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October 1990

Centennial Highlights . . . see page 2

Teac h i n g Excel lence

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The Burlington Northern Foundation annually honors th ree PLU professors for teaching excellence. This year's Faculty Achievement Award winners a re William G reenwood, physics and engineering; Patricia O'Connell Killen, reli足 gion; and Diane MacDonald, business administration.

Ca mpus-Church Pa rtnersh ips

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For Prince of Peace L the ran C h u rch near Seattle, demographic changes had contribu ed to decline. PLU's Center for Social Research helped obtain data to gu ide the congregation as it plans present and future d i rections.

100 Al u m n i Recognized

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In observance of PLU's 1 00th ann iversary, 1 00 a l u m n i are receiving a Centen足 nial Recognition Award. The grou p of honorees is a microcosm of the many eras, walks of l ife and diverse cultural backg rounds that PLU's 25,OOQ-plus alumni represent. They also personify PLU's centen nial theme, "Educatng for Service."

PLU Pays Last Respects

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The n u m ber of PLU students with disabi lities has increased from 1 2 to 1 50 in the past two years. Im proved campus faci l i ties, services and policies are intended to give these students an equal opportunity at a quality education.


Fou r long-time mem bers of the PLU fam i ly died d u ring the summer months. The campus paid its final respects to emeriti vice-president M i lton Nesvig, English professor Ray Klopsch, chemistry professor Robert Olsen and reti red engineer Walter Suter.

H a l l Of Fame H onors Four Overcom i ng Disa b i l i ties



PLU is dedicating an at h letic H a l l of Fame. The fi rst fo u r i n ductees a re former coach and athletic d i rector Clifford Olson, former football stars and coaches Marv Harshman and Marv Tommervik, and women's athletic pro足 gram founder Rhoda Young. A "walk of fame" north of the swim m i ng pool displays tne approp riate plaques.

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pKlflc: Lutheran university scene

october 19tD


M u sic Seri es Cel e b rates T i es With N o rway

Homecoming Offers Majo centennial Highlights The long-awaited PLU centennial year has been underway s i nce this past spring. Many highlights have taken place already; m a n y more a re sche d u l e d d u ri ng the 1 990-91 academic year. Among the activities this fal l , Homecom­ ing Week Oct. 1 2- 1 4 will stand out as mem­ orable for the u n i ve rsity's 2 5 ,000-plus alumni and Northwest Lutherans. Thursday, oct. 11 highl ights include a Centenn i a l A l u m n i Recog nition D i n n e r at which 1 00 PLU a l u m n i from all e ras and walks of l ife will be honored . (See Alumni Section for l ist of honorees.) Dr. R u ssel l Edgerton , p resident of the American Association for H i gher E d u ca­ tion , keynotes the Social Sciences and H u manities them e symposi u m , "Sha p i ng Society's Values: The Role of the U n iversi­ ty." Edgerton is also a guest at the Centen­ nial Alumni Recog n ition Di n ner. Essays by alumni, students and faculty will be pub­ l ished. A Centen n i a l open hou se at the Nesvig Alumni Center runs from 1 1 a . m . to 1 p . m . The Center is on the corner of 1 23nd and Park. Friday, Oct. 1 2 is a day filled with alumni reunion events. Reunions a re being held for 1 0th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th and 50th year classes. I n a d d ition, there a re gatherings for ' 30s, '40s , ' 50s, ' 60s, 70s and '80s eras, and the fi rst i nd u ctees i nto the Lute Hall of Fame will be honored . A School of B u s i ness Ad m i n istration open house and lecture and an econom ics department gathering are also sched uled. An Alumni Art Exhibit continues through the month. saturday, Oct. 13 features Edu cation, Natu ral Sciences and N u rsing open houses; a Lute R u n , Awares Fa i r, the Homecoming footba l l game (vs. Whitworth), campus parade, a Phi l N ordquist book autograph­ ing party, Golden C l u b reu nion, and a l u m n i d i n ner dance. The latter featu res a centen­ nial highlight prog ra m . Sunday, Oct. 14 inc ludes a Centennial Worsh i p Celeb ration with former choir mem bers, vocal ists a n d instru menta l i sts and a breakfast for a l l former Residential Life Staff members. Sunday is also Founder's Day. It featu res a worldwide alumni celebration with a l u m­ n i in many p laces t h ro u ghout the world gat hering to o bserve t h e cente n n i a l together. In addition, the 6 3 1 northwest

Norwegian Stnng Quartet

congregations of the E vangel ical Lutheran Chu rch in America will m ark the u n i versity observance d u ring thei r morning worshi p activities. Homecoming is only the tip of the ice­ berg . Theme symposia highl ight each of the Centennial's four phases: Reflecting on Heritage, Shaping Society's Val ues, Solving H u m a n ity's Problems, and B u i l d i ng Pa rt­ nerships for Tomorrow. The fi rst, in July, was a week-long Scand i navian Heritage Week. Rev. Donn M oomaw p resents a School of Physical Education sym posium, "The JOY of Sports," Nov. 9. Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of the pol io vaccine, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Norman Borlaug a re among several promi­ nent spea kers at the "Problems" sym po­ sium Feb. 20-2 3 . Dr. William Foege, a PLU alumnus and d i rector of the Carter Center in Atl anta, G a . , is also featu red . Foege spearheaded a worldwide smallpox erad ica­ tion program i n the '60s and '70s. Foege is coord inating a visit to PLU by former U.s. President Jimmy Ca rter d u ring the centen n i a l year, but a date has not been set. "Partnershi ps" symposia in April and May spotli ght ed u cation and b U S i ness. PLU a l u m n a J ud ith B i l l i ngs, Washi ngton state su perintendent of p u b l i c i n struction, is' featu red April 5 and an International Busi­ ness conference .is May 2-3. Many fine arts events are planned d u ring the yea r "Moments," a collage of scenes from past PLU theater productions, will be staged in early Novem ber. Pre m ieres of an opera written by m U Si c p rofessor Greg Youtz and a play by d rama professor Wil­ l iam Parker w i l l be presented i n February and March, respectively. In May 1991, PLU's. Choi r of the West and University Stri ngs w i l l embark on a concert tour of Asia, while the U n i ve rsity Chora le a n d Wind Ense m b l e wi l l pe rfo rm in Sca n d i n a v i a . G rou nd breaking for the n e w M a ry Baker Ru sse l l M usic Center is a l so expected i n May. The year long Cente n n i a l observa nce began last March with a special staff cele­ b ration. In May a Centen n i a l history, Edu­ cating for Service by history professor Phi l ­ i p Nordqu ist, was p u b l i shed , as was a commemorative magazine, Century I/. May graduates were the fi rst of four g rad uat­ i n g g rou ps (a lso August a n d- Decem ber 1 990 and May 1 99 1 ) to be designated Cen­ ten n i a l g radu ates, and a cente n n i a l be l l scu l pture by former a rt professor Tom Torrens was ded icated . The centennial theme is "Educating for Service: Century II." More detai led information is ava ilable by cal l ing the PLU Office of P u b l i c Informa­ tion, (206) 5 35-7430. •

A Grieg recital, tru m pet and organ con­ cert, and a performa nce by the Norweg ian Str i n g Qu artet w i l l c e l e brate t h e "Exchange Year of M u s i c , 1989-90 USA Nor­ way" at PLU. Bar i t o n e H era l d Bj orkov a n d pia n ist A u d u n Ka yser o pen t h e t hree-con cert series on M onday, Oct. 15 with "An Eve­ n i ng of Edvard Grieg . " The concert beg i n s at 8 p. m . i n the U n iversity Center. Bjorkov won the Grieg Pri ze in 1989 and was a pri ze wi nner at the 1983 Internation­ al Song Competition. Kayser is cu rator and a rtistic d irector of 'Troldha ugen," Grieg's home i n Bergen. Kayser's record ing of G ri eg's Piano Concer­ to with the Bergen Phi lharm o n i c is c u r­ rently the largest sel ling classical record ing In Norway. An Oct. 1 7 concert featu res trumpeter Ole E d va rd A ntonsen a n d org a n i st Kare Nordstoga. The performance beings at 8 p.m. i n Eastvold Aud itoriu m . Antonsen i s a member o f the Oslo Phil­ harmonic and N ordstoga is a cathedral organist in Oslo. The series concludes with a perform ance by the Norweg ian String Quartet at 8 p . m . Thursday, Oct. 1 8 i n the Scandinavian Cul­ tural Center. Series tickets cost $ 1 0 ($5 each if p u r­ chased separately). Ca l l 5 3 5 -7621 for tick­ ets and information .

Cente n n i a l Theate r Offers Sca n d i n a v i a n Heritage Theme The centen n i a l theate r seaso n a t PLU sa l u tes PLU's Sca n d i n a v i a n h e r i tage from a world p remi ere about N o rweg ian playwright Henrik I b�e\1 tb a modern Swed­ ish play where "l ife is but a d ream." The season opens with " M o ments," a revue of theater and song com mem orat­ i ng 1 00 yea rs of theater at PLU. The revue was resea rched by Wi l l i a m Becvar and additional material was written by W i l l i a m Parker. Both Becvar a n d Parker d i rect the­ ater at PLU. " Moments" runs from N ov 1-'11 in PLU's Eastvold Auditori u m . "Angel Street" b y Patrick Hami lton has been called the best known and respected suspense melod rama ever written for the stage. The Alpha Psi Omega presentation runs Jan. 3 1 -Feb. 9 in PLU's Memori a l Gym Studio Theatre. Fou nded by l\Jorweg i a n s In 1890, PLU pays tribute to N orway's most celebrated pl aywri .ght Henrik Ibsen. "The Apprentice," the th ird play by PLU'5 Parke r, is about Ibsen's early l ife as an apothecary's appren­ tice. The premiere performa nces are M arch 7-1 0 in Eastvold Auditori u m . The season closes with " A Dream Play" on May 9-12 in Eastvold A u d itOriU m . Swed­ ish playwright Aug ust Stri ndberg exa m ines life in the form of a d rea m . Ca l l 5 35-7762 for a season brochure and ticket i nformation.

padflc Lutheran university Scene




Diane MacDonald

Patricia O'Connell Kille n

ree P of ssors onored For Teachin Excellence During the Centen nial year we might be forg iven fo r see k i n g cont i n u ity and per­ spective. Such thoug hts came to m i nd w h e n w i n ners of the 1 9 90 B u r l i ngton Northern Fou ndation Facu lty Ach i evement Awards were announced at PLU in Septem­ ber. A l l th ree w i n ners a re a m o n g a newer generation of fac u l ty mem bers. Physics and engi neer i n g professo r and depa rt­ ment chair W i l l ia m Greenwood is the vet­ eran among them, beg i n n i n g h i s n i nth year in the d e p a rt m e nt where H a rry Adams harks back to department i nfancy and K. T. Tang and Sherman N ornes have labored since the '60s. Religion professor Patricia Killen earned the honor in her: f,i st yea r on a faculty where Ke l m e r Roe l a b o re d fo r two decades, a nd where Ken Christo phe rson, Steward Govig, Ralph Gehrke, Pau l Ingram, David K nutson, J oh n Petersen, Walt Pi l-: g ram and Robert Stivers have a l l taught for between 1 5 and 32 years. B u s i ness p rofesso r D i a ne MacDo n a l d beg i ns h e r fourth yea r i n a school where Dwight Zulauf, who returned to the facu l­ ty this year, fi rst tau ght i n 1 949, a n d where G u nd a r K i ng, Stu a rt Bancroft and Anthony Lauer have held sway si nce the '60s. Underscored is the fact that as beloved , memorable a n d dedicated a re past a nd cu rrent fac u lty veterans, the to rch of excel lence is g rad u a l ly being passed to ed ucators as e m i nent and q u a l ified as their p redecessors. This is the fift h yea r that B u r l i n gton Northern has awarded 5 1 ,500 sti pe nds to faculty members selected on the basis of meritorious achievement i n teaching and scholarsh i p. The emp hasis, however, is on

actual classroom teaching. A l l of the honorees were ran ked excel­ l e nt or very good by the i r stude nts, received strong k u d os from t h e i r peers and had several works publ ished . According to former natural sciences dean John Herzog, "Students love (Green­ wood) and he relates extremely wel l with them. "Whether i n the hall, lab or office, he is talking with members of his class, advisees, or students in general," Herzog added . I n a d d i t i o n , G reenwood had th ree research pa pers accepted for p u b l ication and lectured at three conferences. Kil len's teachtng-of two i ntrod uctory Reli­ gion cou rs�_sections and an Interim cou rse ---on N iebuhr were ranked "excellent" by stu­ dents and humanities dean Janet Rasmus­ sen. "I especially appreciate the fact that she works so s uccessfully with our fresh­ man students," Rasmussen said . K i l len has a lso co-a. u thored a book a nd gave three profeSSional presentations last year. MacDonald is a "knowled geable a nd very effective teacher," said b us i ness school dean G u nd a r King. She teaches the Law and Society cou rse, which has become the

Engl ish Professo r Contri b utes To Teach i ng Series Engl ish Professor Richard Jenseth is one of 30 contributors to the 2 5th vol u me in the C lass roo m Practi ces in Tea c h i ng English series. In "Literature and Life: Making Connec­ tions i n the Classroom," Jenseth d iscusses his students' interp retation of J o h n H er­ sey's Hiroshima. The students beg i n by eval uating scenes from the book and move i nto analysis of ways journalism a n d p ropaganda, h istory and fiction intersect.

basic i ntrod uction of stude nts to business ethics and our legal system . S h e a l so teaches b u s i ness l aw, a n adva nced course and a preparation for t he CPA exa mination on business law. MacDonald published two articles "and is an exce l l e nt scho l a r l y co l l e a g u e a n d research tea m mem ber," sa id King. Recipie nts a re se lected from nom i na­ tions subm itted by all schools and d ivi­ sions. The program is funded through· 1 991 .

Ed ucation Dea n Attends H a rva rd S u m mer Prog ram Dr. Robert Mulder, dean of the School of Education at PLU, was one of 95 educators from arou nd the world selected to attend Harvard U n i versity's s u m m e r 1 990 Man­ agement Development Program . The p rogram was held a t H a rvard i n Cambridge, Mass., i n J u ne. Selection for the program is very com­ petitive, accord i n g to MDP m anager Dr. Sharon McDade. Now in its fifth year, MOP is sponsored by the Institute for Educational Ma nag e­ ment, which has served leaders i n higher educatio n through its annual s u m mer p ro­ g rams at the Harvard G rad uate School of­ Education for 21 years. Partici pants st ud ied o rga n iza tional a n d sma l l g roup leadership, govern mental rela­ tio ns, leg a l aspects of h ig he r education, academic perso n nel pol icy and a d m i n istra­ tion, b u d g e t i n g a n d f i n a n c i a l' m a n a g e­ ment, strateg ic plann i ng, human resou rce management and cu rrent issues in h igher education. Mu lder has h eaded th e PL U School of Education for three years.

PadfIc Lutheran university scene

OCtober 1990

4 Faculty

PLU Business School Seeks Successor TO Dean Gundar King he name G u n d a r King has been sy n­ onymous with the School of Business Ad m i n istrati o n at Pa cific Lutheran Univers ity for the past q u a rter centu ry. This fa l l a nationwide search is u nderway for a successor to Dr. King as dean of the choo l . King has a n nou nced h i s i ntent to re ire from the post at the end of August 1991 . "We're looking for a person to g u i d e the school through the '90s a n d into the 2 1 st cent ury," said PLU Provost Dr. Robert Wills. Toward that end, a sea rch co m m ittee is being formed wh ich will present its find­ i ngs and reco m m e ndations to W i l l s and President William Rieke later t h is academic yea r. Under Ki ng's leadership the school, which he built virtually from scratch, has moved i nto the ranks of the top business schools in the country, according to PLU President Dr. William Rieke. In addition, it has become the largest single school on the PLU ca m pus, awarding some 200 bachelor's a n d master's deg rees each year. King, who joined the PLU business faculty in 1960. the yea r the school was separated from the econom ics department, beca me its di rector in 1 966. "The overwhel m i ng su ccess of the School of Business has been due to Dr. Ki ng's vision and i nnovation and to the su perb faculty he has attracted." Rieke added. King credits "outstand i ng faculty a nd students" for the school's acco m p l ish­ ments. "All members of our faculty have both academic and practical business cre­ dentials," h e s a i d . In ad dition. 23 of the school's 26 faculty members hold doctor's degrees. Both faculty and students have received many awards and recognitions. For exam­ ple. four business faculty mem bers have received the prestigious Burlington North­ ern award for excellence in teach ing and research d uring the past five years. In 1970, the year he was elected dean, the school beca me the smal lest business school i n the cou ntry to have its u nder­ graduate program accred ited nationally by the prestigious American Assem bly of Col­ legiate Schools of Business. Several years later AACSB accredited the PLU M BA prog r a m , a n d in 1 9 8 2 PLU became one of the fi rst 1 5 schools in the country to have its acco u nt i n g prog ram accred ited by AACSB . Recognizing t h e need for stud ents to become more global i n outlook, the School has taken a lead ing role on ca m pus in the i nternational ization of the cu rricu l u m . In recent years the school has received seven federal grants to develop an ou tsta n d i ng international business concentration. Over the years King has developed and


PLU Arch i vist Accepts Nordic Cou nci l I n vitation Kerst in Ringd a h l , a rch ivist and c u rator of special col l ections at Pacific Luthera n Uni­ versity's Mortvedt Libra ry , was one of 1 0 a rchivist/l i b ra rians from the u.s. and Cana­ da invited by the Nordic Co u n cil to attend a special sem inar for North American Nor­ dic Libra rians i n Oslo, Norway, in SePtem­ ber. The semin a r was i n tended to h e l p i m prove the q u a l ity of i nformation on Nor­ dic cou nt ries available in the u.s. and Cana­ da, to i m p rove com m u n ica t i o n betwee n Nordic p u b l ishers and N o rth American li braries and to promote cooperation and exchange of in formatio n. R i n gdahl a l so attended a book fa i r in Gothenbu rg, Sweden. A native of Sweden, Rin gdahl has served on the PLU lib rary staff for 25 years. She assu med her p resent responsi b i l ities in 1987.

10 Regents E l ected

By PLU Co rpo ration

Cundar King m a i ntai ned close ties with the busi ness com m u nity throu gh advi sory boards. visit­ i n g faculty, a business a l u m n i organ ization and m any other activities that keep the school abreast of "rea l world" needs and developments. In addition. the school oper­ ates a vigorous Small Busi ness Institute. Most recently. King h as taken a national lead in developing exchanges with the Bal­ tic states. Fourteen m o n t h s a g o. P L U became t h e first school in t h e country to receive federal fu n d i ng to set up academic exchange programs with u n i versities i n Latvia. Lithuania and Eston i a . The project received international atten­ tion as it was i mplemented last spri n g d u r­ ing a time of great u n rest i n those rep u b­ lics. The 1 1 PLU students in the program found themselves observing history in the making. At the same time. Baltic students at PLU were gaining invaluable knowledge that will help them i n the develop ment of market econom ies in their own l a n d . T h e program received feature coverage in m ajor U.S. and Baltic media. PLU recently received fu nding from the U.S. I nformation Agency to fund the sec­ ond year of the Baltic excha nge progra m . Over the decades, King has become a n internationally recogn ized expert on Baltic econ omic syste m s a n d a co nsultant to many orga n i zations, i n cl u d i n g the U . S . Department o f State. Cu rrently he i s eco­ nomic advisor to t h e Cou nci l of Ministers of the Repu blic of Latvia a nd chairs a Baltic school busi ness com m ittee to he lp d evelo p a leading i nstituti on for the entire BaltiC region. A nat i ve of Latvi a. I1 e was organ izer a nd fi rst president of t h e Nati on r Associat ion for the Advancement of Bal ie S t ud ies •

N i n e mem bers o f the P L U Boa rd of Regents were reelected at the Septe m ber meeting of the PLU Corporatio n . Theodore L. Johnson of Seattle was new­ ly elected as a representative of the PLU Alu mni Association . Representing Region I of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in A m erica a re O n e l la Bru nner, Mount Vernon, Was h . ; Neil B ry­ ant, Bend, Ore.; Cynthia Edwards a n d Barry Rogge, Tacoma; Wayne Saverud. Kalispell, Mont.; and Donald Wick, Pasco. Wash. Reelected regents-at-Iarge a re Jerold Armstrong, Joliet, III.; Thomas R . Anderson of Tacoma; and Gary Severson of Bel levue, Wash. -

Zu lauf To Speak At School Of Business Event Dwight Zulauf w i l l b e the featured speak­ er at a School of Busi ness open house Friday, Oct. 12, d uri ng homeco m i ng week. Zula uf, the School's founding dean who ta ught at PLU for 30 years before leavi ng in 1985, retu rned to the faculty this fa ll. H i s prese ntati o n , " 1 960-1 990 I n n ovations i n Busi ness E d u cation at PLU," beg i n s at 3:30 p . m . d u ri ng the 3-5 p.m. event. The event is a PLU cente n n i a l and Sch ool of Business 30th a n niversary observance.' *



The School also plans a n A l u m ni Lutefest Wednesday, Oct. 1 0, from 5: 30-7 :30 p . m . at the Tacoma Lawn Ten n i s Club. The recep­ tion is spon sored by PLUS B u si ness, the School's a l u m n i support organ ization. open to a l l, the event i5 $10. For reserva­ tions or i nform ation, cal l 5 3 5-7328.

pacific Lutheran UniversItY


october 1990

5 Faculty




Hel Chur Ca munity By Jim peterson avid Swanson's fi rst i m press ion of Pri nce of Peace Luthera n C h u rch south of Seattle two years ago was deceiving. L i ke anyone d riving by, the PLU sociology p rofessor g a i ned an i m p ression of a typ i­ ca l l y attractive, nicely l a n d scaped c h u rch in a mi ddle-income metropolitan suburban commu nity. One co uld easi l y i m agine a ty pical Sunday morn ing service with a church fu l l of wel l­ scru bbed, well-dressed p a rishioners: moth­ er, father a n d two children, l istening raptly to their min ister. Before t h e service, c h i l d re n eagerly would be lea r n i n g t h e i r Bible sto ries i n Sunday School; t h e i r p a rents would be attending Bible study or other helpfu l clas­ ses. And so it was, in the late '5 0s and '60s, fol l owi n g t h e fo u n ding of the con grega­ tion in 1 9 5 5 some 1 5 m i les south of down­ town Seattle, n ot fa r from Sea-Tac, the Puget Sound reg ion's i nternat ional ai rport. Swa nson was viSit i n g P r i n ce of Peace because appea rances belied what was hap­ pen ing wit h i n the co ngregation. "Mem ber­ ship was dec l i n ing; there were fewer chil­ d ren; fewer fa m i l i es with c h i l d re n ; fewer you ng people; Sunday School att endance had dec l i n ed d rastical ly," said Rev. Donn Rosenauer, who had recently been called to serve the parish. Sea-Tac a n d re la ted com mercial enter­ p rises were a n d sti l l are encroaching. More t h a n 1 ,000 h o m es h a ve d i sap peared, repl aced by office pa rks and other busi­ nesses. "The church is now less than a m i le fro m the south end of the runways," Swanson observed. But other factors a re positive. "The con­ gregation has a record of sound financial stewardshi p, " he added. " M embers h ave a strong sense of com m u n ity and want to d i rect their m i n i stry to meet the needs of their neigh bors and general service a rea . " Rev. Rosenauer poi nted out "We realized that we didn't rea l ly know the demog ra ph­ ics of our congregation or com m u n ity. We needed accu rate data before we co u ld effectively a d d ress the concerns of the p resent or plan fo r the future." A com m ittee iden tified as the "Servant­ hood 90's M i ss i o n " was establ ished, a n d soon thereafter PLU was contacted regard­ ing possible resea rch services. Socio logy d e p a rt m e n t c h airm a n J o h n Sch i l l e r res ponded a n d volu nteered. H e a�so rec­ o m m ended Swanson, a su rvey research special ist. A native of Ken newick, Wash., Swanson had recently joined the PLU sociology fac-


John Schiller, David Swanson

ulty. He helped the congregation p repare a "m ission statement" and then design and ca rry out a com m u n ity su rvey. The latter was co nducted this past wi nter. The m ission state ment is: "To partici pate in; to serve; and to eva ngel ize our co m m u­ nity! " T h e su rvey includ ed general de mograph­ ic quest ions about household size, home ownership, employment and length of resi­ dence. It asked a bout com m u n ity services i n which the respondent might be interest­ ed . It also asked about rel igious preferenc­ es and activity, accord ing to Swanso n . Meanwhile, Sch i l l er, a 32-year P L U faculty veteran who has wo rked with scores of com m u n ity and c h u rch g roups over the years, was tra i n i ng presenters and record­ ers fo r a series of cottage meeti ngs i n parishioners' homes. D u r i n g th ose meet­ i n gs recently, members were i nfo rmed about the su rvey results. They also com­ pleted questionnaires on w h ich they were asked about their pe rcept ions of cong re­ gational needs and d reams. "Resu lts of both com m u n ity and mem­ ber su rveys a re being studied," sa id Rosen­ a u er. " Pr i o r i ties, t h e i r p r i ce tags, a n d means of fun d i ng will be determ i ned . " This fall t h e "Servant hood 90's" com m it­ tee p resents a rep o rt a n d reco m men da­ tions to the congregat ion. Swanson has done most of the su rvey ana lysis. While a part of his responsibil ity at PLU is to di rect such projects through his Center for Social Research a n d Public Policy, both he and Schil ler devoted many

volu nteer hou rs, as did the PLU Computer Center. The congregation's $2,000 bu dget was used p r i m a ri ly for telephone b a n ks and printing costs. Pri nce of Peace now has some fascinat­ i ng data with which to work. It has found in its com m u n ity, for exam ple, that: * 62% of w o m e n work outside t he home; 68% of a l l a re "wh ite col lar" work­ ers. * 51 % have a n n ual household i ncome over $30,000. * O n ly one-third have l i ved i n the i r pre­ sent homes over 1 0 years; more than half have been there less than five years. Near­ ly half expect to move in five years or less. * 71 % l i ve in single fam i ly dwel lings; two­ t h i rds a re buying those d wellings. * Over half l i ve in a h ousehold without c h i l d ren; 20% li ve a l o n e; a bout o ne-t h i rd h ave two ad ults and at least one ch ild. * A m ajo rity d o not reg u l a rly attend church; 57% a re Protestants. * Percei ved com m u n ity needs i nclude counse l i n g (pa renting teen s a n d young person issues, g rief, su icide, single parents); a sports gym; h obby, craft a n d outdoor activities; and shelter for homeless or a buse victi ms. Need for help with children, elderly or d isabled was not strongly indicated. , * Des i red rel i gious activiti es i ncluded B i b l e st udy (46 % ) a n d Vacation Bi ble School (38%). I n spite of concerns about youth counse l i ng, only 7% pe rceived need for youth progra ms. Rosenauer noted that the n u m bers show more reli gious i nterest . a nd activity than is act u a l ly the case, as respond ents like to sou nd l i ke they a re "good" people. Com­ paring data to p revious surveys, Swanson can "weigh" i nformation to make it more representative of the study a rea. The pastor a d m itted h e is g a i n i n g the perception that his chu rch is l i ke "a m is­ sion congregation in an alien land." But he is optim istic about the future. "We have vigor, i m agi nation and resources," he said. "We m ay be at the beginning of a jou r­ ney toward new and more a mbitious out­ reach," he added. Sign ificantly, the p roject has given birth to s i m i l a r projects i n t h e Puget Sound a rea. USing Prince of Peace as a model, Swanson and Sch i l ler are conducting work­ shops for other congregations. To date, 80 peo p l e represent i n g 30 chu rches a n d 20 denomi nations, have attended. •

PLU Center Becomes Affiliate Of Wash. State Data Center PLU'S Center for Social Research has been deSignated as a regional affi li ate of the Wash i n gton State Data Center. Directed by social scie nces dean J o h n Schi l ler a n d a d m i n istered by sociology pro­ fessor David Swanson, the ce nter w i l l be able to provide low-cost d ata and a n a lyti­ cal support to users in the reg ion. In addi­ tion, staff a n d students will receive t ra i n­ i n g in census a n d related i n formation research, and faculty mem bers will receive support for related research projects. According to Swanson, PLU has the per­ so n n el, contacts, expertise and co m m it­ ment to achieve Data Center objectives. "There is also a strong resou rce base and i nstitutional support," he said. Beca use t h is is the b icente n n ia l of t h e

decen nial census, th ere i s no more appro­ priate time to be a n active participant i n the network, h e observed. Center objectives i n clude ( 1 ) i n creasin g awa reness of and access to population and economic data by publi c and p rivate sec­ tors; (2) wider use of such d ata; a n d (3) g reater understanding of effect ive uses of census data . The Center will a lso be explo ring ways to l i nk Data Center activities with i nst ruction, Swanson indicated . The Center has long-establ ished contacts with com m u n ity agencies that could m ake use of the data, such as the Tacoma U rba n League, Pie rce Cou nty Solid Waste Manage­ ment Division a n d t h e Taco m a P i e rce County Department of Healt h .

PaciFic Lutheran University scene




Facilities, services Aid Students With Disabilities PLU is taking a leadership role i n serving students with disabili­ ties; i n just two years the n u m­ ber of such students on ca mpus has i ncreased from 1 2 to nearly 1 50. During the past several yea rs PLU has i n st a l led e l e vators, ramps and other a p p ro p ri ate facilities to p rovide han d i capped access to v i rt u ai'ly a l l academ ic buildings. This summer a com p rehensive 40-page facu lty and staff ha nd­ book, "Working With Students With Disab i l ities," was p u b l ished by a spec i a l u n i v e rs it y Task

Centen n i a l Draws East Coast Al u m ni Together PLU a l u m n i i n Connecticut and the New York City a rea gathered recently to celebrate their alma mater's cente n n i a l yea r a nd renew friendships. In the B ri d g e p o rt-St ratford a rea of Connect i c u t a s m a l l g roup m et a t the home o f Joan Johnson 7 9 i n Stratford w ith PLU adm i n istrator Molly Edman. Others attending were Katherine (Kate) Mancke-Kidd 7 1 and Janell W igen-Ku ritz 78 w i th her hus­ band Peter. At St. Peter's Chu rch i n N ew York City, a g roup meeti ng with Edman included John Feldmann '82, Heidi Gebhard '87, Jeonseog Ko ' 8 6 , a n d h i s w i fe; M i d o ri Yokoya ma '83, and husband and wife pastors David Knapp 79 and Lori Brocker '80. The g roups viewed recent PLU videos and d iscussed the PLU Centen n i a l fu n d c a m p a i g n , "Shaping Tomorrow." Updates on the activities of these a l u m n i may be fou nd i n the "Class Notes" section.

Force for Students with Disa b i l i­ ties. The d ocument is intended to facil itate a positive partner­ ship with d isabled students. Project coord i nators were Gary M inetti and A lene Cog l izer of the Cou nsel i ng and Testing Office, a long with Academic Assistance Director Wanda Wentworth. Cogl izer now serves as coordi­ nator for students with disabili­ ties. She pOinted out that it is the stated philosophy of the u ni ve r­ sity to provide "an environment of equal access and opport u n ity fo r stude nts with d isab i l i t i es that i n t u rn may lead to thei r i ndependence. " It wasn't too many years ago that it was considered n ext to i m poss i b le for a person with a d i sa b i l ity to a ch ieve i nd e p e n­ dence, she observed. 'Today the pictu re is m u ch more p rom is­ i ng," she added. "I n fact. the g reatest obstacle for stu d ents with d isabil ities continues to be the perceptions of a ble-bod ied people that b e i n g d isab l ed means 'unable.' '' The hand book is i ntended to help a lter those perce p t i o ns, whi le offeri n g specific sugges­ tions for practical approaches i n teaching or i nteracting with disa­ b led stu dents. It a lso p rovides genera l d ata and i nformation about usefu l resources. "It is not u ncommon for facu l­ ty and staff m e m be rs to be u n ce rta i n a n d a p p rehe n s i v e about the b e s t a p p roach to working with d isabled students," said Cogl izer. Suggest ions for com m u n ica­ tion and classroom accom moda­ tions as they apply to a variety of d isab i l ities are i nc l u ded i n the handbook, she indicated . More i nform ation is a va i l a b l e b y ca l l i n g the P L U Cou nsel i ng and Testi ng or Acade m i c Assis­ tance offices.

Hauge Administration Building elevator, ramp improve access for students with disabilities.

Cou rageo us Freshman Seeks N o rm a l Life I n Spite Of Ca ncer Threat At age 1 7 , PLU fresh m a n Heather Kol l a r d oesn't consider herself cou rageous, j u st stub­ born. The Chase Youth Comm ission in Spokane, Wash., d isagrees. In A u g u st it p resented her the 1 990 youth award for cou rage i n recog n ition of her acad e m i c record obta i ned whi l e batt l i n g cancer. H eathe r, the d a u ghter of B rant and Carol Kol l a r, was six when she was diagnosed with a tumorous ca ncer that occu rs i n co n nect i ve tissue th rou ghout her body. S i nce then she has spent an average of one week a month in the hospital for treat­ ments. Despite that. she g rad uated from Mead Senior H igh School i n M ay with a 3 . 8 5 g rade p o i nt average. "Toward the end of her sopho­ more yea r she had to have sur­ gery," said her mother, Caro l . "When she went back t o school she had 27 exams to make up. Some kids i n her school never

R ieke Honored By N o rway's King Olav V PLU President Dr. W i l l i a m Rieke has been appoi nted Knight First Cl ass of the Royal Norweg ian O rder of Merit by H i s Majesty, King Olav V of Norway. The honor was conferred J u l y 6 by Dag Mork-Ulnes, consu l gen­ eral for Norway in San Francisco. The event was a highlight of a banquet program that concl ud­ ed Scandinavian Heritage Week. Accord i n g to Mork-Ul nes, the Knigh t First C lass honor is con­ ferred u pon fore i g n citizens i n recognition of particularly meri­ tor ious service rendered in the furtherance of N orwegian inter­ ests

even knew what she was dea l i n g with." Her college a p p l ication forms were enhanced by a long l ist of vol u nteer work a n d extracu rricu­ lar activities. She plans to study pre-me d at PLU. Heather does not feel deserv­ i ng of special attention, Since "I am just doing what I have to do." "There are times when I can­ not do everythin g I wa nt:' she a d d e d . " That j u st m a kes m e mad."

PLU Receives Community

Service Award From Chamber of Commerce, Tacoma Schools PLU is the recipient of a 1 990 B EST",mutkHfirg E d u cational Suc­ cess Together) Award, presented by the Tacoma Area Cham be r of Commerce and the Tacoma Pub­ lic Schools. The award, presented July 1 8, recog n i zes the d eca d e - l o n g involveme nt o f PLU, particu larly the football team and cheerlead­ ers, in esteem-bu i ld i ng programs at Lister and M cCarver E lemen­ tary Schools.

Harstad Hal l Rooms Ava i l abl e For Vis itors

PLU Preside nt William Rieke rece ives Knight First Class of th e Royal Norwe· gian Order of Merit from Dag Mork·U/nes, Norwegian consul general

Rooms on the g round floor of H a rstad H a l l (Old M a i n ) have been reserved for gu est housing d u ri n g the 1 9 90-91 academ ic year. Space may be reserved by vis­ iting parents, schol a rs, church or youth groups according to stu· dent coor i nator Karen Deans. Fees for rooms are nom i n a l . Gro u ps may "camp" I n the lounge a re free of charge , said Dea ns. For i n form a t i o n or reserva­ t i o n s ca l l D e a n s a t ( 2 0 6 ) 535-8486.

Pacific Lutheran UnIversIty SCene

october 1990

7 Campus Faith And Ethics I n workplace TOpic Of February Seminar "Faith and Eth ics i n the Work­ place" is the topic of a o ne-day sem inar for a l u m n i and the com­ mu nity Satu rday, Feb. 1 6. T h e event at PLU is jO i n t l y spo nsored b y t h e PLU A l u m n i Associ atio n , C h u rch R e l at i o n s

Yule Boutique Greets Hol idays For 1 9 Yea rs Area a rtists a n d crafts persons w i l l exh ibit t h e i r wa res d u ri n g PLU's 1 9th a n n u a l Yule Bou tique. The holiday bazaar ru ns from 9 a.rn. to 5 p.m. Satu rday Nov. 1 7 in PLU's Olson Aud itori u m . A variety o f goods a re ava i l ­ able - from co ntemporary fash­ ions to fine a rt and jewelry. Harpist Bronn Jou rney w i l l p ro­ vide live m u sic throughout the day. Free sh uttle vans will be ava i l­ able to t ra nsport peo ple from any campus parking area. Admission costs 51 a n d s u p­ ports PLU st udent sch o l a rs h i ps. Call (206) 5 31-6669 or 848-3290 for further i nform ation.

and Lutheran Institute for Theo­ logica l Ed ucation (LITE), The sem inar will focus on sev­ eral p rofess i o n a l work a reas, including bu siness and ind ustry, education, co m m u n i c a t i o n s , health care and others. It offers an opport u n ity to l i n k et hi ca l reflect ion, Ch rist i a n principles and professiona l l ife. Dr. Hubert Locke, dean of pub­ l ic affairs at the University of Wash i n gton, i s the keynote speaker. An active Lutheran and African -America n, he has a n a­ lyzed h u m a n relations from the m ot i v a t i o n s u n d e r l y i n g Nazi o p p r ess i o n to b e h a v i o r i n today's large orga nizations. "T his seminar will help us look at the wisdom req u i red to make decisions a n d the cou rage need­ ed to take act ions that meet God's demanding standards," he said. Cost, including l u nch, for the 9 a.m. to 4 p.rn. event is 545 . The works h o p is also b e i n g u n d er­ w r i tt e n by a g ra n t fro m Aid Association for Lutherans. More i nformation i s ava i la ble fro m the LITE office, (206) 5 3 5-7 342 .

Alumni vol unteers Bolster Student Recruiti ng Efforts A progra m designed to keep PLU in personal touch with pro­ spective students got u n derway on campus in Septem ber. Six a l u m n i from o u t l y i n g states - Alaska, Minnesota, Ida­ ho, Californ ia and coto�o 'vi sit­ ed cam pus for a day-long admis­ sions tra i n i ng session. The rep rese n t a t i v es w e re trained to help high school stu­ dents in their a rea consider the PLU option. Kat h l een B u rk, assista nt dean

of adm issions, is coord i n ator of the project. "We believe t hese a l u m n i will have a sign ificant a n d positive i m pact on p rospective PLU students," she said. The admissions office hopes to expa n d the p rogra m in t h e futu re a n d i s in viting response from potentia l volu nteers. The project was supported by a grant from Aid Association fo r Lutherans. Interested pe rsons m ay con­ tact Burk at 800-2 74-67 58.

.New alumni admissions representatives are from left, Sandy Parnel '84, Anchorage, Alaska; Chan dra and Dennis Peters, both '88, Corvallis, Ore.; Greg Thorwald '88, Boulder, Colo.; Peggy Lachman '84, Glendale, Calif.; and Carolyn Kees '66 Santa Clara, Calif. Not pictured: Sean Parnel '84, Anchorage; Bill Kees '65, San ta Clara; David Chun '84, Kaneohe, Hawaii; and Mary '82 and Brian Olson '83, BOise, Id.

Scott Faulkner

smithsonian I nternship Jazzes up Student's Summer vacation By Janet COleeke Tenacity. It's a t rait t h at opened the doors at the Smith­ so n i a n I nstitute for PLU ju nior Scott Fau l k ner. Fa u l kner spent last su mm er as one of fo u r i n terns with the Sm ithsonia n's D u ke E l l i ngton Col­ lection, part of the d i v ision of m u sical h istory at t h e National Museum of Am erican History. "I contacted my congressman, and he put me in touch w i th so meone at the m u s e u m of American hi story," sa id Faulk ner. He in terviewed last fa l l with Dr. Joh n H asse, cu rator of Ameri­ can music and co-di rector of the Duke Ellington project. S u m mer du ties for Fa u l kn er i n cluded t ra n scr i b i n g h i stories on E l l i ngton, researching his l ife and m u sic for a b i b l iogra p h i cal d atab ase and crit i q u i n g scri pts for an exhibition on E l l i ngto n . "It has been ou r great privilege to h ave Scott as p a rt of o u r tea m . H is work has been a bso­ lutely fi rst-rate," said Hasse. He also partici pated in discus­ sions regard i ng p l a n ning of pan­ els and other sessions on E l l i ng­ ton to be held d u ring the a n n u a l conference of t h e International Association of J azz Educators. Off-duty h o u rs were spent l is­ t e n i n g to a n d re a d i n g a b o u t

jazz. "One night at B l u e Alley ( a Wash ington D.C. jazz cl ub) I met IAJE offi cers a n d after t a l k i n g w i t h t h e m , t h e y i n vited me to the i r b a n quet that n i ght." He later thum bed a ride to the sub­ way from board m e m ber and noted jazz p i a n ist Ellis Ma rs a l is, father of jazz and classical tru m­ peter Wynton Marsa l is. Hasse, Fa u l kner's boss, was so impressed with the PLU student that he has offered to pay for Fau l k n er's reg istration at t h i s J a n u a ry ' s IAJ E conference. " E l l i ngton will comprise a major com po n e n t of the co nferen ce, which is being ded icated to his legacy," said H asse. Fau l k ner now i s exploring ways to pay for his airfare. ''I'm also hoping to take my bass a l ong, wh ich means a n other plane tick.. et:' he lame nted . Fa u l k n e r, a d o u b l e bassist from Coe u r d'Alene, Idaho, first played jazz at PLU. He is p u rs u i ng a major in m usi­ cal a rts and plans to study musi­ cology in grad uate school .


Paclflc Lutheran University SCene


The A rts

Regency Concert Series Moves to Scandinavian Cultural Center

Ch ristmas Conce rt Featu res M usic from Sca n d i navia "Endearing m usical postca rds of Ch ristmas" is how one critic referred to H iding Rose nberg's "The Holy N ight." The Swed ish co m position w i l l b e t h e centerpiece o f PLU's Cen­ ten n ial Ch ristmas Festiva l Cele­ bration. Performances a re Friday, Dec. 7, in Portland's Sch n i tzer Con­ cert Hall, 1 1 1 1 SW Broadway, 8 p.m.; Su nday, Dec. 9, in Seattle's F i rst Presbyterian C h u rch, 7th and Spring, 4 p.m.; and Dec. 8, 14 and 16 i n PLU's Eastvold Audi­ tori u m . The Dec. 8 and 1 4 con­ certs are at 8 p.m., Dec. 1 6 is a 4 p.m. matinee. C





Accord ing to cond u ctor Rich­ ard Sparks, 'The Holy N ig ht" is broadcast every Ch ristmas eve in Swede n . The work i ncl udes narration from st. Luke, soloists, chorus and orchestra. Other m usic from Scandinavia w i l l be featured . "To celebrate the un iversity's centennial we wanted to h i g h l i g h t o u r r i ch Sca n d i navian heritage," sa i d Sparks. Performing g roups include the Choir of the West, U n ivers ity Chorale a n d membe rs of the University Sym phony Orchestra. . See coupons below for ticket information. N





Christmas Festival Celebration MAIL ORDER TICKETS

Make checks payable to PLU ChristmR.s Festival PORTLAND ARLENE SCHNITZER CONCERT HALL Friday, December 7 at 8 pm Number of Tickets at




$6 . Adults; 54 . Students, Seniors, Children. (Ticltets will be $8 "rul $6 Rt the door)

Total $ enclosed


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o Enclosed is a check or money order Send this form, payment and a self·addressed, stamped envelope to: Stephen Isaacson, 11940 SW 34th, Portland, OR 97219. Portland tickets are also available at the box office in the theater building, 1111 SW Broadway (248.4496). For information call 244·3463.

PLU EASTVOLD AUDITORIUM Saturday, December 8 at 8 pm Number of Tickets at




__ __ __ _


__ __ ___

$5 . Adults; $3 . Students, Seniors, Children.

(Ticltets will be $6 IUIIi $4 Rt the door)

Total $ enclosed

Friday, December 14 at 8 pm Number of Tickets at



$5 . Adults; $3 . Students, Seniors, Children.

(Tidm will be $6 4rui $4 Rt the door)

Total $ enclosed



$5 . Adults; $3 . Students, Seniors, Children.


Total $ enclosed

(Tidets will be $6 IUIIi $4 Rt the door)





$5 . Adults; $3 . Students, Seniors, Children.

(Ticltets will be $61U11i $4 Rt the door)

Total $ enclosed






o Enclosed is a check or money order, or charge CardNum�r



l"OIJ] lUth el"ClIl







A new digital recording celebrares

PLU's Centennial wirh new and favorire composilions, including rhe grear hymn A Mighty Fortress is Our God and PLU's own ceremonial showpiece Processional ofJoy. Two new works by composer-in-residence Grego ry Yourz are fearured, including r h e American Bandmasrers award winner Fire Works. CaD us loD-Cru 111-300-717-5566 (Plusc haw: )'Our VISA or MastctUrd handy) FAX ordCIS call 1-206-535-7799


Madrid, Barcelona, Montserrat, Toledo, EI Escorlal, Segovia, Zaragoza

With extend-a-tour options: Rome & London

PLU credit hours available.

__________________________________________ ___


If)'I, D ��crlo�

A Milbry ForllUl is Our God fir< Wo.\.s + mu ..i. in G Sinaina in .he. Ra,n !'roc...ion.1 of Joy

London, Stratford, Coventry, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Bath, Blenheim, Oxford


Music Professor D a v i d D a h l recently partiCi pated i n t h ree professional conventions, where he gave reCitals o r led work· shops. At the reg ional convention of the Assoc i a t i o n of L ut h e ra n Ch u rch Musicians i n L a s Vegas, he p rese nted a wo rkshop on "Making the Most of Your Elec· tronic (Organ)." D u r i n g the n a t i o n a l confer­ ence of the Association of Ang l i­ can Musicians in Cha rleston, S.C., and Savannah, Ga., he p resented a recital on a new Taylor·Boody tracker pipe organ in h istoric St. Helena's E p i scopal c h u rch i n Beaufort, S.c. For the national convention of the American Guild of Organists he p resented a workshop enti­ tled "Compel l i n g Hymn Playing" to som e 300 organists. In addition, he participated in a works h o p on French organ music of the late 1 9th and early 20th centuries in Paris, France.

Paris, Versailles, Chartres, Nice, Monaco, Tours

SEATI'LE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Sunday, December 9 at 4 pm Number of Tickets at

Da h l Pa rticipates I n Natio n a l , French events

C u l t u ra l Center (fi rst leve l , U n i­ versity Center) . All co ncerts begin at 8 p . m . T h e Washington Brass Qui ntet w i l l perform m usic by H a n d el , Desprez, Lutoslanski a n d Adson in its Th ursday, Oct. 1 1 concert. Thursday, Nov. 8 featu res the Regency S tring Quartet perform­ ing music by Bach, Beethoven and Rave l . Spring concerts i nclude t h e Was h i ngton B rass Q u i ntet on Feb. 1 4, Regency String Quartet on Ma rch 21 a n d Ca mas W i nd Qui ntet on April 25. A l l three g ro u ps a re resident professional ensem bles at PLU. Call 5 3 5-7621 fo r tickets and information.

21 daye highlighting Rome, PompeII, Capri, Sorento, Florence, Pisa

Sunday, December 16 at 4 pm Number of Tickets at

"The e legance and warmth of the new location p rovides the perfect ambiance for the cham­ ber m usic series," sa i d R ichard Moe, dean of PLU's School of the Arts. PLU's R eg ency Concert Series will perform the 1 990-91 centen­ n i a l series in the U n iversity's newly co m p leted Sca n d i n avian

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Signature Send this form, payment and a self-addressed, st�pcd en�c1opc to: Christmas Festival, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA 98447. For mformatlOn call (206) 535·8410.

"Ken & Polly Christopherson make carefree tours exciting through history, old and new frien ds, congeniality .•

For brochures and Information write: Dr. Ken Chris topherson Professor of Religion Pacific Lutheran University Tacoma, WA 98447 or phone (206)535-8n4 or 537-3328

Coming up in '92: 14-day South Pacific Cruise - Feb. '92:

Tahiti, FijI, Bora Bora, Pago Pago, Auckland, Sydney

21-day Russia and Scandinavia Tour - Aug. '92: Mosc ow, Leningrad, Helsinki, Stockholm, Os/o, Bergen


PacIfIc Lutlleran unIversity scene

october 1990


A dmissio


Admissions Travel Schedule FolioWi '9 i s a p a rt i a l sched u l e fo r o u r travel from Octo ber 1 0 for this fal l . O u r v i s i ts to h i g h schools, com­ mun ity col l eges, ctl u rches and rep­ re s e n t a t i o n at L u t h e r a n C o l l e g e Nig hts a n d o t h e r col l eg e nig h tsl fa i rs began in m i d -Sept e m b e r We need al u m n i , p a re n t s of P L U s t u de n t s , pClstors - n d friends to encou rage future cr ' l ege stu dents to cons ider the PLU )p t i o n by m ee ti n g with us w h i l e i n th eir area P l ease c o n t a c t the Office o f A d m i s s i o n s by w r i t i n g o r ca l l i n g 5 3 5 - 7 1 5 1 ( l o c a l ) , 1 - 8 00-2 74-6 748 ( l o ng d i s ta nce) reg a rd i n g i n fo r m a­ t i o n about p rospective students o r questions a b o u t o u r travel sched u l e. In many cases, high school counsel­ o rs c a n a lso prov i d e m o re I nfo rma­ tio n .

ALASKA Anchorage Fa i r Fa irbanks Fa i r J u neau Fair Ketch i kan Fair CALIFORNIA Newbury Park Palo Alto (Gu n n H .5.l San Mateo Santa Monica Woodside COLORADO Denver Area HAWAII Oahu IDAHO American Fall s Boise

Oct. 1 5 -1 6 Oct 1 7 Oct. 1 1 -1 2 Oct. 9-1 0 Oct. Oct Oct. Oct. Oct.

10 22 17 23 18

Oct. 8-1 1 Nov. 1 2-1 6 Oct. 2 2-27 Oct. 25 Oct. 26; 30 N ov. 1 Oct. 30 Nov. 1 2 Oct. 2 3 Oct. 2 9 Oct. 22 Nov. 2 Oct. 2 5 Nov. 2

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From left, Kathleen Burk, David Guo vich Jill Johnson, Camille Eliason, A licia Smith and Lisa Dean; rear: Stephen Smith and Jim Van Beek.

Thank You We would like to take this opportun ity to thank our alumni and friends · who have assisted o u r student recruitment efforts i n the past. Your contin­ ued help in promoting PLU, referring prospective students and publicizing our visits in your area are essential to o u r success. Please contact any of us whenever you have information regard ing a prospective student, need information or have suggestions for recru iting students in your a rea. We look forward to your continued support! James Van Beek Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Associate Dean of Admissions David Gunovich Kathleen Burk Assistant Dean of Admissions Admissions Counselor Alicia Smith Admissions Counselor Jill Johnson Admissions Counselor Lisa Dean Camille Eliason Transfer Coordinator Stephen Smith Minority Student Coordinator Amy Kramer Executive Secretary Cathy Krebs Pre-acceptance Secretary Linda Ol iver Post-acceptance Secretary

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Many of our students fi rst became i nterested in Pacific Lutheran Uni versity because of encou ragement from our alumn i and friends. You can assist PLU and college-bound students you know by prov iding us with their names, add resses, and other pert i nent data. We are primarily i nte rested in students who w i l l be g raduating from high school i n 1 991 and 1 992. Prospective transfer student i nformation is also encouraged

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Pacific Lutheran unlveRity




10 The Presiden t

tJL.. �?--

The State of the U n ivers ity 1990 "As W it h t he Fi rst One H u nd red Yea rs, Centu ry II W i l l Be I n the Do i ng" Address to the Faculty Fall Conference o n the Centennial o f the University (abridged)

n looking to the Cente n n i a l , w e beg i n the 1 01 st y e a r of the i nstitution, the 3 1 st year of the u niversity, and the 1 6th year of the t e n u re of the c u r­ rent president. T h e c h a l l en g es of t h e year ahead will conta i n some that a re both qualitatively and qua ntita­ tively d i fferent from t hose we have e ngaged toget h e r in the past. It is particu larly i m po rtant, therefore, that I make clear and unequ ivocal from the beg i n n i ng the pride I co ntinue to fee l i n you and Pacific Luthera n U n iver­ sity, my g ratitude for the oppor­ tu nity to continue to serve PLU and its many constituents, and my certain confidence that in all essential and i m portant ways the u n iversity w i l l p rospe r as much if not more on chal lenges that a re d i fferent as it has o n those t h a t a r e fa m i l i ar. C o m ­ pared t o m a n y other postsecon­ d a ry e d u cational i nst i t u ti o n s, a n d cert a i n l y to m ost other work pl aces, a u n i q u e spi rit of com mu nity and cooperation per­ meates this place and enables working together on whatever problem may be cu rrent. This past yea r is chronicl ed by sign ificant prog ram m atic g a i n across t h e u niversity. Complete re-writing of t h e u n i ve rsity's Five-Year Plan, adoption by the faculty of new academic m i n ors and approval or i m p lementation of new master's level progra ms i n physical education and n u rs­ ing are exam p les of p rogra m ­ matic g a i n from t h e acade m i c side. In admin istrative a reas, the successfu l pu rchase of the East Campus, planning for a new dor­ mitory, and the unprecedented gift fu nding for and planning of the Mary Baker R u ssel l Music Center m ust be mentioned as signal accom plish ments. In looking to the chal lenges of the yea r ahead, I have chosen the theme, "A s With the First


One Hundred Years, Century " Will Be In the Doing. " The theme

in noway i s intended to su p­ plant or replace the official mot­ to for the Centen n i a l , "Educat­ ing fo r Serv i ce, Cen t u ry I I . " Rather, i t is i ntended t o suggest the fi rst steps for i mplementing that motto, and though it may seem self-evident or even trite, much of l i fe's g reatest wisd o m derives from such sim ple truth. As we antici pate the first year of the second century of the l ife of PLU, we look back in ou r histo­ ry. So much was done - good and bad, su ccess and fa i l u re, easy and hard - in the first one hundred years. In his Centen nial

history Educating for Service, Professor Phi l i p Nordqu ist te l ls us that it was the i ntention of the u niversity's fou nders that it be a "first-rank school," and he quotes from the Lu theran Uni­ versity Herald of 1 89 1 to say that the school " . . . s h a l l (a l so) g ive i nstruction i n a l l p ractica l cou rses that o u r you ng peop le need to have knowledge of, each in his own situation. The school will educate and bring up good Ch rist i a ns a n d good citizens." The qu ote reflected the then cu rrent u n d e rst a n d i n g of church and society, and set lofty goals for the tru l y fled g l i ng insti­ tution which, though i ncorporat­ ed as a u niversity, was real l y only a n academy with some col l ege level cou rses. But Christians, and over time others as wel l , were educated, thousands of good citizens were g raduated, and the i nstitution did become a "first-rank schooL" So m uch so, that last fa l l with the 1 989 biennial su rvey by U.S. News and World Report, PLU became the only p rivate school in all of Washi ngton, Oregon, Ida­ ho, Alaska, and Montana to be top ranked in every biennial sur­ vey by U.S. News since 1 983. The school's reputation was such that it g rew to have the la rgest u n derg r a d u ate pop u l at i o n of any N orthwest p rivate college, and the la rgest total enrollment of any Lutheran institution in the cou ntry. Little d i d i ts fou n ders d ream of such success, nor could they even have i magi ned the dimen­ sions of that success. For exam­ p l e , t h e re were then no F u l ­ b r i g h t schola rs, a n d it wou ld have been i m possible to report or even to u nd e rsta n d t h e mea n i ng o f t h e fact that now in some years as m a n y as th ree­ quarters of the total annual pro­ duction of Fulbright scholars in our state comes from PLU alone. That and much, much more suc­ cess c a m e to a n i n st i t u tion w h i ch from the beg i n n i n g and t h roughout its cou rse was so f i n a n c i a l l y i m pove r i s h e d it stopped fu nctioning entirely for two of its fi rst 1 00 years, strug­ gled incessa ntly to compensate its e m p l oyees at a l l , l et alone a p p ro p r i a te l y , and never enj oyed the secu rity of having j u st one yea r when endowment levels cou ld have met payrol l for even th ree months if it were necessary. R a t i o n a l l y, s u c h i m pove rish­ m e n t s ho u ld h ave a bsol u tely precl u d ed any, let a lone, g reat success. Yet, it d i d not. and it did

President William 0. Rieke

not because the people of PLU i n its fi rst one h u n d red years u n d e rstood that su ccess took ded i cated effo rt, it was in the dOing, and they were w i l ling to do it all again - and again. And you, m y col leagues of the facul­ ty and a d m i n i st ra t i o n , have modeled wel l from the i r exa m­ ple. It is your doing which truly and especia l l y i n the last decade has brought PLU to g reatness. Now, our doing together both m ust conti nue and, for the first few years of the 1 990's, it must include elements that are differ­ ent - d i fferent to u s, thou g h certai n l y not different t o many of our academic forebears. The p ost-b a by-boo m / b a b y - b u st-era continues to p roduce fewer high school gradu ates and to s h ri n k t h e pool of col lege bound stu­ dents. Let it be c l e a r t h a t the decrease in enrollment is not in any way related to any d i m i n ish­ ment in the market des i rability of the u n iversity. From fi rst­ hand experience in the field with pa rentlnew stu d ent meetings this very sum mer, I know abso­ l u te l y to the contrary. Rather, the h istoric base of the u n iversi­ ty's financial constra i nts com ­ bi ned with the un iversity'S suc­ cess in recru iting the l a rgest u n d e r g ra d u a t e population among private N o rth west i n sti­ tutions, simply means there a re fewer fi nancial aid dollars to be assigned to more students. To maintain e n rol l ment in these days of fewer students, h igher costs and less aid, an i nstitution m ust be small, wealthy or p ref­ erably bot h . Only i n institutions so characterized a re enroll ments constant for 1 990/91 . But since I have said that suc­ cess l i es i n t h e dOing, what i s b e i n g done a b o u t the fi nancial m atter? On t h e i n come side, I

have a l ready menti oned record fu n d ra ising, and it is not only on the capital but a lso the operat­ ing side. It also is g reater than that of any sister Northwest pri­ vate institution. On the expense s i d e , we began t h e response e l ev e n m o n t h s a g o w h e n 1 9 89/90 b u d gets were con­ t ro l l ed to m a tch u nfo reseen decreases in enroll ment and the u n p recedented red i rection of u n ivers i ty g i ft i n come away from operati ng toward restrict­ ed g ifts. Rece ntly, s i g n ificant aid from the State of Wash i ngton was secu red for stu dents who want to attend a p rivate i nstitution such as PLU. The Educational O p p o r t u n i ty G ra n t t h ro u g h which the state p rovides $2,500 in g rant money to needy trans­ fer students not only is law and i s fu nded, but n ow has been tested with the fi rst g ra nts administered; of all grant recipi­ ents state-wide, nea rly one-t h i rd a re com ing to PLU alone. Clearly, history is bei ng made with the program which for the first time has a l l owed m e a n i n gful state support to students going to p ri. vate schools. Another positive a n d exciting opportu n ity that w i l l come to us in the immed iate futu re is the chance to exam ine every activi­ ty and progra m in the u n iversity with the pu rpose of determining i ts essential ity to the centra l mission o f tt1e i nstitution, which is education. There is more in the first yea r of the second centu ry of the u n iversity that wi l l be " i n the doing." The u n iversity will con­ t i n u e the specia l em phasis and com m i tm e n t it i n cl u ded l ast yea r to make this cam pu s repre­ sentative and eth n ica l l y diverse. The m ajor p rog ress m a d e i n fu nding for students of color, i n i ncreasing campus awareness of the need for raci a l diversity i n student body, staff a n d faculty, and in representi ng the u n iversi­ ty to the ever-g rowing m i nority popu lations i n t h e com m u n ity a round us w i l l continue. S i m i l a r-. Iy, the task force laboring the past year to p roduce a hand­ book to guide o u r working with stu d ents w i t h d i sa b i l i t i es has del ivered its p roduct, and the gu ide will be with you this yea r to assist with a d isabled student popu lation that has i ncreased d ra m atically in society and on this campus in recent years. PLU . presently has over 1 50 self-iden­ tified students with varying disa­ b i l i t i es . S t u d e nts w i th spec i a l Continued on oage 12


pacific Lutheran unlvenltv Scene

oct0llef' 1990

11 Commen ts

IM u rray Morgan Exa m i nes Nordqu ist's Cente n n i a l H isto ry (This is the 1 7 th feature in a 20-part series)

Editor's Note Centennial colum­ nist and historian Dr. Philip Nord­ quist is also the author of the PL U Centennial history, Educating for Service, published last spring by the PLU Press. His book was re viewed b y eminent Northwest historian Mur­ ray Morgan for the (Tacoma) Morn­ i ng News Tri b u ne . That re vie w (below) is published with permission

By Murray Morgan


lu ncheon for 500, a fo rmal academic p rocess ion with new banners des i g n ed by the cha irman of the a rt depa rtment and music composed by a facul­ ty member, preceded the inau­ g u ration of the new p resident of Pa cific Luthera n U n i versity i n 1 970. The president of t h e U n ited States and both the state's sena­ tors w i red co ngratulations. T h e national p resident of t h e Ameri­ can Luthera n C h u rc h a d m i n i s­ tered the cha nge of office and i nsta lled president E u gene Wieg­ man, who proclaimed t h e com­ i n g of the Yea r of Joy. T h ere were formal responses from the gove r n o r, the s t u d e n t body president. the a l u m n i association p resident and - most memora­ bly - from the faculty represen­ tative. ' Walter Schnackenber g, c h ai r­ man of the hi story department. p resented p resident Wieg m a n with a copy o f Pacific Lutheran U n iversity's statement of objec­ tives and told h i m : "You have read it a n d s u b­ scribed to it. Your p rofess ion today req u i res you to de vote you rse lf . . . to its cont i n u i n g rea lization. In this endeavor we s u p p o rt you w i t h a l l o u r strength. We a re m i nd fu l . . . t h a t facu lt ies a n d p resid e nts have often d rawn themselves up as splendid adversaries. We can assu re you that we wi II not relax o u r vigila nce nor fa i nt in the l ists. For the common good, we shall m a i n ta i n all ap pro p ri ate tensions. "If you go too fast, we shall slow thi ngs down. "If you go too slowly, we shall speed things up. " If you want a nswers, we sha l l give you more questions.

"If you want a motion, we shall give you r more questions. "If you beco me h i g h ha nded, we sha I re m i n d you of o u r ancient p rerogatives. "If YOU want a revolution, we shal l magnify the t radition. "If you w i l l not c h a nge, we shall lead the revolt." The i ncl usion of t h is classic statement of the t raditional ten­ sion between college faculty and its a d m i n istration typifies the forth rightness that d ist ingu ishes Dr. Ph i l i p Nordqu ist's h istory of Pacific Luthera n 's fi rst centu ry. Problems, controversies and d i l em m as a re faced di rectly those a rising from tensions with­ in the Luthera n C h u rch as well as those refl ecti n g cha nges i n America n society. The m ajor fig­ u res in the effort to provide a meani ngfu l Ch rist i a n ed ucation a re shown to be deeply co m m it­ ted but h u m a n . E rrors a re acknowl edged, for i nsta nce p resi dent Seth East­ void's l o a n of $2 50,000 of u n i­ vers i ty fu n d s to t h e Ocean Shores Estates development i n which h is son was involved . But t h e em phasis is on problems overc o m e , of t h e sacrifices m a d e by i n d i vi d u a l s fo r t h e good o f t h e i nstitution. T h ere is a Pe rils of Pa u l i ne qual ity to the h istory of the ear­ ly debt-ridden days. The Pacific L u t h e ra n U n i versity Associates were i n corpo rated on Dec. 1 1 , 1 890, to accept the donation of 1 00 acres of land in the Parkland Addition from a Tacoma real estate deve l o pe r , t i t l e to be delivered as soon as the associ­ ates had i nvested $1 5 ,000 in campus building. Bj u g H a rstad , a theologian t ra ined at Concord i a Sem i n a ry in St Lou is, was elected president of the association and beca me fi rst president of the school. An a rc h i tect's sketch of the fi rst ca m p us b u i l d i ng , bea r i n g some resemblance to what was fin a l ly b u i lt. was p u b l i s hed in Ma rch 1 89 1 ; a cornerstone was laid in A p r i l ; the fi rst facu l ty member - m u sician Carlo Sperati - was h i red d u ri n g the s u m mer; and the fi rst fi n a n c i a l crisis was adm itted to in the fa l l . T h e build i ng was ded icated on October 1 4, 1 894 with the sing­ i ng of "A M ighty Fortress is O u r G o d " s i m u ltaneously i n E n g l ish, German a n d N orweg i a n . School started the next day with a fac­ ulty of fou r offering cl asses to a student body of 30. (The Un iver-

sity of Washi ngton had a n enrol l­ ment of 273 that year.) Tuition was $1 a week. Fac ulty pay was i nterm ittent By 1 898, Pacific Lutheran was so d eeply in debt that a Parkland Help Society sponsored the dis­ patch of president Harstad a n d a com pa n i o n t o the Klondike to search for gold " i n an hon orable a n d God-fea ring m a n n er," t h at m a y h a ve been t h e w ro n g a p p ro a c h . T h ey e n c o u n t e red cold, m U d , i rrel i g i o n a n d other h u m a n vaga ries b u t not m u c h g o l d . N ev e r t h e l ess, H a rstad d escribed the 1 8-month o rdeal i n t h e Y u ko n Territory as "the easi est and least worriso m e

time" he spent after com i ng to Tacoma. "Educating for Service" follows the spasmodi c growt h of Pacific Luthera n from its fo und i ng as a " u n i v e rs i ty" t h ro u g h its ret re n c h m e n t a s academy and busi ness co l l ege, then normal school and col lege and fi nall y to t rue u n i versity status and recog­ nition as one of the nation's fin­ er p ri vate i nstitutions of lea rn­ ing. Among the charms of this fine book a re its u nobtrusive sch olar­ ly a p pa ratus of footnotes and appendices, the subtle use of old p h otog ra p h s as chapter h ead­ i ngs and the author's grave wit.

A � C E N T E N N I A L � T R E A S U R E

PLU'S centennial hisrory is availble now! Educating for Service:

Pacific Lutheran University 1890- 1990 has been written by history professor Dr. Philip Nordquist. Uniquely qualified to write the volume, Nordquist

was a student at PLU in the early '50s and has taught on campus for 27 years. The book describes the triumphs, disappointments and tenacious

visions of those who helped to build PLU into the largest private educa­ tional institution in the Northwest. Educating for Serivce will be an elegant keepsake of the university's centennial celebration as well as a critical study of the school's often difficult enterprise, a memorable chronicle of achieve­ ments and follies, of struggles and growth. Beautifully cloth bound, the book includes more than 70 photographs, capturing many of the faces and moments of the PLU community over the past century. �







PIeaK smd me _copy(its) of &IwAti",,," SoMa &1 $20.45 uch 7.8'l(, salesrax

_ _ _


I'IuK omd !his coupon, along with }Our check or """"'Y onI.... 10: Eclucadn& ror Smtta, PW Bookstore, To<oma. WA 98447.

Mah checb pa,.t.k 10 PW.

...... . ...-",

up. cbol.

Pacific Lutheran University Scene

October 1990

12 Commen ts


Club Surve y Results

S u p po rt i n g Q u a l ity P rog ra m s a n d Scho l a rsh i ps By Ed Larson Director Of

By Ron Douglass Q Club president

I ' d l i ke to t h a n k a l l of the 0 C l u b m e m bers who res ponded to the 0 C l u b s u rvey form d i s­ t r i b u ted at t h e b a n q uet a n d t h r o u g h t h e m a i l t h i s p a st spring I was pl eased by both the nu mber of people who took the time to fi l l out our qu est ion n a i re and the nu mber of peop le who vo l u nteered to h e l p in spe c i a l ways. T h e res u lts have given us i m portant feedback about yo ur concerns a n d your priorities. I wo u l d l i k e to s h a re five key i m p ressions with you 1) The vast majority of the sur­ veys were very positive in tone and st rongly endorsed the goa ls and objecti ves of t h e 0 C l u b. C learly our membersh ip believes in the i m portance of support i n g

Rieke . . .

Continued from page 1 0

needs, as others w i l l , then con­ t i n ue to be served here. The u n iversity's com rn it ment to its Ch rist i a n d i m ension w i l l see s o m e special d o i n g i n t h e year ahead. I n an effort i n itiated by t h e Synod asse m b l ies of Region I of the ELCA, funds will be sou ght from m e m bers a nd frie nds of the c h u rch for the "Space for G race" or new wor­ s h i p center const ruction p ro­ gram. A two m illion dollar goal plus the cost of an organ for the fac i l ity have been est a b l i shed and fu nding has starteq a..,!tllS.I. centennial g ift to the u nlversl'fy,' On the tech n ology front we w i l l do more of that wh ich is both new and exciting. Replace­ ment of an obsolete telephone system with a fiber optic cable not only w i l l provide state-of-the art service, but it w i l l enable stu­ dents in dorm itory room s to access the central VAX com put­ ers for word processing, com pu­ tat ional exercises, and w i t h i n a month, t h e entire card cat a l og of the l i brary. In the yea r ahead, you the fac­ u lty w i l l do the long awa i ted revision of the CORE. I a m excit­ ed about the debate wh ich w i l l ensue and t h e strengthen i n g of the cu rric u l u m that will fol low. "As With the Firs t One Hun­ dred Years, Century /I Will Be In the Doing. " W h i l e some of our

doing will be different in the few years ahead than it has i n the past decade, it will nonetheless be the doing of a strong, suc­ cessful and confident i nstitution. I look forward to it as I look for­ ward to one m ore yea r u n der God of working with you; you who truly are the fi nest faculty a n d staff I have ever known. Than k you, and God bless us a l l.

Planned Giving

PLU and its students. 2 ) T h e t h ree most s i g n i f i c a n t a reas of s u p port affi rmed by the su rvey resu lts were m a i n t a i n i n g q u a l i t y ac a d e m i c p rograms, scholarsh i p s and f i n a n c i a l a i d fo r needy s t u d e n t s , a n d mainta i n i n g P L U ' s Christian co ntext Support for facu lty sala ries was fo u rt h a n d prov i d i n g noneed scho l a r s h i i p s to att ract except ional students was fifth. (Other areas of support i ncluded funds for balancing the operati ng budget. gifts for books a nd other l i b ra ry resou rces a n d funds to b u i l d new faci l ities) W i t h very m i n o r v a r i a t i o n s , these res u lts were rem a rkably consistent throughout d iffe rent age groups and constituencies. 3 ) The response to the qu estion about w h y you joi ned t h e 0 C l u b a n d how you first learned about us was a lso very i nteresting. While each comment was in you r own words, many of them echoed the same t he mes again and a g a i n . You bel ieve in the m ission of PLU, you have a level of i n volvement a n d co n n ection - either as a n a l u m , a parent. a com m u n ity member or a church mem ber, and you want to help students attend PLU. W h i le i t i s not surprising that many of you first learned about t h e 0 Club via t h e m a i l o r SCENE . magazi ne, t h e vast m ajority of you fi rst heard about the 0 Club t h rough the personal contact of a vo l u nteer. Y o u r cont i n u �d efforts to i nform a n d i nvolve ot hers in t h e Q C l u b i s one of o u r most i m portant avenues of g rowth. 4) You r responses to the i nformation and m a i l i ng s we send was a l so very positive. There were some negati ve com ments about pledge re m i nders. W h i le some com m e nted that we had too m a ny, oth ers com m ented t h at t h ey needed t h e m . O u r i ntention i s to be as i nformative, efficient a n d low key as possible w h i le st i l l rem i nding members i n a t imely fashion. Unfortu nately, we h a ve lea rned that when

re m i n d e rs a re not s e n t , o u r ren ewa l rate goes down s h a r p l y 5) F i n a l ly, I'd l i ke t o than k a l l o f you who vol u n teered t o h e l p i n various capacities Many of you exp ressed interest i n wo rking a s a n a rea vo l u nteer, host i n g a n event, serv i n g as a d i rector, or h e l p i n g out in the office. We a re attem pt i n g to get back to you as quickly as possible. We will use the resu lts of the s u rvey to h e l p us i m p rove the d i rect ion of ou r p rograms a nd the design and foc us of our writt e n mate r i a l s . Y o u r respo nses aff i r m once more the p r i o ri ty that each o f u s g i ves t o helping as many stud ents as we can to rece ive the top q u a l ity education in the C h rist i a n environment t hat is ava i lable at PLU . These d ays, w h e n s o m a n y worthy organizations ask for our help, we need to p r iorit ize our giving. The n u m ber of potential s u pporters that m a ke u p PLU's constituency is ve,-y l i m ited. This m akes it i m portant that we g ive priority to t h e work of the 0 Cl ub. The n u m ber of st udents that need our help i n this Centennial yea r i s so g reat th at each of u s i s c h a l l enged to do even m o re and to carry the 0 C l u b story to more of our friends. In add ition to o u r i n d iv i d u a l efforts, the members h i p of cong regations has a lso been a tradition that i s i m portant. Recently I was reading the cou ncil m i n utes of C a m a n o I s l a n d L u t h e r a n C h u rch for the year 1 900. I was i nt erested beca u se both m y g reat - g r a n dfa t h e r and my g randfather were l i sted as counc i l m e m be rs. Th ree items were discussed for their budget: the pastor's salary, the cost of the Su nday School a n d a g ift to Pa c i f i c L u t h e r a n A ca d e m y . Encou ra g i n g o u r con g regat ions to g ive priority to Chri �tian h igher education at P L U I S J u st as i m portant today. The Q Club i s an excel lent way to do that. M a y we co n t i n u e to work toget her to ach ieve t h e goals that we all consider so i m por­ tant.

Wh at's Th is E n d ow ment Stuff A l l Abo ut? Not l o n g ago I was ::Jsked, "What's this endowment stuff a l l about? I h e a r t h a t word 'en dowment' and I d o n ' t rea l l y know what it means . " I n a wo rd, an endowment is a fund w h i c h is esta b l ished w i th the i dea that the fu nd w i l l never d i m i n i s h . Each yea r o n l y t h e i n come t h a t is earned by t h e f u n d i s u s e d . Qu ite oft e n , e n d o w m e n t s a re s e t u p t o m e m o r i a l ize o r h o n o r loved ones. For exa m p le, let u s s u p pose that I wou l d l ike to memorialize or honor someone special. I give the u niversity a gift (or pledge a gift over a period of ti m e) a nd i n d icate that I would l i ke to set up ar. end ow ment fu n d i n t he name of this person, and th at I wou l d l i ke t h e fund to provide sc holarsh i ps fo r deserv i n g stu­ dents. The u n iversity w i l l i nvest this g ift, and each yea r the earn. i ngs from this i nvest ment w i l l be u sed to p ro v i d e s c h o l a r s h i p assista nce i n the n a m e o f t h e deSignated i nd ividual. Endowments can be used for t h i ngs ot her t h a n scholarships. Books for the libra ry, equipment for laboratories, mai ntenance of a b u i l d i ng, are but a few of the other ways t hat endowments can be utilized. A Q Club membersh i p can be endowed for 5 3,000 or h i gher; a scholars h i p can be endowed for 5 1 0,000 and up; a chair ca n be named in a certain depart ment for 5 500,000; and a n u m ber of ot her endowment opportun ities a re a va i l a b l e at v a ry i n g a mounts. If you wou l d l i ke m o re i nfor­ m a t i o n on e n d o w m e n t s a n d how you m ight honor o r m e m o­ rial ize someone, contact: Edgar Larson, Director of Plan ned G i v­ i n g , PLU, Tacoma, WA 98447, 1 -800-82 6-003 5 •

We welcome the fol lowing individuals, busi nesses and churches who have joined the Q Club since the last issue of SCE NE:

New fel lOWS ($1000·2399/vear> Gordon, Jay and Irene

Increase to Ludwig. Lois


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Seattle . Alford, Jimmie and Ellen

New Associate FellOws 1$480-999/vear l Westre, Berm a n d Delores

Increase to ASSOCiate Fellow Adolf, Mis Bi berdorf, John and Vinnie Dally Ray and Deanna Haagen. Nina Menzel, Paul and Susan Blank Van Gilder, Viola New Members 1$240-479/year) Eidbo, Martin and Me:Jinda


Elnes. Ivar and Donna

Ellison. Guy and Brenda Immanuel Lutheran Church. Everson, WA jarecki, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Karl, Betsy Kraiger. Richard and Naomi Kravas, Gus and Connie Miller, Todd Pearson. Scott and Lois Reitz. Gerhard Richardson Well Drilling Roberts, Robert and Ann Roesch, Paul and Nancy Shaw. William and Thelma Saine, Jon and June Strand, Gerald and linda TOllefson, Marilyn Trinity Lutheran Church, Freeland. WA

Troyer, Richard and linda Wallace. Jonathan Wangsmo, Paul Williams, Donald and Ann Willis, Betty WOld. Kathrvn Zurfluh Art and Shirley


Increase from Junior to Regular Memller Matson. Jon

NeW Junior Memllers (S1 20lyear age 26 and under) Allerton. Robin Bottger. Heide Carlson. Luther DaviS. Beth Davis. Gretchen

Doerksen. Diane Edmonds, Jon and Nancy Fields, E l izabeth Bryden Gandhi. Tereasa Hase, Douglas and Deborah Megorden, Peter Olden. Karen Ottoson, Usa Rosdahl, David Schmidt, Mark Saucey. Diane and James T Imsen TOllefson, Sari TWine, Ric Welch, Steve and Caryn

o Club

Indowment Gifts:


In memory of Rev. Ervin Krebs given by his wife. family and friend .

Pacific Lutheran University SCene

OctoH r 1990

13 Alumni The



Class Notes

Goodwi l l - More Than Games By Harvey J. Neufeld Vice President, Church Relations

M u ch of the excitement of this su m m er's G ood w i l l G a m es happened away from the ath let­ ic tracks a n d a renas. Thousands of tou rists from a h u n d red o r more cou ntries shared bus rides a ro u n d and boat rides on the beautiful Puget Sou n d . They jos­ tled el bows with stereo seekers a n d yog u rt sam plers at every mall in the greater Seattle a rea. It was a grand, festi ve and happy t i m e . Ted Turner lost money, but gai ned a t h a n kfu l i nterna­ tional co m m u n ity for his agg res­ s i ve, a l m ost rec kl ess v e nt u re i nto a Pax Soni Pugetiensis. For me, the h ig h l ight was nei­ ther ath letic n o r strictly cultura l . It was spi ritual. Leading me into a new u n derst a n d i n g of spi rit and liturgy were the 24 si ngers of the Sem i n a ries of Le n i ngra d . I expected the concert t o fea­ tu re black robed and bea rded p riests, enormous in g i rt h and bedecked in holy objects, of the o rthodox faith . That faith was i n deed exp ressed, as the choir sang excerpts from the l i t u rgy of the Russian Orthodox Church - a l i tu rgy of 1000 years (888-1 988). In stead the sin gers were you n g . Twe l ve lad ies, 1 2 m e n , one or two st i l l i n t h e i r teens - altogether remarkable. H a rm o n ies, r i ch and v i b r a n t , filled my nea rly empty spiritual reservo ir. I gu essed they co uld o n ly h a ve come from the spirit

of God brood i n g in the early morning m i sts of the Volga. For one p a rticu l a rly bea utiful prayer a young clean shaven red­ head s a n g a b a sso-p rofu ndo liturgical line so deep, so guttu r­ al. so melancholy, so strong, that some how it seemed his s o u l m u st h ave b e e n i n formed by another era, a nother time. Had he bee n party to stories of a gra ndfa t h e r o r u n cle who had su rvi ved t h e f rozen deathly ni ghtmare of the siege of Lenin­ grad? Where else cou l d he have gained such sensiti vity - or was it genetic? What I h e a rd was n o t j u st su perb m u sicianship and tech­ n i q u e . What I h ea rd was t h e sou nd of an angu ished so u l a s i t intertwined itself i n to t h e fabric of the Psalm - " Lord, you have been our refuge from one gen­ eration to another." I wept l i ke a child, or should I say like a sa in t, as the l i t u rgy washed me in a mu sical baptism. For a moment l iturgy d id what it should; it brought me i nto the presence of the heavenly hosts, yes, into the presence of God. How awesome are the rivers of faith that w i n d thei r way i nto t h e m a i nstream of o u r d ish ev­ eled lives. How h ea l i n g the mu si­ cal oi ntments of another church and c u l t u re, a n ot h e r l i t u rgy, in bringing goodwill to h u m a n ity as well as goodwill to games.

Thirteen Freshmen Receive Al umni Merit Awards If one or both p a rents of an i n com i ng fresh m a n a re PLU alumni a n d t h e student has a high school g rade po int average of 3.5 or better, the student may apply for a $ 1 ,000 A l u m n i Merit Award. This year 1 3 award recipients h a ve j o i n ed t h e P L U student body. They are: David Benson of Bow, Was h . , son o f Richard Benson '58; Scott Flatness of Woo d i n v i l le, Wash . , son o f Pau l Flatness ' 6 3 ; J u lie Isensee, daughter of Donald '64 and M a ry Jane '65 Isensee; M a r-

en Joh nson of Pou lsbo, Was h . , d a u g h t e r of Keith a n d J a n et Johnson '68; Krista M a rt i n of Seattle, daug hter of Austrid Mar­ t i n '63; a n d Kristina M i l le r of Bow, Wash., daughter of Freder­ ick M i l ler x'65. Also C a th e r i n e O v e rl a n d of Seattle, daughter of Merlyn and Joan Overland '63; Carol Parr of Taco m a , d a u g hter of Te rrence ' 5 9 a n d S u s a n ' 6 3 Pa r r; E r ic Schuck or Port O rc h a rd, Wash., son of Roger Schuck M BA 78; Scott Thom pson of Eugene, O re., son of C a ro l T h o m pson '67; S h a n n o n L . T i l ly of Wenatchee, Wash., daughter of Earl Tilly '56; G a i l Tuvey of Issaq u a h , Wash . , daug hter o f Dale ' 6 6 and Judith '67 Tu vey; and Shana Visser of Beltsville, Md., daug hter of Rhon­ da Visse r 79.

1 930

1 945

Edna S. Haneberg and husband Mel­ vin were King and Queen of the Sandy (Ore.) Pioneer and Historical Association July 29.

Emma Foss has been retired as a Min· neapolis school social worker since June 1 985. She is very busy with volunteer work as Peer Counselor, Kinship Board Member, Su rrogate Parent for a retard· ed student and as a volunteer at Fair· view Ridges Hospital.

1 934 Kathryn Johnson McClary of Red­ mond, Wash . , enj oyed d i n ner with PLC friends Ella Johnson Fosness (Gig Harbor, Wash') and Jennie Lee Hanson (Camaril lo, Calif.) and their respective husbands at Shenanigans in Tacoma. They have met once a year for t h e past 2 5 years on special occasions.

1 950 Eldon and Helen KyllO are in Lome, Tago, Africa where Eldon is the di rector of a U.s. Embassy International School for two years.

1 939

1 953

Rev. Alfred M. Karlstad reti red from t h e active m i n istry (ALC) eig ht years ago, but since then has completed five "interim pastorates." He is now servo ing as "retirement" part·time d irector of evangelism and music at Faith Lutheran Chu rch (ELCA) in Marysville, Calif. Rev. cerhard O. Reitz is working hard on his fourth interim assignment at Lutheran C h u rch of the Master i n Coeur d'Alene, Id. In Au gust he was i n Papua New Guinea helping Martin Luther Semi­ nary celebrate its 25th ann iversary The foun d i ng principal, he represented the ELCA and the EW-ID Synod Carole E. Snyder of Gig Ha rbor, Wash., hopes to be able to attend the October Homecoming this Centennial year as Puyall u p has been celebrating its 1 00 year history also. The class of 1 939 had a super 50 year celebration last year Her 1 930 PHS class held a 60th reunion on July 6.

Paul Wangsmo retired as principal of Larchmont Elementary School in Ju ne, 1 990.

1 954 Dr. Constance Marie (Hanson) Jae· ger received a grant to attend the All England Choral Music SOCiety Conference Seminar held in July at Clare College in Cambridge, England She was one of 200 selected from around the world. As part of a post-doctoral program, the seminar was led by some of the world's finest condu ctors and composers. She p layed some of the fine instruments available at Cambridge and did research on musi­ cal manuscripts that date back to the 1 4th century.

1 955 Pastor N o r m a n a n d M a u d l e (Straub, '56) Schnaible have lived i n Woodland, Calif., f o r th ree and a h a l f years Norman i s t h e pastor o f American Lutheran C h u rCh. Their eldest daughter, Kathryn, will begin work on a PhD. i n romance languages a n d literature at Har­ vard t h is fall on a fu l l scholars h i p and fellowship.

1 944 I'Lee Charlotte Tiedeman died July 2 3 . Charlotte taught for the Tacoma Public Schools and was an active mem­ ber of Mt. Zion Lutheran C h u rch for 33 years A 33·year resident of Tacoma, she lived in Belfair, Wash . for the past 1 2 years.






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As PLU Alumni, you have

the following services available to you. Take advantage of them! •

Alumni Association Setvices . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . (206) 535-74 15 .




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PLU AlumnI





pacific Lutheran university scene

October 1 990

14 Alumni

1 00 A l u m n i Receive Centen n ia l Recog n ition Ja mes W . Aageson Arlis M. Adolf John R. Amend Neil A. Amondson Ruth Ellis Anderson Jerold L. Armstrong Geral d C. Bayne Judith Sa nnerud Bil l i ngs Bruce T. Bjerke G. Ja mes Ca pe l l i Nancy Rutledge Connery Ma ria-Alma Rai ney Copeland Candace Armstrong Dahlstrom John P. Dirlam Judith Seastrand Dod ds Ol ivia Y. Dorsey Cynthia Wi lson Edwards Ja mes R. Feek Claudia Riiff F inseth John F. Fisch bach Dale J. Fixsen Richard H. Foege M ichael S. Ford Ca rol Botte m i l ler Gel d a ker James T. Girvan G retta A. Goldenman Ja mes A. Haaland Ga ry L. Habed ank M a rc A. Hafso Jess C. Hagerman Ri cha rd G. Hagerty J r. Ma rion A. H alvorson Roy Ham merling M i lton C. Hanson Shi rley Harmon Ha nson Pau l E. Hartma n Roe H . Hatlen Thomas Heavey Sr. Richard N. Hi ldahl Loren H . Hi ldebra nd Raymond T.O. Ho Ronald TW. Ho Neil J . Hoff David P. Housholder Prentis V. Joh nson

70 71 '61 '80 '65 '60 '58 '61 72 '58 70 79 '82 '65 '66 75 76 '60 77 '69 77 '59 '68 '57 '68 '66 '58 '66 78 '66 '63 '68 78 '50 '60 '67 '65 74 '65 '61 '62 '58 '41 '83 78

In observance of the 1 00th anniversary of Pacific Luth eran Un iversity, 1 00 a l u m n i are receiving Centennial recog nitio n . Pu rpose o f t h e once-in-a-l ifet ime recogni­ tion event is to applaud the diversity of PLU a l u m n i d u r i n g the past ce n t u ry, as well as the b road spect r u m of fields of service arou nd the world in which a l u m n i are engaged The 1 00 honorees represe nt a m i c ro­ cosm of PLU's 2 5 , 000-p lus a l u m n i . They include many career fields a nd discipli nes, diverse cultural backg rounds and eras. They were selected du ri ng the past year by an A l u m n i Association com m ittee from among nomi nations submitted by a l u m n i , facu lty, staff and friends. They d o not include employees of PLU or persons who have previously rece ived a l u m n i recogn i­ tion. In addition to career and service accom­ pl ish ments, recogn ition was also given to persons who devoted themselves to chil­ d ren, spouses and fa m i l i es. The recog n ition d i nner is Oct. 1 1 at 5 p . m . i n Olson Aud itoriu m . Add itional i nformation about the honor­ ees will be p u b l ished in the December issue of Scene. Centen nia l Recog n ition Awa rd recipients a re listed below:

Theodore L. Joh nson Jr. Dennis D. K nutson Con nie Farnham Kravas William C. Krieger Pa ul R. Kusche E. Arth ur Larson J r. Charles A. Laubach H. Eugene LeMay John W. Lennon Anita H i l lesland Londgren

'60 '62 '67 '68 70 '47 '60 '62 '61 '59

Christian Lucky Roger M. Lundblad M ichael H. Macdonald Charles W. Mays Tom tv'l . McArth ur Robert D. McM ichael Cindy K. M cTee Ch ristopher P. M enzel G retta Wesson Merwin Ken E. Morrison Dale T. N esse David T. Nesvig Bruce E. Neswick Henry A. Nyirenda Arden J. Olson Lesl ie Geer Perry Donald R. Poier Jeffrey L. Probstfield Elizabeth A. Pulliam Lyle Quasim William K. Ramstad John R. Reay Donald F. Rei m a n D. G e n e Sch a u mberg Beatrice Scheele Walter Schnackenberg (deceased) Phyllis Booth Schneider David M. Soderl und Daisy McKerson Stallworth Inez I ngebrigtson Steen David S. Steen Theresa M. Stephany M a rcus R. Stuen M u rray A. Taylor Arth u r W. Thiel M a rvin S . Tom m ervik Arnold L. Towe Willy S i ng Yuen Tsao Edward A. Walters Ca lvin M . Watness J anet E. Wigen Na ncy Q u i l l i n Wil kinson Virginia Witt David C. Wold Linda A. Z u rfluh

'89 '61 '63 '62 '83 '85 76 79 '62 79 72 '57 78 75 74 '65 74 '63 '85 73 '47 '56 '52 '61 '58 '37 '69 71 76 '53 '57 78 '41 '40 75 '42 '48 77 '62 '50 '57 75 75 '56 73

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1 958 Ronald HO, an elementary art special· ist in the Bellevue School District, was named Pacific Region A rt Educator of the Year for Washington State.

1 960 DOlores H. Payne died May 9 in Taco· mao WaSh . where she had been a l i fe­ time resident. She reti red from U nited Pacific Insurance Co. where she worked as a key punch operator. She was a char· ter member of Faith Presbyterian Church since 1 9 5 3 .

1 962 Jon B. Olson has been named presi· dent of the Fairview Foundation and vice president of Fai rview Hospital and Healthcare Services in M i n neapoliS He is res ponsible for a l l co rpora t i o n fund development and external relations. The Fairview system is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He was previously p resident of St. Joseph Medical Center Fou ndation in Bu rba n k, Calif.

1 963 Dr. David A. Cameron completed a five·year assignment chairing the S no· homish Cou nty Cent e n n i al Committee. With his wife Louise Lindgren (married December 31 , 1 989), they developed a museum room, exhibit, and demonst ra­ tion beds illustrating the Silverton Nurs·

ery, t h e first public t ree nu rsery i n the Pacific Northwest. for the U.S. Forest Ser· vice at the Verlot Public Service Center. The couple lives i n Index, Wash. Joann Thruwit LOBianco is a princi· pal at Central Elementary School, Artesia, N.M.

1 964 J. Mark Lono has been named Vice President for Public Affairs at the Univer· sity of South Florida. He had been Associ· ate Vice Presi dent for Development and Alumni Affa i rs at USF for the past four years.

1 965 Daniel W. Jaech was elected execu­ tive president of Laird, Norton Trust Co . in Seattle where he is i n charge of cl ient services and marketing Francis and Karen (LUndell) Stack moved from Big Sandy, Mont.. to Ches­ ter, Mont.. where Francis has opened a pharmacy. Karen works as a med ical technologist at Uberty Cou nty Hospital.

1 966 cecelia Svinth Carpenter (MA '71 ) reti red from teach ing at Tacoma School District # 1 0 in 1 98 2 . She co mpleted a book on local Ind ian History and received the 1 990 Governor's Ethnic Heritage Award for her writing on May 25, 1 990. She has written six books, and also works as a consultant to firms conducting envi· ro n mental i m p act statements on pro­ jects that may affect old NisQually sites.

Gretta Goldenman has received the Harmon Award from the University of C a l i fornia·Berkeley Law School. The award is given annually in recognition of the most outsta nding student·written article on environmental law. The article will be publish ed i n the Ecology Law Qua rterly. Linda (Carlson) salatiello was elect· ed chai rperson of the New Ham pshire Conference of the N.E. Synod · ELCA. She is also in her fifth year as council presi· dent at Good Shepherd Lutheran church. Laconia. N.H. Her husband. Tom. is serv­ ing in the N . H . House of Representatives. They live with thei r ch ildren. E r i k a (1 3) and Christopher ( 1 m. in Sanborndon. N . H .

1 96 7 Rebecca Olson Evans was selected for a China teacher exchange in Shang· hai for the 1 990-91 school year. Her son, Bob, will accompany her while her hus­ band. Drake, and other so n , Marty (5), will take care of the home front in Bremer· ton. Wash.

1 968 Mrs. Linda J. Coe is teaching P E and mu sic at Deer Park Elementary in Deer Park. Wash. She has been teac h i n g in Deer Park since 1 969 and has been mar· ried to husband, Gary, since July 1 970. They have two boys. Brian (1 1 ) and Brad (1 3). The family li ves a t Loon Lake. penny (Johnson) Leake com pleted her PhD. in nursing at the U niversity of Texas at Austin in May Penny and hus· band Rich ('70) live with their three

children. Scott. TJ. and Tonya in Decorah. la. Rich is an associate professor in eco· nomics and management at Luther Col· lege. He also coaches men's tennis and was named Iowa Conference Coach of the Year for the fourth consecutive year. His men's team was conference champs for the t h ird straight year. Barbara (Rask) Troyer attended a reunion of medical technologists who have been continuously active i n the clin· ical laboratory field. Linda (Ehlert) Mihnos is a manager in the Kaiser Hospi· tal Laboratory system i n Portland. Ore. Claudia steen lives in Yaki ma, Wash .. and has been program di rector for the school of Medical Technology at Central Washington UniverSity for 12 years. Bar· bara and Karlene (Rutherford) utter work at the Laboratory of Pathology of Seattle. Barbara works on development of new tests i n the chemistry and toxi· cology departments, and Karlene is .a drug testing analyst in toxicology. Terry C. Wolfe was promoted to manager of technical services of Wash· I ngton Nat u ral Gas Company Previously, Wolfe was su pervisor of marketing for commercial customers and new residen· tia l construction. Wolfe joined the com· pany in 1 968.

1 969 Jeff and Lynette (Larse n , ' 7 1 ) Tompkins and dau ghters Shonda ( 1 6) and Karen ( 1 1 ) relocated to Oak Harbor, WaSh., to set up home and continue a career in taxes and financial services after Jeff retired from the U.S. Navy as Supply Officer, Air Facility. Quant ico. Va.

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p acific lUtheran University scene

october 1990

A lumni

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1970 Anne M. Biteman has reti red as a school n u rse in Gig Harbor, Wash., and is now enjoying sailing on her 29' sailboat i n Friday Harbor. Pennie L. MoblO expects to be start­ ing pre-doctoral research in anthropolo­ gy in the Tonga Islands (where she was a Peace Corps volunteer 20 years ago) this fal l .

1971 Carrett Allman conducted an off­ stage portion of the St. Louis Sympho­ ny's June 23 performance of "Welling­ ton's Victory" by Beethoven. Allman is an associate professor of m u sic at I l linois College. He also d i rects the college's Con­ cert Choir, W i nd Ensemble and Brass Ensemble. In addition to his duties on campus, Allman enjoys a prominent role as music director and conductor of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and Chorale. Dr. David Halstead was recently n a m ed the a d ministrator for h u man resou rces and teacher support services for the Vancouver (Wash.) School District. For the past eight years he has been principal of Hudson's Bay Hig h School in vancouver. Dave was also honored as the District 8 Administrator of the Year by the Washington Vocation Ag riculture Teachers. Dave is married to PLU gradu­ ate Linda (Barker) Halstead Katherine Mancke-Kidd of Bridge­ port, Con n., w i l l soon receive a Ph.D. in international relations from the U n i versi­ ty of Pennsylvania. Her thesis deals with cooperative reso l u t i o n . Recently she found her topic to be internationally rel­ evant as world leaders attempt to move from conflict to peaceful resolution. She earned an MA in Soviet Studies from Harvard University. Alyson Sproule Nick and h u sband Lou moved to Bremerton, Wash., where Lou is captain of USS Truxtu n , a nuclear cru iser. The couple has two c h i ld ren, Heather ( 1 7) and Louis ( 1 S)

1972 LTC. Marc and Julie (Husby) Howell a n nounce the birth of Timothy And rew, December 2 7 , 1 98 9 . Big brother, M a rc Christian, is two. They live at Fort Sam Houston, Tex. craig Miller of Tacoma is a w i ne enthusiast. He has lived in Napa Val ley, Calif., and has worked for several stores, running the wine program for Safeway and working on the Tacoma Wine festi­ val for the past six years Craig has taught wine appreciation classes for the Metropolitan Park District and is a mem­ ber of the Society of Wine E d u cators. For the past three years h e has run the wine department and deli at Villa Thrift­ co.

1973 David W. Anderson graduated from Luther Northwestern semi nary in May with a Doctor of Theology degree. His wife G l o r i a (Fry, '75) teac h es fou rth grade i n the West St. Paul school d istrict. The couple has two children, Kirsten (1 1 ) and Jeremy ( 1 OJ The family l ives i n Rose­ ville, M i n n . Betsy Bridwell is an academic and c a reerl i n te rnsh i p advisor at Jackson School of International Studies, U n i versi­ ty of Wash i ngton I n the fall of 1 988, Betsy was the Director of Student Life for the Semester at Sea program. This past May, she was the assistant tour leader for _he People to People delega­ tion to the USSR. Brandt Knutson ma rried A p r i l 28. His wife's name IS Kathy Brandt is a sales consu l t a n t fo r Jacob M i l l er Barber a n d Beauty Supply i n Portl and, O r e . T h e cou­ ple li ves in Vancouver, Wash. Call "Nik ki" Martin began a new position at Bethany Lutheran c h urch in Bainbridge Island, Wash., as an associate in m i n istry in September She was certi­ fied as an associate in m i nistry by the ELCA on Apr i l 28. She has served as m i n -

ister of parish l i fe at Gethsemane Luther­ an C h u rch in Port l a n d , Ore., for the past two years. Rev. Paul M. Overvold has accepted a call to be pastor at Decorah Lutheran Church, Decorah, la. Alma Shea of Manassas, Va., was pro­ moted to senior analyst on the IRS Bud­ get Team , Stretegic I n i t i atives Section. Her particular area of responsib i l ity is to analyze the cost of processing each form used by the IRS to make IRS operations more efficient at a lower cost. Roger Wiley has lived in Fin land and Kona, Hawaii since 1 982 with his Finnish wife, Kristiina, and their six yea r old daughter, Rachel. The couple is expect­ ing another child in October, Since gradu­ ation, Roger has been teach i ng E n g l ish and coaching in Toledo, Ore., Lind, Wash., and both Hawa i i and F i n l a n d . Roger would appreciate hearing from h is PLU friends via postcard or fax ( 358-0-682 1 732) H i s add ress i s Pallaskero 2 as 2 1 , 0 1 280 Vantaa, Finland.

professor, U n iversity of Ca l i f o r n i a-San F r a n cisco, Sch ool of N u rs i n g Her new add ress and phone n u mber is 1 2 3 1 2 1 st Ave. #4, San Francisco, CA 94 1 2 2 (4 1 5) 664-2054. Rev. Cary D. Powell h as been elect­ ed to a th ree-year term on the Willam­ ette U n iversity board of trustees. Powel l is also a graduate o f Iliff School o f Theol­ ogy. His wife, Joyce, is a student at the Atki nso n Graduate School of Manage· ment.


two c h i l d ren, Elling and Mary. M a rty is director of territorial developm ent for Aero-Colou rs, Inc., and Wendy is a fourth grade teac her in the Oakley Union School District. Marty and fellow a l u m , Doug Ely, formed the "PLU A l u m n i Flying C l U b . " T h e y meet i nfrequently t o discuss o l d t i m es and t o g a i n altitude. The most recent meeting was held in honor of the "triumphant" return to the Bay Area of the PLU Chorale. Bruce HOffman was promoted to reg i o n a l d i rector of u nderwriting for Industrial Indemnity Insurance Co. i n San Diego, Calif. H e also completed the first exam to earn h i s Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter designation. Bruce and his wife, Erma, are adopting a baby g i rl . M a l i a Rebecca Leihuapala, born in April to Erma's sister. pamela J. Indahl earned her JD. i n 1 988. She has been admitted t o practice by the Washington state, Idaho and Vi r­ ginia Bars. She lives in Ivory Coast. West Africa with her husband, who works for the fo reign service, and t h e i r c h i l d ren. Pamela d i rects U.5.G. Grant - a mental health and com m u n ity services prog ram. Larry O. Joecks serves as di rector of development at Mesilla Val ley Ch ristian

Linda Chrtstian will be participating in a tea c h i n g exc h a n g e p r o g r a m between Wash i ngton State a n d Den­ mark. She will live in Aalborg, Den m a rk, and teach English at the Aalborgus Gym· nasium through J u ne 1 99 1 . Kristine Uhlman is the manager of Geosc ience REMCOR, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pa.

1975 Adrian Kalil recently swam in his first international swim competition Celebra­ tion '90 was held in Vancouver, B.C., d u r­ ing the first week of August. Around 7500 athletes from 2 5 countries partici· pated, with rou g h l y 750 i n swi m m i ng and aquatics. Adrian swam nine events over t h e f o u r day c o m p e t i t i o n , and placed i n the top eight i n seven of them. He is a staff anesthetist at Bess Kaiser Medical Center in Portland, Ore. Jane Marshburn was promoted to Chem ist III at Syntex Labs in Palo Alto, Calif. She converted her job to a job-shar­ ing position with another chemist. Now she is home after school with daughters Joni (1 2) and Laura ( 1 0). Robert D. Shea is a major in the Air Force stationed at Frankfurt, West Ger­ many.

1976 peter Ansingh and wife Carrie (Gor­ d o n ) a n no u n c e t h e b i rt h of J o rdan Thomas, born April 1 7 i n Thomasville, Ga. He joins Caitlin (1 1 ) and Joseph (8). Peter is starting h is sixth year as superinten­ dent of the Methow Val ley School Dis· trict. and Carrie manages the Buttery's i n Winthrop, Wash. Leslie Ann Bailey and Gregory Ben Feilner plan to wed i n December at Cen­ tral Lutheran C h u rch, Tacoma. Leslie works for State Farm Automobile Insur· ance Co. Close friend Chuck Mathews will perform the wedding JOseph P . Beaulieu received h i s masters i n h u m an relations from PLU and is now executive d i rector of the Olym pia-Thu rston County Chamber of C o m m erce and a resi dent of Th u rston County. Loreen (FerrerO) Bishop and h u s· band Wesley happily announce the birth of Caitlin Marie, born Jan. 2 1 . Cait l i n joins brother Kyle (5). The family lives in Santa Rosa, Calif. Ann Davin is a diabetes educator and recently moved to Augusta, Ga , with new husband, Peter. Elizabeth



comp leted her masters in n u rsing at U n i ­ versity of Washington i n 1 988. She relo­ cated with her husband, Hans, to Pacific G rove, Calif., for a post doctoral position in ocea n o g r a p h y . They recently took a holiday to Germany Cheryl Y. LiUebJad, MSN, NNP has recently moved to San FranCISCo, Ca lif , and is now lorking as assistant clin ical

1977 Deb (Rogovoy) Burgess completed her first year of home-schooling daugh­ ter Amy Claire (6) through kindergarten. Despite the loving distractions of Ryan (4) and Jason (2), the year was a h it! They are ready to move on to f i rst grade. Deb and h u sband Randy live i n M i lwaukie, Ore , and welco m e PLU folk to call or visit. Marty and Wendy (van NOy '78) Eldbo live in Antioch, Calif., with their

Schools i n Las Cruces, N.M. He has been setting up a development/promotionS/re­ cruitment office from scratch. Larry also ea rned s u p e r i n tendent's credent i a l s t h ro u g h the U n i versity of W a s h . La rry '" and h i s wife have twins, Victor and Cha ri­ ty, who are now seven years old. Rita Josephine Manza and William Graham Forster were married June 16 in St. John Bosco Catholic Church, Tacoma. Rita works for Gary Bullock & Associates, attorneys at law. The couple lives in Port­ land, Ore.

Stuart and Kathy ( KOenig) Rigall

and sons Gabe (8), Daniel (6), and Stephen (3) are back in Gaston, Ore. Stu will be teac h i ng elementary music for the Reed· ville District west of Portland. Kathy con­ t i n ues to enjoy being home with the boys. She taught a band class this past year. Richard B. Troyer is l i v i n g i n Lame Deer, Mont . , worki ng with the I n d i a n H e a l t h D e n t a l Program for t h e past three years He and wife Irene had their first c h i l d , Stena. Irene is going back to school for a residency in pediatric den· tistry

Dr. Brian WIllis completed h is fellow· s h i p tra i n i n g in gastroenterology and hepatology at Oregon Health Sciences U n i versity in Portland, Ore , in J u ne. He is now practicing i n Gresham, Ore.

1 978 Timothy Beck and his fa m i ly, Lerls, A n na & Tina, retu rned in J a n u a ry for fu r l o u g h from m is s i o n a ry service in Spa in Dave and Cretchen Brauer·Rieke l i ve i n M i lto n - F reewater, Ore., where Dave is pastor of Ch rist the King Luther· an Church and Gretchen started the fi rst

n u rse·mldwifery service i n W a l l a Wa l la, Wash. They have th ree c h i l d ren, Aaron (5 1 /2), Clare ( 3), and Nathaniel (1), Karen Knutsen Liebert announces the birth of son, Brian Vegard on Aug. 2. Brian jOins sister Kari Marie, now 4 1 12 . Robert Olson is v i c e p resident of recently formed Metroplex Com m u n ica­ tions Corp. and its principal subs i d i a ry, Lewis River Telephone Co., in LaCenter, Wash. Robert recently h i red classmate

Dale perry i n the position of c h ief financial officer. Cathy (Dorothy) Speral is teaching at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., this year. She teaches language arts methods and supervises student teach­ ers. Michael Suglno married Janet Marie Connally Aug. 1 1 in Lincoln Park, Tacoma. Michael works for Tacoma General Hospi­ tal. Janell Wigen and her husband, Peter Knuritz of New Haven, Conn., a re both ordained m inisters, Ja nell works with u rb a n issues i n New Haven a n d t h e South Bronx in New York City. S h e i s also assistant pasto r at Transfigu ration Lutheran Church i n the South Bronx and does program development for a non­ profit organization in New Haven. Since graduation, Janell has taught in Alaska and inner city Philadelphia. She earned her master of d iv i n i ty d egree from Lutheran Theolog ical Sem i nary i n P h i la­ delphia in 1 989.

1979 Bob and Cheri (Lust) Adams have a ten month old son, Kevin. Bob has been promoted to national account executive with US West Di rect. He will be headquar­ tered i n Portland, Ore . and manage the company's national client base in Oregon and northern California. Cheri continues as a college instructor. David Artis has returned to Tacoma after living in Vancouver. Wash . and is admin istrator of Sherwood Terrace Nu rs­ ing Home. He and his wife have two sons. Evelyn Cornwall was ma rried May 1 9 to Marc Jerden. Evelyn com m u tes from their home in Gig Harbor to Seat­ tle. where she works for Ernst & Young Telecom m unications. Joan Johnson of Stratford, Conn , h as been em ployed as a travel agent since graduation She continues to work part-ti me while raising two c h i l d ren. ages onE and·.t hree. Steve Kingma a n d S a r a h Potter were married J u ly 21 i n Eugene. Ore. Steve is the director of finance for Fred­ rick and Nelson, and Sarah is a CPA with Price Waterhouse. Rev. David Knapp is pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Brooklyn, N.Y. His wife. Lori Brocker '80, is also a pastor. but is presently attending law school. Marie Rietmann is a field represen­ tative for U .S. Senator Hatfield in Port· land. Ore .. covering agricultu re, peace. foreign policy issues, and refugee and veteran casework. Jerry C. Scarpate is c h ief o f research at t h e Defense Equal Opportu­ n i ty Management Institute (DEOMIl at Patrick A F B. Fla. He was promoted to major, U.S. Air Force Reserves. His c u r­ rent aSSi g n ment is 944TFG, Luke AFB. AZ. Jerry has a new home in Melbourne. Fie. John Young and h i s wife announce the b i rth of their second son. David Michael. born June 26. He joins brother Daniel Edward who i s 3 1 12 yea rs old. John works at Weyco as a tec h n ical mar­ keting specialist in the international and domestic bleached paperboard market. Debbie Buege completed the fi rst year of the U S Air Force n u rse anesthe­ sia reSidency program at the U n i versity of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio She was reaSSigned to Travis AFB, Calif., for the clinical portion of the graduate program.

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Pacific Lutheran University SCene

october 1990

16 Alumni

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1 980 Jeff & Janet ( Miski mens , '8 1 ) Buege had their first child, Erica Morgan Buege, on March 3 1 . Jeff operates family owned Big R Stores, and Janet returned to a merchandising and advert ising job at Fidd lesticks this fal l. The couple also keeps busy with their h o m e desktop publishing & advertising business. Albert Criner and h i s wife M a ry Angela annou nce the arrival of th eir sec­ ond child, M i a K risten, on April 3. M i a joins brother Kyle who i s 2 1 / 2 years old. Albert has been with Aerojet for five years He is the fiscal manager with the propu lsion division. The f a m i l y l ives In Folsom, Calif. patrici a A. Furnish and Steven E. Mueller were ma rried in July at St Rose of L i m a C a t h o l i c C h u rch i n E p h r ata, Wash. Patricia is a third grade teacher at Delancey-Houghton Elementary School in Soap Lake, and Steven is an eng i neer with Boeing. Janice Kaste married Eric Sonnheim June 9 in Little C h u rch on the Prairie in Lakewood, Wash. They live i n Newtown, Pa. Ted and Janet (Bedingfield) Parra moved to the BOise, Id. area, where Ted works for Warner-Lambert and Janet has an i n-home daycare, C h i l d ren Gabriel and Kaleb are six and four. LTC Dolores C. peterson retired from the Army Nurse Corps in 1 986. Dopug Sahlberg and his wife Karel announce the birth of Kiersten Ruth on J u ne 2 6 . Kiersten joins b rothers Ian (7) and Jordan (4) Doug joined the Energet­ ics Corp . , a start-up company making emergency long shelf life batteries, based in Redmond, Wash. John M. Stlgglebout is a member of the graduating class of 1 990 at North­ western U n i versity's J . L . Kellogg Gradu­ ate School of Management_ While at Kel­ logg, he concentrated in industrial policy and marketing and was a member of the International Busi ness Club and Toast­ masters International. John ea rned a masters in mechanical engineering from Stanford Un iversity in 1 98 3 and worked as a design engineer in northern Cal ifor­ nia and Seattle. Kari L. Van CundY and her husband Jim are busy with their jobs and their soon-to-be two year old daughter. They are expecting their second child this month. Marine Capt. Mark E. Swans.oo recently reported for duty with 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, Naval Air Station, Willow Grove, Pa. He has been in the Marine Corps since April, 1 9 79. Janice (Lahn) Zehnder married Nov_ 1 1 , 1 988. She and husband Michael had their first baby earlier in September Michael is full-time minister of music at St John's Lutheran Ch urch i n Orange, Calif. (LCMS) He will return to school full time this fall at Concordia Sem i nary, St Louis.

1 981 Kristi Dalenberg and her husband Doug are enjoying l ife with their son, Joel, who tu rned one year old May 1 2 . Doug has accepted a teaching position at the U niversity of Montana in Missoula, so the fam i l y moved from Ohio in July. Kris­ ti is enjoying being a full-time mom. sara (McRae) Brown m arried Dana Brown i n 1 985 and on June 5 , 1 990 gave birth to Maxwell Laird Brown. She is employed as an E n g l i sh, French and Spanish teacher in Longview, Wash. Sara is working on her masters in French at Portland State University. Mark and Robin (Yost, '82) peder­ son of Albuquerque, N M., have two chil­ dren, Noel (3) and Paul m Mark is i n his last year of seminary at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, Calif , doing a n internship a t S t Luke's LC. in Albuquerque. Arved Plaks lives in Huntsville, Ala_, where he works as a principal engineer for the Huntsville division of Boeing He is working on the life cycle cost of the "Space Station Freedom."

1 982

1 985

1 988

Kristen a. Baldwin has been married to David G. Baldwin since Sept 26, 1 987. David attended PLU for his first two years of college The Baldwins moved to R i c h m ond, Va. in Novem ber of 1 988 from California. Kristen is in ma rketing at a large hospital, and Dave is an attorney at Life Insurance Company of Virginia Paul Collard accepted the position of general manager with J . B.R. and Associ­ ates, Seattle, Wash. The company special­ izes i n fire-retardant paints and c h e m i ­ cals, a l ong w i t h con crete p a t c h a n d rest oration products fo r t h e industrial mar ket Pau l and his fam i ly co ntinue to live in Kir kland. John Feldman has been serving as assistant d istrict attorney i n Broo k lyn, NY., the past two years Annette (peterson) Henry and husband R . C ris announce the b i rth of their son, N ils Bryce, on April 1 2 in Cor­ pus Christi, Tex. An nette will continue on a part-time basis with her job as a nu rse in pharmaceutical resea rch. Cris is a Navy instructor pilot Estelle M. Kelley married Stephen K. Boll i nger in Honolulu, Hawaii, on June 29. The cou ple lives in Honol ulu. Rev. James and Karen ('82) Mar­ tin-Schramm and their son Joel moved to New York City in SePtember. J i m received a fellowship to pu rsue doctoral studies in ethics at U n i on Theological Sem i nary.

Brent D. Anderson of Gresham, Ore., graduated in June from the Oregon Health Science UniverSity, Portland, with an M.D. degree. He will in tern one year in general medicine at Providence Hospital, Portland, with a residency in anesthesiol­ ogy for three years at the medical u ni­ versity there. Before h is graduation, B rent worked at the Kara Linske Insti· tute, i n Tumba, Sweden, a subur b of Stockho l m . Bunny Anderson married C h u c k WiI· son of Yakima on June 16 at Camas Meadows Bible Camp Chuck is a heating and air conditioning tech nician and Bun­ ny f i n ished her fifth year of teaching and coach i n g for the N aches V a l ley School District Bradly and Sherry (Zeiler) Baker of Seattle, Wash , a re p leased to annou nce the birth of their son, Nathan· iel David, on May 1 8 , 1 990. Brad works for C ig na Employee Compan ies as an account execu tive and Sherry is on a one year leave from teach ing in the Kent School District

Michele Anderson works for Spec­ trum Pension Consultants, Inc, retire­ ment plan ad m inistrators i n Tacoma, Wash. Barb Benevento is tea c h i n g PE, grades K-5, at Laurel Hall Elementary in No rth Hollywood, Ca lif. She comp leted the LA Marathon last March. DenniS Bloom moved back to Taco­ ma from California and is working as an outside sales representative for Quan­ tum Com puters. Tina BOS moved to Japan for a cou· pie of years, where she w i l l be teaching English to Japa nese students. Karen Brinkman works for Associat­ ed Health Services in Tacoma, WaSh., as an accountant She is engaged to marry Blaise Hartman ('88) and lives in Puyal· lup. Kwan Chan works with real estate deve lopment and m a rket research as d i rector and m a n ager of Keenking Investments, Ltd. in Kowloon, Honq Kong. JaSOn Dean Core and Rebekah Faith Kraiger exchanged vows July 7 at the Tri nity Lutheran Chapel. both are employees of Puyallup Public Schools. Susan E_ Donovan married Craig S. Winton June 1 6 at First Lutheran C h u rch in Tacoma, Wash. Susan works for Kuhl· man Technologies as a marketing repre· sentative. Craig is a lieutenant in the U.s. Army stationed at Ft Lewis, Wash.

1 983 Cynthia Ann Betts married John Patrick Roepelle on July 7 , 1 990, in Trini­ ty L u theran C h u rch, Ta coma. She is e mployed by Bethel School District The groom is also employed at Bethel School District They reside in Graham. Capt. Larry Braaten married Nancy Glienke on Aug ust 1 , 1 98 7 . The couple annou nces the birth of their daughter, Katelyn Marie, born May 31 . Larry is a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps sta­ tioned at Parris Island, s.c. Todd O. Davis married Dawn M. Hoeck ('88) May 26 in Parkl'and Ch ris­ tian Church. Dawn works for Milgard Tempering Inc. and Todd works for PLU. The couple lives in Tacoma. Mark Dunmire was one of four Ta comans hon ored by the Taco m a H u m a n Rights Comm iSSion a t their Annu­ al Awards Dinner for his work as coordi­ nator of Sixth Sense's Legislative Project Dunmire led last fall's Propos ition One campaign i n Tacoma. The ballot mea· sure, approved by voters, called for a 1 0 percent decrease i n U . s. m i litary spend· ing, Scott Eylander Joined the Presbyte· rian Mi nisters' Fund of companies as a representative. Eylander works in Federal Way, Wash.

1 984 Claudia K. Beck and Glenn P Gosnell married April 7 at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Des Moines, Wash. Claudia works as a personnel assistant at the Boeing Company and Glenn works as an electrical engi neer at Boeing. The cou· pie lives in Auburn. Virgie DeCuzman Bermudez and Thomas Francis Sheldon married May 5 in Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle. Virgie works for The Callison Partnership, Arch itects, and Thomas works for Dris­ coll Architects.They live in Seattle. Marianne ( Dubs) Clark m a r r i ed David Clark in Marysville, Wash. on April 14. The couple lives in Denver, Colo. Mich ael A. HOpwood m a rried Tamara Turk Sept 1 at St Nicholas Cath· olic Church in Los Altos, Calif Mike is a regional manager for PLX Technology. Tamara is a corporate buyer for Mer· vyn's. Kandlce (KOch) Llera and husband Jorge announce the birth of their first child, daughter Laura Elizabeth, born Sept. 1 , 1 989.

1 986 Denise (Stelling) Bettinger married Patrick Bettinger on May 5 . Denise is the time and billing coordinator for the law office Meyers, B i l l i ngsley, Shipley et aI., in R iverdale, Md. Pat is an engineer at David Taylor Naval Research Center. J a m l n Paul Borg and Karen Renee Shaw were married July 14 in T rinity Lutheran C h u rch in Tacoma, Wash. Karen works for Un iversity Place School District and J a m i n works for the Tacoma School District The couple lives in Tacoma. Charla (Johnson) Cain and her hus· band, Mark, announce the birth of their daughter, Chelsea C a m ille, on March 4. They live in Albany, N.Y., where Mark is completing his residency in u rologic sur· gery and Charl a is completing physical therapy training. MaryAnn E. Deck married Kenneth B . Baker on July 7 i n St Joh n of the Woods Catholic Church in Tacoma, Wash. MaryAnn works for the Eatonville School District and Kenneth is a student at High· l i ne Community College. The couple lives i n Graham. Jill Delap returned to the Northwest where she lives in Everett. Wash, Jill con· tinues to work for American Airlines.

1 987 DebOrah NanCY Anderson m a rried Kenneth David Welch on July 2 8 in Cen· tral Baptist C h u rch i n Tacoma, Wash. Deborah works for Wh ite River School District and Kenneth is em ployed by the U.s. Government The couple lives in Puy­ allup, Tamara (parker) Brown and hus­ band Jeff (MBA '90) had a baby boy, Alexander Jeffrey, March 1 1 . Alexander weighed 7 pounds and 9 ounces and was 20 1/4 inches tall. Jeff is a captain in the U .S. Army, but will soon be leaving the service. Tammy is now a full-time mom. Bill Calle and his wife Sally, of Thou· sand Oaks, Calif., had a baby girl, Chris­ tine Wh itney, on May 1 2 . Bill works as a control systems engineer in robotics and Sally is teaching third grade. Cary D. Fortin and wife Eileen had their fi rst ch ild, Hi lary Nicole, weighing six pou nds and eleven ou nces. Ei leen works as a customer service representa· tive for Puget Sound Bank and Gary is a marketing representative for Washing· ton Natural Gas. M. Laney Funderburk, Jr. was awarded her master of science degree in physical therapy from Duke U niversity. Heidi Cebhard now lives in New Jer· sey. S h e recently earned a master's degree in health a d m i nistration from Cornell University and is employed by Health Management Systems.

1 989 Mary E. Ailes returned from living i n Bognor Regis, England, working a s a care assistant in a home for physically handi· capped men. In the fall of 1 9 90 she will start work on a masters degree in histo· ry at the University of Minnesota. Tin-lap Jack Chlu works as executive trainee at the Hong Kong Bank in Hong Kong. Tonja Lynn Doepke ma rried Mat· thew Stuart Joh nson J u ly 1 4, 1 9 90, i n U n iversity Place Presbyterian C h u rch. S h e is emp loyed by F r a n k l i n P i e rce School District They are living in Taco ma. James Dawson j o i ned the Peace Corps and works as an agriculture bank development officer i n Papua, New G u i n· ea. Brian Haner works for Cody & Com· pany in Edmonds, Wash., as an insurance agent, selling insu rance and bonding pro· grams to cont ractors and construction com panies. He lives i n north Seattle and has plans to get married in the "not·too­ distant·future!" Darin S. Hatcher and Mary Carmi­ chael Lewis ('90) were m a rried June 1 6 in First Presbyterian Church, Tacoma, Darin is continuing his education at the U n iversity of Washington. The cou ple lives in Edmonds, Wash. Mark Hezinger was selected for adm ission into the professional training program of the Am erican Musical and Dramatic academy for 1 990.

1 990 Lisa Rae Blum married Kerry Swan­ son ('89) on July 7 in Kennewick, Wash. They will live in Tacoma, where Kerry is operations manager for KPLU/FM. Colleen DeJaC is the new creative d i rector for market i n g Services North· west in Tacoma. AlYCe Patti Cregg and Jerry Wayne Catlin married on J u n e 2 in Tower Chapel at PLU . Alyce works for the U n iversity of Was h i n gton and Je rry works for SAFECO Insurance Co. The cou· pie lives in Seattle. Katrina Halverson accepted a posi· tion as inventory accounting manager with Sysco Continental, a major food dis· tribution company, Heidi Lynn Kreger married Charles Ross De Steunder on May 26 in Covenant Church in Tacoma, Wash. Ross works for Boeing Co. The couple lives in Tacoma.


Lutheran university


october 1990

17 Alumni

In Memoriam

Robert Olsen The Rev. Milton Luthe r Nesvlg '35, PLU vice-president emeritus, died Aug, 27 at the age of 75, Nesvig retired from the university in 1 980 after 3 3 years as a teacher and admin istrator, Following his retirement. h e worked as u n i versity archivist un til 1 987, Known affectionately as "Mr, PLU," he was the u niversity's am bassador to the world, traveling extensively in both the U n i ted States and abroad, Nesvig was widely known for his ability to re member names and fa mily mem­ bers of students, alumni and faculty mem bers, and he stayed in touch with many long after they left PLU , " Long before there were alumni directories, we took advantage of h i s encyclopedic knowledge of alu m n i and their where­ a b o u ts," said PLU President W i l l i a m Rieke. The u n i versity named Nesvig A l u m n i Center i n h i s honor upon h i s retirement, and the Alumni Association conferred its hig hest honor, the Distinguished Alum­ nus Award, on him in 1 986. He also received a Distinguished Alum nus Award

from St, Olaf Col lege, where he had earned a degree in English in 1 9 3 7 , Nesvig retu rned t o P L U in 1 947 as d irector of public relations, adm issions and the news bureau, as well as assistant professor of English, and he was a tou r manager for the Choir of the West and concert band for many years. I n 1 966 he was named vice-president for un iversity relations, and he later served as assista nt to the president for ch u rch relations, Born in C h icago, the son of a Norwe­ gian i m m igrant pastor, he married Hazel M, Gronseth in 1 942. Reared i n Seattle, he graduated from Queen Anne H igh School. He graduated from Luther Theo­ logical Sem inary in 1 942 and later earned a master's degree at the U n i versity of Minnesota. Before joining the PLU administration he was pastor of Emm anuel Lutheran Church in Tacoma_ He also was a Navy chaplain. Nesvig i s survived by his wife Hazel, sons Mark '68 of Port Angeles. Jonathan '6 7 of Tacoma, and Philip '70 of Stavang­ er, Norway; sister Doris Ashleman '40 of

Alumni Board Resolution Formally Honors Nesvig The memory of M i lton Nesvig, PLU vice-president emeritus, was honored formally i n September by the PLU Al u m n i Assoc iation board of directors. The board unan imously passed a reso l ution com m it t i n g them­ selves to support of the Nesvig Schola rship Fund for i nternation­ al students at PLU "in reco g n i ­ tion of t h e i r love and respect for this great alumnus and frie n d . " The board also resolved that "The Associ a t i o n a ff i r m s its longstan d i ng and deepest appre­ ciation for M i lton Luther Nes­ vig's loving and caring friendsh ip and his lifetime of service on our beha lf. To this end we celebrate his life and honor h is mem ory." I n the resolu tion, the boa rd i n dicated that N esv ig, a 1 9 3 5 PLU a l u m n u s , w a s a " f r i e n d , co u n selor a nd men tor to thou­ sa nds of PLU a l u m n i at h me and abroad, a role that earned him the i nfo rm a l title. ' M r. PLU .'" The board a lso no ted tha N es­ vlg "l ived a l ife devoted to the p r i n c i p l es for w h i c h PLU was

founded and conti n ues to stan d : Qual ity Ch risti a n hig her educa­ tion a n d service to h u m a n ity; and was a ded icated Christ i a n , clergym a n , c h u rc h m a n , fa m i ly man and fri end ." In 1 986 the Alumni Association p resented the Disti n g u i s h ed A l u m n u s Award to N esvig. I n addition, t h e U n iversity n a m ed Nesvig Al u m n i Center i n his hon­ or upon h is ret irement in 1 980. The board a l so exp ressed its hope that PLU a l u m n i/ae wou l d take t h e opport u n ity t o b u i l d both t h e N esvig a n d Robert O l se n E n d o wed S c h o l a r s h i p Fu nds i n mem ory of these two "loved and respected persons." A l u m n i d i recto r W a l ter Shaw pointed out that several exist i ng ca mpus scho l a rsh i p fu nds h ave been set up i n honor or memory of PLU faculty an d fri ends These funds a re l i sted i n the PLU Cata­ l o g Donors a l so often co n t r i b­ he general schol a rsh ip u e to endowm ent fu n d in hon or of i ndividuals, he indicated .

Seattle, brother David ' 5 7 of San Diego and fou r grandchildren. Memorials may be made to the Nesvig Scholarship fund for foreign students at PLU c/o of the PLU Office of Develop­ ment.

Ti mothy of Tacoma; daughter Ruth of Parkland; their spouses, two sisters and 1 4 grandchildren Memorials may be sent to the Robert C Olsen Endowment Fund at PLU c/o the PLU Office of Development.

Raymond KlopsCh, English professor

Walter A. suter, an engineer at PLU from 1 95 1 to 1 971 , died Aug. 30 at the age of 84. Born in Wisconsin and raised in North Dakota, Suter joined the Navy in 1 928 and served for 20 years, ret i rin g as a l i eutenant co m m a nder. H i s service included duty i n the South and Central Pacific d u ring World War II aboard the Navy cruiser U,S.S. Mobile. Suter's i nterests also inclu ded 25 years of Boy Scout leadership and youth sports coac h i n g through Trin ity Lu theran Church, where he was an active member. Survivors include Wife Ida; sons Tone o f Parkland and Wayne of Puyallup; dau ghter Nancy Kaste of Ketchikan, Alas­ ka, and three grandchildren.

emeritus, died July 1 4 at the age of 66,

At the time of his retirement in 1 987 for health reasons, K lopsch was the senior memb er of the PLU faculty He had served for 34 years A veteran of the World War II Pacific campaign, Klopsch spent the early post­ war years in college, earning a bachelor's degree at Illinois Institute of Technology and graduate degrees at the University of Illinois, He taught composition, English and continental literature at PLU, His special­ t i es were drama and 1 8 th centu ry English literature, A member of the Pacific Northwest College Teachers of English, he served as p resident of that organization in 1 974 and was a director in 1 975-76 , Klopsch is survived by his wife, Beverly Jean, sons Mark of Corvallis. are., and Kenneth of New York City; daughters Carolyn Hall of Wales, Kathy Lien of Bel­ l i n g h a m , a n d Connie Da ugherty of Hawaii, a brother and six grandchildren. Memorial gifts may be made t o the National ALS Foundation, 1 5 300 Ventura Blvd .. Suite 3 1 5 , Sherman Oaks. CA 91403. Dr. Robert Olsen, chem istry profes­ sor at PLU from 1 947 to 1 977, died Aug, 1 3 at the age of 82. A native of Minnesota. Olsen earned a bachelor's degree at Michigan State i n 1 9 3 1 and a Ph D, there i n 1 936. He worked at General Motors i n Detroit for a decade, primarily as a process engi­ neer. working first on autos and later on a variety of war products. When Olsen left a promising career i n i n dustry t o j o i n t h e PLU fac u lty after Wo rld War II, his appointment doubled the nu mber of PLU chemistry faculty He and Dr. Anders Ramstad continued as a two-man department until 1 9 59. Shortly after his arrival at PLU a new science bu ild ing was completed. That faci lity served the u ni versity until 1 985 when the Rieke Science Center was com­ pleted A chem istry instruction laborato­ ry in that bui l d i ng now bears Olsen's name. In 1 975, alumni and friends gathered to honor him on Robert C Olsen Day at PLU . Form er students who were then leading professionals i n me d i cine, indus· try and teaching presented scientific papers, later PUblished by the PLU Press. Gratefu l a l u m n i also esta b l i s h e d an endowed Olsen F u n d at PLU w hic h pro­ Vides sum mer u n d e rg ra uate research fellowships for che m i srry stud nts. O l s e n is su rvived by hiS IN ife of 5 5 yea rs, Jo; sons Rich ard of A!bany, Ore., Robert C . Jr. of Parklan , James of Port­ l a n d , Ol-e , Paul of Plantation, Fla , and

The Rev. Elijah H. Hankerson '69, a long-time Tacoma m i n ister whose fight for civil rights included marching with the Rev. Martin Luther King, died recent­ ly at the age of 77 after a nearly three­ year illness. In 1 964 he founded the St Paul Bap­ tist Church in Tacoma after earlier orga­ nizing one of the cit 's largest black con­ g regations, Shiloh Baptist. He had a 20-year career in the Air Force, retiring in 1 964 as a lieutenant colonel. He was the first black chaplain at McChord Air Force Base. He earned another u n dergraduate degree i n Florida and a doctorate from Orlando (FtaJ University. He taught histo­ ry for a time at Tacoma Comm unity Col­ lege, Hankerson is survived by his wife, Ann, two daughters, a son and 15 grandchil· dren. Martha Gonyea of Tacoma d i e d recently at t h e age o f 6 9 . S h e a n d h e r surviving husband, Doug­ las, have been long -time Tacoma area civic leaders. They gave a Parkland estate to PLU in 1 9 70 that has served as the president's residence, Gonyea House, for • the past 20 years. A 1 9 38 graduate of Annie Wright Sem­ inary i n Tacoma, she has been active in that school's activities. She served on its board of trustees, was president of the alumnae board, and was chairman of its Centennial Capital Fund Drive that raised over S 5 mi llion. She and her h usband were m e m b ers of the PLU Q Club and other com m u n ity and ph il anthrop i c organizations. In addition to her husband, she is sur· vived by son John, daughter Lau ra and four grandch i l dren.


Pacific Lutheran University SCene



18 Sports

ew W Ik Of


e o ors our

/ Clifford Olson

By Mike Larson


o u r g i a n t s from P a c i f i c Lutheran's athlet i c past w i l l b e recogn ized forma l ly a n d per­ manently enshri ned in PLU's Ath­ letic Wal k of Fame, set for i nau­ guration F riday, Oct. 1 2 , at 1 1 :30 a. m_ Lege n d ary Lu es C l i ff O l son, M a rv Tom m ervik, M a rv H a rsh­ man and Rhoda Yo u n g w i l l be inaugural i nd uctees to PLU's Ath­ letic Hall of Fame. The project is part of the PLU athletic depart­ ment's cente n n i a l celebration pla ns. "Some people have sa i d we shou ld have done this years ago, and maybe we shou ld have. The important thing, though, is that we' re doing it now. It's a very appropriate centen n i a l p roject for our prog ram," sa i d Lute ath­ letic d i rector Dr. David Olson. "We have a long and rich heri­ tage i n sports at PLU and t h is is a marve lous way to celeb rate that history. The desig nated area, the wal k of fame cohcept, wi l l g ive us proper recognition of our great achievers," he sai d . Cl iff Olson was a long-time ath-

letic d i rector and coach at PLU and has remai ned a n a rdent sup­ porter of Lute athletics th rough the years. The names Tom m er­ v i k and H a rs h m a n a re sy nony­ mous with PLU footba l l ' s "G lory Yea rs" of the late 1 9 30s and ear­ ly 1 940s. Both Marv To m m ervik and M a rv H a rsh m a n a l so co a ch ed at PLU. Rhoda You ng's com m itment to wom e n ' s athlet­ ics from 1 938-67 hel ped lay the fou ndation for much of the suc­ cess today. S h e a l so led t h e establ ishment of PLU's M a y Fes­ tival Dancers. (See biog raph ies,) F i ve s q u a re, b r i ck co l u m ns com pose t h e Wa l k of F a m e, located along the north side of t h e sw i m m i n g pool between Olson Auditorium andl Na mes Fit­ ness Center. The fou r inaugu ra l i n d u ctees, as we l l as fut u re i n d uct ees, w i l l be reco g n i zed permanently by a plaque on the p i l lars. A Hall of Fa me Ba nquet is set for noon on Friday, Oct. 1 2. Any­ one i nterested in attend i n g the ba nquet should contact the PLU athletic department at 206/5 357 3 50. Cost is 59 per person.

CLIFFORD O. "CLIFF" OLSON - Coach "Molder of Pacific Lutheran's tradition of athletic excellence."


Legendary Pac i f i c L u t heran ath letic di rector, coach and sup­ porter. In add ition to serving as a t h l e t i c d i rect o r , he a l so coached foot ba l l , basket ba l l , baseba l l , golf, t e n n i s and t rack. Olson's foot b a l l program com­ pi led a 64-33-6 record during h is 1 4 years as coach and won 1 8 stra i g h t games between 1 939-41 . H i s 1 940 g r i d team was one of Pacific Lutheran's fi nest finishing the season u n beaten i n eight games a n d setting national s m a l l-co l l ege attenda nce records. A 1 6-1 3 u pset victory i n 1 940 over then-major col l ege power Gonzaga catapu lted Pacif­ ic Lutheran i n tc the national spotl ight and sti l l stands as one of the a l l-time g reat moments in Pac i fic Lutheran athletics h isto-

ry. A 20-year servant to the Uni­ versity ( 1 92 9-48), h i s priceless cont r i b u t i o n , lead e rsh i p a n d v i s i o n took P a c i f i c L u t h e ra n from ath letic anonym ity i nto national promi nence.

Al u mni Can Help Make PLU Career Day A Success A l u m n i who wou ld l i ke to help students make i nformed deci­ sions about their futu re careers are asked to contact the A l u m n i Office (206) 535-741 5. C a reer d a y i s t e n t a t i v e l y schedu led for t h e second week in March .


te Greats

Marv Harshman

Marv Tommervik

MARVIN S. "MARV" TOMMERVIK - Athlete / coach "Pacific Lutheran football legend, former athletic director and coach."

A ha lfback, Tom m e rvi k was one of the most prolific co l l e­ g iate passers of his t i me, ea rn i ng the n i ckname "Tom myg u n " fo r his aerial wizardry. One of the " M arvelous Marvs" du ring Pacific Lutheran footba l l 's g l o ry years of the late 1 9 30s a n d e a r l y 1 940s, h e averaged 1 7. 2 ya rds per pass and had a . 504 co mple­ t ion percentage, sensational i n th ose days. A t wo-t i m e A I I ­ American, h e was t h e nat ion's top passer - among both large and sm a l l col leges - in 1 941 . He

esta blished more offe nsive foot­ ba l l records at Pacific Lutheran than anyone i n h i story , some wh ich stood for nearly 50 years, and was I nstrum ental in Pacific L u t h e r a n ' s 1 8- g a m e w i n n i n g st rea k between 1 9 39-4 1 . After g rad uating in 1 942, To m m ervi k spent th ree wart i m e years i n the Navy, then eventua l ly retu rned to h i s a l m a mater to serve as a t h l et i c d i recto r i n 1 94 6 . H e coached footba l l f ro m 1 947-50 and baseball from 1 947-5 1 .

MARVEL K. "MARV" HARSHMAN - Athlete / Coach "One of pacific Lutheran's all-time great athletes and coaches."

As an underg raduate at Pacific Lutheran, H a rs hm a n earn ed 1 4 athletic letters, starring i n foot­ b a l l , basket b a l l , baseba l l a n d t rack. Perhaps best remembered for his spectacu l a r moves as an A l l-Am e r i c a n fu l l ba c k o n t h e grid i ron, h e was one o f t h e "Mar­ velous Ma rvs" who hel ped lead Pacific Luthera n to 1 8 st raight victories from 1 939-41 and i nto national football prom i nence. His name is synonymous with Pacific Lutheran football's g l o ry yea rs of t h e late 1 9 30s a n d e a r l y

1 940s. U p o n g raduation f rom Pacific L u t h e ra n i n 1 94 2 , he eventuallY retu rned to his alma mater, serving as ath letic d i rec­ tor and a lso as footba ll, basket­ ba l l and t rack coach. Harshman coached colleg iate basketball for 40 yea rs, 1 3 seasons at Pacific L u t h eran ( 1 946-58). H i s 1 9 5 7 Pacific L u theran team finished with a 30-2 record a n d placed t h i rd at the NAIA national tou r­ nament. Harshman retired from coac h i n g i n 1 9 8 5 w i t h 642 career victories.

RHODA M. YOUNG - Athletic Staff "Pioneer Of women's athletics at Pacific Lutheran."

You ng's leadership and service hel ped Pacific Lutheran u p hold its com mitment to offer athletic opportun ities for both men and wom en. A 30-year serva nt to Pacific L u t h e ra n ( 1 9 3 0 -4 2 , 1 943-67) a n d a 1 9 35 g ra d u ate, she helped susta i n, n u rt u re and deve lop ath l et i cs for women during an era that more w i l l i ngly accepted o n l y m en's p rograms. In addition to teach ing physical education and health, she over­ saw a women's intram u ra l activi­ ty program from the late 1 9 30s

to the late 1 950s_ In 1 9 38, she esta b l i s h ed Pac i f i c L u t h e ra n ' s May Fest ival Da ncers, st i l l a pop­ u l a r st u d e nt fo l k-danc i n g c l u b . Young pioneered Pacific Luther­ an's first women's intercol legi ate a thletic p rogram i n t h e early 1 960s, a p rogram that i ncl uded field h oc key, basketball, vo l l ey­ b a l l a n d soft ba l l w h e n she ret i red i n 1 96 7 . Yo ung's devo­ tion to the U n iversity l eft an i ndel i ble mark and laid the fou n­ dati on fo r fut u re successes i n women's ath letics.


Lutheran unlvenlty scene

october 1990

19 Sports

Lady Lutes Win Third Straight Natio a l All-Sports Crown PLU is the 1 989-90 NAIA Wom­ en's A l l -S po rts cham p i o ns after all. The Lady Lutes, who c l a i med back-to-back NAIA Wo m e n ' s A I I­ Sports titles d u ri ng the 1 987-88 and 1 988-89 ath l e t i c seasons,

Big Time BO k N O W On Sale Frosty'S

Quarterback Marc Weekly scrambles for yardage during the L u tes ' 42- 1 0 victory o ver UPS Sept 13.

Lutes stop Loggers For Sixth Time in Eight Dome Clashes Lute footba l lers h e l ped usher in Pacific Luthera n ' s cente n n i a l a n n i versa ry y e a r with a 42-1 0 bl i tz of Puget Sound Sept. 1 3 before 5,429 fans i n the Taco ma Dome. It was PLU's sixth win in eight T h u rsday n i g h t Tacoma Dome meeti ngs with U PS. PLU trailed 3-0 after the fi rst q u a rter, but q u i ckl y got b u sy, offensively. A 9-y a rd pass from QB E ri c Kurle to TE Kevi n E n g­ man put PLU a head 7-3 just 2 7 seconds into the second q u a rter. Forty-five seco n d s l a te r, D B Peter G ra d w o h l ret u rned a n i nterception 22 yards t o pay d i rt to make it 1 4-3. QB Marc Weekly fo u n d E n g m a n o n a n o t h e r 9-yard scoring pass fou r m i n utes later and it was 2 1 - 3 . Weekly's 41 -yard option keeper with 2 0 7 left i n the half com pleted a 28poi nt Lute second q u a rter scor­ i ng exp losi on. "Both tea ms, I thi nk, had open­ i n g-game butterfl ies. I thought we pl ayed wel l i n the first q u a r­ ter, t h o u g h , " s a i d Weste r i n g "But the longer w e p l ayed, the better we got. It's l i ke d o i n g a math equation or putting together a p u zzle It's a l wa ys slow in the early going," he said. The Loggers na rrowed the lead to 2 8- 1 0 afte r ret u rn i ng a n e rra nt K u rle pass for a touch­ down, but PLU a nswered with a 2 9-ya rd Weekl y-to-Wel k passing score and a Chad Ba rnett 4-yard run to make it 42-1 0. PLU outgained U PS 406-21 6 i n

Scores t o date: PLU 42 puget SOund 1 0 Lewis & Clark 1 4 PLU 42 PLU 28 Oregon Tech 7

total offense. The Loggers m us­ tered just 91 yards in offense i n the seco n d h a l f a n d t h e i r offense scored just t h ree poi nts. Weekly co mpi led 2 1 3 yards in total offense, ru s h i n g for 94 yards on n i ne carries and com­ p l eting 7 -0f- 1 0 passes for 1 0 9 yards and two touchdowns. H i s rush ing a n d passing totals were both game-h ighs.

PLU , U PS To H ost National Swi m m i ng Meet Pacific Lutheran U n iversity and U n iversity of Puget Sound have been sel ected by the NAIA to co-sponsor the 1 991 NAIA Swim­ m ing and Diving Champ ionshi ps, set for M a rch 6-9 at the newly­ com pleted King County Aquatics Center in Federa l Way The $ 1 8.8 m i l l ion King Cou nty Aquatics Center is a state-of-the­ a rt, world class faci l ity, b u i l t spe­ cifica l l y for the 1 990 Goodwi l l Games last sum mer. The two schools will also host the national meet in 1 994. "The meet will bring top-notch col legiate perform ers in a world class faci l ity. We a re pl eased and proud to offer the NAIA and the people of the Northwest such a co m b i nation," said PLU athletic d i rector Dr. David Olson. PLU women have placed i n the top five at n a t i o n a l s the l a st eight years Lute men were 1 1 th last yea r. U PS is the two-t i m e defend i ng women's cha m p ion. Logger men have placed i n the top fou r the last fou r years. "The N o rt h west is a very strong reg ion in the N A IA for swi m m i ng and diving and we a re exci ted to b ri n g the n a t i o n a l championsh i p t o Federa l Way, Washi ngton, in 1 991 and 1 994," s a i d NAIA spoke s m a n C h a r l i e E ppler.

Make The Big Time Where You Are, Lute footb a l l coach Frosty

Westering's first book, is now on sale to t he g e neral p u b l ic through the PLU Bookstore. In the 1 40-page, h a rd-cover book, Westering d raws from his 3 2 -yea r coach i n g ca re e r for many of the a necdotes, stories and illustrations u sed to explain The Big Time. "The Big Time is not a place, it's a state of you r heart," said Wester i n g . "Writi ng the book gave me the opportun ity to put the ideas a n d concepts that I bel ieve in together i n one place. "It is not a footba l l book," he said. "It's an inspirational-m otiva­ t i o n a l book. Peo p l e w i l l be n u d g e d to l o o k a t a n o t h e r choice o f excellence," h e said. Wri tten in a convers a t i o n a l style, t h e book add resses many of the phi losophies that Wester­ i n g bel i eves i n so stro n g ly, including developing a w i n n ing atti tude, foster i n g self-esteem , sett i n g g o a l s a n d i m p ro v i n g one's l i festyle Westering wrote Make The Big Time Where You A re, p u b l ished by Big Five Prod uctions, d u ring a three-month sa bbatical i n early 1 989. Set for reg ional release at major boo kstores in November ' it reta ils for $1 2.95. The PLU Bookstore is cu rrently sel l i ng p re m i e r ed i t ions of the book.

were awarded the 1 989-90 title when the p re v i o u s l y n a m ed cha m pion, S i m o n Fraser (BC), was fou nd to have used an i ne l i g i b l e ath l ete d u ri n g the 1 990 t rack and field cha m p i onshi ps. S F U r u n n e r Tracy S m i t h , a tra nsfer from U n i ve rs i ty of Nebraska, did not fu lfi'li the 1 6week res i d e n cy req u i re m e nt, accord ing to a notification from the NAIA e l i g i b i l i ty com m i ttee dated Aug. 24. SFU, which p l a ced second at the national meet, forfeited i ts run ner-u p team finish and the 40 points that went with it for the NAIA Wo m e n ' s Al l -S p o rts Trophy. That a l l owed the Lady Lutes to move from second to first in the 1 989-90 Wo men's NAIA A l l -S ports r a n k i n g s a n d c l a i m t h e i r t h i rd consecu t i ve title. Established in 1 969, the NAIA All-Sports Trophy measu res the success of a n i nstitution's overall athletic program by the accum u ­ lation o f poi nts i n post-season competition at the d i strict, a rea and national levels. In addition to a t rophy, PLU will receive $ 1 ,000 in scholarship funds. The trophy is awarded to the top m e n ' s a nd w o m e n ' s p ro­ g ra m s in the NAtA. PLU scored poi nts for a national cham pion­ ship i n soccer, a run ner-u p fin ish in softba l l , a fourth p lace show­ ing in swi m m i ng and fifth place in cross country and t rack. ,Revised Women's 1 989-90 NAIA All-Sports Rankings:

1. 2. 3 .. 4. 5. T6.

PACI FIC LUTH ERAN Si mon Fraser BC .,t,\,dams State CO Pra i ri e V iew A&M TX Puget Sou nd WA Kea rney State N E Western State CO 8. Midland Luthera n N E 9 . North F lorida 1 0. Wisconsin-Parkside

PLU 1V and Susan Westering, 1980 graduate and PLU Aerobic Instructor Present

ORKOUT Forty fun, challenging minutes or high and low impact aerobics designed for both men and women plus an additional 25 minutes of muscle conditioning. Exeroise wil./)

12 dynamic PlU students and stafr. Send S24.45 (tax included) to PLU Bookstore. Pacific Lutheran Univ., Tacoma, WA 9844 7. Or call

(206) 535-7665 to order by credit card.

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Burl ey awasaki Admi n istrat i on. Luther Bekemeler. G i rou x , Harvey Ne ufel d , S . Ervir.g S ve rtson. Donald Stu rg i l l ITrea ;lI rer), J. Robert W i l ls ELCA. [ i v. of Ed . : J a mes U ng laube

A rt Ex h ibi t, " Co m i ng

Hom e," Centen n i a l h i g h l i ght featu res PLU·trained art i sts, 8 30 a m .·4 30 p m . weekdays, 1 -4 p m . S u ndays , free HOMECOMING (See page 2 for detail s) Centennial Alumni Recog n ition Dinner, Olson Aud , 5 p . m . Centen n i a l Theme Symposium, "Shaping Society's Val ues: The Role of the U n i versity," Dr. Russell Edgerton, president of the American Association for Higher Education, sponsored by Divisions of Social Sciences and H u m a n ities, Rieke Science Center, 7:30 p . m . free Regency Concert Series, Washi ngton B rass Qui ntet, Scan. Center, 8 p . m . paid adm ission Dedicat ion , Walk of Fame, honoring PLU a ll·time great athletes 1 1 30 a . m . ; Hall o f F a m e banquet, U niv. Center, noon FOUN DERS DAY, worldwide alum n i Centen n i al Celebration CENTENN IAL S U N D AY , 6 3 1 No rthwest L utheran co n g reg ations cel ebrate PLU Centennial Norwegian Exchange Ya r of M u s i c ReCital, ba ri tone Harald BJorkoy and Pi a n i st Aud u ll Kayser, U n iv. Center, 8 p . m . , p a i d ad m ission Concer t. U n i versity Sympho ny Orches tra, featurin g Norweg i a n p i a n i st Trygve Traedal

perform i ng G rieg's Piano Concerto in A M i nor. Eastvold Aud . , 8 p.m., free 1 7 -Norwegian Exchange Yea r of Music Recital, trum peter Ole Edvard Antonsen and organ ist Kare Nordstoga, Eastvold Aud , 8 p . m .,paid admission

Edl oria l Boa rd

Dr William 0 Rieke . . . . . . . , President lucille Girou x . . . . . . Pres. Exec. Assoc Walter Shaw . . . . . Dir. Alumni Relations Dr. Martin J . Neeb . . . . . . . . Exec Editor Ja mes l. Peterson . . . . . . . . . . . . Editor Mike larson . . . , . . . . . . . sports Editor Kenneth Dunmire . . . . Photographer


19 21

21 23 23

avember 1 1 -3

4 7-30

8 8-1 0 9


Janie Attridge . . . . . . . . . . . Class Notes


hat's New With You? Nam p �___________________________________________

13 17

Addres,s :>.______________________ City____Statt:. e________--L Zi p,_____ ___

Phone {



Please check

NO. from Mail label ________

if add ress

is new

""_______________ Spouse C l as,s


Spouse name while atte nd i ng P U

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Please mall

to Alumni






Norwegian Exchange Year of M usic Recital. Norweg i a n String Q u a rtet, Sca n . Center, 8 p . m , paid admiss ion Concert, U n iversity Jazz Ensemble, Eastvold A u d . , 8 p m . free Recital, pian ist Richard Farner and cel list Richard Aaron, al l·Beethoven program, Eastvold A u d . , 3 p . m . , free Faculty Recital, trumpeter Richard Pressley, Univ. Center, 7 p m . , free Concert, U n iversity Wind Ensemble, Eastvold Aud., 8 p .m., free Lecture, William Arth u r H i l l iard, editor, The Oregonian, "Racism in the Media." Ing. 1 00, 7 p . m . , free

18 20

27 29


December 2 2


Concert, Choir of the West, U n iv. Center, 8 p . m . , free Un iversity T heat re, "Moments," a collage of scenes from past PLU p roductions PLU a l u m n i recreate the i r o l d roles; co·p roduced by W i J l i a m B ecvar and William Parker E stvold A u d . 8 p m . , ad m ission University Theatre (see Nov. '1·3), 2 p . m , paid ad m i SSi on Art Exhibit, "The Oyster Bay Series," oil on sai lcloth a n d corten steel scu lptu res by Seattle artist Steve Jensen. Open i n g reception, Nov. 6, 5· 7 p . m . , free Regency Concert Series, Regency String Quartet, Scan. Center, 8 p . m . , paid admission Un iversity Theatre (see Nov. 1 ·3) 8 p . m . , paid adm ission Centennial Symposium, "The Joy of Sports," Dr. Don n Moomaw, pastor and former UCLA AII·American l i nebacker U n i v. Center. 7 p . m . , fr e Faculty reCital, gu ita rist H i la ry Field, U n iv. Center, 8 p . m . , free


University Theatre (see Nov. 1 ·3), 2 p.m., paid admission Faculty Recital, p ia n ists Calvin and Sandra Knapp, Eastvold Aud., 8 p.m., free Yule Boutique, traditional p re·Ch ristmas shopping extravaganza sponsored by PLU Women's Club benefits student scholarship fund. Olson Aud., 9 a . m .·S p . m . , paid adm ission Concert, Choral U n ion, Eastvold Aud., 2 p.m., paid admission Concert, U niversity Wind Ensemble and Concert Ba nd, Eastvold A u d . , 8 p m . , free .

Concert, " Pa rk Aven ue" and Vocal J zz Lab Ensem b l e, Eastvold Aud , 8 p. m . , free Concert, U n iversi y Symphony O rchestra, featu r i ng violi nist Irene Cheng in a performance of Brahms' V i o l i n Concerto i n D Major, East old A u d . , 8 p . m . , free Concert, U n iversity J an: Ensembles, Eastvold Aud., 8 p m . , free

Opera Workshop, Eastvold Aud , 3 p . m . , paid adm ission Lila Moe Memorial Concert, feat u ring hornist Kathleen Vaught Farner and pianist Richard Farner, Eastvold Aud., 7 p . m , paid admission Art Exhibit, High School Invitational, Sth Puget Sound area h igh school student j u ried exh ibition. Open i ng reception, Dec. 4, 5·7 p m . Lucia Celebratio n . traditional Scandi navi an event features crowni ng of L uc i a B ride, Eastvol d A u d . , 7 30 p. m , paid a dmiss ion

7 San kta

8 Christmas Festival

11 12 14

15 16

Celebration , featU ri ng C hO ir of the west. UniversitY Chorale, members of the U niversity sym p hony Orchestra, Eastvold Aud , 8 p m , paid ad m i SS i on (also Seattle, Portland concert , see page 8) Festival of Lessons and Carols. featuri ng U n i versity S i ngers. Trinity Chapel, 7 and 9 p . m . , free Elementary M usic Fes ivai, Eastvold Aud , 7 p . m . , free Christmas Festival Celebration, featuring Choir of the West, University Chorale, members of the U niversity Symphony O rchestra. Eastvold Aud . • 8 p.m., paid adm ission T h i rd Centen nial Commencement Exercises, Olson Aud., 1 0: 3 0 a . m . Ch ristmas Festival Celebration, featu ring Choir of the West, U niversity Chorale, members of the U ni versity Symphony O rchestra, Eastvold Aud., 4 p.m., paid admission

-- It

Vol. XXI No. 1 October 1 990





9 8 9 - 9 0

Section I I


Contents President's Message


Vice President's Message


University Highlights


The Annual Fund Alumni and Friends Chunhďż˝ Businesses and Foundaticns

12 13 28 32

Alumni Honor Roll of Donors by Class


The Heritage Society


Capital and Endowment Gifts


Editor: John Aakre Sekcted photographs provided courtesy of University Archives


President's Message The pages of the

Report to Investors

contain activities and names which together make up the current and vibrant history of Pacific Lutheran University. The highlighted activities offer a microcosm of the life of the university: from academics to sports, from residential living to diversity of student body. The names of donors indicate the persons, corporations, organizations, and congregations who care about PLU, and who are willing to support the k ind of education it pro­ vides. I am extremely grateful for the faithful and growing numbers of those who sustain PLU with their gifts. This k ind of continuing support part­ nership is vital to all independent higher education. It not only helps pro­ vide facilities for academic programs, assists in meeting the operational demands and assures fiscal security through the endowment fund, it also provides significant scholarship aid to every student enrolled. In fact, tuition and fees cover only 80% of the actual cost of education for each full-time student; the remainder comes from the gifts and donations of our investors. The past year, 1989-90, has been a prelude to our Centennial Anniversary, a year of assessment and preparation. The theme of the Centennial, "Educat­ ing for Service-Century II", capsulizes the nature of the mission of the univer­ sity. Throughout the coming year, studies, symposia, and celebratory events will be formulated around four related topics: Reflecting on Heritage, Shaping Society's Values, Solving Humanities Problems, and Building artnerships for Tomorrow. These emphases indicate areas of continuing importance and discussion. They have been compelling factors from the days of our founding: education for the sake of serving others.

One of the projects generated by antici­ pation of Centennial events was the nomination and recognition of 1 00 alumni/ae. For the most part, these alums were not previously honored by the university, but represented the average graduate. An unusually large number of them are involved in service professions. Their comments on the positive influence of their undergrad­ uate years at PLU, the personal atten­ tion and concern of professors and staff, the excellence of their academic preparation, and the supportive atmos­ phere they found were very heartening. As investors, you need to know that quality of education and quality of life are constantly upheld at PLU. You help maintain those k inds of values. In our capital effort, the highlight of the 1 989-90 year and continuing into the future, is the funding for the long­ awaited construction of the music and concert facility, to be named the Mary Baker Russell Music Center. A complete description of the state of the campaign follows. I invite and encourage you to read the Report thoughtfully. On behalf of the regents, faculty and students of Pacific Lutheran University, I express our hearty thanks and appre­ ciation to our investors for their ongoing assistance and partnership!



VlRh ')-

William O. Rieke,M.D



The pages of this report list the names of many persons who seek to serve by giving of themselves - their timeďż˝ talents and dollars - that students may be provided the best in education at PLU.

Summary of Contributions by Source Gifts $866,268.48 $1,788,939.11 $645,238.99 $182,657.91 $433,984.48 $239,659.53

Percentage of Total 20.8% 43.0% 15.5% 4.4% 10.5% 5.8%

$4,156,748.50 $470,775.12


Designated Scholarships

Grand Total


Alumni Friends Businesses Foundations Churches Other Subtotal













Vice President's Message The Centennial Celebration at Pacific Lutheran University is characterized by a note of joy. Appropriately so! e.S. Lewis, the noted English theologian stated: "Joy distinguishes the life of Christians in the world." Yet joy cannot be sought as an end in ·tself. It's an elusive quality that comes to those who seek to serve rather than being served. The pages of this report list the names of many persons, individuals who are alumni and friends as well as groups of people in churches and corporations who seek to serve by giving of them­ selves - their time, talents and dollars - that students may be provided the best in education at PLU. The Centennial Celebration year recorded the largest number of gifts and pledges and the largest individual gifts that PLU has received in its century of service. For this the entire university community celebrates with oy! The goal for the first half of the decade was $16,500,000. It was over subscribed with $20,000,000 coming through Shar­ ing in Strength. Those funds built the Rieke Science Center, doubled the endowment, provided scholarships and completed many capital improvements on the campus. In the second half of this decade the Centennial Fund Shaping Tomorrow, will build the Music Center, double the endowment again, provide increased help to under­ write tuition and provide funds for other capital improvements. The chal­ enging goal for the current campaign IS


We are confident that the $50,000,000 campaign goals of the decade will be reached - even over subscribed. The $1,800,000 pledge that will name the new Mary Baker Russell Music Center and the $1,500,000 pledge that at this point is anonymous, but will eventu­ ally name the auditorium, moved the Centennial Campaign much closer to the goal. These two commitments together with many other generous gifts made it possible to employ an architect. Plans are now being drawn. In the foresee­ able future, the Music Center will rise on its foundation and the capstone of our Centennial Campaign will become a reality. We continue our Centennial Celebration - with joy. Sincerely,

Luther W. Bekemeier

Vice President for Development



University Highlights 1 989- 90 June

Reverend David C. Wold, Bishop of the Southwest Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, received an honorary doctor of d ivinity degree from PLU June 17. The conferral took

place during the annual Synod Assembly, held in Vancou ver, Wash. Wold, the synod bishop since 1 987, has been a member of the PLU Board of Regents for 17 years and its chairman


since 1 981 . He has been associated with PLU for 36 years as student, active alumnus and parent. PI'0ro A

• Dr. Donald Ryan, a research scholar with the anthropology department, directed an a rc heological dig in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. After one half hour of work on the first day, the team discovered a tomb containing what is t hought to be the mummified remains f Hatshepsut, a queen of t he 1 8th Dynasty (1570 B.c. to 1 320 B.C.).

Phoro B

• The Toront Blue Jays selected 1989 graduate Sterling Stock in the 28th round of the major league baseball draft. Stock is the 10th Lute to play professional baseball. Phoro C


PLU is one of more than 300 colleges and universities nationwide

selected for inclusion in the 1 989-90 edition of Peterson's Guide to Competitive Colleges. Listed schools represent approximately 10 percent of all American institutions of higher education. Criteria for inclusion are based on the level of achievement of entering freshman classes.

• PLU received a $100,000 grant from Burlington Northern Foundation to en­ hance the campus liberal arts program. Funds are being used to increase library holdings, develop an experi­ mental psychology laboratory, and provide a classroom to foster teamwork development and interactive multi­ media communications in business administration.


The United States Information Agency announced this month that Pacific Lutheran University would be the U.s. institution in the first U.s.-Baltic exchange funded by the U.S. government. Fifteen students from the Baltic republics of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia would study at PLU and 15 PLU studen ts would study at sister institu­ tions in the Baltics.

• Susan Halvor of North Bend, Ore., was the second United States Presiden­ tial Scholar to enroll at PLU. She was one of 11 National Merit Scholars and a National Merit finalist who joined the PLU freshman class in the fall. PhoUJ D





Three PLU profes­ sors were honored for teaching excel­ lence under the Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Awards program. Receiving the $1,500 stipends were Judith Ramaglia, busi­ ness administration; Robert Stivers, religion; and Fred Tobiason, chemistry.

Photo E • The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at PLU earned national accreditation only six years after its addition to the campus curriculum. The accreditation was granted by the Com­ puter Science Accreditation Commis­ sion of the Computer Sciences Accredi­ tation Board Inc. PLU's program is one of only 80 in the country accredited by CSAClCSAB. Photo F

• KPLU 88.5 FM began broadcasting from a new antenna on West Tiger Mountain near Issaquah on September 29. The location overlooks Seattle and environs from 2,400 feet and produces the most clear radio signal anywhere in the Puget Sound area. Photo G


For the fourth time, PLU was ranked among the nation's out­ standing colleges and universities by U.S. News and World Report. PLU placed 1 4th among regional colleges in the West. The magazine surveyed academic reputation, student selectivity, reten­ tion patterns, faculty quality and financial resources. Photo H

• Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka and artist Bruce Onobrakpeya, both from Nigeria, were on campus in October. Soyinka, recipient of the 1 986 Nobel prize for literature, gave a reading from his plays, novels and poems. Onobrakpeya, an exchange teacher in the Tacoma School District, exhibited a collection of his art in the University Gallery. Photo I



President William Rieke was presented with the 1989 Distinguished Al umn us award by the University of Washington School of Medicine. The award recognizes a l u mni who by their professional achieve­ ments and contributions have distin­ guished themselves, enhanced their profession, improved the welfare of the general public and brought honor to their alma mater. Rieke was cited as a "researcher, administrator and humanitarian."

• Christian Lucky, one of PLU's 1989 Fulbright Scholars, was studying in West Berlin at the time the Berlin Wall opened Nov. 9. During the foil wing week he served as a volunteer on-site expert for several Puget Sound area· media, including Tacoma's Morning


News Tribune, Seattle Times, KOMO-IV, KSTW-IV and KIRO radio. PIJoto ]

• Security Pacific Bank Washington endowed a $200,000 scholarship fund for minority students in the PLU Sch 01 of Business Administration. The announcement was made at a Nov. 13 downtown luncheon at which Joe Clark was the featured speaker. Clark is the controversial high school princi­ pal from Paterson, N.J., renowned for his baseball bat and bullhorn approach to school discipline. Photo K • His Majesty, King Olav V of Norway, appointed President Rieke Knight First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit. The honor is conferred upon foreign citizens in recognition of par­ ticularly meritorious services rendered in the furtherance of Norwegian inter­ ests. Formal presentation of the Order of Merit will be in July, 1 990, during PLU's Scandinavian Heritage Week, the first phase of PLU's centennial celebration.




Wang Jian-Hua, presi­ dent of Chengdu University of Science and Technology in the People's Republic of China, visited PL U Dec. 1 1 . He and President Rieke signed an agreement renewing the exchange program and reaffirming the friendship between the two universities. Since 1986 when the exchange began, 45 PLU students and faculty and 24 Chinese scholars have participated in the program. Photo L



• Neil L. McReynolds, senior vice­ president for corporate relations at Puget Sound Power and Light Company, was the recipient of a President's Medal from PLU, presented by Dr. Rieke dur­ ing winter commencement exercises Dec. 16. McReynolds was honored for "championing education at all levels." The award is presented to persons who have "demonstrated strength in voca­ tion, excellence in professional service and dedication to Christian values." Photo M


January o


The largest single gift in the history of PLU, a $1.8 million gift from Tacoma's Mary Russell and Elbert Baker, was announced Jan. 16. The gift kicked off the public phase of the university's $30 million "Shaping Tomorrow" centennial campaign. The construction of a music building is the centerpiece and primary goal of the campaign. It will be named the Mary Baker Russell Music Center. The building will fill a regional need for a first-rate musical arts center and is a gift from the donor families and PLU to the community.

a •

• A four-person team from PLU was the highest scoring undergraduate team in the annual Pacific Region Scholastic Programming Contest sponsored by the Association for Computing Machin­ ery. Thirty-five teams from the Pacific Coast and British Columbia competed. Photo N • A trio written for PLU by William Doppman, was premiered on campus January 28. Its title, "Dove/Hawk, Lion/Lamb: A Strategy for Peace", reflected PLU's January Interim theme "Strategies for Peace".


• Seattle's first pipe organ received a long-overdue facelift from PLU stu­ dents. The 100-year-old organ was built in St. Louis and traveled around Cape Horn to Seattle's First Presbyterian Church. PLU bought the organ in 1974; it is currently housed in Trinity Lutheran Chapel. Photo 0




The School of Nursing enrolled its first nine stu dents in a Master of Science program. It pro­ vides professional nurses with the knowledge and sk ills to serve as nurs­ ing administrators, clinical specialists or school nurses. PLU welcomed 1 1 Latvian and Lithuanian students (four Estonian students were to arrive in May). They soon discovered many differences between the Soviet lifestyle and life in the United States including laundry facilities, academic course offerings, and fresh fruit. Fifteen PLU students left for the Baltics. A letter from Adam Collins of Boise, Idaho, read in part, "I have personally found this program to be incredible. Opportunities are limitless for language learning and look ing closely at an amazing political situa­ tion. History is being made here; to be a part of it is to be involved in a situation that may never happen gain." Photo P, Q • Student Literacy Corps at PLU and Tacoma Community House started a cooperative program Feb. 14 funded by a grant from the U.s. Department of Education. Adults with poor reading sk ills have an opportunity for a more independent, productive life because of this PLU-based literacy program. PIHTto R • PLU organized a chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists in 1989. One year later the chapter was selected the outstanding student SPJ chapter in the northwest region. Thus, among 190 student chapters nationwide, the PLU chapter was one of the top 15.

Photo S


PLU purchased East Campus, the former Parkland Elemen­ tary School, from the Franklin Pierce School District for $l.7 million. Signif­ icant in the sale was the transfer of some 5.5 acres of PLU-owned land valued at $375,000, land contiguous both to Keithley Middle School and the PLU golf course. East Campus provides 55, 180 square feet of space. Photo T

• PLU celebrated Namibian independ­ ence from South Africa with its five students from that mostly Lutheran nation. Eighty students are currently studying in the United States at Evan­ gelical Lutheran Church in America colleges and universities. Photo U • Nearly 600 PLU employees and guests celebrated the first event of PLU's IS-month centennial observance. (Public events began in May.) Dinner, live music, singing of the centennial song, and a surprise visit by PLU founder Bjug Harstad (as envisioned by Board of Regents Chair David Wold) were highlights of a fast-paced pro­ gram. Dr. Rieke hosted the event, and read a proclamation from Governor Booth Gardner. A letter from President Bush and a State House of Representa­ tives resolution followed. Photo V



• Campus guests this month included renowned theologian Martin Marty and Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder. Marty presented the second annual Richard Jungk untz lectureship and Schroeder was the guest of the Women of Vision conference co-sponsored by PLU. Photo W, X



10 April

Sean Neely of Bellevue, Wash., and Keri Lenz of Minnetonka, Minn. are the 19th and 20th PLU stu­ dents to earn Fulbright scholarships in the past 15 years. Neely, son of Phyllis and Don Neely, will study languages and history in Germany this year. Lenz, daughter of Dennis and Patricia Lenz, plans to study third-world history in Botswana. Lenz was PLU's first Presi­ dential Scholar when she matriculated four years ago. Both Neely and Lenz plan college teaching careers. Photo Y, Z



• Michelle Thaut, a nursing major from Milton, Wash., received a Fuld Fellow­ ship to attend the 6th International Conference on Cancer Nursing in Amsterdam, Holland, and the 1 6th International Union Against Cancer in Hamburg, West Germany, both in August. The fellowship, funded by the Helene Fuld Health Trust of New York City, is offered to top nursing students from throughout America. Photo CC • A series of four eight-foot sculptures by graduating PLU senior Patricia Stueve were to be erected in down­ town Tacoma in July. The work was approved by several downtown inter­ est groups, including the Downtown Business Association. Stueve's work was one of the projects intended to beautify downtown prior to the Good­ will Games. Stueve's "instant" artistic success follows 20 years as a farmer's wife and mother of two. She returned to college in 1 986. Photo AA




11 • On April 22, Lute quaterback Craig Kupp was selected in the fifth round of the National Football League draft by the New York Giants. Kupp is the second PLU player to be drafted by the NFL. Photo DD • Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was on campus as chair of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Photo BB


For the second time in four months, PLU received a seven-figure gift earmarked for its planned Mary Baker Russell Music Center. The new­ est gift, $ l .5 million from an anony­ mous donor, will eventually be the naming gift for the center's concert hall. The SOO-to-600 seat hall is the most prominent feature of the center.

Centennial festivities kicked off May 27 with the raising of the Centennial flag and dedication of the centennial bell. The bell was a gift of Dr. and Mrs. William Rieke in observance of the cen­ tennial. Dr. Philip Nordquist's book, "Educating for Service", rolled off the presses this month. The PLU professor's history of Pa cific Lu theran was first available at the Q- Club Banquet May 12. Photo FF • Five professors whose combined tenure totalled 101 years retired from the faculty. They were religion pro­ fessors Ken Christopherson and Ralph Gehrke, nursing pr fessors Fern Gough and Yu ie Yumbie, a nd philosophy professor Cu rtis Huber.


• PLU alumnus Lyle Quasim, execu­ tive director of Tacoma's Safe Streets campaign, received a Distinguished Service Award during PLU's Com­ mencement May 27. In presenting the honor, Dr. Rieke cited Quasim's "outstanding leadership, service and commitment to shaping a better society." Photo EE




TheAnnual Fund ;ifts to the University's Annual Fund .rovide vital support to every area of he institution. Scholarships, faculty salaries, library resources, and facilities maintenance represent some of the more significant areas where Annual Fund gifts are put to use. This support provides the "margin of excellence" that helps set Pacific Lutheran University apart. Taken together with other income sources, Annual Fund gifts subsidize the cost of education by approximately $600 a year for each student who attends the University. The positive impact of Annual Fund support is felt by students in three key areas:


Gifts to the Annual Fund provide scholarships to help attract and retain top notch students. Seven out of ten PLU students both need and receive financial assistance.

Outstanding Faculty

A strong Annual Fund helps assure that faculty salaries remain competi­ tive. PLU has been fortunate to attract and retain highly qualified faculty who are dedicated to teaching.

Library Resources

Nearly $600,000 was spent last year to keep the Mortvedt Library collec­ tion abreast of growing curriculum and research demands. Annual Fund gifts play a key role here as well.

As a consequence of strong Annual Fund support, the University is able to strengthen its academic programs, enhance scholarships and financial aid, and operate with a balanced budget.

While many of the gifts to the Annual Fund are small, as the number of those gifts increases, the participation of many alumni and friends makes a posi­ tive impression on other potential supporters of the University. But small gifts alone cannot do the job. The University has encouraged a tradi­ tion of substantial giving through a special donor organization known as the PLU Q Club. Donors qualify for membership when their unrestricted and/or scholarship gifts to the Annual Fund reach $240 or more per year.

The PLU Q Club The PLU Q Club was started in 1972 to thank friends and alumni of Pacific Lutheran University who gave vitally needed unrestricted gifts to the Univer­ sity's Annual Fund. These gifts help secure PLU's commitment to quality education. The "Q" stands for quality. Q Club gifts - help underwrite the cost of educa­ tion for each student - provide scholarships and financial aid to needy students - allow the University to maintain a balanced budget without sacrificing quality. To help accomplish these goals, mem­ bers commit themselves to a specific amount of support each year. There are four primary giving levels: Member $20/month $240/year Associate Fellow $40/month $480/year Fellow $84/month $l,OOO/year Senior Fellow $200/month $2,400/year NOTE: Alumni within 4 years of gradu­ ation may join the Q Club as Junior Members for $120/year or $lO/month.

The Q Club began with 100 members who contributed $51,000 in 1972. Today, there are over 1,850 members who gave over $893,000 to the Univer­ sity during the past fiscal year.


The following pages list the names of alumni, friends, businesses, foundations and churches who have supported the Annual Fund at Pacific Lutheran University during the past fiscal year, June 1, 1989 through May 31, 1990.

Annual Fund Gifts (Unres tri cted)

Foundations 3.0%

Churches 5.4%

Direct Mall

Phonathons Unsolicited Gifts Corporate Matching Gifts 20�

Q Oub 80'10

By Funding Method

By Source

Alumni and Friends Q Club Senior Fellows $2,400 or more a year

Anonymous (2) Anderson, B. Eldon & Marjory Baughn, Gary & Sylvia Bekemeier, Luther W. & Lois

-Berntsen, David & Carolee B1andau, Richard & Olive Davis, George Jr. & Mary Egtvedt, Evelyn Gebhard, Roger & Martha Gintz, Ronald & Ingrid

Green, Lawrence & Kim berlea rewenow, Ronald & Melissa ansen, Chris & Theodora Hatlen, Roe & Beverly (Thompson) Hille, Karen Hirz, Dale & Sharon Hoglund, Paul & Vesta Hyde, Charles & Otis

Jacobson, J. Reynold & Nordis

Jennings, Frank & Sandy Knutzen, Ruby -Knutzen, Victor & Margaret Morken, Donald & Wanda

Mott, Donald & Beret Mueller, Richard & Kathleen Murray, Mackenzie Neeb, Larry Nelson, Harold & Sylvia Oakley, John & Shirley -Ohlson, Wesley & Elizabeth Peterson, Arthur & Carol

Rieke, William & Joanne Ritter, Gerald & Maureen Sheffels, L. Jerald Sturgill, Donald & Carol-Wray -Ulleland, Christy Vigeland, George Jr. & Karen

Wang, Peter & Grace Weyerhaeuser, C. Davis & Annette White, Elmer J.

Q Club Fellows

$1,000 or more a year Anonymous 1 Aakre, John Adix, John & Mary Albrecht, David & Jan

Anderson, Arthur & Barbara Anderson, Bernard & Margaret Anderson, Charles Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, John & Dorothy Anderson, Thomas & Juli

-Anderson, Thomas & Kathryn Aus, Alfred & Esther Baker IL Elbert & Marjorie Bangsund, David & Lynne Berg, Brian & Joyce Avery Black, Oarence & Patsy Bolland, Marvin & Beverlee Borgford, Norma

-Brown, Samuel & Nathalie

"1feel my tmdergmdu­ ate liberal arts edzlCa­ tiMl is every bit as good as those of my colleagues most of wiJom attetlded big name schools in the east. PL U was like finding a home for life· r leanted the l'alue of my family, heritage, religion ami beliefs. " David Rich '85 Fulbright Scholar


"T he first day of my freshman economics class I walked into a room of about 35 students. The professor explained that he wouldn't feel comfort颅 able until he knew everybody. One week later he went through the entire class and named each student by their first and last name. That kind of extra effort and concern for the individual is part of what makes PL U so special. )) Deanne Merle '92 Kettle Falls, Washington

Q Club Fellows Continued "Bustad Sr., John & Luella Canton, Keith & Marlene Carlson, Paul & Kelly Carvey, Davis 路Christian, David & Anita Christopherson, Ken & Polly 路Cornell, Donald & Maxine Danielson, Val & Alice David, Timothy & Beverly "Dederer, Michael & Emily Dettmann, Darryl & Joann Donahe, Jerry & Sharon Douglass, Ronald & Margaret Edlund, Harriet "Edlund, John & Virginia Edman, F. Talmage & Molly Edwards, Terry & Cynthia Ellingboe, John & Linda Ericksen, David Faaren, Gerald & Grace "Feek, James & Kathy Fisher Jr., David & Irene Fisher, George & Betty Flodin, Jerry & Janet Gallaway, George & Carolyn Gallie, P. Raymond Ghormley, H. Warren & Gerry Ginther, Lorin & Marylou Giroux, Lucille "Gonyea, Douglas Greer, Lyle & Lorna Haaland, David & Joanne Habedank, Gary & Kathryn Hallman, Michael & Mary Kay "Halvorson, Elling & Barbara Hamry, Dave & Barb Hansen, Arthur & Jennie Hansen, David & Fran Hansen, Richard & Karen Harshman, Marv & Dorothy Hartman, Paul Hellyer, David & Constance Herzog, John & Margaret Heussman, John & Johanna Hildahl, Richard & Connie Hoffman, Donald & Mavis Hopp, Ernest & Irene Hovland, Curtis & Nola Howard, Dennis & Linda Howell, H. Marc & Julie Huber, Curtis Huffman, Glen & Tacy Hultgren, Ken & Irene Hushagen, James & Deborah Hyde, William & Betty Irby, Galven & Delores Jacobson, Lyle & Iris Johnson, John & Elma Johnson, Stanley & Anita Johnson, Victor & Luci Karwoski, Frank & Carol Kayser, Phillip & Alice Kennedy, Bruce & Karleen Kittilsby, James & Liv Anne Klein, Richard & Joanne Knutzen, Ron & Marilyn Koll, William & Gloria Korsmo, Clifford & Marie Krippaehne Jr., William & Michelle Kvinsland, Jon & Joan Lagerquist, George "Larson, Edgar & Betty Larson, Edgar R. "Larson, Thora Lee, Orlando & Myrtle "Lervick, Arne & Ida Liebelt, Paul & Norita Lindahl, Elmer & Ruby Ludwig, Lois Lycksell, Robert & Judy

Martinson, Ronald & Marilyn Matson, Eldred & Carol Meier, AI & Georgia Mitchell, Gary & Inger Moe, Richard & Marcia Mohr, Armin & Beverly Morken, C1etus Moseley, Richard & Marion Names, Scott & Sis Neeb, Martin & Barbara Nesset, Burton & Jean "Neufeld, Harvey & Carol Newell, Richard & Margaret Nieman, Robert & Patricia Nienstedt, Herbert & Patti "Nistad, Robert & Jean Nornes, Sherman & Gloria Olson, Clifford & Ella Omdal, Leonard & Margaret Pearson, Eugene & Barbara Pederson, John & Cathy Perry, Albert & Leslie Peterson, Barbara Pflueger, Paul & Viola Phillips, James & Carolyn Pohlig, Helen Ponder, Nora "Probstfield, Jeffrey & Margaret Quigg, Carol Ann Ramstad, William & Betty Rea, William & Doris Reels, Loyd & Vivian Reep Sr., Ted & Anne Rieke, Mr. & Mrs.H.H. Rippey, Jeffrey & Kathryn Robinson, Thomas & Gladys Royce, Clayton & Joan Russell Jr., George & Jane Russell, James & Gerrie Scarbo, Clifford & Elaine Schafer, Delbert & Afton Schiller, John & Aleen "Schimke, Gerald & Grace Schleicher, Eunice Schnaible, Dorothy Schoenberg, Lorance & Nellie Schwindt, Joan Severtson, Erving & Nancy Sheffels, Lydia Smick, Evalena Smith, Jeffry & Susan Spear, Frank & Susan Spitzer, Leroy & Connie Staub, David & Lindy Strandness, Donald & Edith Stroad, Kenneth & Harriet Stroum, Samuel & Althea Sturgill, George & Leola Suess, Dean & Carol Sutherland, Bruce & Shirley Swanson, Mark & Wendy Tellefson, Ronald & Camille Tingelstad, Gertrude Tommervik, Marvin & Carol Topel, Kenneth & Doni Totten, Tracy & Terry Treede, Alma Ulleland, Lilly "Van Antwerp, Edward & Inez Weir Van Baalen, Henry & Nova Van Beek, James & Charmian "Virak, Roy & Gloria Wade, George & Arlene "Waggoner, David & Cathy Wehmann, George & June Wesson, Leonard & Margaret Wick, Donald & Virginia Wicks, Harry & Mildred "Wiesner, Richard & Genevieve Wigen, Janet

Wigen, Philip. & Bonnie Wills, J. Robert & Barbara Wing, Mabel Wishart, David & B.J. Wold, David & Elisabeth Yagow, David Yost, Robert & Ann

Q Club Associate Fellows $480 or more a year

Alworth III, Marshall & Mary Amend, Neal & Laverne Anderson, John & Connie Anderson, Roy Arbaugh, George & Donna Askegaard, Johanna Baerg, Richard & Judith Barton, Eldon & Mercedes Be Miller, David & Linda Beake, Donald & Jean Bennett, Carl & Myra Benson, R. Gerald & Sharon Benton, Paul & Margaret Berg, Ronald Boe, Dwight & Elenor Boshaw, Phillip & Catherine Brammer, George & Jackie Brauti, E. Frederick & Mary Breimer, Jake & Trina Brown, Ray & Joyce Brown, Roger & Jane "Buchfinck, Erhardt & Virginia Burchfield, Maurice & Mildred Byerly, Howard Campbell, Glenn & Margery Carlson, Paul & Mary Lou Carlson, Phyllis Grahn Carr, Judith Case, Thomas & Anne Chandler, Ruth Christensen, Darwin Christensen, Leslie & Edna Christian, Ruth Christianson, Howard & Vernita Collins, John & Sylvia Coltom, David & Nancy Cornell, Donald & Joann Crosier, Thomas & Mary Curtis, Charles & Antoinette Damis, Ray & Cassandra Dammen, Cecil & Helen Dewitt, Bill Dicks, Rep. & Mrs. Norm Dodgen, Jerry & Linda Ecklund Jr., Earl & Denise Erickson, Jack & Phyllis Fatland, Richard Fendler, Luther & Katherine Foerster, Lynn Frost, Carl & Evelyn Furey, John & Nancy Gard, Daniel Gehrke, Ralph Gertz, Walter Glick, Herbert & Kathryn Grahn, Olga Gratias, Ronald & Kay Gregersen, Halvor & Lillian Gutmann, Robert & Linda Haaland, James & Susan Hager, Thomas & Connye Haley, Mrs. Frank Halvorsen, Milton & Helen Hanson, Gary & Susan Haugen, Karin Haugo, Erling & Clara Hegtvedt, Charles & Orie

Herive\, William &: Dorothy Hildebrand, Loren Hill, Wayne &: Deborah Hinch, Joe &: Audrey Horsfall, Daniel &: Katherine Hovland, Caroline Huber, Edward Jenkinson, John &: Grace Johnso.n, Cliffo.rd &: Joan Johnson, Dean &: Lavonne Johnson, Frances Johnson, James &: Jane Johnson, Linka Tub\, Allan &: Ellen Kendall, Elwin Kilen, Karen Kittilsby, Timothy &: Lisa Knu tson, David &: Marilyn Koch, Wilbert &: Jeanette Krantz, Donald Kuno, Masako Kvinsland, Stener &: Margaret Kyllo, Eldon &: HeIer. Lansverk, Duane &: Peggy Larson, Howard &: Noreen Larson, Lucille Larson, Robert Lervick, Roger &: Linda Lindstrom, Hans & Ann Long, Eva Long, Ty & Anne Ludeman, Bruce & Sharon Mansell, D. Moira Matson, Matthew M Dougall, Mark & Gerd-Inger McKean, Michael & Laura Mclaughlin, John & Linda Menzel, Paul and Susan Blank Michael, Cynthia Moody, John & Melody Morgan Jr., Harry & Vivian Moris, Patricia Morken, George & Dorothy Morris, Peter & Rene' Motteler, Frederick & Barbara Myking, Richard & Marlene Neils, Scott Nelsen, Gregory & Marie Nelso.n, Charles & Lois Nelson, Denny & Judith Neu, John & Esther Newnham, June Nole, Laura Nowadnick, George & Phyllis Olson, Jon & Carol rth, Norman & Maizie Ostlund, Edward & Sarah Ozolin, Arthur & Aija Parte\, Walter & Janet Pate, Kenneth Pellegrini, Rena Pender, Stephen & Ethel Yoakum Petersen, John & Marilouise Petersen, Dana & Cynthia Peterson, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Pieper, Delmar & Mary Reiman, Donald & Janet Rieke, Robert & Gladys Riveness, Armand Rowberg, Alan & Ann Russell, Alan &: Pamela Scheele, Beatrice heele, Gertrude cheuerman, Eda Schimke, Albert & Anna Schnur, David -SChwarz, M. Roy &: Thelma Searcy Jr., Carl & Jewellyn Sepic, F. Tho.mas & Wendy Severson, Gary & Cheryl

Shaw, Marvin Shaw, Walter & Renee Shipley, Margaret Siburg, Robert & Joan 50th, Forrest & Colleen Spere, Jeffrey & Kathy Spurrell, Arthur & Laura Staswick, Sid & Marguerite Steen, David & Lorilie Stivers, Robert & Syl via Stolpe, Eric & Harriet Stuhlmiller, Engelena Sture, Vernon & Benita Surbeck, Roy Svendsen, Evelyn Swanson, Byron & Doris Thomas, Brian & Susan Thomsen, Thomas Thorson, Loren Tigges, Jon & Christine Tilly, Earl & Barbara 'Tobiason Jr., Ray & Phyllis Todd, Edward & Janice Torvend, Evelyn Van Gilder, Viola Wake, David & Marvalee Wendlandt, Lila 'Westberg, Roger & Judy Whitmer, John & Judith Willis Jr., Bruce & Ann Willis Jr., James & Nancy Wiltse, Donald & Mary Wood, Thomas & Carol Wuest, Roland & Rose Zee, Winston & Peggy Zulauf, Dwight & Emilie

Q Club Members $240 or more a year

Aageson, James & Julie Aakre, Arne & Valborg Aak re, Linda Aakre, Odven & Maxine Aalbue, Betty Adams, Harry & Bernice Adams, James Adolf, Arlis Agather, Rolf Ahrendt, Eugene & La Wanna Alexander, Angelia Alexander, Bruce Alford Jr., Lionel & Tammy Alford, Jimmie & Ellen Allen, Larry & Mary Alskog, J. Elmer & Irene Amend, John Amy, Bruce & Verna Andersen, Mark & Bonnie Anderson, Arnold & Caroline Anderson, Arthur & Cathy Anderson, Brian Anderson, Burritt & Nancy Anderson, Don & Rita Anderson, Donald & Nancy Anderso.n, Duane & Faye Anderson, Gustae &: Dorothy Anderson, Gustaf & Alice Anderso.n, Helen Anderson, Howard Anderson, J. Douglas & Julie Anderson, John & Lesley Anderson, John & Myrna Anderson, Semon Anderson, Trina Andrew, Robert & Pamela Anenson, Kenneth & Evelyn An rum, Larry & Anna Arbaugh, Karl & Julia

Armstrong, Debra Arne, John &: Olga Arntson, Neal & Joyce Ash, Robert & Joyce Ashley, Jo Anne Atkin II, Nelson & Susan Atk inson, David & Dixie Ausherman, Williena Babbitt, Martin Backman, John & Karen Bahr, Audrey Baier, Thomas & Angela Bailey, Fredric &: Georgia Baker, Brant Barbo, Charles & Linda Barker, Janice Barnowe, Thad & Joan Barnum, Scott Barthel, Kurt & Linda Baskett, Stephen & Batalden, Paul & Lavonne Batk er, Kenneth & Nellie Battermann, WJ-I. & Erna Baty, Daniel & Pam Bauer III, ArlhUT &: Sandra Baughman, Jerald & Myra Baxter, Todd Baxter, William & Janice Beake, Jon Beard, G orge & Andrea Beatty, R bert &: Noreen Beckmeyer, Dwight & Susan Bedingfield, Jeffrey & Dayna Bendickson, James & Cindy Bendikas, Omar Benedict, James & Linda Benham, Jr, Shirley & Margaret Benham, Steven & Bennett, John & Kim Benson, Dale & Jo.lita 'Benson, Edith Benson, Enfrid & Merle Benton, Ronald & Kim Jensen Berentson, Duane & Joanne Berg, David & Patricia Berg, Ed ward Berg, George Berg, Paul & Virginia Berglund, & Angela Bergum, Howard & Gladys Berndt, Ed ward &: Lorraine Berner, Gary & ancy Berntsen, Henry &: Ida Berntsen, odney & Jo Ann Betts, Newton Dee Biberd orf, John Bierwagen, Gary & Marde! BiUdt, Brian Billings, Donald &: Judith Billings, Mitchell & Paula Bills, Bob & Patti Bingham, James &: Lori 'Birkestol, Annabelle 'Birkestol, Grace Bjerke, Bruce & Jill Bjorkstam, John & Gwendolyn Bjornson, David & Dorothy Black wood, Stan & Chari Blair, George Blomquist, Grace Bluhm, David & Judith Blythe, William Bohannol\ Randolph & Gail Bohlke, Charles & aren Bohman, Morris & Doris Bohrman, Clara Fjermedal Bona, Lester Bonaldi, Lows & Lorraine Boomer, Ronald & Sylvia Boone, Melvin & Dorothy


CCPLu is a place wherr you can challenge your beliefs. Therr a1"e many Jttment-nm CIJnStian organizati{)1JS to get i1Jvoll'ed in. I've been playingguitar for Rejoice (praise service) since the second u?eek of my Fll:shman year. ,? Jonathan Acker '93 Pendleton, Oregon


"Lving in the donns at PLU is fantastic! We do a lot offun things togetlJer as a group, like going to a Sanies game, a weekend ski trip or just watching movies together. It isgreat to be livng with a group of friends. I'm glad Pve lived on campJlS. JJ Dan Lewis '93 Butte, Montana

Q Club Memben Ctmti"ued Bork, David & Jennifer Bosch, Wouter & Priscilla Bowman, Edward & Marilyn Boyd, Rodrick & Barbara Boyette, Bryan & Venita Boze, David & Sheila Braafladt, Walter & Jeanette Brandt, Vance & Vicky Brannfors, John & Angela Bricker, J. Arnold & Judy Briehl, John & Ruth Brink, James & Danielle Brink, Terry Brochtrup, William & Carolyn Brocker, Frank & Barbara Brog, Robert & Connie Brokaw, William & Doris ' Brooks, Alan & Elaine Brown, Steven & Jill Brown, Terrance & Cordelia Brunner, Charles & Carol Brunner, Petra Onella Bryant, Jehu Bryant, Neil & Mary Bublitz, David Bundick, Michael Burad, Bulend & Rebecca Buseman, Heinz & Janet Buser, L. Scott & Kathy Bush, Lyman & Beverly 'Bustad Jr., John & Janet Bustad, Leo & Signe Campbell, Frederick & Beverly Cannon, Joe & Peggy Capelli, G. James & Cris Carlson, A. Mark & Karen Carlson, David & Flavia Carlson, John T. Carlson, Owen & Juanita Carlson, Ralph & Janet Carlson, Robert & Jean Carlson, Thomas. Carlyle, Donald & Mary Carmichael, David & Bonnie CarmichaeL Robert & Judy Carrell, May Carstensen, Richard & Delores Casteel, Robert & Patricia Caulkins, Robert & Lisa Chan, Wing & Sophia Chance, Craig Chance, David & Marcia Charlston, James & Ramona Chase, Gary & Sharon Chase, Michael Chesnutt, Mark Chinn, Melvin Christensen, David & Carolyn Christensen, Russ & Claudia Christian, Rhoda Christiansen, B. Rod & Esta Christofferson, Chauncey & Nellie Christofferson, Mark Clark, Christopher & Lori Clark, Robert & Barbara Clarke, Christopher Cleven, Lloyd & Phyllis Cling, Timothy & Ann Marie Clowers, Gail & Sharon Coen, Ronald & Janice Cofchin, Steven & Cathy Coglizer, Alene Colburn, Kendall & Tammy Colburn, Richard & Charlene Collar, Leslie Collard, Ernest & Ruth Collins, Catherine Ann Coltom, Carl & Edna Coltom, Don & Robbin Coltom, Ronald & Barbara

Cook, Eugene & Mary Cook, James & Joan Cooley, John & Mary Copeland, Maria-Alma Comehl, Carol Ann Corrigan, Daniel & Sara Cowan, Sally Creso, Irene Cress, Lawrence & Linda Crooks, William & Roberta Crosby, Edward & Marilyn Cudahy, Bruce & Tami Curtis, Daniel Curtis, Robert & Lauretta Daheim, Warren & Betty DahL David Dahl, J. Stanley Dahl, Leif & Carol Dahlstrom, Jonathan Dalgleish, Steven & Susan Dally, Ray & Deanna Danielson, J.E. & Cora ' Dann, Dale & Janice Daugs, Daryl & Gwendolyn Davidson, David & Katharine Reigstad Davis, Richard & Nancy Dawson, Leland Degroot, Marie Dempsey, Howard Dibble, Lewis & Clara Mae Dillingham, Lloyd Dion, Russell & Sharlene Doelle, John & Linda Doggett, Kenneth & Barbara Dorothy, David & Wendy Dorothy, Edwin & Edna Doughty, Judd & Nancy Douglas, Donald & Louise Douglas, Michael & Janet Douglass, Dennis & Ruth Douglass, Mark & Teresa Dowell, Thomas & Caryl Draeger, Scott & Diantha Drewes, Robert & Marjorie Drewes, Timothy & Cheryl Drugge, Diane Dryer, Gerry & Mary Dumestre, Jim & Gretchen Dunmire, Kenneth & Janette Dykstra, Jerry & Adelaide Dykstra, John Eastman, Frederick & Mary Eckstrom, Earl Edlund, Larry & Kathleen Edmonds, Kenneth & Barbara Edwins, Dwight & Frances Eggan, Lawrence & Christine Ehlinger, Richard Eichhorst, Jack & Judith Eichler, W. Larry & Janice Eidal, Christen & Laura Eidbo, Martin & Melinda Eide, Gordon & Ethel Eklund, Bruce & Barbara Eliason, Iver & Camille Eliason, Leo & Barbara Ellerby, Robert & Geneva Ellickson, Arthur & Katherine Ellickson, Margaret Ellis, Stephen & Dianne Ely, Douglas & Gretchen Emilson, Joyce Ericksen, John & Marita Erickson, Kent & Connie Erickson, Mayo & Elaine Ericson, Karin Erie, Leigh & Janice Erlander, Daniel & Karen Espeseth, Loleta

Evans, Charles Evanson, Gerald & Linda Evanson, Glenn Ewing, Donald & Lois Fair, Clara Falk, Bradley & Marlena Falk, Philip & Roberta Fallstrom, Charles & Marjorie Farmer, Donald Fatland, Dennis & Janet Faulk, Carl & Margaret Fauske, Paul & Marion Fe1cyn, Frank & Caroline Ferri Jr., John & Sonja Ficken, Donald & Marian Fillmore, Kip Finch, Richard Fink, Alvin & Janet Fink, Reuben & Elizabeth Finseth, Terry & Michele Finstuen, John & Katherine Fisk, Patricia Fitzgerald, Melvin & Bette Flamoe, Larry & Karen Fletcher, M. Josephine Flink, George & Carlotta Foege, William A. Foege, William & Paula Fogde, Michael & Shirley Folsom, Keith Ford, Donald & Barbara Ford, Michael & Mary Ford, W. Stanley Forester, Timothy & Susan Forness, Norman Foss, Michael & Christine Foster, Michael & Betty Foth, Richard & Jeanie Franco, Kathleen Fredricksen, James & Jane Fredrickson, Hanna Fredrickson, Marvin & Carole Freed, Mark & Rosemary Fregeau, Wilfred Freisheim, James & Sandra Freitag, Gregory French, Charles & Judy Fritschel, Edward & Mae Frost, Thomas & Barbara Fuchs, Walter & Margaret Funfar, James Funk, Roland & Annette Fynboe, Carl & Ingrid Gabbert, Marlin & Robin Gallucci, Ronald & Jane Ganung, Jeffrey & Lisa Gard, Grant & Phyllis Gardlin, Cecelia Garrett, Ron & Martha Gatzke, Sister Frieda Gazeck i, Bill & Elaine Gee, Arthur & Mary Sue Geldaker, Charles & Carol Gelman, Herbert & Barbara Gerla, Frida Gerry, David Gerstmann, Albert & Gladys Gerstmann, Stephen & Lorraine Gesinger, Richard & Cherie Ghosn, George & Marcia Giddings, William & Rochelle Gilbertson, Gordon & Mae Giles, David Gilmore, Arthur & Virginia Gingrich, Lee & Elizabeth Gislesen, Hal Glaser, Nicholas & Margaret Goleeke, Thomas & Janet Gomulkiewicz, Robert & Andrea Gough, Fern

AI ďż˝

Govig. Stewart & Alice Graham, Glen & Christie Graham, M. Bruce & Julie Gramann, Robert Grande, Volly Granlund, Karl & Renae Grant, R. Gene & Esther Gray, David & Kathryn Gray, Donald & Carol Gray, Harold & Alma Greenwood, William & Pamela Gregersen, Guttorm & Inger Grier, Jack & Christine Gronberg. Karl Gulhaugen, Martin & Norene Gumprecht, Thomas & Bonnie Witrak Gundersen, Richard & Lorraine Gunkel, William Gunovich, David Gustavson, Glenn & Beverly Gutierrez, Jose Gutzler, David & Barbara Haagen, Nina Haakons, George & Florence Hackett, Paul & Joanne Hagen, Eva Hagen, Lauralee Hagen, Norman & Jackie Hagen, Roy & Jacqueline Hageness, T. Olai & Sarah Hagerty Jr., Richard & Constance Haglund, Victor Hahner, Charles & Carol HaiL Charles & Kristy HaiL Donald & Faye Hall L.O. & Agnes Halvor, Paul & Marilyn Hamlin, Randy & Beth Hammerling. Roy & Margaret Hammond, Harold & Emily Hance, Vemell & Carol Hangartner, Roger & Melodie Hansen, David & Idell Hansen, Ethel Hansen, Roger Hanson, George & Jean Hanson, Jerry & Marilyn Hanson, Merle & Audry Hanson, Timothy Hanson, Vernon & Susan Hanson, Vernon & Marlis Hardtke, Dennis & Kathy Harmic, Edward Harne, Rodney & Terry arris, FUchard & Ann Harshman, R. Michael Hart, Karen Hasselblad, Robert & Kathleen Hatlen, Mark & Mary Haueisen, Donald & Barbara Hauge, Joel & Kathleen Hauge, Lawrence & Beverly Hauge, Robert & Shirley Haugen Jr., Iver & Virginia Haugen, Torval & Marilyn Hauke, Eric & Lenore Hauser, George & Margaret Lacy Hausken, Chester & Irene Heavey Sr., Thomas & Nancy Hedegaard, Maynard & Karen Hedges, Hugh& Karen edman, Alan & Cheryl efty, Gerald & Margaret Hefty, Milton & Luella Helgeson, Mr. & Mrs. Adrian HeUand, Sverre & Lorrine Helseth, Betty Johnson Hendricks Jr., Perry & Peggy Henry, Robert & Annette

Henry, Thomas & Darilyn Henton, Michael & Kathryn Herfindahl. David & Ann Herivel, David & Dianne Herlevi, Michael Heyer, W. Ronald & Miriam Hidy, Paul Hildahl, N. Earl & Astrid Hildahl, Roger Hile, Theodore & Lisa Hinkle, Robert & Joanne Hirst, Kathryn Hoffman, Alfred & Betty Hoffman, Charles Hoffman, Rande & Darcy Hoffmann, Duane & Susan Hogan, Carl & Betty Hoiland, Theol & Anna Hokenstad, Alan & Marion Hokenstad, Norman & Ruth Holmer, Bill & Marcia Holum, Everett & Mary Jo Hoover, Jack & Marilyn Hoover, Thomas & Viola Homgren, Earl & Vema Hoseth, Paul & Jeanne Hostetter, Gregory Hovey, Ronald & Lois Howard, Robert & Marjorie Howe, David & Karen Huber, Walter & Joan H uestis, Laurence & Bonny Huhta, Ellen Kaye Huling. Richard & Nancy Hushagen, John & Jan Schurman Hustad, Jack & Helen Hyde, Gary & Beverly Iacuessa, Lucille Ingram, Paul & Regina Ingvaldsen, Trond & Catherine Rhoades-Ingvaldsen Isaacson, Thomas & Linda Isensee, Donald & Mary Jane Islam, A. Ray & Vera Iverson, Roger & Marsha Jacka, Thomas & Kristen Jacobs, c. Virginia Jacobs, Don & Alice Jacobs, Kenneth & Stella Jacobson, Jennifer Jacobson, John & Karen Jacobson, Orville Jacobson, Ron & Lorraine Jacobson, Russell & Margaret Jacobson, Thomas & Kathleen James, David & Maria Jellum, Lloyd & Inez Jensen, Robert & Jean Jerke, Sandra Jeter, Milton & Bonnie Jobst, Richard & Catherine John, Edward & Ethel Johnsen, Palmer & Marjorie Johnson, A1alie Johnson, Anton & LyndaU Johnson, Arthur & Luella Johnson, Calvin & Alice Johnson, Carl & Sue Johnson, David & Debrah Johnson, David & Patsy Johnson, David & Janice Johnson, David & Ann Johnson, Dennis & Joan Johnson, Douglas Johnson, E. Marvin & Virginia Johnson, Gordon & Alphild Johnson, H. FUchard Johnson, James Johnson, Jeffrey & Katherine Johnson, Joel & Randi

Johnson, Lars & Judith Johnson, Noel & Patricia Johnson, Paul & Wendy Johnson, Ronald & Susan Johnson, Rudolph & Ruth Johnson Jr., Ted & Doreen Johnston, Kenneth & Margaret Jones, Patricia Jones, Susan Joos, Paul & Desnee Jordahl, Catherine Jordahl, Eric & Marlene Jordahl. Peter & Karen Jung. Frank & Karen Jungkuntz, Richard & Grace Jurgensen, Erling & Judy Kalnins, Maris & Julie Karlsen, Lind Karlsgodt, Gregory & Carrol Kasperson, Conrad & Judith -Kauth, James & Lee Kawakami, Owen & Judith Keith, Donald & Betty Keller, Benjamin Keller, Dale & Joan Keller, Robert & Betty Kellmer, Dorothy Kenny, Dr. & Mrs. George E. Kilborn, Kenneth & Sherrie Kilen, Kenneth Kinoshita, Marge Kintner, Quentin & Margaret Kintner, Susan Kirk, Morris & Bette Kissinger, Robert & Nakauchi Klarquist, Kenneth & Lois Klein, Robert & Cynthia Klett, Joel & Barbara Kleweno, Anna Knapp, David & Lori Brocker Knapp, Douglas Knudtson, Carmen Knutson, Irvin & Ruth Knutson, Lowell & Shirley Knutzen, Janice Knutzen, Tim & Coleen Koessler, Donn & Patricia Kolzing. Ronald & Ann -Korsmo, John & Edna Kovanen, Archie Kraiger, Cynthia & Randy Olson Kraiger, Richard & Naomi Kramer, Mary Kramer, Paul Kratzke, Robert & Marian Krebs, Ervin & Ruth Kreis, Roger & Sandra Bowdish Kreis Kress, Jerry & Gwendolyn Krippaehne, Charles & Louetta Kronlund, Scott & Michele Kronnagel, Julius & Mary Krueger, Robert & Mildred Kuehn, Bernd & Karen Kvinsland, Howard & Eugenia Kvinsland, Stephen & Judith Labes, Paul & Janet Lackey, Jon Lamb, Albert & Marilyn Lamb, Esther Langseth, Albert & Caroline Langston, Dennis & Margaret Lansing. Steven & Bonnie Valiton Larsen, Donald and Janice Larson, Carl & Terry Larson, Christine Larson, Curtis Larson Jr., E. Arthur & Lorraine Larson, Edgar & Betty Larson, Gwen


"1 have very much appreciated the oppor足 tunity to get a broad足 based liberal arts educq.tion and to explore ethical and spiritual values as an integral part ofeducation. )) Martha Olson '77 Fulbright Scholar



芦As Soo1'J as my parmtJ

a1ui. I pulled up myfirst

tIa.'Y on campus we were mrrotmdcd by student orientation counselors aI'ui. football players to help us u,Wxui. All their 1Jetpitl9 hatuis made my fim day at PL U wonderflll and reassu ri119路 ))

Brooke Leigh '93 Pullman, Washington

Q Club Mtmben Conti'll"" Larson, Larry & Karen Larson Jr., Lars & Georgia Larson, Marge Larson, Marvin & Margit Larson, Michael 'Larson, Paul & Nina Larson, Richard & Sharon Larson, Richard & Susan Larson, Roy & Maria 'Larson, Selmer & Helen Laubach, Brian Law, James & Mary Lawson, David & Kimberly Leach, Leonard & Joan Lee, Gladyce Lee, Insu & Chong Lee, James & Linda Lee, Solveig Leeper, Karin Lehmann, Dev in & Sherry Lemay Jr., H. Eugene & Carla Lennon, John & Linda Lervick, Magnar & Marjorie Lester, Mark & Laura Lester, Ray & Janet Levitch, Harry & V.irginia Lewis, Donna Ahrens Lider, Gerald & Mildred Liljeblad, Cheryl Limaye, Prakash & Nandini Liming, John & Marion Lind berg, John & Judith Lind el, W. Michael & Janice Lindeman, William & Susan Lindgren, Agnes Lindstrom, Laine Llewellyn, J. Mason & Alice Llewellyn, Mary Alice Logan, Charles & Edna Logan, Lavon 'Londgren, Richard & Anita Loney, Arthur & Marie Lonn, John & Isabel Lorentzsen, Thomas Lorenz, Gerald & Janet Lowe, Margaret Lucky, Anne Lucky, Donna Lucky, Steven & Cheryl Ludwig, William & Janice Lumsden, Terry & Kathy Lund, Clarence & Thelma Lund, Richard & Ann Lund, Steve & Jody Lundeberg, Edith Lundgaard, Gene & Marian Maakestad, John & Louise Mabry, Kevin & Kathlene Waller Mabry Mac Dougall, Elsie Madsen, Ralph & Kathryn Magelssen, David & Penelope Magnuson, Oliver & Marie Majar, Melissa Mallon, Ann Adele Malmin, Jon & Jean Maple, Jay & Anna Marsh, Michael & Mary Ellen Marsh, Roberta Marshall, Larry & Stacia Martin, David & Lisa Martin, Dennis & Gloria Martinson, Arthur & Marilyn Marvonek, Delores Massingill, Lafayette & Audine Matson, Jon Matson, Sara Matthias, Arthur & Betty Matthias, Paul & Dixie Mattich, Peter & Joan

Mattocks, Theodore & Cheryl Mau, Carl & Thilda Mays, Charles & Sandra Mc Clary, Michael & IyJa Mc Donald, Susan Mc Gill, C. Robert & Geraldine Mc Ginnis, Richard Mc Ginnis, William Mc Kanna, Douglas & Liane Mc Kay, Charles & Jean Mc Kee, David & Irene Mc Manus, Patricia Mc Millan, Donald & Nadine Mc Nabb, David Mc Nally, Joy Mensonides, Jay & Emma Metcalf, Jolene Meyer, Hermina 'Meyer, Thelma 'Mickelsen, Walter & Mildred Miller, Chris & Bernice Miller, Jon & Solveig 'Miller, Marlen & Ann Miller, Ronald & Jean Milson, Merton & Elva Minetti, Gary Misterek, David & Mari Mitchell, Dwight & Lois Mittelstaedt, Arnold & Mina Mobroten, Elmer & Astrid ModahL K. Pene Molter, Frederick & Merle Monroe, Katharine Monroe, William & Beverly Monsen, Jeffrey & Diane Monson, Donald & Marie Morehouse, David Moriguchi, Harris & Laraine Morken, Ken & Bennetta Morken, Oscar Morris, Mildred Morrison, Steven & Sue Morton, Stewart & Kathryn Mortvedt, Robert & Gladys Mueller, Ewald Mueller, Joan Mulder, Bob & Karen Murray, Kenneth & Kelley Myers, Gerald & Martha Myers, Ruth Names, R. Clinton & Diane Natwick, Michael Neils, Ed ward & Betty Jo Neils, Michael & Cheryl Nelson, C. Lennard & Suzanne Nelson, Drew & Marilyn Nelson, Kenneth & Anita Nelson, Larry & Nancy Nelson, Robert Ness, Arne & Rhonda Ness, Gerhard Nesse, Ruth Nesselquist, Kim & Krystn Nestegard, Rick Nesting, Norman & Arnie Nesvig, David & Jane Nesvig, Milton & Hazel Newburn, Keith & Margaret Newton, Robert & Anne Nichols, Darrel & Bernice Nicholson, Gary & Laura Nishi, Roy & Frances Nitz, William & Lorena Nodtvedt, Richard 'Nok leberg, James & Nan Nok leberg, John & Lisa Nordholm, Eric Nordquist, Philip & Helen Nordstrom, Robert & Joan North, Martin & Jo Ann

Nothstein, Donald & Naomi Novotney, Melvin & Colleen Noyer, Gary & Marilyn Nyhus, Lloyd & Margaret Nylander, Betty O' Brien, Michael & Beverly O' Donnell, Timothy & Patricia Oberholtzer, W. Dwight & Ellen Ostern Ockfen, John & Jeris Odsen, Frederick & Elizabeth Ofstun, M.s. & Marjorie Olbertz, Zenon & Molly Oldaker, Clayton & Bernice Olden, John & Mildred Oliver, Jack & Jane Oliver, Terry & Linda Olsen, Bruce & Pamela Olsen, Karl & Lois Olsen, Robert & Josephine Olsen, Stanley Olson, Arden & Kathryn Olson, Brian & Mary Olson, David G. Olson, David & Arvis Olson, Franklin & Karen Olson, H. Garvik & Betty Olson, Kevin & Karen Olson, Robert & Carol Olson, William & Donna Olstead, Halvar & Alvina Omdal Jr., Gordon & Marsha Oppen, Georgia Ostenson, Burton & Betty Ostenson, Rich ard & Lynn Ostenson, William & Patricia Ostling, Karl & Rosemary Ouhl, Rick & Sally Owens, Kaye & Helmi Ozmun, Leonard & Anne Palm, Ake & Carol Palmer, Merle Parker, Douglas Parmenter, Tom & Susan Patchett, Mr. & Mrs. Allan Paterson, Robert & Margaret Patnode, Thomas & Kathy Paulson, Eric & Elna Paulson, Gerald & Carol Paulson, Morris & Janet Payne, Thomas Pedersen, Donald & Laura Pedersen, Svend & Cathy Pederson, Arne & Gloria Peper, Margaret Perleth, Blayne Perrault, Leo & Hilkka Person, Marilu Petersen, Jon & Dorothy Peterson, Barbara 'Peterson, Clayton & Lee Peterson, Dale Peterson, Harold & Bernice Peterson, James & G. Beth Hagedorn Peterson, Lawrence & Beth Peterso.l, Lillian Peterson, Richard & Linda Peterson, William & Mary Phillips, Carol Phillips, H.E. & Barbara Pifer路Johnson, Virginia 'Pihl, Erik & Louise PihL Martin & Darlene Pilgrim, Walter & Jeanette Pinning, Steven & Ann Pleas, Vema Plows, Mike Polcyn, Mark & Laura Politakis, Lazarus & Martha

Polk, David Pomerenk, Julia Porter, Marcus & Myra Potter, John & Maradee Preus, Paul & Gilma Price, Arthur & Helen Price, Brian & Jane Prochnow, Virginia Purvis, Stanley & Cecilia

Quale, Millard & Hellen Quello, Robert & Janice Quigley, Timothy & Letitia Quinn, Richard & Susan Raisler, Richard & Karen Randall, Alvin & Mary

Randolph, Ernest & Charlotte Rasmussen, Fraser & Lynn Rasmussen, Maxine Rasmussen, Uif & Janet 'Rasmussen, William & Priscilla Rathbun, Gerald & Phyllis Raubacher, Douglas & Diane Ray, William & Diana Reese, Donald & Mary Regis, Roy & Margaret Reidy, Kenneth Reil, Horst & Loeda Reitz, Robert & Doris Rettkowski, Craig & Becky Rieke, Marcus & Paula Rieke, Stephen & Eileen

Ringdahl, Kerstin Risdal, Patti Rivenburg, Jon & Karen Roa, Darel & Linda

Roalkvam, Edwin & Helen Robinson, Kenneth & Sandra Rodning, Richard & Elaine

Roe, David Roe, Kaaren

Roe, Kelmer & Hannah Rogers, William & Janet Rogge, Barry & Carole Ann Rohde, Gary & Suzanne Roley, Dennis & Mary Roller, Gilbert & Georgine Rosdahl, Barbara Rose, Daniel & Marilyn

Roseberg, Leland & Greta Rosenfeld, Moshe & Susan Kaetz Ross, Robert & Suzie Rothi, Paul & Joann Rouse, Richard & Susan Rowberg, Donald & Debra Rudge, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rueck er, Douglas & Lisa Rutledge, Donald & Janet

Rynning, Robert & Betty/4fJ Saari, James & La Donna Sammons, Kenneth & Ruth Samuelson, H. Wilton & Marsha Sandburg, Kirk & Janet Sandeno, P. Bryan & Jeanne Satrum, Randy & Alice Saverud, Wayne & Sheryl Sawyer, Thomas & Georganne Schaer, Robert & Judy Schafer, Eldon & Evelyn Schafer, Kevin Scheele, Gerald & Marjean Scheibner, AI & Ella

Schindele, Stephen & Lani Schmeling, Gerald & Ruth Schmidt, David & Patricia Schmidt, Sherwin & Anita S hoening, David & Christelle Schultz, Bradford & Carolyn Scott, Damon Seeger, Richard Sells, Clifford & Linda Larson

Sells, Lydia Selmann, Dan & Judith Severson, Ralph & Ruth Shannon Jr, John & Trudi Sharratt, Gene & Carol Sheek ley, Cary Shore, Randi Shoup, Paul & Dianne Shultz, Chris & Cindy

Siek, Theodore & Marian Silflow, Carolyn and Paul LeFebvre Simmons, Donald & Barbara Simonson, Walter & Jeanette Sinderson, Jack & Janice

Sisco, William & Jeanne Landeck -Sisco Skarshang, Richard & Minnie 'Sk inner, Lawrence & Irene Skog, James & Julia Skubi nna, Tamelyn Slama, Brad & Carol Sletten, James & Mary Smith Jr., Paul & Virginia Smith, Alfhild Smith, David & Janet

Smith, David Smith, Gerry Smith, Lori Smith, Stephen & Alicia Soden, Dale & Margaret Soine, Jon & June Solberg, Clarence & Helen Solberg, Kristen & Opal Solie, Chester & Thelma

Solum, Floyd & Gwen Sontag, Alexia Sorenson, Robert & Barbara Sovde, Melba Spade, Juris & Carol Spanier, Evan & Gloria 'Sparks, James & Myrna Sparling, David & Florence Sparling, Warren & Adeline Spit zer, Randal & Laurel Standifer, Carson Stein, Lynn & Ariadne Stein, Robert & Connie

Stenersen, Stanley & Sharon Stevens, Otto & Shirley Stewart, John & Therese Stewart, Thomas & Linda Stewart, Willie & Faye Stiggelbout, Hendrik & Joan Stockdale, Bryan & Michelle Storaasli, Dale

Storaasli, Kenneth & Catherine Storaasli, Lester & Carol Strain, F. Warren & Lavina Strand, Arne & Carla Strand, Gerald & Linda

Strege, Timothy & Dawn Bernstein Stringer, W. Jeremy & Susan St ringfellow, John & Peggy Strom, Peter & Ellen Stucke, Doris

St uen, Marcus & Corinne Stuen, O. John & Florence Stuen, Paul Stuen, Thomas & Karen Stuhlmiller, E. Robert & Willa mae Stuhlmiller, Lena Sturdivant, Don & Lois Sturgeon, Edward & Lavonne Sundby, Dagny Sundby, Jill Sutherland, Robert & Carrie Sva re, Cora Swanson, Donald & Wendy Swanson, Donna Swanson, Hazel

Swanson, Paul & Mary


Swanson, Richard & Christine Swanson, Roland & Isabelle Swanstrom, Alfred & Dee Swenson, Eunice

Tang, Kwong-Tin & Pauime Taylor, Dean & Linda Taylor, Lenore Taylor, Martin & Susan Taylor, Murray & Vera Tchobanoff, Daniel & Doris Tempel, Lee Templin, John & Sonja 'Templin, Paul & Phyllis Tetz Jr., Kenneth & Dee Thomas, Donald & Audrey Thomas, Steven & Sherri Thompson, Mary Helen Thompson, Mikkel Thoren, Robert & Betty Thoreson, Donald & Kay Thrasher, Steven & Ginny Thunberg, I1a Thyk eson, Everett Tiedeman, Wenzel & I'Lee Timm, Robert & Anne Timm, Steven Tin, David & Lai Chi Wong Tingstrom, Harold & Alice Tobiason, Fred & Dorothy Tollefson, Marilyn Tolles, Steffa n & Carol Tommervik Jr., MarvinS. Tonn, Jeffrey & Sheri Torongo, Ellen

Townsend, Clark & Pamela Tremaine, Norman & Ann Trent, Doris Troyer, Richard & Linda Tschopp, Charles & Lydia Tushkov, Walter & Suzanne Tuvey, Charles & Dorothy Tveten, Joe Ud bye, Andreas & Kari Ufer, Phyllis Ufer, Sharon Ufer, Steven & Valerie Ulberg, Janet Ulberg, Kathryn Ulleland, Duane & Marilyn Unseth, Catherine Urata, Robert & Christine Urda, John & Edith Utzinger, Alice Utzinger, Wilfred Vandevert, Elodie

Vedelt Howard & Florence Veis, Kirk Vingerud, Jon & Jacqueline Vinson, Bruce & Paula Voelpel, Norman & Ona Voris, William & Linda Vorvick, Philip & Bonnie

Wagner Jr., Louis & Jeri Wahl, Larry & Sharon Wainscott, Craig & Aya Wake, Thomas B. Wake, Thomas H. Walden, Richard & Cheryl Walker, John & Zoya Ward, Steven & Martha Watness, Calvin & Julia Watness, Luther & Isabel Watson, William & Norma Weathermon, Karen Wells, Martin & Susan Briehl Werner, Ray & Dorothy Weswig, John White, Lloyd & Helen White, tewilrt Eva

"The pmfesso11 are intriguing and cmillg, and classes are small. That distinguishes PLU as an instittttion aimed at developing the individual. " Christina Montez Denver, Colorado

Q Dub Members Ctmtinud


Whitley, Grant & Anne Wickstrom, Margaret Widsteen, Harold & Marie Widsteen, James & Kristi Wiegand, Beth Wiklund, Dan & Ulrike Williams, David & Roberta Williams, Donald & Ann Williams, Joseph Williams, Joy Williams, Oscar & Dorris Williamson, Martin & Arlene Williamson, Sherman & Miriam Willis, Betty Willis, Brett Willis, Howard & Elizabeth Willis, J. Stanley & Thelma Willis, Mark & Peggy Wilson, Donald & Kathryn Wilson, Franklin & Marcia Wilson, Gary & Judy Wilson, Stephen & Sarah Winberg, Andrew Winters, Robert & Carolyn Wise, Frank & Lydia Witmer, Daniel Wold, Karen Wold, Kathryn Woldseth, Edroy & Margaret Woldseth, Mark & Leslie Wood, Joseph & Barbara Wright, Josephine Wuest, Paul & Jane Zeuske, Doreen Zier, Mark & Beth Zimmerman, James & Sharolyn Zurfluh, Robert D & Mary Ann

Junior Q Club Members

$120 or more a year (Restricted to alumni within 4 years of graduation)

"When I first walked on campus, I felt totally surrozmded by frimdli­ ,USJ. People you don 't kllol1' ask you how youJre doi'lfj. Professors check with students to make sure we.'re doiJI,g okay. They set aside office time fqr USj some n>en invite thei1· classes to thei1· IJOmes. I don)t think y(m will find an excellent education in such a carin!} friendly atmos­ phere at 1/mny othe1· schools. )) ..

Megan Kahl '93 C an by, Oregon

Allerton, Robin Amos, Thomas & Gretchen Amoth, Kevin & Merry Anderson, Eric & Nancy Ann Arnold, John Bahr, Cindy Baker, Barry & Deanna Baker, Bradley & Sherry Baldridge, Gary Beck, Laura Bell, Jeffery Benner, Scott Benson, Carrie Bjornson, Julie Blegen, Marcus & Peggy Blue, Thomas Bottger, Heide Bradley, Craig & Shelley Brain, Dianne Brazil Jr., James & Michelle Brooks, Kathrine Brown, Joseph & Karin Bryan, Shelley Burk, Kathleen Busey, Kelly & Miriam Calle, Guillermo & Sally Carlson, David Carlson, Douglas Carlson, Luther Chun, Susan Conklin, Catherine Cook, Ronald Craig, Jay Craig, Jeffrey & Darla Dahl, Brad & Torre

Daugherty, Todd & Kaaren Davis, Beth Davis, Gretchen Delap, Jill Ann Delgadillo, Ignacio Doerksen, Diane Donaldson, Annie Donovan, Susan Dostal, Steven & Karen Dumas, Michael & Yolanda Edlund, Julia Eibel, Mark Elston, Scott & Michelle Emery, Richard & Kathleen Farr, Evelyn Fields, Elizabeth Bryden Foss, Sara Gandhi, Tereasa Gard, Jerald Gilbert, Deanna Good, Kenneth & Jennifer Grover, Stephen Hajek, Angela Hamby, Darren Hancock, James & Anne Harrold, Theresa Hase, Douglas & Deborah Hatch, Mary Anne Hefte, Barbara Henning, Michelle Hill, Amy Hinman, Dana Hoffman, Mark & Amy Hostetter, Doug & Jayme Hubbard, Kari Hussey, Lisa Iverson, Jr., Roger & Cynthia Jacobson, Brian Jenks, Terry & Leanne Jensen, Cheryl Johnson, Richard Kastien, Leslie Koehler, Matthew Korsmo, Jr., John Krause, Sandra Ladderud, Jean Lamb, John & Danelle Larson, Eric Larson, Julianne Larson, Laurie Laubach, Lori Le Warne, Charles Lilly, Jacqueline Ling, Trent Lipscomb, David Lunde, Ian D & Donna Marks, Terry Martin, Tom & Patricia Mc Nally, Dennis & Mary Megorden, Peter Megow, Jacqueline Milburn, Catherine Miller, Catherine Miller, Mark & Connie Milnor, Karen Mott, Darren Motter, Jr., Richard Mount, Todd & Denise Mulkey, Lori Nelson, Julie Nishi, Ron Ogard, Erik Olden, Karen Olive, Kevin & Tandy Ottoson, Lisa Ottoson, Mark Pabst, Shawn Peterson, Sonya Pfeil, Kristina Pinkham, Gay Ann

Pinto, Dean & Carey Pulliam, Elizabeth Raedeke, Scott Randell, Bruce Regge, Martin & Janet Rice, Gail Ristuben, Erik & Susan Rosdahl, David Rose, Richard & Judith Ruland, Sharron Aune Runnels, Brae Savage, Victoria Schauer, Nancy Scheibe, James Seibert, Hollie Seo, Lorene Chiemi Shaw, Karen Shaw, Steven & Helen Sherman, Lee & Cathy Shoup, Jennifer Shryock, Nancy Slocum, Robert & Darci Smith, Julie Soine, Laurie Sorenson, Karis Sparling, John Squires, Scott Stamper, Dana Standal, Todd Steen, Michael & Karen Steves, David & Sonja Stewart, Todd Taylor, C. Paul Taylor, Caren Linn Thompson, Robert & Kristi Tilly, E. Bart Tollefson, Sari Tvedt, Kristi Bosch Twine, Warwick Underwood, David Vernon, Antonette Vial Barbara Viebrock, Cameon Visser, Kathryn Voss, Janice Wagner, Gina Warren, Garth & Kristine Wescott, Steven & Jane Wilson, Jeffrey & Patricia Winters, Douglas Wrigley, Jack Zarone, Arthur & Elizabeth Zimmerman, Drex

Unique and Specified Gifts to the AIUlual Fund (Gifts above $240 a year)

Mr. & Mrs. eal W. Amend Dr, & Mrs. Charles D. Anderson Mr. Stanford Anderson Ms. Lilian Arms t rong Mr. Thomas F. Baker Rev. & Mrs. Luther W. Bekemeie r Mr. & Mrs. Leonard F. Benson Mr. & Mrs. ichael L. Benson Mr. Carl B. Beiten Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bottge Mr. & Mrs. ALbert M. Branam Dr. & Mrs . S t a nle y Brue Mr. John Clarkson Mr. & Mrs. J rry D. C u rtis Mr. & Mrs. Don A De Mulling Ms. Nancy A 0 lanty Mr. & Mrs. Neil N. D ick in se n Dr. Carlisle Dietrich Mr. & Mrs. Martin Doss Dr. Lynn Kohara Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Bruc G. Eklund Rev. Oming B. j lstad Mr. & Mrs. Craig A Fouhy Mr. Rober t . Freund Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Frost Dr. Thomas D. Gant Mr. Doug la s R. Gardner G v. & Mrs. W.B. Gardner Mr. & I rs . Norman P. Gerken Mr. & Mrs. onald ood Mrs. Lo Rayne Gordon M r. & Mrs. David L. Greenwood Mr. Albert F . Haas Mr. & Mrs. raig R. Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. John S. Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hart Mr. & Mrs en ne th B. Hartvig son J r . Mr. & Mrs. Dav id P. Hawort h Dr. & Mrs. Rodnev H, Herr Dr. & Mrs. John 0. Herzog Mr. & Mrs. Ernest I. Hopp Mr. Myron C. Hulen Dr. & Mrs. John R. J a r rett Mr. & Mrs. Walter J es emig Mr. & Mrs. David B. johnson Dr. Herman S. Ju d Dr. & Mr . Owen Y. Kawakami tv1r. Richard S. Kent M r. & M rs. Matthew D. Klein Mr. & Mrs. Ben Korsten Dr . James R. /oski Mr. Owen D. Lamb Mr. R. James a ne

Mrs. M rgaret . Larson Rev. & Mrs. Orlando A Lee Mr. Donald E. Lofton Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Mattich Inez Mattison Trust Mrs. Clare M nzel Dr. & M . Stanll.'Y A. Mueller Jr. Mr. & M rs. S ott Names Mr. & Mrs. AT th ur M. Nellermol' Mr . Ruth H. Nes e Dr. & Mrs. Burton Nesset Dr. Richard Nodtvedt Mr. Patrick D. O'Connor Mrs. Patricia I .. Odberg Mr. & Mrs. Edm u n d S . 01 Dr & M . David M. Olson Ms. Be v e rly G. Omdal Mr. & Mrs. Dean W. Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Eugene O. Pear:;on M r. & Mrs. Art hu r M. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Pfingston

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne H. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Mark Porter Mrs. Loui e K. Dahl Randall Rev. & Mrs. obert H. Reitz Dr. & Mrs . William O. Rieke Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lee Ritter Mr. Mrs. MallTice D. Schwartz Dr. & Mrs . S Erving Severtson Mr. & Mrs. Ro na l d D. Skarbo Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Slater Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Spicer Ms. E t hel Squires Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stark Dr. & Mrs. Donald E. Strandness Mr Erl S y ve rst ad Mr. & M r s. Earl F. Tilly Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Topel Mr. & M rs . Jack C. Town Capt & Mrs. Th om a s M. Tveit Mrs. Theda L. Tyler Mr . Gerald L. Vincent Mr. & Mrs. David A Voss M s. E · ther M. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Bernt F. Westre Mr. Elmer J. White Mr. hristopher A. Wolfe Mr. &: Mrs. Robert J. Yax Mr. Fr ank N. Young

Annual Fund Gifts $ 1 00



Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Adams Rev, Fred J. Ahrend t Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Allen Mr. & Mrs. William R. Amundson Mr. &: Mrs. Alan G. Anderson Mr. Arnold T. Anderson M r. Hilrlan L. Anderson Miss Jud ne L. Anderson Maj . & Mrs. Philip C. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. R ic h ard D. Anderson Ms. Bab tte M. Andrew·Eaton Mr. & Mr s . Thomas Aparico Mr. & Mrs. James D. Arbaugh Mr. G. Michael Arnold Mr. Art hur H. Arp Mr. & Mrs. K j el 1 Askevold Mr . Beatrice E. Atwood Mr. & Mrs. Wayne B. Axelson Mr. & Mrs . David M. Backstrom Mr. & Mrs. Da le Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Baiter Jr. Mr. William N. Bakamus Mh. 5 ndra Ba rlau Mr. AI Bauer Ms. Gild S. Bauer Mr. & Mrs. David M. Be a m LTC Dianne M. Bechtold Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Beihoffer Ms . D r t h y J. Bellin M rs. Irma N. Bendock Mr. & Mrs. Larry Benevento Mi�s Val('rie Benton Mr. & Mrs. raul c. Bentson Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Bentti Ms. Nina Bertelsen Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Betters Ms. Denise E. Bettinger Ms. Beverly Bingham Mr. . Ro bl! rt Blessing D r & Mrs. r d R. Blomquist Mrs. Joyc M. Bodeau Mr. Michael A Bosworth Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bottge Ms. Pen n v C. Boulter Rev & M �s. Edwin Bracher Ms. Regina B. Braker Mr. Rich ard W. Brandt

Rev. & Mrs. Paul D. Brassey Mr. & Mrs. John M. Briggs Ms. Antje E. Brink ·Kaiser Mr. Ralph Broetje Dr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Brooks Mrs. Robanna Brosten Mr. & Mrs. Terry D. Brosten Mr. & Mrs. James W. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Rick Brown Dr. Bertus L. Brown, Jr. Ms. Kathleen Sue Brownfield Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Brunner Rev. & Mrs. Louis F. Brunner Ms. Ruth I. Brunner Mr. & Mrs. John A Buckner Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Burgess Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene j. Burgoyne Dr. & Mrs. John P. Burlein Mrs. Alice J. Campbell Dr. & M rs. Bruce G. Campbell Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Tony Cardoza Rev. Harry C. Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Loney Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Theodore H. Carlson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William G. Carnett Mr. & Mrs. Cecil J. Carter Mr. William Ted Cass Mr. & Mrs. Merlin Cavender Dr. & Mrs. c.c. Chan Mr. Bill K. Chapman Jr. Mrs. Kristi Running Chiaravallott Mr. & Mrs. Carl N . Christiansen Jr. Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Christopherson Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur F. Claus Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cleland Mr. & Mrs. AP. Coburn Mrs. jeri D. Cole Mr. James L. Collins Mr. & Mrs. James M. CoUins Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Leslie C. Conkle Dr. & Mrs. Kevin F. Connolly Rev. & Mrs. Orrin Consear Dr. Tyler B. Coplen Maj. Charlie L. Cornett Miss Carol Lee Coss Mr. & Mrs. George Costle Ms. Miriam L. Cowan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crumbaugh Mrs. Jane L. Curl Mr. Stephen Allan Dable Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Dahlberg Ms. Mary L. Dahle Mr. David C. Dahlin Mr. & Mrs. Robert V.R. Dalenberg Mr. & Mrs. David H. Danis Dr. & Mrs. j. Paul Dauphin Mr. & Mrs. Earl W. Davie Dr. & Mrs. Keith E. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Allan Dennis Mrs. Carol E. Deschamps Mr. & Mrs. Earl R. Dietsch Mr. & Mrs. James C. Dollarhide Mr. & Mrs. Kerry M. Doss Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. john M. Doyle Mr. Duane E. Dudley Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Duncan Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Edgerton Mr. & Mrs. Earl E. Edmunds Jr. Dr. Abdullah I. EI-Kuwaiz Mr. & Mrs. Cole C. Elder Miss Esther M. Ellickson Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Ellingson Dr. & Mrs. Richard Ellingson Mr. & Mrs. Estill J. Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph E. Bmer Mr. Julius L. Eneboe



('Dorm life. Two scary words to a girl who had nevt'r bem away from I,ome a week at a time. B/lt the transition came easily. 'he first day the hall staff welcomed the 11CJV students with a ,wrm meeting, escorted lIS to dimur and a football game, and rwganized a friendly new student OIuntation at 2 a. m. The first month 1 was so busy meeting people and joini1Jg ,wnn actiFities that it lI'as hÂŤ1'd for my parents to realize that their little girl, who 'd neJJt'I ' bem away from home, WIlS1I't homesick !)) Linda Mc ,raw '93 Ken t, Washington

Ann_l FU'lld Gifts $100 to $239 Continued Rev. & Mrs. Frank L. Ericksen Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Erickson Rev. & Mrs. Henry L. Erickson Dr. Henry J. Ernst Mr. & Mrs. Gordon E. Evans Mr. John L. Falavolito Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Fedde Mr. John S. Feldmann Mr. & Mrs. Ernest V Fenn Mr. John F. Fischbach Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Fisk Dr. & Mrs. AG. Fjellman Mr. Paul R. Flaten Mrs. Robert B. Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. French Mr. Ray H. Frender Col. & Mrs. Marvin I. Frentress Rev. Roger P. Frobe Mr. David T. Frost Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fuelleman Mrs. Hazel Fujihara Mr. & Mrs. RE. Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Clarence G. Funk Jr. Rev. & Mrs. Luther T. Gabrielsen Mrs. Grace E. Garrison Mrs. Laurel A Gerald Dr. & Mrs. William H. Gernon Mr. & Mrs. William Gill Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Girvan Mr. & Mrs. George E. Gordon Ms. Sandra Gordon Rev. & Mrs. Marvin E. Greene Dr. & Mrs. Philip Grenley Dr. & Mrs. Fred M. Grimm Mr. Ivan P. Gruhl Mr. & Mrs. Allan R Gubrud Ms. Lisa R. Guenther Dr. & Mrs. Harold Gunderson Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Gunderson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haglund Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Hall Dr. & Mrs. David S. Halstead Rev & Mrs. Roy Hammerling Mr. & Mrs. Abel G. Handler Mr. James S. Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Harris Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Harris Rev. Donald D. Hefty Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Hein Mr. & Mrs. Matt C. Hemming Mr. Morris N. & Dr. Anita E. Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs. Eugene P. Henkel Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gerald Hepler Mr. & Mrs. Harry Herland Mr. Howard Higgen and Ms. Sue A Higgen Mr. & Mrs. Scott K. Higgins Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hilgers Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd O. Hilliker Mr. & Mrs. Roger A Hodge Mr. Michael J. Hoeger Ms. Teresa J. Hoglund Mr. & Mrs. Julius Hokenson Mr. P. Norman Holm Dr. Frederick F. & Dr. Grace E. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Holmes LTC Janice I. Howell Mr. & Mrs. William C. Howison Rev. & Mrs. N. Ralph Huget Mr. & Mrs. Conrad H.5. Hunziker Mrs. S.C Hymmen Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Ingram Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Ingram Ms. Marie E. Irvin Dr. Andrew H. Isaacs Mr. Jeffery B. Iverson Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Jackson

Mr. Gaylord R. Jackson & Ms. Carol Bichon Jackson Mr. & Mrs. James E. Jarrett Mr. & Mrs. Les Johnsen Mr. Alan R. Johnson Hon. & Mrs. Bertil E. Johnson Mr. Jerry K. Johnson Mr. Keith D. Johnson & Mrs. Janet Clausen Johnson Mr. Kenneth E. Johnson Rev. Larry H.T. & Mrs. Sally N. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Stan Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Don F. Jones Dr. James C. Jones Mrs. Susan L. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Jordahl Mr. & Mrs. Norman G. Juggert Mr. Alvin G. Kageler Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A Kamakura Mr. & Mrs. Isamu Kaneshige Ms. Jacqueline C. Karotsch Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Kay Mrs. Kristenza D. Keirsey Mr. & Mrs. Walter E . Keller Ms. Mary C. Kelley Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Kelly Dr. Robert S. Kennedy Mr. David G. Kent Mr. & Mrs. Laurence E. Kerwin Mr. Charles H. Ketteman Rev. Ronald A Kittel Mr. & Mrs. Lars Kittleson Miss Ruth C. Klavano Mr. & Mrs. Donald V. Klein Dr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Knox Mr. & Mrs. Larry P. Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Knutzen Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Kohler Mr. Allan J. Kollar Mr. & Mrs. Carl Koppen Dr. & Mrs. Jacob Kornberg Mr. & Mrs. Rodney B. Kragness Mr. & Mrs. Donald Krassin Dr. & Mrs. Robert A Krause Miss Ruth E. Kroger Ms. Winifred S. Langdon Dr. & Mrs. Duane R Larson Dr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Larson Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Larson Rev. Stephen M. & Rev. Rebecca S. Larson Dr. & Mrs. Vernon O. Larson Mr. & Mrs. Steve T. Latimer Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Le Jeune Mr. & Mrs. William J. Le Master Dr. & Mrs. John D. Leander Mrs. Marguerite L. Lebert Mr. Robert S. Lee Dr. & Mrs. Bruce A Legler Mrs. Edith M. Leland Mr. & Mrs. Gary E Lerch Mrs. Barbara N. Lindberg Mr. & Mrs. Walter W. Livingston Mr. & Mrs. Charles V. Logue Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank Logue Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton Lokey Mr. & Mrs. James P. Long Dr. John M. Lono Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Lorenz Mr. & Mrs. William E. Love Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Lowe Mr. & Mrs. Chauncey F. Lufkin Dr. & Mrs. David Lukens Mr. & Mrs. A Duane Lund Rev. & Mrs. Bruce Lundberg Mr. Boyd Lundstrom Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Mahoney I I Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D . Mallonee

Mr. Walter E. Malzahn Mr. & Mrs. Earl B. Mandery Mr. & Mrs. Douglas K. Mandt Mr. Rudolph Mangels Mr. & Mrs. Harley J. Mangold Mr. & Mrs. Warren F. Margrath LTC Carolyn J. Marsh Dr. & Mrs. John A Martilla Dr. & Mrs. Martin E. Marty Mr. & Mrs. Jerome F. Matz Mr. & Mrs. Eugene K. Maun Mr. & Mrs. Kurtis R. Mayer Mr. A Lance Mc Allister & Ms. Donna B. Brinkmeyer Dr. & Mrs. Edward F. Mc Cabe Mrs. Lois E. Mc Donald Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. Mc Dougall Mr. & Mrs. Guy Alan Mc Fadden Dr. & Mrs. Michael G . Mc Namara Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Mc Vay Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Mead Mr. Michael D. Mendoza Mr. & Mrs. William D. Messenger Chap & Mrs. Merle L. Metcalf Mrs. Karen M. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. James Meyerhoff Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Meyerhoff Rev. & Mrs. C. Warren Meyers Mrs. Nancy Millard Mr. Alvin W. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Clark T. Miller Dr. & Mrs. Allen L. Moen Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Moen Mr. Luther J. Moen Mr. & Mrs Max Moisanen Mr. & Mrs. Jerry N. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Odin E. Morken Mr. & Mrs. Dale Morton Mr. Daniel D. Mosca Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Arthur Moss Mr. & Mrs. Dan Murdock Mr. Dean W. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Kirk R. Nelson Ms. Norita A Nelson Mr. Robert L. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A Neptun Rev. & Mrs. Philip M. Nesvig Dr. & Mrs. Verne F. Newhouse Mr. & Mrs. Gorham Nicol Mr. Larry Nielsen Mr. Mamoru Nishimura Mr. & Mrs. Rodney L. Nordberg Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Nordeen Mr. & Mrs. E. Wallace Nordness Mrs. Marion H. Northrop Mr. Kevin W. O'Connell Mr. & Mrs. John M. Ofstad Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Ogard Mr. & Mrs. M.O. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Jarl L. Opgrande Mr. & Mrs. Roger Ose Mr. Ervin L. Owen Mr. & Mrs. Charles CR Park Mr. George W. Park erson Mrs. Ted Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Clement Val Paulson Mr. & Mrs. Dainard Paulson Mrs. Helen L. Pelis Mr. Anthony Photius Pentikis Mr. Marvin E. Perala Rev. & Mrs. Eugene E. Perry Mr. Alfred W. Peters Mr. & Mrs. Leo H. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Charles A Jr. Pfahler Ms. Marianne Pfeil Mr. & Mrs. Dean E. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Otto Poehling Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Polley


& Mrs. Jerry D. Poppen � MIs. Gregory D. Potter Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Potts Rev. Cary D. Powell Mr. & Mrs. Monte Powell Mr. & Mrs. Donald Probst Mr. & Mrs. Rodney J. Purdom Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth James Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Wesley E. Radford Mr. & Mrs. John E. Rainforth Mr. James R. Raske Mr. & Mrs. Hilman C. Ratsch Dr. & Mrs. John R. Reay Mrs. Patricia Kay Reed Ms. Catherine M. Reilly Mr. & Mrs. James Reus Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Stephen Rice Mr. W. Stanley Riddle Jr. Mr & Mrs. Robert C. Ritter Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Robbins Mr. Donald D. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Rodrigues Rev. & Mrs. Ed ward Roe Mr. & Mrs. Wallace D. Rogelstad Mr . Joan Roman Mr. & Mrs. laurence W. Romo Dr. & Mrs. Nelius N . Ronning Ms. Barbara A. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Joel Rose Mr. Fred T. Rosevear Mr. & Mrs. Jerald D. Rothi Mr. Herman L. Rundle Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Running Ms. Jeanine M. Rusmussen Mrs. Marian L. Ruud Mr. & Mrs. C. William Sagvold fr. & Mrs. R. Douglas Sahlberg Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Samuels Mr. & Mrs. Einar Sande Mrs. Elizabeth Satre Rev. David M. Scherer Mr. & Mrs. Scott Schroedel Mr. Carl J Schuetze, Jr. Ms. Lillian K. Schultz Mr. & Mrs. Keith Seavy Mr. & Mr . George J. Sellers Mrs. Barbara D. Senft Ie ben Mr. & Mrs. Irvin E. Sensei Mr. Ivan M. Seppala Mrs. E. Glenda Shaw Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shaw Maj. & Mrs. James L. Sheets Ms. D rothy E. Sheppard Mr. & Mrs. Mike Shupe Rev. & Mrs. Orville K. Siegele Mr. &: Mrs. D. Charles Siegmund Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William P. Simmelink Ms. Vicki Klepper Simonsen Mr. &: Mrs. N. H. Simpson Mr. &: Mrs. R. D. Simpson Dr Richard W. & Dr. Maxine Slatta Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smidt Mr. & Mrs. Dennis G. Smith Mr. & Mrs. James Francis Smith Miss Janet May Smith Mr. Paul L. Smith Mr. & Mrs. John J. Snee Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Solsrud Mr. & Mrs. Severo Somera Dr. & Mrs. Ernest B. Steen LTC & Mrs. Donald F. Stegmann Mr. &: Mrs. Herman J. Stelling Dr. & Mrs. John A. Stevens Mr. Gordon A. Stewart Dr. & Mrs. Manfred H. Stibbe Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Stockdale Miss Alma M. Stolee Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Stordahl Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Sudderth Rev. & Mrs. Michael J. Swain Mr.

Dr. & Mrs. David A. Swanson

Mr. & Mrs. Luis O. Almonte Mr. & Mrs. Delbert L. Alsop Mrs. Esther M. Amundsen Ms. A. Mary Andersen Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Donald Anderson Ms. Ingrid M. Anderson Miss Kathryn M. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Larry P. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Anderson Ms. Charlene R. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Merle R. Andrus Dr. Leonidas Annest Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Anthony Ms. Corless Apperson Ms. Lucille V. Aqua Mr. & Mrs. Kalman C. Ariola Mr. & Mrs. Byron J. Armstrong Ms. Nobuko Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. H. Curt Arneson Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Arpke Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Arthur Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Askren Mrs. Barbara Asplin Ms. Carol Auping Ms. Tina P. Aure Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Baartz Ms. Edna D. Backup Ms. Ellen Jo Badley Mrs. Mildred G. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Baker Rev. & Mrs. N. Alfred Balmer Mr. Erik Bangsund Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barovich Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Barry Mr. & Mrs. Cecil R. Barter Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Barter Mr. & Mrs. Ted C. Bartholomew Mr. & Mrs. Bert V. Bartlett Mr. Kent Bassett Mr. & Mrs. John A. Bateman Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Batt Mr. & Mrs. Rodney C. Baxter Ms. Melinda A. Beasley Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Bechtel Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Beck Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Beck Mr. & Mrs. Clayton A. Behrbaum Mrs. Verona Bekkedal Mrs. Helen Belgum Mr. & Mrs. George R. Benavidez Ms. Jackie Bender Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Benton Mrs. Marion L. Benton Ms. Signe Benton Mr. William C. Beresford Ms. Helen L. Berg Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Berg Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Berg Mr. & Mrs. Jack Berkey Mr. & Mrs. James W Bemklau Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Berry Mr. & Mrs. Ray L. Biggs Mr. &< Mrs. Paul D. Birner Mr. & Mrs. Blakely L. Bishop Annual Fund Gifts Mr. &< Mrs. Herum P. Bjork up to $100 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Blankner (alumni are in class listi,'lIJ pg. 36-64) Mr. &< Mrs. Rudolph Blazek Mr. &< Mrs. Harold F. Blecha Dr. & Mrs. Johan Aalto Mr. & Mrs. Claude R. Blessing Mr. & Mrs. William A. Abbott Mr. & Mrs. John C. Bley Ms. Dolores Abeloe Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Bloch Ms. Barbara J. Adams Mr. William Bloom Ms. Dorothy Adams Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bodeen Mr. & Mrs. Gordon H. Adams Mr. Arnold N. Bodtker Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Adams Mrs. Genevieve D. Boer Ms. Isabel K. Agather Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Bondelid Jr. Mr. Crispulo N. Alcordo Ms. Juliet S. Bongfeldt Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Alexa Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Bontemps Dr. Myrl E. Alexander Mr. Robert L. Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Kerm Swartz Dr. Carl E. Swenson Ms. Jennifer R. Tada Mr. & Mrs. Vern Taft Mr. & Mrs. Don G. Teeters Mr. David W. Templin Mr. & Mrs. Victor D. Tesoriero Mr. & Mrs. John A. Thiebes Mr. & Mrs. Antone Thompson Ms. Linda Thoraldson Mr. Gregory V. Thorwald Mrs. G. Elaine Thurston Mr. Ralph W. Todd Mrs. Mildred M. Toepel Mr. & Mrs. David P. Trageser Capt & Mrs. Frederick Triggs Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Triggs Dr. Donald L. Trippel Mr. & M rs. Joe Trucco Mrs. Violet M. Turner Mr. Carl Tweiten Mr. & Mrs. Lyle J. U'Ren Mr. & Mrs. Louis Van Doren Dr. & Mrs. Gary Van Heuvelen Mr. & Mrs. Gaylon Vanderyacht Mr. H. Lee Vennes Mr. &: Mrs. William Viebrock Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Vorderstrass Mr. Thomas J. Vozenilek & Dr. Betty Baugh Vozenilek Mr. & Mrs. Corydon Wagner Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Waldo Wall Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wallerich Dr. & Mrs. Clarence P. Walters Rev. & Mrs. Erwin G. Walz Mr. & Mrs. William S. Ward Mr. & Mrs. James W. Wassail Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Watson Dr. & Mrs. Richard Weathermon Mrs. Marie M. Webb Ms. Sue A. Webb Mr. & Mrs. Vern A. Wegner Mr. Kenneth Weide Mr. Burton E. Wells Mr. Carl D. Wenham Mr. & Mrs. Scott E. Westering Mr. & Mrs. Don What more Ms. Vicci D. White Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Wick Rev. Gregory J. Wightman & Rev. Lauren E. Macan.Wightman Ms. Naomi F. Williams Miss Cheryl L. Wilpone Mr. George S. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Owen L. Wollum Mr. & Mrs. Will Woodell Mr. & Mrs. David R. Wytko Mr. & Mrs. Muneo Yoshikawa Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Young Ms. Andrea Sue Zehm


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Kawakami '92 Honolulu, H I



Annual Fllnd Gifts up tq $100


Mr. & Mrs. Pa ul E. Borg Mr. &" Mrs. Stephen Bortniak Ms Helene M. Boveng Ms. Georgia E. Bow n Ms. P IIv B. Boxx Mr. Fra � k E. Bovd Ms. Geraldine L. Boyd Mr. & Mrs. James S. Boyle Mr. &: Mrs. Clifford W. Bradshaw Mr. 0 vid J. Brandt Ms. Georgia M. Brandt Mr. &: Mrs. Peter F. Braunlich Mrs. Violet Brinton Mm. Esther M. Brodbeck Mr. & Mrs. Rob rt M. Brodin Or. & Mrs. Burton A. Brown Mr. &. Mrs. Larrv N. Brown Mr. &. Mrs. Michael A. Brown Mr. Richard Brown Mr. & Mr s. Richard Brown Mr. &: Mrs. Richard C. Brown Mr. & Mrs. John 1. Brunson Mr &. Mrs. Mike Brustkern Ms. Janet L. Bryant Mrs. Palma B. Brynestad Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Brynestad Mr. &. Mrs. Dermis S. Buchanan Dr. &: Mrs. Alfred 5 Buck Mr. &. Mrs. James S. Buck Mr. &. Mrs. Richard W. Buck Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. B ullard Ms. Verdelle Bullock Ms . Beatrice Burau Mr. & Mrs. Albert Burgemeister Mr. &: Mrs. Anthony Burgemeister Mr. & Mr.s. David L. Burgess Mr. &: Mrs. Robert Burgi Mr. Steven R Burkhalter Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Burmeister Mr. George Burt Mr. & Mrs. Ed Burton Mr. &: Mrs. Harold J. Busch Mrs. Helen B. Gerez Mli. Robe a Butterworth Or. &: Mrs Merrill Camp Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Gene Carey Mr. & Mrs. Gene P. Carey Mr. & Mrs. Lewis J. Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Royce Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Theodore H. Carlson Dr. & Mrs. Paul J. Carr Mr. Gerald R. Carson Mr. &: Mrs. Daniel Lowell Carter Mr. & Mrs. Joseph c. Cas trey Col. & Mrs. Daniel D. Champlain Mr. Frank H. hesarek Mr. &. Mrs. Calvin Chinn Mr. Bi·Lan Chiong Mr. Robert Christian Mr. & Mrs. Alan Christianson Mr. & Mrs. Morris Churchman M . P nny Gapp Mr. & Mrs. john L. Clark Mr. &. Mrs. John Kenneth Clausen Mr. & Mrs. Orland lausen Mr. &: Mrs. Daniel R. Cleveland Mr. & Mrs. William D. Closson Mr. Kirk A. Clothier & Ms. Pamela McClaran M r. &: Mrs. Joseph Coates Mr. &: Mr . John Cole Mr. &. Mrs. Elmer Cole, Jr. Mr. James E. Coleman & Ms. Cassie F. Bradley M5. Heide O. Conin s Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Combes Mr. & Mrs. Gilb t L. Comstock Mr. & Mrs. E.W. Conant Jr. Mrs. ,.J. Connell

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Conner Mr. & Mrs. Purdy G. Conrad Dr. Anne W. Cook . Mr. & Mrs. Carlos G. Cook Ms. Beverly Beman Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cooper Mr. & Mrs. David C. Copley Mr. & Mrs. James Corey Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Corrie Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Corrie Mrs. Margaret L. Corum Mr. &: Mrs. James S. Cotton Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Cratsenberg Dr. &: Mrs. Eric A. Crecelius Mr. & Mrs. Scott Creighton Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Crewse Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Crowder Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Cubbage Mr. & Mrs. Doyle E. Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Herbert O. Curtis Mr. &: Mrs. Everett A. Dahl Mrs. Lois Dahl Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dal Balcon Mr. Gunnar A. Damstrom Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Davis Ms. Harriet C. Davis Mr. & Mrs. James Allen Davis Miss Virginia M. Davis Mr. & Mrs. William Roy Davis Mr. Jim Dawson Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie L. Deatherage Dr. & Mrs. Carrol Debower Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Debroeck Miss Charlotte Jane Decker Mr. & Mrs. Anton Dekruyf Dr. & Mrs. Sam Depalatis Mr. & Mrs. N.E. Dey Mrs. Luella Dickie Mr. &: Mrs. R.L. Dickman II Mr. &. Mrs. Roy Dilling Ms. Paula Dinius Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Dixon Dr. & Mrs. Carl B. Dodrill Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Dondanville Mr. &. Mrs. Thomas C. Doolev Mr. & Mrs. Dewey D. Doolittle Mr. Marcus L. Doss Mr. Hisako Dotter Mr. Douglas C. Dow Ms. Kimberly S. Doynes Ms. Donna M. Drake Ms. Barbara Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. James G. Droppo Jr. Miss Virginia I. Drugg Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Dugan Mr. & Mrs. James F. Dukleth Ms. Edith I. Dungan Mr. & Mrs. Harry B. Durdall Mr. & Mrs. Patrick W. Durick Mr. Ronald T. Dyson Mr. & Mrs. Steve Eastham Ms. Marian L. Eberle Mr. Victor A. Edelman Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. Edwards Ms. Linda S. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Ekren Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Elder Mr. & Mrs. Mark Eliasen Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Elliot Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Elmore Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Elwyn Ms. Eleanor A. Ely Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Emery Dr. Elizabeth Engelhardt Ms. Kathy Sollom English Mr. & Mrs. Sterly Engman Mr. & Mrs. Merlin D. Epp Mr. & Mrs. Keith M. Erickson Ms. Lenore Ericson

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Ernst Mr. Robert G. Ernst II Mr. & Mrs. John W. Eskew Mr. & Mrs. R. Max Etter Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James C. Eubanks Mr. & Mrs. Alden Evans Ms. Betty A. Evans Mr. James F. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fagan Dr. & Mrs. Donald F. Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Victor Faulstich Mr. & Mrs. Tom H. Fedde Ms. Judith M. Ferguson Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Richard l. Ferrin Mr. & Mrs. Arnie Fichtenberg Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fields Mr. & Mrs. Robert Firman Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Vincent E. Fitzwilliam Mr. & Mrs. Elmer K. Fjermedal Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Gene Flanders Mr. Harold E. Flesland Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Flood Mrs. Ingrid L. Floor Mr. & Mrs. Franklin B. Flowers Capt & Mrs. George W. Folta Mr. Claude H. Foote Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Forsyth Mr. & Mrs. David L. Foslien Ms. Elizabeth Foster Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Dale Franks Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Emil F. Freudenthal Mr. David H. Fukui Mr. & Mrs. James A. Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Jack K. Furgason Ms. Barbara J. Furrer Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Furth, Jr. Ms. Helen R Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Leroy H. Galbraith Mr. & Mrs. William L. Gale Mr. Dave Galentine Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Max Garred Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Garrett Cmdr & Mrs. Lloyd Gausta Ms. Patricia R. Ladd Geibel Rev. & Mrs. Richard W. Gerken Ms. Ingrid H. Gerling Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Gerloff Mr. Jeffrey Gerson Ms. Beverly Gilliland Mr. William P. Gleason Mr. & Mrs. Bill W. Godfrey Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Godinho Mr. Martin E. Goldman Mr. & Mrs. William J. Goleeke Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Gonce Dr. & Mrs. James S. Good Mr. & Mrs. Philip Goode Ms. Betty J. Gossett Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Graham Mr. & Mrs. Delbert D. Grauerholz Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Greeley Mr. & Mrs. Art Green Mr. & Mrs. David Green Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Gregor Mr. Donald N. Grossniclke Mr. Burton M. Guilford Mr. & Mrs. Harry O. Gulin Mr. & Mrs. Arlin M. Gunderson Mrs. Doris Gundstrom·King Ms. Karen W. Guzak Mr. & Mrs. Miles L. Gwilym Ms. Colleen M. Hacker Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Haglund

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Mrs. Philip Hahn Mrs. Travis M. Hall Mrs. Clayton Hamilton Mrs. Jack R. Hamilton Dr. James K Hamilton Ms. Sally Louise Hamilton Dr. & Mrs. John E. Hanby Ms. Mary Lynne Hannon Rev & Mrs. Robert N. Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Allen Hanson Ms. Esther G. Hanson Mr. & Mrs. John M. Hanson Ms. Katherine Hanson Ms. Norma F. Hanson Mrs. Ramona Harcus Mr. William L. Hardy Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Harkson Ms. L Gayle Harmon Mr. & Mrs. .B. Haroldson Mr. & Mrs. Lester R. Harris Mr. Ward M. Harris Mr. & Mrs. John Harrold Ms. Ardis Harth Ms. Heidemarie Hartmann Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Harvie Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Haskins Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Haslerud Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Hatcher Mrs. Ada D. Haug Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hauge Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Haugen Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Hawks Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Hayden Mr. & Mrs. Bill M. Haynes Mr. Michael R. Hayworth Mrs. Neva C. Healey Ms. Beulah Hedahl Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Hedlun Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Heft Ms. Margaret Heide Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Hein Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Heis.errnan Ms. Lucy Heiserman Mr. Murphy Hektner Mr. & Mrs. Kenn th I Helling Mrs. Annette M. Hendrickson Mr. John Hermanson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth . Hermanson Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Herren Mr. Alan C. Hess Mr. & Mrs. Donald R H tee Mr. & Mrs. Neal Heston Ms. Winnifr d F. Hickman Mr. & Mrs. Eric C. Hidenrick Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Hilderman Mr. & Mrs. George E. Hill Mr. & Mrs. Timothy H. Hill Ms. Helen A. Hjelm Mr. & Mrs. Selmer J. Hjelmeland Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hoagland Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hodson Mr. & Mrs. Karl G. H ff Mr. & Mrs. R nald F. Ho&neist r Mr. William A. Hogan & Ms. Shirley A. Lackey Mr. & Mrs. Bart A. Hog berg Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Hogue Mr & Mrs Frank Holecz Mr. & Mrs. Alvin V. Holm Bertha Holmes Dr. & Mrs. Paul L Holmes Ms. Evelyn L. Holt Rev. & Mrs. Lowell W. Holte Mr. & Mrs. Gunnar Horgen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lee Hougham Ms. Bernice Hoveland Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hovis Dr. Guy A. Howard Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Howe Ms. Ahbee Hu & & & &

Ms. Earlene Hubbard Mr. }o eph R. Hubert Ms. Karen M. H uffine Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Russell Hulet Ms. Peggy Hunter Mr. Bryan D. Huntington Mi s In M. Hushagen Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hutchins Ms. Solveig Indrebo Mr, & Mrs. Arthur Isham Ms. Dena lverson Mr. David M. Jacobsen Mrs. Ann H. Jacobson Mr. D.G. Jacobson Mr. & Mrs. Karl Jon David Jacobson Mr. & M . Martin A. Jacques Mr. & Mrs. Gordon R. James Mr. & Mrs. Jack J. Jamieson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jasper Mr. Nicholas Jaureguy Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David E. Jeans Mrs. Franc M. Jeffers Miss Helen M. Jenner Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Z. Jensen Mrs. Hil or O. Jett Mr. J o hn P. Johns Mrs. Elvera H. J hn son Mr. Gary D. Johnson Ms. Judit h Anne Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Murray L. Johnson Mr. O. David Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Orene J Johnson Mr. & Mrs. oger N. Johnson Ms. Sharon L Johnson Miss Jessie Johnston Mrs. Louise Jolly Mr. & Mrs. Chas. G. Jones Mr. & Mrs. lewis R. Jones Ms. Lorna P. Jordan Mrs. Ethel N. Joscelyn Mr. & Mrs. Sven Juul Ms. Sonja Kaer Mr. Douglas Kaerstner M'. Margaret M. Kahl Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. Katsumi Kaneshiro Mr. Mark B. Kantor Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Karlstrom Mr. David arvonen Mr. & Mrs. N buo Kawa ki Mr. & Mrs. D. Paul Kelley Ms. C roline M. Kellogg Mr. & Mrs. Ted Kent Mr. & Mrs. Loyd Kepferle Ms. Mary Ellen Kerr Mr. & Mr . Clint Kersten Mrs. Irene L K y Ms. Winifred J. Kildahl Mr. & Mr.;. Philjp R. Killian Mr. & Mr.;. Wayne W. Killian Mr. oger V. King Mr. & M . Dwight W. Kipp Mrs. Carol J. Kirby Mr. & Mrs. Einar jesbu Dr Raymond Klopsch Mr. & Mrs. Virgil C. Kludt Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Kneip Ms. Sandra L. Knight Mr. Edgar E. Knowles Mrs. Mary L Knox Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Knutson Mr. & Mrs. Mark Knutzen Mr. & Mrs. Ole E. Korstad Mr. & Mrs. J hn P. Kosche Mr. & Mr . Noel D. Koss Mr. & Mrs. Ja mes M. Kress Ms. My rna G. Kristek Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Kristof Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kuula

Mr. Ra ngvald Kvelstad Mr. & Mrs. Ch ristopher J Lail Mr. & Mrs. Walter laity Mr. & Mrs. Lawr�nce E. Lambourn Mr. & Mrs. Herbert G. Lange Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Langford Mrs. Gyd A. Langlow Mr. & Mrs. E L angsd rf Mr. & Mrs. James V. taraby Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Larsen Mrs. Therese Larsen Mr. Alton Larson Mr. & Mrs. David W, Lars n Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. La on Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Larson Mrs. Alice J. tunen Dr. Frederick M. & Dr. Catherine A. Lauritsen Mr. & Mrs. Karl L.:iutenschalger Mr. & Mr.;. Mkha I J. Laux Mr. & M rs. Roger , Layman Mrs. Evelyn A. taL re Ms. Marjorie . Le leur Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Le Mire Mr. & Mrs. Mi hacl L ahy M . & Mes. Norman W. Le ke Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Leap Mr. & Mrs. R. D. Leary Ms. Ingrid Leblanc Mr. & Mrs, Errol R Lee Mr. & Mrs. Fred rick G. Lee Mr. James S. Lee Mrs. Avis L Lee Haldorsen Ms. Sol eig L. Lee igh Mr. & Mrs. Duane E. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L mweber Mr. & Mrs. Michael Leisle Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Lenl. Mr. & Mrs. Gary Leppink Mr. & M rs. Harold J. Levinson Mr. Frank I. Liles Mr. & Mrs. Sigurd LillI' ik Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Lindbo Ms. Susan Lindermayr Mr. Robert E. Lindley Mr. & Mrs. Arthur A. Lindlief Mr. & Mrs. G orge Ling Mr. & Mrs. regory W. Lingle Mr, & Mrs. Dale S, Lipke Mr. 1- Scott Lipton Ms. Yvonne E. Lit tlefield Ms. Andi K. Li in ston Mrs. LUCil e L ckerby Mr. & Mrs. Anthony gue Mr. & Mrs. Mason E. ogue Mr. Dennis G, Lokan Mr. & Mrs. Henry L nglain Ms. Clara M. Lovely Mr. & Mrs. Earl Luebker Ms. Beverly Lund Mr. Donald Lund Ms. Thelma J. Lund Mr. & Mrs. St ven R. Lun berg Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lundgren Ms. Karen T. Lynn Ms. Audrey S. Mac Donald Mr. Calvin S. Mac Donald Mr. & Mrs. Enar V. Magnuson Miss Jill Marie Magn uson Ms. Mary Lou Magnuson Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Manary Ms. Janna L Mangels Mrs. Floyd E Mansfield Ms Kr' ti M pletharpe Or. & Mrs. Thoma, A. March Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Marean Ms. Hazel W, Marek Mr. & Mrs. BiJI Maren.tette Mr. Martin J. Marler


('I didn 't rtalize whm I fame to PLU that I lV(mld W1I(. ; t so Intlch. Hie malic so ma1JY good frimd.r and hadgood timcs, Imt most ofall I like the 111ay my pnifts­ son ca1't about me. They know me by name and are 1l1,'l/i,Jtr to help. They n wt only con ­ cerned about imP I'm t how doing in class, .btt ['m iWi1'B ail aromui. » Lynne Haney '91 PonlanJ, rt!gon


Annual Fund Gifts up to $100 Continued Ms. Ellen Marsh Ms. Margaret Marshall

Rev. & Mrs. Gilbert R. Martin Mrs. Jeanette M. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Martin Mrs. Martha Martinsen

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Martinson

Mrs. Asta Marx Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Matson Dr. & Mrs. Edwin O. Matthes

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Maudslien Mr. & Mrs. James W. Mc Arthur Mrs. Ruth T. Mc Bride

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Mc Bride Ms. Ella K. Mc Cauley Mr. Mr. Mr. Ms. Mr. Mr.

& Mrs. Ron Mc Cray & Mrs. Michael Mc Crum & Mrs. Duane L. Mc Cumber

Mae Mc Donald Darrell D. Mc Guire & Mrs. Edward A. Mc Hugh

Mr. & Mrs. Roger K. Mc Millan Ms. Mary Mc Kenzie Mr. & Mrs. Brian James Mead Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Mead

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Mead Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Medrud Mr. & Mrs. Richard Meinelschmidt

Mr. & Mrs. S.c. Mellow Mrs. Phyllis M. Melton Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Menz Mrs. Jeanne Mercille

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Merle Mrs. Patricia Merrill Ms. Susan Mersereau Mr. & Mrs. Larry T. Metcalf Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Metz

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene W. Meusborn Mr. Donald D. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Michels

Mr. Ms. Mr. Ms. Mr. Mr. Mr.

& Mrs. Dennis Mickelson Velma Mickle & Mrs. David Middleton Sally Middleton & Mrs. Bruce S. Miller & Mrs. Charles T. Miller & Mrs. John F. Miller

Ms. Lynn A. Miller Ms. Maxine Miller Ms. Melinda Miller Mr. & Mrs. William L. Miller Mr. & Mrs. James L. Milne Mr. & Mrs. Robert Minnitti Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Misterek Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios T. Mitalas Mrs. Flossie Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Masao Miyamura Ms. Dorothy Moen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Monroe Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Monstad Ms. Marla A. Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Murray Morgan Mr. & Mrs. James C. Mork Mr. Daniel S. Morris Mr. & Mrs. James F. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Muller

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

& & & &

Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs.

David L. Munyon Raymond Muse Herbert F. Mutschler Vaughn R. Myers

Dr. Gunnulf Myrbo Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Nance Mr. & Mrs. Philip Nardi Ms. Betty L. Narolski Mr. & Mrs. Reed Nate

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Neely Mr. & Mrs. Carroll L. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon T. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Lyle R. Nelson

Rev. & Mrs. Maynard L. Nelson Mrs. Patricia D. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. Vern Nelson Mr. & Mrs. William L. Nelson Mrs. Mary Nero Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Newman Dr. Howard R. Newton

Mrs. Dorothy E. Nichols Rev. & Mrs. Joel T. Nickel

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Nierman Mr. Clarence Niles

Mr. & Mrs. Arvid J. Nilsen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Noonan Dr. & Mrs. E.J. Nordby

Mr. Thomas B. Norman

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Normile Mr. & Mrs. Carl V. North Mr. & Mrs. Donovan Nyquist Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

& Mrs. Robert M. O'Brien & Mrs. James O'Donnell & Mrs. Clinton D. O'Neil Manuel Odom & Mrs. David C. Oehling

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ogren Mr. & Mrs. Richard Oleson Mrs. Merle Olin Miss Betty Ann Oliver Capt & Mrs. Gunnar Olsborg Mr. & Mrs. David Olsen Ms. Carole A. Olson

Mr. & Mrs. Everett Olson Mr. & Mrs. George H. Olson

Ms. Mr. Ms. Mr. Mr.

Janice c. Olson & Mrs. Lawrence A. Olson Marianne Olson & Mrs. Ed Onstad & Mrs. Clarence C. Opheim

Mr. Fred Ophus Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Orlando Mr. & Mrs. John D. Orr Mrs. Evelyn A. Osborne Mr. & Mrs. Al B. Osher Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Ostrom Mr. John F. Pahlka Mr. & Mrs. Oscar W. Palmquist Ms. Marian B. Panorian Mr. & Mrs. David M. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Parker Mr. H. Stewart Parker Mrs. Madeline T. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Parkhurst Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Parry Mr. & Mrs. Jon R. Paterson Mr. & Mrs. Paavo Patokoski Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Payne Dr. Robert A. Pearlman Mr. Herb Pearson Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Pearson Mr. Todd Peiffer

Ms. Katherine M. Pekel Cpt. & Mrs. Jonathan A. Perkins Mrs. Betty Perrin Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Michael A. Perry & Mrs. Clark Peters & Mrs. Harry J. Petersen & Mrs. David Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Morris Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Pettis Ms. Helen Pettit

Mr. Joseph Peyton Jr. Dr. & Mrs. David F. Pfendler Mr. Alfred A. Pflugrath Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Phillipe Mr. & Mrs. Perry W. Pickett Mr. Javier Pinel Mr. & Mrs. John Pinquoch

Miss Kathi S. Ploeger Mr. Harold R. Plummer Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Pollock Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Pommerenke

& & & & & Mr. & Mr. & Mr. &

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs.

Robert L. Porter E. Barry Post John R. Postman Gary Lee Pouley Melvin D. Pountain

Mrs. David R. Powelson Mrs. Gary C. Powers Mrs. Eilert Prestegaard

Mrs. Eileen Preston Mr. John C. Primeau Mr. & Mrs. William Robert Pritcha Mr. & Mrs. Richard Prout Mr. & Mrs. Elmer K. Punohu Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Puzey Mr. & Mrs David F. Radke Mr. Robert Ragnvald Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

& Mrs. John Ralston & Mrs. Richard L. Ranney

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Ms.

Mrs. Robert E. Rayner Mrs. Robert P. Redlin Mrs. Harvey L. Redmond Mrs. James M. Reese Mrs. Russel D. Reese Donna Reinholt

Rex Rasnick Irvin Rauch

& & & & &

Mr. Paul A. Rennord Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Renz Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Ribera Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Rieck Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence T. Riiff Mr. & Mrs. Danny J. Rinaldi Mrs. Evelyn M. Rind Mr. & Mrs. David E. Rinn Ms. Theresa Rios Ms. Glenda K. Riseland Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Ritthaler Mr. Gene R. Roberts Mr. Scott Eric Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Rockhill Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rodriguez Jr. Mr. A. Thomas Roeder Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rohlfing Mr. & Mrs. David C. Rohrer Mr. & Mrs. Orville H. Rollefson Ms. Tina L. Romero Mr. & Mrs. Nic Roozekrans Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Rosbach Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Rosdahl Ms. Barbara Rose Mrs. Solva Rose Mr. & Mrs. James K. Roser Ms. Helen Rosi

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard L. Rosling Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Ross Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rossiter Mr. George Rothert Ms. Esther O. Rousseau

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Rousselle Mr. & Mrs. William S. Rowe Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rowland Mrs. E. M. Royal Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Royal Mr. & Mrs. Anton Rufener Ms. Ethelyn Runions

Ms. Janet Runions Ms. Pamela J. Runions Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Ryan Mr. & Mrs. William J. Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rybak Mr. John M. Ryding Miss Marjorie B. Rykken Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Sack Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Sager

Mr. & Mrs. Will W. Sanders Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Sands Mr. & Mrs. Vance Sannes Mr. John E Sapinsk y Mr. & Mrs. H.. rb F. Satterlee Jr. Mr. William Savery M r. & Mrs. Alfred Schei Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Schjelland M r & Mrs. Richard L Schleigh Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Schmale Mr. & Mr . Albert Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Rubert R. Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Vern Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Verner N. Schmidt Ms. Trudy Schnackenberg Ms. J udy M. Schreuder M r. & Mrs. Noel G. Schuler R v. & Mrs. Ralph D. Schultz Ms. Karen Schuster Ms. Dawna Schweizer Mrs. Elsie Schwind Mr. & Mrs. James M. Scott Mr. & Mrs. Melvin M. Scott Mr. & Mrs. Roy P. Seale Mr. & Mrs. Robert Seidel Mr. & Mrs. Warren H. Selvar Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Severson Ms. Lill ian Sexton Ms. Mary G. Shahrokh M r. & Mrs. Kenyon R. Shannon Ms. Nancy Sharpe Ms. Joann Shepan & Ms. Gail Marie Davis Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Shepard Mr. & Mrs. Harold R. Sherry Mrs. Virginia Shinkoskey Ms. Patricia D. Shipp Mr. & Mrs. Floyd A. Short Mr. & Mrs. Jack Shouse Dr. S.c. Siefkes Mr. & Mrs. Chester Sienko Mr. Charles B. Sigler Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Silva Mr. Joel C. Silverthorn Mr. Bill Simpson Mr. Lewon D. Simpson Mr. & Mrs. William Sippola Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Skibiel Mr. & Mrs. Allan Skindlov Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Skonord Mr. & Mrs. Emil H. Skubinna Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Slater Dr. & Mrs. Robert O. Slind Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Smiley Mr. & Mrs. AIthur E. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Craig L. Smith Ms. Jeannette C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. John Smith Dr. & Mrs. Robert Frederick Smith Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Sebastian C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. W. Rodney Smith Rev. & Mrs. Neal E. Snider Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Snow Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. SoderIing Mr. & Mrs. Milton A. Soffern Mr. Harold A. Sommers Mr. & Mrs. Chris Sondberg Mr. & Mrs. Carrol L. Sorensen Me. & Mr . Ja k R. Sorensen Mr. & Mrs. Adam J. Sortini Ms. Betty A. Sowards Ms. Susan A. Sowards Mrs. Sigrid Sowell Mr. Timothy L. Spelman Mr. & Mrs. Gil Sperry Mr. & Mrs. James E. Splane Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur J. Springer Mr. & Mrs. Bobbie W. Stainbrook Ms. Karen E. Stakkestad .

Mr. & Mrs. Delbert L. Stark Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Steinmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Emmert Stenberg Rev. & Mrs. Vernon Stenberg Mrs. Myrtle J. Stensaa Mr. Ivan J. Stephenson Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Stevely Dr. James E. Stevens Rev. & Mrs. Eugene V. Stime Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Stolee Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Stolz Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Stonehocker Mr. David H. Storkson Mr. Dale Stradling Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. Strain Mr. & Mrs. Ted W. Strankman Ms. Beverly J. Stroup Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Stuber Mr. & Mrs. Victor S. Stueck Ie Mr. Andrew C. Subcleff Ms. Frieda Mae E. Sugai Ms. Pamela K. Sulenes Ms. Sylvia Summerland Miss Christine R. Sund Mr. & Mrs. Galen W. Sutton Mr. Eric J. Swanson Mrs. Inga S. Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Swanson Mr. & Mrs. L. A. Swenson Dr. Marvin Swenson Mr. Swen H. Swenson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Swickard Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Tait Mr. & Mrs. Herbert F. Talabere Mr. Richard A. Tallant Mr. & Mrs. Rolf T. Tandberg Mr. & Mrs Thomas T. Tavener Ms. Adrienne R. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. c.L. Taylor Ms. Cheryl E. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. William G. Taylor Jr. Ms. Ethel Telban Mr. & Mrs. George E. Temte Mr. Tore Tenggren Ms. Elma M. Tesch Ms. Angelin E. Tesdell Mr. & Mrs. Daryl R. Thaut Mrs. Antonia E. Therriault Mr. & Mrs. Dreston D. Thiel Mrs. AIvid Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Freddie G. Thompson Ms. Georgine E. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. John R. Thompson Ms. Marilyn T. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Thompson Mrs. Martha Thomsen Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Thomson Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Thonn Mr. & Mrs. Hartford P. Thune Mr. & Mrs. George R. Thurston Mr. Ronald E. Timpe Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tjirsland Miss Alice T. Tobiason Miss Marie C. Tobiason Dr. & Mrs. Andrew G. Tolas Mrs. Edith Tollefson Ms. Nicola Tollefson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas ]. Triggs Mr. Dennis J. Trimble Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tuck Mr. & Mrs. William F. Turnbull Jr. Mr. Dennis R. Turner Mr. & Mrs. Lee Tvedt Mr. Jacob O. Tveter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tye Ms. Maxine Tygart Mr. & Mrs. Harold Tysseland Mr. & Mrs. Walter Uhlenhoff

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Ulen Ms. Carol A. Underhill Ms. Loran Vahlsing Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Valente Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Van Aken Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Van Dyk Ms. Diane Van Dyke Ms. Esther Van Noy Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Vance Ms. Lynn S. Vance Mr. & Mrs. V.L. Vaswig Ms. Elizabeth Vaughn Mr. Stan Vigna Mrs. Ann Vischansky Dr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Voecks Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Vogelsang Rev. & Mrs. Albert F. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Wagner Dr. Joseph W. Walike Mr. Gilbert Wallace Dr. & Mrs. Alan E. Waltar Dr. & Mrs. Brian H. Walters Mr. Karl Walthall Ms. Barbara L. Warland Ms. Barbara M. Warthen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Wastier Dr. William D. Watkins Mr. Edward S. Watts Mr. & Mrs. Bobby L. Weaver Ms. Barbara Webber Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weimer Mr. & Mrs. B.A. Wein berg Mr. & Mrs. James L. Weinkauf Mr. Jack E. Weisenfeld Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Weltz Ms. Ling H. Wen Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Werelius Mr. Donald M. Werkhoven Mr. & Mrs. Wendell W. Werner Mr. & Mrs. James W. West Mr. Robert M. West Mr. Wesley T. & Dr. Helen J . Westrum Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Wetherington Mr. & Mrs. Morris J. Whalen Mr. Bill Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Whipps Mrs. Dorothy J. White Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Whitney Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Whittington Ms. Lynda L. Wickman Mr. & Mrs. Leander E. Wicks Mr. & Mrs. Ted Wiese Mrs. Esther Wilcox Mr. & Mrs. Kerry D. Wilde Mr. & Mrs. George Wilfong Mrs. Martha A. Wilken Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Wilkendorf Mr. Warren Lewis Wilkins Ms. Carol Williams Mr. Charles L. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Williamson Mr. William T. Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd H. Willweber Ms. Carol M. Wilson Mr. Joseph H. Wilson Ms. Mandy Wilson Mr. & Mrs. William W. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Romanus T. Winkels Ms. Mary R. Wintermute Mr. & Mrs. Victor A. Wirkkala Mrs. Odny Wise Mr. Bret G. Witt Ms. Patricia Woeck Rev. & Mrs. Thomas P. Wolbrecht Mr. & Mrs. Garey D. Wood Ms. Karen K. Wood Mr. Ronald G. Wood


(PLu is a home away fi"om home. When I came to PL U my fresh足 matt year Iny pannts were living opcrseas and I would11 't see them until hristmas. Talk about being scared. B1,t the tWnn c01meil, resi足 dent assistants, my advi足 sor and the friends [ met helped the fear leape. Now I hate to iCflPe for the summer!" .

Sue Robins '9 l

Walnut Creek, Californ ia

AnmmJ FU11d Gifts up to $100 Continued


"GoalJ are

Mr. & Mrs. Stearns J. Wood Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Woodward Mrs. Marjorie H. Wooster Mr. Paul A. Worth Mr. & Mrs. Tony L. Wright Mr. & Mrs. Richard F . Wrye Mr. Marcus Wulf Mrs. Jane Clausen Wurster Mr. & Mrs. George Wyrsch


Mr. Joua P. Yang Mr. John A. Yeates Mr. & Mrs. Joel Ylvisaker Mr. Jerry Yonker Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Young Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Youngs Mr. & Mrs, Jesse F, Youngs Ms. Linda B, Youngs Dr. & Mrs. James p, Zanner

Dr. & Mrs. John W, Zieber Mr, & Mrs. Franklyn 0, Ziegler Mr. Richard Ziehnert Mr. & Mrs. C. Dale Ziska Mr. & Mrs. Lester J, Zoller Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Zurcher Ms. Zita Zvirzdys


and t/m'e is a quality of

life I COflldll)t 1'cceillf at d secular institution. »

�hristian Lucky '89 Ful bright Sch lar

Churches As a University of the Church, Pacific Lutheran University is owned by the 630 churches of Region I of the Evan­ gelical Lutheran Church in America (congrega tions in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington). Many of those congregations, out of particular commitment to their mission in higher education, choose to support the University program directly each year. These gifts come to the University in a variety of ways.Unrestricted gifts and scholarship support for the Univer­ sity's Annual F und are recognized through congregational membership in the various levels of the PLU Q Club. This money helps undergird the annual

Q Club Senior Fellows

mission of the University by subsidiz­ ing each student's educa tion and assisting in general operations. Many congregations elect to give for the benefit of particular students. Gifts to the Pacific Lutheran University Matching Scholarships program (PLUMS) generate matching contribu­ tions for young people from contrib­ uting congretations. Funds for the support of Lutheran students from the developing African country of Namibia are directed towards the Namibian Student Scholarship F und. Through these growing designated and undesignated gifts, congregations play a significant role in annual support of the University and scholarships for individual students.

Q Club Fellows

$2,400 or more a year

$1,000 or more a year

Christ Lutheran Church Odessa, WA Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Olympia, WA

Bethesda Lutheran Church Eugene, OR Bethlehem Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Christ Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA

Christ the King Lutheran Church Milton-Freewater, OR Cross of Christ Lutheran Church Bellevue, WA -Emmanuel Lutheran Church Walla Walla, WA Fairbanks Lutheran Church Fairbanks, AK

Faith Luth ran Church " eatt le, WA Glendale Lutheran Church Seattle, WA Ho ly Trinity Lutheran Church Port Angeles, WA 'Mountain View Lutheran Church Puyallup, WA Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Bremerton, WA Peninsula Lutheran Church Gig Harbor, WA Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Seattle, WA Silverdale Lutheran Church Silverdale, WA SI. Paul's of Shorewood Seattle, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Zion Lutheran Church Kent, WA

Q Club Associate Fellows

$480 or more a year

Bethlehem Lutheran Church Portland, OR Burlington Lutheran Church Burlington, WA Central Lutheran Church Anchorage, AK 'Central Lutheran Church Bellingham, WA Christ Lutheran Church Spokane, WA Christ Lutheran Church Big Sandy, MT Edison Lutheran Church Bow, WA Faith Lutheran Church Lakewood, WA First Luth eran Church BothelL WA First Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Grace Lutheran Church Des Moines, WA Sa lem Lutheran Church Mt. Vernon, WA St. Andrew's lutheran Church Bellev ue, WA SI. John Lutheran Church American Falls, ID Trinity Lutheran Church Enumclaw, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Lewiston, 10 Zion Lutheran Church Davenport, WA Zion Lutheran Church Newberg, OR

Q Club Members $240 or more a year

Bethany Luth ran Church Gold Be,lJ::h, OR Christ l u th ran Church Walla Walla, WA Denny Park lutheran Church Seat tle, WA Emanuel Lutheran Church Cornelius, OR 'Emanuel Lutheran Church Ritzville, WA Emmanuel Lutheran Church Moscow, 10

Emmaus Lutheran Church Eugene, OR Faith Lutheran Church Albany, OR Faith Lutheran Church North Bend, OR Family of God Lutheran Church Tracyton, WA First Lutheran Church Astoria, OR First Lutheran Church Kennewick, WA First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach Richmond, WA First Lutheran Church of West Seattle Seattle, WA Galilean Chapel Church Ocean Shores, WA Gethsemane Lutheran Church Portland, OR Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Concord, CA Grace Lutheran Church Bellevue, WA Grace Lutheran Church Cashmere, WA Immanuel Lutheran Church Woodburn, OR Kent Lutheran Church Kent, WA Light of the Cross Lutheran Church Bothell, WA Messiah Lutheran Church Auburn, WA Mount Cross Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Mount Zion Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Oak Harbor Lutheran Church Oak Harbor, WA Our Redeemer Lutheran Church E ugene, OR Our Saviors Lutheran Church Aberdeen, WA Our Saviors Lutheran Church Clarkston, WA Our Saviours Lutheran Church Bellingham, WA Peace Lutheran Church Colfax, WA Peace Lutheran Church Puyallup, WA Peace Lutheran Church Silvana, WA Portsmouth Trinity Lutheran Church Portland, OR Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Everett, WA Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church Boise ID Spanaway Lutheran Church Spanaway, WA St. Luke Lutheran Church Bellevue, WA St. Mark Lutheran Church Hayden Lake, ID St. Mark's By the Narrows Tacoma, WA St. Paul Lutheran Church Quincy, WA St. Paul Lutheran Church Vancouver, WA St. Peter Lutheran Church Spokane, WA St. Stephen Lutheran Church Glad stone, OR Trinity Lutheran Church Longview, WA


Trinity Lutheran Church Lynnwood, WA University Lutheran Church Seattle, WA Wilbur Lutheran Church Wilbur, WA Zion Lutheran Church Oregon City, OR

Annual Fund Gifts



$239 a year

Ascension Lutheran Church Spokane, WA Christ Lutheran Church Ferndale, WA Christ The King Lutheran Church Snohomish, WA Emmanuel Lutheran Church Spokane, WA First English Lutheran Church Billings, MT First Lutheran Church Sandpoint, ID Golden West Lutheran Church Conrad, MT Grace Lutheran Church Wenatchee, WA Highland Lutheran Church La Center, WA Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Ephrata, WA Hope Lutheran Church Bozeman, MT Immanuel Lutheran Church Everson, WA Immanuel Lutheran Church Vancouver, WA Immanuel Lutheran Congregation Seattle, WA Lord Of Life Lutheran Church Renton, WA Messiah Lutheran Church Hayward, CA Our Saviors Lutheran Church Spokane, WA Our Saviour's American Lutheran Church Chester, MT Phinney Ride Lutheran Church Seattle, WA Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA St James Luth eran Church Seattle, WA St. Paul Of Damascus Lutheran Church Boring, OR Trinity Lutheran Church Sheridan, OR United Lutheran Church Eugene, OR Zion Lutheran Church Kent, WA Zion Lutheran Church Kendrick, ID Zoar Lutheran Church Women Canby, OR

"My relationship with the Lm'fi., st-rengthened at PL U, has made the difference in the interac足 tions I have with my patients and in my lift. )) Dennis Tichols '86 Ful bright Schol a r


Namibian Student Scholarships

(PI- U has an excellent

Study Abroad p1·ogram. T"mug/; 11. U I was able to study human .len ius ill n Latin Amerit:all cOl/text in MLxim Honduras and Nicamgua. I wOllldn 't hapt" bem able to affm'd this, but fina11cial aid applied to the program just ns if I had stayed on mmpllS. 'J

M ri G.:arhJrt '92 Federal Way, Wa sh.

Thanks to the support of several congregations, conferences and synods, seven Namibian students will be enrolled at PLU this fall. Pacific Lutheran Uni­ versity, in partnership with these donors, is educating Namibian Lutheran young people for service in their new nation. Anacortes Lutheran Church Anacortes, WA Bethany Lutheran Church Bainbrg-Wnslo, WA Bethel Lutheran Church Brush Prairie, WA Camano Lutheran Church Camano Island, WA Central Lutheran Church Anchorage, AK Central Lutheran Church Spokane, WA Central Lutheran Church Everett, WA Central Lutheran Church Portland, OR Central Lutheran Church Eugene, OR Christ Lutheran Church Aurora, OR Christ Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Christ Lutheran Church Edmonds, WA Christ Lutheran Church Salem, OR Christ Lutheran Church Spokane, WA Christ The King Lutheran Church Milton-Freewater, OR Cross Of Christ Lutheran Church Bellevue, WA Emmanuel Lutheran Church Cornelius, OR Emmanuel Lutheran Church Walla Walla, WA Evangelical Lutheran Church In America Spokane, WA First Evangelical Lutheran Church Mt Vernon, WA First Lutheran Church Of West Seattle, WA

First Lutheran Church Kennewick, WA First Lutheran Church Poulsbo, WA First Lutheran Church Ketchikan, AK Gethsemane Lutheran Church Portland, OR Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Olympia, WA Grace Lutheran Church Des Moines, WA Grace Lutheran Church Women Port Townsend, WA Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Port Angeles, WA Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Ephrata, WA Immanuel Lutheran Church Puyallup, WA Island Of Faith Lutheran Church Wrangell, AK Maple Leaf Lutheran Church Seattle, WA Milwaukie Lutheran Church Milwaukie, OR Our Saviors Lutheran Church Everett, WA Our Saviors Lutheran Church Nome, AK Our Saviour'S Lutheran Church Bremerton, WA Our Saviour'S Lutheran Church Eugene, OR Our Saviours Lutheran Church Bellingham, WA Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church Everett, WA Richland Lu theran Church Richland, WA Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church Redmond, WA Selbu Lutheran Church La Crosse, WA Si.1verdale Lutheran Church Silverdale, WA St Andrew Lutheran Church Vancouver, WA St Andrew'S Lutheran Church Bellevue, WA St Luke Lutheran Church Portland, OR St Matthew Lutheran Church Beaverton, OR St Paul Lutheran Church Portland, OR St Peter Lutheran Church Spokane, WA St. Stephen Lutheran Church Gladstone, OR Trinity Lutheran Church Of Lynnwood Lynnwood, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Silverton, OR Trinity Lutheran Church Pullman, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Vancouver, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Wooden Cross Lutheran Church Woodinville, WA Zion Lutheran Church Oregon City, OR Zion Lutheran Church Spokane, WA Zion Lutheran Church Camas, WA

Churches Unique and Special Gifts

Support for capital construction projects and restricted gifts Central Lutheran Church Anchorage, AK Emmanuel Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Faith Lut heran Church Seattle, WA First Lutheran Church Sioux Falls, SO First Lutheran Church Of Richmon Seattle, WA Peace Lutheran Church Sdvana, WA St. John's Lutheran Church American Falls, 1 0 St. Paul's O f Shorewood Lutheran Seattle, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Aberdeen, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Freeland, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Hemet, CA

Pacific Lutheran University Matching Scholarships (PLUMS ) The purpose of this program is to provide financial assis­ tance for designated students who attend Pacific Lutheran University from Lutheran congregations. Through the PLUMS program PLU will annually match, dollar-for­ dollar, individual scholarship contributions from $100 to $500 provided by congrega­ tions or organizations within the church for students attending PLU. The following congregations '. are supporting their member PLU students through a PLUMS award: All Saints Lutheran Church Cory, CO American Lutheran Church Billings, MT American Lutheran Church Gothenburg, NE American Lutheran Church Harlowton, MT Atonement Lutheran Church Boulder, CO Augustana Lutheran Church Denver, CO Augustana Lutheran Church Portland, OR Bethany Lutheran Church Bainbridge Island, WA Bethesda Lutheran Church Eugene, OR

. ch

So lutherske Menighet Lutheran Church Eidet, Norway Burr Oak Lutheran Church Burr Oak, lA Calvary Lutheran Church Aberdeen, WA Calvary Lutheran Church HiIIsboro, OR Calvary Lutheran Church Solana Beach, CA Celebration Lutheran Church E. Wenatchee, WA Central Lutheran Church Anchorage, AK Central Lutheran Church Bellingham, WA Central Lutheran Church Everett, WA Christ Lutheran Church El Cerrito, CA Christ Lutheran Church Libby, MT Christ Lutheran Church Salem, OR Christ Lutheran Church San Clemente, CA Christ Lutheran Church Soldotna, AK Christ Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Christ Lutheran Church Whitefish, MT Christ the King Lutheran Church Denver, CO Christ the King Lutheran Church Milton-Freewater, OR C1airemont Lutheran Church San Diego, CA Ebenezer Lutheran Church Lake Stevens, WA Emmanuel Lutheran Church Ritzville, WA Emmanuel Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Emmanuel Lutheran Church Walla Walla, WA Emmaus Lutheran Church Eugene, OR Faith Lutheran Church Bellingham, WA Faith Lutheran Church Deer Park, WA Faith Lutheran Church Leavenworth, WA Faith Lutheran Church Sequim, WA Faith Lutheran Church Toppenish, WA Family of Grace Lutheran Church Auburn, WA First Lutheran Church Bend, OR First Lutheran Church Fullerton, CA First Lutheran Church Havre, MT First Lutheran Church Miles City, MT First Lutheran Church Poulsbo, WA First Lutheran Church Sandpoint, ID First Lutheran Church Sioux Falls, SO First Evangelical Lutheran Church Idaho Falls, ID First Immanuel Lutheran Church Portland, OR


Glendale Lutheran Church Seattle, WA Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Alderwood Manor, WA Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Olympia, WA Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church Kelso, WA Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Novato, CA Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Polson, MT Grace Lutheran Church Cashmere, WA Grace Lutheran Church Des Moines, WA Grace Lutheran Church Fairfield, MT Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Port Angeles, WA Holy Trinity L utheran Church Portland, OR Immanuel Lutheran Church Everett, WA Immanuel Lutheran Church Moses Lake, WA Immanuel Lutheran Church Portland, OR Immanuel Lutheran Church Puyallup, WA Immanuel Lutheran Church Seattle, WA Kent Lutheran Church Kent, WA Key Peninsula Lutheran Church Lakebay, WA King of Glory Lutheran Church Boise, ID King of Glory Lutheran Church Fountain Valley, CA Lord of Life Lutheran Church Renton, WA Luth Church of Honolulu Honolulu, HI Milwaukie Lutheran Church Milwaukie, OR Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church Portland, OR Mt. View Lutheran Church Puyallup, WA Our Redeemer's Lut heran Church Helena, MT Our Savior's Lutheran Church Everett, WA Our Savior's Lutheran Church Los Angeles, CA Our Savior's Lutheran Church Rolla, NO Our Savior's Lutheran Church Salem, OR Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Bellingham, WA Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Bremerton, WA Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Stanwood, WA Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Tucson, AZ Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Gillette, WY Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Seattle, WA Red HiII Evangelical Lutheran Church Tustin, CA Redeemer Lutheran Church Spokane, WA Richland Lutheran Church Richland, WA

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church Boise, ID Silverdale Lutheran Church Silverdale, WA St. Andrew Lutheran Church Vancouver, WA St. James Lutheran Church Portland, OR St. John Lutheran Church Chehalis, WA St. Luke's Lutheran Church Shelby, MT St. Mark's Lutheran Church Chula Vista, CA St. Mark's Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA St. Paul Lutheran Church Colville, WA St. Paul Lutheran Church Quincy, WA St. Paul of Damascus Boring, OR St. Paul's Lutheran Church Susanville, CA St. Peter Lutheran Church Spokane, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Fowler, CO Trinity Lutheran Church Lynnwood, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Tacoma, WA Trinity Lutheran Church Freeland, WA United Lutheran Church Waterville, WA Vinland Lutheran Church Poulsbo, WA Washington Prairie Lutheran Church Decorah, lA Zion Lutheran Church Deer Park, WA Zion Lutheran Church Everett, WA Zion Lutheran Church Lewistown, MT Zion Lutheran Church Loveland, CO Zion Lutheran Church Spokane, WA Zion American Lutheran Church Waterloo, lA

Non Lutheran Churches who donated Designated Scholarships Ministerial Alliance Tacoma, WA Seattle First Baptist Seattle, WA First Presbyterian Kelso, WA



Businesses and Foundations Annual support from the business com­ munity and from foundations comes to the University in a variety of ways. Unrestricted gifts and scholarship support for the University's Annual Fund are recognized through member­ ship in the various levels of the PLU Q Club. This money undergirds current operations and helps subsidize the cost of education for each student. Gifts, restricted for specific purposes, aTe also received from many corporate and foundation sources. These gifts are often targeted to enhance part icular areas of the University which are closely related t the priorities of the donor. Corporate and foundation support plays a vital role in meeting the capital and endowment objectives of the University as well. These gifts help fund capital construction projects, provide for the purchase of significant capital equipment needs, and add to the University's endowment. The

Q Club Senior Fellows $2,400 or more a year

Allenmore Foundati n Ben B. Cheney F undahon Farmers Group, lnc. Foss F undation Gott ried &: Mary uchs Foundation KUwort undalion W. H. Lindberg rusts P.L.U. Women's Club Pugel Sound Bank Tucci &: So n Inc. ·West Coast Grocery Company Woodworth &: Company, Inc. ,

Q Club Fellows

$1,000 or more a year Absh r Constructi n Com any PauJ M Bellamy Foudation

Ca marano Brothers, lne. >Harold LeMay Enterprises N rthwest Cascad , Inc. Seaflrst Bank Sears oebuck Foundation Security Pacific Bank TAM ngineering Corpora tion Tek tronix Wil ox. Farrn�, Inc.

Q Club Associate Fellows $480


more a ye ar

Fleu Doliry H. D. Baker ornpany J. C. Pen ey Company, In . Meyer Floor Coverin g Mountain Vi w Memorial Park Pa ihc Fir 1 r�'tI�al Sav in 5

construction of a new Scandinavian Cultur 1 Center on campus was one of the primary capital fund objectives during the past fiscal year. The following pages also contain donor Lists for matching gift contributions and gifts r ceived through the Independent C Ueges f Washington.

Pease &: Sons, Inc. Roman Meal Company Superior Linen

Q Club Members $240 or more a year

A ts Chiropractic Center American Underwriters Insurance Agencies, Inc. Ashford·Mc Aloon Roberts Insurance Associated Student Body Of PLU Aunt Sadie's Restaurant Ballew's Hitch &: MuHler Baskin Robbins, Parkland ·Center Electric Company Chalker Engineers, Inc. Christopherson Insuranc Services Diagnostic Imaging Northwe t Ekrem's Coast To Coast Hardware Gallagher Charitable Trust John Graham & Company Real Estate Kirk Company Larson's Glass Company, Inc. Len's Mower Service Maloney's Floral Shop Merrill Lynch-Pierce-Fenner & Smith National Distributing Company Inc. O'Neils Markets Occidental Chemical Corporation Parkland Cleaners Parkland Collision ter Parkland Travel Service, Inc. Pierce County Business Examiner Pinch's Deli Market Pochel Auto Parts Pollard Printing Group, Inc. Printing Control Services, Tukwila

Red Wing Shoe Store Rkhar on's Well Drilling Scboenf Id-Gardner Foundation, Inc. Sea Galley Restaurant Smith Tractor & Equipment Company Southmark Financial Services �Standard Paper Company Suburban Realty Summit View Travel The Picture Man, Inc Tiny's Tire Topping Motors, Inc. Ueland Arts Wa nderlu�t Travel Agency Washington Electric Company Weir's Inc. ·West Coast Fruit & Produce

Unique and Special Gifts Restricted and unrestricted gifts from the following organizations, both public and priva te, have provided scholarships, strengthened academic and cultural offerings or supported research and community service.

$1,000 and above

Anonymous Aid Association for Lutherans Allenmore Medical Foundation AJpac Corporation American Cancer S ciety American Foundation

Autodesk, Inc. Burlington Northern Foundation Ben B. Cheney Foundation Fuchs Foundation John M. Gilbertson Foundation Greater Tacoma Community Foundation GTE Saul & Dayee G. Haas Foundation William Kilworth Foundation Leif Erickson Memorial Committee Mitsubishi Electric Sales Of America National Science Foundation Norwegian Emigration Fund Pierce County Arts Commission Presser Foundation Sears-Roebu k Foundation Security Pacific Bank Tacoma Women Of Rotary US Department of Education US Department of Energy US Department of Health & Human Services U S WEST Communications Washington State Arts Commission Washington State MESA Program

Under $1,000

Abt h Air Cargo Associates, Inc. Allen ore Pharmacy Inc. Alp a Delta Kappa American Insurance Brokers Inc. Anonymous Architect ural Woods Inc. Arthur Young Foundation Atkinson-Millar Insurance Auburn Pharmacy Automotive Sound, Inc. Bam Records Barra tt House Hostel Better Home Systems Better Water-Better Air Blacks In Government Brem-Air Disposal, Inc. Brim-Donahoe & Associates Brown & Haley Butler Creek Boxworks Caffe Metropolis Carlson Chiropractic Clinic Carso's Pasta Company Coast Crane & Equipment Columbia Sheet Metal Inc. C mpass Corporation Cumming & Associates Dalton Associates Incorporated D n Charles Agency Debco Enterprises, Inc. Deck The Wall Earthsong Edmonds Bookshop Eklund Electric En umclaw Dairy Queen Envirotech Systems, Inc. First Lakewood Athletic Officials Four Seasons Travel G. R. Trussell Construction, Inc. Gall's Restaurant Galleria Potatoe Head Art Gallery Gayle Rieber Photography Glazer's Camera Supply Health Incentives Himalaya Construction Homes For Life Hulbert Farms Imagineer's Video Production Inc. Inflatable Boat Works Iron Horse Restaurant Ja k's Home Furnishings

Kilburg Construction Kimball's Auto Center Kinetic Construction Kirkland Physical Therapy Korum Motors Lamm Roofing Lanz Boiler Repair, Inc. Lehmann Steel Fabrications Link Computer Consultin Ltd. M & R Sales Company Mac's Ballard Upholstery & Auto G Madison Cellars Maltby Technical Services Market Street Video Matman Wrestling Co., Inc. Mc Carver St Books Merrill Lynch-Pierce-Fenner Mitchell's Pharmacy Inc. Monorail Espresso Inc. Moss Associates Inc. Mr Sweeps Chimney Sweep My Pet Slug Nordstrom Northwest Bonding Corporation Northwest Osteopathic Associates Norwegian Information Service Pacific Advisory Services Inc. Pacific NW Personnel Mngmt Assoc Pacific Packaging Systems, Inc. Pacific Railway Hobbies Philip's Cabinets Phoenix Physical Therapy Pike & Western Co. Place Pigalle Poe (George) & Co Princeton Review Puget Printing/Communications Puget Sound Travel Puyallup Elks #1450 Radio Club Of Tacoma Rainier Brewing Raleigh Mann & Powell Recreational Equipment, Inc. Reiter Northwest Relm West, Inc. Reynolds Engraving Service Rhodes Masonry Rising Structures Rosi's Garden Restaurant Royal Norwegian Consulate General Royle Clover Hill Farms Inc Rudy's Vintage Clothing Sabra Med Sandwich Shop San Juan Canvas Co. Inc. Sandy's Supply, Inc. Saratoga Design Schorr Communications Seattle Shipwrights Co-Op Shannon Engineering, Inc. Sheppard Office Systems SoIdano/Luth Architects Stusser Quality Construction Suburban Mechanical, Inc. The Herb Farm Three Fools, Inc. Tramp Harbor Book Co. Tyner & Associates Inc. Union Bay Cafe Vickaryous Timber Cutting Video Gallery Inc Western Community Bank Whidbey Appraisal Wide World Of Books And Maps Wild Ginger Willows Collision Craft, Ltd. World's Finest Chocolate, Inc.

Capital and Endowment Gifts The following corporations, foundations and organiza颅 tions have contributed to Lhe capital and endowment objecti es of the University. Gifts are for equipment, and for construction of the Rieke Science Cen ter, the third floor addition to Mortvedl Library, the Scandinavian Cultural Center and the planned Mary Baker RusseU Music Center. Almond & Rogers, Inc. Daughters of Norway First Interstate Bank of WA 路dn . 路 Forest Foundation Fuchs Foundation Grantmaker Consultants Greater Tacoma mmunity Foundation Kilworth Fdn (Florence B.) Lutheran Brotherhood Mountain Vie Me morial Park Norma A iliary Normanna Mal Chorus Of Tacomil Safeco Insurance Compa ny Security Pacific Bank ashington Simpson Fund Sons Of Norway U I C, Inc.

Matching Gift Companies and Foundations The firms listed below have contributed to Pacific Lutheran Univ rsity by matching the gifts of their employees. Advanced Technology Laboratories Aerospace Corporation Aetna Life & Casualty Foun alton, Inc. Aid Association for Lutherans Alcoa Foundation Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. Alumax, Inc. American Express Foundation American Medical lnternati nai, Inc. AMRlAmerican Airlines Found at ion ARCO Foundation Arthur Andersen & Company Foundation ASARCO Foundation AT&T Foundation Attachmate Bank Of California, NA Benj. Franklin Federal Saving and Loan Association Benson & Mc Laughlin CPA Boeing Company Boise Cascade Corporation Bonneville I nternational Corporation BP AMERICA BrunsWick Found tion



Mntcbitl8 Gift C.ompatlies and FoundAtions Continued Burlington Northern Foundation C mpb II Soup Company Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc. Century Companies of America Champion International Corporation Chevron Corporation CIGNA Foundation CNA Foundation Contel Corporation C er Industries Foundation Cray Research Foundation Delta Air Lines Foundation Digital Equipment Corporation Dow Chemical U.S.A. Dow C rning Foundation Eddie Bauer, Inc. Equitable Foundation Ernst & Young Foundation Field Corporation Fund Fir man's Fund Insurance Company Fir. t Bank System Foundation First Interstate Bank Of Oregon, N.A. First Tnterstate Bank Of Washington Foundation First National Bank Of Chicago Foundation F rd Motor Company Fund Fred S James & Company, Inc. General Electric Foundation Georgia-Pacific Corporation Gould, Inc. Foundation Graybar Electric Company, Inc. GTE Corporation Heath Tecna Aerospace Company Hewitt Associates Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation l loneywell Foundation Hughes Aircraft Company IDS Financial Services, Inc. Ingerson-Rand Fund International Business Machines Corporation lIT Corporation James River Corporation JC Penney Company Fund Johnson & Higgins Jostens Foundation, Inc. K mart Corporation Kraft, Inc. Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Lutheran Brotherhood Martin Marietta Corporation Foundation McDonnell Douglas Foundation McGraw-HiD Foundation, Inc. McK sson Foundation Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. Microsoft Corporation Milgard Manufacturing, Inc. MITRE orporation Mobil Foundation, Inc. Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York Motorola Foundation National Medical Enterprises, Inc. NCR Foundation Ney Company (J.M.) Northwest Airlines, Inc. Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Company Olin Corporation Charitable Trust Paccar Foundation Pacific Telesis Foundation Pennwalt Foundation Pe p ica Foundation Pfizer, Inc.

Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company Piper, Jaffray & Hopwood, Inc. Pitney Bowes, Inc. Potlatch Corporation Price Waterhouse Foundation Proctor & Gamble Fund Puget Sound Power & Light Company Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. Reliance Insurance Company Foundation Rockwell International Corporation Ryder System Charitable Foundation Safeco Insurance Company Scott Paper Company Foundation Seafirst Corporation Seattle Times Security Pacific Foundation Shearson Lehman Hutton Shell Oil Company Foundation Simpson Fund Skinner Foundation Smithkline Beecham Foundation Southwestern Bell Foundation Standard Insurance Company State Farm Companies Foundation Sullivan Payne Company Syntex Corporation Tektronix Foundation Texaco Philanthropic Foundation Inc. Textron Charitable Trust 3M Foundation Time, Inc. Times Mirror Transamerica Foundation Travelers Companies Foundation, Inc. TRW Foundation U. S. Bancorp U. S. Bank Of Washington U S WEST Foundation U S WEST NewVector Group, Inc. United Engineers & Constructors, Inc. United Telephone Company NW USG Foundation, Inc. Varian Associates Warner-Lambert Company Washington Mutual Savings Bank Foundation Washington Post Company Western Life Insurance Company Westinghouse Foundation Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation

Unrestricted Gifts to Pacific Lutheran University through the Independent Colleges of Washington (lCW). Between July 1, 1989 and June 30, 1990 the following businesses, foundations and individuals directed gifts to Pacific Lutheran University through the Independent Colleges of Washington. Acme Concrete Airborne Freight Corporation

Albertson's, Inc. The Alcoa Foundation Aldus Corporation Allied Stores Foundation, Inc. The Allstate Foundation ALPAC Corporation Amdahl Corporation American Brands, Inc. American Building Maintenance Company American Fine Foods American Marine Bank American Steel Arthur Andersen & Company The Anderson Foundation A.T.&T. Foundation Atlantic Richfield Foundation Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation Guy F. Atkinson Company Bank & Office Interiors The Bank of California The Bank of Tokyo, Ltd. Bartell Drug Company Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratory Baugh Industries Bayliner Marine Corporation Bekins Northwest Bemis Company Foundation Ben Bridge Jewelers The Birkenwold Partnership The BOC Group, Inc. The Boeing Company Boeing Employees Credit Union The Bon Marche Boston Foundation The Bristol-Myers F und, Inc. Frank Brooks Manufacturing Co., Inc. Brown & Haley Burlington Northern Foundation Burlington Resources Foundation Campeau Family Charities Cascade Natural Gas Corporation Cenex Foundation Ben B. Cheney Foundation Chevron U.S.A., Inc. Concrete Technology Corporation Mr. Thomas S. Condit Conner Development Company Continental Savings Bank Continental Telephone System of the Northwest Copeland Lumber Yards, Inc. Craftsman & Met Press Printers Criton Technologies Curtice Burns/Pro-Fac Foundation Darigold, Inc. Data 110 Corporation Davis Wright & Jones Deluxe Check Printers Foundation Deluxe Corporation Foundation DONOR Non-Profit Counseling, Inc. Dupar Foundation Mr. James R. Ellis Esterline Corporation Federated Department Stores Foundation The Financial Center First Interstate Bank of Washington Foundation First Mutual Bank Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fisher O.D. Fisher Charitable Foundation John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc. Ford Motor Company Fund Mr. Neal R. Fosseen Foster Pepper & Shefelman H.D. Fowler Company The General Foods Fund, Inc.

General Mills Foundation General Motors Foundation General Telephone & Electronics Foundation Georgia.Pacific Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Louis Galler GM Nameplate, Inc. John Graham Associates Graybar Electric Co. The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation Great Western Malting Company Groninger & Company, Inc. Gull Industries, Inc. John I. Haas, Inc. Mercer Meidinger Hansen Mr. Robert P. Hatten Hewlett·Packard Company The Hillhaven Corporation The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Honeywell Houghton Mifflin Company Howard Johnson & Company Huntron Instruments, Inc. Industrial Indemnity of Northwest Intermec Corporation International Business Machines Corporation The lIT Rayonier Foundation Johnson & Higgins of Washington, Inc. Roger Jobs Motors Inc. Kelley's Answering Service Key Bank of Puget Sound KING Broadcasting Company KIRO, Inc. K mart Corporation Kohkohu USA, Inc. The Koll Company KOMO Radio & Television KPMG Peat Marwick Kraft Foundation Laird, Norton Trust Company Layrite Products Company Palmer G. Lewis Company Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Fund Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company Fund Charles H. Lilly Company Long Acres Race Track Lumberman's Building Centers Marsh & McLennan, Inc. McCall Oil and Chemical Foundation Mr. Neil McReynolds Microsoft Corporation Mitsubishi International Corporation Motorola Muzak Limited Partnership National Cooperative Bank Nalley's Fine Foods Martin Nelson & Company, Inc. New York Life Foundation Mayne Nickless Inc. Nordstrom Northern Life Insurance Company Northwest Natural Gas Company Northwest Protective Service, Inc. Laird Norton Trust, Inc. Mr. Ray Norwood Olin Aerospace Division The Olympic HomeCare Products Company Olympic Savings Bank Oncogen and Genetic Systems Osberg Construction Company PACCAR Foundation

Pacer Corporation Pacific American Commerical Co. Pacific Coca Cola Bottling Company Pacific First Federal Pacific Metal Company Pacific Northern Oil Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company Pacific Power & Light Pacific Telecom, Inc. Parker Smith & Feek, Inc. Pemco Foundation, Inc. Pendleton Woolen Mills J.e. Penney Company, Inc. Penwest Peoples State Bank Pettit·Morry Company Physio Control Pioneer Federal Savings Bank Pope & Talbot, Inc. The Proctor & Gamble Fund P.s.F. Industries, Inc. Puget Sound Council of Financial Institutions Puget Sound Bank Puget Sound Power & Light Company Quality Food Centers, Inc. The Rabel Foundation, Inc. Rainier Bancorporation Foundation Rainier Brewing Company Recreational Equipment, Inc. J.B. Reynolds Foundation Reynolds Metals Company Rhyne Precious Metals, Inc. Ridgway Packaging Corporation James River Corporation · Ridgway Plant Celeste Rogge Wright Runstad & Company Sahlin Foundation SAFECO Corporation Safeway Stores, Inc. Savings Bank of Puget Sound William L. Schaumberg John L. Scott, Inc. Seattle Boiler Works, Inc. Seattle Film Works, Inc. The Seattle Times/Seattle Post·Intelligencer

Security Pacific Bank Washington Shared Technologies, Inc. Shidler McBroom Gates & Lucas Simpson Fund Simpson Timber Company Fund Wally Smith Standard Motor Products, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Stave Sterling Drug, Inc. Sterling Savings Association Stroum Family Foundation Samuel Stroum Enterprises Sundstrand Corporation Sunset Life Tam Engineering Corporation Tandy Corporation/Radio Shack Teachers Foundation, Inc. Tektronix Foundation Thriftway Stores, Inc. Ticor Title Insurance Tone Commander Systems, Inc. Tribune Publishing Company Union Pacific Foundation United Telephone Company of the Northwest United Warehouse Company, Inc. Univar . VWR FoundatiQn University Savings Bank Unocal Foundation The UPS Foundation U.s. Bank US WEST Foundation US WEST/New Vector Group Mr. R. P. Van Zandt Vitamilk Dairy, Inc. Washington Federal Savings & Loan Association Washington Mutual Savings Bank Foundation Washington Natural Gas Company Washington State Auto Dealers Association The Washington Water Power Company West Coast Grocery Western Optical Corporation Westin Hotels WiIlamette Industries The Wollenberg Foundation Wurts Johnson & Company


((T he Integrated Stzldies Progam is a fine example of PLU's liberal arts emphasis. The courses challenge students to talle a close look at the )JJodd and how they relate to it. Thouglit prol'oking discussions are typhal and they promote open· minded thinking. )J Alison Whitney '90 Novato, Calif()f(lia


Alumni Annual Fund Honor Roll ofDonors by Class Annual Fund gifts from Pacific Lutheran University alumni undergird and enhance the quality of the educational programs which the University offers. These contri­ butions help with everything from scholar­ ships to faculty salaries and library books to athletics. One year ago PLU alumni set new records for the largest number of donors and the highest percentage of alumni


giving in the University's history. Annual Fund gifts from alumni also set new highs. The challenge this year was to build on last year's success. As you can see from the table below, which covers the past three years, alumni contributions during 1 989/90 matched last year's record participation rate and set new standards for the number of donors and dollars contrib­ uted to the Alumni Annual Fund. This special Honor Roll of Donors recognizes the many loyal alumni who have made this another record-breaking year for the Alumni Annual Fund. The number or percentage of alumni who regularly give to the University is important because it is considered by many major donors and foundations as a key "barometer" of support from those who know us best. In this case, the total dollar amount contributed is not as important as the fact that a large number of alumni make some k ind of gift each year. One of the goals of the PLU Alumni Association is to steadily increase the number of alumni who give to the Annual Fund. We would like to reach a participation rate of at least 25% during the University's centennial year 1990/91 .

1989/90 1988/89 1987/88

Although the number of alumni con ­ tributor is an important factor in infl u ­ enc ing others, clearly the dollar total given by alumni is what helps today' s students. O ver the y e rs, alumni who are able to make contributions at or ab ve the Q Club I vel of $240 a year have accounted for around 75% of all alumni giv ing. The following lists recognize Alumni An nu I Fund Donors by class f r gifts receive between J une 1, 1 989 and May 31, 1 990. Where two alumni are married, the sterisk (*) indicates that their gifts have been split between their respective classes. A "QI/ in front of a name indi­ cates that the individual is a current memb r of the PL U Q Club.

Alumni Donors

Percentage of Participation

Dollars Contributed

4,236 4,195 2,642

23.1 % 23.1% 16. 1 %

$523,993 $464,936 $450,716

PRE -1921 Class Roll on rs Parti ipat ion Total Gift s I lurstacl, O l i v e r

11 5 46% $1,390.00

Class Rol l Donor. Participa tion Total G ifts

Colt m, Carl El li ng so n, wrence Q Lund, Clarence P . Olson, Cli fford M. Q Olson, H. G rvik Schnugger, I nga H. ( Elli ng�\m )


Class Representative Stan Dahl C lass Roll 22 Don ors 22 Participation 100% Total G ifts $3,743.00 Ba ye r, An n a S u p hi a ( Mikkelsen )

Class Roll Don rs Parti ipat ion Total G ift s

17 14 82% $2,384.74

Anderson, E t hel E. (Johnson) Arne son, Inez E. Q Berntsen, I ia A ( Hinderlie) Berte!. ell, Dagm r (Hageness) Bulstad, Rosemary An n ' Corbett, Ir ne A. ( Diseth) Howick, Marvin M. Q john$ n, J oh n M. Knutzen, Rubert j. Me Manu s, Phyllis S. (Grande ) Morken, Eliot L. (Michelsen) Q Pellegrini, Rena V. ( S trand berg ) Trulson, Elna L. Z1elsdorf, A.R.


Black, Luuise M. ( Lehmann) Cronquist, Ge o rge L.

Da h l, j. Stanley Evj ent h Theodore U. Gaffey, Evel yn G. (Solum) Ga rr ison, Grace E. ( rd) Q Ceria, F ri d a T. (Tayet) Goplerud, I nga M . Haneberg, Edna . ( Da g s l a nd ) Haines, Ruby A. (Loreen ) • Q jaco bson, j. R ey n old J hnson, Harald V. Larin, lren P. (Me Culloch) N els o n Miriam D. ( Heimdahl) Nelson, Pauline R ( l .arson) S haw, E. Glenda (Water ) St. Clair, I nga M. ( Ison) Stendal Christine (Johnson) Strenge, Sen L. (Joh on) Q Svare, Cora V. ( V i s t a ) ,


Alumni Participation in the Annual Fund 25 % p a r t 1 c 1 P a t 1 0 n









Bjelde, Sigurd '


25 6 240/; $925.00


13 3 23% $295.00

Daughters, Sylvia ( Larson) Q Fredricks n, Hanna (Anderson) Huines, D an i el S . •

berg, Joseph R,tndall, Loui (. K. Dahl (D hi) Q Morken, C1et . Ramstad, Carl A.

1921 - 1927


Gass Roll Donors Participa tion l Total Gifts





1 930 Class Representative


1 935

Class &presentative


Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts


1 936 Class &presentative

1 937 Class Representatives

1938 CIIJSS Rpesentative

23 11 48% $1,470.00

Anderson, Evelyn D. (Olsen) Erickson, Lloyd A. Gault, Mildred I. (Berven) Gray, Harold F. Haagen, Nina N. (Swanson) Hageness, T. Olai Klippen, Leif C. Koch, Mildred Quale, Millard C. Taylor, Jennie ( Iverson) Viebrock, Alma M. (Grande)


Class Roll Donors Participa tion Total Gifts

34 18 53% $4,950.00

Q Aus, Esther W. (Westby) Q Bohrman, Clara Fjermedal (Fjermedall Elliott, Margaret Forsberg, Lorraine B. (Thoren) Gaschk, Ruth N. (Newberg) Goetzman, Margaret H. ( Porath) Q Hauke, Eric A. Kelso, Katheryn E. (Lamb) Kittleson, Alberta (Schmitz) Knutzen, Einer Mau, Frederick H. Mc Cleary, Dorothy (Delamarter) Moen, Luther J. Olson, Pauline (Schierman) P£lugmacher, Ruth (Goodwin) Proctor, Evelyn M. (Monson) Q Rasmussen, William C. Wright, Amelia A. (Holmquist)


Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

19 7 37% $2,175.00

Q Anonymous ( I ) Q Hokenstad, Norman A. Q Larson, Edgar R. Phillips, Mary E. (Holmes) Q Preus, Paul K. Westling, Norman L. Young, Walter E. •

1 939


Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts Q Q Q Q

Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

Class Representative Volly (Norby) Grande Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts Q Q Q


Class Roll Donors Partic ipation Total Gifts

35 14 40% $1,600.00

Q Anenson, Kenneth D. Q Arne, Olga D. (Hugo) Q Ford, W. Stanley Harding, Kathryn F. (Anderson) Holman, Agnes H. ( Mohn) Kapphahn, Dorothy L. Linington, G. Pauline (Watts) Lorenz, Louise M. (Williams) Machle, Edward J. Moe, J. Robert Sanders, Helen Marie ( Holtcamp) Q Solie, Chester J. • Q Solie, Thelma J. (Ness) ' Stolee, Alma M. Weide, Evelyn (Nicholson)


Class Representative Dee (Hauge) Swanstrom and Melba Sovde


Q designlltes members of the PLU Q Oub -

24 8 33% $4,191.00

Anderson, Arnold T. Q Anderson, B. Eldon Burgoyne, Eugene J. Freelin, Rachel (Flint) Fulton, Marjorie E. ( Meade) Q Nesvig, Milton L. Runbeck, Junet E. Q Swanson, Roland H. Young, Rhoda M. (Hokenstad)


Class Representative W. Stanley Ford and Chester J. Solie

Class Representative B. Eldon Anderson



Amundson, Irene B. (Shafiund) Fosness, Ella M. (Johnson) Hansen, Jennie L. (Lee) Johnson, Harvey W. Lamb, Esther H. ( Hvidding) Logen, Thurston A. Mc Clary, L. Kathryn (Johnson) Stuen, O. John Walsh, Lillian (Johnson) Wesson, Leonard C. Zier, William E.



Class &presentative

22 11 50% $2,375.00

42 18 43% $4,595.00

Adams, Laura Mae ( Hauge) Arne, John A. • Bolstad, Ralph A. • Faulk, Carl G. Finley, Evelyn ( Mc Cullough) Grande, Volly (Norby) Grimstvedt, Clarice (Myrah) Harvey, Ruth H. (Froyen) Hinderlie, Ray B. Johnson, Jasper H . • Knutzen, Victor F. Koppen, Bergliot A. (Vogan) Krause, Gertrude M. (Brunner) Lawrence, Roberta M. (Torrison) Monson, Marie L. (Johnson) • Pifer-Johnson, Virginia (Davis) Svinth, Edward N. Torongo, Ellen M. (Bergstrom)

Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

4 2 52% $5,255.00

Q Anderson, Helen (Stark) Atwood, Beatrice E. (Sidders) Q Chandler, Ruth E. (Morrison) Dakan, Margaret K. ( Melverl Q Degroot, Marie (Wenberg) Frost, Evelyn (Jacobson) Q Gustavson, Glenn O. Hageness, Maria Johnson, Bertha H. (Larson) Q Johnson, Linka K. (Deberry) Q Kvinsland, Howard J. Q Kvinsland, Eugenia C. (Spencer) ' Q Kvinsland, Stener R. • Q Larson, Paul V. • Madden, Lois M. ( Morton) Margrath, Alice M. (Cook) Owen, Ervin L. Q Sovde, Melba I. ( Fenney) Q Strand, Arne ' Q Swanstrom, Ovedia I. (Hauge) Q Wi1lis, J. Stanley ' Q Wuest, Roland G. •


Class Representatives Judy and ErlingJurgensen Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

47 20 43% $4,835.0

Elmer, Rudolph E. Q FaUstrom, Charles ' Fenn, Ella Mae (Adams) Johnson, Kenneth E.


Alumni Annual Fund






5 6 3 14

25 13 17

n 23 �

U 11 18

lOO� 48% Sl'.\





24 42

35 .u


B l�

J4 22





1941 1 942 1943 1 944


34 42 82 100

33 20 25 14 14 14 14 19 40 46




142. 149

Sl �



46 39 45 38

(77 lJl

1954 1955

1956 1957 1958

160 191 204



1960 1961 1963

221 293 309 338

1965 1 966

266 2 57

1 962

1 964







4 13

I 10 1971 1m

5tI6 'HQ 551 533 680

1m 1974

197 1976 1m 197 tW9 1 980 1 98 1

627 6gb �9tl



54 1(1 10

37.� 33%

43% 4Q% 5Z% 6%

51% 38% 54% 36%

31% 37% 41% 45% 49% 46% 31%

32% 33% .9%

�7% 40'�

$4� 36% 34% �

66 91 80 96 88 79 66 85 87 \06

30% 31% 26% 28% 30% 30% 26% 29% 26% 26%

1 ] 123 H7

20% 23 _1% 18$ 23% 16');

96 15'7 102.

l»' fJl

19'if t691:

Amoont $

1390.00 925.00 295.00 2,384.74

3.743 00 l,47lH)O 4.9'5&:00 2,17,500 2,375.00 4,191 00

4;&r! 00 1 00


6 6 4 14




5,'2;<\ Oll

2Z '21

4, 1 1 7.50

35 21 26 15 14 15 16 19 41 49

54% 40% 57% 39% 31% 40% 47% 45% 50% 49%

7 56


,!)i! , ("I 4,027.50 2,220.00 2,585.00 1,609.50 1.665.00 2, 1 37,50 6, 35.00 8,800.50 7,581 .50


1,4';10,00 6;i1f>5j 14,90'7. 1 ';,384.22 rz..'m.'13 lO:mSS 1 �117.50 l!i,7./W.tti 1SJ26 S 12,631 .08 16,474.68 5,990.50 17,964.34 8,386.50 16,453.50 6.831.50 1 2,375.42

9, 1 1 1 .00 1 561.50

9.t4H2 I �� I}1.81tl.5U 6�<;(j

17,861,08 f.Ujli 4

1l,mJ8 8,-54.05 113.ZC.Q5

48 5� 55 �

59 75 72

69 97 83 100 93 83 67 87 90 l IO

108 taO



1 987 1988 1 989

786 759 646

107 141 143 125 136 113




5,8 1 1 .50


17}27l41 14,347.6l '26, 11.43 Ut,.l!Jj


3S� $% 31% 33% 30% 30% 32% 31% 26% 29% 27% 270/,


24% 18%

� tn.

21,856.7.2 17 191.30


28,342.15 9,608.00 25,890.58 10,316.50 55,634.75 41,706.50 20,439.17 1 1,121.00 20 384.00


za..2t25. 7 19� 6,4B8.!iO lO.709Jil 9.633� 1169W8

1\�.lo 12.75(.15 �5S.50




J�OO 9.390.00 8,�26,50


2,233.00 $523,993.00


9,402.50 37,042.50 4,070.00 3,860.00 1,609.50 2,165.00 2,652.50 14,187.00 10,600.50 9,406.50

6,920.00 7,402.50 15,417.33 8,786.50 8,842.50 12,760.47 1 1,566.% 7,167.00 6,546.50 2,621.00



2,� 7$lS,OO 28,149.8.;2 11),2i7� 1.$'10.00 5.'2&5 00

16% 18% 20% 19% 18% 21% 23% 17% 21% 23%

95 110 135 129 112 146 159 133 158 145

61 0



6,545.00 6,932.50 12,458.83 8,581.50 7,817.50 9,572.97 8,489.50 6,699.50


6.4-13.00 4J40,OO

100 122



8,819.61 925.00 5,295.00 2,434.74





39% 4iYlI'

24$ 1�



m 3..''''


97 164




2Bti In

1 982 1983 1984


19 •

116 '%' 108 1 35

% of Participation

55% 24% 31% 82%

5 574

16% 17% 20% 1 8% 18% 21% 21% 16% 18% 18%


All Funds (Annual and Capital)

% of Participation

46% 24% 23% 82%





1 940



1 941 Class


Q Ju ensen, Erling B. F . • Q Jurg nsen, Aagot S.E. (Gerde) • Karlstad, Alfred M. Larsen, Charlotte ( Goplerud) Leask, Doris E. (Hovey) • Q Monson, Donald O . • Oliver, Richard W. Olson, Eleanor O. (Englund) Omdahl, Norma O. ( Lando) Reitz, Gerhard O. Spawn, Mary Ann S. (Marble) Q taswick, Marguerite (Hansen) Q Svendsen, Evelyn L. (Johnson) Q Tingelstad, Gertrude B. Q Wiesner, Richard E. Q Wing, Mabel M.





Class Representative Luella (Toso) Johnson Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts


65 33 51% $4,117.50

Q Anderson, Caroline H . (Hoff)

Class Representative Dorothy (Larson) Harshman Class Roll Donors P artici pation Total Gifts

Anderson, lnez H. (Nelson)

Q Anderson, Roy E.

1 942

�tative CInss



1 943

&presmtative Class




1 944

Representative Class

Andrew-Eaton, Babette M. Bjelde, Sylvia (Stavaas) • Bona, Louise E. (Dahl) Breidenbach, Grace H . ( Hanson) Clark, Barbara R. (Xavier) • Fallstrom, Marjorie J. (Delin) • Frederickson, James French, M. Virginia (Me Fadden) Glew, Gretchen (Bachmann) Gwynne, Jane F. (Olson) Herstad, Arthur J. Huber, Jean C. Jacobson, Lyle J. Johnson, Lena (Jensen) Johnson, Luella (Toso) Kaplan, Pearl C. ( Walden) Klinzmann, May E. (Pellett) Krueger, Robert E. • vinsland, Margaret I. (Heggem) • Melver, Elsie J. (Gunderson) Morris, Niles D. (Davis) Satre, Elizabeth (Dahl) Simonson, Walter R. Slover, Lorena Martha (Poland) • Soldin, Merrie J. (Malcolm) Stout, Florence E. (Pflueger) Taylor, Murray A. Thomas, Juness D. (Jewell) Wallace, Mildred A. (Hanson) Willis, Thelma G. ( Daniels) •


Class Representative Arne Pederson Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts


Deyton, Norma R. (Johnson) Eide, Mabel G. (Scott) Ekern, Kermit Elliott, Evelyn B (Knibbe) Goodrich, Edna L. (Pu lver) Johnson, Alalie (Fosso) Larson, Nina A. (Anderson) • Pedersen, Emilie R. (Bennett) Pederson, Arne K. • Pyfer, Ann Richards, Laura Marie (Payden) Rippon, Eleanor L. (Gardner) Slover, James M . • Taylor, Lenore E. (Rasmussen) Ulberg, Valerie A. (Olson) Williams, Roberta ( Robison)

53 20 38% $4,027.50

Bendock, Irma N. ( North) Bozarth, Lenore (J hlstrom) Brown, Lenore A. (Huntington) Davis Jr. George L.






46 25 54% $2,220.00

Davis, Maxine J. ( Rosenau) Gangler, Margaret (Jensen) Gilmur, Thelma (Thureson) Haakons, Florence M. (Hauge) Haavik, Arthur O. Hansch, William E. Harshman, Marv K. • Harshman, Dorothy E. ( Larson) • Haugen, Esther A. (Sivertson) Hendrickson, Ruth H. (Simonson) Lander, Sylvia E. (Johnson) Mc Daniel, Edith M. (Gustavson) Mc Millan, Nadine F. (Friedline) Nelson, Lloyd H. North, Martin E. Olson, Floy P. (Pearson) Osman, Virginia I. (Hendrickson) Pease, Deloris L. (Grubb) Pederson, Gloria M. ( Rummer) • Sin ex, Melvin T. Stark, Margaret A. (Taylor) Thomure, Le Rae (Hamilton) Thoren, Robert H. Tings trom, Alice (Ford ( Pflueger» Torget, Ellen M. (Swanson)



Q - d.tsignA.tu memben of'- PLU Q Club

39 14 36% $2,585.00

Anderson, James M. Bruun, Helen (Youngren) ' Emerson, Elene H. ( Hagen) Greer, Lorna R. (Rogers) Hagen, Norman Hoskins, Thomas H. Johnsen, Palmer O. Ness, Gerhard H. Peterson, Harold G. • Peterson, Bernice E. (Eklund) Pflueger, Merle R.


Class Representative Lois Ludwig Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

45 14 31% $1,609.5

Bruun, Harald F. • Q Clark, Robert H. • Ferguson, Lillian (Blomlie) Karola, Anne C. (Stenersen) Q Ludwig, Lois K. Mat tern, Juleen H. Q Mobroten, Astrid ( Anderson) Q Newton, Robert A. • Reitz, Armin H. Q Reitz, Robert H. Smith, Janet May Q Tiedeman, I. Charlotte (Rod) • Tollfeldt, Harvey M. • Tollfeldt, Anne M. (Nelson) •


Class Representative Annabelle Birkestol Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

14 37% $1,665.00

Q Birkestol, Annabelle M.E. Q Birkestol, Grace DM. Carlson, Evan J.V. Foss, Emma M. (Thoren) Fulthorp, Lillian S. (Thorleifsen) Funk, Paul W. Q Gardlin, Cecelia A. Holm, P. Norman Q Jacobs, c. Virginia (Seaburg) Q Krueger, Mildred A. (Tollefson) • Leask Sr, Charles R. • Pelela, Ardis M. (Severson) Soine, Christine Weltzin, Nora V. (Kjesbu)


Class Representative Marcus Sluen Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

Q Stu en, Marcus R. • Q Tiedeman, Wenzel ' Q Willis, M. Elizabeth (Stuen) •

Class Representative Kookie (Jeanette Burzlaff) Koch Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts Q Q Q Q

34 14 41% $2,137.50

Anderson, Dorothy J. (Nieman) Brokaw, Doris J. (Jurgerson) Carlson, Janet c. (Hauge) • Christofferson, Nellie (Risa) • Hein, Dolores M. (Keller) Q Koch, Jeanette B. (Burzlaffi • Kvam me, Olaf Larson, Ted ' Larson, Carolyn P. (Hawley) •

Lider, Mildred E. (Hanson) • Mau, Thilda A. (Hellman) Newton, Anne L. (Lien) • Olsen, Lois Ann (Robertson) • Trucco, Jean E. (Todd) Q Watness, Isabl'l G. (Harstad) •



Class Representative Gerald Lider 42 Class Roll Donors 19 Participation 45% Total Gifts $6,235.00 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q

Boe, Dwight J. Gregersen, Guttorm Hoiland, Anna (Anderson) • Johnson, Ruth B. (Towe) • Larson, P. Lorraine (Akehurst) • Larson Jr., E. Arthur • Lider, Gerald L. • Linnerson, Laverne W. Nienstedt, Herbert . H. • Olsen, Karl • Olsen, Marian E. (Arntzen) Peterson, Helen L. Pflueger, Paul E. Ramstad, William K. Shaw, Marvin S. Storaasl� Carol H. ( Elefson) • Woldseth, Edroy • Wood, Barbara (Newton) Wright, Alice J. ( Brudie)


Class Representative Afton ( Hjelm) Schafer Class Roll 82 Donors 40 Participation 49% Total Gifts $8,800.50 Q Q Q Q Q Q


Anderson, Gustaf • Anderson, Semon A. Bergum, Gladys M. (Hovland) Bjorkstam, Gwendolyn B. (Oakland) Carlson, Ralph O. • Collard, Ernest W. • DevaJve, Jean c. ( Keller) Eidson, Waldo E. Elefson, Wallace N. Ewing. R. Lois ( Tollfeldt) Fynboe, Ingrid E. (Martinson) • Ghorm ley, Gerry (Kuhlman) ' Gratias, Ronald V. Gulhaugen, Martin R. • Gulhaugen, Norene S. (Skilbred) • Gunderson, Ralph ' Hauge, Robert C. Haugen, Ralph H. Hopp, Ernest l. Hughes, Ardys N. ( Bred vold) Johnson, Margaret J. Johnson, Rudolph B. • Johnson, Virginia G. (Isvick) • Krippaehne, Louetta M. (Brunner) Kyllo, O. Eldon ' La Bar, Grace E. (Gulhaugen) Milbrath, Earl W.


Alwnm Annual Fuud The Top Clas�

By Pettent�e of Paitidpation ca­ l 193(1 � 192.9 3 1942

4, 5. 6, 7

'932 1918 1940 1934 1948

8 9 1931 to. 1,.9 'I'ie 192.1

Clus 1. \971

2. t"963 l 1974 4. 1912

5, 1961 6. J965 ,.. 195$

8 1959

1; J9$( to 19$3

1 19'J.! 2 1

,:; 198$ 1988

5 f982' � 197b

J983 &' l� 1,

9. 19'11 16. 1W2

100% � 54%

53'l � 51<J. S()% 4� 4R'lIt 46% 461


Stan Dahl

$1 1F-bB SlZ,.$16.oo



515.18').16 S1 5.7&JS SI5,'384.22 . $1 90'142

Dee Swa.nstt6m � Melba Sovde b.teUa}ohn!IQfI

Paut WUts1 �l'ty EVIIn Ooug &: LIsa Rv«.ker Janil'le Skaga

1-23 125 123


1 946 Class


Ron L.etd1 Rhbdi\ '",pp /bhn

lin; 11aahiod.

APlt!,Otristian Don Oga.rd Be� Keit

By Nu � of OobOtS Donors Rept�l'ntative 157 Doug t.� RUb=\;er 143 � Zimawnnan l-,u Randy &: &1m Hainllll 136 yn Megow 13$. . 133


Dorot� Harshman

By ·DolJars 'OR�ted

$lB,382.6' �l7,96UJ

1 945 Class

1 947 Class Rrp1'CSffltati pe

Marie I).W18 Ste � Ward

Bri.m Olson J�nifer .Ptice GOOd 'FalSI Wuest Jarune SUsa �!


Top.Ten � in Cotn� s...pj)tH1 " Of � • of

� fart.idpl'tfon

DQug 4t Uta Ru«i« PaulWuest 1 1963 Geny EV4Ul1lOn 4. 1961 Ron Um:h S 1972 Jahlne 51<... 1. 19'Ji

2. ,3971

"" f46 138

rn -.47

() 1958 Jim Haalalld l5 113 7. 1953 Bett 'keith & 19$4 [)jili Ogllrd r.w fie. 1955 Phyllis Carlson .�, 'Ul 1969 Dilvi<i &P�'YJohnson 142

* - irululltes thllt thegifts of _Tried tUumni hllJ1e bUt' split between their �ve dasses

Av�geContribut� Dotton; . "hnk l ' 16.0 ti .' 119 18 6 #2 19 19.6 #5 W 20.0 114. Iii W,S . .n .31 21 0 tto _99 22 3 t9 t38 22.3 IUS #� 22.3 IJI '15 l2.b

1 948 Class



Neal, Sylvia M. (Blomlie) Nicolai, John H. Nienstedt, Patti (Purvis) • Norem, Harriett (Root) Olson, Carol L. (Peterson) Peterson, Myrtle S. (Davidson) • Roberts, Rumohr G. (Gulhaugen) Schafer, Afton R (Hjelm) • Smithson, Etta O. (Claussen) Stuen, Corinne S. ( Fosso) • Theno, Milton J. Williams, Ann L. (Jacobson) • Willis, Howard B . •



1 949 'tass




Class Representative Theol Hoiland Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

1 950

Class &presentative

1 951 '/ass



100 46 46% $7,581.50

Q Aakre, Arne O. • Q Aak re, Valborg T. (Rustad) • Berg, Doris Blair, Doane F . • Boyce, Clifford Carlson, Harry C. Q Colburn, Charlene A. (Martens) • Cook, Leola J. (Harbeck) Curry, Velma O. D' Andrea, Don A. Ellingsen, Clyde R Ensign, Arleen E. (Cordes) Ericson, Wilbert M. Q Fisher, Irene B. ( Brudie) • Q Fisher Jr., David M. • Frazier, Joan C. (Foss) Q Fyn boe, Carl T. • Q Ghormley, H. Warren • Gunderson, Dorothy (Elefson) • Haglund, Muriel (Baird) • Hanson, Doris ( Steiro) • Q Hoiland, Theol S . • Johnson, Selma C. (G i.!nderson) Q Korsmo, Clifford M . • Q Korsmo, John S. Leever, John H. Mathisen, Naomi E. (Busch) Me Masters, June E. (Jorgensen) Morrison, Elizabeth A. ( Reiman) Q Pedersen, Donald J. Peterson, O. Elmer ' Q Robinson, Gladys D. (Lea) • Roessel, Jacqueline L. ( Klippen) Q Schnaible, Dorothy H. (Meyer) Seaquist, Maurice R. • Seaquist, Carol J. (Drew) • Q Sturgeon, Lavonne R (Densow) Q Storaasl� Catherine B. (Breum) • Q Storaasli, Lester W. • Walz, Vivian A. (Hurtig) Q Watness, Luther O. • Weathermon, Helen L. (Jensen) • Westberg, Horace J. • Westberg, Alvera L. (Johnson) • Q Wick, Donald M . • Williamsen, Stanley S. Q Zurfluh, Robert D.


Class Representative Toppy (Ramstad) Kyllo Class Roll 202 Donors 67 33% Participation Total Gifts $10,390.00 Q Aakre, Odven J. Q Ahrendt, Eugene L. • Andersen, Henry I. Q Anderson, Don L. Arp, Arthur H. Billingsley, Evangeline M. (Ordahl) • Brunner, Louis F . • Brunner, Glenna I. (Nelson) • Cement ina, Ernest G. Christenson, Edna A. Q Christofferson, C. • Q Cleven, Lloyd M . • Q Colburn, Richard W. • Crumbaugh, Robert • Q Dorothy, Edna V. (Haglund) • Q Dorothy, Edwin E. • Q Faaren, Gerald P. Q Falk, Philip L. • Fuhr, Milton J. • Gabrielsen, Luther T. • Gonyeau, Georgina I. (King) Graham, Donald L. Hagen, Erven L. Haglund, Richard ' Q Hahner Jr., Charles A. Hammer, Ruth (Arnesen) Harding, Ray A. Q Hauge, Lawrence J. Henderson, John T. Hendrickson, Morris N. • Hewston, John G. Humphrey Jr., Camilla M. ( Loftness) Q Hyde, Beverly Wigen (Wigen) Johnson, Clifford A. • Johnson, Caryl D. ( Roeder) • Q Johnson, E. Marvin ' Knorr, Alfred F. Q Kyllo, Helen RL. (Ramstad) • Q Larson, Roy F. • Q Larson, Selmer A. • Q Madsen, Kathryn I. (Lucas) Mc Kanna, Blaine E . • Moline, Thelma M. (Lynne) Nelson, Ellen J. ( Ramberget) Q Nieman, Robert V. Nordstrom, Duane M. Q Nothstein, Donald L. • Q Peterson, Lawrence F . • Q Peterson, Beth (Gottwald) • Q Pihl, Louise Q Randolph, Charlotte M. (Mykland) • Q Robinson, Thomas M. • Q Schafer, Delbert C. • Spear, Frank D . • Q Storaasli, Kenneth H. • Q Strand ness, Donald E. • Thompson, Leslie J. Thurston, G. Elaine (Eide) Tiedeman, Stanley B. • Q Tobiason, Phyllis B. (Brynestad) ' Q Watness, Calvin M . • Weathermon, Richard ' Q Whitley, Grant E. Q Wick, Virginia B. •

Q designlues numbers of the PLU Q Club -

Q Williams, Donald E . • Wittrock, Marcia (Etzel) Worley, Walter R.


Class Representative Ray Tobiason, Jr. Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

177 56 32% $7,490.0

Q Ahrendt, La Wanna J. (Wellsandt) • Ank er, Harold R. Q Bendik as, Omar J. Q Berentson, Duane Bey, Mary J. (Qualle) Billingsley, Charles W. • Q Blackwood, Chari E. (Knapp) Blair, Alice E. ( Andersen) • Q Braafladt, Walter T . • Carr, Hoyt L. Q Collard, Ruth M. (Holle) • Q Dammen, Helen M. (Hedin) Earle, Robert R • Earle, Anne A. (Browning) ' Ekle, Alex Carl Erickson, Henry L. Q Evanson, Glenn L. Q Falk, Roberta J. (Schoessler) • Q Frost, Barbara (Beckman) Fuhr, Gloria J. (Wold) • Gabrielsen, Delores (Berg) • Gannon, Augusta (Bentson) • Gannon Jr., Donald C. • Q Gard, Grant G. Q Gerstmann, Albert F. Green, Raymond J. Q Hagen, W.L. • Q Hagen, Jacqueline (Dewing) • Q Haglund, Victor E. Hansen, Dale L. Hanson, Benjamin ' Q Hoffman, Mavis W. (Sanderson) Q Johnson, Calvin T. Kenny, Donald K. • Kerns, James S. Knudtson, Ralph E. Q Knutson, Lowell E. Q Larson, Maria Kristina (Ogren) • Q Lundgaard, Gene C. • Q Lundgaard, Marian R. (Benjaminson) • Magis, Olaf E. Maines, Harold E . • Maines, Carolyn ' Metcalf, Jack H. Molter, Richard F. Q Politak is, Lazarus S. Q Roalkvam, Helen E. (Hanson) • Q Roe, Hannah L. (Quien) Speer, Doris Jean (Shaw) Sunset, Paul H. Thomas, Robert C. Tiedeman, Dorothy B. (Molund) ' Q Tobiason Jr., Ray ' Williams, William A. Q Winters, Robert M. • Q Zulauf, Emilie E.

Alumni Annual Fund Participation By Class Class








Pre - I921 192 1 - 1927










]928 1 929


�93 1


1 932
















5 1'1,





3 1 '1,
































3 1 fit

1 963




1 965


1 966






26 7,









_ _







I "X!


... ' I I ..
















Why is the percentage of alumni who give each year to the Annual Fund im portan t ?




One of the first questions 1978 21"" 1 --------------; which foundations and -� �----� �---+�----T-� 1 97 .... ....::: 9 .;... .:..c. � 1c... 7'fr _'__ .: _+_--"""-....'"'-. 1 --------------1 major donors ask of us --= 1=----= 1� 6 (;. _+''"""....9 80 ""'' ---' -. 1_r_-------------__I is this: 1977


__ __


__ __



-+------�,--------------� How many of your alumni ---l::::. 8( -= / "__ (.: +_---_4 I---------------_I regularly support you r 8 -,_·.... --= 1"-'-"% _-+-_ 1-,.. -. ins titu tion ? __



1982 � � --� �9 8 3 __ � 1=98 4 __ ----:. '=..:. .. __ 1985 1986 1987 1 988



21 'Ir.

1.0 <;,


2 1 '/,









_ _ _ _ __ __ __


Our answer to that question often determines the size of their gift.





Q Glaser, Nicholas A •

Class Representative Roy Virak 144 Class Roll

1 952

47 33% $6,576.50

Donors Participation Total G i fts

R£prmntative lass


Aaberg, john M. Bammert, Ordelle C ( Lee) Barry, a id E. Bentson, Palll C. Bells, Newt n R. Betts, De K. ( Kyllo) • Cos tie, Thelma (Staswic k ) Dougla�s, Margaret H . (Lucas) Ene boe, julius L. England, ,1drgaret E. (Winters) Gaume, Leo V Harstad, Pa Ii liver Hefty, Milton 'r. • joh nson, Anton ' Johnson, Kenneth C. Koch, Wilbert P_ • Limi ng, John E. • Mc Kanna, Ellen May (Davis) • Mel <) ughlin, Willis S. Meeske, Gordon 1 ewhou se, Hazel D. (johnson) • Nowadnick, George W_ • Nowadnick, Phyllis Osvick) • Olson, David R. Olson, Delmer j . Pate, Kenneth L. PauL'en, Laverne Proud, jack Randolph, Ernest L. • R iber, Eugene A Reiman, Donald F . • Reitz, Otto j. Rimbach, Evangeline L. Roley, Dennis E. Rose, john W. Schmitt, Gottlieb Sp r, Ella iae ' Stringfellow, john W. Tllepel, Mildred M_ ( Foege) U lleland, Duane E Viral.;, Gloria (jutte) • Viral.. , Roy H, Vorvick, Philip T. Watness, julia (johnson) • Wells, Burton E_ Winters, Carolyn Jean (johnson) • Wohlhueter, Forrest •

. •

1 953






1 954










. •



Class Representative Betty (Riggers) Keith


Class Roll

131 51 Donors 39% a rt i c i pa tion $14,907.42 Total Gift .

'.-, "

Amend, Neal W. • Bancro , Beverly A (Allen) Borrud, Richard j. Q Brog, Robert L. • Brown, Ellen G. (K IIberg) Q Douglass, Ronald E. Eastman, Lloyd . Q Fink, Alvin D . •


Grewe, Ellen I. (Hessen) Q Ha nce, Vernell M_ Harney, jean (TJnner) I ledlu�ci, G Id 0_ Holmes, Grace E. ( Foege) Q H u ffman, len A johnson, Ernest M . Q johnson, Alphild K (Skonberg) • Q jones, Patricia j. Kadaja, Ivi ( N u k k ) Kadota-Kidder, Helena (Littau) Q Karwoski, arul M . (Schuler) • Q Kauth, James I !. Q Keith, Bet t y ( Riggers) • Q Keller, Dale H . • Q Keller, joan (Gardner) • Kenny, BelliI' I. (Cruts) • Kent, David G_ Q Langseth, Albert j . Leatherman, Marilyn G (Hanic h ) Lestrud jL, Vernon A C . • Q Liming, Manon L. (Cummings) • Mac Gregor, Esther j. ( Brudie) Moore, Marianne E . (Sunset) Newhouse, Verne F . • Q Nistad, Robert A Q Nok leberg, james H. • Q Nokleberg, Nan G (Aageson) • Nordeen, Evelyn E (Peterson) • Q Noths tein, Naomi L. (Roe) • Q Ockfen, john A • Olson, Helen j. ( Enger) Q Reese, Donald G_ • Reule, G. Ronald Q Rieke, William O . • Savage, Glenn A Schultz, Edna j. (Me Call) Siefkes, Herbert W. Steen, Inez V. Q Strand, Carla R. (Cain) • Suprunowski, Irene M_ (Christensen) Wagoner, M:-.rilyn ) . ( Lunue)

Class Representative Donald Ogard 142 53 37% $15,384.22

Anderson, Dale T. Ball j L, james C. • Q Beatty, Robert E • Bergt, Eloise (jacobson) Q Braafladt, jeanette C. ( Foss) • Q Brog, Connie (jacobson) • Q Cleven, Phyllis A. ( Bergren) • Q Cook, Mary A (Olson) • Crumbaugh, Beverly ( Enger) • Erick son, Gordon L Gracey, Lola j (Murk) Gunne -on, joanne C. (Schwarzwalter) Q Haugen j r., Iv ..r M• • Q Hefty, Luell,) V. (Vig) • Hefty, Donald D. Hest n's, David 0_ • jaeger, james C. • Q Johnson, Gordon H Kageler, Alvin G. Q eith, Donald M . • eJI 'r, Gloria E ( E vanson)

Q - desigrlnus mnllben oflhe PLU Q OJ'"


Larson, Richard T. Lcstrud, Darleen L. ( Holl) • Q Magnuson, Oliver C. • Me Adams, Inga M_ (Astrup) Mc Adams, Robert L. Mc Coleman, Barbara A (Thorson) Q Meyer, Hermina D. Miller, Reinhold Q Nelson, C. Lennard ' Q Neufeld, Harvey ' Nordling, Charlotte R. ( Brand t ) Ogard, Donald W. • Ogard, M . Kat hleen ( H inrichs) • Olivers, Delora Lee (johnson) ['erry, Eugene E. Read, Darlene j. ( De jardine) Q Rieke, joanne E. (Schief) • Q Roalkv am, Edwin L. • Q Ross, Robert E • Q Ross, Suzie V. (Van Siageren) • Sak amoto, Marianne P. (Pfeiffer) Q Sheffels, L. jerald Siegele, Orville K . • Siegele, Margaret L. ( Holbroo k ) • Swanson, Robert L. Thompson, Ernest T. Q Ulleland, Marilyn ( French ) • Q Utzinger, Wilfred E. Varner, jerry C. Q Williams, Oscar L Wink ler, joyce D_ (Genz)


Class Representative Phyllis (Grahn) Carlson Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts


Class Roll Do n o r s Participation Total G i fts

Q Koessler, Donn H. • Q Lamb, Marilyn A ( M orud)





149 59 40% $12,372.13

Anonymous ( 1 ) Anderson, Larry E. Ankrum, Anna (Lee) Arndt, Shirley M_ (Wulf) Carlson, Alan N. Carlson, Phyllis Grahn (Grahn) Crittenden, Mary K. ( Knudson) Doughty, judd • Eliason, Iver B . • Ellertson, Rodney L. Finkle, William H . Fjelstad, Orning B . Gaarder, Donald E . • Gaarder, Alta C. (Prestbye) • Glick, Kathryn Y. ( Eide) Hanson, Vernon R . • Hestenes, Nancy H. (Shinkoethe) Hickman, Gerald L. • H ille, Karen S. Hoffman, Donna M_ (Sim k ins) Hokenson, Alice V. (euda) johnson, Frances M_ johnson, Lyndall M ( Lovett) • johnson, Glenn E. johnson, Mary M. ( Estergreen) jones, Shirley (Sagehorn) Karwoski, Frank C. Katz, Lawanna L. ( H u ber) Keller, Robert M_ • Kohl, Shirley A ( Lewis) Koster, Ra l p h Labes, P a u l F . ' •


Alumni G iving

(Annua l an dlor Capita l Fun ds) $800,000 $600,000 $400,000 $200,000 $0







1 956


84/ 5


Leonard, Patricia AH. (Hogg) Lester, Ray K. * Marvonek, Delores Ann (Hagev ik) Mittelstaedt, Mina M. (Raaen) Moen, Allen L. * Moris, Pa tricia J. Mo rse, Marciel Stockman ( F ink) Nelson, Robert L. Nelson, Suzanne R. (Skubinna) * Neufeld, Carol ' Nielsen, Roseanna Jane (Ha rtill) Pochel, R.. Eugene * Pochel, Jean B. ( Baker) * Price, Bridn F. Reardon, Elvira L (Potratz) ry I. ( F.nsb g ) * Reese, Reierson, Ramon I. . Reiman, Janet E. ( Franklin) * Rogelstad, WaJlace D . • Rogelstad, Marion A. ( Leon ard) • Schimke, Gerald t. Schm id t, Anita F (Anderson) Seppala, Ivan M. Severtson, S. Erving ' Stern, Fai t h E. (Bueltmann) Strand ness, Edith V. ( lund) • Tollefson, Otto C • Tollefson, Barbara J. (Johansen) Wigen, Philip E. •


• -




Class Representative Terran e R. Brown Class Roll Donors Participatio Total Gift s

160 54 34% $10,711.58

Amend, Laverne l. (Wells) * Ba hr, Audrey L. (Muhr) Berglund, John A * Q Borgford, Norma Jeanne Brammer, Mildred Q Bricker, J. Arnold Q Brown, Terrance R. * Q Brunner, Petra Onella (Lee) Q Carstensen, Richard ' Q Carstensen, Delores A. (Bec k ) • Q Chariston, James K. • Q Ch ristianson, Howard V. • Q Eggan, Lawrence C Eldal, Jalmer M . • Q Fink, Janet M. ( M iller) • Q Freed, Mark Lee ' Gilbreath, Stuart H. Gubrud, Allan R. Q Haugen, Virginia A (Grahn) Heppe, Myrna L. (Shelver) Hint ze, Carol J. Q Hoover, Jack L • Howe, Jeanette J. (Walter) • Jaeger, Constance M. (Hanson) • Jordan, Paul N. Q Krantz, Donald J. Q Magnuson, Marie (Indergaard) •




Mazer, Joyc E. ( Pu Hert ) Meyers, C Warren * Meyers, Ann J. (Stewart) * Q Morton, Stewart M. * Q Morton, Kathryn M. (jerstad) * Q Myking, Marlene C ( Hovland) * Nielsen, Tore K. * Q Nordquist, Philip * Olafson, Robert B. Q Olden, Mildred A (Van Bure n ) * Reay, John R. Reierson, Janet A (Geldaker) * Reller, Marlene J. (Stuhlmiller) Rieke, Elwood N. Q Robinson, Sandra N. (Standal) * Q Rose, Daniel C Q Roseberg, Leland R. * Scherer, David M. Q Schwarz, Thelma C (Nygaard) * Schwindt, Walter D. Q Swanson, Donna E. Q Swenson, Eunice L. Taege, Marian L. Q Tilly, Earl F. Q Tollefson, Marilyn (Triolo) Q Wold, David C ' Wolfe, Jean M. (Christianson)

indicates that thegijh of marrU:4 tUUllmi hfJlJ( been split hrtwrtro their mpertipe ciR:sser



1957 Class Representative John Olden Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

1 957 Class





1 958 CInss






1 959 Clan­





197 70 36% $11,217.50

Adams, Catherine J. (Johansen) Ayers, Bruce B . • Beatty, Noreen J . • Berglund, Angela F. (Stay) • Berton, Walton F. Bongfeldt, Paul J . Brandt, Dwaine C . Brown, Violet J. ( Rued ) ' Buseman, Janet M. ( Byberg) Carr, William B. Charlston, Ramona (Lofthus) • Christiansen, B. Rod ' Chu rness, David Clemons, Glenda (Simonson) Cournyer, Ralph W. Davis, Paula J. Dei tz, Yvonne A. Demorest, Elsie M. (Lien) Doughty, Nancy C. ( H alvorson) • Egtvedt, Claire E. Emerson, Betty Ann (Aune) Fischer, Patricia Anne (Rankin) Foege, William H. Geldaker, Carol Mae (BotterniJler) • German, Ann Marie (Nielsen) Grande, Louise S. (Larsen) Hanson, Merle A. • Hend rickson, Anita E. (Schnell) • Hoffenbacker, Lina E. (Taber) • Hoover, Marilyn M. (Johnson) • Hovland, Curtis A. Johnson, Clayton D. Katz, Marilyn (Hefty) Keller, Betty (Toepke) • Kellie, Lois (Danielson) Knudson, Gerda M . ( Nergaard ) Koessler, Patricia (Molver) • Larson, Edgar M.T . • Larson, Helen M. ( Erickson) • Lewis, Donna Ahrens (Miller) Mandt, Douglas K. • Mandt, Carol L. ( Breece) ' Markham, Darrell L. Martinson, Arthur Me Kay, Milaine (Marsh) • Mc Lellan, Betty (Soine) Morti more, Judith G. (Bureker) Neset, Borghild O. (Ok land) Nieman, Richard G. • Nieman, Stella (Anderson) • Nodtvedt, Richard Nordeen, Robert C. • Nordquist, Helen (Jordanger) • O' Brien, Michael T. • Olden, John W. • Olsen, Gladys M. (Johnson) Olsen, Wayne R. Olson, Robert G. Paulson, Gerald C. Prochnow, Virginia W. Rhea, Richard C. • Robinson, Kenneth J. • Rodin, Margaret (Harpster) Roseberg, Greta H (Haagensen) ' Soderlund, L. Ray Sopkovich, Margaret A. (Canis) Steen, David S. •


Storaasli, Dale R. Stuhl miller, E. Robert ' Sutherland, Shirley E. (Toepke) Timm, Robert S. Vorderstrasse, Pauline E. (Zi mke) Q Wigen, Janet Q Wold, Elisabeth (Omli) •

1958 Class Representative James A. Haaland Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

204 70 34% $15,789.1 6

Allen, Beverly ( Krampitz) Q Amy, Bruce M. Q Anderson, John S . • Q Arntson, Neal L. Bayne, Gerald C. • Q Benson, R. Gerald Q Berntsen, David L. • Q Bolland, Marvin O. Q Capelli, G. James ' Q Christian, Ruth A. Q Cornell, Donald A. • Eastvold, Neil T. • Eldal, Marvyl J. (Anderson) • Ellickson, Esther M . Q Forness, Norman O. Frentress, Marvin I . Fromm, John R. • Q Gatzke, Sister Frieda Gaume, Ruth B . • Q Geldaker, Charles T. • Q Gelman, Barbara L. (Jensen) Gilmer, Thomas A. • Q Glaser, Margaret Ann ' Q Haaland, James A. Q Hall, Donald R. Q Hanson, Jerry R. Hoffenbacker, Gordon 1. • Hovland, Paul L. • Hovland, Ordetta Rae • Howell, Janice I. (Me Krc ney) Q Jeter, Milton W. Q Karlsen, Lind B. Q Kent, Richard S. Q Knutson, David R. • Q Larson, Betty (Johnson) • Q Larson, Georgia A. (Larsen) Lee, Robert S. Q Lee, Solveig M. Q Lester, Janet (Towe) • Q Lucky, Anne M. ( Hall) Milbrath, John A. Millen, Nancy G . (Gilt hrisl.) Moen, Julia 1. (Brunner) • Q Myking, Richard L. • Nienaber, Duane Olson, Roselyn (Ness) • Olson, Roger N. • Olson, Joyce M. (Markert) • Ose, Janet A. (Smith) Peisk er, Gene K. • Peisker, Janice E. (Rindahl) • Peterson, David F . • Peterson, Lorraine A. • Q Quigg, Carol Ann (Sheffels) Rhea, Janet L. (Emilson) ' Roman, Joan (Flaig) Q Sawyer, Thomas N. Sayers, Janet L. (Swen)

Q - tksiJpUlUS members of the PLU Q Qub




ell el l!, lk.l trlC< ' I 'i11<'ld(>n, L(li" A. (M 'YI rl -imon"un, M, rChI J. (L i n ) ' indcrslln, Jack D. SOiOl.', J o n c. Sorenson, Robert J . Spry, Louis J . Steen, Lorilie ) . ( I lefty) • Taylor, Linda H. (Hurd) fobiason, Fred L Wa kt>, David B. We5tberg, Roger R. • Woods, S h aro n Y. ( Hagen)

1959 Cl ass Representative Anita (Gregersen ) Christian lass Roll DonoL art icipation otal Gifts








) Q



264 78 30% $15,726.15

Anderson Jr., Aagc B. Bailey, Georgia A. ( Lee) Bed U, Audry A. (Roo k ) Berg, Ronald S. Berntsen, CaroleI' A. (Chind�r on) • Bills, Bob ' Bills, Patti (A h rens ) • Brown, Cordelia J. (I lant alJ ) • Buck ner, ohn A. • Buckner, NOTma L. (I 0\ es ) ' Burke, Mildred M, Carnpb�n, Alice J. (j e5sen) Carls{J n, Mary 111 ( Engen) • Christi<ln, D.'lVid • Chri�t ian, Anita M. (Gregersen) • C ell, Jndl n (Ha nson) • Dungan, F. Alvin ' stvold, Janice (Campion) • Eichler, W. Larry Eliason, .amille J. (Emerson) • E l ias o n, Barbara M. (Johnson) • Ellickson, Margaret R. i'reisheim, Sand ra J . • Gamb, nne t h Gange, P tricia K. ( , nn) Gla,er-Marquez, Karen Linda (Phillips) Good, Ma . R. ( rangn�s) Grctler, Viola H. Groenveld, &Tbara Ann (Beckner Hag n, EVd. L (Larson) I lanson, Audry Jean (Hart) • Hap la , Eugcne A. • Hapala, M rl n ( Eichmeier) ' Harris, lois J (Ander on) I lultey, Ro er C. Hoover, Thorn I i lultgren, Irene N . ( N ilsen) Iverson, Roger l.. • Johnson Jr., A. Glen Kittel, � nald A. Knutson, Marilyn (Fon.:el • raiger, Richard D . • Kraiger, N omi R ( Keller) • Ku ykendall, Marietta ( Lin ) Labes, Janet M . ( Ulleland) •, I n u P. l.ipscomb, Nancy A. (Magnu��en oftllS, So ja J. ( _ illlon on) .ondgTen, R ic h a '. • Londgr�n, Anita L. ( H i Ilt!�lan ) .

Lovtang, George

Q Mc Gill, Geraldine L. (Cruver)

Mebust, Theodora R. (Gulhaugen) Melcher, Duane A • Melcher, Joan E. (Torgeson) • Metcalf, Merle L. Q Mohr, Beverly A (Swanson) Morris, Jacqueline J. (Fisher) Museus, Betty C. Q Myers, Ruth M. (Hansen) Nelson, Norita A Nielsen, Dale F. Q Novotney, Melvin O'Brien, Beverly A (Benson) • Olsen, Richard S . • Q Olson, Robert B. Parr, Terrence M. • Peterson, Dwayne D. Q Ray, William H. Riis, Kenneth M. • Q Schwarz, M. Roy ' Q Sells, Clifford J. Sheffels, Lois ( Beckemeier) Simonson, James E . • Q Standifer, Carson L. Stewart, James R. Q Stuhlmiller, Willa mae J. (Anderson) • Sveen, K. Tim Q Templin, Paul H. • Q Templin, Phyllis M. (Pedersen) • Torvik, Charlotte V. (Johnstone)


lass Representative Esta ( Swanson) Christiansen Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

Q Jennings, Sandy (Stennes)




Johnson, Alan R. Johnson, Marlys Kay (Clark) Johnson, Larry H.T. • Johnson, Sally N. (Nixon) • Johnson Jr., Ted L. • Jones, Beverly R. (Johnson) • Jordahl, Eric A • Jordahl, Marlene K. (Evans) • Jordahl, Peter R. • Kittilsby, James L. • Kittilsby, Liv Anne (Boveng) • Laur, Hendrik Mc Ginnis, Marilyn J. ( Donaldson) Morken, Donald R. Nelson, Denny B. • Ockfen, Jeris D. (Randall) • Olsen, Clintena D. (Wells) • Patterson, Rodney F . • Patterson, Alene K. (Woodside) • Payne, Dolores H. Person, Marilu J. (Miller) Petersen, Gail I. (Westby) Polen, Nancy E. (Reinvik) Scheele, Gerald A • Schultze, Donald L. Temanson, A Ardelle (Dungan) Troedson, Dennis ' Van Beek, M. James ' Vaughan, Genyss E. ( Rooker) Voelpel, Norman R. • Voelpel, Ona K. • Westberg, Judy A (Nevel) •



Class Representative Ronald E. Lerch

293 Class Roll 91 Donors 31% Participation $16,474.68 Total Gifts


Aasen, Paul G. Anderson, Harlan L. Baughman, Jerald A • Berg, David L. • Berg, Patricia A (Witte) • Billings, Judith A (Sannerud) • Bluhm, David M. Boomer, Sylvia (Langland) • Bracher, Edwin Brooks, Alan D. • Brooks, Henrietta M. (Stolte) Capelli, Carlene (Christensen) • Cavender, Dianne M. (Wicklund) Chandler, Nelda C. ( Reede) Christensen, Russ J . Coltom, Ronald ' Coltom, Barbara A ( Brandt) ' Crowner, David L. Dahl, Coralyn L. (Brandt) • Dahl, Leif O . • Dahl, Norman O. • Damc Ke, Elsie (Sauter)

De.cade Winners

221 66 30% $12,631.08

A1tpeter, Rita Ann

Q Amend, John R. Q Aush erman, Williena M. (Boone) Ayers, Marylyn A (Kaisalahti) • Q Backman, John R. Bayne, Mary Ann (Lovtang) • Q Berntsen, Rodney A •



Q • •

1 960

Class Representative

Burlein, Karen J. (Sandstrom) Carlson, Paul E . • Chen, Ming Yee (Wang) Christiansen, Esta M. • Cooley, John M. Dahl, David P. Dahl, Orin ' Dann, Janice I. (Osterloh) Daugs, Daryl D. • Dempsey, Howard F. Donahe, Jerome F. ' Dungan, Hildred L. (Hansen) • Ellingson, Richard • Ellingson, Helen K. (Jeter) • Erickson, Robert E . • Foege, Paula R. (Ristad) Freed, Rosemary (Cerny) ' Freisheim, James H. • Fromm, Ardell (Gunderson) • Gregersen, Marianne J. Hansen, Melva (Fuhr) Hoban, Helen M. ( Pearson) Hodge, Robert L. Hovet, Jean M. (Ulleland) Howe, Leonard H . • Jacobson, John D. •


�Swanstrom &: Metba$(.wiW: AAon SchMtr Jim Haaland

Ct!rry $venson Pa�} WUiest Mark D.wis

,NUMIM of Donors Clan �tiVe t�9 1930 Stan f.)Qhl 1946 J<ookJe � 1959 Amta Christian 18 1 969 DavId &: PafllY Ju� l� �97+ DOug & UWl\ueckfr 1"57 141 1986 �ex Zinunerman

Donal'S 14 22 ol6

'rululJtes thllt thegil" of_rried ,"um,,' b_ been split between their "Speet.Pe classes

Class Representative




1 962 Class





1 963





Danielson, j an L. (Ostrand) Daugs, Gwe nd ol�'n M. (Cydrus) ' Dettma nn, Darryl D. Donahe, Sharon L. (julian) • Dryer Jr., Travers F . • Edlu nd, John A. • Flli k on, Arthur E.

Emt'l'ick, Richelle (Oleson) Evan son, Linda (Sommers) F. I land, Dennis O. Flamo , Karen (Bird) •

r drickson, Stan A. • Ga l br ai t h, Ellen K. ( Keefe) Galli , P. Raymond Gilmer, Linda J. ( Effinger) ' Goodale, Irene j. (Schoell Gunbj rg, L dstein Haaland, David A. Hilde rand, loren H. Hill, Wayne L. Holli gsworth, D.A. • Israel so n, Anna E1.iina Iverson, Marsha L. (J e ns e n ) • jangard, Melvin H. Jensen, J. Byron john n, james E. • johnson, jane A. (Brevik) • Johnsun, Lars E. • Johnson, Judith ( Bechtel) • Jordahl, Karen C. (Shaner) • Kieland, Gary S. Kress, Jerry R. • Kress, Gwendolyn A. (Thomas) • Kuno, Masako (Takahata) Lamka, Dar lin e M. don, Violet (Hope) Larson, Charles C. Lennon, John W. Lundblad, Roger L . Lyon, Janice M . (Engen) Mangels, Rudolph Marques, Arleen L. (Glasow) Me Kay, J. Patrick ' Meyer, Marianne E. (Potter) • Murdock, Carleen M. (Sorensen) Nelson, Judith M. (Zieske) • Ni elsen, Bonita L. ( Hanson) • Nordb rg, Rodney L. Olson, Kenneth V. • tenson, William H. Palmer, Lenita A. (Soder) Perleth, Blayne D. Peterson, Diane M. (Erickson) Redal, Torleif T. Ritter, Gerald Lee ' Ritter, Maureen J. (Me Allister) • Schlenker, Richard Carl Schoen berg, Lorance O. • Schulze, Karen M. (Johnson) Searcy Jr., Carl M. Sparks, James O. Spe r, Judith A. (Heitman) Stanley, Jean (Trull Staton, Barbara J. (Overruoe) Van Beek, Charmian L. (Jondall) • Waterworth, Frank A. • Weinerth, William B. Wheeler, The ron H . • White, Joyce A. (Alton) Winsor, Bonitta J. (Johnson)


Class Representative Charles W. Mays Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts






Q. amonn tes members of the PLU Q Club


309 80 26% $5,990.50

Aalto, Walter R. Allen, Glenda ( Dempsey) Anderson, Don R. Baird, Judith D. (Anderson) Baker, Singhild (Johnner) Bakke, Martha M. (Stoa) Baughman, Myra ' Berntsen, Jo Ann M. (Storaasli) • Brooks, Elaine (Benson) • Brown, Delbert ' Canfield, Claude H . • Canfield, Deanna J . ( Dirlam) ' Carr, Ralph C. • Carr, Joyce E. (Taylor) • Copeland, Darlene J. (Storkson) Dahl, Carol E. (Teslow) ' Dahl, Patricia (Mu llen) • Deschamps, Carol E. (Wertanen) Dietsch, Earl R. Dillingham, Lloyd A. Dodgen, Linda (Blomquist) • Douglass, E. Ruth ( Poetschat) Dryer, Mary Louise ( Howard) • Dykman, Barbara B. (Brinkley) Eliason, Leo E. • Erickson, Marilyn F. (Collett) Erickson, Merri E. (Nelson) • Erlan d e r, Daniel Flamoe, Larry J . • Gembus, Mary E. (Erkkila) Guda!, Dennis D. • Hagerman, Roy E. Haitiner, Karen R. (Olsen) Hansen, Fredrick J. • Hansen, Marilyn D. (Paulson) • Hanson, John S. • Hanson, William ' Hanson, Marjorie Ann (Vandecar) • Haralson, Jerry C. • Harmic, Edward R. Hayward, John D. Hemenway, Sharon M. (Carter) H ildahl, Roger E. Hovey, Ronald E. Hundeby, Carol A. (Swenson) jackson, Mari·Ann S. (Kind) Jacobson, Orville A. Jacobson, Kathryn E. (Belgum) Jones, Lynn R. • Kasperson, Conrad J. • Knutson, Dennis D. larsen, Ivan E. Lemay Jr., H. Eugene ' Lillebo, David N. Ludeman, Mina J. (Lakosky) Matthias, Dixie lee (Likkell • Mays, Charles W. • Moore, Robert W . • Moore, Serena Marie (Hopp) • Nikk ari, Beverly A. (Kimball) • Olson, Jon B. • Poulsen, larry C. • Pou lsen, Dee A. (Arko) • Raisler, Karen Ann (Hegstad) Riis, Audrey E. (Egge) • Ruud, Kenneth • Saunders, Katherine A. (Stearns)

Scheele, Marjean G. (lawhead) Schoenberg, Nellie Mae (Breimer) • Severson, Ingrid (Smith) Solsrud, Ardath K. (Sheggeby) Tetrault, Nadine E. (Bruins) Thompson, Neil R. Troedson, Ardis (Galchutt) • Wahlstrom, leslie A. Walter, Virgil L. Walters, Edward A. • Waterworth, janet M. (Gullekson) • Wheeler, Gail B. ( Isaacson) • WilponI', Cheryl L. Zimmerman Jr., Robert Zuber, Charles J.


Class Representative Gerry Evanson

Class Roll 338 Donors 96 Participation 28% Total Gifts $17,964.34 Q Alexander, Bruce R. Q Barbo, Linda S. (Knutzen) Q Benson, Dale E. • Q Benson, Jolita D. (Hylland) • Q Q Q Q Q Q


Berney, Kristina E. (Pemu) Billings, Paula (Heyer) • Bohlke, Karen H. (Swindland) Boomer, Ronald J. ' Cameron, David A. • Case, Anne K. (Fennessy) Christopherson, W. E. • Cook, Eugene R. • Couch, Mae M. Dauphin, lawanda L. (Maple) DoellI', Linda G. (Hood) Dunn, Karen E. (Fedt) Eide, Linda M. (Sather) Ellis, Robert S. Evanson, Gerald • Fatland, Richard M. Fedde, Bonnie J. (Neall Frye, lone L. Gray, Carol J. (Finstuen) • Grimberg, Beulah E. ( B uss) Gudal, Shirley E. (Johnson) • Hager, ConnyI' L. (Idstrom) Hagerty Jr., Richard G. Haller, Mary J. Halvor, Paul N . • Hanson, Thelma J. (Reeve) • Hara lson, Carolyn M. (Breuer) • Helland, lorrine V. Hemming, Matt C. Heyer, W. Ronald • Hoover, Phyllis J. (Rhine) Howard, Robert R. Hult, Philip W . • Jacobson, E. Marvin Jenkinson, John Johnson, M. Doreen (Grimm) • Juggert, Norman G. Kasperson, Judith A. (Perry) • Kennedy, Karleen K. (Isaacson) Kennedy, Julie M. (Harmon) Klein, Joanne B. (Bjork ) KolI, William M. • Koll, Gloria (Reinertson) • Kvinsland, Jon H. Langston Jr., Philip G.


Q Larson, Howard N.






Latimer, Richard L. Lebert, Marguerite L. Lee, Ruby Danford (Danford) Lewis, Claudia A Lobianco, Joann (Threewit) Lowe, Thomas W. • Lundberg, Carol J. (Robinson) • Lundstrom, Mary Anne Martilla, John A • Martin, Diane A ( Reinbold) Mc Allister, Sharon E. (Ellison) Mc Clary, Douglas M. • Mc Clary, Joan A. (Payne) • Mc Ginnis, Richard F. Me Lean, Allan N. Mitchell, Lois J. (Svendsen) Mitton, Robert W. • Mosher, Donna P. ( Baerg) Niemi, Cha rles Olsen, James B. Olson, Carol L. (Man i) • Overland, Merlyn K. • Overland, Joan B. (Maier) • Parr, Susan M. ( Amundsen) • Pearson, Lianne (Arstein) Pettit, Lynda M. (Peterson) Poppen, Sandy S. (Martin) • Pro bs tfield, Jeffrey • Ronning, Nelius N. Ruck, Lois C. (Cornell) Sanders, Dwain D. • Sanders, Mamie J. (Pearsall) • Schutz, Nancy A (Kroge\) Searle, Arleen L. Sherburne, Margaret L. (Hollis) Smootz, Ronald S. Springgate, Jean M. (Tousley) Stein, Richard A Stevens, John A Steves, Virginia R. (Soderman ) Tahtinen, Lenora I. (Hansen) Taylor, Ann L. ( Ingebritsen) Toombs, Dorcas (Haines) Tweed, Russel AM. UUeland, Christy N. Vigeland Jr., George ' Werner, Gwendolyn G. (Goldenman) Willis Jr., James S. Woldseth, Margaret (Sagen) • Wood, Thomas H.


1 964 Class &prese'ntativc





.w:lass Representative Alexia (Henderson) Sontag

Class Roll 290 88 Donors Participation 30% $8,386.50 Total Gifts

Anonymous ( 1 ) Anderson, John E. Arnst, Audrey K. Q Beard, George M. Beddoe, Darrell V. Berg, Lynn R. • Q Billings, Mitchell J. • Brannfors, John Edward Brenneise, Ingrid S. Cameron, Nancy I. (Thompson) Carlson, Sheila K. (Jensen) Carlson, Mark T. •



Chapman Jr., Bill K. Chindgren, Judith L. Christensen, Darwin E. Christman, Paul H. Christopherson, Sonja A (Peterson) • Condray, Gary R. Cornehl. Carol Ann (Menke) Crabtree, James A • Crabtree, Ann ( Soine) • Dexter, Carolyn (Myers) Diegel, And rea R. (Hagen) Dodgen, Jerry D. • Dunlap, Gerald V . • Dunlap, Maren M. (Ristuben) • Edlund, Kathleen M. (Taylor) Edlund, Virginia A (Crary) • Edmonds, Kenneth J. • Edmonds, Barbara K. (Erickson) • Ellingson, Betty L. ( Sullivan) Fenimore, Mary Ann ( Vorvick) Fenimore, Robert Finstuen, Richard • Fredrickson, Dennise C. • Fredrickson, Marvin D. • Fredrickson, Carole J. (Haaland) ' Grady, Ann L. (Schnack enberg) Harrison, Beverly I. (Anderson) Heyer, Miriam H. (Muedeking) • Hill, Ramona (Sawyer) Hokenstad, Alan J. • Hokenstad, Marion J. (Rasmussen) • Hoobing, Stanley C. Houge, Conrad Lloyd Howard, Dennis D. • Husted, Robert N. Isensee, Donald A. • Johnstad, Margaret E. (Swenson)

Korsmo, Marie A • La bolle, Nancy L. ( Nelson) Larson, Gerald L. • Larson, Marilyn K. (Rudenick) • Q Lemay, Carla A ( H ansen) • Lennon, Gwen M. ( Lockhart) Q Logan, Lavon R. Lono, John M. Lowe, Mary Jo (Nelson) • Lundring, L. Karsten • Lundring, Kirsten M. ( Bodding) ' Malmin, Jon E. • Malmin, Jean L. ( Riggers) • Martilla, Frieda B. (Grimsrud) • Mc Neely, Cyrus M. Meade, Robert F. Q Moa, Sharon L. (O' Neil) • Myhre, Don Nikkari, Gary M. • Northrop, Marion H. ( Noffsinger) Pederson, Leslie P . • Poppen, Jerry D. • Priest, Brenda L. Q Reil, Loeda T. (Meyer) Rieke, John M. Seavy, Mary Lynn (Ekstrand) • Sekella, Linda J. (Trabert) Q Selman n, Dan J . • Q Selmann, Judith L. (Pederson) • Skog, Edith N. Smith, Michael C. • Smith, Judith Ann (Waters) ' Q Sontag, Alexia (Henderson) Thibedeau, Kristin L. (Hoefs) Townsend, Stella J. (Cumm ings) Vanderwarker, Karen Lee Q Wagner Jr., Louis C. Q Wiltse, Mary G. (Griffiths) Yokers, Philip A •




Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts 1 965 ClflSS



Class Representative Rhoda (Miller) Pappajohn



Q Q 1 966

Class &:presentative Q

Q Q Q Q 1 967


Represmtatil1e Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q


266 79 30% $16,453.50

Albrecht, David A. • Albrecht, Jan E. (Aalbue) ' Anderson, Robert J . • Anderson, Mary S. (Gilbertson) • Baerg, Richard D. Bates, Clarice E. (Reinertson) Bauer, Gilda S. (Smith) Berg, Karen L. (Gruys) ' Blythe, William E. Bond, Betty (Winters) Branae, Linda 1. (Mays) Carlson, Thomas O. Carrell, May M. Carvey, Davis W. Cornils, Mary M. (Olson) Dirlam, John P. • Dobson, Judith K. (Blaesi) Dunn, Rita E. (Peterson) Ecklund, Denise J. (Ecklund Jr.) ' Ehlinger, Richard A. Esche, June M. Flaten, Paul R. F lath, Helen A. (Hosum) Fleming, Larry L. Gehrman, Christine (Nelson) Giersch, Mary K. ( Kreps) Gleason, Hildur M. (Oyen) Halvor, Marilyn Ann (Rasmussen) • Hartv igson, Joyce L. (Haa vik) • Hartvigson Jr., Kenneth B . • Hatlen, Roe H . • Haveman, Gerald E. Hester, Roseanna M. Howard, Linda D. (Stolee) • Howe, Margaret E. (Ogden) Isensee, Mary Jane ' Jacobson, Karen S. (Lund) • Jaech, Daniel W. Johnson, Charlotte L. Kamas, Sandra J. (Me Leod ) Kees, William H . • Kidrick, Mary (Jessup) Kolzing, Ann L. ( Ruud) Kreis, Sandra Bowdish (Bowdish) Leland, Edith M. (Monson) Leraas, Judith H. Lorenz, Gerald R. • Miller, Kenneth D. Miller, Ronald A. • Miller, Jean I. (Andrews) • Miller, Christie C. (Aasen) Moa, James A. Neilson, Helen E. (Parsons) Olson, Donna R. (Chittim) • Ostling, Karl F. Pappajohn, Rhoda C. (Miller) Paulson, Robert A. • Pederson, Cheryl Y. (Taylor) • Peeler, Eileen A. (Schutte) Perry, Albert W. • Perry, Leslie (Geer) • Peterson, Paul D. Probstfield, Margaret H. (Belgum) • Putnam, Kathleen E. (Hansen) Running, Richard B. Running, Robert E.

Ruud, Barbara A. (Schmid) • Sandberg, Myron L. Sandeno, P. Bryan ' Scha uer, Grace L. ( Kuest) Seavy, Donald K. • Siegmund Jr., D. Charles Stegmann, Donald F. Tweed, Karen L. (Stamper) Vennes, H. Lee Walters, Susan E. ( Dally) • White, Virgil ' Woodward, Shirley L. (Streeb) Wytko, David R. Zylstra, Norma A.


Class Representative Jack Oliver Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts Q





Q - tiesign4tes members of the PLU Q Oub

257 66 26% $6,831.50

And ersen, Bonnie M. ( Mac Master) • And erson, Paulette C. (Berg) Archer, Max K. • Ball, Florence ' Brunner, Charles E. Carson, Katherine J. Coplen, Tyler B. Cornils, Stephen J. Cowan, Miriam L. Dalgleish, Steven B . • Dirlam, Nancy L. (Hahn) • Duncan, Susan (Ogden) Ecklund Jr., Earl F. • Fiveland, H. Geraldine Funk, Roland D. Graham, Glen O . • Graham, Christie (Snyder) • Gray, Donald ' Habedank, Gary L. • Habedank, Kathryn A (Czyhold) • Hagedorn, G. Beth Hagerman, Jess C. • Hardtke, Dennis R. Hatlen, Beverly J. (Thompson) • Helms, Roy H. Helseth, Betty Johnson (Johnson) Holmquist, David A. Holte, Mark M. Jensen, Agnes H.L. Johnson, Franklin G. • Johnson, Kenneth A. Kees, Carolyn R. (Malde) • Kuehn, Von W. Landskov, Julie A. (Wiesner) Laursen, Reginald D. Leander, John D. • Leander, Kathleen (Axelson) • Lerch, Gary E Lind berg, Judith Marie (Johnson) Llewellyn, Mary Alice Long, George L. • Lorenz, Janet M . • Lund berg, Bruce ' Marken, Mary L. Moffitt, Faye A. Ohman, Frances O. (Johnson) Oliv er, Jack D. Ostenson, Harold T. • Ostenson, Shirley M. (Bottiger) • Parrott, Keith Paulson, Marjorie S. (Omdal) •




Peterson, Laurence A. Rasmussen, L. Fraser ' Redman, Penny M. (Porter) Rettkowski, Craig E. Roesch, Nancy C. ( Kvinsland) Rosevear, Sheryll F. ( Fredekind) Salatiello, Linda L. (Carlson) Sandeno, Jeanne c. (Rosenbladt) • Scheinuk, Judith Ann Stewart, Gordon A. Stuart, Tina L. ( Hutcheson) Swanson, Paul R. • Swenson, Carl E. Templin, John H . • Toven, lral A. (Mobroten) Turnidge, William


Class Representatives Clare and Jan (Temte) Walters Class Roll Donors Participa tion Total Gifts Q Q Q Q Q Q Q



297 85 29% $12,375.42

Andersen, Mark E. • Anderson, David L. Banker, Susan A. ( Larsen) Bauer, Sandra (Kjerstad) Biller, Peggy Ann ( lander) Bjorklund, Craig R. Blegen, Marcus J Borcherding, Rhoda J. (Larson) Buccino, Nancy E. (Me Callum) Carlson, A. Mark Christensen, Carolyn J. (Hedges) Cleland, Lynne M. (Nelson) Corliss, Kenneth J. Dalgleish, Susan K. (Haugen) • Didis, Barbara A. (Me Gavick) Ellis, Dianne K. (Brunsvold) Flatness, J. Peter Ford, Ka thleen A. (Nyquist) Garrett, Steven J. Gerken, Karen U. (Urstad) • Grat zer, Janet E. (Waiss) Hanson, Gary C. Harshman, R. Michael Hartman, Paul E. Hartman, Linda Lou (Likkel) Hedman, Alan R. Heyer, John M. Holum, Everett A. Horngren, Earl W. Huber, Walter M. Huit, Mary Ann ( Mandt ) • Kangas, Audrey K. ( Dagget t) Karlsgodt, Gregory B ' Karlsgodt, Carrol J. ( Kirby) • Kintner, John C. Larson, Larry P. Larson, Margit P. (Olsen) Leeland, Douglas E. Lemay, Norman A. • Lindeblom, Gayle E. (Tiedema n ) ' Lorentzsen, Thomas N. Magruder, Angela I. (Nicholson) Melary, Michael F . Minet ti, Gary L. Mitton, Joan E. (Fosness) • Moody, John H . • Mortensen, Richard L. Nesvig, Jonathan P. . •





Nichols, Dan R. Nyland, Dennis F. O' Brien, Ellen Kay (Strohmeyer) O' Keefe, Dorothy M. Oliver, Terry R. Pearson, David L. Peterson, Dale L. Peterson, Joe H. Ponton, Elaine F. (Shusta) Quigley, Timothy ' Quigley, Letitia A. (Burchfield) • Ramsdell, Gladys T. (Ramsdale) Robicheau, Sylvia E. (Rian) Sanden Jr., Clifford R. Saverud, Wayne P. Sears, Joyce M. (Fosness) • Shannon Jr, John P. Sheridan, Carol B. (Neumann) Simmons, Donald E. Simpson Jr., Merlin C. Skarbo, Ronald D. Staub, David W. • Staub, Lindy L. (Hovde) • Strand, Linda S. (Svendsen) Swanson, Mary E. (Greene) Templin, Sonja M. (Christensen ) ' Tetz Jr., Kenneth V. Thompson, Carol E. (jacobson) Vigeland, Karen M. ( Korsmo) • Waggoner, David S. Wallace, Marcian C. (Jacobs) Walters, Clarence P . • Waiters, Janet E. • Waters, Neil L. Way, Eileen R. (Widdifield) Weiseth, David B Weiseth, Lois C. (Hokenstad) Yokers, Katherine H. (Void) Zubalik, Yvonne M (Spencer) •

. •





Class Representative Marsha ( Stirn) White Class Roll 329 87 Donors 26% Participation $9,111.00 Total Gifts Q




Ahrens, Douglas W. Allen, Linda J. Anderson, John C. Anderson, Connie M. (Ak erblade) • Angle, Karla M. (Miller) Bea rd, Gary L. Bierwagen, Gary E. Boyd, Barbara (Anderson) Bush, Beverly Jean Campbell, Ellen Lee (Espedal) • Christianson, Vernita L. (Bliesner) • Clausen Johnson,Janet (Clausen) • Coe, Linda J. (Rude) Colbo, Robert G. Collar, Leslie D. Dauer, Theodore E. Dignon, Beth J. (Thompson) Erickson, Kent L. Finstuen, Judith M. (Anderson) Flath, Dennis L. Ford, Michael S Ford, Mary L. (Ramstad) • Fracalosy, Carol Marie (Vincent) Gerald, Laurel A. (Richards) Girvan, James T. • •

. •

* -





. •



Class Representatives David and Patsy (Davies) Johnson 413 Class Roll Donors 106 26% Participation $14,561.50 Total Gifts Q Anderson, J. Douglas ' Q Anderson, Julie Ann (Svendsen) Archer, Isabelle A. (Hoff) • Beam, David M . • Beath, Robert P. Benes, James H. Benson, Michael L. • Blanchard, Marian E. Borrud, Joyce M. (Karlstad) Brandner, M. Joyce Brauner, Pamela E. (Casaday) Brown, Mary Lou (Johnson) Bullard, Grace L. Q Bustad, Janet K. (Siblerud) Q Bustad J r., John R. •

M� }mpt(}\'� Classes. New [)ot)ors

Lugtst Nef£ain ift New OOnod {With to OI"mpre}




t mao. I


3 1"4 " t�1; 5 19M


U)3 119 lJ2 12S ' .v




+.25 +¥7 +l�

128 t� 14i S4

... (3 ...


ti�ye Brian: Ol6ntl Lyn Megbw Doug 'at Usa

�eaker �\UlC4t 6; Beth tJ · lin

Pllylfii> Otlson • • 1

Largest PU(tI)tqe, ONngep\ Nf!\\' Donors 88/39 1l9� ChU� �i� PIlll · Carlson 1 J')/'....,t 47 59 �Olson t. 198.'; tOO f2$ etass

1 94fJ 4,. 1�5

't l�

6, t'96Z

"I, t�32 a ltm 4 1974

10. 1�



l 19 'll

lJ6. 80



46 ·

141 I.2Il


Stewart, Marsha H. (Hustad) Sundberg, David K. Swanson, Isobel (Conway) Swanson, Mark A. Thomas, Barbara E. (Lentz) Thomsen, Marilyn E. Troyer, Barbara L. Trulson, David E. Turner, Violet M. Udman, Larry L. Ufer, Steven K Weswig, John M. White, Marsha R. (Stirn) Wilson, Sally E. Wise, Lydia Yost, Robert A. • Yost, Ann P . •

Girvan, Georgia A. (Stirn) • Hagerman, Rebecca ( Basler) Halvorson, Marian A. Herfindahl, David J. Hess, Jeannine D. (Movius) Hildahl, Brian P. Hoffman, Betty J. Johnson, Jerry K. Johnson, Keith D. • Johnson, Susan \ . (Richards) Kovanen, Archie E. Kroger, Ruth E. Laidlaw, Thomas A. Leake, Penny Y. (Johnson) Lindeblom, David C. • Long, Sharon L. (King) • Lorenz, Robert J . • Lorenz, Caren L. (Simdars) • Marks, Charlene D. (Kelsey) Matthias, Paul F . • Mc Kean, Michael A. Mihnos, Linda J. (Ehlert) Nesvig, Mark L. Nunn, Rosemary G. (Rieger) Oakley, John C. • Olson, Susan E. (Hackett) Ozmun, Leonard J . • Pearson, Gail R. (Roen) Pederson, John N . • Petersen, Diane M. ( Brandt) Peterson, Jill S. ( Lange) Pfaff, Barbara E. (Thrasher) Ramos, Judy A. Rasmussen, F. Lynn ( Burchfield) • Sammons, Kenneth D. Samuelson, Marsha D. (Watton) Schneider, Clifford D. • Schoening, David H . • Schoening, Christelle R. (Rose) • Skoe·Henry, Linda G (Skoe) Skofstad, James R. Steere Jr., Samuel A. Stenersen, Stanley G . • Stenersen, Sharon A. (Hillesland ) • Stevely, Margaret A. (Christopherson)




1M '41

indicates that thegifts of nulf"f"iuJ tUumni have been split betlTleen their respective clmses

"f}feo\ Hoiland Anl'la�Ue BMt.estof


Chai'f� Mays SeHy .f<elth Doug ,tf$a :Ru«ker Randy ck !eth HtmIin

1 968 Class &presentatilJe








1 970

Class '&presentative











Catc, Elizabeth A. (Fetln) C ha nc e, David L. • C h a n ey, Ju d i t h L. ( Hartvigson ) Cl)un"ell, W . Douglas Cress, La w re nc D. Downing, Gary V. Eich holtz, An gi e G. ( Ho l m ) Eklund, Bruce G . • Ek l u nd, Barbara J. ( M .) ie r) • Ell ingb o , Linda R. ( Zinglema n ) Emil o n , J o y e M . Erickson, Connie Lee (Smith) • Es , fAr! D. Fischbach, J oh n F. Flatness, James A. • Gearheard, Julie A. ( Lillebu) Ge. inger, ieh rd E. Gibs n, Cynthia L. ( Tes te rma n ) G ilber tson, Ge ral d A. Good win, Carol D. (Nord) G ra m a n n, Rob rt C. Grewenow, Ro nald D. Hanson, avid G. Herfindahl, Ann R. (Whitelock) Herman, M ilton P. H i ghla nd, Jeffrey R. H ilgers, Chris t y A. (Stevens) Hol mes, Ri hard N. H tchk iss, Sarah E. Hu hta, Ellen Kaye (Schnaible) Huling.. Richard W . • Isensee, Philip Jacob�un, Thomas L. Joernes, Nancy L. (joems) J h n �o n, David B. • Johnson, I'il tsy E. ( Davies ' Johnson, Joanne L. ( H agen) • Jobn sun, Runald C. • J orda h l, Barry L. Kaaen, Charleen M. (Strandlien) KelI r, Ja kl n V. (Cavanaugh) J(ieso ', Stephen J . Kingston- Beall, Nancy M. (Gaston) Klavano, Robert P. • Knutzen, Dinah R. (Leischner) Koch, Kris tine A. ( S w ingl ..) K hler, G ra id W. Kr use, Ro ert A . • n dd eck - isco, Jeanne C. ( L.andd k ) Law, James Lema y, Sharon M. L wanson ) • Le w i s, Kar n M. ( Knott) I indeman, William W. • Lindeman, usan ] . ( Mickt!lsen) • Livingston, Montel R. (Wagner) Lumsden, Terry E. Mug I ssen, David J . • M agels en, Penelope Mae ( Wihln) • ManOlx, Vicki L ( H a n fba u r) Mocabee, Patricia A. (Read) I 0 d y, I eludy (He riksen ) ' Moore, Barbara J�an (Calhoun ) M rrison, teven E. Muir, Marie L (Orr) Negsl d, Pau l ' Negstad, Doreen ( Davis) • Nic h ols, Bru 'e E. ieh Isort, William J. O'Brien, haran N. (Gransee) Oak l..y, Shirley Ann (Craft) • Olson, Will ia m D. " Ostrem Jr., Robert S. I' der'on, Ca t h y L (Severson) ' Re d, Lucille E. (M Kenney) Rei n ..ensmeyer, Patricia A ( Boyson) •




RlOta, Mar 'il L. (Welch) Robinson, Jay G. Ro hfor , illi m S. R05ev�ar, Fred T. Rouse, RIChard Sanford, S ndra E. Schneider, Phyllis L. ( Boo t h) " Schu h man, Thora M .


Ja m('�




lat " R.ich ard W. Stewart, Willie C. Stout, S t ep hen S t ue n, Thomas E. • S t u rd i v an t, Lois A (Sturd 'v<mt) Todd, Ralph W. Was mundt, Betty D. (johnson) Wells, A n n - M arie Wheelock, Jeanne C. W id s t een, Jaml.!s • Wigen, George Wood, Larry '

Q Kueh , Bernd



Class Roll Donors




on, J ulie K. (Taylor)

I. (MouJ , ) " Baurichter, James A. Beeker, S a m u e l F . Q Be ndic k s on , James O. " rk, Da v id 8. ' st rom, Andrew M . • Bostrom, haran J. (Lar<.g ard) • Brahm, Margaret E. ( ro�,ie) Brat lie, John D. Bradn! k, Kathy A. (Me Cos h ) Q Bryant, e l l R. .. Bryant, M a r Alice (Arneson) • Carlson, Tim th S. Q Carmichael, DaVid E. Q Carr, Judith I. (Willis) Q Collins, Catherine Ann Culver, Anke I. Cu rtiss, Randy T. Defolo, Gary D. • Defolo, Karen R. • Duminy, usan J. (Watson) Q Dykstra, John T. Emerson, Kathl en R. (Ott 'n) Q Eri ksen, John M. Ettlin, Helen L. Fi e lds, John It Q Finstuen, John N . • Q Finstuen, atherine . ( Pa rri s h ) • Flatness, Gail E. (Andl'r<;on) • F ol d o.> n , Ruby Pearl Q Foss, M ic h ael W. Frantz, J .. an D. (M.1lIrii en) Funk Jr., Clarence Ga l lag h e r, }. Brendan Gerken, Norman P . • Q in tz, lngri M. ( Knutzen) " Q in tz, Ro 1a ld L. • Q raham, Julie A n n (J Ollt'� m ) Griggs, Lawrenc e F. Hand, ,lth leetl M . ( Hassel) Q Hansen, Reger K. Ann , t!tlnin) Q Harn', Terrv ° Q I lart, K. ren E.

Q - Iktignmu � of. PW Q Club

Ba ng su n d,



hristine A.

Latimt'r, Steve T.


Q Aagesun, James w.

H ushagl'n, Deborah L. ( Herivell ' ! lusha 'cn, james M . • Isaac on. Lind" j. ( Ulvan) lellen, yn t h i a L. ( Lyster) Kidl.l. Thumas L.

Class Representative M. David Lee

Partici pa tion Total G ift

I lorne Sr., Edward L. lIuribut, (Ruud)

1\13 '<1110, Byrn<1 L • Kollar, AII.1r1 I . r u�e, Linda S. (Sherrow) •

1970 506 101 20% $9,647.42

H ,l Ug. C th>rine Milrie Ha uge, K.1 t h leen S. ( Meyer) • Hoffmann, Jean A. (Wildrick)


Le.1ke, R i ch a rd S. • Me Casl,lnd, Warren C. Miller, Jon R. • Miller, S Iveig L. (Paulson) • M o rga n, Jeffrey W. 'age� Pamela J. ( Brueckner) N f , ylvia M . Ne ig, Phili p M • i tlrlhwa -Meyer, R oge r OmdaL Mar ha J. ( De Prez) • Omdal J r., Gordon L. • art riuge, Anita L. (Trumbull) Pl'I rs o n, r� il;hard L. • Peterson, L i n da ( Lee) ' Peterson, Lee A. P lillp, b ra h a m Pottcr. regory D. Praxel, Jan t M. ( S w a n son)

Q Quinn, Richard S. • Q Quinn, Susan C. (Smith) • hodes, Pat RichMdson, Charlotte L.

(Brockman obbins, Judy Ann ( louie) Sear�, Daleo A. • loanc, onn Joyce ( Pe taj a ) Smith, Denn is G. • rtyder Jr., Wilbur ,"I. Spad<l, Ch rlottl.! E. ( Ol berg) • traub, Ri c h a rd P. Q tll" , Karl' S. ( l anheim) • Thomp r , )0.10 R. (Clore) Q Tho m pson, Mlkkel C. Q U eth, Catherine Vanderp 01, harles H. • Watness, l:ric Whitman, Ralph D . •

WIItala, Ja me r . ·


Wii�ala, Mary Ann (Wright) • Wilw , Mary E. ( Brewster) Willi:" Betty J

Q Woldse th, Mark E.

1971 Class Representative Paul Wuest Class Roll Donors Parti cipatio n Total Gifts


A1J.. re, J u h n D. Adolf, Arlis M.


Ander on,

546 123 23% $18,382.67

IIman, Ga rret t N.


, ancy A. (Wallace) All e un, Nallmi J. (Sa rv er) A"h rait, Linda Marie ( I nman) B.l n g und. David R. • i;lJrthel, Kurt R .








Baseler, Randolph S. Bellin, Dorothy J. Benson, Mary L. • Bentti, Evelyn N. (Tisdel) Berg, Paul K. Binz, Eunice A. (Lyso) • Bjerke, Jill C. (Farver) • Boleyn, Emily H. (Reitz) Bork, Jennifer Ann (Rogers) • Burr, John A. Buser, Kathy M. (Fynboe) • Carlson, Steven W. Chance, Marcia A. ( King) • Chinn, Melvin Christian, Rhoda G. Clarke, Sue K. Coates, Warren E. Crombie, Karen L. (Hanson) Dary Jr., R. Randall Deetz, Corrine E. Dormaier, Cathy L. (Corn) Eby, Ralph H Eppelsheimer, Janet E. (Dambach) Flom, Joanne C. Freitag, Gregory R. Gailfus, Janice M. Gebhard, Roger F. Gill, Sandra M. Girvan, Daniel J. Goring, Linda L . ( Cleven) Grader, Lindsay E. Granquist, Wanda L. (Boknecht) Graves, Luana Jean Gumprecht, Thomas F. Gutzler, David E . • Gutzler, Barbara M. (Finney) • Halstead, David S . • Halstead, Linda L. (Barker) • Halvorson, Lynette Joy Hansen, Karen M. ( Hendrickson) Hassett, Mary Ruth (Coleman) Heaps, Mary Ann (Key) Hemmen, Theresa E. (Yutrzenka) Houghlum, Mark D. Houghlum, Susan L. ( Van Meter) Hustad Jr., Joseph O. Jackson, Carol Bichon (Bichon) Janke, Connie S. (Stonack) Jensen, Harold C. • Joh nson, Paul D . • ohnson, Wendy M. (Jechort) • Kantor, Dennis R. Klavano, Ruth C. Knapp, Douglas S. Kreamer, Gretchen M. Larson, Carl S. Larson, Richard W. • Larson, Susan Lynn (Nelson) • Larson, Stephen M. • Lindstrom, Hans G. • indstrom, Ann K. (Widsteen) • Long, Eva E. (Swedstedt) Lyck sell, Robert L. Magnuson, Dennis L. Mancke-Kidd, Katherine (Mancke) Marsh, Michael P. • Marsh, Mary Ellen (Lind) • Masseh, Muriel Mc Vay, Robert W. Meyer, David E . • Moriguchi, Laraine N. (Inagaki) Neils, Michael J . • Neils, Cheryl E. (Frydenlund) • Neils, Ralph E. Nelsen, Gregory H. Nelson, Jon D. Ness, Glenn A. Novak, Linda A. (Turner)


..... Jmprovea CI.tles in P�e oflParticipat:iOn CIaA

m 2. 1� "Itt l'Ie ¥)8J '.11 '4 p're.l9:aa 361,\ 5. 1949 � 6. 199a lKe 7. 1931 �� IK 1 '9 1945 .$2S to 1914 2,()iI.



PhS'n;, �

Stan �1

t� � 18\9& ..

1 1930



81189 19.

... f� �

)1" � 23ti

Nugent, Dennis L. • Nugent, Margaret (Espeseth) • Olbertz, Zenon P . • Olson, Judy M. (Kopplin) Olstead, Halvar E. • Orr, Patricia M. (Mc Cammond) Ostenson, Richard C. • Ostenson, Lynn C. (Geschwind ) ' Pentik is, Anthony Photius Reichert, Eileen M. (Rue) • Reink ensmeyer, Donald C • Ries, Cheryl L. (Yancey) Roa, Linda L. (Dolph) • Rouse, Susan L. (Schillinger) • Smith, Sharon M. (Rodkey) • Sowder, Patricia A. (Sandahl) Spada, Randy L. • Stewart, Twylla L. Sturdevant, Catherine Rae (Frye) Svendsen, John A. Svend sen, Julie K. (Turner) • Swanson, Wendy O. (Lider) • Swantz, Howard L. • Swantz, Marsha L. ( Damkier) • Swenson, Larry D. Tchobanoff, Daniel K. • Tchobanoff, Doris A. (Freese) • Todd, Edward B. • Townsend, Pamela L. (Peterson) Tupack, Joy E. ( peterson) Vanderpool Kathleen E. • Vingerud, Jon A. Wall, Steven R. Watness, Kathleen J. Widsteen, Kristi (Hildahl) • Wilson, Dorothy C. Wilson, Marcia K. (Taylor) • Wuest, Paul R. • Yoo, Tae-Jung Zander, Glenn R. •

1kian ��

,.,1 ",


t.� lSIJll


Class Representative Janine Skaga Class Roll 551 Donors 117 21% Participa tion Total Gifts $17,816.50 Q Alworth Ill, Marshall H. Beam, Cynthia A. (Hildahl) • Q



� fkrifafl4 Lm Megq'W � F9'd " (liester Solie Randy. Beth � AnPIbeUe ElirkestoT Douf It Us. RuetQt





- indit;ates that thegifts uf_Tried alumni have been split between their respective cwses

Bechtold, Dianne M. Belusko, Marsha Kay (Wilson) Bendickson, Cindy C. (Johnson) ' Berg, Gayle R. (Severson) Berven, Keith A. • Berven, Dikka M. (Schnackenberg) • Bieker, Linda Jane (Sinex) Binz III, Walter E . • Bjerke, Bruce T. Boe, Arvid A. Brooks, Timothy F. • Campbell, Terry N . • Carlson, David Q. • Carlson, Flavia V. (Flaherty) • Chentow, Laurel M. (Clark) Collins, James L. Collins, Linda H. (Hammer) Dawson, Leland B. Dowell Jr., Lester R. Dugger, Paul W. • Eastman, Frederick E . • Ebert, Ann K. (Carruthers) Elhard, Robert B. Erickson, Allen C. Finseth, Terry A. • Finseth, Michele R. (Reed) ' Flink, Carlotta K. (Hildebrand) Gehrs, Robin C. (George) • Harvester, Diane D. (Smidesang) Hasselblad, Robert A. Hayes, Deborah L. (Goemaere) Helgemoe, Raymond A. Henton, Michael C. Holmer, Marcia G. (Stockstad) Homier, Beverly J. (Hyatt) Horsfall, Daniel D. • Howell, Julie Anna (Husby) Huling, Nancy ( Potthoff) • Hunziker, Conrad H.5 . • Hunziker, Dianne L. (Torgerson) • Jacobson, David L. • Jones, Larry D. •

1 972 Class






Jones, Susan L. (Swedberg) Keirsey, Kristenza D. (Van Gilder) Keller, Benjamin T. Kelly, Frankie L. Kendall, Ralph L. Kulungowski, Sarah L. (Ward) Lacko, Karen L. (Taylor) Lalonde, Ronald J. Lane, R. James Lansing, Steven H. Lemke, Joanne E. Lewis, Otis H. Lubahn, Karen L. (Cosand) Mc Dougall, Gerd-Inger (Gregersen) McFarlane, Margaret G. (Neubauer) Mochida, Joel H. Molesworth, Kristin A. (Ekstrand) Muncaster, Rebekah L. (Tolstad) Myers, Janet E. (Yeager) Nelsen, Marie Anne (Johnson) Ness, Arne ' Newburn, Margaret J. (Lamb) Newman, Mary A. Nordstrom, Robert Olbertz, Molly J. (Stuen) Ostern, Ellen C. Palm, Sven Ake Palm, Carol J. (Christensen) Parker, Douglas Patnode, Thomas J. Pearson, William A. Phelps, Sarah E. (Ramstad) Poier, Julie Ann (Kvinsland) Powell, Ronald I. Qualheim, David L. Russell, Pamela S. (Weeks) Samuels, Jack B. Sandburg, Janet E. (Snyder) • Sandburg, Kirk A Scheele, Randall D. Schiller, Charles P. Sheets, James L. SilfIow, Carolyn D. Simmelink, Edylee Suzanne (Sheridan) Skaga, Janine B. (Galbraith) Smith, Patricia A. (Cumings) Smith, David E Sorensen, Jeanette M. (Thorp) Sparacino, Linette R. Spere, Jeffrey R. Stiegermeyer, Blaine W. Strand, Mark J. Stunkard, Susan E. (Battalion) Sutton, Raelyn Swanson, Donald B Swartz, Janis L. (Metcalf) Swenddal, Philip W. Swenson, Lavern H. Swenson, Anne L. (Henderson) Swortz, Paul A. Thiebes, Nancy J. ( Lundquist) Todd, Janice c. (Peterson) Van Houten, Judith L. Veazey, Melanie J. (Jensen) Vernon, Robert L. Vernon, Diane Lynn (Bengston) ' Walk, John D. Wendt, Karon K. White, Joan M. (Weeks) Whitman, Janice M. (Greenwood) Willis Jr., H. Bruce ' Wilson, Franklin A. Wittekind, Warren D. Youngquist, Christine M. (Peterson)

Q Zimmerman, James E



1 973 CIRss



Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts







. •




. •

. •

. •

. •


Class Representatives Doug and Lisa ( Heins) Ruecker Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts


. •


. •



Anderson, David W Anderson, Judith E. Arnhold, Arthur R. Backstrom, Laurel E. (Andvik) Bakamus, William N. Bourcier, George W. Bowen, Evelyn P. (Peers) Brake, Gladys F. (Fletcher) Brown, Sharlene C. (Carlson) Bussey, Suzanne E. (Eklund) Carlson, Alix D. Christiansen Jr., Carl N. Cornils, Deborah D. Coss, Carol Lee Cowan, Sally J. (AlfIen) Croker, Katharine A. Dable, Stephen Allan Daneker, Kathleen M. Dees, Virginia (Pease) El-Kuwaiz, Abdullah I. EnSign, Mina E. Erickson, Michael J. Fjelstad, Mary E Fortier, E. Marie Furth, Leanne M. ( Scharf) • Gehrs, Daniel R. Gervais, Jo Ann Haglund, Carl Hansen, Edward W. Hauge, Joel E Herland, Douglas J. Horsfall, Katherine M. (Vodder) ' Howe, Karen L. (Fynboe) Howell, Colleen K. Hulscher, Norman F. Hult, Eleanor (Gruzenski) Hushagen, John D. • Jacobson, Marilyn M. (Stelzer) Jensen, Karen ( Randolph) • Johnson, Dennis M. Johnson, Sue E. Keefer, Carolyn Ann (Schutz) Kilcrease, Maxine M. (Wallender) Kilcrease Jr., Jack D Kilen, Kenneth G. King, Valda K. Kingston, Erin Knudson, George D. Knutson, Brandt Lanning, Kathryn A. (Arms trong -Brand t) Larson, Gwen L. Larson, Paul M Larson, Linda Lee (Wegmeyer) • Maroldo, James H. Martin, Gail A. ( Beard) Mawhinney, King Mc Call, Linda M. (Shields) Mc Donald, Jennifer A. Mc Fadden, Guy Alan Mettler, Linda E.M. (Stone) Meyer, Mark F • Meyer, Connie E Moore, Janice M. Murphy, Ronald W. . •

. •


533 96 18% $6,238.50 . •


Class Representative John Hushagen

Q Ness, Rhonda L. (Fischer) Q Olsen, Stanley G. Olson, Kathrine A. (Berg) Q Olstead, Alvina M. (Hauf) Overvold, Paul M. Palms, Patricia L Parker, Sharon R. (Ames) Phillips, Sheldon B. Q Potter, Maradee A. (Holland) Prior, Linda M. (Hammargren) Privett, Sandra J. ( Dimler) Pugh, Ingrid A. (Taylor) Putnam, Janet S. Pybon, Theresa E. (Tilton) Reed, Patricia Kay (Marsh) Q Roa, Darel A. Rowley, Dale M Self Jr., James F. Sherman, Ronald D. Q Shore, Randi (Gunderson) Skaga, Jerry K. Q Soden, Dale E Q Soden, Margaret K. ( Kringen) Starkel, Ruth M. (Smidt) Storebo, Eugene R. Q Tushkov, Walter W Vanderpool, James W. Wilder, Carrie Mae Barr (Barr) Q Willis, Ann M. (Bristol) Wins berg, Everett G Workman, Nancy L. (Johnson) Q Wuest, M. Jane (Randall) Zander, Cecilia A. (Satterthwait) ' Q Zimmerman, Sharolyn M. (Erickson) •

. •

Q - deSig1UlteS ",embers of the PLU Q Club

Alexander, Claire L. Allen, Cynthia E. (Nelson) Armstrong, Elmer C. Armstrong, Kaylyn V. ( Bockemuehl) Babbitt, Martin F. Baker, Thomas F. Barbour, Gary T. Barevics, Vilis M. Bass Jr., Silas W. Beck, Thomas A. Beck, Kathryn Marie ( Fredstrom) Berg, Brian A. Berner, Gary E. Boyd, Kristin D. (Dion) Brengle, John R. Briggs, Cheryle L. (Jung) Brooks, Martha A. • Bulger, Carolynne M. (Sanders) Burad, Rebecca A. (Nauss) Buser, L. Scott ' Campbell, Jacolyn K. (Tebbetts) Carlson, Dale R. Carlson, Kelly Lee (Wilson) Carlson, Paul B Carlson Jr., Theodore H. Carter, Robert Lewis Casteel, Robert L. •


. •


680 157 23% $17,867.08


. •


. •


Christensen, Paul O. • Christensen, Lola I. (Gammell) • Christensen, Sandy (Likkel) Clerc, Debra S. (Roscoe) Compton, Marilyn J. • Co k, James R. Cooper, Sarah Jean Dodd, Thomas H. • Drugge, Diane M. Eastman, Mary Lou (Geisler) • Edin, Richard R. Engh, Maren M. (Bailey) Everson, Marlys A. (Matter) • Fenske, Fay E. (Burnett) • Flattum, Hester Anne Fro t, David T. Gilpin, Jan L. Green, Kimberly D. Greenup, Carol Marie (Thorsness) Greenwood, David L. • Greenwood, Margaret E. • Guild, Richard W. Hanrahan, William Arthur Harrison, Becky D. (Wulf) Hazen, Logan R. Heavey Sr., Thomas R. Heim, Sandra J. (Harlin) Higgin, Sue A. (Nye) Holloway, Robert L. Hoversten, Turi Kristi Liv (Thompson) Jahnke, Brian L. Jenk ins, Ann L. Jensen, Gary L. Jensen, Lois G. Johnson, David E. • Johnson, Mark Steven · Johnson, Kathryn Adams (Adams) • Keaton, Dana E. ( Brice) Klett, Joel G. Kleyn, Margaret D. Koal, Karin (Arfsten) Krippaehne, Michelle J. (Knoph) Krumwiede, Jerry D. Kuenzi, Karen L. (Me Clellan) • Larsen, Lynn W. Lee, Elizabeth H. ( Herman) Lee, James E. Lehrle, Alicia Ann (Perkins) Lewis, Virginia A. (Shove) Liezen, Joy E. (Tuff) Long, James P. Mangano, David L. Marsh, Carolyn J. Mc Comas, Winnie MenzeL Clare Merritt, Ronald M. Mitc hell, Charles F . • Mobley III, Gordon s. Motteler II, Howard E. Moult ine, Kristin L. (Gulsrud) Mueller, Julia B. Nelson, Marianne Neptun, Daniel A. • Neumann, Glenn W. Noborikawa, Ronald M. Nohavec, Carol Ann ( Walker) O'Connell, Kevin W. Olsen, Gayle F. (Duggar) Olson, Arden J . • Olson, Deborah (Hickel) Osborne, Roger A. Osness, Richard D. Ozmun, Anne (Parkhurst) • Palombi, Barbara J. Peck, Susan J. (Sc hwarz)









Peragine, Frances A. Pershall, Susan C. (Ekelund) • Pete Jr., Harold A. Poier, Donald • Q ueen, Thomas V. • Q ueen, Jane A (Jamieson) • Randall, Patricia R. Rowley, Ellen M. ( Hieber) • Ruecker, Douglas B. • Ruecker, Lisa C. (Heins) • Saarela, Robert R. • Sackman Jr., Elmer G. Sat rum, Alice M. (Stavlo) • Satrum, Randy S . • Scherb, John P. Schlewitz, Karen L. Schmeling, Gerald J. Schmidt, David F. Schnur, David J. Schroeder, Jill R. (Tallman) • Schultz, Carolyn W. (Wilson) Schultz, Scott E. Senftleben, Barbara D. Sharratt, Gene C. Sieck man, Gail M. Skar, Sharon A. Sku binna, Tamelyn K. Sletten, James P . • Smidt, Mary L. Smith, Margaret Ann ( Dryver) • Sorensen, Allan M. Sparacino, Ronald A. • Stratton, Timothy R. • Stratton, Barbara J. (Mellish) Stump, Ann L. (Balerud) Suess, Carol S. (Hidy) • Suess, Dean R. • Swanson, Wendy L. (Hennell) Tabet, Annette Rose Tanji, Nils Y. Thomas, Brian R. Thomas, B. David • Thomas, Gale M. (Amole) • Turley, Ronald F. Turner, Nancy K. Tushkov, Suzanne E. (Staub) · Tveten, Joe E. Vrba, Diane Y. (Lloyd) Ward, Bennie E. Weichert, Alice J. Williams, Scott C. Wolf, Elizabeth Wolfe, Christine L Wong, Koi-Hung Woolley, W. Kenneth Zander, Margaret A. Z urfluh, Arthur P.










Class Representative Tracy Totten

Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts

627 102 16% $8,853.45

Anderson, Gloria M. (Anderson (Fry) • Anderson, Kathryn C. (Calfee) Arnold, G. Michael Ash, Marilyn L. (Mc Cament) Q Bennett, John A. Bjorklund, Diane E. Q Bohannon, Gail A. Brackman, Debra R. •




* ;"'''''kJ thllt theoiftJ of_rrUd 41um,,; b"w bun split between their rupuriw cltuses -

Brackman Jr., Theodore D · Brown, Thomas G. Cedarquist, Jean Louise Cling, Ann Marie (Mehlum) Coen, Ronald L. Connolly, Jo Ann (Waldschmidt) Cornett, Charlie L. Crocker, John J. Davis, Diane V. (Lund) • Dean, Aaron R. Degan, James N. Dildine, Barbara A. (Whitley) Ericson, Karin E. Evjen, Paula M. (Pudwill) Fenske, D. Craig · Fladland, James H. • Fladland, Kathleen T. (Trondsen) • Frye, Mary L. Furth, Philip K. • Granquist, Barbara Jean Grice, David M. Gronli, John V. Gunkel, William F. Hagen, Naomi L. (Lyso) Hagen, Larnalee Hairfield, Joseph H. Hamilton, Susan L. (Gatch) Hanson, Marlis M. • Harrison, Dean P. Hewett, David R. Hoback, Beverly Jo (Owens) Hollingsworth, Audrey P. • Howison, William C. Hulshouser, Robert D. Jeske, J. Stephen Johnson, George W. Johnson, Lawrence E. Johnson, Patricia A. ( Blair) • Johnston, Leo C. Jones Jr., Thomas W. Justice, Albert J. Kahle, Lynn R. • Kahle, Debra C. (Eisert) • Kucklick, Luann J. (Connole) Kuenzi, Deuane E. • Langdon, Lonnie L. Larson, Rebecca S. • Law, Ellick Chi-Lick Lunderman, Mark W. Marshburn, Jane M. (Tollack ) Mc DougalL Mark A. • Mc Keone, Patricia A. (Camuso) Meacham, Ann E. Mitchell, Barbara G. (Thompson) • Murray, Kenneth P. Nelson, Michael H. • Neptun, Wendy J. (Wilcox) • Newell, David P. Nicholson, Nancy G. (Girvan) Norman, Johnette Oksenvaag, Leif B. Olson, Kathryn M. (Lehmann) • Palm, John D. • Palm, Nancy Lee (Beam) • Pershall, Douglas A. • Peterson, Norris · Piper, Katherine (Hall) Pohlig, Helen M. Polcyn, Laura J. (Elliott) Portwood, Robert D. Putz, Renate E. Radtke, Karen D. (Byrne) Reilly, Catherine M. Reuter, Alice K. (Olson) Rhodes, Patrick W Rowberg, Donald L. • Rowland, James M.



Schroeder, Paul W. • Shilling, Gary J. Sletten, Mary C. (Mancke) • Smith, David D. • Smith, David H. Spear, Frank M. Stoffer, Mary Anne (Mc Allister) Swain, Cheryl D. (Greenstreet) Totten, Terry J. (Pfeifer) Totten, Tracy N. • Van Heuvelen, Gary · Van Heuvelen, Victoria A. (Larson) • Webster, Debra L. (Taber) Wicklin, Suzanne L. (Kiesow) • Wiegand, Beth M. (K1avano) Willis, Elizabeth E. ( Pine) • Winsberg. Deborah M. (Bomgren) Wood, Ellen M. (Madsen) • Worth, Douglas F. Yockim, James C.




1 976 Clms


Class Representative Steve Ward Class Roll 686 Donors 133 Participa tion 19% Total Gifts $11,992.38 Anderson, David W. Andrews, Pamela Y. (Monsen) Arredondo, A.R. Bailey, Brian D. Baird, Joan L. Bedingfield, Jeffrey T. • Bennett, Joyce D. (Heggem) Benton, Margaret (Beckman) Brown, Steven L. • Bryan, Oscar V. Collins, John M Compton, Bruce E. Conrad, Teresa G. (Lund) Critchlow, Susan C. Dahl, Craig A. Eades, Glenn B. Edwards, Cynthia (Wilson) Edwards, Terry W. • Elliott, Estill J. Ely, Douglas G.R. Engstrom-Lebman, Carole Rae (Engstrom) Erckert, Sarah Isabelle Everson, Robert J. • Falk, Bryan L. Fantz, Juliana (Fuesler) Farver, Carol F. Fouhy, Craig A. • Gerber, Marvin C. Gerry, David P. Gerstmann, Stephen E. Gordon, Karen E. (Mosbo) Green, Kimberlea Ann Green, Lawrence F. Gunderson, Karin E. (Longstreth) Haglund, Malia G. (Meyer) Hall, Charles F. Halvorson, Lianne Jo Hanson, Vernon L. ' Hazen, Vema J. (Powers) Hendricks, Jill ( Pfiffner) Herivel, Dianne M. (Hiett) Hinkle, Joanne Carol (Nieman)


. •

1 977 Clms







Q Hoffmann, Duane F. Howe, Donna J. (Yotty) Hoye, John R. Hunter, John M. • Q Isaacson, Linda K. ( Drugge) Isaacson, Stephen M. • Jensen, Ray R. Q Johnson, Jeffrey R. • Q Johnson, Noel T. • Johnson, Paul A. Johnson, Sandra S. (Olson) • Johnson Jr., Roderick Jones, Christopher E. Q Jung, Karen S. (Johnson) Q Kilen, Karen S. Q Kintner, Susan M. Q Klein, Cynthia Suzanne Knox, Stephen B. Kramer, Stephen P. • Kramer, Christine A. ( Berto) • Kramer-Dodd, Gay D. ( Kramer) Krause, Alan J. Q Lackey, Jon R. Lemnitzer, Eric M. Q Liljeblad, Cheryl Y. Lingerfelt, Joy A. Ludwig, Mark E. Mahoney, Janette M. (Soderstrom) Mahoney II, Thomas R Mc Allister, Jeanne M. (Bednarik) Mead, Barbara (Nemnich) Michel D. Patrick • Michel Vicki Diane (Hagen) Michelson, Fred R. Miller, Stephen R. Nelson, Mark J. Nelson, Steven G. Q Odsen, Elizabeth Ruth ( Klein) Ortiz Jr., Vincent Q Ouhl, Rick K. Pankey, Christopher S. Pate, David M. Pelis, Helen L. (Forney) Peterson, Sheryl E. (Laubach) • Pettibone, Kristine A. Powell, Gary D. Powers, Barbara L (Zornes) Quarles, John W. Reem, Kevin A. Reichert, Bruce E. Q Reigstad, Katharine A. Riley, Bruce V. Q Risda� Patti Lee Q Rowberg, Debra L. (Nicol) • Ryan, Harvey W. Saarela, Linda Ann Schmitt, Susan A. Schultz, James T. Schultz, Louis S. Q Schurman, Janette C. Seiffert, Stephen C. Sellers, George J. Shelton, Ronald L. Smith, Norene A. Snider, Rebecca R. Sorensen, Barbara Speicher, Robert E. Stark, Bernard T. Stibbe, Manfred H. Strange, Geoffrey R. Q Stringer, Susan Lee (Hildebrand) Q Stuen, Paul F. Stutzman, Susan Adams (Adams) Swift Jr, Thomas B.




. •


Thomas, Raymond G. Trautmann, Rolf ' Trautmann, Bonnie J. ( Benedetto) • Trippel Donald L. Ueunten, Paul T. Ufer, Valerie J. (Balch) · Urata, Christine J. (Erickson) Vanden Bloomen, Dennis R. Vellias, Betty J. Voss, Debra O. (Oftebro) • Wagner, Todd B. Waisanen, Linda R. Walker, James E. Ward, Steven C. Weaver, Kristi A. ( RigaU) Wigen, John R. • Wigen, Valorie A. (Andersen) ' Williams, Michael T. Willis, Mark S Willis, Peggy Lou (O'Neil) • Wilson, Susan E. ( Eckardt) Zee, Winston K Zeiger, Walt J. •

. •

. •


Class Representative Leigh Erie Class Roll 598 Donors 97 Participation 16% Total Gifts $8,554. Asato, Darrell S. Q Barnum, Scott S. Berger, Rosemary E. (Petig) Q Bingham, James M. • Bode, Debra K. (Horst) • Carlson, Jon E. Carnett, William G. • Chilcoat, Carol O. (Holden) Christophersen, Janice R. ( Krogstad) Q Collins, Sylvia L. (Negstad) • Conrad, Stephen W. · Cook, Carol E. (Schenkelberg) Corey, Ellen L. Cratsenberg, Sharon A. Crockett, Madelyn J. ( Brinkmeyer) Davis, Keith E. • Davis, Kevin R. Davis, Emily K. (Johnson) Davis Jr., Fred Deffner, Carol R. Deneen, Daniel H. Dollarhide, James C. Q Dorothy, David E. Ellis, Martha L. (Schaefer) Q Ely, Gretchen M. (Jerde) • Q Ericksen, David E. Q Erie, Janice M. (Ironside) • Q Erie, Leigh D Evans, James c. Fixsen, Dale J. Fry, Kathe A. Hafer, Anne M. (Mc Luskie) Hall Jennifer L. ( Buchholtz) Hamann, Theodore W. Q Hendricks, M.D., Mark R. • Q Herivel David N. • Hermon, Mark H. Hopkins, Edward J. Hunter, Pamela S. (Hanson) Hutchins, Linda J. (Zurbrugg) •

. •

Q 'tIesignIIus memben of the PLU Q Cltlb -


Q Baker, Brant J Q Bedingfield, Dayna T. (Todd) •

Jensen, Linda K. (Loftis)

Q Johnson, Janice E. (Marshall) • Q Johnson, Katherine A. (Lorentzsen) •

Johnson, Prentis V. Jondal, Susan M. (Lauritzen) Kennedy, Robert S . Klein, Matthew D. • Klein, Sharlene B. (Anderson) Klettke, Cindy A. Knudson, Kari L. Koopman, Walter L. Krause, Kathryn L. (Boyson) Krob, Michael L. Lawrence, Steve C. Linde, Theodore L. Luebke, Cynthia L (Sovereign) Lund, Jody S. (Watson) Lynch, And rea E. (Klett) Martin, Deborah K. (Ashley) • Mattich, Joan M. (Nelson) Mc Kenzie, Russell J. Mohlenhoff, Jack T. Molzahn, Sherianne Monsen, Diane R. (Schmitt) • Moser, Carol L. (Greer) Nash, Patrice (O'Neill) Nygaard, Judy L. (Angberg) Otto, Janis L. Pearson, Susan I. (Wood) • Pecoraro, Charlene J (Johnson) Perrault, Leo J. Peterson, Mark R. • Pierce, Billy D. Pritchard, William D. • Robbins, Deborah M. Rohde, Gary R. Sanders, Chris D. Schmiett, Patricia L. (O'Ned\) Smith, Richard L. Snyder, Ronald W. Spencer, Megan L. Splinter, David L. • Splinter, Elizabeth J. (Allen) • Stokke, Robert J. Supler, Diane L. (Cieplik) Swanson, Richard V. • Tempel, Lee W. Troyer, Richard B. Upton, Kevin L. • Voss, David A. • Wahlquist, Kathleen L. (Dunbar) Ward, Martha C. (Miller) Watson, Paul K. • Wells, Deborah A. (Ness) Willis, Brian R. • Willis, Brett R. Wusterbarth, Gary A. Zee, Peggy (Chan) • •









Class Representative John D. Specht

Class Roll 558 Donors 116 Participa tion 21% Total Gifts $11,320.65 Allen, Mark E. Allin, Bradford L. Allison, Ladd C. Amendola, Richard J. Anderson, Trina M. Anderson, Jill L. Anderson, Mary J. (Braaten)




Bentley, Edward L. Q Benton, Ronald Clark Q Billdt, Brian J. Q Billings, Donald C. • Q Bingham, Lori N. (Nicol) • Blobaum, Laura J. Q Bosch, Priscilla Braker, Regina B. Bramstedt, Jeannine M. Q Brown, Jill A. (Gjertson) • Q Bryant, Jehu Burgess Jr., Charles R. • Carlson, James C. Carnett, Jewell T. (Hamada) • Collins, M. Cook, Keith M. Cordier, Patricia L. (Dahlberg) Crawford, Mark D'Unger, Robert W. Dickey, Judith Marie (Scott) Dieter, Wade R. Q Dowell Caryl J. (Schaffter) Drage, Laurie H. (Kramer) Enselman, Kathryn L. ( Hefty) Ewen, Patricia Livia (Walker) Q Foerster, Lynn M. Q Franco, Kathleen M. Q Fredricksen, James P. Fuesler, Thomas P. Gerken, Diana L. Grahn, Vickie L. (Young) Q Hackett, Joanne F. (Flower) Q Hammerling, Roy ' Hansen, Karen K. Hansen, James P. Q Hanson, Susan (Weis) • Hartman, Richard J. Haslerud, Janet H. Q Hidy, Paul R. Himlie-Barnard, Jill D. (Himlie) Hovde, Rachel L. (Misterek) Isaacson, Kristine Marie (Ringo) • Jack son, Dennis D. Jackson-Snowden, Debra M. (Jackson) Q Johnson, David A. • Johnson, David W. • Kipp, Carrie A. Knutsen- Liebert, Karen M. (Knutsen) Lamas, Timothy J. Q Larsen, Donald E. Q Limaye, Prakash V. Litch, Randolph A. Lucht, Lester Martin, Stephen W. • Q Mattich, Peter M. • Maxwell, Charmee C. (Cowan) Mc Cracken, Benjamin T_ • McLaughlin, Leslie K. Meyer, Karen M. (Bain) Meyerhoff, Joan E. Michaelsen, Robert D. Miller, Clara M. Q Misterek, David B. • Q Monsen, Jeffrey M. • Q Morehouse, David B. Q Morris, Peter J Mueller, Linda A. Nelson, Kirk R. Pauls n, Kenneth A. Pearson, Erik R. • Peter"on, Elaine E. (Hamann) • Q Pieper, Mary L. Po lin, Deborah J. (Conner) .





Pram uk, Heidi E. (Hauge) Pritchard, Patrice A. (Weiler) • Prusinovski, Louis H Raubac her, Douglas E. • Reed, Roger K. Rippey, Jeffrey L. Rivenburg, Karen R. (Brotherston) • Rivenburg, Jon W. • Rochester, Randall R. • Rosales, Linda K. (Ferguson) Rose, Richard A. • Sackmann, Margaret (Lee) • Schafer, Kevin D. Schmidt, Paul W. Schricker, Kristin E Scott, Julia K. (Weisenborn) Sheean, Carol A. Sheek ley, Cary D. Silvey, Lynda Ramsey (Ramsey) Smith, Jeffry H. • Smith, James Francis Smock, David L. Solberg, Judith S. Specht, John D.H. • Steffen, Ann L. Stephany, Theresa M. Stirling, Elaine B. (Busby) Sugino, Michael K. Sundby, Jill M. Swanson, Christine M. (Johnson) • Tempel, Bruce L. Tuller, Allen R. Tveit, Thomas M. Upton, Janice M. (Loehden) • Vinson, Paula R. (Klassy) Walling, Christine A. (Gohsman) Wigen, Janell D. Wilson, Donald W. Zaichkin, Jeanette I . (Goodnow) •


Class Representative Lorraine (Larsen) Bonaldi Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts Q



indicRUs that thegifts of mRrrkd tUum'J; hapr wrn split betrPun their respective ,/asses

574 96 17% $7,080.50

Albee, Mark W. • AmorOSi, Gayle French (French) Anderson, Brian D. Anderson, Synneva A. ( Hustoft) Andres, Beth A. (Youngquist) Arand, Elizabeth B. (Sundell) Artis, David E. Babayan, Brenda D. ( Huber) Baker, Barbara Stilwell (Stilwell) Bankson, James P. Beebe, Valerie L. ( Kaufman) Benevento, Larry Black, Jean R. (Fedenk) Blair, Bonnie M. (Coughlin) Block, Gail A. (Gordon) Bonaldi, Lorraine K. (Larsen) Brocker, Mark S. • Brog, Gary B. Burgess, Saundra J. (Davis) • Carr, Jodine A. (Daniels) Caulk ins, Robert L. • Cavness, Cathy M. (Mc Cready)


1 978

Class Representative '



Q Chase, Michael ,. Q Clark, Lori J. (Huseth) Cole, Jeri D. (Schjei) Q Copeland, Maria-Alma (Rainey) Q Craig, Jeffrey ' Daugs, Susan M. (Young) Davis, Kevin E. • Donnelly, Ma.rylyn E. Enger, Sharon C. Evenson, Christine Kay Fjelstad, Stephen O Fontaine, Becky A. ( H u ko) Forsberg, Leslie M. Franklin, Debra K. Q French, Charles L. Q Hammerling, Margaret E. (Ekberg) • Harrison, Kathleen M. ( KnapJr) Hart, Sumie • Hart Jr., Jesse ' Q Haugen, Karin E. Haupt, Mary Elis ' Heins, Derek L. Honeycutt, Jennifer H. (Kyllo) Jaedicke, Suzanne M. Jerde, Dwight D. • Jerde, Debra L. (Kenagy) • Q Johnson, Douglas L. Juzeler, Sarah J. (Gray) King, Thomas P. Q Kissinger, Robert D. Q Knapp, David A. • Koetje, Alana J. Q Kramer, Paul J. Q Kratzke, Robert A. Q Kronlund, Scott F. Lindblad, Randy E . • Lindblad, Tara A. (Otonicar) • Lirette, Anthony J. Lum, Nancy E. Q Martin, David L. Mathews, Julie E. (Groh) Mc Intyre, Robert B. Q Mc Kanna, Douglas E. Meland, Carole L. Mendoza, Michael D. Miller, Bernard P . Q Misterek, Mari K . (ti..:<eth) • Q Natwick, Michael B. Nesvig, Natalie M. (Juhl) • Nickolaus, Donald O. Padavich, Amy L. (Gutschmidt) Perala, Marvin E. Petersen, Kevin M. Pihl, Arne R. Q Raubacher, J. Diane (Massey) • Raymond, Rebecca M. (Haig) Running, Stephanie R. (Olsen) • Q Schafer, Evelyn J. Schmidt, Kathryn (Ellerby) • Q Severtson, Nancy A. • Sheets, Floyd W. Sid ie, Sandra G. (Gollofon) Q Smith, Susan R. (Rieke) • Smith, Verna K. Strain, Thomas F. Stubsten, Pamela R. Q Tolles, Steffan R. • Trageser, David P. Visser, Rhonda L. Vozenilek, Thomas J. Warsinske, Robyn A. White, Eugene R. White, Vieci D. Wilkenson, Thomas H. Wing, Sarah W. Wusterbarth, James W. . •

1 985 Clim



Class Roll Donors Part icipa tion Total Gifts

Q - tksign4tes "JmJben a/the PLU Q Club

579 94 16% $6,545.00

Albee, Ingrid K. (ft>hannessen) • Q AU rd Jr., Lionel D. Analco, aro1 A. ( Langs t n ) Anderson, Jod!.'nl' L Anderson, Kevin A. Arnold, Jane L (Nordling) Babcock, Ruth A. Bartkowski, John F. Bjorneby, Ladd G. Bottomley, Kal Brinkmeyer, Donna D. Q Brocker, Donna R • Br oc k e r, Lori ' Carlson, Nancy S. • Carlstr m, Elsa M. C sey, Kath ryn C. (Tvei t ) Q Cofch i n, leven C . • Co u c h, Fra J... A. Craig, R nert H. Q Curti , Daniel K. D ughert " Connie M. ( K10JrSch) Dowell, J h K. Dukes, Jean A. Edmonds, P et r D. Ii en, l a rk G. Evans, Michael Evans, Cynthia J. (! la ns TI) ' Fa u n c e, Maryann (Zehnder) Frank, Robert W Q Funfut, James A. Hager, Edward A. Hatcher, har! s M. Hatlen, Mary M. ( Fish) • Q Haueisen, Barbara A. Herdman, Stephen C. Hewett, Sally j. i1I�, Christ pher M. Holland, Karin . ( aibert) ' Holland Jr., Robert E . • ne E. Q Hoseth, J Q Host tter, Gregory Jenson, Bradley D. • Johnson, Timothy ' John n, Margo E, (Stuen) • Kamphausen, aroline K. Q Kilb rn , Sherrie S. Ko kJ, James R. Lmsverk, Marvin 0 I.e t r 111, Robert B. Lieppman, Franci ea E. (Wery) Und I, W. Michael Q Me Manus, Patricia B. Meyer, Patricia AE. Q Mitchell, Cary M. Q Nelson, K nneth P Q Neslegard, Rick R. Neuield, Da id B, • Nolan, Cry tal A. OIl'ndorf, J an M. (La Munyon) Isen, Erie J. Peter�on, Jod R. Peterson, Dolores C. Petramalo, TIlomas M. Ramsey, hirley M. R odg ers, Robert O. • Row erg. Kathryn L. Rudd, Marianne (Worth) unning, Eric W Sackmann, aul T. • S<lhlberg, R. Douglas •

. •


Sa nder, Susan B. (Steen) Schmidt. Randall D Schoenberg, Mic elle D. S i mo nson, Jill . ( obinett ) . Skibiel. Di,ma A. Smith, Richard A. S ow, Stephen W. Southard, 0 vid A. Specht, Naomi A. (Carlsen) • Staudinger, Mleh el C. Stephan, N ,1 cy L. Stevahn, Laurel A. Strom, Elll'n J. (Stenerson) • Strom, Pet l' G. Stubsten, Douglas W. Swans n, M. rk E. Tada, Jennifer Tuohino, Kent Van Gundy, I<ari L. (Shultz) Veis, Kirk M. Walker, Zoya S. (Sobolev) Westering, usan K. (Krutz) • W i ck e. n �, Kolle n S. (Barnard) Wick lin, tewart 1. •



Wood, Elizabeth , .

Zaichkin, Dana L.


Class Re presentative Steven J. Melton CIa S Roll Donors Parti ipa ti n Total Gifts

627 10 17 $6,932.50

Amburgy, Kimberly Ann Q Beake, J n M, Bellamy, Michel Y. (Knighton) Be rg, Ellen Lakey ( Lakey) Blake, Amy L. Blank, Randall A. mom, Ka . L. ampbell, Jonette I. (Jerin) Q Caulkins, Lisa R. • Q Cofehin, Cathy (Sorensen) • Q Colburn, Tammy I. (Knutzen) Crume, Susan K. ( Folsom) Cullum, C. Munro • Cullum, Heike (Wilhelm) • Curl, Jane L. Oalenberg. Douglas R. DaLenberg. Kristi E. (Strandjord) • Davis, Nancy L. (Risdal) Q Dou g lass, Mark F . • Q Draeger, Scott D. Eastabrook, Beth Ann (Beyers) Eisert, Shannon M. (Robinson) Fairl y, Donald S. o ler, Jeanette S. Fri sz, D ia n a F. ( angtwait) Gibbs, Christine LGoh!, Robert C. Gorman, Patrick D. • Guenther, Lisa R. Guzdar, "Rohintan Haney, Connie L. Hanson, Richard K. HatLen, Joel S . • Hickman, Jane Holtzapple, Susan A. (Koset) Humphries, Lesley A. ( Furgurson) lams, Karl B Jenson, Cy n th ia F. (Wandersee) • •

Q Johnson, Ann M. (Ristuben) •

Johnson, Sharon Kagele, Steven F. Kessler, Scott Kiehl. Andrea M. Klein, David M. Koehler, Thomas J. Korsness, Susan L. Kristensen, Scott · Kristensen, Anne E. ( Kipfer) Lansverk, Kay E ( Landerholm) • Larson, Curtis J. Lawson, David C. • Lehmann, Devin J. • Lehmann, Sherry L. (Kenagy) Mabry, Kevin W Macan, Luann E. Madsen, Heidi L. Majar, Melissa A. Martin-Schramm, James B. • Mc Cloud, Jacqueline G. Mc Lean, Clark E. Mc Rae Brown, Sara (Mc Rae) Melton, Steven J. Morris, Rene' M. (Yoakum) · Moshofsky, Susan (Vaughan) Moss, Anne E. Naumc Hik, Lewis C. Nelson, Anita Marie (Amburn) • Nelson, Drew D. Nelson, Maren L. Nielsen, Ingrid R. Nikolaisen, Julie I. Olsen, Diane C. (Van Vleet) Olson, Mary (Boyd) Parker, Nancy Meyer (Meyer) Parris, Vonda Broom (Broom) Paul, Marcie L. (Phillips) Pederson, Mark C. Phillips, Dean E. • Phillips, Susan L. (Lee) • Pinning, Ann L. (Mayer) • Pinning, Steven C. • Plaks, Arved Renn, Diana M. Grande (Grande) Rieke, Stephen H. Rochester, Marjie E. (Anderson) • Rountree, William E. Sauer, David A. Schaefer, Charles G. • Simonson, Dale K. • Smith, Stephen L. Sousley, Judy R. Stahler, Miriam E. Steadham, Kathryn E. Stern, Charlotte H. Stoecklin, Karen Stone, Kelley K. (Paulson) Strelow, Dan R. Tennesen, Darin L. Tolles, Carol ( Marsh) • Traphagan, Jan M. Tr� Debra L. Udbye, Kari J. (Pederson) Waller-Mabry, Kathlene S. (Waller) Walton, Kristine E. (Kyllo) Wick, Douglas E Wold, Karen J. Young, Chip B. Zimmermann, Diane I. (Gaarder) •

Q -Q Q Q




Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts














689 135 20% $12,458.83

Arbaugh, David C. Ausenhus, Scott Ausenhus, Mary Kay (Swanson) Baldwin, Kristen A. (Moerer) Barnes, Steven L. Bassani, Cary Beckmeyer, Susan Diane (Olsen) Beke-Mohammadi, Hossain Bekemeier, Lois E. (Huber) BickeL Darryl Bliss, Karen L. Boeger, Lynne A. Bolden, Jo Ann Brammer, Suzanne W. (Westland) Brassey, Paul D. Bruce, Barbara J. (Beck) Bublitz, David Carrillo, Monte D. Chase, Joanne E. (Olson) Chesnutt, Mark S. Clouse, Douglas P. Collard, Paul G. Cooper, Bruce E. Corner, Susan D'Vaz, Dorothy M. Davis, Mark R. • Dewitt, Bill B. Dolan, Susan M. Drewes, Timothy D. Eckard, L. Paul Endicott, Mary Margret (Lewis) Feldmann, John S. Fetter, Heather J. (Townsend) Forbes, Tami L. (Sinderson) Fortiner, Priscilla A. Fouhy, Kristi A. (Weaver) Gard, Daniel C. Garrett, Ronald M. Griffith, Marie I. Grippin, Linda J. Groh, Brandt P. Gunovich, David E. Hagge, Linda M. (Erickson) Halley, Joan E. Hamilton, Craig R. • Harkins, Dan Haskins, Paula P. (Monteith) Hatlen, Mark D Henry, Annette C. (Peterson) Hile, Theodore C. Hoffman, Charles Hollinshead, Marie R. Hoover, Carla J. Hubbard, Laurie A. Isaacson, Lynn Jacobson, Steven C. Johnson, Jean C. Johnson, Martin A. Johnson, Kathy L. Kasler, Jeffrey E. Kasler, Lori (Laufman) Kelley, Estelle M. Larson, Karl E. Lawson, Kimberly S. (Ross) Lehman, Marianne B. Lemley, David P.


. •


. •

. •




. •



. •


. •


• -


. •

Lider, Kirk G Lider, Carol (Boose) Macan-Wightman, Lauren E. (Macan) Mandt, Mark E. Marth, Paul Martin, Lisa A. (Brekke) Martin-Schramm, Karen B. (Schramm) Mc C1uskey, Brian J Me Cluskey, Meagan (Mc Dougall) • Mc Entyre, Anita M. Michael, Cynthia Ann Mogen, Randall C. Motteler, Barbara J. (Herzog) Neils, Scott R. Nelson, Peter R. Olson, Russel E. Paddleford, James D. Parkerson, George W. Pederson, Robin G. (Yost) Plattner, Raymond L. Plows, Mike M. Ponnikas, Marilyn Potts, Aaron M. Price, Deanna Ray, Chidori S. Reidy, Kenneth E. Reiten, Nina J. Rider, Meri L. (Hanson) Rieke, Eileen Mary ( Brandenburg) • RingdahL Kerstin E. Robinson, Cynthia L. (West) Roe, Kaaren M. Ruth, Karen R. (Selby) Rutledge, Janet L. Scott, Steven C. Shultz, Chris D. • Shultz, Cindy A. • Sledge, Jerry E. Smith, Janet N. (Nielsen) Smith, Janet E. Straume, Steven E. Swenson, Patrick J. Syverstad, Paullet A. Taylor, Susan G. (Pemberton) Thomas, Eric L. Thompson, Sandra J. (Mueller) Thompson, Louise Thompson Jr., James V Tiede, Joan T. (Silflow) Van Roon, Leesie Anne (Assam) Vickrey, Jamie Vitalich, Stephen L.F. Voss, Lise M. Walton III, J. Jeffrey ' Warren, Garth ' Warren, Naomi J. ( Krippaehne) Westering, Scott E. • West miller, Michael J. Wheaton, Mary L. Wick, Julie R. • Wightman, Gregory J Willbee, Jeanelle E. (Russell) Williams, Joy L. Williamson, Craig Willow, Wendy B. Woolsey, Tami L. Wright, Ruth A. (Fischer) Yoakum, Randy ' Yoakum, Sandra Jean (Nelson) . •

Class Representative Mark Davis

Q Lester, Mark S

indicates that thegifts ofm111'Iud alumni have bem split between their respective classes

1 982 Class




Class Representative Brian C. Olson Class Roll Donors Participat ion Total Gifts



Q 1 983 Class







699 128 18% $8,581.50

Amble, Ann C. (Baughman) Anderson, Peter C. Bailey, Roland C. Bateman, Joan P. Baxter, Todd G. Betts, Cynthia A. Bierman, Lisa M. (Hicks) Bode, Daniel W. • Bork, Steven C. Brink, Terry L. Brosten, Robanna Carlson, Stephen P. Clark, Timothy E. Coltom, David R. • Condreay, Angela L. (Clark) Curtis-Buss, Gerald D. • Dahl, Torre A. (Sagvold) Davidson, Harry L. Donovan, Patrick N. Dostal, Karen E. (Stakkestad) Douglass, Teresa L. (Grambo) ' Dubois, Judy A. Dugger, Linda • Dugger, Margaret M. Dyer, Becky Lynne ( Bowers) Eastby, Jeff L. Elford, Catherine Ensor, Cheryl R. Evenson, Melodee Fay Fjelstad, Carolyn A. (Ralph) • Flodin, Michael S. Foss, Joseph Franke, Paige E. Fregeau, Wilfred A. Gazdik, Cheryl A. (Mathisen) Glaser, Nicola M. Gomulkiewicz, Robert Griffin, Philip L. Grigsby, Jennifer D. Gruhl, Ivan P. G u tmann, Linda Hamilton, Jill (Murray) • Hansen, Idell (Emery) Harrington, Lisa R. (Ritthaler) Haryn, Barbara A. Hester, Mark D. Hill, Sandra L. Hoffmeister, Mark G. Hogan, Betty M. Hoglund, Teresa J. Hoover, Cynthia L. Hovda, Beverly J. ( Berard) Hurdelbrink, Kathryn E. Irmler, Camille R. Iverson, Jr., Roger L. • Jasper, Robert J. Johnson, Mark J. Johnson, Joel A. Kent, Bruce D. Kent, Dawn A. (Bauer) • Ketcham, Richard L. Kingsley, Torn V. Kirkhart, Janet L. (Redmond) KIaar, Jens Koetje, Randal V. Krueger, Kevin D.

Q Larson, Michael E. Q Lester, Laura A. • Q Q Q Q






Lind berg, Karla R. Love, Gregory W. • Lucky, Cheryl (Ulleland) • Mangan, Brendan T. Martin, Drew G. Matson, Sara Mays, Sandra J. (Erickson) • Mc Daid, Helen M. Mc Nally, Joy M. Mc Namara, Michael G. Melling, Alice K. Miller, Jennie C. Millett, Michelle L. Mitchell, Michael L. Nelson, Pamela M. (Morelli) • Nesselquist, Kim Nokleberg, John J. • Norman, Bruce A. Norman, Craig A. Olsen, Bruce R. • Olsen, Pamela A. (Carlson) • Olson, Brian C. • Olson, David G. Olson, Randy L. Otterson, Sally A. Peterson, Nancy L. Polly, Jeanmarie (Aaron) Pomerenk, Julia A. Rea, Marla L. (Patchell (Mrs.» Rose, J udith N. (Meteyer) ' Rothi, Paul A. Rusmussen, Jeanine M. (Case) Sanford, Kathleen D. (Smith) Sather, Becky A. (Husby) Scheibe, James A. Schot, Philip K. • Schot, Karla K. (Hovland) • Schultz, Katherine A. Sheriff Jr., Fred J. Siefert, Steven W. Stoner, Kenneth H. Stromberg, Deborah S. (Consear) Tacey, Robert A. Taylor, Martin S. • Thomas, R. Dale Trainer, Robert F. Tvedt, Kristi Bosch (Bosch) Udbye, Andreas • Wainscott, Craig B. • Wainscott, Aya S. (Blow) ' Weathermon, Karen L. Wescott, Steven M. • White, Barbara A. Wilson, Lori A. (Soderlund) Wold, Kathryn I. Wollum, Owen L. Wright, Craig L. • Yokoyama, Midori Yorozu, Akira Young, Bessie A. Yuen, Sandra L. (Wong) Zarone, Elizabeth Hewes (Hewes)


Class Representative John S. Korsmo Jr. Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q



Q - 1lesign4tes members of the PLU Q Dub


610 107 18% $7,817.50

Allphin, Jackie J. Amos, Thomas E. • Anderson, Eric L. • Anderson, Nancy Ann (Stern) Armstrong, Debra L. Bacon, Gregory D. Barker, Janice c. Borneman, Jane L. Boze, Sheila M. Bundick, Michael P. Campbell, Stanford J. Christofferson, Mark A Clark, Janine S. Corey, Candace M. (Coats) Curtis-Buss, Pamela (Curtis) • Dahl, Gary B. Day, Frank J. Dill, George D. Dudley, Duane E. Dumas, Michael S. • Dumestre, Gretchen A. (Geldaker) Edgerton, Charles W. Edgerton, Kathryn M. (Hocson) Elliot, Gwen D. Carlson (Carlson) Falk, Mark R. Fjelstad, Eric J. • Gaines, Donald E. Gatewood, Carol A. Gray, Kevin L. Grieger, David T. Haas, Catherine M Hamilton, Janna D. Hammond, Joan E. Hanson, Timothy A. Hart, Julie A. Hartley, Susan C. (Wobig) Hatlen, Mary R. (Zitzewitz) ' Haugen, Michael T. Hoffman, Darcy R. (Johnson) Hofmann, Dianna L. (Mc Gee) Ingvaldsen, Trond • Jaeger, Joanne L. Kittilsby, Kim H. Kittilsby, Lisa (Miles) • Kittilsby, Timothy • Korsmo, Jr., John S. Kowitz, Julie A. (Simonson) Kraft, C. Todd Kraiger, Cynthia E. Kronnagel, Julius N. Kunkle, Anne M. (Jenck) Kvale, Kristine A. Laubach, Lori Laubach, Brian C. Lear, Barbara J. Lemley, Janie (Prokopowich) • Lewis, Melinda S. Lick, Sharon L. Lindstrand, Joanne M. Lindstrom, Laine E. Liera, Kandice V. (Koch) Lucky, Stephen P. • Lunde, Ian D. Mackintosh, Linda L. Maloy, Scott D. Mathisen, Susan R. Maurins, Jon V. • •





Mc lalwain, Douglas j. Milliren, janel L. (johnson) Miyamura, Lyle Y. Modahl, K. Pene (Erickson) Moe, Julie E. Motoyama, Stacie-Dee Nelson, Heidi C. Nelson, Britt M. ( Hansen) • Neuder, Steven R. Neufeld, Kristin (Glasoe) • Olson, Randall E. Peters, Connie L. Peterson, William E. Plinke, Brenda (Faulstich) Poulshock, Joseph W. Pulliam, Elizabeth A. Rapp, Greg Regis, Roy A. • Regis, Margaret T. (Upton) • Rice, Gail J. Saito, Jan N. Sallee, Susan M. ( Baur) Saiter, Linda J. Sargent, William j. Savage, Lowell C. Savin, Jazelle B. ( Budlong) SenseI, Shirley J. (Rayburn) Sienko, Cindy L. Smith, Roma L. ( Blackman) Spangenberg, Ruth A. Spry, Linda I. ( Ebeling) Steelquist, Mark A. Stock well, Jonathan J. Swenson-Moore, Karin M. (Swenson) Takara, Scott I. Thomas, Sherri K Thompson, Preston W. Tobin, Beth E. (Williams) Totten, Robin L. (Shockley) Voss, Bruce D. Wescott, G. Jane ' Weyers, Francois R. Williams, Jacquelyn G. (Hughes) Williams, Joseph M. Williams, Gary P. Wit mer, Daniel P. Wusterbarth, Connie A. . •


Class Representatives Randy and Beth ( HaUen) Hamlin Class Roll 687 Donors 141 Participation 21% Total Gifts $9,572.97

Q Q Q Q Q Q • -

Allen, Erik D. Andersen, Dean E. Anderson, Alan G. • Anderson, Marilyn K. (Richardson) • Arbaugh, james D. • Arbaugh, Linda J. ( Lust) • Arbaugh, Karl E. Aughnay, Monica M. Axness, Jennifer L. Bahr, Cindy Baier, Angela L. (Putz) • Baier, Thomas R. • Baker, Bradley D. • Baker, Sherry A. (Zeiler) • Be Miller, Linda E. (Panik) Bergeson, Matthew L.





Besel, Sandra K. Birkeland, Philip W. Biteman, Scott E. Bjornson, Julie A. Bodeau, Joyce M. ( Bridges) Bouterse, Phillip M. Bradbury, Susan S. Brauen, Rick Brinias, Shannon Brink-Ka iser, Antje E. ( Brink) Britt, Robert W. Busby, Daniel j. Camp, Sandra B. Cartledge, Rosa Cass, David A. Chance, Craig D. Charlton, Michelle D. (Clemence) Chiaravallotti, Kristi (Running) Clarkson, John Coble, Judith Tokiko (Tokiko) Cody, Erick A. Coltom, Don • Coltom, Nancy J . • Coltom, Robbin L. (Asbjornsen) • Craig, Darla K. ( Berg) • Crowe, Denise (Stoaks) Cummings, Catherine (Tucker) Dalenberg, Donald E . • Dalenberg, Deborah S. (Martin) • Davie, Marilyn G. Dittman, Frances M. (Terry) Dunlap, Leslie H. Dworschak, David W. Dziedzic Easter, Charmaine C. (Dziedzic Emery, Richard F. Engstrom, Elisabeth L. (Johanson) Folsom, Keith E. Gales, Woogena R. (Claybourne) Ganung, Jeffrey E Gardner, Douglas R. Garvey, Alan J. Gelegonya-Babare, Evelyn I. Giltner, Todd D Goulet, Krista K. (Root) Gre�or, Paul Grier, Christine L. (Coleman) Gunderson, Ann M. (Lochtie) Gustafson, David L. Halvorson, Michael J. Hamlin, Beth B. (Hatlen) • Hamlin, Randy ' Hansen, Roberta C. Haugen, Paul D. Hayes, Tom M. Hefty, Mary L. Higgins, Scott K. Higgins, Louise F. (Mc Donald) ' Hoffart, Theresa E. Hovland, Patrice L. Howe, William G. Huestis, Sharon Huff, Robert L. Hull, Karel L. Irvin, Marie E. Jacobson, Kurt Jansure, Raymond W. Johnson, james M. johnson, Lawrence E. johnson, Richard F. Kerns, Joseph E. Kessler, Charles C. Kjenner, Christine Krebs, Kurt J. Ladderud, Jean N. . •

. •














Langeland, Elizabeth Larson, Timothy J. Lavelle, Robin A. Lindborg, Elise D. Luce, Jean M. Mar.;h, Roberta Marshall, Stacia G. (Edmunds) Martin, Patricia G. (Price) Merrill, Sandra E. Miller, Bruce E. Miller, Connie J. (Eliason) • Monroe, Marcia A. Montgomery, Dorena J. ( Hollibaugh) Nelson, Michael D. • Nelson, Kurt Alan Nishi, Ron H. Nokleberg, Lisa M. (Roleder) Ostendorf, Leanne M. Panko, John E. Peterson, Piper Pi hI, Andrea L. Poliquin, Gerard S. Politte, Carol A. Polk, David C. Pribilsky, Kevin A. Pribilsky, Kirsten A. ( Peterson) Price, Jocelyn L. Regge, Janet K. (Olden) Repp, Melita A. ( Hall) Rhoades-Ingvaldsen, Catherine ( Rhoades) • Schlepp, Douglas C. Schuppe, Deborah K. (Thurston) Shaw, Christine Shierk, Lillian R. (Cullen) Shoup, jennifer Smith, Lynnita K. Smith, Kathryn S. Smith, Jeffery S. Sorensen, Joan E. Standal, Todd W. Stewart, Todd T. Stockdale, Bryan K. Stone, Sharon E. (Gilleland) Strege, Timothy M. Taupin, Olivier G. Taylor, Caren Linn (Linn) Todd, Mike I. ' Todd, Kerri Lynn (Cole) ' Toschi, Robyn L. (Sharp) Tracht, Neil T. Viebrock, Cameon K. Wachtel, Dianna L. Warren, Kristine L. ( Houglum) Watts, Lucy A. Wilson, Patricia J. (Hillman) Winters, Douglas J. Zier, Beth I. (Coughlin)

indiclltes thllt thegifts ofmllrried Rlumni have been split between their respective classes

1 985 Class Rcprcsentati11e



Class Representative Drex Zimmerman Class Roll Donors Partic ipa tion Total Gifts

698 143 21% $8,489.50

Adams, Kristine A. (Johnson)

Q Agather, Rolf J.

AI-Refai, Ahmad Sayed Amblad, Alice (Urguhart) Amend, Christopher Todd Amos, Gretchen M. (Playle) • Amoth, Kevin D. • Anderson, Myrna L. (Botting) • Ballard, Patrice R. (Peterson) Bankhead, Diana L. (Schiesser) Bauer, Richard C. Ben ton, Valerie J. Benton, Cynthia D. (Vincent) Bettinger, Denise E. (Stelling) Blegen, Peggy J. (Sokolik) • Blocher, Bruce K. Borg, Jamin P. Bossio, Bradley M. • Bossio, Jennifer A. (Linham) • Boyles, Terri D. (Merrel) Brown, Edward C. Brown, James P. Brown, Karin M. (Johnson) Burk, Kathleen E. Busey, Miriam L. (Anderson) Carlson, Rushton Carlson, David E. Carlson, Douglas O. Clark, Petra W.A. (Pfeifer) Cook, Ronald W. Coy, Anna M. Cupler, Roy E. Dahlstrom, Jonathan H. Daugherty, Kaaren L. (Hefty) • Daugherty, Todd R. • Delap, Jill Ann Delgadillo, Ignacio M. Douglass, Peter J. Dudley, Jo Ann Duncan, Susan E. ( Oliver) Durr, David S. Egtvedt-Smith, Lisa H. (Egtvedt) Eibel, Mark J. Farris, Janice M. Flaten, Timothy J. Frederick, Sandra M. (Espeland) Fujita, Kiyotada Gandhi, Tereasa A. Gearhart, Thomas Giglietta, Sandra T. Giltner, Julie K. (Wicks) • Glaser, Brendan L. Griessmeyer, Elke I. Grigsby, Paul H. Gunnerson, Kathryn M. Gustafson, Kevin L. Haakons, Judy E. Hample, Brent H. Hancock, Anne E. (Martinson) Hansen, Sharon L. (Alton) Haskins, Mark S. • Hedges, Karen A. (Johnson) Heussman, Nancy J. ( Hirz) • Hickman, Sharon D. • Hoffman, Amy K. (Conrad) • Hoffman, Mark C. • Houk, Karla M. ( Krebs)



Class Representative 1 987











Ihle, Matthew M. • llika, James F. Iverson, Cynthia (Banken) • Jackson, Michael D. Jensen, Chery� S. Johnson, Mark P. Johnson, Kevin M. Keller, Evelyn J . (Wallace) • Kitt, Janet L. Ko, Jeongseog Lamb, John C. • Lamb, Danelle L. • Larson, Gary Kenneth Lilly, Jac.queline S. Lindbo, John A. Long, Anne L. (Bernert) Love, Julie Anderson (Anderson) • Marks, Donald B. Maurins, Corrine Lee (Calvo) • Mc Crack en, Ellen M. (Govig) • Mc Donald, Joyce Lynn (Fiedler) Mc Gregor, Kevin R. Menz, Elizabeth Ann Menzel, Scott A. • Menzel, Susan L. (Koenig) • Miller, Ann Larson (Larson) Milnor, Karen A. Morgan, David T. Murphy, Kathleen A. Nesset, Marlys J. Nishimura, Mamoru Noll, Mark R. Norberg, Andrea M. (Berg) Olsen, Eric B. Orahood, Bradley E. Ostrander, M. Todd ' Ostrander, Krista L. • Park er, Michael J. Patience, Troy H. Peters, Lori J. Peterson, Barbara C. Pinkham, Gay Ann Pinto, Carey (Stakkestad) • Pinto, Dean G. • Potts, Natalie L. Powell, Diane (Eastman) Puzey, Craig J. Rains, Julie Alicia Reus, Diane M. Rieke, Marcus H. • Ristuben, Erik P. • Ristuben, Susan R. (Smith) • Rodgers, Carol Elaine (Musselman) • Rodin, Carol J.5. (Strand) Rodin, Jon E. Roller, Georgine J. (Johnson) Rose, Lois M. Rothwell, Jane T. Rutledge, Donald W. • Saathoff, Thomas S. • Saathoff, Jennifer L. • Seo, Lorene Chiemi Shaw, Karen R. Sparling, John M. Stamper, Dana M. Steen, Karen M. (Bell) Steves, David P. • Steves, Sonja G. (Ostrom) • Stewart, Therese J. Struss, Jay Kirby Tigges, Christine Marie (Urda) • Tigges, Jon B . • Tonning, Kirsten V. Torvik, Knut • Turpin-Watson, Theresa M. (Turpin) •

Twenhafel, Gay Lynn

Q Vial, Barbara A.


Walker, Robert N. • Walker, Kari R. • Webb, Sue A. (Adams) Weinman, Kristen M. West, Petra M. (Morris) White, Judith E. Wildermuth, Dan L. Zimmerman, Drex F.


Class Representative Jennifer (Price) Good Class Roll 786 Donors 125 Participation 16% Total Gifts $6,699.50






Addy, Deanne M. Ahrendt, Whitney L. Allen, Jeffrey E. Allerton, Robin M. Amoth, Merry J. (Bu tler) • Arnold, John B. Ashley, Jo Anne Bailey, Pamela A. (Gargas) Baker, Barry T. Barrett, Erik A. Baur, Lauri!! A. Blaisdell, Mark T. Bowles, Katherine L. Bradley, Shelley M. (Jackson) Brewer, Marjorie Brown, Tamara R. (Parker) • Brunner, Ruth I. Burkart, Christina M. Burks, Ruth E. (Unger) Caemmerer, Michael P. Calhoun, Karen C. Calle, Guillermo A. Carlson, Luther N. Carmichael, Todd M. Carr, John T. • Claudio, Jose R. Click, Molly S. (Wheeler) Coltrin, Peggy J . Cox, Gregory S. Craft, Carol (Medley) Craig, Jay P. Dammann, Shirlee M. Davis, Gretchen S. Deal, Bruce ' Deal, Bruce F. Deboer, Kristen L. Dickason, Laurel A. (Olexer) Dohe, Brian Du mas, Yolanda C. (Medina) ' Eide, Alexia Sigrid Elston, Michelle A. (Lyda) • Fields, Elizabeth A. (Bryden) Fortin, Gary D. Foss, Sara L. Freiheit, David A. French, Sandra K. Ganung, Lisa P. (Knudsen) • Gilbert, Deanna L. (Boggs) Good, Jennifer L. ( Price) • Gulhaugen, John E. Gunnerson, Kim N. Haislip, Richard E. Hayashi, Kazuko Hensel, Matthew J. Heussman, Peter J. •

Q dena-tes members of the PLU Q Club -

Q Hill, Amy B. (Bergette) Q Hubbard, Kari J. (Nelson) Jenks, Leanne E. (Hanson) • Johnson, James E. Kanz, David L. Karlen, Tiia I. Keene, Michael G. Kelley, Erin L. Kelley, Mary C. Kind, Lisa D. Klein, Keith T. Kolb, Margret D. Korn, Kristy A. Kunkle, Leah J. Larsen, Richard R. Lesch, Judith M. Lindemeier, Marie (Guthrie) Lindquist lhle, Paula J. (Lindquist) • Mahlum, David W. Maloney, Maybell Kristine ' Mattern, Susan E. Matz, Kristine A. Mc Crack en, Steven A. Mc Kay, Sandy J. Mc Kinney, Brent M. Q Megorden, Peter L. Melton, Tim R. Merrill, Barth E. Moons, Carolyn L. Q Mount, Denise K. (Finnila) Mullin, Kevin C. Q Nelson, Julie S. Nixon, Sue A. Ogard, Kristin M. Ogren, Danelle M. Okeson, Barbara A. Q Olden, Karen Olsen, David E. Q Ottoson, Lisa M. Paterson, Jana L. Q Payne, Thomas E. Q Pet erson, Sonya M. Pete rson, Brad D. Ponnikas, Maren S. Reamy III, Charles L. Ringenbach, Darin M. Ringnalda, Julie A. Robinson, Lisa J. Q Rosdahl, Barbara L. Q Schau er, Nancy J. (Hinchcliffe) Sears, Nickolas J . Q Seibert, Hollie L. Q Sherman, Cathy K. (Crowe) • Sherman, Lee H Shryock, Nancy A. Soto-Vazquez, Hector M. Q Su therland, Carrie L. (Tellefson) Tellock, Shannon M. Tew, Barbara L. (Garrett) Thibault, Michelle R. Q Thomas, Steven M. • Torvik, Michele (Larsen) • Q Twine, Warwick M. Van Dyk, Dirk C. Vanderyacht, Alison J. ( Brady) Waterworth, Stacy A. Wilkerson, Heidi B. (Geldakerl WiIliams, Naomi F. (Tribe) Wolf, Steven W. Wolfe, Christopher A. Wolfe, John G. Wolfe, Robert G. Ylvisa ker, Kevin M. Zacher, Doris L. Zulch, Jean


Class Representative Lyn Megow Class Roll Donors Participation Total Gifts






. •

• -



759 136 18% $5,811.50

Allen, Julie E. Andersen, Marc T. Anderson, Corda (Frank) And erson, Rita M. (Langseth) Armstrong, Lisa M. Bald ridge, Gary P. Bell, Jeffery N. Bekemeier, Jim Benevento, Barbara A. Benner, Scott D. Bennett, Jody L. Berge, lngvild S. Betts, Jay D. Bickel, Daniel L. Bird, Alexandra L. Bohocky, Karl Bos, Tina Brain, Dianne M. Brattvaag, Tor S. Brazil, Michelle R. (Vigna) • Brazil Jr., James P Brooks, Kathrine A. Burch, Andrew P. Carlson, Douglas L. Carr, Heidi (Johnson) • Chipman, Cynthia D. Clinton, Christy E. (Lyckman) Conklin, Catherine J. Cratsenberg, Nancy A. Dalton, David R. Deal, Lisa ' Dillon, Nancy S. Doerksen, Diane K. Donaldson, Annie P. Donovan, Susan E. Elston, Scott E. • Farr, Evelyn M. Foley, Leslie Fonken, Timothy A. Fry, Janet G. Fuller, Scott E. Gaedeke, Hans C. Ghosn, Anne M. Godewin-Mc Queen, Y. Dawn (Goodwin) Good, Kenneth M. • Gorman, Lydia L. • Graves, Kari D. Grayson, Kelly J. Greene, Lori M. Gustafson, Karen D. (Brandt) • Hager, Gretchen A. Hanley, James P. Harkestad, Rune Harrold, Theresa L. Haskins, Kristin M. (Shipman) • Hatch, Mary Anne Hausman, Christie J. (Weber) Herlevi, Michael J. Hillstead, J. Beth Hirz, David J. Holland, Stephen P. Houby, Eric J. Houg, Susan Hovey, Holly A. Hubbard, Jennifer S. Hutchinson, David . •

Jastak, Karl L. Q Jenks, Terry ' Kaneshiro, Darrin K. Keller, Mark W. • Kelley, Brenda L. Kelley, Todd E. Kendrick, Bradley D. Q Kirk, Bette L. Kirk patrick, Erin J. Kokuni, Kiyoko Koth, David Kral, Jon J. Kuhn, J. Mark Kurtenbach, Shelly L. Larson, Julie M. Left, James M. Q Ling, Trent W. Loomas, Sheila M. Lucky, David J . Mac Rae, Bret L. Main, Leslie J. Maloney, Kevin L. • Q Marks, Terry B. Matland, Carol A. (Esses) Q Matson, Matthew R. Mc Cullough, Steven N . • Mc Donald, Elizabeth J. Q Mc Nally, Mary M. Met tler, Diane Q Miller, Catherine L. Q Miller, Mark A. • Q Ogard, Erik W. Q Ottoson, Mark L. Parker, Bernard C. Patterson, Joan M. Peters, Dennis A. • Peters, Chandra L. (Hanlin) • Q Pfeil, Kristina M. Pubols, Gregory J . • Q Rieke, Paula Y. (Smith) • Robbins, Cathy A. Roser, Steven E. Saathoff, Jeffery M. Sacher, Heather L. Q Savage, Victoria R. Q Schmidt, Mark A. Schultz, Anne M. Schuster, Greg M. Q Shaw, Helen E. (Mc Carthy) • Q Shaw, Steven W. • Q Slocum, Darci J. Smith, Stephen E. Q Smith, Lori L. Q Soine, Laurie A. Speirs Cdr, Carol L. (Speirs) Q Squires, Scott A. Squres, Sherith K. (Lundring) Stordahl, Paul E. Thorwald, Gregory V. Q Und erwood, David M. Valach, Stephen J. Vano, Angel G. Q Vernon, Antonette S. Q Visser, Kathryn M. Q Voss, Janice A. Q Wagner, Gina L. Williams, Damon B. Williams, Gloria M. Williamson, Sharon Winkel, Christine M. Wolstad, Jokob G. Wyman, Janice A. (Gaddis)

indiclJtes thlJt thegifts of mlJrried tUumni hlJPe been split between their respectipe cUasses


1 988

Class Representative



Class Representative Lisa Hussey

646 113 18% $2,233.00

Class Roll Donors Participa tion Total Gifts

Aldrich, Randall J. Alexander, Sandie L. (Fried) Alton, Stephanie Anderson, Shereen M. (Craft) Anderson, Keith M. Attridge, Suzanne E. Bailey, Michelle R. (Williams) Bailey, Kt'vin Bakala, Melanie M. Bales, Darice Benito, lld efonso Benson, Adam BischeI. Daniel R. Blue, Thomas Bogue, Kathryn Bogue, Barbara Bradshaw, Susan Brooks, Julie A. Burt, Janet L. Bush, Jeffrey B. Chapman, Donald S. Connelly, Carmella Danis, Michael Davey, Christina M. Davis, Brian Davis, Gladys P. De Bell, Lisa De Mots, David Did ier, Julie Duea, David G. Duea, Jane M . •


«PLU is a second home. I am most

impressed by the people here. They al-e friendly, ncceJsible and willing to help, whether for personal or academic reasons. "






Edgar, Laurel Edlund, Julia K. Fjelstad, Kaj Foslien, Jodi French, Joel Gee, Je ffrey S. Gifford, Heidi Grant, Michael Grover, Stephen Hamlin, Kristine M. Ha yden, Walter M. Henning, Michelle Hettinger, Barbara Hiden rick, Tony Hill, Robert S. Hillemeyer, Lisa House, Jennifer H ussey, Lisa Jacobson, Brian H. Ja mieson, Maurna V. Johnsgard, Stein S. Johnson, Ian A. Johnson, Tamara S. Johnson, Erik Jones, Susan Kalnins, Maris Kaufmann, Timothy C. Key, Brian Kirk, Karey D. (Wood) Knight, Bryan Kop, Tracey D. Kraiger, Kristopher Kramer, Scott A. Kurtz, Peggy La Valley, Chris Larson, Kelly Larson, Susan Larson, Kurt Le Warne, Charles N. Lund, Stefanie Maland, Michael J. Martin, Deborah L.


Mc Cullough, Lisa K. (Grass) Mc Cullough, Kimberly Mickelsen, Kelly Miller, Douglas C. Mott, Darren F. Muehlenbruch, Vicki J. Munoz, Susan P.L. Myk lebust, Erin Nelson, Sven K. Norlander, Gwen L. Nyborg. Ruth Palmer, Daleanne J. Pubols, Mary (Davis) Purvis, Julie Raedeke, Scott ReindeI. Eugene M. Reitan, Chris Richardson, Juanita Rorem, J. Brendan Running. Grace Rush, Jr., John W. Ryan, Steve K. Ryse, Kathryn Schmidt, Kathryn A. Sewell, Susan Callahan (Callahan) Sheron, Larry Sorenson, Karis Strom, Amie Jo Stucky, Donna J. Tilly, E. Bart Tindall, Jean C. Tonning. Lisa-Britt Tverli, Svein E. Wallin, Grant Watson, Brad White, Lisa A. White, Susanne M. Whit ham, Glenn A. Wood bury, William Hoe WU, Rebekah Wubbena, Robin •



Marcus Lt:Master '91 Newberg, R

• indicates that the gifts of mRrried Rlumni have been split between their respective classes -


The Heritage Society Members of the Heritage Society are those individuals who have included Pacific Lutheran University in some type of deferred gift, bequest, charitable ar ust, revocable trust, charitable gift . nnuity, life insurance, pooled income fund agreement, or a gift of a residence or farm with a retained life estate. Membership is not based on the amount of the deferred gift. The sole criterion is the remembrance of Pacific Lutheran University in one's estate planning. Anonymous (16) Mr. John Aakre Rev. Fred Ahrendt Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Alford Mrs. Clara M . Anderson

Rev. Mr.

& Mrs. Bob Anderson & Mrs . Glenn Andrews Ray Barton

& Mrs. R. Gary Baughn . & Mrs. Luther Bekemeier Dr. & Mrs. Carl Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Mike Benson Mr. & Mrs. R. Gerald Benson Mrs. Clifton E. Benson Mr. & Mrs. David L. Berntsen Rev. Walton F. Berton Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Bills Miss Annabelle Birkestol Miss Grace Birkestol Dr,


Mrs. Richard Bl andau

Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Blom Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Bolduan Mr. & Mrs . Marvin O. Bolland Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Boone Rev. Norma J. Borgtord r. & Mrs. Rod Boyd r. & Mrs. Walter Braafladt r. & Mrs. Paul Brantner Mr. Vince R. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Brunner Mr. & Mrs. Erhardt Buchfinck Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Buck

The purposes of the Heritage Society are: - To show gratitude and recognition to those who have expressed concern for PLU by providing for a deferred gift. - To assist members of the Society in their on-going estate planning. - To encourage others to become members of the Society. The following roster lists Heritage Society Members of record as of July 1 990.

Miss Mable Buli Mr. & Mrs. Scott Buser Mr. & Mrs. John R. Bustad Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Buterbaugh Mrs. Phyllis Carlson Rev. Harry C. Carlson Rev. Ralph Carskadden Mr. Walter Christensen Rev. & Mrs. Ernest Collard Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Coltom Mrs. Carol A. Cornehl Mr. Robert Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Ray Dally Mr. & Mrs. J. Walter Davis Mrs. Carolyn Dexter Mr. & Mrs. Dale P. Dillinger Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Donahe Mr. & Mrs. Judd Doughty Rev. & Mrs. AI Dungan Miss Inez M. Eckblad Mr. Earl E. Eckstrom Mrs. Harriet Edlund Mr. & Mrs. F. Talmage Edman Rev. & Mrs. Arthur Ellickson Mr. & Mrs. Guy Ellison Mr. & Mrs. Carl Erickson Mr. & Mrs. Donald V. Etzel Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Evanson Mr. & Mrs. James Feek Mr. Boyd F. Ferguson Mrs. Sammy W. Fife Mrs. Patricia Fisk Mr. Irvin Freeman

Mr. & Mrs. George Gallaway Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Gault Dr. Ralph Gehrke Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gintz Mrs. Lucille G. Giroux Dr. & Mrs. James Girvan Ms. Silvana Golda Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Gonzales Mrs. C. A. Grahn Mr. & Mrs. Larry Green Mr. & Mrs. William Greene Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Greer Dr. Ronald D. Grewenow Mr. & Mrs. O. A. Gunderson Mrs. Nina Haagen Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Haas Mr. & Mrs. Otto T. Habedank Rev. & Mrs. Theodore Hamann Ms. Sally Hamilton Mr. Richard Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Dale Hansen Mr. Vernon L. Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Harris Mr. & Mrs. Roe H. Hatlen Mr. & Mrs. Ed Hinderlie Mr. & Mrs. Michael Holder Mrs. Carol ine C. Hovland

LTC & Mrs. Dennis Howard Mr. & Mrs. Robert Howard Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hultgren Mr. & Mrs. Clem Hunter Mr. Philip Isensee


HeritRge Society Continued Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Jacobson Mr. & Mrs. John R. Jarrett Miss Elsie Jensen Mrs. Frances Jensen Dr. Lucille M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. John M. Johnson Mrs. Linka Johnson Dr. Cat herine Jordahl Dr. & Mrs. Peter R. Jordahl Mr. & Mrs. Eric Jordahl Mrs. Theodore O. H. Karl Mr. & Mrs. Phillip G. Kayser Mr. & Mrs. R. August Kempf Mr. David G. Kent Mr. Richard S. Kent Mrs. Ema Kilpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Klarquist Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Kluth Mr. & Mrs. David Knutson Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Koch Rev. & Mrs. Richard Kraiger Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Krantz M r . & Mrs. Leland LaBar M rs. Sylvia E. Lander Mr. Edgar R. Larson Mr. & Mrs. Allen Larson Mr. & Mrs. Lars Larson Rev. & Mrs. Edgar Larson Rev. & Mrs. Orlando Lee Mrs. & Andi Livingston Mr. & Mrs. Tymn Long Miss Lois K. Ludwig Mr. & Mrs. John Mancke-Kidd Miss Sandra Marzolf


appreciated the tntimate at'mMphere and access to professors at PLU "

Fjelstad '79 Fulbright Scholar


Mr. & Mrs. Pete Mattich Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Mauritsen Rev. & Mrs. Charles W. Mays Mrs. Lena McCamish Mr. Duane Melcher Rev. & Mrs. John Milbrath Mr. Bernard S. Miller Mr. & Mrs. James Mills Mrs. Katharine Monroe Mr. & Mrs. John Moody Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Morris Dr. & Mrs. Robert Mortvedt Rev. & Mrs. Russ Mueller Rev. Lyndon K. Murk Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Myers Dr. Larry W. Neeb Mr. & Mrs. Edward Neils Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Nelson Rev. & Mrs. Milton Nesvig Rev. & Mrs. Harvey Neufeld Mr. & Mrs. David Nikitins Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nistad Dr. & Mrs. James Nokleberg Mr. & Mrs. Orville Nupen Dr. & Mrs. John C. Oakley Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Oberg Mr. & Mrs. Clifford O. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Jon Olson Mrs. Mildred A. Olson Rev. & Mrs. Norman Orth Mr. & Mrs. O. M. Pedersen Mr. & Mrs. John Pederson Mr. & Mrs. Arne Pederson Rev. & Mrs. Gene Peisker Mrs. Rena Pellegrini Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Perry Mr. & Mrs. Lester C. Peter Mr. James Peterson & Ms. Jerry Hagedorn Mrs. Lillian Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Lynn R. Pettit Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Polchow Mrs. Nora Ponder

Rev. & Mrs. Robert Quello Dr. & Mrs. William Ramstad Mrs. Effie Ramstad Mrs. Margaret Rasmussen Mr. & Mrs. William Ray Dr. & Mrs. John R. Reay Dr. & Mrs. William O. Rieke Miss Kerstin E. Ringdahl Dr. & Mrs. Jon Rivenburg Rev. & M rs . Oscar Rolander Dr. & Mrs. Alan H. Rowberg Mr. & Mrs. James Rowland Rev. Harold Ruddick Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Ruecker Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Saverud Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Saverud Mrs. Rosemary Scales Miss Beatrice L. Scheele Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Scheibner Mr. Casper Schmand

Mrs. Dorothy Schnaible Mr. David J. Schnur Mr. & Mrs. Ed Scrivner Dr. & Mrs. Thorn Sepic Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Severson Mr. & Mrs. James O. Sparks Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Spitzer Rev. & Mrs. David S. Steen Dr. Faith Stern Miss Alma Stolee Mrs. Henny Storwick Mrs. Geraldine Strege

Ms. Hazel M. Swanson Rev. & Mrs. Ronald Tellefson Mr. & Mrs. Leslie J. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Donald Thoreson Mr. & Mrs. Hartford Thune Miss Gertrude Tingelstad Miss Alice T. Tobiason Miss Marie C. Tobiason Rev. & Mrs. Otto Tollefson Dr. Jeffrey Tonn & Dr. Sheri Tonn Miss Evelyn Torvend Rev. & Mrs. E. Silas Torvend Mrs. Henry Treede Mr. Jay Tronsdale Mr. Joe Tveten Mr. & Mrs. Bob Tweedt Mrs. Harald ( L i l ly) Ulleland

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Vingerud Mr. & Mrs. Steven Ward Dr. & Mrs. Calvin Watness Rev. & Mrs. Luther O. Watness Mr. & Mrs. George Webber Mr. Elmer White Mr. & Mrs. Tony Whitley Miss Margaret Wickstrom Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Winsley Rev. & Mrs. David Wold Mrs. Joy Wright Rev. & Mrs. Paul R. Wuest Dr. David Yagow Mr. & Mrs. William M. Young Mrs. Georgiann C. Young


IO''' .�...r'':tn

G ifts

the 1989-90 fiscal year foll wing persons made bequests r deferred gifts totalling $484,469. These gifts will be used for both restricted and unrestricted purposes. The unrestricted bequests and deferred gifts assist the University by allowing PLU to use the money where i t is most needed at the present time. The restricted gifts are usually placed into the University's Endowment Endowed funds are d esignated for scholarships to honor or memorialize specific indiv iduals. In addition, end owe funds are used to support lectureships, professorships, Q Club memberships, as well as a variety of other U niversity projects. Anon ymous estate Dille Hoe The Clairmont Egtvedt Charit a ble

Trust Hokan n laVille Eva Marchinek George and Alma N�l on Mr. &: Mrs. JA Schierman Catherine Sexton Genevieve Stelberg David Stevens

During the 1989-9 fiscal year the following persons made irrevocable deferred gifts. The face value of the deferre gifts t tals $1,466,374. These gifts, w hich include c haritable gift annuities and charitable trusts, provide l ifetime income for the donors and/or their designa ted beneficiari 5, while at th same time providing an eventual gift to Pacific Lutheran University. In addition, these gifts include life insurance policies which will grant the University a significant future gift, while allowing the donor to fund such a gift at a fraction of the face val ue.

Ronald Coltom & Clara Davis Hildred Dungan Mr. Earl Eckstrom Guy Ellison Mrs. Patricia Fisk Mr. Irvin Freeman Ronald Gintz Larry Green Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Gulsrud Vernon L. Hanson Michae l Holder Clement & Phyllis Hunter Kenneth & LoiS Klarquist Grace LaBar rete Mattich Peter Mauritson Mark &: Lenore Myers John & Shirley Oakley Cljff & Ella Olson Oswa ld & Emilie Pederson Mrs. Lillian Peterson Wayne Saverud R lph & Ruth Severson Mrs. Lilly Ulleland Mr. Arthur Vingerud

J. Walter

CC l hope to carry on the excellence in teaching and concern for students that I experienced at PL U and have rarely found in my wander­ ings since. }}

Michael Armstrong '76 Fulbright Scholar


Capital and Endowment Gifts Gifts to Pacific Lutheran University's capital and endowment programs help strengthen areas of special need which require funding above and beyond the dollars available for general operation. Capital gifts help fund new construc足 tion, major campus renovation projects and special capital equipment needs. Endowment gifts help underwrite scholarship support, faculty salaries, student and faculty research projects, visiting lectureships, and general operations. The most significant current capital project is the planned construction of the new Mary Baker Russell Music Center. It will be the most visible result of the University's $30 million Cen足 tennial Fund campaign Shaping Tomorruw. The new music center will feature a 500 seat concert hall and will provide a unified space for faculty offices, instructional areas and practice rooms. Other goals of the Shaping Tomorruw campaign include doubling the University's endowment from $5 to $10 million. -

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If an error is found, please notify us so that we may adjust our records.

Capital $10,000 or more

Dr. & Mrs. Elbert H. Baker II Dr. & Mrs. Silas Luther Boe Estate Mr. & Mrs. Clairmont L. Egtvedt Trust Mr. Roe H. Hatlen & Mrs. Beverly (Thompson) Hatlen Mrs. Ruby Knutzen Mrs. Elaine Lee Mrs. Valborg C. Lowther Mrs.Eva Marchinek Estate Mr. & Mrs. AI J. Meier Mr. & Mrs. George Nelson Mr. & Mrs. O. M. Pedersen Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Peterson Mr. Edward Ramsdale Mr. & Mrs. Simon M. Reinbold Mrs. Mary Baker Russell Mrs. Genevieve Stelberg Estate Mrs. Theda L. Tyler Mr. & Mrs. David M. Winton

$2,500 - $9,999 Mr. & Mrs. David R. Bangsund Dr. & Mrs. David L. Be MiUer Rev. & Mrs. Luther W. Bekemeier Mr. & Mrs. John R. Bustad Sr. Mr. Walter H. Christensen Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Cornell Mr. & Mrs. Val Danielson Mr. & Mrs. F. Talmage Edman Mrs. Ingeborg Eide Estate Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. Faaren Dr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Grewenow

Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Gulsrud Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Hansen Dr. & Mrs. George H. Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Hildahl Mr. Loren H. Hildebrand Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Hoglund Mr. & Mrs. Lyle J. Jacobson Mr. George Knoff Dr. & Mrs. Jon H. Kvinsland Thea La Ville Estate Dr. & Mrs. Donald H. Mot! Mrs. Barbara Peterson Dr. & Mrs. William K. Ramstad Dr. & Mrs. William O. Rieke Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lee Ritter Mr. & Mrs. Mars Rolfson Miss Beatrice L. Scheele Mr. & Mrs. John A. Schierman Estate Dr. & Mrs. S. Erving Severtson Ms. Catherine Sexton Mrs. Lydia Sheffels Dr. & Mrs. David W. Staub Dr. & Mrs. Otto O. Stevens Dr. & Mrs. Marcus R. Stuen Mr. & Mrs. O. John Stuen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Corydon Wagner Sr.

1,000 - 2,499

Mr. & Mrs. B. Eldon Anderson Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Benson Mr. & Mrs. Duane Berentson Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bergette

Mr. & Mrs. Otto W. Brammer Mr. & Mrs. G. James Capelli Mrs. Lois Dahl Mr. & Mrs. Loren F. Denbrook Mr. & Mrs. Jerome F. Donahe Mr. & Mrs. John A. Duenow Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Dufseth . Rev. Henry E. Ericksen Mr. & Mrs. Roland D. Funk Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Gesinger Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Gohl Mr. Chester H. Grimstead Dr. Thomas F. Gumprecht & Dr. Bonnie Witrak Mr. K. W. Han Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Hayes Dr. & Mrs. John O. Herzog Mr. & Mrs. N. Earl Hildahl Miss Karen S. Hille Dr. Edwin R. Holmes III Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Howard Mr. & Mrs. Frank Jennings Hon. & Mrs. Bertil E. Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Gordon H. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. James E. Johnson Dr. & Mrs. James H. Kauth Dr. & Mrs. Kerry D. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Clarence W. King Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence T. Lakey Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Lamb Dr. & Mrs. Gary D. Lange Miss Christine A. Larson Rev. & Mrs. Edgar M.T. Larson Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Laubach Miss Solveig M. Lee Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Lerch

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Liebelt Dr. & Mrs. Armin Mohr Mr. Nels Mork Mrs. Cletus Morken Mr. & Mrs. James F. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Neils Mr. & Mrs. Kaare Ness Dr. & Mrs. John C. Oakley Dr. & Mrs. Eric R Paulson Mr. & Mrs. Arne K. Pederson Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Pflueger Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Probst field & Mrs. Gilbert J. Roller . & Mrs. C. Roger Sahlin Rev. & Mrs. Martin J. Schaefer Dr. & Mrs. John A. Schiller Mrs. Joan Schwindt Dr. & Mrs. Melvin T. Sinex Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Sturgill Dr. Gale E. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Hartford P. Thune Mr. & Mrs. Earl F. Tilly Miss Gertrude B. Tingelstad Dr. & Mrs. Ray Tobiason Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Edward B. Todd Mr. & Mrs. M. James Van Beek Dr. & Mrs. Roy H. Virak Ms. Janie Vollweiler Mr. & Mrs. Leslie D. WeDs Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Wick Mr. & Mrs. Gordon P. Wmsley Dr. & Mrs. David L Wishart Dr. & Mrs. David C. Wold

Up to $1,000 Anonymous (3) Ms. Dolores Abeloe Mr. Percy Achre Ms. Laurianne Adam Mr. & Mrs. Antonio R Adeline Mr. Arthur M. Adolf Rev. Fred J. Ahrendt Mr. & Mrs. Travis Aikin Mr. & Mrs. Elden L Alexander Mr. Christopher Algeo Mr. Martin J. Ambacher Mr. & Mrs. Neal W. Amend Dr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Amy Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Andersen Mr. Harlan L. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Anderson Mr. Keith M. Anderson Miss Trina M. Anderson Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Andrew Mrs. Lea Jane Armstrong Ms. Joan Arndt Mr. David Ashe Mrs. Julie Ausnes Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Babcock Ms. Jo Baker Ms. Janice C. Barker Dr. & Mrs. Roger A. Barnhart Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bartanen Mr. David H. Bartz Mrs. Pearle D. Baskin Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Batker Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Bauer III


Mr. Todd G. Baxter Rev. & Mrs. Donald M. Beake Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Bean Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Beck Dr. & Mrs. John A. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L Berg Mr. & Mrs. David L. Berntsen Mr. & Mrs. William B. Berry Ms. Nina Bertelsen Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Billingsley Mr. Bob & Mrs. Patti Bills Dr. & Mrs. James M. Bingham Miss Annabelle M.E. Birkestol Mr. George D. Blair Mr. David J. Blank Mr. John W. Blyckert Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Borneman Mr. & Mrs. Bradley M. Bossio Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Brantner Ms. Ruth A. Bretheim-Aaseng Dr. & Mrs. James E. Brink Ms. Gail M. Brogren Dr. & Mrs. Alan D. Brooks Dr. Richard L Brown Mr. Jehu Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Neil R Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Roy H. Bryant Mr. Alfred E. Buck Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Buck Mr. & Mrs. Bulend M. Burad Mr. & Mrs. L Scott Buser Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Busey Mr. Harry E. Butts Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carlson

Capital and Endowment Gifts by S ource Miscellaneous 1 .2%

Foundations 5.0%

Businesses 14.5%

"When Ifirst visited PLU, I was amazed at the close friendships. Everyone made me feel welcome. That's what drew me to PL U. " Beth Goode '93 Bou lder, Colorado

Friends 57.9%

Alumni 21 .4%

CtJpiud Gifts up to $1000 Continued


' ((rJ"I .L I. I' JC mteractum •

between facIlIty a1ut mtdentr hen: is gnat. Ar II studen t who lives off CIlmp"s a",d is attmdi,w school and worki1lg fi�lJ-time> I d01l't have tIS tmu:h time as a stJtde1lt who lives O1J-Camptls to become familiar with my profes­ sm. III SpIte of this, the-y a1lft my advisor always take time to offer words ofencotlragemem and are willillg to help. J) C andra Dil lingham '91 Tacoma, 'A ashi ngton

Mr. & Mrs. George K. Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Theodore C. Carlstrom Dr. Judith I. Carr Mr. Paul L. Cheek Dr. Mark S. Chesnutt Mrs. Hildur Edna Christiansen Capt Mark A. Christofferson Dr. & Mrs Ken E Christopherson Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cleland Miss Mary E. Coffel Dr. Alene L. Coglizer Lt. Stephen J. Conway Mr. Ronald W. Cook Mrs. Stella V. Cooley Ms. Wendolyn E. Cowan Mr. Clayton 1. Cowl Mrs. Irene O. Creso Mr. Mel Creusere & Dr. Karen L. Sahlstrom Creusere Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Crosby Ms. Carol C. Cubbage Mrs. Bergette Dahl Ms. Nancy L. Dahlberg Mr. Jonathan H. Dahlstrom Mr. Paul Daily Mr. & Mrs. Ray Dally Mr. & Mrs. Frank De Rosa Mr. Gary B. Deeter Miss Yvonne A. Deitz Mr. Ignacio M. Delgadillo Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Dent Dr. & Mrs. Stevens Dimant Dr. & Mrs. James T. Dodds Ms. Debbie S. Dombroski Mr. & Mrs. Dominic G. Donatello Mr. & Mrs. Larry Doty Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Douglass Ms. Myrtle Drahos Rev. & Mrs. Robert E. Drewes Mr. & Mrs. Earl H. Dryden Miss Inez M. Eckblad Mr. & Mrs. John A. Edlund Mr. Terry W. & Dr. Cynthia Edwards Dr. & Mrs. Christen E. Eidal Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Elgood Rev. & Mrs. Richard H. Ellingson Mr. & Mrs. T. Leslie Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Laurence E. Ensor Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Erickson Mr. John M. & Dr. Audrey S. Eyler Mr. & Mrs. Luther C. Fendler Mrs. Dorothy H. Fenner Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Fimhaber Rev. & Mrs. Ralph Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fitzgerald Dr. M. Josephine Fletcher Ms. Lin Axamethy Floyd Dr. & Mrs. William H. Foege Rev. & Mrs. Philip J. Formo Ms. Sara L. Foss Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. French Ms. Karla J. Fullner Mr. & Mrs. William Furnish Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dwight Galbraith Leo and Katherine Gallagher Trust Mr. & Mrs. William A. Gebhardt Dr. Ralph D. Gehrke Mr. & Mrs. Eric R. Gerstmann Ms. Sandra M. Gill Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Gilmer Mrs. Lucille G. Giroux Mr. Brendan L. Glaser Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Gosnell Ms. Mamie Graham Mr. Michael Grant Mrs. Clara Greene Mr. & Mrs. Frank Greenshields Ms. Gail S. Greenwood

Mr. & Mrs. Fred D. Gregg Mr. & Mrs. Jack Grier Ms. L. Jewel Grina Ms. 110 L. Grobins Rev. & Mrs. Martin R. Gulhaugen Dr. & Mrs. D.G. Gumprecht Mr. Dale W. Haarr Jr. Miss Lauralee Hagen Mr. & Mrs. Stanley C. Haller Mr. & Mrs. Merle A. Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Marv K. Harshman Mr. & Mrs Kenneth B. Hartvigson J Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Haskins Mr. & Mrs. George J. Hauser Mr. & Mrs. Arne L. Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth I. Helling Ms. Denise L. Hendrickson Ms. Joan C. Hensley Mr. & Mrs. Jerome A. Herfindahl Ms. Lisa R. Herfindahl Lt. Gregory A. Hermsmeyer Ms. Vivian R. Hill Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hirdman Mr. & Mrs. Selmer J. Hjelmeland Ms. Theresa E. Hoffart Mr. & Mrs. Gordon J. Hoffenbacker Ms. Laura S. Holmlund Miss Secelia E. Holte Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Hoover Mrs. Karla M. Houk Dr. & Mrs. AI Hove Ms. Alvina Hovelsrud Mr. & Mrs. Curtis A. Hovland Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Hovland LTC & Mrs. Dennis D. Howard Mrs. Diane E. Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hurlbut Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Hyden Mr. Michael D. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Don Jacobs Ms. Lillian L. Jacobsen Mr. Eric J. Jellum Mrs. Myrtle Jepsen Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. David B. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Dean A. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Glen H. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Philip Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Johnson Mr. A. Glen Johnson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ted L. Johnson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Craig Jorgenson Mr. & Mrs. Harold N. Jomlin Dr. & Mrs. Richard Jungkuntz Mrs. Judith A. Kay lor Ms. Diane C. Keith Rev. & Mrs. Robert M. Keller Mr. & Mrs. Brad Kelln Ms. Linda Keselburg Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Kilborn Mrs. Tina Kirkebo Ms. Christine Kirkpatrick Mr. & Mrs. James L. Kittilsby Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Klavano Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Klein Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert H. Kleweno Ms. Janice Knudsen Mrs. Carmen S. Knudtson Mr. & Mrs. Roger S. Knutson Mrs. Mary Knutzen Mr. & Mrs. Jess Knutzen Mrs. Janice Knutzen Mr. & Mrs. Victor F. Knutzen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kolzing Mr. Scott A. Kramer Dr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Kress

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Ms. Cari Rue Mrs. Audree Rush Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Russell Mr. John O. Ruud Mr. Philip G. Ruud Ms. Sonia Ruud Ms. Margaret Sargeant Rev & Mrs. Donald G. Schneuker Ms. Suzanne Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Schumacher Capt & Mrs. Robert Schumitz Mrs. Elsie Schwind Dr. Damon Scott Mr. & Mrs. Irvin E. Sensei Dr. & Mrs. F. Thomas Sepic Mr. & Mrs. Richard Setbacken Mr. & Mrs. Gary Severson Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Harold R. Sherry Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Short Mrs. Angela Sivertson Mrs. Diane R. Smith Ms. Rochelle E. Snee Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Snyder Mr. Aagot Solheim Mr. & Mrs. Randy L. Spada Mr. & Mrs. John L. Spangberg Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Spurrell Rev. & Mrs. David S. Steen Ms. Ann M. Stenford Ms. Gail Stenzel Mr. Brian P. Steves Mr. James R. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Stickel Ms. Julia B. Stockdale Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Stolz Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Strand Mr. John Strauman Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Strickler Ms. Nancy J. Stuchell Mr. & Mrs. E. Robert Stuhlmiller Mrs. Engelena M. Stuhlmiller Mr. & Mrs. John C. Stuhlmiller Mr. George N. Sutich Mrs. Evelyn L. Svendsen Mr. & Mrs. Byron L. Swanson Rev. & Mrs. Paul R. Swa nson Ms. Sheila M. Swanson Ms. Beth E. Swenson Mr. Richard Sweum Ms. Laurie Swift Mr. & Mrs. David C. Swinehart Mr. Andrew G. Talabere Mr. & Mrs. Terry Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Tchobanoff •

Rev. & Mrs. Ronald W. TeUefson Mrs. Ruthmarie Tennent Mrs. Christianna V. This Mrs. Mary Helen Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Thoreson Mr. & Mrs David Thorsell Ms. Karen M. Tjersland Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Torrens Ms. Kirsten Trost Dr. & Mrs. Charles Tschopp Mr. Michael L. Turco Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Turcott Mr. & Mrs. John W. Tyler Mr. & Mrs. Steven K. Ufer Mrs. Lilly Ulleland Mr. George M. Umamoto Mrs. Viola M. Van Gilder Mr. Daniel J. Vavrinec Dr. & Mrs. Frank W. Vawter Ms. Esther M. Wagner Mr. Peter C. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. James D. Wagoner Mr. Thomas B. Wake Mr. Thomas H. Wake Rev. & Mrs. Erwin G. Walz Ms. Leanne L. Ward Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Ward Mr. Ross H. Warner Mr. & Mrs. Garth Warren Mr. & Mrs. William H. Watson Mr. & Mrs. George E. Webber Rev. Martin D. Wells & Rev. Susan R. Briehl Mrs. Nancy L. Welsch Ms. Catherine S. West Mr. & Mrs. Stewart White Rev. & Mrs. Norman G. Wick Mr. & Mrs. Alan E. Wiechmann Dr. & Mrs. Philip E. Wigen Mr. & Mrs. David Williams Dr. & Mrs. David A. Wise Mr. & Mrs. John A. Wise Mrs. Odny Wise Mr. Rodney Wishart Ms. Wanda Woodbury Ms. Gayle E. Wooster Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wright Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Wulf Mr. David C. Yagow Mrs. Georgiann C. Young Mr. William W. Young Ms. Doris L. Zacher Mr. & Mrs. Arthur P. Zurfluh


k You!



Office of Development Luther W. Bekemeier, Vice President


Volume XXII No. 2



December 1 990


(Swanson) Praxel, JudV (Willis) Carr and Ju/le (Taylor!

. Joanne (Holst 70) Erickson greets alumm president Jim Hushagen '70.

Solving H u m a n ity's Problems

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



One of t h e many h i g hli gh ts of t he PLU centennial yea r is a F eb r u a ry symposium fea u ring seven humanitarians who have changed the world In which we li ve. They are Dr. Jonas Sal k, Dr. Norman B orla ug Dr. William Foege, Dr James Grant, Dr. Daniel Call han. D r Ma rgret a 5 yles and Dr. Salim Y usuf. ,


U. S, News Hon ors PLU

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


U S. News and World Report ma g a z i n e ra n ked outs t a n d i n g col l eges and u nlversites again this f II. a n d PLU was one of the honored schools PLU is the only Northwest Independent or Lutheran school In the nation to have been honored in fiv U.S. News s urveys si nce the fi rst one in 1 983.

Scene (lSSN 0886-3369) Published q uarterly by Pa cific L utheran uni versity . S 1 2 1 st:

Cover - A l u m n i Recog n ition

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1 7-20

One hundred PLU alumni received a once- I n-a-cen t ury honor during Home com i n g In Octobe r . The Alumni Centen n i a l Recog nition was i ntended to applaud tne di versity of PLU alumni and the service In a broad spectrum of endeavors arou nd the world In wh ic h they are engaged.

Ath l etes Excel National ly

. .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . .


I n mi d¡ Nove m ber three PLU a t hlet ic t eams had a legiti mate s hot at national titles. As it t u rned out, none materialized . but achievements we re laudable nevertheless . Women ' s soccer finlshe second. wome n's cross country placed third. and the football team made the national quarterfinals.

nd Park ,A e . Tacoma . WA 9844 7 �0004 Second Class postage paid at Tacoma , WA-:

Postmaste r: Send address change to Development Da a Center. PLU , P O Box 2068. Tacoma, WA 98447 -0003

Pacific Lutheran university SCene

December 1990

2 Cen tennial

'Solving H u man ity's Problems' A Cente n n ia l Yea r Sym posi u m Featu ri ng Seven Hum nitarians Who Have changed The world


even h u m a n i t a r i a n s who h a ve cha nged the world we l i ve in w i l l be featu red d u r i ng a GTE Foru m at PLU Friday, Feb. 22, 1 991 . They are Dr. Jonas Sa l k, Dr. Norman Bor­ laug, Dr. Wi l l i a m Foege, Dr. James Gra n t, Dr. Dan iel Cal l a h a n , Dr. M a rg retta Styles and Dr. Sa l i m Yusuf The fo rum is the h ig h l ight of PLU's third Cente n n i a l Theme Sympos i u m Friday and Saturday, Feb 22-23. Theme of the fo rum is "Science and Serving H u m a n ity : Respon­ sibility or Privi lege?" In the 1 9 50s S a l k developed the fi rst effective vaccine aga i mt polio. He is the fou nding d i rector anc Dist i n g u ished Pro­ fessor of International Health Sciences at the Salk Institute for Bi ological Scie nces in S a n D i ego, C a l i f . He cu r r e n t l y le ads resea rch efforts to develop a s i m i l a r vac­ cine for the prevention of AIDS. Borlaug was awa rded the Nobel Prize i n 1 9 70 for what h a s been cal led the Green Revolution: deve lopment of hybrid stra i n s of wheat that dra matica l l y i nc reased world food p roduction and has p rovided bread for bil l ions of peo pl e_ The consultant a nd past di rector, Wheat Prog ra m , Internation­ al Center fo r M a ize a n d Wheat I m p rove­ ment, Mexico, is cu r rently a p p l y i n g his tech niques to i m p rove food p rod u ction i n Africa . Foege, a 1 9 57 PLU a l u m n u s, org a n i zed the World Health Organization's worldwide i m m u n ization c a m p a i g n t h a t eradicated sma l l pox in the 1 970s. He then se rved as di rector of the Center Fo r D i sease Con­ t rol, u.s. Pu b l i c Health Service, and is cu r­ rently exec utive d i recto r of the C a rter Presidential Center at E m o ry U n i versity, Atlanta, Ga_ He i s p resentl1Y work i ng on a program to i m m u n ize c h i l d ren in u n derde­ veloped countries a g a i n st seve ra l c h i ld­ hood infectious diseases. G rant is executive di rector of the United Nations C h i l d ren's Fu nd (U NICEF). He is a leader in promoting solutions to the p rob­ lem of maln utrition i n child ren a nd vacci­ nation of c h i l d ren agai nst i nfectious d i s­ eases. He conti n ues to write the acclaimed a n n u a l p u b l i ca t i o n , "T,h e State of the World's Child ren." Callahan d i rects the Hast i n g s Center i n Briarcl iff Ma nor, N.Y., the pri ncipal center i n the Un ited States dealing with social and ethical aspects of health care. He has been most recently i n volved with the p roblem of find ing a moral b a l a n ce between med i­ cine's respon s i b i l i t i es to society and i ts concern for ind ividuals. Styles, the Livi ngston Professor of N u rs­ i ng at University of Californ i a - Sa n Franci s­ co, is on the boa rd of di rectors of the


Dev�lopecf the first

DR. JONAS SALK vaccine against





eradicate SIOallPQx

Coordinated the .worldWide campaIgn to


br� for btlfions

His green Revolution has


DR. JAM�S GRANT Is seeking sb1ut40ns to chlfdren-s eroblems worldwide

DR.. DANIEL CALLAHAN Renowned expert on socia l and ethical aspect> of health care

International authontY


nurttng education


Leader m the Gevelo�ment ,of large �Ie tnni��l drug trials SpOhsored by the PLU $Choal qf NurSJI19 and OIVi$1Ot1 of NatllrfJt SCIences: �rted..b #iiltSfl! from Tf/.e G,t �datl()n

I nternational Cou n c i l of N u rses, where she cha i rs the profess i o n a l services co m m it­ tee. A past pres ident of t he A m e r i ca n N u rses Assoc i a t i o n , F u l b r i g h t Scholar a nd Fellow of the America n Aca demy of N u rs­ i ng, she is an i ntern a t i o n a l a uthor ity on n u rs i n g educati on, special ization a n d cre­ dentialing. Yusuf is a leader i n the deve lopment of l a rge sca l e drug test i n g at the Natio n a l Institute o f Hea lth i n Bethesda , M d . A col­ league of PLU a l um nus Dr, Jeff Pro bstfield '63, he was gradu ated from Oxford in England a n d is a m e m b er of the Royal Col lege of Phys i c i a n s . He is a native of India, The Friday fo rum concl udes Wi th a d i n­ ner at which Callahan w i l l d iscuss euthana­ sia, On Satu rday, Styles will present the Di s­ tingu ished N u rse Lect ure on n U rsing in the next ce ntury, Saturday a lso fea tures the presentation of scientific pa pers by a l u m n i from the PLU Division of Natural Scien ces and a lu ncheon for PLU n u rsing a l u m n i . "Solving H u m a n i ty's Pro b l e m s" i s the theme of the centen n i a l s y m p o s i u m , which is sponsored by the PLU School of N u rsing and Division of Natura l Scie nces, A grant from the GTE Fou ndation has pro­ vided support for the Friday foru m . More i nfo rmation i s ava i l able b y ca l l i n g (206) 5 3 5-7430, •

In U. S. Ne ws & World Report PLU Ranked For Fifth Time Amo 9 Nation·s TOp colleges, universities In 1 9 83, U S. News and World Report p ra i sed Pacific Luth eran U n i ve rs ity fo r a "solid, docu mentable record of exem plary teaching." That was the fi rst year that the maga­ zine con d u cted a national su rvey i n a n effort t o rate, a n d r a n k , A m er i ca's best col leges and u niversities, PLU was ra nked t h e n , a nd it has been ranked since, in every US. News su rvey. In the 1 991 Col lege Gu ide (the Oct 1 5 , 1 990 i ssue), PLU ra nked s i xt h a m ong 1 5 top reg ional c o l l eges and u n iversities in the west Thus PLU re m a i n s the o n l y northwest i n dependent or Luthera n i nstitution in the cou ntry to have been h o n o red i n every US News su rvey. Meanwhi le, the su rvey has become the best known and m ost widely quoted col­ lege su rvey in the country. During the past eight years, the maga­ zine has conti n u a l l y redefi ned and refi ned its criteri a . It cont i n ues to su rvey college p re s i d e n t s , B u t oth er c r i t e r i a �l ave changed. I n the cu rrent i ssue the magazine consid­ ered a cadem ic re putation, student s e l ec-

tivity, faculty resources, fi nancial resou rc­ es and stu dent satisfaction, I n academ i c reputation and student sat­ isfaction, two cha racteristics PLU con s i d e rs extremely i m portant, the u n i versity rated h i g her than any other i ndependent i nstitu­ tion in the northwest This year seven of the 1 5 ranked west­ ern schools are i n Washi ngton a n d Oregon. In addition to PLU, they include U n iversi ty of Puget Sou nd, Gonzaga, Linfield, U n iversi­ ty of Portland, Seattle U ni versity and West­ ern Wash ington. Valpari aso and Capital were the Lutheran u n i versities ran ked in oth er parts of the cou ntry, A n u m ber of Lutheran schools were l isted among recog n ized l i beral a rts coHeges,

Pacific Lutheran university SCene




Cen tennial

i Soci e y's Va ues The Role Of The University Dr Russell Edgerton

By Jim "eterson

I I " u n i versity m ight be viewed as tIle

,. place where students a re i nvited to

i ntersect the i r a utob iogra p h ies w ith the l ife story of the world," s a i d Dr. R u sse l l Edgerton at PLU Oct. 1 2 . Edgerton was the keyn ote speaker at the fi rst cente n n i a l yea r theme sympo­ s i u m . "Shapin g Society's V a l u es: The Role of the University" was the theme of the event. "The u n i versity is the pl ace where, if a l l goes wel l, students broaden the i r attach­ ments beyo nd fa m i ly, friends a n d home l oca l es, and take on a new sense of who t h e i r 'selves' are," observed Edgerton, the president of the Am erican Association of H i g her Ed uca t i o n . "They ch oose whether theirs is to be the story of a doctor, teach­ er or artist. And they try out many ' i sts'_ . . such a s enviro n m e nta l ist, fem i n ist or paCi­ fist. " T h e s e ' h a b i ts of t h e h e a rt: i n d e Tocquevi l l e's m a rve l o u s p h rase, can g i ve m ea n i ng to t h e rest of t h e i r l ives:' he added . Add reSSing the key issue ta rgeted in the theme, he asked, "H ow do we d i rect these stories toward (the intent) of you r centen­ n i a l the me, 'Ed ucati ng for Service?'" F irst, he i n d icated, st udents should feel they are p a rt of the 'gathering a round the cam pfi re' " . i nvol ved in the com m u nity l i fe of the u n i versity. " N ot the whole un iversi­ ty, but some relevant com m u n ity within it" E d g e rt o n noted . "C i t i z e n s h li p , as E d m u n d B u rke p o i nted out long ago, is usua l l y fostered t h ro u g h i n volvement i n t he 'l ittle p l atoons of neigh bors' that make com m u n ities work." He p oi nted next at t he class roo m , "at the enco u n ters we arra nge between ou r students and the l ife stor i 5 of the world." H e e xpl ai ned that stud ents c a n l ea rn about so meth i ng, or how to do someth i n g. But it is in the developm ent of atti tu des about som e th i ng t hat val u es come i nto play . " People acqu i re va l ues w hen they o pen the msel ves to and attach themse lves to an idea l , and then interna l i ze this ideal as thei r own," he sa id, noting that stud ents learn character by observing how men and women of cha racter do the i r work. He suggested that new ways be fou n d o ·


' I n the next centu ry we are going to need u n i versities with the kind of sou l that (PLU h i sto r i a n ) Ph i l Nordqu ist fi nds i n Pacific Lutheran - u n iversities with a deep historic co m m it m e nt to teach i n g , a n d a special eth i c of service: show stud ents the roles facu lty, a n d other role models, play i n the l a rger soci ety. He expanded that i dea to include those per­ sons about whom st ude nts a re ta ught. "Instead of encou ntering E mc2 as an abstract form u l a , why not a lso acqu a i nt them with E i nst e i n the person, the p rob­ l e m he was trying to solve, and what a n extraord i n a ry person h e wasT Edgerton asked. He conti n ued, "Va l u es education a l so req u i res the kind of teach ing in which the class itself becom es a com m u ni ty of inqui­ ry, a part of the great conversation that has un folded a m o n g sch o l a rs over ti me about the subject at h a n d . Students wo ul d beg i n to see themsel ves as app rentice members of this com m u n ity of inqu i ry. "This k i n d of teaching is rare:' he adm it­ ted . E d g e rt o n a l s o a d d ressed t h e va l u es i m p l i c i t to the content of cou rses being =

Norway Sponsors Guest Professor I n re c og n i ti o n o f P L U ' s centen n i a l , t h e Norwegian Emigration Fu d of '1 9 7 5 and the Roya l M i nistry of Forei g n Affa i rs is sponsori ng a ca m p u s gu es t p rofessor at PLU d u ri ng the Janu ary I nteri m . W i l l i am Laffery f rom the U n iversity of Oslo wi l l p rese nt a cou rse enti t lpd " Dem o­ cratic Vo ices a n d Democrat ic Ways i n Nor­ way and the U n ited States. " He will a lSo present a p u b lic Ie t u re J a n . 2 2 on " Democracy a n d the Welfare State In Today's Norway ." The event will be he ld rn th e Scand i navian Cultural Center at 7:30 p m.

taught, a l l u d i ng, for exa m p l e to the i ssue of excl u s i ve vs i nc l u s ive rea d i ng l i sts i n cou rses l i ke "Western Civil ization " Quoting C ha rlo tte Bu nch, h e s a i d , "We can't ju st add wom en and st i r "Rather, w e have t o a s k why women and others were l eft out in the fi rst p lace," he conti nued. "What defi nitions of what the field i s a l l about have b l i nded us to a l l sorts of thi ngs?" Fu rther, he p o i nted out, "Val ues of o u r stude nts a re sha ped b y the influe nce of the val ues that shape us (the i r teachers), and what governs o u r academic l i ves. "I see a re lationship between o u r deep i m me rsion in scientific objectivism a n d the fact that many students find l ittle to noth­ ing about the sto ries we tel l them that relate to them perso n a l ly," he cont i n ued . The e m p h a s i s on object ivism " e xp l a i n s why the science-based p rofess ions l i ke m e d i c i n e a re so e xa lted, and why other p rofessions l i ke teach i n g a nd soci a l ' work and public adm in istration st ruggle so hard for status and res pect with i n academe," Edgerton sai d . " I n t h e next cent u ry," he concl uded, "we are g o i n g to need u n i versi ties with the kind of soul that (PLU historian) Ph i l Nord­ qu ist fi nds in Pacific Luth e ran -- u n i versi­ ties that have a deep h i storic com m itment to teach i ng, and a special ethic of service." Quoting Pa rke r Pal m e r, h e s a i d , "Si nce the scientific revol ut i o n , o u r knowledge has sprung from two m otives -- cu riosity and contro l . "But there is a nother kind of knowledge that origi nates not i n cu riosity or control, but in com p assion or love -- a sou rce cel ebrated not in o u r i ntel lect u a l tradition b u t o u r sp i ritual heritage. "I can i m agine a Pacific Luth era n U n i versity that takes adva ntage of its Christian tradition i n a way that pos es new a nd fundamental questions for the acad e m ic side of the ho use. This tra i l of i n q U i ry wo u l d lead beyond st ructures a nd cu rricu­ lum to the very academic sou l of the u n i­ versity." Th e sym pos i u m was spo nsored b y the D i vi sions of H u mani ties and Social Sci nces.

PacIfIc LUtIIeran university


December 1 ItO

4 Science

Sc-enc e Stude ts Introd uced or d

to 21 st Century By Jim peterson n d e rg ra d u ate sc i e n ce stu­ d e nts at P a c i f i c L u t h e ra n U n iversity a re l e a rn i n g i n a tech n o l o g i ca l e n v i ro n m e n t u s u ­ a l l y known o n l y t o g ra d u ate st u ­ dents a n d fac u lty m e m bers at l a rge research u n i ve rsities. This fal l two new, so p h ist i cat­ ed p i eces of eq u i p m e n t a re i n operat i o n a t P L U ' s s p a c i o u s, m o d e r n R i e ke S c i e n c e C e n t e r t h at a re re vo l u t i o n i z i n g c l asses in ea rth science, chem ist ry, b iol­ ogy and physics. Fou r yea rs a g o PLU beca me the fi rst school i n t h e nation to offer u ndergra d u ate tra i n i ng i n


artificial i ntell igence t o i t s com­ p u t er sc ien c e stud e n ts. The fi rst new inst rument is a dig ital sca n n i ng electro n m i c ro­ scope (S EMl. S i m p l y d escri bed, the SEM magnifies images of sol­ ids in th ree d imensions onto two computer screens u p to 300,000 times. The other is a Fo u ri e r tra ns­ fo rm n u c l e a r m a g n e t i c reso­ n a n ce spectrometer (FTN M R), used to exa m i ne the nuclei of a broad variety of elements. E a rth scie n ces d e p a rt m e n t cha i r Dr. Steven Benham wrote the gra nt p roposal that secu red 5 7 3,646 fro m the National Sci­ ence Fo u n d a t i o n towa rd p u r­ chase of the $ 1 22,000 SEM. He is cu rrently seeking fu nd i ng for a com pa n i o n e n e rg y d i spersive x-ray spectrometer to accom pa­ ny the SEM for use in quantita­ tive elementa l a n a lysis of sam­ ples. Chem istry professors Dr. Cra ig Fryhle, Dr. Fred Tobiason and Dr. Sheri To n n secu red $ 1 00 ,000 from the M .J . M u rdock Cha rita­ ble Trust and $ 78,000 from NSF toward th e $21 6,000 FTN M R . Student access is a key t o both the acq u isition and use of the new eQu i pment_ The professors agree th at the g rant p roposa l s were favorab l y co nsi dered o n the st rength of PLU's strong teac h i n g and fac u l ty-st u d ent research record. Second sem este r sop h o mores and u pper division students w i l l

Studen t A ccess Key To A cquisition


Futuristic Ne w Equipmen t

be using these i n stru m e n ts reg­

u la rly T h ey a re b o t h " u se r fri e n d l y" a n d requ i re a m i n i m u m o f o r i e ntat i o n t i m e . "The S E M is t h e l atest i n m i cro­ scope equ i p m ent." Ben h a m stat­ ed . Today it is t h e o n l y d i g ita l SEM i n Wash i ngton state. Advantages of SEMs are th ree­ fol d : h ig lh m a g n i ficatio n , h i g h

resolution and greater depth o f f i e l d , he i ndicated . Fu rthermore, images can be viewed in a l i ght­ ed room. Earth sciences st u d e nts can exarn i ne roc ks 2nd fossi l s, a n d c h e m i st ry st u d ents c a n study materi al in t h e sol i d state. Biolo­ gy s tu d e n ts can look at t i ss u e

sa m p l es, w h i l e p h ysics stu de nts m a y p e rform s u rface a n a l yses and exa m i n e stresses and frac­ tu res. The FTN MR is no l ess excit i n g . I t u ses a powe rfu l su perconduct­ ing mag net, o p e rat i ng at a tem­ p e r a t u re near abso l u te zero to d etect atom i c n u c l e i that have weak mag n et i c p ro p e rt i es. It is of particu lar va l u e to the

Sheri Tonn describes features of the Fourier transform nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer.

chem istry department for exa m­ i nation of the molecular configu­ rations of com p l ex chem i cals, such as synthetic polymers, p ro­ tei ns and other org a n i c mole­ cu les. "It offers excel lent preparation for g rad u ate st udy i n chem is­ try," sa id Fryhle. PLU's older model NMR co u l d look a t hydrogen nuclei. T h e new model looks at many elements, i nc l u d i n g ca rbon, n i t rogen a nd phosphorous. Some of the M u rdock Trust grant money a lso supports stu­ de nt-facu lty research. Tobiason noted t h at " t h e o n -g O i n g resea rch p rogram i n t h e sc i ­ e nces a t PLU g reatly e n h a nces the educati o n of st udents a n d fosters t h e excitement a n d satiS­ faction deri ved from work i ng on p ro b l e m s at the fro n t i e rs of sci­

ence. "

T h e a cq u i s i t i o n s of t h e S E M an d FTN M R occu r red at a p r o p i ­

tious time, as PLU focuses on its f u t u re fro m t h e v a n t a g e p o i nt

of its Centen n i a l yea r

Steven Benham demonstrates new digital scanning electron microscope



Pacific Lutheran university Scene


1 990

5 Campus

BishOp's people Skills Enhance Ministry In ELeA's Region I NW washi ngton Synod When the Evan g e l i cal Lutheran C h u rc h in Americ a was formed via merg e r in earl,y 1 9 88, PLU was proud to co u nt fou r of s i x R e g i o n I synod b i s h o p s a m o ng its a l u m n i . One of them was Bishop Rev. Lowell E. Knutson ' 5 1 of Seatt le. Only the year before h e had been a p p o i n ted B i s h o p of the N o rt h Pacific D i st rict of t h e American Lutheran C h u rch t o fi l l a vacanc y created b y t h e u nt i mely death o f B i s h o p C l i f­ ford Lunde. Knutson and Lunde had been classm ates at Pacific Luthera n , members o f a class that sent 1 6 graduates to study i n sem i n a ries across the cou ntry. During his th ree-year ten u re as synod head, Kn utson has won t h e a d m i ration of not only h i s peers and many thousands of parish ioners, but a lso King Cou n­ ty com m u n ity leaders. In an earlier era, bish ops may have been stereotyped as stern, authorita rian and remote. Kn ut­ son personifies a new generati o n of c h u rch l e a d ers , more ap proachable a n d w i l l i ng to work " i n t h e t re n c h es," both w i t h parish ioners a n d t h e p u b l ic. Accord i n g to col leagues, Kn ut­ son "l ikes people, trusts them and sees t h e i r needs." T h ey poi nt out that he has brought to the Bish op's office qual ities of love and devotion, com mitment

Rev. Lowell Knutson

and energy, pa stora l care and good sense. As a conseq u e n ce, h e h a s become an activist for t h e poor and disadvantaged, and his con­ cerns are global as well as l ocal. In Seattle he has bee n active i n programs to feed and house t h e homeless. H i s concerns for peace have taken h i m to East Germany twice and the Sov iet U n i on . On the latter t r i p he d e l i vered 1 0 ,000 Bi bles from S e a t t l e churches to the R u s s i a n O rtho­ dox church i n Leni ngrad . He al so is com m i tted to educa ­ tion. He served as secretary of

Students Earn Sc holars h i' ps For Service In Ecuador, England Two PLU st u d e n ts h a v e received scho lars hi ps from t h e Partnership For Service Lea r n i ng to h e l p fina nce t h e i r p a rtici pa­ tion in servi ce learn i n g projects i n Ecuador a n d England. M a rg i e Ferg u s on, a s e n i o r from M a u p i n , Ore., h a s spent the fal l semester i n Guayaq u i l . Ecua­ d o r, wh ere she is work i n g in a hospital ca ncer wa rd, caring for leukem ia-st ricken children. S h e is a h i story a n d g l o b a l s t u d i es major. Kathleen Rowe, a ju nior social work maj o r from Chew e l a h , Wash . , i s i n Berks h i re , E ng l a n d . She is work i n g w i t h physica l l y and menta l l y h a n d icap ped adu lts a t Rave nswood Vil lage. T h ey a re among 1 3 PLU stu­ dents i n vol ved i n service l ea rn­ i ng proj ects i n five cou n t ri es that also include Jama ica, Mexi-

co and France. Accordi n g to Jan Moore, i nternational prog ra ms coord inator, PLU has a dozen or more stu dents in volved in such programs each year. The Partnership for Service Lea r n i n g awa rd ed the sc h o l a r­ s h i p funds to PLU last s p r i n g beca u se o f its s u p p o rt o f t h e program over many yea rs. "This prog ra m i l l u st rates the i n t e nt exp ressed i n o u r c e n t e n n i a l theme, 'Ed ucating for Service: " said Moore. The Partners h i p holds that a u n ion of academ ic stud ies a nd co m m u n i ty serv i c e , e s p ec i a l ly when held in internati onal/inter­ cultural setti ngs, addresses and exa m i n es p rofo u n d q u es t i o n s about h u m a n knowledge, teach­ i ng a n d values. Ken Gibson '89 of Tacoma, who part i c i p ated i n the program i n J a m a ica fo l lo w i n g t h e de vasta­ tion cau sed by H u rrica ne Gilbert, accepted t h e award for PLU i n St. Louis last spring.

the PLU Board of Rege nts for nine years and was elected chair­ man of the board of both Pacific uth era n Theological Sem i n a ry and Seattle Com m u n ity Col l ege. B eca use his a l m a mater is proud of his achieveme nts a nd h i s identity with u n i ve rsity ide­ als, PLU presented h i m the PLU President's M e d a l l ast s u m m e r. Intent of the special honor is "to upl ift and affirm persons who demonst rate strength in voca­ tion, excel le nce in profess i o n a l service, a n d whose life em bod ies the h i g h est i d e a l s of C h ristian life and Christian val ues," accord­ i n g to PLU P r e s i d e n t W i l l i a m Rieke. K n u tson s h owed l e a d e rs h i p q u a l ities at a n early age. As a you ngster he was a top paper r o u t e s a l e s m a n . At P a c i f i c Luthera n he w a s a th ree-sp ort letterma n, student body p re s i ­ dent a n d was named t o "Who's Who." Fol l owi ng sem i n ary he served pari s h es i n E d i son- Bow, Was h . , and Everett, Wash., before being called to F i rst Lutheran i n West Seattle i n 1 9 7 3 . He was in h i s 1 4th yea r there w h e n he was appoi nted Bishop. Knutson and wife Shi rley have fou r chi l d re n and e i g h t g r a n d ­ chi ldre n .

Sca nd i n avian Exh ibit Featu res I m m ig rant Tru n k A Norweg ian i m m ig rant tru nk complete with its original t ra ns­ Atlantic contents is among the cu rrent exh i b its at t h e Pacific Lutheran U n i ve rsity Sca n d i na­ vian Cultural Center. The autumn exhibit is ent itled " C a r r i e rs of T r a d i t i o n " a nd i n c l u d es other Scand i n a v i a n t rave l i n g conta iners, some of which are called tines. Pa i nt i n g s by Swed ish i m m i ­ g rant Haro l d M or i n a re on d i s­ play, along with Norwegi a n arti­ facts from t h e co l l e ct i o n of Wayne and Dee Wright of La ke­ bay. The pai nti ngs have been loaned by Taco m a n s Jack a n d M a rjorie Postma n . T h e t r u n k b e l o n g e d to the Olav Otheim fa m i ly, who i m m i­ grated from Norway t h rough E l l is Island to Crosby, N . D , i n the 1 9 20s. They came to Wash i ng­ ton state i n 1 9 38. T h e i r g reat­ granddaug hter, Barbara Brocker, i s a PLU admin istrator. The e x h i bit may be v i ewed Tuesdays and Wednesdays from ' 1 1 a . m . to 3 p.m. and Sundays from 1 -4 p.m.

Faith And Ethics I'n workplace TOpic Of February Seminar "Faith and Eth ics i n the Work­ place" is the topic of a one-day seminar for a l u m n i and the com­ mun ity Sat u rday, Feb. 1 6 . The on-campus event i s jointly spon sored by the PLU A l u m n i Associa t i o n and Lutheran I n sti ­ tute for Theological Ed ucation (LITE) at PLU. The sem i nar will focus on sev­ e ra l p rofes s i o n a l work a re a s, i ncluding business a nd i nd u stry, education, com m u n i c a t i o n s , health care a n d others. I t offers a n op port u n ity to l i n k ethical refl ect i o n , Chri st i a n pri nc i ples and professional l ife. Dr. H u b e rt Locke, d i rector of the Society and Justice Program at the Univers ity of Was h i ngton, i s the keynote speaker. An active Lutheran and Africa n-American, he has ana lyzed h u m a n relations from the motivations u nderlying Nazi oppression to behavior i n today's large organ izations. "This sem i nar w i l l help us look at the wisdom requ i red to make decisions and the cou rage need­ ed to take actions that meet God's demanding standards," he said. Panel discussions in the profes-

s i o n a l a reas w i l l be l ed by o u t­ sta n d i n g lay exp erts, incl u d i n g state legisl ator Doug Sayan of Gig Ha rbor, Wash. Cost, i nc l u d i ng l u n ch, for the 9 a . m . to 4 p.m. event is S50. The workshop is a l so being u n d e r­ w r itten by a g ra nt fro m A i d Association for Lut!le ra ns. For m o re i nfo rmation c a l l or write the LITE office at PLU, 535-7342.

PaCIfic Lutheran UniversItY see.,..




ational Council Extends School Of Education Accred itation

. Tibetan Scholars Or. Celek and Oawa Tse-ring presented a hada to PLU President Or. William Rieke. The hada, a ceremonial scarf, is given by Tibetans as a symbol of close friendship.

Ti beta n Scholar Visit To PLU A U.S. Fi rst Five scholars from the Tibetan Study Center i n Beijing, People's Republic of Chi na, were guests on the Pacific Lutheran Universi­ ty campus in October. The visit. sponsored by PLU's Global Stud ies progra m , was a p a rt of the fi rst offi c i a lly-spon­ sored tou r of the Un ited States by Tibetan scholars, according to PLU anthropology professor and host Greg Guldin. Fou r of the five mem bers of the visiting entourage were eth­ nic Tibetans, he indicated . Creatio n of the Tibetan Study Center i n Beij i ng, now some five years old, reflects a change i n the Chi nese government atti­ tude toward Tibet and its peo­ ple, Guldin observed .

New Prog ra m Ai ms At Su bsta nce Abuse Prevention, Education PLU students and the campus commun ity as a whole will bene­ fit from a new ca m p us s u b ­ stance-a b u se p r eve n t i o n a n d education prog ram, according to Pat Kennedy. Kennedy was recently appoi nt­ ed coord inator of the new pro­ gram, which is funded by a two­ year, $1 00,507 gra nt from the Fund for I m p rovement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE), U.s. Departm ent of Educatio n . T h e program h a s fou r stated goals, accord ing to Kennedy. One is to encourage students to stay or to become alcohol a n d drug free. Another i s to develop a n expe riential cou rse t o prep a re students to participate i n com­ m u n ity p revention and ed uca-

Plans Lectures In India

Fulbright Grant Awarded TO PLU sociology Professor

Dr. David Swa nson , a sociology professo r at Pacific Lutheran University, has been awarded a Fulbright g rant to lecture at the University of Kerela in Triva n­ drum, India, this com i n g spri ng. During his stay between March and August of next year, Swan­ son will share po p u l ation fore­ casting and estimation methods with facu lty colleagues at the university. Acco rdi ng to Swa nson. the demography department at Ker­ ala is recognized worldwide. Several cha racteristics of the region are of person a l i nterest to Swanson. The state of Kerela, located at the southern tip of the cou ntry, is more plu ral istic

The natio n a l accred itation of Pa c i f i c L u t h e r a n U n i ve r s i t y School of Ed ucat i on g radu ate a n d u n derg rad u ate prog ra ms has bee n ext ende d t h ro u g h 1 995. The annou nce ment was made by Arth ur Wise, president of the National Council for the Accred i­ tation of Teacher Education. The deci sion by the accred iting body was made at its fa ll 1 9 90 meet­ i ng fol l ow i n g an accreditation team visit to the PLU campus last Apri l . NCATE makes such p e r i o d i c visits to a l l m e m b e r schoo ls. PLU's School of Education fi rst received n a t i o n a l accred itation i n 1 9 58. At the u n dergradu ate level. the School prepares teach­ ers for elementa ry, seco n d a ry a n d spec i a l e d u c a t i o n c l ass­ rooms. At the gradu ate level, it

t h a n other states in I n d i a . Twelve perce nt o f its citizens a re Christian. " T h e i r Ch rist i a n i ty preda tes E u ropean contact," sa i d Swan­ so n. "It is beli eved to have been i ntroduced by Saint Thomas the Apostle." The state also has the hig hest l iteracy rate and lowest b i rth rate in the cou ntry, he indicated. grant Swanson's was a n nou nced by the presidentially­ a p po i n ted Board of F o re i g n Scho l a rs h i ps a n d t h e U .S . I nfor­ mation Agency. He is one of some 1 , 500 U .S . g rantees who w i l l t ravel a b ro a d t h i s year u nder the Fulbright p rogram.

tion programs. The p rogram w i l l provi de support grou ps, i nclud­ ing Alcohol ics Anonymous and Adu l t C h i ld ren AnOnymous; the latter helps adu lts who come from dysfu nct i o n a l fa m i l ies. Also, it will hel p strengthen the u n i versity as a substa nce-free workplace, she observed. The n u m ber of s u b sta nce abusers on campus is not great. K e n n edy i n d icated. " But we want to h e l p them recog n ize and deal with their problem, and to prevent others from develop­ ing problems," she said. I n 1 986, i n terest by seve ral departments resu lted in forma­ tion of an informal alcohol edu­ cation co m m ittee. The fol lowing year the president a ppoi nted a n official com mittee t h a t spon­ sored spea kers and other act ivi­ ties i ntended to ed ucate the cam pus com m u n ity. The new coordinator has sev­ en years of experience in the fie l d . She rec ently ret u rned from F u l d a , West Germa ny, where she adm i n i stered a n alco­ hol a n d substa nce a b u se co u n­ sel ing service. She is a certified state c h e m i c a l d e p e n d e n cy co u n s e l o r w i t h a m a ster's deg ree from the U n i versi ty of M ichigan . Jeff Jordan, assistant d i rector of resi dential l ife; Ann M i l ler, health center d i rector; a n d E rv Severtso n. vice-president for stu­ d e n t l i fe prepa red the g ra n t application that resu lted in pro­ gram fu nding.

provi des master of a rts p ro­ g rams in cl assroom teach i n g , special ed ucation a n d early child­ hood spec i a l education, educa­ tional adm i n istration, co unsel i n g and g u i d an ce, ed ucat i o n a l psy­ chology and read ing. D r. Robert Mu l der, dean of the PLU School of Ed ucati on, poi nted out that recently revised nation­ a l accred itat i o n g U i deli nes a re very ri gorous. "Conti n u i n g accred i t a t i o n assures PLU students that they a re recei ving good profess i o n a l preparation, and assu res gradu­ ates that they ca n be certified and em p l oyed i n most states:' he sa i d . "It al so ass u res sch ool d istricts employ i n g o u r grad u­ ates that our professional prepa­ ration programs meet the high­ est avai lable national professional standards." H e added, "N ational accredita­ t i o n comp l e m e nts o u r state approva l , wh ich we have m a i n­ tained co ntinuously ever si nce it se v e r a l beca m e a va i l a b l e decades ago. I t h a s always been o u r p ractice to pro v i d e p ro­ grams that meet, and often sur­ pass, state and national g uide­ li nes." The NCATE ana lysis i ncluded the assessment of items such as curricu l u m , field work, st udent a d m isSion a n d perfo r m a n ce sta ndards, and faculty Qual ifica­ tions.

Presidential Forum Tackles Topic Of Diversity " C u l t ivat i n g the Strengths of Diversity" is the theme of the 1 991 Presidential Fo rum at PLU Tuesday, Feb. 1 2 . Dr. Jacqueline Flem ing, author of Blacks in College, is the fea­ tu red speaker at 8 p . m . in the University Center. Themes prese nted d u ri n g a three-hou r afternoon p rogra m i nc l u d e "There is o n l y o n e h u m a n race," "Common Gospel Diverse Expressions," a n d "Our Town: At t i t u d es and Act i o n s Toward Eth n i c Diversity W i t h i n the PLU Com mun ity." Sched u led speakers i n c l u d e professors John Mo ritsugu. psy­ chology; Kay M cDade, sociology; Patricia O'Co nnell Killen, rel igion, and students. Also sched u led is the a n n u a l B l a c k H i story M o n th ba n q u et Tuesday at 6 p . m . , a nd a Wed nesday workshop with Dr. Fleming o n co l l ege recru itment a nd retention of eth n i c m i nori­ ties. M ore i nfo rmation is avai l a b le by call i ng 535-7228.

Pacific Lutheran university SCene

December 1990

7 Campus

student Progra mmers Best In West For 2nd Straight Year PLU students are the best undergrad uate computer p ro­ g ra m m ers in the West for the second yea r i n a row. If it was a footba l � game, it wou ld be national news; the PLU p rogra m m ers o u tsc o red s u c h schoo ls a s U n i versity o f Cal ifor­ n ia-Berkeley, U n iversity of Wash­ i ngton and Wash i ngton State U n i versity I nstead it was a student com­ puter progra m m i ng com petition sponsored by the Association for Com p u t i ng M a c h i nery. PLU's fi rst team ,com posed entirely of

undergraduates, p laced third i n the ACM Pacific Reg ion Scholas­ tic Prog ram m i ng Co ntest Nov. 1 7, beh ind only Stanford U n i ver­ sity and U n i versity of Oreg o n . The top two tea ms both i nclud­ ed g rad uate students o n their teams. In fact. the PLU team solved as many pro b l em s (five of six) in the five-hour event as the Stan­ ford and Oregon tea ms, but the top two team s did it i n a sho rter ti me. Some 40 Pacific Coast tea m s competed i n t h e a n n u a l event. Two of PLU's tea m m e m bers

were m e m bers of l a st year's team, which fin ished fifth over­ all beh i nd fou r tea ms com p rised of graduate students. They were seniors David Cooper of Gig Har­ bor, Wash . , and Brian C rawford of Wood invil le, Wash. The other two team mem bers were Kimberly Hargrove of Long­ m ont. Colo., and Brett Bentsen of B e l levue, WaSh . , both of w h o m were on P L U ' s seco nd tea m l ast year. That tea m fin­ ished 1 3th in the competition Asked about the reason for the tea m ' s su ccess, com puter science professor George Hauser

He gave part i c u l a r credit to the team s' coach, math-com p ut­ er science p rofesso r Moshe Rosenfeld. PLU's seco n d team f i n i s h ed 24t h i n the compet i t i o n . Its m e m bers i n cl u d ed J a m es DeBroek of Po u l sbo, C h e ry l DeLorme of Taco ma, J e n n i fer Dykstra of Ellensburg and Cu rtis Hanner of Bel levue.

TWO Students

Bacca l a u reate Prog ra m For LPNs Offe red Licensed practical n u rses (LPNs) can enhance their career options by earn i ng a bachelor of science in n u rs i n g deg ree. A new p ro­ gram offered by the PLU School of Nursing, the fi rst of its k i nd in the Pac i f i c N o rt h w est, is desig ned specifi c a l l y to meet thei r needs. c a n p ro g ress A stu d e n th rou g h the BSN c u rr i cu l u m in 24 months fo llowing completion of prereq u i site cou rses, accord­ ing to Dr. Dorothy Kel l m er·Lan­ gan, dean of the School of N u rs­ i ng. Class times, i nc l u d i n g su m m er options, are arranged to acco m ­ modate sched u les o f L P N s w h o are work i ng she added . can Stud ents ach ieve advanced p l a c e m e nt t h ro u g 'h examinatio n. In addition, a n u m ­ ber o f t h e cou rses c a n b e chal­ lenged, b ased on e d u cati o n a l backgro u n d a n d work experi­ ence. Trad itionally, LPNs have not had the chal lenge opt i o n , a n d n o cred it h a s been given for past educat i o n a l ach i eveme nts, Kel l mer-La ngan i n d i cated . E n l i sted Army nu rses i n the program may have their tuition and fees paid through the Army Med i cal Depa rt m e n t E n l i sted Comm ission i n g Prog ra m They also receive fu l l pay a n d benefits if they can co m p lete the p ro­ gram in two years or less. Th e program i s i ntended to help rel i eve the shortage of reg­ Iste red n u rses, Ke l l m e r-La n gan i nd i cated "Th e State Board fo r P ro f e s­ sional Nursi ng is very support ive of what we are d o i ng a n d we have had trem en do u s I nterest," she said M ore i nforma t i o n is a va i l a ble by cal l ing (206) 5 3 5-7677.

sa id, "Good peo p l e, good pro­ g ra m . M ost peo p l e wou l d n 't believe a small school co uld do so wel l."

Earn Senior Economi cs Awards

Some 100 PLU students ga thered in front of the U niversity Center Nov. 30 to protest the mobiliza tion of US forces in Saudi A rabia They wore white arm bands to symbolize their opposition to war with Iraq

writing Skills Gai n Emphasis In Mlcroblolo y Classrooms M i crobiology is one of the d is­ c i p l i n es that is placing g reater i m portance on writing ass i g n­ ments to co mbat the genera l l y acknowl edged and wi despread problem of poor student writing skills. PLU m i crobio logy professors Angel i a Alexander a n d J o h n T. Carlson were rece ntly feat u red in ASM News, p u b l ished by the America n Society for M i c robio lo­ gy, for their i n n ovati ve "writing ac ross t h e c u rricu l u m (WAC)" programs. A l exander's cou rse stresses short writing assignm ents, with l ittle em phasis on form as a way to co m m uni cate and u nderstand i nfo rmation. "These papers enhan ce stu­ dent understanding and d iscus­ sion of different material and permit a creat ive a p p roach to

both teach ing and learn ing," she sa i d . H e r st udents are asked to do thi ngs l i ke constru ct essays from l i sts of key s c i e nt ific te rms, explain complicated d iagrams in writi n g , and translate scientific descriptions fil led with j a rgon. T h ey are a l so e n cou raged to learn from th e i r m i sta kes by writi ng about areas covered by questions they m i ssed on exams. Carlson a l so provi d es i n nova­ t i ve writing exercises. In one he asked students to su ppose they were sci ence fict i o n writers descri bing the beast on an al ien planet in terms of its size and cel l structure. The exercise d rew o n d a ta they were l e a r n i ng about h u m a n cel l structure. The ASM News arti cle was a fol l ow-u p on a paper A lexander presented at the ASM a n n u a l m eet i n g i n A n a h e i m , Calif., last May.

Dav i d Hatlen of S n oh o m i s h a n d Larry Deal of Wenatchee are co-winners of the 1 990-9 1 Senior Award i n E co n o m ics at Pacific Lutheran U niversity. The award is given annually to the senior econo m i cs m ajor with the h i ghest c u m u lative grade point average d u r i ng the fi rst three years of stu dy. Hatlen is study i ng i n La ncaster, England, this semester. He is tak­ i ng grad uate level co u rses there and plans to work i n the i nterna­ tional department of an invest­ ment banking fi r m . Prev iously he was a m e m ber of the PLU golf team Deal is m i noring in biology and plans to atte nd med i ca l school next fal l . He is a lso half of the fi rst brother team to win the awa rd. His o lder b rother B r u ce was the win ner i n 1 986-87. Both Hatlen and Deal a re members of Om icron Delta EpSi­ lon, the economics honorary fra­ tern ity.

Kristin Koss, a sophomore from Kirk­ la nd, Wash., is PL U 's 1 990 L u cia Bride. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noel Koss received her crown Dec 7.

PadRe Lutheran University Scene

December 1 990


New Endowment ' l=und Project TO Assist Humanities students S c h o l a rs h i ps for h u m a n it i es stu dents is t he goal of a new endowment fu nd-ra i s i n g effort u nderta ken by the D i v i s i o n of Human ities as a centennial year celeb ration project. accord i ng to division dean Dr, Ja net Rasm us­ sen. The i n itial goal of the project is

$ 2 0,000, t h e dean i n d i cate d . I n c o m e from the fu nd w i l l be used to assist ou tsta n d i ng stu­ dents i n the h u manities. "The division has more majors than ever before," Rasm ussen sa id. "But with rising costs it is increasingly d ifficult for some of them to affo rd the q u a l ity of


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education offer."





She noted t hat the d ivision p re p a res students fo r m a n y k i n d s of su ccess opportu n ities after co l l ege. " H u m a n ities stu­ dents have gone on to become noteworth y tea che rs, auth o rs, pastors, col l ege p rofessors, m is-

Recent G ifts And Gra nts Recent g i fts a n d g ra n ts i nclude: $2 5,000 from the U .S. I nfor­ mation Agency to fund the sec­ ond year of the h istoric Sa man­ t h a S m i t h M e m o r i a l student exchange program between PLU and the Baltic States. The g rant wi l l support 1 2 PLU students in the Baltics and 1 2 Ba l t i c stu­ dents at PLU this com i ng year. $ 2 5 ,000 from the Weyer­ haeuser Company Foundation to KPLU-FM to fu nd a j oint program between KPLU-FM and KUOW-FM on critical p u b l i c p o l i cy issues i m pacting Was h i ngton's ch i ld ren and yout h . The total g rant of $50,000 is shared by the two stations, though KPLU-FM is t he grant's ad m i n istrative agency. * $ 1 2 , 3 7 2 from L u t h e ra n Brotherhood's IM PACT p rogra m . The gift matches, on a percent­ age basis, 1 68 g i fts from LB m e m bers d u ri n g the second quarter of 1 990. Si nce 1 979, PLU has received $626, 7 2 5 i n I M PACT funds. $ 1 0,000 from the Ben B . Ch eney Foundation t o the PLU Fam i l y and C h i l d ren's Center in s u p po rt of the After S c h oo l Enrich ment Prog ram . $5,000 from A i d Association *



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sionaries, translators, fou ndation d i rectors, attorneys and fi nan­ cial plan ners," she added . M a ny s m a l l g ifts c a n have major conseq uences, the dean pOi nted out. F u rt her i n fo rma­ tion is ava i l able by contacting Rasmussen c/o the D i v i s i o n of H u m a n it ies at PLU, or by cal l i n g (206) 5 3 5-7228.

Spoka ne Sen i o r Ea rns Fou ndation Schol a rsh i p Ti mothy A G i l l am of Spokane, Wash . , a PLU se n i or, has been selected a U PS Foundation Schol­ ar and the reci pient of a $2,1 50 scholarsh ip. The busi ness ad m i n istration major was selected for h i s aca­ demic ach ievements, i n clud i ng a 3 . 88 g rade point average and i nduction i nto both Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Al pha Psi honor societies. I n a d d i t i o n , he has served as a tutor to accounting stude nts a n d c o m p leted a n internsh i p prog ram a t M icrosoft this past year. The U PS F o u n d a t i o n is t h e m a i n charitable a r m of U n ited Pa rcel Serv i ce of G reenwi c h , Conn.

for Lutherans to fu nd an arch i­ val project. The PLU A r c h i ves h o u se m ost of t h e a rc h i v a l m at e r i a l s from t h e fo r m e r A m e ri c a n L u t h e ra n C h u rc h , N o rt h Pa c i f i c D i st r i ct , a n d L u t h e ra n C h u rch i n A m e r i c a , Pa cific N o rthwest Synod. T h e u n i versity is o rga n i z i ng t h ese materials. $4,000 from GTE of Stam­ ford, Conn., to Joseph U pton II, PLU engi neeri ng p rofessor The g rant wi l l help fu n d an intensive one-day foru m on the responsiili­ ties of u s i n g science to serve humanity. *

Tru m pet Leg end To Perfo rm With Wind Ense m b l e By Janet C;oleeke

I always hold tru m pet p layers in the h ig hest estee m . In t h e s m a l l school o f m u sic I attended they were a lways the ta lented ones. The handsome ones. When those guys tal ked , m ost of us wors h i p p i ng coeds h u ng on every word . And the tru m peters a l l wor­ s h i p ped A d o l p h H e rset h , the prinCipal tru m pet player with the Ch icago Symp h ony O rc hes­ tra. He was their idol; therefore, he was my idol . I was awash w i t h n osta l g i a when I hea rd that Herseth was com i ng to PLU . W i n d Ense m ble conductor Thomas O ' Neal i n v i t­ ed the 42-yea r vetera n of t h e Ch icago Symphony t o PLU after read i n g a featu re art i c l e about him in The Lutheran. Herseth w i l l perform Hayd n ' s Tru m pet Concerto with t h e PJ..U W i n d Ensem ble on March 5 i n . Seattle's Shorecrest H i g h School and March 6 at Tacoma's Stad i­ u m High School. I can hardly wait.

PacifiC: Lutheran University scene

December 1990

The A rts

I nternational concert Tours Are Dramatic Centennial Finale Two i nt e r n a t i o n a l c o n c e rt tours by PLU perfo r m i n g gro u ps will provide a d ramatic finale to the u n i versity's cente n n i a l year. The 36 -vo ic e C h o i r of t h e West, d i rected by R i c h a rd S pa r ks, a n d c o n d u c to r J e r ry K racht's 20- m e m b er U n i versity St ring O rch estra w i l l tou r the Far East, i n c l u d i n g t h e Peo p l e ' s Rep u b l i c of C h i n a , May 29 - J u ne 1 7 . Concerts W i l l be p resented i n Toyko, J a p a n ; S h a n g h a i , B e ij i n g , Chengdu a nd Gh angzhou in C h i ­ na; H o n g K o n g a n d Hono l u l u , H awa i i . P L U h a s exc h a nge p rogra ms with universities i n Chengdu and Ghangzhou. The c u l t u ral exch a n ge as pect is o n e of the most i m portant reasons fo r such a tou r, accord­ i ng to Sparks. Th us the C h o i r w i l l featu re a select ion of America n fo l k songs a n d s p i r i t u a l s . The stri ngs will perform a sy m p hony by conte m porary America n com­ poser David Diamond. Works by Bach and Mozart w i l l a lso be fea­ tured. The 30-vo i ce U n ive rsity C h o-

rale, d i rected by Cathy Bl eecker McC l u re, a n d the 3 5 - m e m b e r U n i ve rsity W i n d En semble, u nder the d i rection of Thomas O'Neal, w i l l to u r Sca n d i n a v i a M ay 27 J u ne 1 4. Concerts a re sched u led in N o r­ way, Sweden and De nm a rk. Sev­ eral a re j o i nt concerts; ot h e rs fe atu re t h e perfo rm i ng g ro u ps s e p a ra t e l y Both g ro u p s a re sched u l ed to appear at the pres­ t i g i o us B e rgen I n tern a t i o n a l M u sic Festiva l . Oth e r m ajor concerts w i l l be p resente d i n Tro n d h e i m , Ale­ sund (Tacoma's sister city), K ris­ tia nsand, Oslo, and Stockh o l m . T h e Chorale prog ra m also fea­ t u res Am erican m u sic, classics from re n a i ss a n c e to a vant garde, Norwegian fo l k m usic a nd a work by N o rweg i a n E d v a rd G r i eg . The W i n d E n semble p ro­ g ra m w i l l i n c l u d e tra d i t i o n a l b a n d m u sic, c h a m be r pieces and some new, u n iquely A m e r ican m u s i c, i nc l u d i ng work by PLU com pose r-i n-resi de nce G regory Youtz.

Chorale Tri p Insp i res Pa re nt Sponsored Sca n d i navia n Tou r A tou r of Sca n di n a via, spon­ sored by the PLU Parents Associ­ ation, is an added featu re relat­ ed to the Sca n d i navian concert tour. John Adix, Parents Associa­ tion coord inator and assista nt to t h e PLU president, a n d L u c i l l e Giroux, t h e president's executive associate, a re t h e tou r l eaders. Dates of the tou r are May 29June 1 5 . I n a d d i t i o n to m a n y t o u r attract ions d u ri n g t h e 1 8-day jou rney, to u r membe rs W i l l have as many as six op portu nities to hear the Chorale as tou r itin erar­ ies cross. In addition, a series of gatherings with PLU alu m n i and frie n d s in N o rway a re bei ng scheduled. Tour featu res i n clude a cru ise on G e i ra n g e r Fj ord a n d other fjord-country attract i o ns, cathe­ d rals and stave churches, a G r i eg Fest i va l a n d E d v a rd G r i eg 's hOme, Frog n e r Park, V i g e l a n d M u seu m , V i k i n g S h i p M u se u m , and Kon-Tiki, a l l i n No rway; the Royal Palace, Old Town and Gl ass works in Stockhol m , and Tivo l i Gardens in Copenhagen The $ 3 , 3 9 7 cost i n c l u d es rou nd-tri p a i r fa re a n d gro u nd tra nsportat i o n , a l l acco m m oda­ tions, brea kfasts and d i n n ers. For m o re i n fo rmation ca l l or wri t e Ad i x (206 ) 5 3 5-8 4 1 0 or G i roux (206) 5 3 5 -7 1 1 1 at PLU, Tacoma, WA 98447.

A Centennial Highligh t

YOutz Four-Act Opera Inspired By ati e Ameri an cultu e Greg ory Youtz, PLU com poser­ in-residence, knew that creation of an o pera is a n e n o r m o u s endeavor. " B u t I gu ess I d i d n ' t k n ow h o w e n o r m o u s u n t i l I bec a m e i m m ersed i n i t . " h e admitted. You tz's fou r - a ct o p e r a , a School of the Arts cente n n i a l y e a r h i g h l i g ht, is i n s p i red by environmental concerns a n d Native-American culture. "Songs from the Cedar House .. says Youtz, is "history a m p l ifi d by myth, a view of White civil iza­ tion refl ected in the m i r ror of Native Am erican cultu re." It a lso a d d resses eco l o g i c a l issues. "There i s a n i n creas i n g sense o f u rgency about ecologi ­ cal concerns," Y o u t z a d d e d . "Native-A m e ri c a n cu lt u re i s a m etaphor for l i v i n g i n b a l a nce with the land." The opera opens with the cre­ at ion story from N ative-Am eri­ can legends a n d conclu des in p resent day Seatt l e . C h a racters include Capta i n Va ncouver, Ch ief Seatt l e (S ealth) a n d S eattle pio­ neer Doc Maynard. Youtz's work i s the cu l m i na­ tion of an idea that has been evolving for yea rs. Even before h is a rrival at PLU six years ago, he and friends had discussed a m U l ti-med i a product i o n based on Indian l egends. In 1 9 87, cho­ ra l d i rector Edwa rd H a r m i c approached h i m with t h e i d ea of basi ng a composition on C h i ef Sea lth's 1 8 5 5 speech, i n w h i c h the c h i ef rel i n q u ished I n d i a n cla i ms t o land that is now Seat­ tle. That i d e a beca m e Youtz's accl a i m ed chora l wo rk, "If We :le l l You Our Land," heard nati on­ a l ly on N at i o n a l Pu b l i c R a d i O'S "M o r n i ng E d i t i o n . " It was a l so featu red on U n i ve rsity Chora le concert tour p rograms.


PL U's music touring ensembles are raising funds for the cen tennial tours through the sale of sweat­ shirts (pictured). Orders are being accepted at the music department office. Orders should include a check for $30 with appropriate shirt size indica ted (add $1 for XXL and XXXL sizes!. VISA and Mastercard orders are accepted with card number, expiration date and signature infor­ mation. Donations are also welcome! For information call (206) 535-760 1.

Though he h as been i m m e rsed i n the opera for th ree yea rs, to t h e e xc l u s i o n of m o st o t h e r com position work, he dou bts h e wo ul d have f i n ished without the assista nce of the Pierce County . Arts C o m m i ssi o n , wh ich p rovid­ ed a generous gra nt to h i re h e l p with m a n y deta i l s, i nc l u d i n g copying of pa rts. Youtz is a lso p r o d u c e r a n d d i recto r of t h e o p e r a . M u sic d e p a r t m e n t c o l l e a g U e M i ra Froh n mayer is vocal coach a n d m ezzo sopra no solo ist; Richa rd Spa rks w i l l c o n d u ct t h e work, which featu res Spa rks' Choir of the West. D a n ce p r ofess o r M a u re e n M c G i l l Seal h as choreogra p h ed t h e d a nce e l e m e n t s . Theater department desig ner Doug West has worked on stage design with student aSSistance, and lighting is by El izabeth West. The l eader of the Snoq u a l m i e Dance Troupe, David Horsely, has des i g n ed cost u m es for t h e native a nd mytholog ical charac­ ters. Ot her costu mes are by the­ ater department cost u m er Mar­ ylynn Hougen. Oth e r featu red s o l o i sts a re bass-ba ritone Ba rry J oh n son a voice professor, as Ch ief Sea th, and student tenors Duane Witt­ " m a n and Eric Stro m . C h e l l e K i l lian is t h e ch ief as a yout h . S o m e 8 0 persons com prise t h e mostly student cast and crew. They will re hearse i n te nsively durin g the J a n u a ry Interim. "Songs from the Cedar Hou se" w i l l be p resented in Eastvold Auditor i u m on ca m p us. 8 p . m . perform a nces are Feb. 1 , 2, 8 a n d 9 . 3 p . m . M a t i n ees a r e sched u led for Feb. 3 a n d 1 0. Tickets will be avai lable i n Jan­ uary from Ticket master. For fu r­ t h e r i n f o r m a t i o n c a l l ( 2 0 6) 535-7621 . •


Pacific Lutheran university Scene

oecember 1 990

The Presiden t

The Savior promised long; Let every heart prepare a throne And very voice a song.

Bill and Joanne Rieke stroll past the Centennial Bell they donat足 ed to the university last spring The bell was crea ted by artist-in足 residence Thomas Torrens.

Dr. and Mrs. William Rieke 1990 Hymn #35 lutheran Book of Worship Text: Philip Doddridge 1702 - 1751 -

Design by Paul Porter Director of Graphics and Publications


Lutheran University scene

December 1 990

11 Commen ts

A H isto ry of H i story By Dr. Philip Nordquist Centennial Historian (This is the 18th article in a 20-part series)

When I began writi ng the his­ tory of PLU I thought it wou l d b e i nstructive a n d interesting to d e l ve i nto one d e p a rt m ent, descri be its facu I ty a n d stu­ dents, and trace its i nfluence. These Scene articles offer a won­ derfu l opport u n ity to do that. The department I know best, not surprisi ngly, is the history depart m e n t , so I decided to write about it. I was reared in a tradition of Swed ish Lutheran piety and reg­ u larly warned agai nst i m m odes­ ty so I will attempt to keep that i n mind as I write. I will u ndoubt­ edly have some d ifficu lty; I a m i nord i nately proud o f t h e cour­ age and dete r m i nation of m y departmental predecessors, the accom p l ish me nts of stud ents and the a b i l i t i es of m y col­ leagues. H i story has been part of the PLU curricu l u m from the beg i n­ ning, and it was ta ught i n a rig­ orous fashion accord ing to early catalogs. There were n o "profes­ sional" historians early on, how­ ever; history was taught by peo­ ple trained in other d i sci p l i nes, primari ly the classics and theolo­ gy. The fi rst more-or-Iess fu l l-time h istorians appeared i n the early 1 930s: Alvar Beck (1 929- 3 5) and Geo Reneau (1 9 3 3-52l. Reneau was the first woman to teach h istory at PLU . She was educated at the U n i versity of C h icago (M.Ph. 1 91 0) and in 1 944 com­ pleted a Ll.B. deg ree from La Salle U n iversity (do you remem­ ber th ose La S a l l e extension cou rses advertised i n magazi nes i n the 30s and 40s?). Accord ing to p u b l ished re ports, Reneau was demand i ng, prepared l ec­ tu res carefu l ly, and was the resi­ dent intel lectual a mong the fac­ u lty. S h e t a u g h t H i story of Civil ization. The history department was further stre n g t h e n ed in the 1 930s with the com i ng of Elvin A k re ( 1 93 7-70l. Trai ned i n the classics and m usic at Concordia College i n Min nesota, he came as dean of men and band di rector, but was soon teaching A merican and ancient history. He received an MA degree from the Univer­ sity of Wash i n gton i n 1 94 1 . Thousa nds of PLU grads took Pacific Northwest history from E l vi n Akre. H is 3 3 years of ser­ vice is the longest departmental tour of duty. After World War II the depart­ ment was fu rther strengthened by the scholarly contri butions of Magnus Nodtvedt (1 947-63l. He

b rought m aster's d e g rees i n politica l science (Col u m b i a) and theology (Pri nceton) and a doc­ torate in h istory from the Uni­ versity of Ch icago. He req u i red long term pa pers, extensive . memorization, and factual accu­ racy as many a l u m n i w i l l remem­ ber. H u n d reds of pre-sem stu­ de nts took c h u rch h i story and the Reformation from M a g n us Nodtvedt. The 1 9 50s b r o u g h t Wal ter Schnacken berg (1 9 5 2 - 7 3) a n d Pau l Vig ness (1 956-65) t o the fac­ u lty. Schnackenberg, with a Ph . D. deg ree from Was h i ngton State U niversity, was the most influen­ tial facu lty member at PLU dur­ ing the 50s and 60s; he fought with great vigor for the liberal arts and a m o re u p-to-date u ndersta nding of the philosophy of Lutheran higher education. As a result of h is i nfluence a rush of h i story m ajors d ec i d ed t h ey shou ld tackle graduate study. A stable of bright scholars was the resu lt. With a Ph.D. deg ree from Stan­ ford and the defi nitive study of N o rway d u r i n g World War I u nder h i s belt, V i g n ess h a d reti red from t h e Cal iforn ia pub­ l i c schools before c o m i n g to Parkla n d at age 6 2 . He taught n i ne years at PLU, p u b l ished a book a bout No rway d u r i n g World War II, retired a second time, and then b eg a n teach i ng at Faith Evangel ica l Lutheran Sem inary i n Taco m a , where he has logged 2 5 m ore years. Last month, at age 96, his 70-year teaching career was momentari­ ly stal led by a stroke. (Ed itor's note: Dr. V i gness d ied Nov 29. See page 24.l Nodtvedt, Sch nackenberg and Vig ness all p u b l ished books in the 60s, helping to estab l ish an a ppropriate scholarly norm for the newly hatched u n iversity (1 960). The importance of their schola rly contributions can not be gai nsaid; rigorous teac h i ng and scholarship cou ld co-exist at the new u niversity. New waves of faculty came i n the next three decades, includ­ i ng the l ate Peter Ristuben (1 960-69), a n enormously e ner­ getic teacher who was president of Bethany Col l ege i n Ka nsas when he d ied last Jan. 1 7 at age 56. The author of t h is article, who has the seco n d l o ngest departmental tour of duty, and Arthur Marti nso n a lso came in the 60s; both are PLU grads and were influenced by the depart­ mental ferment and excitement of the 50s.

D u r i n g the l a st 60 years, excl u d i n g o n e-year sab batica l replacements, 1 5 men and fou r women have ta ught i n the histo­ ry department at PLU; 1 6 have had Ph.D. degrees . They have publ ished mo re than 20 books, some to national and i nterna­ t i o n a l accl a i m . I n c l u ded h ave been two hi stories of PLU and one of Haml ine Un iversity. Four h ave decided that u n iversity admin istration was their cup of tea and have left PLU and teach­ i n g to beco m e presidents or deans elsewhere. These a d m i n is­ trative vapors sti l l b low around the depart ment. The best measu re of a PLU department's success is its stu­ dents. The PLU h i story depart­ ment is competitive with the better departments at simi larly­ s i zed i n stitutions a r o u n d the country (so are a n u m ber of oth­ er PLU departments). Si nce 1 950 more than 2 00 his­ tory g r a d u ates have become pastors (th ree are ELCA Region I bishops) and a l m ost as m a ny ha ve gone i nto the pu b l i c schools. M o re t h a n 2 0 have become lawyers and a l m ost 40 have completed doctorates; the l atter figure p laces PLU in the top 5 % of a l m ost 900 private,

primarily undergraduate i nstitu­ tions in the U n ited States. Among the gradu ates can be fou nd PLU's fi rst Rhodes Scholar (Bru ce Bjerke ' 7 2 ) and several other fi rsts for PLU grads: first doctorate from Ha rvard (Lloyd Eastman '5 3), first recip ient of a doctorate from a foreign u n iver­ sity (Robert Ericksen '67, Un iver­ sity of London), fi rst recip i ents of D. Phil. deg rees from Oxford (Ja mes Aageson '70 a n d H a rry Maier '81 ), and fi rst books pub­ l ished by Harvard or Yale Un iver­ sity Presses (E rickse n , Richard Slatta '70 and Neal Waters '67). There are u n iversity presidents (J on Wefald ' 5 9 , Ka nsas State), deans (J ack H o l l ' 5 9 , Ka nsas State), and di rectors of u n i versi­ ty presses (Fred Bohm '67, Wash­ i ngton State). Th ere are many fine depart­ ments at PLU; among the very best over the last 50 years have been biology, chemistry, philoso­ phy and h istory. All their h isto­ ries should be wr itte n . Fu nda- · mental to their su ccesses are the p i oneer i n g ach ieveme nts and determ i nation of facu lty mem bers in the 30s. Basic to their successes since then are succeed ing generations of dedi­ cated facu lty and able students.

A 'i' C E N T E N N I A L 'i' T R E A S U R E


LU's centennial hisrory is availble now! Educating for Service: Pacific Lurheran University 1890- 1990 has been written by history professor Dr. Philip Nordquisr. Uniquely qualified ro wrire rhe volume, NordqUist was a student at PLU in rhe early '50s and has taught on campus for 27 years. The boo k describes rhe triumphs, disappointments and tenacious visions of rhose who helped to build PLU into rhe largest private educa­ tional institution in rhe Northwest. Educating for Serivce will be an elegant keepsake of rhe University's centennial celebration as well as a critical study of rhe school's often difficult enterprise, a memorable chronicle of achieve­ ments and follies. of struggles and growth. Beautifully clorh bound. the book includes more rhan 70 photographs, capturing many of rhe faces and moments of rhe PLU community over rhe past century. 'i'

o R .D E R ..-

F O R M � "",d me _oopy(l<s) of l'JbJuIIjft(j" ScrWz Ai $20.4� each 7.8% salu Wl Total o Ota:lr/Moncy orela- 0 VIsa 0 MastaCanl

PIrase send Ibis couPJl'l, aIon, with }OUT chuk or 1IIDftC)' onI�, 10: Educacin& lOr ScrvItt, PW BooIl-

........ II

Mae chub � 10 PW.


� T......, WA 98447.

up. date

PacIfic Lutheran University SCene

December 1 990

Commen ts

Cancer For A Moment Th ere Is A Profound Si lence By Harvey J . Neufeld Vice president, Church Relations

The exa m i nation is over. My wife a n d I w a i t i n a n o u ter office. It is very fa m i l i a r. The d at­ ed Time and People magazi nes, a few tongue de pressors, a sink, a rubb er g l ove d i s p e n ser a n d some seasca pes. Familia r? Yet but very strange as wel l. We can­ not remember being here, j u st like this, - really wa iting - i n a waiting room - waiting for a d i agnosis. We a re fortu nate. Our physi­ cian is also o u r friend, as well as our healer. He t a l ks easily w ith . us in a very p rofessional a n d competent way. St i l l , i t i s p l a i n from the start that h e d oesn't like what he is go i ng to tel l us. We won't l i ke it either. " H a rv has a m a l i g n a ncy - colon cance r . " H e pa uses. "It's easy t o get a t but we' l l have t o g e t y o u i n to su rgery soo n . You're in good health. Yo ur cha nces for recov­ ery are very good." For a moment there is a p ro­ fo und si lence. A g l a nce at my spouse says it all. Strangely we

a re not stu n ned . M aybe i t j u st doesn't sink in. With a qu iet car­ i ng efficiency, the doctor has a l ready made a rra ngements to v i s i t the s u rgeon wi t h i n the hour. Another office. Another calm b u t pu rposefu l c o n v e rsat i o n . Kind ness a nd understa n d i ng a re shown again. It'S clear what w i ' " h a p p e n . S o m e q uest i o n s a re answered. There will be time for others. N o rm a n Co u s i ns says it becomes crucia l how we process the i n fo rmation of a d i a g n os i s. Often the way we are i nformed of a ca ncer intensifies the panic response whic h in i tself holds back the body's own internal healing powers. Not so this ti me. In our drive home, Carol and I exper i e n ce n o s u c h panic response, n o depress ion, n o spe­ c i a l a n x i ety O u r l ives h a ve always been in God's hands. They are now. It j u st see m s that is how it's going to be. Some thi ngs are i m m ed i ately obvious. I'm am azed how t h is

i nte rlude in our l i fe has hel ped us make new starts on old beg i n­ n i ngs. Above everyt h i n g, f a r above everything, h a s been the i n c red i b l e affi rm a t i o n of o u r friends i n s u p po rt, prayer, con­ versat i o n , humor and pe rspec­ tive. Even so, I d o n 't l i ke what is happening. It is no small t h i ng . I don't l i ke ca ncer. I hate it! The p rospects of the next five o r more years cou ld b e clou ded . So I'm not trying to sound " pollyan­ nish" about i t a l l . Unthinking, we can not be. Or even a p pea r to d i sreg a rd the long ra n ge emo­ tional needs of our fa I am co nvi nced that this d iag­ nosis w i l l be the beg i n n in g of hea l i ng . We a re determ i ned to find that t u rn i ng point on o u r road t o f u l l recovery that defies the verdict. The al ternatives just are not acceptable.

p.s. We've experienced no side effects from c h e m ot h e r a py . Seems l i ke a good S i g n wou ldn't you say?

. Make A Specia l Centen n i a l Gift To PLU Stu dents Th is Ch ristmas B y John Aakre CFRE Executive Director Of the Annual Fund

H u n d reds of PLU friends, a l um­ ni, p arents a n d c h u rch people wil l be making a special cente nni­ a l g i ft to PLU stud ents t h i s Christmas. T h e i r g i fts w H I help keep PLU f i n a n c i a l l y access i b l e for thousa nds o f students. Nea r­ ly 30 percent of the g ifts that come from this special gro u p of people w i l l be received in the month of Decem b er. What a marvelous Christmas present fo r PLU students. The people who make th ose gifts possible a re memb ers of the PLU Q Club and I wo u l d like you to consider j O i n i n g them this yea r. If you asked Q C l u b mem bers why they support PLU one of the a nswers you m i g h t g e t is "to h e l p more st ud ents fford a PLU education." That's a

very good reason to be sure but its only p a rt of the story. The more i m portant qu est ion is this - why is a PLU education of such value to these contribu­ to rs?" Indeed, why do so many d'ifferent people consider it wor­ thy of suppo rt? The answer li es i n the p r i m a ry mission of Pacific Lutheran Uni­ versity. The theme of PLU's cen­ te nnial ce lebration is "Ed ucati ng for Service - Century II." Q Club members bel ieve i n the i m por­ tance of offering qual ity educa­ tion in an enviro nm e n t which encou rages Christian val ues and service to others. G i fts to the Q Club do m o re than keep a col lege education a ffo r d a b l e . They re p resent a vote of confidence in the i m por-

ta nce of educat i o n with d i rec­ tion and pu rpose. The C h r i st m a s seaso n is a n app ropriate t i m e t o reflect o n the va l ue o f PLU 's mi ssion. The u n i versity's cent e n n i a l rep re­ sents an opportun ity to make a special g ift to help fu rther that mission. If you have not hel ped before, I wou ld l i ke you to consider join­ ing the Q Club this year. Mem­ bers h i p s beg i n at $ 2 40/yea r payments can be made annua lly, sem i -a n n u a l ly, q u a r terly or monthly. Other membersh ip lev­ els are $480, $1 000, and $2400. (Al u m n i with i n fou r yea rs of graduation may join as Ju nior Q Club mem bers for $1 20/Yearl. If you a re a cu rrent Q Club member, perhaps this i s t h e yea r to i ncrease your contri b u -

Increase to sen o r FellOW (l400 /year,

Tonn. Jeff and Shert

Lamb. Albert and Martlyn

Hickel. Kenneth and Barbara

New Fellows 1$1 000-2399iyear)

Zulauf, Dwight and Lee

New AslOdate Fellows r$480·999/yearJ 1 Anonymous


Kees. Bill and Carolyn

Bevolden. CurtiS Black, Kenneth and Maroa

Carnett. William and Jewell Crawford. linda

Moseley, Richard and M ari on Kluth. Marijean McKinney. Wally and Joan

St Paul Lutl1eran ChurCh. POrtland

Davis, Keith and Diane 1$240-479/yearJ

Adolf, Arthur

Fenn. Ella Mae Flod in. Michael and Ann

Schwabauer. Richard and Sandra Snee, John and Marian

Tolas. Andrew and Caroline

Increase to Associate Fellow

Giles. Howard and Frances

Radford. Janet

Carlson, Mr and Mrs. Robert

Hanson. Ed

Kintner, Quentin and Margaret

Hendrickson, Wendy Herr, Dr. and Mrs. Rodney

Reese. DICk Ronning. Nelius and Nada

JOhnson, Ted and Doreen Paterson, Rob and Margaret Reiman, Don and Janet Russell, Alan and Pam

tion. All gifts help deserving stu­ dents receive a special PLU ed u­ cation. Fo r further i nfo rmation, con­ tact the Q C l u b office tol l free at 1 -800-826-0035 or mail you r con­ tribution to: PLU Q Club, Nesvig Alumni Center, Pacific Luthera n University, Tacoma, WA 9844 7. We wou ld li ke to welcome the fo llowing i ndividua ls, bUSi nesses and churches who h a ve joi ned the Q Club si nce the l ast issue of SCENE:

Lutheran Brotherhood. Tacoma Branch ,8279 Maxeiner. Mr. and Mrs. Alols

Shellgren, Gary

Jones. Me. and Mrs. Jack

At the end of each year, there is a flu rry of act iv ity around the u n i vers ity with people w h o a re making year-end gifts. For some people, it is a time when they eval uate where they sta n d finan­ c i a l ly, and they deter m i n e the amount that they wish to share with PLU. Fo r others, the end of the year means serious fi nancial pla n ni ng, which i ncl udes looking at the tax conseq uences of mak­ ing a charitable gift. Pe rhaps as important as mak­ i ng a year-end gift i s the manner i n whi ch it is made. While cash (or check) is the normal mode of giving, one sho u l d not overlook the use of a p p reci ated assets for g ift givi ng. For exam ple, let us say that a person bo ught so me stock for $2 ,500 a few years ago. Today, that stock is worth $1 0,000. A gift of that stock would not only save that donor i ncome taxes of $2,800 i n a 2 8 % tax bracket ( $ 1 0,000 ch a ritable deduct ion times 28 %), but it wou ld a l so avoid a tax of $ 2 , 1 00 o n the capital gain ( $ 7 , 500 g a i n ti m es 2 8 %). What t h i s means is that the net cost of the $ 1 0,000 gift i s only $5,1 00. Making a charitable gift should be m o re t h a n j u st wr i t i n g a check. Good p l a n n i ng should be a part of a ny charitable gift. If you wo u l d l i ke o u r offic e to assist you i n yo u r g ift g i ving, please contact me: Edgar La rso n, Director of Plan ned Giving, PLU, T a co m a , WA 9 8 4 4 7 ; P h o n e ( 1 -800-82 6-0035)

Svendsen. PoHy Svends Mountain Sports

Gallagher. Terri

Brannfors, Ed and Angela

By Ed Larson Director of Planned Giving

Krueger. DaVid and Laurel Lambert. Steven and Sandra

Morford. Robert and Laura Olson. Knute and Kim Morter Olson

Increase to Fellow

Yea r End Giving

Rosenbarger. Paul and Billee

Swenson. Rodney and Evelyn Trinity Lutheran Church. Endicott Trucco. Jean Wick. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel

o Club

Endowment Clfts:

In memory of Pauline Larson Nelson given by the Larson family and friends.

Pacific Lutheran university SCene

December 1990

13 A lumni The



Al u m n i In The N ews The Oct. 29 issue of Forbes magazine carried a feature about David M. Johnson ' 8 5 and Owen Wollum '83. The partners are founders of Pin nacle Publishing, Federal Way, Wash" which pu blishes computer database program newsletters,The firm they started while they were PLU students now g rosses S4 m i l l ion � year, ..





The Nov. 1 2 issue of Forbes lists Buffets, Inc., among the 200 best small companies i n America. Roe Hatlen '65 Is CO-founder, chairman, presi­

dent and CEO of the firm.



John Fischbach '69, new city manager i n Vancouver, WaSh" and one of PLU's Centennial Recognition alumni, was featured in a recent issue of the Vancouver Columbian .

PLU Centen nial Gatherings Around The world Norway

Nearly 200 Pacific Luthera n U n i versity a l u m n i and friends i n Norway obse rved the PLU centen n i a l i n the h o m e of the U n i ted States Am bassador to Norway, Am bassador Loret Ru ppe and her h usband hosted the two-!hou r reception at which PLU's Oslo c ha pter presented a large Norweg ian flag to the u niversity, Guests traveled to the reception from as far away as Molde, some 300 m i les away La u ra P o l c y n , assistant S c h o o l of Busi n ess dean, and reg istrar C h a rles N e l son rep resented the u n iversity, *



Japan As its cont r i b u t i o n to t h e cente n n i a l , the J apan a l u m n i c h a pter sent a g ift of 5 1 ,000 t o the u n iversity, On behalf of the group, Masa ko (Takahata '61 l Ku n o wrote, "We are

send i ng this g ift with o u r hea rtfei con g ratu l ations on the g reat u n iversity, our deep a p preci ation for the exce l l e n t u n iversity w h e r e we stu d ie d , a n d o u r best w i s h es for fu rt h e r deve l o p m e n t a n d l o n g p rosperity o f Pacific L u t h eran U n i versity. "At t h i s specia l t i me we a re all t h i n k i n g m u c h about PLU, t ry i ng to i m a g i n e h ow good a n d c h a l l e n g i n g yo u r cel e b ration events m u st be," she cont i n ued, "We a re look i n g fo rward to rece i v i n g news about it." ·k





Alumni Office Reorganized; Personnel' Changes Announced The PLU A l u m n i Office has a complete new look followi ng a significant o rgan izational change early in N ovember, PLU Presi­ dent Wi l l ia m Rieke a n nou nced , After more than 1 5 yea rs as a u n it of the Office of Develop­ ment, the A l u m n i Office has been a dded to the a d m i n istra­ t ive u n its that report to the Office of the Presi dent, Rieke indicated , The change was made to add em phasis to the service fu nction of the Alumni Office, he pOi nted out. Meanw h i l e , John A d i x, assis­ tant to the president, has been named i nterim a l u m n i d i rector. He su cceeds Walter Shaw who, consistent w i th the restructur­ i ng, has been released from ser­ vice, "I am g ratefu l for the l oyalty, com m it m ent and s e r v i ce that Walt has brought to the a l u m n i a n d t o the u n iversity," R i eke sa i d , "Ce rta i n l y the many s u c­ cessf u l act i v i t i es of t h e Centen­ nial H o mec o m i n g in October pro­ vide a f i n e capstone for Walt's experience a n d e n d eavors at PLU , " J u l i e S m i t h , t h e n ew exec utive secretary in t h e office, s u cceed­ ed J a n i e Att r i d g e in Octo b e r Att r i dge m oved t o O regon d u e t o fa m i l y o b l i gations, A P L U a d m i n i st rato r fo r 1 0 years, Adix has served i n ch u rch

relations and pa rent relations capacities in a d d i t i o n to his duties o n behalf of the p resi­ dent, A graduate of Wa rtb u rg Col lege and Sem i nary i n Iowa, he served as a p a r i s h past o r i n N e b raska a n d C o l o ra d o a n d m ost recently a t C h rist Lutheran C h u rc h in Lakewood, near Taco­ ma, During Shaw's six-year tenu re, the A l u m n i Association s i g n ifi­ cantly a m ended the o rg a n iza­ tion's constitution and by-l aws to m o re p recisely refl ect the needs of an o rgan ization which now n u m bers more than 2 5 , 000 mem bers, I n 1 98 7 PLU was recog n i zed for the top a l u m n i p ro g ra m i n Dist r i ct V I I I o f the Co u n c i l for Advancement and Support of Educati on, The d istri ct com p ris­ es six n o rt h western states a nd two Canad ian p ro v i n ces, M ost r e c e n t l y , S h a w a n d Att r i d g e coord i n ated t h e cen­ te n n i a l H o m eco m i n g, atte n ded by a record 1 ,400-p l u s a l u m n i , T h e event featured recog n it i o n of 1 00 a l u m n i , n u m e ro u s cl ass

a n d e ra reu n i o n s , p l u s g a t h e r· i n g s of a l u m n i i n l o c at i o n s a ro u nd t h e world i n a d d i t i o n to the a n n u a l slate of h om eco m i ng events, Dozens of a l u m n i p a rt i c i - ' pated i n o r'g a n i zation of the spe­ c i a l events ove r t h e p a st two years

Alumni Volunteers Sought or t 99t Alumni Ca eer Day rogram P l a n n e rs a re see k i n g a l u m n i vo l u nteers to p a rtici pate i n the second a n n u a l A l u m n i Ca reer Day Th u rsday, M a rc h 2 1 , 1 99 1 , Offe red fo r t h e fi rst t i m e l a st s p r i n g, A l u m n i Ca reer Day helps c u rrent students e x p l o re c a reer c h o i ces by ta l king with a l u m n i from a variety of fields, Some 50 a l u m n i and over 200 stud ents partici pated l ast yea r The 1 991 event, a j o i n t effort of t h e A l u m n i , Ca reer Services and Student Life offi ces, w i l l be held in the U n i versity Center from 4-7 p,rn Al u m n i i nterested i n partici pating a r e asked t o fi l l o u t t h e q u estion­ naire below and return i t to Jon G ra n d e , A l u m n i Office, PLU, Taco m a , WA 98447,

Alumni Involvement Questionnaire from left.- Wa yne Kreger, Don and JoAnn Cornell, and Mark and A nnalise McDougall.


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Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, fou r a l u m n i and the father of a PLU sophomore gathered Oct. 1 7 to observe the cente n n i a l . A m o n g t h e m were Wayne Kreger, father o f PLU's J e n n i fer Kreger; Mark 75, Gerd-Inger 72 and daughter Annalise McDouga l l ; and Don '58 and JoAnn '59 Cornel l , M a r k is t h e vice p r i n c i pa l of A ra m co R a s Ta n u ra School where G er d - I n g e r tea ches Frence and A n n a l ise is a st u dent, JoAa n n is a housing coord i nator and Don is i n personnel work, The fa m i l i es have been enterta i n i ng U . s . Mari nes in the i r homes s i nce O perati o n Desert Sh ield began. *



Editor's note: We welcome reports of other centennial gatheri ngs, . national or i nternational, for the next issue of Scene,

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PacIfIc Lutheran University SCene

December 1 990

A lumni

PLU's First Certified Graduate

She Named he Mooring .IIst 65 Years Ago

r Songfest

Amorette Day Richards


morette (Day '25) Richards is no longer a fam i l iar name at Pacifi c L uth e ran , b ut 6 5 years ago she was wri t i n g h e r n a m e repeate d l y i n ca m p us Il istor ical records In the early ' 2 0s she beca me the fi rst nan-Luthera n student to a tend the Parkland schoo l . " I was a n E p js co p a l i a n , " s h e explains. I n 1 9 2 4 she won a campus contest to n a m e the student newspaper. Her suggestion: The Mooring Mast. W h i l e s h e is pleased that the name has sur­ vived many decades, she is a bit chagrined that t h i s year's edi­ tions a re identifi ed only as The ,

Mast .

"I had pictu res of the dirigible 'Shenandoah' moori ng at a mast a few m i l es south of t h e cam­ pus," she reca l led. "It was a big vent at the time, and b rought some renown to the Pa rkland area." I n 1 925 , A m o rette b eca m e acific L u thera n 's fi rst cert ified gradu ate She earned teach i ng posit i o n , but was a bit shy of legal age Ph i l i p H a u ge d rov her to Olym pia to com plete her cer­ tification . After teach i n g for 1 8 years, she decided she wanted to know m o re a b o u t wtlY c h i l d ren behave as they do. She retu rned to PLC to earn a BA i n soc i a l work I n 1 943, then en rol l ed I n a g raduate program at the Univer­ sity of Washi ngton She h e l d social work positions in Tacoma and Seattle Public Schools u ntil she reti red 1 n 1 969 In 1 960 she was one of n i ne

co n s u l ta nts i n vi ted to a W h i te H o u se co nfere nce on c h i l d re n and youth b y Presi dent Dwight Eisen l1Ower. The conference was h e l d i n 1 961 . Ret i re m e n t d i d not slow h e r down. Now 85 yea rs old, she has been active unt i l ju st recently i n t h e Wasll i ngton State Reti red Teacher's Association's ca m paign to get l egislative approval of a reti red teacher cast of l iv i ng adj ustment. " I traveled a ro u n d the state d ru m m i n g u p support for it" she said. Last year the Association hon­ ored her for her efforts Some years earlier she was honored by MATRIX in Seattle for her work with you ngsters. Her parents were Wash ington pioneers that came to the state W h e n it was st i l l a t e r r i t ory (befo re 1889) ' She was born and raised in Tacoma. To hel p pay for her schoo l i ng s he worked i n the d i n i n g room with the H i nderl i es, a nd has pho­ tos of th e th ree Kre i d l e r s i b l i ngs cl i m b i n g t ile wa l ls of O l d M a i n . O laf Ordal was ca mpus pastor at the t i m e. "In the '20s there was no sec­ retary in the office," she reca l ls. "Whoeve r wa s c l osest to the phone a nswered it It was a '1 0party l i ne . " S h e a d d e d , " PaCi fic L u t h e ra n was a u n ique p lace a t t h a t t i me . They were i nterested i n us as i nd i vid u a ls. " At the Centen n i a l A l u m n 1 Di n­ ner Dan ce O ct 1 3 Amorette wac once aga i n newsworthy S h e was t h e o l d est PLU g ra d u ate i n attendance. •

L u te mascot leads torchlight parade

1 965 reunion

1960 reunion

PacIfIc Lutheran unIversity SCene

December 1 990


Alumni An ExhIbit

A nita (Hilles(a nd '591 La ndgren, Mari足 lyn (Force '591 Knutson.

in Olson A uditorium giant scree n video gives e veryone a front row seat.

1 9 70 reu nio n

Pacific Lutheran University SCene

December 1 990

A lumni

1 00 Al u m n i Receive Cente n n ial Recog n ition hey represe nt a l l age g ro u ps. T hey are men a n d women from d i verse c u l t u r a l backg ro u n d s a n d career fields. They are t he 1 00 a l u m n i of Pacific Lutheran U n iversity hon ored t h i s fall in observance of t h e 1 00t h a n n iversary of the u n iversity. "The focus of this a l u m n i centen n ial rec- . ognition is upon those who exem p lify t he diversity that is now PLU, as we head into our second ce ntury of service," said PLU . Alumni Association president J ames Hush­ agen, a Tacoma attorney. "It is the i ntent of the PLU Alu m n i Associ­ ation to make a stateme nt. on the occa­ sion of the 1 00th birthday of the u n iversi­ ty, about the d i versity of o u r gradu ates who take seriously their respo n s i b i l ity to serve their fa m i lies, co m m u n it ies, c h u rch­ es and hu man ity as a whole," he ad ded . The honorees were selected from the vast a l u m n i const i t u e n cy outside the emp loy of PLU that had not yet received a l u m n i recogn ition. "As we honor these persons who have b rou g h t h o n o r to t h e i r a l m a m ater thro ugh their ach ieveme nts, leaders h i p a n d involvement i n their comm u n ities, we are a lso hono ring all PLU al u m n i wl�ose l ife focus is beyo nd themselves a n d toward the betterme n t of h u m a n ity a n d the world around them," he added. The 1 00 hon orees re p resent a m i cro­ cosm of PLU's 25,OOO-plus a l u m n i . The Oct 1 1 banquet hon ori ng the a l u m ­ ni was a h igh l ig h t of PLU's cente n n i a l homecom i ng weekend.


James W. Aageson

( n i....lIIry. poliri..:arscicm:c:)


Jerold Armstrong

A.uiSl.1nt Professor of Bibliol Srudics, Concordia CoJkgc:, Moorhead, Minn.; also CHARIS FA-um i a Center (Moomcad) and North Dakou Statc Univcrsiry (Fargo)� board member, CH ARlS Summer Theology Conference; Who'" Who in Biblical An:hxology and Bibk Srudiu; Joctoratc from Un iwniry of Oxfo rd, England, 1984; author of P.lfit u. Bod eian Library. O.f rd; numerous 3rtKks. m1C\l1'!i

l."n l." l





and prcscnurions..

Arli. M. Adolf

rhy�i(ian. Family PUl1:k:C; AJ.,isory Board. Colorado Baby Your Bahy Campai@;n. :10 SI;l(e'o\;dc muhi·media program; Boud of TruR«� and A lLi n Dirc(tnr o((h( �pannK'nl f mi )' Mcdi.:irK. R05C MedicI! Ccnc r; Board Mcmhcr, Colorado A,,:adcmy nf Famil)' Phrst..:i-;ans; (()rmer chu rch orpni.... , (h,lir din:l"tO( Olnd

o n l


(ullm.:il member.

John Amend (cdll(.ni..n )

1 960



Musil.: Teacl\cr, Di�lrin Fine An:; Coordinator. Highlinc (Sunk, Was h. ) Publi, Schtxlh" sin..:c 1966; Choir Director, Glendale F."·angeli..:al Lutheran Chur..::h. .sin..'" 1960; former

communitY ..::hoir I,hm..1or, 10 ,·nr.�; former prufC'sionai band musi..::i�n, ynD; eXlensinn raJuOIte in${I'\II."tnr lor Ccnn4l1 Wa!lihingwf1 Sta.le Uni\'(uir),; (�ndid3te for pf'C'SoiJcnl. W35 h i ngton Music Edu.:ator'� AsStXiOilion, 1982.






' hl � lnr\' �

Stoll.: &!nJtnl ( W�·,h 20th 0,,( ). ,ira:c 198�; S(.1fc R':-jlN"Vi'l1Ilol[TU', 1 9 "1\ �K, Prop.'nI'i.')' M ...m J � .l'r, '\�fll"W Comp.lm, (:l'flTldh..l, w..�., � Sck� h,>J hy Am.�'ri�,lIl (:vuP1I 11 ( I( )'()ung l'ohTK..ll l..r.:.lJl'T' lut {Hilt u f lU.jSR. I<IX;; nU'�l.nJII1�' YoulI� :"":1'1 III .'\m( nun, 1987; R.urtl MCI11h1.,.-, IIIJu�n..d f)nt'l ol'fl\l U[ C, u"P, ufl,oo,J' ('oum)'; !-1 1 r 1 11 (r Ro;.rd �kml'\:r. I.o:I'.oI� ( "lllll'\


Wu h ington Stare SuperintenJent ()f Pul1li..: tlJscru.. t·ion, since 1989; I.A:gh1Jriv( �rni"lisr, liS Hou " of R...:prciiCnt3ti\1..'s, Suh .. :nmmim: c (10 �.km .. 'TlUT\', Sc: � ( ln� ..and VO(Jtl(mJoI r'Atu(.Hion, 197\) · 8)«. 1 961 7!:1; i......l�hingmn SUf(" Ib.r A)'�\x.:i;r,[irrn. SI1I(C 1987; nUD"K'H' U ' pnltl.' }'�lnn.3.i and "'ummuni()' orl!-lnil.Jtil1n�; A ....'J.rd fwm , ·�litIl1.o\1 A�'''!KJ,m(]n ofChaptcr One CoorJln.ItOrS tflr c:\cmplo1r)' I,\. C H k on n:�ud1("lril.J.tior. ofChapc-er

BnICC T. Bjerk.


; h l " l n�'�" ,h.lmln,'( r.HII JIl I




Judith (Sannerud) BiI1inp




f �'Jul..";aliun I

Pmti:ssor of Chemistry and AS)(M.:"I.h: Dl'p;mmcm Hl"3.J. M'Jnt3n.:l SUI&: Unin:rsiry; Chcmr�[I')' I c�r J,ol h()� 61 pnJ(cssion.11 pr�)4;nla(i()n.\; 82 rutl1i,:atinm; more [ han 55 n:)o(.".1n-h �r:1nts; hn no(!.:J fiJI" Jistinb'UI)hcJ tC'Jehing J.nd tJ.l"ulf)' J.(nio·cmcnr; fl lu nJ( r (Ii" (In\.' (If the '()r,�c:<or runnin� _�umm('r inSlinltC) (III" h igh !o,..:hool [(.Kh.:rs in the tl.ltio". ,,:on s l rJ IlI to U.S. A fl lm il" En"'rb 'Y CUfTIm i�:si t ln. L.J� Alam(b s.,.-il'nlifil- Uh(lrlwri(!I lnd mln y

Neil Amondson

Founder, UIC 10<" ,oItn, III" 1 965; anufactu r and distribu· tor of food [c Siin r; in !olNmcnu, 1990 :u.k:oi: S 1 5M ; daughter (()fn�nin in Shor�'ood, III., West Germ.any; Board of Regenu, PLU; Boud of Directors., Thrtt Ri,,'cD Manufactu re A..s.ocia· lion; ChOl i an, American ChcmicOII So.,:iC1)' J�iC! &ction, 1 97 } · 13; Will Count''' F.n\;ronmcnu.1 COnlrol lkwr,d. 1978 · 82; PrCiidcnl, H" kory Slate Bank, Nn.. Lenox. III., 1982·83; Co­ c hOli Oln, Sc. JU�mond [)jO("c�n Fund JUiwns Dri"'e, 1988.

Gerald C. Bayne ( eoo ( ;)tjnn I




( c n(,nli:olIf\'1


[',u1na, s p.. .,, ...:uli'll 111 (0'1 latl' 11,W. U!1'1 1 111C' trJn'J.\·Utll'IS ;lnJ 11 1 ./ l p ml·, tt.idddi. Willum", �q'hH �11{j \\'Jlb hl\� lJ.\� timl, 'lie ". � 111 )1.. r, «uJ lcd ,It (hfcln.l �'J[rlt; pte, 'ir�1 ",l1Id nnl L'nh..::r\!n', 1<)71 ;" !-orTiln bw ..Ink h i linn. Oon",l..I �, \·o(]rh�·i." . U�, Dl',(rt\( ( "'Urt . \\\',rC:ln \.... 'hlrm�,I()n. 1976 77

1,�I J11(lnlK [k' I.."J'Jpm":lu CIlUn(ll: nllTllCnlU), ":I'I� .ll.lhl[l�" ',

Ruth M. i l r..:n, 11

( Elli.) Andu.on


Ctllllnd. lI.S. ,\Ir hlrl�'; U.S, nt:kn"",;Al r �\rr.u.hl.." t , ... [ 1t1 l\�1\ ( li r \T h'O'llk I i i hold �lh.:h .m .1lI.1..:lu: p n<; r) • • tnH· ] 9 M, l\:r'H� 1 ) i rl..",- Ij,' �llJiIJll.\! I.m.'l l'n)p.rJm� ()tl;�1,: Stnnc,: 'I�' I1dll\'� Ill 1li.1!lo;'( O�nll'.illl,n , OHi!.." !.: q( �t:(fl'(J.n orl1ef..: \\:. . I lJ}\fl H7: (1m' 'icru(I'-:lI)t' bd,lItrJI J� rl·(m.·n" \\. r h NAT<' ",\1UII)' U !lwan lltf!, �n'l11\d l. l\1n�hI.:J � n lt' 1.: 1T1l\\!I..:.,. 1 979 �U. Rrtln:h' StJ' \tt:d. d I kl�" �. M...rir. 'rh " I\ \I.: r \ ( .. '\k�\.I I, f\\o'(l luk 1:.:.11 ti;r"ll" �; 2� :-l'-" F ',IT.k-(,



G. lam<5 Capclli { rdu� ...tll'l"'

1 9;"

(]"" 'f!f P,ut S� 1'w1l 11 Ol!IIfTrd �T.H 'lfnl jilml moJ,l r..wlr "!I'l�' 1 l}�9: m Wfll', 1 ()lJ{i; l rn:",Jcnt l;-,kH. J 4- � l�\q ul AI1:..1 ( lumh('T of Cni Jlc\Uon XI I irc'-'tnr . .. 'jl " " -.ll C,,!�ti·n.:r c nrt. • •I ,-\,\lnllll '.lt.: I IUII , 1 9\01.7 90. f,II"''' (I! ��: Siluon,li Q;- UTlI . ( ')\In. d un ""• .J.tlI ITI,II · Pn:'tlIlknl, 1987; RCgJ4 fI \' Ph'''''.\(' , ,�ml,-n � .ln \ ' .... U H 1I \ J ] A" ,1\ \r.�:..:: "....,(; \.1 W):Iohll'lt'HloO 1 1 . 1 \J�",, iJhlJn, tq82·8� Outlr.lnJJO � j., ,nll\n fi ll �\tr�'r;-l D!uhd �l1 !" �lJ llJ", 11 . dnr'1 ml, 1979; 01 I'rnlJcm �7' 5 ')M l . ,:,,,rknl IJkc J>:Il I\,·n. lin", 1972 P, Inr..ll ,If� I.!l q�· (lq'"H\{/..ltllln... � u rn \ h';lfT1U1 1 , rt\JRlD" t

Cente n n i a l Alu m n i Recog n ition: Excell enceJ Diversity And Se rvi ce By Jim Hushagen preSident, PLU Alumni ASSOCiation


PLU's C en ten nial is a "on ce-i n­ a-l ifet ime" event. M ore than two years ago, you r Al u mn i Assoc ia­ ti on began looking for a way to celebrate the Cente n n i a l by hon­ ori ng both the Assoc iation's con­ stituencies - PLU a nd the PLU a l u m n i - i n a u n ique and mean­ ingfu l way. The Centennial Alum­ ni Recognition em erged; its p u r­ pose was to honor PLU d u ring its 1 00t h b i rthday by h o n o r i n g a representative cross-sect i o n of 1 00 of PLU's most dist i n g u i shed alumni. The Alumni Assoc iation did not inten d to select PLU's 1 00 great­ est a l u m n i or to honor a g a i n those a l u m n i w h o m t h e Assoc ia­ t i o n had p reviousl y h o n o red . And, we did not i ntend to honor decea sed a l u m n i or t h o se employed by PLU. Rather, t h e Ass o c i a t i o n 's intent in g i v i n g the Centen n i a l Recog n i t i o n w a s t o ce l e b rate and honor the d i versity a n d excellence that exists am ong the more than 2 5 ,000 PLU A l u m n i . h e Centen nial Al u m n i Recog n i ­ t i o n reci pi ents exe m p l ify the

best of what PLU has stood for and meant d u ri ng the past 1 00 years They are models of excel­ lence, h a rd work, h i g h ach ieve­ m e n t a n d i n t e g r i t y - va l u e w h i c h have cha racteri zed PLU throughout its history The Cente n n i a l Recog n i t i o n rec i p i e nts exh i b i t a n ext raordi­ nary corn m itment to excel l ence and number among thei r ra n ks a Rhodes Schol ar, severa l Fu lbright Scholars, a Pulitzer Prize winner, severa l E m m y Awa rd w i n ners a n d n u merous re c i p i e nts of "Who's Who" and " O utst a n d i n g You ng Men and Women" awa rds. They in clude severa l chief execu­ tive officers of successfu l com- · p a n ies, a Lut heran b ishop, t h e h e a d of Tacoma's n a t i o n a l ly acclaimed "Safe Streets" p ro­ gra m , i nternationally recognized sc h o l a rs, severa l school district superi ntendents and Washi ng­ ton's Su peri ntendent of P u b l i c Instruction. The recipients have been cho­ sen from the u p per echelon of the m a ny d i verse ca reer fields p u rsued by PLU a l u m n i - educa-

tion, health care, m i n istry, busi­ ness, home m a k i ng, h u m a n se r­ vices, the a rts, law, media, th e m i l itary and government. ju st to name a few. They a re a lso ch ro­ no logica l l y d i verse, sp a n n i n g more th a n 50 years of PLUs h i s­ tory, from the Class of 1 9 37 to the Class of 1 989. Their single most salient cha r­ acteristic, however, is their ded i­ cation to service - to their com­ m u n ities, th e i r fa m i l ies and the world . I n d i vi d u a l ly a n d as a g ro u p , t h ey are having a p ro­ fo u n d effect u pon the U n ited States and the world. O u r world wou ld be different, and certa i n ly wou ld be a l ittle worse, but for the lives and work of the Cen­ te n n ial Alurnni Recogn ition recip­ ients. In recog nizing these and ot her a l u m n i award rec i p i ents, t h e A l u m n i Association is rea lly hon­ oring PLU and the value of a PLU education. D u ring this Cente n n i­ a l yea r, the Association is cele­ brating 1 00 years of PLU - 1 00 years of dedication to the vision of creating a "fi rst-ra n k school "

wh Ic h w o u l d ed ucate its st u­ dents to be "good Ch ristia ns and good citizens " We a r·e also cele­ b rat i n g PLU 's ever- i n c reasi n g qual ity, as i nd icated by its recent recog n ition by US News a n d World Report as o n e of t h e nation's finest schools - the only Northwest p rivate school to be top-ranked in every U.S. News su rvey si nce 1 98 3 . Final ly, t h e Association is cele­ b rating 1 00 years of com m i t­ ment to servIce. PLU's Centen n i­ al motto, a n d the title of P h i l Nordquist's Cente n n i a l h i s-tory, are "Educat i ng for Service." This dedication to serv ic e to the co m m u n ity, fa m i ly a nd world has characterized PLU duri n g its entire history and conti n ues to c h a racterize t h e l i ves of its a l u m n i worldwide. The Alumni Association sa l utes the 1 00 Cente n n i a l Al u m n i Rec­ ognition recip ients a n d sa i utes the countless other PLU a l u m n i who are qu ietly m a k i n g a differ­ ence i n the world. They a re PLU's reaso n for being, and thei r l i ves are a n i nsp i ration to us a l l .

December 1990

Pacific Lutheran university SCene

17 A lumni

Centen n ia l Al u m n i Recog n ition Dale Fixsen


Nancy (Rutledge) Connery ( pohu(al Kj�fl',:C)

AffiG.ned v.ith T,Jubman Center for Smc md




John F. Kcnncd)' School ofGo"'emmcm, Harvud Uni\'cuity; �pccial ;t.dsiwr

to u.s. Federal

Highv.�y Administrator rc national

transporution policy; CEO of join[ Prcsi..:knriaV Congrcssion.J.i

up lO .il.SSCSS the nation') infrlSlructu�.

�tudy I,:ommission �t

Richard G. Hagerty


( phy�it·s, m,l[h ...m ari(\ )

1985-88; principal author of"'Fragile Foun<ution:!l," a policy


(politica.l science)

Physicist, Uni\-crsities Sp�ce Research A..sociation, Godlhrd Space Hight Cenrer. Grttnbch, Md.; Princip�1, Unisys Corp., 1987·90; Research Associate. Unh'er�irv of Minnesou. and Princeton Uni\'er�icy, 1979·84; numerous p blica.rion:§, {wo patenu; Long'rln� Pl alUling Comminee a.nd Sunda.y School Teacher, First Lutheran Church. Sr. Louis Park, Md.


report f�qucnd}' cited .s the mott comprchcnst\·c .nd credible

Executive Vice·Prnidcm OII nd Co·Owner, REDEV Inc�, Modc�to,

Calif., real enne development company� fonner public �ccount· OII m and general contractor; Presid�n(,, Medical Missions

Philippines, Inc.; Vice·Chair, Board. of Directors, POlinners Inter rurlorul, San Jose, COIIl if.; Nuional Advi$Ory Board, Salvation Anny, Missions Deacon, Gre;a.ter T� LighJ &pt:iSl Church (first white f;a.mily in inner eicy cong«-gation {\\'O }'al"S �o);

Pa.rticipant, Latin American Conference on Miuions. Sao Pa.olo,

body of work [Q date on [he condirion of [he u.s. infrastrucrun:. 1987; Ddegnc, Global Confcccncc on E\'angdiz.uion,

Singapore, 1989; Board. Medica.l

AmNss.a.dors Int�CRlrKmai, lOll Mision, Baja Ca.lif.

Inc., a.nd Door of Fm h Orph<ln.gc:,

Maria-Alma (Rainey) Copeland


( religion., ..:nmmunicuion arts)

Richard H. Foc:ge



Fcdcf"oli ChapiJ,incy Advisory


first and only Mric.ln Am.:ricm puror. North C uolin. Synod, E\'Jngdicli Lutherln Church in Americ.; le.der of Women of

(he ELCA; Elmily Lfe Jnd Lutheran Family Services; lir.« black WOIDlI1


hy rh-c former American Lutheran Church; f�r.u

bL:u;:x. fcm.&.lt! PMwr In Residence. unoir. Rhyne College, Hickory, N.C . SomhC2S(t=rn LUfherlli AfriCln Amenl-af\ Pastors A!lsoci­

nir;n'l� rormn p,�fOr, CI",d�nd. Ohio.

Luchcnn Church ofche Gcxxi Shepherd,

Canda<e (Amutrong) Dahlsttom (commtlnicltlon lrt,)



S.m Diego. C.lif.; Anchor, Senior

1 ' � rc:i,:�� ����!"&��:r�8��� ��:����:;�ir�:i���: 1988, o{hcr ilwlr4s fmln SO(il,!}' fn. rraf�.n:ianll Journa l ists.

A55OC11,nI {'rcu,.

United Pr(''j:.� InternariQn ;J.1.

Menul Health Cell{er Bond, 1 973-74; bcd, MJ.rY B ridge

Hm;p i l.l, Tacoma,

1977·78; Pierce Counf\-' OuUtand

Re� , G roton,

C<m n. N.l.tional Science Foun.llrion Pmt Doctoral Fellow, Yale

Unt\'l: rmy. 1971·72; pa.'i[ P�denf. Sc Luke Lu[her.n Church Council; Who\ Who in rh; Americm Men J.nd Women of Sci(·nc..: ; 28 pul:il i�tli{i(J!}1I;. 1 1 pJ.tents.

Roy Hammerliog


Oirccror of Alumni Rdltion.... .�iru::c 1985, Diret.:tor of C.mpus

Programs, 1979-84, Lewis and Clark College, Portland. O�.;

Chair, SnciJ.1 Concerns Cum mince, 1976·89, Vice Prcsidenl.

(979, Sr. Luke Lu[heran Church; Chair, Oregon Food Anion

CO.Jlirion, 1976-79; Editor, "A Report on

[he Food System in

On:g.m: Rtmmmcndarions for a. Sure Food PoliCY," 1980;


gnphy); Elementary [('";lcher, Bdlc\"Ue (Wash.) School Oi.-.tricr,

1 9�. 68. Rm;(..., i lle (MuUl.) School DI-stric(, 1968·72; Sf. P�ul (Mlnn ) rknfJ.1 Auxili..ry, tt:aching pmnary chilJn:n about c:It'Ilul


Cuh Scout Leader;

Board ,\kmlXr; Volunrel"r, ':OOpCr.I.tI¥C nursery >t,-htxll.

[«� .md

org:tni7;j[ t(m .'i







I. I



m.l")' church ...ommit

rocher; t.:ommuntty .lctiviM; church ]cader.POIIs r PLU alamni


ddlkcr '58) a� PLU Pan:nrs nf th e Y ar 1 98 5 ; imtrucror for depar1mems; high S4,.,hOo.ll girl!. b.loikctr..II,

kKJ.1 r...·creation

\olkyhJ.1I and tennis cOlch; insrrumental in g...·ning t....nnis courts buih :wd hringing compc-riri\'..: (Clms had.


i<xal high so..:h ool;


�J.Jrd memher. Prime

KMRC1Y, K.. r\W'J

Ci f),. Mo.;

cn.lmtmq l hon:d.r-n �hd{..:r, lnd

Ntf',� nrk,

City School Ol \ui ..."t


.Ity Vic"·Pr,,,ident,

ad\isor'w connnincx; former

Hr.-Jh h Inc,



City MentJI

�.... mk ChJ PI I National A.5,a1!IJ([On nfTdo' isitln Am .lond So..-icnct=$, 1980� SCLC Black.

HCOIlth A-'i�(xi.llion; Emmy A", ,.Ird,

AchiCo.'"Cr in Rusifl(:) and IfJdmrr)i, 1986; Community &nice AWJrJ, H l 'pani,: Henragc A1�l(;,l[i(Jn, I989.

C�thla (Wilson) Edwa rds h:' Jrqp'�'1

Ch..:nlislf)· TeKher. Cuni_� Hig;h School, TKomOll, 15 y...ars;


lcJ.din� AIDS ..:duca[{Jr; former kJdn, Mount Crn"s Lutheran Church.


T.1WIIlLl GcntrJ,1 HnMlif,d � fnrmer Council Ml'mhcr, Luth<:r.ln " Chun.-h (lfth� Gnoo.l hrphotrd, Olympia, W'l�h,; Memht:r, PLU

James FCl:k 1 1'hi!'1',(lt\"�

Cmtcnni.ll Fund


Youny, n ot Amrm .... 1 974




ing EdueJ.tinn,

1 98 1 ·84; 30 )'Qrs In nUf"SII1F S(:."sr Adnsof)' Commrrrce, Oregon St.lIe Fnn.:c. F.lT1m.nud Ml'dioi Cen

Sp{ tkilne, WJ.�h,.

senit.:... or edllt.:J t ion;

HeJlrh Dept.; Pari�h }l..'ur�....· TJ.fok


Vice· Pre�idcnt. Special Pro;ecrs " nd Pl.annin�. WNED-lV-FMI

1990; Writer, U.S. Em;mnmcmal Pror..:ction Ageucy, 1987-88;

ment l'c,llic)" 1980-85; New York hook publishi::r\ prornoter

MJ[)Jger, KYVF. -1V, YakillU, Wash.• 1983·87; Pre�i den{ , Washington Edu(,l.tional Nr.-I\.Oo'Ork, 1984 -87; Men ' s PJnicipanon Ch.lirmall. Y"kim" Cemenr, ia.1 Commi.��i()n; Elder, Wenmin�!C:T

founder. Pnticide Action Netv..-ork I nttrn.:lI1ona] (PAN); eoordi

1978; nUmtTOUS commun;ry and churt.:h .ffiliJ.tion...

Director of R..:s.carch and Education, for FooJ Oevelop. ( fames

Herrio('.� All Cr&l41um G"n:41and S,.ul);

author; co

n.lrcJ medi.l hli[z fnr NicJrJ�ua.n For...ign M i ni"ter ( 1982) thar

WNEQ·n'/WF.BR·A..,\1, , RufT:do. N.Y.; Pre�iden:: and Genenl

Preshyteriln Church� Out"i.t;mding Young Men of Amcric:a,

opcm:d up US media to Nicuab'l.un government.





(hu�inC\:: admlnLSrr.lrion)

"'h:dic.1 OifCI:tor for Orthop.cdlo. Gro�smom (C�lif.) Hospira.l; private pU(lict' in orthopa.cdan; tt)rmer HmpirJI Comln.lOder, U.S. Air For-..:e; tt)rmcr ChH�f, Oi\"i!Oi()n of At'rospao: M�dicine, Hq. USAf Emopc; USAf flight sur�clln;·cd in Victn.m.

G..:rmlny, ItJly; aCCi\c in church and communi£)' or�aniz.ations.

Co·founder, ch,lirman, pn:sidenr and CEO of Buffers, Inc.,


chain of more than 100 Old Countf)' BuiTt"{ rc-;uuranr.� in 16

'irales. sincr.- 1983; Recngtli; N'O consccuti\'e }'t"ar� by BwsiwH

Htn',j aloi one of


top 10


gro\.\,lh o..:ompa.nic'i; Vicr.--Prcsidenr

of FinJnce for Piu...l Venture�, Inc.. during mcrgcr with God·

flthcr\ Pi:a. l , 19S3; Vit.:e·President of Mnlnce !()I ImemJtionll1 King's Tabk Illc. 1 973 ·82_ Oircctor, Ebenezer ,'iotiny (opcrat s rf.':tJremcnr/nuning homes in Minnesota); Natiqn.aJ Commlrtce.

Thomas H�avey


( )"\\ lJI(I ... JI '�'icl1":l' )

F;r.\t Vic:c·Pre,id..:m, Shar\On, Lehman, Hunan, TKOrTlJ.; Cer1ifled FinanCial Plannc:r; Truste.... . The Anlli� Wright &hool ; .1 kader in mort th,m 30 communi!}' nrg.lniLJ.riom (.lrts, ci",ic, educHl0!1.1i, hl'Jl(h .;;,cn'lce.'i. church); mor... rha.n 20 '\en·ic...·

oq;·,mi7.allOnS; communiry �en'ict' re('ogllirion hy Junior U:lguC

of Tacoma.


Program Coordmator, Srate ofW.iis.hingron Employmt:nt

Sc:uri£)' � )ep.Jrtmcnc, 1983 ·90; Sli�n'iso r o f tht' M,m:AggIlenr Intorm.lTion SY\lem anJ Puhlica{ioT1� F.dirnr, \V�)h ingwn .�(vice CorP!\' 1 983·90; Co CommunicariorJ� RC\1eW Comr11lrtClC"

( 198789). Chair, Strltq;ic Plannin� Action Team ( l988 89)

·hool Bo,uJ; Church Couno..:i l. Sllnday SchoOlI Teacher,

T:tcnrnJ S...

Worship Commirrce, Pt acc Lutheran Church; G rou p Ln.der,


( ml.l�ic)

Richard Hildahl


Org.miJ'.t·r J.nd Mlnasing P'lrtnr.-r. Errm 8{ v\llinney Ener�')' . . . rr.1fiSportallon Con'i.ulTing Group. S\l1�C 1976; P.lrtnn, Em.�t


,ollcge, Alb<-rtJ, CJ.I\;lda;

Gmernmcrrt of AlbtrtJ. Achi...vcmt'nI Aw.ud in Music.


SoI rd (J( Dim.'ron,AIt.rta Choral h:-dl�rarion, 1980-82;

Di r{"�"1.()r, Uni\Cf\irv of Ariwnl. Uni"",n [ry- lUni£)' ChonlS,

1 983 ·84; Imcnm Cunductnr. Ridurd raton Singe", Edmonwn. A lberta. 1988-89-, Fkr£)' O�renrud Award, 1987-88; CImro� Choir>('urd on Rnhcrt Schullc=r'� Hour, .. May

20 rc-",r-s in cir.\·lJrnini�rrll1()n P"')\[�; InnO\';I l lr Aw,ud, ImernJ.rionJ.i Clry

M,m�ga:ncnt '\!"r.Q(1 Jt1nn, 19S4; Outlil-f.ndmg City Manager. The � �, 1986; Prc\jdw{, I..lke Foru Roury, 198687; So.ud of o.l(' c[Or" NnCrJ'(4Jl Cln�cr St , Ii:ty 1985 86; mJ.Il�· l-'rntt'�,ional ... nlliatJ(ln ..

Lk COllnry




Ihu .. ine,� admlnt\tr:l(l( )Il, economic,)

.�.),:II,llJ nt Prof�r of Mu..ic. Di.l'('cror of Choral

Ctn'lrn:>< LlithcrJ.n



C. Hagenn


mlnager Jnd senior hehcopter c.lpuin foe We�·erh.Jeuscr


Ut�l lt.hnagcr, V.1nC()U'.o..T. WJ."h., 1990; City]agcr, I Out�,r�lldi�

Ore.; tamily thcr.Iry iutcm . Penn)yl\'ani;l. {v.-o )"t".lD; �t:tfT nu�, . InMr1lct()r. o..:onsuiunt. Children's Orth<lpcdic Hospital, Sank, threr yeJ"; A�n.-i .l Ic Prntc-��or, Lnrcr�oilcgiJt(' Center t"9t Nl,ln­

Paul E. Hartman




\ educariol1. �pC..:o..: h i

Environment, Nuclear S3fcr�' and Ci\;! Protection, 1990; J.D.,

Marc A. H afso


EmbroidcTlTj .\uthfJr nf .. bo(.J.l on St.:andi t�\iJ.n .;:mhroid"rf: RCSI �h-reJ nur$( f ill,""" I I Ll! He,llrh Ccnter rlUf\C., \o. -h u� tI Art Ll1ric\un(' m Vnllll'i� ..:..:t·: Edm,,rutHlJl (}utfl"'al,;"h Vo!uIHcer, l'LU ,<J.flJil1:1', iw ClIlru:rui C..:rUt:r1 Nc..:JI A:rn Guild of l'uget :\tJu nu; Forn1u Vourfl ( irullp f .<'JJ.. lcr. 1ktho1pv Lu�h('r.Hl Chur... h �n.awJ:r

IQ7� 9(J;

rhe Colorado Trust Jond rhe Common

Tacnm,l· Piern: Coun£)' SIOS Puent Support (�roup.

free·L1n� ';: \\'ricer.

I l m:....r. l1l .


A�S'Ki;uinn of Private Gc-ri.ltr1e Colrc Man.lgen; numerom.

Con_�ultant, Eur orcan Communiry\ Dlrcctor.uc-General on the

(hu\intcs'i J.dminl�rrJ.rlOn)

Pn.-,uknt, rl"o.::K ') " J .\1t'(:mmKk. in.">I Jr.'....."c: lind fin;mcial plJ.n 11111:, '<-"tl lo.:: . \\'.l'ih,: Forrn,:r Pn�,id!."fI{. S� tl" ,".11 Phd,lnchropic :\Ilili.u(�, f.1lm·s R. Fet.'k I n .... ; Board Mcmbo..:r, t]n iver'If)' Prep,, P.. ,t Prc�iJcnr, .x., l!I k j\·.·.ll<.i.uio!l of Life Undenvrit-cn; h l lll: Lii'Jll l"H t.:�.,nr, �Hlofl;ll P";; l1k (Jf R.n:mclLon (\Va., h.); \-\fho'" \Vho I n rm:n�.tn l!u .l>l 11q; � :1nd Hnanc...· in th ...· \\'nt; Ou!<;:t.lnding

Jobn 1'i3" tp(Jtu r,,',d '-\:ic-fr...·C'"

Homc Project funded

weahh Fund; Ac.adtmy of Certified Soci.1i Workers; N;l.tiulI:ll

F.lderly, 19R5-87� Lurhcr.m rJ.mily ' .. nice, 19M4-88; Fellow, American )f Nurs in �; 66 puhlic;}tinm; 71 prescntation\..

Gary �. Hab<:dank


Governments. Fri.5<.:o, Colo.; Foundins Ch.limun. Li�;ng, at

PLU Centennial Fund.

1 9()()

l�udi4 (RUff)

Sot:iol\ Workr.-r. President .and Co· Fou nder, Insrirure for Cre;1ti\'c Aging, Linleton, CHin.. :§lnce 1983; Program Supcm-liOr for Childrcn's SC....·ice�, Colorado Departmcnt of SCX·il/ol .l)crvices. 1 9 7 1 -86; Video Produclion, Norrh:wc:H Counry CoulI()1 of

te"� Oregon Synod. ELCA; f\o,ud of Dircl,;·r.oo. Friends to the



1 I1u""lfij.! '


School [)fNursLn�. Oregon Health ScienCt:s Uni.\"en:i£)',,

UniVCTsi£)': Graduate Teaching Fel low Award. Uni\·.:rsi£)' of Orqlol1, 1986; Forrna In.\trl.lCwr, Univer.:'lir), ofOrq�on; Former

(chemi�,try, biology )

C (flt('r T.l.(nm.l; Ib.;ard H05picc �nd March ofni n1e�; Ad'\"i�)f)' So;.rd, Pi ....,,:e County Diabetes AWKi.1tion. Pre-tenter, T�n)mJ. MF�A Program; Prr.:�jdl.:nt·F.k("r, F lmil�' l'ullit..... Cornmitrce.

nt" Rq;cm -s� VoJunteer, PLlJ r('Imurn)\'\'


ThcrapI\[, [)i\ision of Child Ps),chi.uf)', P rofessor, Uni\"c�iry

Chairman, Department of Phy,ical Fduo..:.1tion. Idah,) Stare

James A. Haaland


Phy�i, :.. iJn, Tacoma Flmilv Practict' "'kdicinc, A ll mrnore Mr.-die;.!1



HQ.:'Irltal Recovery ecnrer, 1986.

(nur�.ing )

( (iUnl,ll1 , l itl"ralLlL()


\Vomcn's Employment

Ph.D. candid�te in Mediev.l1 Church HislOry,

Uni\'ersicy; former p-.rish pa.stor; fonner Vicc·P�sidem, WiHis[On.

(N.Dak.) Arel Council on Alcohol & Orug Abuse; Outsu.ndini'! Youn� Men of America., 1 986; Bo,uti ofDire�:tor!O. Men)'

Shirlev Hanson

1 96M

Gn:tta A. Goldcnman




1 9 75

Bo.nd (If Om:cwr,. re\fan ,


publicuionli .md worbhop\.

chddrm. elderly, Bihk d.l�scs,

(U1Illltllllll,'J [II H1 .1rt,)

Dlree(()r of Commumty Affair:'.

cou nr ri�� , Slugir Valle}' LirefOlC}'

PLU honor.. )' docton.te, 1970.


·ftcwar dshi p. <,J,;-pnhip and adminiM-Ntlon ). -



Comminee, S< Mini�ry Commincc, Salem Lurher.n Church;

Millon C. Hanson


nWk'iarion prc�idcnr; honored WIth hu)o;bJnd ( C h.lrk.�


reading and an rutor, calligraph"

10%; work-rdlted travel.

( rdigion. philosophy)

James Girvan

. 966

HOl1lt'makcr a n d fn.:e-Imo: calligrapher ( P('"nlicription\ CaUi


1946·62; prepared .dult liter.lC)' primers in more th..n 40

Michael Ford

n.tclll-in: work with church and communi£)' youth projects. .

hygi('"n('"; YMCA K'nic('" board Ci\;

Ruth's M.terniry Clinic. si nce 1979; Mission.rywork. Tanz1lUa.�. TJ.rlZ4Inia. materials �till usc.J. illiteracy reduc('d to

,uhsrirmc high so..: hool tC<lcher; ehuro..:h o..:ouneil president;

( eJ-'''1fIo n )

s..i nce 1962; Bu�ness MOII n.ger, Mount Vernon Birth Center 4l1d

ing Volanrecr Senice Aw;ud. 1988; SW W.lshington'Srnod (ELCA) Council and Mis.�ion SuppOrt Comminec; ma.ny other nuion<ll <lnd region;!l church leadership role.�.

( eJlI\,.. ltlOn)

Judy (Scastrand) Dodds

( English li[eram re )

Literacy Consulun{. Intennedi. Nuion,,1 CouJlCil of Churches,

Church. 1978·80; ministr), in JaP,ln. 196-4·69;, Pierce



Marian A. Halvorson

ASSQl.i ·

COllnry Heahh Ad\isory Committee, 1985 ·87. Comp�hensi�

C"",' Mac (BottemiUcr)

Prim",p:I1 �rch im'c'\og;1tor, pfizer Central


numerous. <llumni .nd slUdell{ program awnds.


John P. Dirlam ( �'h.. mii;try)

Pastar, Emm;muci Luther.1.n Church. Tacom., 20

afe Director. Momenrum for Mission, American Lutheran

( rhilo.'�Drhy)

Managing EdilOf K..XLy·n', Spolune. "V.lih.; Former Reporter

:Jnd Producer, KNSD



Aqu(;lm to the BiJhop, Di�aar of Multicultural Mi nistries,


Mexico.; stock car ncer and manager.

Young, S.ln hJncisco, C.llif.� CCr1ifit'J Puh lic At.:counrant; :.:pcci aJi\t in


JI"ld rt'E!.\ llariun (hcof)'; IIll, ounting t.:omuirJ.m; Charter Mcmhcr, Ameri.l an Imriturl' ()f C ... rtified Puhlic At.:couQ�nr�; author of <,even I pllbliGttionloi on regul.lofOf)· r.ue


Loren Hildebrand



(hll\ r� , J.dmf'lI�trat\on. c":orlomit.: , )

Comp�ny, 12 ye.lrs: commander, M41'i[ Medic.]l Deuchment (Air

Foundcr a n d pJ.rtncr, Excculiv.... Vice PrtJidem in T O\" Soldie",. Inc .• de,;l'ioper. manulJ.l" urer Jnd ma.rk.(fl;r of tOYJ J.OO .,..-ideo


Inc. 1964-198S, Vice Pn:"'id ....nt nfSa.b,

AO\buJ.lfi�(,) ofrh� Wa.�hingr(ln Ann}' N,uiOllal GUJ.rd; Awudcd


rut'1l� efrort�

ARCO Jnd Tny SuldilT!i-. lnc.; chaim1J.n pa�[Or pari:o;;h comRlinc(' . EI ScgunJo Umtr.-d ,\lethodi�t Church. youth OIorhJcrio.:s co<ll'h.

(he DistinguiShed Ayil1� Cmu IInJ the Valley ror�e Cro:o;;s for follOWing the eruprion of Mount St. Helens.


Helicopter pill-'[ \.\,; th Aid Amcnca Inc. irwol\'ed i n huma.nitarian

reful!'ie;: work In I...os, Th.lil;\nd lnd Cambodi., 1970·73.

Mereh.lndisin� and Di�tribU[j(ln; mcmhc':r lk,lard nf Dir("t.:w r,::J

PacIfIC &.utIIeran unlvenlty scene

DeCember 1990


Cent e n n i a l Al u m n i Reco g n ition E. Arthur Larson


Raymond Tau On Ho ( education )

An Teacher, Clover p,rtt School District, Tacoma, since 1973; President, Mari nen Bluff Neighborhood AUCK ation Exhibit Organittr. Tacoma An. Museum, 1989; Jon;arcd many art works to charitable organizations; T. Magazine Nc:.."Sf11:lkcr of TomO£row, 1983; many uhibirionli and cxhitxrion awards, indud­ ing the Governor's Imitation Exhihit. 1968, sen.·cd as juror of



many an cxhibiu.

Ronald Tau Wo Ho


Commissi(m, Pacifll' Northwest Arts and Cn.fts FJ.i r, many other.-;; A�ian Arti�n of the Year, Wing Luke A�ian An MUKum, Seattle, 1988; Walhin�on Sure ElememJ.[')i Art Educaror of the YC;lr, 1989; Pacific Regional Elcmenr'3ry Art EduG uor ofth....


Ye;lr, 1990.

(n'"oQ.ue of ;lrt.. )

, .. ,

( philosophy. Gcrm.a n J

, ...





A..:hil-vcnwnt. 1980.

" 7.



Fulbri�ht Scholar Lct.-ruring Aw"rd to rC'.uh in KnIr.0'4·. Poland. 1 990·9 1 ; A�s.i�t3nt Professor of Com p m i tion. Uni ..'C'nirv of Nonh Tcx:a� School of Mu�ic:� u·J.(her. mmposcr, It.·crur·cr; h'·r works hnc hccn performed ar num..·rous t.·lo.tiul, J.nJ l'nnfercn.:u throughout Ihe U.S., 3nd by the.' St. ulUi\ Symphun)' Orcht.·slr.I


and Orcsun S�mph(Jn)' Or..:hc!.rra. am()n� oth(rs� Suard of Directors, Tl.'uS Compeller's Fnrum; Awards indu,",,= W()(xb· Chandler Ml·monai Priu from Yale Uni\·.mir\,. SruJtcJ "';th interrurionally. rcncw+"I'lcd Polish l.·,!mposc:r

Kri�·u.{(lf Pcndt."fed..i .

Christopher Menzel

1 97.

(philosoph�· )

Prol"l"'�lr. [A."pJortmenr ufChemisH)" Llni,'ernr), nf Ni.:..-aJa. Reno; Cn·J.uth(lr of nnC1'"3tiw 3nd i nfluenti31 wllegc (hcmi5rry tnt. trJ.mblcd into sc\l'r31 bn�f.cs, thc m()st wiJdy u.St'd (hemi�tn' [elt in thc \\O·f"ll'"ld ..... uthor of fi,·c tnlt-.oub, 27 proti:ssit�nal artidC)" Honnrcd fur oun-tandi ng rca..:hjn�, 1985. IQS7; uniwui!",:>· \!!ohip J.cli,-Tric:'li; forma cun�rl'�JorinnJoI prl·"iJl.,nt.

. AnisunI ProfclXlr of Philn.,onphy . Rc"�.";lfeher (:artifil;al imcllig('nn-), Knll....fedgC" .. Ba5C'd SYUl'fTlS uoor;atol}', T(X.l.� A & M Uninniry. ColI(llC Surion. Tc:.:.; PusrdOl.."1on.1 Ft:llm.\'. G:mcr for Ihe Study nf l...J.ngu311l· Jnd Inlimnarion. 19801·86; Re.k"J rl'h Fdlo",�hip, Ccnu·r lilr the rhil()sophy of Religion. L1ninrllif) of Notr( name. 1988; AJult Churi.-h ,'iM.:hOlII Leader, Nc\olt'sleucr Ed;tor. 51. Froln(i� F.pi.�.:opa' Chun·h.

John W. �\BiU" Lennon

Gretta (Wcsaon) Merwin




{ cJu":J.tion }

Vil.· I.:. rre�ident. pan ("Mm:r, m.uriJgc.chiIJ·tamily l"(}un.�lin� pr:a..:tio:,. &II("'o"e. Wash.; thcr pi!lol� \\;rh s...').u.ll bchJo\·ior


prohkms; nir\."l."l()f. Ch:1pmJ.n College relo.;dc:nt cJul.·:arinn l.·cnt\."r, 2.3 �nrlti in ».:htXli .nd l"\"lll n�l;ntr: P()...t�; l"o·ti"amJcr of drop · in (l.'nrer that l.·\·nlwd inro ulr.l."wooJ (W�,"h. ) Communi!") Center l...J. 1r.l.'WOtx..l COlnmunity nT5tinl(uisheJ .$C'n;..:e A",'ud, 1 97 1 ; orhi:r .w3rd5.


" 5'


Supcrintl·ndl.·n(. St3yton (Ore., Puhl"-· Schnoh;, (j,.( yt3r�; Principal. Salem (Orq CandaluiJ. Ekmc:nun· S.:honl, 1982·85; te.'a.:hcr JnJ 5Chnol J.Jmini�tralnr I % 2 · H2� G(�\·ernm'� Joint Poliq' Counl"il ( humJ.n f't�nurcu. �du..·ali()n); ChJ.;r, Somh M.rion YUUlh $cn;l.·l.· T(J.m Poli(-y Bo.rd; Board uf Oiretton:. Orc£:,on Communiry A.\'o()(i.tion and MiJ-W;l1amettc \/311('\· Ct)fflm;tu·..· for Communi!",:>' Al.· lion; ZtlrtC Dtr,·..,nr, Ort.�on Asso...·i.tion (If &:hool ....dmini...rr:norlo..


Km Morrison

C ,(ummunil.·J.lion anSI


Counselor, The Piercc Count)· Alli::an..:e IOmKr Sheriff's EduCJ· rion:al .sc.:·n;(C5 Coordirumr/LihrariJ.n, Pierce ColInn' Jail, TJl.·nm:3; Offil.w. u...�[tUC of Womi.'n \lO(crs; Ci!",:>' ofTal.·om:3 ChJ.rter Re\il""W C,Qmmince; Board nfO; rl."(lors, Yt'J.shingtnn CtM.Jnl.·il (In Cri me.' and Odinqu..:rlq·; Region \'1 Corrl."'l."1innal EJuGlttiCln A5"'>l"i.tion. W;a. hington Ct)rw:tion31 Edul"arion As..<;(xiJ.rion; Counl'il, Chair. S4:>l"i.! Ministn' Committee, Rl.·dc....mer Luthl'roltn Churl.·h, FircrC"sr. numerouS .... i\il" 3nd l·hurl"'h aai\;tiC'....


Tdcvision prf...tuccr, KOMO·TV, Snnlc:. ",inocr of "e\·cn Emmv) from N:3tional Associarion ofTekvi)iun An... and 5...-ienn',, si). . Gold A"'.rd) from New Yurlr.. Hmllo.lUn and Chica�u I ntcr· ruliurul Film Fc�t"'"3I..; numt.'f()U:'li othC"r 3w,JrJs. olT"


ma�a:.t.ine show. "Fromnlnn..:u."



Theodore "Ted" Johnson (phYx1(Jj


Christian Lucky

Oim.."1or. Boeing F.le(rronk: Com�n)'''' High Te(hn�osy C�nter. Iklln"UC, Wash., ::asscmoled team of 500 .Sl:icnrists .nd engin��r." \\o'ho perform hip.h In·d 3pplied rue.n:h in eiccrronil.·s

and fururisric fe....hnoiogy; Vi..:e· Pn:-sidcnr. Engineeri ng. SocinS Acrospxc and EI«'"1 ronk: Corp.; formn Jirel.·tOf nf preliminary design 3nd manJ.8cr f�\ rl.·s...·::ar.::h programs. Socing; former rC�Hl.·h Ki�nli9, I.k,,·clnping ,:ommJ.nJ (Clntrol �''':fems ::and dcftn!le pro;Cl'u fm U.S. Gcwernmcnt.





rknn .uology.


F unJing Pruidl:nt. Fesb\'al of Bands. nS_A.• �ncc I�M.

(Farnham) Knvas

( F.n�lish liren.rurt )



WJ..,hill�t()n I �uh,:rn.uuriJoI J.proiruml'nl l, 19H I·Hl; (>Ut:'lilJ.nJin� F.dul.·J.lm of tllC Sutl· lIfWJ."hin�rol\, \\'ashin�(On As.\I .,-iJli(ln Ii.,r SUl x'n;xi,m and Curriculum Dl.wloprncnt, 1982; �J.tionJ.l, rc�i(}nJI Ic3.d,·r, CilUncil for Ad\".ml.·l·nll'lU �nd Suppun uf F.Jlk·Jli�lI'l (CASF.); nUffil'ruu'" rrc�:nurjon�_ roh1i,·3tion.\.

William Kmger

, ....

f F.n�li� )



( �hemi�ryl



Pmll'SM"Ir uf Eumpc.m ScudiC'... and Philosophy, Sa.ttle Pa,·ili,· Uni" crsin', :'Iiin,·c 1967; PresiJent. P3,·ili,· Northwest Cnunl'il on forci((n i..&nttUJtf,Clt. 1975; Ch.irmJ.n. mtdy sn,;ons. rNCFl, 1 9701, 1976: Am,'rion uII.Ln,·il (In Ihc T'-�l.·hing of For ....;�n l...n�uatl'·:'Ii. 1975; F.xc(Ut i\·(· Ro"rJ. WJshinp:ron Asst,..·i:uiun 01" Forci�n;uaF-(- T,-adll.·r!l.. 1 97 8 ·1I0; ChairmJ.n, Gencr31 ,�n:iun. Ntmhw"�1 Confer,,",·,- un Philo�){'Ih�'. 1978·83, 1 986; num,·n)U... Jrtide.·5. p,ipcn. JddrcsS('s J.nd NJoIr. m-iev.·s.


( hll"in('u "dmlni,",,_lion)

Ch.lir. HumJnilil"� f)i\·i!toion and Ent'.li-c;h D'1':mm,·nt . Picl.·": CoIII."�I'. TJ.(Onl3. siru:,' 1969; Pil'f":c C()IIC"�,- Thnn."Ju C.lhil1 PNljn"t III l'nl\·id..: J Kllin� I�}f writin� Jl"ti" iti,''', .... rilin� I.".lmr!lo. loin,·,· 19H2; Surc Jm.t C.J.nlptl' Our"'UI�JII'l� Adu'-·'·l.·mt:nt A....J,fd., . I" r Pic r,·,' Clllk�c W 'ih inp,(lJn SUll.o' C.... nt'·nni.J1 rwjc("r. IqH9; n.....(11I) JnJ Sun..tav S..:h.kll Tl.·Jdl,·r, Ro,,· Rillk Chur,·h Who'!lo Whu in thc \\·":lor. �in"-,' 19H7.



T�nsJation Coordin::ator. Luth�nn Bible Tran�bfon. Can�r, Ecuador. lnnslal;on projects, Bible teaching. dn"Clopinlf, llten.q· rm(�ri�ls, 198+90; Treasurcr, World Mission Pnyer L:-agu�; former high khool teache r in Germany :md US.; Summ�r In�iru(c of Lngui51ics, Inllu, Tcx., 1980.

David T. Navig


Charla W. Mays


(ps�·chol�· )

Prntt:s.'IoIlr of Pilrhology. Bin..:hemi.Jlitry. Or.ll RiolOf;Y. School of �kdil.·in'·, Uni,'crsiry ofNIH'lh CJ.rolinJo. Chapc-J Hill; Rcsc3r..·h cominuJ.lh· ti..mJc-d sinl.·c 1968; aUlhor nr l"o·J.urhor of Il\"Cr 90 juurrt:al J.rTide.·:I; worlJ l."� r-:n on JonJ dcn'loper ()f. (fl.'JotmC"nr rf("'·C� rclJtcJ to hlood l"nJ.�lI!J.rinn; OistinguishcJ C;J.rcer Awud from <"-,·m,·r IIlr ThrnrnNlsilt anJ H,·mo.�usis 3t llNC/CH. Ml."mhcr nf JonJ con� ltJ.nt ro nuional h"'Jlth and rl.":'IieJorch l.·ommj",·�·�.

Michael H. Macdonald


Dale Ncssc

(German. English )

Fulhri(tht Scholar. C'.crmany. 1989-9(}, Master'� Deg ce ProgfJom in History. Uni\·tr�ty of Ch ..:ag.o. 1 990- 9 1 ; Uni\·cr.�i!",:>' of Chil·3�) .�·ho()1 ofuw hc.r;inning 1 99 1 ; four nujors at PLU .....-J IU he :a r,"\.'mJ. helped found Ea.Jlit Gcrm.ltn liler:ary n..-ws· hclic �pc:r. 1990; fc\rmcr ruIO . .. Ptll Al.·aJcmil.· Assisrance and Wrilin� C�nte�; ...nlunlea tutor and p'�iti""JI (�mpai8n worki.'r; firsr �·l)uth rcprciCnuti� on Cuunl.-il. Trinity luthu:m Chur.:h, PJorkland, Wuh.


llni..·crsiry Fuunduinn, Exn"Uti\"(" PrnJJ,-nr. "'Jo!oohinJl'on f>irc..:tm of Uni'·(,l""Siry n..·wlc"lJ'm,:m. WJ.�hin�t"tln SUIl.· llnj'·l"r�in·, sin,·c 19SI. Vil" · rr,·ydc:nl I ....:C �hlrfl." I. 197M . H I ; Puhlil" RfI).Idl"a"lin� (:ulI1nti!lo,ion. SUI" til" rd

KUJ. n(ntrC"(llIo.

, •••

I philruoph�·. d:3s,il.'�. Gcm1Jn, Englil'ih I

Roger Lundblad

l)crmatolosi�t, Dcmurolngy A�'klI.·iatc." l.tJ.• Sinux F�II�. 5.0.; Clinical I' r .nd Vil"l.:·Chair, Dcrmawlogy Scl"tion. Uni\"Cr' sin' uf South nalult::a s...-hool of }"kdic i nc.. 1 980·89, Coru: h.lII'll in ..:hc:'litcr. Minn .. 19701·75; Fclh)\\,· M�yo Clinic, Ro �nd N.tinn31 AJ\;�ry C(lun..:il Repn·s...·ntJotiw. .....mcrinn Al"J.Ocmy ()fDcrmJotnlo�'; nUrTk.·rnu... k'-n.lrl·... �nd P-lpco; 8o:Ird nfTru�lees. Luther Mannr Nuuinp. Horne. 1 982-86; 8o;.Jrd of f)jre'"1o� JonJ Autc P1a�r. South D.kotJ. Symphony, "in(c 1983;




Cindy McTee


mJ.rtJ.gcr, The Hoeing Company m·cr 100 (0. ';':ninS!I: 3\\o'Jo rds (toul S I S million· plus \in�lo< ); Churl.·h Tl""c;uun.·r fX3l."On 8o"olrd Ch3ir, Grc:ucr Chrisl Tcmpl...- Churl.·h, TJ.l."f1JF"lJ.; Mini:'lirer. PCnreOl!lolJ.1 ASSl:mhliclo< nf thl.· WllrlJ Inl.·.; Rihk· �'hHb.r of the YCJr AWJ.rd; Aml.·ril.·�n RihliugrJ.phil.·.1 In"tirutl.' Yuurh in

Postdoctoral Re$C'arch�r. Dcpa rtm�nt of Physics, Ohio Stat� Uni, \'C'rsiry; Srudying nonlinear dynamics in fc-rromagnetic resonancc; National R�Karc:h Foundation Post Dc)\.-tor.l Fc-lIowship. worlr.· ing wirh National Inslirucc ofStand;lfd� .l.nd Technolo�' on magnetic properties of nana·p rticles (on th� �-uttjn� �dg( of Kie"l.·cj in'ited Jc-;lJ.· Confc:rencc on Magncti"fI'l and Magnetic Matcr ill .... NO\'. 1990; Participarion in Food Banlr. J.nd lunchl.·s for homdcss. MlIsi�·. Uni\'er5i!",:>' Lumen.n Chard.


Anita (HiJlaland) Londgren

l First: Afrn· Aml.'ri":3n Sut"lr.:Ofltrat.."1 �hnager J.nJ youngl.ost

( hu:'liincsltt dmlni!lotn.ti 'lJ'l )

Dennis D. (chclnist[')')

" .0

,\tanager I f.n\i ronmenta l Chc-mislr), uoor;uory. Pu�ct Sound NJ\"J.l Ship)01rd. Bremerton, �in(c- 1960; Oirn"lor, Amc:riCJ.n Industrial Hygienc ubnratul""Y, sirt(c 1986; PrcstJcmiJI Letter of Commcndaritln t(lr ....()�"t rl.·JU\..,iom, 1975; ;m·cnrm of 1J.r�w ""-mplc srand for VJ.(uum �pc..:t rl)ml·t.... r; Pa�t rre�Ji:nr, Sil\·crd;alc LurhefJ.n Chur..:h; Bc1ard of DirC'l.·t()o. Rrl.·merton Central Li{ln� Cluh. SJoI\J.lion Army. Olympi..: Luthcrh \·cn. Pu�et .$(JUnJ. • :i:nion; Brcrtu:rton · Ku rc Sil'iter Ciry Pm�rOlm. Rcn[J.1 CNln..:r.� A"so

I ....JUl..ltl0n

P"ri�h �!loror, ling i�t .�I�(Or. J.\unor; Community organizer wirh Grilnd Buuicvud Community Or�niLition in J Chil.·a80 ncitthhorhooJ r.m:d the kcond poorrM in tho: nation; 198M·S9 fulhright St.:holu ar UI'lI\·cniry of Bunn (W. Germ,my). Inrerim pucor. MI. Ziun Lulhcrm Churl.·h, T.l..:nma; Tl(M' !i\,; ng i n POrt H�lodr... Wa.:lih.


hy Unir....d W;lY 1974·79.

H. Eugfnc LeMay

David Housholder


Chair. Good Samarit�n

f l.·h....mim� J

Annrncy It1 r oil ynN: hnds T3(oma law firm spccializin� in liti�tion; W:u:hingtnn SUtc Hou:tC of Rt.-prcscnrativ'n, 1950-52; W:n.hintnon St.atc xn2h':, 1 952· 57; Scrutc Maturiry LuJcr. 1955.57; PLU hu,'Lnc:n la"" prtlfosor. 1956- 58; Alumate to Ctuirman. WJ.shLn�ton Stuc JuJit:ial ConJucr Commiuion; . ;I , ...·YCn: A.uo.:iation JnJ BUJrJ ot GO\"l·m(lf�. Amcm:an Trial 1. Asso..:i .lI1oo, fkkgatc. 9th -Fcdcn.1 Ci rcuit; nlrmer rrc"jdi:m, T�('"um3 Athk-r:il.· CClmmi��un.

Prmtis Johnson

Fonner prin..:ip;ll of Rogen High &hool. Purallup, Wa!.h., whkh he helped c-srahli.lih; Tc-achc-r· coa..:h, 194M·61, high SCh(Xli ;ldminiur.nor, 1961 ·79; U.S. Nil....... RC5(n·e. 2M \"Can:; stn·..:d in World War I I :and Kora; Ho p tal. HC);'Ipira\ GQ\·(rn;n� Board Conlmiul'l.:; past prcsident of l."On�rl.-galion and numerous ..:ommuniry (1rganiurion�; honoreJ

( cht:mi.ury )

Art Teacher, Bellevue (Wash.) School Di$l'rill, 30 ynrs; Board Mcmhc:r. Washington Art F.dUGlion Associuion; Mcmbcnhip Ch:lirman, Northwcsr: Designer Cnftsmcn, 1975· 76; Juror, Washington Su,u: Ccntcnni,d Commission, King Count)· Arts

Neil J. Hoff


Charla A. Laubach

( education )

" .S

Robert D. McMichael

" .7


Ll".lJ P;L..;wr. Huly Trini� LLLtha3n Chur..:h. Pon Angel..",. WJ.lti.h. . �in,'( 198M Seninr Pa:nor. Uni\.l.:nin' Lulhcr.ln Chun:h of Hop.... . Minnc..lpcliilti.> Minn.• 1984·87; Wa...hington SIJ.rc CI}mmiucc fur rhc 1.NhifC" Houx.:- C(mfC"n:ru:C" on FJ.milic�. 1979· 80; Ch"ir, BUJrd tlf T>ir«h)u. F.!irf.u (\':a. ) A'"li..;n· C(nte-r lilr RC1Jrtkd AJults, 1 97 1 · 73; Bc)3rd (If O;rcclOn.. Chllf(:h <':oon..::i l of Grc3t,'r $cJ.llk. 1979 M.3; xcn:l.ln·, TJ.ltt"k Fm'(C"on th..: Srudv of Thcnl(liti'·..l1 Edu'·..ltion oflhe- E....ln£:,�lical tothcl4r1 Church in·


" 57


CounK"lins PsycholOl'Jt, s",n !Mgo State Uniyer�I)' fac:ulry. I:>cpanm�nI of Counsdor Edul.-3tion, SDSU; Chair, Roard of Oirc..tor5, Lulhenn Campus Council of �n OicSO. Tri·Synod Lurhl.·ran C:ampu5 Mini_I)'. �n- Oi�o Ro!it Scxiny; Synod f>c:1C"S3I�, 1990 ELCA P-3t:ific Synod Conf�r�ncc; Who'JO Who in thc WeS(.



(mulie) Orpni,,·ChoirmUler,,5(. Paul's Cuh�d�I, Bufialo, N.Y., lOi ncc 1983; Oircctor ofChon! A'1i";li�s, M�rquand Ch::apd ( 1 980· 8 1 ) Organiu·A\.",·ompanin ( 1978·80), Y3k (y School;· Il1.ln. Oi()("Ck of Wcstern N,"'w Yorlr. Music Ccmmission, since 1986; Re�ioNI ChJ.irman, Auoci3tion of Anglinn Musid.ns. "inn' 1985; Fiot pl�((. 1989 Ortpn (mprovisabon Compc:1i(ion. San Anselmo (Calif.) Org::an Fesri..·:.I; First pI3\."e. Impro,';';;;alion, Amcn....-.n Cuikl of Orpnisu fUliofUl competition, 1990; numerous cornposition,,:.


�:n%�::[: � ion


Com:ult;ant to �o\cmm<nt of Bot�wJonl; rc...pon!ihk for 311 3:1pc":b uf the huilding of Ihc ci!",:>' of J"'3nc:ng. BotJiW3na: hii9t. ",·a�"l. )trc..:u. hon"t(�. hu'1int�!'(·". Jg..:nc;c$. oJ..nk.s. l."hur..:hes. ..:nmmunifY (cn{(:r. ..\\o;mmi� ('0111. s...'f\iccs, JY.Il""ks and pla�'. �rounds. Furme r TJ.nzarUan go\wnm....nt�1 oflil"i3l, PLL' l1isri ngui sh\7d Ser,";(,· .....wJrd. 1984.

Am..-ric:a, 1989-90� num..:rnus ..:hur..:h·rclJ.t,-d ..l,"li"·iric,,.


R. Kusch"


fhu�inc�� :ldminisI1""3Iion)

PrU;dl'flC . CEO. Lu,'..::a� Di'·':'loi\ln. <"':'1Mi� Rum!. FooJs. In..:. . l'I'·J�"-lnt()n. CalLf.; fi'rTn"r \·I..:c· Prcsid(·nt. (icnl'fl! ManJoi!:,,:r. N�llcn Finc Ftx,...b ; lilmu:r G..:nl:"T"J1 M.lnJ.�,·r. AJJIlII'> Fot)(k Cummlllcc, Suuthwol WJ!'>hin�.,nn SynuJ. bJ.n�:,...-li..:"1 LUlhl.· r n Church in Aml.·ril.·J.. lQ8M; Pr,·�i,t(;nl. Chur,'h Counl.·il. A�nu, 0..., LUlhcrln Chur(h. (iill- HJ.rhur. Wnh.• 19�o. Bo�' Scout J.nd .�uh �ouh:r. F.J�!.k St.·uur, 1962;

Mur�J.1 Mini.30Ir)'


N;uiunal Oiuin[tUisheJ b�k Sc(JU( .....ward. Muurn R.tinicr Cnundl (Wash.). 19"9.; huMs mtl)l ror 5..:l'ulinll- honor!..

Tom McArthur

(l·,)mmufu..::,uiltn �n!l:)


N('w� R"ron(·r· An,·hor. I(I}';G Bm.ld'·3)li n, ComPJony. SpokanC". W;• :'Iiin,·..: 1985; Rcporter·Anl'hor. f> Ri-uatk�sting Enre-rpril't·5. S..:ncl�hluff, Neor.. 19801-85; Prl"siJenr. lnland NnnhwtSt Ch.:lpcC"r. Sc..:icry nf PrnfC'ssion.d Journ.lisu; u)(.l.1 HU';I. h'fT)' �·i5 l...J.hor O�y Tdcthon. KREM-TV, 1985-86_

Arden Olson


I philos rhy )


Assisunt Attorn..,), GC"n<fJ.1 with Oregon f>cp�l1ment of JU�li..:c: (�nnJI Coun�1. Srale M(ident InsOf3nc\7 Fund; h�aJ of Or..:�on':o. i3f�c-st work�r',,: .(,("nSltion Jc-fcnsc- firm (anotn,'1-·· i in.\."h,Jr�c. indunri,,' ,It\Cdent !.oC....Iion); huJ.�C'I Jirtcror. AmC"ricJon fbr ASM)I."l::atiun Youn1- uwyer's Oi..;�on; Ouutanding Young Men ofAmcri(a. 1983; St3�< �bnagcr. Sal�m (Ore.) Com · muniN Thc-.un:; former Prc5iJ.�nt. Luthcnn Outdoor Minitofries A..;)o(-.:�ali()n.

December 1990

Padfle Lutheran unlversfty SCene


Cente n n i a l Al u m n i Recog n ition '00.'

Leoti. (G«r) Perry ' nu:�"�

Coun1t'lur. HumJ n Rduiom In'lfnll wr. AullUnt [);n.:cwrof


!')ruden, DC\-dop:mt:nr.

Mamn S. Tommcrvik

Walter C. Schnackenberg

I hi!lIlIr)'1


(.I"-Ik. IJC,,· llf.ln'J

Frank.!in Piacc School f>iSlrin ofOirfi,nrs, 1969 7 1 .

H....umg " rt'kc:, 1952·82; PLU prof . t. J r .l nJ nJ3l' h . ph }'sinl eJuc.ltilln, !Q4b 5 1 ;. Little A I I ,A m cnlJ.n , 1939 · -1- 1 ; n;!>tin�uijhcJ Sen icc Aw.. rd In H igha EJll;:J.lion from th ... h.lngdil.Jl LuthcrJo Church, 1%0; Hdm� NJlion.1 A "sOl:i itil ) n (lflmcr":IlIl('�i.lC' F('1mh.1I H.l1I nf rJnlA.:, 1963; 1'.ll·ifil' 10 FooI0:'1U Olli...ial1 ASMM.:iJlUln, nflit.:Ulcd for 20 YC;Jr"; Pie r�c Cnu.nry SoundU'y Rl"Vll'W &urJ. lK YC.lf!i; numnous communi ry Icll.k·rship posifion,.

Phyllis ( Booth) Schnoid.r

Arnold L. Tow. (hi()hl�' J

rI.U hi.swry pr<lfcss.or

1952-73. dc pollr tmcn r ch.l Ir 196.\·73;

auth o r of PLtrs 75[h annin:r:w.ry hl.�wr)',

Cullcgt', TJennu. �in,,-'c JQR8;

Oire.:tnr, U\' School . 62Joth U.S. A rmed Forte� Schc )1 . T;1C(lml, "in((' 1987; indqx:ndcm hum:Jn rd:mom J,nd impnwcm..·nt con .$ulr.l1R; U.S. Army McJ'CJI .orp�. Victn;lm, t966· 67; four Arm" C ommen.d.H il l n Medal .... ricrcc College Out lltJ nJing FJ.rull'},'nntnlntt;""14·00cj rlJyhnu�.

71)( lAJftp Iln4 rhe ('nlU,

lQ65: nis[i nsui... n�J Sl'r.icc Aw;ltd, �lard nfHighcr Edul.·Jfinn, IQ60: ni�tinguishl'd Profc�!\ur ,-\w3rJ, 1 97 1 ; mC'mhcr, ComnlLSsion Con.sultJ.ti(ln on Roll' nfChurd'1 in A Worl..t .\.tndified h)' Communi!>m, (;enl.,\·J. 1 972 ; Pr.:sidem,



I,WF SwJ)'

Chinook Oinn"r Thc.itrc, Sunday S<hb(ll .lnJ \'ll",lf;On Billie:


R.:tircd; ()y.>ncr-OpCTuor. Pukb. nJ Ftld ()1I .nd

Sdml.1 Mu�;( Di rc( ( 1 5, C.tnwr' P.u;(h EJu (;IIuon ' Volumccr. Chri�t Lutheran Chun:h. Tolcom.].

Don Poicr


i l.'Ommllnt(,UIOn


01 Rurp,w.l.\ Enrcn.linml'nI, Inl.:.. 1 tdrnwlln proJUl" lion \ PlOY produces �:ynJi<J«:d 3oflon:e p�rarn'): t(lrmer tnt " 1 l'<::r. •:cl,,'mcnt.-.-. h,r and rroJm.Tr f(lrlV' 't.ltHllh In t;c;ank. 'r-I I 4J1c.J S"h rJ.m�nw; Coilifi ,rn" Sf'K"ns(.t.�u:r llfthl' \\J.r. 1 9 7'"\ A",;ud fn ffl N,.tnf\.11 ,,,,"""��tJ:nOfl nfTdni �iol1 Am · .mJ s.,· lcn.. r lur unhmitcd h�·J rup h .r...· rh.,ntt ..:(I\cug:..:

frcl'· bncC' writcr ,lnJ eJitor, since 1986; lo.'owrlinC" s(uriclo for nllmcrou�, (WQMmf DAy. RJJboei, Pllrmts., Wor*ing





lhf'ml� ""'. t,., .lf¥,- 1

mOl A, "'LIt4" ll¢pJnrnc:m nf Epllh:nu" lt . 11K lohl1\ 1t1lrJ;.1'" l'nl�"""I", �tll"" l l If HYllit'fl( u lJ j'uhlll. !icJlth;

M,Ju. .. 1 Otl;u:r-, (:hmlJJ Tn.l!, Hr.."", h , �JUIlI Jl lic..J.rt. '...UIlt � aa, JJ Ili,lIfllle • ' (1('0.1 111 IltutC'f III I-k"h.h; 1 1 fu....k'J h.lI(Jr.. tI rf ll'c: ...·t" H :n11fk m,,:cllrq:. rre�&:fU t,utt\, fk.lrl�· I 00 1�I"h,·.l ( I l l t h .!tIJ �1I"t1t l-h.lptCf". I IJ"t r! •.:d I n dUliu l PIYI,tl t' •... tll.. h . If !tun/ul. oukl tMlrrm..:' tJll" h'. ,,:... ot mi l hnn or pc'ppk

r ..

, I I 'll' c. · ..

f:�'-1turc W(ucr . .....'-w .

I Q7.1

','"II1F' 1

nl.�.;k ( ulk,,:u


�k Sfn:ct\, dUir ,.fT.ll" '40"" "'HI! .U fin.. Pul,::o.:


Pil.'rl\: "I'M



He.\lth Sn. lI.I." , 1'J1l.� R7; PLL' I )I'uflgu" hnl -Xnu.c

A'A ,l rJ. I99I1.


. ", U I "Ll nl..·CI

Willy Sing Yuen Tsao


( hu'>!I�n·. dmLnl!llrJ[II ':-!)

A''oI�i.l''· Prllrc'loOr ofln ....·nil·'Jl· Tn:w.:lllo.., "Y. Depl. {If .

York Stuc A�riculfU rJI Expcnml'''' Swinn. C. lmdl L:nlwr:..I!'Y. 2 ::i Pfl)fC""'IIIOJl pr4 -.....: n l.u inn'j 7(l pUr.II�'" [1'10'. IS -.uPPUrll.'l1 rC�.lrl·h f'nl�rJ:'1 ', f:��'� llfJ\": ( : I ! IlUlll[[I;·C. FLeA l 'p,r He �l·\\' )'ork Synod C(lun..:il F.ntol1lology. }:l'\.\

.tdrl11 I I 1\lnlI U\fl)

CoullT')' J)..:p... rtmc:nt nt CllmlllunH)' ,md E,o nomi .. nC\l'lt�..:m. fom .:.r Ciry o ( TJ.J..·o nunnrmc J('n:lt,p nirc ...lor. l'iCrl·�

!TIl' JII IJJ1lllHlotulor. I� ��'41'\ III pl.lnnu llI- ":lwnmun u:, mO . . cl'lnnmil Jc t�ll'mc:nt. S11AkA CulrUr.•1 En'it'ml1/c 'Inn' Il}X();

Zc.:u Ph i Ret.l SorClrtt>'j . 1 98 1 ; St�th s.. Womcn', �cr.\'\IrL. 198.�; T i :\hp,J­ l.lnt W 1-,.,.,. , '"' 1'� j ',,:w\tl1;akcr ufTumorrow l YS3. RrIlJJ... I)' Thc.lfrc Di,tl'lu Tol,k forcl:', 19H1); m.ln\' . .:1\]" .lC'tl\ iiH:" and h\ ':1or\; rl'w r ll cd to ul!kg,c al .I�C Mt


F"lIll"kr "I' rh... C,fY Cuoccml'orary D;tr...·c l'.nrnpJn\,. (hc (ir" fun tim,,· protc'\llln"l1 l'(lnt':Mlp", d.lllcC "l »llp.n, til Hnllg Kun�, lQ79: CllmJIJ.n� h.u r.l·t.:(lml' .l llllntrJI 3mn" dur ti.'f HC lng. K(mp., \\ill lllur Ntl"h Aml.'TIlJn Wc.,c \.C .... ( .1\ 1 99 1 : Rn.lrJ \ lclllh n. (;nt J\.tJkt .'w" il-{'" "f VJnc"uvcr. H.C . il"J

.\tonrcll 1.J '\rh Cemre ,\Jumnl CJuptcr



1.11' .\np.l:k .... I'rl·... iJt·nr




Pr: ,fl::>'oI lf t ,( C ·h.·nl,o;tf! . l lfH \ cn;n

It t' ,

.:w I

h�I"'1I AH'�lInq[I(:,

117 pr\llc"�IL,",ll l 'Il\lIIl,:.;r'I"f'l" .:;'() 'il('ll ,,!'l'll n� ·..,f\."li rr(\ll·"'.

� 1" ltltl� " Jlf

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()I�nll'la. 1111": ..· 1972; Ch.lp l oli n. \Va"hin):, ' 1on Siall.' Parrol: PLU Ro.rJ of RCij,,·nI :.. 1L1l..·C 1 979; Rcpn:M:nlJri\'� In Prc'iiidf.:nlloll

Pray..:r Hr

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�mC'c- 1 973; Stlu[ h ,St)un.... Athlef!'" Oftici:.lJ> A.N ll.'.. i tlnn. 1973 81l

Inez V. ( I n gcbrigtson ) 51ccn

Vkl.' I'rni Jcn t , Jo�tcn� Learnin g Co rpor.u i on, San nicgo. Calif. ; fnrmCT Dl rl'C lnr 111' l'crlrln ncl Sc",,'i(c�, S.l n OiC"gl' (;ummun i f)' (" 1,1I1: 1: ,c,: Foundi ng Pr(' Id(:m, Shnrdinc Comnl un i t>· 1;" Supaim�·r.JclIl t'rc l\.km of(:olkgc flfM.lrin, KcntticlJ, Ilf, Suud "-kmhl't, Ch"'rman til' rhl' Pt:n�unn<,'1 C om mi,�ion, AW�I�I'.m of (:ol l,(orma Community Ct lllegc "' u . .b nirt j �l t.unn;

Col lq;c,

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• .t CnCnll'tr.... Snnl lll1J. \t.1I,� l t1'h'T'" \· . C.lhf. �1I}ll' 1 ')65, tult-n�1 t IJ:'l'� l ..A:� r\ITl·' , I I l"l.h�r.n« Ic,tHO � 1 .':\.ICrll, 1 04 1 . \\'dl l·l,f l ....JJ'.h �n Inwl l(.lI( ,lf f.II\.ronmcnc.\) "l'Kn�'c Jl Thc ',UII'11Jl t 'nl\ cn. I�· ,n NIo."pJI . 1 99 1 , l'IJIJII .�m"·m'Jn �:n\t)r "..&.·"..n dltlw, I"dl.l. 1C)�t X2; "';J.I LI .n .11 "" Hln' l-llun..!J.ll()n '·I·.dln , ('fllll" "r. ="tV.l1, IY7:; 7h. InJu. 1c)72·i4. OUI ..:Jnlo.hnf, 1-.1* II(\'� of -\nll'rIt·'&" 1 �74 7.:'. \Vhn\ \\'hn in Ihe Wc" , 1 97.\, I lJRh. tYH7. '" tm puhhl"w<ln\.


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19'X)· Q I; \ '.l.,hltlf, f(m SIJtl' Oclq;.H1.' to hll.:nnl.ll ..:omcmiun Amcri,,-JIl .\J;)(lI,'I.l[ltln of Rcl ir( J Pl'r\l)Os; AJm ini tt"lll� t..1JnJ��,,· t. l·u�J.llup Tril"i:' Ill' I ndi.lm•• t9R2



IlcJlI ll( E'(tC-nMliIl

SCr\·wt,. Fort l\tl'iiJ(.('MIIII Community ColI,,·ttc. 1967 NO; ( JIIJ ,chonl Jdm,m:"lr,lIor. 1 9 SQ·t\7: I' rotJ... nt, Hou'\(.· �1)' PCllrk; Ch.lnl'r Mcm'-':r .II1J fnrmer Prc,"knc . , r C h ri.'c 1.. Church.'wooJ. WHh . ; nUll1c rn u � prok,,·.iunll. �·i\'i... JnJ

Beatrice Sch cle llur'l n � ,


"ttalt , IIr..r.: ArIC,[hl.'I'(. C \'C'.;j(');

:".'l'w (;uinC'J.. I I

Retin:J tC.1lhcr ( l'ucl'r 1920 · 69); Womcn's Misxinn3'1' Fcdc:r�'

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.llnhOl of [\\'0 hook!.,

'''/ARS-P. Hilly t:3mi ly HIl'rlfJl,

,'vi i\\IIII1.ary Nur.c. \' ''ttUJIn

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World M \',1110 J ;ld lm.:n·hUllh Cuol'cr,,!i'Hl. 197.\·H2: Ch.lll·.

Cl)nl1rr�fLon.ll Cuunul. " . l'cll'r, Lu[hc:r"n. )<Jtlt'! X<): lk.lhlJnJllltt \'I'llll� Wornl.·n of Am"'riu, IY6fl

than 100 "ipc:�k.inp;

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111m Sl·', \mcrir.ln I urhcr.ln Ch"n:h \\'nm�:n, 1903; l1.tefi(llri, 'IJ'

A<hin,"wnt A\\.lrd

in Tc- l.:h.n}!,. Hcrl-l.'n Shchcnk

Junior HI..,h SehunL . "d''oflOk. \\'\)0., I lJtl7; num..:ro us wril,".',�.

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R. Snu:n

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1 1I 1.l1!v. Intt·rll.Atlw l.l1 A�hcrTI·.lI1ll- I c',rl",l; \'nl U flfccr rn)l�nftr. ,md I.", Angell" Chddrm\ l) uiJJ nl c (.lIOI,.

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cJIJ ,.lnr. I I-,\CUIIIIC l1u'\Ylor. s.. hnol lnfi lrm.\IIlIn lod RC"':Jr.:h �(.:n.I�C'. 1 1)72 X L F,C(Ufl\'C ))l r\'l.·lor. \\'J,hHl�(l11 ,",,,' IIl.I.ltIfln or


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Virginia n . Witt ( .l ft l

1 "".\

h',1I r"' . l'r;a� llu:�1 mcJJl.ll1C tor 41) � cl r' ; rCCl rl.·d frmn .'\0

Murray A . Taylor r.II" 1 I 1 • •n

Dircctor, sin�c I Q89, P rl..'l ('nri nn Cnt1rdin.2(nr, t\\'o )'\, Linltlln Counry Ak()hnl/Drug Ccntl'r; FounJer .lnd ni rccm r. Oruy Ako hnl Prngr3m. Wilhur ( \\'nh.) �:hotll Oi!ltrin, I Q8,\ · 87· Ekmcntlr)' Te;lChcr, Shn'\l,l'IoJ. Orc . 1c)70·78: n"" "·'IIl. W.lhur Luthc-ran Churl.'h; Chair. I'l.L' Alumni Centcnm,lI Gnmmittc-..'; Pr":\ldcnt. PLU Alum ni RII.uJ. 19t15; rt.u Roa rd tlf Rcg.c-nt,_ (nmmunll'), funJ r;&i'iCr; Or�mzl'r, .spounc �u�rtcd� SUpp(T'\ for Strl"Ct Kld.\.

Nancy Ann (QuiUin) Wilkinson

Theresa M, Stcphan), "'U Nt';: ! !\ .


(r.u,ino_, JdmIOl.'Cr<lUl Hl )

prc,cnr.ll i on s . 1 9 2 3 70; HoouTlry .\1crnhtt Ilf r.ugc-nt· FielJ


i!i,h'lp. \tlllth'\'"C" lcm \\' l,hl1lf,TllII Syf'UI\.l. U,CA ,tfl..·C 19R8: Pui,h 1':"llIr, 1960 I'tK; I'LL' £\t.::ud of Rq:.C'rrn, '1"'- ': 1<,172, Ch.unn.HI '10":1.' 1 'J� I : I'I.U Ho nunrv 1'lill.'Hlr of Di"nny lkL:;HT. I Q8c); (;00..1 \;!w.lnun �tenr'JI Hcallh ( .cL1lcr S;..arJ. lqR"o.,�t'). Chairman. l QM4-�U,; Rq.�1U n.l1 Ccrllcr li,r Mi" ifln (:HtlrJm.1!1Il� ('!lunni: Rn.J.n.J of ('t10U m"'H)n tilr \\'nmcn. EI .C;\; ConfCrcnC'c of Ri:o-h.,p, ComminC'C on E•:um..:m":.21 Rclatlomhip'; nun1l'rnm church anJ \'j\ ie k.lda ... h!p (>l)'lliun�

lIunlll: m.lny li,·il . c:hur.:h J,li\nin

Arthur \V. Thiel

·,� Am�ti"oIn I,Ulhl'rln Church

Jan Wigen

' '',.1

tioll. nUlllc rou , po:o.itino\, 19304 ·66: mo re


$ptllune. l �

ncurnthcni.l .lnd ��mfil"nI

church J.flih.Hj"n�.

WiUi� K. Ramstad


O;lvld S_ Steen

Adminl\f r.l wr . \\'.1,biIlKIP!l 'ofol', IlI\c"1Jh n:l1lnlhutlor, ·nKC... I lJ87 XX, Dlr'1. Ior. Ml.'nul HCJlth OI'l)klU. Sc,ut;' Dep.lnmt:lll llf

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Impn\OoL' cmirllnnKnt lor CdUla\ 1I11l UfmUll /rltl('!> 1I1 1nl' Jl\lrh.:r

�, ·i..,l mJ


David M. . Soderlund

· I" l lfl l�I· '

Calvin �l. \Vatn<:ss



mllucnt.:c nn "iu"'mili{' t.h i n km� .Ihtmf huw rhl� hrJm \\nrk_... F.Jitnnally imllh·\.·J "'ith scwrJ.1 prole:..sional puhli(Jtion...


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fU·l ut.H· [)111.'.. fnf r� I >r1'Ij COUnt"

, ProfCS\(lr clf rh),Molub 'Y and RiophpK:i, LJni\'Cr!iit) tlf Wa�hingt()n ; 174 puhli':J.linns; 52 prok\'itlln31 I'rcSCm3(iofll;

(ollntk�J'i lifetime (ontnt'ouliom

Who In .-\mcnc.m Women; Pb.nncJ Puemnund .\1J,ggic ,-\\\3rJ•

D:ti sv St�lI"orth

IMl.I, .\I�, 4 1 1� \: I VX('!; l'I rn ul 1 9,MR i' lIhI /M · Pn,o.� ti , r ,\1.:- '! )""�II I" l'H.,lK � IU: Ji'r 'rn:" 1 ) 11 oI k"holhm JIl 111)t o Jrl � �' ,\1.. J [ I ·. . r'nml(r linafl .J1lI1 Rl.'rnrttr. w-rrtt [ \\',l\h J '} '/Nl{ I.... ... m l lll (;H"l·rTIilr�. AI , Pro� Ch,"; \\wld 1-l\l" � r- l lInd .,'J! \'t, h'-,I Cl1nf,n·g.Jrnm.l1 ( . hurd. . n,·h(lr..�t:

Lyle QlI�lim

WOIfMn . . ). [de,.i�iCln gucs[ ( Goo d ,\illming. Aml'fie.l ); EJi tor, YM lYClu,,� Mm) mJ.�ine, 19S 1 ·86; s...'\'cral rJutlrlJ.I POllitLilOS. .�j mJ.g.I:I.inl' . IQ75·80; Who\ Who in Amcri�; Who\

, O.R

Edward A. Walten


Elizabc:lh PuII1Jm . I' "


f Engli,h)

I llllllnHII1I" ,I I I C III .Irt ' ,

Lind. A. Zurfluh

I 'I;:=;

,. �·lhll.l.T II HI )

."'M l n ' cl,hnn'H��. "tc.lTtk l'qJr·bltdI�If(1'"7. �lOCC I Q N 7 ; W .l ' P·I h..:J.[ r..:pnna l'lr ...:\"\:r pnnr �CJr" �()\crm� SlIoi.:, r :"' R A , JlIli l '111\ Cf'J1Y O f \\' .I:..h IOJ!,ton (i'l(ltNiI; I\Jdill l'om ml'IlI,U"It'\ un KIRO .-\M .inJ KXRX 1'M; Si:., rqtiollJl SI!;.Il1J Iklll Chi r \t'(!l'n III' rrofl·"jlln.ll lournali'l1l J\\.?rJ:.. (or juurn.ll;,m oll'lIcn�c: Hn..l rJ Ilf

.\ �"'lGJT·lon


PUbl.·1 Sound A\:I.hclm<.:t'


Pro�r.J.m Dirn·ror. St:hnol AJfllinii{ rJf l'"1 :md A".lt.'iJh:

I'rnfc'''lr, I-'Aiul..l1iml.l1 .\Jm' \-\'c'l(rn \\'.I\hington

Uniwr..i,,· , "inl'l' 191't4; nirC"norof l'cr�lIInd. fklkn\C . W�\h ) SchtM,I I):.�rril'l. 19S()·K,t formn tc.Il.·hn; Pc" , JI�"tllr.ll (din", �h,p, fh)'lor Unl\C r'..1C)'. I'J�O; OUhtJnJTnS Yllunl; Women


Arncril'.l; Who\ Whf! m '\lT1l'TlcJ.n f.Ju ( 1ri( ln. \\110') �Vhn 111 Amniun \Vu n lc:n r;,cl'lHi\c'; numl'rIlU� rul'tlic.clnfh

Padflc Lutheran university scene

December 1 990




1 939 •

composer Nu rtured Passion For Mus·ca Expression At PLU By Judy Davis

Rev. Cerhard O. Reitz i s wo r k i n g hard at his fourth i n t e r i m assignment a t Lutheran C h u rch o f t h e Master i n Couer d'Alene, Id. From A u g ust 2 6 to Septem­ ber 2, he was i n Papua New Gui nea help­ ing Martin Luther Sem i n ary celebrate its 25th anniversary He was the fo u nd i n g principal a n d u p o n i n vitation was repre­ senting the ELCA and the EW-ID Synod

1 945 Dr. Lloyd M. Nyhus is the Warren H. Cole Professor of Surgery and director, Living I nstitute for Su rgical S t u d i es, at the I l l i nois College of Medicine, Chicago, III. The Committee for the Forum on Fun­ damental Surgical Problems has dedicat­ ed Surgical Forum, Volume XLI to Dr. Nyhus. He was a PLU Distingu ished Alum­ nus i n 1 968.

1 947 Anita (NOrman) Slater spends the winter i n Palm Desert, Calif., where she sings with West Coast Opera Theatre of Palm Desert and is a l so the reco r d i n g secretary S h e travels a l o t and h a s just returned from Turkey. A n ita is h a p p i ly married to Manning Slater, a retired broadcaster who owned a nd operated radio stations i n the U,S, Marvin S. Shaw of San Carlos, Calif., has been retired from teac h i n g s i nce 1 982, Recently he co-authored a book, A Viewer's Guide to A rt, "a glossary of Gods, People and Creatures," The book identifies and describes mythological, religious and historical figu res, creatures and symbols commonly found i n works of art, Published by John M u i r Publ ica­ tions, it w i l l be available M a rc h 1 , For information call Shaw at (41 5 ) 593-5544,

1 957 Lawrence Heim edits the H e i m Investment Letter i n Port land, Ore" and heads a gold and silver dealership,

1 965 The Rev. Peggy Ogden Howe earned a masters in English from t h e University of Iowa i n May, She is present­ ly serving as i nterim pastor i n two rural parishes,

1 966 Bette (Swenson) Catlin is the only foreign teacher on the campus of Shen· yang Institute of Gold Tec h nology in Shenyang, People's Republic of C h i n a , She teaches spoken English to both stu­ dents and faculty m e m bers, W h i l e s he has 35 students officially, she makes it known that anyone can sit i n any t i m e, Julie (Burnett) Olsen of Au rora, Colo" completed the Pediatric N u rse Practitioner Program at the University of Colorado in May, She works at Parker Pediatrics and Adolescents as a nu rse practitioner

1 967 Lovette Wilson d ied in peace at home Nov, 3 , She provided 30 years of n u rsing services with Doctor's Hospital of Tacoma. . .

1 968 SeceUa Holte is employed by Mult· nomah County as a case manager i n the Developmental Disabi lities Program She l i ves i n Portland, Ore,

1 969 John Elmer and wife Sheme can­ ney ('72) have moved to the Spokane area, John is a financial p l a n n e r with Waddel and Reed, Sherrie is a nurse at Deaconess Hospital.

Richard Holmes of San Diego, Calif.,

flies Lockheed L-1 0 1 1 s internationally for Delta Air Lines based in Los Angeles, As a

When Ste p h e n F u l l e n w i e d e r attended a summer music camp at Pacific Luthe ran U n i ve rsity as a h i g h school j u n i o r, he began nurturing a passion fo r musica l exp ression w h ich cont i n u es to permeate h i s l i fe as an award­ w i n n i ng com poser, ha rps ichord­ i st, org a n i st , c o n d u ctor a n d choi rmaster, Ful lenwieder now l i ves i n P h i la­ d e l p h i a with his w ife, J a n n , a Lutheran m i n i ster w h o is work· ing on a fel lowship at Lutheran Theological Sem i n a ry; and t h e i r son and two daug hters, His rich musical l i fe i n c l udes com posi ng and conduct i ng h is comm issioned works, play i ng the harpsichord for two early musi· cal g roups i n the P h i lade l p h i a area a n d serving a s orga nist a n d c h o i rmaster fo r a n E p isco p a l c h u rc h , S i n ce 1 980, h i s major com positions have a l l been com· missi oned , Because of his prox· i m ity to New York, Stephen has developed professional relation­ sh i ps with a network of creative art i sts - i n c l u d i ng b a l l et danc· e rs, s i n g e rs and m u s i c i a ns who often col l aborate fo r per· forma nces a n d "cross fe rt i l ize" each other's m usical efforts, "This has led to i ncred ibly sat­ isfying musical experiences," sa i d Step hen, who h a s worked w i t h such notable com posers as Aar­ on Copland, George Cru m b and the late Sam u el Barber. One of Stephen's most reward­ i ng col l a borations is a comm is· sioned bal let, "Sa rah's Laughte r," a myt h i ca l d ia l o g u e between a ngels and Sarah when she d is­ covered she was going to bear a child, Com posed and cond u cted by Ste p h e n , the b a l l et was p e r­ formed by a principal dancer i n t h e American Ballet theater who was a member of h is wife's par­ ish; and the narrative was writ­ ten by poet Robert Levy. Ste­ phen was invited to conduct the

naval reservist, he is command i ng officer of the USS Ranger's reserve u n it, sched· uled for deployment to the Middle East in the near future, His wife, Karen, was promoted to partner in her law firm, Edwards, White and Sooy, Charleen (Strandlien) Kaaen is leaving Jan, 1 for Pasadena So, Australia (suburb of Adelaide) to be a fi rst grade exchange teacher, She will be gone for one year. Husband Wayne and children, Karen Alis (1 6), Ki rsten Amy (1 5) and Kris­ topher A n d rew ( 1 1 ) w i l l be g o i n � with her,

1 970 Jim and Stephanie urwin '79) Peters are expecting their first child i n

t h e spring o f 1 99 1 , J i m is Assistant U.s Attorney in the V i rg i n Islands.

1 97 2 Kaaren (Duffect) Carone i s a prac· ticing attorney i n Colorado, She also has

bal let at the i nternational sacred a rts fest i v a l , " M a g n ifica!," i n France, last year, There are plans for release of a record i ng next year wh ich w i l l featu re Step hen's compositi ons, i n c l u d i ng works comm issioned for the G regg Smyth Choi r, one of the foremost vocal ensembles i n the country; and the New Jer­ sey Percussion Ensem ble, Many of Ste p h e n ' s wo rks have been performed national ly, notably at the Tanglewood and Aspen festivals and the Rive rside Dance Festival in New York, H i s composition "Sa i nt Francis Va ria­ ti ons," was premiered at Li ncoln Center, Several of his p i eces were premiered by soprano solo­ ist V i ck i Contaves p i , a m em b e r o f t h e C h o i r o f t h e West w h i le she was at PLU , Other PLU g radu· ates the F u l l e n w i ed e rs have associated with in the New York a rea i nc l u d e Gordon Lath rop, former PLU c h a p l a i n ; Gary S i e­ fert and tenor John Lackey, I n t h e s p r i n g of 1 98 9 , Ste­ p h e n ' s co m m i s s i o n ed w o r k , " Book o f the Seasons," w a s fea· tu red d u ri ng the i nstal lation of a new organ at t h e St. J a m es L u t h e r a n C h u rc h i n Port l a n d w he re h e knew the o rg a n i st , D u r i ng h i s m usical career, Ste­ phen has received awards from the Jordan and Fromm fou nda­ t i o n s a n d p r i zes from t h e Lucerne Internati onal Competi­ tion for Composition, Step h e n said h i s association with PLU has had a profound i nf l u ence on h is personal a nd professional development, "At PLU, I ca m e i nto co ntact with the musical genius of pro­ fessors s u c h as Dr, M a u r i ce S kones; I a l so got to know W i l l J u ng ku ntz, son o f t h e former u n i ve rsity provost; who was a close friend and i nspiration u ntil he d ied," U ntil h e was 1 4, Stephen had no formal music tra i n i ng , Then, h e started ta king piano lessons, "I was frust rated w i t h t h e

been adm itted to the state bars o f Cali· fo rnia and Oregon, On Aug 1 1 , she and h usband D a n had their first c h i ld, a daughter, Alexandra, stephen Lemonds is a civil engineer with the Washington State Department of Transportat ion, He l i ves i n Redmond, Wash, Tom O'Neal was recently honored for outstanding achievements at the She",­ son Lehman a n n u al portfolio managers conference, O'Neal, a portfol io manager i n the fi rm's Federal Way office, was rec­ ognized for being No, 3 in performance for the period of July 1 , 1 989 to J u n e 30, 1 990,

1 973 TimothY van Natta is the new pas­ tor of Grace Lutheran C h u rch in Scap­ poose, Ore,

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j Stephen Fullen wieder

q u a l ity of music ava i l a b l e, so I b e g a n w r i t i n g my o w n , " he reca lled, At the encou ragement of h is music teacher, he attend­ ed the music camp at PLU where he roomed with J u ngku ntz and had the "extrao rd i n a ry experi­ ence" of obse rv i ng Dr, Skones as a conductor " d raw out of a cho­ ra l ensemble somet h i ng g reater than the g rou p itse l f. " Largely because of these i nfl uences, he accepted a music scholarsh i p to PLU and g raduated w i t h i n two years, After working with Aaron Copland at the Aspen I nstitute, he e n ro l l ed in the C u rtis Inst i ­ t u t e where he st ud ied m u s i c com position w it h Samuel Barber, Ste p h e n says m u c h of h is music is i n the classical tra d ition of Ba rber and Stravinsky - "tru­ ly lyrical music." While at PLU, Steph e n not only h o n ed h is m u s i ca l ta lents, he a lso developed spi ritually, "I was exposed to the works of (theolog ian) Dietrich Bonhoeffer i n a req u i red rel i g i o n class ' " t hat experience led to a n aware­ ness a n d passion for theology that co nt i n u es to susta i n me and i n s p i re my creativity," Ste­ phen sa id, " I n a very real sense," h e add­ ed, "PLU has been a catalyst for my p rofess i o n a l a n d s p i ritu a l development, "My music is a n expression of my inner vision . , , and there is much, much more i nside," •

'60s Reu n ion G roup Donates Su rp l us To Nesvi g Fund I n the wake of a su ccessful 1 960s d ecade reu n io n d u r i ng h omeco m i n g , the group plans a nother get-toget h e r i n 1 99 5 , accord i n g t o spokesperson Bon­ n ie (Ha nson ' 6 1 ) N ielsen. N i el sen than ked the 230 '60s a l u m n i who attended the event. The event real ized a surplus of $425, wh ich the group voted to donate to the Nesvig Schola rship Fund for foreign students.

padflc Lutheran University SCene

December 1890

21 Alumni

Reitz I=amlly PLU Connections span Several Generations Every once in awh i l e we a re made awa re of fa m i l ies wh ose ties with PLU i nvolve large num­ be rs and spa n several genera­ tio ns. Among them is the Reitz fami­ ly, which i ncludes 2 1 a l u m n i and dates back to 1 9 1 1 . T h e late R e v . O . W . Re itz, a 1 9 1 3 Pacific Lutheran Academy grad uate, was the father of 1 1 children, 1 0 of whom attended PLU . That is be l i eved to be a one-fa m i l y PLU a l u m n i record . One son , Rev. Gerhard Reitz '39 of Spokane, was PLU's Dist i n­ gu ished A l u m n u s i n 1 9 87. Now an i nteri m pastor, ' he was a mis­ sionary in New G u i nea for nearly 40 years. Other fa m i l y a l u m n i i n c l ude t h e l ate E l i sa beth ( R e i t z '40) Adolph; Rev. Robert Reitz '44 of S pokane ; Rev. Arm in Reitz '45 of Lou isvi l l e, Ky.; Theodore Reitz '47 of Pasco, Wash ., a reti red teach­ e r; Rev. M a rcus R e i t z ' 5 0 of Ankeny, l a . ; Rev_ Otto Reitz ' 5 2 of La Porte City, l a . ; Rosal i e (Reitz '54) Knerr, a n u rse in Herm iston, Ore_; Joseph Reitz '56, a teacher i n Wa l n ut Creek, Cal if.; and Dr. Karl f�eitz '6 1 , a col l ege professor

Lo ndgren N ew Presid ent Of Cou nty LB B ra n c h R i chard Londgren ' 5 9 was e lected president of the Taco­ ma-Pierce Cou nty b r a n c h of Luth eran Brotherhood at the b ranch a n n ua l meet i ng at PLU Oct. 1 5 . He succeeds Anita (Gregersen ' 5 9) Ch rist i a n , who cu rrently serves as presid ent of the South­ western Washington Synod u n i t o f t h e Women o f the Evangelica l Lutheran Church i n America. Also e l ected were Ken Sto raasli ' 5 0, vice-pres i d ent; Da vid Ch ris­ tian, ' 59, t reasu re r; Steven Mel­ ton '81 , p u b l ic ity officer; and G ra n t Wh i t l ey ' 5 0 , e d ucat i o n officer. J o h n Ostrander ' 4 9 i s also a member of t h e board . The bra nch a n nua l l y cont rib­ utes thousands of liours of vol­ u nteer service and approximate­ ly $45,000 to cong regations and co m m u n i t i es in t h e cou nty. Lutheran Brotherhood also sup­ ports PLU with g rants, sch o l a r­ ships a n d match ing cont ribu­ tions.

in Yorba Li nda, Ca l,if. Two of Rev. OW.'s sisters had t h ree c h i l d re n w h o atte nded PLU. T hey were Martin Hel l be rg ' 5 2 of M i lton, Was h . ; Lois ( H e l l ­ berg ' 59) H uesby o f Wa l l a Walla, Was h . ; and H u g h M a rsh '59 of Snohomish, Wash. A b rot her's son, H a ro l d Reitz of S h e l t o n , Wash . , g raduated i n 1 944. A t h i rd g e n e ra t i o n i nc l u d es Helen (Adolph 70) Marti nez, Dr. Arlis Adolph 71 of Denve r, Colo.; Dr. Pa U li Reitz 71 , a Seatt le musi­ cian; and Em ily (Reitz 72) Boleyn of Gladstone, O re. Rev. O.W.'s broth er-i n-law, the late H .T.F. Wittrock, received an honorary PLU d eg ree i n 1 95 3 . C l a rice H u esby ' 9 0 , a n ed uca­ tion major, m ight be considered the fi rst of a fou rt h generation of a l u m n i . She is the daughter of Lois ( H e l l berg ' 5 9) H u esby. As t h ese relat ionsh i ps a re st u d ied, one becomes aware that v i rtual­ ly any l isting Wi l l be i ncomp lete. M a rri ages m u l t i p l y the n u mber of possi ble al u m n i who m ight be i nclu ded i n an exten ded fa m i ly, and their fa m i l i es and ma rriages extend the web of relationsh ips i nfin itely.

Rebecca Black of A uburn, WaSh., and Scott Friedman of Elk, WaSh., were elected queen and king o f homecoming a t PLU in October. Black, the daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. 8lack, is a junior majoring in b usiness administration. Friedman is a junior majoring in earth sciences and secondary education. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Friedman.

N eswi c k O rga n i st W i ns N at i o n a l I m p rovisation Com petition Bruce Neswick 7 8 of Buffalo, N .Y., was the winner of a recent American G u i l d of Org a n i sts national competition in o rgan im provisation. One of 40 e ntrants, N eswi c k became one o f 1 0 sem i-fi nal ists on the basis of a subm itted tape record i n g of his work. Prior to the AGO national convention in Boston he p e rformed for 2 5 m i n u tes on two s u b m itted themes plus a hymn t u n e to become one of th ree fi nal ists. The final ists competed on the fou r-manual Fisk tracker-act ion o rg a n at H a rva rd M e m o r i a l C h u rch d u r i n g t h e convention.

They used two n ew t h e m es, written by William Albright. plus a hymn tune or chant. Each had 45 m i nutes away from the key­ board to study the themes and prepare ideas. Neswick, 34, who holds bache­ lor's and master's d e g rees i n music from PLU, was t h e unani­ mous choice of the th ree j udges and earned a $2,000 prize pro­ vided by the Holtkamp Organ Company. David Dah l, his organ m e ntor at Pacific Luthera n , att e nd ed t h e f i n a l co m p et i t i o n " I was amazed and proud of how i nven­ tively, colorfu l l y and m u s i ca l ly

B ruce worked out a n d devel­ oped the subm itted themes," he sa id. Neswick is i n his seventh year as orga n ist-choi rmaster at st. Pa u l 's (Ep iscopal) Cat h ed ral i n Buffa l o . Last s u m m e r h is Men and Boys Choir were invited to Yorkmi nster Cath edral and West­ m i n ster Abbey in E n g l a n d , to spend a week in each p lace si ng­ ing the daily Evensong services. D u r i n g the su m me r of 1 989, N eswick was the w i n ner of t.he a n n u a l San Anse l m o (Ca l if.) O rgan Improvisation Contest at Dom i n ican Co illege.

Aberdeen C h u rch Ma rks Co ngreg ation, PLU Cente n n i a l s

From left, Hank Bilderback 74, Paul Nelson 71, Keith Lile 77 and Craig Cummings BO.

T h e cente n n i a l c e l ebrat i o n of Our Saviou r's Luthera n Church i n Aberdeen, Wash ., coi ncided with PLU's centennial this fa l l . O u r Saviou r's cent e n n i a l ban­ quet Sept. 23 also featured PLU . A cong ratu latory message wac;; sent by the u n i versity. Pastor Pa u l Freese 7 5 noted that he and wife Patti 76 are PLU gradu­ ates. Rev. Davld Wold '56, b ishop of the south western synod of the ELCA, and h is wife Elisabeth '57, also partici pated . Special music was provided by a q ua rtet of PLU a l u m n i who were active in music organ iza­ tions on ca m p us. T h e y were Hank Bilderback 74, Pa u l Nelson 71 , Keith Lile 77 and Craig Cum­ m i ngs '80.

PacHk Lutheran universIty SCene

December 1990


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Nancy (Bartlett) Ehlers a n d h us· band had their th ird child, H a n n a h Jane, on Sept. 4 . She joins brother Derek ( 3) T h e i r fi rst child, Katie, died in 1 98 5 of multiple heart problems at six months of age The fa mily has lived i n Texas for fou r years but hasn't yet adjusted to the heat They plan to move back to Colora­ do as soon as possible. Dr. Cindy MCTee was awarded a Ful · bright Scholar Lecturing Award to teach cou rses I n electronic music and composi· tion a t the H ig her School of M usic in K r a kow, Po l a n d , from September t h rough January S h e i s associate p rofes­ sor of music composition at t h e Un iversi· ty of North Texas in Denton, Tex. Pat and Vicki ( Hagen) Michel have accepted a two year position as staff coord inators at Holden Vil lage. They w i l l m o v e to H o l d e n with t h e i r th ree c h i l ­ d ren, Kelly (1 0), Kimberly ( 7 ) and And rew (3), in June. Pat will take a two year leave of absence from his job as a choral music teacher at Puyallup High School. Vicki is a f u l l-time g ra d u ate student at PLU a nd w i l l complete h e r master's degree i n

1 974 Nancy Eveleth married Roy K i n g on J une 1 3 i n Federal Way, Was h . Nancy is self-employed as a psychotherapist i n Federal Way and R o y works f o r Sears Logistic Services in Kent. Ronald M. Merritt received his JD from UPS Law School i n 1 97 7 and was m a d e a m e m b e r of t h e Wash i n gton State Bar. He has been working i n Saudi Arabia since 1 982 for Saudi Arabian Par· sons Ltd. R o b e rt freq u e n t ly t ravels to Bangkok and Seoul. Brenda Mickelson had a showing of her watercolors, "A Touch of W h i msy," at Ricci a rd i G a l lery in Astoria, O re. in October. Her wo rk has also been exhib it· ed i n Cannon Beach, Ore. at the White Bird and Ca n no n Beach galleries.


1 97 5 Mary Castel blanco h as re-Iocated to the Pacific N o rt h west with c h i l d ren M e l issa (7) and David (3) She IS working at Everg reen H o s p i t a l , K i rk l a nd , Wash , in the fa m ily maternity center. Kathy Elling and h e r h u s b a n d Henery a re del ighted to a n no u nce t h e b irth of their son, M a rk Kendrick on Sept 5 , T h ey a l so have a daugh ter, D i a na Dawn (2V2) Kathy was a c h i l d ren's l i b rari­ a n for eight years before Diana was born The fa m i l y lives i n Tacoma. Linen Jones was awarded the 1 990 Professionalism Award by the Emergen· cy Nursing Association during the Scien· tific Assembly held i n October i n C hicago, IiI. Corinne Newman, admin istrator of j u v e n i l e court services for T h u rston County since 1 984, was awarded the Juvenile Court Ad m i n istrator of t h e Year Award for 1 989. The award recognized Corinne's service to the association, the co m m u n ity and to the j u venile court sys­ tem. She has been With the juvenile d ivi· sion since 1 970.

counseling in May.

Creg Porter a n d C h e ry l N i cho lson exchanged wedding vows Aug 4 at the S h i l o I n n, Rich land, Wash. Greg is a physi· c i a n and C h e ryl is a registered n u rse. They l ive i n Richland.

1 977 David a n d Lynne ( M Oeh ring) Emmons are proud to a n nounce the birth of Jason David, born April 26. He joins Erica (7), Brian (6) and Laura (3). They are still in North Seattle after 10 years Dan and Linda ('78) Jamieson have moved to Omak, Wash. where Da n is the p r i n c i p a l of E a s t O m a k E l e m e n t a ry School.

Marcia ( Foster) wohlwend and her h usband Steve a n no u n ce t h e b i rth of thei r son Steven I I (Huck) on July 2 5 . Marcia i s on leave from A l aska Airli nes. They live near Des Moines, Wash.

1 976

1 978

Betty Lott was l icensed as a mas­ sage p ractitioner in Octo b e r and w i l l soo n · be o p e r a t i n g h e r o w n massage business i n her home.

Karen Hansen and Michael Bena of Vancouver, Wash , were married J u ly

PLU Alumni Seek Alum i Award Nominations T h e A l u m n i Association u rges PLU a l u m n i , friends and students t o s u b m i t n a m e s o f persons to b e considered for awards recog n i z i n g thei r contri butions to the University or to society The Al u m n i Office welco mes y o u r nom i n a t i o n s fo r D i s t i n g u is h ed Alumnus, A l u m n us of the Year, Heritage Award or Special Recognition Award, DIstinguished Alumnus - the associ a t i o n ' s h i g h es t h o n o r i s awarded t o a n a l u m n u s who, t h ro ug h years of p reparation, experi­ ence, dedication, character and service has achieved disti nction in a particu l a r field of endeavor.

your nominee::

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

- An a l u m n u s who has excelled i n h i s or her field during the past year and has demo nstrated support of the A l u m n i Associ ation and loyalty to PLU.

Alumnus of the Year

Your nominee:·

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Heritage Award


Presented to a l u m n i who has given years of

service to the U n iversity .. ..

Yo ur nominee.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Special Recognition


Presented to persons who have u n i q u e l y

served PLU.

Your nom inee: Y o u m a y s en d s u p p o rt i n g d ata, or y o u w i l l be contacted by t h e Assoc iation Awards Com m i ttee f o r f u r t h e r i nfo rm a t i o n .

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Phone: ( �

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_ _ _ _

2 1 i n Z i o n L u t h e r a n C h u rc h , Cam as, Wash. Karen taught in the Kelso School District for 1 2 years and is now seeking employment as a teacher in Vancouver Michael is a credit manager at Cascade Corporation in Portland. Carla M. Bennett and John K u l hanek exchanged wedding vows at the Gethse­ mene Lutheran C h u rch i n Seattle. Carla is a mental health t h e ra p ist a n d J o h n is em ployed as a machin ist. Dale and setty perry annou nce the b i rt h of t h e i r second son, Jacob Mat· thew, born Sept 1 5 . He joins b ro t h e r Benj a m i n (3V2).

1 989 he returned to the states and reen· tered the Southern California Synod of the ELCA. He is now serving i n this synod as in interim pastor at Messiah Lutheran C h u rch i n Los Angeles, an African Ameri· can congregation, and is waiting for ordi­ nation and a call. Peter and Ellen Strom have moved to E n g lewood, Colo , w h e re Peter s e l l s software f o r Texas Instruments.

1 979

Rhonda Ammondson i s on a leave of absence from her job as a med ical technolog ist a t G ro u p Health Coopera­ tive to care for her son, Todd Ammond Anderson, born J u ne 8. Rhonda and hus­ band Brian A n d e rson l i ve i n Bellevue, Wash.

Douglas J. Becker a n d wife Barb a n n o u nce the b i rth of Brett Douglas, born Sept. 8 i n Littleton, Colo. He joins Lauren (5) and Allison (2) Doug co n t i nues to practice law i n Denver with Fai rfield and Woods, P.e. Evelyn Cornwall m a rried Ma rcus J e rden May 1 9 a t the F i rst Covenant C h u rch i n Taco ma. Evelyn is a s e n io r manager a t t h e international accounting firm of E rnst & Y o u n g and M a rc is a n attorney f o r Pierce County They l i v e i n G i g Harbor, Wash. Dwight Daniels j o i ned the San Diego Union as a staff writer in September. His wife Angela is a reporter for the Union. Gerry and Marcy ( SakrJson) Snell announce the birth of their second child, Mega n ,L\ngela, born March 1 2 . ivl egan joins sister A m anda (3). Marcy is kept busy at home with the girls Gerry is the di rector of product engineering at Epson Portland, Inc. Beth (Coughlin ) lier and h u sband Mark are the parents of Jacob A n d rew, born June 2 1 . He j o i ns brother Brian (2)

1 980 Mark Morris was named d i rector of photography at The Bee in Sacramento, Calif.. where he was assistant d i rector for the last n i ne months. He will oversee a staff of 1 6 p h o tog r a p h e rs a n d f i ve g raphics editors . Major Ray W . FranCis recently mar· ried Captain Jana Riha, a member of the U S Army Dental Corps The couple has been ass i g n ed i n Heidelberg, West Ger­ many. Michael M. Haglund MD. Ph.D. and Christine Haglund had their f i rst c h i ld on Dec. 26, 1 989. Michael is finishing a postdoctoral fellows h i p at Harva rd Medi­ cal School before returning to the Uni· versity of Washington to complete h is neurological surgery residency. M i ke and Chris celebrated their tenth wed d i ng anniversa ry this year. Karl Houglum is finishing h is fellow· ship i n gastroenterology at UC-San Diego. Karl is enjoyi ng the su n and s u rf of Southern California and his research in the lab. Creg Fowlie-Neufeld is a pastor in t h e BuchananlNorq u ay Lutheran Pa rish . H i s address is Box 3 5 1 B u c h a n a n , Sas· katchewan, Canada SOAOJO. He and Mari­ lyn have two wonderful g irls, Rachel (3) and Elena ( 1 1. Steve Pinning a n d wife A n n have fo u r children, Audrey (9), Erin (61, Nicole (2) and M ichael (1) Steve is coach i ng foot· b a l l and teaching at Romona H igh School. Ann is an OB n u rse. They l i ve i n Romona, Wash. AJyson (Brown) Stephens has been named assistant vice president a t Securi­ ty PaCIfiC Bank i n Phoenix, Ariz. Lori ( Kra USe) S u mmers rec e n t l y w o n the Oregon NATS competition held a t Western Oregon State U n i verSity in Monmouth. Mrs . SU iTl m ers i ives i n Kent with ner h usband and two c h i l d re n . She is a student of M i ra Frohn mayer Joe Chu worked for Lutheran Soc i a l Services o f Was h i n gton i n B remerton . A f t e r a y e a r o f service, h e e n ro l led i n Pacific Lutheran Theological Sem i nary in Berkeley, Calif, where h e received h is Master of Divinity degree in 1 98 5 . He returned to Hong Kong to serve as a teacher and a d m i nistrator. In Aug ust

1 981

Michael and Lisa ( Henni nger) Carlson annou nce the b i rt h of daugh­ ter, Kayla. She j o i ns Daniel (4) a n d Kelsey (6). Michael is office manager at Max Bur­ ton Enterp rises in Tacoma. Lisa is a coun­ selor for the adoption services of WACAP and is back at PLU working on her mas­ ters i n counseling and guidance. Elaine (HUestis) Isaak and h usband Steve announce the birth of Kristen Eliz· abeth on Nov. 1 . Steve is an acco u n tant and E l a i n e wo rks p a r t · t i m e i n t h e i r ch u rch office. They l i v e in Reedley, Calif

alief' Drs. Kevin & Kathelene Mabry recently moved to Fort Coll ins,

Colo. where they a re enjoying new jobs, recreat i o n a l o p p o rt u n i t ies and working on thei r newly acqui red turn·oHhe·cen· t u ry home. Their l i ves were b l essed with the b i rth of a daugh ter, Kate W a l l e r Mab rv, on Easter morn i ng, 1 990. S h e was born without kid neys, and died shortly after b i rth. Kathy is a pediatrician who recently com pleted a fellowsh i p in ado· lescent medicine, and earned a master's degree i n p u b l ic health at the University of Oklahoma. Kev i n is a podiatrist and has been i n private practice for the past four years in Oklahoma City Clark MCLean a t t e n d ed the 2 n d World Sym pos i u m on C h o ra l M u s i c in Stockholm, Sweden; Tal l i n n , Estonia; and Helsinki, Fi n land. He continues to serve as a l i brary speCialist in government pub· lications at the General Library, Universi­ ty of New Mexico i n Albuquerque. cara (Berg) Rudolf married Howard Rudolf Sept 2 , 1 989. They had their first ch ild, Kristen Suzanne, Oct . 4. Cara i s a critical care RN at Stanford U n i versity Hospital, and Howard is the h a z a rdous materials coordinator at Lockheed M i s­ siles and Space in Sunnyvale, Calif Janet Hagen powell annou nces her engagement to Rolf Dahle. They plan to wed May 1 8 , 1 991 . , I n a d d i t i o n to her work at World Video Productio ns, Janet is now serving as an officer i n t h e U n ited States Naval Reserves.

1 982 David H el sel rn a rr i ed S h e l l y A l l en M a y 1 2 in R e d m o n d , Vi/as h . David is a f i n ancial a n a lyst w i t n Su ndstrand Data Control in Redmond and Shelly is a r,egis· tered n u rse at Swedish Hospital i n Seat· tie. LaUrie Hubbard m arried Bruce Hen­ driC ks June 2 , I n A nchorage , Ak. LaUrie is a US Imm igration Officer and Bruce is a forester with Roy O. Martin Lumber Co. They live in Oakdale, La. James l.. Neal of Seattle, Wash., was recen tly elected president of MBG Com­ pany, a wholly·owned U.S. subsidiary of one of the largest and Oldest privately· held banking firms i n the Federal Repub· lic of Germany. It was founded in 1 6 74. Susan (Williams) McBride earned an EdD. degree in c u r ricu l u m , i n struc­ tion, a n d su pervision from East Texas

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December 1990

Pacific Lutheran university SCene

A lumni

Class Notes Continued from page 22 State U n i versity She lives in Mt Pleasant, Tex., where she is dean of instruction at Northeast Texas Community College Alaine ( Kuhlman) Nolt works as merchandise controller for Helly Hansen (US) Inc. in Redmond, Wash. She manages a department that forecasts a l l product sales and controls all i n ve n tories. She and her husband Carl live in Seattle and have a baby g i rl, Jennifer, born April 30. Lisa (Woods) Nubgaard and hus· band Rod ('84) announce the b i rt h of their first c h i l d , daughter Natasha Marie, on Aug 1 6 . Rod has just started a new job as bu dget a n alyst for t h e Depart· ment of the Navy in Was h i ngton, D.C.

peter & Danelle (Grady) Peterson

are moving to Germany for three years w i t h Danelle's job with Ford Aerospace Corp She is a software conf igu ration manager and is looking forward to her second ch ild i n M a rch.

Capt Dave and Janie (Prokopow· ich '84) Lenley had t h e i r fi rst c h i l d ,

Kevin Paul, o n J u n e 4 in Oki nawa, Japan. Dave is a KC·1 30 pilot i n the Marine Corps and was sent to Saudi Arabia, They now live in Mission Viejo, Calif. Shelly (Rasmu ssen) Rowan and husband David a n nou nce the b i rt h of their twins, son Alex David and daughter Chelsea Madonna, on May 1 3 in Boulder, Colo. Shelly is a lawyer i n Golden and David is a sales representative for a liquor and wine distributor in Denver, Garth and Krlsty (Houglum '85) Warren of Baltimore, Md" had a baby boy, Johnathan Charles, on May 5. Tony wright has a new son, Austin Lee, born April 6. Austin joins three other boys in the busy household.

1 985 Monica Chandler, a f i ft h ·g rade teacher, was one of five new teachers hired at Nooksack Valley Elementary School . She taught for four years in Mon· roe, Wash., and two years i n Ogden, Utah. Harry Davidson is the music di rector and conductor of the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association as well as di rector of the TCC Chamber Orchestra, which he initiated, Harry was the featured speaker Dec. 5 at Tacoma Community College's O pgaard Student Center for an event that also inclu ded a dinner and a concert with selections by four of the sons of JS. Bach, Tom MCArthur spent the summer on sabbatical as one of 500 students at the University of Oslo International Sum· mer School. He is now special projects producer at KREM·TVlSpokane, responsi· ble for documentaries and local pro· gramming, Julie Pitsch and Lloyd Christianson were m a r ried i n M a rch 1 988, Their daughter, Carley Marie, was born May 3, 1 990, They live in University Place near Tacoma. Barbara Lucker married Gred Greco Nov. 1 8, 1 989. They are expecting their first child in late December. Fred teaches physical education for Portland public schools and Babara teaches elementary music. Bruce D. Kent was ordained an elder of the U n ited Methodist ChurCh, East Ohio Annual Conference. Bruce will con­ t i n u e to serve the Lower Salem UM Charge as he has for the past t h ree years, Bruce also received the Clergy Church Unity Award from his conference for h is ecumenical work in Southeast Ohio. Bruce and Dawn, his wife of ten years, live in Lower Salem, Ohio. Donn Maler is a high school science teacher and football coach at Portland luthera n High School. Donn and wife Karin (Post '84) have a new daughter, Kirsten Anne, born Oct 1 2. She joins sis­ ter Monika (3). Kathy (KeUle) laird'S second son, Mark, was born Aug. 1 , He joins brother Thomas (2). She is enjoying being a full· time mother. Drew Martin of Tacoma, a Washing­ ton State General Administration Coordi·

nator, has been selected to study gov· ernmental operati ons in Japan Martin was chosen by Gov. Booth Gardner as the state's "New Leader" representative to Hyogo Prefectu re, Washington's sister state. Martin intends to learn about the operation of the public sector i n Japan, t h en contrast i t to state government here. Brian & Mary Olson are l iving in Boise, Id. Brian is working for Hewlett Packard as a finance supervisor, They had their first child, Daniel Boyd, on Sept 28. 'David C. Olson works a s a profession· al clothier with Tom James Co . , a private· Iy h eld company based in Dallas, Tex. David is active with youths - teaching confirmation at h i s home church, Holy Cross Lutheran in Livermore, Calif. Since grad uating from PLU, David has complet· ed half of h is MA i n theology from Ful ler theological Katie Schultz is teac h i n g fourth grade i n the Bethel School District She team teaches with -=llen ( LaWSOn, '80) Eddy. Katie was honored twice in 1 990 by Graham Elementary PTA and Bethel Area PTA Cou ncil for her volunteer ser· vice for children. She has received t h ree Golden Acorn awards in her seven years of teach ing. Kathy A. SOlie is a police officer with the Everett Police Department She grad· uated from the Washi ngton State Crimi· nal Justice Training Center Police Acade· my and received the award for highest academic standing in the academy, Janice M. smith is a parole officer in the New York State Prison and Correc· t i ons System. She is working at the Southpost Correction Facility, a maxi· mum security prison, nea r E l m i ra, N.Y. Her husband, Timothy Smith, is a correc· tions officer at the same facility. They l i ve i n Horseheads, N.Y., and have four children, D. Alan WIlliams, Jr. left for the International School of Aleppo Icarda in Aleppo, Syria i n August. After spending two years i n Africa developing a mission church and teaching in a miSSion school, he and his wife, Melinda, are looking for· ward to their new aSSignment Alan will be teaching history, economics and/or English at the high school in Aleppo. craig and Ruth Wright are the proud parents of Christopher, born May 6. They live in Seattle, Wash. Midorl Yokoyama of New York City earned an M.S. at Stanford University in 1 985. She is presently in the Ph,D. pro· gram in neurobiology at Cornell Universi· ty,

1 984 Robert and Belinda (Nase '86) Bourden were married i n August of

1 988. They just celebrated the birth of their first child, Blaire, a baby girl. Bob is a mortgage banker with Transcoastal in Tacoma. They recently returned from Europe where they traveled to Norway and visited many Norweg ian Lutes, Bob is also a commercial fisherman in Puget Sound, He fishes on the Victor with peter Nelson ( '88) and Martin Duen­

hoetter ('851. Trond Ingvaldsen and catherine Rhoades·lngvaldsen of Lake Oswego,

Ore., have recently o pened Galleri Ingvaldsen i n Portland, They represent contem porary Norwegian a n d other Scandinavian artists, Their current collec· tion includes paintings, drawings, sculp· ture, limited edition prints, blown glass, enameled copper and sculptu red, limited edition furniture from a number of Nor· wegian artists. The gallery address is 71 5 SW, Second Ave., portland, OR, 97204, Anne Marie Lee had a baby girl, Rebekka Anne, SePt. 19, They live in Southern Calif. Kristin Landgren l i ves in Culver City, Calif. where she has taken a position with a cable TV station, "Sports Chan· nel." She and classmate David Lips­ comb are continuing to develop her fashion design business,

sys Corp. as a n electronic designer in the Creative Services Dept.

Andrew and Marty (Upton' Regis

announce the birth of their first child, a son, Andrew JaniS Regis, born on March 30. Rod and L i s a (Woods ' 8 2 ) Nubgaard have a new daughter, their first ch i l d , Natasha Marie, born Aug. 1 6. Rod is a budget analyst for the U.S. Navy and is pursu i n g h i s second masters, in public administration, Lisa is a nurse at Fai rfax Hospital.

1 985 John R. Bachofner of Gresham, Ore. married Vickie Lynn Walters on May 2 6 . He accepted an associate pOSition With the Portland law firm of Acker, Under­ wood, Norwood and Hiefield, where h e' l l be practicing insurance a n d commercial l i tigation John and Vickie bought a new house i n Gresham.

Dr. Jane L. (Borneman' SChwabe, M.D., and her husband Daniel, a n nounce

Phillip Michael Bouterse, M.D.,

the birth of a daughter, Cori Jo, on J u l y

received a doctor of medicine degree from the Medical Col lege of Wiscons i n , M i lwaukee, May 2 7 . H e will serve a transi­ tional residency at the Naval Hospital in Oakland, Calif.


Kerri (HOpkins' Siegenthaler a n d her husband Fred, annou nce t h e birth o f James, born March 2 1 , Besides being a mom, Kerri does work for the c h u rch a n d freelance photography Fred is an engineer working for Honeywell The fam ily l i ves in Poulsbo, Wash. Joe StrandJord finishes his i n tern· ship in August and will go back to Luther Northwestern Seminary for his final year Sarah Troeltzsch m a rried Frank Ush ler, ili on J u n e 2 . Sarah works for Leviton Telcom i n Bothell. Was h . and Frank is a foreman for R & H Construc­ tion Company

Judith Tokiko Coble moved to Fed· eral Way, Was h . to accept a teac h i ng position in the Federal Way Public School District. Erick Cody is working in Zurich, Swit· zerland for Anderson Consulting on the Swiss O p t i o ns a n d F i n a n c i a l F u t u res Exchange (SOFFEXI. Catherine (TUcker) cummings and husband Scott happily a n nou nce the birth of their daughter, Lauren Cather· ine, born May 1 9. tatie Dudley married lance Larsen, The couple lives in Kent, Wash . Catie works for Boeing in Seattle as a systems analyst/programmer. Jeff and Lisa (Knudsen '87) Can­ ung moved to Albuqu erque, N , M , in August Lisa is working on her master's i n vocal performance a n d Jeff works for KPMG Peat Marwick.

Linda westpfahl is a special ed. teacher at Mercer Island High School. She is staying active i n the human resource field as chairman of the Puget Sound ASTD Employee Referral Service, a ser· vice which assists p rofessionals and orga· nizations in locating and employing p ro· fessionals W i t h i n the fields of HR; training, organizational development and curriculum development.

Don D. Howard, M.D., received a doctor of medicine degree from the Medical College of WisconSin, M i lwaukee, May 27. He will serve an Internal Medi· cine residency at Wilford Hall USAF Medi· cal Center, San Antonio, Tex. He and wife Stacey will live in San Antonio for the next three years.

FranCOis wevers is Hewlett Pack·

ard's d i rect development manager for Europe, based in Boeblingen, West Ger· many. He and his wife, Bracy Boney, live i n Nufringen and have welcomed a new baby, Emilie Frances, into their family.

Nancy Thiel and Mark Alan V009d were married on July 28 at their home in Bonny Doon, Calif. Nancy works for Uni·





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December 1 990

A lumni

In Memoriam

Class Notes Continued from page 23 Mark Helm was h i red as the head

football coach a t Sedro-Woolley High School in Wenatchee, Wash , for the 1 990 season.

Kurt JaCObson is the ch ief executive of the Tacoma advert ising firm Jacob­ on, Ray, McLaughlin & F i l l i ps, which was named Small Busi ness of the Year by the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Com­ merce. The agency was selected in par­ ticular for its growth and i n novativeness. Richard Johnson has begun studies towards his M BA at the U n i versity of Chicago. He worked as an ana lyst for W i l s h i r e Associates in S a n t a M o n i c a , Calif., for t h e past two years, June Kanarr was ordained as an ELCA pastor Sept. 14, after grad uating from Luther Northwestern Theological Semi­ nary in St. Paul, Minn. She was installed as pastor of Flaxville Lutheran Parish, Flaxville, Mont., on Sept. 30, Dr. Jonathan S. McClothan gradu­ ated from the U n iversity of Washington School of Medicine in J u n e and w i l l start an interns h i p i n internal medicine and a residency in ophthalmology in Washing­ ton, D,C SCott MOnson IS an intervention spe­ cialist this year in McKenna E lementary School. C reg Rapp a nd C i n d i Joy m arried Sept. 8 at St, Mary's Catholic Church in Corvallis, Ore, Cindi is a registered dental hygienist employed by Kaiser Perm a­ nente, Portland, and Greg is studying at Portland State Un iversity for his MBA, Cene Reindel and S h el ley Gedney married Aug, 4, Shelley works for Desi­ mone Hair Design and Gene works for Boeing, Eddie and Natalie (Belvin '84) Schultz announce the b i rth of daughter Hannah Jean on May 30 in Seattle, Han­ nah joins brother Ryley Edward (2112), Oliver Taupln of PariS, France, has a new pOSition as account executive with Quantum, a disk d rive company, He will be traveling to the U n ited States about fou r times a year for the firm, Caren (Linn) Taylor returned to the Northwest from California after her hus­ band, passed away u n expectedly, She lives i n Troutdale, O re , a nd works i n Portland for Timberline Software, She i s assistant product manager specializing in construction accounting for the DOS environment, Kathryn E. upton, M.D., received a doctor of medicine degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, M i lwau kee, May 2 7 , She w i l l serve a residency in family practice at Lutheran General Hos­ pital, Parkridge, III. Phyllis Barnhart married Ken Vieh­ mann May 12 at Un iversity Place Presby­ terian Church in U n iversity Place near Tacoma, Steven R. weston and Evelyn J , Pan­ ula married J u ne 29 at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church i n Roseville, M i n n , The couple lives in St. Pau l . M i n n , where they are both students at Luther Northwest­ ern Theological Seminary, Cregory R. Williams, M.D., received a doctor of medicine degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, Mi lwau kee, May 2 7 , H e w i l l serve a psych iatry resi­ dency at Tripier Army Medical Center i n Honol u l u , Hawai i . Tamera Cole·Hecker m a rried J ay Hecker Sept. 8. She is attending the Med­ ical College of Pennsyl v a n i a for n u rse anesthesia, Jay is finishing h is residency i n anesthesiology at U n i versity Hospital of Pennsylvania They l ive in Philadelphia

1 986



Diana Archibald and Dane Nether­ ton were married on J u l y 28, Dane works ' for the State of Cal ifornia. Diana j u st finished her MA in English and plans to go on for a Ph,D, Michael Bryant passed the Washing­ ton State Bar examination in July, C. Clenn Burnett is back in the Taco­ ma area after spending a year at Port­ land State University working on a mas­ ters degree. He is teaching choral music i n the Bethel School District.

Karen Houby married Jim Suggs In Feb, 1 989, They have a son, Travis, born June 4, 1 990. Karen is a legal secretary and Jim is a firefighter, Barbara peterson ma rried S o h a i l Yusufzal March 1 0 a t Imman uel Lutl,eran C h u rch i n Saratoga, Calif. T h ey plan to visit I n - laws in K a r a c h i , P a k i st a n , for Christmas of 1 99 1 . The couple lives in Mili pitas, Calif. Anne

( M a rt i n s o n )

H a n c ock

received h e r C P A license from t h e State of Alaska and ma rried Jim Hancock on Jan, 1 , Anne works for A l aska National I nsurance Company i n the accounting department ·and teaches aerobics part time. J i m is also an accountant. They built a new home d u ri ng the summer of 1 989. Anne is training for a local mara­ thon. Jeongseog KO of Closter, N .J . , is a controller with C Kenneth Imports Co , in Bronx, N Y David T. Mortan is chairman o f t h e b o a rd of tru stees for t h e B e l g rade (Mont.) School Board, He is also the vlce­ president of the G a l l a t i n V a l l ey (Boze­ man) United . Way and a lecturer in the schoolS of busi ness and engineering at Montana State Un iversity in Bozeman.

Deldre Reardon married Mark Brown J u ly 1 4. Mark works for Washington Nat­

ural Gas i n Tacoma and Deidre works for Computerland of Mt. Vernon, The couple lives in Olympia , Tami Marie Singletary and Steven Anthony M u n izza were married June 30 in Faith Presbyteri a n C h u rc h , Tacoma. Tami works for Tacoma General Hospital and Steven works for State Farm Insur­ ance Co. The couple lives in Puyallup. David Thorson and wife Joan a n nounce the b i rth of their da ug hter, Kristina Leigh, on Oct. 22. David is cur­ rently working in the computer center at PLU and living in Puyallup. Lynnae Thurlk won the title M iss Washington and participated in Septem­ ber's Miss A m erica pageant i n Atlantic City, N.J. An account executive for This Week Magazi ne, she now lives i n Lake Oswego, Ore.


Nancy Wendland m a rried J o h n Feehrer on J u n e 2 , J o h n attended Brown U n iversity in Rhode Island, The cou ple moved to Boulder, Colo" to work on mas­ ters programs at the U niversity of Colo­ rado.

1 987 Ann Blegen and Craig Massie were m a rried J u l y 21 in Grace L u t h e r a n Church, Corvallis, Ore. Diane Cregerson and David Bowe

('88) were married Aug 2 5 in Trinity Lutheran Church in Vancouver, Wash, Diane is working toward her MA i n social work and David is taking post-baccalaure­ ate p re-med stud ies, both at Colum bia U niversity i n New York City. David Alan Harkness and Karen Leanne Durham ('90) were married J u ly 21 in First Evangelical Presbyterian C h u rch, Renton. David is continuing his education at Western Washington U n i ­ versity and Karen works for Bellingham Public Schools, The couple lives i n Bell i ng­ ham, Was h . Svein O. Lien is a n acco u ntant for Oracle Norge A.S. i n Oslo, Norway Sara Monson and Fritz Kass were married J u ne 2 3 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ephrata, Wash. Both are third­ year medical students at George Wash­ i ngton U n iversity Medical School , They live in Arlington, Va. Susan L. Moore was m arried to Chris A. Hopen April 1 3 in Seattle. Heather Mudge and Glen Owen were married Oct. 6 at Lau re l h u rst Presbyteri­ an Church In Seattle. Heather is a n u rse at the Family Maternity Center of Ever­ green Hospital in K i rkland. Glen is an optometrist at Pacific Medical Center i n Seattle. They l i v e in Woodinville, Wash. Brita Mueller and John Grotte were married Sept. 8 in First Lutheran Church, Brita works for Valley Medical Center and John works for Digital Systems. They live i n Bellevue, Wash,

Lanny snyder is c a p i t a l projects coordinator for Metro Transit in Seattle, where his work involves p roject manage­ ment for Metro's operating base expan­ sion prog ram H e l i ves in Taco ma and was recently certified in management from Northeastern U n iversity In Boston after an intensive month-long u rban mass transit management semi nar. Kimberlee Stender and Steven H i ett were ma rried Aug 4 I n Easton, Calif. in the Easton Presbyterian Chu rch . The couple is finishing their last year i n the veterinary program a t Was h i ngton State U niversity. Cregory John Tokarczyk m a rried Caro l Ly n n M i l l e r on M a rch 1 7 in F i rst Presbyterian Church, Spokane He works for the law firm of M u rch ison & Cum­ m ings. The couple l ives i n Los Angeles, Calif. cat herine Walters l i ves in Des MOi nes, Wash , and is the field d i rector of Totem G i r l Scout C o u n c i l , where she coordinates programs and volunteers i n the a r e a , Cat herine w a s fo rmerly a n asset m anager f o r the FSLlC, h a n d l i ng m a n a g e m e n t a n d l i q u i d ation of the failed S & L's out of Oregon While there, she was a Girl Scout volu nteer. Stacy Waterworth has been work­ ing for the Tacoma Fire Department since March 1 989. Stacy is also the assis­ tant coach of PLU's champ ionship soccer team, Deborah Nancy Anderson and Ken­ neth David Welch were married J u l y 28 at Central Baptist C h u rch in Tacoma. Deborah is a White River School District teacher and Kenneth is a federal govern­ ment employee,

1 988 ROd Chipusio was recently promot­ ed to first Lieutenant, USAF. He is flying C-5 B Galaxies at Dover AFB, Del. Scott and Shelly (Lyda ('87) Els· ton live i n Bennetsv i l l e, S c. Scott was promoted to administrative office man­ ager of the accounti ng/data processing depart m ent for W i l l a mette Ind. M DF Plant. Shelly is now assistant d irector of n u rsing at a local n u rsing home.

1 989 Robert Alspaugh and Lori Scott ('90) were married A u g . 1 8 at C hrist Lutheran Church in Spokane, Wash. Rob­ ert is employed. with a p u b l ic relations firm in Portland, Ore. and Lori is attend­ ing graduate school in deaf education at Lewis & Clark College. Dean Bonnell married Carmen Good­ win on Oct. 20. Dean works at Carole'S Construction and plans to attend gradu­ ate school in Texas, Carmen works at Ted Brown Music and w i l l p u rsue a m usic degree in Texas next year, Susan Bradshaw m a rried Jeffrey Chandler on J u ly 7 at U n i versity Place Presbyterian Church i n Tacoma. Susan is an elementary school teacher, Jeffrey is a student at Princeton Theological Sem i­ nary They live in Princeton, N ,J . Sandie Fried married William Alexan­ der Jr. Aug 25 at the R i c h l and Val ley C h u rch i n Mossyrock, Wash, Sandie is working i n the acco u n t i ng department of Nal ley's Fine Foods, Will iam is a U.S. Army Ranger (2nd BN) stationed at Fort Lewis, Teresa L. Jester works for GEOS Lan­ guage System as a senior English sign langu age instructor. S h e l i ves i n Kochi City, Japan Rune Harkestad and h is sister, Britt. have opened a E u ropean-styl e pastry shop i n Factoria, Bellevue, Wash. The new firm features artistically decorated cakes and special pastries, Rune is gener­ a l m a n ager; Britt is vice president a nd production manager Matthew Stuart Johnson and Tonja Lynn Doepke were married J u ly 1 4 i n U n iversity Place Presbyterian C h u rc h . Tonja works f o r Franklin Pierce School District. The couple l i ves i n Tacoma. Sandra Krause has a fourth g rade teac h i n g posi t i o n at C o l l i n s E l e m entary School in the Franklin Pierce School Dis­ trict. Tacoma.

O r. Paul Vigness

A man who was seven weeks old when Pacific Luthera n U n i ­ versity opened its doors i n 1 894 and was sti l l teach i n g i n early November of this year died Nov. 29 at age 96. The often exaggerated word unique is close to accurate in the case of Dr. Paul vigness, a rel i­ g i on and h i story p rofessor at PLU from 1 9 56-6 5 . H is teach ing ca reer began at Jewel l Lutheran Academy (Ca l if) in 1 920. He was i n h i s 25th year of tea c h i n g church h istory a t Faith Luthera n Evangelical Sem inary i n Tacoma t h is fa l l w h e n he s u ffe red a stroke that led to his death. I n 1 9 1 8 V i g n ess ea rned h is bach e l o r' s deg ree at St. O l af Col lege, Northfield, M i n n . , where his father had served as presi­ dent. He served in World war I with former PLU President Seth Eastvo l d , He earned master's and doctor's deg rees at Stan­ ford Un iversity in 1 924 and 1 930 res pectively, and a l so atte nded University of Cal ifornia, Universi­ ty of Min nesota and U n ion Theo­ logical Seminary. He taught American h istory at Alameda (Calif.) High School for 32 years before joi ning the Pacif­ ic Lutheran faculty in 1 956. Dur­ ing that period he wrote a defi n­ itive study of Norway d u ri n g World W a r I . W h i l e at P L U h e aut hored a sim i lar volume on Norway d u ri n g World War II. I n recent years he h a s edited a month ly magaz i ne, " Lutherans Alert_" He also ta ught at Purdue U ni­ versity and Augustana Col lege. Vig ness is survived by daugh­ ters Evelyn Sharples of Tacoma and Kathryn B rye of Wa l n u t Creek, Cal if.; nine grandch i l d ren and three great-grandch i ldren, Memorials may be sent to Faith Lutheran Evangel ical Semi­ nary Scholarsh i p Fund, P.O. Box 7 1 86, Tacoma, WA 98407 .

25 Sports

I n Memoriam

also equipment m a nager, pu rchasing agent, trainer, t icket ma n a ger, p romo­ t i o n m a n and employ m e nt bu reau. In add i t i o n , he t a u g h t L a t i n , h istory and physical education. At the ti me, PLU had an enro l l ment of less than 200 students.

Clifford O . Olson of Tacoma, PLU's legendary coach and a t h l e t i c d i rector and a l ife-long supporter o f PLU died Dec. 6 at the age o f 8 5 . Born i n Benso n , M i nn., Olson earned a bachelor's degree from L u t h e r Col lege, Decorah, l a , i n 1 9 2 7 . He taug ht briefly at M a rshall ( M i n n ) High School before tak­ ing a coac h i ng post at Spokane College When Spokane C o l l eg e m e rged wrth Pacific Lutheran in '1 929, Olson came to Parkland . He arrived on campus to coach foot­ ball and basketball and serve as athletic di rector but soon was respo n s i b l e for the golf, ten n i s and track team s. (He was

H e was P L U ' S ' w i n n i ng e s t fo o t b a l l coach (64- 3 3 ) u n t i l Frosty We s t e r i ng passed him in 1 9 80. Between 1 9 3 9-4'I I , i s football teams gai ned nationwide atten­ tion, Winning 2 3 of 2 5 games with a s t i l l record ·18·game win n i ng streak. His 1 940 team i s s t i l i P L U ' s o n l y u n defeated, u n tied team. (See related story, Gonzaga­ PLU game, page 2 5 ) The u n iverSity honored Olson I n 1 969 by nam i ng its new gymnasiu m-auditori­ u m in his honor. J u s t last month he was one of the first fou r ind uctees into PLU's new Hall (Walk) of Fame. After leaving PLU, O lson became a property manager He worked for t h e P L U development office i n the early 60s before entering semi-retirement in 1 966. A member of both PLU's Lute C l u b and Q Club, h e served as Lute Club president for two years. Earlier this year he and his wife, Ella added to the man ifold gifts they have bestowed on the u n i v e rsi ty over s i x decades b y establish ing a 5 2 50,000 chari­ table gift a n nuity 5 1 50,000 will endow need scholarships in Cliffs name for stu­ dent athletes; 5 1 00,000 w i l l endow schol­ ars h i ps i n Ella's name for m u s ic students. He is survived by Ella, his wife of 62 years; daughter Mary Cook and her hus­ b a n d Eugene; son J a m es and h i s w ife Shar on; four g r a n d c h i l d ren; a brother , Art, in Glenwood, M i n n . ; and sister Lucille Pond in Taos, N . M . M e m o r i a l s m a y b e m a d e to t h e PLU athletic department

ominations Sought For 1 991 Distinguished Alumnus In Sports Nom i nees fo r PLU's 1 9 91 D isting u ished A l u m n u s in S p o rts Award are now being accepted. I n itiated i n 1 983, the awa rd is desig ned to recog n ize a n d honor PLU a l u m n i m a k i n g s i g nificant co n t r i b u t i o n s to society as coaches o r ath let i c adm i n istrators. The award will be p resented at the PLU AII·Sports Ba nquet in May, 1 99 1 . If you have a nom inee, please fi l l o u t com p letely the nominating form below and submit it before April 1 3, 1 99 1 . N o m i nees m ust be g ra d u ates of PLU who have coached or a d m i n i stered i n tersc h o l ast i c, intercol legiate, or youth sports. N o m i n a t i o n s m a y c o m e from anyone in a posit ion to evalu ate and recog n ize such a person's effect i v eness . P l ease keep i n m i n d that d i sti n ct i ve p e rforma nce is i n tended w i t h t h i s

awa rd . S u ch ach ievement should reflect mu lti-dimensional contrib u t i o n s (fo r exa m p l e , perfo r· m an c e a n d u n i q u e i n d i v i d u a l contributio ns). The selection comm ittee for the D isti n g u ished A l u m n u s i n Sports cons ists of M i ke La rson, PlU sports i nformation d i rector; Dave Olson, PLU ath letic d i rector; J e rry Lej eu n e, Lute C l u b president; John Adix, PLU interim alu m n i d i rector; and Jck Sar· eau lt, publicist for the NW Conference of Independent Colleges. Past Recipients 1 990 - J i m Kitti lsby ('60) 1 9 89 - Leigh Ann Chariston ('80) 1 988 - John Anderson ('58) 1 987 - Gene Lundgaard (' 5 1 ) 1 9 86 - Phylli s Temp l i n ('59) 1 9 85 - Dave Peterson (' 74) 1 9 84 - Mike Benson (' 69) 1 983 - Marv H a rsh m a n ('42)

1 991 Distinguished Alumnus In Sports Nominating Form Name of N o m l nee____________________ ...J S ta te:..._ .- ______ ,C1 ass,________

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Posi t l o n

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Schoo 1, ________________________ RATIONALE FOR NOM I AT10N; ( p l ease attaclll Your Name�_______________________ Ad d r ess, _______________________ City State'_____..L Zi p,_______ Mail to. PLU Distinguished A lumnus In Sports PLU A thletic Dept., PLU, Tacoma, WA 9844 7

Marv Harshman, Sig Sigurdson and Marv Tommervik starred In the legendary PLU-Conzaga football game 50 years ago.

50 Years Ago

The Footba l l Game That eca me A Lege On Nov. 4, Tacoma ma rked the 50th a n n i versary of one of the city's most memorable events, the da y that a w i n dstorm destroyed the " i n dest ruct i b le" fi rst Tacoma Na rrows Bri dge. But N o ve m b er a l so m a rked the 50th a n n iversary of a foot­ bal l game that captu red Taco­ ma's imagi nation mo re than any other - a clash between then tiny Pacific Lutheran College and the powerful B u l l dogs of Gonza­ ga U n i versity. The game was sponsored and p ro m oted by c i v i c- m i n de d Tacomans as a tribute to the Lutes (then Gladiators), who had raced through the 1 940 season u n defeated , a n d t h e i r c o a c h , Cl ifford Olson. It wo uld spotlight the Zags' g l a m o rous Little A I I­ American h a lfback, Tony Ca na­ deo, and PLC's Little AII·American Marv Tom mervik. Canadeo we nt on to sta r for t h e G reen Bay Packers in the National Football League. G o n za g a had a p rest i g i o u s football history a n d often played big col lege teams. No small u n i­ versity i n the West had enjoyed more football success. In spite of its recent tri u m phs, PLC was a decided underdog . Tacoma Sta d i u m (Sta d i u m Bowl> held 1 5 ,000 screa m i n g fans the night of Nov, 29. In the fi rst quarter, the Lutes were moving the ball when Can· adeo i n tercepted a Tom m e rvik pass and retu rned it to the Lute 1 2 -yard l i ne. Th ree p l ays la ter Gonzaga was in the end zone and led 7-0. Late i n the qu a rter Derr of Gonzaga i n terce P ted a n oth er Tom mervik pass, returned it 69 yards t o the P C six, a nd the he n ext B u l l dogs sco re d o n play. The po in t was missed; Gon­ zaga a l ready led 1 3-0 . The Lutes then settled down . Late i n the second quarter, Tom· merv i k f l i p ped to M a rv H a rsh­ m a n , who l a tera led beh i n d h is back to Blair Taylor. Taylor ram­ bl ed 35 yards to score, and at


halftime Gonzaga led 1 3-7. The Zags domi n ated the th i rd quarter but did not score. Early in the fou rth, PLC rega i n ed its m o m en t u m . As t h e g a m e nea red its closi ng m i n u tes, Tom­ m e rvik co m p leted five stra ig ht passes, the l ast a 1 9-yarder to capta i n S i g S i g u rdson for the ty ing score. Gonzaga 1 3, PLC 1 3. B i a i r Tay l o r missed t h e extra poi nt. Gon zaga i m m ed i ately began d rivi ng, but To m m ervik i nte r­ cepted on h is own 3 6 . Th ere were 1 20 seco nds to play. I n those two brief m i n u tes: Tom mervik i ntercepted a B u l l · dog pass. Gonzaga kicked t o the Lu tes t h e n recovered a L u t e fu m ble a t the PLC 22. Tom mer­ vik intercepted aga i n ; then Gon­ z a g a i nt e rcep t e d . T h e n the Lu tes i n t e rcepted a g a i n . The Lutes p u nted, then Hars h m a n i ntercepted a nother Zag pass! After a Tomm erv i k to Harsh· man pass the Lutes were on the Zag 17 with 16 seconds left, PLC was penal ized five yards for tak­ i ng too many time outs. H a rs h m a n , who had never tried a field goal in a col lege game in h is l ife, got the ca l l to try. He responded with a 3 2-yar· der i nto a tricky win d at a bad a ngle. PLC 1 6, Gonzaga 1 3! T h a t n ig h t i n Tacoma, the Dep reSSi o n , the war and the destroyed s u s p e n s i o n br i d ge were forgotten . Gonzaga dema nded a rematch. So the com batants met aga i n in the opening game of the 1 94 1 sea so n . T h i s t i m e the sta n ds he l d 2 3 , 000 fa ns , Th e L utes a g a i n p reva i le d , 2 6- 1 3 . Aft e r t h a t season Gonzaga d ro pped i ntercol legiate ootbal l . In Octo be r, PlU created a cam ­ pus athleti c h a l l of fa me. Three. of the four fi rst i ndu ctees were Coach O lson, To m m e rv i k a nd Har hrnan. (Ga me detai l s a b r idged from The Gladia tors, by J o h n McCal­ lum, PLU Press, 1 972.)

PaClfk Lutheran university SCene

December 1 990

26 Sports

Bi By •

For Thi rd Soccer crown

ike Larson


here wi l l be no th ree-peat fo r the Lutes. Two- ime defending cha mpion Pac ifi c L u t h era n ' s b i d fo r an u n precedented t h i rd st ra i g h t N IA wom en 's soccer crown was thwarted Nov. 23 as top·seeded Berry Col lege (Mount Berry, Gal tu rned away the Lutes 3-1 i n overtime, The loss nded a tremendous 1 990 c a m pa i g n t hat saw t he Lutes stri ng together 20 st i g ht matches with o u t a d efeat en rou te to their th i rd stra i ght title a p pea ra n ce . PLU f i n i s h ed t h e season with a 20-3-1 mark. Berry

won its second ti Ie i n fou r years and fin ished 1 6-5-2 , ' '(T he title) was as m u ch o u rs as It wasn't," said PLU coach Col ­ l ee n H ack e r, w h o h ap d i rected PLU to a 9 3-'1 1 -6 mark over the past five yea rs ( 87 3), " Berry is a tre m e n d o u s tea m , T il e k i d s p l a yed l i ke c h a m p i o n s N eve r before d i d they h ave to reach i n s i d e t h e m s e l ves m o re th an t h ey d i d today I feel g reat about the ga m e," she sai d , After a scoreless fi rst ha lf, Ber­ ry scored fi rst when J u l i e Terry fo u nd t h e net at 5 7 : 2 1 , PLU knotted the score at 1 -1 a m i n­ ute l at e r at 5 8 : 5 3 w h e n A I I ­ America n j u n i o r forwa rd Wendy Joh nson weaved t h rough two


lis Short

Berry defende rs a n d dri l led an 1 8-yarder into the right side of the goa l . PLU ca me wi th i n i n ches of the potenti a l ga m e-wi n ner with a m i n ute to play I n regu la­ t i o n w h e n J o h nso n ' s ' 1 8 -y a rd b reakaway sh ot from the ri gil t si de na i l ed the left i nside post. Two m i n utes, 1 9 seconds i nto the fi rst overti me, Tina Conway converted a l oose free kick i n front of the goal to pu t Be rry a h e a d 2 - 1 , N i c i Co u rt n ey­ G ree ne's ta l l y at 94:01 sealed the w i n , " I don't know w h a t more o n earth y o u c a n ask, The most h o n est t h i n g to say i s that e v e r yt h i n g t h ey ad to g i ve, tlley gave. I don't know when I

h ave ever been m ore p ro ud , " sa i d Hacker "My biggest feel i ng r i g h t n ow i s the l oss of ou r se n i ors, n o t th e l oss of t h e ga me " J u n i o r m i dfi el der Sha r i R i d er was n a m ed th e t o u rn a m ent m ost valuable pl ayer a nd was one of th ree Lutes named to the a l l - tou rna m e n t tea m . Sop ho­ more forward C h eryl Kragn ess and J o h nso n were also a i l -tour­ n a m e n t se l ecti o ns. R i de r was named the ISAA offensive player of the year. PLU o utscored t h e opposition 84-1 1 i n 1 990. PLU's title l oss en ded t he L u tes' u n beaten stri ng at 20 matches after start­ ing the season 1 -2 .

Lute Gridders Win N ine, Ma e Natiana Ouarter Finals


After entering the 1 990 ca m · paign as a relative u n k n ow n , Lute gridders exited the season as one of the best eight teams in the cou ntry. Coach F rosty Weste ring's B i g­ Play Lutes fel l 24-6 to Central Washington Dec. 1 i n the q uar­ terfi nals of the NAIA Division I I national pl ayoffs, ending a terrif­ ic 1 990 season that prod uced a 9-2 record and PLU's n i nth play­ off appearance in a dozen years. "Our best shot wasn't g ood enough," said Westeri ng, who upp ed his 1 9-year record at PLU to 1 49·41 -3 Cl8m. " B ut, even with Central's d o m i nat i o n , we had g reat opport u n i t i es . We m issed on two big pass plays i n t h e fi rst half a n d they had a g reat goal-line sta n d . Then t h ey drove down and scored on the final play of the fi rst half," he said. Two Eric Cultum field goals of 40 and 23 yards gave the Lutes a 6-3 advantage early in the sec­ ond qua rter. Fol low i ng a Wil dcat fumble and a 1 6-yard Ben Maier­ to-M ichael Welk ha lfback pass, PLU had it fi rst-a nd-goal from the Central 5-yard l i ne, but fa i led to score. CWU went 98 yards in 1 3 plays and scored on the fi nal play of the fi rst half for a 1 0-6 lead . "That was the bal l game," sa i d Weste r l n g , "(CentraD s howed w h y they were top­ ranked team ," he sa id, The W i l d -

cats scored i n the t h i rd and fourth q u a rters for t h e 2 4-6 fi na l , Cultum's field goa ls were PLU's only scores e n d i n g an 1 1 -year st r i n g of consec u t i ve ga mes with a to uchdown at 1 1 3 . P LU was held to m inus-1 3 yards rush­ ing, 1 2 3 total yards. PLU's q u a rterfi n a l game fol­ lowed a 3 7-3 fi rst-round victory at Concord ia (W isc.), The 1 990 season was a dandy. "We came i n as a n u n known," said Westering. "We'd l ost some b i g - n a m e peop l e a n d rea l ly weren't sure what to expect. We came out fast and got on a rol l . Central st u n ned us i n t h e fi rst g a m e (Oct. 6), but we fi n ished strong and cont i n ued to be the b i g-p,lay tea m on offense and defense. It was a very fulfi l l ing, exciting year. This group played about as close to their potential as they COUld," sa id Westering. Six individual and th ree tea m records were set d u r i n g t h e 1 9 90 season. Tight end M ichael Welk, who entered the year as PLU's career leader i n receptions, recei v i n g yards a nd touch down rece p t i ons, e n d e d h is career with 2 0 1 recept i o n s , 2 , 9 9 8 receiv i n g yards and 3 5 touch­ downs. K icker E ric Cu ltum beca me PLU's career k ick-scoring leader with 242 poi nts and con­ verted a career-record 1 64 PATs (of 1 69) a nd 26 fi e l d goals (of 34) , It was the Lutes' 22nd consec­ u ti ve wi n n i ng se son a nd PLU e xtended to 1 1 7 h e i r record stri n g of g a mes wi th a score. Opponents scored in a record 3 9 st ra ig h t g a m es u n t i l the Lutes sh ut-out Western Wash i n gton 21 -0 in week n u m ber seven .

Port Angeles senior Heather L ucas earned a second place finish at the NA tA national cross country champi­ onships Nov. 1 7.

Junior Wendy Johnson cer All-American.


PLU's soc­

Wo men R u n ners Pl ace Th i rd At Natio n a l C ross Cou ntry Meet PLU women ru n ners extended to 1 0 their string of consecutive top-six fi nishes at nationals with a third place tea m fin ish at the 1 990 NAIA Cross Cou ntry cham­ pionsh ips Nov. 1 7 in Kenosha, Wise., on the campus of U n i versi­ ty of Wisconsi n-Parkside. Lute coach Brad Moore was na med the NAIA women's cross cou ntry national coach of the year fo r the seco nd t i m e in th ree years. He was also award­ ed the honor during PLU's 1 988 nati on a l c ha m p i on s h i p seaso n . Moore was also named the NAIA West Re g i o n wo m e n ' cross cou ntry coach of the yea r. Port Ange l es sen ior Heather Lucas' ru nner-u p i nd ividua l plac­ ing led a 2-5-21 -42- 5 3 PLU f i nish w i th a 1 7: 5 8 clocking over tIle 5,000-meter Wisco n s i n cou rse, Wenatchee sen ior Kel ly Edgerton was fifth i n 1 8 :09, O l a l l a j u n ior Deirdre M u rnane finished 2 1 st in 1 8: 2 9 . Both were awarded AII­ America honors for their top-2 5 ind ividual fin ishes.

"I thought our to p th ree ra n very wel l," said Moore. " Fo r us to have two of the top five placers i n a race with 3 70 run ners is very good . I was happy with how we performed ." M oore sa i d the coach of the year h onor was u nexpected, "It was a p l easa nt s u r p r i se ; I ' m t h ri l led with the honor," h e sa id. PLU fi n is hed with 1 00 points, 42 beh i n d team champion West­ ern State, Colo., and 30 back of r u n n e r- u p c h a m p i o n A d a l11s State, Colo, Other a rea finishes George Fox, O r e . ( 6t h , 2 6 0 p O i n ts), Weste rn Wash i ngton ( 1 0t h , 3 1 8), Puget S o u nd (1 3th, 41 3), Whitworth (1 9th, 50 ) and Willamette (29th, 785). S e n i o r i rk H e l zer, th e Lu tes ' lone male entrant, pl aced 86th , H e ra n the 8 , OOO-m ter cou rse in 26:36. PLU has fi n ished 3 rd, 5th, 1 st, 3rd, 6th, 3rd, 5th, 4th, 5th a nd 3 rd i n t h e pa st 1 0 years at nationals.

Pacific Lutheran university SCene

December 1990


PLU, Eva ngel Ath letes Are First U.S. Gridders TO Play n China Pacific Lutheran U n i versity and Evangel C o l l ege of S p ri ngfi e ld , Mo., w i l l b reak new g ro u nd this s p r i n g as the f i rst A m e ri ca n footba l l teams- to p l a y i n the People's Republic of C h i na . The 20-day tou r, May 2 8 tl1 rou gh J u n e 1 6 , w i l l featu re three exh i b it i o n foot b a l l con­ tests between PLU and Evangel. The lutes and Eva ngel will p lay i Beij i ng, G u angzhou an d Shang­ h i on J u n e 2, J u ne 8 and J u ne 1 3. "Since ancient ti mes, sport has been used to bri ng about good w i l l a n d u n dersta n d i n g , " sa i d PLU at h l et i c d i rector Dr. David Olson. "We are so pleased that in 1 99 1 t h i s deve l o p m e nt w i l l enable the sa me positive use of a sports event. Our students are very excited to accept this i nvi­ tation and l oo k forward to the opport u n ities for sharing a nd learning with our friends in Chi­ na." O n hand for t h e Nov. 6 an nou ncement. Dr. James Chas­ teen, executive d i rector of the National Associat ion of Intercol­ legiate At h l etics, said, "This is another example of the oppor­ tunities afforded our NAIA i nst i ­ tutions. I t exem pl ifies ou r com-

m itment to athletics and schol­ a rsh i p." The tou r was organized by C h i ­ na I nternat i o n a l Sports Travel a n d At h l et i c Tou rs I n c . of Osp rey, F l a . , which wi l l u n der­ write a majority of the expenses fo r the tri p . PLU and Eva ngel athletes, coac h i n g staff and sup­ port personnel w i l l pay for trans­ portation expenses. "Along with Evangel. we a re thril led to be the fi rst team to p l ay America n footba l l i n the People's Republic of C h i na," sa id Lute coach Frosty Westering. To be a b l e to demonstrate Ameri­ can footba l l to l i tera l ly th ou­ sands of Chinese w i l l be an excit­ i ng ch a l lenge We consider it a real privilege. "The c u l t u re of C h i na is so i ntrig u i n g a nd fasc i nating," said Westeri ng, who was stationed i n Beij i ng and Shanghai while serv­ i ng in the Marine Corps in 1 94 7 a n d 1 948. " I t w i l l be a special, once- i n -a-l ifet i m e experi e n ce," he added. The i nternat i o n a l vent u re i s noth ing new for P L U . T h e Lutes journeyed to the French Ri viera for two weeks d u ring the sum· mer of 1 985 and to Austra l ia for two weeks in January 1 988.

Wi ter Sports Previews Fou r national tou rnament retu rnees a re the fou nda­ tion of coach C h ris Wolfe's 1 9 90-9 1 mat squad as they l ook to i m p rove on last year's 1 2-9 dual record, PLU's first win n i ng season I n five years . . . Honorable mention All-American Stark Porter (jr., 2 7 5 , 32-1 5-0 last year) heads PLU's l ist o f retu rnees, along with sen iors Steve Mead (1 1 8, 33-2 1 - 1 ), Pa u l C u rtis (1 58, 26-1 2-0), and Kyle Patter­ son (1 50, 1 9-1 6-2) . . . Freshmen Nathan Button (1 26), Ch ris DiCugno (1 42), Roy Go nza lez (1 1 8), and Brian Peterson (1 34) are Wolfe's top newcomers . . . PLU was 25th at Nationals last season. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Senior Gai l Ingram (6-0) leads a ta lented retu rn i ng corps as coach Mary Ann Kluge's cagers set the i r sights on improvi ng last year's 8-1 7 mark . . . I n g ram posted 1 6 . 3 ppg, 9.0 rpg n u m bers last yea r and shou ld be one of the district's best i n 1 990·91 . . . Ingram and guard G i na G rass are the clu b's two lone se niors . Guard Sherri Joh nston (5-7, 3 . 3 ppg) has made g reat strides si nce last year and has te rrific q u ick ness . . F Amy Yonker (5-1 1 ), F Ang ie Pflugrath (5-1 0), G Shawn S i m pson (5-1 0), C M issy Bears (6-1 ), G Jenni­ fer Magner (5-5), F Ci ndy Watters (6-1 ) and G Cheryl Kragness (5-3) a re also back. . MEN'S SWIMMING Se n ior M a rc LeMaster, PLU's m ost p ro l ific freestyler ever, heads the list of coach Jim Johnson's retu rnees . . . LeMaster was the run ner-up national cha mpion i n the 200 free and was fourth i n the 1 00 free last year . . . Th ree other sen i o r national meet participants a lso return, backstroker G a ry Haslerud, distance freestyler Scott Coffey and flyer M i ke Stand ish . . . Coffey has been a national placer i n the 1 6 50 free the past three years . . . Soph Pete Jackson is the Lutes' top b reastst roke returnee . . . Todd Buckley, Jason Ha rdy, Levi Dean and Len Chamberla i n are PLU's best fresh men. WOMEN'S SWIMMING Coach J i m Joh nson's b iggest task w i l l be replacing the scori ng p roduction of th ree fou r-year Al l-Am ericans lost to graduation . . . J u n ior Karen Ha nson, owner of fou r Lute freestyle records is PLU's top returnee from last year's club that was fou rt h at nationals . . . Two-t i me Al l-Am erican sen ior Jenn ifer H ustad (distance free) co u l d have a b i g yea r, a l o n g with sophom ore free­ stylers Kari Olson and Kristi Kurle . . . Sophs G retchen M u l hauser (fl y) and Jenn ifer Tri mble (b reast) also return. Freestyler Mary Carr heads a talented freshman crew, a l o n g with Sue Boonstra (free), Robyn Pruett (free/fly), Shawn S u m ner (free) and B renna Joh nson (free/fly). MEN'S BASKETBALL Senior forwa rd Don B rown (6-8) heads a l oaded retu r n i ng corps i n the frontcourt as coach B ruce Haroldson's cagers look to better last year's 1 6-1 1 mark . . . B rown pou red i n 491 poi nts (18.2 ppg) last yea r and also added 8.2 rpg, 52 steals a nd 5 3 blocks . . . Senior G reg Schellenberg (6-9) and j u n iors B.J. R iseland (6-9) and Mike Hogan (6-7) also w i l l be factors underneath . . . Four quality juniors compose PLU 's backcourt . . . Retu rnee M ike Werner (6-4) and newcomers Brett Ha rtvigson (6-4), C h ris E h l is (5-8) and M ichael Huylar (6-1 ) are a l l ca pable g u a rds . . . Sophs Sam C a p ps (605) and Da ren Fedde (6-6) cou ld a lso see d uty, along with freshmen Jamie Boutin (605) and Nels Strandberg (6-4). WRESTLING






Special China Tours Arranged For Lute Grid Fans, Friends Fans, pa rents, a l u m n i , facu lty and fri ends can be a part of PLU's h i story-m a k i n g foot b a l l t r i p (see story above) to t h e People's Republic o f C h i n a with evangel Col l ege t h i s s p r i n g t h ro u g h o n e of fou r tou rs arranged by Athletic Tou rs, Inc., of Osprey, FL. and C h i na Interna­ tional Sports Travel . Ranging i n price from 52,640 to 5 3 . 7 1 0 , a l l t o u rs i n c l u d e accommodations i n fou r a nd five-star hotels and transporta­ tion in air·cond itioned buses. A l l tou rs origi nate from S a n Fra ncis­ co (airfare to and from San Fran­ cisco not i ncluded in tou r price).

" It should be an ed ucational as well as an excit ing travel experi­ ence," said Scott J ensen of Ath­ l etic Tours, Inc. Jensen sa id tou r p r i ces a re at least 2 5 percent cheaper than comparable tou rs. To i nsure confirmation, Jensen encou raged a p p l i cants to m a i l applications b y J a n . 1 5, 1 99 1 . A 5500 deposit per participant i s req u i red u pon booking a nd the fi nal bala nce is due 60 days prior to depa rture. Ca nce l l i ng 60 days prior to departure i nitiates loss of deposit. For more infor­ mation ca l l Jensen at Ath l et i c Tours, Inc., 81 3/966-4699.


Pacific Lutheran University admits students of any race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin to aU the rights, privi­ leges, programs and activities generally accorded or made avai lable to students at the UniverSity. It does not discrimi­ nate on the basis of race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin in administration of Its educational policies, admis­ sions policies, scholarship and loan programs and athletic and other school administered programs.

Change of Address Form

Tour Schedules Tour A

Depart San Francisco May 27, return June 14. Same itinerary as football teams. Price: 1$3, 710. Tour B - Depart San Francisco for Hong Kong May 25. Arrive Hong Kong May 26. Slght·seeing and shopping in Hong Kong May 27 Depart Hong Kong for Belj'ing May 2B. Follow Tour A itinerary through June 7 Return to Hong Kong by train June B. Depart Hong Kong for San Francisco June 9. Price. ·$3,510. Tour C - Depart San Francisco for Beijing May 27 with same itinerary as Tour A Depart Beijing for San Francisco June 3. Price. ·$2,450. Tour D - Depart San Francisco for Hong Kong June 1. Arrive Hong Kong June 2. Sight-seeing and shopping Hong Kong June 3·4. Take train to Cuangzhou June 5. City and countryside tour June 6. A ttend game June 7 Take train to Hong Kong June B. Depart for San Francisco June 9. Price: ·$2, 640. 'All tour packages based on double·occupancy and current conditions. Prices could change due to possibility of increased air transportation costs.



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fnte rn at l on al Film Ser ies. " Derzu Uzala," �races the friend s h i p of a w i se o l d guide an d a yo un g Sovi et su rveyo r' (in Ru ssia n ) Ingram 1 00 . 7 p, rn Guest Reci ta l . " Songs of Eu rop e Betwee n t he Wars featu ri ng soprano Cyndia S i ede n Univ . C en ter. 8 p.m Adm. I n temat iona J F i l m Series, "S uga r Baby. " a frus t rated, o verwe i g ht m o rtu a ry employee's o bsessi o n with a su bwa y driver ( i n G erm a n) Ingram 1 00 , 7 p m Northwest H on o r Band Festival featu r i n g the m ost t l ent ed high schoo l b a nd perform rs I n the n orth we st Eugene Corporon and steve Stee l e, guest con d uct o rs. Eastvold A u d , 4 p,m Intemational F i l m Series, "Chan is M i ssing," a mystery set agai nst the b a c k d rop of San FranCISCo's d i ver se



Eng l is h) In g ra m 1 00, 7 pTn M art i n Luther K i ng . J r" bi rt h da y ce l ebrati on , program and reception. U n i v. Center, 7 p m , .

Class Notes

Foru m, "Many VOices Am ri c a n Women Ta l k About R a c i s m , " featu ri n g An nett Sta nton. An na Marla Garcia , Ri k i J acobs, Lea Anderson, Ad m i n , 1 0 1 , 1 p, m . Foru m, " T he Im pact of ac ism on the Eco n om v , " featuring Dave Batker. Admi n , 1 0 1 , 1 p. m U ni versitY Th eat r e and A l p ha Psi Om gao a nati o n a l drama F r - tNn l ty, p resent " A ngel S treet," o ne of the b st kn ow n and res pe cted suspense m e l od ra m as wn t te n for t h e stag e M emo r i a i Gym St u di o Theatre, 8 p. m, . Adm .

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Cen te nn ia l Ope ra , "Songs From the Cedar Hause, " b y PLU compo ser- I n ­ resi de n ce Greg o ry Yo utz. b ased on No rthw es t Indian cu l t u re and featu res such cllaracters as Ch i ef Seattle, Do c Maynard a n d Capta i n V an cou ver. Eastvold Aud , 8 p m . Adm, T l ck et m as ter U n i v e rs i ty Theat re. see J a n . 31 l ist i ng above. C e n ten n i a l Opera, see Feb. 1 -2 l isting a bove, E as tvol d Aud , 3 p m , Adm . Ticketmaster U n i ve rs i ty G al l e ry, "Art by Design," featu nng the tale n ts of man y local professi onal g ra p h ic designers, ru n s t h rough Feb. 28, ope ning r ec e p ti on I n gr a m Ha l l , S p.rn. Universrty Theatre, see J a n , 3 1 l i s ti ng above . Center m i a l O p era see Feb. 1 ·2 l ist ing above, Eastvo l d Aud., 8 p . rn . Ad m ,

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Cen t en nia l O p era see Feb . 1 -2 l i s ti ng above, E stvo l d A ud 3 p. m . A dm Ticketmaster P res i den t ial Forum, "Cultivating t il e Stren gths of D i ve rsity, U n iv. Center, 1 p m. B la c H istory Month Banq u et, featuring Dr, Jacqu e l i ne F l e m i n g author of " Blacks i n Col lege," Univ. C e n ter 6 p,m, 5 3 5 - 7 1 95 Facu lty Recital. sop rano J anea n ne Houston . Eastvold Au d., 8 p . m . Regency Co n cer t Series featu ri ng the Washington Brass Quintet. u n iv. Center, 8 p.m. A d m . LITE Sem i n ar, "Faith a n d Ethics in t he W orkpl ace," U n i v Center, all d ay 5 50,

M usic d e p a rtme n t schol arsh i P aud i ti ons. call 5 3 5 · 7 6 0 1 for app o; n t m en' I n t er c u l tu ra l Fair. featuring food and en tertain m en t , U n i v . C e n t er. 1 1 3 . m U n ivers ity Ga l lery. O regon fiber artist Pat riCia Spar . runs thr0ugh Maret', 29. op en i n g rece pt ion Ingram Hall, 5 p m U ni v rsi y W i nd E nse m b le. guest sol oi st Ado l ph Herseth. p rincipal tru m peter wi th the C h icag o Sym p hony O rch es tra S hor e c rest H ig h SchooL Se a t Ie, 8 p . m . , Ad m . U n i versity W i n d E nse m b le see M a rch 5. Stad i u m Hi gh S c hO O l , T acoma, 8 p . m , Ad m u n i v er si t v Theatre, "The A p p r e n ti c e, by PLU pr ofessor of t h ea t r e W i l l i a m Parker, l ook s at th e young l ife of Henrik Ibsen wh e n he was an apothec ry's apprentIce til G r i mst ad , NOrw y, D i rected by PLU p ro ost and p r ofesso r of th eatre Ro be rt W i l l s . East vo l d Au d . 8 p . m " Ad m . 5 3 5 - 7 762 U n i versi ty T h ea t r e see March 7-9 l ist i n g above. East O l d . A ud " 2 p m" Ad m . 5 3 5- 77 62 .



what's New. With You ?

Fac u l ty Reci tal , oboist Ove Hanson, baSSOO nist Fra n c i n e Peterson and p i an i s t R i c h a rd Fa rner. Univ. Ce n te r . 8 p m C ent en n i al Theme S y m posi u m . S O lv i ng Hu man ity ·s P rob l em s . " fea t U ring Drs J onas Salk , Wi l l iam Foege No r m a n Bor[ aug, James Gra nt, D a rnel Ca l l a h a n . Margretta Sryies, Sa l i m Yusuf, U n iv Ce n ter. a l l d y, se e pag e 2 S ch n ac' en be rg Lectu re, feat u r rn g E m m an u a l Hsu, a u tll or of T h e Rise of M od er n Ch i n a, " U ni v Center , 8 p m





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Chi natown community (in

Rieke . . . . . . . Pr es ide nt L ciiteGiroux . . Pres. EXec. ASSOC John Adlx. . , .. . . ... . . . In t. D i r . Alum n i R e I . Dr Martin J Neeb " , . , . Exec. Editor James L Pete rson , . . , . . . " . . . Editor Mike La rson , . . ' . . ' Sports Edito r Photographer Kenneth Dunmire .

Dr William 0,

university Ga l le ry , Si l en t Voices, ' Idaho artist E i l een Kl att works i n form ats re m i n iscent of Ea rl y Christian leans reawakeni ng th e co n necti on between n at u re a n d spi ri t u al i ty R u ns throu g h J a n , 31 , o peni ng recept io n , i n g ram H all , S p . m , Ih t e rh ati o n a l Film Series, "A D ry Whi te Season ," a se ar i n g picture of apart h e i d and its Vict i m s In bot h b lack and white co m m un it i es ( i n Eng l i s h) Ingram 1 00 , 7 p m Internation al F i l m Series. ' Wo men on the verge of a Ne rvo u s B re a k down ," a rom an ti c come d y ( I n Spa n i s h ) Ingram 1 00 , 7 p m


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U n iversi ty Symphony

Orc h e str a , fe atu r i ng PLU a l um n a LeeAnne Campos, soprano, Eastvold Aud" 8 p,m, University Jazz Ense mble , Eastvo ld A u d " 8 p. m

Volume XXI No. 3


Cove r: Cente n n i a l Fo ru m

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Seven distingu ished h u m anitarians partici pated i n the GTE Foru m on cam pus Feb. 22. At left is D r . Jonas Salk. creator of the fi rst effective polio vacci ne. At right. the speakers are D r. W i l l iam Foege, Dr. Terrel H i l l . Dr. Thomas Wel l er. Dr. Magretta Styles, Dr. Salk, Dr. Daniel Cal lahan and Dr. Sal i m Yusuf.

A Jou rna l i st's D rea m

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


M arch 1991

King O l a v V Remem bered

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


A u n i versity fou n ded by N o rweg i a n pi oneers with a strong Sca n d i n avian heritage, PLU held N o rway's K i ng Olav V i n p a rtic u l a r esteem and was saddened by His death In J a n u a ry . Many on campus can fondly reca l l H i s Majesty's visit t o PLU i n 1 97 5 .

Do nor Generosity

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


PLU student jou rnal ists trave l ed to Washi ngton, D . C . , du ring the J a n u a ry Interi m , following in the footsteps of national reporters. Instructors were journal ism professor Cliff Rowe and KPLU-FM news d i rector Michael Marcotte.

The generosity of donors to PLU helped set new giving records in 1 990. particularly in Decem ber. Meanwhile. plans are p roceeding toward the con足 struction of the new M a ry Baker Russell M u sic Center. Groun d b reaking is plan ned for next fall.

2 1 st Fu l b ri g ht Scho l a r

Prol ific Sco re rs

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Michelle Ryan. a French and English major from Kent. Wash . became PLU' s 2 1 st Ful bright Schol a r in the past 1 6 years. Ryan, who fi rst became i nterest足 ed in French i n the fourth grade, plans to teach i n France next fa l l .

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Seniors Gail Ingram a n d Don Brown Q u ietly moved i nto the ranks of PLU's top all time scorers in basketba l l . I ngram fi nished the season thi rd among women scorers; Brown is fifth following the concl usion of the regular season .

u n iversity, S . 1 2 1 st a n d Park

lAve ,


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Tacoma, WA'

pacific Lutheran unlvenlty �"" Marcil 1991

2 Centennial

Original parker Play Examines Early Life Of Playwright Henrik I bsen Another of the School of the Arts cen­ tennial high l i g hts brings an original play by theatre professor W i l l i am Parker to the stage u nder the di rect ion of provost Rob­ ert Wi lls. The Appren tice, Pa rker's t h i rd orig i n a l play i n the past th ree yea rs, exa m i nes the early teen-age yea rs of Henrik Ibsen, Nor­ way's most celebra ted pla ywrig ht. The theme was selected in part because of PLU's stro ng historical ties to Norway, Park­ er i nd icated. W i l ls, a u n i versty th eatre d i rector for many yea rs, m a kes h i s PLU d i rectorial debut. He previously has di rected 90 p l ays and has written 1 0 produced performance pieces. He spent all of h is 27-year career in th fi ne arts before ar ri v i ng at PLU 20 months ago. The Apprentice w i l l be staged March 7-1 0 in Eastvold Auditorium on cam p u s. Thu rs­ day and Friday shows a re at 8 p . m . , Satu r­ day shows beg in at 7 p . m . and 9:30 p . m . , and the Su nday mati nee starts a t 2 p . m . According t o W i l ls, the pl ay p resents a "very human" look at Ibsen. It is a "coming­ of-age" tale based freely on the pl ay­ wright's life - from his days as a pha rma­ ciSt's apprentice in G ri m stadt, Norway, to h is entrance into the University at Ch risti­ a n i a . Flashba cks and flashforwa rds a re used to reveal defi n i n g moments i n h i s life. Perhaps Ibsen is best known for h i s pow-

Plavwright William Parker, director Robert Wills

erfu l d ramas fea t u r i n g stro ng w o m a n characters. Parker's p l a y i nt rod u ces the women who insp i red those characters: h i s wife, mother, lover a n d friend. Mark Rotkwell portrays Ibsen, Kate Hoo­ ver is E lSie, Donnae Gard is Suzannah, Carol Cochran is Marichen, Patricia Garcia is M rs. Reimann and Pat Foran p lays three roles M r. Reima nn, Sve i n and Ch ristop her Due. Tickets a re 5 5 for a d u lts and 5 2 . 5 0 fo r students and se nior citizens. Reservations a re recom mended. Call (206) 5 3 5-7760 for reservations or i nfo rmation.

A Brief Look At Henri k Ibsen By J. Robert Wills

Henrik J o h n Ibsen was born at Skien, Norway, i n 1 828, t h e son of wealthy par­ ents who l i ved wel l as part of the respect­ ed merca n t i l e population of t h i s pict u r­ esq ue seacoast sh ipping vil lage. Always a lonely, so me have said a sullen, child, Ibsen soon faced the realities which prevailed when h i s father decl a red bank­ ru ptcy i n 1 836. Hi s first seven years may have been spent wit h i n a fam ily sheltered by stature and by money, but from age 8 on, his youth beca m e a slow, ago n i z i ng fight for recog nition. After the b a nkru ptcy, for exa mp le, the fa mily beca me outcast, l itera lly, moving to a smal l farm outside of tow n , isol ated from the village and its people. The fa m ily poverty was severe. I n 1 844, when he had come of age, Henrik was sent so uth to G ri m stadt, a n other h a r b o r town, to apprentice with a d rugg ist, a chemist of little sta nding who had no real co ntact with the merchants, shi powners and other of Grimstadt's establ ished society. There he remai ned an outcast, slept in a tiny attic shared with the p h a rm acist's small sons, fe lt pai nfu l ly alone, earned less than a pittance (not enou gh, as it tu rned out, to help his fami ly in Ski en) and fed his i magi nation, i n part, by longing for the sea

a n d the freedom it rep rese nted, a n d by painting and writing poetry. The chemist's maidservant, ten yea rs Ibsen's senior, bore h i m a c h i l d t h ree years l ater, a son he supported for 1 4 years. I nteresti ngly enough, d u ring all of these years, Ibsen may have wished for the sea, but he prepared for a life of writing and of medi ci ne, and he left Gri mstadt i n 1 849 to enter the u n iversity at Christ i a n i a . That'S t h e history. The play, however, is another thing a lto­ gether, for Parker uses history only as a frame for theatre. Ibsen's early l i fe took place in 1 9th-centu ry Norway. The Appren­ tice, by contrast, takes pl ace on stage, and it sprawls through time and space to paint the pictu re of a you ng boy influ enced by many things t h roughout his l ife. In a l l , The Appren tice is a celebration of b i rth i n to the world t h rough elon gated discovery w h i c h eve n t u a l l y t u rns u nde­ served despa i r i n to u n expected t ri u m p h . I ronica l ly, the play ends with self-affirma­ tion, a tri u m ph of i n d i vi d u a l ity over the esta bl ished order. (And wou l dn't the older Ibsen be prou d!) J. Robert Wills is PL U 's provost. A theatre and fine arts educator for 27 years, he has directed 90 plavs and has written 10 produced perfor­ mance pieces,

Apri l Symposi u m Wi l l Look At Effective Ed ucat ion Pa rtnersh i ps Prom otion of effect i ve, co l l a b ora t i ve education i n Pierce Cou nty is the pu rpose of the cente nnial year's fo urth theme sym­ posium, th is one sponsored by the School of Educatio n , " Devel o p i n g Partnersh ips o f Effective Educat i o n " is the t h e m e of the F rid ay, Apri l 5 event in the Scandinavian Cu l t u ral Center, Dr, J u d ith B i l l i ngs, a PLU a l u m n a a n d Washi ngton State Superi ntendent for Pub­ l i c I n st ruct i o n , is the featu red l u n cheon speaker, Accord i n g to Dr, Robert M u l der, dean of the School of Education, 1 50 com m u n ity leaders have been invited to the eve nt to explore a g rowi n g i nterest between a n d am ong s c h o o l s a n d o t h e r e d u ca t i o n a l agencies. They represent business, com m u­ nity service, education, gove rnment, m i l i­ tary and clergy, Mu lder expla i n ed , "An effect i ve school and com m u n ity re lationship is v ital to the well-being of ch ildren and to the well-be ing of the com m u n ity, What c h i l d ren learn i n school i s affected b y t h e social, econom ic, poli tical and moral conditions of the com­ m u n i ty, And the reverse is true: Th ese Continued to page 4

International Busi ness Confe rence Featu res German Journa l ist Enno von Loewe nstern, Bo n n editor of the conservative German n ewspa per Die Welt, is t h e featu red speaker at the 1 5th a n n u a l International B u s i ness Confe rence at PLU May 2-3, The conference is the last of a series of maj o r theme programs that have been highl ights of PLU's cente nnial year obser­ vance, Theme of the conference is "Global Part­ nersh ips in the 90s: E m erging Opportu n i ­ ties," It w i l l address t r a d e opport u n it i es and form ulas for success between t h e U .s. and th ree g lobal p a rt ners: E u rop e, the Pacific Rim and the Ameri cas (Ca nada/Latin America), The Eu ropean focus session is keynoted by Loewenste rn, Sang Lee, professor of ma nagement at the U n iversity of Nepras­ ka, heads the Pacific Rim session, and Dr, Richard Brinkman, professor of economics from Portland State U n i versity, is the fea­ tured Western Hem isphere speaker, Other annou nced speakers include Larry Clarkson, sen ior vice-president of govern­ ment and i nternational affai rs for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group; and Wen Liu and Dej u n S h a n , p resident a n d v i ce­ president of Chi naConsu lt. Half day sessions on each a rea will ru n consecu t i vely. Conference part i c i pants may attend a ny one or a l l th ree sessi ons. Continued on page 5

Pacific Lutheran University March 1991


Symposium speakers from left, Thomas Weller, Salim Yusuf, William Foege, Terrel Hill, Jonas Salk, Margretta Styles

re we Be i ng Wis e Ancesto rs? Distinguished Panel Of Scien tists Discuss Health Role In Humanity's Future By Jim peterson r. Jonas Sa lk, one of the world's most promi nent health scientists, posed a provocative a n d u n u s u a l q u est,ion d u ri ng h i s presentat i o n at PLU Feb. 2 2 . "Are w e bei ng wise ancestors?" h e asked. The question pl aced the l istener mental­ ly into another century, looking back upon the behav ior of h u m a n ity today. At first thought that look was a da m n ing ind ict­ ment of our generation. But as the long­ awa ited GTE Fo r u m con t i nued, with p re­ sentat ions from six other em i n ent h u ma n i ­ t a r i a n sc ienti sts, t h e view beca me more ambiguous, even somewhat prom isi ng. The forum was the third of five major theme symposia sched u led as highligh ts of PLU's centen n i a l observa nce. It was spon­ sored by the School of N u rsing and Divi­ sion of Natu ra l Scie nces and was fu nded in part by a grant from the GTE Fou ndation. Several of the speakers had been person­ ally invited by Dr. W i l i i a m Foege, executive director of the Carter Presidential Center In Atla nta, Ga, and a 1 9 57 PLU al um nus. In fact Salk noted, "I would have come if only t o hear Fqege spea k." Foege moderated the panel, wh ich also i ncluded Dr. Terrel H i l l of U N IC E F , Nobel Prize w i n ner Dr. Thomas Wel ler, in terna­ tional nursing leader Dr. Ma rgretta Styles, and Dr. Salim Yusuf of the National Insti­ tute of Health, a colleague of PLU a l u m n u s D r . Jeff Probstfield. Health care eth icist Dr. Danie l C a l l a h a n w a s a l so a m o n g t h e d i sti n g u ished spea k­ ers. Accordi ng to Sa l k, our generation is l iving in "preca rious population situation." Pop-



ul ation growth is spiking off the chart in this epoch, he ind icated. But he d isplayed a graph that showed population droppi ng dramatica l l y i n decades beyond the year 2000. "The critical point is the t i m e in wh ich we l ive," he s a i d . " We a re shift i n g from Epoch A to Epoch B . Epoch A was a period emphasi z i ng the individual, i n dependence and power Epoch B will em ph asize consen­ sus, collaboration and i nterdepend ence." He contin ued, "Epoch A brought q u a nti­ ty of chi lidren. Epoch B w i l l be concerned with quality of ch ildren." The man who gave the world the fi rst effective po l i o vaccine noted that our his­ toric concerns to date have been with death control and anti-disease. He predict­ ed the future w i l l focus on birth control and pro-hea lth. Sa lk con cluded that wisdom mu st be a word returned to vogue. Retu rning to his early q u es t i o n , he asked, " W i l l we be looked back upon as having been wise? Did we take responsibil ity for what we i nherit­ ed and for w hat we passed on?" He enco u raged "living a pu rposeful life - and having a pu rpose in l ife ." Sa lk was followed by U N ICEF's H i l l , who presented c h i l l i ng statistics about the fate of t h e world's c h i l d ren, 88 percent of whom a re born i n developing cou ntries. While deaths from maln utrition and ot h­ er diseases are alarmi ng, H i l l a lso poi nted to dramatic health advances, such as rehy­ dration solution, which can return a seri­ ously dehydrated child to near normalcy in a 24·hou r period . Dehyd ration i s the result of d i a rrhetic a i l ments, one of the world's major health problems. I m m u n ization agai nst a variety of diseas­ es is also contri buting to ,i m p rovements i n world health, h e pointed out. Weller, a 1 9 54 Nobel Prize win ner, recal l­ ed the worldwide smallpox i m m u n i zation

program headed by Foege in the '60s and '70s, ca l ling it "The greatest ach ievement in p u b l ic health in this cent u ry . " H e poi nted t o advances agai nst diseases such as m a l a r ia, but a lso warned that some parasites are becoming resistant to avai lable drugs, creating new chal lenges. H i l l is responsible for U N ICEF's support of the global drive to i m m u n i ze the world's c h i l d ren, and a lso for the age ncy's Diar­ rhoeal Diseases a n d Acute Res p i ratory Infections Control progra ms. Weller i s retired from the Ha rvard U n i­ versity School of P u b l i c Health. He has done extensive research on viruses, pa ra­ sitic worms and protozoa. H is and his col­ league's poliovirus research hel ped make Salk's vaccine development poss i b le. i l l poi nted to an i nternational confer­ ence la st SePtember i n volving 1 40 nations setti ng goals fo r the '90s. Those goa ls i nc l u d e a o n e-th ir d red u ct i o n i n deaths of ch i l d ren u nder five, the halving of the matern ity fata lity rate a nd a d u l t ill iteracy, and numerous other goa ls. He noted that world adva nces in health care requ i re co mpetence, com m u n i cation and cooperation. "We have had the com­ petence (and the science) for a long time. Only in the past decade have we had the com m u n ication and t h e coopera t i o n to progress ra pidly." Styles focu sed on the U.S. health care delivery system, not i ng that the issue is as mu ch political and eco nomic as scientific. "The U .S. is one of only two i n d u strial ized nations without a national health p l a n , " s h e sai d . " U . S. citizens ha ve the poorest access to the most expensive a n d most exqu isite hea lth ca re ." Whil e pointing to a long l ist of system


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PlIIclflc lutheran UnIversity scene Ma1"Cll 1991

In terim

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defi c i e n c i es a n d i n equit i es, s h e a l so gave reason for hope. "People are t a k i n g more respon s i b i l ity for thei r own health a nd a re g a i n i n g more expert knowledge," s h e said. One of t h e nation's most promi nent n u rs­ es, s h e poi nted to t h e i n c reased p ro m i­ nence of n u rses and m i dwives, who, she sa i d , can deliver mo re care at a l ower cost. The new prom i nence of health care eth i­ cists, such as C a l l a h a n , is al so an encou rag­ ing sign, she noted . Styles is a member of the board of d i rec­ tors of t h e International Cou n c i l of N u rses and past p resident of the American N u rses Association. For Yu suf, a national leader in l a rge-scale c l i n i ca l d ru g trials, t h e i ssue is re l ia b i l ity of such d rug stu d ies and su bsequent use of appropri ate d rugs i n trea ment a nd thera­ py. He expl ained how stat i st i cs re lated to l a rge-sca le tests cou ld be " m assaged" to suit al most any pu rpose. He a l so noted the high cost of major tests, which he i n d i cat­ ed can't be afforded fo r the n u m ber of d rugs need i n g testing. "We need to s i m p l ify," he said. "We need to recog n i z e t h e s i m i l a r i t i e s a m ong hu mans, a n d that resu lts of much s m a l l e r tests cou ld b e generally as accurate and more affordable." He a lso questioned the et hics i n volved in test i n g where some i n d i v i d u a l s rece ive d r ugs, ot hers pl acebos, and t h e effects, positive or negative, on each . Ca l l a h a n fol lowed with a d i scussion of health care eth i c a l issu es, a n d the i ncreas­ i n g d e ma n d for h e a l t h ca re rati o n i n g . " E u rope h a s m a n y of t h e reforms that we so desperately long for," he said. "But they too a re need i ng to rat ion health care." He noted that i ntern a t i o n a l o bservers are cu rre ntly st udyi ng O rego n ' s health care rati o n i n g model. Foege c h ose to p o i n t to the positive s i g n s in the world h ea l th co nd i t i o n . He noted t h e d ra m a t i c red u c t i o n i n world in fant m o rt a l ity i n two g en e ra t i o n s, a nd the i m po rta n ce of U N h e a l t h a g e n c ies. Because of the world h e a l th c a re efforts, "between th ree and fou r m i l l i on c h i l d ren . did not d ie in the last 1 2 m onths," he said. Stil l, he wa rned , "The veneer of su ccess, progress and civi l i zation is t h i n . It depends on a few people of vision, dedication and pu rpose There is power i n rightness, truth and wisdo m . " Seeking to i n sp i re the s t u d e n t s i n t h e aud ie nce, h e s a i d , "It is a pri v i l ege to b e in sci ence, but it is a l so a h u ge responsi b i l ity. He noted that we w i l l learn as m u ch, in t h e next 20 years as we learned in the past 2000 yea rs. "To be fu l l is to have a l ife of pu rpose," Foege added. This is worth your t i m e and effo rt. Devote you r energies to big p rob­ lems; you will not be bored ." •

Sign attached to renovated house in Tacoma 's cen tra l area expresses appreciation from Martin L u ther King Housing De velopment Association to PLU students. From left, Tacoma Mayor Karen Vialle and PLUs Sara Officer and Judy Carr.

Mayor Honors Professor

I nterim Class Aids Efforts TO Refurbish Homes For Home ess


acoma M ayor Karen V i a l Ie and the M a r­ t i n Luther Ki ng H o u s i n g Devel o p m ent Association presented a Dist i n g u i shed Citi­ zen s h i p Award to physical ed ucation p ro­ fessor Sara Officer i n ea rly Febru a ry. The award recogn ized "exemplary work p rovi d i n g safe, decen t a n d affo rd a b l e h o u s i n g . " Officer's I n teri m cl a sses have hel ped refu rbish ho uses i n Taco ma's cen­ t ra l " H i l ltop" a rea the past two years The ho uses had been p u rchased by t h e K i ng Center, an ec u men ical social outreach agency that advocates for the h o m e l ess. O n ce refu r b i s h e d , the b u i l d i n gs p rov i d e hOUSing fo r low i n come people Last year Officer's Interim class renovat­ ed two houses; t h i s wi nter t h ey prepared t h ree for occupa ncy. Stud ents in the cl ass worked on the houses th ree hours a d ay, fi ve days a week . Their 800-pl us hours o f scru bbi ng, sand i n g and p a i n t i ng saved the King Center mo re than $9,000, money that can be spent to pu rchase more houses. Officer poi n ted out that more t h a n 60 PLU students had exp ressed i nterest in the class, which was l i m ited in enrollme nt to 1 5. Beca use 1 5 vol u ntee rs get more work done than a h a n dfu l of h i red worke rs, the houses were rea dy to rent more than a month early. "Th is cou rse p rovides a u nique opportu­ n ity to u n dersta nd some of the problems of homeless people," said Officer. "It can be a life- c h a n g i n g o p p o rt u n ity to learn more about ou rselves and t hose l ess fortu­ nate." A good exa m p le of l i fe-changing poten­ tial was expressed by Jeff Perry of Seatt le. " I fel t the need to get out of the cl ass­ roo m a n d to do somet h i n g," he sa i d . " I always kind o f l i ked mountains a n d to get away fro m the city. But I see now that

t h e re's a l ot of work to be done in t h e city." Perry sa id t h e cl ass had re leva n ce to h i s study of b iology a n d h i s p l a n s t o b e a doctor. " I c a n see myself work i n g as a docto r i n t h e i n n er c i ty for l ow-i ncome people," he added M a ri Yokers of Sa lem, O re., sa id the expe­ rie nce has been eye-open i n g "I n ever thought much about the h o m e l ess," she s a i d . I gu ess we have stereotypes that home less p eople a re l i ke bag l a d i es But a lot of t h em are norm al people who h ave had financial c rises, l i ke lost jobs or serious i l l ness " Officer added, "What we a re d o i n g a re sm a l l t h i n gs We' re not g O i n g to cha nge the ' H i l l ' in a week or a yea r, but if enough of us care we can cha nge i n di viduals in the area in a small way " S h e noted t h e PLU centen n i a l t h eme, "Ed ucating for Service." "We a re l ooki ng at the c a l l to service and relati ng it in this case specific a l l y to our co m m u n ity," she said . "

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conditions a re affected by what c h i l d ren lea rn i n school." The al l-day sympos i u m will i n c l u d e gener­ a l sess i o n s and s m a l l g rou p d i scussio ns, with fo l l ow-up report i n g of sugg ested action p la ns. T h e confe r e n c e stee r i n g co m m i ttee i n c l uded L i l l i a n Barna, su peri nte n d e nt of Tacoma Public Schools; 29th Dist r i ct Rep re­ sentative Brian Ebersole; Denese Bohanna, county health department; B ryan C u n n ing­ ham, Private Ind ustry Co u n c i l ; Pau l E l l is, Chamber of Co m m erce; and Lyle Quasi m, Safe Streets.

PadRe lutheran university scene March 1991

5 In terim •

A J o u r n a l ist's Dream

Students F Ilow In The Footsteps Of National Reporters In D.C. By Lisa Langsdorf


h is J a n u a ry day cou l d n ' t have been more bea utifu l . The sun shone brightly overhead and t h o u g h the temperat u re was brisk it felt good to be out wal k i n g i n the fresh a i r. My small g roup made its way a round the side of the C a p i to l and down the wide steps onto the M a l l . To the left of the long g rassy exp a nse was the Ai r a n d Space S m i t h so n i a n and to the right were the Museu ms of American and Natura l Histo ry a n d the N at i o n a l G a l l e ry of A rt . Stra i g h t ahead lay the tall Washi ngton Monume nt. Tli ese b U i l d i ngs a l o n e a re an aweso me sight but today somet h i ng more rema rk­ able had captu red my interest. I was about to attend my fi rst big anti-war p rotest. " H ow m a ny peo p l e do you exp ect today?" I asked one of the many g u a rds stationed a ro u nd the Capitol b u i l d i n g " F i fty to seventy-f,i ve t h o u s a n d , " h e repl ied Later, as I m a d e my way t h ro u g h the huge crowd of demo nstrators I kept th i n k­ i ng to myself, "What a time to be i n Wash­ i ngton, D.C.I" I had thought the same thing many times over the past six days There was no way Journa l i sm p rofessor C l iff Rowe could have known the U n i ted States would be at war when he fi rst began plan n i ng this Interi m trip, but c i r­ cu msta nces bei n g as they were, this was a fascinating week. I n t e rest m e et i n g s fo r t h e N a t i o n a l Reporting cl ass began late last spri ng. Cl iff was p l a n n i ng to take a sm a l l g ro u p of stu dents across the country by tra i n . The final desti nation would be our nation's cap­ ito l . There we wou l d observe the national media i n acti on a nd hopefully learn what it meant to be a "national reporter." In o rder to make the trip legitimate i n an acad e m i c sense, we were to research a nati onal issue that had some kind of local connection and write a package of stories to be p u bl i shed i n a local newspa per o r a i red on a loca l rad io statio n . Prel' i m i na ry work bega n i n Decem ber. We were put i nto fou r teams; one g ro u p was to write for the Morton Journal, a nother fo r the Enumclaw Courier-Herald, and my g roup was to prepare a piece for national public rad io affi l iate KPLU. The fi rst step was to meet the ed itors of each paper and come u p with a t o p i c . Once that w a s d o n e w e beg a n consulting resources such as the Cong ressional Di rec­ tory to fi nd out who to talk to in Wash i ng­ ton, D.C. We also began exp l o ri ng the com­ m u nities we were writing for, find i ng local sou rces, locat i n g magazine a rticles on ou r topics a nd m aki ng countl ess phone cal ls. Some work w as done over C h ristmas b reak but the bulk of our activity beg a n J a n . 7 . W e had only ten days i n w h i c h to com plete our research, a rrange and con­ d u ct local i nterviews a n d sc h e d u l e i nter­ views i n D.C. After a hectic week and a ha lf, it was a

rel i ef for me to boa rd the tra i n . For th ree days we were to see l ittle bes i d es eacll other and the wide open spaces of M id­ west e r n A m e r i c a . U n fo rtu nately, we passed t h rough the mou nta i ns of Washi ng­ ton and Montana at n ig ht. We spent the next two days sta r i n g out at the snow covered p l a i ns of eastern Montana, North Dakota and M i n nesota T h o u g h war news was relatively sca rce while we were on the tra i n , arriving in D.C. made u p for any shortage. Every even i n g I camped i n front of C N N to get the " Lat­ est." The fi rst day was spent sight-seeing. We cove red t h e m o n u m e nts, m e m o ri a ls, Geo rgetow n, E m bassy Row and the N ation­ al Cathedral. Though it was Mart i n Luther King, J r. Il o l iday, Wash i ngton was fa i rly qui­ et. The fol lowing five days i nc l uded trips to USA Today, National Pu b l ic R a d i o , N BC N ews and Associ ated Press b roadcast ser­ vice. We also conducted i ntervi ews saw t h e Capitol and the Su preme Court a n d many government agenc i es. Fun h i g h l ights fo r me i ncluded i d i ng the Metro su bway system as wel l as a Washing­ ton B u l l ets basketba l l game, d i nner at an E I Salvadorean restau rant and a n American Bal let Theatre performa nce at the Ken ne­ dy Center for the Performing Arts. I ' m not su re I've ever had a week more jam-packed with thi ngs to see and do and learn I saw countless h istorical landmarks, lea rned t h i ngs a bout my country I'd never known, watched the national media i n action a n d saw h i story bei ng made " before my eyes." As I reflected on what I'd seen over the last week I experie nced a wide a rray of emotions. For the most part, I felt a deep con nection with Ame rican h isto ry . I felt patriotic and proud . Th i nking back to that p rotest I find that I h ave gai ned a g reate r understa n d i n g of the i m portance of i n d i­ vidual voi ces in a democratic cou ntry. As a fu ture jou rnal ist, that is a responsi b i l ity I hope I never take l i g htly. •

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Each session w i l l feature speake rs, panel­ ists and g roup discussion. Loewenste rn, a Baltic Germ a n born i n Latvi a , i s one o f E u rope's foremost experts on East-West economic and pol itical rela­ tionsh i ps and is a freq uent cont ri butor to the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal. He w i l l speak on recent, current and p ro­ spective deve l o p m e nts i n the E u ropean co m m u n ity. Co nferen ce p a rt i c i pa nts and busi ness a l u m n i a re invited to a reception and ban­ quet at the Taco m a Sheraton Hotel m ark­ ing the 30th a n n i versary of the School of Business Ad m i n istration. The May 2 event w i l l also honor Dea n Gundar King u po n his reti rement. The recepti o n beg i n s at 5 : 30 p . m . ; the banquet is at 6 :45 p . m . Invitations t o these events w i l l b e m a i led i n ea rly Apri l . To receive an i nvitation o r fu rt her i nformation, co ntact S u sa n M a r­ tensen at the School of Busi ness, (206) 535-7328.

Michelle Ryan

Child's Fascination With French A Prelude To Fulbrigh



ttention, parents of n i ne-year-olds: you never know when one of your child's experiences w i l l h a ve a s i g n ificant i nflu­ ence on the rest of thei r l ives. Because M i chelle Ryan attended a two­ week s u m m e r French cou rse fo l l ow i ng fou rth g rade, she is a F u l b r i g h t Sch o l a r today. Rya n, a sen i o r at PLU, g rew u p i n nea rby Kent, Wash . , where she attended and g rad­ uated from Ke ntwood H i g h S c h o o l . A month or so ago her parents, W i l l iam and Carol Ryan, m oved to Aubu rn, j ust south of Kent. Even though her i ntroduction to French at age n i n e was brief, Ryan was taken by the language. " It is beautifu l," she sa id. For five years her i nterest remai ned on the back bu rner, as no other opportun ity for study presented itself. But she bega n taking French again i n n i nth g rade and has contin ued since. At PLU she has m ajored in F rench and English. Next fall she w i l l beg i n teaching Ameri­ can languag e and culture at a French p u b­ l i c schoo l . Location of the school has not yet been determ i ned. Si nce 1 975, PLU has beco me known as a home of potential F u l b right Scholars. Ryan is the 2 1 st PLU student to ea rn the p resti­ g ious awa rd in the past 1 6 years. Fulbright Scholarsh ips cover all expenses fo r a yea r of fo reign study. They a re probably the most widely known of the major academ ic scholarships. Most PLU Scholars h ave stu d ied in Ger­ many. One stud ied i n Norway, another i n Botswa na. Ryan i s the first to plan study i n F rance. Her fut u re goal is to teach French at the u n iversity level.

pacific Lutheran University Scene March 1991

6 Campus/World

wo Id Crises Seem 50 Ne r Gulf, Baltic Conflicts A ffect Lives Of Some Studen ts, Facultv By Jim Peterson he war i n the Persian G u lf a n d the Soviet crackdown i n the Baltics once again brought the world to the PLU ca m pus door. Two Kuwaiti st u dents at PLU a re anx­ iously awaiting a time when they can safe­ ly retu rn to their home land. Among the half m i l lion u.s. t roops serv­ ing in the G u l f, at least 1 1 a re d i rect ly affiliated with PLU . As a result of recent violent In ci dents in the Balt ics, the PLU portion of the Baltic student exchange was suspended, even as 1 2 Baltic students were on their way to the PLU ca mpus On campus, react ion to the events was mixed . There was a s m a l l , vocal a n t i-war d e m o n st ra t i o n , but mo st st u d e n ts exp ressed s u pp o rt of the troo ps, If not al ways the entire war effo rt . Q u estions were raised, as they were 20 years ago during V ietn am, about a potential m i l ita ry draft and conscientious object ion sta n ­ dards. On J a n . 1 5 President W i l l i a m Ri eke sent a memo to the ca mpus com m u n ity in which he spoke from his heart about the ho rrors of war a n d how the u n i v ersity m i g h t respond . First. he sa id, was to concentrate anew on attaining i nd ividual goals. "Whether st udent. fa cu lty or staff, each of us mu st recog nize that. as long as we remain at the u n i versity, the best contri­ bution we can ma ke to our cou ntry, and to the world, is doing better that wh ich we know how to do wel l . Educa t i o n is o u r business, and teach i n g and l e a r n i n g a re the vocations to which we a re ca lled'," he said. He added that it is i mportant to d iscuss openly and freel y di ffering viewp oi nts in reasoned , respectfu l and usefu l sett i ngs. One of a n u m ber of settings was a three­ hou r ca mpus sym posi um on the war Feb . 1 5 . More than a dozen faculty members, as well as cam p u s min isters and students, partici pated on the panel. The discussion


i n c l u ded h i storica l , cu ltu ra l and fo reign pol icy backg rou nd, environmental and eco­ nomic i m pacts of the war, and historical and moral p reced ents for response to agg ression. Abd u l l a h al Khorafi, one of PLU's Kuwaiti st udents, said that he "wh istled and j u m p ­ ed up and down" when he heard that the war had beg u n . "I am re l i eved , really," he sa id. "I feel l i ke Kuwait is now gOing to be l iberated from the Iraqis." AI Khorafi has been u nable to even reach h i s fa m i l y since the Aug. 2 Iraqi invasion, and does not know whether they a re safe. As a re sult of the l i beration effort. he hopes he will know soon , and w i l l be able to ret u rn to his cou ntry. As of early Feb ruary , n u rsing p rofessor S h i rley Aiken and eight PLU students have been dep loyed for m i l itary d uty in Saudi A ra b i a . Two ot hers were ca ll ed to active d u ty i n Germany to rep lace sol d i ers sent to the Gu lf. The active duty list also in cludes fo rmer n u rsing p rofessors Debbie Joh nson a nd M a ren Stavig, and B i l l Page, the h usband of n u rsing professor Phy l l i s Page. Svajus Asadauskas, one of the exchange st udents from Lith uan ia, came to PLU o n l y a few days after violence h a d eru pted i n the cap ital city of V i l n i u s. H e said he saw the Jan. 1 3 Soviet crackdown with his own eyes, and among the 1 3 dead and more wou nded were some of his friends. A Latvian exchange student, J u r is Bariss, left a p regn a nt wife at h is home near Riga, the Latvian ca pital. He has fou n d d i rect phon e calls nearly i m poss i b l e a n d letters take five weeks to reach h i s homel a n d . Esto n i a n stude n t Peep V a i n waits for Soviet troops to p u l l out of h is cou ntry. Meanwhi le, 1 2 PLU students who were plannin g to spend their spring semester i n the Baltic states are st ill on ca m pus a s the result of a U .s . State Dep a rtment t ravel advisory for the a rea. When PLU receives such advisories it postpones or tempora rily cancels any school-related trip. If st ud ents are in the cou ntry they are brought home.

B lack H isto ry Month Observed On Ca mpu s An a l l -campus Presidential Foru m a nd a lecture by a noted black author were high­ l ights of a month-long Febru a ry Black His­ tOry Month celebration at PLU. Theme of the a n nual Presidential Foru m, held Feb . 1 2 , was "Cu l t i v a t i n g the Strengths of Diversity." The p rogram fea­ tu red faculty and student speakers. Dr. Jacqueli ne Flem i ng, author of Blacks in College, lectured that eve n i n g on "Sub­ tleties of Racism: Obstacle to Su ccessful Learning Environ ments." An African-America n Cu ltura l E x h i b ition

Feb. 7 inclu ded displays featu ri ng famous African Americans, Africa n royalty a nd his­ torica lly black colleges and u n iversities. Food Services featured southern African­ American cuisine that eve n i ng . O n Feb. 1 1 , h istory professor Beth Kraig presented a foru m on racism and bigotry. Racism as a spiritual problem was the topic of a prese ntation by black a l u m n a Marya Ging rey Feb. 1 5. Performa nces and videos were sched u led later in the month. The final featured program of the month was a Feb. 28 musical drama/collag e that h ig h l ig hted h i storical contributions m ade by African Americans. Throughout the m onth the bookstore d i s p l ayed works by Africa n-American authors.

Tacoma sophomore Kiersten Kelpman helps a Salishan child prepare for last fairs Halloween party.

Vo lu nteer Center Brings Com m u n ity Proj ects, Wi l l i n g St ud ents Together By Heidi Berger enry David Thoreau once sa i d , "The best gift is a portion of thyself." The Volu nteer Center at PLU was estab­ l i shed two years ago to h e l p students sea rch i ng fo r opportun ities to vol unteer, to put their many gifts to use. Located i n the Ca mp us M i nistry office, i t in forms stu­ dents and staff about a variety of on and off campus vol unteer opportun ities . Coordi nators a re seni ors Heather M ac­ dona ld and Heidi Berger Founded in itially with a gra n t from Aid Association for Lutherans and d i rected by g ra d u ate And rew Schott, the Center is now s u p po rted by the un i versity. In the future it may be funded by the National Services Act. which prov ides S25 m i l l i on to help col leges and u n iversities create or expand vo lunteer programs. University pastor Martin Wel ls, the Cen­ ter advisor, has been i nvol ved in the vision from the beginn ing. "Service to the com­ mun ity, academic enrichment a n d student development is what the Volunteer Center is all about." he sa id. There seems to be no lack of vo l u n teers. Rece n t l y 1 5 st ude nts res p o n ded to a notice about a vol u nteer op portun ity with a p hysical thera p i st at M a ry Bridge C h i l­ d ren's Health Center. Students not o n ly wa nted to vol unteer to help the bab ies at the health center, they were seeking valu­ able experience that wou ld help them make career decisions, said Macdona ld. When M a cd o n a ld and Berger beg a n working in the Center in September, they knew t h a t Sim ply Sitt i n g i n the office wouldn't bring vol u nteers i n . Working with ASPLU, they deSigned a logo, printed sta­ tionery, created forms a nd set u p a filing syste m . Bi nders hold i n g pages of vol u n­ teer opportu nities - ca mpus, local, nation­ al and even i nternation a l were p re­ p a red, and a monthly newsletter began publication. -

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pacifIc Lutheran unIversIty Scene March




Gundar King Elected T atvian Academy Of SCiences

King Olav V of Norway, right, visited PLU in 1 9 75. He IS wearing a special medal presented to him by PLU in commemoration of the visit The medal was created by PLU artist Tom Torrens. A t left is President William Rieke

PLU on y Remembers people'S Kin Of Norway Paci fic L u t h e r a n U n i v e rsi ty, fou n d ed b y N o rweg i a n i m m i­ gra nts a centu ry ago, joined with N o rweg i a n s i n m o u r n i n g t h e death of H is Majesty, K i ng Olav V of Norway Jan. 1 8 at the age of 87. " T h e People'S K i ng" h a s h e l d a special pl ace i n the hearts of PLU fa m i ly m e m bers for more than hal f of the u n i versity'S hi story.

G ift F rom N o rway F u n d s Visit Of N o rweg i a n P rof An 58620 cente n n ial g ift from Norway to PLU m a d e poss i b l e the most recent o f m a n y PLU­ Norwegian activities, an I nterim cou rse on American and Norwe­ g i a n de mocracy. Funds were received from the Norwe g i a n E m i g ra t i o n F u n d of 1 9 7 5 and the Royal Norwegi a n M i n istry of Fo re i g n Affa i rs. The course, taught by Dr. Wil­ l i a m Lafferty from the U n i versi­ ty of Oslo, focused on the va ri­ ety of de mocratic governmental models, i n c l u d i n g the A m e ri c a n model, t h e traditional Sca n d i n a­ vian " m i d d le way," a nd the new­ er E u ropean model . PLU Presi d e nt W i l l i a m Ri eke poi nted out that ove r the years the Norweg i a n governme nt has provided v a l u a b l e assista nce to the PLU academ i c p rogra m i n Il\Jorwegian l a nguag e and culture. "The visits of Norwegi a n schol­ ars and a rtists to ou r ca m p u s are prized, both beca use o f the i n sights these visitors share with us and because t h e vi sits h e l p keep o u r i nst i t u t i o n a l t i e s t o Norway strong a nd v i b ra nt," h e sa id.

As Norway's C rown P r i nce, he paid his fi rst visit to the campus i n 1 939. Many a l u m n i , facu lty and staff re member H i s Majesty's 1 9 75 ca m p u s visit. The rune stones scu l pt u re in the cente r of cam­ pus i s a perma nent rem i nder of that event. At the time the u n i­ versity presented to the King a special medal, a m i ni at u re of the ru nes scul ptu re by then art pro­ fessor T o m T o r r e n s . S t u d e n t b o d y pres i d e n t M a rt h a M i l l er gave the King a PLU T-shirt and des i g n ated him an " h o n o r a ry student." Several h u n d red Sca n­ dinavians from the Puget So u n d a rea attended a d i n n e r a n d reception i n h i s honor. K i ng O l a v V was b o r n i n E n g l a n d i n 1 90 5 , t h e son of Prince Carl of Denm ark, son of the Danish Crown Prince. When the you ng h e i r was two years O l d , N o rw a y seceded from a u n i on with Sweden that had l ast­ ed for nearly 1 00 yea rs, an d P r i nce C a r l beca m e N o rway's King H a a kon VIi. N o rway's ti es with Sweden were stre n g t h e n ed in 1 9 2 9 when the Crown Pri nce ma rried his Swedish cousin, Pri ncess M a r­ t h a , The you ngest of their three ch ildren, now K i ng H a rald V, has ascended to his father'S throne. C rown Pri nce O l a v b eca m e K i n g i n 1 95 7 u pon the death of his father, who d ied at age 85. While carrying out hi s royal du t i es with utter devotion, he a lso partici pated fu lly in d a i ly activit ies close to the heart of his people. King H a ra l d V a nd his wife, now Q u e e n Sonja, are expected to visit PLU next fa ll, at which t i m e the Queen will receive an honor­ a ry d octor of h u m a ne letters degree from PLU .

Dr, Gun dar King, dea n of the Pacific L u t h e ra n Un iversity School of B u s i n ess Ad m i n i st ra­ tion, has been elected to a l ife­ t i m e i n ternat i o n a l m e m b e rs h i p i n the Latvia n Aca d e m y o f Sci­ ences, The academy is an i n stitution of a type favored in the Soviet syst e m , a c c o r d i n g to K i n g , whose new m e m bershi p i s i n the fi eld of economics, The orig i n a l Russian academy was fou nded by Cza r Pete r the G reat as a "thi n k ta nk" organ izat i o n , "Acade mies i n eastern E u rope­ an cou ntries fulfi l l m a ny of the fu nctions associated with maj o r re s e a r c h universities and resea rc h fo u n d a t i o n s i n t h e West," Kin g sa id, C u rrently loo k i n g forward to retirement from PLU next sum­ mer after 30 years as a facu lty member an d 24 yea rs as dean, King expects to work extensively w i t h the acade my a n d other i n s t i t u t i o n s to refo rm h i g h e r ed ucation in Latv i a , H e i s also a n econom i c advisor t o t h e Latv ian government I ro n ica l l y, h e i n d icated, he intends to encourage red uction of importance of the academies , H e favors increased emphasis on the research fu nction i n the u n i­ versities, Academy members constitute

Rieke Rece ives Honor F rom N o rwegians PLU relationships with Norway a n d t h e N orweg i a n-A m e r i ca n co m m u n i ty c o n t i n u e to be strengthened u n der the leader­ ship of President W i l l i a m Rieke. In a p p re c i a t i o n of t h ese efforts, Dr. Ri eke i s cont i n u i n g to be recogn ized. Last s u m mer he was appointed Knight Fi rst Cl ass of the Royal Norwegi a n Order of Merit by His Majesty, K i ng Olav V of N o rway, ,i n recog n i t i o n of "meritorious service rendered i n the fu rth era nce of Norweg i a n i nterests." I n Dece m b e r R i eke was the reci pient of the 1 990 outsta nd­ ing service awa rd from the Pacif­ ic Northwest cha pter of the Nor­ weg i a n Am erica n C h a m b e r of Commerce. The awa rd for se rvice to the Norwegia n-American com m u n ity was presented by Vi ncent R. Lar­ son, president of the NACC chap­ ter. The pres e ntation was a h i gh­ l i g ht of the chapter's Christmas party at the Seattle Golf C l u b . A presentation was a l s o made to the president's wife, Joa n ne R i e ke , by Leif E i e, N o rweg i a n vice-consul a n d director of Scan­ d i navian A i rl i nes in the North­ west

the i n tel l ectu a l el ite in eastern E u ro p e , For exa m p l e , Soviet p h y s i c ist A n d r e i S a k h a r ov's membership i n the Soviet acade­ my kept him i m m u ne for man y yea rs from the k i n d of repres­ sion his d i s s i d ent status m i ght have caus ed h i m u n d e r other circu mstances, Ki ng's father, Attis Ken i n s, was a sen ior researcher for the Latvi­ an academy from 1 956, fol low­ i ng his second deportation, u n t i l h i s death i n 1 960, K i n g descri bed his father as a lawyer, di plomat, poet and states m a n , H e s a i d , " I n accept in g t h i s el ec­ t i o n a n d t i t l e I a m m i n d f u l of t h e i m port a n t cont r i b ut i ons made by my father u nder aus­ pices of the acade my, I bel i eve that my election ho nors h i m as muc h as it honors me," Over the decad es, K i n g has become a n internati on a l l y recog­ nized, expert on Baltic econ omi c syste m s a n d a co nsu l t a n t to m a n y orga n izations, i n c l u d i ng the us Department of State, A native of Latvia, he was orga­ niz€r an d fi rst president of the Internation a l Assoc iation fo r the Advancement of Baltic Stud ies, Most recently, he has taken a n a t i o n a l l e a d i n d ev e l o p i n g excha nges with t h e Baltic states. Ei ghteen months ago PLU beca m e t h e fi rst school i n the country to receive federal fund­ i n g to set u p academic excha nge p rogra ms with u n iversities i n Latvia, Lit h u a n i a and Estonia. The p roject received i n terna­ tional attention as it was im ple­ m ented a year ago during a time of g reat u n rest i n those repu b­ Hcs. The 1 1 PLU students in the S a m a ntha S m it h Memorial Exchange prog ra m fou n d them­ sel ves o bserv i ng h i story in the m a king. At the sa me time, Baltic students at PLU were g a i n i ng i nval u a b l e knowl edge that w i l l h e l p t h e m i n t h e developm ent of m a rket econom ics i n their own lands. This spri n g 1 2 A m e ri c a n exch a nge stud ents u n der PLU a u spices had plan ned to spend a sem ester i n t h e B a l t i c states before u n rest i n the r e g i o n caused cancellation o f t h e trip. Twelve stu dents from Lat v i a , Lit h u a n i a a nd Estonia a re stu dy­ i n g Engl ish, busi ness, com p uter science a nd economics at PLU .

PacifIC Lutheran Unlvenlty scene March , ...,

8 De velop men t


rs TO PLU Set G-vi n


o n o rs to Pac i f i c L u t h e r a n U n i vers i ty set n e w reco rds for generosity d u ri ng Decem ber, accordi ng to Luther Bekemeier, vice-pres i dent fo r d evelop m ent Tota l g i ft i n c o m e fo r t h e mo nt h was 5 1 . 4 m i l l i o n , a 1 6 percen t i ncrease over the record of $1 2 m i l l i on set last yea r, the fi rst yea r t h a t g i v i n g h a d exceeded 1 m i l l io n i n a s i ng l e month, Bekemeier i n d i cated. o Club A sign ificant part of the total

was contributed by mem bers of the PLU Q Club, who contribute u n rest ricted cu rrent fu nds to the u n iversity. December Q C l u b donations were a quarter m i l l ion dollars, up 12 percent over l ast year's 5223,000. The Q C l u b is prog ress i n g stead i l y toward its goal o f 51 m i l l ion in a n n u a l g i v i n g by the end of 1 99 1 , the conclusion of PLU 's centennial year. Totals for the 1 990 calen d a r yea r were 5 9 3 3,000, u p six perce n t over last year, Bekemeier noted. Centennial Fund Campaign

The vice-president a lso report­ ed on the progress of "S h a p i ng Tomorrow," the u niversity's five­ year, $30 m i l l ion cente n n i a l fu nd campaign. Just under $4 m i l l ion is needed to com pl ete fu n d i n g for t h e Mary Baker Russell Music Center and to m eet t h e 55 m i l l i o n

M u sic Center Arch itects E a rn Top AlA Honors Z i m m e r Gunsul Frasca Partner­ ship, t h e a rc h itects deSig n i ng the M a ry Baker Ru sse l l M u s i c C e n t e r at P L U , rece ived t h e 1 99 1 Architectu re F i r m Awa rd from the America n Institute of Arch itects. The I n stitute's h ig h est award recogn izes a firm that h as con­ sistently p rodu ced d i stingu ished a rc h i tectu re for a t l east 1 0 yea rs The fi rm was selected by the Institute Honors j u ry for its "high sta ndard of work and its i m pact o n the N o rt h w e st reg ion." Other major p rojects by ZGF i nc l u d e the Fred H u tc h i n so n Cancer Research center, Secon d a nd Seneca B u i ld i ng i n down­ town Seattle, O regon Conven­ tion Center a nd t h e O regon Mu seu m of Science and Industry

end owm ent fund goa l of he cam paign, he sa id _ Other campaign goals, such as scho l a rs h i ps a nd g ra nts and cur­ rent restricted and u n restri cted i n co m e , h a ve a l re a d y b e e n reached, Bekem eier said. Mary B a k e r R u s s e l l Music center

The $8.9 m i l l ion m usic center, the centerpiece of the centenni­ a l fund ca m paign, w i l l be located a m i dst fir a nd oak trees on the n o rthwest corner of the cam­ pus, west of Ingram a nd Kreidler H a l ls and north of the R i eke Sci­ ence Center. "It wi l l solve the u rgent p rob­ lem of p rov i d i n g adequate a nd appropriate space and resou rces fo r a m u s i c p rogram t h at has ea rned a n i ntern at i o n a l repu ta­ t i o n fo r q u a l i ty , " t h e v i ce­ president said. G rou ndbreaking for the fac i l ity wi l l be one of the fi rst h i g h l ig hts of PLU's seco n d centu r y . It is expected to be held in Septem­ ber. The decade of the '80s ma rked PLU's e n t ry i nto the world of l a rge-sca l e c a p i t a l f u n d c a m ­ paigns, beg i n n i n g with "Shari ng i n Strength" (1 980-85). "Sharing in Strength" produ ced some $20 m i l l i on a g a i nst a n a n nou n ced $ 1 6 . 5 m i l l i o n goa l . It b u i lt the 58.9 m i l l ion Rieke Science Center a n d $ 5 00,000 N a m es F i t n ess Cente r a n d fu nded n u merous ca m pus i m p rovements and ren­ ovations. The endowment fund g rew from $ 1 m i l l ion to $5 m i l­ lion. "Shaping Tomorrow"

The c u rrent campaign w i l l a lso have exceeded its goal when the m u s i c center and endowment goals a re m et, Bekemeier i n d i ­ cated . A t h i rd floor has been added to the l i b ra ry, and the endow­ ment fu n d w i l l be d o u b l ed to $ 1 0 m i l lion. Total g i v i ng for the decade wi l l approach $60 m i l l ion, Bekemeier p red i cted . Com p l i ca t i n g c o m p l e t i o n of the music center d ri ve has bee n the i nc rease i n cost from an ori g i n a l $5 m i l l ion to over $8 m i l­ l ion. A s i m i l a r i nflation i m pacted t h e c a m p a i g n fo r the sc i e n ce center, but that c h a l lenge was a lso s u ccessfu l l y m et, a n d the u n iversity now has one of the f i n e st u n d e rg rad uate s C i e n ce education fac i l ities i n the cou n­ try. I n add i t i o n , tile u n i ve rs i ty recei ved over S 1 m i l l i on in i rrev­ ocable deferred g ifts desi gnated fo r e n d owment d u ri n g 1 9 90. These mon ies a re not i ncl u ded i n cu rrent yea r fig res. "We remai n dee ply gratefU l to the thousands of a l u m n i a nd fri en ds who a re d em onstrati ng

ecords I n t 990




'I ,





r--- · ..

Planned Mary Baker Russell Music Cenrer - east en trance

their com m itment to and i nvest­ ment i n the fu t u re of Pac i f i c Lutheran U n i versity," Bekemeier sa i d . "We a re a l so i n d ebted to the

h u n d reds of vo l u n te e rs who have taken a n active ro le in t h i s ca m paign, and whose efforts a re responsi b l e for m u ch of o u r suc­ cess," he added .

Endowment Is Key TO Long Range Fina ncial Stability Endowment - How does it ben­ efit the donor, and the u n iversi .. ty? " Donors a re becom i ng m o re soph isticated i n t h e i r u n d e r· sta nding of endowment funds " sa id Ed Larson, PLU d i rector of planned g iving. That u nd e rsta n d i n g corre.. sponds to the increased u nder· standing of savi ngs genera l ly , he pointed out. As Americans have become m o re p rosperous, they h a ve i n c rea s i n g l y needed to know more a bout the value of their money and how their mon .. ey . can p ro d u ce m o re money, giving them i ncomes som et i m es several t i m es m o re t h a n t h e i r orig inal i n vestment "That is a lso t h e n at u re of endowment" sa id Larson. S i m ply put, it is a u n iversity savings or i nvestment accou nt. The u n i ver· sity spends only the i nterest on the face val u e of the accou nt. For m uch of its h i story, Pacific Lutheran U n iversity fou n d its i m med i a te f i n a n c i a l needs of such a p reSS i n g n a t u re that donations of i m med iate operat­ ing funds were e mphasized and ca pital funds were ra ised for bu i l d i ngs as th ose needs a rose. Today, i nst itu t i o n a l sta b i l ity is such that more attention can be p laced on longer ra nge goals. "When a person do nates to the endowment fu n d , the g i ft w i l l work For the u n iversity for­ ever," he sa i d . "For exa m p l e, if a person donated 1 2,000 to the genera l fund this year, we could g ive 1 2 5 1 ,000 scho l a rs h i ps, but then the m oney wou l d be gone.

If they do nate $ 1 2 ,000 to the endowment fund, we m i ght g ive o n l y one schol a rs h i p t h i s yea r. But we w i l l give that scholarsh i p every year, i nd efin itely. After 1 0 o r 1 2 years we w i l l have g iven scholars h i ps equ a l i ng the face value of the g ift, but we wi l l not h ave touched the principa l . " There a re now scores o f these scholars h i ps awa rded every yea r, often in the name of the donor or a loved one, he explained . E m p hasis on endowment d u r­ ing the past decade has paid d iv­ i dends. When the decade of the '80s began and PLU's fi rst la rge sca l e c a p i t a l/e n d ow m e n t g ot u n d e rway, PLU's e n d ow m e nt was approxi mately 51 m i llion. At m id-decade, at the close of the "Sh a ri ng in Strength" ca m pa i g n , the fu nd had reached $ 5 m i l l i on. At the conclusion of the cur­ rent cente n n i a l fund drive, the e n d ow m e n t f u n d w i l l h a ve reached 5 1 0 m i l l i o n . I n addition, p l a n ned and d ef e r red g i fts h a v e b e e n rece ived f o r the past seve ral yea rs at a rate of more thar.l 51 m il l i o n a yea r, which i nd i cates to La rson the extent to which PLU s u p po rt e rs have l e a r n e d t h e i m portance o f i nterest o n thei r i n vestments, whether before o r after a gift i s g i ven to the u n i ­ versity. La rson asked, "Wh at co u l d be b etter t h a n setting u p a g ift t h a t p ro v i d es a n n u a l l y f o r a scholarsh i p or su pport of a spe­ k n oWl ­ cific progra m, with edge that such a gift W i l l co ntin­ u e I nd efi n itely?" ._


'Padfie Lutheran University scene March 1 991



ecipient Of Charitable Trusts va lued At Over St M

Three gifts of p roperty wort h more t h a n 51 m i l l i o n combi ned were received by PLU d u ri n g the fi nal t h ree months of 1 990. Dr. E r i k m i l \ ) a n d L o u i s e (Edhol m '49) P i h l donated a par­ cel of property north of Seattle. M rs, T h e l m a Newt on of M oses Lake donated a b u il d i ng in Con­ nell, Wash" between Moses Lake and t h e T r i C i ties. S t a n l ey and Clarice Akerson of Corvallis, Ore., donated a d u p lex. All three gifts incl uded estab­ l i sh m ent of charitable rem a i nder u n i t rusts. The donors recei ve l i fet i m e i ncome, after wh ich PLU (and other designated charities) receive the p ri ncipal. Donors also deduct the gift from their taxes and avoid capital g a i ns taxes on the a p p reciated va l u e of the gift. The P i h l g ift wi l l event u a l ly endow a schola rshi p i n mem ory of Dr. Pihl's parents, Swed ish pio­ neers H i l d i ng a n d H i l d u r P i h l , who originally fa rmed t h e donat­ ed property. The Pihls have m a ny ties with PLU . Brothe r Iva r Pihl, a reti red Vancouver, Was h . , pastor, is a 1 94 7 a l u m n u s ; h i s w ife J o a n (Sat e r n ) g ra d uated i n 1 94 6 . Brother Earnest Pih l , a n Everett, Was h . , pastor, g ra d u ated i n 1 9 54, B rother M a rt i n P i h l i s a f o r m e r m e m be r of t h e PLU Board of Regents and sister Kar­ in Leander is a 1 966 a l u m na. Daughter And rea g ra d u ated i n 1 985; son Pa u l W i l l g ra d uate this year. N e p h ews a n d n i eces who a re PLU a l u m n i i n c l u d e A r n e '80,

Susan ' 8 1 , M a rs h a l l and I n g r i d , both ' 8 3 , a n d Mark Egbert ' 7 6 , Nephew Ch ristian al so attended


P i h l has bee n a m e m ber o f t h e b o a rd o f H o l d e n V i l l ag e a n d Seattle Lutheran B i b le Institute. He has also worked on behalf of t h e P L U c e n te n n i a l c a m p a i g n committee a n d t h e former LCA world h u nger appeal. M rs. Pihl is a fo r m e r teac h e r w h o now works i n h e r h u s b a n d ' s o rth­ odontics office. "We've wa nted to do som e­ th i ng special for PLU for a long ti me," said P i h l , "and t h i s was the opport u n i ty to do i t . " H e p O i nted o u t t h a t c h a r i ta b l e trusts are a "wi n-wi n" deal, bene­ ficial to both the donor and the u n iversity. Newton's gift w i l l also eventu­ al ly endow a scholarsh i p i ntend­ ed to assist students from G rant and Ada ms cou n ties in Was h i ng­ ton. H e r g r a n d d a u g h t e r , A n n M a ri e Newt o n , i s a 1 990 PLU a l u m na. The trust set u p by the Aker­ sons will eventua l ly be sha red by PLU with G race Lutheran C h u rch in Corva l l is, "We have been affi l i ated with the Lutheran c h u rch from c h i ld­ hood," sa i d M rs, Akerso n . "We bel ieve in the m ission of t h e Lutheran c h u rch, and PLU repre­ sents the Luthera n ch u rc h , We see t h i s as our way to s u p port that effort . " Ph i l i p N ordqu ist, P L U h i story professor and cente n n i a l h istori­ an, is a nephew of the Akersons. Another of h is a u nts gave a s i m i­ l a r gift to PLU a year ago.

The Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Vocal Choir will perform April 2 1 a t the Pan tages Cen tre in Tacoma. The concert is sponsored by PLU's School of the Arts. A limited number of 519. 50 tickets are a vailable from Choir of the West and University Chorale Members (a cen tennial concert tour fund raiser). For information call 535-7601.

PLU Orchestra Debuts Ongoing Beethoven Symphony Series A fou r-season p roj ect w i l l be l a u nched d u ri n g the M a rch 1 2 concert of the U n i ve rsity S y m ­ phony O rchestra. Conductor Jer­ ry Kracht and the orchestra w i l l celebrate one of t h e g reat sy m­ phonic legacies of the past and will demonstrate the contin ued vital ity of the fut u re . I n an ongoing cycle, all n i ne of Beethoven's sym phonies will be pe rfo r m e d w i t h a s i g n i f i c a n t 20th-ce n t u ry sy m p honic work. The fi rst concert p a i rs Davi d D e l T red ici's " I n Mem ory o f a Su mmer Day" with Beethoven's Sym phony NO. 1 . The 20th-cen­ tu ry work ha rmonizes elements

of the past and p resent to cre­ ate an extraordi n a ry sym phonic portrait of Lewi s Carrol l 's C h i l d Alice. Accordi n g to Kracht, the Cen­ t e n n i a l - i n sp i red p roj ect w i l l c u l ­ m i nate d u ri n g the 1 99 3-94 sea­ son w i t h t h e perfo r m a nce of B e et h ov e n ' s N i nth Sy m p h o n y a nd the world prem iere of a new work. The pe rfo r m a n c e is p l a n ned for t h e i na u g u ra l year of the Mary Baker Russell M u sic Center. The M a rc h 1 2 concert begi n s a t 8 p . m . i n Eastvold A u d itori u m a nd fea t u res s o p r a n o LeeA n n e Cam pos ('81 ) .

1 990-91 Corporate/Fo u n d ation Schol a rs h i p Rec i p ients 1 990-91 corporate/fo u ndation sc holars h i p rec i p i e nts a re: Ackerley Co m m u nications Scholarsh i p - Stacia Gaston A l pac Corporation Scholarsh i p - Ch ristopher Beer Art h u r Anderson & Co. M erit Award - La n i Artacho A l l e n m ore Fou ndat i o n : A l l e n m ore R eg i stered N u rse Scholars h i p Barba ra Acsel rod , S u s a n Al l e n , M a ry b e l l e Ca l h o u n , Kathryn C a n i no, C h r i s La rse n, Ja net Lo pez-Sm i t h , Krist i n e Lu n d e e n , Robi n M c K i l l i p, Doreen Morris, Rita Swanson. Henrietta Button Gaetz N u rs i ng Schol arsh i p - J u l i e S l i nd and Mich­ e l l e Thaut. J a m es R , G r i b bon Scholarsh i ps ( n u rs i ng) - La rry Corcora n, C i n thia Garcia, Susan H errick, Terry H of, Melanie Luedtke, F rederick M a lloy, Amy Nock, C h ri st i n e Ottenfeld, K i m berly Stewart, E l i zabeth Will iams. J udge Bertil E. Joh nson Scholars h i p (pre-med) - Martha R i ggers Che ney Fou ndation Scholarsh i p - Kristina Bra u n l ich, Patrick Foran, Paul Fu rt h , David Hatlen and Brandon McDonald . Chevron Merit Award - Kristen Larson and Cat herine Overland. Coca Cola Award of Excel lence - Pau l H oltzhei mer and Kristina M iller. Farmers I nsurance Gro u p Scholars h i p - Dea n ne Merle and Ru ssel l R ice. First I nterstate Bank Scho l a rshi p - Monica R i ca rte F rank Ru ssell Com pany Endowed Scholarsh i p - Pa ul F u rth Fuchs Foundation Sc holars h i p - Shelly Beck, Joseph Ca rlson, Debra

C u rtis, Mark F l a m oe, Mark Gower, Kristen Hart m a n n , Da niel Herforth, Sheri H u nter, Brock H u rt, Pha r i ny L i m , Roxa n n e M il es, W i l l i a m Walthal l and Dea nna Weymouth J u d g e Cha rles E. H o rowitz Merit Award - Rex Carter and Dan iel Mc Keown. K i lworth Foundation Scholars h i p - Edward Bang, Bobbie Brock, Kris­ t i n Carter, Gregory Freitag, Lesley Garber, Andrew Gray, Cent u ra Grey, Andrea Morga n , Stephen Owens and Enoch Stevenson, Presser Foundation Scholars h i p - Cory S m ith Puget Sound Bank Schol arsh i p - M i chael Merle REI Schola rsh i p - Thomas M ercer Seafi rst Foundation Scholars h i p - Lisa Scott Security Pacific Ban k Scho l a rs h i p - Ri chard A nderson, Lani A rtacho, Eustacia B u rch, Lien Dam, G i na DeC a m p, Dym phna E lzie, M e l i ssa Espi­ nosa, Roger Gray, J u l i e H a m i lton, Cynthia Hawk ins, Lorina J i m e nez, Allan Kawasaki, Wendy Lee, Shi rley McDaniel and Dave Reichel. U n ited Parcel Schol arsh i p - T i m othy G i lla m Washi ngton M u t u a l Great Teac h e rs Award - Marga ret Faison Wash ington Auto Dealers Scholars h i p - Staci Sa ntsch i Also: AAL - nearly 530,000 funds 43 sch o l a rships Lutheran Brotherhood - nearly 5 30,000 funds 24 scholars i ps ELCA - 5 1 0,000 funds 1 0 sc holarships 1 05 named rest ricted scholarships aid 264 stu dents

pacific Lutheran University scene March 1991

10 Campus

PLU, ELeA Plan summer Youth Televi sion works hop

Lisa Simonsen

PLU Se n ior Heads Nationa l Luthera n Stud ent M ovem ent


Lisa Si monse n , a P L U se n i or from Granger, Wash., is the new p re Ident of the Luthera n Stu­ dent Movement - USA. She was elected at a national: gatheri ng of LSM-USA, h e l d i n Lou i sv i l le, Ky. , Dec. 28-J a n . 1 i n· conjunction with a National Ecu-i menica l Gathering of C h ristian Conferences. Some 2 , 1 00 delegates rep re­ sent i n g 10 d e n o m i n a t i ons attended the ecumen ica l event. the fi rst la rge-scale gathering of students in two decades to be sponsored jointly by Protestant denomi nations. The 380 mem ­ ber LS M-USA d e l egation was holding its 2 1 st national gather­ ing. Si monsen, an English-language arts major at PLU , w i l l conduct national cou ncil meetings i n the fa l l and spring, represent the group at ELCA Division of Educa­ tion board meet i ngs, act as a d iplomat on behalf of Lutheran students, and prepare for next Year's gathering in Phoen ix, Ariz. Karolyn La bes of Seattle a lso represented PLU at the gather­ ing. Deleg ates at the g a t h e r i n g supported a peace conference dea l i ng with Israel i-Pa l est i n i a n secu rity, d i p lomatic relations rel ated to the G u lf crisis, and environme ntal concerns. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lorence Baldw i n S i m onsen of Loon Lake, Wash., Lisa will g radu­ ate t h i s s p r i n g a nd p l a n s to attend Luther N orthWestern Semi nary next fal l .

Thirty h i g h school stu de nts from across the nation w i l l learn how to prod uce videos "from a fa ith perspect i ve " at PLU this su mmer. The J u ly 1 4-27 workshop is a partners h i p between the Evan­ gel ica l Lutheran C h u rch i n Amer­ ica's youth and com m u n icat ion depa rtments and PLU Television. Titled " Everg ree n," the wo rk­ shop w i l l blend television pro­ d u ct i o n ski l l s a n d refl ect ion from a Ch ristian perspective on the role of TV in modern CUl­ ture, accord ing to Mart i n Neeb, executive d i rector of com m u n i ­ cations a t PLU . " O u r state-of-the­ a rt television fac i l ities and the com m itment of ou r staff to the i nteg ration of fa ith and lea rn­ i ng w i l l provide a solid fo u nda­ tion for this workshop," he said. Rev. Dave E l l i n g s o n , E LCA Region I youth m i nistry coord i na­ tor and the coord i nator of Ever­ g reen, sa id, "This is a rad i ca l l y n e w a n d v i s i o n a ry p rog r a m . Luther put Guten berg's printing press to good use to sp read the Good News; we will offer young people a n opportun ity to apply their creativity, and to develop com m u n ications skills by using the latest technolog y of this centu ry." The title "Evergreen" suggests the vital ity, energy and vision of youth a l o n g with the roots of the p roject's ori g i n , the Pacific Northwest. Cindy Laue, Reg ion I d i rector for com m u n ications, said, "This project will g ive youth an opport u n ity to share those

PLU TV producer Rick Machle

same q u a l ities with the c h u rc h and society." I n v i ted l ead ers i n c l u d e Rev. John Peterson, ELCA d i rector of public media m i n istries, and lin­ da Woods Peterson , TV producer a n d a u t h o r of The Electronic Lifeline, a med ia exploration for youth . Youth entering grades 1 0, 1 1 a n d 1 2 a re e l i g i b l e to a p p l y . A p p l i cation dea d l ine i s A p r i l 1 . Pa rti c i pa nts wi l l be selected on the basis of the appl ication. The re will be a $ 1 20 reg istra­ tion fee; partici pant's transpor­ tation wi l l be covered by a grant from L u t he ra n B rotherhood. Applications and i nformation are ava i lable from Ellingson at 766 B John St., Seattle, Was h . 981 09; 1 -800-878-7 280.

Su m mer 1 99 1 LITE Institute Featu res Top Theo l og i a ns

Com m u n ication Arts Stu dents E a rn Merit Awa rds

Three outstanding theologians are featured on the facu lty of the annual Lutheran Institute of Theology, which will be held on campus J u ly 8-1 1 . They are Ja mes Sanders, pro· fessor of i nte rtesta mental a nd bibl ical studies at the School of Theology, Claremont, Cal if; Mar­ garet Krych, a Ch ristian ed u ca­ tion spec i a l ist from Lutheran School of Theolog y i n Phi ladel­ phia; and Walter Altmann from the Lutheran sem i na ry in Sao Leopoldo, B razil . Altmann, who taught at Holden V i llage i n 1 988, will present a South America n's view of Ch ristianity. Worsh ip leader is Rev. Jessica C rist. d i rector of th e Northern Rockies I nstitute of Theology (Montana). The i nstitute is sponsored by the Lutheran Institute for Theo· logical Education (LITE) at PLU. For more information write to the LITE office at PLU, or call (206) 535-7342.

Rex Carter of Kelso, Wash., and Daniel McKeown of San Clem· ente, Cal if., a re rec i p ie nts of Cha rles E. Horowitz Merit Awards at PLU. The awa rds, which i nc l u d e a $ 7 5 0 scho la rsh i p , a re com peti· tive a mong PLU students major· ing in com m u n ication arts. Crite· ria i n c l u d e a ca d e m i c work, lead ersh i p pote n t i a l , personal va l u es a n d p ractical experience in radio a nd television o n a nd off ca m pus. PLU is home to National Public Radio affi l iate KPLU-FM. The cam· pus a lso h o u ses a fi rst rate closed c i rcu it television prod u c­ tion facility. Both a w a rd w i n n e rs a re sen iors. Carter is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Carter of Kelso. McKeown is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKeown of San Clem· ente. The award is named for a for· mer Seattle media executive .

KPLU -FM Rati ngs H i g h I n Weste rn Wash i ngton M a rket KPLU-FM has been named Jazz Station of the Yea r by The Gavin Report. a national m us i c i n d u s­ try publ ication. At the sa m e time, new Arbi­ tron rati ngs show that the sta­ tion is joi n i n g the ra n ks of the major radio stat ions i n the Puget Sound a rea . The most rece nt ratings a re the h ig h est ever recorded by a no n-com mercial station i n the Seattle metro area or the northwest. The Gavin Award is the rad io­ music i n d u stry's equ i va l ent of the Emmy and Oscar. It is voted on by 2,300 music i nd ustry pro­ fessionals nationwide. KPLU is the fi rst non-comm er­ cial station to receive the award . M usic d i rector Joey Cohn, w hose tal ent played a major role i n the w i n n i ng of the award , was a lso nomi nated for J azz Rad io Person of the Year. Arbitron rati ngs ra n k i n g the nearly 50 stat ions in the a rea p laced PLU 1 8t h last s u m m e r and 1 4th early t h i s yea r. I t i s n i nth among listeners i n its tar­ get aud ience, ages 2 5-54. The stat i o n is a l s o n u m b er t h ree among National P u b l i c Radio-affi l iated stations i n c ities with a 1 . 5 to 2 . 5 m i l l ion popula­ tion. General manager M a rt i n Neeb noted t hat PLU c a n be very p roud of the rad i o being p ro­ duced by the station. "It gener­ ates a lot of good w i l l for PLU i n the com mun ity a n d a round the state," he sai d . Several factors have added to the station's p o p u l a rity, Neeb pointed out. The new t ra nsm itter site on West Tiger M o u n t a i n near Issa· quah went i nto operation in Sep­ tember 1 989. With a 3,1 50 foot antenna it satu rates the stereo s i g n a l t h ro u g h o u t the Puget Sou nd a rea and beyond, making the station available to more than two m i llion people. T h is access has wa rranted a change in the stat ion's position ing state­ ment to "The C lear Choice." H ig h qual ity NPR news and fea­ tu res a re particu l a rly popu lar with l isteners. During the "Morn­ ing Edition" news segment, KPLU ranks fourth a mong l isteners Wl the 25-54 age g roup. And as i nd icated, m usic select­ ed by Coh n a n d associates are earn i n g accol a d es . A m u s i c resea rch ca m pa ,i g n i n A u g u st gathered i n form a t i o n a bout what l isteners want i n terms of music p rog ra m m i n g and resu lt­ ed in some pop u l a r p rogra m­ m i ng changes.

Pacific Lutheran unlvenlty scene March




Even ing Cou rses, workshops Are Summer Sessions Highlig hts

From G reek tragedy to the study of forensic science, PLU's s u m mer sessions 1 9 91 i nvites students to "ta ke a closer look." These two cou rses are among m ore than 260 i n the s u m mer cu rricu l u m , accord i n g to Dean of S u m m e r S t u d i es D r . R i c h a rd Moe. Like last year, S u m m e r Session be g i n s i m med i at e l y fol l o w i n g spring semester ( M a y 2 8). T h e sche d u l e is part i c u l a r l y conve­ ni ent for ca m pus st udents who wish to cont i n u e i nto the sum­ mer. The fi rst sessi o n ends J u n e 21 . Term II is J u ne 24-J u l y 1 9. A workshop week, J u ly 2 2-26, fea­ tu res a se ries of a l l -day, intensive workshops that each ca rry one semester hour of credit. Term III extends from July 29-August 2 3 . S u m m e r co m m e n ce m e nt i s sched u l ed for 7 p . m . o n August 23 i n O lso n Auditori u m . A s i n past yea rs, S u m mer Ses­ sions enroll ment is expected to a p p roach 2000 stu dents, one of t h e l a r g e r su m m er p r o g r a m s among i ndependent schools any­ where i n the cou ntry. Students are attracted by eve­ n i n g cou rses a n d n u m e r o u s

Former Choir of the Wes t director Maurice Skanes will conduct a choral workshop at PLU this summer.

wo rksh ops. Moe said students are discovering that summer is a n i ncreasingly popu lar option. "They have sa id it ca n be more exciting than a su m me r vaca­ tion, more val u a b l e than a sum­ mer job," he added. For teachers wish i ng to com-

pl ete the arts-a nd-physical edu­ cat i o n req u i re m e nt, Ph vsical Educa tion in the Elemen tarv Schools is schedu l ed for the last two weeks of J u ne in t h e eve­ ni ngs; two Music for Classroom Teachers classes will be held d u r­ i ng the Workshop Week a l ong with 40 other workshops and institutes. Literary Visions is a special fea­ t u re on Wed nesday eve n i ngs. O u tsta n d i ng N o rt hwest wri ters and poets will present programs. Authors i nclude Marvin Bel l , Har­ old Si monson, J u l i e Seaman, J o a n n e M c C a rt h y , P L U ' s own Charles Bergman, and Ch rystos, a Native-Am erican Poet. The I nternational Lec t u re Se ries w i l l agai n bring experts on i nternat i o n a l affai rs to ca m p u s Tuesday noontimes. P h y s i cs cou rses a re b e i n g offe red aga i n t h i s s u m m e r, as a re anatomy and physiology and ana lytical chem istry. Advanced Placement Institutes conti n u e to grow. The J u l y 22-26 i n stitutes w i l l include Chem istry for the fi rst t i m e, a l o ng with America n H i story, E n g l ish litera­ tu re and Composition, Calcu l us, B i o l ogy, Com puter S c i ence and A merica n Govern ment. The i nst i t u tes a re p a rticu l a rl y d i rected towa rd teachers des i r-

i n g to becom e Advanced Pl ace­ ment teachers, but also w i l l chal­ lenge and i m p rove the skills of veteran AP teachers. The 1 99 1 Choral Workshop wi l l b ri n g back to cam p u s form er Choir of the West Director Mau­ rice Skones, now chair of Ch oral M u sic at the U n i versity of Arizo­ na. Pop u l a r fru it festivals i nc l u d e t h e Strawberry Festival J u ne 1 9, Raspbe rry Fest i v a l J u l y 1 1 and Peach Fest ival August 2 1 . A catalog of a l l S u m m e r Ses­ sions cou rses and workshops w i l l be avai lable M a rch 1 5 . Ca l l (206) 5 35 -7 1 43 to reserve your copy.

Elliott press Program Honored K i m A b ra h a m of Love l a n d , Colo., a sen ior E ngl ish major, was the reci pient of a 5 2 5 0 cash awa rd from the Book C l u b of Washi ngto n. S h e was hono red for her acad e m i c achi evement and work with the Ell iott Press at PLU . The Book C l u b also presented 51 ,250 to the E l l iott Press pri nt­ ing arts program as an expres­ sion of their strong s u p port for the work of the progra m . M eg a n Benton is the program coordi na­ to r.

Recent high school graduates, high school juniors, college freshmen,

_ .









A three-week residential enrichment opponunity for gifted high

school sophomores and juniors •


1 haven't

1 991

Dr. Judith

Middk College students have said:

had the problems adjusting to college that 1 have san otha'freshmen having.

It gives kids a betta chance to get into college-<lnd to make it.

" The application deadline is May 3 1

It sharpens your skills in such basic

(Financial Aid requests are due May 1). For more information, write Dr. Judy

writing. studying and math, plus history, earth science, p5}ChoIogy

Carr, Dean for Special Academic Pro­ grams, PLU, Tacoma, WA 98447 or

and computer science_

call 515-7130.

transition from high school to college. areas as

Natural Sciences: The Puget Sound Environment English: Wri ting Workshop •


M iddle College is in tended to ease the


2 6

Middle college taught me how to use the resources of a univasity.

Small classes, outstanding college professors

Pill Middle College I S - J U L Y

Four college credits give a head start toward a college degree

Get a running start . . . toward your college degree! J U N E


For information call Dean for Special Academic


(206) 535-7130

r---------�--------�I I I I I


Please complete the nomination fonn and return it to Summer Scholars, PlU, Tacoma, WA 98447. (Date: )

Student's Name H6rJ Address


High School

I Nominated by I Title L _





Grade -

School _



_ _






_ _ _

� _



I I �


clflc Lutheran universitY

scene March 1 991

Th e Preside nt

tJL.. d. ? "What Is Peace? It is the Prom ise of Secu rity!"


e are a t w a r aga i n . W h o or what - is rig ht? Neither the m ajo rity o p i n i o n nor the m i nority op inion d etermi nes the t r u t h . I n t h e vacu u m of not knowing, the c h i l dren of God stru g g l e for peace a n d for peaceful relationshi ps with oth­ ers. I have n ever k n own first­ hand the ravages of war, and so m ay b e u n q u a l i fied to s p e a k a bout it, yet I choose t o d o so u n d e r t h e topic of " W h at is peace? It is the prom ise of secu­ rityl" Psalm 91 , vv. 1 -8.

Presiden t William 0. Rieke Psalm 9 1, vv. 1 -8. Meditation for Bishop 's Con voca­ tion, Region I, SW Synod, Wash., Jan­ uary 1 8, 1991

'A s we struggle for hope in this vola tile tim e, we remember tha t s tability comes through engaging in our common purpose together'

1. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the A lmighty. 2. I will sa y of the Lord, He is m y refuge and my fortress. my God, in him will I trust. 3. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fo wler, and from the noisome pestilence.

4. He shall cover thee with his fea th­ ers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be th y shield and buckler. 5. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; 6. Nor for the pestilence that walk­ eth in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth a t noon­ day. 7. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at th y righ t hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. 8. Only with thine e yes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

I fi rst hea rd those verses near­ ly 50 years ago. The setti ng was the occasion of my oldest b roth­ er's leavi n g for m i l i ta ry service in World War II. My father was the reader. The meaning of the promise to a not yet teen-aged boy was c l e a r a n d a bsol u t e : there was t h e cert a i n prom ise of no harm. (vv. 3-6l. At the co nclu­ sion of the war, my b rother and fa m i l y were i n d eed safe and u n harmed ph YS ical ly. B u t what of the 4 5 m i l l ion oth ers who d ied in World War II? The qu es­ tion was n ever f u l l y resolved, never fu lly answered . While there were a few su bse­ q u e n t m o m en t a ry occa sions when Psa l m 91 c a m e to m i nd,

the second most im portant time for me was when I was i n the mi d-thirties, then Dean of Medi­ cine at the U n iversity of Iowa, and our cou ntry was engaged i n t h e V i et n a m War. T h e sett i ng and the occasion were that I was now read i ng to my own ch i l d ren, and trying to keep our hospital open am idst riots a nd fire_ Was t h e meaning of the prom ise rel­ eva nt then? W h i l e I read and i ntoned it clearly and resolutely to my children, I doubted it. The bl ack-an d-wh ite of my chi ldh ood v a l u e s w a s b e i n g s ev e r e l y stra i n ed by the re a l i ti es: t h e cri m i nal a n d cruel brea kdown of law and the certa i n presence of violence and i nj u ry . The outcome was neither clea r nor decisive. Somehow the times passed and life went o n . But it was never to be t h e same agai n. Most of t h e old forms, b e l i efs a n d behaviors had ch anged. The question of the mea n i ng of the prom ise was u n a nswe red ; the defi n i t i o n a n d reso l u t i on were simply deferred. Now for the third major time i n my life, I engage the words of the promise once aga i n . The set­ ting and occasion are different: age; experience, position and responsi b i l ity all g ive a new per­ spect i ve . The mean i n g of the prom ise is to give enough sta bi l i­ ty a n d secu rity to a l l so that every me a n i ng ca n be safely expl ored . The major outcome of t h e Per­ sian G u lf War we awa i t . The i m med iate and partial outcome as it relates to Pacific Lutheran U n iversity was add ressed in a memora n d u m sent at the out­ break of the war to the enti re campus com mu ni ty. How do we add ress the som ber and fright­ ful topic of PLU and War? The Mi d-East crisis provides for all of us u r g e n t reaso ns to assess again our roles. What sh a l l the i n d i v i d u a l a n d the co m m u n ity and the i nstitution of PLU do? It is an outcome that in vites th ree specific actions. The fi rst is to con t i n u e what we are dOing, and to concen­ trate anew o n atta i n i n g t h e g o a l s that we h a v e s e t out to achieve. Whether student, facul­ ty or staff, we m u st recog n ize that, as long as we rem a i n at the un iverSity, the best contribution we can m a ke to our cou ntry, and to t h e worl d, is doing better 'that which we know how to do wel l . Education is our b usi ness, and teach ing a n d learn i n g a re the vocations to which we are ca l led. We m ust rem a i n a com­ m u n ity of l ea rners. As we strug­ gle for hope in this volatile time, we rem e m be r t h a t sta b i l ity comes t h rough enga g i ng in our

common pu rpose toget her. The seco nd is to recog n i ze that it is i m porta n t to d i scuss open ly a n d freely ou r d iffe r i n g viewpoi nts, a n d t o express o u r sup port o r oppOSition i n rea­ soned, respectful and usefu l set­ ti ngs. Open d e b a tes, foru m s , i n q u i r i es a n d e x p r essions of wh ateve r concern or pos i t i o n a re t o b e e n cou ra g e d , a nd should occu r i n an atmosphere which hon ors peacefu l proce­ d u res and most of a l l respects the oth e r person T h i rd, we conti nue to support one a nother and pray for peace. What is that peace? It is u n der­ stand i ng the di fference between the absence of a negative q u a l i ­ t y and t h e presence of a positive one. It is knowing a bsolutely that the promise is secu re a n d con­ ti n u i ng. The prom ise that comes not only in Psa lm 91 , but also i n t h e Ch ristm as story of "Peace on earth," and in the words of S i m eon, " N ow lettest thou thy servant depart in peace . . . ," and in every witness subsequently. What is peace? It is a bsorbi ng a n d respo n d i ng to t h e over­ w h el m i n g l ove of God t h at e n a b l es us to con t i n u e to l i ve, fu nction and praise Him, no mat­ ter what our physical cond itio n . No, not t h e arrow that flies by day , n o r the pesti l e n ce tha t wal ks i n d a r k ness - be t h e arrow ca l l ed Tomahawk or t h e pesti lence nerve gas - not o n e s h a l l g i v e us terror. G ra n t u s , Lord, your peacel

'What is peace? It is absorb­ ing and responding to the o verwhelming love of Cod that enables us to contin­ ue to live, function and praise Him, no matter what our physical condition '

PaClflc Luth eran universitv Sftone MarICh 1991

Commen ts


M i lton Luther N esvi g (1 9 1 5-1 990) By Dr. Philip Nordquist centennial Historian (This is the 1 9 th article in a 20-part series)

I fi rst m et M i lt Nesvig in early December 1 9 5 2 . The occasion wa the fi rst basketball game of t h e seaso n . The opponent was natio n a l ly ra nked Seattle U n i ver­ sity and the game was pl ayed i n t h e o l d Seattl e i ce a rena . The basketball floor was laid over the ice in those days. Seattle U. was led by the famous O'Brien twi ns. They had put Seattle U. on the basketba ll map in the previous three years. I had fo ll owed the exploits of Sea ttle U . with great i ntEJest from La ke Stevens H igh School . Now I was a wid e-eyed freshman reserve on the PLC team playing agai nst the O' Briens. To say I was excited is to engage in u nd e r­ sta tement. At La ke Stevens H i g h School we h ad been t a u g h t g ood sportsma nsh i p. It was my i nten­ t i o n to con t i n u e that at PLC. I wa s u n d e rsta n d a b ly sho cked, therefore, to hear loud, a b usive, a n d w i l d l y p a rt i s a n s h o u t i n g from i m m ed i ately beh i nd the bench as the game got u n der way . It was aimed at the Seattle U. p l a y e rs - espec i a l l y t h e O' Briens - a n d add ressed thei r g rades, the fact that they were " hot dog," and m u c h else. The offi c i a l s were a lso pil l oried and t h e fact of favoritism beca use of rel i gious soli darity with Seat­ tle U. was frequently menti oned. I i m m ed i ately decided t h i s was n ot Lake Stevens play i n g G ran ite Falls. The ecu menical movement was not yet u nder way either. After a few m i n utes I t u rned rou nd to see who the chief and lou dest ma lefactor was. I saw a b a l d , ext reme ly red-faced naval officer with a chapl a i n's cross on h is lapel. After the game 'I was i nt roduced to M i lt Nesv i g . We re m a i ned friends for the next 38 years. M i lt was passionately devoted to P L U , i ts s t u d e nts, a l u m n i , c h o i rs, b a n d s , a n d a t h l e t i c teams. That devot ion ap pea red i n wonderfu l, somet i m es u n ex­ pected, often part isan , ways and was never fa r from the su rface. If ever a person found the right n iche i n l ife it was Milt Nesvig, the promoter and su pporter of PLU. He loved t h e i n st itution with u ncritica l passi on. I soon d iscovered other per­ sona l i ty tra i t s. M i lt loved to laugh and he laughed freq uent­ ly. He saw h u m o r in situations, l i ked horseplay, told (frequently a b om i n a b l e ) N o rweg i a n j o kes, and battled with l a u g hter the powers and p r i ncipa l i ti es t h at

read it. He had experienced too many little strokes. That was d is­ a p poi n t i n g . I wa nted to sha re the book with h i m and I wanted h i s measu red response. It was too late for that. As the centen n i a l yea r comes to an end I often find myself t h i n k i ng a b out M i lt. I m i ss his l a u g hte r, passion, ca ring, and friendsh i p . I m iss him at basket­ b a l l g a m es. I m i ss h i s s i n g u l a r concern f o r PLU. I ' m sure m a ny

of you have rich m e m o r i es of M i lt. Why don't you write them down and send them to me. I'll put you r letters in the Univers ity Arch i ves so that the next U n i ver­ sity h istorian ca n beg i n to make sense of t h e l ife and t i m es of M i lton Luther Nesvig a n d his ser­ vice to P L U . That service cut across seven decades and you find it everyw here . (Next time: advice to the next Uni­ versitv historian)

A ,* C E N T E N N I A L '* T R E A 5 U R E

Milton Nesvig

loomed up i n life. That's a pretty good strategy. Mi lt al so cared for people. The evidence is scattered across the g l ob e : African st u d en ts w h o l i ved i n t h e Nesvig house; finan­ cial aid so mehow acq u i red for needy students; u ncou ntable let­ ters and phone calls exp ressing concern, offe r i n g h e l p , extend­ i n g congratu lations; presence at wed d i ngs, ord i n a tion s, fu n e rals, and all other public events. M i lt's ext raord i n a ry m e m o ry must have been tied to his car­ i n g . He had the names, voca­ ti ons, exp l o its on cam pus, a nd fa m ily h istories of what seemed l i ke the entire a l u m n i association tucked away in his memory. He was rarely wrong. We all l i ke to be re m e m be red . M i lt made us feel i m portant. Relationsh ips were sometimes stormy with M i lt. One could find reasons to di sa g ree w ith h i m and a n g e r someti mes i ntruded into fri endship. But it neve r last­ ed very long nor seemed i m por­ tant in retrospect. M i lt was enormously su pport­ i ve of me and my act i vi t i es at PLU, both as a student and as a faculty mem ber. I n his position as university a rch i vist he made the writing of Educa ting for Ser­ vice much easier to accompl ish t h a n it co u l d h a v e been . He opened h is own Hies and the u n i­ versity a rc h i ves to me a n d we spent dozens of ha ppy h o u rs talking about the history of PLU . I was able to g ive M ilt a copy of the book last summer a cou­ ple months before his death and he was delighted with its a ppea r­ ance, but I'm afra id he cou ldn't


LU's centennial history is availble now! Educating for Service: Pacific Lutheran University 1890-1990 has been written by history professor Dr. Philip Nordquist. Uniquely qualified to write the volume, Nordquist was a student at PLU in the early '50s and has taught on campus for 27 years. The boo k describes the mumphs, disappointments and tenacious visions of those who helped to build PLU into the largest privare educa­

tional institution in the Northwest Educating for Serivce will be an eleganr

keepsake of the university's centennial celebrarion as well as a critical study of the school's often dif'ficulr enterprise, a memorable chronicle of achieve­ ments and follies, of struggles and growth. Beautifully cloth bound, rhe book includes more than 70 photographs, capturing many of the faces and moments of the PLU community over the past century. '*




F O R M � smd ..,., _cop)'(lrs) of l'.dwJtri..,p II $20.45 each 7.8'l£. saIes_ Tow

I'kas. smd lhis coupon, along wilh )'OUT check or Book-


Mab c� payable fD Plll.

....'" ...

money order. 10: Educating for Service, PW -re, TIICOINl. WA 98+41.

Pacific Lutheran University SCene March 1991

14 Commen ts

Free vacation Incentivesl

Q C l u b M arks 20 Yea rs Of Generosity, Sets New Goa ls By John Aakra, CFRE Executive Director of the Annual Fund

The PLU Q Club plans to cele­ b rate reac h i n g 2, 000 mem be rs at its 20th A n n u a l Banq uet o n Saturday, M a y 1 1 t h . Two ro u nd­ trip t ickets to Eu rope, donated by Scandi navian A i rl i nes top the l i st of pr izes wh i c h w i l l be offe red to e n c o u rage t h e recru itment o f new mem bers and to help the Q Club recog n i ze 20 yea rs of su pport fo r students attending PLU . The Q C l u b , co m p osed of friends, a l u m n i , b u s i n esses a n d chu rches, is ded i cated t o helping PLU and all students by provid­ i ng scholarships, supporting fac­ u lty sa laries a n d b u y i n g books for the li brary. Mem bers contrib­ ute a m i n i m u m of 5 240 a year i n unrestricted g ifts to t h e u n iver­ sity's Annual F u n d . T h i s year t h e Q Club a i ms t o top the 2,000 member mark by the a n n u a l b a n q u e t a n d to exceed 51 m i l l ion i n a n n u a l con ­ tributi ons for t h e fi rst t i me i n a single calendar yea r d u ri ng 1 99 1 . These g i fts w i l li m a ke a s i g n ifi­ cant im pact on PLU's abi lity to offer com pet i t i ve fi n a n c i a l a i d t o both cu rre n t and n e w PLU students. The Q C l u b presently has 1 ,875 mem bers and ra ised over 5934,000 for PLU in 1 990. W i n ners of t he European trip will be chosen in a d rawing held on the n ight of the banq uet. All Q Club members i n good sta nd­ ing w i l l be eligible to send in a contest entry form . M e m bers need not be present to w i n . A special recruitm ent contest, with equally exciting prizes, will a lso c u l m inate at the banq uet. It is l i m ited to the 1 2-week period before the banquet - Feb. 1 6 to May 1 1 . First prize w i l l be two rou ndWe would like to welcome the following individuals. businesses, and churches who have joined the Q Club since the last issue of SCENE

InCrease to senior FaRow 1$2100 /yearJ Ghormley. Warren ana Ger". Hycie. William ana Betty

New FellOws 1$1DOO-2599/ yearJ Knudson, Mark and Sue Michael. Bill and Shirley Webb, Marie Wilson, Howard ana Donita

Increase to Fellow Thomsen, Tom Wake, David ana Marvalee Wiklund. Dan and Ulrike Wiltse. Ma". Griffiths

New Associate FellOws 1$480-999/yearJ Anaerson. Bud and Vivian Graven. Kendall and Che".1 MacDonald-Wili Foundation Powell. Ga". and Joyce Sea-Lana Service, Inc This, Christine and James

Increase to ASSOCiate Fellow Arne. John and Dlga Carlson, Ralph and Janet Cofch in. Steve and Cathy Dibble. Lewis and Clara Mae Ganung. Jeff and Lisa Giddings. Bill and Roxy Graham. Glen and Christine Gumprecht, Tom and Bonnie Witrak Jacobson, Tom and Kaohleen

Gra h a m Kerr Is Featu red Q Club Banq uet Speaker Grah am Ke rr, te levisio n ' s Ga l­ loping Gou rmet chef during t h e l ate 6 0s and 70s, wil l be the featu red speaker at t he 20th annual Q Club ba n q u et Saturday. May 1 1 . Kerr, who now lives i n Kirkland, r ece n tly retu rned to television With another syndIcated show featuring gourmet cookm . Orig­ I nati ng at KING - TV stu d ios i n Seattle, the show is titled simply. G ra ham Kerr." kerr has changed a great deal s ince his ea rly ce�ebrlty days. '


trip tickets do nated by Al aska Airlines good for anywhere they fly in the Un ited States. Second prize w i l l be two roun dtrip tick­ ets to Pho e n i x d o n ated by American West A i rl i nes. The priz­ es w i l l be awa rded by d raw i n g . Individuals m a y qualify for this c o n t est in t h ree ways: by recru iting a new memLJer to the Q Club, by upgrading their own membersh ip by 5240 or m o re, or (for prospective mem bers) by joi ning the Q Club duri ng the 1 2week push to reach 2,000 mem­ bers. All ind ividuals who qual ify fo r the recru itment a n d n ew mem ber contest w i l l have their names placed in the d rawing for the Alaska and Am erica West ti ckets. Recru iters will have an advan­ tage. Each person who recruits a new member w i l l be entered i n t h e drawing twice for each perJohnson, Rudy and Ruth Jurgensen, Erling and Judy Liming. John and Marion Ness. Arne ana Rhonda Osten son. Dick and Lynn Pilgrim, Walt and Jeanette seeger. Rick and Robin Koch Simmons, Donald and Barbara St. Luke's Lutheran. Bellevue St. Mark's by the Narrows. Tacoma Thomas, Don and Audrey Torongo. Ellen Townsend. Clark and Pam Vorvick, Phil and Bonnte Wells. Martin and Susan Briehl NeW Members 1$211O-479/yearJ Anderson. Don Ber".. Blane and Christi Brown, Thomas Bu rgoyne. Eugene and Evelyn Byrne. Blake carlstrom, Ted and Alzora Christopherson. Sharon Colburn, Gene Con nef'(. Nancy Douglass. Peter Early. Jim and Lila Edwards, Anita Emmanuel Lutheran. Spokane Fenn. Dave ana Marilyn FJellman. Gib and Ceil Gearhard. Julie Gerheim, Earl and Sherrie Greenwood. David and Margaret

Once a n eage r trave l e r in the "fast lane," he now preaches a simpler, a l truistic Hfestyle that encourages peo ple to gi v e to the less fortu n ate the m o n ey they s a ve by c u r b i n g their excesses. Kerr and hiS W I fe Treena co­ founded Creati ve L i festyl es Internation a l with other mem­ bers of the F i rst Presb yter ian Church 10 "Facoma. They s�ent m ost of the '80s worki n9 for Tacoma Christian Churches a nd organizations.

son recru ited . For exam ple, if a vo l u nteer recru i ts t h ree n e w members duri ng t h e 1 2 weeks, t h e c h a n ces of w i n n i n g w i l l i m prove b y having six entries i n t h e drawin g . T h e theme o f t h i s yea r's ban­ q u et w i l l focus on the m a ny ways the Q C l u b has cha ng ed t h e l i ves of P L U st u dents over the last twenty yea rs. In addition to the featu red speaker, Graham Kerr, b a n q u et h i g h l i g h ts w i l l i n c l u d e the debut o f a special v i deo presentation feat u ri ng a 'Thank You" to Q Club mem bers from PLU st udents, and musical presentation by the Choir of the West. Bishop David Wold, cha i r­ m a n of the PLU Boar d of Regents. w i l l serve as the master of ceremon ies for the evening. W h i l e the c h a l lenges fac i n g the Q Club today a re i m p ressive. the early days of the PLU Q Club had more modest goals. I n 1 9 72, Griffith. Donald and Leslie Hanson. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haroldson. Bruce and Joan Helseth. Denny Ho, Ron Imhoff. Todd Johnson. Prentis and LOretta Johnson. Roger and Shi rlee Kapphahf'. Dorothy Kilcrease. Jack and MaXine Klavano, Bob and Byrna Knutson. Lar". and Evelyn Kvale. Karen Leen. Scott (Graduation Giftl Lerch. Ron and Judy Lundring. Karsten and Kirsten Mahoney. Randy and Jan Minnick, Don ana Joan Myhre·Holierman. Janet Okeson. Barbara Olsen. Eric Pacific Periodical Services Rhyne, David Rill. Bill and Avis Rothenberger. Ga". and Laura Sannerud, Har". and Corinne Trippel. Donald and Nadine Wiersma. Dan Wilcox. Darcy Wilson, Matt and r.lorma Witt, Virginia

I_ to ......r..

Calle. Bill and Sally Pulliam. Elizabeth Seo, Lorene

Ambitious Coals! * 2,000 members * $1 M Single year g i ving * $9 M 20-year tota l ! w h e n t h e o rga n i z a t i o n was fo u nded, the Q Club held its fi rst banquet when the membership reached 1 00. The you ng g roup raised 5 5 1 ,000 d u ri n g that fi rst yea r. Through the leaders h i p of Q C l u b p residents l i ke Robert King, Dr. L.E. S k i n ner, and Clare Grahn , the Q Club grew. By 1 9 78 the Q Club had over 800 mem­ bers and had topped the 51 m i l ­ lion mark i n accu mu lated contri­ butions over its fi rst six years. Less t h a n th ree yea rs l ater, duri ng the Q Club p residency of M a rv To mmerv i k, the orga n i za­ tion reached 1 ,000 members for the fi rst t i me and topped 52 m i l­ lion i n tota l cont r i b u tions. The 1 ,000th member was Alan Naka­ m u ra, a cu rrent PLU student at the t i m e a n d the p res i d ent of the Associated Students of PLU. Total gifts to the Q Club con­ tinued to d o u b le from 52 to $4 m i l l ion by 1 9 85 and then to $8 m i l l ion in early 1 9 90. A n n u al con­ tributions topped half a m i l lion dollars for the fi rst time i n 1 9 84. These years saw the leadersh i p o f Q C l u b preS ide nts Adm i ra l Ja mes Russell, Lori n Ginther, Dr. Don Mott and Dr. Dale H i rz. Ron Dougl ass, the cu rrent Q C l u b Presid ent, has noted that the Q Club will reach the $9 m i l ­ l i o n mark i n total contrib utions si nce 1 972 just about the time of the 20th a n n u a l banquet in May. IN. Junior ...... .. N . Ilt20-2S./year) Berentson. Elizabeth Brooks. Julie Brunner. Ruth Dean. Lisa Deuitch. Betsy IGraduation Gift> Dumire, Scott French. Joel and Suzanne Heussman. Peter and Nancy Johnson. Jill Jones, Karla Kilius. Darrel Krueger. Kevin Kurtz, Mark (Graduation Giftl Larsen, Eric (Graduation Giftl Le, Lien Lorenz, Erik (Graduation Giftl Machle. Rick and Sandy McEntee. Richard and Jill Ostenson. Pete (Graduation Giftl Purvis, Julie Ryckman. Paul and Christina Smistad, Christie Speirs. Carol Stenford, Ann Marie Vipond. Steven and Shari

o Club IIlCIown...,t GIfts: Endowed Q Fellow. in memo".

of Atwood WestbY Rogers given by Lorna and Lyle Greer. Endowed member, in honor of Clarene Johnson, given by her son Knute Olson.

pacific Lutheran University scene MarCh 1991

15 Commen ts Getaway? No Way By Harvey J . Neufeld Vice President, Church Relations

Everyone needs t i m es apart. Apart from ro utine and d a l ly liv­ i ng . Apart from frustrations and the closeness of fam i ly. We need respite from C N N a n d miss i l e news, sorti es, casua lty cou nts and "on target" strateg ies. Even the tension of peace m a rc h es shou ld be left beh i n d . That is what my wife and I d i d . We cele­ brated Mart i n Luther K i n g day ca mpi ng "up nort h . " Y o u owe it t o you rself j u st once i n your l ife to visit Lynden, Wash. For a few moments, the H o l l a n d i s lh atmosphere t r a n s­ ports us to another world . . . . a world of order, cleanli ness, deco­ ra tive b u i l d i n gs and old fash­ i o n ed Dutch coo k i n g . Even the water trick l i n g down the snow pi les in the parki ng lots seems to be of glacial spri ng pu rity.

The relaxed atmosphere of the Dutch Ba kery Resta urant fits i n so well with our plans. For a few hours it works. No tel evision. N o rad io. No m eet­ i ngs. No phone. Ju st bea utifu l sunsh i ne, crisp clean a i r, and i n the even ing, cuisine of extraord i­ nary delicacy. There is even a troubador ser­ enad in g the guests, a Dutch m a n named Gotfried Lautebach. H e i s d ressed i n baggy p a n ts a n d wears a sai lo r's beret on h i s head. H e s i ngs sweet old songs, a ccom pa n y i n g h i m s e l f with a sweet old accord i a n . It is all very sweet and nice, this busi ness of being apart. Then, l i ke a scud m issi le, break­ i ng and tea ring the peace asu n­ der, come Gotfried's melancholy

words. He is s i n g i ng the fa mous tune of the great wars. The song of the tre nches. The song of homesickness. The song heard in the gloom of the i nfantryman's ni ght. " L i l i Marlene." H a u n t i n g ch i l d hood m e m o ri es seep i nto the peace of o u r eve­ n i n g . I remember when the d a i ly casualty cou nt began to include even our l ittle vil lage in Canad a. To this day I can recite In Flan­ ders Fields, The Poppies Crow. I remember my father com i n g to find me on the playing field so he cou ld wa lk home with me and tel l me about H i rosh i m a . Getaway . . .from war a n d stories of war? No way. One more time we pray for peace. O n e more t i m e i n o u r l ife. Maybe that is what getaways are su pposed to dO . . . lead us to prayer.

Educating Fo r Service By John Adix Interim Alumni Director

The sta mp that goes a l o ng with a Pacific Lutheran U niversi­ ty graduate is the sta mp of ser­ vice . It is no su rp rise that the theme for this cente n n i a l ce 'le­ b ration year has been: "Educat­ i ng for Service: Century 11." It is no s u rprise because, t h o u g h unstated, i t was t h e theme for Centu ry I. The PLU graduate is educated and tra i ned for s e r­ vice, It is no wonder that PLU g ra d u ates a re g a i nf u l l y emp loyed and co nti n u e to l ive fulfilled l ives. Lives ded icated to service a re most often rewa rded with sati sfaction and fulfi l l me nt. Exam ples abound! When the 1 00 recipients of the centennial award recog n i t i o n were h o n­ ored , the golden thread of the i r l ives w a s service. Represent i ng the broad est spectrum of pro­ fessional d iscipli nes and employ­ ment, service i n that d i sc i p l ine was the key ingredient. Whether the person was self-e m p l oyed, e m p l oyed, by g o ve r n m e nt, ch u rch, school o r corporat ion, each was able to use his/her life and education in service. I have early on been i m pressed with the des i re, willingness and enthusiasm reflected by a l u m n i in serving their a l m a mater. The Alumni Board continues to be the model and t h e i m petus as these 25 people give their time serving PLU and creating oppor-

tun ity for alu m n i to con nect i n service t o the u niversity. Al u m n i cha pters and g ro u ps a re active a ro u n d t h e wo r l d . Al u m ni adm issions representa­ tives are representing PLU at col­ lege fa i rs. Cl ass rep resentati ves a re writing letters e ncou rag i n g participation in the financial sup­ port of the A n n u a l F u n d . All a l u m n i a re e ncou raged to p ro­ vide na mes of qualified students who should have the opport uni­ ty to have a PLU experience. Vol­ unteers a re working on Ho me-

co m i n g p l a n s y e a r rou n d . Approximately 7 5 a l u m n i will be on campus for Career Day. Alum­ ni d istr i b u te caps and gowns before the th ree a n n u a l com­ m e n ce m e n t s . V o l u n te e rs add ress envelopes, a nd a myriad of small tasks are fil led by PLU a l u ms who have been educated for service. To be a PLU a l u m is to serve. To serve is to be fulfilled. To be fu lfi l led is to l ive a l ife of joy and happi ness. Co n g ratu lations on you r decision to be a PLU a l u m .





WE WANT TO KNOW IF YOU HA VE REMEMBERED PACIFIC LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY IN A DEFERRED GIFT I (We) have inclu ded Pacific Lutheran U niversity in my (ou r) Will


Insu ra nce

other (please i nd icate Phone

Name Address City



Send to: Edgar Larson, Director of Planned Giving, Pacific Lutheran Uni­ versity HA 1 05, Tacoma, WA 98447 Or call: (206) 535-7420

Tu rn Yo u r Bequ est I nto Lifeti me I ncome By Ed Larson Director of Planned Civing

"Yes, I plan to leave PLU some property I own ." Over the years I have heard that p h rase m a ny ti mes. A n d , over the yea rs, I have witnessed t h e u n i versity receiving such property, even as it was prom ised . But there is an u nfortu nate twist to all this. I n many cases, the property which PLU eventu­ ally received cou ld have provid­ ed the donors som e added bene­ fits d u ri ng the i r 'l i feti m es. For exa m p l e, M r . a n d M rs. Jones own some property wh ich has g rown i n value over t h e years. Becau se o f t h i s g rowt h , any sale wou ld m e a n an im medi­ ate capital g a i n s tax. At t h e s a m e t i m e , rea l estate ta xes keep going up. The Joneses are ca ught i n the "ca n't afford to sel l it, ca n't affo rd to keep it" d i l e m m a . All they know is that some day they plan to give the property to PLU to be used to set up a scholarship. Mr. a nd M rs. Jones are prime candid ates for a deferred gift with lifet i m e i ncome. They coul d place their property i nto a chari­ table re mainder t rust, receiving a charitable contribution ded uc­ tion now, avoid the capital gains tax, and receive income for life. At their death , the un iversity would still receive the gift that the Joneses intended . However, t h i s gift wou ld have provided some l ifet i m e i n come and tax benefits for Mr. and M rs. Jones. Do you have an asset w h i ch y o u p l a n to leave to Pacific L u t h e ra n U n i versi ty? Pe r h a ps you might be inte rested in mak­ ing a deferred gift with l ifet i me i nco m e . For more i nfo rmation contact: Edga r La rso n , D i rector of Plan ned G i ving, PLU, Tacoma, or WA ca l l : 9844 7 , 1 -800-826-00 3 5 .

Pacific Lutheran university Stene March


A lumni Section

Class Notes To a l l i n the


utheran University

fam i ly affected by the wa r in the Persian G u lf:

The Pacific Lutheran U n iversity fa m i l y n u m bers many thousands of people - more than 2 5,000 a l u m n i , 3 ,650 students and some 800 faculty and staff. Add to that n u m ber thousands of friends in the com m u n ity, c h u rch and a rou nd the world. We know that i n this fam i l y there a re many who have a personal stake i n the Persian Gulf wa r. Mem bers of thei r fa m i l i es - sons, daug hters, brothers, s isters, m others, fa t h e rs a n d spouses a re, or soon cou l d be, on active d uty there . W e a lso know h o w deeply this confl i ct i s affecting t h e l ives o f a l l of us, whether we have fam i ly or friends there o r not. At the J a n u a ry meet i n g of the PLU a l u m n i board, many of us shared our very pe rso n a l feel i ngs about the war. We wanted to convey assura nce of our support and our p rayers. To those of you i n the Gu lf, we thank you for your personal com m itment a n d sacrifice, and pray fo r your safe ret u rn home. To your fam i l ies - we share you r concern, and we want you to know we stan d ready to help you i n any way we can. We wish we could write a personal letter to each of you . Si nce that can not be done, the board u n a n i m o u s l y a u t h o ri zed me to s h a re these thoughts on their behalf. May God give strength to all of us as we awa it the end of this very d ifficult time. James M. Hushagen, President PLU Alumni Association

M i chael Retu rns To D i rect N ew C a m p u s Prog ra m Cynthia M ichael, former associ­ ate dean of adm issions at PLU, has retu rned to campus in the newly created position of d i rec­ tor of alumni and church adm is­ sions. The annou ncement was made by PLU Presid ent W i l l i a m R i eke at the Jan. 2 5-26 meeting of the PLU a l u m n i board of d i rectors. In s u p port of R i eke's a n n o u nce­ ment. the board p roposed that recruiting assistance be the first pri ority i n its five-year p l a n , a p l a n that w i l l be fi n a l i zed later this spring. M ichael, a 1 982 PLU a l u m n a , h a s been members h i p services and market i n g manager for the Taco ma-Pierce Cou nty Chamber of Commerce the past yea r. She served for nearly eight years i n the PLU admissions office before joining the Chamber staff. "Cindy is an asset to PLU and I ' m glad we cou l d l u re her home," said R i e ke, to w h o m

pauline (Polly) Nelson died in Taco·

ma Oct. 26 at age 78.

1 941 Arne and GlO ria (Rummer '42) Pederson celebrated their 50th wed·

ding anniversary Jan. 1 2 . They met d u ro ing their student days at Pacific Luther· an. Following Arne's g ra d u a t i o n , t h ey moved to Carnation, where Arne taught until he joined the Army i n 1 944. Follow· ing h i s servi ce, h e t a u g h t in B e l fa i r (Was h ) a n d Tacoma before j o i n i n g t h e PLC education faculty in 1 956. H e reti red in 1 989. Today t h ey operate Gloria's Sca n d i navian Gifts i n Parkland a n d a re active in c h u rch, civic and Scandi navian orga nizations.

1 942 0_ Jordan Moe of Edmonds, Wash., a reti red school ad m i n i strator, died in December at age 70. Born in S i l verton, Ore., Moe earned his bachelor's degree in education from PLU and master's degree from Seattle U n i versity. His career in the Shoreline (Seattle) School District includ· ed 1 0 years each as p ri nc i p a l of Lake Forest Park Elementary School, principal of Cordell J u n io r High School, and execu· t i ve d i rector for i n struction. He was nominated for admin istrator of the year in 1 980, the year he retired. He is sur· vived by is wife E u nice, fou r daughters, four grandchildren and one great grand­ child. Moe served as a member of PLU's Board of Regents.

1 945 Norman Holm died at his home i n Kodiak, Alaska, Dec. 1 3 . H e was a marine su rveyor w h o p i o n eered m a ny new methods and m a r kets, and b r o u g h t respect to t h e fish ing ind ustry i n the North Pacific. Betty (Ham Glarum lives in Warren· ton, Ore. She was married d u ring World War II to L. Stanley Glaru m, who was a music professor at Lewis and Clark Col· lege in Port l and, Ore. He di rected t h e c h o i r a n d chaired the m u s i c department there until his retirement i n 1 974.

1 948 John Nicolai and wife Lorraine of Bis· marek, N . D . , hosted a 1 6·day tou r t h a t began in Berlin d u ring t h e h istoric and exciting time of the money u n ification. After seeing the tou r group off to the U.S , John and Lorraine visited John's rei· atives in East Germany, i n c l u d i n g f i rst cousins he had never met. John had the opport u n i t y to p reach a t the h o m e church of his pa rents, the E vangel isch Lutheran C h u rch i n Niederdorla.

1 950 Duane Nordstrom reti red from a 3 7·

Cynthia Michael

M ichael w i l l repo rt. Creat ion of the new pOSition underscores his personal com m itment to PLU's student recru itment effort, the president i n dicated.

Recent G ifts And Gra nts Recent gifts and g rants to PLU i nclude the fol lowi ng: * A th ree-year, $45,000 g rant from the Murray Foundation of Tacoma toward t h e new M a ry Baker Russell M usic Center. * $20,000 from the Ben B . Cheney Fou n d ation of Tacoma. Funds will provide five $ 2,000 merit scholarsh i ps d u ri n g 1 9 9 1

1 930

and 1 992. * $ 1 0,000 in u n rest r i cted funds from the G reater Tacoma Com m u n ity Foundation. * $8,620 from the Norwegian E m i g ration F u n d of 1 97 5 a n d t h e Royal Norweg ian M i n istry of Foreign Affai rs to fu n d a visiting Norweg ian professor d u ring the Janu ary I nterim.

yea r career as Longview (Wash) F i b re Co.'s vice president for container devel· opment and m a rketing H e earned a n u mber of national design awards as well as five patents for h i s cardboard a nd corrugated box designs.

1 951 John A. Olsen of Tacoma died in Jan·

award from the American Chemical Soc i ·

e t y f o r research a t a n u n dergra d u a te i ns t i t u t i o n . He has been senior t h esis advisor for 6 1 s t u d e n ts, 49 of whom hold Ph.D.·s or are i n P h . D . programs Ten are col lege or u n iversity professors

1 9 57 Virginia Prochnow earned t h e Certi· fied F i n a n c i a l P l a n n e r (CFP) deSig nat ion from the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colo. Virg i n i a is a registered dis· trict representative for Lutheran Broth· erhood and is associated with the Peter M a u ntsen Agency headquartered in Spa· kane, Wash . Nathalie (HO) Hee retired from the Centra l Oahu School District in Honolulu after 3 1 years of teach ing She was a resource teacher for g ifted a n d talen ted e l e m e n t a r y school ch i l d r e n . N a t h a l ie p la n s to devote her t i m e to Christian education and serving the Lord.

1 9 58 Jerry Benson and Wife Sharon cele· b rated t h e i r 2 5 t h a n n i vers a ry w i t h friends and family at Bethany Cove n a n t C h u rch in Mt. Vernon, Wash , J u ly 2 7 . The couple's four sons, including Erik ('90) and two c u rr e n t PLU s t u d e n ts, p e r· formed on piano and as a string qu artet Cordon Hoffenbacker of Pu get Sound Bank was elected to t h e South· west K i ng County C h a m b e r of C o m · merce board of d i rectors.

1 960 Yvonne Oster Braune of Tacoma received the Geo. F. Ch ilds Award from Northwest Public Power Association for excellence in u t i l ity financial admin istra· tion and co mmu n i ty service. Nell Standal of S u m ner, Wash , is vice·president and assistant general man· ager of The Boei n g Company's 777 d i vi· sion. (See page i n N i ne members of the 1 960 BSN (nurs· ing) class held their 30th c l ass reu nion recen t l y A t t e n d i n g were Cha rlotte Klokker Koebel of Rifle, Colo.; Marilu Miller Person of Phoenix, Ariz.; Car· lene Carlson Russell, Bot h e l l , Wash . ; N a n c y Thompson seitz, Portland, Ore.; patricia Thorklldson Cemaeh· IIch, LaGrande, O re. ; Judy Hawkins Langstrom, S a n C a rl os, C a l if . ; Salli Bierman Taylor, Newport, Ore.; Shiro ley Harmon Hanson, Eugene, Ore.; and Ann Johnson Clifton, Olympia, Wash. Florence Kirby saloum of Port· l and, Ore , was u n a b l e to a t tend and Marjorie Roth Morris d i ed i n 1 986. Eight of the 10 are st i l l employed i n the n u rsing profession

1 962 AI Blomquist is the new d i rector of staff selection a nd staff development in the Wenatchee (Wash) School District. Robert Moore has begun h i s fifth i n te n t i o n a l i n te r i m call a t C r u s a d e r C h u rch (ELCA) in Rockvil le, M . D. He com· p l eted t r a i n i n g levels 1 and 2 and has been asked to supervise two interim pas· tors i n the D.C. metro area. Wife Serena (HOPP) is a third and fourth grade music Continued on page 1 7

uary a t age 65.

1 952 Hazel (Johnson) Newhouse d ied Nov. 21 . She had been a teacher in Pouls· bo and Colfax, Wash , and later did sup· ply teaching in the DeKalb County school system in Georgia. Hazel was the mother of five children and grand mother of sev· en, as well as the beloved w i fe and friend of verne Newhouse ('53),

1 953 vernon Lestrud w a s promoted t o

v i ce p resid e n t for d e v e l o p m e n t a t Urbana University, Urbana, O h io. H e and wife Darleen (Holl '54) live in U rbana.

1 954 Philip C. Myhre is the Seely W . Mudd P rofessor of Chemistry at Harvey M u dd C o l l eg e i n C l a re m o n t , C a l if . He h a s chaired t h e chemistry department there for 10 years. P h i l i p recently received an

Recent Alu mni Cha pter Activities: The I n l a n d E m p i re C h a pter Charter N ight was held Feb. 8. * H istory p rofessor and centen­ n i a l h isto r i a n Ph i l Nordqu ist was the speaker at a recent alumni gatheri ng i n San Diego. .. Pol itical science p rofessor Ann Kel leher d iscussed the Persian Gulf crisis at a recent meet i n g o f t h e Skagit Val ley Chapter.


Padfic Lutheran university

scene March 1991

17 Alumni



In The News

Boeing VP are I nterested In peo Ie T an Technology


D ece mber fea t u re a b o u t N e l l Sta n d a l ' 6 0 i n t h e Puge t Sound Business Journal d es c r i bes the Boe i n g C o m p a n y vice-p res i d e n t as " t h e c o n s u m ­ mate Boei ng m a n . " Wrote re porter Steve W i l h e l m , "Sta n d al (who is a l so assista nt gene ra l m a n ager of the 777 Divi­ sion) exu d es A l l-A m e rican who l e­ so m eness. He wea rs wh ite shi rts, goes to c h u rch, a n d speaks with the clea r-eyed energy engi neers d e vel o p w h e n they k n ow they a re b u i l d i n g somet h i n g good . " A t the s a m e ti me, m u ch o f t h e l e n g t h y feat u re b u i l d s o n t h e assert i o n t h a t "Sta ndal I S m o re i nterested in people than tech­ nology." O t h e r excerpts from the a rti­ cle: St a n d a l repeated l y t u rns a c o n ve rsat i o n to h i s i nte rest i n emp loyee em powerment. "When y o u ' re p u tt i n g s o m et h i ng toget h e r, y o u h a v e to g i ve everyone ownershi p," he says , " O n ce they u n d e rsta nd what you a re try i n g to do, and they' re b ro u g h t i nto p l a n n i n g for it, they're g o i n g to m a k e i t h a p­ pen," Standal says his years as l ead er on the chu rch cou n c i l at Calva ry Lutheran Ch u rch i n Federal Way hel ped form h,is i deas a bout con­ sensus gatheri ng, H i s pastor, l\J o r m a n N e l s o n , says, "Any l a y person i n (vo l u n­ teer) c h u rch work knows you can't j ust expect people to do t h i ngs, Sta ndal has a p l easant way of d o i ng what he is d o i ng . Some people ra m t h i ngs and a ntag o n ize peo p l e . H e has a g reat ski l l i n u ndlersta nding peo-

pie and b ri n g i n g out the best i n the m , " Sta n d a l a l s o se rved f o r S I X y e a rs d u ri n g t h e ' 80s on the board of the Com pass Luthera n Center, a fa c i l ity for h o m e l ess peo p l e i n Seattle. At Boei ng, Sta n d a l has i nt ro­ d u ced o ri e ntat i o n tou rs of t h e 7 7 7 m ock-u p fo r new e m p l oyees to g i ve them a sense of what they Wi l l be work i n g o n . He a lso p l a n s q u a rt e r l y m e et i n g s of g ro u ps of 1 ,000 employees at a l o c a l t h eater, w h e re o p e n d i a­ l o g u e i s enco u raged. E a r l i e r i n h i s B oe i n g ca ree r, St a n d a l w o n d e red i f he was j i n xed , Sta rt i n g in 1 9 6 5 he wo rked o n the su perso n i c t ra ns­ p o rt, w h i ch d i d n 't fly. N o r d id t h e 7 2 7 - 300 o r t h e B-1 , oth e r p roj ects o n w h i c h h e s p e n t yea rs. The bad strea k ended in 1 9 7 7 w h e n he moved o n t o t h e 7 6 7 . Later h e wo rked o n t h e 747-400 before j o i n i ng the 7 7 7 tea m . Problems with the 747-400 l ed to Boe i ng's d ec i s i o n to design the new 7 7 7 through a p rocess of consensus b u i l d i ng with eight potential a i r l i nes customers, "We a re t r y i n g to m i n i m i ze t h e c h a nges," says Sta n d a l . "We've c o m e up with a configu ration that for the most part w i l l m i ni­ m i ze the need for custo m e r­ u n ique featu res." New tech nology a lso allows for new h u ma n approaches. Design­ b u i l d tea ms work toget h e r on every p i ece of the p roj ect, accord i n g to Standal. The teams, i nclud i ng design and p roduction people, represent a n attempt to

Neil Standal

design effic i ent p rod uct i o n i nto the a i rplane from the start, rath­ er than afterwa rds.

"We' re refi n i n g t h e heck out of a new way of d oing busi ness," says Sta n d a l .

Al u m n i In The N ews 1 962

Jon B. Olson, president of the Fairview Foundation and vlce·president of Fairview Hospital and Healthcare services in M i nneapolis, M inn., is the recipient of the Harold J. Sey mour Award, given by the N a t i o n a l Association for Hospital Develo pment Announcement of the award appeared i n the December issue of Fund Raising Manage­ ment.

1 967 / 1 969

Fred C. Bohm and Marvin Slind are co-authors of a book about Norwegians who settled near LaCrosse, Wash . , in the m id - 1 9th century. The book is Norse to the Palouse. Sagas of the Selbu Norwegians. Bohm was editor-in-chief at Washington State U n i versity Press when the book was published last fall; he now holds a similar post at M ichigan State Un iversity Slind is on the faculty of the WSU Office of International Education, The authors were featured in the Pullman (Wash)IMoscow (Jd) Daily News.

1 989

Annette Synder-Lum and Tim Lum and Nancy and Kent Upton of H illsboro, are., are embarking on a bicycle trip across America. Their trip preparations were recorded in t h e Hillsboro (Ore) Argus.

Class Notes Continued from page


teacher and is setting u p the l i b r a ry at Our S a v I o r ' s School i n Fo rest v i l le, M D , w h ere Kim !Tangeman '74) Anoe I S s c h o o : b o a rd p resident, K i m ' s h u s b a n d K e n IS band di rector, and t h e i r c h i l d ren, Jenn ifer a n d K a ren, attend. Nell Thompson I S serving as pastor of Faith Lutheran C h u rch, Shelton, Wasil A. Elise Bergstrom d i ed J a n . 6 . A seco ndary educator In Oregon and East· em Was h i ngton, she belonged to AARP a n el was a ! ifetlme member of the PTA.

1 967 Fred Bohm, former edltor·in-chief of the W a s h i ngton State U n ivers ity Press, was na med d i rector of the M S U Press, the scholarly p u b l i s h i ng u n i t of M ic h i g a n State U n iverSity Karl ( K ru ger) Miller o f Bem i dJ I , M i n n . , I S a fou nding member a n d secre· tarv of G a l l e ry North, a cooperative fine arts gal lery origi nated i n November 1 989 by fou rteen local ',vomen a rtists The gal .

l erv fe(l u re', elll 0 ; i\' 1 '1 2 1 , 'o c�' . " \ 1 he mem bers as well as a vlee k l y SnO';\1 iiI!)e ' section for non·me mber art i s t s ex i l l b its Nell L. Waters h as been a p PO i n ted K aw ash i m a Professor of J a p a n ese hi S cry at Idd leb u ry C o l l ege M i d d l ebury, Vt

1 968 Judy (Read) Jeffery w o n honorable mention i n Apple Comp uter's West Coast A p p l e S o l u t i o n s Contest for Teachers. She is teach ing math at Wend ler J u n i o r H i g h i n Anchorage, Alaska. M i ke McDowell was ordai ned and installed as associate pastor at the Wil· l i a m s b u r g (Va l C o m m u n ity C h ap e l Oct 1 4 . ThiS c h apel serves m a n y faculty and students from the C o l l ege of \il/illiam and M a ry For the past f o u r years, M i ke served as Dean for Student Affa i rs at Mont reat·A nderson Col lege I n western North Caro l i n a . M i ke and wife Cindy have fou r c h i l d re n , Justi n ( 1 5 1 /21, T im oth y (141, Fiona ( 1 1 I a n d Maggie (2)

Chamber of Co m m erce and is d irector of tIle Tacoma S y m p hony a n d Cor porate Council for the Arts.

Melanie ( Likins) T h rockmorton and

h u s b a n d Step h e n

o f Lyn n wood,

Wash., a n nounce the b i rth of a daughter, Ami Liane, on O ct . 28. She joins sister A l i a Maria (2 1 /21. M e l a n i e is on leave as a n R . N . t o b e home w i t h t h e girls Stephen works for John F l u ke M a n ufactu r i n g in Everett

Ronald Larson of Fort Washi ngton, Pa., was appointed sen ior vice president and chief financial officer \")f K·Tron Inter· national, Inc. i n Pitman, N.J H e previously held the title of vice preSident and trea· s u rer

1 970

1 97 2

Don Lacey, vice p ri n c i p a l a t No rtll Medford (Ore) H i g h School for the past

John Cole o f G i g Ha rbor, WaSh , was a p POi nted deputy d i rector of Council 2, AFSCME for the Wash ington Sta te Coun· c i l of C o u n ty a n d C i ty E m p loyees He took a t h ree·month leave of absence to attend H a rv a rd T r a d e and B u s i n ess School.

five years, was sel ected from 1 4 candl' dates to serve as t h e school's i n terim principal for one year

1971 Richard Larson of Cig H a rbor, W as rl , 'va� o r' rC' nrec m iln agN n h r crE'd \ a d m l n l s t r" a t l o n d i V I S i o n f o r S e a f l r s t Ban k's commerc i a l ma rkets gro u p He I S a sen i o r v i c e preS i d e n t w h o [l a S been With t ile b a n k for 1 7 vears R I C[larO 15 o n

tile board of d l rectlxs fo r t h e Tacoma

1 973 Randy Holm J Oi ned Food Serv i ces of

America as a n o n foOd s peC ia l iSt . m a l'king

hiS t h i rteenth year , n tile restau ran t sup p l y i n d u s r r y Ranoy, wlt8 Debi (Stook) and th '=l r Ul ree 50ns l i ve In Bothell, Was h

1 974 Dennis and Meri (Mattson '73) perry a n nounce the b i rth of son Alex Den n i s on Aug. 3 . Meri is on one-year maternity leave from her teaching Job in the S u m ner School District. Den n is is a loan officer for Action Mortgage in Taco� mao Alex's big b rother Scott (41 is attend· ing Celebration Lutheran Preschool. They l i ve i n Puya l l u p , Was h . Bill Rudolph IS s t i l l enjoying country l i fe I n the h i lls of southwest Wiscon S i n , a l o n g with w i fe C a t h e r i n e a n d c h i l d ren Kerry ( 1 3) and E h ren ( 1 1 ) Bill rec erJ t l v opened h i s own l a w practice vvith offices in H i l l s b o ro a n d R i c h l a n d Center. H e IS rema i n i n g active i n the right to l i fe movement as a m e m b e r of the state board of di rectors of Wisconsin R i g h t to Life, Inc. They l ive I n G i l l i n h a m , Wis . . Kathy Keele accepted a o n e·year assig n rn ent at the S i d ney headquarters o f B ro ken H i l l P r o p r i eta ry, A u s t ra l i a ' s l argest company S h e w i l l work w i t ll tile m a l- ketlng g roup doing product develop� ment for steel, sh eet a n d COil products William Joseph Winfield of TJCO­ rna w i l l 500n retire fr om hiS job i n '_Or t F-C tiorls He p l a n s to devote his t i me ru 1-1 1 5 t h ree b u s i llesses Assocates Ass is t Co , S p ec i a l ty M er c h d n d l s e Corp , an . I n d e­ .oendent Scll o l a rsh l p SerVice.

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plldflc L\lttlenln University Uene March


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paula evJen i s a m usic spec i a l ist i n t h e A u b u rn (Wash ) School District. S h e was a n anesthesia assistant, so this posi­ t i on puts her back in touch with h e r egree i n education. Deuane Kuenzi returned to teac h i n g af te r an 1 1 ·year absence. He teaches choral music at Charles IN right Academy In Tacoma and at the U niversity of Puget Sound, where he condu cts the U n i versity ct,orale a n d two jazz c h o i rs. D e u a n e is also on the adju d ication staff of Heritage Festivals of Salt Lake City, Ut and Gate­ way Fest ivals of M i nnesota. Over the past several years, D eu a n e and w i fe Karen have been very active reco rdin g for several music p u b l i shers In addition, Deuane is founder-director of the profes­ sional choir Sing ers Northwest John and Nancy tBeam, palm have a n ew son, Daniel J o h n , born April 4. He jOins Marie (3) and David m Nancy is a full-time homemaker while John teaches third grade at Anderson Element ary i n Vancouver, Wash . Mark Freeman of Bain bridge Island, Was h. , was promoted to executive vice­ pres i d e n t and ch ief f i n a n c i a l officer of North Sound Bank, where he has worked since 1 980. stan pesis is pastor at S t . P a u l ' s Lutneran F a m i l y i n Carson City, N e v . H i s wife R uth is assistant p a s t o r as Good Shepnerd Lutheran i n Reno. They moved i nto a new h o m e they partially b u i l t themselves. They have three c h i l d ren, Benjam i n (9), Rachel (8) and Jane (6)

Art Thiel, Seattle Post-In teiligencer sports colum nist, was named Washing­ ton's Sportswriter of the Year for 1 990.

1 9 76 Elaine (Johnson' Schwa rtz has returned to teaching after six years of fu ll-time homemaking. She teaches half· time sixth grade reading a n d l a n g u age arts at Zion Lutheran School i n Corvallis, Ore , where her c h i l d ren Kelsy (9) a n d Andrew (6) attend. H usband M i k e contin­ ues with the U . S . Forest Service as a su rveyor and also referees h i g h s c h o o l basketball. Rev. Walt Black of Spri ngfield, Mass , received a MA in B ib l i cal L i te r a t u re in 1 988 and a Master of Divinity, Pastoral Mi nistry i n 1 990 from Assem b l ies of God Theological Sem i n a ry Chelsea Laura was born to Walt and w i fe D i a n a Nov. 1 7 , 1 989. Susan Kerns of New Bru nswick, N J. , spent t h e past decade a s a teacher for the Department of Defense Dependent's Schools in Osterholz-Sc h a r m b eck, West Germany She earned a master's degree in international and overseas ad m i n istra­ tion and supervision from Trenton State Col lege's overseas c a m p u s in M a l l o rca, Spain This year, d u ring a sabbatical leave, she is completing work on a doc· torate in the same field at Rutgers Uni· versity in New Bru nswick.

1 9 77 (i reg and Marlene Kleven annou nce the b i rth of a second s o n , Mathias Andrew. He j o i n s b rother Dane (5) Marlene returned to work in January as a c l i n ical specialist for Genentech Inc. Greg is a sales executive for Seq uent Computer Systems They l ive in Seattle. Cindy Klettke married Dwayne Frac· tious Dec. 6 . They live in Seattle. Dave and Dawn tCiv retta) Oison annou nce the healthy b i rth of t h e i r fourth daughter, Tiffany Rose, following the stillbirth of Taylor Dawn a year prior Tiffany joins sisters Lindsey (8) and Ash· ley (61. They live in Redmond, Wash. Anne MCLuskie Hafer and husband Randy announce the b i rth of twins, Mat­ thew Fenner and Lindsey Marguerite, on Oct 30. They join J a m es (3 1/2). Anne is ret u rning to work as a vice·president a t the First National B a n k of Chicago. They live in Chicago, III.

Da vid Moor e, a reti red T a c o m a police sergeant, was h i red b y the Squaxin Island Indian Tribe as its new law enforce­ ment chief Larry Joecks received t h e designa· tion of Certified Fund Raising Executive ICFRE), a th ree year certification, from the N a t i o n a l Society of F u n d Raising Executi ves (NSFREl. Larry is the d i rector of develo p m e n t at Mes i l l a Va l l ey C h riS· tian School i n Las Cruces. N . M .

1 978 Theresa Stephany of Pleasa n t o n , Calif, i s delighted a n d relieved t o report t h a t she ha s passed the ANA certifica· tion exam as a clin ical specialist in com­ m u n i ty health n u rsing She t h a n k s for­ mer PLU faculty member Patricia G i l l ette for her fine e x a m p l e and encourage­ ment Th eresa's l atest a r t i c l e , " Ben's Deat h , " was p u b l ished i n the Dece mber 1 990 issue of RN magazine Lynn Foerster and Bill Vlahos of Pas· adena, Calif., announce the b i rth of son Daniel Arthur on Oct. 2 3 . Debbie Noble-perry o f Eaton v i l l e, Wash , teac h es t h e Learning Ass istance Program at Spanaway J r . High in Spana­ way, Wash. S h e f i n ishe d her master's degree i n counseling last July and com­ pleted an ESA certification i n December, both at St M a rt i n ' s College in Lacey, Wash. Pat Cordier and husband Dave of Ft. Leonardwood, Mo., a n n o u n c e the b i rth of M i chael David Oct. 1 2 . He joins Rachel (4 1/2). Pat is a major i n the army n u rse corps and is chief of the operating room sec t i o n . Pat would enjoy hearing from old classmates.

1 9 79 Kelly Henrickson of Brookfield, Wis , was a p p o i nted assistant p rofessor of pediatrics at the Med ical College of Wis­ consi n and awarded grants by MCW and C h i l d ren's Hospital of Wisconsin to study respi ratory virus disease in children. Kelly w i l l cond u c t his research at the MAAC Fund Research Center. Suzanne tWalker) K n utzen and h u sband Do ug of Long Beach, Was h , an nou nce the b i rt h of Kayl i n M a r i e on May 9 . S h e j o i ns Kari ( 5 ) and Keith (3) Suzanne is the organ ist at Ocean Beach Presbyter i a n and Doug owns a n auto repair fac i l ity. Barbara (ielman of Spa naway was elected by the Pierce County Council to serve as the council chairwo man during 1 99 1 .

1 980 paula (ROseth) Schultz of Gig Har· bor, WaS h . , received a master's degree in special eduction from PLU in August. She works part-t i m e as a read ing spec i a l ist for the Puya l l u p School District P a u l a and hu s b a n d M a rty h a v e t w o children, Tyler (5) and Garrett m Linda (Freeman) Siebert and h u s· band Joe annou nce the b i rth of Mat· t h ew Joseph on Oct. 1 6 . H e j o i ns Erin Ch ristine 1 1 1 . Linda was on the faculty of the medical technology training program at C h i l d ren's Hospital in Seattle before Matthew's b i r t h . They live i n Bot h e l l , Wash . Joye Redfield h a s b e en reg i o n a l news editor a t t h e Yakima Herald·Repub­ lie since 1 986. She and fiance Greg Wil· der, a pressman for the paper" plan to be m a rried i n April. Bruce and Kay (Smlth ,�1) Joh'" son now live in Rochester, M i n n . Bruce completed a P h . D . in physiology and has a fellowship with the Mayo Cli nic. They have three boys, Jacob (6), Luke (3) and Micah 17 mol Jack and Robin (Rinerson) (iren­ fell l i v e in Rocklin, Calif, where Robin is full-t i me mother to daughters Kelly (4) and Amy (2 1/21. J a c k is an electro n ic engi neer for Aktis Corp

Barclav Wong and wife Susan have a new baby girl, E l izabeth Rae, born Dec. 3. S h e j o i n s N ic h o l as (41. Barclay works as director of admi nistrat i o n for a large San Antonio, Tex., law firm. Jeff COrnis h is the new d i rector of resource development for Camp Luther­ wood in Bel l i n g h a m , Was h. H i s duties w i l l i n clude f u n d raising a n d "friend raiSing " Jeff and wife Monica (Johnson '83) l i ve in Snohomish, Wash.

1 981 Mary Beth Langseth m a r r i ed G u n­ ner Danneels at Cedar M i l l B i b l e C h u rch Nov. 3 i n Port l a n d , Ore. Gunner is a soft­ ware engi neer for Intel. Debra Tri is a fam i l y nurse practitio· ner i n Edmonds, Wash., With spec i a l i n ter­ ests in women's health and occu pational health. She m a rried Dr. Robert Bayles in J u ne. He is a fa m i ly practice physiCian Audrey (Yilstrup) Wentzel and hus­ band Brian announce the b i rth of Kyle Adam Oct. 1 6 . They live i n O n a l aska, Wash , where Audrey teaches first grade.

Munro and Heike (Wilhelm ) Cul­ lum are enjoying life i n Morrison, Colo , where M u n ro is an assistant professor of psychiatry a n d neu rology at the CU Med i ­ c a l S c h o o l . Heik e teaches fourth grade Mike and Tammy (Shrader' Kint­ ner and son Jeffery (2 1/2) moved to Wen atchee in J a n uary where M i k e is a commercial lend ing officer with Central Wash ington Bank. Tammy plays pri ncipal oboelEnglish horn w it h t h e Wenatchee Symphony and Lake Chelan Bach Feste. Diana (Stanich) Schumacher m a r­ ried Ron Schu macher, a f i refighter in the Portland area. They have a d a u g h ter, Mal lory Rose, born June 7 . Diana works part·t i m e for the Visiting N u rse Associa· tion. Mark and Teresa (irambo '83) Douglass of Kent, WaSh., annou nce the b i rt h of And rew Frederick Nov. 1 6 . And rew joins Bethany (2 1 /2). Luann Macan m a rried Lau riston Bak­ e r on Nov. 2 4 at Our Saviou r's Lutheran Church, Everett, Wash. L u a n n is an ele· mentary school teacher and Lau rie IS the K-1 2 health curri c u l u m speci a l i st, b o t h for t h e Everett School District. They live in M a rysville, Wash. Mary Roe married Ralph Hugh M i n o r, J r , Aug 1 1 at Faith Lutheran C h u rch i n Seattle. They a r e l i v i n g in Germany w h i l e R a l p h teaches m i d d l e school science for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools at Spangdahlem Air Base. Mary s u bstitute teaches at the base m i d d l e sc hoo l . S h e a l s o s u bstitu tes as school n u rse at both the m iddle and elementa­ ry schools. They plan to return home to Seattle in August 1 992.

1 982 Steven Ansingh m a rried Deborah Townsley Aug 25 at U n ited Methodist Church, A u b u rn, Wash. Steven works for Fi restone i n A u b u rn as an assistant man· ager, and Deborah is a secretary at The Boei ng Company. They l i ve i n Auburn. Kathryn Kendall ma rried Kevin Ken· dall Aug 1 8 at Haller Lake United Meth· odist Chu rch i n Seattle. K a t h ry n works for Airl ift No rthwest and Kevin is a sur­ gery resident at the University of Wash· ington. They live in Seattle. Kathy Johnson performed with the Five Valley Chorus of Sweet Adelines on stage at Carnegie Hall in New York City June 1 7 . They were one of several cho­ ruses that performed as part of a trib­ ute to barbershop harmony in America this summer. The group i s from Missoula, Mont., where Kathy has lived and worked as a n oncology nurse since 1 98 5 . Cheryl Sperber of B o t h e l l w a s named office m a nager for the Bellevue Convention Center Authority in Novem­ ber. Susan (Krause) and J . Matthew weinhold ('83) of Phoenix, A r i z . , had their second child, Kelsie Marie, July 24. She joins 3 1 /2-year old Colin.

Martin Johnson received h is doctor· ate in resource economics in i n ternation­ al m arkets from the Uni versity of M i n ne­ sota in December. JO hn Larsen mar ried Patricia W i l k es Jutv 7 in t ile Salem L u t h e r a n C h u rcll, Glendale, Calif. J o h n is a n orthopedic sur­ gery resident at the University of South­ ern Cal ifornia in Los Angeles, and Patricia I S a registered n u rse at C h i ldren's Hospi­ tal i n B u r b a n k , Calif. Carl J O h n s o n a n d w i fe M a r i a announce t h e b i rth o f d a u g h t e r Karin El izabeth on Aug 26. Carl is a U S Coast G u a r d l i e u t e n a n t at M a r i n e Safety Deta c h m e n t , Conco rd, C a l i f. Maria i s a part-time nurse at San Francisco General i n cardiology research and IS a f u l l-time m o m . Thev l ive in Concord. Rocky and (irace ( Kingsbury '84) Ruddy a n n o u nce the b i rth of son Mitch· ell DaVid on Oct. '1 . He joins sister Kaylyn (2) Rocky works for Combined Insurance Co. Grace is s u bs t i t u te teach i n g being a mom.

a nd

1 983 Mariko Nashida was awarded a mas· ter of public adm i n istration degree from the Monterey Institute of I n ternatio n a l Stud ies in California. Cynthia Betts and John R e o p e l l e were married July 7 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Tacoma. Cy nthia and John both work for the Bethel School District and live i n Graham, Wash. Doug Love and Rachel Running an nounce the b i rt h of their fi rst c h i l d , E l i s e N icole, J u ly 1 0 . They rec e n t l y moved t o Bainbridge Island, Wash. Bracy Elton received a PhD. in com­ puter science from the Un iversity of Cali­ fornia, Davis in September. In November, he join ed Fujitsu America, Inc. as a com· putational scientist to conduct research in para l l e l and vector n u m e rical algo· rithms for scientific computing. Kim Nesselquist was the g u est speaker at t h e last reg u l a r meeting of the Norwegian Commercial C l u b on Nov. 2 5 at Leif E rikson H a l l , Seatt le. Kim is president of MBC Inc. in Seattle. His sub­ ject was Local Politics in Norway, and was drawn from his experience as p o l i t i cal advisor to the former mayor of Oslo. Dan Yoelpel, a reporter for the Morning News Tribune in Tacoma, was the winner in the no n-dead l i n e writing category of t h a t newspaper's i nternal Excellence i n Journal ism competition. Jamey and JOY (Harding '87) Young of J u neau, Alaska, had their fi rst child, Stephen, on July 2 1 . J a m ey is a lend ing officer with Key B a n k of Alaska, and Joy works for t h e State Dept of Educat i o n . J a m ey also p l ays t h e tuba with the J u neau Symphony and Ju neau B rass qui ntet. Eric and Lisa (Cloutier '86) Mon­

son of Tacoma a n nounce the b i rt h of Meghan Ch ristine , J u n e 26. She joins Brett T h u rman (2 1/2). Eric was assistant coach for the C u rtis H i g h V i k i ngs, two t i m e Washington State champions Elizabeth (HeweS) Zarone and hus­ band Art h u r welcomed their first daugh· ter, Jordan E l izabeth, born Nov. 1 6 .

1 984 (ireg Minter was appoi nted to the scientific progra m m i ng team at TriMe­ trix, Inc . , a technical graph ics software maker. He will be working on continued development of A X U M , the co mp any's technical graphics and data analysis pack· age for scientists, engineers a n d statisti­ cians, and on new product development for scientific applications. James Troyer has joined the Tacoma office of the Heller, Eh rman, White and McAul iffe law firm.

ChUCk McLean married Tricia Owen Dec. 21 i n the S t i m son-Green Man sion, Seattle.

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pacific Lutheran University Scene March 1 991

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Class Notes Continued from page 1 8 C l nger M a rshall m a rried J a m es

West Nov. 24 at t h e Shafer M a n s i o n , Seattle. G i n g e r is a self-em ployed cons u l ­ tant W i t h Health West Consu l t i ng , a nd James is Spokane's state senator. Linda Mackintosh of O ly m p i a, WaSh , was appoi nted to the board of directors of the National Association of Suggestion Systems. Linda is executive director of the Productivity Board of the State of Was h i ngton, a board member and vol u n teer at the Sunsh i ne House at St. Peter's Hos p i t a l , a member of the NASS Washington chapter, and a board m e m b e r of the Masterworks C h o r a l Ensemble in Olympia.

1 985 Herbert Becker was a w a rd ed a S 1 ,000 scholarsh ip from the Seattle Federation of Women's Club. The schol­ a rship is named in honor of Edna H i l l and is awarded to U n iversity of Washington g raduate students studying geriat rics and fa m i l y services. TraCY Fuelleman gradu ated from the College of Veterinary Med icine of the U n iversity of M i n nesota i n J u ne 1 989. She moved back to Seattle and practices i n Everett Karla JO Hall married Lance Frod­ sham Sept 2 9 at First U n i ted Methodist C h u rch . Karla is a teacfler of early chiid­ hood spec i a l ed ucation a n d Lance is a counselor with the Evergreen School Dis­ trict They l ive in Vancouver, Was h . S h a r o n Huestis m a r r i ed H a rry Barnes Nov. 2 In Rochdale, E n g l a nd They live in Heywood, Eng land Lisa White a n d h u sband Rich wel­ comed their fi rst child, Katharyne Diane , born o n Dec. 6. Rick is b a n d d i rector and fine arts coord inator at Fra n k l i n Pierce H i g h Schoo l . Lisa is band d i rector at Washington High Schoo l . They l i ve in Tacoma. Tina Campbell subst i t ute taught for two years i n Tacoma secondary schools after g raduation and then started Valet Parking Systems, a valet parking, shuttle a n d a i rport transportation com pa ny They work com m erc i a l l y as well as pri­ vately and p resently have accounts from Olympia to Bellingham Tina l ives i n Taco­ ma. Brenda David h a s been a police, fire and medical d ispatcher for Eastside Com­ m u n ications I n Bellevue, Wash . for two years In 1 990 she helped with resea rch for development of a n ew emergency medical dispatch program now i n use in - Ki ng County Brenda lives i n Redmond, Wash. Duncan Stoops m a rried Joy Rein itz i n 1 986. He is a n area manager for Pizza Hut in the Sacramento, Calif area. Thei r first c h i ld, Ch ristopher Sean D u ncan, was born April 1 3 Bryan and Lilli (Khatlbl '861 Bren· chley annou nce the b i rth of thei r first c h i l d , Alayna Marie, on October 1 2 . Bryan com pleted h is M . Div. from Fuller Theo­ logical Seminary i n Pasadena, Calif in M a rc h 1 990. They moved back to the Tacoma area where Bryan is assistant pastor at Crossroads Covenant Church in Spanaway He is also working as an edu­ cational sales representative for Quan­ tum Computers. Steven SC h i e rm an is engaged to Wendy Zylstra, He is a lieutenant in the U.s. Air Force Reserve, flying with the 97th MAS a t McChord Air Force Base_ Wendy works for a Bellingham law firm. They plan to be married in April. David Deighan married Shannon Nel­ son October 6 at Point Defiance Lodge in Tacoma. They live in Olympia. Mlchale Taylor and Lenlse Insel­ man ('87) were m a rried Nov. 30 at Peace Lutheran C h u rch i n P u y a l l u p , Wash. Lenise is a r�gistered nu rse a t Swedish Hospital in Seattle, a n d Michael is a mortgage banker at TransCoastal Mortgage Corp. in Lynnwood. They live in Bothell, Wash. Paul Thonnes is a graduate student at the University of Oregon.

Susan Ca rland m a rried Robert Cun­ n i ngham i n J u n e and is expecting a baby in Apri l . Susan is teaching in the Eaton­ v i l l e School District. Bob is a service tech­ nician at Phelps Tire.

1 986 Douglas Carlson and Jenn ifer Dryer were married Aug 25 at First Lutheran C h u r c h . Douglas works for The Boeing Company a n d Jenn ifer works for the Frederick and Nelson F u r Salon. They l ive i n Bu rien, Wash. Michael and Christine (Burkart

'871 Nepean l i ve in Aberdeen, Wash , where M i ke teaches com m u nication arts at Miller Jr. High School and coaches at Aberdeen High School. Christine teaches fourth grade M ichelle McCrimmon and Robert Flynn, J r. were married Nov. 1 0 at U n ited Method ist C h u rch of Puya l l u p M i chelle works for Sara Lee Corp i n Wi nston­ Salem, N C , and Rob works for J B Racing i n King, N.C They l i ve i n Winston-Salem,

f\J .C Amy (ConradI Hoffman a nd h u s­

band Mark announce the birth of Clair E l ise Aug 7 . Mark works i n AIDS research at t h e U n i v e rsity of Was h i ngton a n d Amy i s a full-time m o m . They l i ve i n Seat­ tle. Jackie Bonneau Rosin and h u sband Erwin ('821 a n nounce the b i rth of son Jordan Ed m u nd on Aug 3. Erwin works for the Puget Sound Blood Center. They l ive i n Seattle. DOl1ald Bosch rece ntl y returned from deployment while serving with Car­ rier Ai rborne Early w a r n i n g S q u a d ron1 1 7, Naval A i r Station M i ra m a r, San Die­ go, embarked aboard the a i rcraft carrier USS Abraham Linco l n . Karyn Ingebritsen and h e r h usband Roy G o m e z c e l e b ra ted t h e b i rt h of daughter Katrina on J u ne 1 7 . They live i n Puyal l u p, Wash. Ted Case is serv ing as a staff mem­ ber on the House Interior Committee for U.S. Congressman Bob Smith. H e lives i n Alexandria, V a . Barbara Denhoed m a rried Timothy Kwekel in Grand Rapids, M ICh , last April. Barbara is a product development a n a­ lyst at Foremost Insurance Corporation, and Tim attends law school i n San Diego, Cal if Bradford JohnSOn m a rried G race D u ra n d Oct 20. Grace g ra d u ated from M ichigan State university. Both received their MBA's from Santa Clara University in J u ne, and now live in San Jose, Calif David Mills and Kendra Ruud ('871 were m a rried Dec. 28 a t Cross of Christ Lutheran C h u rch in Bellevue, Wash. David is a naval officer stationed at NAS Bar­ bers Point, Oahu, Hawa i i . They l ive i n M i l l i ­ lani, Hawaii.

Scott Miller and Lori Hammack

('881 of Portland, Ore" were married in August. Scott works for Hel en Grace Chocolates as a manufacturer's repre­ sentative and attends graduate school at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary. Lori is a branch manager for a tempo­ rary em ployment agency in downtown Portland.

1 987 Shelley (Jacksonl 8radley a n d hus­ band Craig had their first baby, Matthew Craig, June 2 1 . They live in Aubu rn, Wash. Ann Marie Broyles and husband David moved to Menwith Hill Station, four hours north of London, England. David is the first Air Force chaplain assigned to this base. Barbara Wise is the new resource room teacher at Housel Middle School in Prosser, Wash. Darin Itlngenbacft has been accePt­ ed to the School of Education at Eastern Washington University, He will be living in Cheney, WaSh., for a year while earning a degree in business education.

Jon Christensen has retu rn ed to the states after l i v i ng in Denm a rk for fou r years. He l ives i n San Mateo, Calif wh ere he works for Heuristics Search Inc., a firm specializing in recruiting soft­ w are eng i neers. Deborah Osborn and John Ceorge Wolfe I I I ('881 were married J a n . 2 6 . Deborah works for t h e Hyatt Regency I n B e l l ev u e a n d J o h n works for t h e Sea­ Land Corporation as a m arket i n g sys­ tems analyst Collette Nevin and Robert M i n t u rn were married Oct. 1 2 at St. Pa u l Luther­ an C h u rch i n Vancouver, Wash. Collette is an admissions speCialist at Pacific Gate­ way Hospital i n Portland, Ore , and Rob­ ert works for LOy Clark Pipel i n e in Bea­ verton, O re. They l ive in Vancouver, Wash . Paul Calloway plans to marry Susan W i l k i nson i n Apri l . They both work for B l ac k H i l l s Com m u n ity Hospital in Olym­ pia, Was h . E r i n Kelley m a r r i ed D a v i d B r i a r o n Dec. 8. H e i s a l ieutenant in t h e U . S A i r Force stationed at Dover A i r Force Base in Dover, Del. Erin is looking for an R N position that deals w i t h chi ldren. Before her m a rriage, she had a ped iatric ICU position in San Anton io, Tex. David Morgan was named produc­ tion m a nager of ITT Rayonier's Baxley Lumber Operations, the fo rest subsidiary of ITT Corporation His previous job was plant manager with the P l u m Creek Tim­ ber Company, Inc. i n Belgrade, M o n t, and prior to that he was with the Weyer­ haeuser Company for 1 5 years Barbara Rowlee m a rried J. Ch risto­ p h er Ford June 30. Barbara teaches ele­ m e n t a ry m u sic in Col u m b i a , Md , a n d s i n g s w i t h the Baltimore Symphony cho­ rus. Chris works for ADT Sec u r i t y Sys­ tems. They l ive in Catonsville, M d . Jim Diacogiannis of Puya l l u p , Wash , teaches s i x t h a n d seventh g ra d e at Eatonv i l l e M i ddle School. He a n d w ife Laurie have a new son, Joshua, born in September. He joins Gregg (6), Cassie (5), Jeremiah ( 3 1 /2), Carissa (1 1 /2) and lind­ sey ( 1 1 /2). Lori Mathison of R e n t o n , Wash , m a r ried C l a u d e C i a n c i o of S a ratoga Spri ngs, N Y , Jan. 1 2 . They both received m aster's deg rees in p h ysical therapy from Duke U n iversity. Lori works at Good S a m a ri t a n Hosp i t a l in P u y a l l u p , a n d Claude manages Apple Physical Therapy in Auburn. Michelle Thibault finished her mas­ ter's in computer science at the U n iversi­ ty of Oregon i n J u n e and is workmg for C o m p u ter S c i e n ces C o r p o r a t i o n at NASA/Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Ca lif.

Erika Macs and Brian Lloyd were married Aug. 1 1 in Seattle. They live in Boston, Mass., where Brian IS pu rsu i ng a master's degree in public policy at Har­ vard University and E r i k a is co n t i n u i ng her work in social services. Catherine Miller left in A u g u st to spend a year studying at the U n i versity of Oslo i n Norway TraCY Miller has been in the Peace Corps since J u ly. She is now in Francis­ town, Botswana where she teaches math at Mater Spei College Minta Misley finished fifth i n the 1 990 Sound to Narrows 1 2 -kilometer run in Tacoma. Margaret Ann Akau and T h o m as Francis Gallagher were married J u ly 28 at All Saints C h u rch in Puya l l u p . Margaret is a St. Joseph's Hospital n u rse and Thomas is an electrician at Nordlund Boat. They live in Tacom a . Brenda Jean Ray finished h e r t h i rd season with C i ncinnati Opera as an assis­ tant stage manager. Prior to t h a t, she was employed by Tulsa Opera as the admi nistrator of You n g Artists' Program and as assistant stage m anager for the main productions Tanya Ross moved to N o rway last year and will begin her MBA at Oslo H a n­ dels HOyskole this fal l . She works at Wil­ l iam Schmidt, a tourist shop i n Oslo.

1 988

Leslie Lynn Ward m a rried W i l l i a m P a u l Miller on J u l y 2 1 at First Congrega­ tional Church, Tacoma. Leslie works for St. Joseph's Hospital a n d W i l l i a m owns Bill's Landscapes They live i n Tacoma. Deborah Westfall! is a nurse consul­ tant and head of the internal medicine department for Vandeventer, Black, Mer­ edith and M a rtin, attorneys in Norfolk, va. Her work involves medical analysis of medical m a l p ractice, p e rsonal inj u ry, product liability and asbestos cases. She and her husband celebrated the bi+th of their first child, Alexandra Nicole, on Feb.

Kari Craves and Matt Mlsterek

were married Aug 4 a t Marine View Pres­ byterian Church i n Tacoma. Kari works for William M. M ercer, a benefits conSUlt­ ing firm. Matt works for the Bremerton Progress newspaper. They live in Bremer­ ton, Wash. Beth Johnson married M a rk Jones on April 2 1 i n Tacoma. Beth works at Tacoma General Hospital and Mark works for the City of Tacoma. Thomas Wade CaUlhran ma rried Lisa Rose Mathews Aug. S. They live in Federal Way, Wash. Theresa L. Harold and Erik M. JOhnSOn ('891 were married May 26. Theresa is assistant head nurse on the neu rology floor at Providence Hospital in Portland, Ore. Erik is attending graduate school at Pacific University, earning a master's degree in education. Darrel Killus recently received h is master's in materials science and engi­ neering from Northwestern U niversity. He is now a product development engi­ neer for Himont USA in Elton, MI. Debra Ilteynolds) is proud to announce the birth of Dallas Daniel on July 6. The Lund family lives in Tenino, Wash.

steve and Helen (MCCarthy I Shaw

a n nounce the birth of their first child, daughter Jessica Elizabeth, born June 6 .

Mitchell SmIth a n d Barbara Het· tlnger were married June 1 6 at Grace

Community Covenant Church in Olympia Barbara works for Oregon State U n i versi­ ty, where M i tc h el l is a g raduate student. Joyce Bernadette Smith of Kent, WaSh., was granted a master's i n psychol­ ogy from Antioch U n i versity in Seattle. She plans to continue her private prac­ tice as a psychotherapist. Ann Marie Stenford is c o m p t ro l ­ ler/office manager for Stenford Corpora­ tion, a family operation in Ketch i kan, Ak , that owns Stenford's Plaza Drug and Hall­ mark. Karen TJersland married Dean Kisler on June 2 3 at Salem Lutheran C h u rch in Mt. Vernon, Wash. Karen is a registered n u rse at Providence Hospital in Everett. Dean is a sales represen tative for McNeil Consumer Products in Seattle. They live i n Mountlake Terrace, Wash . Joe upton is living in Milwau kee with wife Lisa O'Neil ('891. Joe is in his t h i rd year of medical school at the M e d i c a l College of Wisconsin. L i s a h a s sta rted a two year physical t h erapy prog r a m i n Northern, III. David C. Wa llace , Jr. works as a youth m i n ister at St. Gabriel C h u rch i n Port Orchard, Wash.

27, 1 990. Marcus Todd ZIII m a rried Bethany Ann Burtman in Wildrose, N.D., on June 1 6. The couple lives in Charlotte, N.C. Mark peterson and Kathleen Flynn ('89) were married in the chapel at McChord Air Force Base Aug. 1 1 , Mark attends Lewis and Clark Law School and Kathleen attends Portland State Gradu­ ate School of Social Work_

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Pacific Lutheran university Scene MarCh 1991

20 A lumni

Class Nates Continued from page 1 9 Anne C hosn of Seattle, c o m p l eted her master's In forestry at the U n iversity of Washington Kimberly MCLean w i l l ma rry Richard Fowler A p r i l 6 in R i c h l a n d , Wash. Both are work ing i n Wash i ngton D.C. Anne Erickson and Darin creen ('90) were married Feb. 1 6, 1 9 90, at Trin­ ity Lutheran, Lynnwood, Wash . T i m Spangler is p u rs u i n g a master's in international relations at the Paul H. N i tze School of Adva nced I n ternational Studies i n Washington, D.C. Tim plans to m a r ry Lisa DeBell ('85) on May 1 1 . Lisa is in her f i n a l semester of work o n a master's in soc i a l work at Florida State U n i versity Beth Bevan m a rried R o b e rt M u m­ ford Dec. 29 at the P i l g r i m Lutheran C h u rch i n Bellevue, Wash. Beth works In g ra p h i c design for Red Dot Corp Robert i s a b ra n c h m a n a g e r for P l att Electric S u pp l v They l i ve In Kirkland, Wash.

1 989 Joanne Maris won a t h i rd consecu­ t i ve woman's title i n the 1 9 90 Sound to Na rrows 1 2- k i l o meter r u n in Tacoma. Maris runs for the NIKE Portland ru n n i ng c l u b . Heather Lucas, a current PLU stu­ dent, f i n ished t h i rd in the race b e h i nd Maris and Molly Ost l u nd, a U PS g raduate Lori Massuco of Puya l l u p , Wash , works for the Safeco Corporation as a test analyst in the management i n forma­ tion services department Jan Newb-y worked last year as a c o m pensation consu l t a n t for Howard Johnson & Company and now works as a co m p ensation a n a l yst for R F E I at t h e i r headquarters in Kent, Was h . S h e lives i n Seattle.

Brian Olsen and Lise Hannon ('90) were m a rried J u ly 14 at Trin ity Lutheran c h u rch i n Vancouver, Was h . Brian is an assistant foo t b a l l and t rack coach at South Kitsap (Wash) H ig h SchooL Julie purvis works as an auditor for NW A d m i n istrators i n Seattle. David C. Rosdahl is an Engl ish teach­ er a n d soccer coach at Rogers H i g h School i n t h e P u ya l l u p School District. David lives i n Spanaway, Wash. Carl Lynn Rue m a r r i ed Jason Dea n B l a c k J u ne 1 6 at P e n i n s u l a Lutheran C h u rch, G i g Harbor. Cari works for the State of Washington and Jason works for Aqua Spas a n d Pools. They live i n G ig H a rbor. Richard Shrum married Machen Zim­ merman Aug. 18 at Shoreline Com m u n i­ ty C h u rch. Richard works for The Boeing C o m p a n y and Machen is a student at PLU. Unal Ozalp Sofuoglu of G l e n d ale, Ariz. entered Thu nderb i rd, the America n Graduate School of Management, in the Master of Internatio n a l M a nagement p rogram this s u m mer. Kerry Swanson and Lisa Blum ('90) w e re m a r ried J u n e 7 at Asc e n s i o n L u t h e r a n C h u rch i n K e n n ewick, Wash. Lisa is an acco untant and Kerry is opera­ t i o n s m a n a g e r for KPLU-FM in Tacoma. They l i ve i n Puya l l u p, Wash. Marla Jeane Swanson teaches spe­ c i a l ed ucation at O r t i n g M i ddle SchooL She m a r ried current PLU student Rich­ ard Evans Aug 1 7 i n the Colvi l l e U n ited Methodist C h u rch. Susan M . Tourtlotte ma rried Wil­ l i a m S. High ley A p r i l 28 at Ch rist Luther­ an C h u rch, Tacoma. Susan works for Hoi­ l a n d A m erica C r u ise Li nes and W i l l iam works for the A u b u r n F i re Department The cou ple lives i n Tacoma.

steven Vitcovich and Katherine O'Connor ('90) were married Sept 1 5 at the Luther Memorial Chu rch i n Seat­ tle,

Jodi Foslien, Erin Myklebust and Patty schmitz left i n Septe m b e r on thei r first assignment as traveling n u rs­ es. Their fi rst placement w i l l be U n i versi­ ty of C h icago on t h e A d u l t O nc o l o ­ gy/Bo ne M a r row Transplant U n it . They plan to be gone for a year and a h a l f, and are trying to h i t a l l the hot spots in the U,S.

Julie Crate I S P o l k C o u n ty ' s f i rst female patrol deputy to graduate from the O r eg o n P o l i ce A c a d e m y in M o n ­ mouth, Ore. Dell Cibbs of L a k ew o o d , W a s h , hel ped start up The Journa/ in Aug ust 1 989 and was named editor In Novem­ ber. Jaye Hall is teaching high school art in the Seq u i m School D i strict, Seq u i m , Wash. patricia Kerrigan m a r r i ed c u rrent • PLU student Travis Nelson Oct 20 at F a i t h L u t h era n C h u rch in R ed m o n d , Was h . Patricia is a registered n u rse a t Good S a m a r i t a n H os p i t a l i n P u ya l l u p They l i ve i n Tacoma. Kim Stender m a r r i ed Steve H i ett A u g 4. They both g rad uate from the Was h i n g ton State U n i versity Col lege of Vete r i n a ry MediCine i n A p r i l 1 9 91 Jean Tindall and Patrick O'Del l were m a rried Sept 22 at Edison Lutheran C h u rch i n Mt Vernon, Wash. Jean works at H a l l mark Refi n i n g Corp in Mt. Vernon, and Patrick works for Scott Paper Co. In Eve rett, Wash . They live i n B u r l i ngton, Wash. JUdY Slater joi ned the staff of the Nisqually Valley News as a reporter i n November. Creg Schiefersteln is an anchor/pro­ d ucer at KEVN-TV, the NBC affi l i ate in R a p i d City, SD. H is careeer is going g reat, with several major acco m p l ishments and p romotions Wife Karma is f i n is h i n g her P h D . and works as a mental health ther­ apist They j i ve i n R a p id City Kevin Dahl and Sonja Fossum ('90) were married in August. Kevin is a teach­ e r at Edgemont J u n i o r H i g h School in Puya l l u p and Sonja is a n RN at Good S a m a r i ta n HospitaL They l i v e i n M i l t o n , Wash. Jenna Hayden married Stuart Ashley Nov. 8 o n Whid bey Island, Wash. J e n n a IS a sales rep rese ntative for N o rdstrom and Stuart works i n corpo rate affairs at Seafi rst Bank. They l i ve i n Seattle.

Kevin Eliason m a r ried Kr i s ti n How­ ard i n Decem ber. He works for Motorola. Kristin works for the O l y m p i a School Dis­ trict stein Johnsgard of Gjet t u m , N o r­ way, has a position with the Guarantee Institute for Export Credit Mary (Quaranta) Rae and h usband Steven of Snohomish, Wash , welcomed Jordan La ne i n A p r i L He j o i ns Rachel (4) M a ry teaches t h i rd g rade for the Shore­ l i n e School District a n d conducts c h i l­ d ren's w r i t i n g workshops. S h e recently completed her conti n u i n g teacher's cer­ tificate through the U n i versity of Wash­ ington, Matt Kluh earned a graduate gemolo­ g ist d i ploma from the Gemological Insti­ tute of America. Matt is m a n ager of G . L. K l u h Jewe l e rs at the Lakewood M a l l i n Tacoma. Anett Hollum Olsen of Oslo, Nor­ way, works for the Royal M i n istry of Petroleum and Energy i n Oslo as a n exec­ utive officer. She assists in negotiations between the supply i ndustry and the o i l co m p a n ies and c o n d u cts m a rk et research within the petroleum sector.

Darren Mott and Michelle Hen­ ning ('90) were m a rried Dec. 2 2 at Our Saviors Lutheran C h u rch, Everett, Wash. D a r ren is a physical therapy g ra d u ate student, a n d M ic h e l l e i s an advertising account executive. They l i ve i n Tacoma.

Jennifer Witter and SCott Lerch were married Aug, 2 5 at Trin ity Lutheran C h u rch, Tacoma. Jenn ifer works for Sea­ first Bank, and Scott works for Microsoft They live in Federal Way, Wash.

1 990 Jeff Brown a n d wife T a m m y h ave moved to the Bay area where Jeff has accepted a position as team mana£jer for the Folger's coffee d iv i s i o n of Proctor and Gam ble.


Cuy KovaCs and Jennifer Hender­ son were ma rried December 3 1 , 1 989 by Pastor Susan Brlehl at Trin ity Luther­ an C h u rch i n Tacoma. Both are teac h i ng sixth g rade c lasses in the Puya l l u p School District Amy Sue JOhnson married Andrew H u tchison J u y 7 at P i l g ri m Lutheran C h u rch, Othello, Wash. A m y is a m u sic teacher, and Andrew provides computer support for law firms. They l i ve i n Ren­ ton, Wash. Samuel M inton married Karen H i ck­ en bottom Aug 1 1 at Crystal Creek Gar­ dens in Maple V a l l ey, Was h . Sam is an accountant and Karen is a resident d i rec­ tor at Western Was h i ngton U n iversity They l ive in B e l l i n g h a m , Was h . Mary Carmichael Lewis and Darin S. Hatcher ('89) were ma rried J u n e 1 6 a t F i rst Presbyte r i a n C h u rc h , Taco m a . They l i ve in Edmonds, Wash.

Brent Miller and Natalie Nyquist ('91 ) were marr ied June 24 at Eastmont C h u rCh, Bend, Ore. Brent works for Good S a m a r itan Hospital Tile c o u p l e l i ves in Spanaway, Wash. Ellen Olson and K r isto p h e r Scott were m a rried July 1 3 at the Puya l l u p F i rst Assem b l y o f God C h u rch. E l l en i s a social worker In Tacoma a nd Kristopller is a truck driver. They l i ve I n Puya l l u p Jonathan Schultz and Janet HOlm ('89) were married on J u n e 2 3 in Taco­ ma. Katie ('83), Eddie ('85), Natalie ('84), and Cail SChultz ('88) wish them much happi ness Janeen Steves and Dom i n i c Antonel­ l i were married Oct. '1 3 at Mounta i n View Lutheran C h u rch i n Puya l l u p . Dom i n i c is a student naval aviator in the U . S Navy i n Beeville, Tex., where they l ive temporari­ ly Carole Storch m a r r i ed M a u l t i n M a t h i a s A u g 1 4 a t C h rist L u t h e r a n C h u rch i n Tacoma. Carole teaches hear ing i m p a i red stude nts i n the Tacoma School District. Maultin is a controller at the S i m pson Tacoma Kraft Co. They l i ve in Tacoma. Stephen Wangen j o i ned the Taco­ m a - P i erce C o u nty C h a m b e r of C o m ­ merce staff a s a n environmental assoCi­ ate for the C h a mber Good N e i g h b o r program Kelli Lynn Wh ittig and Ti m o t h y David S t e i n were married J u ly 29. She is a teacher. He is attending PLU and works for Weyerhaeuser. Mark Wornath has taken a job with Whitman Advertising & P u b l ic Relations I n Portland, Ore. M a rk is i nvolved in the P u b l ic Relations Society of America and is o n the Columbia River Chapter's Devel­ opment Comm ittee, She also works p a rt t i m e as a media relations consultant for the Orch a rd Homeowners Associati o n i n Vancouver, Wash, Melissa Yungen teaches t h i rd g rade at Pacific Beach Elementary SchooL Heidi zech and Troy Olivadoti were m a r ried Aug, 1 8 at Pen i n s u l a Luth eran C h u rch i n Gig H a r b o r , Heidi is a t h i rd g rade teac h e r at Redwood School i n G rants Pass, Ore, Troy i s head chemist at Neilson Research Corp I n Medford, Ore. Robert Curtis is e n rol l ed i n the Mas­ ter of I nternat i o n a l M a n agement p ro­ g ra m at T h u n d e r b i rd , The A m e r i c a n G rad uate School of I n ternational M a n­ agement in Glendale, Ariz, Laura Elliott a n d Lo u i s B u rke were ma rried i n November at Snohom ish F i rst Baptist Chu rch in Everett, Wash, Laura is a registered n u rse at Stanford U n iversity Hospital and Louis is a sales representa­ t i ve, They l i ve in U n i o n City, Calif. Stacy Hochhalter is the h a lf-t i m e elementary m usic spec i a l ist at Prosser Heights Elementary in Prosser, Wash, James MC8rlde and K r i sta Stewart were m a r r i e d Sept 1 at O u r S a v i o r Lutheran C h u rch. J ames works for The Boeing Co , and Krista attends PLU, They l i ve i n Tacoma. J o h n Rousselle was recently apPOi nted h u manities editor i n t h e col­ lege book ed i t o r i a l sect ion of Prentice Hall P u b l ishing Co. He lives i n Englewood, N J,


Marjorie Shanaman Baker, a l i fe­ iong Tacoman and area civic leader, d ied Jan. 2 1 at the age of 8 3 . M rs . Baker and her husband, E l bert H . Baker I I , were co-donors, with sister-in-law Mary Baker Russell, of a $ 1 , 8 m i l l io n gift to PLU a year ago The gift w i l l help fund construction of a new PLU music center named i n honor of M rs. R usselL M rs, Baker was active in m a n y c i v ic activities. Her n u merous honors i ncluded an honorarary doctorate from the U n i ­ versity of P u g e t S o u n d , D i st i n g u ished A l u m n u s from A n n i e Wright Schoo l , a d istingu ished service award from the Tacoma J u n i o r League and a merit award from the Tacoma Garden C l u b . A n i ece, J a n e R u sse l l , serves on t h e PLU Board of Regents Dau g hter-i n-iaw Jane Shanaman was a PLU development officer during the '70s, She IS su rvived by her husband, sons Fred and Dick Shanaman, four g randchil­ d ren and two g reat grandc h i l d ren

Vo l u ntee r Center Con tinued from page 6

A clean-u p day at Salishan M i s­ sion i n Ta coma, co-sponso red with Residential L ife's C h ri st i a n a ctivities leaders, w a s the C e n ­ ter's fi rst p l a n ned acti vity , A d if­ ferent g roup retu rned to Sa l i sh­ a n a month later to h e l p host a safe Hal loween Party; nea rly 500 c h i l d re n a n d t h e i r p a re n ts enjoyed the vo l u nteer booths, I n Nove m ber, Berger worked w i t h h i story p rofesso r Beth Kra i g to start a homework ass i s­ t a n c e t u to r i n g p rog r a m i n a n e a rby m i d d l e s c h o o l , h i g h school a n d a l ternative schoo l . The program i s cal l ed PLUS (PLU Su pport) , Interim '91 gave the Vo l u nteer Center i ts biggest boost. Stu­ dents had more free t i m e, and m a n y d ec i d ed to spend that time vol u nteering, M acdonald o rg a n i zed wee k l y t r i ps to St, L e o ' s Hospita l i ty Kitchen and a Pa rkland clean-up p roj ect, A m o nth-long toiletries d ri ve benefiti n g a nea rby YWCA shelter netted nea rly 30 pou nds of sham poo, soa p, perfu m e and oth er items, PLUS cont i n u ed to g row in J a n u a ry Tutor M a ren Joh nson sa id, " I rea l l y enjoy the stud ents, It is exciting to see the chi ldren l earn i n g as I learn how to teach them." Even as th ese p rograms co n ­ t i n u e, s p r i n g w i l l fo c u s on a s p r i n g b reak t r i p to East Bay, Ca l i f , where Habitat for H u m a n i ­ t y is bu i l d i n g a house, Seventeen PLU st u d e n ts h a v e don ated money and time to this proj ect,

Julie Morse was one of t h ree emp loyees appoi nted research ana lyst at Herbert Research Inc., a Bellevue, Was h . , based market research f i r m . Joseph Upton married D i a ne W i l l iam­ son Aug 18 at Westwood Baptist Church in Olympia, Wash. Joseph is the manager of Kit's C a m era Store i n Lacey, Wash., and Diane works at Thi rd Dimension Cuts i n Lacey They l i ve in Olympia

Rachelle McCinnis m a r ried J o n Swanson i n N o v e m b e r at S p a n away Lutheran C h u rch. They l ive in Tacoma.

Pacific Luthenn University scene March 1 991


A lumni

In Memoriam C l ass m ate's Death D raws Cou nsel i n g Students Together The sea rch for mea n i n g i n our l i ves a n d t h o se of o t h e rs beco m es espec i a l l y d i ff i c u lt w h e n we a re c o n f ronted by u nti mely death. Such was the case when some 20 stu dents i n the PLU g rad uate p rogram i n counsel i n g and g u id ­ a n ce lea rned o f the death of c lassmate Melinda "Mindy" (Gray) Habersetzer, 2 9 M i n d y , who g rew u p and sti l l l i ved i n nea rby Lakewood, was the vict i m i n an a uto-pedest r i a n traffi c accident Jan. 1 3. It is the n at u re a n d size of the cou nsel i n g c l a sses that b ri n gs stu dents close, l i ke a fa m i ly "It i m pa cted us a lot" sa id ed u ca­ tion p rofessor Wanda Johnson. One m ea n i ng, or consequence of t h i s t ra g edy m a y be the i nc reased se nsitiv ity of M i n d y 's classmates towa rd death a n d g r ief i n t h e l i ves o f stu dents they w i l l soon cou nsel d u r i n g practicu ms and field work. "And t h e re w i l l be d e a t h , " a d d ed Joh nso n. " M a ny youn gsters i n


Wi te Swimming


Melinda Habersetzer

this a rea have fam i ly members servi n g i n the Persi a n Gu lf." E i g h teen c l a ssm ates attended M i ndy's memori a l service, along with m o re th a n 3 0 0 o t h e r friends and fam i ly . " Afterwa rds,

sports summary

PLU Third, Fifth At Bi-District Swim Meet

Com peti ng i n thei r f i n a l tu ne-u p before n a t i o n a l s , PLU wo men fin ished t h i rd and Lute men were fifth in tea m scori n g at the 1 99 1 Bi-District meet i n El lensbu rg . Central Washi ngton edged PLU women out o f second place b y two POi nts, 5 3 1 -529. Two-time national champion Puget So und eas i l y won the team title with 689 poi nts. PLU j u n i o r Ka ren Ha nson led the Lady Lutes with a win in the 200 free (1 : 5 6 .4S) and runner-up titles in the 500 free (S : 1 0 0S) a n d 1 6 S0 free (1 7 : 5 3 . 2 2 ) . F resh m a n M a ry Carr reg istered a season-best 1 :09 .99 i n the 1 00 b reast good for second place. Lady Lute women won the 200 free rel ay (1 :41 .82) and were second in the 400 free relay ( 3 : 39.87) and 800 free re lay (8 0 5 . 87). Senior freestyler M a rc LeMaster was the lone Bi-District titlist fo r the men, w i n n i n g the 1 00 free (4758). He a l so c l a i med run ner-u p tro p h i es c h a m p io n sh i ps i n the SOO free (4:48 . 36) a n d 200 free (1 :45.73) . Senior Gary H aslerud was the r u n ner-up champ in the 1 00 back (55. 1 8) As many as 1 2 women a n d f;ve men w i l l represent PLU at the 1 99 1 NAIA Champi o nsh i ps, h e l d M a rch 6-9 a t the K i n g County Aquatics Center i n F dera l Way PLU a nd Pu get So und wi l l co-host the event, the l a rgest col l eg i ate sw i m meet i n the cou ntry Wrestling - Mead Named Outstanding Wrestler At Bi-Dis­ trict

PLU capped an up and down 1 99 1 mat season with a fifth p l ace showing at the Bi-Dist rict Cha m p ionsh i ps Feb . 1 7 at Pacific. I n d u a l action. the L utes were 8-9 overall i n 1 991 . Sen ior 1 26-pou nder Steve Mead was n amed the tou rnament's Out­ stand i n g W restler at 8i-Dist ricts, going 2-0. Mead, who entered the tournament seeded second in his weight c lass, defeated the n u m ber­ three and n u m ber-o ne seeds i n h is we ight cl ass to earn the award. Other Lute placers i nc l ude sen io r Tod Johnson (2nd, 1 34), j u n i o r M i ke Jones (3rd, 1 42) and senior Kyle Patterson ( 3 rd , 1 S0). Those fou r (Mead, Joh nson, Jones, Patterson) w i l l represent PLU at the 1 99 1 NAIA Wrest l i n g Cham pionsh i ps, Feb. 28 t h rough M a rch 2 at M onta na Tec h in Butte. MT. Mead a nd Patterson a re both n ational meet participa nts.

everyone wa nted to keep talking and t a l ki n g about it" the p rofes­ sor said. There were no co u n sel i n g c las­ ses d u ring J a n u a ry Interi m . But J o h n so n n oted that stud ents w a n ted to cont i n u e exa m i n i n g t h e i r feel i n g s w h e n c l asses reco nvened in Feb ruary. C l a ss m a tes h a d s h a red a lot w i th M i n d y , i n c l u d i n g the b i rth of her so n , B l a ke, l ast spring She so m e t i m es b ro u g h t B l a ke to c lass. She was keep i n g a d i a ry. w h i ch she plan ned to sh a re with B l a ke when he was older. Class­ m ates a re hopefu l they ca n f i n d a way t o h e l p B l a ke eventu a l ly k now m o re a bo u t h i s mother and to honor her l ife. A gradu ate of Clover Pa rk H i g h School , M i ndy attended Wash i n g ­ ton State U n iversity before earn­ ing her bachelo r' s d eg ree at the U n i ve rsity of Puget So u n d . A teac h i n g assist a n t i n a T i l l i c u m elementa ry schoo l , she h a d a lso worked as a volu ntee r at a wom­ en's shelte r and rape c risis clinic. S h e i s su rvived b y h e r so n B l a ke and husband, Jeff; her p a r­ ents, M a rg a ret Gray of La ke­ wood a n d G.G. G ray of Bel l evue; b rothers Todd and J ud son; a n d g r a n d p a re n ts H e l e n G ra y of T a c o m a a n d J u d g e Ken n eth Cha ntry of Los Angeles.





years, son Ron, d a u g h ters Carolyn Fiacco '61 and JanlC1! Reynolds ' 6 3 a n d thei r spouses; 1 0 g randchildren and e i g h t g reat-gra n d c h i l d r e n . I n c l u d i ng th ree g ra n dch i ld ren a n d i n · l aws, th ere are 1 0 PLU a l u m n i in the immediate Col· tom fam i l y Memorials may be made t o T r i n i ty Lutheran C h u rch (Parkland) or PLU.

Kathryn T. Nesse, the first woman to serve on the Pacific Lutheran Boa ra of Regents (Trustees) d i ed Dec. 1 2, 1 990, at the age of 7 1 . Her husband, Rev M i l ­ t o n Nesse, followed her i n dp til in Janu· ary. A g r a d u ate of St. O l af Col lege, M rs. Nesse was married to Rev. Nesse for 47 years. For 3 5 years they served Ou r Sav· i o r's L u t h e r a n C h u rc h i n B rem e r T o n , w h e r e s h e was organ ist. c h o i r d i rector and vocal solOist. She was also a p u b l i c school m usic teacher. The Nesses are survived by sons Peter '76 a nd E n c, d a u g h ters M a rtha Rosien and J u lie Anderson, and nine grandchil­ dren.








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Carl E. coltom, a l i felong Tacoma a rea resid ent a nd educator, d i ed Jan. 2 2 at t h e a g e of 8 3 . He earned four deg rees from Pacltlc Lutheran Academy and College: an asso­ ciate deg ree i n 1 930, a th ree·year teach­ ing degree I n 1 9 3 5 , and a BA and BAE in 1 94 5 . D u ring his first sojourn on c a m p u s he pa rticip ated i n ath letics and was a mem ber of the school's first football team in 1 926. His son, Ron '61 and g randsons David '83 and Donald '85 were also PLU foot­ ball players. He began teaching at F i rgrove Elemen­ tary in Puyallup where he met his wife of 36 years, Agnes W l ksten, w h o d i ed in 1 972. He taught at schools th roughout the Tacoma area and retired as a pri nci­ pal i n the Franklin Pierce School District. He was a member of the PLU Lute and Q C l u bs and the U n i versity Men's Golf Associati o n . He is survived by E d n a , his wife of 1 8




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pacific Lutheran University SC_ MarCh 1991

22 Sports

Don Brown

Gail Is 3rd; Don Is 5th

Cail lngram

I n g r a m , B row n R i s e I nto Al l-Time sco ring Ra n ks By MJke Larson


enior post G a i l Ingram and se n i or fo rward Don Brown kept the opposition nervous and the record-keepers scra m b l i n g most of the 1 990-91 hoop sea­ son. And after the dust f i n a l l y settles on the 1 9 90-9 1 c a m ­ paign, i t will signify t h e e n d of an era in Lute basketba ll. Ingram, a 6-0 forwa rd/p ost from Tacoma, fi n ished the sea­ son with 402 poi nts, upping her career total to 1 , 1 80, the t h i rd-

best ca reer total i n PLU history. Gu a rd Ke lly La rson is PLU's a l l ­ time scoring leader with 1 , 543 poi nts from 1 9 86-89. I n gram al so fi n ished with 646 ca reer re bou nds, seco nd on PLU's a l l­ t i m e l i st, 37 shy of the PLU record of 683 by C i ndy Betts from 1 980-83 . "Gail gave so much to o u r pro­ g r a m , part i c u l a rly o u r y o u n g posts," said Kluge. "She was very motivated to be the best player she co uld be and has worked dili­ gently on her post pla y, both

Wi nter Sports . . . Continued from page 21

Women's Basketball - PLU Women Finish 1 0-1 4 Post Gail Ingram assa ulted the Lady Lute record books and was PLU's most consistent player d u ring an up a nd down 1 990-91 cam­ paign that saw PLU fin ish 1 0-1 4 overa l l , 6-5 i n the conference, 2-1 4 i n t h e district. I ngram contri buted 402 points (1 7 . 5 ppg) and 1 9 1 rebou nds (8 . 3 rpg). Those ma rks raised h e r caree r marks t o 1 , 1 80 poi nts, third-best on PLU's al l-time l ist (see related story), and 646 boards, second best i n PLU history. Angie Pflu g rath scored 8.9 ppg, Shawn Simpson and Sherri Johnston 8.0 ppg apiece in support roles. PLU was 1 0-0 when it held the oppositiun to less than 63 poi nts this season, 0-1 4 when it did n't. Men'S Basketball - Lutes Advance TO Playoffs For First Time Since 1 986 PLU capped the regular season with an 85-73 w i n over Whitman, ea rning the Lutes a trip to the district playoffs for the first time i n five years a s the n u m ber-eight seed . The Lutes ended the 1 9 90-91 ca mpaign with an 1 1 -1 5 mark. Forward Don Brown and guard Chris E h l is led the squad in scori ng in a l l but t h ree ga mes. Brown fi n ished the regular season with a 1 7.2 ppg average, Ehlis a 1 5 .8 ppg average. Brow n added 2 3 1 rebo u n d s (8.9 rpg), the hig hest s i ngle-season rebounding total i n 1 0 years. Schellenberg entered the pl ayoffs with a chance at bettering the career field goal percentage.

offensively and defensively. " H er performa nce level and her tea m orientation can 't be measu red . S he ' l l be m i ssed . I hope she comes back and vi sits us," Kluge added. Brown, who started the season 1 3th al l-time with 1 , 1 6 8 poi nts, moved past eight players by the end of the regu lar season to fi n­ ish in PLU's top-five with 1 ,61 5 poi nts. He was 80 poi nts shy of n u m ber-fc u r C u rt G a m m e l l ' s 1 ,695 points a s PLU began p lay­ off action Feb. 2 7 . Brown joins an elite group of Lute legends. Chuck C u rtis (2,1 73 pts, 1 9 5 6-59), Roger Iverson (1 ,820, 1 0 5 6-59 ), H a rry M cG l a u g h l i n (1 .783, 1 947-50) a n d G a m m e l l are PLU's top fou r career scor­ ers. " D o n was a n e ntert a i n i n g, exciting p l ayer to watch," sa id Ha roldso n . " H e was a com plete player, too. It wasn't j ust h i s

scoring. He enjoyed m a k i n g a great pass just as much - may­ be more - than scoring h i mself. He h a d g reat t i m i n g, speed, i n st i ncts. There's no d o u bt in m i nd that D o n cou l d have pl ayed Division I basket b a l l for any p rog ra m in the U n ited States," he said. Exc l u d i ng the 1 99 1 d i strict p l ayoffs, Brown had 7 3 1 rebou nds, 1 84 b l ocks, 241 assists and 1 5 9 steals. PLU WOMEN'S HOOPS TOP-FOUR CAREER SCORERS Kelly Larson 1 , 543, 1 986-89 Kris Kal lestad 1 .464, 1 9 84-87 CAlL INC RAM 1 ,1 80, 1 988-91 Cindy Betts 1 , 1 50, 1 980-83 PLU MEN'S HOOPS TOP-FIVE CAREER SCORERS Chuck Curtis, 2 , 1 7 3 , 1 9 56-59 Roger Iverson, 1 , 820, 1 956-59 Harry McGlaughlin. 1 , 783, 1 947-50 C u rt Gam m e l l , 1 ,695, 1 963-66 DON BROWN, 1 ,6 1 5 , 1 988-91 * * " " Throu gh Feb. 25

Weyd ert Is New Head Vol l eyba l l Coach J e rry Weydert h a s been named head volleyba ll coach at PLU, Lute athl etic d i rector D r. David Olson a nnounced rece ntly. Weydert, 43, has an extensive backg round in volleyball as both a player and coach. He served as the head coach at Saint Martin's College d u r i n g the 1 9 88 a n d 1 9 89 seaso ns a n d has d i rected YMCA and Pi erce Cou nty J u nior Olympic Volleyball teams for the past five years.

Weydert, w h o is also the sports d i rector at Fort Lewis, coached the A l l -Army women's tea m duri ng the 1 9 86-87 seaso n . Weydert is a l so a n accom­ pl ished p l ayer and offi c i a l . He was named Fi rst Team Ali-Ame ri­ ca and Player of the Yea r at the United States Vol leyba l l Cha mpi­ onships while play i ng for the No Dinks Si lver Masters team , which won the national c h a m p i o n s h i p last M a y in Raleigh, NC.

Pacific: Lutheran university scene March 1N1


Spri n g Sports Previ ews M EN'S TENNIS - T h e j u ry is st i l i out, but coach M i ke Benson is

opt i m istic about the eventual verd ict for the 1 991 season . . . Ben­ son's S u p reme Cou rt is com posed of a dozen players - six retu rnees, six newco mers - who sho u l d be a force again i n the d i strict and conference . . . Th ree sen ior retu rnees a re the nucleus of Benson's net set . . . Al l-cou rt player Ian Haworth (1 5-5 last year), h ard-hitti ng David Thom pson (8-1 2) and agg ressive Shan non Affholter (7-1 3) . . . Sen ior Ken Steenis (2-2), j u n i o r Bryan benson (1 0-4) and soph Ross Lau rson (7-0) a l l saw part-time top-six duty l ast year . . . Freshmen David Benson, Andy Ja nsen and Jon Zepp a re all g ifted athletes with sol i d futu res. WOMEN'S TENNIS - Coach Rusty Ca rlson's Lady Lute netters, win­ ners of n i n e of the past 1 1 N C I C cha m p ionsh i ps, will zero i n on n u m be r 10 i n 1 99 1 b e h i n d se n i o r DeeA n n E l d red and a bala nced su pport i n g cast . . . E l d red, 20-7 l ast year, is PLU's t h ree-t i me # 1 singles p l ayer and l ost J u st fou r m atches t o NAIA oppo nents last season . . . J u n i o rs Bridget Rundle (1 4-1 0) and M e l i n d a Wi lson (9-1 3), both two-year top-six performers, have the i nside t rack at n u mber two through five, but talent i n that g roup is equal . . . Soph Joni Roback and frosh Shanon T i l l y shou l d be factors at #4 and #5, wh i l e sen i o rs L i n d a Garbi no a n d Ma rcy M aydole w i l l batt l e for t h e final top-six spot . . N icole Bened i ct. G i n a Procop i o and Alaina Weibner could also see l i m ited d uty. BASEBALL - Coach Larry Marsha l l 's Lute d i a m ond men, led by senior co-captain outfielders Bob Morris and Tod Byers, should be i m proved in all ph ases of the game as they look to better l ast yea r's 1 6-1 8-1 season record . . . Morris stroked the ball at a .405 cl i p with 41 RBis last ye� r, earn ing honorable mention Al l-America honors . . . Byers h it .302 With 7 RBis . . . Two Al l-District selections, sen ior p itcher Byron Kaerstner (6-0, 3 . 54 ERA) and j u n ior catcher Jason Mangold (.278) also return . . . Retu rnees G reg H a l l (RHPO, Casey Sexton (3 B/C, . 299), Howie Kroehl (SS/2B, . 3 54), Pat Mains (O F, _ . 325) and Doug DeM u l ling (RHP) sho u l d a lso be factors . . . Keep an eye on newcomers M ichael Davis (SS), Tu l ly Taylor (RH P), Scott Sass (1 8), Brian Joh nson Onf) and Ian Mcintosh ( DH/OF). SOFTB�LL - The gOOd. news is that eight of the ten players who started I n last year's national cha m p ionsh i p game a re back. The bad news? There isn't any . . . A l l signs point to another bang-up season for the Lady Lutes, last year's run ner-u p national champ i ons with a 40-8 record . . . Retu rning Al l-Americans Brenda Dobbelaar (SS, .439, 2 2 dou bles) and Jea n n i n e Gardner (1 B, . 349, 3 0 R Bis) lead the charge, along with LF Debbie Hoddevik (,321 , school-record 4 HRs) CF Tristin Castrey (, 355), 3 B Krista Larson (,33 3), and C Toni castrey (,32 1 ) and 2.B Kim PecCi a (,1 79) . . . Becky Hoddev ik (29-6, 0.92 ERA), a slx-9 ame wi n ner at nationa ls, leads a ful ly-i ntact pitch i ng staff . . . A m l e Gru nwa l d (1 0-2, 1 . 59) a n d Karina M cG u i re (1 -0, 0.00 also returnl. COLF - With good reason, coach Gene Lu ndgaard is a l l smiles when you ask h i m about his 1 991 Lute golf tea m . Five l i n ks retu rnees have n u m ber-one potential this spring as PLU looks to reclaim the NCIC trophy, which sli pped through tiheir fingers last yea r after a two-year hold . . . Co-ca pta ins Matt Walden and Pa u l F u rth were #1 and #2 last year, but should get a fight from a bevy of qual ity players . . . Walden is a steady player. Ditto for F u rth, who has a dandy short game . . . Returnees Kerby Court, Kris Syverstad and Darin Swan a re a l l qual ity perform ers . . . Cou rt has i m p roved d ra m atica l ly . Syverstad has i m p roved h is distance off the tee. Swa n is a straight h itter. Returnee Dave Hatl i n and newco m e rs T roy Helseth, Lane Kadel, Val Meyer, B rett Shoemaker and Matt M i helich cou ld also see action. WOMEN'S CREW - Open weight strength is the forte of K i m Morter Olson's wo men's crew t h i s spring . . . Sophomore S h a n non O'Do m l eads the o p e n weight eight. w h i c h ret u rns fou r rowers and its coxswai n . . . Soph Molly Tvedt, junior Kelly Shepherd and sen ior Ann Ost l u nd also have seats reserved i n the V-8, a l ong with cadence-ca l ler C i nDee G a rcia . . . Sop homore Bon n i e Godfrey, who teamed with O'Dom and two others for a third p lace fi n ish i n the novice fou r at nationals last yea r, heads the l i g htweight contingent. which wi l l be relatively an u n proven group . . . Sen ior Jenn ifer Laraby and j u n ior cox Chantal H u let a re PLU's top i nc u m bent l i g htweig hts. MEN'S CREW - A ha ndfu l of quality returnees a re the backbone of

m e n 's coach Doug Nelson's 1 99 1 crew . . . J u n i o rs Casey Cass a nd Randy Du rick, half of the light four that was second at the Pacific C C?ast Rowing Cham pionshi ps last year, lead the varsity eight. which Wi l l featu re a good mix of l ight and open weight strokers . . . Senior Greg Ing le, a fixture on the V-8 the past th ree years, also returns, a l ong with fo rmer nov ices Thad Pea rson and Sam Coo k . . . lig htweight Nea l Potts cou l d also see d uty in the heavy boat . . . Cass, Du rick and Potts could a lso be 75 percent of the l ight fou r.

WOMEN'S TRACK - If 1 0 is perfection, what's an 1 1 ? Coach Brad

Moore's Lady Lutes wi l l try and answer that Question as they take a i m a t their 1 1 th straight N CIC title t h i s spring . . . J u n ior A n n a Ovalle is the PLU record-holder i n the 1 00 m (1 2.22) and 200m (24.89) and leads

This Month In Japan

Olson Will He d u.S. Group At World University Games Pacific Lutheran athletic d i rec­ tor Dr. David Olson will head the Un ited States delegation to the 1 99 1 World U n i ve rsity W i nter Games M a rch 2-1 0 i n Sapporo, Japa n . Olson w i l l serve a s "C h ief of the M ission" for the U.s. Olympic Com m ittee and w i l l be responsi­ ble for approxi m ately 24 adm i n­ istrative and support personnel, 25 coaches, tra i ne rs, managers and officia ls, and 1 05 collegiate ath letes sel ected from various col l eges and u n i v e r s i t i es throughout the Un ited States. David Olson spans a received in exchange during the World Universitv Came in Sofia, Bul­ garia last March.

Th ree Lutes Ea rn D i strict Sc hol a r Ath l ete H o n o rs Desp ite being just one of 1 3 m e m be r i n stitutions of District 1 , Lute athletes claimed th ree of the five NAIA District 1 Scholar­ Athlete Awards for the fa l l sport season. Soccer m idfielder Ka rin G i lmer, footba l l defe n s i ve end F ra n k Johnson and cross country ru n­ ner Alan Herr were a l l recog­ n ized recently for their accom­ pl ish ments both on the playing fields and in the classroom . A l l th ree recipients are sen ior biology majors. G i l mer, who ca rries a 3 . 5 g rade point average, had five goals and five assists for PLU's runner­ up NAIA nati o n a l cha m p i o n wo men's socce r tea m that fin­ ished 20-3-1 . Johnson, who carries a 3.9 gpa, was a team capta in and starter at d efensive end on PLU's 9-2 grid squad that advanced to the quarterfi nals of the NAIA D i vi­ Sion I I national playoffs.

M o re than 1 ,200 participants from 40 cou ntries a re expected at the 1 991 World U n i ve rsity Ga mes. Pa rt icipa nts com pete in 45 events i n five sports: skiing, fig u re skati ng, ice hockey, short t rack speed skati n g and speed skating. O l son is an i nternat i o n a l ly respected leader i n amateu r ath­ letics and has an extensive back­ g round in amateu r ath letics. He was one of five u .s. educators invited to partici pate i n an edu­ cationists' session at the Interna­ tional Olympic Academy in Olym­ pia, G reece, in 1 984. A member of the U n ited States Colleg iate Spo rts Council s i n ce 1 986, h e served on the joint-co u n c i l of the USOC and t h e USCSC and was a member of t h e USOC House of Delegates in 1 986. He has a lso served on the NAI A's Intern ational Relations Co m m it­ tee (1 988) and was part of the U n i ted States' a d m i n istrative team at the World U n iversity Games i n Sofia , B u lgaria ( 1 9 89). He is also a past p resident of the NAIA (1 985-86l. Olson has been ath letic d i rec­ tor and dean of the PLU's School of Physical Education si nce 1 968. Herr has a 3.8 gpa and was a fou rth p lace fi n isher at the NCIC c ross cou ntry c h a m p i o n s h i ps. Herr also runs track for PLU .

the spri nty corps . . . Two-t i m e Al l-A merican Julie Hougen retu rns in the 400m . . . R u n ne r-up NAIA cham pion M i nta M isley is back i n the 1 500m (4: 30.80) . . . Casi Montoya com p l i ments M isley i n the m iddle distances . . . Two-sport A l l-Americans Heather Lucas and Kel l y Edger­ ton are the nucleus of PLU's d i stance corps . . . Lucas was second i n the . 5,000m (1 7 : 30.78), t h i rd i n t h e 1 0,000m (37: 3 7.89) last year at nationa ls . . . Erin Lee IS the Lady Lutes' top th rower. She's tossed the d iSCUS 1 3 1 -1 1 , the shot 3 7-6 1 /2 . MEN'S TRACK - 1 99 1 w i l l b e somewhat of a rebu i ld i n g yea r for Lute thlnciads, but don't be su rp rised if PLU wins its third stra ight N C I C t rack title . . . Ru nner-u p NAIA national cha m p ion and school record-holder Alan Herr retu rns i n the 3,000m steeplechase (9: 1 3.1 3) and IS ready for a big yea r . . . NCIC 1 00 m and 200m titl ist Jon Shuck went 1 1 . 01 and 2 1 .87 l ast season and heads the sprint tea m . . . So phomore tra nsfer Shane Cove l l i is a 2 3 -foot l o n g j u m pe r and a dandy decathlon p rospect . . . Aaron Li nerud has th rown the discus 1 46-0 and is the defend i n g N CIC champ . . . M iddle distance strength starts WIth NCIC 800m champ T i m Borshe i m and M i ke Lindaas . . . Jeff Taylor will defend the conference title in the 1 0,000m (34:04.8) and WI l l be complemented in the d istance events by Kirk Helzer.


Board Of Regents

M'arch 5

acoma and Vicinity

Thomas R. An derson Cynth i a Wilson Edwards Barry Rogge Jane R ussell

Seattle and Vicinity Frank R. Jenn ings (Vice Chai rm a n )


Th eodore Johnso n · Anne Long Donal d Morken Jo n n Oakley Gary Severson Chrtsty N U l l e l a n d (Secretary)


western washington Petra O nei l a B runner David S. Steen Karen M. Vigeland


Eastern Washington I idaho

C h risti ne Larson George Wehmann Donald M . Wi ck Vacancy

Oreg on



Neil R Bryant R o na l d Grewenow

C onnye H age r Arthur Peterson Wavne Saverud

Michael Foss Other

Jerold A rmstrong , I l l i n o I s Robert Howard, Alaska Wallace M c K i n ney . Kansas Richard M uell er. Mi ssou ri J on Olson. M i n nesota William Ram stad , Cal i forn i a

8 Wi : iidn c. R i e. Pres i de n t . PLU S\nod B rst)ops, ELCA Region 1 :

. obert Ke l l er, EaW /Idaho '.owell Knutson , Northwest Was h . Donald Parsons, Alaska Paul Swanso n, Oregon Norman Wick. Monta na DaVid w ol d, Southwestern Wash. (Chairman)

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Facu l ty C h rist o p h e r B r ow n i n g , Arthu r Gee, Dav i d Robb i n s Students· J i m M e r re l , K.el i i O ' B r i e n , Bu rley Kawasak i


Ad m in ist ration- L u t h e r B eke m el er, Lu c i l lE Gi ro u x , Harve y N e ufeld, S . E rVl r,l) Severtson . Do n a l d S t u rg i l l ( T rea su rer) , J. Robert W i l l s ELCA . D i v . o f E d . : James U n g l aube


Edito ria l Boa rd


Dr W il l iam o. Rieke .

. . . . . . . P re si dent Lucille Giroux . . . . . . Pres. Exec. Assoc John Adix . . . . . . . . . . . .... lnt. D i r. A l u m n i ReI. Dr. Martin J. Neeb . . . . . . . . Exec. Editor James L. Pete rson . . . . . . . . . . . . Editor M i ke Larson . . . . . . . . . . . Sports Editor Ken neth D u n m ire . . . . Photographer


21 -22

Julie Sm ith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Class Notes


U n iversity Wind Ensem ble , guest soloist A do l p h H e rseth, p ri ncipal trum pete r with the Chicago Sym phony Orchestra, S h o recrest High School, Seattle, 8 p . m . , Adm. A r t Exhi bition featu ring Oregon fiber a rtist Patricia S park U n iversity G a i l ery, I n g ram H a l l , 9·4 weekdays Dramatist N o rman Dietz "Testament and Old Y m i r," Tri n ity Luthera n C h u rch, 7 : 3 0 p m . U n i versity W i n d Ensem ble featu ring C h icago S y m p h o n y Orchestra principal trum peter Adol p h Herseth . Stad i u m H i g h Schoo l , Taco ma, 8 p . m . , Adm . 5 3 5-7621 U n i versity T h eatre, world pre m i ere perfo rma nces of "The App re ntice," by Wi l l i a m Parker, d i rected by J . Robert W i l is. Teen years of Norweg i a n playwright Henrik Ibsen ch ro nicled, Eastvold Au d., 8 p m . , Ad m . 5 3 5-7 762 (story page 2) Intern ation al Film "All My Good Cou ntrymen" ( Cz.e chosl ovak la n , Eng l ish subtitles), I n g ram H a l l , 7

p m.

"The Apprentice" (s ee M a rc h 7), 7 p . m a n d 9 3 0 p.m . "The App rentice" (see M a rch 7), 2 p m

W o m en ' s H i story Month lecture fea t u ri n g Rev. Barbara Lu n d bl ad , U n iv. Center, 7 : 30 p, m U n i versity Symphony o rchestra,featu ri ng soprano soloist LeeAnne Cam pos ('8 1 ) , soprano. Eastvold A u d . , 8 p . m . Lecture b y Arch bishop Raymond H u n tha usen, U n i v . Center, 7 : 3 0 p . m . U n i versity Jazz E nsem b l e, Eastvold, 8 p . m . Regency Concert Series featu r i n g Regency String Q u a rtet, U ni v . Center, 8 p . m , adm 5 3 5 -7621 Choral Festival, Eastvold, a l l day

ew with YOU ?

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l u m ni Office ( N ACl.

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Fiber art by Oregon artist Patricia Spark will be on display all month at the Uni versity Callery in Ingram Hall. The gallery is open 9-4 wee da ys.

Apri 3-30

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Art Exhibitio n, "The Lutheran B rotherhood Collec t io n O f eliglous Art," U n i versi ty G a l i e ry, I n g ram Ha l l , 9-4 weekdays U n i verslt I S y mp ho ny Orchestra Stude nt Soloi sts, Eastvold , 8 p m . Cente n n ia i Theme Sym posi u m , "Deve l o p i n g Partnersh i ps for Effect i ve Educat i o n , " feat u ri n g J u d i t h B i l l i ng s ( ' 6 1 ), U n i v. Center, a l l day, 5 3 5-7272 Leonard Bernste i n , Aaron Copland M emor ial Concert, Eastvold, 8 p m International Fi l m , "The Tin Drum" (German, Engl ish subtit les), Ingram Hall, 7 p.m. "Dance Del i ri u m," Eastvold, 8 p.m . adm, 5 3 5-7457 U n i versity Chorale, U n iv. Center, 8 p.m Regency Concert Series featu ring Camas Wind Q u i ntet, U n iv. Center, 8 p . m . , adm., 5 3 5-7621 U n i versity Jazz Ensem b l e, Eastvold, 8 p.m . Opera Workshop. U n iv. Center, 3 p . m . Wind Ensemble C h i l d ren's Concert, Eastvold,7 p . m . C h o i r of the West, Eastvold,8 p.m.


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Centenn ial T h e m e Sy m p osi um, " Gl oba l Pa rtners hi p s in the 90s E merg i n g pportu ni ties," Univ. Center, a l l day U n !versi t v Sing ers, Univ. Cent r, 8 p . m NorwegIan H e r : tage Festival, U n i v Center, all day M ayfest Dancers, Olson, 7 p. m , adm . . 5 3 5- 7 SB6 Art Exh i b i tion featur i n g BFA can d i dates, U n iversity Gallery. I n g ram H al l , 9-4 weekdays U niversity Theatre, "A D ream Play," Eastvo l d . 8 p . m . , adm., 5 3 5-7760 U n i versity Theatre "A Dream Play," Eastvo ld, 2 p m, a d m . , 5 3 5-7760 U niversity Sym phony Orchestra, Eastvold, 8 p m Concert Band, Eastvo l d , 8 p m. Park Avenue vocal jazz, U n i v . Center, 8 p m . Chora l U n i on Mozart Celeb ration, Eastvold, 2 p.m., ad m . , 5 3 5-7 6 2 1 Centen n i a l Tour Kick-off Concert, Meany Auditori u m , U n i v . of Wash . , Seattle, 8 p . m . , a d m . , 5 3 5-762 1 Hello S u m merl A l l Ensem bles Concert, Eastvold. 8 p . m . Com m e ncem ent Wors h i p Service, Olson, 9:30 3.m . Comm encement, O l so n, 2:30 p. m .

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Vol u m e XXI N o , 4

Cover: Centen n i a l F i n a l e

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In late May the Lute footb a l l tea m , C h o i r of the West and Un iversity Stri ngs headed for the Peop l e' Republic of C h i n a , w h i l e the University Chora l e and Wind Ensem b l e em arked o n a tou r of Scandinavia. Above, Lute footba l l er Kevin Engman chats with l a n g u ages professor Wei H u a, who coached the t ea m on Chinese c Iture prior to departu re

President R ie ke P l a ns Reti rem ent.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Dr W i l l iam Rieke, PLU p res i dent s i n ce 1 9 7 5 , has a n n o u nced p l a n s to reti re fo l lowing the 1 9 91 -92 academ i c year D u r i ng h i s ten u re R i eke has presented degrees 0 ne arly two-th i rds of a l l PLU g ra d u ates. A p res i d e n t i a l searc h com m i ttee has been a ppoi n ted,

Inte rnationa l Lea d e rs Ho n o red

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


D U pre sen t ed honora r y degrees t h i s sp ri ng to two i n ternational leaders. They were Gunnar Staalsett, eneral secretary of the Luther n World Federa­ t i on , a n Jan Carlzon , p r sident and chief execu tive officer of Scandinavian Airl i nes G ro u p

Scene (lSSN

0886-3369) Published q uarte r y by Pacific Lu th eran U niversitY . 5. 1 2 'l 5t

1 9 1 yea rs !

J u n e 1 991

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Six veteran PLU professors with a comb i ned 1 9 1 years of se rVi ce retirea this spring They are Donald Farmer, political science; Eric Nordholm, the tre ; John Schil ler, sociology; Gene Lundgaard, physical education; Gundar Ki ng, busi ness; and David Kn utson, rel i g i o n .

M u sic Center G rou n d b reaking

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Gro u ndbrea ki ng for the M a ry Baker R u ssell M us i c Center w i l l be �l e l cl Sept 1 0 i n conj u nction with F a l l O p e n i ng Con vocati on . The Center' Concert Hall h as b een named fo r fo rmer regent George Lagerq u i st, i n memory of his la te wife Peggy

N ati o n a l Forensics T itle

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1 2"

PLU crowned i ts first nat i onal forensIcs cham pion i n March. Spokane fresh­ man Amy LLJinstra defea ted a compet itor from Seto n Hall un iversity to win the Li nco l n -Douglas debate title at the national PI Kap pa D el ta tournament in Eatontown, N . J . PKD is the national fo rensics honorary socle

and Park

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Pacific Lutheran university SCene June 1991

2 Cen tennial

Cente n n i a l F i n a l e PLU Gridders, usicians Take American Culture, Good Will TO China

Choral e, Wind En sem ble To u r Scandi navia

ccording t o the China Daily, t h e exhi­ bition football games between PLU a nd Eva ngel College i n late May and early June were a fi rst i n c u l tu ra l' excha ng­ es between the Un ited States and the Peo­ ple's Repu blic of Chi na. But a concert tou r of China by two PLU perfo rm i ng grou ps, the Choir of the West and the Un iversity O rchestra St ri ngs, d u r-


Looki ng Forwa rd To Centu ry II . . . By Thomas Sepic, Chair Centennial Committee

PLU's Cente n n i a l Year h a s d rawn to a close. Five years of t i m e spent: c reat i n g a theme, p l a n n i ng, writing action p l a ns, c re­ ating task force g roups, hold i ng countless meet i n gs, contact i n g pote n t i a l speakers, v i s i t i n g with i n d i v i d u a l s at ot h e r i n st i t u ­ tions t h a t had previously held celebrations, and m uch more. We ended u p w i t h a wide select i o n of speci al events for a u n i que t i m e in PLU's history. I wou ldn't h ave done it any differ­ ently, but I wou ld have p referred a post­ ponement of the c h a llenge created by stu­ dent demog r a p h i cs t h a t h i t d u ri ng o u r Cente n n i a l Year. Ah yes, but what about the futu re? As always, change is difficu lt, but cha nge p rod uces g rowth and a n opport u n ity to infl uence the p e rsonal ity of a n Institution. Ours is such a time in h i story We ca n work toget her to make PLU an even bet­ ter, a nd stronger i nst i t u t i o n , b u i l d i n g on ou r past accomplish ments toward a more p roductive futu re. We h ave m u c h to con­ tinue to celebrate, and it doesn't h ave to end with an event, but always can be kept alive i n the m i nds of members of our com­ m un ity . Tha n k you for you r support, enth usiasm and energy. ! took forward to PLU's bicen­ tennial celeb ration!

PLU languages professor Wei Hua helped prepare the PLU football team for its exhibition tour o f

China b y explaining Chinese culture and traditions. Above, she demonstrates proper use o f chop­ sticks for from left, junior Ed Jolly, senior Michael Kim and junior John Heller.

in g the same time pe riod was not a n every day occu rrence either. PLU and Evangel from Sp r i n g f i e l d , Mo , showcased American footb a l l before a national TV a u dience a n d crowds of up to 50,000 people i n B e ij i ng, G u a ngzhou and Shanghai. The two NAIA schools a re a ccus­ tomed to playing before 3-5,000 fans on their own t u rf Accord ing to the People 's Daily, "Ameri­ can c o l l ege foot b a l l is one of t h e m ost exciting competition sports in the worl d , good opport u n i ty to see re a l A m e ri c a n football wh ich is m ost popu l a r i n t h e west . . . " While the mu sical g rou ps we re not l i kely to d raw such great crowds, they too fasci­ nated l a rge n u m be rs of C h i nese in Sha ng­ hai, Beij i ng, C h engdu a n d G h a n gzhou who a re u nfam i l i a r with American, and western, chora l and cl assical m usic trad iti ons. The musicians a l so performed i n Tokyo, Hong Kong and Honol u l u . F rosty Wester i n g , PLU's head foot b a l l coach s i nce 1 9 72, h a s gu ided h i s Lutes to two national NAIA c h a m pionsh i ps in fou r finals appearances, a nd nu merous top 1 0 fi nishes. Nor i s this the fi rst t i m e t h e Lu tes h ave t raveled i nt e r n at i o n a l l y; they p e r­ formed exh ibition games agai nst national teams in E u rope seve ral y e a rs ago Lute basketba l l pl ayers have played i n Austra l i a ; t h e baseba l l team tou red J a p a n . The Choir o f the West, fou n ded i n 1 92 7 , h a s tou red i n E u rope a n d S ca n d i n a v i a a number of t i mes. U n d e r the d i rection of R i ch a rd Spa rks, the ch o i r performed at Shanghai Conservatory of M u sic, Hai Dian District Theatre i n Beij i ng, and Zhongsh a n U n i versity i n G u a n g zh o u . PLU e nj oys a n acade m i c exc hange program with Zhong­ shan. The 36-vo ice st r i n g orchestra, d i rected by Jerry Kracht, presented a sym phony by contem porary A m e r i c a n com poser David Diamond and works by Bach and M oza rt d'uring the same concerts. Th ese i nternat i o n a l perfo r m a nce t o u rs

provi ded a memorable f i n a l e to PLU's 1 9 90-91 cent e n n i a l year observa nce. In addition, du ring the same period, the U n i ­ versity Chorale, d i rected b y Cathy B l eecker McC l u re, and Wind Ensemble, di rected by Thomas O'Neal. were tou r i ng Scandi navia. Du r i n g the to u rs t he p e rfor m e rs had opport u n i ties to visit t h e m aj o r tou r i st attractions in the ir host co u nt ries.

Early Report From China: Tiananmen Sq u a re i n Beij i ng w a s tu rned into a n i m promptu football practice field by enterp rising Lutes May 29. The practice attracted dozens, then h u n­ d reds of cu rious C h i nese who came u p to touch the p layers' shoulder pads and even tried on thei r helmets. PLU coaches wa nted to get i n a workout du ring a break in the s i g htseei ng sched u l e . I t just happened that t h e o p e n space nea r­ est the hotel was Tiananmen Square. For nearly a n h o u r the players went through non-contact d r i l l s . They were fre­ quently i nterru pted by C h i nese who were fasc inated by thei r eq u i p ment and I m i tat­ ed their actions. "They kept co m i ng close and pu l l i n g up my jersey to l ook at the shou lder pads," s a i d q u a rt e rback Pa u l F i n l e y . ' Peo p l e would just wa l k u p a n d sta rt to u c h i ng u s , I guess try i ng to fig u re out why we looked so different with t h ese pads o n . " .' Pol i ce asked t h e p l ayers to le ave the sq u a re after a h uge crowd gath ered w h i le the p layers were pos i n g for photog ra phs in front of the Monu ment to the Peop le's Heroes in the center of the squ a re. On May 31 , 46,000 people watched the Lutes defeat Evangel 20-7 in the fi rst of t h ree exh ib ition contests. A s i m u lation and expla nation of how t h e g a m e i s p l a yed p receded the actual contest. . After each score t h e Lut es t h rew m i n i footballs into the st ands. "Fans were d i v­ i n g everywhere for t h e m , " s a i d coach Frosty Weste ring.



PadRe Lutheran University SCene June 1 991

Cen tennial




a rt ers


Leaders See Educa tion Reform Key To Progress Enno von Loewenstern

Judith Billings


n l y p a rt n e rs h i p s a m o ng schools, fa m i l i es, corpo ra­ t i ons, busi nesses and govern­ ment agencies can begin to alle­ vi a t e t h e c r i s es i n p u b l i c ed ucation, accord i ng to J u d ith Bill i ngs. B i l l i ngs, the Wash in gton sta e s u pe r i n t e n d e n t for public i nstruction a n d a 1 96 1 PLU a l u m ­ n a , was t h e keynote speaker for he education sym posi u m that brought togeth e r leaders from educa t i o n , b u si ness, govern­ ment, the m i l i t a ry, co m m u n i ty services a n d the rel i g i o u s com­ m u nity. She asserted that the prob­ ' I ems facing schools a re societal p roblems that sch ools a re not equ i pped to solve a l one. Schools are be ing asked to dea l with the effects of many co m m u n ity tra u mas, and the st ruct u res and resou rces to do that a re n ot avail a ble, she ind icated. She added that schools are deal ing with the effects of bro­ ken fa mil ies, child ab use, dru gs, viol ence, u nem ployment, teen pregnancy, pove rty and a host of other societal problems. While there is no Single solu­ tion ' Bill ings offered one sugges­ tion as a step in the right d i rec­ t i o n : the t ra nsfo r m a t i o n of schools i nto year-a ro u nd neigh­ bo rhood learn i ng and acti vity centers as a means of dealing with mu ltiple neigh borhood and com m u n ity needs. "Ch i l d ren a n d fa m i l i es cou ld choose a mong tutoring, sports and recreation, arts and music, day care and ot her special activi­ ties," she sa id. Centers wou ld house not only ed ucators, but health ca re prac­ t i t i o ners, d a y ca re p ro v i d e rs, counse l o rs a n d ot h e rs . T h e i r

One was an education symposium; one was a business symposi �m. But unin ten tionally, both called atten tion to the need for solutions to problems faced by the U.S. public education system. "Developing Partnerships for Tomorrow" was the last of four PLU centennial year subthemes. The theme was the concePtL!al basIs for an April symposium sponsored by the School of Education and the 15th ann ual Interna tional Business Conference, sponsored by the School of Business Administra tion. . . Both events featured a variety of pro vocative speakers and discus­ sion groups focusing on the challenges of the fu ture. *

efforts cou l d be bolste red by high school and m i d d l e school stude nts who, as p a rt of t h e i r ed u cati onal experience, devote part of their day to assisting the professiona ls, B i l l i n gs p o i nted out. Such a model wou ld req u i re the support of entire co mm u ni­ ties, she i n d icated . Gove rnmen­ tal agencies could utilize school faci l ities as satellite offices. Busi­ nesses could allow employees a ce rta i n n u mber of hou rs a month to p u rsue center vo l u n­ teer activities. "Without the sup port of entire co m m u nities, we may become i d l e bystanders as o u r schools d rown in the w e l l i n g sea of despa i r t h a t afflicts fa r too many American fa mil ies today," she said. "School rest ruct u ring is not the a nswer. It is only part of the eq u ation, a nd mu st occ u r in conj u nct i o n w i t h co m m u n ity restructu ring." She ca lled attention to a Clark Cou nty resou rce bank t hat is one exa m p le of pa rt n e rs h i p development. The b a n k offe rs classroom spea k e rs, c o m p a ny tours, hosts for student i nterns, mentors for teachers or stu­ dents, s u rp l u s equ i pment and m uch more. Add itional informa­ tion about the bank is ava i l able from her office, she said. B i l l i n gs also l a u ded PLU as a " p rem iere ed ucational in stitu­ tion" conti nually seeking ways to contribute to the sol ut ion of com m u n ity p roblems - l i ke this foru m - b r i n g i n g t o g et h er diverse sectors of o u r co mm u n i­ ty to discuss what it w i l l take to su rvive." •




have advanced technology, you have to have edu­ cation and resea rch . Am erican industry must invest more mon­ ey in education," said Sang Lee, professor of management at the University of Nebraska. Lee was one of the feat u red spea kers at t h e 1 5t h a n n u a l International Busi ness Confer­ ence sponso red by t h e P L U scho 1 o f Busi ness Ad m i n i st ra­ tion in May. "America needs a better fou n­ dation, b u i l t a ro u n d i m p roved mathematics a n d science educa­ tion," he conti n ued . "You mus have partnerships between b � sl­ ness, government and education to arrive at long-term strate­ gies." Enno von Loewenstern, Bonn ed ito r of the conservative Ger­ man newpaper Die Welt, wasn't convinced that American know­ how is lacki ng. He p l aced t h e blame o n priorit ies. " Has Am erican tech n o l o�y declined?" he asked . "Yo u r m i l i­ tary technology in the G u lf War worked extremely wel l . You may think that American schools a re bad, but American technology IS sti l l tops. . " If you h ave th ese fa ntast ic elect ron i cs, why can't t h ey be appl ied to consu mer ma rkets? Who gets the top engi neers General Motors or the mi litary?" he asked. He noted that one obstacle to g reater corporate i n vo lvement in local edu cation, or com m u n i­ ties, is the t rend toward i nterna­ tional corporations. "These cor­ porations don't serve nations," he sa id. "They serve custom ers. That is the only way to su rvive in the global ma rket." He also in sisted that the U.S.

has to reform its econo m ic deal­ i ngs with other nations. "The U .S. doesn't have a t rade pol icy," he asserted, noting t h a t U .S . i nterest g roups pitted agai nst each other make development of a coherent pol icy d ifficult. On a b ri g hter note, Loewen­ stern pointed to the pote n t i a l n e w economic m a rkets i n east­ ern E u rope, the Soviet Un ion, and even China. "Look east of Bonn a nd B e r­ l i n ," he sa i d . "400 m i l l ion new customers hu n g ry for consu mer goods. And, God willing, if China ever opens up, there a re u ntold riches for the rest of the world ." O n a c a u t i o u s n ot e , he observed that East Germans a re demanding l i ving conditions rela­ tively equa l to West Germa ns, a demand he bel ieves is u nreal is­ tic. "Pa rt of the good l ife is you h ave to create it y o u rself," he said. "You have to put you r nose to the g rindstone." Loewenstern suggested that rather than West Germany or the U.S., approp riate models for new market econom ies mi ght be fou n d in the Far East : "Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, who did it on their own ." As Lee poi nted out. event u a l success will depend on t h e ener­ gizing and harnessing of h u m a n creat i v ity o n a p r e v i o u s l y u n p recedented scale. He empha­ sized, "It can't a l l be done by ma nag ers. Everyone has to be • involved ."

pacific Lutheran university June 1991

4 A dministra tion



Wi l l iam Rieke Annou nces Reti rement n era at Pacific Luth'e ran University is nearing its end. Dr. William Rieke, 60, p resident of PLU for the past 16 yea rs, announced his retirement effective June 30, 1 992, at the April meet i ng of the PLU board of regents. "The past 1 6 yea rs have been a period of continuing growth for the u n i versity. We are entering a new phase in o u r history, a phase that w i l l develop new areas," Ri eke said. He continued, "It is appropriate at this pOi nt, as we make the transition from one long-range plan to another, to identify per­ manent long-term leadersh i p." Projects in the near term futu re, Rieke ind icated, include plan n i ng and im plemen­ tation of the next m u lt i-year endowment ca mpaign, fund ing and construction of a b u s i n ess school fa c i l ity, a n d p l a ns fo r futu re direction. "A new leader should have the option of being pa rt of the g rowth that w i l l be determi ned," he added. Du ring Rieke's final yea r of tenu re, the university will break grou nd for the new Ma ry Baker Russel l Music Center and com­ plete its cu rrent five-year plan. Plans for major changes i n cu rricul u m structure a re also well underway. Dr. David Wold, chai rm a n of the PLU board of regents, praised Rieke for giving the board a nd the u niversity "ti me for a smooth transition to the next era i n u n i­ versity life. "In so many ways Rieke has been identi­ fied with PLU, not only in its com m itment to academic excel lence but its relationsh ip with t h e chu rch a nd the co m m u n ity," Wold observed. 'We knew at some point h i s ten u re would come to a n end," Wold continued. "The board has ve ry m ixed fee l i ngs. We affirm h is right to make this decision even as we look forward to his leadershi p this com i n g year. The method of tranSition moves us forward in a ve ry positive way." Rieke has been a national leader in inde­ pendent higher ed ucation. National ly, he has been a member of the board of the National Association of I n dependent Col­ leges and Un iversities and served as presi­ dent of the Lutheran Educat ional Confer­ ence of North America. Regional ly, he has chai red the Washi ng­ ton Friends of H i gher Ed ucation and is a member of the board of the In dependent Colleges of Washington Inc. Perso nal honors have been m a n y . PLU named its new science b u i ld i ng i n his hon­ or in 1 98 5 and an auditorium was named I n his honor at the U n i versity of Kansas School of Medi ci ne, where he served as



la ns

executive vice-ch ancellor fo r health affa i rs before com i ng to PLU . He is a Disti ngu ished A l u m n us of both PLU where he g rad uated summa cum lau e in 1 9 53, and the Unive rsity of Wash­ i n gton School of M e d i c i ne, w h e re he earned his M . D. with honors in 1 9 58. In 1 977 he received a Distingu ished Alumnus Award fro m Pi Ka ppa Delta, a national forensics honora ry, for highest distinct ion in col l egiate fo rensics and s u bseq uent career leadershi p . Last year h e was appOinted Knight First Class of the Royal No rwegian Order of Mer­ it by H is Majesty, King Olav V of Norway in recogn ition of " meritoriOUS service ren­ d ered in the furthera nce of Norwegian i nterests." Five years ago an Exxon Educa­ tional Fund su rvey named h i m among the top five percent of effecti ve colleges and u n iversity presidents in the Un ited States. Du ring h i s tenu re, PLU has g rown d ra­ matically. In fact. nea rly two-t h i rds of all PLU graduates in its 1 01 yea rs of existence have received their deg ree from D r. Rieke. The u n iversity has a l so ga in ed national a n d i nternat i o n a l p restige d u ri n g t h ose years. It is the o n ly i ndependent school in the no rthwest or Luth eran colleges nation­ wide to be ranked among the nation's out­ sta n d i ng un iversities i n each of the s u r­ veys conducted by U.S. News and World Report si nce the survey began i n 1 983. PLU's first Ful bright Scholar graduated in 1 9 75, the yea r Dr. Rieke arrived at PLU.


Presidential Sea rch Comm ittee Appoi nted A search for the 1 2th president of Pacif­ i c Lutheran University i s underway. Frank Jennings of Kent. Wash., vice-chair­ man of the Board of Regents, is chair of the search committee. Other c o m m ittee m e m bers i n c l u d e regents Ga ry Severson of Seattle and Cyn­ thia Edwards 76 of Tacoma; facu lty mem­ bers Philip Nordqu ist '56, h i story, and Sheri Tonn, chem ist ry; ad m i n istrators Pat Roun­ dy, AURA, and Ma rtin Wel ls, ca m pu s m i n is­ t ry; stu d ent body president Scott Fried­ man; and outgoing a l u m n i board president James Hushagen 70. David Wold, '56, chairman of the board of regents and bishop of the south western Washi ngton synod of Region I, Lutheran Chu rch in America, is an ex officio mem­ ber. Nom i nations a re i nvited; i nterested per­ sons may ca ll th PLU president's offi ce or a ny member of the com m ittee. W ritten nomi nations should be sent to : PreSi den­ tial Search Com mittee, Offi ce of the Presi­ dent. PLU. Tacoma, WA 9844 7

President William Rieke with regen ts' Chairman David Wold.

Si nce then 20 grad uates have received the prestigious international sch olarship. In addition to the Rieke Science Center, the Names Fitn ess Center, East Ca m pus (former Pa rkland Elementa ry SchooD and several smaller structu res have been add­ ed to campus fac i l it ies, a n d the m u sic b u i ld i ng w i l l . be added to that l ist soon. Virtually every ca mpus struct u re has been extensively renovated. U nd e r R ieke's lead ersh i p. PLU has reached out i nto the com m u nity in many ways, m ost notably t h ro u g h the F a m i l y a n d Child ren's Center a t East Ca m pus that was featured on NBC-TV several years ago. KPLU-FM has become a powerful reg ional FM faci lity affi l i ated with National Pu b l ic Radio. By his retirement in 1 992, the u n iversity w i l l have co m p leted two maj o r capital campaigns that have generated nearly $60 " m i l l ion. M asters' d eg ree p rogra m s h ave been added in com puter science and computer applications. social sciences, m usic and n u rsing. PLU holds national accreditations i n a l l discipli nes in w h ich they a re available. Seventeen years ago there was l ittle campus outreach. Today PLU students are stu d y i n g across the w o r l d . There a re excha nge p rogra m s with u n iversit i es in Asia, Sca ndi navia. E u ro p e and Africa. A yea r ago PLU began exchanges with u n i­ versities in the Baltic cou ntries, the first such U.S. prog ram fu nded by the federal government. Born in Odessa, Wash., Rieke earned his B.A. at PLU in 1 9 53 and his M . D. at Universi­ ty of Washington in 1 9 58. He was a pro­ fessor and administrator at the UW School of Med icine u nt i l 1 966, when he accepted an administrative post at the U n i versity of Iowa School of M e d i c i n e . In 1 9 7 1 he beca me vi ce-chance l l o r for health affai rs at Un iversity of Kansas School of Medicine and beca me executive vi ce-chance l l o r in 1 97 3 . When Rieke arrived a t PLU, the ph iloso­ phies of l i beral arts and val ues-o rie nted edu cat i on that PLU espoused then and n w had declined in i m portance in A m eri ­ can education. Today, t h ose standards that PLU a n d Rieke have cha m P ioned are enjoy i ng a resurgence at colleges and u n i­ verSi ties across the country •

Pacific Lutheran unIversity scene June 1991


Kuwaiti Student Learns Family Su rvived persian Gulf Crisis

Gunnar Staalsett

Jan Carlzon

I nternationa l Leaders Receive Honora ry Doctor's Deg rees Gunnar Staalsett

Jan Carlzan

One of the world's highest­ ran k i n g Lutherans, the general secretary of the Lutheran World Federation, was the reci pient of a n h onora ry doctor of d i v i n ity deg ree from PLU April 9 . T h e honor was conferred u pon Dr. G u n nar Staalsett of Geneva, Switzerland, at a Lutheran pasto­ ral conference in Vancouver, B.C. The f o l l ow i n g da y Staal sett spoke at PLU u n der auspices of the u n i versity'S H a u g e Lectu re Series.

J a n C a r l z o n , p resi d e n t a n d chief execut ive officer of Sca ndi­ navian AirHnes System, received an h o n o r a ry doctor of l aws degree from PLU May 1 . The honor was conferred by PLU President William Rieke. T h e cit a t i o n read in p a rt, " I n herent i n (Ca rlzon's) lead er­ ship is a strong com m it m ent to the worth and potential of each i nd i v i d u a l . H i s ext raord i n a ry a cco m p U s h m ents h ave been ach i eved by m ot i v a t i n g a n d mobilizing peopl e. "Th i s h o n o r confi rms PLU's appreciation for and admiration of ma nagement 'with a h u man face,'" Rieke said. Fol lowing the ceremony, Ca rl­ zon del ivered a l e c t u re, Moments of Truth. The speech dea lt with m a nagement at the grassroots level and is also the subject of a book a u t h o red by Carlzon. Accord ing to the Ne w York Times, "SAS has one of the best reputations for service in the i ndustry. Its chairm a n , Jan Carl­ zon, is credited with t u r n i n g the a i rl ine around i n the early 1 980s, ea rning a reputation as 'the Lee lacocca of Europe.'"

Peace, Justice and Human Righ ts in the Third World was

the topic of Staalsett's address at PLU, which fol l owed a recep­ t i o n and d i n n e r fo r PLU's h o n­ ored guest. A Norweg ian theolog i a n , Staal­ sett came to LWF in 1 9 8 5 . He previously was general secretary of both the C h u rch of N o rway Cou ncil on Foreign Relations and the Norwegian B i ble Society. Si nce 1 9 84 he h a s been a m e m b e r of t h e N o b e l Peace Pri ze co m m ittee. He is a l so a member of the central a n d exec­ utive com m ittees of the World Cou n c i l of C h u rc h es a n d t h e execut ive co m m i ttee o f t h e U n ited Bi ble Societies.

T h e brief Gulf W a r i s over. One crisis is replaced by others in the vo latile Middle East. Kuwait has been freed, but what about the Kurds, the Shi'ites, the Palest i n­ ians and others? Attitudes wax and wane. Con­ cern for the Kuwaitis is replaced by concerns for other national and et h n ic groups . T h e larger crisis continues. But at PLU, the crisis di d have a per­ sonal ending fo r seve ral, one that was relat ively joyous. Abd u l l a AI-Khorafi was one of two Kuwaiti students at PLU this past year. H e comes from a pro m i nent Kuwait City fa m i l y; h is father is a ret i red m u l lah, one brother is chairman of Safe­ way i n K u w a it a n d a former member of parHament. He has two other brothers and two si s­ ters. I raq's i nvas ion of Ku wa it la st Aug. 2 began an 8 1 /2-month ordeal for Abd u l l a . From that time u ntil m i d-April '91 , he had no word about the fate of h is fa mi ly. Gl ued to television duri ng the wa r and its im medi ate after­ math, he had to endure the con­ t i n u i ng grisly stories co m i ng out of his hometand. Even afte r the war he had t r i ed to c a l l h o m e a n d was u nable to ma ke connections. Nearly two m o nths after the wa r ended, his phone rang and his mother was on the ot her end of the l i n e. True to f-o r m , she was worry i ng about h ow he was. The fam ily had been affected, t h o u g h his i m m e d i ate fa m i l y was safe. H i s mother had been ha rrassed, and the fa m i ly lost two cars and other belongi ngs. It had been worse for relatives.

For se veral years 58 north west L u theran congregations have been supporting Namib ian stud en ts studying at PL U A m ong seven enrolled this past year were two who completed their studies and gradua ted in May Kauna Ben Shin­ genge, left, and Kuu va Kongeli. They return to their homeland to serve, respectively, in international rela­ tions and pharmacy

Abdulla AI-Khorafi

An uncle was among the dead, cousins had been abused. Abd ul la'S broad smile reflected his joy as he looked forward to the end of the spring semester and a trip home to visit. He w i l l retu rn i n t h e fa ll t o com plete two more years at PLU. A politica l sc ience m ajor, he hopes to eventu a l ly return to help rebu ild Kuwait. If AI-Khorafi is representati ve of Arab senti ment, both the U.s. and Israel gained prestige i n the Arab world as a resu lt of the G u lf War. "Arabs never ca red about Americans, and Israel was our enemy," he said. He was i m p ressed with the Israeli restra i nt and g ratefu l to the u.s. and ot her a l Hes for com­ ing to his country's aid. PLU . held a welcome home reception for nursing professor Shi rley A i ken and five of the eight PLU students deployed in Saudi Ara bia d u ri ng the war. •


Lutheran university scene June 1 991


' 9 ' Yea rs: John Sch i l l er

Eric N o rd ho l m


John Schiller

Eric Nordho/m

Gene Lundgaard

ift y yea rs ago, 1 8-ye a r- o l d Joh a n n es Sch i l l er arri ved o n t h e ca mpus o f Capital U n i versity in Ohio from smalltown Missouri with $20 in his pocket, i ntent on a college educat ion. The son of a Lutheran m i n i ster, h i s col lege choice was determ i ned by the size of the city and job avai l a b i l i­ ty. A few days after his arrival he had three j obs, i n c l u d i n g soda jerk, a n d was wo rking 60 h o u rs a week i n addition to his fu l l-t i m e st ud ies. In spite o f t h e hercu lean sched u le, he fin ished college and sem inary at Capital a yea r ahead of his peers. Last month Sch i l l e r ret u rn ed to the Capital ca m p u s to receive a Dist i n g ui sh ed A l u m n i Service Award, which recog n izes Capital a l u m n i who have d i sti n g u ished t h e m selves with p rofess i o n a l achievements a n d contributions to the com m u n ity. The award was a fitt i n g cap­ ston e to a 44-yea r p rofessional ca reer that off i c i a l l y e n d ed at the end of the spring semester. Sch i l ler became Pacific Luther­ a n ' s secon d soc i ology p rofessor in 1 95 8 after serving as a pa rish m i n ister and Protestant cha p l a i n i n t h e m idwest for 1 0 yea rs. At PLU he has chaired the soci­ o l ogy d e p a rt m e n t , served as dean of the Division of Social Sci­ e nces, d i rected t h e d i v i s i o n 's g ra d u at e p ro g ra m s a n d h e l d n u m erous other positions. H e was PLU's Regency Professor i n 1 976-77. He essentially created the PLU so c i a l work p rog ra m , n ow n a t i o n a l l y acc red ited by t h e Cou n c i l o n Soc i a l Work E d u ca­ tion. As a member of that body he hel ped develop accreditation criteria. Over the yea rs he has worked with 3 2 d ifferent city orga n i za­ tions, eight state agencies a n d 1 0 national g ro u ps. His n u m er­ ous other awards i n c l u d e a Dis­ t i n g u i shed Citizen Award from the Ta c o m a - P i e rce Cou nty M u n icipal League, presented five years ago. Yet all of his activity has had a n ove rri d i n g p u rpose: t h e desire t o be a n effective teach­ er. "Teach i ng is e n r i c h ed b y being i nvolved i n t h e com m u n i ­ ty," he says. " Facu lty c a n d o t h e i r best j o b if t h e y have per­ sonal practical experience in the world of rea lity." Sch i l l e r was g u i d ed toward sociology and com m u n ity ser­ vice by his experiences as a pas­ tor a n d cha p l a i n . "I learned to Con tinued on page


Gene Lu nd gaa rd


remember clearly the fi rst t i m e I set foot o n t h e Pacific Luthera n U ni versity ca m­ p u s , " wrote c a m p u s p a stor Susan Briehl in l ast yea r' s PLU Century /I magaz i n e . "I was 1 0 years old a n d m y fa m i l y had com e to see a m a t i n ee pe rfor­ ma nce of J . M . Barrie's ' Peter Pan.' "The S u n d a y afternoon was bright and crisp," she added, visualizing her early '60s experi­ e nce, " b u t as we ente red t h e d a rkened Eastvo l d Aud itori u m , w e e nt ered a no t h e r wo r l d , a world qu ite apart from the laws a n d l i m its of a fo u rt h grader's life: A world of magic." It was such a world of magic ' that Eric Nord hol m created at PLU for 30 years. Nord h o l m , who reti red in May after 36 yea rs on the fa c u l ty, fou nded C h i ldren's Theatre at PLU shortly after his arrival i n 1 955. During the next t h re e decades, t e n s of t h o u ­ sands o f a rea you ngsters were transported i nto the world of make believe that Nordholm cre­ ated. Du ri ng the last several yea rs of the a n n u a l p rod u ct i o n s, N o r­ dholm's casts were perfo rm i ng for the childre n of c h i l d re n who had enjoyed the theater m a n y years before. For m a n y, l i ke B r i e h l , t h e y remem bered PLU as a world of magic. It is a world we cou l d proba bly u s e more o f i n t h i s era of too-sta rk realities. Nord h o l m was i ntrod u ced to the ch ildren's gen re at Good m a n Memorial Theate r i n Ch i cago, where he studied i n the e a rl y ' 50s a n d i nsta n t l y beca m e a n advocate. "We fou nd it to be a way to share i nt e l l ectu a l . s p i r i t u a l a nd aesthetic values through enter­ t a i n m e n t - va l ues t h a t c o u l d help a new generation t o grow up and l ive effective l y and h a p­ p i l y i n a world m a d e s m a l l by tech nology," he reca lls. C h i ldren of all ages e njoyed the perform a n ces. '' I ' ve seen g randmothers cry a n d l a u g h as much as the you ngsters," Nor­ d h o l m s a i d . " It brought back happy mem ories of c h i l dhood ." G ro u ps of s t u d e n t s w e re b u ssed to t h e perfo r m a n ces every year from loca l schools. O n occasion there were b u sloads from S ea t t l e, Po rt l a n d a n d poi nts i n between . There were many requests for a touring Chil­ d ren's Theatre prod u ct i o n , but costs dictated a stay-a t-ho m e policy. Continued on page



or 22 years, from the late '40s to the late '60s, Pacific Lutheran and its ba n dbox arena were the scourge of northwest small college basketball. Opposing tea ms d readed visits to Memorial Gymnasi u m , where over 2 ,000 Lute fans a nd a loud theater organ nearly always kept t h e wa l l s reve rberat i n g w i t h noise. Lute teams were equ a l l y intim­ idating. Every one of those sea­ sons were w i n n i n g seasons; the tea ms won nearly 7 0 percent of their g a m es , a n d five squ ads went to the n a t i o n a l tou rna­ ment in Kansas City. Lutes cou l d boast about a score o f confe r­ ence titles and all stars a n d sev­ eral Little All-A m e ricans. N o i nd i v i d u a l is m o re closely i d ent ified with that era t h a n G e n e L u n d g a a r d , w h o reti res this spring aft e r 33 years of teach i ng and coach i ng at PLU. An all-state high school basket­ ba ll star in A nacortes, Lundgaard had a l ready signed u p at the Uni­ versity of Wa s h i n gton in the summer of '47 when Lute coach M arv Harsh m a n convi nced h i m t o enroll i n Parkland. As a fresh m a n , L u n d g a a rd h e l ped t h e L u tes beg i n t h e str i n g o f w i n n i ng seasons that reached 25. Du ring that q u a rter centu ry L u n d g a a rd sta rred for the Lutes for fou r years, spent fou r yea rs in the Air Force and two as an e l e m entary school teacher, and was in his 1 5th yea r as P L U hoop coa ch when t h e string ca m e to a n end. As a player, Lundgaard sha red c o u rt s t a rd o m w i t h H a r ry McLa u g h l i n for t h ree yea rs. I n 1 951 , after McLa u g h l i n graduat­ ed, L u n d g a a rd scored 536 p O i n ts . I t was t h e n a school record; i t has s i n ce b ee n s u r­ passed o n l y seven t i m es by five other players. Lu ndgaard ' s coach i n g debut was a u s picious. His fi rst Lute team (1 9 5 8-59) won 2 6 of 2 9 ga mes a nd f i n ished seco n d i n the nation, losing i n the finals of the Ka nsas C i ty tou r n a m e n t . During t h e next 1 6 years Lund­ gaard compiled 2 80 ca reer victo­ ries, a PLU record that is l i kely to stand for m a n y years. Si nce he gave up coach ing bas­ ket b a l l in 1 97 5 L u n d g a a rd has cont i n u ed teaching p h ysical edu­ cation and coord i nating i ntra m u ­ ra ls. For t h e past five yea rs h e has coached t h e successful PLU golf team, a res pon s i b i l ity h e p l a ns t o keep for awhile. Though the profi le has been lower, the Continued on page


Pacific lutheran University scene June 1991

7 Faculty

Reti ri ng Professo rs' Service To PLU, Co m m u n ity Totals Nearly Two Centu ries Do nal:d Farm,er o n a l d Fa r m e r's a n cestors were Germa n, Engl ish, Scot­ tish, Irish and French pioneers, a l l of whom settled in this coun­ t ry before the American Revolu­ tion. It seems appropriate then that Farmer, a pol i t i ca l scie nce pro­ fessor at PLU for 36 yea rs, has been a campus icon of trad ition­ al American and democratic val­ ues. Practicing what he advocated, he has al ways been act i ve i n loca l and regional pOlitics. He has been a Repub l ican prec i nct offi­ cer for many years, and served a term as cha i r of the cou nty Repu blican central comm ittee. A decade ago he c h a i red the board of free holders that d raft­ ed a new cou n ty charter, a nd was one of the i n itial candidates for the new cou nty cou nci l . "That respo nsib'il ity has been o n g o i n g , " he sa i d . Each t i m e there a re p ro p osed c h a rter changes he has been cal led u pon to become i n volved. Cu rrently he serves as chair of the Pierce County conservation d istrict and has been active i n t h e county farm forestry associ­ ation. On c a m p u s, he helped strengthen the 'democrat ic pro­ cess by guiding development of t h e f i rst fa cu l ty c o n st i t u t i o n some 2 0 years ago. "The fac u lty did n't have any procedu res for how it governed i tself," he recalls. That con t r i b u t i o n was promi­ n e ntl y n oted o n t h e c i tation that accompa n i ed h i s Regency Professorsh i p i n 1 9 7 1 . H e was the fi rst professor on ca mpus to receive that prestigious award . When he arrived on ca m pus there were no st udent po litical o r g a n i z a t i o n s . H i s a d vocacy eventu a l l y overca me President Set h Eastvold's opposit ion, a n d he hel ped fo u n d both t h e R e p u b l i ca n a n d De m o c r a t i c clu bs, serving a s ad visor t o both for a short ti me. In the m id-'60s he started the Wa s h i ngton state l e g i s l a t i ve i nternsh ip progra m that eventu­ a l ly expanded to i n c l u d e m a ny other college ca mpuses. Thoughout h i s ca reer he has encou raged stu d ents to f u lfill their respon s i b i l ities as citizens by bei ng involved i n the com m u­ n ity and i n the pol i tical process particu larly. "The political process req u i res a lot of patience," he observed . "Too often people wa nt someCon tinued on page


Gu ndar King

David Kn utson



n ho norary doctor of science d eg ree was awarded two months ago by the Riga (Latvia) Tech n ica l U n i versity to G u ndar Ki ng, dean of the PLU School of Busi ness Ad min istrat ion. The h on o r reflected the esteem in which King is held in his homelan d . D u r i n g t h e p a s t five yea rs, h i gher education i n the Baltic states has struggled to extricate itself from the in ertia and stag­ nation of 40 years of com m u n ist r u l e . Ki ng, o n e of t h e mo st prominent Latvia n natives in the U . S . , has worked t i relessly to assist In that effort, motivated by fo u r decades of watch i n g h e l p l es s l y as h i s h o m e l a n d decl ined from comfortably pros­ perous to one of the poo rest countries in E u rope. K i n g was recog n i z ed u p on reti re m e n t d u ri n g M a y com­ mencement exercises, though he will continue to be involved with the School of Business for some time to co me. His official retirement fro m the d e a n 's cha i r is Aug. 31 , but he plans to continue part-ti me teaching and i n vo lve m e n t with the B a l t i c (S a m a n t h a S m i t h M e m o r i a il exchange progra m . He expects t o beg i n working with the I nternational Research and Exchange Board of Prince­ ton, N .J . , wh ich fi n a n ces travel and expenses for people d O i ng research in Eastern Eu rope and the Soviet U n ion. Long recogn ized i nternationa l­ ly as an expert in Baltic econom­ ic systems, King will be working with educational i n stitutions i n all three Baltic co un tries o n eval­ uation and assessment stu d ies similar to regio nal accreditation studies in the Un ited States. He recently was appo inted a regent of the Estonian Business School in Ta l l i n n , and has received an excel l'ent orientat i o n on p rob­ lems and opportunities faced by Baltic col leges a n d u niversities. Two years ago King spearhead­ ed the fi rst U .s . governm en t­ sponsored program intended to ass i st the B a l t i c st ates w i t h deve l o p m e n t o f t h e i r econo­ mies. At that time the School of B u s i ness rece ived a S 7 5,000 grant from the U.S. I nformation Agency to set u p a c a d e m i c exchange programs w i t h u n iver­ sities in Latvia, L i t h u a n i a a n d Estonia. A yea r a g o 1 1 P L U stu­ dents spent a se mester i n the Baltics observi ng h i story in the making as those lands struggled Continued on page


more matu re u nd e rsta nd­ ing of rel i gion is the legacy David Knutson has bestowed on thousands of PLU a l u m n i and cu rrent stu dents d u ring h i s 2 2 years o n t h e u n iversity reli gion faculty. Kn utson retired in May at age 54, partly d u e to his cont i n u i ng struggle with d iabetes and heart d i sease, but partly a lso to g i ve the rel i gion depa rtment more options as it structu res itself for the future. Cou rses t a u g h t by K n u tson over the years mi rror the image of PLU as a place that confronts the ti meless questions of life i n the context of l ibera l arts ed ucation. "Some stud ents come to PLU with a su perficial u n dersta n d i ng of religion and the role it plays i n h u m a n l i fe," sa i d Kn utso n . "One group m a y believe they are fa m i l i a r with Ch ristian ity, but thei r image is that conveyed by television preachers. "Other st udents ha ve stro ng re l ig i o u s bel iefs, but t h ey have not examined them critica l ly." He added, "When students get into rel i gion cou rses th ey find there is more than they antici­ pated when they started out." R e l i g i on cou rses revea l t h e d i versity o f theological thought. and how rel igion appl ies to prob­ lems of evil and h u m an suffer­ ing in the world, he i n d i cated . "Religion should a d d ress the enduring q u estions and basic va lues of life, and their re lation­ s h i ps to social and p o l i tical issues," K n u t so n cont i n u e d . "There is a whole mainstream of re lig ious thought where there is fr u i tful, healthy d ia l ogue. Too many people see only the fu nda­ mental i st image, or the rejection of the fu ndamenta l i st i m age. Often people that ca l l t h em­ selves atheists, for exa m ple, a re not so m u ch d e n y i n g God as they are a simpl istic God image." Knu tson exp ressed h ,i s g rati­ t u d e fo r the o p p o rt u n ity to teach at a u n i versity com m itted to free a n d open i n q u i ry, b u t where t h e Ch rlistian tradition is also respected and al ive. "There is an attitude of care and concern that typifies a lot of people here," he sa id. "That. along with the effort to be aca­ dem ical ly excellent. is a g reat com b i nation. " Coming off a sabbatical yea r, Knutson had earl ier plan ned to return to teaching, but reco nsidered. He has decided that the Contin ued on page


Donald Farmer

Cundar King

0 '

David Knutson

PacIfIc Lutheran unIversIty SCene June 1991

8 Faculty

Sch i l ler . . . Continued from page 6

appreciate the effect e nviron­ ment has on people's lives and behavior," he said. PLU's a m b i e n ce fit h i m per­ fectly. "I like the em phasis that PLU places on education and ser­ vice," he said. "We can help st u­ dents t h i n k critica ll1 y and help fi nd so lu tions to pro b l e m s in society. "We also have the opportun ity of i nvolving students in a serious discussion of the value syste ms that must operate i n society to gi ve it sta b i l ity and d i rect i o n , " Sch i l ler added . Sch i l le r ta kes satisfact i o n in the va riety of socia l out reach programs he has had a hand in developing at PLU, in clud i ng the Center for Human Orga n i zation in Changing E n v i ro n m e nts (CHOICE), the Fam i l y and C h i l . dre ds Center and the relatively new Center for Social Resea rc h. Any attemPt to even list a l l of Sch i l l e r 's i n volve m e n ts a n d ach i e ve m e n ts i ne v i t a b l y is incomplete. The n umbers a re in the hundreds, and have had per­ manent effect on the u n iversity, the greater Tacoma com m u n ity, the national Lutheran c h u rch and the di sci plines of soc iology and social work. Gay l ord , Kans., h is b i rt h p lace; and Lo man, M o . , his c h i l d h ood home, can be ju stifi abl y proud of the i r native son. _

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t h i n g d o n e today, a n d if it doesn't get done, they get d is­ cou raged . " D e m o n st ra t i o n s attract attention, he ind icated, but they rarely have lasting sign­ ficance. Farmer's interests and travels a l so have been i n t e r n a t i o n a l , beg i n n i n g a n d rece ntly retu rn­ ing to eastern Eu rope with Afri­ ca in between. Fascination with foreign languages has been l ife­ long; he minored in German at the U niversity of M i n nesota, was an Army translator (and deco rat­ ed scout a nd i nfa ntryman) i n Patton's 3rd Army d u ring World . Wa r II; and now speaks 1 2 l a n­ guages. Last yea r, at age 6 7 , F a r m e r became resident d i rector f o r t h e new PLU-Ba ltic exchange p ro­ gram and spe nt a sem ester i n Riga, Latvia. One of his future options is to return to the Ba ltics to teach, "for short time periods," either Engl ish or political science (poli­ tology as they ca l l it). Und e r com m u n ism, p o l i t i c a l science was destroyed as an aca d e m i c discipline i n t h e Soviet U nion, he i ndicated. He also expects to do s o m e more work in genealogy, lea rn­ i n g more about those p i o neer German, Engl ish, Scott ish, Irish and French ancestors. _

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PLU golf tea m has also been h i g h l y su ccessfu l, com p i l i n g 1 5 conference t i t l e s i n 1 9 yea rs under Lundgaard and predeces­ sor Roy Carlso n . Lundgaard had also coached goJf before Carlson, from 1 9 58-72. Ant i c i pating ret i rem ent L u nd­ gaa rd sa i d , " I enjoy t rave l i ng, and look forward to more time with my fa m i ly. I will also do some golfi ng and fish i ng at my leisure." He consi ders h i m self to have been l u cky to be in t h e right place at the right t i me when the Lute coaching job beca me avail­ able th ree decades ago. He has enjoyed working fo r h i s alma mater a n d m a i n ta i n i n g close friendsh ip s with h i s old college f�ends. _

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ext raord i n a ry effort a reg u l a r teach ing schedu l e d e m a n d s of him, one that would have lo ng si nce defeated a less determ ined person, has beco me too much. He looks forward, however, to teaching an occasional cou rse or helping out. perhaps d u ri ng Jan­ uary Interim sessions. He also antici pates conti n u ed scholarly activit ies, assisted by some fa ncy com p u t e r equ i p­ ment. Software that e n l a rges d isplay type i s avai lable, as are . voice sy nthesizers that ora l ly transm it written material. These technologies will help h i m com­ pensate for his near blind ness. A Wisconsin native, K nutson atte nded PLU in the mid-' 50s a n d g ra d u ated in 1 9 5 8 . He retu rned to the facu lty 1 1 years . later. An accomplished tenor voca list and baroque recordist. Knutson mainta i ns his interest in music. H is wife M a ri l y n (Force), also a PLU a l u m , is a k i n d e rgarten teac her who was h on o red as a Tacoma outsta nding educator of the yea r i n 1 987. Though she is seve ra l yea rs from ret i reme nt. t h e Kn utsons h ope t h ey can i nclude some additional travel in _ their fut u re.

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for i ndependence from the Sovi­ et U n ion. Baltic st udents h ave stud ied at PLU the past two spring semesters. Funding for this prog ra m 'has been extended by USIA for a t h i rd year. King joi ned the business school facu lty in 1 960, beca me d i rector in 1 966 and dean in 1 970. The yea r he was elected dean the school beca m e t h e s m a l l est school in the cou ntry to have its undergraduate prog ram accred­ ited nationally by the prestigious American Asse mb ly of Collegi ate Schools of Business. Accreditation of the M BA pro­ g ram ca m e a few yea rs later, and in 1 982 PLU beca me one of the first 1 5 schools in the cou n­ try to have its accounting pro­ gram accredited by AASCB. K i n g has rec o g n i zed t h a t schools ca nnot rest on past lau­ rels. "Org a nizations a re more vu l nerable than we believe they mi ght be," he sa i d . "They are l i ke l iving organisms that need much care and attention." He has conti nued to strength­ en the busi ness school fa cu lty a n d l i brary acqu i s i t i o n s w h i l e enco u raging research a n d publi­ cations. At the sa me t i m e he h as strengthened ties w i t h the Puget Sou nd busi ness co m m u n i ­ t y through advisory boards, visit­ i ng fa cu lty, an a l u m n i business organ ization a nd special events, such as the an nual International Business Conference. Former dean Dwight Zul auf will carry out Kin g's duties u nt i l a p e r m a n e n t s u ccessor i s _ appointed.

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Nord h o l m 's p roductions were considered a work of a rt. He designed his own lavish sets and costumes, which were then b u i lt and sewed by student crews. Those talents were a l so used for m a n y yea rs to e n h a n ce a n n u a l u n ive rsity m u sicals a n d Ch ristmas concerts, a s well as several national' c h u rch produc­ tions. Nordholm g racio usly cred i ts hi s d epartment, t h e stud ents and school d i stricts for h e l p i ng make Children's Theatre su ccess­ fu l for so long. For the past six yea rs he has served as the u n i versity's techn i ­ c a l d i rector, responsible for li ght­ i n g a n d tec h n i cal aspects of stag ing at events all across the campus. Beca use of Nordie, t h e re a re many thousands of adults in the Puget So u nd w h ose l i ves a re richer because of t h e child hood experiences he a nd h u ndreds of PLU students gave to them. _

State Stud ent Gro u p El ects PLU Stu dents To Top Offi ces PLU students have bee n elect­ ed president and vice-president of the Wa s h i n gton State Stu­ dent Council for Exceptional Ch i l­ d ren. Ben R u nyan, a Taco ma se n i or, was elected president of the stu­ dent branch of the state Cou n c i l for Exceptional C h i l d ren. Tacoma junior Karen Dea ns was elected vice-president. The PLU pa i r was elected dur­ ing t h e o rg a n i z a t i o n ' S rece nt state co nfe rence in S poka n e . Among t h e 500 p a rt i c i p a n ts were some 40 st u dents from col l eges and u n ive rsities ac ross the state. The double honors were made poss i b l e "beca use they were very v.isible and i nvolved at the confere nce," sa id group advisor and PLU special education p ro­ fessor L.E. Reisberg " Not eve ry­ one gets i n volved i n t h e i r p ro­ org a n i z a t i o n , fes s i o n a l particu larly d u ni n g the i r student days. Our students are in volved in th e i r p rofess i o n -to-be. We rea lly push that." R e i s b e rg sh ares advisor responsibil ities with special edu­ cat ion p rofessor Greg W i l l i a m s . They ag reed that fac u l ty i n volvement with students also pays di vidends. Ru nyan and Deans also ha ve been p re s i d e n t and vi ce­ president of the campus cou ncil group this year a n d ha ve kept the g roup busy. Their activities included an en richment week­ end for c h i l d ren with disa b i l i ties an d t h e i r fam il i es, a retreat at Port Tow nsend w i t h G o n zaga and Central Washi ngton Unive r­ sity stu dents; volu nteer assis­ tance at the National Speech Language and Heari ng Associa­ tion national conference in Seat­ tle, a trust-buildi ng cou rse, a fac­ u lty-student ch i l i feed and gu est speaker prog rams on gangs and crack-addicted babies.

PLU Stud ent Body Elects New Officers Scott Fried man of Elk (Wash') has been elected st udent body president at PLU. A ju nior majoring i n education, Friedman will hold the office t h rough the 1 9 91 -92 acad e m i c year. El ected with Fried m a n were Burley Kawasaki of Port Orchard , vice-president; E rik Peterson of Eaton v i l l e , com ptrol l e r; a n d Kat h l een Joh nson of Redmond, programs director.

Pacific Lutheran University

scene June 1991


PLU Dean Accepts Academic v p

post A t Neb raska Wesleyan

Stanley Brue

Brue Ea rns Top Al u m n i Awa rd F rom Al m a M ater PLU eco nom ics stu dents have the good fort u n e to learn from a m a n wh ose explanations of econ o m ics a re st u d ied in o ne fifth of t h e nation's col l eg i ate economics classrooms, as wel l as Canada a n d e v e n t h e S o v i et U n ion. Sta nley L. B rue, a n economics p rofesso r at PLU for 20 years, is the co-author, with Campbell R . McCo n n e l l . o f Economics, p res­ ently In its 1 1 th U .S. edition and fifth Canadian edition. The most p o p u l a r econo m ics text in the cou ntry recently has been t rans­ lated into R ussian for use in the Soviet U n ion. For this and many other pro­ fessiona l a c h i e v e m e n t s , B r u e was the reci pient i n May o f a n A l u m n i A c h i e v e m e n t a w a rd from the a l u m n i associat i o n of his alma mater, A u g ustana Col­ lege in Sioux Falls, S.D. He has also a u thored or co-au­ thored fo ur other books a n d many scholarl y a rti cles. Brue's cl ass roo m s k i l l earned him a B u rl i ngton N o rthern Facu l­ ty Ach ievement Award in 1 986. H is academic peers have recog­ n i zed h i m by e l ecti n g h i m national vice-president of O m i­ cron Delta Epsilon i nternational econom ics honor society. A native of S i o u x Fa ll s, Brue g ra d u ated cum laude fro m Augustana in 1 96 7 with degrees i n econo m i cs a n d history. He earned a teac h i ng assi stantsh i p at t h e U n i versity of Neb raska, where he received a Ph D. in eco­ n o m i cs i n 1 9 7 1 , the year h e joined the P L U faculty. .

Janet E. Rasmussen, professor of l a n g uages a n d d e a n of the D i vision of H u m a n i ties at P L U , has accepted a n appoi ntment as vice p re s i d e n t for acade m i c affa i rs at N e braska Wesleyan University i n L i n col n, Nebr. R a s m u ssen w i l l a ss u m e her new duties on Aug 1 . Wesleya n, an i n dependent u n i­ ve rs ity si m i l a r to PLU with a n enro l l m ent of 1 , 700 stude nts, was fou n ded in 1 88 7 by the U n ited Method ist C h u rch. A native of Paxton, III., Rasm us­ sen came to PLU in 1 97 7 . I n volved i n m a ny a c t i v i t i es related to Scandi navia, she coor­ din ated the Sca n d i n a v i a n A rea S t u d ies p rogram at P L U a n d h e l ped fo u n d the Sca n d i navian Cultural Cou n c I l . This year she is president of the nati onal Society for the Adva ncement of Sca ndi­ navian Study. Her research in c l u d es Sca ndi­ navian i m m i g ran t wo m e n a n d Norwegi a n women writers, a n d she has compi led m a n y oral his­ tories of Scand i n avians i n the Northwest. A 1 970 graduate of the U n iver­ sity of I l l i nois-Urbana, she stud­ i ed at the U n i versity of Oslo, where she met her h usba nd, Ulf, an aquacu lture special ist.

Da h l Presents O rg a n Concerts I n Norway, U .S. Un iversity organist David Dahl, on sabbatical d u ring the 1 990-91' aca d e m i c year, h a s ret u rned from a three-week recital to u r i n Norway that concluded J u ne 4. Hi s performa nces i ncluded par­ ticipation in the Bergen M u sic Festival, fol lowed by fo u r recitals in cities north of the Arctic C i r­ cle. The t o u r concluded i n the N i d a rosd o m e n (Ca t h ed ra l ) of Trondheim May 29. Earlier in h is sabbat i ca l he studied historic organs in Spain and France. Local organ b uilder Pa u l Fritts a n d a l u m n us Roy Helms '66 were also o n the spe­ cial tou r cond ucted by Robert Thompson. I n addition, Dahl visited several m idwestern and eastern col leges and u n i versities to i n vest igate cu rrent trends i n u n dergraduate chu rch mUSic studies. He presented recitals i n Maine, Iowa, California, Kansas, Washing­ ton and Oregon, as well as two hymn fest ivals and several work­ shops.

Janet Rasm ussen She earned master's and doc­ tor's deg rees in Germa n i c l a n ­ g uage a nd l iterature a t Harvard U niversity in 1 972 an d 1 9 75. She ta ught at Ha rvard from 1 974- 7 7 .

State N u rses Honor PLU School Of N u rsing The PLU School of Nu rsi ng has been awa rded a certifi cate of ap preciation by the Co m m u n ity H ea l t h N u rs i n g D i rectors of Wash i ngton. T h e awa rd reco g n izes the School's "outsta n d i n g contri b u ­ t i o n " to t h e health of Wash i ng­ ton com m u nities through partic­ i, p a t i o n in the Pop ula tion Focused Com m u n i t y Heal th Nursing Education proj ect. N u rses from cou nty a n d city health departments were select­ ed for the project. Dr. Maura Egan, a PLU n u rsing p rofesso r, served as p roject di rector and obta in ed the Public Health Service gra nt that helped fund the project. PLU's di rector of conti n u i n g nursing educat ion, Dr. Cynth ia Ma honey, c h a i red the advisory com m ittee. PLU's School of N u rs i ng ce l e­ brated its 40th a n n iversary i n Aprill•

Bergman Author Of Audubon Magazine Article Charles Bergman, a PLU English professor, is author of a n a rticle that appea red in the May 1 991 issue of Audubon magazine. The title of the article is "The Bust!" The a rticle d i scusses parrots and the wi ld-caught bird trade. Berg m a n went u ndercover for U.S. Customs and U .S. Fish and Wild Life Service to help appre­ hend five parrot smugglers. B e rg m a n ' s fea t u r e a l so includes a two-page lead photo shot by Bergma n .

Speci a l E d u cat ion Prof Head l i nes Co m m u n ity Foru m A recent Everett, Wa sh., com­ m u nity foru m on parent i n g and c h i l d ren's issues featu red ent Gerlach, PLU associate p rofessor of special ed ucati o n . The a n n u a l e v e n t i n Everett Civic Auditori um is sponsored by Everett Com m u n ity Col lege and the Everett C l i n i c . Entit l ed Par­ en t Talk, the foru m is dedicated to bu sy parents who want to h e l p ch i l d ren reach t h e i r f u l l potential. Four yea rs ago, when the clinic asked com m u nity leaders i n Sno­ hom ish Cou nty to iden tify the nu mber one u n m et health need, they res p o n d e d , " p a re n t i n g . " The forum i s a n effort t o help meet that need . The foru m was broadcast on cablevision, a three-part series on parenting was p u b l i shed i n the Everett Herald, a n d a video­ tape was prepared for d istri bu­ tion thro u g h p u b l i c l i b ra ries in the county. Self esteem and stress i n c h i l­ d ren and adolescents a re Ger­ lach's research interests. A fa mi­ l y i ssues spec i a l i st , h e has p re s e n t e d m a n y w o r k s h o p s across t h e co untry a n d has pro­ vided in-service tra i n i n g to m a ny of the school d i stricts i n West­ ern washi ngton. H is Everett topic was "Raising H ea lt h y , Happy C h i l d re n i n a Changing World."

Gou l d Heads Econo m ics G rou p M a rk G o u l d of G reat Fal ls, Mont., has been el ected presi­ dent of the O m icron Delta Epsi­ lon economics honora ry society at Pacific Luthera n U n iversity here. G o u l d , a s e n i o r eco n o m ics major, is al so a board m e m ber of the M a ry L u n d Davis S t u d e nt Investment F u nd on cam p us and an assista nt music d i rector at the u n iversity's National P u b l i c R a d i o-affi l i a ted ra d i o sta t i o n KPLU-FM.

Parker Participates In Prestigious Sym posi um Com mun ication arts professor W i l l i a m Parker was an i n vited partiCipant in the Eugene O'Neill Center College Theater Sym po­ siu m in Waterford, Conn., March 21 -23. Among 3 8 ot her participa nts were representatives from Yale, V a s s a r, Trin ity, V i l l a n o va , A m he rst, Corne l l , Dart m ou t h, Drake, Duke and St. Olaf.

Unlvenlty SCene June

Pacific Luttle


De velop m en t

Russell Music Center Groundbreaking 5 sept. G rou n d b re a k i n g c e re m o n ies for the new Mary Baker 'Russe l l Music Center a t P L U w i l l b e held Tuesday, Sept. 1 0, i n conj u nction with 1 991 Ope n i ng Convocatio n .

Donor Roe Ha tlen, left, is an honored guest at the dedication of the Scandinavian Cultural Center demonstra tion kitchen.

Hatlen Family Donates New SCC Demonstration Kitchen A new demonstration kitchen has been completed i n the PLU Sca n d i n a v i a n C u l t u ra l Center, located on the lower level of the University Center. Constructed of wh ite No rwe­ gian pine by the Bolett Company of Norway, the fac i l ity was a g ift from Roe '65 and Bev '66 Hatlen of A p p l e Va l l ey, M i n n . T h e Hatlens a re a l so a m o n g t h e major co ntributo rs t o t h e Cen­ tennial Fund cam paign. Hatlen visited PLU April 2 3 to partici pate in d ed i cation ce re*



monies for the new kitchen. The co-founder and CEO of Buffets, Inc., a chain of nearly 1 00 Old Cou ntry Buffet resta u rants i n 1 7 states, he was i n Taco m a to open a new resta u ra nt in the n earby Lakewood M a l l . A n O l d Co untry Buffet was opened i n the South H i l l Mal'l, Puya l l u p, a yea r ago. The Cu ltural Center kitchen facil ity is used for Sca n d i navian cooking classes and for Sca n d i na­ vian g roups to p repa re a variety of specialty meals.



SCC Activity Ca l e n d a r G rows; New M e m bers Welcom ed As it was envisioned, the two­ yea r old Sca n d i navian Cultu ral Center clearly has become the pan-Scandinavian central gather­ ing place for Tacoma a rea peo­ ple who i dent ify with the five Nord ic lands. It has even inspired the fou nding of the fi rst Icelan­ dic Club i n the area. Si nce doors opened in Septem­ ber 1 989, over 1 00 Scandi navian events Ihave been held i n t