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Online Tools for Regional Urban Forest Analysis and Reporting Plan-It Geo, Arvada, CO

The Value of Assessing and Analyzing Urban Forest Inventories

Tree Plotter Tree Plotter is a full-featured, supported, online and offline tree inventory software application. It is a map in a web browser designed to inventory, manage, and inform decisions about trees. Tree Plotter replaces GPS-based inventory programs with GIS and web cloudhosting technologies. Access on any desktop or mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android, etc.) Collect data simultaneously from an unlimited number of devices Instantly export data in .CSV or Shapefile format Create maps, graphs, and tables for on-the-fly analysis and review

Forests and trees along streets, in parks, yards, and throughout natural areas constitute a valuable urban and community forest. These populations of trees are critical to community and ecosystem vitality, contributing to environmental quality, public health, water supply, local economies, and aesthetic appeal - “triple bottom line” benefits: social, economic, and environmental.

Canopy Planner Canopy Planner is an interactive software tool that allows you to understand your canopy data to more effectively view, plan, and grow your tree canopy.

Analyzing Urban Forests Across Different Scales

Software Technology and Benefits Tree Plotter and Canopy Planner Technology

Progressive cities and organizations are leveraging technologies to collect, manage, map and analyze a variety of tree and forestry related information on the cloud through mobile web apps. Through the use of Plan-It Geo's Urban Forest Cloud, these regions have the tools to effectively plan, forecast, and report on their urban forest, enhancing the awareness and support for trees and the need for proper management. These tools better enable communities to achieve a sustainable natural resource with continually growing benefits to the environment and public.

Choose from a variety of basemaps or modern aerial imagery. Internal tools provide exactly what you want without clutter or confusion. Use your favorite mobile device in the field or work from your desk. Our software inventory collection form was developed by ISA certified arborists to minimize time and clicks and maximize your efficiency in the field. Filter by location or attribute and export your data for tabular (.CSV) or spatial (.shp) review and use.

Tree Plotter Ecosystem Benefits This function within Tree Plotter quantifies direct and indirect benefits provided by forests, individual trees and other green infrastructure. These include savings from improved air quality, carbon storage and sequestration, energy conservation, storm water mitigation, and public health.

API Offline Collection API Offline Collector: Collect data without an internet connection and sync with your app later when back online. Use this when needing to preserve data usage on your data plan or set up before visiting remote locations with poor data connection.

Statewide Examples


US states of Colorado, Missouri, and Idaho have launched statewide online maps and database applications to incorporate (upload) existing data and provide a platform for new inventories to be created and then aggregated.

Indianapolis, IN and Columbus, OH provide similar software applications incorporating interactive tree canopy maps for prioritization of urban forestry efforts as well as tracking of tree planting events. The summaries from these tools include details on the structure, extent, function (ecosystem services), and value (monetization) of urban forests which is used for management, policy-making, and outreach.

Nonprofits The software application, named "PHS Urban Forest Cloud" (UFC), is a data management tool for PHS tree planting programs. The PHS UFC features a collection of all data gathered for individual trees, including records dating back to 2003, and projects that enables multiple user groups to update and manage tree information. Also included in the application is a tree webmap and an online tree application form that, when submitted, automatically notifies PHS and city staff while simultaneously populating the central database.

You can ‘view’ and filter canopy levels and possible planting areas as they are summarized by various geographies. The 'plan' component allows users the ability to weight various themes by priority, such as urban heat island mitigation or energy savings, in order to target planting areas according to their goals instantly Simulate your future canopy goals through the 'grow' feature of the web tool. Identify the value and savings that increased tree canopy will bring to your community and ecosystem

Resources Videos and Webinars Visit the webinars page on our website or search “Plan-It Geo” on YouTube for 3-5 minute demo clips.

User Guide & FAQ’s Visit the brand new website devoted solely to Plan-It Geo’s software endeavors to view Tree Plotter’s user guide and frequently asked questions:

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About Plan-It Geo

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Plan-It Geo is a geospatial analysis, technology consulting, and planning firm specializing in natural resource management and related fields. We provide a full range of services involving GIS, remote sensing, cost/benefit analysis, urban forestry planning, water resources analysis, decision support systems, and web-based solutions. Our clients and partner affiliations include local, state and federal government as well as non-profits, private industry, academia, and utilities.

Plan-It Geo, LLC Arvada, Colorado

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