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T h e r e ' sm u c hp u b l i ci ty a b o u tth e p o tential of stemcell t h e r a p i eisn c u r i n gc h r o n i cd i s e a s e sM. u c ho f i t b l u r s t h e d i s t i n c t iobne tw e e n in v o l v i n g t h e d e stru cti oonf l i vi n gh u manembr yos, y th i ca u a n d t h e p e r f ectl e l se o f So f a r ,a l l s c i e n ti fibc re a kth ro u g hasre in the field of I t' sn o s e c r e tth a t p h a rma ce u ti ca col mpaniesar e re l u c t a ntto f u n d e mb ryore se a rchg i venits uncer tain potential.Insteadthey lobbyfor taxpayersto foot t h e b i l l .T h i s p a rtl ye xp l a i n sth e me d iahypepr om oting destructive embryonic research.

H*p*s*€p*€E*s=€s *n**€€g 3*s€*r***E€ #***€e *xp€*E€** It's misleadingand cruelto raisefalse hopesclaiming that stem-celltherapiesare just aroundthe corner, dependingonly on fundingfor embryonicresearch. In any event,embryoresearchinvolvesthe destruction o f h u m a nl i f e ,ma ki n gi t e th i ca l l yu n acceptable. Insteadof fundingembryoresearch,lrelandshouldaim to becomea centreof excellencefor adultstem-cell promisingand ethically researchwhich is scientifically non-controversial. li ,"j:: ] :l:j .: : :.J i:'1r:::1: :i:jii.-

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This leaflet has been co-sponsoredby the Second Look Project

w ProLifeCampaign, 34 Gardiner StreetUpper,Dublin1. Tel:01-8748090 Fd: 0'l- 8748094

Formoreinformation onstemcellresearch andcloning see:

proIifecam vvvuw, ll

Theembryo is not potential humanlife r it rs humanlifewith potential.

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