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Creating Cartoons With ToonDoo The ToonDoo Window To sign up for ToonDoo you need to go to <> and click on the Register link.

The Registration Screen At the registration screen you need to enter a UserName, Password and a valid email address. You will then be asked to Sign In.

The Main Screen Once you have registered then you will be returned to the main screen. The difference this time is that you will see a pencil shaped Create your own button. Clicking this button will open the create screen.

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Selecting Your Layout You will first have to select the number of panels you wish to use to form your cartoon.

Adding Content To create your cartoon you can select from a range of characters and prop sets. Each set has numerous options. To add a character or prop you simply need to drag the item onto the panel. Note there is an excellent Search function on top of the panel set screen.

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Creating Custom Characters You can also create your own customized characters by using the Traitr option. In addition you can add images from your own computer using the Imaginer option.

Editing Your Cartoon As you move between the panels the edit panel moves with you. With this panel you can increase or decrease the size of items, flip or rotate them, bring them to the front or send them to the back or delete them.

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Saving Your Work When you choose to Save your work you will be asked to give it a title, description and add some tags. You will also be given the option to make your work public or keep it private.

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Viewing Your Cartoon After your cartoon has finished saving you will be given the option to View It. Viewing your cartoon may take a little time as it

Embedding Your Cartoon When you view your cartoon you are given the option to embed your work into your blog. If you are using an edublogs blog however you need to follow the following directions.

Embedding Into An edublogs Blog Once you have opened your edublog and a Write page you need to select the Code option. You then need to paste the following code into the blog Write window; [kml_flashembed movie=" .swf?imgPath= /toons/cool-cartoonCARTOONNUMBER .png& goURL= param=CARTOONNUMBER" width="450" height="300" wmode="transparent" /] Creating Cartoons With ToonDoo - 5

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The USERNAME is your ToonDoo username and the CARTOONNUMBERB can be found in the URL of your cartoon.

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