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10 AUGUST 2018

TERM 3 • 10 AUGUST 2018 • VOLUME 305


From the Principal Mrs Nicola Taylor

The number of people who ventured out mid-week, mid-winter to hear educator, author and media commentator Danielle Miller share her insights and reflections on how to raise amazing girls indicated the community interest in this topic. It was encouraging to see the number of PLC Armidale parents present. The warm welcome, hospitality and generous spread of supper provided by our P&F, the sponsorship of PLC Parent and Co-Founder of e-magazine “Shine for Girls” set a positive tone for the evening. It was also encouraging to see a large number of people from across the region who educate, influence or touch the lives of girls choosing to join with us to be reminded, encouraged or challenged of the joint and several responsibility of a community to raise our girls purposefully and well. Danielle spoke with confidence and conviction of the uniqueness of girls and the importance of positive and nurturing influences on their emerging sense of self. She shared images which dominate the media both print and digital which portray unhealthy, unrealistic and depersonalised pictures of the ‘perfect’ woman. Danielle encouraged parents to dialogue with their daughters about how these images are just that, digitised, illusory and demeaning to the natural beauty within. Parents were also challenged to use ‘purse power’ to withhold purchasing products which objectify or disrespect the dignity of women. continues next page... continued on Page 2...

Combined College Council Visit 10/8 - 12/8/18 Trial HSC Exams 10/8 - 17/8/18 WAIS Study Tour 10/8 - 26/8/18 EKKA 10/8 - 13/8/18 Days for Sewing and Packing 11/8/18 ACIEED Study Tour 12/8 - 18/8/18 AMEB Examinations 13/8 - 16/8/18 Boarders' Chapel 13/8/18 ICAS Maths 14/8/18 Maths Olympiad Year 5/6 15/8/18 Years 10 and 11 Thailand Trip Preparation Meeting 15/8/18 Principal's Tour / Repast Event - Inverell 16/8/18 Year 12 Formal 17/8/18 PSSA Athletics 17/8/18 Book Week - Theme: Find your Treasure 18/8 - 24/8/18 Boarders' Chapel 20/8/18 Group School Photos 21/8/18 AgQuip 21/8 - 23/8/18 Oeuvre Presentation Evening 21/8/18 Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition 22/8/18 Principal's Tour/Repast Event - Gunnedah 22/8/18 IGSSA Athletics 22/8 - 23/8/18 Stages 5 and 6 Information Evening 23/8/18 Kindergarten Orientation Session 2 + THRASS 24/8/18 Boarders' Weekend 24/8 - 26/8/18 Celebration of Sport Supporters Group Event 25/8/18

continued from Page 1... The sense of community, of belonging, of being known and noticed is something all girls thrive on. For most, at some point of middle adolescence their experience may feel more like one of disconnection and isolation. Holding firm, encouraging open dialogue, noticing the small things and keeping the communication between home and school open are all important ways we can use the strength of community to raise amazing girls.


Danielle then spent a day with our Stage 5 (Years 9 & 10) girls encouraging them to identify their uniqueness, be real about their challenges and in accepting self, be more accepting of others. This is the third of the Pastoral Care incursions we have provided across the stages of Senior School this year linked to our overall program. When interviewed by a media outlet last year, Danielle made the following observation which is also embedded in the approach we strive to bring to Pastoral Care …”No young person changes their behaviour because someone shames them. You create change by connecting, by telling stories, by being compassionate, by bringing them in, not pushing them away”.

Congratulations to the PLC Armidale students who participated alongside Opera Australia in the Madame Butterfly production in Armidale on Thursday 9 August.

REPAST REPAST is out now. Pre-ordered copies are in the mail. Please come to the main reception to purchase your copy. Go to page 14 for the order form.

Any stories to tell? Should you wish to have any achievement or activity promoted, please send the information to

Shona Eichorn • Director of Development Sally McCook • Enrolments Manager

Nicky Webster • Events & Communications Assistant Amy Chiu • Pathways Liaison

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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Senior School Notes Anna Caldwell, Head of Senior School

With this term now well underway, we are enjoying hearing about the experiences and successes of our students who are competing in online debates, UN Evatt Debates and competing in IGSSA sporting events in Sydney. We have enjoyed listening to our talented musicians at the In House Concert and watching our language students perform in their International Film Festival. Our Year 7 and Year 8 students enjoyed their ‘MAD’ Camp in the first week of this term. Our adventurous students who are keen on taking on challenges have started training for the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and our Speech and Drama students and Music students have embarked on their AMEB exams. Our Year 12 students have also now completed the first week of their Trial Exams and our Year 11 students are busy writing manifestos and speeches as they nominate for Prefect and Leadership Positions. It really is all systems go!

Pockets Year 12 students need to submit their Pocket application forms to the school office by the end of Week 7 this term, to enable them to be presented with their Pockets during their Valedictory Assembly.

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic 2018 Training for the 2018 Classic started last weekend at Malpas Dam. Training this year is being held from 1 - 4pm on Sunday afternoons. Please contact Mrs Caldwell for further information.


Thursday 23 August - Information evening for stages 5 & 6.

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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Fiona Wake, Head of Junior School

We are away and running….

Kindergarten Orientation Session 1

Our students, as anticipated, have begun the term enthusiastically and joyfully reacquainting themselves with friends, teachers and learning. Sport has commenced, training for PSSA and IPSHA is underway and ICAS exams and Maths Olympiad are providing opportunities for students to extend their learning and learn the art of taking a test. Guild Gatherings are underway with our Year 6 leaders displaying their leadership by designing and implementing activities for the Junior School relating to the Character Strength, Social Intelligence. All students across the Junior School are involved in research projects team taught by Teacher Librarian, Alison Dare and each classroom teacher. We look forward to seeing their work displayed in the Library. For our K-2 students this involves learning how to use the library correctly, use our alphabetical system for cataloging and finding books and learning the respectful way in which libraries are used. Our new Interactive Board donated by the P&F in 2017, is proving to be a very useful tool in assisting our research and referencing instruction.

On Friday 3 August our youngest members of the Junior School spent time in the Kindergarten room becoming familiar with the classroom and Kindergarten routines. Mrs Vanzella spent the morning engaging the girls in conversations, art and games making the day fun and memorable. Following classroom activities, Mrs Vanzella, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Faulkner, Mr Jacometti, parents and myself joined the students for morning tea, a chat and play. We look forward to Kindergarten Orientation 2 which will take place on Friday 24 August followed by a THRASS and a Regio Emilia presentation, our Literacy approach and Early Learning approach (Pre K) in place at PLC Armidale. Kindergarten Orientation Session 2 will run from 8:30am – 3:30pm and the THRASS and Regio Sessions from 4:00pm – 5:00pm, followed by afternoon tea. These sessions will take place in the Junior School Library and Year 2 classroom. If you know of any family that may be interested in attending Kindergarten Session 2, please pass on the relevant details or ask them to contact either myself, Emma Young or Sally McCook. continues next page...

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305


Junior School News

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continued from page 4...

Pre Kindergarten The start of Term 3 has focused on Pre-K getting to know Mrs Kennedy, and Mrs Kennedy getting to know Pre-K. What better way to do this than by bringing in a selection of items that represent ourselves. Pre-K were tasked with bringing in 4 objects that they love. Some of these items included a family photo, a favourite small toy, book, cultural artefact, sport, play experience etc. They have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their special items and discovering more about each other.

Year 6 and Guild Gathering As well as learning English, Maths, History, Geography, Science, PDHPE, Creative Arts, Music and French, Year 6 lead the Junior School in Guild Gatherings. These twenty-minute sessions enable the girls to teach the younger students about a character strength from the Flourish program. Past Guild Gatherings for 2018 have included Bravery, Spirituality and Honesty. The sessions included art, role plays, stories, games and movie clips which are related to the topic. Within their Guilds, Year 6 plan, organise and facilitate these lessons. Feedback from the students shows that each Guild has demonstrated cooperation, listening and, most importantly, had fun! Year 6 have also learnt about time management, how to work with children of different ages and abilities as well as using the resources available to them.

The first Guild Gathering for Term 3 encompassed Social Intelligence. Year 6 were initially stumped with how to teach this to the younger students. However, after exploring movies like “Inside, Out” and “The Emoji Movie”, Year 6 managed to create interesting and informative lessons. Forrest used role plays to demonstrate how they would react in various situations which covered various scenarios such as a toy getting ruined or being unable to find a favourite book. The girls had to act out how they would react. Gregory used Emojis to demonstrate how they would feel when a particular scenario occurred. They also coloured in pictures of various feelings and read books related to emotional intelligence. Macquarie used the parachute to play games while identifying various emotions and feelings. The colours on the parachute matched up with the characters from “Inside, Out”. Wentworth also used role plays to demonstrate the right way to respond in various situations.


Feature Classes: Pre Kindergarten and Year 6

Year 6 have enjoyed teaching these sessions and look forward to working with the younger girls. It can be quite a challenge to create lessons which teach something well, while still catering to all ages and abilities. Well done, Year 6!!!

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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Dates for the Diary... • Pre K to Year 6 Experience Day Parent Info Session Friday 24 August • Fathers' Day Breakfast Thursday 30 August • Grandparents' Day and Starry Night of Music Friday 7 September • Junior School Open Afternoon Friday 26 October continued from page 5...

Homework Centre

Chinese Study Tour

BOOKING Procedure - Yellow slips are available from Emma Young’s desk. When you complete the booking form please pass it on to Emma and she will see to it that it is passed on to Rosemary Richards. Alternatively, you may ring Emma and she will fill this form in on your behalf and pass it on accordingly. If you are unable to make the 3:45pm pick up time at the front gate, the supervising teacher will chaperone your child to the Homework Centre where they will be booked in on arrival. The procedures mentioned above will ensure your daughters are safe and accounted for at all times. If alternative arrangements need to be made, please email myself and cc your child’s teacher also. If your daughter is to be picked up by someone outside of your family or someone the school does not have as a contact, please inform the school.

Over the next three weeks 43 Chinese students in Years 3 and 5 will be coming to PLC to take part in many activities across the College and beyond. Of these 34 students, 16 girls will join the Junior School for Gymnastics on 17 August. We look forward to the opportunity to socialise and interact with these International students from China who are embracing their Australian experience. The Pathways ELICOS Centre is hosting a Bush Dance on 17 August and has invited our Boarders and Years 5 & 6 students to attend and showcase our Aussie hospitality. More information regarding this event will be communicated soon.

Please be mindful the Homework Centre closes at 5:30pm so it would be greatly appreciated if you ensure pick up prior to this closing time. If for any reason you are running late and are unable to make the closing time, the girls will be escorted to the Austin Boarding House or the Dining Hall and you will be able to sign them out in either of these locations.

See page 10 for a REQUEST FOR HOSPITALITY Magazines Required If you have any magazines that you would like to donate, we would greatly appreciate them to use for a variety of learning activities across the College. Our supplies are getting low and magazines are a very useful resource accessed across many learning areas. Please drop them off to Emma Young if you are willing.

What is happening over the following weeks in the Junior School? WEEK 4


• ICAS Mathematics Exam • Mathematics Olympiad Year 5 & 6 • Gymnastics Year 3-6

• Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition Year 5 & 6 • Kindergarten Orientation 2 Friday 24 August

Further details regarding these events will be forwarded to you when required.

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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Around the Grounds Sports Report Peter Le Surf, Director of Sport

Sydney turned on some great weather for our first IGSSA trip for 2018. The days were clear and the nights cool enough to allow the girls to play some great netball and hockey. We had some mixed results across both sports and some very close contests that are not reflected in the scorelines. The girls were amazing and should be very proud of their efforts. They were gracious in both victory and defeat. It was nice to see so many parents that made the trip to Sydney to support the teams on the sidelines.

Senior Hockey

Junior Hockey

Senior Netball

Junior Netball

Loss 3-5 to Pymble

Loss 31-23 to Bridgedine (PLC led at every change except the end)

Loss 22-11 to Bridgedine

Loss 0-3 to Abbottsleigh

Loss 0-1 to Abbottsleigh (who scored, against the run of play, with only 18 seconds left on the clock.)

Win 4-0 against Frensham

Draw 1-1 with Wenona

Win 3-0 against Roseville

Win 2-0 against Frensham

Win 34-26 against MLC

Loss 26-12 to Ravenwood Loss 35-12 Frensham

Loss 35 -12 to Pymble

After the games on Saturday some girls stayed behind in Sydney and we went to the Giants Vs West Coast Fever netball game at the new International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour. The Giants won this game 69-66, which gave them the minor premiership for the 2018 season. It was a great game and a nail biting finish. Our Senior Athletics Team will be traveling to Sydney on Wednesday August 22-23 to compete in the IGSSA Athletics Carnival and we would like to wish them all the very best. Our hockey and netball teams will then be traveling back to Sydney on August 30 - September 1 to again compete in the IGSSA competition. To all our sporting girls, I would like to wish them every success as we start to get closer to the “business end” of the season.

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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Junior School Sport Lucy Donaldson

Athletics Training with Jay Stone We are lucky to have Jay Stone on board this term, conducting lunch time training sessions focussing on the field events, in preparation for the upcoming PSSA and IPSHA athletics carnivals. Many of our girls have also joined his afternoon training sessions at Harris Park which has been great to see.

Upcoming Sporting Events • PSSA Athletics Carnival, AHS Friday 17 August • IPSHA Athletics Carnival, Sydney Olympic Park Wednesday 29 August

02 6770 1700 •

TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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Please join us for the Sports' Supporters Group

Celebration of Sport

Saturday 25 August 2018 from 3.00pm IN THE PLC ARMIDALE SCHOOL GROUNDS

followed by live TV screening of the Bledisloe Cup in the Astra Arts Centre Sausage Sizzle provided - BYO drinks

RSVP by Wednesday 22 August 2018 to:

Enjoy a relaxing morning in the beautiful College gardens with Mothers and Daughters from across the PLC Armidale community (Dads, brothers and sisters welcome too). Complimentary Brunch includes Pastries, Bacon & Egg Rolls, Fruit and Tea/Coffee.

You're invited to a

Year 7



Your opportunity to see for yourself how girls flourish at PLC Armidale

RSVP by Friday 14 September 2018

In alliance with PLC SYDNEY

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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Alison Spencer, Head of Boarding

At the time of publication we are awaiting the arrival of our newest boarder at PLC Armidale. This boarder is unlike any of our current students and will not be attending regular classes, eating in the dining hall or participating in organised sport. Nonetheless, Leo, a gorgeous Cavoodle dog will be an important part of our community here at school. From the start of the year, the Boarder’s Representative Council has identified the need for activities and a strong interest among the girls to have a house pet. This is particularly true of the girls who come from the land and are perhaps used to having a menagerie of animals around them.

Recent research has indicated that there is a strong correlation between the good mental health of young people and having the opportunity to care for a pet.


Boarding News

There are some specifics that will need to be worked through in order to ensure that Leo is well looked after and behaves in a way that reflects well on PLC Armidale. But, the girls were certainly excited when they heard the news this week.

Puppy visit earlier in the year. Photos of 'Leo' will be in the next edition of Lion's Roar.

HOSPITALITY REQUEST One of the experiences that the Beijing (ACIEED) Study Tour group is really keen on is having their students meet Australians in their homes. In particular, to have a meal. Would any of our PLC community be willing to host 3 - 4 students for a meal one evening during the week they are here - any evening from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th August. • Groups of 3 or 4 ideal, but families who can take fewer or more would still be welcome. • 1 Chinese teacher might accompany some groups. • The dinners could be reasonably early to have the students back for a reasonable bedtime. • Great opportunity to meet new people. • Not sure what the language limitations of the students are, but getting to know people from a new culture is always fun! • Many of these students are only children, so families with multiple children would be an exciting cultural opportunity for them! • Will probably need to be able to pick them up from PLC and return them, but if this is difficult then provisions can be made with school transport.  IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE CONTACT Nicky Webster -

02 6770 1700 •

TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305


• The students are all about Year 5 age and there are boys and girls.

• 10


Pastoral Care Events Paula Goode, Pastoral Care Coordinator


Making a Difference with Middle Adolescence Days Last week it was time to get MAD with the girls in Years 7 & 8 on an in-school camp which included PDHPE, Academic and Pastoral Care content as well as important life skills. They experienced a special 3-day program that had been designed with many MAD focussed activities. • Making a Difference - developing positive relationships, understanding tolerance and respect, being kind/random acts of kindness, gratitude and thankfulness (ribbon activity) • Mastering and Development - study skills, summary notes, time management, homework, organisational skills • Mindfulness and Designing - strategies for mindfulness and focus, understanding character strengths • Manners and Deportment - etiquette, dressing for the right occasion, how to present yourself appropriately • Memory and Detail - how to memorise and activate your memory • Moving and Defence - understanding risk and active self-defence strategies • MAD Dash - an ‘Amazing Race’ style exercise based on teamwork and critical thinking • Media and Decision making - understanding the pros and cons of social media • Makeup and Dress - teenage skin and hair care and hygiene, application of makeup for teenagers • Mothers and Daughters - a chance to meet and greet, and act as hosts for the High Tea that concluded the three-day program. continues next page...

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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continued from page 11...


Many of these activities will be revisited and a variety of others added during Pastoral Care sessions over the next semester, as a continuum of the Year 7 & 8 program established this year. The girls would like to express their gratitude and thanks to our visiting presenters: Russell Bauer, Travis Frost, Liz Foster, Aimee Shaw and assistant Alyssa, and our own staff Stephanie Belson, David Moffit, Anna Caldwell, Jennifer Leahy and Paula Goode for the time they each put into devising and creating each session. Also, to all the Mothers and others who attended the extraordinary High Tea on Friday afternoon – what wonderful and an appropriate way to end the program. A special thank you to Jodie from the Kitchen for the lovely little High Tea delicacies that she and her team prepared for the afternoon tea.

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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For enquires, please contact Events and Communications Assistant, Mrs Nicky Webster


Upcoming Events 2018

AUGUST 2018 Principal's Regional Tour INVERELL - Thursday 16 August • 5.30pm - 7pm at The Dust Jacket & Cafe GUNNEDAH - Wednesday 22 August • 5.30pm - 7pm at Marval Designs (after Agquip) TAMWORTH - Thursday 6 September • 5.30pm - 7pm at Ruby's Cafe RSVP

Kindergarten / Junior School Orientation Friday 24 August • 8.30am - 3.30pm Followed by afternoon tea. Friday 24 August • 5.30pm - 6.30pm Presenting our approach to literacy (THRASS Reggio Emilia) Friday 26 October • 5.30pm - 6.30pm 'Eat & Beat' - A fun afternoon/evening of food and creative arts for all! RSVP

Oeuvre Tuesday 21 August • 5.30pm An event for Year 12 girls and families plus beneficial for students and interested parents who are thinking of choosing these subjects in Stage 6.

Junior School Fathers' Day Breakfast and Chapel Service Thursday 30 August • From 7.45am Junior School Undercover Area

RSVP by Monday 27 August

SEPTEMBER Annual Grandparents' Day Friday 7 September • 8.40am - 11.30am Bookings are essential for catering purposes by Monday 3 September Light morning tea provided. For assistance please contact Nicky on 6770 1700


Starry Night

of Music

To celebrate the music of PLC Armidale

Friday 7 September • 6.00pm - 7.30pm NECOM (New England Conservatorium) Purchase tickets by Monday 3 September at Adults $15 • Children $10 • Family $30

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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PLC Armidale Commemorative Book


A milestone year provides any organisation with an opportunity to tell its story. 130 years of providing a highquality education for girls at PLC Armidale is certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating. In compiling this commemorative keepsake, we have endeavoured to showcase aspects of life at the College in a unique way, through the stories, recipes and eyes of its community, past and present. We hope you enjoy it!


Co mm em

or ati ng an d cel eb rat ing the pe op le, the of PL C Ar pr ov isi on mi da le’ s s an d the pa st an d pe rsp ect ive pr ese nt co s mm un ity



PLC Armidale Commemorative Book - REPAST

❑ Cheque Payable to PLC Armidale

_______ copies @ $49.95 per copy


Specially gift wrapped edition of REPAST in linen tea towel

❑ Credit Card

❑ Visa

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❑ Amex

Card number: _____________________________________________________

________ copies @ $59.95 per copy


Collect from PLC Armidale


Signature: _______________________________________________________

Delivery (@$10 per book)


Expiry: ____ /_____




Cardholder’s Name: ________________________________________________


Name: __________________________________________________________ For overseas delivery OR bulk orders please contact: Shona Eichorn, Director of Development Phone 02 6770 1733 Email

Please complete this form and return to: PLC Armidale, Locked Bag 5, Armidale, NSW 2350 or email to Shona Eichorn:

Delivery Address: __________________________________________________ ________________________________State: _________ Postcode:__________ Phone:_____________________ Email:________________________________

❑ I give permission for the package to be left at my door. (Please ensure you complete the authority to leave package). Any specific delivery instructions? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Duty Mistress positions available

THE UNIFORM SHOP Welcome Dear Parents and Guardians, As most of you may be aware PLC Armidale has formed a partnership with Alinta Apparel to supply School Uniforms to all students. The Shop Hours are: Tuesdays and Thursday between 8:30am-12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:30pm. You can contact the shop on: 02 6770 1703 To make a fitting appointment, review prices or place an order online. Please create an account at: Thank You Uniform Shop

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TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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HAVE YOU REGISTERED WITH YOUR FREE DIGITAL NOTICE BOARD? The site is FREE to use for parents and schools benefit from commercial advertising revenue which is shared directly with member schools for internal fundraising.

Supporting school fundraising through communication + 61(0)419 402 666 +61(0)474 850 540 02 6770 1700 •

TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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insights You can say no to teenagers. Here’s why by Michael Grose

Two mums came to me recently, fretting over a decision they had to make. Their daughters, who had both just turned 13, had asked for permission to go on a Saturday night party bus with over forty 16- and 17-year-olds. The two girls put huge pressure on their mothers to let them go – pester power had been alive and well in their homes in the preceding days. However both mums admitted that the alarm bells were ringing and they didn’t feel good about letting their daughters go on the party bus. It was the first time they had been put on the spot in such a way so they sought my advice. My response was simple and straightforward: “Say NO!” The age gap between the girls and the rest of the party, their experience gap and the mothers’ lack of knowledge about who was attending and the exact nature of supervision were the main issues. Both girls are in the early stages of adolescence where they think they are three years older than they are. It is an age where they tread a fine line between child and emergent teen. The emergent teen desperately wants to act ‘older’ and be older than they are. The child wants to be protected and have their parents decide for them. So what did the mums decide? Despite their gut instincts both mums let their kids join the Saturday night party bus. Fortunately, their kids showed some common sense! The young teens didn’t like what they saw when their parents dropped them off to start the evening. They didn’t feel safe so they returned home with their parents. After all their fuss they didn’t go after all!

There are three salient lessons from this scenario First, it was evident that these mothers didn’t feel confident enough to assert their authority over their daughters. They were confused about how they should respond even when their gut instinct was giving them a strong message. Their job was to keep their daughters safe and their gut instincts told them that this situation was unsuitable for their daughters.

We're a Parenting Ideas school

Second, like many parents they were working in isolation. Despite the fact that they were good friends it wasn’t until the morning of the party that they spoke to each other. By this time their daughters’ pestering had worked a treat. Next time they should call for second, third and fourth opinions. Third, as both these girls were the eldest in their families it was the first real experience for both parents of the adolescent push for independence. The parents were unaware of the developmental stages of adolescence and the approach that is needed in each stage. They were flying blind and this is not a good way to raise teens. Lack of basic knowledge about teen development, confusion about the best approach to take with kids at this age and solitary decision making were the real issues here for the parents. There is nothing like experience but it helps to have an understanding about teen development, a knowledge about the best approach to raising teens and a number of allies and friends whom you can swap ideas with and – more importantly – draw strength from when your resolve and patience are put to the test. And of course, you can just say NO!

You can attend our upcoming webinar, Win kids’ cooperation without fears, tears and cauliflower ears, at no cost! As your school is a Parenting Ideas Schools member, you can attend our upcoming webinar Win kids’ cooperation without fears, tears and cauliflower ears with Michael Grose at no cost! Use the voucher code below to register for the webinar valued at $37 per person. About the webinar Let’s face it, many discipline measures of the past just don’t cut it anymore. That doesn’t mean that raising respectful, well-behaved and cooperative kids isn’t important. In this era of digital distraction, shifting society norms and changing attitudes toward authority, discipline has just become a whole lot harder. In this webinar, experienced parenting educator Michael Grose will share the best of his tried and true techniques to help you get more cooperation and better behaviour from even the most challenging kids. In this webinar you’ll learn: – the parenting style that’s best suited to raising cooperative, well-behaved and successful kids in the 21st Century – the most important question to ask yourself when kids repeatedly misbehave, that will lead to behavioural improvement – an easy-to-apply approach to help you get more cooperation from kids without repeating yourself, raising your voice or bringing kids to tears – a practical definition of misbehaviour that you can use in any situation – two types of consequences to use to get more responsible behaviour and the secret to making them stick – when kids need to be listened to and when their behaviour needs managing.

We're a Parenting Ideas school

2018 Wellness Series

Tour de Rocks is excited to announce its new Wellness Series in 2018. Tour de Rocks is committed to engaging and inspiring communities to raise awareness in relation to wellness and cancer prevention, assisting those battling the disease, and raising funds for cancer research. Fundraising screening 'The Connection’ - A documentary featuring world leading experts in mind body medicine and remarkable true stories of healing. Tuesday 14th August, 2018 - 5:30pm for a 6pm start (70 minute film) at the TAS Hoskins Centre, The Armidale School ‘Mind Body Connection for Wellness and Peak Performance’ A/Prof. Craig Hassed, Mindfulness Coordinator Monash University Thursday 23rd August, 2018 - 5:30pm for a 6pm Start - Please join us for networking and canapés at the TAS Hoskins Centre, The Armidale School Mindfulness-based Stress Management - Half-day Workshop A/Prof. Craig Hassed, Mindfulness Coordinator Monash University Saturday 25th August, 2018 - 8am-11:30am at the Quality Hotel Powerhouse, Marsh Street

Entry by donation to Tour de Rocks Charity


TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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AYO 50th Birthday Bash!! 3pm Sunday 19 August 2018 Lazenby Hall, UNE TICKETS: • Family: $35 Adults: $15 • Pensioners/students $10 • Children $5

02 6770 1700 •

TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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Headspace is a National Youth Mental Health Organisation. Free, self-referred counselling to young people aged 12-25 with a focus on their overall well-being. For further information please contact:

Laura Murray 02 6738 7216 • Centacare building, 150 Rusden Street Armidale

Sometimes, we all need someone different to talk to.

02 6770 1700 •

TERM 3 - 10 AUGUST 2018 - VOL 305

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Lion's Roar 10 August 2018  

Please enjoy the latest issue of our Lion's Roar.

Lion's Roar 10 August 2018  

Please enjoy the latest issue of our Lion's Roar.