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–June 2013–

Patricia Rojas Account Coordinator

Erika Quechenberger Account Coordinator

Fred Cornwell Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Hankins Website Marketer

Steve Adams Editor - AEJ

Jenn Morris DM Coordinator

Samantha Ann Varenhorst Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Rachel Keller Account Executive

Bethany Fief Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Ellen Jewett Accounting Specialist

Vince Gorenflo Project Coordinator

Matt Hensley

Elizabeth Sheffer Media Analyst

Samantha Speake SEO Specialist

Laura Blair HR & Dev. Specialist

Vinay Kolli Senior Database Developer

Kari Vincent Account Executive

Valerie Good-Turney Project Coordinator

Micah Pratt Website Marketer

Paul Phifer Website Marketer

Associate Programmer





Nick Admire

Aaron Edwards

Valarie McBee

Sarah Wildhaber



Director of Digital Media Digital in Media .. g.Manager


VP of Business Development Digital Media Account Supervisor

Employee of the Month



Congratulations to Britni Mapel and Ana Triandafillias for winning PlattForm’s April and May companywide Employee of the Month awards! The winners of these awards receive a plaque and the coveted reserved M A N U E Lparking A B E L L U O space. MINI EOM nominations are submitted by director-level employees and above and the winners ACCOUNTS PAYABLE ASSOCIATE are determined by PlattForm’s internal board.

April 2013

May 2013

Britni Mapel

Ana Triandafillias

Account Coordinator

Media Supervisor

Jerry Awards Jerry Award Winner for Valuing our SERVICE value “Vision”

April 2013

Sarah Liebsch Senior IMS Planner

Jerry Award Winner for Valuing our SERVICE value “Integrity”

May 2013

Casey Liddle Associate Director

PFU CLASSES Lifestyle and Cancer Reduce Your Risks Instructor: Nickie Gibbs Date: 06/12/2013 - 12:30pm In this class, presented by BCBS - KC, find out how to make lifestyle choices that reduce your chances of developing cancer. Wonderwomen Women in Leadership Instructor: Tracy Kreikemeier 06/20/2013 - 9:00 am This class focuses on some of the unique challenges that women may face as leaders in the workplace. Guys... this is not your opportunity to find a date for the weekend. Awkward! Relationship and Conflict Resolution Difficult Conversations Instructor: Jennifer Bowlen Date: 06/13/2013 - 9:00am This session will explain the psychology behind conflict, why it occurs and how to navigate through challenging conversations. Focus will be on preparation and practice, and by the end you’ll be better prepared to handle those sticky situations. So come one, come all and we’ll make your day a little less awkward.

Working Parents Keeping the Crazy at Bay Instructor: Nickie Gibbs Date: 06/19/2013 - 12:00pm Do you feel a tad overwhelmed at times, trying to balance work and home life? Are you wondering how to be super dad or wonder mom, while still managing to work hard/enjoy friends/spend time with family/work out/clean house/mow the lawn/ volunteer/cook meals/taxi the family around/stay healthy? So are we. Starting in January, Nickie Gibbs and Rebecca Streeter will be leading a “support” group for working parents, where we can share tips, tricks, ideas, struggles, wins, funny stories, and genuine support for one another. The group will meet monthly, starting the third Wednesday in January. So, come join this bound-to-be insightful group on balancing work life and parenting life. Engagement, Interaction and Community Development Social Media Instructor: Kris Saim Date:06/27/2013 - 9:00 am If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. Learn how to successfully use social media for business – in 140 characters or less #nailedit



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Random Question of the Month What are you looking forward to most about this upcoming summer and/or what is your favorite summer memory Alex Ayre

I’m looking forward to spending as much time outside as I can, preferably on the links. One of my favorite memories is from a summer I had as a kid. We spent practically each day playing baseball in a vacant lot we had turned into a baseball field. We got the idea after watching the movie Sandlot.

Ashanti Saboor

As a kid, I loved to flag down the ice cream truck! The Flintstone Push-Ups were my favorite- Yumm-o!

a romance novel! Who would have thought? Also, my favorite summer memory is visiting my grandma for a week each summer! She lived on a farm in Sauk City, Wisconsin and it was full of farm animals and hundreds of raspberry rows to help pick and a sweet tire swing. After all, she had 13 kids and she rather enjoyed us little grandkids being around to help out!

Harrison Sissel

This summer I’m most looking forward to directing a short film and hopefully entering it into film festivals all over the country.

Brett Pikarsky

I’m looking forward to spending evenings on the lake fishing until dark.

Tim Kirchoff

I am looking forward to spending more time outside playing golf, frolf (disc golf), and soccer. My favorite summer memory is riding the waves, playing beach volleyball, and enjoying some vaca time with all of my family in South Carolina.

Lindsay Ballweg

This summer I am most looking forward to the warm sun and hopefully catching some rays! I love laying by the pool and reading

Caleb Finley

I’m looking forward to camping and fishing. My Favorite summer memory would have to be the big family reunion we have every year. One year we were at a location that we could cliff dive and bridge jump as well as all the normal swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking things we always do. Ah the great outdoors.


First of all, it is truly our honor to be your Culture Club. We will work hard to represent you and provide fun and exciting events! Also, we would like to thank the previous Culture Club for setting such a high standard of excellence. We hope to improve upon this!

JUSTIN WIENERS - When the Royals win, this guy goes crazy. So he’s normally a pretty mellow guy. But if you mess with his eFrutti Gummi Pizzas, you’ll get the horns. Of the bull.

Now for the good part. We’d like to introduce you to the current Culture Club. Here are a few fun facts about us that will help you get to know us:

BRITTON CUNNINGHAM - Her graduation cap was 100% rhinestoned. She was that girl. It was so heavy that it fell off her head. That or her brain was too big.

ANNE HORRELL - She’d like to spend her life on a beach surrounded by puppies. But then again, who wouldn’t? Originally a band geek and theater nerd, she now has a very Jennifer Aniston air about her.

KYLE REGIER - A very logically oriented person, he would prefer the super power of teleportation to cut down on travelling costs.

ROBIN BICHSEL - Coming from a town of 66 people hasn’t slowed down this cheerleader. She puts ketchup on her turkey sandwiches and is not ashamed of it.

VANNESS EMOKPAE – A self-claimed humble man, he says it’s the quiet ones you have to look out for. And the ones that are huge and can eat you whole.

ALEX EDWARDS - He’s proud to be an American where at least he knows he’s free. If he could, he’d turn into a Grizzly bear and live in the woods. Not even joking.

JOSH GOODMAN – He does so much for the company that they can’t even give him a title. It’d be too long. Someday he’ll be a crew mate on the REAL USS Enterprise.

KATIE JONES - While most of her free time revolves around her kitty “Jetson”, she wishes she could turn into a panther and roam the jungles. Or something like that.

DREW MORRIS – He wishes he could have the superpower to tell when people are being sarcastic or not. A bit ironic for such a sarcastic person.


The Count of Courting. The Professor of Professing. The Daredevil of Dating. These are a few of the illustrious titles I just made up for the one and only Trevor Stille- or as we on the 3rd floor have come to know him: The Love Doctor. I have had the pleasure- nay the privilege- to sit across the pod from Trevor and it was apparent from the beginning that this man was nothing less than a beacon of knowledge about that little thing I refuse to talk about with my girlfriend… love. As the host of a hit off-air radio show (Trev’in The Engine) Trevor has taken it upon himself to educate us young guns on the proper way to treat a lady- and I think the results have spoken for themselves.

That Amanda Bynes soccer movie was all wrong- because HE’S The Man. If you didn’t get that reference it’s because you haven’t been forced to sit through (in my opinion) one of the worst things about 2006. But if you do have to sit through that awful movie just play it cool- it’s only 105 minutes because Channing Tatum can’t hold his breath any longer than that… Unless Trevor told him to.

The Love Doctor him self.

For example, maybe you’ve noticed that a lot of the guys in the office have increased their number of showers a week from 2 to 3 on average? Thank you, Trevor. Or that we have stopped knocking things off of your desk and calling you a nerd? I’m not sure if anyone was actually doing that before, but Trevor was sure to mention that if anyone was, they should stop immediately. You’re welcome, ladies. And do you think it’s a coincidence that so many PlattFormers fall in love with each other and begin creating families of future PlattForm employees? It’s not some business model cooked up by Jen Pine to help recruitingit’s Trevor stirrin’ the cauldron of love from 9 to 5.

Taking notes and hanging on his every word.

Live s actionh.ot of the Docto r in

Meet the PlattForm Bloggers BY: SARAH KLEINMANN Did you know that within the PlattForm family, we have several bloggers? Some have been doing it for years, some are fairly new to the blogging world, and topics range from family lifestyle to pop-culture junkies. However long they’ve been blogging, it’s a great way to get to know other employees even better. We reached out to our bloggers to get some information on their topics and formats. Below you will find their information and a short description about what exactly they like to blog about. Hop on over to their sites and tell them hi sometime…. Bloggers love comments from their readers! Sarah Kleinmann My blog is mostly about family lifestyle with it centering around our toddler and our life up here in Cleveland, Ohio. Occasionally I’ll post about running, yummy recipes and blogging tips for my fellow blog buddies. The blog started years ago as an online journal for our future family but has turned into quite a passion with near 500 followers! Best part about blogging? I’d have to say that it’s a way for my children to look back into our lives one day. It’s a wonderful way to keep memories! Also, meeting new people! I’ve met quite a few girlfriends through blogging.

Michelle Hankins Vegan Butter & Jelly is a blog dedicated to vegan & glutenfree food and lifestyle. I work to come up with recipes that are packed with both nutrition and flavor that even non-vegans would enjoy. Currently, VB&J is in the midst of its first blog series, where I create a recipe from different countries each week to highlight unique flavor profiles from around the world.

Bethany Smith – My friends and I are what you might call “pop culture junkies.” We love music, movies and pretty much anything else having to do with entertainment. So in the Summer of 2011, a few friends joined with me in creating – a place for us to sound off on all things entertainment. We do it just for fun, but has led us on some pretty cool adventures, which we then write about and share. Just two summers ago, I was chatting with SNL’s Tim Meadows about the deliciousness of Lollapalooza’s lobster corndogs; 2 months ago I was getting hugs from Rachael Ray in a photography pit for a Macklemore performance; and then just the other night I was getting a sneak peek at the new Star Trek film. So if you want to hear our musings on films & music, or check out some fun photos of bands, tune into

Joel Mackey

Jeff Russell Myseoadventure covers search engine and social media news and topics. The blog strives to provide instructional material for SEO beginners that will enable them to use this knowledge for their own websites. From time to time, I also like to write about local cuisine, which invariably includes me writing about bacon.

My wife Carisa Mackey & I run a Google News inclusion site. We own two of them of which is our main focus. We have a few journalists on staff and crank out news articles ourselves as well. We typically follow the news cycle trends but tackle topics that are sometimes off the beaten path of mainstream news. My latest successful article that got over 30,000 visitors was an article about Mariah Carey lip syncing on American Idol. The other site is JAXObserver. com which used to be an old radio show and newspaper in Jacksonville, Florida.

Do you ever think about starting a blog of your own? If you do, blog about something you love! Don’t blog because it’s what others want to hear, rather stay true to yourself and blog about what YOU want to chat about! Heather Physioc Fifty-Two Cakes started as a project to pass the time during my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan. I began baking a cake a week for a full year, and even learned to send some of the goodies overseas. For my grand finale in the 52nd week, I baked a 33-pound cake that measured 785 cubic inches and took 26 hours to complete. The “turducken cakes” you see on TV don’t hold a candle to this bad boy. Since then it has become a hub for all my latest baking adventures where I post recipes, photos and easy step-by-step instructions. Now my younger brother has deployed to Afghanistan, and I’ve re-started the project. But this time, it’s Fifty-Two Cookies.

STEVE’S 1. What type of cell phone do you have? • iPhone 59% • Samsung/HTC/other Android phone 35% • Windows phone 2% • Blackberry 4% 2. Regarding the new soda machine, what new drink flavor are you most excited about? • Coke Zero 16% • Barq’s 14% • Fanta 8% • Powerade 8% • Dasani flavored water 45% • Mello Yello 4% • Hi-C 6% 3. If you could have one person narrate your life, who would it be? • Morgan Freeman 38% • Christopher Walken 18% • James Earl Jones 13% • Clint Eastwood 7% • Will Ferrell 18% • Arnold Schwarzenegger 6%

4. What duet should Alex Edwards and Justin Wieners sing next? • “I Got You Babe” 19% • “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” 18% • “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” 23% • “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” 8% • “The Girl Is Mine” 32% 5. Best trilogy of the 21st Century? • Iron Man 26% • Lord of the Rings 23% • Bourne 23% • Batman 23% • X-Men 2% • Spider-Man 1% • Transformers 3%

you’d e l c i r art o n r our o m f u l s o n c o gesti g have a u DL! s u o e y m v u a o i H D ite? he Pod t r w l i o a ? em like t m a e t ial r o t i d E

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