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LEASING AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES Atlas Group’s Leasing Services encompass a variety of necessary steps to attain the best possible tenant. 1. Advertise for a Tenant Utilizing the MLS Utilizing the Internet specialty sites Utilizing Phil Lande’s personal network Utilizing the power of RE/MAX 2. Upon finding a prospective tenant Provide application Review application Run credit check [Criminal Check also available upon request] Obtain references from former landlord Provide optional lease [you may always use your own lease or one prepared for you by an attorney] 3. Obtain emergency contact information 4. Retain emergency key 5. Introduce the new tenant to the property Instruct on any special maintenance Provide any necessary Covenants/Rules

Management Services include: 1. Enforcement of Lease 2. Emergency local contact 3. Maintenance oversight 4. Rent Collection 5. Neighborhood Association liaison 6. Court appearance if required 7. File for Eviction if required 8. Periodic Property Review 9. Reports to property owner including photos when necessary 10. 1099 Misc to owner at year end 11. Deposit to local bank or forward of rental payment monthly 12. Oversee any and all updates/repairs mandated by owner 13. Maintain owner’s anonymity is desired

Leasing and management services  
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