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The Nutritional Benefits of Spinach for Your Skin


Diet can greatly influence the quality of your skin. Registered nutritionist Los Angeles tells us that if you supply your skin with all the essential nutrients through diet; you can improve the look of your skin, even in old age.


The amount of vegetable and fruits in your diet has a highly visible impact on your skin quality. Overall, all fruits and veggies provide the skin with great benefits, but spinach is especially important in imparting extraordinary glow and health to your skin.

Spinach ď‚—

Spinach is called a super food for having lots of health and skin benefits. Besides keeping skin hydrated, it has lots of skin health benefits. Below are given its most extraordinary skin benefits:

Anti-Aging Advantages ď‚—

When your age advances, the skin elasticity loses its natural power, ultimately making you look older. Free radicals, which come into existence during food digestion or through external factors like pollution and toxins, are harmful to your cells as they stimulate aging process.


Spinach is rich in Vitamin A, which has high antioxidant power. It will keep your younger and restore your skin tissues. Having one cup of spinach will give you 943 mg of Vitamin A, which you need on a daily basis as an adult.

Skin Repair ď‚—

Your skin cells need regular repairing; spinach has vitamin C with skin cell repairing strength. This way, spinach gives you collagen, which generates new skin cells and repairs the old ones. A single cup of spinach provides 18 mg vitamin C, which is essential to look young and beautiful whether you are a man or woman.

Rosy Pinkish Glow ď‚—

Spinach is a brilliant source of iron, which is a compulsory part of hemoglobin protein. This protein is responsible to make oxygen accessible to all your body parts. If your body is deficient in iron, you will appear pale. Having spinach in your diet plan, you can have iron in great quantities to restore the rosy pinkish glow of your skin.

Under-Eye Circles ď‚—

Dark circles under the eyes are not uncommon. They appear for different reasons like excessive alcohol consumption, poor sleep, stress and aging. When they appear around your eyes, whatever the reason is, you look dull.


Did you know vitamin K is powerful in restoring under-eye circles? Yes, and you can find it in the super vegetable, spinach. Vitamin K is known to keep skin clear, heal burns and boost blood circulation. A single cup of this vegetable has around 900 mg of vitamin K.


The nutritional benefits of spinach for your skin