Why is PLASSON Australia #1 in plumbing?

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Why Plasson is #1 in Plumbing Line 7 Key Features Captive O-ring and a long insertion depth ensure a good seal

Simple assembly with no need to disassemble the fitting and hand tightening of nut in plumbing sizes up to 32mm (hand tight plus a half turn with a wrench in larger sizes)

Long Insertion depth

Simple hand tight assembly in plumbing sizes up to 32mm Same proven design for over 40 years

Tapered nut and sharp grip ring teeth prevent pull out even in the toughest conditions

Captive O-ring in machined groove – provides a positive seal independent of nut tightening

ELECTROFUSION KEY FEATURES Long Insertion depth provides long weld zones and cold zones to provide reliable strong welds No Exposed Wires gives mechanical protection during installation and provides rapid gap closure during welding Plasson SmartFuse 40V System - Automatic recognition of the weld time and continuous monitoring of the welding process, no need for temperature compensation or time consuming pre heat cycles

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