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WISE token: What's the big deal? Since the inception of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency space has never seen a project as fair as WISE. Seed investors/founders are making millions with cryptos designed to pay them upfront (and there is no incentive to play fair) Meanwhile the biggest opportunity has been left untouched...

Less than 2% of the world owns Crypto 1.3% TOTAL

(And greedy unsustainable projects can't get the job done)

Why aren't people using crypto? Too risky - price volatility and no price floor Scams/greed is prevalent Process too difficult to learn Unsustainable design - tokenomics WISE is positioned to onboard to world to crypto by creating a token that is as fair as BTC, protected from price volatility to the downside, has sustainable tokenomics, and is easy to use.

WISE is fair:

WISE is Protected and Safe: WISE has an unbreakable PRICE FLOOR! Maximum price correction 75% (if 100% of WISE was sold) Price floor increases from transaction fees daily Liquidity can't be removed (Uni LP keys burned)

The WISE smart contracts have NO admin keys! The WISE smart contracts are audited by Coinfabrik WISE ran a bug bounty program with 100 ETH rewards

WISE is Sustainable: WISE's market cap can grow quickly, due to massive initial liquidity on Uniswap Other projects hit ceilings when liquidity stretches thin Investors can cash in/out in large amounts without slippage

WISE only creates 4% inflation (Less than Bitcoin's inflation) BTC rewards miners, WISE rewards stakers

WISE's launch is economically decentralized like Bitcoin No team held tokens or perks All WISE must be purchased on the market fairly

WISE has strong marketing and a powerful referral program Often overlooked or completely skipped in other projects Creates new users and retains old ones after the initial hype fades

The Smartest Use of the Money:

Lending: YFI, Aave, Compound, MKR, Celsius

WISE creates an instant, massive, liquid, ownerless, unremovable market

Dividends distribution scheme

What does WISE do? Lock up WISE in stakes to earn interest: Stake for up to 15,330 days Longer stakes earn more daily interest along the way Designed to create 10-30% annual interest + massive ROI from Wise price appreciation ($30T generational wealth transfer over the next 10 years) Interest can be withdrawn from stakes without penalty to principal Ending stakes early penalties principal 100% of penalties are distributed to active stakers

How's it going? (11/22/2020) $11,300,000 in ETH sent to the contract so far (WISE will be in the top 10 liquidity providers for Uniswap already by sending minimum $6 million ETH/WISE)

Over 3200 Unique wallets Average wallet investment ~4 ETH We are reaching the "little guy"

Over $1 million earned through referrals Over 400 youTube videos created (organic content) Over a dozen articles written

Marketing campaign/paid ads to start Jan. 2021

WISE Roadmap WISE tokens are the base layer currency for all WISE DeFi banking products in the ecosystem: WISE website optimized for users' mobile wallets - (Ongoing) WISE Insurance (2nd layer contract launching Dec 2020) - Allowing users to end their stakes at any time with minimal penalties to principal WISE Lending (2nd layer contract launching Feb 2021) - Allows users to use their stakes as collateral to borrow money in DAI (stable coin pegged to $1) DAI staking - Allows users to stake DAI in the treasury to earn interest (part of the lending contract) Partnership enabling exchanges from 200 top coins into WISE - (Q1 2021) WISE point-of-sale vending (projected after ETH 2.0) - Buy using WISE

WISE won't rest until 80% of the world owns crypto!

Let's Onboard the World to Crypto! Website: https://wisetoken.net White Paper: https://wisetoken.net/teal Telegram: https://t.me/WiseToken Twitter: https://twitter.com/wise_token YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/WiseStaking

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