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Spring 2021

Take Care • Give Care

What’s Inside: PPWI In Your Backyard:

A community-centered approach

Take Care, Give Care ♥ Gender Affirming Care

♥ Safe Healthy Strong Education Conference - with a link to watch and learn! ♥ Art As Activism ♥ Community Partner Spotlight: The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness ♥ Love Notes from BFFs

An image of the “We Rise” poster, a design collaboration between Wisconsin Artists Niki Johnson and Christian Westphal. The central image is based on “Hills & Valleys” — a sculpture by Niki Johnson. See story inside.

to care, education, and advocacy — through a new community centric approach. (You can read more about PPWI’s community centric work in this newsletter.) It also includes reimagining PPWI’s role in helping to dismantle systemic racism and to support the advancement of reproductive justice by infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion work into the very fiber of the PPWI organization.

Dear Friends, The Year 2020 was like no other. There were extraordinary challenges — yet because of you — PPWI is stronger! 2020 taught incredible lessons: how to be bold, how to harness our collective energy, and how to bravely show up for patients — no matter what. I believe 2020 taught our entire collective how much we are capable of achieving, and how much more we can do — and become — especially in a more positive environment. Because you took care to give care, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s doors have remained open throughout the pandemic. While there were significantly more challenges than COVID, including racism and health inequities, racial violence and injustice, the threat of Supreme Court decisions on health care access — there is significant hope. With your continued support, it is time to begin reimagining what is possible. This includes reimagining the work of PPWI to address health inequities and improve access

Today I am reimagining a world where, together, we will make love our legacy to overcome the anger, extremism, disease, inequity, and hopelessness many are feeling and experiencing today. In 2021, together we will continue to give care and take care of one another to sustain and strengthen ourselves for the work ahead — work that is driven by fearless determination, rooted in love. Every day I am so grateful for, and inspired by, the love you have extended to PPWI and the communities we serve. With love,

Tanya Atkinson, President & CEO

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Meet Alyson Chavez, PPWI’s New Community Relations Director Please extend a warm welcome to Alyson Chavez who believes in the power of community in creating positive change for each of its members. Alyson joins Planned Parenthood with 20 years of community outreach and engagement in the arts, most recently at the Milwaukee Ballet. She is a published poet and was a storyteller for Wisconsin Public Radio’s “The Power of Story: A Centennial Celebration” hosted by Ari Shapiro. She holds the honor of being named one of Milwaukee’s 40 Under 40 by the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2014.

Community Centric:

Your PPWI – In Your Backyard! In 2021, PPWI is reimagining what’s possible to further enhance health care services, educational programming, and advocacy work in service to patients and communities. The events of last year showed that COMMUNITY is more important than ever. PPWI is an anchor for essential care in many communities throughout Wisconsin. As such it has a responsibility to cultivate and strengthen local community relationships with other health care providers, educators, advocates, donors, volunteers, and organizations who also are committed to supporting and promoting reproductive justice and public health.

– along with new delivery systems helping to fill health care gaps and improve public health. Education: The successful Promotores de Salud program will be expanding to better serve Latinx communities in more communities across the state. The PPWI education team is building on the success of its first-ever virtual Safe Healthy Strong Conference, by developing online training opportunities for sex educators and other professionals — accessible from any community. Advocacy: PPWI’s public affairs team continues building a supporter base through a Health Center Advocacy Program, engaging patients inside PPWI’s community health centers. Equally important is deepening relationships with community partner organizations — supporting their work in racial justice, protecting democracy, and other issues — creating a stronger cross-movement coalition.

Deepening Community Roots PPWI is focused on deepening community roots through: Health Care: Creative partnerships with domestic violence shelters, university systems, and public health departments are being explored to identify new services to meet communities’ unique health care needs

The Community Centric approach will build a stronger, more enduring presence for patients within their own communities. Through your on-going commitment, reimagining what’s possible begins today.

“As we continue to serve our communities and find out what their needs and wants are, connection and understanding deepens and grows. This investment in the community centric approach is the work that makes our communities safer, healthier, and stronger!” ~Alyson Chavez PPWI Community Relations Director

Watch a Community Centric conversation with Alyson and PPWI President & CEO Tanya Atkinson at

Thank You for all the ways you take care and give care to the patients and communities who rely on PPWI.

In the face of a pandemic, PPWI learned the importance of taking care of ourselves to, in turn, give care to others. Here’s a look at some of the ways PPWI has been enhancing care, improving health outcomes, providing educational resources, and advancing the mission to keep Wisconsin Safe, Healthy, and Strong. This enhanced care is possible because of the generous support of you, our donors — even during COVID!

PPWI Introduces Gender Affirming Care Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT) is the primary medical treatment for transgender patients who are seeking characteristics more aligned with their gender identity. And now patients can access this care at PPWI. Because transgender people can face stigma when seeking health care and have fewer options for nonjudgmental quality care, PPWI began a GAHT pilot at two health centers — La Crosse and Eau Claire. PPWI’s new telehealth platform allowed this care to be expanded statewide via virtual appointments. Community support has been overwhelmingly positive, and PPWI is laying the groundwork to offer in-person services at all Wisconsin family planning health centers. Fear of judgement can prevent transgender patients from seeking essential care, resulting in health disparities. Transgender men experience lower rates of preventive cancer screenings, while transgender women of color experience an increased risk of HIV infection. PPWI additionally can provide care and referrals for these issues, improving health outcomes for transgender patients — always with compassion and nonjudgement. More information about PPWI’s Gender Affiming Care is available at

“I just wanted you to know it [having access to GAHT at PPWI] made me tear up with happiness.”

Art As Activism Art has long been recognized as a channel for social change by igniting passion and activism. Visual images touch people on deeply emotional and intuitive levels — inspiring action in ways not experienced through other media channels. Last fall, world-renowned, artist, activist, and entrepreneur Shepard Fairey brought his incredible talents to Milwaukee to create “Voting Rights are Human Rights” — a three-story mural in Downtown Milwaukee. The impactful work was done in collaboration with artists who have Wisconsin roots, Tyanna Buie, Tom Jones, Niki Johnson, Claudio Martinez, and Dyani White Hawk, and harnessed the power of their collective creativity. PPWI Friend & Champion Patti Keating Kahn was instrumental in bringing this amazing project to Milwaukee. You can learn more about these artists at Among the artists working on this project was PPWI Champion and Voices Award-winner Artist Niki Johnson. Her work “Hills & Valleys” - a large aluminum sculpture created from the signage of five PPWI shuttered health centers was unveiled at PPWI’s 2016 Annual Event. The work is a strong statement on the politicization of women’s bodies. Inspired by the sculpture, “We Rise”, is available for purchase as a poster at — with 50% of profits donated to Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project.

Safe Healthy Strong Conference Zooms into 2021 with Virtual Event EMBODY, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s nationally recognized education and training program, offers comprehensive sex education, training, resources, and information for diverse audiences in Wisconsin — and beyond. In 2021, Embody joined the zoom era, holding its 9th Safe Healthy Strong Conference as a virtual event — and it was more successful than ever! In addition to hearing from experts in the fields of reproductive care, sex education, social work, and reproductive justice, new in 2021 was a civic engagement and advocacy learning track. Midwifery, Transgender Care, Racial Equity, and Abortion Stigma were only some of the many workshop topics offered in both English and Spanish — in Wisconsin and beyond. The added flexibility of a virtual conference made it accessible for more people, boosting attendance this year!

You can view recorded conference workshops, at

Love Notes from BFF’s “Planned Parenthood gave me health care when I was too poor to pay for it. I want that for my young sisters!!”

“I support Planned Parenthood in honor of my grandmother (whom I never had the pleasure of knowing) who died as a result of an illegal abortion during the Great Depression. I honor all women who have used your services, and in hopes we never return to the days of my grandmother. I honor any woman’s right to make a thoughtful and informed decision about her future. Thank you!” “PP helped me. PPWI helped my daughter. I believe in you.”

“I believe it is each woman’s choice if, and when to have a child. PP allowed me to have a choice — forever thankful!”

Do you have a story to share? Visit

Powering Positive Change: Community Partner Spotlight PPWI is part of the health care and social service tapestry of community organizations helping Wisconsin to be safe, healthy, and strong. PPWI, our many community partners, and our amazing supporters are working together to power positive change.

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness (FFBWW) Mission: To energize, mobilize and support Black women to transform their health and their lives through education, advocacy and powerful partnerships. Vision: A world where Black women are healthy, thriving, and free with access to the tools and resources they need to achieve mind, body, spirit, and economic well-being. FFBWW serves and supports women throughout their lives to improve health and quality of life, and disrupt disparities impacting health outcomes for Black women. The organization focuses their programming on: health promotion and prevention education; fitness and physical activity; financial wellnes; sisterhood and community; support and advocacy; empowerment and leadership development; and powerful partnerships. PPWI is proud to support the work of FFBWW. To learn more about FFBWW, visit

302 North Jackson Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202 © 2021 Planned Parenthood® of Wisconsin, Inc.

From the desk of Tanya Atkinson May 19, 2021 Re: U.S. Supreme Court Update While this issue of Standing Together newsletter was on press, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it will ​​​​​​​review Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade and nearly 50 years of precedent since that landmark decision. The fact that the Supreme Court will hear the case means they could be looking to set new precedents or overturn Roe altogether. The case will still need to be briefed and argued, which will not happen until at least the fall, with a decision sometime in 2022.   Wisconsin already has some of the most severe abortion restrictions in the country. Access to reproductive health care remains out of reach for many in our state. That is why the care provided by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is essential to individuals, families, public health and to collective efforts to advance health access in Wisconsin. Whatever challenges are faced, including the pandemic, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin continues to provide excellent, safe, and nonjudgmental care for patients, including maintaining full access to abortion care.  With the appointments of Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, the Court’s balance has shifted — posing a real threat to the constitutional right to abortion care. If Roe should fall, Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban could again become law — effectively banning abortion in Wisconsin at any point in pregnancy with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the woman. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, will not stop fighting for access nor turn its back on patient access to abortion care. Together We Are Powerful. Further restrictions on abortion is not what people in Wisconsin or across the country want — nearly eight in ten Americans say they do not want to see Roe overturned.* Planned Parenthood will never stop advocating for access to abortion care for women and families. Opponents of comprehensive reproductive healthcare access have been waiting for this moment to challenge Roe.  Thanks to your continued support, Planned Parenthood’s doors are open.

We will stand together, in our power, to protect access to essential abortion care.

*Source: 2019 NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll

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Standing Together Spring 2021 Issue  

Inside this issue: PPWI - In Your Backyard: Our Community Centric Approach - with Video Link PPWI Offers Gender Affirming Care Art as Activ...

Standing Together Spring 2021 Issue  

Inside this issue: PPWI - In Your Backyard: Our Community Centric Approach - with Video Link PPWI Offers Gender Affirming Care Art as Activ...

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