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Pa(lfi( [utberan JI(ademv and Business ÂŁolltge Parkland, Wasblnaton.









Board Of trusttu. ClfR. LOSNES, Secretary.

REV. II. fIARSTED , President. REV. I.


Treasurer. r~GEnRET


LA RSO!\'.

I• I


Board Of Uisitors. REV.


RE\', 0, M, HOLDEN,

PEDERSEN, Silverton, Oregon.



As(oria, (..)regon.

L ectu?'

L. RYNNING, Fern IIill, Wash.

D rm

lnstructors. I


HOlV G , B . A ., Principal,

P sycholoK)!, I-£istory. Englislt L iterature,

N altwal cie1tce.

RE V B . H A R

T A D.

R el ig ion, B ible J-£istor.y . A 1tgsb1w O" Confessioll . JVorweltian.

I E ng lislt

!If: P E T E RSOiV, B . A .,


M atitematics, German, L atin,

P etlmanslup.




A n 'th1JleLic, Book -k eeping', Commercial L aw .

I L ecture1'


L. R Y iViVING , !II/. D ..

JVat1wal History , PIIJlsiolo tTJI and lly "une. F


l-£OL MES ,

D ra'l l/ng . L andscape and Marine P ainting , Crayon

l-V01-k .

J1£RS. G R A CE R. D AVE N PORT, P iano, OrO"a n , Violin, Voice Culture. MRS. N


H Oi'/G,






Twelve weeks. "pens T uesday.

emher 3. 1!!99. and closes F riday . Dec.

22 .



Twelve weeks. opens T uesday , J anuary 3. 1900, and closes F rida y. March 2 3 . 1900 . SPRING TER M.

T en weeks, ope ns T uesda y, !\'Ia rch 27. 1900, and


F rida y, Jun e " ' 900.

fioli~avs. Dedica tion Day . ... . .. .... ... . . .. . .. . . . . .... . . . . . . . . . .. ... . . . . October 14 .

Luther's Bi rthday . . .. ... . .... . .. " ....... ... ..... . .. . . . .... .. l'\ovember Thanksgi vin g Day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ch,;stmas Vac ation .. . , . . . . . . . . . , . ... . . Begins December 'vVashington's Birthday

2 2,

e nds Ja nuary 3.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . .. .. ....... . F ehrua ry

Eas ter Vacation . ... . . . Me morial D ay ... ... .... .. .. . ......... . Commencement O a y ...... . .. . .. ..â&#x20AC;˘.... . . . .


. .. . . . ... ....... r.;ovel1luer 30 .

Begins Apri l

I I,

.. . .... . . . .

22 .

end s April 17. . ... May 30.

. . . ... . . . . . ..... Jun e




[utb~ran Jlcad~my.


Youn g m e n an d women yea rnin g for an ed uca tion will probably not be so par ti c ul a r in rega rd to th e s urr ou ndin gs of a sc hoo l, as t o it s fac iliti es fo r im partin g know ledge. And ye t, every l hin g el se bei ng equa l. beau tiful s urroundi ngs a re al wa ys pr e fe r red. In rega rd t o location, our sc hoo l is in deed fo rtu na t e. Th e vic inity of P ar k la nd is. as t he nam e imp li es, a na t足 ura l park, tha t is, o pe n p ra irie with g ro ve s and c lus te rs 'of trees a t s h rt a nd irregu la r int e r vals. The g round is s uch th a t it is nei th e r d us ty in th e s um 足 me r nor mu ddy in t he wint e r. Th e sc hoo l, bin g locat ed a fe w m il e s south of th e city of T ac o ma , i far e no ug h fr om t o wn to insure a b solu t e qu ie t, so necessa ry for stud en t s . yet so nea r that stu d nts can a vai l th em e lves of th e op po r tu nit ies a ffo rded by a la rge r city to h ea r th e best music, go od le c tur es, e t c. T he bu il d in g is 190 fee t lon g and 82 feet wid e. Th e h eig ht is a bou t 120 fee t . Th e towe r on the m a in bu ild in g , as we ll as the sm a ll <' nes on t he win gs, arc ve nt shafts fo r the esca pe of fo ul ai r f ro m all roo ll1 s in th e bu ildin g. Throu g h o penin gs in th e b ri ck wa ll fr es h a ir is admi t te d to the heati ng ra d ia tors, eac h roo m bei ng th us :; upp lied with ~r es h a ir. The buil din g is eq u ip ped with a ll moder n co nve niences. h e a t e d b y stea m an d lig-h t ed by e lec tr ici ty. ORGANIZATION AND AIMS.

Th e Pacifi c Luth era n Acade my is contr o ll e d and ope r足 a ted by t he Pa c ifi c Luth era n Unive rsity A ~soc i at i o n in th e int erest of the Ev a nge lica l Luth era n C h urc h. It s aim is, by





A()Er. I Y

a th oro uO"h, syst e ma t ic in structi o n o n a Ch ris t ian foundatio n t o pre pa re young me n and women for so me usef ul work in life. It will t he refo re be its cons t a nt endeav r to p romo t e th e hi g h es t int e ll e ctu al de vel op men t of its students, to g ive th e m a so und rel ig io us in s tru c t io n a nd t su rrou nd the m with s uch influ e nces as b es t wi ll fit the m for t he ir duties in life. I n s tru c t io n in th e funda men tal t ru th of th e Bible forms a n integr a l par t of all courses offe red by th e sch oo!. FOR WHOI'l1. THE SCHOOL IS DESIGNED.

WI study a advised rule, fin


F o r those who des ire t o teac h in t he p ubl ic sc ho'l ls. 2. F o r th ose who desi re t o prepa re for coll ege or t l1 I Sta te Un iv e rs ity. 3. F o r t hose wh o wish t o e nt e r busi ne s as boo k­ keepe r. , clerks, e tc. 4. F o r those wh o wish t o p re pa re for t ea ch ing in t he Luth e ra n pa roc h ia l sc hoo ls. S. F o r perso ns of fo re ig n b ir t h who d es ire to lea rn t he E n glis h la nguage. 6, F o r persons whose early ed uc at io n ha s b en neglected . 7. F o r person . who d es ire to stllely mu sic a nd a rt.

<.;EOGRi\ ;




Short Terms- The school year is divided into shorl terms, thus making it possible for students who can attend but a short time to complete one r more branches o f st udy . Thorough Work- E ffi cient and experienced teachers are provided , and the work is so arranged that the student ma y I~an' wdl wh~ t he undertakes to study. Students Select Their Own Branches-Special pains have been taken to ar range the branches in the various co urses of study ill th eir natunol rder. -'t uden ts will therefore , as a ru le, fin d it to the ir advantage to select and follow some particular course of study . T here is, however, a cenai n class of students who nre deficient in some particular brnnch or branches to which they ciesire to de­ vote specia l attention. Such pe rsons will here find special advantages , as they will be allpwed to select f rom the various coursesjusf Sluh bron dus tIS flu), 1ued. Cheap RateS-Many bright and promising young men nnd women nre pOQr. The low rates at whi ch board 1'00111 and tuition are furnished to students at this school ma ke it possible for persons of limited means toget ngood education .



BEGI :\ i'\ 1

PE:-I ,vi AI" INGI:-.IG

AlnT 11 \1:

BEG I KNI PEN\l N S I :'\G I NG · PI I Y ..'IOL OIHIIOE. I{ E .\ 1>1 N


I{ELIGIO : :-iIT ' u Al)VAN I


READl N( (O"R EEI!.\ J



COURSES OF STUDY. \Vh ile st u d~nt · are at lib~rty to 5elec t s uch branch es o f st udy as they may d es ire, th ey are, nev er th less, earnes tly advised to fo ll ow the cou rses outlined below, and will, a" a rule, find it to their advantage to do so. PREPAR AT ORY COURSE. ( TWO VEAl< .)

'tlrst Ytar - 'tall t~rm. !lI BU ..\ L III STORV- Vogt ' s. Dail)".

A RI T II l\1 Ell"! - To compound nUlnhcrs; South,vorth's. REAI)[~G oc' s Our Ame ri can Neighbol Daily .

SPELLI. G-P" ll llilllnn 's d icta ti on exercises. [)ail)" . PE:-;~I N~ IIl P- Ea.s)' 1lI0vemcul d rills. Dai ly . 'I NC ING -Drill ill reading mil ic. Two hums a week . Wlnt~r

Daily .


ARITIDIETI C-To mensuration; Southwort h's. D aily .

Ca :OGI{ AI'IIY-\\' estern Il emispher,,; 1'I') c's . Dnily.

REAI)I"C-Modern Europe. Ihily .

ll£Gl:"1I\'I:>IG <";RA ~'IMAR lI yde's . Dnil), .

PEl\' .\IA1\~HIP-:\J o\'erncnt npph~d to ~t\lsilles. \l' ntlng. Doily. I:"IGINC -I) rill,ll rendi ug mu sic . T wo hours a we"k .


t~rm .

. \ l{ ITll ~1 ETI C- !\1 ensurn tioll; So uthworlh ·s. D:l il y . ~ E G RAP H Y- Eastern Ilem isphere: F,·yc's. Daily . RE ,\ D[i\G-Pennllnan's Seho' " Poc t ry . Daily . HEGINNf:\'G ;RA ~1MAI' - ll yde·s. Daily. I' E,, ;V1A 'S HIP- I{ apid lJu. iness writin g . I )"il . 5 1~ G I ~ ; - Drill in read in::: music. Two houl" a week . S~tond Y~ar -'tall t~rm . pr rY ~IOLOG \·-~ l artin·s.

Daily . ORT II EP Y-Drill in u ing dic tionary . Daily.

j{ E.\ IlI:"lC - . onerican Authors. J laily.

A ()V A. eE l) G Ri\ ,\l ~I AI'-Whitney &. Lockwood ' s.


Dai ly.


RELlGfO:\,-Exposition of I.u lhe r· s C<llcchi m . Daily.

, ' NITEI) STATE::; HISTORY- To Conslilll tionni Period; Johnston ·s. AI VA'" ED GRA :'>DI AI'-Continued . D nily .

C I\,IL GOVER '~ I~ T - 1 aily .

READING-American Aut hors. Daily.

FREEII.\~() J)i{.-\WI l\G . I)"il), .



L UT [[ E I' AN A C A D F: ~IY

Spring tnm. llNITED TATES HISTORY- Constitutional Period; Johnsto n's. Dni ly. R E ADI NG-S tandard Authors. Daily. EN G Ll I-I CO yI PO ' IT'lON- Drill ill writing easy En~ l is h prose. Daily. SGHOOL MAN AGEIVI EN T AND S HOOL AW-Baldwin's. Dnily. F IN A L O RATI O N. T his course can be completed In two yea rs by any student of al'ernge ability and industry. It i designed to mee t the wan ts of tudents who desire to obtain a seeon!I gmde teacher's certificate . For th e specia l accommoda tion of this class of students a te ,)n's work in School Managemen t a nc! chaol La\\" hn been added .


m ST Ii Dail IVI L ( AI. 'ERI REi\D I ~




ilrst Ytar-iall ttrm. I3 IBLICA L HI ST OR Y. Dail y. AR IT H i\'I ET IC- T o compound numbers ; Sout hworth's. R EADI N -Coe's Our American Neighbors. Daily.

SPE LLl NG-Dictation Exercises. Dail y.

P E :-IM A, S HI P-Easy movemen t (Irills. Dai ly. S ING I NG- D ril l in reading music. Two hours a wee k.

n ai ly.

E 'lG LlS I f'RE EH .' ELE \I E~

Wlnttr tnm. ARI T II M ET IC-To 111 nsumtinn; Sout hworth's . Da il y. G EOG R A P H Y-Western H emisphe re; Frye's . Daily .

R EADlNG-i\'Iodern Europe. Dail y.

"BEG I NN IN G G R AMM AK- H yde's. Dai ly. PE MA S I II P-Movement applied to businc s writing. Onil)'. I NGI G-Or ill in reading music . T wo hours a wee k.

Spring tnm. A RIT HM ET IC- Mensuration;. ollthworth' . Daily. GE GR APH Y-Eastern Hemisphere; Frye's . 1)nily. 1, E AD1/\ - Penniman's Sc hool Poetry . Dn ily. BE 1;\1 NI NG GR AMMAR- H yde's . Ilail y. P E NMAN S IlI P- Rapid husiLle s writin~. Dai ly . .'l NG1N -Dri ll in reading music. T wo hOIll. a week.


II I BLT<: S N AT Rl ENGUS I SC I I 0 1 I' I NA L ( This required f ahove out and educe

Sttond Ytar-iall ttrm. PH YS IOLOG Y- Mnrtill's. Da ily.

ADV AN E D GR Al\l :'IAR-Whitney " Loc kwood's. RT H OEP Y- Drill in using dic tiona ry . Da ily. R E AD!, G-Americau Authors. Dail y . A LGEBR A-To fractions; Wen tworth's. llnily.

PL.\ NE NAT l{ , E L D IE i ENG I. IS

Dai ly.

AN ]) B US I NE .· S

CO L L E (~ E. .


Wintn t~rm. RE LI GI O N- E xposi t1on o f Dr. Lu the r' s S mall C nteehi. m . [)ai ly. HI T O R Y O F T H E UCoIIT ED S I"ATE ·- ToConsl itu tionaI Period;JI)h nslon ·s. Daily . IVI L GO VE R:\T\I E NT- F iske's , o r 'my text·book . Da.ily .

A U;EB R!\ - T o q uad ntics; W en t worth ' s. Dai ly.

R EAO ING - .-\ mcrican [,oe t ry . O ~i l y .

Spring I'


. H IS T O RY F T H E U :-IITED TA rE - ons ti tn tionul pe ri od ; J o hnston 's . W O R D AN A LYSI S". I h ily . J.;: NG Ll I-I ~1P -rn O N-Dr ili in wri tin g ensy E n ~l ish p rose. D aily. A LG EBR .\- \\ e ntworth 's . Dnily , l{ EAD I :-I G - i\1 aste rpieces o f Britis h Lit e ra lure . Da ily .

tbird Y~ar-'faJ1 tnm.


GEO ~·I ETRV-W c ntwo rl h ' s.

Dai ly .

c\Tt..:R A L PH I L O:O PI-I Y- Mech nni cs; Carhart &: Ch n te's. E I.E~lENT A t{ Y PS YC IIO LO GV-Baldw in ' s. E NG I.ISII Ll TEI{ AT U R E . ()"ily.



E'JG LlS II Ll l'ER.-\T UR E. D .l il ), .

F R EE HA " l) D R AWI NG . D a ily ,

ELEM E :--fTA R Y P \ ' H ULOG Y. Dai l)' for six wee ks.

NATU I, ,\ L P[[ ILO SO PII Y - Soulld and heat ; a rhnrt . , P A 1, LlA~IE " TA R Y L AW . Daily for six we eks.


n ai ly.

Dail y .

h ute ' .

Dai ly .


BI BL E s t' DY- T hc Acts read an,1 expla in ed . Dail y.

NAT R A L P H ILO ·OP I/Y - l.igh t a nd E lec tricity. Carha rt I\: C hute ' s. n ai ly .

E NGL1S II L1TE R .-\T L R E , » ,, ;l y .

SC H OO L ;\IA:>1 i\ G E\IE:--fT A N D SC I IOOL LAW. Il all y .

FI N \ L O I' AT ION .

T hi course ex tends ove r a peri od of thr ec yea rs, and e m braces nIl th s uhj ec ts requ ired fof a firs t g rad c tenche r' s cert ifi ca te. As will be ~ ee n h y in spec till ~ the ahove o u tlinc, ~ons i demb l c lim e i de voted t t he stuei y of psy c holollY, mel hods "n d ed uca tional lilerature .






PL t\ :'i I· 1 TU!

rlrst Ytaf- rall ttrm.



A RITH MET IC-To compound numbers ; Southworth's. RE ADI NG - Coo's Our Ameri can Neighbors . Vail y.

SE E L LI NG -Dictation exercises. Daily .

PE MA NS IIIP-E asy movemcnt dri lls. D ai ly.

S INGIN G- T wo hours a week .

L A1'I:-<


Dai ly.



Wlntu ttrm.

L\T [ ~ -

AR IT HY!ETIC-To men surn tio n' South worth 's. Dail y.

GEOGRAP H Y- Western II cmisphere; I'rye's. Dail y.

R EA DI NG- Modern Europe. Dail y.

BE G I NN I ~G GR AM i\I A R Hyd e's . nai ly.

P E MAN~ H LP-Mo\'eroen t appli ed to ~u si n e ss wr itin g. na il y.

SING ING-Two hours a week.

IV I!. (

E;-:r; L1 ~



Spring ttrm.

B E GT:-;r ~

ARITHM ET IC-M ensuration ; Southworth's. Daily.

(;EOGR APHY- Enstern Hemisphere ; Frye'S. Daily .

REA DI NG-Pen niman's School Poetry. Dail y.

BEG I NNING G RA"'D'IAR-Ilyde's. Dnil y.

P E l MA 'J-U P-R apid busilless writi ng. Dail y.

Sf:-<GING- T wo hours a \~·eek .



Stcond Ytar- rail tum. PH YSI I. G Y-M nrl in's. Dail y.

ORTII OEPY-Drill in using d ic tiona ry . D aily.

A DVA NC ED GRAMMA R- W hi tn ey & Lock wood 's. B EG INNING L ATIN - Collar c' Daniell's. Unil y.

A LG EBR A-To fractions ; Wentwort h 's. .Da ily.



Dai ly.

Wlnttr tum. RELIG ION-E xposition of Luther's Ca tec hism. Daily. NIT E D STAT ES II ISTO RY- To Const itut ional Period ; johnston 's.· ADVA NCED G RAM ~[AR-Co ntinu e d . ALG EB RA-To q uadr"tics ; Wentworth's. Daily. BEGl l N LNG LA T f N-Continued . Dai ly.




U NITE D STAT ES H1:;T RY-Cotlstitutior.a l Pe riod; J oh nston's. D aily .

ALG E il RA-Completion of EI menta,)' Algebra. Dai ly.

E NG LIS H C O ~'I P ()SI T[ON-D ri ll in writi ng easy E nglish prose. Daily .

LATI N-R ev iew of G ra mmar and translation of the fi rst booL:. of C ~sar. Vaily.

]{EAD f NG-M asterpieces of Briti sh literature.

L TI N­ ' EI- ­



A G 'il l GENER , FI AL ' Th is young m ~ any first· , Il ete in i Stud nllowed t geometry

Al\" D B US IN ESS C O Ll. E G I·:.


thlr(f Ym- fall tfrm. Pl.ANI ·: GE O ~'IETRV-\V e ntw o rth '~ . Da il y . N AT RA L PI-lI LOSO P II Y- Mechanics; nrh a rt .\: C hu te ' s. E L EM EN T AR Y PS YC H ) LO GY-Bald win's. Daily .

L.\ T lN - Three boo ks of e resar. Da ily.

E:\ GL I:::i 1-l LIT E R A'!' RE-Slo ll dard authors . Daily.


Wintn tum. E LE:VIEN TARY P.· YCH LOG Y- Da ily for six wee ks . ' AT U RA L PIlILO 'O P HY - S uncI a nd I1ea t. Doi'),.

I3 EGI N N lNG GRE E K-Whil e' s. Dail y.

PA RI [ MENTAF/.y LAW - Da ily fOr s ix week .

I,.. AT [ :-J- Two orat ions of icero . Da ily.

I VIL G O VE R\! ~II E ~ T- A ny text book.-Daily.

Spring tum. E:-,C LI ' I-I LlTERA TU R E-S ta ndllrd authors. Daily.

BIBL E SL \' -The Acts r ad amI ex plained. Dail y.

L I\ TI N-Two o rat ions o f Ci cero . Co mpo. il io n. D aily .

I3E G l N. I NG G R EE K - -Con tinued . Doi ly .

Dail y.

N AT RA L P Il I LO .'O P IIV - L ight a nd El ~ ctric il y. BOTA N V- Da ily.

fourth Yfar- fall tum. E NG LI S H Lrr E RA T l RE - S tan d ard aut hors . Dai ly.

LAT IN- Verg il; Iwohooks with co mposit ion. Daily.

G R EE K- Revi e w of G ram mar and tr:.ns l:Jtion of first book of Anal msis.

G E N E RA L H ISTO R Y-Ancie nt; ~llyer 's. D a il y.

G E RM AN GRA M~L<\R-Ey se nb:tc h 's . Dai ly.

Wintu tnm. E l G U S H LIT ERA l' ' RE- S ta nda rd anth ors.

L ATlN- Vergil t bird a nd fou rt h books, with com position. D ~ ily .

GR E E K·- T wo books of An "hasis . Da il y wi lh co mposit ions.

G E NER Al. 1-1l ,' TOR Y-M ediae vi a l; Myer's. Daily.

GE IO'IAN-G nulllllar and readi ng . D a ily.

Spring tfrm. LATIN-Vergi l, fifth and sixt h book '. Daily. COlli positions.

G REE K- Uind . F irst all d s c~oncI boo ks.

G ERMAN- Wilhelm T e ll. Compo it ion . D ni ly.

A UGS B U RG CONF E ·SlO ;\!. Daily.

G E E R A L HI Sl'OR Y.- :>l ocIern . Daily .


This course covers a period o f fo ur yenrs, and its ch ief nim is to prepare you ng men and women for ent erin o the Freshman cl ass of th e class ica l course of n ny firs t·c1ass co ll ege, or of the Uni versity of Washi ngton. It is, howeve r , com­ plete in itse lf a nd furni shes the rudim en ts of a libera l ed ucati on. Students desiring to enter the Freshman year of a scientific course will be allowed to substi tute rhe tori c, physica l geography, ch emis try, h igher. algebra, sol id geom e t ry and plan e tri g no m clI'Y for G ree k an I the las t year ' s work in Latin.







(1'\\"0 YEA~S . )

first Ym-fall



BIll LI CA L II! ST OR Y-Vogt's. Daily.

ARITH METIC-South worth ' s. Dail ),.

REA D I G-Coc's IIr American Neighbors. SPELL! NG-Dic tation Exercises. Daily.

PE:-li\1A NSHIP-M ovement drills.

Dail), .

Wint~r t~rm.

ARIT HM ETIC-To mensuration ; Sout hwo rth's . Daily .

READI NG-i\'I ode rn Europe. Daily.

B EGINNING G RAM:'I1AR-H )'de's. Da ily.

PENMANSHIP-M oveme nt applied to busin ess writing. Daily.

COil'IM ER C IA L GEOGR APHY-Frye's. D aily .



AR IT I-IMETI C-Mensuration; South wort h's. Dail ),.

REA DING - Penniman' s Sch ool Poetry. Daily .

BEG I :-<Nl ' G GRAM:l-IAR-II )'de ' s. Daily.

PE:-< MA N ' )-JIP- Rapid business writing. Dail y.

CO ;\L\1 ERCIA L G EOGRAPHY-Frye' s. Daily.

One I Bible H is! den t fam il

On e I study of n c "ducted The \ of th e f\ p' The noran L

A cia t hroug hol ' period of

S~\on" Y~ar-;:all t~rm.

A DV ANCED GRAM:'I'lAR-Whit ney & Lock wnod 's . Daily.

B OKKEEP IN G-T heo ryof Account s ; W illiams &:. Ro!;e rs ' . Daily.

C M M ' I{ IAL A RlT I-IMETIC- Dnily .

1<. A pm CAL C LA TIO \'- D:l ily.


Wint~r t~rm.



E LEM ENT S 01' ECO:--lOM ICS-Da ily.

ADVA _ED G R AI\IMAR-W hitn ey &:. Lockwood 's. Daily.

n O K KEEP) NG- 'onti nua tion of the fall !enn 's work. Da ily .

RE L1GION - E xposition o f Dr. Luth er's Small C atechis m. Daily .



C IVI L GO VER:--lMEKT- Dnily .


As a rul e th e average st ud ent will require two ),cars to compl ele this eour e. A student who has a f:li r knowl edge of a ri t hm etic , geog raph y and gn,m11lar c~ n com ple te it in one yea r. A thorough knowledge of ari lhm e ti c and grammar is abo solutel y essential in a cOlUmercia l educat ion .

S ix \\

Thre' IVly e rs ' G ,

Besia ou tlined i' wilh the ( i7. ulio n a n

i\'i l Gov I ntel though t \\ attention tion s :lre TILis This e 1 to t he Les路ons,




tb~ Dtff~r~nt Brand'~s


of Studv_

BIBLICAL HISTORY. One period (lai ly throughout the fall term wi:l be devo ted to the st udy of Hible Il istory . T he chi ef aim of the work in this class will he to make the s tu ­ d ent fam iliar with the grea t t ruths o f the Bibl e .



One peri od dai ly th ro ug ho ut the wint e r term will he de voted to a caref ul study of a sho r t eX F'oslt ioll of Or. LUlher 's atechism. T he recitations wi ll be conducted in the English lan g uage.


rk of this class \Viii cu nsist in the rea d iug and exp lanati ons of t he of th t). A postles. II'


AUGSBURG CONFESSION. The Augsburg Confession is n tr ens ure of \\ hi c h no Luth eran should be ig· noran t. O ne per iod daily for tcn wee ks will be dcvoted to Ih is suhject.

UNITED STATES HISTORY. A class will be o rga ni ze d at the opening of the winter ter m a nd will continue throug ho ut the sprin g lerm. Spec ia l allcnti on will be give n to the cOl1st itution al pe ri od f Oll r history. Text·hoo k, J o hI1 StOIl '5.

HISTORY OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON. Six weeks during th e s prin g terlll wil l he d evoted to this suhject.

GENERAL HISTORY. Three terms will be de vuted to a hrief survey of th e hi sto ry of the world . IVlyers ' Gcn e ral History , tcxt · itook.

CIVIL GOVERNMENT. Besides tcachin g the r:cnera l pri nciples on wh ic h our governme nt IS based, as o ntlin ed in o ur co nstituti un, special e fforts will be made to fa mil iur ize the st udenl with th e o rgani za tion of tow ns, vi lla ~es , citi es a nd school distric ts; a lso the o rga n­ iza li on and wo rki llg of th e vnriol1s courts within the stale a ncI nnlion. Fi ke's ivil Go vernm ent, or any tex t-boo k .

READING. I ntell igen t read ing lies at t he basis of mod rn ed uca ti o n . It is therefore though t well to d evote considerable til11 e to tillS branch . Throug hou t the course allention is giveu to arli cu lat ion , pro nunciation and to thought analysis . Sclce· tions a re com mitt ecl to me mo ry .

SPELLING. Thi s consists of a carefu l st ud y of worfls and dictnti o n exercises.

BEGINNING LANGUAGE WORK. Th is is a beginn in g class in Eng lish gramm ar. The work is especially adapt · ed t the need of th o e wh o are stud yi ng gra mm a r for the first time. U yde's L e. sons, Book Second , is II ed.






ORTHOEPY. II i. the s pecia l a im of th i. su hject to make th e stud e nt so fallli li:1I' with the diac rit ica l works of 'vVebs ter or \ Vorcestcr , t hnl , wilh n d ict iona ry in hann , he ca n in n mome nt :lssure hilll s~ lf of the correc t pronu nciat io n o f nny E nglis h word . The study call be comp ldeeJ in one tenn.

ADVANCED GRAMMAR. A s tu de nt who has com p leted lI yd e 's Lessons, or its cqui val en t, may tak e up T ext-book, Whitney :o ne! L c l:w oud ' s. t h i. c ia s wil h adva nt age

ENGLISH COMPOSITION. Th e th eoret ica l knowl edge acq uired in the stu dy of gra mm ar is here put into practica l use in writ ing cnsy E ngl ish p rose. Smile a tt en ti on is g ive n to Ic tter ­ writing.

ENGLISH LITERATURE. The ohj ect of this study is t acquaint th e st udent with th e pr odu ct ion a nd ch a racteris tics of the most promi nent writers ill the rea lm of E ngli 'h litcra llll e.

ARITHMETIC. In arithmetic the aim is, first, to Ill,)kc the stndcnt fully un de r tan d e prin ci­ pl es under lying every opera ti on th a t he perfor ms, an d secondl y to acqu ire speed ant! acc uracy in handling figures. S hort meth 0c1, arc Ill ad e use o f whe never it is poss ilJle .

ALGEBRA. The study of a lge bm will he begun at th e open in g of the fall term, and wi)! continue through ou t th e entire year. \Yentworth's i\lgdna, te xt , book.

1\ bri ( gethe r wit Baldwi n' s.

The c Iy st ruggl i aTe fr ee ly schoo l ma l Manage mc

Two I g rammar. is complet. O rat ions a g rammatic

rn G rt sions nnd , t he Ii t th G reek Boo

1\ ci a t he ope nin and spring

GEOMETRY. T went y -four wee ks will he d evoted to the " udy of plane a nd solid geometry, beg inni ng at th e opening of th e fa ll terlll. Text-book, \ Ve ntworth's .

At th, ga ni1.ed .


T h e S' T he th eor< the wiLl te r

Th e work ill thi s subjec t will hegin a t the openin g of th e winter terlll , and will continue throu g hout th e entire. prin g te n n. 1\ consid erable port ion of th e t im e will be .Ie vo ted to th e study of p hysical geog raphy. F'rye's COlllple te Geog­ raphy , text-boo k_

PHYSIOLOGY. Physiol ogy will be stud ied duri ng the fall term. In add ition to the reg ular cla ss work a series of ie ctures will be g ive n O il thi. s ubjec t by D r. J. L. Rynnin g. T ex t -book, M a rt in 's.

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Th e work will consist of re citat ions, ex pe riments a nd t he solu tion of prob le ms. T ext boo k , C a r hart & Ch ute's.

ELEMENTARY CHEMISTRY. O ne term will be devoted to th e s tu d y of e le me nta ry ch em is try ; C hemi s try , text-book.

he pnrd 's

T he 0 Germa n gr in g ens y G Two f effo rt will anu ch orus • Th e Ir Rules of 0 co nduct pl




ELEMENTARY PSYCHOLOGY. 1\ brief study of some of th e ph enom ena and laws of the humnn mind , to­

get her with lec tures o n the principles Hni<l win's.

and me th od s uf teac hing.

Text· book,

SCHOOL MANAGEMENT AND SCHOOL LAW. The chid objec t of thi s wor k is to aid young men and wOlllen who are brave­ ly s truggling to beco me educational artists. Principks, illustra ti ons and results a'M! freel y give n. , .vith th ese aid s eac h teac he r is left to work ou t th e proble m of school manage ment t o r himself in h i. own way. T ex t -book, Ba ldwin's chool Manage melil.

LATIN. Two te rms will be devoted to a tho rough study of t he elem en ts of L ati n g ramm ar . F or t bis work Coli nI' & D anie ll 's B cgi n Der~ Boo k is used. "Vhen thi s is complctcd the st ud en t ta kes lip th e st ud y of C",sa r 's ' o m men tnr ies , Cicero 's Ora tion an d Vc rgil 's IE neiel. FreCJu e nt ex trc ises are given in compos iti on and on gram matica l for ms and construc tions .

GREEK. In G.-eek the st ud ent spe nds two terms in becomin g familiar with the declen ­ sion s a nd conj u!;at ions. He is th en prerarell to read Xenoplllln. Of thi s au th or t be first three book s arC read, and of th e !l iad, t wo books. White' s Begin ne rs ' G reek Book is liS d as a text-hook.

NORWEGIAN READING. /I. class for th e read in g and ~ tu dy of No rw egian literature will be or!:ani zecl a t t he open ing of the fall te rm . This cla~s will he continu ed throughout th e winter and spri ng tcr ms.

NORWEGIAN GRAMMAR. At th e o pening of th e winter term " c lass in J\orwegian g ram ma r will be or­ ganized .

NORWEGIAN COMPOSITION. Th e spr ing tern' \\"ill be devo ted to a carefu l stu d y of l\orwcg ia ncompo . iti n . The th eo re tical knowl edge acq ui red in the study of Norw egian g r ~ lllmar during the winte r te rm will he re be nppl itd.

GERMAN. Th e courSe in German i n clude~ one tcrm's work in acquiring th e elen len ts of Ge rman gram lllar as ou tl ined in Co ll ar's Eysenbnch , and t\\"o ter ms ' work ill read ­ in!: eas y G erma n prose. T he conv e rsa tional method is employed.

SINGING. Two periods daily throug hout the entire ycar are devoted to singin g . Specia l effort will be made to teach the student to read music at sight. Church Il\ usic a nd chorus work will he a special feature.

PARLIAMENTARY LAW. • T he last half of th e win te r te rm will be devoted to th e study of Roherts' Ru les of Order. Tbe stud en t will le arn hy actual practice how to organi ze a nd con duc t pub lic meeti ngs, stich as ca ucuses , sc hoo l me et ings, convent ions, etc .





PENMANSHIP. In p~n ma n s hip the r igh t mo vem e nt is taught, a nd th e stud e nt is made to ee the e rrors of h is o wn writ ing. Speed , f u ro n, a nd mo ve me nt are d eveloped at the sallle t ime . By cor rect trai nin g throug h a well -gradcd and s ystema ti c course , the average pupil acq uires a nc a t, rapid , and legible styl e of writ<ng, wh ich will he of great ue nelil to h im in any voca tio n in life .

FREEHAND DRAWING. The impcrlauce o f th is st ud y in t ach ing h abits o f cl ose and cor rect observ; ­ t ion cliO scarce ly he o ve r-es timat ed . D ai ly lessons in t his b" anrh w ill be g iv e n t hroughout th e w inter ter m . T he \\'01 k will consis t Illainl y in ske tching fro m objects.

BOOKKEEPING. A know ledge of book keeping is genera lly conceded to be of cons idcrab le valuc to all men , no malle r wha t t heir ol'cu pa ti o ns Ill" y be. Aside from the prac ­ tica l ut ility of t he scie nct' , it a lso afiords ment al d iscipli ne of the hi ghes t on.l e r. It in c u lca tes nea tness, accuracy and syst em-acq uireme n ts w hi~ h are ve ry essentia l f o r success in li fe . T he wo rk is ca rr ied 0 11 accord in g to th e so-called c lass p la n. E ac h st udc nt is re qu ired to learn th oroug hly t he lessons assig ned th e class f rom da y to rl ay . T he le ng t h of the Ie OnS w ill he de ter mined by t he avera ge ab ili ty of the c bss . It h :\, been found that the p ri nci ples of book keeping Can be learned most clTect ivcl y in this way. Th is met hod ma kes it d illicult, Qr we ll nig illlpo ible, fo r t he lude nt to r ush t hrough hi s \\' ork so h urr ied ly that h e d oe nOI ge t ti me to assim i­ la te what he lea r ns, o r to id le aw a y his lim e, work ing o nl y w he n it su its hi s con­ venience- e vils which lue very common in schoo ls t hn t e m ploy th e so·ca ll ed in­ lii vidual m ethod . T he class plan does away with these "bjectio nab l ' fe a tures . Uy th is me thod th e qu ic k, active s tud e nt s who are oft e n tempt ed to d o super ficial wo!'!< will be fo rced to m us ter th e su hject , while th e slow, ploddi ll g ones wi ll ue inci ted lO stu d y mo re dil igen tly in order to hold the ir o wn ill th e clas . A ll points not understood by th e stu d en t wi ll be tho rouljh Iy dis~ussed a nrl ex­ plaine d in cl as. , an d no part of the wo rk will he considered finis hed ~lIll il il has been comp letely maste red. T hc course is based on W illiams & l{ogers ' )le w C omplete Book keeping. It is s im ple an d sys terna tic as we ll as comprehens ive. En y tra nsac tions are first ta ke n lip, a nd, step by st ep, the s tu dent adva nce s to more d ifficul t wo r k. In this way a num be r of difiere nt sets are maste red, g iving th e stucien t a compl ete view o f th e pr inciples e mployed in t he vario us kinds o f bo okkecpi ng. A suffic ient n u mber of classes will be c nd ucted eve ry te rm to acco lllm odate all slude n ts . Wh e n the st udent has comp le ted the t heory of bookkeeping he e nter s a course in Busin ess P ra c tice . H ere he ha s an o p portun ity to.put his theoretical know ledge o[ bookkeepi ng to a pract ic a l test. H e is requ ired to wri te o ut a grea t varie ty of b usi nes papers a nd doc uments , such as notes, drafts, chech, receip ts, bills , leas s mort gages, articles of co -part ne rs hip, telegrams, etc . In fnc t, he carries on bus i­ ness just the way he hou ld do it in actun l lifc .

ft is t' wh o has c. of s ing le 0 A kn to an y one studen t Stu a ffa ir in a

A sho or figures. others nr!l 1)urin a ca rdul s tended fo ari th me tic. with Ihe e I)' tle.. g ne! t ure th,u il

S tnd to ohey th , puy ing th < admi tt ed . Alt bo their need, illg of ate

Tuitio n, p ' Th is schoo l, ex A ll tu ca te of 111< tcac her in

A:\]) B US I:-< ES. C O I.I.E G E.


It is the a i m of the school to I;,n ke th e COurse so "road and deep that a ·tutlent who ha completed it shall be nille readily to adapt himse lf to any ordinary system of inglc or double-entry hook keeping uSed in the business world .



A k nowledge of the law gnverning commercial trons3ctions is of grent value to anyone, but ~ pecially to the husine. s ma n. Our course aim~ to give th e student such knowlerl ge of tbe la ll's of bu ine 's tb at he may transac t h is business affairs in an intelligent manner .

RAPID CALCULATION. r\ short period dur ing eac h day is set aside fo r drills in addi ng long co lum ns

n i figures. T his is part icul arly for the benefit o f tbe co mme rcial Slllclents, bu t others may avail themse lv es of the o pportunity .

COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC. DIII'ing Ihe second year o f the cOllllnerc inl CUlI rse two te rms lI'i ll be c1evotedto a c:\ rcfu l siudy o f conllllcrcia l arithmetic. T his is an 3d v "n~cd class and is not in · ended for students rClJui r illJ:: instruc t io" ill Ih e more ~I elile ntary plinciples of arithmetic. It is prcsuP I_osed th a t th e "tlld e nt has \)eCOIlI!! thoroughly acquainted with th ese betore he tak,, ' up com merci al arithmet IC. W hile this work is especial­ ly deS igned for t he henefit of commerc ial students it is ne \'e rtheless of su h a nn­ ture that it c nn he purslled n dvnnta~eo u s ly hy tbose tnking oth er cOllfses.

GENERAL INFORMATION. CONDITIONS FOR ADMISSION. ' tud e nts of either Se x who nr ' willing- nnd ah le to do the work requi red and 10 !)bey the TIl les and regul a tions of Ihe sc hool will hc admitted to any cl nss u pon paying the r egula r luiti o n. A ' n ru le , students under 14 yenr' of age will uot Ioe admitted.

TtrlE TO ENTER. l\ lLhou~h

student may e llt c r at any tim e, ann genemlly find work ad apted to their neecls , it i ne ver the less greatly to th ei r advalliage to he prese nt al the open­ ing of a term, whell new lasses nre orgall i 7.~d.

EXPENSES. TUITION . T uit ion , per week, .. . .... . .. . ..... . .. . . ... .. . . ... . . . ..... . . . . . .. . . ... 5 1.00 T h is includ e illstruction in nil branch.. in any of t he courses offered by the schoo l , except music and pa inting, fo r whic h a n ex trn charge will he l11ade . A ll tuition mus t he po i" sl ,i clly in advance fer at leas t one terlll , anti a ce rtifi­ cate o f me m be r hip obtained hom t he principnl , which ,nust be presented to the tcache l' in c harge of the clnss the tnden t desire to ent ~ r .



A slud~nl paying for the entire school year will at the end of the spring term receive a rebate of S4,OO. A student who leaves school he fore his luilion expires will receive no rcbate , but will be given a due-bill payable in chovling any lerm. This due-hill may be IIsed either by the sludcn t himself or hy a brother or sister. In no case will a duc ­ bill be issued for a shoTler lime than two weeks. A ~tudent entering one or two we~k after the opening of n term will receive no reduction . RO



1 0001, per week. , ' ..... . . , . . , .. ' . , . ....... , , . . .. ' , . . . ' . . , , . . ' . , . , . 50 cen IS The rooms are heated hy steam, lighted hy electricity and furnished with chair-, tables, beclsteads, mallresse and wardrobe. Students furnish Iheir OWII towels and bed -clothes. Room -ren t mu t be paid in acl vance for a t least o ne terrn . All money paid by a student n. room-rent for a period longer than thnt d u ring w hich he actually rooms at the school will Ge refunded to him according to regular rates, when he leaves , The P;1cific Luthemn Academy is a bo:trcling school, and no student will be allowed \0 room outside withou t special permis ion. BOARII l" l ; .

The P acific Luthera n Academy fu rn ishes board at (1(1(((1/ cosl. During the past year the students, under thesupervisiol1 of the fn ully, or>nnized nndoperaled a boarding club. The club was managed by the students them elves. who met a t slated times to adupt rule, elcct officers, hear reports, dccidt: upon the kind of food wanted , and the like. The club hit'ed its own cook , waiters etc . Any student may become a member of the c luh by sign ing its constitution anti rlcpo iling with the trensurer the .lIlIl of $ 10.00 for the cas h purcbllse of provi ions fOt' the next four weeks. At the end o f every month of four wecks the aClllal 'OS\ of board is ascertained by the officer of the club, the amOul1l due from each mem­ ber is deducted f rom his deposit , the balnnce standin ' to his credit for the next month . T o this Galance lIlust then he added an amount sufficient to m:lkc the required depo it of . 10 , 00 at the beginning of the next month, and so on . IIdcr this arrangement good and substantial board was [urni hed at the exceedingly lo\\' a vcrage price of I. 59 per week or about 7 ~ cents per meal. During the coming school-yen I' the club w ill be conducted on the s:tmc plan which gave such general satisfaction last year , Eac h member of the club will be requiren to pay 5 cents pe r week for Ihc usc of stove, dishes and other kitch e n furnishings . ~IEI1lCI\t.


1.00 per term is required of each stuclen t. This ntitles the stndent to medical attendance throughout the entire term , T he nece ·(try medicine and nursing mllst be furnished a t the expense of the \lalent. A ph)' ician' fce of

I. l flRi\RY FEE ,

A library fee of 50 cents n year is paid by eac h student.

The 'non y collected

in this


for the re

w Tuition , R oom . . . Board (Cli M edical Library . T ot3

To t of was h it tastes a ni 311d num bOllght a l Ihey pass

On ly motio n 01 It is and regu l ~o !

Oll t obtai T he Ille n into

Stlld specter! d Ead ni t llre , fee will I danlnge I

No s 'tud lin "-hou In :\1

be orgn ni

work , A st for t he g dOllS,



forfe its tl All s chapel, u

A l\D B U:INESS CO LLE GE . in Ihis way is used for elllnrging the library and procuring papers :In,l magazines for the "cading roolII .

What it Costs to Attend the Pacific Lutheran Academy. \<\IIIHer Fall Spring T erm. Trill. Vear. Term. - - - 1 - - -- 1·-- - - -- -- - ­ Tuit ion .. ..... .. . ... .... .... ... .. . S 1 2.00 $ 1 2.00 S 10 .00 $ 3 0 . 00 I{Q0 I1 1 . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. • . .

Board (e ·t im:lted at $1. 59 per week) . leoical Fee . . .... ..... . .... . . .. . Lihrary .. .. . . ... . ..... . . ... , .. .. . . Tota l .... .. . ..... . . .. . .

6. 00


19 . 10 0

19. 10 J • flO

$3 8 . 10

$38. !O

I .

5 . 00 15 . 9 0 1 .00

. .... . .. . . . .. .. - . . . ..... ,_ .

- - -.-- ----­

17 . 00

54. 00 3 . 00 . 50

53 1 . 9 0

To thi must be adried the cost of ,,"a shing, books and stationery. The cost of was hing c annot be accunliely d etermined, as it varies to ~"me exte nt wit h th e tnstes and habits of the in di vi dua l. The cost of books depends upon the ki nd and nu m ber of branches the s tuclent se lects. All neee sary tex t·books ma y be bought at the school. Studellts will cIo \ ell to h ring wilh t hem such text- books as t hey possess.

GENER.AL R.EGULATIONS. On ly such I"ll l"s ha ve been ad()p tt!d as have bee n found n ccssnry for the pro· m otion of the h ighest interests of th e school and of the studenls. It is a n im plied con tract t ha t stu dents ""II c he erfully comply wit h the rules and reglliat io ns of the school in every r~ pecl. 1\0 stude nt wi ll be allowed to drop a tlllly or he absent f rom his classes with· out obtaining permission frolll the prineipol. The young ladies who hoard at the school nre not nllowetl to receive gentle· men into their room,. St uden ts are required to keep Ihei,' rooms clean and tidy. The rooms are in­ spected d,. ily . Ench stlldent is held responsible fo r any damage done to his r OOI11 or its fur­ nitll'·e. An in demnity fee of $2 . 00 Illu st be depo ited with the p,·i ncipal. Th is fee will be re tllrn ed to the s tud ent when be lea ves less the cost for repniring any rlamage he may have rlone to the propert y of Ihe school. N o stude,t is allowed to use tobacco in a ny fo rm within the building. tudents who participate in dan cing or card -playi ng, or visit saloons or ga mb­ ling- h ouses, d o thereby sev er their connecti on with th e school. [ II ad di t ion tl) the regular c lasses mentioned in the courses, speci a l classes will be organized at the request of at least ten student who are competent to do the work. A student who neglect; his work, who wi lfull y disobeys the rules laid down for the gove rn ment o f the school , frolll tillle to time , o r whose iuAuenee is perni ­ dous, is not wanled, and will not be ret:lin cd in the institution nnd , if expelled, forfeits the tuition paid. All students are required to be present at t he daily devotional exercises held in chape l lInles excused by special arrangement.





RECORDS AND REPORTS. A record o f at tendance, rec it ation and deport me nt is kept, a copy of which is sent to parents or guardia ns who l1. a y desire it, at t he ent! of eac h te rm 01' oft ene r. Exami na tions are he ld at the clos.: of eac h te rm. O nly such students as complete the f ull wo rk prescribed in any course will he a warded a dipl oma. S t ude nts not pursuing allY o f the regular courses but selec t· ing si ngle studies f rom one 0 1' more will be lassed as special students. Such will receive no diploma .

First T ech nic, I ody stlld ie Secoll Mason 's'l odi q ues . T lti,.. harmony . an d Trill :

and F ugue

MISCELLANEOUS. SOCIETIES. 1'114 LyuwII is a li terary society holding meetings twice a mon t h .

DdJO liJlg Socid iu nre orga.tized every year. 0/ lWlIsicn/ Org,mizatiom the Pacific L utheran Academ y has a band and an orchestra.

LIBRARY AND READING ROon. Th e school has a libr a ry com prising 5 0 0 bound volumes. Additions arc made from time to time. Du ring t he yea r va luable co ntribu tiuns have been rc· cei ved from f riends. A Reading Room is maintai ned in co nnec tion with the libmr y.

FIRE COMPANY. A fi re compan y was o rganized a mong the stu dents du ring th e past year . Money was collec ted by the students among the fr iends of t he sc hool fo .· t he ne essary host' a nd ot he r fi re nppara tus.


SPECIAL COURSES. nuslc. The Pacific Lut he ran Academy recogni 7es t he im porta ncp. of music as a means of c ul tu re and refinemen t , and aims to fu rnish such inst ruction as best will aid the stude nt · to acq uire a taste for tr ue music. It will therefore be th e constant en­ deavo r of the school to g ive its stude nts such a training as will la y a goot! founda­ tion fo r a t horough m usica l ed ucation . The work in th is depa rt me nt is in charge of Mrs . Grace R . Da venport , a tcacher o( m arked abili ty an d l o n~ a nd success f ul experience in ten hill{: both vocal aod instru menta l n;lUsic. Th e fo llo wi ng courses a rt! offered :

stein an d Fou rl and O cta' Ruben stei. tion s of M First ries, hym r SUO Il

Conc( prodllct ior A c:w


Single less Fall term, 'Vinte r ter Spring ten Piano per month . T uitio LAND~

Mr. F

lessons in lowing te n

Si ngle less.

Sing le less. T he II




.' I NE..




Fi.rst Crad..- ~1athews ' G raded . tudies , books J. and II. ·(;u rli tt. 0 1'. 101. T ech n ic, honk I. Easy select ions fr om standa rd composers for memo ry and mel­ ody studic . S .:(ond Cmlle- Mat hew ' G raded Studies , books II. and Ill. H elle r, op. 46. Mason's Technic , books I. and II. Clementi's sonatas. C o ncone's E tud es Mel­ od iques . Selected studies for reci tati o n. Tllird Crad..-Scale const ruc ti o n with writt en work prepa ra tory to stud y of harmon y. T echnic cont inu ed. Helle r's P hrasin g a nd Rhythm S tudi es , E tudes and Trill. tudies to mee t ability of. st ude n t. Sta me r's Harmony Primer. Pre lud es and Fugue , Bac h . Selections fr o m Schumann, Schulte and Scila rwenka , Ru ben ­ stein a nd Mozart. FOllrtl, Cmd..- I-lannon y St udies con tinued. C zemy's School of Ve loci! y and O cta ve S tudies. Mason's Tec hn ic, book IV. Concert Etud es of Chopin , !{uhenstein , Schuma nn and Cramer. Sonatas of Beth ove n ancl Mi>z art. Se lec ­ tions of Mendelssohn a nd Von Bnlow and others. ORG I\~ .

First (jrad..- \Va lter Langdon' s O rg an Book., 1. and I I., with easy volu nta ­ ri es, hymn tunes and fu.' ues. Schmi dt '5 T ech nic. S uomi Crnd..-Me ndel s_ohn 's o ngs \Vith out \Vord , vo luntarie-s and fu g ltes . VU t cr. C ULTl I Rt':.

Concone and Ra nrldegger ' s j30 0k s for Beginners. ;Vl a dam production. ~ pi cher's Lig h t Reading, hook s I., II. a nd Ill.

~fa rc he s i

for tone


A care fu l line of tud y laid do wn from the be ginning to the com pletio n of the cOltrse. T U lTtoN .

Piano. Orgn n, Violi n nnd ' oice Cult ure.

S . 50

S ingl e lessons ................... $ .75 Fall te rm , 12 lessons .. ............ 6 .00 5 .5 0

\.Vint er term, 12 le"sons .......... . 6.00 5 .5 0

Sp ri n~ term, 10 lessons . . .... .. . . . . 5 . 00 4.5 0

I iano re;ll, on e hour d a ily, per month, $1.00. O rg an re nt, one holtr d:tily , pe r month , 50 cents. Tuition, as we ll ;I S rent of instrument, must be paid invariably in adva nce.

LANDSCAPE AND MARINE PAINTING, AND CRAYON WORK. Mr. F. 1\1. Ho lmes , who has h is stu d io in the school bui lding , will give priva te les OilS in oi l painti ng a nd pe rspec tive drawing, either cwy o n or pencil, on th e fol­ low ing terms : OIL f' A LNT ING.

Single lessons ...... .... ..... .. .. $ .50

Per term of

13Ie ~so ns .

....... . 115.00

PE RSPECT tV E DRA\\'t1\ G .

Sin g le lessons. . . . . . .. . ..... . . .. $ . So Th e tu ition is paya ble in adv:tnce.

Per term of 13 lessons . ........ $2.50





Stud~nts, ,9$- ' 99. A yres, E flie

J .. ........... Wash .

A nde rso n, E . R . . .... . . . .... W ash . Ande rson, Andre w ... ....... . \'V as h. Ande rso n, G ilbe rt. . . .. . . ..... . W is . Ander 'o n, J ohann a .. .. . ' .. .. , . W is . lJIomqu ist ,J. M ..... . . . ...... W ash . Brottem, J. L . ...... . ... . ... . W ash . Brotte m , Alfred . .. ... ....... W ash .

Bro tle m, Loui se ~ . .. .. . . .. . . . 'N as h. Brown , GlIsta ..... .. . ......... Co l. B ra nd t, E . G . . .. . . . ......... i\li n n . Brage t, H e n ry .. .... ... ..... W ash .

Busc hman Eli zabe th . . .. . . ... Was h . Busc h ma n, Augu st . . . . . . . .. . . \ Vash . B Ixby, Mae . . .. .... . . .. . . . ... Wash. BerrulU , i\l a rio n . . . . ... . .. . .. \ Vas l.. Ue rrum , H ilda . .. . ... • . ..... W a h. Rcrrull1, An oa . . ... . . . . ... ... \Vash . Bre vig , L ud vi g . . ..... .. .. . .. Minn . ' hristc nsen , Oli,'e . . ... . .. . .. W ns h. hris te nsc n , la ra .. .. . . . . . . \ ash. Do w , l.o re nzo ....... . .. . .... \'Va h. I a vc nport , Harley .... . . . . . . . Wash . D a ven port , Joseph . .. . .•... . . W ~ s h.

Davenport , ~ l i lto n . ... .. . .... Wash. Daven port , G mce . .. . . . ...... W as h. Do renn, T. J . . . ... . . . .. . .. . . W as h. Egge , Anna . . .... ....... .. . . Wash . Ein e rson , J ohn ... . . ... .... . . Wash . . lI ings , t\ . .... .. . .. . ... . ... Wash. Fre ng , Al ber t. . ... . ....... . . [o a h(). Fangsrud , Sh e rm a n . .. . . . . . .. Was h . Fan g rud , Ruth . . . . . . ..... . W a ·h. F e ll t\l1d , Nellie .. . . .. .. . ..... W ash . Fi x, Ma ble . . . . . ............ Wash . Go , A n na .. .. ............ A Inska .

Goe , Jo hn .... ... ... . . . . . . . Al as ka. G regory , Al ice .... .... . .. . .. Wa h. G eige r, NInry ..... . . ... .. ... Wash . lI arstad, H a rstad. H arstad, H arstad .

T heod ore ....... .. .. \ Vas h. Geo rge . .. . . ... . .. . Was h. L ouisa ...... . . . .. . . W a ·h . O live r ... . . . . . .... . W a h.

H arstad, Mnry . .. . . .. . ...... W as h .

H a rstarl , Th cander .. ... .. . . . \Vasll.

H ars tad , Am a lie . . .. ... . . . . .. \\ a.... II .

lI age n, H . N ............... Was Il.

H use hy, J ohn ...... .. . . ... . W a h.

H useby , G u nde r . . . .. •.. . . . .. Wash.

H useby, Pete r . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. W ash .

H alvo rson , H a rr y . ... . ....... 'N a h .

I [al vo r 0 11, He nry . . .. . .. . .. . Wash .

H a lvorso n , Tonline . .... . . . .. \Va

Ha lvo rso n, A lme r .. .. . . . ... . "Vash .

II a l vorson, La llra . . .. .. .. .. .. W ash .

J l alvorson, Osca r .. . . .. . . .... \ Vasll.

Iverson, 1\ nold a . . ......•. . .. \V"sl..

Ivel'Son Nell ie ... . . ...... . .. Wash .

Isn ackso n, R ichard . . .... . ..... . ~ al.

J ohn ' 0 11, George .. .... . . . .. . . \Vash .

Jo hllson , ·e lm a . . ... . .. . ..... \ Vash .

Ju rgen e n, H olger .. . . .. . . . . . Wa. h.

K raabe l, L uella . ... .. . . .. ... W a sh .

K lo leI', J. II .... . ... .. ... . .. . Ore .

K louda , fl orence .. .. . ... . .. . \V a h .

L ee , ,," ie .. . ... . . . . . . W 3sh.

Lund, H . . . .. . ... ..... . . . . Wash .

Leq ue , Amln ... . . .. .... . . ... \ Vas ll .

Duson, :'-l ils . . . ' ....... . .. .. W ash .

La rson, Antoll . . . .... . ...... \Vash .

Mose , Leroy . . . . " .... . ..... W ~s h .

Mag e l se n, Th . . .. .. ... . . ... W asl..

Ni e l ~e n , Tin a . . . . . ... . ... . .. . lo w:>.

01 nn, Ne ls .. . . . . ..... . .. . . . :Vl onl .

01 on, Se na . ...... . .. . . . . .. l d aho.

O fferdal , [ ci a .• • .. . . . . ...•... Was h .

Pe terson, B. i\ . ... ... ..... . ... W i ' .

Ped e r. n, i\l a rtin ........ . . . . W as h.

R a nse n, O . .. . ..... . ... . .... W as h .

Riseland . John L . .. . . . .. . ... W as h .

Reit a n, O . P ....... . .... . . . . W ash.

Salra , Ida . . . .. . . . . . .. . .... \ as h.

Smi t h, I\ d dic ...... . . . . .... W ash .

Sinland , Amalie . ... . .. . . . . . . Was h.

S inl and, . a mue l .. ... . ... . . . . Wash .

Sum!. t TO m, E lI1l11a • . . . .. .. . . . Was h.

Sexton, Swa nson, ~eI nes,

Smeby. Stensem, Stuhb,O Swanber Samuelso SKnglZeru Tenwick, Trogstad,


AND B USI!\ESS COLf.E(;E. exto n , E ffie . . . .. ... . .. ... .. Wash. Swanson, Ida ... ......... ... \Vasll. Se Ines, 1' ... ... ... . ... . . .. ... Ore. Smeby, Ilelge. .. . . .... ... . Wash . Stensem, John . .. . ..... .. . .. \Vash. Stubb, Otto . ...... . . .. . ..... Wash. Swanberg, John .. . .... , ..... Wash. Samuelson , John . .. ... . . .. . . Wash . Sl<lIg!{erud, Thea .... . , . .... . Idaho . Tenwick, Anna ... ...... ..... Idaho . Trogstad, Nora. . ..... . . . ... \V as ll.

Trogstad, Ferdinand .. .. ... .. Wash .

Thompson, Alma .. ...... .... \Vas ll.

Vahl, Richard . ... .... .... ... Wash,

\'ieg, S. H .................. Wasil.

Vieg, Lellie .... " .......... Wash.

Vidal, Rosa ........... . .. .. . Wash.

Waage, A. M ................ Io\\'a.

Waage, O. J . ..... . . ..... .. . Was h .

Ward, Clara ~I. . .. . .. Maska .

Ward, Wm . :vI ... . . .. . ... . . i\laska.


GRADUATES. NORMAL-Ellie C. Kraabel, Parkland, WasIl. PREPARATORY-Amanda ;\1. Swan, Champoeg, Ore. 1899, PREPARATORY-A nna C. Leqlle, Stanwood, \Vasll. COM~!ERC!AL-Nellie

.." -.)

I. P. Lee, Skagit, Wash.

Se na Olson, Genessee, Idaho.

NOTICE. Parkland is a suburb of Tacoma. To reach Parkland take the Jefferson avenue electric car to Center street depot, from which a steam motor makes several t rips a day. Trunks had better be left at the depot or wharf, and the management of the school will see to it that they are brought out to the Academy for about So cents apiece or less. All correspondence relating to the school should be ad足 dressed to N. J. HONG, Principal, Parkland, Pierce County, Washington.

Edwin R. Ray. Printer. Tacoma.

1899-1900 Announcement of the Pacific Lutheran Academy and Business College  
1899-1900 Announcement of the Pacific Lutheran Academy and Business College