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BORN ON THE WATER in 1983, Costa Sunglasses are made for those who don’t just spend their lives on the water, they come to life on the water. With more than 35 years of pursuits and adventures, Costa discovered an ever-growing need to protect the watery world we all call home. While exploration quenches our thirst for adventure, there’s more to being a true waterman. It’s our sense of purpose that leaves us truly fulfilled. As a purpose-driven brand, we are committed to preserving this valuable resource and protecting the life within it.



This report highlights Costa’s efforts, alongside those of our tribe, to protect the waters we love as we work to leave them in a healthier place for generations to come.


85 beaches cleaned across the United States

700 Kick Plastic Guides and Outfitters

100k youth educated on ethical angling and conservation

2.2 million pounds of fishing nets recycled by Bureo®, our Untangled Collection partner


90 tons of trash removed from beaches and coastlines

350k+ members reached across dozens of national, regional, and local cause partners

135+ collegiate fishing clubs created

3+ million


4 tons

single-use water bottles eliminated by Kick Plastic Guides

Eyecare Professional Kick Plastic Ambassadors

of polycarbonate lenses recycled by Kick Plastic Ambassadors




donated through the OneCoast mission

villages and ecosystems revitalized through Indifly

Top Social Purpose Brand for EyeVote Readers’ Choice

35+ years



of giving to our cause partners

countries represented in Costa's Kick Plastic Guide and Outfitter program

of single-use plastic water bottles eliminated using Costa Kick Plastic water stations at events



8... Purpose-Built by People Who Protect 11... Product with Purpose 15... Costa Projects & Initiatives 19... Commitment to Conservation 31... Conservation Films 33... Supporting the Global Goals

Costa team member Amanda Sabin during her 11 month globe-trotting IGFA Royal Slam. 5


OUR FOUNDERS: Over 35 years ago, a group of anglers created Costa Sunglasses to stand up to the harsh light, unforgiving salt and rough conditions of a day at sea. The gear they made was up to the task, and it’s been on the water ever since. Their passion still inspires all we do.


Our brand draws inspiration from our leaders who continually raise the bar across the eyewear industry. With their backing, Costa remains a differentiated leader in conservation and will continue to push boundaries.

OUR TEAM: Our team leads by example, challenging each other to incorporate water-friendly principles into our work and our daily lives. OUR CUSTOMERS: We outfit watermen with a thirst for adventure, knowing it’s their sense of purpose that leaves them truly fulfilled. OUR COMMUNITIES: We aren’t just active participants in the communities where we live, play and do business— we’re leaders in it. We are good neighbors and good stewards of our local waterways and fisheries.


PURPOSE–BUILT BY PEOPLE WHO PROTECT OUR TRIBE extends beyond our immediate team—it includes pros, guides, retailers, cause partners and their members, and our local communities. We are one tribe, united by the water and by a thirst to explore everything it has to offer. Costa makes it a priority to support watermen through our community programs. Being engaged and active in the fishing community is a must for the sustained health of our business.

OUR BRAND AMBASSADORS are chosen for their alignment with our values, their involvement in their communities and their industry.

I absolutely believe that people will only protect something “ if they value it. My life’s mission is to inspire others to value the ocean the way I do.” – Waterman Mark Healey


OUR PROFESSIONAL GUIDE NETWORK includes guides who aren’t just experts on the water, they’re also committed to conserving and protecting the environment and waterways they rely on for work— and for play. Costa is proud to partner with pros who demonstrate proper fish handling techniques, sustainable fishing practices and an utmost respect for the fish and the fisheries they inhabit.

MORE THAN 700 GUIDES AROUND THE WORLD have committed to be Kick Plastic Guides and Outfitters, pledging to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from their operations. Together, our ambassadors and guides are a vast network consisting of skilled and influential men and women who define their lives on or under the water.

“Minimizing the use of single use plastic has made a great impact to all our clients. Once they fish & stay with us they see how easy it is to incorporate Kick Plastic into their everyday lifestyle.” – Captain Moe Newman


PRODUCT WITH PURPOSE We work just as hard to PROTECT the waters we love as we do to discover new ways to embrace them. We recognize that every pair of sunglasses we make has an environmental and social footprint. This means that we search for the most durable, innovative and responsible materials available for crafting our sunglasses.

Our partner Bureo is on a mission to protect our oceans by scaling a radically transparent model to eliminate fishing net pollution using disruptive innovation to inspire change and create tangible positive impacts. So far, they have collected 2.2 million pounds of discarded fishing nets, working to turn them into quality products.

We believe in gear that is seaworthy, packed with meaning and inspired by experience.

THE UNTANGLED™ COLLECTION No form of ocean plastic pollution is more dangerous than discarded fishing nets because they are left to drift in the ocean, damaging ecosystems and trapping marine life. Costa is helping to keep fishing nets from ending up adrift in our oceans. We partnered with Bureo®, an innovative organization that works with Chilean fishermen to recycle discarded fishing nets, tracing the resulting NetPlus™ material through the recycling process, where the nets are cleaned and pelletized before being turned into products—including the Costa Untangled™ Collection of sunglasses. Made with Costa's 580 glass lenses and frames from recycled nets, these shades are recyclable and are among the highest-quality sunglasses in the world with an aim towards total supply chain circularity. Healthy oceans have always been a crucial part of Costa’s core mission. The Untangled Collection is helping to raise awareness and provide a solution to keep discarded fishing nets from being lost in our oceans each year. Through this important program, Costa is helping Bureo scale and replicate its traceable net collection program to a growing number of fishing communities throughout South America and new business partners, with plans to significantly grow the program in 2021 and beyond.

The Untangled Collection: 100% Traceable; 100% Recycled Fishing Nets; 100% Recyclable Materials


PRODUCT AWARDS 2019 REI Root Award for sustainable design Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award 2018 ICAST Best of Show AFTA Australia John Dunphy Innovation Award 2018 Outdoor Retailer Environmental Award 2019 Sustainability Award, Essilor Global Operations Awards 2019 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award


COSTA BIO-RESIN™ Sourcing materials that are able to withstand salt, sun and heat is challenging. In 2016, our product team introduced a new, high-performing material made from the castor plant. Now, instead of using nylon sourced 100% from petrochemicals, all our nylon frames are made with a formula we call Bio-Resin™ that is partially derived from plants. These frames are durable and lightweight, and hold their shape under the harshest of conditions. The castor plant is a renewable resource and is remarkable in that it is grown in arid conditions. Harvesting the oil from these plants provides a livelihood in some of the poorest places in the world. It does not compete for land with food production crops, either. It is BPA and BPS-free and non-GMO. Producing Bio-Resin™ has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional petroleum-sourced nylons, and because it is sourced from a plant, contributes to carbon offset. Costa is an industry leader in converting our entire nylon frame line from traditional petrochemical plastic to Bio-Resin™.


RESPONSIBLE APPAREL Costa has immense opportunities to infuse a more responsible product message in our apparel and accessories categories. Currently, we are spearheading several initiatives to reduce plastic and include post-consumer recycled materials and will continue to explore new opportunities as they become available to help further reduce our footprint.


100% of our headwear collection has a visor board made from 70% or more recycled materials. Shortly, we’ll launch a line of headwear with visor boards made from Bureo® NetPlus™ material, as an extension of the Untangled™ Collection.

APPAREL We continue to test the use of more responsible performance fabrics, including organic cottons and Repreve® (fabric made from recycled water bottles).

DECALS We reduced the usage of plastic in our decal packaging for the 2019 line. We also utilize biodegradable decals for key brand events, and continue to look for durable, high-quality solutions that reduce our impact.


100% of our microfiber cleaning cloths are made from recycled materials. 12


partners to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from their operations. To date, participants in 14 countries have eliminated more than 3.25 million single-use plastic water bottles—and counting. Learn more at


We’ve seen an increasing amount of marine plastic pollution on our adventures. Plastic is not only building up our landfills, but is finding its way into our waterways and oceans at an unprecedented rate. Kick Plastic® is an initiative launched by Costa in 2015 to help reduce the amount of plastic we use as a brand and to mobilize a movement to encourage others to cut back on the amount of single-use plastic they use as well. We launched the Kick Plastic Guide & Outfitter program in 2016 to challenge our fishing communities and

LENS RECYCLING In 2018, we started a program to inspire our eyecare professional partners across the country to Kick Plastic as well. More than 750 optical retailers have joined the movement, sending in more than 4 tons of polycarbonate demo lenses to our recycling partner, Piedmont Plastics. We also work to reduce and eliminate single-use plastic at all events, including trade shows, activations and corporate functions. Our largest

KICK PLASTIC GUIDE AND OUTFITTER SPOTLIGHT Casa Vieja Lodge is a Kick Plastic campus, eliminating all single-use plastic bottles both at the lodge, and aboard the 9-boat fleet. All anglers receive a YETI Rambler upon arrival at Casa Vieja Lodge. Two Elkay water fountain and bottle filling stations are installed at the Lodge, where clients can refill their YETI Ramblers during their stay. This water goes through a 4-stage filtration system, including a UV purification process and providing pure, clean drinking water at Casa Vieja Lodge.


Kick Plastic events include Outdoor Retailer, the Miami International Boat Show and the International FlyTackle Dealer show. We also work with partner brands, including YETI and Suzuki to Kick Plastic in their operations and events.

Between May and August, the seasonal program sold nearly 1 million cans of the pilsner across 22 states. There were also numerous activations across the Southeastern U.S. with key Costa and Sweetwater cause partners to raise awareness for our joined cause to protect our watery world.

The Kick Plastic efforts of our community have been captured in several short films that feature Casa Vieja Lodge, Abaco Lodge and WorldCast Anglers.

KICK PLASTIC, DRINK BEER In the summer of 2019, Costa partnered with SweetWater Brewing to develop the Kick Plastic Pilsner in support of its Save Our Water campaign. SweetWater’s like-minded ethos with regards to the outdoors and protecting our oceans and waterways brought us together for this collaboration.

“When we evaluated our plastic footprint, we realized that the largest consumption of single-use plastic water bottles is on our fleet. We average about 6 bottles a day/person. That equates to 60,000 a season just on the boats, add the consumption at the lodge and we are at 80,000 plastic bottles. That’s just wrong for the environment we rely so heavily on.” - Captain David Salazar, Casa Vieja


Hilary Hutcheson, Costa Pro, helps clear debris at a OneCoast event.


ONECOAST To celebrate our 35th anniversary, Costa gathered our friends and cleaned the beach—35 beaches to be exact. We joined forces with the Surfrider Foundation’s Better Beach Alliance and hosted 35 Kick Plastic® beach cleanups around the country in 2018. We have had more beach cleanups since then and are inspiring our employees, retail partners and local communities to participate and help us amplify our impact. Small changes add up—whether it’s reducing our single-use plastic consumption, participating in a beach cleanup or spreading the word and building awareness—we can kick this single-use plastic habit and help clean up our oceans and waterways.



MORE THAN 35 YEARS OF PROTECTING OUR WATERY WORLD The coasts are places we ALL love to explore and places we strive to protect. After Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria ravaged our coasts in 2017, Costa was inspired to launch OneCoast to bring relief to our coastal family and friends affected by natural disasters. The movement inspires the Costa community to play a part in rebuilding, restoring and repairing impacted communities through the purchase of OneCoast apparel, direct donations or volunteer labor.





captains, guides and crew members of the recreational angling community in the wake of major natural disasters. WARF has disbursed more than $100,000 to recreational angling associations in the Florida Keys, Texas, Puerto Rico, the Florida Panhandle, Belize and The Bahamas to help local captains and guides recover from natural disasters and, more recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, the International Game Fish Association and Costa created the Worldwide Angler’s Relief Fund (WARF) in September 2017 to provide financial support to charter 16

COMMITMENT TO CONSERVATION EVOLVING OUR EFFORTS TO PROTECT THE WATERY WORLD From the beginning, Costa has developed meaningful partnerships with mission-aligned organizations to help drive awareness of critical issues affecting our watery world. Our multifaceted approach to protecting the watery world includes providing direct support to non-profit organizations, developing product collection campaigns with proceeds going towards cause partner efforts and creating and managing our own conservation initiatives. We donate time, talent and treasure to support organizations that are driven to Protect our marine resources, just like we are.


Washington, DC, USA Founded in 1973, American Rivers is the leading conservation organization working to protect wild rivers, restore degraded rivers and conserve clean water for people and nature. American Rivers’ three major programs are River Protection, River Restoration and Clean Water Supply. Costa’s support of American Rivers includes gathering groups of river users to conduct waterway cleanups on thousands of miles of Wild and Scenic rivers. Costa also helps fund and produce films highlighting this critical work, including the Hank Patterson Wild and Scenic Rivers Act video series. Learn more at


If we take care of the fish, the fish will take care of us... it's that simple. ASGA is our best chance to ensure that our marine waters are full of opportunity for future generations to come." - Kyle Schaefer, Costa Pro

The American Saltwater Guides Association activates and unites guides, small business owners and likeminded anglers to represent them and their voice at the federal, regional and state level. Previously, the recreational fishing community has lacked a cohesive voice and consistent representation at state and national fisheries' meetings. Their mission is to promote sustainable business through marine conservation. It aims to activate and empower the recreational fishing community and represent it and its voice at the federal, regional and state levels. Its goal is to speak up in an organized and cohesive manner across all fronts. It knows conservation is important not only to its guides, but to its clients and to most of the angling community at large. Its inherent credibility as a group of anglers and business owners whose clients’ contributions make up a significant portion of the fishing economy allows them to use their collective voice to make a difference and take action. Learn more at


Costa partners with more than 20 non-profit organizations that further our mission in the following areas:




For more than 85 years, ASA has passionately represented the people, policies and ideas that help recreational fishing thrive. It gives the industry and anglers a unified voice when emerging laws and policies could significantly affect sportfishing business and participation. ASA invests in long-term ventures to ensure the industry remains strong and prosperous, as well as to safeguard and promote the enduring economic, conservation and social values of sportfishing in America. Learn more at



The Billfish Foundation (TBF) is an international sportfishing conservation organization established in 1986 by Winthrop P. Rockefeller, Don Tyson and approximately 50 other anglers, scientists and fishing clubs, who recognized—despite their improved fishing skills and equipment—they were catching fewer billfish. TBF’s mission is to advance the conservation and responsible management of billfish, and associated species (tunas, forage species), through research, education and advocacy to ensure healthy fish stocks, ocean ecosystems and sportfishing opportunities. TBF is the only science-based sportfishing conservation organization comprised of boat owners, anglers, captains, mates and associated business interests. Costa has been a longtime supporter of TBF’s traditional tagging, research program which remains


Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA “The Billfish Foundation is an organization with a long-running reputation of supporting and promoting sportfishing and conservation. They are the voice of many when it comes to regulatory and conservation matters affecting the industry and user group associated.” - Capt. John Galvin, Costa Pro 18

a cornerstone of its work as it helped transform the billfish fishery from catch and kill, to catch, tag and release. The experience provides the sportfishing community with a “hands-on” experience that most anyone can participate in to help advance billfish conservation. Once a billfish is tagged, the hope is that the tagged fish is recaptured and reported to TBF. The recapture data is the most valuable data collected from traditional tags, since they can remain on a fish for a long time and provide data on time-atlarge, age and growth, and migratory behavior. TBF utilizes sound science to advocate for responsible and effective management of billfish, other highly migratory fish species and their ecosystems. As a strong proponent and funder of sportfishing socioeconomic studies, TBF raises the awareness and importance of sportfishing to coastal communities and countries. Learn more at research/tag-and-release/


“I�m confident that if we unite around BTT’s efforts, I won’t have to tell my kids about ‘days that once were' and that they will be able to enjoy and preserve healthy, improved fisheries for years to come." -Captain Brandon Cyr

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s (BTT) mission is to conserve bonefish, tarpon and permit - the species, their habitats and the larger fisheries they comprise. As a science-based organization, BTT pursues this mission across the southeastern U.S., Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean through research, conservation, education and advocacy. BTT's Project Permit is focused on improving permit conservation in Florida and has been sponsored by Costa for 10 years. The program began as a darttagging effort with the initial goal of understanding overall permit movements in Florida, and to determine if the permit in the Florida Keys are the same fish anglers target in other parts of the state. Project Permit has since expanded to include acoustic telemetry to obtain more specific data on permit movements and habitat use. Data from Project Permit was instrumental in Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s creation of the Special Permit Zone (SPZ) and the expansion of the SPZ’s permit spawning season closure to include the month of April. To date, more than 1,000 permit have been tagged with dart tags, and 150 permit have been tagged with acoustic transmitters. Efforts in 2019 were focused on the Upper Keys, with the aim of determining the extent to which permit migrate north of the Keys to areas where the species is not as well protected. Project Permit will also continue to examine the permit spawning movements between the flats and offshore wrecks and reefs. Learn more at


“Captains for Clean Water is a beacon for the entire outdoor industry to speak up and stand up for the places we love.” - Capt. Benny Blanco, Costa Pro and host of Guiding Flow 19

Captains For Clean Water (CFCW) was founded in 2016 by Capt. Daniel Andrews and Capt. Chris Wittman, two fishing guides who “had enough” of Florida’s poor water management practices. Given the destruction of the Everglades they witnessed firsthand, they were convinced that if everyone knew what they knew, the problem would have already been fixed. They discovered that the solution has been delayed for decades because of a lack of political will and public awareness. CFCW champions Everglades restoration and the known solution: send water south. By restoring the southern flow of clean water, the Everglades and Florida Bay will receive the fresh water they desperately need, while reducing damaging highvolume discharges to our coastal estuaries. The partnership with Costa has helped broaden CFCW’s outreach and awareness efforts, giving a louder voice to Everglades restoration. Costa’s support helps to advance the mission of CFCW by supporting their education and advocacy programs. As an industry

Through guided fly fishing trips, fishing clinics, fly tying events, camp outs, road trips, and conservation outings we are trying to create a healthy hobby that kids and mentors can do together. Costa has helped provide 100 fly fishing rod/reel combos, enabling kids to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. The connection these kids make are important to their overall health and perspective on the importance of conserving local resources. Children who enjoy being outdoors in their local watersheds will be inspired to protect them. Learn more at

outreach initiative, CFCW and Costa partnered to create “Costa’s Captain For Clean Water Steward of the Year Award", honoring individuals in the industry who are using their platforms to bring awareness to


Florida’s water quality issues. Learn more at


Chico, CA, USA Cast Hope seeks to change the lives of at-risk youth by introducing them to the outdoors through the sport of fly fishing. Cast Hope breaks down financial and outdoor access barriers by giving interested kids fly fishing equipment and having volunteers and professional fly fishing guides teach them how to fish their local waterways. These tactics increase a child’s connection to their local ecosystems.

“Being dialed in on the fun, excitement, peacefulness, beauty and challenge of fly fishing is a powerful way to be present without feeling held down by the diagnosis.” - Hilary Hutcheson, Costa Pro

Casting for Recovery (CfR) provides healing outdoor fly fishing retreats for women with breast cancer, at no cost to the participants. The gentle motion of fly casting is good physical therapy for women who have had surgery or radiation as part of their treatment for breast cancer. The retreats are open to women of any age, in any stage of breast cancer treatment and recovery. In 2019, CfR hosted 57 retreats serving almost 900 women nationwide. 20

conservation of marine resources. The organization is non-partisan and focuses on having an impact in the national political arena, principally Congress and federal regulatory agencies. Additionally, the Center has established the Center for Sportfishing Policy Political Action Committee (Center PAC), so that its members can fully participate in elective politics. The Center and Center PAC work to elect candidates to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who support marine conservation. With the help of Costa, sustainability and protecting

Learn more at

the beautiful places we fish has become a big focus for CfR in the last few years. In an effort to Kick Plastic this year, Costa provided reusable water bottles for all retreat participants. In addition, with


Costa’s help, CfR has implemented resource materials and trainings about the importance of reducing its plastic footprint with the hope of inspiring women to become better stewards of the environment beyond the retreat experience. Learn more at


Costa supports The Center for Sportfishing Policy, whose role is to affect public policy related to the


Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) was created in 1977 to advise and educate the public on conservation of marine resources. Through habitat restoration projects, water quality initiatives and fisheries advocacy, CCA chapters work with members including recreational anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to conserve and enhance marine resources and coastal environments. The Building Conservation Trust (BCT) was created to provide vital funding for grassroots-driven projects that achieve one or more of five key objectives: Restore degraded habitats; Create new habitats;

Advance the science of coastal habitat and marine fisheries conservation; Foster habitat stewardship; and Educate coastal communities of the value

October 2019. This effort has also led to more than 700 reported recoveries and 37 satellite tag deployments.

of conservation.

Learn more at

Costa is a sponsor of CCA’s STAR fishing tournaments,


which have given away millions of dollars in college scholarships. Recognized as a “catch, photo and release” competition, STAR’s smartphone app eliminates the requirement for anglers to harvest or capture and transport fish, and constantly promotes the proper handling of all species in the competition. With a relationship spanning over two decades, Costa has contributed to the fundraising efforts of CCA’s local, state and national chapters. Learn more at

Lighthouse Point, FL, USA

Freedom Fighter Outdoors (FFO) honors and empowers our nations’ injured service veterans. It raises awareness and seeks public aid for needs, services and activities for injured veterans. FFO events facilitate injured veterans in assisting each other through teamwork-based outdoor recreational activities by providing unique, once-in-a-lifetime outdoor activities. In 2020, Costa partnered with the organization to launch the Freedom Series to help get veterans out on the water. Learn more at


Dolphinfish Research Program is the world’s largest fishermen-driven investigation of the life history, movements and population dynamics of dolphinfish. Throughout the history of the program, anglers have pushed the conservation of the species by tagging and releasing nearly 28,000 dolphinfish as of

CCA has 85,000 members in 220 chapters around the country. Regionally, the fish are different, but the challenges facing them are often the same on all coasts – destructive commercial gear, degraded habitat and misguided management concepts.



Rewa, Guyana | Anaa, French Polynesia | Wind River Indian Reservation, U.S.

Indigenous communities are custodians of 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity, and Indifly empowers Indigenous communities to protect the remaining pristine places in the world.

Indifly was born out of a Costa project, in partnership with Costa Pro Oliver White, to help a village deep in the heart of the South American rainforest develop a fly fishing ecotourism business. This project and its success formed a natural roadmap to replicate the model in other locations around the world. These businesses provide sustainable livelihoods, generate community-wide economic benefits, and create incentives for the protection of indigenous homelands. Indifly project locations include Rewa, Guyana; Anaa Atoll, French Polynesia; and the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, USA. 23

“I�ve observed how angling can impact communities, offering new strategies to protect indigenous homelands. The simple act of fishing provides people with deep connections to rivers� long-term hope and protection against forces that tempt them with short-term gain.” -Oliver White

In partnering with Rewa Eco-Lodge in Guyana, Indifly was able to create a community-based data collection program that created additional jobs through the training and implementation of local scientists. With Indifly's help, Rewa Eco-Lodge improved its business practices and created sustainable livelihoods, all while providing anglers from around the world with the opportunity to catch an Arapaima on fly while immersed in a unique culture.

In Anaa, French Polynesia, Indifly conducted extensive work throughout the community to help them discover understanding of — and appreciation fo — Bonefish and general ecology. The groundswell of desire to understand the resources was first led by the excitement of the children of Anaa, who then shared it with their parents. Indifly assisted in the establishment of a marine educational area, developed the capacity for community-based scientific monitoring of Bonefish and helped with a community-led Rahui (a traditional system of resource management). This unprecedented conservation action paves the way for the development of community-based ecotourism while maintaining a culturally-important subsistence fishery.

A joint Indifly and Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes Fish & Game project is underway to empower the community and create sustainable livelihoods on Wind River Reservation. The project plan focuses on the utilization of the Reservation’s resources to: create much-needed sustainable jobs for youth on the Reservation; develop strong conservation ethics; promote healthy opportunities for youth to engage with their culture and outdoor environment; and raise awareness for the Reservation as an outdoor destination.

Learn more at 24



Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA Ocean Heroes Bootcamp empowers existing The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) is a non-profit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible and ethical angling practices through science, education, rule-making, record keeping and recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of angling. For 80 years, the IGFA has been committed to the conservation of game fish around the world and recognizing the anglers who pursue them. Although the IGFA has been the official record keepers and the rule makers of sport fishing since 1939, it is also a global leader in the conversation of game fish and the education of young anglers. The IGFA works ardently to ensure that recreational anglers are represented at local, national and international levels, and the game fish we revere are sustainably managed for future generations to enjoy. Costa has been a long-time supporter of IGFA’s flagship program, the IGFA Great Marlin Race, which has become the world's largest satellite tagging program for billfish. Costa also supports IGFA’s Passports to Fishing Program, a global youth education initiative that reached 21 different countries and six continents, teaching more than 15,000 kids to fish. One of Costa’s team members has had a long-standing seat on IGFA’s board. Learn more at


and emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to act against ocean plastic pollution. The campaigns created by Ocean Heroes support the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14.1 and strengthen the global Clean Seas campaign to turn the tide on plastic. Ocean Heroes Bootcamp was conceived by Captain Planet Foundation and Lonely Whale with the goal of empowering the next generation of ocean health leaders. More than 300 youth leaders from 20 countries attended the 2019 boot camp that took place at Vancouver Aquarium. They received training in science education, global plastics policy, critical campaigning, activism, media literacy and idea incubation. Learn more at

OCEARCH Brunswick, GA, USA OCEARCH® conducts ocean research expeditions to gather critical data to save sharks, and by extension, the oceans we all love. Great White Sharks and Tiger Sharks are apex predators that help keep our ocean’s ecosystems balanced. To date, M/V OCEARCH, which serves as an at-sea laboratory, has been on 34 expeditions, providing more than 170 scientists with much-needed research opportunities.

Costa has supported OCEARCH® since it was founded in 2007, even collaborating on product. The COSTA + OCEARCH® collection features sunglasses, shirts, and hats inspired by Great White Sharks and Tiger Sharks—the balance keepers of the ocean ecosystem we all love. Each purchase from the OCEARCH® collection helps fund shark research expeditions that generate critical data to protect what’s out there.

Shop the collection & learn more at

Costa has helped OCEARCH® name several sharks for tracking and educational purposes, including Miss Costa, and Ferg, after our late founder Ray “Ferg” Ferguson who passed away in 2019. 26


TRCP’s main objectives are to: Strengthen the nation’s conservation programs; Protect wildlife and fish habitat; and Ensure public access to the

The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots nonprofit

nation’s lands and waters.

organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches

Costa has had a representative on TRCP’s Corporate

through a powerful network. Founded in 1984 by

Council since its inception in 2016. The mission of

a visionary surfers in Malibu, California, Surfrider

the Corporate Council is to engage and educate

maintains more than a million supporters, activists

conservation-minded companies in current policy

and members, with over 170 volunteer-led chapters

issues; to provide industry perspective to TRCP and

and student clubs in the U.S., and more than 650

its partners on key conservation campaigns; and to

victories protecting our ocean and coasts. Costa has

create a collective voice for educating policy makers,

supported Surfrider’s Better Beach Alliance, a beach

corporate America and individuals about conservation.

cleanup program. (Photo below by Alexander Siegel)

Costa has historically provided an important voice to this growing and important group of industry leaders

Learn more at

who are committed to conservation. Learn more at


Arlington, VA, USA Trout Unlimited (TU) was founded in Michigan in 1959 by a group of friends under the mantra, “take care of the fish and fishing will take care of itself.” Now based in Virginia, TU represents the largest coldwater conservation organization in the United States. More than 300,000 members and supporters dedicated to “make fishing better” in their local


The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) is the largest coalition of conservation organizations in the country, uniting and amplifying the voices of sportsmen and women, conservation organizations and outdoor businesses to a common purpose. With 60 formal partner organizations, scores of corporate sponsors, and 100,000 individual members and supporters, the TRCP has earned a strong reputation and across the nation. 27

watersheds complete thousands of community service hours protecting, reconnecting, and

restoring North America’s coldwater fisheries. In 2014, Costa spearheaded the Costa TU 5 Rivers Program to create fishing clubs on college campuses across the country to engage with the next generation of anglers. The college clubs meet to learn more about fly fishing, tie flies and plan outings. Every year Costa hosts rallies around the country to bring students from different schools together to learn and connect from experts and fellow students. Today, the program has tripled in size to more than 100 active college clubs, directly engaging more than 4,000 students on campuses. Costa TU 5 Rivers clubs work with their local TU chapter to complete a conservation event, community outreach event and host fundraisers each school year. Every club president becomes a Costa Ambassador on his or

plastic pollution movement and has been advising Costa’s Kick Plastic campaign since its launch in 2015. 5 Gyres programs include educational and research expeditions that take place around the world, collecting data on ocean plastic pollution. Its growing Ambassador program includes 1,100+ individuals

her campus.

from 47 American states and 66 countries,

Learn more at explore-fishing/tu-costa-5-rivers-college-clubs

plastic pollution.

between the ages of 8 to 80, who are acting against

Costa supports 5 Gyres K-12 education programming, Next Generation Science Standards, aimed at raising


Since 2010, the 5 Gyres Institute has been empowering action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education and adventure. 5 Gyres is a leading voice in the ocean

awareness and inspiring action against plastic pollution. The 5 Gyres team gives an average of 100 presentations annually at countless schools, colleges, and universities to engage the next generation in science-informed education. Learn more at


CONSERVATION FILMS Social by nature, we share pursuits and stories that bring people together. When we’re out exploring the world, we’ll never pass up an opportunity to meet some characters along the way. We foster connections to water lovers around the globe in search for truth. We call on those connections to bring a wealth of experience and passion to all that we do. As our inspired team pursues paths that help protect the watery world, Costa finds unique stories and captures them on film. By bringing these films to life and sharing conservation projects with the world through film festivals—like the Fly Fishing Film Tour (shown in 180+ cities worldwide)—and to the millions who make up our online tribe, we solidify Costa’s place as industry leaders in the protection of water, fish and the people who rely on both for work and play. Costa Films™ weave powerful stories of conservation and experience through adventure, and the friendships we forge along the way. Life is rugged, imperfect, natural and real, and we embrace every part of it while discovering more of ourselves in the process.

BLUEFIN ON THE LINE One man’s quest to revive an island, a sport and a legacy: It has been more than 35 years since a Merritt last caught a giant bluefin tuna off the coasts of Bimini and Cat Cay. Decades after Allen Merritt won the legendary Cat Cay Tuna Tournament eight times, commercial overharvesting and other factors all but wiped out the bluefin population in these once teeming waters. In 2016, Roy Merritt Jr. set out on a quest to show the world—and his grandfather— that sport fishing has a future in Tuna Alley. But catching and releasing one of these 700+ pound elusive beasts won’t be easy, and it has nothing to do with their size. Watch the film at

FIX FLORIDA Fix Florida is an award-winning animated short film highlighting the need to return the flow of water to the Everglades, one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. The diversion of water by the agricultural industry, from its natural flow south through Florida to the Everglades has led to harmful algae blooms,


seagrass die-offs, sanitation issues and fish kills.


It also threatens the drinking water supply for

In 2008, marine scientists Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Joel Paschal drifted 88 days at sea, from California to Hawaii, on a raft perched atop 15,000 plastic bottles. They called it JUNK. The purpose of the 2,600 mile voyage was to build public awareness and inspire a movement to save our seas from plastic pollution. This adventure launched the 5 Gyres Institute, a Costa Cause Partner, which has since led 19 ocean expeditions around the world to research plastic pollution.

millions of Floridians. Fix Florida is an educational call to action to advocate for long-term solutions to Florida’s water issues. Watch at

IRMA IRMA follows a group of Florida Keys guides in the wake of one of the most destructive hurricanes to make landfall in the United States. On September 10, 2017, the Keys community was turned upside down by the devastating winds and unprecedented storm surge from Hurricane Irma. But this community of guides, conchs and brands like Fly Lords and Costa came together to start to rebuild and heal. IRMA is a testament to the power of the human spirit and the resiliency of a community.

JUNGLE FISH The Fate of a People Is Tied to a Fly Rod: This documentary follows three fishermen on an epic voyage into the heart of Guyana’s untamed jungle. Their mission: to prove that the world’s largest freshwater fish—the arapaima—can be caught with a fly. If they succeed,

Today, we know plastics permeate the ocean. With over 700 marine species threatened by plastic pollution either through ingestion or entanglement, the JUNK journey explores what we can do to stop this global plastic waste crisis. Watch at

KIO KIO Costa, in association with our cause partner Indifly, produced a film chronicling the efforts of the people of a remote atoll in French Polynesia to save their bonefish population and, ultimately, their way of life. In 2019, this film played at over 180 cities across the world and has changed the trajectory of this once pristine fishery. fishing/fly-fishing/fly-fishing-film-tour

it’ll mean a brighter future for the Amerindians, the rain forest they call home— and for the threatened arapaima itself. The adventure that was captured in this film led to the creation of Indifly, a Costa-created initiative that later became a non-profit. Learn more at



SUPPORTING THE GLOBAL GOALS The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity and peace and justice. In 2015, before the Global Goals were announced, Costa submitted a letter to the UN in support for what is now Goal 14, Life Below Water. Costa’s overall sustainability initiatives, combined with the work of its dozens of cause partners and parent company EssilorLuxottica’s directives, touches on all 17 Global Goals. In particular, our brand’s commitment to protect the watery world aligned most with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Costa launched Indifly in 2014, an organization that promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable growth and productive employment and decent work through fly fishing ecotourism for indigenous communities located in remote regions, including the Amazon and Oceania.

Costa’s Kick Plastic® program has reduced the amount of single-use plastic we use within our operations and at events, and also supports our business partners to reduce their use as well. Our Untangled™ Collection of eyewear recycles discarded fishing nets into award-winning sunglasses, helping to reduce the amount of derelict fishing gear adrift at sea and supporting aspects of a more circular plastics economy. Billions of people around the globe rely on the planet’s oceans, lakes, rivers and seas for their livelihoods and their sustenance. Costa’s community calls these places home and depends on these marine and coastal spaces to fulfill their personal and professional lives. Costa is doing its part to conserve and sustainably use our planet’s finite resources. From sourcing recycled plastic fishing nets for our Untangled Collection, to encouraging fishing guides and outfitters to ditch single-use plastic bottles in favor of reusables, to participating in beach cleanups across the nation, to providing financial support to like-minded groups to advance ocean conservation efforts, Costa takes its commitment to protect the watery world seriously.

Costa’s cause partners also include those organizations that work to conserve terrestrial and inland freshwater systems and protect natural habitats, halt the loss of biodiversity and prevent the extinction of threatened species.


SEE WHAT'S OUT THERE. One tribe, united by the water and by a thirst to explore and protect everything it has to offer.

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