ey Palnt h ) ('00) ,l nd B radley ('99) BlJ�ir" Q Thomds ('18) and Holly Bu�Jdlk Q Gerald ('83) and LHQ John Bu�tad lH

limo,hy tw .and M art ha (']4)

lto BuUad l

Drool,a: MolIlufactu,u'u}



Comp.ny , Brpn.oI ('991

I.oy ('91) aM Ch•• Vi ('93) Brost Q

Cll1fo,1d� RUd Y' "75) Q

"I"""" 'rown ('OJ) Q

G.meU ('9 1 ) IIIl"Id ICriJtyll ('go)

8 rO\\in Q

lequ� BrQwn ( 48) .11"11.1


Rober1 ftrOWtl J.:.n (70) antS Odl"lpel 8rO\'.m -0 I f!ltr il1d illl1 8rQwn

(·91) .md jt'ff1t!Y Btown LHO 1(<<-nf .:10(1 Bt"lIflfly 8rown l.llu " 84 ) nd Boyd BtO'JJH Millon <.tnd Hlld� Brow" Rich.. ,d J!rmvn RKhard and UlfQlVIl Ihown Ru"�tI'II 8rOYm ('41) Si,muel itfld foJa.l h...lil! UIOWO L Sh., 'tie �'71) "'Id Tima1tlY a()WI SonJIl ('75) il nd D�.".d Brown 0 51.... " (,76) .. 1"1 17M SCOW" HO v,nU�rll lhown (0) H BfQWr"! ,II. 8rnwn In�Uf01n(e- of V/dl.I'I"'9ton, 111(. l B rown & ...., y l K.Ul letm Brownfiell l t I\fO�hP' .,n;J hmf1,fr.� BtO'Wnlnq 0 Belly ('83) .nd OoUjJlilS B'�nlH! !lrut.r W. (jilpln Memotial Foundallon LO �tanle)l "" � '.'1')l afUfl L Manu o!Ind Moritz 8nJeck:nef l

DMlen(' Buss

8uS tad l

Buterbc1ugh H

Don.. ('55) and Char l es

Butler Kenneth Cdrl But ler ('761 Peter Butler S.arabeth ('03) and Sle....e Sutts Howard Byt!f'ly l Mark ('82) dod Jo.)n Byl 0 Rose ('77) and R.rt aVll40d Q Kenneth ('89) dod j( rI\tin Byrn� 0

BruJlnl'r Q

lOui). ('SO) Itnd Gte"''' ('SO) B runner 0",,11. Or""ne, ('S6) LQ DaVId Bru\Co L

11....ld ('''l and Holen (,"3) Btl,lun

Oic.., ('1(,) lind M�I.u.. Brvan Neil (,70) M�ly AI I(f!: ('10) BryanT l.H

A. D�""I lind M.UllYIl Buchal' lH UHlfUft'1 fO', oIlII J O l gok ('00) Btlti1,anan 0

f.r"�dl IHJtllfJncJ( �

Virgin I. Bu,hlimk lli �toK)' ,'00) .nd O..." U Bu,hlkJlz Susan ('00) df'ld Bdny Buchmiller AII.n b\n� JO.,,"" . '"hQlz Wayne au l John ('58) and No""" ("59)

o.u,,' Buil l !tt M4bel Bul ! ('23) LH

Cha rlfoi .and Sit!!, C al ey

1r1� ('55) and Earl C..nnrnock lH

Su�an ('9'l) and R oge r

CamlJ.,tnt'III O D . Wayn� (.,9) atJd Jdnke r.:amp�e l l

('60) I m d M.rg�ry ('61) Ca mp lJel J I HQ Jonette ('8 1 ) and Bruce


Campbell Terry

('72) and El len lee ('68)

Campbell Thomas Campbell HI/oko Cannon G. J.lmes

('SS) and Carlene

1'6 I) C.pelit LQ

DanOlellr ('94) and S I eve Cappe IIro

('63) Q lOIS Capps ('59) Q SalT! Capps ('93) Q Gerald Capps

Philip ('B1) and M<,u.g.uet


Julie ('89) a nd Dd\lid ('90) C" r tile Victoria ('88) dnd Dave Carlw.n Q

Alan ('55) and lois Cdr/son Q


Carlson H

And'ew ('66) and Virgimd Carlson Arthur Carlson l

Dale and Jean C arl�on 0

Ddvid Ca ,.lso n 0 Df'nnis and Barbara Carlson Ca,lwn

B\lthngtan, VIA L

8ullington NOrthf'm Satlta Fe

foundallon U Of',.mn. aufn,·\ Keentf " 9S) o Mld Sab.nw Burton l I\�nnelh 8us o/IInd Mdty lane Onnal) O.mlll'l rS!)) at'ld JoyO.! 8"" bV



Cdrl son l

Evan JV Ca r l son ('45) Harold and Marian Carlson Harry

('49) and Violet Carlso n

H Herb ,lnd

lorrain Carl�on lO

James ('78) and SU\<1n Carlo;on Jarnes (' 78) dnd let:' Carl so n Janet Carbon ('46) lHO Jolm C4fhon lO Joseph Carlson ('OS) Q


.. nd P�ul

Robert ('7A) and P.1tnc.lI:t <"stoel O Morna Co""lIo \'OS) 0 Celllll)'\( CttII.St"$ l ku� lean ('66) and It. Will iam CitH,n Q

Robe" ('79) .nd u.. " 81) Crlulk.ITl'I Q Ollln"e " 61) ana Merlin �ender

Celrbr�tJon luJht"ttJn


East Weoalttle-e, WA Q RQbbyn ("S4) arrd S ....\J rd Crff'nln Ernesl C'SO} dfllJ Helm') ('; 1 )

Cemf:ntll'\a 0

Center" Elt'C1rif loe.. lO Moifl�lUl Ct!-nlko ('88} Q CefH ra l l..U1heran Chur<1'\ Aru::hnragf.'. AK LO Cot"nllo l u..t"er,n O1urch. Beilm9h,,1l'I, WA lQ C�r\lr61 Luthet'an o,unh, �ugen�. OR L

Cen" a l ltJl�'dJ' Clurch, 'olt land, OR tQ

amA H,lI I

O.;ll1iel crntdbum ('82)

Douglas. Owtnbl!!ff..", C'8n and Lori Cornell "S'i} Jame\ �nd Eliot Chamber t. Chatrp10n Intern(l1ional Corp. L Diane ('81) .,,,d Rogf'! C"'amusco Q -.1 I.,. ('tIl ."" Ully C�"" l WJlh d ('74) �nd Mdgqll! C1'-oJn LO WIng oind �pll,� Chao Q Ct.t.l.y (,SS� Jlnd K thv Ch.t1�e Q Oa'ol,d t'M) arid MdrCla t'71) Chanr"t! l 'ihlltOO Chiln� ('OU ,.I<rey ('Sl) and �oni,. ('83) Clwndlf.. r

Manlyn Carl�on Mary Carl\On l

Wl'to.d4!l I l'Ilid

Q Stephen ('83) a,"O 5ta<y ('83)


Cll flSoOn o

$6,20 1 ,256

Foundanons $2,849, 743

Parents $4 1 5,388


D'�n� Cassitfv rOO)

Jul ie Carlson ('77) le\'w11 an d Fern Carlson

CilIlo;.on lQ S,",pila (" GAl i;l nd LOnt'y Cart�on

S386,727 ----�


�.�I(I.., �.:tndter ('61) RuIn O\o>ndl., r18) l �u .nd lYl10fTftC 01411(11 r T.mothy (70) and N.""V (7') Chantlll!'

�n .,nd Ju ani t a Carlson 0 P�ul ('GO) �lnd M ary lou ('59)


Reh910us orgaruzaooDs


!.4ndr" C,4UIt1etIO (0101'

FOUPdation �(1( l

Crl" 9 Cammo ck ('9 1 ) lO

E l izabeth (' 87) and Timothy


Ro"alci S'eI9�rwall tHO Rldtd,d ('56) .nd �Io .... ('56)

Cammarano Bro(h�rs Inc l

Ncmcy Cameron (,64�

$2 1 9, 2 1 6

Carson M><"..I c..'>OO r741 .,,,,

CamIlle & Hent" O,eyfu:i

loui)f!l Ul"\dgren

funo" "I'd I.c:nraine Buntain

Burhfl()ton Luthefan Chuf(h,

( JOI tQ �"Iph ('62) and Joy<� i'6l) CArr Wilham Can ("51) fhoma1o at'\d Joanne (�( May CAIP-II ('tiS) Q 8 G. e"rroil LHQ PalfKt .jod �Wt Cirroll Ralph C:,,,hddM> 1'6£1 H Oavld I'�) and Kam.",," ('90)

Tefe\a ("q1) .nd Pa ul c:.}C'y Jam� r7S) ilnd Fr .f'Kof't (.uh UihfM'fe- Valley Ba.nk L Robert .nd Eva C.upl:! Stndn ('72) dod l&' G.npeI'iOn

Cdlsbn'k H

Da\l',d C.meron f61) .:'Inti

ThomoH Bundy l

M, Idre<l BUfChlicid L �ilnef1e Burford K.nt and LJru1� 8U� u Mar 8u,gl (.,�) 0 K.l ly lu. k (�) S. Sc:ott ( CJ3) df"Id Mf'fiko

( sal Ana j()tln ('an Cttrf

IC.dlhryn ('SOJ


Dorot hy ('49) an d Geor<,;le

Mautl('C! 8ur(.h'�ld L


Frank lin ('74) and Sdro ('73)

B i rgit dW1!1I

0ic.. 1 lui, 1.

Pebe<u 8u,'" ('/4I LHO M�ry R.ulchak l Bn::m ('] 1) snd SULlO ('69) B"'(�I,.ld 0


ludlt" carr

Patritl.:l .a nd WlIIltHT Ctlldv,el l

Peter dnd Pimt!t.. Ccllne

Other (mcludmg government and public gramsl

Shleld, O

A,nflif(.Jr,y I. Natural GM (orpol.llon J Beverl", f92) .1nd P.a...1 (MOO AnN! ('611 ,nd Th"",., C"",


Otller organnanons $ 2 1 5,223 --------.,


CQfU�� dYld .and �ndy C"lll'I Oavti ('65) and Parr101;''la (aN"V Cdden<e Desi gn S ystems, Inc..

Summary of Contributions

CAlfl.)t em Co Foundation L. JIm and tamt!V t. W"Y"f! carp and Pauld Ufo

lucl1<t Bustad lH Ra:ph .'Jflod Kclthl('('n


Mthut 6rul1".J lH ch.rIes ('bO) .nd ta""

T d f74) and Wendy Ca.l"", lhomd\ Cd,I)()r) ('65) lti erf'W'-r and Vfff1t>f Yr*�n LH Thl!odor'� ('SS) .nd All.or. (">n CArlstrom L1iQ Otmdld ..nd Matty Cdrfy'll" L tjavld ('10) ilnd 80nnu!'


Chooev " 6'1) al..flche Ch,.ng Oit)O� ('69) And AM;t\drd ChepmIJII

Cllarnv USAeom, I.LC Ch.lrl" Me-frlll TnDt l ThornAS ind Janie. Ctl&'lei Cnartf1. E CuIP"l'�f I'ound.uion l

5cott " .62) ant1 'fanry CIIII�tston Vic" I ('90) ;)nd [,,1'1 ChM\'" Q

Wlrlllie Chd.!t1! Bradlt'� ('93) an d fllnbe1h ChatfIeld

,Allison Chaumell ('95) Jun ('92) and Jeanfll� Ched Q l..lwrence and �ryl Oleek Qw!m-.Nuclear Syuem$, Inc L

laurel ( 12) and Stcph n Chentow Mark ('82) .nd Asha Chesnutt

LO Ch�r onTe,l(dco Corpor ..tion LQM Chev,o'1 Fr��h M<'X

CiayJe Cht'W

thdtle1. ,lnd

lop and SuUtn Chiado ct'IloiIng Chjng��uo Foundation

for I nt£'r nc'ltiol1i1 1 S<'h ola rly

Exc.h l

Carol (77) i:"d Alan Ch i kol1!l

Chilrles and Judith Chinn Mftlvl n C hi n n ('71) Helen and <hun Myung Choi lUll j,o Choog {'02) Chmt Epboopal Church, Tacomd, WA Chri st luthe'an Church,

f..rn.d.4I�, WA Chrlst lulh�ran Clurch, u.k{! wood, WA l h,...1. lulheran (hurrh, Ode..., WA l Ql,ist l.uther n Chur(h ,

WA lQ ChriH The King lutheran Spokane,

Chmdt MlhoiH=reewat er, OR L L i l l I.. ," Chmlensen


Au" ('{j 1 ) and Claudi.l ChriUenseo 0

5.lndy ( 14

a,ld Dun


Walter Chrinensen Est dW {'28i


Cory Qvi'W<ln ('�O)

0 O"JVld (,S9) olnd An Ita ('59) Chmtit1n lHO

Don Ch" ...u,JO ('SO) 0 Rhoda Chrtstla n ('71) LO

Burdette ,'S7) and" (,00)

Chrklla",en Q

Carl ('13) nd Kilthy Ch,istiJno;en H EttwHd c and


Ale ne Chr btl"'l\en

AlWIn and

1("lm.. ChI"I-,li,.mgn

lil>W.,d 1'56) .nd Vomit. ('681 OufstliJf\SO" LO 'oh" ,nd (.amI,. Chml,anson PouJ ('64) and Jan 1 chf1\tm.lW JO.Jh O'lri�ln.tdlt ('84) C tlaulKey Chri\loffcJ$on ('50) Q

Mar"- ('SA)

an d N,metlft

Chns�Qtfe.. son 0

Ktl'\ Ctod PhVlb,s Chrkloptlenon LHO Chnstophenoll·Soze In$\.lt4tKe

ServIces. Inc.


111mb 411L1 MY"\it (hUrCh Patricia and Phihp Church!!".,. o ..vid ('57) .nd Vlvldn

Wdlldm (Jth.n�t ('94) Q OGNA Foundattqn OM

W't�I,.�, M�tthlng

('JJIt PrOO',lm QM The CIT Group fOlll'ldat ion, In' OM Norton Clapp l

Richard ('59) �nd l<1itlhf�fI Ann ('561 Rogtl ('66) and Ot'oIfU..'"d9� l

Dontlld rOO) .nd Jean a•.,k

00"" ('5)) .rrd Chorl .. aark GIf!nK:1! CI.Uk ('70) peu. Clan (186) 00....' ('044) ...d 8.rlw•• ('44\ CI rk LQ �cnald and MollY Jo Oa,1I. Sherry Clo•• ('89) IIlk" Cia'. and alII ey.. Sue CI.;lrk� ('11) .j)� RONltd Lee ktnn"h ('14� ./lind ldulll!' ('14) a.ry O

'OSLO (87) oWld Oaudio


Dam: Pl.I


MMgaret OavC!'Y l

W'II�m (I.wv), I

Mtt.hl!lIt Cltlllcnte ( 8S)

Glendo ('57) and Roben Clemon).

Deb,.. ('741 .nd G,09O'Y Cll"t( L layd ('SO) ond Phyll� ('54) Ch:!Vf!f1 0

Debor.h ('8G) ."d Paul Cloutier Q

B1 [ dena {'B6) dod Da.Jl d COdte


Gordon Coatei ('54) l HQ JO\eph ()nd Ma. gene Coates HuJda CQ(cH'Iower E\tale l H

Bd(ba(.) C()(h t an Ken' and Bonnie Co<hrane Ron.ald (' 7�) and J."lt(> COt'" 0

Harve\, and Jinti Coffm"n

Slt:ve Cotllt dnd Jat kie Ciolll Tammy (' 8 1 1 and Kend4ll

Colburn Q Oougl0\ ana 5cmya Col em an

Etlt'rfl .lrld DornI.tJ Coleman Kristina ('96) and RIChard Coleman Gene Coh" I

Chm nr\"I


$1 5,71 6,953

Oo... ,n P ,� SchoOl O+\ulr t COintwrde Labo�atoftr' l

leslie Coll ar ('68) Q Ernest ('48) an d RIJth ('5 1 ) Colldrd lHQ

pJ:ul Co!l,ard ('82) l�

Cathenne Ann Collins ('70) Q Dilna (0111111. Jam ColUn� ('72) Q John ('76) and S�vla (' 17) Col 1m' lO O.-.""n Colllns-VitatH t'9S) and

Phillip Vitale Q Ddvld Coltom ('83) LH Nancy CoI'om (,8'i) L ROfUlid (,61) dod Barb.Jl a ('61) "'Itorn H

Pe ggy Coltrin ,'87) 0

Columbta BankIng System. Inc.

I Llrry Com!'!f Juli� Peterlen-Comfort ('S3) and Davif,J Comfort Commullity Foundat ion of

New JC!rsE"V

Fauudallcn of .'or1h ell,,11al W.;uhingtiQn 0 thle", ('76) and David

CommYl,i ty

Complon Q



Te-rh�09 Y

Co,porOltJon l

W PO'M'Ji Cone L 10 Ma �Qn Coney

csrmelta ('89) and Rolph


Kathi Ann Conner ('92) Q William Conner I Conne, Homei Company I

Dan and Hel!!! n Conroy Co,,�o rtiu lrVJdva ncem�nl Of Hlqh� , Ed l

KEY COnUll'lef Carp at AmennJ,


SulJ).ldi.llr;" of J..,ffe<1OI1 tj,murfn L (ullin f89) and Mal" (Ofluno

o EloJinl" Cook ('76) 0 .n .nd M�'y ( �I �UIl.n. r • C!)ftk 0 JarM1 (4) .. " d 'OoilA' (oolt 0 Rond ld Cock , So, lQ Cool:I6 Iry" De"gn tlf Joh n ("&0) and Mary Cool.,. 0 eruc� Sll a"d C�rol Coope r o Kt;':lth .md L'IlIn CQOIt3"1t Q Sarah JI".]n ('14) ,md Ge<ofQe CQoper O k'i(tln ('O t ) "n,d Chrhlopt'W--' ("97) Coo\le,.t 0 Auth ..,td Ln C:Dpenlla!)�n lMO 1\'1.r Coplen (" 6�J 0 lane' CoPI>M\ (189) WI'; .100 hl.d .. urb, dgfl Patriaa t' t8) 4nd David Cordle1" Po,o. Cor'nnn (76) () J(rnp.elh ('S]) ilnd Ocmully CarliSi. Don�ld " 58' und JQAnn ('$91 C"'o"1I LQ Donald (orn.11 L

j\!ttruy ,".as) Q,nd M"1fIG Cerne-II

o M.. )(ln� Cornell LO PilU' MId f.loy Comel�n L COHlet'\tnflt- Advuon.. IrK

Ch,;u"Ut:" CCl'nlEltt (75) Q Jube ('93) and Jeffrey Com'�ld Ctbor" h Corm'i (?lJ li a.,h (71) •.,d Phil """'�h Cl Corpot6hon Fe, PublK

Braadt.nlJn9 L

Andrt!w COmglul (''91) 0

c.ost(C WI� CorporatIon

QM WIHld"l .lind Loh Co\Hne Q Thelmd ('52) and Ge:Ofgll! Cosllt' 0 Am."ria " O' j ,")tId thm:t1pl'1er (ote VI""I..-n Cotten u.vef'Of! COlte1 J.!me1 arod C\1 ..ulene toult.CIn wph ('57) �nd Glorld i.OIJIIlVt!r M,rwf11 ecw." ('66) Sally Cowan ("7J) dd)lton ('8.8) <!ll'ld c.:.mmy Cow, Q Sar:ilh !'B6) a,,(i CJi.rI em Anna Coy l"fI6) 0 D•.,,� Coy I"!IU) UrK.� ("'38) and Milgd.tlen t Coyer David Coy.or '"95) 0 Jan ',·) ('6<11 .lind �\nn 4'64) Crabtree lay Crdig nJ7} and Mary S.hoo� I Ida C'''r'le l

lame'S (la) find D!dnna Crary Drld" r�' ) .nd GWt"n Gutow,Ctaw1lJrc!

{'92) LO

t1ll1odh rmd R.rt Crf''l 0

Rob(!lrt ilIld iI(,.fltll!tt)1 Cri"5D LO Li"dn (J�� HQ I(.UI11 l_ NI �' ''tll' dnd M...IYI� Crl101.ere 8i'1rtmr,a ;and JeUtr CI(l<\."" aelh Cropp." ("OS) Q Chtmil1fO (,�,ft

TnomoJ� ��nd T.anl(1 Oonin I E�WiUd IIno Mar i l YN Crmb'y 0 G,Otthrn CrrnqroYe ('Qq CrQU of d"C\t lutheran Qiurth. 8el leV'ut:'. WA l 'Atlndld tlnd Vdn� Crowl!

•.wI Crumbiod,.. 1'7�) L,""l Cubbioq� 0 M.m(ipi " tl6) tJnd �yl...i. ('Ei6) C.ullom ( Munro

('SHunt! fi'elke ('81.


A"I&� ('/0) o1i\d Lm,wll (!JI ....N CUNA. Mutui'll ln«.Lrl1f\(� Group Charildble- FottndUUOO. ,nc. l 10011 ..oa Ctrol OmIt" 8niU) ('8S) al'ld Afdyl f86) ("fll. O Robon /'90) "rod V.. ",,,, 1"'1{)

ClJfCJ1. L

Rober\ rS!,»� dJ\d Vera Curt� Q

Ell nbeJo " 81J) ,:Hl d Jack


Gteg and Mbrg�rel CtJshmllJl

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Jane Ely

trl10l nuel I.UIt'if!r an Church,

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Professor s gift helps theater students hone their craft even after retirement Theater professor WIlliam Becvar taught asplIlDg

hlJrch, North


FaUh Luthet"'11 Chut(h,

Shelton. WA Q Gary t'SO) ilfld MdrilelJ! ('80) Faille t) Bradley ('79) and M.tfl�ll.t ('80) F�lk lH Bry4ln ('7�) .net Mar1i Otamlt!' f.llk ('91) Lynette Spra9�lk ('81) .tld M!1 Fillk

actors at PLU for more than 30 years. But even

Multi' ('50) and Ro�rta ("51)

when he retired ill 2003, he knew that his Job of

R..Jph und Sandy F.JI�enberg H,,-rc)4d ('S1 ) ., n d Mlrr ant

prepanng students fOT a career in theater wasn't

fuushed. And. with rus recent gift to PLU, that IS even more the case. During his years at PLU, It always bothered him that his students never had access to a script li brary - a stand-alone collection of theater scripts that aspiring actors could peruse. So. bade in the '80s when two rooms in Memorial Gym were clcquired by the Theatre Department, he made sure one of them was converted to hoUse nothing but scripts - and be ava ilable 24-hours accessibility,



day for theater majors. "I wanted qUICk

students can walk right in, sit down, grab a

script and start re ading." Moreover, he began a campaign to make sure the library was populated with current scripts. l ike H

Angels in America" or " Proof" - not merely the old classics

from masters George Bernard Shaw or Arthur M iller. With the Eastvold revitalization campaign beginning in


�al lstrOm

Robe rt nil)

FolU.i ram

Ilnd (onniC' d

Rebt'\.cl (,79) � n Mike Fann Rl»lI lyn fannin (,63) H

Karm ('91) aod Wdlter ftlflTtf'r F.,nmcrs Gro up, In(.. l fcirme('S Inwfill'Kf' uroup I R,Chilrd and Kathleen Farner Oun ..ld lind lellnice Farnham Margr�the ("6 1 ) and Eugen�

rUHnttOI1l Q Larry and Sif"dra Farrlfworth O� borah ('Ie;) ..rid Andr�w r.urell K.tthlePn F arrell and BrYl.e Will & 011 I nL Ct'nn,s ratland ( 6 1 ) xott Filulknt'r ('g1) .nd Andrea It'nz

Maricn Fdu-"k.e Q Jul'4n� rdWcrU

louise Fol)Ip. O

Oonnlt'. (163) an d CI1arlti feddr Janles ('66) and Ka thy Feek LHQ Oalene

('1" JntJ )t.1tl Feero ()

John Fold"",n" ('82) LflQ

l i brary wi ll be moved to fastvold, part of Becvar's S50,OOO

Luther Fendl�r l

lCathefiM Fendt.t l

('68) ilnd M.ullyn ('IO)

gift. Mo reover, he plans to donate his personal script library -


valued at S8, 000-S 1 0,000 - when the structure is finally built.

flit! Mae F en n (')Ij) l ThOrlliJS ('68) ...nd Katherine

he said. What does this mean for PLU students? According to Becvar, the answer is easy. "When students have the chance to read the day's scnpts - what's current fight now - they are so much more sophisticated i n their craft. " he said. "They are better prepared. because they know exactly what's going on outside PLU. "

Fenn Q


Emil, ft!J ..... ('OS) 0 r.lY rcnskft (74) Lolllfit!' .and A. Fcnnterm.xhfl't Pa ul �nd o,lit FNqt<n Boyd Ferguwn lH £nme ('44) and ClintOfl Fe-r9I.1SOf1

Chn� arid Paulu" f- ergUYJn lO Paul (71) ond "', ry ('7<) F(!rgu\ofl

Rohert F\:!r!)�n ('53) 0 Tlmofhy (ryg) lind 1�, te:ffl n Ben and £aria Ferry Fest{ ('6Q) l Gefdld Fc-tz (,66) itM Sail e xott

('13) and Robert FeuLhl


Ke(l�th .at'ld linda Fialkow..k. i




Ant luUlefodH ChInch. ""nrM!Wl<k. WA L rir,-. L..ther6n Chufch, K.tdll ." AI< LO Flnt Muttl.,l Bank I riM 01 RKhmQfl<1 I ulhcran (hurth Shur,. l If'l:!, Judith fm:h

t"o.1" lc•• AnnC' "�"1) (lnd frt:d f�tu;>r

Rlc.hard ,1nd E f Kher t lovf" f,\(twr

DdVid ('49) dod Itet't-('49) " r ol FIsher

VP.l'lfqe fi¢P.f l Jamft.nd Joyct fl�hcr PaUma f1d"�f " 76 R\.bt-f Bro,)(jCMtjf� �p..tI\V l Pc3U1(i.a r "k �.J1 Roch.I� A", 1'S4) Lfl kI..nne ('/3) ilnd Robert ml9t!! f-lld

Oafll'll FI'btd� (,82) 81nd

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t<.lu·�n Fot!>'ythe

Prisulla Fortin r ( 'Sll D.1\11d and lll,lrrn rodlf.'n Hdf1ry J-O'Ss L Julian F�' l F03o�ll r Qundcl\l(Ml I K arl FflSser ('99) Q D.u,l(>1 ('88) and Tra<.ey fOSSa o (·57) fono Q Donald ('iM and Fossum Ann \88) and Jelfrty fo'\. I"r H

D�n"l" ('82) and Jefh�v Fouer o Ramel ('91) .nd Kellv FOSf(lr RUlh FO<" 1 ('7 t) 0 Ruth ('88) and David ('88) foste, -Kuth Q r�tJnda1k>n for Intf'mjjuonal SerllK.f!S, Inc, l roundaliOl'I Northwest l K alht�n (',*,) <Jnd S I \len t:o unt <lin Jl:annettl!! fow ler

Sara Fldten

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EUubE'th f l llnc;, H�.IIUl S�IC'm St.

ph M� dic-a l Center l


BElIV F.,J1.., t.Q

Paul Fldtfln (,6'5)

Pete. and S�ndr a Farrow

fasf lube

earnest, Becvar's vision continues to bear fruit. The script

"I have purchased Just about every play that has come out. "

frjl" l firSt lUthe.fdl' Church. Bothtll.

f,ohcr LO Geo,� ('60) "net

f.o�t"Sl foundAtion L

Nor-man FQ("� ('S8) 0 ROMI t ( 44) ,,,1ft M.,rjorle Fotn�s. Q Motgdn Fo" e.y ('04) 0 Dona lct ('59) and L FgfWTTan

Oon<lld ( ' 51) ."d MafgarE't

'I,.conway luth�.tn Church, Mount Veno." WA Q f Int Intel'11.1t� Bonk 0' \VA


Aeond, OR Faith L.uth�rurl Clurehi 'SeiIttlc,

(on(lI (' fordy(e Foremrnt Da i ry Co l

Fr.nlto F,sh PrOtI!..K.u, Inc. F�ank Murphy Trust lH

Pauli"" fnmklin l fl"i.lnklfn Pif{U SchoQ' DI�tric t ,402 Tim <lnd Chefyl r"nk. LQnn� ( 9Cj) rlnG Robe!"t ('96) EugP.f1� .and Clu-rnine Fre�ler

G IElnn dnd Helen fralit:r Julie ('89) and John F razter Fled 0 MUl'nu:he. & AuoC l

Caroll! �r�ri�son ('tr4) Q Craig Fred,Itkson ('90) Q § r.mlt!y ('GO and Dennti.e ('64) Fredriduoo

Matk ll!!l\' C'Sb) ,ulC.J Rowrnary

('OO} ft�e-d The Frp!@man foundation l Irvin Freeman H Michael ,md G,-etcne:" I tCtCtnan Mlchphe Freem.m ("98)

J I..I(lII'\ ('60) �nd Sllnd ra ('59)

FreiWleim 0 Ma'9 <u!l1J! ,'84) .loU u1tgorv ('] 1 )

Jo seph ilnd Kd!h ryn Ftl!JtdS

FfttnOUw Bepy and Rlc!lard French CDrl� r ,,&O� and Marilyn ftenc h Q


Charl� ('79) and Judy French


..lid Marilyn

Paul ('6:n olnO K.1thlf:t!U

Etlis Frf!nth ('�5)

f li.ltouu Q I!'m) ('6S) ,)lId a.,biiu

Fl i nt Jenmfer Frend1 ( 95')


Flmlng Carol flemmlllg

Kasey f"reri(h\ ('05)

AllU HtU

W,lIIatn and Uhana FnPf


M. JO$pp"lrwo Fletthet ('41)

Flett D�i,y l Cclfkm .. ('1Z) 4wd George Rink HO Jerrv ."d �ne-1 Rodin LO Andrew nood ('90) Ingrid 'lonr

floreO(e 8 Kllwonh OloiH1\iI�lfl FOUlld hOO LJ Sla(i t'�6) and M�lu.\ Fln��r'\ FlO'{ L ..lid P.)ul ' Cornclsen Charilt'lble Farmfy

Fuund.tllln L

Un " 18} anti HarOld F/o)'d

Malk ('86) .md Chaft'111l ('8&) Foe9


('Sn lind Paulo! ('bO)

r""ye LO

(03) Rolwrt .nd H�It!n fugwt-ll leaune foley Ml d ..l. \'88l o"� � Ilh ('8�) IIlIIao Fogl.,on9


Phylainl! Fofwn lttQ

Be<ky t'79) dnd Gary ftH"l'''It,e J, It ('S5) .ud M.4attl FOOlt} rl!t1 tt ('82.1 OIJP'ld Ofmwln Forbe<i Oorwld Md B�rba�� Fcwd 0

Jaml!!\ an d Shirley ftllke 0

Fries D iana ('81) and Ricf\IJrd Frj Gaty "or! Margaret Ffl�dI

Frank ilnd Helen


�lC!'phdnlt1 ('96) and Ke:nnE'tth (".18) F,,,,,, 0 !:rlC}flfo ('98) lnd J.r nes fnt\Ch JQhn fritz ('59) Marjone ,'62) and Don.lld r rotiaod

From th� Bayou Q O{Jolne ('78) and Becky


Q'r Bank I

OJrl FfO\ t l Evelyn fton (JJ8:) l Sandtd Fr1» t

Karm ('91) .ntJ Dille Fnrehaof

Craig and Deannd Fryt1 1c­



( 78) and Susan

Edrl �nd l'lld. fu;ttaoi C1ciJf'I:' n� a nd Cynth;" rukumOto

Jennifer ('951 an d Ke-ith ('95)


Erin ('1)5.) and Mi cha el 1'94) Fulh)r 0

KEY ldmes Fu"'�r ('SO) and Piltritia [voy lO C1are(1r-= (,1m -LI('Iod Cil(ma Funk Rowod ('661 and An�It'!': runk LO Dj.-na C71) .and R,1ctl.l!d foqLJoiII Jao; .illf1 lah. Fu'&m�on Le�nnp ('7) a,� flhlilp ('?5) Fur", c. Otri'ili..n '·vntJot. Arid f(M!r Hami l ton LO


('49) .nd 1"9,;d (''18)

F\'f;;'" LHQ

Karen Fynbou ('n) "rid

W�Urarn mUnill' tlO

G G I A Publlutial'b In(. Olaf Gad"'IQ" Estate LM GfiKC: lI�d Inn*-.) GabJleken O.",d ('61) .nd Undo Gaenkkt

Jmenn. .1I)4't Tt1(rj 6aU1"Il"Y I

hil l eo ('%1 �tld waUam G.arim:y ('40) and u-o �tQut conoid Gail'''' 1'84l l01 le:.;om!- ('85} and Franto Gdl.llj MIJruaret G'Hbr"'th ('05) 0 �ll.l<", ('as) .f)d H.flfY

tlore",,(' Gahlll'9tJ


ailrv ,,51} and Norma G"'/(>

Ouant'l .n d �.m Gdl1

Leanne (,87) onn John

G.. UagtwN' Q tilfO G ...lld'1i1r'!t- LO (jt()(�lo drW Carolyn GaU Iway ,

Lli F't1 G.llle ('�I) 0 I(fn,,��h ('59), dnd Bdrbara �rnt;J O Helm ,,93) lHld J41000 u.mble AI!l1t Gammel Q Gennett CommUmflfl'\ Fuud l Do na l� ('5 ) and AU<j"" . r�1) ('wnnn" Llu ('87) �lRrl Jefftev ('SS, Golnur'lg JJC»e'ph ln .. (i.t,ib&to . ('74) Joan {'SuI anLi KffllC!'Y GunJ Q Cecell.8 GC3,dJ ill (,45) Q H(lbert d"d M.lh�n' GarGnet Ht!len Gd1Jj�, J�rnet and 'u� Garrot>tt M.fV f89� .md Pa" icl( GarTen S-t'I!!J." ('6n �nd �1l1" bMJ, Ga,rett LYII" G<lSr'1ef , ob) P,.tfK.lil G�I Q

Jame5 aFld JUUIU, (i.)tl!\ L MUdred Bef1l�n Gaul! ('31) and (I"tencr: G.ilul H bf"W'drt n6) and bitr�,1 Gi!lume o GE" FoLm"�IICn laM I. W.IIPI POl .od "'",l l yn I'IiRI Geart\iin lllOuhlS Gellj�rt ('86) I ""e ('.�) <lnd 10m .. GtttlrnrilTd Q RDger ,71) and Mdrtha Gehh.rd til

Milry Sue ('89) lind Ar1hul Gff Ral ph Gei'!TI(.@ I � 01r1"1"< ('�5) ..0<1 0....91., Getll11li1n Oaniel tTl)

tlnd Robin ('12)

Get",,· lorreJlm· Gelgr" lH RIChard anc:l\)' G� LH RobC!J1 and Connq Gei\lcr Chor .. (''ill) .nll c",Ql (''>1) Gt.·lcJ ..ker t O

Patricia ('6 ' J and OUan� E ,. G�m�f;;h'jrh Q G ..I)' dr'd KlIltn)' Geomar Mary ERIE" " GembtH ('62) �d WUII.. m G�bvJ GPfm of GaiiJ' GdlJi.'� Wor ld 0 GDoe pankey Motor (ompunv In� Q Gt"tM!l.U MIU� fOl.lrlcla� lC) n l Genefal Motors F<lund.nion M �N·nfl'1h and Sylvia G�ntrli Erllrra ('94) ojJ\Li ftlrh.ud (;eorgr' Pam George 0 Georgt' I Alden Trun l �gl.a r.aclfu' (orpotutlon I.M

Kathy "erli). ('9�J .ind Mll�el It.rrog ('1171 kula T,I"" G�rl. ('30) 0

Ke nt Gerlach lJtQ Cl,rt�1i "n Gerling

Ro bert G'rloff H


Wlllu.m ar'td Andrea Getnon

O.vld G<,IY ('76) 0 Al ber1 ('50 and G I�� C;er�tll\Jnn ii O

Christophe! Ger1l41t (' 87)

ICl Ann GlI!rv.m ('73) RtdI .ud ('69) a"d Cherie Gesl nqE'r LO Gelh'lemana Lutherarl Church, Portland, OR LQ David and Betty Ge,zprufnnner G�Hy

Ghotml�v ('48) l

H. Warr(,!.!l G borm ley ('49) L

Georg� Ghmn 0

John and Patrlria Gjdnn.Jnd .. � .�

Bruce a nd Mar9arel Gianotti Bert ha Grt:l!on LH


Robbin ('9S) .lnd David


('91) and Wi l li a m Gidding! lO Winfle-Id Gldd ln9� ('9]) Geoff ('0 I) and Ltlura ('00) ROt he-fie

G i fford

Gig H ctrb o r Scandinavi.lO Nordic AIMciation Arid:t (77) and Kathal(>en ('74) Gdbertson Gordon

(iil bert,>on Q

Jan Gi l ber tson ('65) Q Berthol Gil bertson Est. lH

Ann G II f'5 {'8ll Q fredrfckkl Gi1je

(fjc (''!I3) and Kimberl y ('93) Gill 0 George and MjrU�n CtjiL;m H .. her Gllle>pl. ('05) 0 Joan G dlc:tteScott ('89) d OIri..tine ('89) GlI lette Q

Stephan i e Gilliland ('91 ) Th oma1 (' 58) ilnd lind,jj (' 6 1 ) Gllmer Q

Rm:elle Gilmol�

aT1d A nhu r G,trnr.u-e; Q TI\elmil. G l Im ul ('42) l.O{in an d Ma,.,-,Joll Gfnthtol lQ M rdla el ("97> ,.md AnnfL ulnt:l

Virg in i a


Ronald (' 70) dnd Ingrid ('70) Ginl::r l HQ Oi anrin ('8 1 ) and yrl Giombettr Lucille Giroux lH Daniel (17 l) a nd Lynn Girvan Q

James ('6 8) and G eOlg11.l ('68)

Girvan H

Steve and Sharon Giul iiUlI

(.:tthf'hllto! and Da nipl Gi...r.n'i

Mkha(,1 Gi",em ('81) And 1Ct"ll y Philip Gi"�I1� Q

MargMet Ann Glawr ('S8) Q Verda Glas'> LQ

Fredericlt. Gleclwn ('66) Hildur ('6" ) and Steph('n Gl eaSOl'l

Gtc!l1dal& Lutheran (hurt-h, Seattle, WA L Gr etchen Glew (,40) Herbert Glk k l Kathryn Gli<k ('�S) LHO Glor&.l Di!i Lutheran ChUff/l,

COOl BaY, OR 0 Glodd Del Luttwran Church, Olympla, WA Q

GIOf1d Del Lutheran Church,

T./Jcomil! WA Q ')h er wood ('63) and JCilnne Glover

Jennif�r (,9 1 ) and D(m

Goch a nou r Karen ('62) an d Ulrich Goehel Jat ltr l and George Goehn_'n HO Wallace ('98) and Scmdril Goel ze r JeUr y and Karen GllE'mmel M II,J\cJlI!!

t 7 1 ) .ln d Pat n( ld ('71)

Gain Ca lvi n ('qS) a n d Amy G oi ngs 0 Phillip (-64) a nd Donna GQldbt"'l; Ott'.r�( G oldberg ('81) and <;if"�9 8atini<h Golden West Wome n of the

ElCA. BradV, MT

Phil ip Goldenman ('69)

Rirhar d and Br�"dd CiQldner Golchtone Lutheran Church.

Audyard. MT

Robert Gomulll,lewiu ("83) and An dl u L.H\On I I 0

PlIler C"rOl1f)dlOr. ('04,

wdli ilm and LiI)(ld Grtt!ne- Q

Garv ifItd Mldg� �ntf' 1 Dougl ," GOr'l)l'@" L


(.,.2) ilnd Sharon ('72)

GrE!l!nllt H

M6rth ... Gonyea l

G.... gln. Go"V••u (' ,QI AIi(t! Gonz ale-s 1'18) 1-4 O.nell. ('all .... AI.. ( II GonzaJe1 0 Good Sl1m.uU..n Hf'l'IhhCilre L Good �pherd lwheran Churth ,, 0\ .. B�ryl Goodchild j I<enrw.lh ,n(1 Willilllm .nd �aren Good«

Jdnf� Ciocdmdrt R ob l'fI.d Good now ('75) rfflt! Dantel l lpk.l e LQ p.. r anti Joel�n� CaooodoVE'r Q �m .. _lI rQlI Q David ('flO) and Kully ('00) 600<1>.11 Q

YIIr;mor Goodw.t4!r Oml ('69) and ThO'lRa�

GoodV\lln l<.ol. ('88) .od Alkn ,;o_n


M.nlyn \>ooley

NOHffif- Goplen tttna Gord" l Jay docl .ft'flt!' G0I1:1(1I1 Q Mark liord"" ('9�) Go�dol1 "tOWn A'i\OClales, 1m­ (jordon Thomas H(mr.y,"-!f'1 1 M dl�l1� PEtt fWn IS­ Daheim put I. Hdt:n 8nd Richard G"t�l!.Of1 Kilr1. and jllY Gotham 0 ShMOI1 ('85) 6I1d Gary Gorh>lm o Linda GOTing ('71) '0.111" ('1d) .and Jphn Gorrell MlIIgit and K�ntlelh G(KH:m

The Gottfried and Mary Foc.h'

FQW)dat�" L P.tu Sdm1tgfund·uOJl ('10) aM P�ul Got.! E:h!odIbeth Gould ('S2) M.rk G"ul� ('Qlj anrl l.lkf Ocbsoo·GdUld 0 AlICe G�iQ LHO

David {'J.4) and M.fgluet {',.} G reenwo6d LQ

WIIlt.lrn "'i d p"mel.

Cireenwood 0 Lorru Gr ef.! r ('43) L..H

l�re G, e er l.H

Daml!'l Grett hen ('56) l

Gutt oml (" 17� ,md Ingf'r Gregersen 0 ('64) lind Fril"� Cired RO" .Qld Gr�now ('69) IIr'1d M t'I r�a Coe-Grewt!nQw


lHO Anne (,90) and DoU9""

{jflbblt! Th.m.� G rreder ('8$) Gail cali} olnd Mal'lc <irief Q Davld Grtege.r ('84) 0 DQnH) GuHE'n ('86) Af.,.;<and'dl ('98) dfKi Gregoty Gn Hi1 1

Terry (On) and Sarvh .a Gnllitn ('07)

Tholn�� Gnthl�1

raul Gl ig�by ('86)

CI.f1l.-e Gnmltvtdf ('36 ) Rf("h�rd GrISwOl d ( ' S�) Q Barbara /\fin ('S-9} iH'ld Rflije' Groenvllld EdW.3rd ('93) and Kathleen <iroga n LHO

Thomas and M a r th iJ Glogan Richa,d and Lynn Grolbert Karl

A E. ('61) drld Sh.aron

Gro nberg l

Gran irlger & Co m pany! In( . I

Lori Gf osld nd (,�5 ) Q

OQll(Ild GlOSS ('6S) H

lor. Gro�� and Robert St i ven o Th�odor� G r at jo tVl ('57) H N orb l!rt and �ont"i:I GrQvE" H LOIS .s.wellson Gr udt (,8S) ,lnd Daniel GJ" udt ('SSt 0 Lisa ('93) and .11 k G�el lmill1 All IIn ( '�&) dnd Sharon Guhrud Oennis ('62) .M1d Shirl,,, ('63) Gudal

RUl t"I GO\llg

and U�.... Gu f1fher


�,,"' G6\i"l Govi!) ltiQ Oldn .nd \l\hlbi:HTI GOWt!.fl


.md Vicki e GuenLhl!r

1 . Olaf G ul br ilmen tOQ]) LH

Grace- Lu\ht!tAn O,UId1,

Cb!!hmerE.'. WA. L Grace L.ulllt!r ...n O1urch, Oes Mn,"�. WA l Gnt(if lutl�f.r'rl Chlltd"

Nrn n€:

(ilJlhitugen ("48) 0 cI

Guil inUlrllrie51 I n

"' ....' GUI"..,j LH Murl(!i Guruud LH

Peter ('7�) ar,d Md ry E llf'n (,77)

o Pameld Graham

GlIh,.ud Q Theresa ('98) a nd John G u mpert ThomdS, Gumpr�t ('71j and Bc)Onte Wi t rak LO H rlll1 Gu"by ('S8) 0 Lorr"rnl" GUndl'J).(!! n Q

Ol�. Groht\ lH


Wel111tC"hetr-, WA L Lal. ('S<\) ,,,.; ROOdl. 6,_,y

Vl'rna Map CilHldM ('6"7)

Anh!-Jr ("SO)

u.urerKe- dnd Dojhna Gr.ahiffl

Ciollrence <irah n LH

Mildred Gunderson H

Vickie' Grahn ('78) MdrgaU!1 Gram ('81)

Jon �'92:l itncS l("j Gro!lnd� 0

It,)ulU! Gr.rrW@" ('57} V.olly Gri,nde- ('�6) LO

Gtmf1anvn ('54) K.aJ thryn GunnerWn ('86) . C'81) .an d lana GYrlovkh o

Kelly and DJwn Gupt"

8.ltb�td (-7'2) tlm" Rl( lwrn Gn"'qui>t< ) nll:odore and Barb.ilr. Grall-l1Un! Oloo� Gr.otnt ,'"11) £sth�, GrOIn. LO I t Gene Grant L (i.fMtnlJl"er (onrultl'lnl" I"f l DOI.nJloH alld K"thufllW!

Ga rard ('6J) and Carnl Le<'

('S8) GU.JYhtm Glenn ('38) and Bt�'t!t ly

Gu� td'AOn 0

Guthrie Q (,1 H ant i Barbard ('II)

Donald dna Vic-ki D av i d

Gl.ulp.r 0


Gr ..nwn

R"""ld ('4111 .n� K.y Gr_" ..



f"9()) �nd Mary

GrofUl!rhnlr O Oelben � Shi rl ey Gl"4Juerhou

Kf'!I1dall ('8]) and Sheryll Grd\l.:!n Q

U'oS GtiiVf'fl4!ll ("19) H �na JUfl Gri!Ve'i ('7" 0 [)<)Vld and ki,lUll�n Gray 0 OOOdId 1" 6) and C.. <>l Plill Gray 0 Oofhlld G/rly ("5t;J lQ Jp"nmlr. dnd b.wid firny Gfi1�bD' EIe'r1ril; Cultlpo1llY, Int OM (Otnt1IUI1�t'JI Foundot tiQn


m :.nce ('16) /IInC! Klmbe:rlea !A... GfM:n LHO

FL1ymf:lnd ( '5- t) ","11 lU.1rme


�"ree:n Ol illllO'ld ftcKuffce Co I

N i na H C1Ag en n 1) \.. H D a vid ('6 1 ) and Joann!!' Su'>a n Haaland

lO 04Jniejle Haal r Dale ('89) aTl d JenM. fcf Haarr Q tatherlnto ('84) dnd He n ry HailS Dona ld H.J i 4U LH VirgInia Haas L H

Anhur ('42) an d Beatric.e


0_ J.a� Hil 6Vlk ('65) and ShclrQO Romm

Gary ("66) dnd K ..H hryn ('66) Habedank LH

Otto and Arleen H a bc dan k H CellH' n Hacker Q

lAura t1ackUadt JoJnl1ce Hadlanrt L

Th omas and Rubert and


Cvnlh� ('98) .df� Wrlha m Hltsafl Q

Oa!1iel l-ltlgedorn ('1)7} 0

G Beth H�UeOO ' n ('SO) and


IMlb Ptlf't1Qn HO

P�ul and St'tmtl HlU,l!man

Arnold Hagen L. B,en ('1171 .n� lu.t ('87) H"'I"" o E�n ('50) and LDt� Hagen Ev�1 H.agen ('59) l Jacqull'lif\C' H6gl!'tl LH ldcqw=hn� Haql!Jfl ('S1) Q Laurilae tllJ9l!lI

('75) LO

Nelrm.lln ffagC'n {14.:1l l

Wal,on Hoqon ('�1) 0

Rh on d a Hae ffele (' � 1 ) Q Mary liIIMe tf aemig

O�nnii ('00) tlnd Ciabrielt' Hampton Slop"'"I, ("31) dn" Hampton D aVId .u" 84rbar. Harnry lO K W, Han ('62) l

l\nd�ol H�qen·-A1f1dl ('�)

Vef(Il'H ('S3) clnrl Carol HdI1cC!

T, Old; ('31) .nd wah

J�tllyn ('94) drld Marc H.. nder Eline Hunili ('JG) Edna Ha n';:�f 9 t'",Ol CClot'lic �,an� ("81) Oonna Milt" "'itnl!!y ('62) ArlhLl t'\:dnSll!!N I.HO Cheryl HoiJnJ:en 0 O'\(li Hdl'1�n LH Dall!!!! ('51 ) and M,n llet Hnlt$en Ij Oill/ID Han�tn l (tIw.iIttJ (73) ann R ut h Hansen Fr�nce, Hon'a:n l F- t e drp 1< ('62) .and M an lyn ir�) Hitn.5e" J MI(hdel ('90) and CUroJ Hdn:i�n Jclrle ('91) and Shclne t1dnWfl Jennie Harne" ('34) LH Jghn ind Lal la Hcln:ien I<.:uen ��11) <lnd Richard

M,,,I. H"9'n." ('38) lit


Hagen�' LO CQrmy..- Hd�f Hartman ('6.3) a"d Allen t-urtm"t" lQ Mddo.,t\u 1't000ermiltn ('67) Q Rltham ('63' e»fld frrna H<lt}I!tt'l Q

Helen H"'19 l Lami:lr Hd99�rt ('$6)

Hal and EU" HJg!Jhmd Q

Caral l-faglpt ('93)

VicIO' H"9lund (" I H I Sytvl., Hagrpnnn (,56) lCar-.ey ('96) lind DaVid Hilhn Chur II!" ('50) and C.. ,ol Hal-met Fr dd I'Wrdl�

NO\IVeita TtaiSU'n l Ed\'It3ut ('54) dod Jal'l Ha�arnon Q

�vo<l ('86) 50d ..,nne M.l11� Hale Q

�ol H,de (,, 00) i10d Hi u, fY Mactadd.n ('00) waltef" ilnd Karen Hotle F,ank �.Iov Hi UY Boo (78) and �Ieve Hal� o M,<hael llf"lo Molly Hd(ey Q Non;. fLoley lli At.... " ('7"U ainti Elw HAi l 8e!IY ('97) and (\)arlet HAil 8d.n end Uosl 11,1i H alnord ('5fil ood Pmdl'" Hdli lenor(el ('n) dnd Gary Hall

'oe �fall (Jel l)

_. u l. 1i.1I ('OJ)

l'toMri ('81) and Ta,"tt,y Hall 0 C eo., (,OJ) .n� A.n. Halla�y

Ja, ('112) .nd Carrie ('841 f<!,IlI�

('63) snd �'lCInlq' Haller Jo.;at'l HdUey ('82) liIoc1 lhorn,u Egnew


Michdf;:1l l1ln(f Ma,y Kay

Hallman lQ

GAVI.. ('10) i'lud J.tln21 tfd,lfTK\

M(r.h:.Mt 1 (98) til",' D�t1.a lidlttlf K dr�n ('62) ",nd fred Hilltmtlr Paui 1'63) .and MarIfyn Ann ('os) OUlvor lO t lt!l@n kalVOfW.fI l Millon nalvout!rl lQ

Elling and B.rbar. H.'VOf50� l Mkhjll!!l ('SS) .l1d t;ln,bt'.Iv

Halvonoo LQ Theodore ( n} and Janice

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K.enlll!th ,srtd Anrw JI!I1SI.!n

l1ndfl. ('77) .ancl Catl JenSEO 0 MI�'� Jen'\en L

Rbbcrt and

'til n Jt'rlsen


'Susan Jcm�l!'� t

lhof"lAral(J hYu!-n E�· Loti\/(!n and VIl91n1a Jrhy lQ J(!'"",Uef (,�l' �nd Timolh.., ('''l) IrWIn 0 UOI� ( 57J and G4ry l,ajKRlfl Linda �76) And Thorn,,"

Robert ()l1n Evelyn JCI1son 5j111dr", J�k L a ' u H 0lJ\d fdWa.r( l Jerorfle Reb«c..J. 1l!11Lld Q P.ltk'e ('79) �nd DWigh t

lynn 1'82) aO(i Nancy kaaooo

JFR Fotmdation LO Aiduu'O .and GUlie'lOf! Jobst 0

IYfK10n 0

U;tj"� " 8 n of"d Str",..n lwak hid", I�.akoien

J�wson Q{y Jo�ms ('69)

KEY 10hn\oI1 PAmfl, ('qQl 4Ind �tJCJIa<i

�alma �nd Normoin

l: rl

Evelyn Jonamon

John o

J()h n D. & CII61ht1 ine. T.

MacAJlhur FOUndatiOn l

Jo h n M <iilbemor, FoundatiQt\ L

l W MUfvln ,nd Oelor�s Jon", o erd'U Jnd MI'lrIcUl Johnu'n Alan Johnson (' 60) Andrea John$oOn rOS) Q Anlhol\y Jrtd K'�lj Jo hrlif/n Anton ("5]1 .,ld \'<'do>l I ('SS) lohnwn 0 Barbarit J oh mo n

Jof,n Templfiofl fotmdatJon


Heath., Johnson ('73) Q

Be rllf Johnson L Bon;-a ('74) 'I1nd Ron Johnson Bruce and Ten! Johnan c.alvin ('51) and Ah{t: Jennion Q Cdrl an d I llIilln JohnWI1 (arl ClOO B�tty Johnson ClUhryn loh f)'f on L tld,erle ('Sf)) and Allen ,emnio n LHQ (I;tfo,d 1'50) ,,114 utyl ('50) JohnliOn

Odnlel (76) and Dar-t ('18J

lolmson Q

David ('67) tlno OCbfdh ('67) JohniOn ...

D.wid ('78) dnd Sandra


J hm,ou

Clarene Johnson' s volunteer time proves twice as nice, thanks to

oa••d ('69) oM Pd"Y ("69) lohnion l �vld ( ' 4) and Marlys JoMmon D Yld (' 74) and Unin · n 1) JoI1nson Q Dean dn d laVonne 'ot1l\100 LQ Deborah latl"son


Delphin ... (71) and L.l'INternCe

John�n Q Oino lohnson ('OS) Q

E, MLtrvlt"I ('50) and VirgInia

It has been a while smce Clarene 1ohnson '56 graduated from what was then called PLe, but her connecuons to her alma mater - and the friends she made there - are as strong as ever. �II was the best four years of my life," she sald. "It was good to all 01 uS.H

('48) J o h nso" 0

tliLdbeth Johnson ('OS) Q

Eif pa Johmon LO Ethttl Johrnnn H Fr"n(t� John1On ('55) LH ftoln klln ('6 6) md J oa n ne: ('69) Johnson GI�� Johnson Glenn Johmon ('55)

Grrq ('82) and Krlnnt ('84)

Johnson 's connections stay strong. She is a longtime

Q Club

the Alumni office WIth a half·dozen other volu nteers to assemble buttons, stuff envelopes or engage In tasks that " Nothing fancy, " said Johnson, "We j ust do things that need to get done. "

the campus community. Moreover, because Johnson is


service benefits PLU twice. For every 25 hours that she gIves to PLU, Thrivent makes an extra monetary gift to PLU each

It's a great example of how every l ittle bit counts.

Joy ",nd Gorden m nSOn


Joy ('60) olnd Robe Johown Q Karl ('83) anQ Toni Johruon I(antn Johnson ('80) H Ke-nne'th ("65) and fmry JonMon Q Kenneth Johmon (' 10 0 ICttlt ,,"d Pa L..lrrv

mela Johnson

fen JohO$On IrI T. ('60, and Sally ('60)


lIrS ("61l and ludlth ('61 ) LaVfmne and �r'\I'n lohmon

member of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, her volunteer


John John�n ('29) l Jooa1h.1O Jol1O\on ('ft9)

Johll)on l.Q

It's also a great time to visit with friends and connect with

..,,,""'" HQ IItJth J,,"",on (" 7) Q

Cynth\� (' B3) and Kllllu!I-Pe-ter

Sohn. Joh""," ('49) SUe' (' III and CAt I lohmon 0 S\fian Johnson ('68) ftleodore ('GO) .nd M Doreen ('6l) Iohn,o/\ UiQ val(\r� Johmon {'89J 0 Johnson & lohnson M (inA, '.oOnSQn Estc)1.� L Howald .)"d M4l11ne JOhllflon kid 'ohnuon LH II" ('94) .nd Greg JOh",too IWrt.. ('00) ;HId Cynt hl. Johmlon RKhard oind Sharon lohn�lon RUlh JOhrl\tOf\ ('80) a"d Ott.ld

A I;lert K eh

$(oU Johnson ('11.l1 Q

Wriqht ChdrrJUan lOf'dall ('6 1) L Jeane-Ue Jonl!'\ ('62) ".uj�1 ('B n and R(Wj lonni 0 Ka\hl&en JonfK l...Anne JCI� (02) 0 RO"clld and llndJ Jane.. Ruth Jon.. ("83) 0 So"y ("08) .nd Thnma. Jon.. Q 911t� ("S3� ilfld P,H1on J� Q Palll i 68) .nc1 O��nee JOO\ Q E,k JonJ.oltl (·5�1 LQ �.. ('60) .114 Ka,'" ('61) Jo<dahl LQ MoII ni" o(d.. ' &WU LH Pdlul ('561 aod fri�d,J JO(ci.tu


LQ DwI1)'"� ('52) af'\d Diane

L..a WI �r'tfl John-wn ('7 5) Q

�Of1 ( '56) and

Patricia JQhn'S.on

UnU J l)hnson <,18) LH UJcllle Johnson H

L�tfil Joh01on ('40) LIJ�� Johpmn ('78) Q Marg�J e r ite Johnson lH Mar-on JORmon (,46) Man." (' lol) nd Denni� John"on Marlene ('88) 4nd DaliA



Erline) II.. 1'39) and AagQlll

tl� nd l'hom.H JU'(lk

Usa (7Q) and Timothy K el ly Margdtl't K fly

MIf:hael " 83) <lr,d Joni

Kemmer e ling ('94)

PriSCilla Kepler


ms Q

Solvei9 Kern" ('5S) 0

AI.... o "-g.l", (''''') Q lynn Kahlt' ('75) dOd Debfil risen (7S> MiT'''''' K.II.m Q David ('80) on.! ILtlI. ("80) Kang [la".d and DeIOIC!!!o Kilnnd� MOnly dmJ Gall I\"nUxowlu E�ika P..cjuano KJlrch ('86) and Kerme1h .e.iJrm Fhlabt,n ..rt Ui Gregory ('67) and Gattof r67) ""'I>9"dt Q "",I••n K.,r,oo ('60\1 And Ie IngsJev GrHne- Q Anntt Karol a ('44)


�• • nd lIrry Kf'P

F<.nk ("S�) Ind C.,ol ('531

David (' 76' dnd Kdthleen (' 17) Kerr 0 Laurence and Da r rene Kerwin


Key Foundation O M KeyBa�� l

Enllly Keys ( ' 00)

Ka th -nne ('7 1 ) and J ohn Kldd

Thorn... ('70) and BrenOd Kldd C. �ldo ('11l)

Na Kide !itt'Ph�n ('81) dnd Kirsten ('83) KJI;::nherger Q Paul ('83) an d !iharile-e KiHe

Wimtrt'd rildahl


Geof9t an d DOfot he-e KI en L K�nnelh Kiltn ('73) and f rancine MIltenberger Q a and David Killen 0 Blanche K i ('SO) Clnd Cli)ud Ethcn Dong ('6 1 ) 3nd S on Kim L


i(.tr".NOiki LQ

ol\�1 ('68) Q

CJ1uoH i'54) <lnrt OoelQ,.r\ ,'52, Kastell�

Momlyn Kdll f51) JanlH ,-53) .. tid lee �u'h LQ Raben ('00) nd K,kltn ('00) KavOt1


Ke>:Uy HO

Gum end LaCinda K elly

Oarre-n I(.�b\ ('96) Q J.a me'� Kerns ('$ 1 ) Q


Dent.of� ('54} dnd Gllll I(HS t1

IOhnson Q

Ridlard and Linda Kt-Uev l

Br4an and S�an Kelly Co o n (71) and Ethan

RosenlJlr y Kent'ledy Odvid Kent ('53) L Rkl'\ard (ln1 ('S8) LH

r391 IUHJltMen L

PhylI" lut>.o." h ('5O) 0

NarcC'n Johnson

l m


Kenoedy Q

EII�n Juhl June- .NJ JIJII.sI1 Fnu

M.ulys Koty F60) .1J1d Frank oh an Meg Johmon 0 MIldred IOhMon L M1riJjane ('70) and Ronnld


o a nne Kcnl1edy Julu! ('S3) "nd JoI,, " Ke"t'l1I!'dy KarJeen ('&3) and Bruce Kennedy L Keuy ('74) und Beth ('74) �ertrledy L Mlt:hilrl clOd N�dia Ken nedy

Judd ('OS) 0

Rorco Ind Rngerlie' Kd)' Q

Kari t<el ler ('02) 0

Urry Alnd K ar " Kelle r Q Robert ('SS) and Be ty (' ';8) KeJ,*" LO Stevfl1'l K�lIer ('86) Q E,hz... beth Kel ley L Dolores KclldY (,86) btelle Kt.>l lpy ('82) lQ lyn n IVId Jaffl�s Kelley Palrn.i.3 K�lley L

mm r

Jeu.:'pt'twn r..,&n. Joubert 1'90)

Phl",p .md AII< KOYWI HI Unda K'edtil"llg ('11) O..,nol 1'74J dnd Ru�;p,1 keatQr'l Patricia ('57) .,wi J4tt1Wi �t dtol Howofll K...k ('I�) 0 "-"ltn.!!1 ("81) �nd Gt.oolgrnol

Jotln\on Q


ant.! Barbara Keller OarrL041 ('74) dnd Kathleen nO) Kl!lIt!f Gloria ('54) an d Walter E KilUer


RI(bard a nd Carol Kemp JohO tlnd Barb.), d Kempe D1 ro l ('69) and JlIme.. Ker\oedy CyHlhii ('8 1 ) ItInd D.I!Illiel

liel� ('621 and Ltny


K eirn

Betty Kf'itfl ('5) L OQIl.ll d Keith ("'54) l Ann Kf'JIE"her 0 Ch.trflh an d Kathleen K�n (!r O.le ('53) and loan (''-31 eUer

JlIhn an d Pam Kemmi(k

John Ill'ld Valblorg JorgCf\1t:In Stell. IMg'�n

tt!r [slate lH

Mlthael ('86} and Sa,. ('S7)

Kim K e

0 froe lorgemen LH JOffJ�",en


Kevin and

the Alumni office would otherwise have to pay for.

Roy ('60) a� "..,ttenne

Ru'-hatti Jung"untt. l

J�mes JOhnson

John\Or, lQ

member, for one . As well, every Wednesday, she arrives at

P�I"" and Nancy rohman

FOllnd4ttlon l Gla(� Jungkun11 l

Jo<l ("83) and Ran4t ('8011

There are also smal ler, but no less important ways in which

Pc.. 11 Jo',m.on L

Jam£'\ johnson

Regents, David is class representative for h Is graduating year the Brian C. Olson Memorial Scholarship.


Johnson Q J. ('sa) ind loan JO�lIl'Wn

and Brian, who passed away In 2000, i s honored through

are her three sons - Knut '90, Brian '83 and David '83 - all of whom attended . Knut, in fact, sits on the PLU Board of

Joh""", (' I I) Q

Paul {'Ill) .nd J," ('80) Jon"","


('61l L Jdrtf! JohnJon ('61) L ''l'Y ('10) <1M I �c q ueli nc. Johnson J�ffrey (76) and K.alh�rine ('77) Johmon LHQ IClon ('19) and Stephen

S h e h a s plenty o f connections t o PLU, not t h e least o f which

paul (·16) olnd JeHlel John� PA,1l



Michael ('91) and Amy ('92) K'm Young


dnd Pat ricia Kun 0

Melba Kimb.all L Alan and Helen Kimmel LQ

Andre,,-.. (' r-.1I and Larraine K ing H Bradley ('8S) and Jodie King Edwin King ('83) Q Kimberly ('91) dnd JO'ieph ('92)

King StevtJl King (7B) Q Suzanne 1\/ Thomas King

Va lda ('73) and Gundar King



M ntet I(mq Hunter ('81) .rtrl flobert Hur1llU

j�n Klnndnr.c," ('86) Citrol ('97) dncl (11arle!o J(,nll1l"f Debcf,th r4l4) iI"tJ JQie'ph Klfby

Il;)o� and AI.u� Kllk Syl\;.... Iti,kdxJ

!Cdren I(ft�m lf�WI

R I(;hdrd (,SS) al1d Devr:r

L Ruby Kn41 zen

Tim dnd CotCPf1 KnutlL'n Q Vlnor )(rutnn ('36) lH a,ril. K-nuU""" utifte L

Oebra Koch ( '99) 0

GI'Y clnd Ma\l� ()(1'1 l H

Am�nd.. IClrk� ('t)4 ) P"UkIlJ I(lr ·�·.·oOd (80) H

I( il lh erlnr KOC:h ('01)

FtOber1 " 79) and MI(.hlko Klul.J'l(]Ir O

Mmei t/(,{J) and Llv AnnE" ('60' KIWI,by lO

('64) Tl",,,,I,y (·1\41 "n" lh.t 1'84) K,IIII,by LQ Llro; i(ltltespn Ui £1".' lind W,," KJt'Wu: rnk and Ma ffi;. Kje mu M.ry (,SO) and It!"fft� Klillber IC:ell,,"lh tinct LcH\ K1otrtt1U\1 Ui IU!I�by


Paul lClav."o

Je",ne l tt} Koch {'461 l H

RObil'1 Koch ('81) and Richard Se�� lQ Wilbert Koch ( '52) lHO Ian a n d Man a Kocian C)utrlotte KQebel (,60l DQ,," ('54) ill1r1 PalritM ('56) 1<06')(l:t Q Randaf ('8'3) and IJtoboroah KoolJe

Curtis ('18) d'ld Mi<he.le ('78) KOg:er Q Ger ... ld (' 69) and Debortlh Knhler

C.rol f90) and Kenneth

Cynth iI (7&) lnd i Robert KIa!ln


Donald and Anna Molrlt Kli!\tl

�o... m� (63) "'lId Rj(hard Kletn LO

kJntrn KIl'in ('95) 'itepnen Anmony (8l end ColIl!fll 1(ll:!ln H.etmall af'ld Barbara KII!In!!r Ga«ian ",nd Edn.n Klett LHQ

Iod ('74)lnd a6rbvf"d Klett a Coody Kle" • ("m Glib rl ('53) illid Vi'ginia klew no M.rg"'�1 K "'In f14) William elnd lev klllw [){lrhlld ana £hi4btlth M.ui,m k,lInqun!oJ'l1ltM HO

leAnntl ,'8t)) Jn d Todd Kolb

M o rgt'ty �nd

Gt'f ald koU Willia m ('6.1) dnd Glori!l ('63) K olt lQ Allan ('10) olnd Mary Ko HCl r LQ Kfist.a ('8�) .snd Char l es Kellin Kon Tiki MIJW!um l

Lola Koolpy

Cheryl ('12) Lind Th omas Koon�man 0

('1£) Mild C.r1 Koppen BJrbd'd Koraodo (93) a nd Jon Br:rgliot

('87) dnd Jo hn ('84) Korsmo 0 Marie k onmo ('6 1) L




Mar IJt!'o&I'1 K luth

I.t-4Q W'llil,m Kturh lI-I OUitin rlS) Ah(j P."ta kt :tpp

OCK�tm and Jon K�pp (Jotl ('#jfjl .\Od K�" Klliqh l DoogIa\ (117) .nd A, len� "noghl I') R't. Knight ('69) 0 Dd!wl tU'd iCri1t1e Knodil!'

Ben Korsten L Mary Konten L

('08) and KdY KOYt1ocn


land Kowd tskl ('01) Q Neilit ('66) and R ichard KOll!,1

KPlU Bro.dcas Servlc6 KPMG Fo\Jndatlon lM

� Jone!.

Jerry KloKhl ilnd Jan i(

Held• .."d Br.d I(rwdt41

o C. Todd (,84) .,md ll'Sd Marie Kraft ate t'I Kraig and SUl.OInnr t< hnger Q Cynde-e Kraig er ('84) drw;i Brctt BUHI)- O Ftlchard ('59) and Na()mi ('59)

Sl1tll., Knopp

rred erick (md Eunice Kr.lnlc r

MMlJ.nel K.nodel

�tXqt' I<r .ltf L ...

, Kl10wles ilnd WOllam

p,. '''"m

GII.Y i.)Illl Penny KnOVallton 0

JuliE! tcOOOJ( ('89)

'S!I!!p-tlI'n f16} .md �i'lrf'1'l D W Knox

L".., (,81) '00 M..y (8t) KI'MJdw., M l.dutenle' C'/.1) ann Molly Knuck.en

M.tyLnu I(h"U$en

Krd'qer O Mary Kramer (' 7 1) t) Palll K..amel (' 19) 0 Rebe<"ca Kramer ('87) Robert ,md �hld...y K{amer H

.llh4!flnO Cnumon " &91 Mark ('70' and SUt! ( 70) Knutl\.Ot1 LHO M,.I¥,n 4lnd M lbolo t:nl,Jmon H

Cdrmefl KnUlHson !'§on G Mld\del rSl) and Debt".. " 9 1 ) kmJodbon

Roben ('19) and Marian Kr.llzke Q

Th(')mas ('75) dnd Diem- ftam Branl .and Mdry K rduse lln q., Kra e nO) l Sandra K,au�e ('89) lHQ

KomtllnlifW)s ('65) ftnd CoJlStdnce ('67) Krdvas Esler K'�l» Ken and Sl1erry Krebs

Richard Krebs 0

Oa¥id KmJl\On ("S8) Lt- IQ 0.. " 1'191 in(} lill ('110)

Ml.Il.arue (' i{ r("ige r

) and Keith

Denn� ('6a) and MOry Ann t(mlUon

lllli.ln Knllt\'oo L

Lowen ('Sl1 itIIn Q �hu�


Kreie��heiRlef founda1lon L

Saud,0. " 65) and Roger Kreis l

The Kresge FO\m dall on l krry ('6 1 ) and Gwr ndolyn ('60 Kr�� 0 Amber

( 05) 0

kmJh(J!) 0 MarIlyn Knutson ('59) LHQ

Robert ('67) Clnd An-l1th",I"

l Randy nO) ..nd �obi" t'R1l kilUI ,n V,d,!p li:: nl,ltmn Etll�r Knutle-n ('31) l ".r.f KnH12f'f'l 1 MoJ-I9dlel tc:1IIJUl'" UIQ Mary �N,luen �

('7 4) ,and William I(l1pparhna LHO E. LUthtor ( 52) .and Charlotte­ (·59) �monk

MtlUrfe� knubon


o V"" (.66] ."" Elizabeth Ku.I," R.owhe- Kt,Jester t'40) 0 tD"lnll rOO) �n4 Una" ('on �u�h'Jh Katherine Kun�el ('97) Jean KUl1kle- ('19) M.ilrJOdr KiJm(h.:t� ('5 1 ) I(wl MaVt'r"'" Wtlnd �rlu ..t Tra'tlel Ag,nty lQ �h,fiy Kum ('98) lars afld Nennan Kut,d'd Ma' i not ('S9) 81"1d Gfen Trun ' .....mnl" ('8J) lloyd and ,Al,.ldrsy Kvemvlk Q

HQw.ud 1'18, JuG tUQo:'oiJ 1'38) � .. n.l;ond tQ Jon l'n) and M.m I(YII\�IOIIn(j LlIQ

Mdr:g..,.-�t I(vln\IO\IUI I'40) LQ

�""' Kyllo (76) Q Eldon (·48) and Holon ( !!OI

�Y"<t liO Shan K�m (''' ) 0 P.wl Kyffl.f


l H,C Intorpor,JteU l

GrtK4! la 8ar (,4ij;, LH leland LA Bill' � La'li ('10) l\od Jo�" I ij Curtin jo,)nl1e ('64) al'Jd Scatl LA rroJml'nt.l

WilYne La Vil\SiU (79) 0 Thea la Ville E�tatr (09) LH .rolyn L."" (·?1) 0

Poul ('�51 ..nd l.oI" I (·�9) lob., lO

OQn.ald tlnd lIlhan laboUlt 1II t!betGa ('!1ft) dnd 'rl\h)pher l.a<'hf"rTmilier 0 l.tfrO'{ Lockey ('9n I(are" ('1lJ clOd JQhn '--Ito Ma<l/oll., Lacy 0 .,••th., ('Ol).nd Ge,.td r001 l¥ld Wl� ..nd lois laddt!M Gu"bjor13 Ud'ltin ( '6 1 1 Geor!;tt:!' l...l l1cIQlJi\l L Mary ugerqUlll l lrllfd Notton I'yte TrtI)l Company I\1bE-r1 L..mb l

Edyth. lam" Ui


KrdutJ L



B... . nd nO) iIfId Karen Ku�"n

Dondld K(lUltL L EdV'lln ('59) �nd Maureen ('60)

Roland dnd


Erik -.lmd "'r')u l(t,Jef"1!'1 Kur-t .....d M"I�n� Kuehl

O"wnrU Lamb L-H

h«l'(n I(fluUtrt 0

MOflP Ii:: n"II.en

Bonnie :,c,ue(henmei'iler

I-hlda ter amer hl"1" L

NdtlC'; KnutJ�

Wloona Knudsen ('54) l

Mark and Ton i Kutiembtl


Tom KoSti(


('83) Krnlln ('90J al"ld Bob ICryege, Q u.". �ubdlf ("& 1 ) ��In KnH!l1'"

Jonn Ko(smo Com,ftuUlon In(.

�iUhryn ('86) .md Philip

�lOtwor1h Q

Ddvfd ('SO) and Lt1urel (80)

Wagar LilffOld K""mo ("49) l

.na lulie kl ing m i rmth MarlO. k'If" ('�> and W KIII\glt"t ti MaHiy


KuVk.....u1 f

Kola�imk i

Ruth KIc111i1nO ('71)

O."d (·991 .,,<1 Oakot. rOO)

",.,ege. O

(']J) L

D("Jgl.II ('19) dnd Eh:tabtth

1'19) Kirkp" ri,k 0


ICm,H/t'fl O ROn ('57) "'tid Marilyn Kilutzen

KfIt�ger MiehetJ.e

J.1011' ('60) and Jonn Krnll

$(ot t (79l and M i(h�l�



....b.II. Lomb '

"'"" Iyn l.lmb r'Al l C Dough,,, LamoreotlUl'. LO C'81) dnd !'� · ummeiUA O

Ed .. L..J.mos LQ\JI� and lour,; Lamp l !llllfll t'") 'l11d A,HuH landslcOv O Re�(.Cd (Tb) and Rrc'ldv-dncr Q

8ilnie- .tnd to" lAn.

Gt>or!)1!' Un. (lO) l Janice l.6ftf' lutJne dJ!.d JMfI� l.4.n� �. Ja""" La"" (71) l H.>", Ung ('411 Ul I,,,,,e' t..aoq "",q) U1 Lonl'll!: ('75) .nd Joan LlngdOf1 I:) Edward .,rod p,I�III� lAnge Ettk ('9t) dud krtstmt ('91) Lange Q 1-t�1111. " 8gl ..nC1 !