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More local jobs in big Snowtown wind farm expansion

aDVertisinG rates July 1 2009 – June 30 2010 CASUAL RATE per column cm..............$4.80 (+ 48c gst) CONTRACT RATES 500 cm..............$4.30 (+ 43c gst) 1000 cm..............$4.10 (+ 41c gst) 2000 cm..............$3.90 (+ 39c gst) 3500 cm..............$3.60 (+ 36c gst) LINE CLASSIFIEDS $11.00 (+ $1.10 gst ) for 16 words $1 ( + 10% gst) for every four words thereafter FULL COLOUR $520 (+ $52 gst) SPOT COLOUR $260 (+ $26 gst) INSERTS 12¢ each (+ 1.2¢ gst)

Home delivered free each month to 2000 households in the growth area of Two Wells and Lewiston, the Echo boasts a readership of more than 6000 with a penetration rate of more than 90 per cent. Korunye Lower Light

circulation area

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Port Wakefield residents rally in Company street toWaterloo protest against work on the CWMS scheme – Picture: Lauren Hermon. RAAF Base Edinburgh

Port Wakefield residents demand action over wastewater scheme Corner

“Stop digging, pack up and disappear. Sort out the licensing issues and come back with a correct plan that works.” This is the message many Port Wakefield residents want to get across to Wakefield Regional Council (WRC) and contractors, responsible for the town’s community wastewater management scheme (CWMS). Residents voiced their con-


cerns at a community meeting held at Port Wakefield Men’s Shed last Friday, following last Wednesday’s fiery council meeting where a full public gallery of angry residents raised their concerns regarding the current CWMS. About 16 residents gathered


to voice their frustrations and to also represent the large number of residents who are also concerned with the CWMS and some of the connection points installed in the town. Despite some saying their connection points were placed in appropriate locations, the majority of residents allege connection points were placed in “impractical locations” – often without consult-

ing the resident beforehand. “They shifted the connection point from the western side of my property to the eastern side without telling me,” resident Heather Brown said. “Now we have to dig an extra 21 metres to get to it.” n Continued Page 8 n Mayor ’s concern over ‘disorderly’ council meetings – Page 3

A large expansion of the Snowtown wind farm will create about 10 permanent jobs in a boost for the local community. Stage one was completed in November 2008, and this week renewable energy producer TrustPower Ltd announced its decision to proceed to stage two. This will involve building the remainder of the 130 approved turbines, with a proposal to add another 19 turbines resulting in a total of 149 turbines across the Snowtown wind farm site. It will be more than twice the size of stage one and is expected to create more than 100 construction jobs. This and other planning variations now require approval from Wakefield Regional Council before the TrustPower Board can give the final go-ahead for the expansion. “The proposed 214.2 MW stage two expansion of the Snowtown Wind Farm represents a substantial investment in South Australia’s Mid North region and will take the total capital value of the completed Snowtown wind farm project to around $800 million,” said TrustPower business development manager, Rodney Ahern. “It will make the Snowtown wind farm one of the largest wind farms in Australia, and make a substantial contribution towards Australia’s and South Australia’s renewable energy generation targets of 20 per cent by 2020 and 33 per cent by 2020 respectively.” •A public information day will be held in Snowtown on Thursday, May 13, to provide the community with detailed information about the wind farm expansion and to explain the proposed variations to the original proposal. n CONTINUED PAGE 8

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The Two Wells & Districts Echo has been published on the Adelaide Plains for more than 30 years. It is now published in a new tabloid format by Papers & Publications who also publish the award winning newspaper the Plains Producer which has thrived for more than 100 years in the Lower North and Adelaide Plains region serving SA’s premier wheat and legume growing district.

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Wednesday May 5, 2010

NEWS v District

Elaine Hawkins, Ann Thompson, Cathy Blackwell, Joan Ramsey and Lee Hughes enjoy a glass of champagne and a chat at the recent Girls Night In at the Balaklava Town Hall.

Emma-Lee Lomman (middle) and Megan Shepherd check out Kelly Hahmdorf’s gifts.

Sensational Girls night in!

MANdy Tiller (left) and Kate Dale make a donation while they have a chat with Karla May. LEFT: Jo Michalanney and Sam Tiller with a recipe book, plant and some of the childrens’ handy work. RIGHT: Sisters Shelley Lamond and Gaelene Taylor with daughter Skye’s decorated bowl.

n A sensational turnout of more than 200 ladies attended the ‘Girls night in’ at Balaklava Town Hall on Friday night, to raise funds for the Balaklava Community Children’s Centre. Ladies browsed the 19 stalls on offer with plenty of bargains had and plenty of girly activities available. Kelly Baker from successful business ‘Edible Blooms’ was the guest speaker, and also announced Dianne Taylor as the winner of the door prize, with second prize going to Kelly Hamdorf. The children’s centre raised more $3500 and are grateful for the community support.

ROSHANNA Bull and mum Tessa McArdle with a selection of their giftware.

Teachers rated ‘unfairly’ on net


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Awebsite which rates the performance of teachers is said to be “public humiliation” for teachers and schools. Balaklava High School principal, Mark Healy, said he had known about the website for a couple of years now, and described the majority of the contents as an unfair, “distasteful” representation of teachers. “It’s not a fair measure based on good teaching criteria,” Mr Healy said. “It’s just a way for students to have a go at their teachers and vent,” he said. Mr Healy said the website,, was “not a healthy way for students to get their thoughts across”. Nevertheless, Mr Healy, who is listed as a teacher but had not taught in about a year, said the website also had its positives.

“On the counter-side, I’m aware of good teachers who have had good reviews on the website,” he said. The SA Teacher’s Union has branded the US-based site “cruel” after receiving calls from distressed and upset teachers whose names appear on the site. Mr Healy was quite amused his name appeared with other BHS teachers. “We have to keep in mind who is getting on the site and why they are rating teachers as they are,” he said. More than 400 South Australian schools are listed on the site, where users rate teachers one to five (one being poor, five being great) on easiness, helpfulness, clarity and popularity. While the majority of the comments are positive, some have been described as “derogatory”.

Bans on important national literacy and numeracy tests for children in South Australian schools are due to begin next week. But the tests will be held at Balaklava High School. Balaklava High School principal, Mark Healy, said: “The Australian Education Union (AEU) has endorsed a ban on this year’s literacy and numeracy assessment tests, but Balaklava High will be administering and facilitating the tests at our school”. The State government maintains the importance of the tests for children and their progress at school. The tests are designed to help teachers measure the reading, writing and numeracy skills of students.

Children and their parents will also be assisted with an objective measure of the child’s progress in class. Principals can also use the tests to check on what programs work best for students and their future achievement. The AEU ban is expected go ahead in some public schools. The ban does not affect non-government schools. Mr Healy said although Balaklava High would be adopting the tests, he did agree with the AEU that it only provided a “snap shot” of how students were going with their studies. “All tests are just a snapshot in time of what a student can achieve,” Mr Healy said. “No doubt the test has its benefits, but it only acts as one useful tool in children’s learning,” he said.

No school test ban

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

NEWS v District wakefield regional council:

Question time S p e c ia l ‘out of control’ d ay f o r Mu m s says mayor Public question time at Wakefield Regional Council (WRC) meetings appears to be more of an ‘out-of-control protest’, rather than an opportunity for the public to ask questions and raise concerns. WRC mayor, James Maitland, described the behaviour of some members of the public during question time as “unacceptable”. At last Wednesday’s council meeting, 20 Port Wakefield residents were present in the public gallery to voice their concerns regarding Port Wakefield’s community wastewater management scheme (CWMS). Public question time, which lasted for two hours, did not appear to be enough for angry residents who continued to voice their opinions and ask questions even after public question time was declared over by mayor

Maitland. “I don’t know how we’ll go about it, but measures need to be taken to avoid and stop public question time from becoming disorderly,” mayor Maitland said. According to WRC chief executive officer, Phil Barry, public question should be considered as a privilege and not abused. “Question time is not used at all councils,” Mr Barry said. Wakefield Regional Council has adopted it at its meetings for the public to ask questions and have their say,” Mr Barry said. Last Wednesday’s outburst during question time was the second consecutive meeting the mayor had to ask the public to “quieten down” or they would be asked to leave.

Wakefield Regional Council mayor, James Maitland and chief executive officer, Phil Barry, were called to “retire” by Balaklava resident, Barry Thompson during public question time at last Wednesday’s council meeting. Council remained under scrutiny over the Supreme Court’s recent ruling over a land issue in favour of Balaklava businessman and farmer, Peter Evans. During public question time, Mr Thompson said “responsibility needs to be taken” and declared council’s court loss would result in a “massive waste of tax-payers’ money”. In the fiery council meeting, Mr Thompson asked why council had not resolved the issue with Mr Evans “amicably”. Mr Thompson also asked whether the costs would be published on council’s website “to inform tax-payers of how much they would be required to pay”. WRC chief executive officer, Phil

Barry, said “it would be up to council” if the amount would be published on the website. “So, rate-payers aren’t allowed to know?” Mr Thompson replied. The Full Bench of the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Mr Evans in March, to allow a house to be built on farmland south of Balaklava. It is alleged court costs could amount to more than $100,000. Mayor Maitland and Mr Barry maintained the decision to appeal to the Full Bench was in “good faith”. “We were looking for an amicable solution – but Mr Evans did not want to accept the decision of the Environment, Resources and Development Court when it first ruled in favour of council,” Mr Barry said. Mr Barry said council did not have a “heavy” history of major court battles, and insisted the Evans case was just the second in recent years.

By Lauren Hermon

Mayor, CEO ‘should retire’ says resident

THIS Mother’s Day will be extra special for mother of three Tameaka Darby, of Grace Plains, who recently welcomed her third child – Mahlia Bella, born on March 26, weighing 7lb 15oz, at Gawler Health Service. She is pictured with Bodhi, one and Shylah two. PHOTO: LISA REDPATH.

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NEWS v District

‘Unprovoked’ attack on aged couple MALLALA Police reported a 41-year-old Thompson Beach man for aggravated assault in Mallala on Wednesday, April 28. It was reported the man allegedly attacked a 78-year-old Clapham man and his 73-year-old wife in an unprovoked attack. He will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date. Police reported an 18year-old Mallala man for misuse of a motor vehicle after he was allegedly observed doing burnouts at Hewett on Wednesday, April 28. The man had his vehicle seized for seven days


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and will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date. OWEN Owen Primary School this week had obscene graffiti left on surfaces around the school. The offences are alleged to be have taken place between Friday April 30 and 8am on Monday, May 3. Graffiti was also located on fencing outside 20 Main street, Owen. n Advertising Feature

BALAKLAVA Police arrested a 17year-old man for allegedly driving a motor vehicle while it was unregistered and for the misuse of a motor vehicle on Sunday, May 2. The vehicle was impounded for a period of seven days. He was bailed and will be summonsed to appear in court at a later day. A 22-year-old Port Wakefield man was de-

tected allegedly drink driving with a blood alcohol reading of 0.098 along Inkerman road on Sunday, May 2. The man was disqualified from driving for a period of six months. He was later arrested for allegedly breaching a domestic violence restraint order. Police were called to a disturbance at John street, Balaklava on Sunday, May 2. It resulted in three individuals issued with cannabis expiation notices. TWO WELLS Two Wells and Mallala police issued a defect notice to a 17-year-old

Trials prove yield increase

An independent replicated wheat trial was conducted in Groomalling, Western Australia, to measure the effects of TwinN on yield and protein levels when combined with different applications of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers. Key results A comparison of treatments with the basal mixed fertiliser, plus or minus TwinN, showed a single application of TwinN significantly increased yield by 20 per cent (324kg/ha). A comparison of plots receiving the basal mixed fertiliser plus 30L/ ha UAN versus plots receiving the basal mixed fertaliser plus 15L/ha UAN plus TwinN showed that the TwinN plus a lower rate of UAN produced a 13 per cent (227kg/ha)

increase in yield. The highest protein level (9.5 per cent) occurred in a TwinN treated plot. TwinN plus 15L/ha UAN (T3) produced the highest yield in the trial, producing 13 per cent higher grain yield that the standard ‘high Nitrogen’ treatment (30 L/ha UAN, T1) for this district. A direct comparison between plots that received the basaal MacroProExtra, with or without TwinN, showed that TwinN application (T2) drove a large 20 per cent increase in yield over the nonTwinN increased profitability. Trial Layout The experiment was conducted within a 20 ha paddock. Four treatment plots, each measuring 50 x 7.5 metres, were

arranged within three replicate blocks. The four treatments were allocated randomly within each block. The trial was conducted to analyse by Meag Soil Consultancy. All plots received 80kh/ha of MacroProExtra planting. TwinN and UAN were re-applied at the 4-5 leaf stage to the relevant plots. They were applied seperately- not tank mixed. TwinN was applied once on July 23 2009, at Z16 growth stage (4-5 leaf). The application was made in 50L/ha water using a boomspray and TT11002 nozzle at 1-2 bar to give a coarse droplet. The application was made at 10am, 15 degrees, onto a dew that lasted until mid-afternoon.

Pooraka man after he was stopped on Port Gawler Beach, Port Gawler on Friday, April 30. The vehicle allegedly had major compliance defects resulting in it being defected and sent to Regency Park for an inspection. A 17-year-old man from Salisbury Downs who was a passenger in the vehicle was issued with a cannabis expiation notice for possessing equipment used in conjunction with the smoking of cannabis after a small pipe was allegedly found on him. Police reported a 17year-old Lower Light man for allegedly contravening a condition of his provisional drivers licence after he was stopped for a mobile random breath test on Port Wakefield road on Saturday, May 1. The youth, whose

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Motorists allegedly ignored a heavily pregnant Lewiston woman and her child as they lay trapped in the wreck of their car for 45 minutes on Monday. The woman was driving her six-year-old daughter to school at Angle Vale along Gawler River road when a car allegedly driving in the middle of the dirt road clipped her Holden Commodore. The impact spun her car around before it slammed into a tree, trapping her and her daughter inside. Both mother and child were flown to Flinders Medical Centre where they remain in serious but stable conditions. • NEW phone number at Gawler Gawler police can now be contacted on 8522 0400. The number is not yet in the White Pages. General enquiries can be directed to the old number, but people are asked to take note of the new number.

Window decoration

Regarding the empty shop windows in Balaklava (The Plains Producer, April 29): Thanks, Fay (Rowland). Your letter was a real encouragement, as we often wonder if folks notice. We also hope there will be a good display for the coming Eisteddfod. If anyone would like to help, please phone 8862 1151. Window workers (Shirley and Colin Welke)

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fringement notice to a 19-year-old Ardrossan man for allegedly drink driving and breaching his provisional licence conditions on Saturday, May 1. The man’s blood alcohol level was 0.72.

Lewiston mum and child trapped in car

LETTER to the Editor

BioTech Organics

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blood alcohol level should have been zero was allegedly just under 0.05. The man received an infringement notice for about $200. CLARE Police issued an in-

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CHAP’s dementia funding Federal government funding will help support people with dementia and raise awareness of the condition. Member for Wakefield, Nick Champion, and Minister for Ageing, Justine Elliot, announced Country House Advocacy Project Inc (CHAP) would receive $18,670 as part of $3.5 million in grants to fund community projects. Funding will support and raise awareness for people with dementia, their families and carers. Money will be spent on the provision of information sessions on dementia at breakfast meetings for local businesses, and dementia service and health providers. “Local communities are the key to improving awareness about dementia and helping families and carers provide support and care,” Mr Champion said. The Federal government has provided nearly $255 million to the Dementia Initiative and more than $384 million to the National Respite for Carers Program in the last two years. More than 245,000 Australians have dementia and nearly a million family members and friends care for them.

Red Cross

• An Owen Red Cross trading table held in Balaklava last Friday morning raised $311.20. The raffle raised $122.20. Winners were Sandy Hodgetts of Owen, Ron Harvey and Lois Harkness, both of Balaklava.

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010


Top effort from hospital helpers

Star of the North

we circulate in: Auburn, Balaklava, Blyth, Brinkworth, Bute, Clare, Dublin, Gawler, Hamley Bridge, Kapunda, Lochiel, Lower Light, Mallala, Manoora, Owen, Pt. Wakefield, Riverton, Rhynie, Roseworthy, Saddleworth, Snowtown, Stockport, Tarlee, Two Wells, Virginia, Wasleys, Watervale, Windsor.

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Rehearsals for Two Wells Melodrama Group’s “The Bold and the Beastly” are drawing to a close, with the usual last-minute rush to finish costumes, props and learning lines before opening night on May 14. The show is loosely based on a true myth from the Dark Ages, or even earlier. Set in ancient Ireland, it features some shipwrecked Scots, two bulls, a feisty princess, some brave Irish folk, a goddess and a leprechaun. A bloody battle between warring armies is matched by a battle of the bulls, and a battle of wills between the king and queen. The stakes – but not the steaks – are high Tickets are available for all seven performances. There will be six evening performances on three consecutive Friday and Saturday nights between May 14 and May 29. These are dinner performances starting at 7.30pm, with a three course meal included in the ticket price of $33. Doors open 7pm. A matinee at 1pm on May 23 will include a two-course meal for the cover price of $28. To book, phone 8520 2778 (leave a message), or send an email to


Member of Country Press SA Phone: 8373 6533

• Price - $1.40* Vol. 105 No 16


Auction raises $2,000 Mallala A hugely successful charity auction was held at the home of Maxine and Neville Symes of Mallala last Sunday. The proceeds, which exceeded $2000, will go towards cancer research. Maxine said the day had an excellent turn out with quality merchandise on offer. “There was a great turn out from far and wide,” Maxine said. Chris Madigan was also at the auction to promote native trees and shrubs.

A sausage sizzle was as popular as ever with bargain hunters, and auctioneer Neil Bowden donated his time for the event. Maxine said she had received a lot of good feedback and was now looking forward to the annual Biggest Morning Tea at her house on May 27. A street stall last Friday also raised $1800 to go towards the same cause. “I’d like to say thanks to the ladies from the Mallala Friendship quilters group and their husbands for endless help and support,” Maxine said.

This week’s poll - vote online now.

4 Are you happy with the performance of your council?

4 This week’s poll questions:

No- 44.1%

•Do you think a wind farm will be good for the Samphire coast?


Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Eleanor Mowle of Riverton and Districts High School has been selected to represent South Australia in the secondary school sport championships in Melbourne in May. Eleanor also is an Australian representative for an event in the USA starting in September.

We help people through difficult times

Durdin Funerals

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E For First Aid kits & restocking or advice on the new Cod of Practice contact St John Shop CLARE 8842 1064



Print Post Approved PP531442/00003

Eleanor shines

CHLOE Camilleri (centre), of Advantage SA, was in Balaklava last week to promote the new Advantage SA awards, which replace the SA Great Regional awards. What better place to do that than at Balaklava Racing Club, winner of six SA Great awards and a member of the SA Great “hall of fame.” Pictured with Chloe holding some of the club’s awards are Carly Gregor (front) and Lee-anne McCracken. Nominations close June 4 Entry details: www.

Have your say on local issues. Vote online via The Plains Producer readers’ poll. Go to

Yes- 55.9%


Advantages in winning award

Balaklava Former Balaklava woman Meg Smart (nee Heritage) is participating in a bike riding fundraiser from Melbourne to Adelaide. The charity ride started at Albert Park on Sunday and will finish at EFM Lonsdale on May 14. Funds raised go towards the Neo-Natal Unit at Flinders Medical Centre. “As a recent bike rider, this is a big ride for me to undertake,” Meg said. “I have lost 34kg and now feel confident to ride...even in lycra,” she said. She is riding for babies, and said this was a real privilege. “We are hoping to raise $50,000 for an incubator for the unit. We are well on the way with $35,000 on our website,” Meg said. To donate, go to

(*Recommended and maximum price only)

The Plains Producer, winner 2008 & 2009 Best Newspaper award, *under 2,500 circulation

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to Bronte@

Meg pushes on for Flinders babies

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Take five

News Morsels by Bronte Hewett

‘Beastly’ affair

our copyright:



Balaklava THE Balaklava auxiliary for the Women’s and Children’s hospital raised $12,000 for the year, making them second highest fundraisers in the state. There were 57 in-patients and 272 out-patients from Balaklava, so money raised to buy equipment was a necessity. Without support from the public, fundraising would be a lot harder. Auxiliary members are grateful for ongoing support from the public. Women’s and Children’s hospital region four conference was held on Tuesday, April 20 and Natasha Grigg will be regional chairperson for another two years. Her mother, Nollene Grigg, will be secretary. Two Wells

•Did you attend the ANZAC service in your town?

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Mayor’s Diary Learn from others Discover! – the Local Government Association’s “Showcase” was held in conjunction with the LGA’s half yearly general meeting recently. The Showcase, held in the alternate years to the traditional LGA conference, is an interactive and exciting experience which combines a major expo of council and sponsor displays, and a concurrent speaking program. The Showcase provides an ideal opportunity for councils to learn from the experience of others. It’s a great chance to view and learn about the amazing range of services councils deliver for their communities every day. More than one third of SA councils participated in the two-day seminar and with 24 speakers from councils presenting on a diverse range of topics – there was something for everyone! PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE I attended with Wakefield Regional Council CEO, Phil Barry, and chaired a session entitled “Growing Communities”. There were two presentations – “Safer Entertainment Precincts” delivered by Jennifer West, of Adelaide City Council and “Footprints”, presented by Janet Taylor, of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. The former covered binge drinking and anti-social criminal behaviour in entertainment precincts and asked the questions – were these just an issue for the police, or all of us? “Footprints – addressing racism/discrimination” is a project promoting community harmony and showed how Port Adelaide Enfield council has been pro-active in ensuring its community has stronger foundations by recognising its diversity. A parks alive event, music, drama, dance and public art, a DVD and a tool kit for schools are just some of the elements. Although we in the Wakefield Regional Council area may not often be directly or greatly affected by issues raised in either seminar, there is no doubt components of each could be found in our towns and therefore apply to us as a community – particularly as we continue to grow. I found areas of each topic very interesting. Other topics which could be applied to our area included “Water Initiatives on Yorke Peninsula”, presented by Yorke Peninsula District Council CEO, Ricki Bruhn; “On Your Bike - strategic tourism growth for rural communities”, by Northern Areas Council, and “Implementing a Regional Development Assessment Panel” by Renmark Paringa Council. Also, Flinders University’s Professor Dean Jaensch spoke prior to the actual general meeting on the “Wash up of the State Election” and reminded councils of the ongoing challenge local government faces with the new look parliament in getting favourable outcomes for its communities whilst so many other state priorities are evident. WATCHING THE ‘GREAT PLAN’ Also discussed at “Discover” was the State government’s “Greater Adelaide Plan.” Wakefield Regional Council is not included in the Plan at this stage (District Council of Mallala is) but we believe councils on the periphery of the selected area should be kept in mind when any planning decisions are taken. We most certainly will be keeping a “watching brief” on the Plan. DIARY NOTES: I attended a function on April 15 where WA’s Syngas (exploring for lignite locally) opened its Adelaide office and last Friday attended, along with CEO Phil Barry, the Wakefield Group of councils meeting at Playford Council offices. Issues to be raised before the coming Federal election were discussed. CONGRATULATIONS – to Balaklava’s Neighbourhood Shed on its recent opening. This shed joins Port Wakefield and Snowtown (one of the State’s oldest at 11 years) in creating another great community builder for Wakefield Regional Council. WELL DONE – to all our towns and residents for a great turn-out on ANZAC day. It’s a wonderful mark of respect. Thanks to the local RSL sub-branches, organisers and everyone involved. This column is sponsored by:


FEDERAL Wakefield MP, Nick Champion (right) at Dublin Institute with Pat Thompson, District Council of Mallala mayor, Marcus Strudwicke, (left) and CEO, Charles Mansueto, celebrating the new ramp installed as part of the Federal government’s stimulus package.

Tax plan will strengthen Wakefield – Champion Federal Member for Wakefield Nick Champion has welcomed the release of the government’s new future tax plan, saying it will strengthen the economy and deliver jobs and real benefits for working people across Wakefield. Mr Champion said the big winners of the government’s tax plan would be small business and working families through investments in superannuation. The tax plan would prepare Australia for the big future challenges with reforms that will invest in retirement savings, infrastructure and jobs across the country. “I am enormously proud of the contribu-

tion the community of Wakefield has played to ensure that Australia stayed out of recession in the face of the worst global crisis in 75 years,” Mr Champion said. “It is crucial we convert our successes during the global recession into lasting gains to our community through a stronger economy and a fairer and simpler tax system, and the Government’s tax plan will do just that.” Mr Champion said the announcement of the new Resource Super Profit Tax would ensure Australians got a fair share from our valuable mineral resources. “All Australians have a stake in our mineral wealth, so it is right we see a fair

share of that. The government will give small business a head start on the cut to the company tax rate, reducing it to 28 per cent by 2012-13. They will also benefit from instant write-off of assets worth up to $5000,” Mr Champion said. “This means less red tape and up front tax relief for our small businesses who give so much to the local community of Wakefield.” “Small business did a huge amount of heavy lifting for our economy here in Wakefield during the Global Recession and they are a big part of the reason why our unemployment rate has stayed so low.”

It’s a ‘squib’ says Nationals leader Leader of the Nationals, Warren Truss, said the Federal government had squibbed the opportunity for major tax reform and re-affirmed its high tax, high spend, tax churn philosophy. “Faced with 138 recommendations from Treasury secretary Ken Henry, Federal Labor has accepted only 2.5 of them. More than 100 recommendations are still awaiting any response from the government, leaving all taxpayers and welfare recipients in uncertainty,” Mr Truss said. “This is most astonishing display of political weakness since their incredible about face last week on its emission trading scheme.

“Seven of the new announcements are either not covered by the review or actually opposed by Dr Henry. “Mr Rudd promised us a ‘root and branch’ review. Instead, all we got was a fig leaf.” Mr Truss said major concerns for all Australians, but particularly those living in the regions, is the recommendations which have not yet been ruled out. These included: • Three new taxes on the trucking industry; • Basing all new road spending on economic assessment; • Charging full energy equivalent exercise on ethanol, biodiesel and LPG; • A review of the zonal tax

rebate based on a new definition of remoteness; •A congestion tax on major city roads; • A volumetric tax on alcohol, once the current wine surplus abates; •Abolishing the duty free allowance for tobacco; •A new cash flow tax on business, and • Basing third party insurance on distance travelled. “The small reduction in company tax for small business will be dwarfed by the impact of the government’s increase in the superannuation guarantee rate – which Dr Henry recommended against,” Mr Truss said.

“At least two-thirds of small businesses will miss out on the government’s tax cut anyway, as they are not companies or not profitable. “And the 40 per cent ‘super tax’ for the mining industry is pay back for miners opposing Labor’s emissions trading scheme. The new tax will be a fatal blow for many Australian resource projects, setting back prospects for ongoing regional development. “The Federal government is bereft of ideas. Now it has been given some, it has reverted to its default position of political cowardice and taxing the pants off any industry daring to make a profit.”

SAFF concern at impact on farms “Farm business and the agriculture sector are key drivers to the Australian economy,” SAFF president, Peter White, said after the release of the Henry report by the Federal government. “It is essential farmers and their representatives continue to be consulted and involved in discussions on possible longterm improvements to the tax system,” Mr White said. “The Henry report raises issues around wealth transfer taxes, land and resources taxes, taxing consumption, taxes to improve the environment, and road transport taxes.

If not handled correctly, each of these could spell the end of agriculture as a viable industry in Australia. “At this stage the Federal government’s response is minimal and the SAFF will be working to ensure that farm businesses are not disadvantaged and are provided with every opportunity for growth as sustainable business enterprises,” Mr White said. SAFF is in the process of analysing the Henry report and the Federal government’s response. Some specific comments on a few of the recommendations: 5b – the zone tax offset should be

reviewed. If it is to be retained, it should be based on contemporary measures of remoteness – CONCERNED, SAFF in its submission wanted zone allowances expanded to encourage people to remain in rural areas, and to encourage others to move to rural areas. 5e – averaging tax offsets for primary producers should be retained – AGREE 17 - The capital gain tax regime should be simplified by removing the active asset 50 per cent reduction and 15 year exemption concessions – CONCERNED, particularly when transferring assets. Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Doctors wary of health promise The Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA) has warned the Federal government that it will need to be “extremely vigilant” to ensure some State governments don’t shortchange rural hospitals and health services when allocating health funding from the single funding pool agreed to at the recent COAG meeting last week. It has also urged the Federal government to ensure local clinicians have the promised input into the proposed Local Hospital Networks. RDAA fears if these networks are placed under State control local clinicians may not be given ample opportunity to participate in a decision-making capacity in them, based on past experience of some states’ removal of doctors from local hospital boards. “While we have yet to see the fine detail, we are somewhat surprised what had been touted as a federal takeover of health funding appears to have the states still firmly in the driver’s seat” RDAA President, Dr Nola Maxfield, said. “If this federal-state agreement is simply the first tentative step towards true national health reform, then that’s fine, but if this is the totality of the health reform agenda for Australia we are all in trouble... particularly those living in the bush. “Whether the Federal government will have

much greater control over healthcare delivery under the new agreement than it currently does remains uncertain, given the states appear to have retained significant control over the health funding purse strings. “Consequently, the national minimum standards for hospital services—as promised by the Prime Minister—will be crucial in keeping the states honest when it comes to allocating that funding and ensuring rural hospitals and rural health services receive the funding they desperately need and deserve. “RDAA will be closely monitoring the further development of the federal-state health funding agreement and single funding pool. “The Federal government also needs to ensure that the Local Hospital Networks and proposed Primary Health Care Organisations are responsive to local communities and do not end up covering much wider regions. “If we are to see any benefits in the bush from the changes proposed by the Prime Minister, the government must deliver the real workforce incentive measures that are so desperately needed to attract more doctors to country communities, such as the Rural Rescue Package proposed by RDAA and the AMA and supported by the Australian Medical Students Association.

Griffiths urges local comment

LOCAL State MP for Goyder, Steven Griffiths, is urging residents to comment on Country Health SA’s Draft 10 Year Health Service Plan. Mr Griffiths said information had been gathered to identify weaknesses within the health service network through the Balaklava Riverton Health Advisory Council (HAC). This included consultation with the community and stakeholders. Mr Griffiths said he was committed to the retention of all existing health services. “I urge everyone to review the draft plan and make comment, Mr Griffiths said. “Once a service is lost it is very rare it is ever reinstated. That is why we need to ensure the 10 Year Health Service Plan delivers what we as a community want”. The Draft 10 Year Health Service Plan for the Lower North is open for public consultation until Friday June 4. Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

NEWS v District

Building progresses at Owen primary

Construction of a multi-purpose building is well underway at Owen Primary School. The building, part of the Federal governement’s Economic Stimulus Package for schools, should be completed in about eight weeks. Once finished, it will be used for assemblies, special events and various activities. Principal Alec Tibbitts said the project was coming along nicely. He is looking forward to its opening.

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Karaoke Wednesday Night - May 19

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Peter Coad & Coad Sisters Sunday June 6 - 1pm

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Lower Light Hotel

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Fawcett, Edwards in Liberal Senate bid The SA Liberal party pre-selected party members last Friday to run as Senators in the next Federal election. Incumbent Senator Mary Jo Fisher will take the number one spot as the party replaces two retirees – Alan Ferguson and Nick Minchin – at the upcoming election. Former MHR for Wakefield, David Fawcett, who took third spot on the

Liberal Senate ticket ahead of party vice president Peter Salu, is looking forward to tackling rural issues. “Wakefield and certainly the rest of the state is suffering with mismanagement,” Mr Fawcett said. “I’m looking to bring in good policies to benefit people. “I’m particularly looking at rural health and getting more doctors out in

the rural and remote areas,” he said. Mr Fawcett also hopes to help benefit the youth by increasing trade training at technical colleges. “I’m looking forward to working with the coalition to create a good government,” he said. Liberal party president and country businessman, Sean Edwards, took second place, before Mr Fawcett, in the

Liberal Senate ticket. Mr Edwards said he was “very keen to ensure Mary Jo Fisher remains in the Senate” and will support her as she is a “hard worker”. Mr Edwards, who is from Clare, said he was “delighted to be number two and is proud to be the only SA Senator living in country SA. “I’m in the heartland and can represent the agriculture and exporting industries,” Mr Edwards said.

David Fawcett

‘Fix it’ plea over CWMS • From Page 1 Frustrated resident John Kipling said “hell will freeze over before [he] hooks up to the scheme”. “They say it’s for health reasons, but we had a perfectly good septic system. Nothing has changed, so why do I have to hook up to it?” Mr Kipling said. Resident Colin Doherty, who offered to provide a bus for council members to drive down to Port Wakefield to witness the problem themselves, was also disappointed with the location of pegs at his residence. Mr Doherty said his pegs had been placed in the middle of his driveway. “No-one could have picked a worst place possible so far from the toilet,” Mr Doherty said. Local resident, Darryl Pain said he was pleased community members rallied together to discuss the serious issue. “We’ve got nothing against the workers of the project. It’s the higher up people who are lacking expertise,” Mr Pain said. Another resident, Robert VanDerSman, said he was happy with the location of his connection points, but believed consultation had been ignored in regard to other residents’ connection points. “As contractors, they have been very courteous, but I don’t know if they have made contact with everyone when shift-

ing people’s pegs,” Mr VanDerSman said. Echoing Mr VanDerSman’s thoughts was resident Brian Young, who said his dealings with the connection points had been “straight-forward”. In a report to council at its last meeting environmental services manager, Elca McCarthy, proposed a recommendation to resolve to endorse the decisions of the CWMS project team for connection points to be as provided, but was deferred by council members who voted to review the situation for one month until the next ordinary council meeting. Ms McCarthy said she had already dealt with about 50 relocations of connection points, and said council was not avoiding or ignoring anyone. “I’ve been told there are more disgruntled residents not happy with their connection points. But I can only deal with what information is given to me,” Ms McCarthy said. “I can’t investigate if I’m not aware of the situation and location. “If there are issues, we will look at them and evaluate the situation. “Wallbridge and Gilbert have been appointed as Council’s superintendents there to oversee the project and Diverse Civil and Commercial Projects has been contracted to undertake the project. “Council has done the responsible thing by engaging experts to oversee the project,” she said.

Concerns noted and meeting planned WRC chief executive officer, Phil Barry noted residents’ concerns. “There were certainly a number of questions raised at last Wednesday’s council meeting,” Mr Barry said. “It was raised that communication has not been adequate enough. “We’ll first need to collate suitable dates to meet with Western ward councillor to Port Wakefield and deputy mayor, Barry Nottle, was reluctant to go into detail about the issue when contacted by the Plains Producer. “The main people to talk to is the mayor and CEO. It’s a council issue we’re trying to address and hopefully the majority of council will meet in Port Wakefield

all people involved including Diverse Civil and Commercial Projects. “After deciding on a suitable date, council will definitely meet in Port Wakefield to see the extent of the concerns. Describing residents’ concerns as “genuine”, Mr Barry said the CWMS project would also bring added benefits to the town.

to address the issue,” Mr Nottle said. The other western ward councillor, Scott Kelly could not be contacted for comment. Eastern ward councillor David Lamond, who personally visited Port Wakefield a few weeks ago, said he was “disgusted” by the progress of the project, and encouraged council to also visit

“The scheme is connected to the treatment plant. As a result the football club oval will receive more water in a cost effective manner,” Mr Barry said. However, Mr Barry maintained the importance of treading carefully. “It’s a multi-million dollar project so there needs to be a proper investigation,” he said.

Port Wakefield to view the state of the town. Central ward councillor Avon Hudson, who pushed the motion to investigate the issue further at last Wednesday’s council meeting, described the CWMS and impractical placing of connection points as a “first class disaster”. “I’ve been watching the problem closely for a

while now,” Mr Hudson said. “But we councillors have almost no say in any of these things. “I don’t think the idea of council going down to Port Wakefield to see the problems will achieve a lot. “They can look at it as much as they want, but unless council’s advisers address the problems

• Diverse Civil and Commerical Projects workers dig up White street in Port Wakefield on Friday. nothing much will happen to stop the problems. “I’ve seen it all for years - there’s a lack of supervision. “Many councillors don’t want to comment. They say leave it to the mayor and CEO to handle. “But it’s supposed to be our right and privilege and freedom of expression. Otherwise we may as well hand the country over to a dictator,” he said. Mr Hudson, who believes council needs to find the best deal for the people, said if he was a Western ward councillor he would have done something about it a long time ago.

Snowtown has good news blowing in • From Page 1 Mr Ahern said Stage two would produce about 750 gigagwatt hours (GWh) more electricity each year, which is enough to power about 130,000 average South Australian homes. [One gigawatt hour (GWh) equals one million kilowatt hours. A kilowatt hour (KWh) is equivalent to the energy consumed by a 100 watt light bulb burning for 10 hours.] It would also contribute significantly to Australia’s emission reduction targets by saving more than 700,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. “Completion of stage two would have substantial direct and indirect benefits for the Mid North region in terms of landowner royalty pay-


ments, construction jobs and ongoing economic activity associated with the wind farm - continuing and extending the benefits accrued by stage one,” Mr Ahern said. Stage two would be more than twice the size of stage one, which had been estimated to contribute a return to the community of about $1.2 million a year. It is anticipated it will create eight to 10 additional permanent jobs and more than 100 construction jobs. In addition, the Lend a Hand Foundation (a community fund of $15,000 per year created by TrustPower and administered by the Snowtown Lions Club) had assisted many local community and environmental initiatives. Mr Ahern said TrustPower had

undertaken considerable work in anticipation of stage two, including ecology surveys, aboriginal heritage surveys, aviation lighting studies, transmission line studies and overhead power line easement negotiations, with commercial arrangements now in place for the purchase of land for two proposed new electrical substations. This work had resulted in an optimisation of the proposed turbine locations and a proposed new overhead power line route to connect the Snowtown Wind Farm to ElectraNet SA’s transmission network, requiring several variations to the original proposal. “Since the original wind farm layout was approved, detailed aboriginal cultural surveys undertaken

on site have identified areas of archaeological and anthropological significance,” Mr Ahern said. “This has required some turbines be moved from their original approved locations. “Similarly, further ecological studies have identified areas of ecological sensitivity that meant some turbines have been shifted to avoid disturbing them. “As part of the public consultation process associated with the planning variation process, TrustPower proposes to conduct a public information day in Snowtown at the start of the formal public consultation period, at which the stage two infrastructure will be described and the rationale behind the locations selected for this infrastructure explained.”

Rodney Ahern.

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010


Now you can water your garden up to 7 hours per week. Extended watering times are now in place for areas covered by level 3 enhanced water restrictions.

Our winner – Angus Tapscott of Two Wells, won the “Sands of Gallipoli” competition

with a story of his great-great grandfather’s missing medals. He is pictured with his prize and Mum, Marie, brother Jack and sister Airlie.

On their way


Dripper systems and hand-held hoses fitted with a trigger nozzle can be used for a maximum of 7 hours spread over the week between the hours of 7-10am or 4-7pm on any day. Sprinklers remain banned. Watering cans and buckets can be used at any time.

Anytime Watering cans


Dripper systems

Hand-held hoses fitted with a trigger nozzle


Other watering systems

Up to 7 hours per week 7-10am or 4-7pm any day of the week

Joanne Shepherd graduated on April 20, at Flinders University with a degree of Bachelor of Education (middle school) and a Bachelor of Health Sciences. She is the daughter of David and Glenda Shepherd of Balaklava and is currently teaching at Maitland Area School.


Watering times remain unchanged for people with a permit who are unable to adhere to restrictions due to age or disability. All other restrictions remain unchanged.

Cooper Altmann (standing) and Dre Talbot started in reception at Snowtown Area School this term.

Save water and money inside and outside the home with H2OME Rebates including a water efficient garden goods rebate up to $100!* For details of areas covered by restrictions or permanent water conservation measures and information on rebates visit or call 1800 130 952. *Terms and conditions apply.

JAM SAW/0091/D

Former Balaklava High School student Leonne Hewson, of Mallala, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Sport and recreation management. Leonne is the grand daughter of Charles and Elaine Hewson, of Halbury.

New arrival

Olivia and Levi Ritchie are proud to announce the safe arrival of Alexander Colin, weighing 6 pound 6 ounces on April 22. A new baby brother for Kasey and Natallie Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010


LOCAL v Living

The Way

We were 5

YEARS AGO May 2005

• The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Balaklava’s Becky Thomas her wish to meet the Essendon Football Team.


YEARS AGO May 2000

• Bevin Brooks was officially named principal of Balaklava High School, taking over from Mike Coad, who won the position of district superintendent in Port Pirie.


YEARS AGO May 1990

• Maureen Tucker and Ethel Earl were presented with a 25 year service and 20 year service badge respectively, when the Mallala branch of the Adelaide Children’s Hospital auxiliary held its AGM.


The pie floater - an Adelaide icon by Norma Schopp

times when vendors with horse or hand-drawn carts sold pies baked in a wood-fired oven - and soup from a simmering pot. The pie carts became meeting places where cabbies, police, nightwatchmen and other workers rubbed shoulders with theatre patrons in formal evening wear, musicians, politicians and businessmen.” The first pie cart was licenced in 1871 and by 1915 there were nine. In 1938 the City Council, prompted by other food traders’ complaints, decided to abolish

pie carts as the current owners ceased trading. By 1958 only two remained in the city - at the GPO site and outside the Adelaide Railway Station. Another also operated at Norwood. The pie cart was declared a BankSA Heritage Icon in 2003. The nightlife of central Adelaide wouldn’t be quite the same without this “authentic and uniquely South Australian culinary tradition.” I must admit I have never had a real pie floater - I love homemade pea soup (made with yellow split peas), but the green soup doesn’t excite my taste buds. However, I know there are thousands of people who reckon a pie floater is “manna from heaven.”

Pie floater (information courtesy of BankSA Icons 2003).


Supported by Balaklava Veterinary Service. Phone: 8862 2088



• May 5: CHAP meeting, open forum, Hayfield Plains Community Centre. • May 12: Long Plains Red Cross morning tea. • May 13: Pub talk with Channel Nine’s Brenton Ragless, Mallala Hotel. • May 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 28, 29: TW Melodrama, Community Hall. • May 22-23: Brinkworth Football Club 100th birthday celebrations. • May 22-29: History Week, Balaklava Museum. • May 24: SA Police Band, BTH. • May 30: Avon Craft Group reunion. • June 12: Caeliac Support Goup, Gawler Health Service; Second Saturday markets, Belly Junction, Balaklava. • Jul 30, 31, Aug 1: Balaklava Eisteddfod. • Aug 6: Blyth paper drive. • Aug 7: Balaklava paper drive. • Aug 14: Caeliac Support Group, Gawler Health Service; Balaklava Golf Club auction night. • Sep 25-26: Clare Hobbies Alive. • Nov 5: Blyth paper drive. • Nov 6: Balaklava paper drive.

Heritage Highlights

“It looks like a bowl of green mushy gruel with a lump of something solid sitting in it. On closer inspection this absolutely inedible looking mush turns out to be a hearty pea soup, with a meat pie upended in it. It is often embellished with tomato or Worcestershire sauce and/or vinegar.” Delicious? Many South Australians and lesser numbers of their more intrepid visitors think so. It’s South Australia’s own culinary specialty, the ‘pie floater’. The hearty meal is traditionally eaten at kerbside from a ‘pie cart’, the most famous being Cowleys’ - the GPO corner wouldn’t be the same without it. The name ‘floater’ may have come from an early English slang expression describing a dumpling in soup, but its South Australian origins date back to early colonial


















































































Difficulty level: 16

o FILL the grid so every row and every 3 x 3 square contains the digits 1 to 9.

When establishing a dog tooth brushing routine with your pet, you first want to be sure to choose the right time. Select a time when both you and your pet feel relaxed, a time that is convenient for you so that you do not feel rushed. After selecting a time, you need to gradually get your dog used to the process of tooth brushing. Some dogs will accept this routine much more freely than others. It is best to not use a toothbrush at first. Instead, hold your canine friend as if you were cuddling it. Then using your finger, stroke the outside of its cheeks. Af-

Brushing your dog’s teeth ter your dog appears to be comfortable, place some flavoured pet toothpaste on your finger and let your pet taste it. The flavour will leave your pet wanting more. After going through this process a few times with your dog, you can now introduce the toothbrush. Place a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush. Then, using circular motions, brush a couple of your dog’s teeth as well as the gum line at the bottom of the teeth. This

Good News

Balaklava Stitch Joint CROSSWORD

Ken Packer

“God…by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of.” Ephesians 3.20 (Living Bible).

will help your dog get used to the feeling of the toothbrush. Over the next few days, gradually brush more of your dog’s teeth until you are eventually getting to all of them. Always be sure to move slowly and to be gentle to avoid upsetting your dog. You don’t want to stop the brushing if your dog begins to resist, otherwise he/she will learn that fighting

gets her out of dental cleaning. At the same time, do not forget to give your dog praise after completion. Your ultimate goal should be to brush for 30 seconds on each side of the teeth. Concentrate mostly on the outside of the teeth, because dogs do not tend to get much tartar on the inside. The teeth in the back, however, are very important.

Did you know


D Hydrogen gas is the least dense substance in the world. D The smallest transistor is 50-nanometres wide – roughly 1/2000 the width of a human hair. D The typical bolt of lightning heats the atmosphere to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. •From:


May 16

May 23

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

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LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 9.00am

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UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge.......... 9.15am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.30am Nantawarra...........With Lochiel Lochiel....................... 5.00pm Pt Wakefield............. 10.30am

UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............11.00am Hamley Bridge.......... 9.15am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.30am Nantawarra..................9.00am Lochiel...........with Nantawarra Pt Wakefield............. 10.30am

UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge......... 11.00am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.00am Nantawarra...........With Lochiel Lochiel......................10.00am Pt Wakefield............. 10.30am

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010



ith the area around Buckland Park facing proposed major housing developments, the Plains Producer explored the original homestead of Buckland Park, built in the 1800s, delving into the history of this topical area. BRONTE HEWETT reports:



n 1996, the former owners auctioned the original 22,000-acre estate off, and the property was split up into many different sections. The homestead, which came with about 20 acres of land, was purchased by the Battye family, who occupy the house today. David and Glenda Battye have four daughters, Jasmin, Suzy Sharee and Jo. The property was overgrown and slightly neglected when the family moved in, but is now looking quite the opposite. “We’re just restoring it to its former glory,” Glenda said. “We hope this part of history can be retained forever,” she said. There were a few issues with salt damp, which have been resolved but structurally, the house was in good condition. Having always wanted to breed horses and a country lifestyle, the Battyes have made their dream a reality. “We love it here,” Glenda said, “We feel so lucky.” The property is primarily used for horse breeding, with Glenda and David racing and selling both standardbred and thoroughbred horses. According to Glenda, the Buckland Park development, which is on the other side of the river to the property, is good for the area. “We’ll still have our 20 acres, but all the facilities will be closer by. It worries me a little bit about flooding, but otherwise it’s good for the area,” she said. History In the not so distant past, Buckland Park was home to a prestigious 22,000-acre property visited by governors and the future King and Queen of England. One hundred years later, and the land around Buckland Park is heading for another significant development– accommodating 37,000 residents. Perhaps only another hundred years or so will tell how the Buckland Park rural fringe development will unfold. Exploring the history of a once thriving sheep and cattle property uncovers a station which combined the outback of Australia with traditions of British elite society. From about 1840, the original owner of the Port Gawler Station, as it was known, was George Milner Stephens, son-in-law of Governor Hindmarsh. In 1885, Buckland Park homestead and station fell into the ownership of Mr Leonard G. Browne, after ownership was passed back and forth between his father and Mr John Ellis for a while, over a disagreement about the health of the sheep on the station. It was during Leonard Brown’s ownership that the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Yorke– the future King George V and Queen Mary, visited. Their visit to Australia was during the first opening of Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia in May, 1901. On May 9, they arrived in Adelaide on the royal yacht for a five day stay. The Duke travelled to Buckland Park station by a specially decorated train, to Salisbury, and then by buggy. The Duchess followed the

There might be a new town proposed for land around this grand old estate – but the original building remains a delightful home for the Battye family

Keith Applebee was born in the Buckland Park area, and currently resides down the road from the historic Buckland Park estate. He helped introduce our reporter to the property and the area. Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Glenda Battye outside the grand old home with grand daughter Eve Mavridis.

Always centrepiece of a growing state

same route two hours later. Various points along the drive were decorated by locals displaying produce of the district. Once at Buckland Park, the future King and his entourage set about their reason for being there–shooting ducks, with 25 bagged by lunch. Afterwards, the Duke went to bag some peacock, while the Duchess was entertained by some buck jumping and shearing demonstrations. During Leonard Browne’s ownership, which was mostly spent in England, he allowed some of the land to be used for the Two Wells and Virginia Agricultural Show. After Mr Browne’s ownership, the property passed into the hands of George Brooks and his son, Edmund. Edmund remained in control after his father’s passing, and was to become very influential in the South Australian agricultural industry. He was also chairman of the District Council of Port Gawler between 1927–29, which later amalgamated with District Councils of Dublin and Grace to become the District Council of Light (now Mallala). He became and held the position of chairman of this amalgamation from 1935–1951. The O’Connor family then took over ownership of the Buckland Park property in 1973. The Battye family were the next to occupy the home. The homestead Construction of the historic homestead started around the 1840s, with additions in the 1890s. It was completely refurbished under archi-

THE classic sitting room with ornate ceiling and marble fireplace. tectural supervision in 1977, which included a new roof, plumbing and wiring. The gallery is 40 feet of stained timber ceiling and floor which opens to the indoor atrium with a pond. There is a drawing room, study, dining room and family sitting room, all with open fire places. There are five bedrooms, with the main and guest rooms featuring marble open fire places. Also included in the main building are the two bathrooms, large country kitchen, servery, large utility room/laundry, good cellar, wired in verandah and double carport. In a separate building is the billiard room and games area. It totals about 70 squares.

LEFT: The elegant gallery featuring an atrium. BELOW: The imposing front of the homestead.

The property The estate today is surrounded by an abundance of gum trees, towering above the homestead and dating back hundreds of years. Providing shade and a sense of the Australian bush, the tranquil setting also boasts a tennis court and swimming pool. Since 1997, the Battye family have built horse yards and stables to the front of the property, which are occupied by a number of stunning, healthy looking horses, which have been bred there. Neighbouring buildings are etched with historical features, including the old shearing quarters, cattle shed, wool sheds and former employees’ homes. There were about 15–18 workers on the station during its prime sheep and cattle days. Glenda said a lot of people with historical connections often dropped in to the estate, to see how the homestead looked today. When time permits, Glenda hopes to learn more of its fascinating history.


Week commencing May 6










Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

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special feature v BALAKLAVA HIGH SCHOOL

Jaylen Phillips and Bianca Maddigan

Thomas Lawson and Jess Angel

Kate Rodgers and Jacob Curnow

Kate Langdon and Mitchell Daniel

John Roberts and Kylie Harrold

Samantha Florance and Jonno Hallion

Rachael Gill and Riley McDonald

Katie Knight and Benjamin Mayne

Kimberley Graham and Michael Clifford

Liana Wilson and Travis Bedell

Zac Guy and Maddy Sayner

Kerry Folkes and Amber Birchmore

Keana Parkinson and Samantha Scott

Jake Hempel and Laura Garrett

Mel Callaway and Ben Goudie

Kimberley Graham and Caitlin Miller

Lucy Moffatt and Kane Williams

Samuel Marriott and Tamika Curtin

Pauline Florance and Todd Baker

Sara Eitzen

Wayne Slattery and Abby Curnow

Kayla Smith and Jenna Guy

James Lehmann and Brianna Wedding

Jessie Neilson and Ross Sharer

Jessica Rapko and Hannah Jordan

t h g i Midn sky

Luke Guy and Cass Powell

Samuel Tiller and Brittny Heslop


Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

special feature v BALAKLAVA HIGH SCHOOL BHS formal King and Queen

Aaron Williams and Shelley Tynan

Adam Von-Zieden and Sherri Haynes

Shane Hayes and Ainsley Hill

Alicia Trench and Tyrone Stowers

Amelia Jones and Brayden Koch

Susanne Northcott and Jasmine Riggs

Casey Michael and Dallas Hill as King and Queen and at right Casey with Lachlan Michael.

n Pictures kindly supplied by Nicole Bryant

Special night was all class Amanda Van Ree and Robert Blackwell

Nathan Greenshields, Amanda Abberley and Thomas Rowe

Josh Tynan and Hannah WilsonTown n Balaklava High School held its school formal with a “Midnight Sky� theme at Balaklava Sports Club last Friday night, with 120 students and partners attending.

Amy Clisby and Sam Rowland

Brittany Taylor and Trent Chadbourne

Chelsea Saint and Jason Henderson

Anna Konzag and Dale Maclean

Dallas Hill and Alice Turner

Tess Connor and Angus Bugeja

Brydie Atkins and Kirk Kirvan

Ellie Reusch and Josh Kroepsch

John Rennie and Danielle Haley

Daniel Butterfield and Maddison Veitch

Brandon Hancock and Jessica Rapko

Caitlin Strudwicke and Tom Murfett

Emily Lane-Watson and Jade Klingberg

Emily Sanders and Matthew Pearce

Jack Jenner and Sophie Reinhardt

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SPORT v Football/Netball

AP FL ac tio n fro m Sa turday’s ma tch es RIGHT: Bomber Matthew Koch tries to gain control of the footy as Ram Con Mylonopoulos closes in for a tackle, eventually successful (below).

ABOVE: Bombers’ new recruit Dylan Lockwood grabs the footy in Virginia’s forward pocket, while team mates Luke Slok (middle) and Craig Allen shepherd in the A grade match. LEFT: Rooster A grader Ben Slattery grabs the ball.

RAM Caleb Howell performed well for his side against Hamley Bridge on Saturday. ABOVE: Koby Paxton in action for Two Wells in the A4 game. LEFT: Longies B grade netballers Stephanie McArdle (left) and Amy Barr keep the ball in play.

Online photo orders now available!

Just click on the photo link Published & non published editorial and sports photos taken by Plains Producer photographers are available to view and order from our website 18

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SPORT v Football

Magpies make it three losses for the Tigers By Kym Jarman

TIGER Mitchell McIntyre handballs away in the senior colts match against Mallala on Saturday.

JARRAD Rattray takes a mark for United during the senior colts match. Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

In the A grade match at Long Plains, reigning premiers Mallala continued on their winning way in 2010 downing the home side by 52 points to win their third straight game, and send their arch-rival United crashing to the foot of the table after three straight losses. From the outset it was Mallala who dominated possession, getting their hands on the ball early and moving the ball forward with their characteristic silky skills. Christian Rimmer, the Montgomeries Joel and Ryan and new recruit Mark McEvoy were all in on the act and at quarter time the Magpies were already six goals in front. Rimmer who was awarded a ‘double goal’ opportunity by the umpire capitalised and actually kicked three goals within a minute after again hurting the Tigers following the next centre clearance. Although it was only early in the match, signs were again ominous for the Tigers who had one solitary goal on the board, trailing by 38 points at quarter time and also had Mark Pym on the bench with a suspected broken nose. Mal 7.2, United 1.0 Tiger coach Travis Opitz ripped into his side at quarter time. A Sunday rumour suggests a lady at a farmhouse three kilometres away actually walked outside to see what all the yelling was about. To their credit the Tigers took note of their delicately delivered instructions and immediately lifted after the break. The Tigers looked an almost different side as they started to tackle and harass the Magpie ball getters. Much intent was shown by the Tigers and they even started to get on-top at the contests. Unfortunately their skills were now the only thing letting them down. After being unable to reward their good work it was Mallala who snatched the first goal of the second term eight minutes in. The crumbing goal came after a great contest saw Tiger Matt Dickie and Magpie Brad Griffiths hit hard at pace in mid air - both landing horizontal. The Tigers must have been disappointed Mallala stole a goal despite their obvious “lift” and they quickly replied with a great running goal scored by Jamie McArdle following some great rebounding defence involving Brodee Brown, Heath Pym and Peter Burgoyne. They were the only goals scored in an intense and tight second quarter. Half time: Mal 8.4, United 2.3 After the break United again looked much better than they did in the first

Mallala 15-9 (99) d United 7-5 (47)

term but again the reigning premiers’ class rose to the top – again grabbing the first goal of the term. United replied quickly however and again it was through Jamie McArdle who was having a large impact after coming off the bench. The match continued on in the same ‘tight and contested’ vein until enigmatic Mallala forward Daniel Feeley hacked a soccer style goal out of mid air from 25 metres out. Although United were battling away there was a distinct difference between the two sides in the skills department. While United were struggling to hit targets and even kick a well-weighted ball, Mallala were presenting and running to space as if it were second-nature. Their wingmen and forwards fully confident in their team-mates’ ability to kick the ball out in front. United goaled through James Rundle who too had just come off the bench and Mallala replied late in the term through Brian Montgomerie. One thing I learnt in this term was that Jason Earl is one of the best kicks of a burly football ever. Three quarter time: Mal 11.7, United 4.4 The final term started with little hope for United. Although they had managed to contain Mallala and play out a very even

MALLALA senior colts vice captain Ben Goudie takes possession as he and Tiger Jakob Curnow chase the ball to the boundary.

contest since quarter time that margin at the first break was still haunting them. With 20 minutes to play and just four goals on the board it was hard to see a way back. Nevertheless, they goaled early through Burgoyne before it looked as though Tiger Matt Lance had goaled – only to be awarded a behind by the Mallala goal umpire. Moments later he looked to have kicked a behind - which was awarded a goal. The judgements may have well been correct and it may have just been a strange angle or an optical illusion from the ‘media box area’. Following this Lance couldn’t seem to take a trick with the field umpire awarding three straight kicks against him – neither one seemed fair. One feels he may as well have hit the showers but in the end he pulled a muscle and limped from the field anyway. United goaled again through Rundle and were playing quite a good spirited quarter. They had eaten into the Magpies margin but it was too little too late. Before they eventually ran out of steam Mallala piled on some late goals to assert their authority - making the game an even one following quarter time. Mallala’s skills and their great first term proved the difference between the sides.


In the Reserves match at

Long Plains it was Mallala who came out of the blocks to jump United in the first term. From there on they never looked back running all over United in the first half of what was expected to be a much closer match. Although United did save some face with a much better second half performance, the Magpies did enough to hold the home side at arms length to win their first game of season 2010 by 36 points. After losing their first two games of the season it was evident that Mallala had “come to play” as they instantly began taking the ball from the centre square – something they had not yet done in two first up tough games against reigning reserves premiers Two Wells and the improved Virginia. The Magpies run and carry was a feature this week, as was their pace and ability to link handball. Across half back Paul Blacket was a catalyst along with Kale Jamieson who repetitively fed off midfielders Dale Maclean, Rhys Argent and co to run United ragged. Mallala’s slickness and ability to win clean possession in the centre and at the stoppages was a highlight compared to the Tigers who seemed flat footed and stagnant. Magpie focal point Derek Tiller had plenty of supply and finished with six goals up forward. If he had capitalised on some early chances in the match he could have finished with eight or more. For United they had some solid performers who never gave in all day. Dylan Carter, John and Chris Mason, Ben Pym and Roger Jenkin were few that could hold their heads high over the four quarters. Many other players lifted after half time but in the end United simply had too many passengers that had little or no impact on the game. The Tigers now must look forward to coming weeks as they try to resurrect what is a slow start to the season.

junior colts

Mallala started well with Trent Graham scoring twice to give the away side a handy quarter time lead. A dominant second quarter by Mallala saw Angus Clothier, Trent Graham and Lachlan O’Leary scoring goals to give Mallala a nine-goal half time lead. The second half saw the mercy rule brought into play resulting in a more even contest with United’s Charlie McIntyre scoring for the home side. Overall a fairly dominant display saw the Magpies home easily.


SPORT v Football

APFL Premiership Table Balaklava Hardware & Fodder

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Bombers looking sharp in new training guernseys

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after round 4 games A GRADE Team P W HW Eagles 3 3 Mallala 3 3 Balaklava 3 2 Virginia 4 2 Two Wells 3 1 United 3 0 Hamley 3 0 RESERVES Team P W Virginia 4 4 Two Wells 3 2 Hamley 3 1 United 3 1 Balaklava 3 1 HW Eagles 3 1 Mallala 3 1 SENIOR COLTS Team P W Balaklava 3 3 Mallala 3 3 Two Wells 3 1 HW Eagles 3 1 Hamley 3 1 United 3 1 Virginia 4 1 JUNIOR COLTS Team P W HW Eagles 3 2 Two Wells 3 2 Mallala 3 1 Balaklava 3 2 Hamley 3 0 United 3 0 Virginia 4 0

Hamley Bridge footballers now look the part at training in their new training guernseys. Several sponsors’ names are on the jumpers, such as Selleck Transport, Line Family Trust, Owen Arms Hotel, Schahinger Motors, Jodarn communications, BJ Would Plumbing and Gas, West End, Chemplus, Hamley TakeAway and Lyndoch Motors.The idea was proposed by Steve Ford and thanks were given to sponsors and to Sue Lines for “doing the running around”. “We look very sharp at footy training,” coach Rian Nelson said. n Hamley Bridge A graders Luke Smith (left) and Rhys Savage sporting the new training guernseys.


L 0 0 1 2 2 3 3

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

B 1 1 1 0 1 1 1

FF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

F 284 246 247 445 258 160 204

A 181 173 206 387 283 257 357

% Pts 61.08 6 58.71 6 54.53 4 53.49 4 47.69 2 38.37 0 36.36 0

L 0 1 2 2 2 2 2

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

B 0 1 1 1 1 1 1

FF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

F 419 224 214 168 136 126 118

A 144 139 214 199 171 267 271

% Pts 74.42 8 61.71 4 50.00 2 45.78 2 44.30 2 32.06 2 30.33 2

L 0 0 2 2 2 2 3

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

B 1 1 1 1 1 1 0

FF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

F 401 253 311 225 133 99 155

A 77 82 147 227 297 245 502

% Pts 83.89 6 75.52 6 67.90 2 49.78 2 30.93 2 28.78 2 23.59 2

L 0 0 1 1 2 3 4

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

B 1 1 1 1 1 1 0

FF 1 1 1 0 1 0 0

F 168 162 140 157 103 41 0

A 24 33 77 109 151 185 192

% Pts 87.50 6 83.08 6 64.52 4 59.02 4 40.55 2 18.14 0 0.00 0

Leading Goal Kickers mid north

Computer Services

Traditional guernseys help Roosters first win Two Wells 12.14(86) defeated Balaklava 9.16(70) The Two Wells Roosters secured their first win of the season on Saturday, with a 16-point victory over Balaklava at home. The side wore the club’s original style guernseys (which were auctioned off with the players that night at the player auction.) In a fairly even game, the Peckers showed potential in the third term, but were outplayed overall by a Rooster team effort. Two Wells coach Stephen Fitzgerald said it was a good three and a half quarter effort by his side. “I think we controlled the first half and they controlled most of the third,” he said. “We regained control in the final term.” For Two Wells, Ben Speteri produced a stand out performance, taking on much bigger opponents and often coming out with the goods. “He put in a good four quarter effort and was hard at it all day,” Stephen said. Ned Seccafien had his best game this season and is returning to his full potential, while Tallan and Khan Leighton still performed well under defensive pressure. Bryce Hart impressed onlookers with a ‘run with’ role on Ben Catford, who had limited opportunity with the football. Balaklava playing coach, Stuart Lamond said the game was even, with Two Wells taking advantage of the slight breeze and capitalising in the final term. He said defensive pressure from both teams resulted in poor kicking. “We weren’t able to capitalise with opportunities and shots at goal,” he said. Defensive prowl from Derek Friedrichs earned him the outstanding player for the Peckers, while Hayden Walker had another solid game in the ruck. Across the half back line, Justin Michael put in a solid effort all game with Jared Cmrlec, Jed Rowland and Daniel Gardner also gaining a mention in best players.

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Round 4 in review n Bronte Hewett reviews round four football matches

Mallala 15.9(99) defeated United 7.5(47) Mallala got the good start they have been working towards to set up a steady win against United Tigers. The Tigers tightened up after half time, but the Magpies didn’t let anything slip and went home with another two points secured from the 52-point win. Mallala coach Keith Earl said he was pleased to finally get a good start. “We haven’t been having good starts the last few matches, so we worked on that,” he said. The Magpies put eight goals on the board in the first half, while United were restricted by solid defence and only put two through the middle posts. Mallala on-baller Ryan Montgomerie played out another good game, working well with fellow on-ballers Christian Rimmer and Jason Earl. James Wildbore worked hard through the back pocket and Marc McEvoy ran the wings and was really tough in the contests. United coach Travis Opitz said the Magpies were merciless in the first half when his side were slow off the mark. “We played catch up all day,” Travis said. While the start set up the game for the Magpies, the Tigers evened things out in the second half, but didn’t have quite enough to win. “We couldn’t score freely because they’re just such a good side,” Travis said. United’s captain Simon Schulz played well for the Tigers, saving his side on many occasions in the back lines. Heath Pym, Brett Sharman and Adam Mansfield contributed to the team’s strong effort in the second half.

Travis said the Tigers would go back to the drawing board to improve their skills and competitiveness. Virginia 22.16(148) defeated Hamley Bridge 13.11(89) Virginia were successful in securing another win, handing Hamley Bridge a 59-point defeat at the Rams’ home ground. Both sides came out hard with Hamley Bridge leading at quarter time. But Virginia worked hard in the second quarter, with the Bombers lapsing and giving away too many goals. The Rams scored seven goals to the Bombers’ two. According to Bomber coach Rian Nelson, these bursts of ordinary football are letting his side down. “We will have a really great 10 minutes of football then a really ordinary 10 minutes,” he said. Despite this, he said the Bombers continued to improve each match. Stuart Gregory was in good form again, while Tom Smith and Dylan Lockwood played well in half forward line and on the ball. The Bombers were again under pressure with no bench after half time. Virginia coach Greg Phillips said the game was no walkover. “They played some good footy, and really pushed us. “We had to be on our game,” Greg said. Troy Wilkey was the stand out performer, winning the football in the middle a lot and also carrying the ball with strong hands. Meanwhile danger man and Rams’ full forward Brendon Niklaus booted 10 goals to strengthen Virginia’s lead. Anthony Seccafien played the wings well while left footed Billy Nikou kicked three goals in his third game. Mark Catanzariti also did well in his tackling and forward line pressure, while Celeb Howell earned an honourable mention for his continual hard work. The Rams could be facing an upset with strong mid field attacker Graham Rigney awaiting results of a possible broken hand from the second quarter.

Kick a goal with their quality service! 30 George St Balaklava - Ph: 8862 2409 A GRADE Pos Name Today Year 1. Brendon NIKLAUS - Virginia 10 14 2. Stuart Lamond - Balaklava 3 13 3. Brad GRIFFITHS - Mallala 1 9 4. Daniel FEELEY - Mallala 3 8 5. Scott WISE - Two Wells 3 8 6. Peter BURGOYNE - United 2 8 7. Jonathon BRICE - Balaklava 2 7 8. Lee ALLMOND - Two Wells 1 7 9. Troy WILKEY - Virginia 1 5 10. Graham RIGNEY - Virginia 0 5 11. Danny WIESE - Hamley Bridge 0 5 12. Brian MONTGOMERY - Mallala 2 5 RESERVES Pos Name Today Year 1. Jason BECKER - Two Wells 2 14 2. Steven LIOULIOS - Virginia 5 7 3. Alex LEO - Virginia 4 7 4. Clinton McDONALD - Two Wells 4 6 5. Derek TILLER - Mallala 6 6 6. Troy CRAMPTON - Virginia 0 6 7. Adam BAKER - Hamley Bridge 0 5 8. Christopher MARSHALL - Balaklava 1 5 9. Travis NICHOLLS - HW Eagles 0 4 10. Terry LIOULIOS - Virginia 1 4 11. Adam PRATT - United 0 4 12. John MASON - United 2 4 13. Roger JENKIN - United 3 4 14. Jason McPHARLIN - Balaklava 1 4 SENIOR COLTS Pos Name Today Year 1. Shane McGUINESS - HW Eagles 0 17 2. Jack JENNER - Balaklava 3 12 3. Luke TASSEL - Two Wells 3 12 4. Luke GUY - Balaklava 0 10 5. Sam VAN KLEEF - Balaklava 1 7 6. Hayden RAMSAY - Two Wells 0 7 7. Peter McMILLAN - HW Eagles 0 6 8. Lewis BANNEAR - Virginia 1 6 9. Joshua PATERSON - Two Wells 1 6 10. Tom LLOYD - Balaklava 3 5 JUNIOR COLTS Pos Name Today Year 1. Brandon TAYLOR HW Eagles 0 9 2. Jacob BUTTERFIELD - Balaklava 0 5 3. Jarrad DUNSTAN - Mallala 4 4 4. Dylan FAHEY - Balaklava 1 4 5. Jack HENNEKER - Two Wells 1 3 6. Kyle HUMMELL - Mallala 0 3 7. James SPEISSEGGER - Balaklava 0 3 8. Brad WILSON - Mallala 1 2 9. Jamie GOOD - Mallala 2 2 10. Trent GRAHAM - Mallala 2 2 11. Nick GOUDIE - Mallala 2 2 12. Daniel COOMBE - United 1 2 13. Lachlan GOSS - Two Wells 0 2 14. William ANGEL HW Eagles 0 2 15. Charlie ARBON - Balaklava 0 2 16. Dylan McCREDIE - Balaklava 0 2 17. Daniel PATERSON - Balaklava 0 2 18. Sam ROSENZWEIG - Hamley Bridge 0 2

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

SPORT v Football

APFL & NEFL Association Football Scores

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Gawler Rd, Virginia, Phone: 8380 9560 - Open 7 days 8am - 5pm APFL results from Saturday - Round 4

Mallala United

A Grade 7.2 1.0

8.3 2.3

11.8 4.4

15.9 7.5

(99) (47)

Goals - Mallala: J.Southern 3, D.Feeley 3, A.Lawrie 2, B.Montgomery 2, B.Griffiths 1, B.Start 1, J.Earl 1, J.Montgomerie 1, B.Hardie 1; United: J.Rundle 3, P.Burgoyne 2, J.McArdle 2  Best -  Mallala: R.Montgomerie, J.Clarke, C.Rimmer, J.Wildbore, M.Mc Evoy, T.Cawrse; United: S.Schulz, H.Pym, W.Banton, B.Sharman, A.Mansfield

Two Wells Balaklava

4.2 3.4

6.7 4.9

7.8 7.15

12.14 9.16

(86) (70)

Goals - Two Wells: S.Wise 3, K.Leighton 2, T.Leighton 2, B.Hart 1, N.Seccafien 1, A.Hardiman 1, B.Fitzgerald 1, L.Allmond 1 Balaklava: S.Lamond 3, J.Brice 2, J.Cmrlec 1, K.Ruiz 1, B.Catford 1, J.Walker 1  Best - Two Wells: B.Spiteri, N.Seccafien, B.Hart, T.Leighton, K.Leighton, C.Nurton Balaklava: D.Friedrichs, H.Walker, J.Michael, J.Cmrlec, J.Rowland, D.Gardner

Virginia Hamley Bridge

4.4 5.3

11.8 16.13 22.16 (148) 8.4 11.9 13.11 (89)

Goals - Virginia: B.Niklaus 10, B.Nikou 4, M.Young 2, A.Johnston 1, A.Seccafien 1, M.Catanzariti 1, A.Bascombe 1, C.Howell 1, T.Wilkey 1; Hamley Bridge: Not Supplied  Best - Virginia: T.Wilkey, B.Niklaus, A.Seccafien, B.Nikou, B.Galic, C.Dorward; Hamley Bridge: Not Supplied

Mallala United

Reserves 3.4 1.1

8.6 4.1

11.8 6.1

14.9 9.3

(93) (57)

1, D.Ireland 1 Best - Virginia: G.Stillasano, R.Starr, S.Lioulios, T.Karutz, A.Murden, T.Lioulios; Hamley Bridge: J.Peters, W.Slok, D.Millar, B.Selth, I.Naulty, D.Karpany

Mallala United

Senior Colts 2.4 0.0

2.4 0.2

6.8 0.2

7.8 2.2

(50) (14)

Balaklava Two Wells

1.0 0.2

4.2 1.7

8.5 5.9

13.8 7.9

(86) (51)

Hamley Bridge Virginia

4.5 0.1

4.5 2.6

6.6 5.6

9.7 6.9

(61) (45)

Goals - Mallala: Z.Hallion 2, D.Kearns 2, B.Goudie 1, J.Drew 1, K.Mohor 1; United: R.Sharer 2  Best - Mallala: L.Helps, C.Fry, B.Goudie, B.Martin, J.Drew, Z.Hallion; United: T.Bedell, R.Sharer, W.Bedell, J.Zweck, J.Rattray, J.Curnow Goals - Balaklava: J.Jenner 3, T.Lloyd 3, L.Williams 2, R.McPharlin 2, J.McBride 1, S.Van Kleef 1, T.Michael 1; Two Wells: L.Tassel 3, J.Shephard 1, J.Paterson 1, J.Haggerty 1, M.Sincock 1  Best - Balaklava: M.Clifford, R.McPharlin, T.Lloyd, T.Shepherd, R.McDonald, C.McPharlin; Two Wells: M.Daly, M.Sincock, L.Godfrey, B.Harvey, L.Tassel, S.Slattery Goals - Hamley Bridge: L.Henneker 4, B.Case 2, J.May 1, A.Power 1, J.Paues 1; Virginia: A.Pogas 3, L.Bannear 1, M.Petroff 1, T.Frick 1  Best - Hamley Bridge: A.Power, B.Case, T.Darwin, M.Gregory, S.Collings, J.May; Virginia: M.Lazenka, A.Pogas, L.Bannear, J.Jones, A.Hansen, M.Vigor

Junior Colts

Goals - Mallala: D.Tiller 6, K.Jameson 2, B.Thomas 2, B.Tucker 2, D.Mclean 1, S.Gardner 1; United: R.Jenkin 3, T.McArdle 2, J.Mason 2, D.Carter 1, D.Carter 1  Best - Mallala: D.Mclean, K.Jameson, P.Blacket, R.Argent, B.Tucker, D.Carpenter; United: J.Mason, D.Carter, B.Pym, C.Mason, R.Jenkin, D.Carter

Mallala United

Goals - Two Wells: C.McDonald 4, C.Christofis 2, J.Becker 2, A.Slater 1, T.Wake 1; Balaklava: K.Michaelanny 1, J.McPharlin 1, M.Fiegert 1, C.Marshall 1, K.Simon 1, R.Lamond 1 Best - Two Wells: B.Struck, L.Franklin, D.Applebee, A.Slater, T.Wake, D.Lamont; Balaklava: N.Yates, S.Henderson, N.Olsen, L.Simon, S.May, D.Butterfield

Two Wells Balaklava

Goals - Virginia: S.Lioulios 5, A.Leo 4, L.Bannear 2, A.Murden 2, R.Perre 2, A.Conti 1, D.Fedele 1, T.Lioulios 1, T.Karutz 1; Hamley Bridge: W.Slok 2, D.Karpany 1, D.Millar 1, M.Gregory 1, B.Traill

Hamley Bridge (Won By Forfeit) Virginia (Team Forfeit).

Two Wells Balaklava

Virginia Hamley Bridge

3.2 0.0

3.3 1.3

5.3 1.3

7.4 4.6

9.5 1.4

14.7 5.6

10.6 6.8

(66) (44)

19.10 (124) 9.12 (66)

4.4 1.0

9.7 1.7

9.7 1.7

9.7 1.7

(61) (13)

5.2 0.0

8.2 0.0

8.2 0.0

8.2 0.2

(50) (2)

Goals - Mallala: J.Dunstan 4, N.Goudie 2, J.Good 2, A.Clothier 2, T.Graham 2, B.Wilson 1, L.Oleary 1; United: D.Coombe 1  Best - Mallala: A.Clothier, J.Dunstan, R.Svetec, J.Watson, J.Good, B.Wilson; United: R.Lane, D.Coombe, J.Pratt, C.McIntyre, R.Curnow, H.Hosking Goals - Two Wells: K.Giniotis 3, J.Borlace 2, D.Kotsano 1, J.Henneker 1, J.Wilson 1; Balaklava: D.Fahey 1, C.Daebler 1  Best - Two Wells: W.Hart, B.Catanzariti, K.Giniotis, J.Borlace, N.Seccafien, J.Pellizzari; Balaklava: J.Harkness, R.Harris, J.Speissegger, J.Michael, C.Arbon, D.Michael

NEFL results from Saturday - Round 3

North Clare RSMU Hawks

A Grade 3.2 3.1

6.6 7.2

11.6 11.5

14.9 14.6

(93) (90)

2.5 1.3

7.12 1.4

9.14 5.6

12.18 8.9

(90) (57)

Best: North Clare - C.Jaeschke, M.Ward, A.Waters, A.Amey, N.Prokopec, J.Knappstein; RSMU Hawks - Z.Hier, D.Rowett, J.Williams, J.Vandeleur, B.Harrison  Goals:  North Clare - A.Amey 3, N.Prokopec 3, A.Waters 2, J.Koch 2, C.Jaeschke 2, J.Hollit, M.Turner; RSMU Hawks - J.Williams 5, J.Vandeleur 3, L.Percy 2, S.Noack, C.Mullins, B.Koster, T.Willmott

Min/Man South Clare

Best: Min/Man - B.Taylor, M.Young, L.Sandow, L.McDermid, B.Currie, S.Ross; South Clare - M.Reynolds, A.Vandeleur, J.Vandeleur, M.Thomas, H.Ward  Goals:  Min/Man - L.Sandow 4, B.Brysky 2, N.Forrest 2, S.Baraglia, C.Grace, L.McDermid, A.Winders; South Clare - B.Seymon 3, J.Vandeleur 2, S.Heinrich 2, A.Vandeleur

BSR Tigers Eud/Rtown

4.4 5.2

9.9 5.3

12.11 16.13 (109) 13.4 17.5 (107)

Best: BSR Tigers - A.Mackenzie, D.Pope, S.Martin, C.Weckert, T.Weckert, S.Hayes; Eud/Rtown - D.Vickery, J.Mader, C.Ah, S.Geister, R.Schmidt, E.Mumford  Goals:  BSR Tigers - D.Mellow 5, C.Weckert 4, C.Mattner 3, S.Martin 2, D.Pope, A.Burgess; Eud/Rtown - J.Trewren 4, R.Schmidt 3, S.Geister 2, J.Mosey 2, D.Vickery, J.Kotz, C.Ah, T.Ross, J.Mader, K.Dunstan

Blyth/Snow BBH Rams

6.3 4.1

10.4 7.1

17.8 7.2

19.11 (125) 12.7 (79)

Best: Blyth/Snow - B.Bell, J.Taylor, N.McCormack, M.Collins, K.Kennett, S.McCormack; BBH Rams - M.Hall, B.Wall, C.Cooper, D.Schuppan, L.Riggs, J.Lynch  Goals:  Blyth/Snow - J.Gillings 6, B.Bell 2, R.Darling 2, A.Hentschke 2, A.Lloyd 2, B.Moffatt 2, S.Atkinson, M.Collins, J.Taylor; BBH Rams - S.Tohl 2, N.Jackman 2, D.Reed 2, J.Lynch 2, A.Spicer, S.Quinn, M.Hall, J.Schuppan

RSMU Hawks North Clare

B Grade 3.2 1.2

7.4 2.3

14.5 3.3

18.8 5.3

(116) (33)

Best: RSMU Hawks - L.Wilkey, T.Ainslie, S.Goodfellow, T.Vater, J.Branson, M.Norman; North Clare - D.Bones, S.Jennings, B.Clothier, R.Tregilgas, B.Mcguire, M.Sims  Goals:  RSMU Hawks - P.Clark 3, M.Norman 3, J.Redden 2, B.McInerney, A.Maynard, D.Vater, S.Willmott, C.Ainslie, F.McInerney, B.Crozier, J.Branson; North Clare - B.Channon, D.Bones, S.Grace, J.Pritchard, D.Smith

Min/Man South Clare

2.3 2.1

4.6 4.1

5.9 7.3

9.10 9.4

(64) (58)

Best: Min/Man - T.Friebel, G.Brysky, D.Fogdan, J.Nicholls, B.Garrad, M.Nayda; South Clare - A.Heinrich, J.Fisher, M.Young, P.Chapman, D.Southall, J.Dunstan  Goals:  Min/Man - D.Fogdan 3, C.Lane 2, M.Hadley, C.McBride, M.Nayda, T.Friebel; South Clare - M.Young 3, S.Przibilla, J.Dunstan, R.Cole, P.Stanway, J.Young, A.Young

BSR Tigers Eud/Rtown

4.3 1.0

5.5 2.4

6.10 3.4

8.10 5.5

(58) (35)

Best: BSR Tigers - N.Pope, B.Jones, D.Longbottom, A.Mellow, D.Hentschke, J.Burgess; Eud/Rtown - T.Mosey, J.Schulz, P.Burman, T.Friebel, J.Mosey, D.Francis  Goals:  BSR Tigers - D.Jones 2, B.Weckert 2, A.Mellow 2, W.Lawry, D.Longbottom; Eud/Rtown - T.Mosey 2, J.Pfitzner, R.Westover, K.Voigt

Blyth/Snow BBH Rams

5.1 1.0

10.4 3.2

12.8 3.3

12.9 9.5

(81) (59)

Best: Blyth/Snow - S.Clifford, B.Pratt, T.Michael, L.Dohnt, S.Goldsmith, S.Gillings; BBH Rams - M.McAuley, T.O’connor, K.Reed, G.Newell, M.Cousins, B.Norris  Goals:  Blyth/Snow - S.Clifford 4, J.Cook 2, L.Dohnt, A.Dyke, B.Pratt, M.Stewart, K.Bjorkman, S.Krieg; BBH Rams - K.Reed 5, M.McAuley, S.Rayson, J.Bailey, G.Kellock

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Senior Colts

RSMU Hawks North Clare

4.4 1.1

10.7 16.13 23.16 (154) 1.3 1.3 1.3 (9)

South Clare Min/Man

7.1 0.2

11.2 3.3

Best: RSMU Hawks - B.Moreton, J.Smith, T.Connell, B.Plueckhahn, D.Bevan, R.Howson; North Clare - M.Dawson, M.Smith, N.Earle, T.Norton, M.Bannon, C.Earle  Goals:  RSMU Hawks - T.Smith 4, P.Allchurch 4, L.Schaefer 3, J.Smith 3, D.Bevan 2, B.Plueckhahn 2, M.Wellington 2, M.Rohde 2, R.Howson; North Clare - B.Catlow

14.4 4.4

16.4 6.6

(100) (42)

Best: South Clare - D.Minney, B.Mitchell, B.Eldridge, D.Day, M.Bennie, W.Weetra; Min/Man - O.Harding, A.Bruce, S.Taylor, D.Haynes, J.Schmidt, C.McBride  Goals:  South Clare - D.Day 4, P.Vonheyamnick 2, C.Napper 2, M.Bennie 2, B.Mitchell 2, M.Barnes, W.Weetra, L.Day, D.Minney; Min/Man - A.Bruce 2, T.Julyan, J.Mcgregor, B.Smith, A.Nixon

Eud/Rtown BSR Tigers

8.5 0.0

14.7 20.12 24.16 (160) 0.0 0.0 0.1 (1)

Blyth/Snow BBH Rams

3.3 2.1

8.5 2.1

MAGPIE Dylan Kearns runs with the footy, and is headed for goal during Saturday’s match against United. – Photo: Lisa Redpath


Each week The Plains Producer & Osctrot Carriers are giving away a football or netball. If you are pictured (right), contact The Plains Producer on 8862 1977 to claim your prize this week.

This Week’s Winner ‘Supporting junior sport throughout the region’

Best: Eud/Rtown - D.Reese, J.Schulz, Z.Tremaine, T.Mosey, K.Milde; BSR Tigers - J.Hayes, N.Bunfield, L.Kurth, L.Bunfield, M.Shane, D.Bruce  Goals:  Eud/Rtown - D.Reese 5, K.Schulz 4, K.Milde 4, T.Walker 4, L.Kimpton 2, T.Baker 2, Z.Tremaine, S.Zelenko, C.Redemski;

9.5 7.3

14.7 7.3

Best: Blyth/Snow - R.Ottens, C.Andriske, C.Giles, A.Elix, D.Salter, N.Bennett; BBH Rams - S.Connell, R.Maidment, J.Weltman, B.Radford, J.Alderson, A.Linder  Goals:  Blyth/Snow - C.Giles 4, C.Andriske 2, L.Mugge 2, D.Salter 2, A.Elix 2, H.Norton, N.Bennett; BBH Rams - M.Weichs 4, A.Linder, D.Keane, W.Brooks

Junior Colts

RSMU Hawks North Clare

7.0 0.0

12.1 1.0

16.5 1.0

19.8 3.0

(122) (18)

South Clare Min/Man

11.2 20.6 0.0 0.0

26.8 0.0

29.14 (188) 0.0 (0)

Best: RSMU Hawks - A.Rowett, L.Michalany, J.Connell, B.Heffernan, X.Redden, B.Sutton; North Clare - S.Gerrard, L.Jaeschke, A.Noble, B.Earle, T.Francis, L.Gill  Goals:  RSMU Hawks - A.Rowett 5, L.Michalany 4, J.Connell 4, J.Bowden, X.Redden, J.Schultz, N.Busch, S.Merrett, D.O’connnell; North Clare - T.O’sullivan 2, A.Noble Best: South Clare - D.Minney, P.Vonheyamnick, B.Day, M.Barnes, J.Pearse, J.Wallent; Min/Man - A.Nixon, L.Howard, Z.Sims, B.Jenner, B.Smith, P.Van  Goals:  South Clare - B.Day 6, D.Minney 5, P.Vonheyamnick 5, Z.Maynard 3, J.Jenner 2, M.Barnes 2, J.Westlakes 2, K.Ward, L.Smith, J.Pearse, C.Brodley;

BSR Tigers Eud/Rtown

1.3 2.1

2.5 4.4

Blyth/Snow BBH Rams

3.5 0.1

6.9 0.2

6.6 4.5

9.11 4.5

8862 2066 - Balaklava

(91) (45)

(65) (29)

Best: BSR Tigers - J.Hayes, M.Longbottom, T.Wilsdon, I.Moller, L.Hayes, A.Morgan; Eud/Rtown - I.Blumson, J.Bugeja, E.Dunstan, B.Coe, B.Biscan, B.Prior  Goals:  BSR Tigers - W.Longmire 2, T.Wilsdon 2, M.Longbottom 2, A.Morgan, L.Hayes, L.Wilsdon; Eud/Rtown - B.Biscan 2, J.Bugeja, I.Blumson

APFL Footy Face

Name: Jarrad Dunstan Nickname: JD DOB: 23/08/97 Height: 160cm Team: Mallala Guernsey No: 18 Favourite AFL & SANFL team: Port Adelaide, The Power Who is the most damaging player (on or off field) in your club? Joel Montgomerie Who is your club’s hardest worker (on or off field)? Adam Coe - always busting a gut to get the ball Highlight of footy career: Playing my first full game of juniors

If you could trade places with any person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? Gary Ablett Last book you read?

Double or Die If you won $20 million in the lotto, what would you do with the money? Give most to charity and keep some for later in life If you were a car, what kind would you be? Astin Martin DB9 If you were on the front page of the newspaper, what would the headline say? “Local boy makes AFL” If you could take any person on your next footy trip, who would it be? Gary Ablett What is the grossest item in your fridge? Tomato

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11.11 15.14 (104) 1.2 2.2 (14)

Best: Blyth/Snow - J.Andriske, T.Eime, T.Stephenson, D.Toholke, D.Giles, A.Giles; BBH Rams - L.Roth, J.Chandler, T.Weich, S.Mattey, J.Wiseman, B.Lee  Goals:  Blyth/Snow - T.Stephenson 6, J.Hunter 2, J.Andriske 2, T.Eime, A.Giles, J.Kennewell, M.Greet, D.Giles; BBH Rams - J.Cousins, T.Weich

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SPORT v Football

Can’t go past Mallala! •From Page 32 Balaklava will rely on their equally capable midfield which includes class act Ben Catford, natural ball getter Justin Michael, the talented Todd McPharlin and speedster Michael Wheaton all feeding off ruckman Hayden Walker. Mallala don’t have a dominant recognised ruckman, they haven’t for two years anyway. For this reason Balaklava’s ruckmen will most likely win the taps and the contested ball in the air. However, one feels Mallala’s precision of ball movement may enable their forwards to get on top and effectively take the Peckers defenders out of the contest? Of course the Cawrse brothers’ job in Mallala’s defence will again be important this week as they contain a Balaklava forward line with a fair few goal-kicking options. Can’t go past Mallala at this stage of the season!

Hamley Br v United

Both teams despereate for win

A fitting clash this week sees two sides yet to win a game in 2010 clashing at Bomberland. Obviously this week’s game gives both sides a chance to get a much needed win on the board – a win that both sides desperately need if their confidence is going to get into gear this season. United may have been perennial finalists over the last decade or more but it may be about time they started looking at the future. The Tigers may not believe they belong in sixth or seventh spot but something must change soon or that is exactly where they’ll stay. United look good on paper and also have the most talented player in the competition. But the Tigers have kicked just 23 goals three games of football – that level of potency certainly won’t win you many games. They must be eyeing this week’s game against Hamley Bridge as a chance to get their season back on track. However they won’t want to take the Bombers lightly! Hamley Bridge too are thirsty for their first

My Call n Kym Jarman previews APFL round 5 blood of the 2010 season. With United looking vulnerable every single Bomber player will most likely be lifting for this one knowing they have a genuine chance of singing their club song this weekend if they string four quarters together. No doubt United have missed Mark Pym in defence the last two weeks, they also have alternated up to six changes per week for the first three weeks thanks to injuries. On the weekend Matt Lance went down and again big Will Banton looked less than 100 per cent. While blokes like Adrian Mills, Heath Pym, Brodee Brown and Simon Schulz battle their guts out, whoever else pulls on a Tiger guernsey this week must rise to the challenge – and United need to get some flow going to move the ball from one end to the other. We know this week that Hamley’s Justin Schahinger, Stuart Gregory, Tom Smith, Ashley Natt and Dylan Lockwood will be doing their all for a Bombers side that is on the improve. They kicked 13 goals against the in-form Virginia last week so their confidence is on the rise. Although Hamley Bridge are at home I am going with United (but the house of cards can only stand for so long) If they lose this one they’re off my ‘kiss of death’ list.

HWE v Two Wells (at Port Wakefield)

It’s the Eagles at home

The replay of last year’s first semi final completes round five and also the five week ‘APFL split round’. The Eagles are of course looking for re-

venge over a Roosters side that knocked them out of last year’s finals race. If HWE win this one they’ll be sitting nicely at 4-0 heading into the regular ‘once home, once away’ season fixtures that remain. This carrot is certainly a big one for the Eagles and at home at Port Wakefield you’d say they are a fair chance of achieving it. Two Wells on the other hand will be equally as desperate as last year’s grand finallist has only one win on the board from three games thus far. It has been far from ideal season start so far but the good news is the Roosters can get their season back on track this week with a win on the road. The game could very well be won and lost in the engine room. HWE’s Wilson, Braham, Reid, Light and Manners will be up against Seccafien, Leighton, Spiteri, Hart and Allmond – you’d pay money to watch this any day of the week. Eagle Joe Hunt also looms as a big factor, being quite capable of kicking many goals up forward or taking control down back if required. If things pan out equally in the midfield it may be Hunt’s versatility that proves the difference. No doubt the Roosters need this win more than the Eagles. However at the much smaller Port Wakefield oval it is just too hard to go past the home side – especially as they have their game plan to suit the tight confines down pat. They will be looking to shut down Two Wells’ running game and take the chocolates this week.

t PLAYERS like Brodee Brown for United (below) and Stuart Gregory for the Bombers (right) will be working hard for their sides when they clash this weekend at Hamley Bridge Oval.

s The match between H W Eagles and Two Wells could be won and lost in the midfield, where players such as Eagle Jared Wilson and Rooster Ned Seccafien (left) should put on a crowd-pleasing display.


Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

SPORT v NEFL reports

Cats topple Rams in grand final re-match The Cats displayed all their claws in an impressive 46 point victory over their 2009 grand final foe at Burra Oval. After a high scoring first half, seven unanswered goals in the premiership quarter set up the emphatic victory. While the reigning premiers, the BBH Rams gained some respectability in the final term and reduced an 11-goal three quarter time advantage with five-goals-to-two last stanza, it didn’t diminish the difference between the two sides in this contest and the quality of Blyth/Snowtown’s performance. “It was quite a satisfying win,” coach Brett Ireland said. “We talked about putting the Rams under as much pressure as we could and this happening for the full four quarters. “Tackling was a feature of our game, with Nick McCormack leading the way. “The back six and forward line follow the lead of the midfielders. “Our tackling and turnovers were integral to the third quarter performance which gave us first use of the football.” New recruits this year, the returning premiership player and tackling machine Brad Bell, a player with the most unique kicking style in the NEFL Nick McCormack and Amateur League footballer James Taylor had a telling impact on the contest. Across half back, Kiel Kennett and on-baller Simon McCormack were both key components as well. High leaping Jarrod Gillings kicked his second six-goal haul of the season as a key forward, although he was kept quiet early with five coming after half time. Other options in front of goals were plentiful. Teenage talent Aaryn Lloyd, Bell, captain Ryan Darling, Ash Hentschke and Ben Moffatt all finished with a pair of majors. Wayne Slattery did a sterling job against the premier ruckman of the competition. Aaron Spicer, won his share of the hit outs and quelled the Rams’ big man. For the vanquished Marcus Hall is developing into the elite midfielders in the NEFL, while Boh Wall across half back and fellow defender Casey Cooper, Darren Schuppan and Lachlan Riggs were stoic. Young Johnny Lynch

Round 3 in review By Peter Argent was the best of the onballer/forwards for the BBH Rams. Jason Schuppan in his milestone 150th A grade game was well held, but did kick a goal. North Clare in thriller RSMU upset The North Clare Roosters caused the upset of the season, beating the early season premiership favourites RSMU in a thriller by three points. This match on Clare oval was tight and close all afternoon. The Roosters led by the smallest of margins at the first break and lemons, while the Hawks had edged two points in front at half time. Former coach Craig Jaeschke produced his second “best player” performance for North, with able support from coming from fellow midfielders, co-captain Matt Ward, the hard running Andrew Waters and Andrew Amey. While he only kicked three goals, Nick Prokopec played a big role in ruck was highly regarded by the coaching staff and returning Roosters James Knappstein played a significant part. Amey also helped out with three goals

for the winners, with Jason Koch, Waters and Jaeschke finished with a brace. Zack Hier continues his outstanding form for his foundation club, while David Rowett was influential in his back pocket, reading many of Hier’s spoils. Dual NEFL leading goal kicker Jamie Williams found direction in front of goals with five, while the balanced and creative play of James Vandeleur, which included three goals was worth watching. Brock Harrison won his share of the ruck contest as well for the Hawks. BSR Tigers victorious over Min/Man Undermanned and underdogs going into this game, David Wood conjured up an improbable victory by his troops at Mintaro oval. The Eagles, minus a raft on big men, kicked five unanswered goals in the second term to set up their 43-point victory. Former Barossa, Light and Gawler association Mail Medallist Brad Taylor was the absolute star of this contest for Mintaro-Manoora Leader Michael

Byth-Snowtown A grade captain Ryan Darling gets a kick away.

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Photo: Peter Argent

Young played with courage and commitment, running the lines, while Lachlan Sandow was a great avenue to goal with four majors. Engine room players Luke McDermid and Brad Currie won plenty of the ball, while Shane Ross led a strong defence. Along with Sandow’s haul, young Brad Brysky and Nathan Forrest both kicked a couple of goals. Teenager Mitchell Reynolds was South Clare’s leading performer, followed by two members of the Vandeleur clan, Andrew and Josh. Matt Thomas was strong in defence, while former North Adelaide footballer Heath Ward produced his best game so far this season. Veteran Ben Seymon kicked a team-high three goals and now has 13 majors in the opening three rounds. Josh Vandeleur and Sam Heinrich were the other dual goal kickers for the Demons. In an entreating contest, the first NEFL match at Robertstown oval, the Brinkworth-SpaldingRedhill (BSR) Tigers grabbed a thrilling victory by two points over the Southern Saints. The Tigers were five goals up at half time, and survived an eight-goal Saints third term to collect this victory. Eudunda-Robertstown’s accuracy kept them in the contest, but BSR dominated the possession, having 29 scoring shots to 22. Ruckman Adam Mackenzie was superb in the Tigers’ win while the unheralded Dustin Pope played a notable role. Audaciously talented teenager, Sam Martin, playing in a midfield role, was instrumental in the victory and also pushed forward to kick a couple of goals. Tigers club champion Craig Weckert played an important part in proceedings and snaffled four majors. Tim Weckert and Simon Hayes were other key components, while veteran Damien Mellow kicked five goals and Cohen Mattner finished with three. Playing with plenty of dash from half back Dean Vickery was the Saints best, followed by James Mader and Cory Ah Chee. Seasoned veteran Stephen Geister had an impact, while the versatile Richard Schmidt and Errol Mumford won their

CATS’ key forward Jarrod Gillings in action during the match against the BBH Rams on Saturday. Photo: Peter Argent

share of the ball. Justin Trewen acquired his best haul of four goals in the Eudunda-Robertstown jumper. After a successful inaugural “Pink Round” last year, round four of the 2010 season will promote Breast Cancer Research again. Following a brilliant win last week North Clare host EudundaRobertstown at Clare oval, but if the Clare Roosters aren’t focussed an upset could be on the cards. Unbeaten so far this season Blyth-Snowtown clash with the winless South Clare side at Snowtown oval. The Demons will be a lot tougher opponent than their position at the bottom of the table suggests. The Eagles have a second successive game at Mintaro, this week against the reigning premiers the BBH Rams. The form of these two sides is hard to read at the moment. After their exciting win last week the BSR Tigers face the RSMU Hawks coming off an unexpected loss at Redhill oval.

NEFL Premiership Table Over 20 years experience

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after games played on Saturday

A Grade Team P W L D For Agn Pts % M/R Blyth/Snow 3 3 0 0 336 192 6 63.64 100 RSMU 3 2 1 0 275 211 4 56.58 66.67 North Clare 3 2 1 0 294 235 4 55.58 66.67 BBH Rams 3 2 1 0 319 271 4 54.07 66.67 Min/Man 3 2 1 0 245 236 4 50.94 66.67 BSR Tigers 3 1 2 0 238 378 2 38.64 33.33 South Clare 3 0 3 0 196 254 0 43.56 0 Eud/Rtown 3 0 3 0 206 332 0 38.29 0 B Grade Team P W L D For Agn Pts % M/R RSMU 3 3 0 0 320 71 6 81.84 100 Min/Man 3 3 0 0 184 129 6 58.79 100 BSR Tigers 3 2 1 0 211 117 4 64.33 66.67 Blyth/Snow 3 1 2 0 155 176 2 46.83 33.33 BBH Rams 3 1 2 0 154 177 2 46.53 33.33 Eud/Rtown 3 1 2 0 129 183 2 41.35 33.33 South Clare 3 1 2 0 139 241 2 36.58 33.33 North Clare 3 0 3 0 115 313 0 26.87 0 Senior Colts Team P W L D For Agn Pts % M/R RSMU 3 3 0 0 396 52 6 88.39 100 Eud/Rtown 3 2 1 0 347 86 4 80.14 66.67 BSR Tigers 3 2 1 0 244 183 4 57.14 66.67 Blyth/Snow 3 2 1 0 273 214 4 56.06 66.67 South Clare 3 2 1 0 228 262 4 46.53 66.67 Min/Man 3 1 2 0 116 292 2 28.43 33.33 BBH Rams 3 0 3 0 95 332 0 22.25 0 North Clare 3 0 3 0 55 333 0 14.18 0 Junior Colts Team P W L D For Agn Pts % M/R BSR Tigers 3 3 0 0 230 41 6 84.87 100 RSMU Hawks 3 3 0 0 227 86 6 72.52 100 South Clare 3 2 1 0 353 66 4 84.25 66.67 Blyth/Snow 3 2 1 0 268 71 4 79.06 66.67 North Clare 3 1 2 0 191 181 2 51.34 33.33 Eud/Rtown 3 1 2 0 126 140 2 47.37 33.33 BBH Rams 3 0 3 0 27 353 0 7.11 0 Min/Man 3 0 3 0 6 490 0 1.21 0


SPORT v Netball

Balaklava victory leaves Wells girls without a win A1: A close game at Two Wells saw the Balaklava team get over the line after four quarters of intensity. Two Wells started out well, with Nicole Darling moving well around the court. Pressure was tight all over, with Balak centre Gaynor Tink getting plenty of the ball and pressuring down the court in defence. Balaklava were strong and confident, and got out to a six goal lead at quarter time 8-14. Two Wells threw a few too many balls away and struggled to get direct passes into the goal ring, with tough defence from Sophie vanKleef and Michelle Williams. Cassie Lange shot well for the Roosters, but Balaklava maintained pressure and the Wells girls ended up missing some crucial shots. Balaklava moved the ball well with good, direct passes. Two Wells weren’t re-offering and struggled to get in front all over the court. Turnovers were taking their toll on the Wells girls, who were using double the energy chasing loose balls. Kylie Henwood in Wells wing defence played hard all game. Balaklava attacked all game and were able to pressure every ball in defence. Final score was 46 - 42.

A2: Two Wells 65 def Balaklava 37. The game began goal for goal, Lauren Michael (C Balaklava) took a couple of good intercepts. The Two Wells attack combo, Jess Newman GS, Stephanie Walker GA, Leah Clifton WA and Sue Lange C, combined well and managed to push Two Wells to two goals clear at quarter time. In hot conditions both teams managed to keep up the pace of the game. Two Wells defenders Bronte Hewett (GD), Sandee Gallagher (GK) and Stephanie Agnello (WD) worked tremendously hard to keep Balaklava goalies Tania Robertson (GS) and Cassie Powell (GA) quiet during the second quarter. Two Wells pushed their lead out to 28-21. In the third quarter Two Wells continued to dominate. Neralie Wearn (Two Wells C) settled play to help Two Wells shooters keep their lead. Patience, play and continual re-offer of the ball was Two Wells’ key. Balaklava made many changes in the last quarter to try to stop Two Wells’ run, but they dominated again in the last quarter to push their lead out further. Great game to watch. A3: Two Wells 34 lost to Balaklava 39. Rachel Lange played a great strong defence game putting pressure on the Balaklava goalies.


But simple passing errors from Two Wells allowed easy turnovers. Balaklava GD TamAuricht made the most of those errors with great intercepts. Two Wells made up a few goals in the second quarter. They put the pressure on Balaklava by running hard and having strong defence. Balaklava made a few mistakes and Two Wells took advantage of them with excellent shooting by Two Wells goalies Cassie Kent and Megan Renshaw to make it even at half time. Several changes made by Balaklava for the third quarter gave them an early edge. The heat contributed to a lot of errors by both teams. Tammy Bashion and Katie Marshall continued their excellent shooting for Balaklava, while Two Wells mid court tried to put extra pressure on with their zone defence. In the final quarter Two Wells’ defence was tight, but they couldn’t convert them into goals. Balaklava was too strong and forced Two Wells into mistakes which gave them a fivegoal win. A4: Two Wells 39 def Balaklava 27. Balaklava began the game with the first two goals. Two Wells’ strong mid court began feeding the ball well into the ring to turn the game around. Balaklava played a better second quarter. However Two Wells strong defence kept Balaklava out of the goal circle. Two Wells speed and accuracy kept them in front.

Showing some hunger Balaklava scored six goals in a row shutting Two Wells out of the game for 10 minutes. Charmaine Barlow in C proved a good change for the Peckers. Two Wells strong first half kept them in the game. It was a tight final quarter for both teams with even play. Two Wells speed in the first half of the game kept them in front. Interchange Kate Marshall scored well in this quarter for Balaklava. A5: Two Wells 24 def Balaklava 20. Balaklava scored the first goal. Both teams missed a lot of opportunities. There was great defending by Two Wells GD Jamie Dinham. Two Wells led in the second quarter. Balaklava was good in defence. Two Wells C and GA played brilliant together. Two Wells was up by four at half time. Good pressure and consistent turnovers in the third from Balaklava. Two Wells were up again in the fourth quarter. Balaklava was consistent with good intercepts, but Two Wells just got over the line.

APNA Premiership Tables Sponsored by...

Results of Adelaide Plains Netball Association matches played on Saturday A1: Hamley Bridge 50 (Ashleigh Koch) d Virginia 42 (Kelsee Hassen), Balaklava 46 (Carly Gregor) d Two Wells 42 (Cassie Lange), Mallala 54 (Nerida May) d Long Plains 39 (Jessica Schulz). A2: Two Wells 65 (Neralie Wearn) d Balaklava 37 (Lauren Michael), Long Plains 35 (Brodie Hall) d Mallala 32 (Jessica Nielson). A3: Virginia 59 (not supplied) d Hamley Bridge 30 (not supplied). Balaklava 39 (Kerrie Bell) d Two Wells 34 (Amanda McHugh). Long Plains 33 (Nicole Parker) d Mallala 23 (Kimberley Graham). A4: Hamley Bridge 54 (Natasha Manno) d Virginia 26 (Mel Barons). Two Wells 39 (Christie Castle) d Balaklava 27 (Claire Haynes). Long Plains 46 (Helzah Sommerville) d Mallala 18 (Michelle Verner). A5: Two Wells 25 (Rhiannon Morrison) d Balaklava 20 (Shelley Lamond). Mallala 34 (Jodie Wilson) d Long Plains 30 (Chante Parker). B: Balaklava 29 (Tenneal White) d Two Wells 24 (Maddy Seccafien), Long Plains 24 (Hannah McArdle) d Mallala 20 (Jordan Algar). C1: Balaklava 44 (Aleisha Michael) d Two Wells 2 (Jade McFarlane). Mallala 30 (Hannah Jenkin) d Long Plains 3 (Georgia McArdle). C2: Balaklava 18 (Sarah Heaslip) d Two Wells 16 (Kristy Crafter). Hamley Bridge ?? (Amy McCabe) d Virginia 15 (Susanna O’Shea). Long Plains 20 (not provided) d Mallala 10 (not provided).


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A1 GRADE Mallala....................... 6.......56.27 Hamley Bridge........ 6.......53.54 Balaklava................... 4.......53.72 Hummocks.............. 4....... 52.07 Virginia...................... 2....... 46.24 Two Wells................. 0.......48.26 Long Plains.............. 0....... 31.34 A2 GRADE Hummocks.............. 6....... 67.20 Two Wells................. 6.......60.80 Balaklava................... 4....... 54.41 Mallala....................... 2....... 44.51 Long Plains.............. 2....... 42.31 Hamley Bridge........ 2....... 15.91 A3 GRADE Hummocks.............. 6.......64.83 Balaklava................... 6.......62.44 Virginia...................... 6.......58.72 Long Plains.............. 2....... 46.07 Mallala....................... 2.......46.05 Two Wells................. 0....... 43.81 Hamley Bridge........ 0.......29.10 A4 GRADE Two Wells................. 6.......73.66 Hummocks.............. 6....... 69.07 Long Plains.............. 4.......50.96 Balaklava................... 2.......50.48 Hamley Bridge........ 2....... 44.17 Mallala....................... 2.......42.44 Virginia...................... 0.......23.68

A5 GRADE Two Wells................. 6.......56.00 Hamley Bridge........ 4.......55.30 Balaklava................... 4.......50.97 Mallala....................... 4.......48.33 Long Plains.............. 2.......50.97 Hummocks.............. 2........41.10 B GRADE Long Plains.............. 6.......55.56 Balaklava................... 4.......60.13 Hummocks.............. 4....... 57.80 Mallala....................... 4.......56.25 Two Wells................. 2.......40.50 Hamley Bridge........ 2....... 24.77 C1 GRADE Mallala....................... 6.......92.73 Balaklava................... 6....... 90.91 Hummocks.............. 4....... 54.67 Hamley Bridge........ 4.......50.68 Two Wells................. 2.........4.41 Long Plains.............. 0........9.00 C2 GRADE Hummocks.............. 6.......86.46 Balaklava................... 4........57.47 Hamley Bridge........ 4.......50.00 Virginia...................... 0....... 28.72 Two Wells................. 2.......48.19 Long Plains.............. 2....... 26.51 Mallala....................... 0.......34.48

Sophie Larcombe, Virginia passes over Sarah Koch, Hamley Bridge in A1 on Saturday.

B grade: Two Wells vs Balaklava. Both teams started strong scoring from their centre passes. Two Wells C Maddy Seccafien was strong through the mid court and accurate shooting by GS Brooke Schuit gave Two Wells an early lead. Great shooting and strong defence by Balaklava evened the score at quarter time. Two Wells again started strong through the middle, but some loose play allowed a disciplined Balakalva side to control the game. Balaklava’s steady teamwork enabled them to raise the score level but Two Wells showed grit and determination to claw back to a one-goal lead at half time. Tighter play by Two Wells steadily increased their lead in the third quarter. Alex Chisolm in defence was strong and determind. She was supported by Taylor Fabrici, Maddy Seccafien and Zoe Grant who moved the ball well around the court. Mel Smyth and Brooke Schuit made the most of their scoring opportunities. A determined Balaklava team returned to the court with tight and strong play. They made the most of every opportunity. Two Wells lost momentum and Balaklava ran away in the last quarter. D1: Two Wells 8 lost to Balaklava 10.

It was a tight game from the beginning with the mid court. Holly Bates C, Jade Murphy WA from Two Wells and Balaklava’s Claudia Tiller C, Mikaela Tiller WD all worked hard. Changes made to both teams in the second quarter gave Two Wells better flow down the court enabling Two Wells GASarah Fabric and GS Brook Humphrys more opportuniy at goals. They were fed well by some good passing from Jamie-Leigh Stringer. Balaklava’s Eleanor Cunningham WA, Lori Allen GA and Zoe Bell GS settled well into their positions demonstrating some excellent play. In the third quarter Balaklava showed great determination and skill. Rhiana Cunningham WA, Lacee McPharlin GS and Amy Langdon GA worked well together around the ring shooting some lovely goals. Two Wells defenders Tayla Southwell GK, Stephanie Dedes GD and Stephanie Seres WD played well to contain their score to four goals for the quarter. In the fourth quarter Balaklava continued to put the pressure on with Balaklava’s GD Madison Bond and Lucy Parker C moving around the court well. Two Wells WA Caitlin Musalino and GK Amy Spoodler also showed some good play,

unfortunately not enough to hold back Balaklava’s pressure. Two Wells played well in the first half, but Balaklava came back in the second half to take the win. D2: Balaklava arrived with 14 players and Two Wells 11. This enabled two games to be run, with Two Wells having some players from D1 to make up the numbers. All players demonstrated the “Can Do’ approach and played with great enthusiasm and effort. The end scores did not reflect how the games played out, with both teams being evenly matched and having their fair share of possessions and attempts at goals. It was nice to see the support given to players by family and club members of both teams considering the early start time. Having so many team players can make it difficult for organisers to give all players even court time, but it is a great predicament for the clubs to find themselves in, considering these players are the up and coming senior players of the future. All players played fair and made improvements from one quarter to the next, with lots of changes from both teams. Well done to all players.

APNA netty star Name: Jacinta Cocks Nickname: JC Date of Birth: 09/08/01 Team: Mallala D2 Position: Everywhere Preferred position? C, GA, GS School grade: 3 Favourite colours? Blue, green, yellow Highlight of netball career: Lots of goals What’s your number one passion outside netball? Swimming, dancing, running If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money? Put it in the bank

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Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

SPORT ❖ District


Last Thursday was the first par competition for the season, plus monthly medal, and it certainly sorted out the consistent players. In A.grade Cathy Redpath came in square, followed by Rose Jenkin 2 down and Joan Anderson 6 down. B grade was won by Gill Ackland with a score of 4 up - well done Gill . Coming in second place was Tania Matz two down. Trudging forlornly home were Moya Hayes six down,Cherie Taylor seven down and Joy Veitch eight down. C grade winner was the consistent Jill Taylor 1 down.Runner up was Genni Edwards 3 down and next was Tanya Allen 9 down. Monthly Medal winner was Moya Hayes with 18 pts. Who was the player who had so much confidence in her driving ability that she stepped on to the tee block with her putter in hand? “ can’t go into a shop and buy a good game of golf.” Sam Snead - Pro. golfer.


Despite the powerful attraction of a certain footy match last Saturday, we hosted no less than 25 players for the McCracken Ford Trophy, a knock’em down, drag ‘em out Stroke round which golfers know knows no fear. Of the frantically flailing fraternity, fearless Bill Parkin kept his cool to storm home with just 71 off the stick for a gob smacking 68 nett, to both clasp the trophy and streak the A grade field, some compensation perhaps for the result of the aforementioned footy stoush. “Rotten Ron” Butterworth (83/71) also had a good day out placing second, while Volvo driver Peter Lamont (81/72) proved that some such owners can indeed drive pretty well. Left back at the lights were W. Lokan (84/73), C. Michael (91/76), R. Hart (86/76), M. Hameister (89/77), W. Berry (93/77), W. Nagle (92/79) and A. Bastian (94/80). Of those in the big B Grade field it was left to Steve Reimers (92/73) to show them how, although it must be said that the consistent Dennis Goudie (95/73) kept him honest while that giant of creative wool plaiting, big Barry Michael (95/76) filled out third spot, as only he can. Trailing in behind this talented trio were D. Robinson (97/77), G.Anderson (100/78), D. Trickett (96/78), C. Temby (98/79), J. Michael (97/79), D. Rodgers (98/79), G. Toms (104/83), A. Manuel (106/85) and a not-very-well D. Addison (106/85). The microscopic C grade field was very hard to see, comprising just of a “him and me”. One had to win therefore and on this occasion, it was Austin Henstridge (99/72) who managed to keep A. Holland (114/87) from catching the golf balls. Ethan Allen (152/112) was our sole Junior representative who again displayed both resolution and an admirable temperament. Bill Parkin claimed Nearest The Pin on the 8th, Steve Reimers the 10th, along with a Birdie, Ron Butterworth the 13th and Dave Rodgers the 15th, also along with a Birdie. On Sunday a small team rocked up as members of the Barry Thompson Greens Party and all did good works for several hours. While more would have expanded our field of endeavour, nonetheless Barry was pleased to get certain areas attended to and called the day a success, so thanks to all who turned up. This weekend will be huge - not only is the Royal Hotel Trophy up for grabs, but also Round One the President’s, Captain’s and Juniors’ Trophies will come into play. Your starters are supposed to be Ian Michael and Simon Purdue, two blokes not to argue with so it would probably pay to arrive on time, dressed suitably and ready to respond to directions with considered alacrity.


Results from Wednesday April 28. Doug Taylor 41, Dene Newton 40, Don Anderson 39, Dennis Goudie 38, John Curnow 38, Dean Trickett 37, Rick Campbell 37, Merv Hameistser 37, Tista Delorenzo 36, Gerry Toms 34, Matthew Crudden 33, Bill Berry 31. Birdies Dene Newton No. 17. John Curnow No. 8 & 17. Merv Hameister No. 16.


Ladies: Results from April 28. Stableford competition 9 Hole- J Wandel 11, I Fisher DNF. 18 Hole J Zweck 29, B Victor 11. May 5 stroke competition, patrons - Lois Pratt. Hostess B Victor. May 12 - Laurel Wreath 1st round. Hostess K Mugge. Men: Results from May 2. Stableford competition - R Lamond 45, M Williams 44, G Walkley 38, D Paynter 29, M Finn 28, M Grocke 27, G Mugge DNF, welcome to new members J Greet 19 and Junior C Walkley 8. Next week, May 9, Par competition. Bar Roster M Finn.


George Dahlitz extended his good form to win the stableford competition on Thursday with a credible 44 points. But only just from veteran Max Grasby with 43. Other ball winners were Roger Hahn, Wim Van pelt, Tony Jones 40pts. Birdies Roger Hahn, Anton Noack 17th, Kieth Kluske 6th, Ian Darwin 11th, Ian Ferguson 18th, Barry Schwartz 4th & 17th. Nearest to the pin was won by Anton Noack. The players welcolmed Adam Winterbottom who handed in his first card. On Saturday a par round was played in pretty windy conditions and highlighted just how well George Dahlitz is playing at the moment winning back to back competitions with a +6 from John Bell, Bradley Zerna, +5. Leading grade scores were: A GRADE John Bell, Bradley Zerna +5, John Mitchell +4, Roger Hahn +3 Wim Van Pelt, Bert Pearce + 2. B GRADE: George Dahlitz +6, Neville Durdin,Ian Goddard +5, Anton Noack, Barry Zerna +1. C GRADE: Rob Hinderwell +3, Noel Stringer +2, Dennis Nation +1, Rawhide Pawlak square. NTPS Ian Goddard 4th, Bert Pearce 2nd, John Mitchell 12th & Bradley Zerner 17th. Bradley Zerner deserves a mention for his 4 birdies. Last Thursday’s stableford competition was won by club president Anton Noack with 43 points from Errol Branson, Wally Isgar 39, Barry Zerna 36, Brian Cooper, Ron Smith 35, all being prize winners. Non comp. players Dennis Nation 38. Birdies: Ron Smith 7th, John Bell 3rd & Dennis Nation 9th. Nearest to the pin Barry Zerna . Adam Mitchell had a day on scoring a net 61 in last Saturday’s stroke competition to win the day from Barrie Zerna 64. Ian Goddard 65, Bradley Zerna 66, Kieth Kluske, Graham Smith, Rob Mcgregor and Roland Pawlak 67 all being prize winners. Birdies Adam Mitchell 1st & 2nd, Rex Mortimer 17th, Bradley Zerna 2nd & 18th, Barry Zerna 10th, Roland Pawlak 12th, Roger Hahn 12th, Graham Smith 9th, Shirley Noble 11th. Nearest to the pins were won by shirley Noble 4th, Graham Smith 9th & Roger Hahn 12th.


Results from May 1. A Grade: J Pengilly 79/63, R Brandsma 79/65, D Hannaford 75/67, G Davis 82/67, G Raymond 85/67. B Grade: D Lowry 86/59, L Russ 86/62, F Gorcy 89/63, D Murphy 94/64, P Buckley 88/64. Next week’s competion: Stableford. New members most welcome.

Cats focus on junior development Blyth/Snowtown Football and Netball clubs have joined forces to help recruit, retain and develop local juniors and further enhance the strong family atmosphere of the club. A great night was enjoyed by more than 50 juniors and their families with a twilight netball and football development clinic held April 24 at Snowtown. Budding netballer and footballer stars took to the oval for an opportunity to learn and develop their skills, with help and encouragement from current and past BS footballers and netballers. Reigning A1 netball premiership coach Maggie Nicholson and her team put 31 girls through drills and fun games focussing on passing, catching and shooting, while current under 17 football coach Simon Goldsmith and a group of dedicated Dads – plus club legend and current president Nick Ashby – taught 22 primary school aged boys how to handball, mark and kick the football. The night further demonstrated the dedication and commitment the Cats’ committees have to junior development, following on from a recent successful netball clinic with the Snowtown Area School, and a netball Come & Try night.

By Janet Zweck Another netball and football twilight clinic is scheduled for July 17 at the Blyth Oval following the BSR game. All local primary school aged children and their families are invited to the clinic, tea and after match presentations. New families to the area or families considering following the Cats are also welcome and encouraged to attend. For football enquiries contact Simon Goldsmith (BSFC Colts rep) on 0428 859 754 or for netball enquiries contact Tamara Pyrke on (BSNC junior coordinator) on 8844 5118. Blyth Snowtown Netball Club secretary, Simone Bigg – email: bsnc@ Blyth Snowtown Football Club secretary, Cheryl Wandel - email:

CARTIA Jaeschke (left) and Kasey Bigg (right) shoot for goal with A1 player Hayley Zweck watching on.

BELOW: Young footballers get some tips from a group of Dads who assisted the Cats’ under 17 coach in teaching the finer points of kicking, marking and handballing.


The first round of the N Heinrich Memorial Trophy was played in beautiful conditions on Saturday. The youngest member Jake Heapy leads the N Heinrich Memorial after recording 9 up Results: Jake Heapy 9 up; Matt Butler 6 up; Leigh Victor 6 up; Steve Hadley 5 up; Kym Baum 4 up; Jamie Whiteman 3 up; Fraser Neill 3 up; Rob Benger 2 up; Bronte Heinrich 2 up; Bill Driver 2 up; Steve Puccetti 2 up; Brad Abbott 2 up; Tim Smith 1 up; Ryan Longmire 1 up; Richard Davidson 1 up; Mark Ross aylor 1 up; Mick Aworth square; Dave Smart 1 down; Roger Coupar 5 down; Playing for handicap; Kevin Parish 109, Peter Lisman 125; Nearest the pin Nos 14 Kym Baum; Jackpot hole winner Jake Heapy . Hole in One on No 7 – Rob Benger. Next Week May 8: Red Cross stableford.


The 2010 hockey season commenced on Saturday May 1 at Clare. UNDER 14: Donnybrook 2 goals defeated Springstown 1 Goals: Don – Lachlan McLean, Fletcher Thomas; Spr – James Forrest. Best: Don – William Pearson, Bryce Mill, Sarah McLean; Spr – Johanna Dutschke, James Forrest, Tom Forrest. Balaklava 0 drew with Burra 0 Best: Bal – Natasha Greenshields, Riley Chapman, Casey Lawrie; Burra – Neil Maxted, Jake Dolphin, William Price. UNDER 17: Springstown 6 goals defeated Donnybrook 3 Goals: Spr – Brianna Cheetham 2, Luke Burge, Sarah Rodda, Matt Forrest, Johanna Dutschke; Don – Jake Mill 2, Fletcher Thomas. Best: Spr – Luke Burge, Matt Forrest, Brianna Cheetham; Don – Jake Mill, Oliver Pearson, Louise Thomas. Balaklava 2 goals defeated Burra 1 Goals: Bal – Sarah Tiller, Natasha Greenshields; Burra – Neil Maxted. Best: Bal – Heath Milne, Samuel Tiller, Tim Heslop; Burra – Neil Maxted, Cameron Smith, Aaron Desmet. WOMEN: Springstown 3 goals defeated Donnybrook 1 Best: Spr – Jayne Price, Kristi Cox, Anita Bayliss; Don – Brianna Cheetham, Annie Wilson, Eleanor Burford. MEN: Donnybrook 6 defeated

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Springstown 1 Best: Don: Mark Harvey, Josef Roberts, Mark Telfer. Spr: Derek Upton, Zoe Yeatman, Steve Davis. Balaklava 1 defeated Burra 0 Best: Bal – Raf Battistessa, Peter McMillan, Lee Cunningham; Burra – Bob Campbell, Darren Sweet, Cameron Smith. Please note that a change of venue has occured for this week’s games – May 8 – to be held at Clare, and not as the Program is listed.


The start of the hockey season dawned clear and sunny. Burra and Balaklava took to the field with Balaklava having 10 to the side and Burra a full team of 11. A lot of good play occurred in the centre of the field involving Nathan, Riley and Tyler. New player Bailey was quick to get involved. Some great defensive play from Natasha and Ethan. By half time, neither of the goalies had seen much action with a half time score of nil all. The second half saw Burra with the first short corner, but was well defended by Natasha with Burra very narrowly missing a goal attempt. Mitchell and Casey worked hard to try to push the ball forward into Balaklava’s offensive half. Tim worked hard in defence with some great hits, stopping Burra’s run for goal. Burra seemed to have Balaklava on the back foot, coming out strong. We saw the dynamics of the game change during the second half, with Burra mainly keeping the ball in their offensive half, keeping Michael in Balaklava goals alert. Final score was nil all, however it was an enjoyable game to watch.


Results from May 1. Cyclists & Torrens Valley. A Grade: J Pinyon 93.7, B Grade: J Pinyon 93.7, Sighters: F Pinyon 19.2. Handicap Results: G Apthomas 46.3,45.2 (10) 100, J Pinyon 45.1, 48.6 (7) 100, P Finch 44.0, 48.3 (6) 98, F Pinyon

46.3, 47.3 (4) 97. Phoenix. A Grade: C George 95.3, B Grade: M Bialkowski 96.4, Sighters C George 18.1. Handicap results: D Clarke 47.3, 48.4 (7) 123, M Bialkowski 47.1, 49.3 (23) 123, C George 46.1, 49.2 (18) 116, G Henderson 49.4, 41 (21) 115. Cyclists & Torrens Valley F Class. F Open: B Moulds 184, F Standard: M Heyward 174, Sighters: B Moulds. Handicap results: B Moulds 91, 93 (19) 200, G Hutchins 86, 90 (20) 196, M Williams 87, 82 (25) 194, R Braund 87, 88 (17) 192, L White 77, 87 (28) 186, M Heyward 87, 87 (12) 186, B Galpin 78, 82 (26) 184, D Zerbe 75, 77 (30) 182. Phoenix F Class. F Standard: D Barnard 112, Sighters: S Cowie 20. Handicap results: D Barnard 56, 56 (16) 128, S Cowie 55,55 (16) 126, K Neale 49, 52 (17) 118, E Kanik 50, 46 (17) 115, L Scroop 47, 49 (17) 113, M Roberts 51, 46 (V) 97. Light River. A Grade: B Wrightson 95.8, B Grade: G Buddle 93.5, Sighters: G Buddle 19. Handicap results: G Buddle 46.1, 47.4 (18) 116, B Wrightson 47.2, 48.6 (13) 116, G Morony 40.1, 47.0 (20) 108, R Spillman 48.2, 43.2 (13) 108, T James 46.1, 40.1 (19) 107, P Bothwell 38.1, 45.3 (19) 106, G Lewis 39.1, 44.1 (14) 99. Postal & Railways. A Grade: I Mackintosh 95.5, B Grade: M Spendelove 86.6, C Grade: M Spendelove 86.6, Sighters: S Giles 18. Handicap results: I Mackintosh 47.3, 48.2 (8) 100, S Giles 46, 45.1 (9) 100, M Spendelove 39.5, 47.1 (13) 99, A McFarlane 38.2, 46.3 (13) 97, B Phillips 43.2, 41 (13) 97, V Synusas 45.1, 44.1 (6) 95, M Bethune 36,36 (13) 85, A Bushell 28, 23.1 (13) 74, S Bostock 32, 39.1 (V) 71.


Results from Monday April 26. 25 Target Point. AA: R Borzicco 74/75. 2nd: D Lymn 73/75. A: G Hopgood 75/75. 2nd: L Schubert 74/75. B: J Holder 74/75. 2nd: T O’Connor 73/75. C: N Elix 60/75. 2nd: F Kopriva 61/78. 50 Target Double Barrel. AA: R Borzillo 49/50. 2nd: G Lymn 56/58. A: G Kessegan 51/53. 2nd: C Piscioneri 50/53. B: B McQuirk 48/50. 2nd: B Lloyd 47/50. C: J Algar 44/50. 2nd: J Gilbert 43/50. 20 Target Double Barrell. 1st: P Hendy 29/29, 2nd: G Hopgood 28/29, 3rd: G Kessigan 27/29. Over All High Gun: R Borzillo 142/145.


It was a delayed start for the ladies as they got warmed up by sweeping the courts on their first winter outing. Nice to see some new faces out! Quite a few players were unable to make their first week so a big thankyou to the many fill-ins. Pauline Hill’s Pandas took on Helen Barry’s Polars with a thrilling final score! Pauline and new player Gelnda Shepherd went down in close 6-3 to Helen and returned player Kerry Williams, whilst Pandas Heidi Zerk and Rae Winen won a marathon 6-4 over Shelley Lamond and another newie Roanne Georg. Scores were reversed in the next sets with Pauline and Rae on fire to defeat Helen and Roanne. Or maybe it was just Pauline’s new pink tennis racquet and very white shoes! Heidi and Glenda tried valiantly against the young mums Shelley and Kerry, but the latter won an excellent tiebreaker. It was down to the last two sets with both ending in surprisingly one-sided scores. Pauline and Heidi let Helen and Shelley have one game, with Shelley resorting to bodyline tactics and hitting Heidi twice! Young mums Roanne and Kerry showed they have much younger legs by winning convincingly over the ‘older’ girls Rae and Glenda. Final score Pandas 3-28 defeated Polars 3-25 in an excellent match. The other match saw a fill-in cast of thousands, with absent Di Taylor’s Grizzlys defeating the absent Melissa Moulds Koalas 5-35 to 1-24. Grizzly’s Kellie Harrison was forcibly promoted in Di’s absence but played like a gun, having a great hit against opponent Kirsty Williams all day. The Grizzlys took the first four sets and, as it was all over, sat and had coffee and Tim Tams before heading out for the final two sets. Kirsty and Valerie Carling won a tiebreaker over Kelly and newie Ruth Martin, which was the Koalas only set. Koalas’ Kevyna Gardner was unlucky to lose a first set tiebreaker with Valerie and a last set 6-4 with Kim Eime’s mum Pam, but had a very consistent workout against Grizzlys nifty Narelle Michael. Pam hadn’t played for years, and after a slow start, got her eyes in and had a great battle against Kerrie Bell with two close 6-4 sets played. Next week we welcome Lorraine Jenner’s Teddies after their bye, and we hope the rain holds off just until lunchtime when it can pour.…


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Car Cut & Polish I can cut & polish your car to near re-spray quality

Mid North Sand Blasting

and Bobcat Hire Sand blasting & painting mobile blasting unit available for on-site jobs 3Sand & metal supplies 3Bobcat 3Trenching 3Crane truck hire 3Post hole boring

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Peter & Cathy Agnew - Lochiel Rd, Blyth Phone/Fax: 8844 5154 Mobile: 0429 445 154

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For this mobile service to your home or work contact Don 0447 053 561 or A/H 8528 6188


Bobcat Service • Bobcat and tipper truck • No job too small • Free quotes Contact Rodney Clark (m) 0428 310 406 (a/h) 8864 5016


Balaklava Bed & Breakfast

Electrician Dave Millar

Lot 2 section 339 Port Wakefield Hwy, Port Wakefield SA 5550

Mobile: 0417 876 746 Email:

Phone: 8529 2056 Electrician


Balaklava Chemplus Pharmacy

Centrally located in the heart of The Adelaide Plains, a great place to stay and enjoy the local and regional attractions


Earth Moving Licence: PGE184613

Abrasive Blasting

9 Howe Street, Balaklava Ph: 8862 1977 Fax: 8862 1997 Email

Incl GST

Open: Monday - Friday 9am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9am to 12noon

Waratah Earthworx

Mark Loy - A Class Electrician

Proprietors A.Rosser, B.Wiltshire, M.Rowett

3Bobcat 3Tipper 3Excavator 3Excavations 3Trenching 3Civil work 3Rubbish removal 3Site levelling 3Hole boring / cartage 3Slashing

Phone 8862 1274

Grant Fisher 8862 1988 or 0407 807 123

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Balaklava Town Hall

Child Care


Exhaust & Brakes

Available For Hire

Balaklava Community Children’s Centre

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Balaklava Town Hall

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Open 7.45am-5.45pm Mon-Fri Playgroup Wed mornings 9.30-11.30am 15 Scotland St, Balaklava Ph.8862 1251

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Virginia • Exhaust • Brakes • Suspension • Radiators • Servicing

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Goldney Welding


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Simon Exhaust & Auto Repairs

For friendly service and quality guaranteed, call in and see Marc and staff.

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13 Railway Tce, Balaklava Phone 8862 1795 A/h 8862 1799 - Gary Mobile 0428 391 146

Cabinet Maker




Kym & Julie McPharlin, Proprietors


Statewide Group Training & Mid State Employment

For all your rural & domestic fencing needs

Quality kitchens - built-ins vanities - modulars. Free measure and quotes. Sandgate Street, Balaklava, PO Box 252

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Mack’s Cabinets


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Cunninghams Balaklava

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Marc’s PGK Concrete Meats

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The Fencing Bloke Mark Gardner Ph: 0428 109 842 - Mallala


Exterminator 2 ABN: 11623 952 044

Pests and weeds, it’s Judgement day All Pest Problems • Spiders • Earwigs • Bees / Wasps • Termites • European Wasps • Millipedes

• Cockroaches • Mice / Rats • Meat / Bull Ants • Argentine Ants • Small Black Ants

General & Rural Weeds • Three Corner Jacks / Caltrop • Field Bindweed/ Bridal Creeper • Capeweed • Artichoke Thistle • Bathurst Burr • Salvation Jane

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Handy Man Service

Motor Vehicles

GM Handyman Services

McCracken Ford

Need a hand?

•General automotive repairs •RAA service. •New cars, used cars, light commercials, •Parts and service.

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v Service

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v Genuine GM Holden Parts


Cutz ‘N ’ Curlz

Hair & beauty

Rural Supplies

19 Wallace St, Balaklava - Ph:8862 1441

Office & residence - 25 Harris St, Balaklava Email -



• ANZIIF (Snr Assoc), C.I.P • Agent for: CGU Insurance Ltd

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Open Days

T.A Redden


Tiver Rd

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• Soils & sands • Firewood • Sleepers • Landscape barks • Rubble & metals • Decorative mulches • Concrete products • Garden rocks • Stones & pebbles

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Balaklava Diesel & Tyre Service ◆ All Air Conditioning Work ◆ Tyre Sales & Repairs ◆ Specialist diesel mechanic Agents for BOC

39 ShortTerrace, Balaklava Phone 8862 1273 or 0417860 822 (A/H) Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Corner of George & Scotland St


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Rural Supplies

J.C. & A.J. Shepherd

Balaklava Newsagency

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84 - 86 Yorsdale St, Balaklava (off Dunn’s Rd)

Serving the rural community After Hours: Kelly Evans - Livstock 0418 859 953 Shayn Faehrmann - Merchandise/Agronomy/Accounting 0419 829 243 Mel Haynes - Livestock/Real Estate/Insurance 0408 086 602 Chris Kannenberg - Merchandise 0417 087 319 Geoff Knappstein - Real Estate 0407 790 210 Michael Wildash - CGU Insurance 0417 167 732 Emma Menadue - WFI Insurance 0427 170 821 Ron Sutcliffe - Rural Finance Manager 0439 449 577


Insurance David Lester Insurance Agencies

Balaklava Agency Ph: 8862 1333 Fax: 8862 1007

and Rural Merchandise

PHone: 8862 1030

•Specialising in solid plastering of all types •Licenced applicator of Dulux / Unitex textured coatings •Cracks professionally repaired 26 Years Phone 0407 399 019 Experience

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OUT ON A LIMB 3 Experts in tree lopping with 20 years experience 3 Licensed and insured including large trees 3 Cherry picker, mulcher and stump grinder Will beat any written quote

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InFARMation v Weekly guide to weather, agriculture Australia’s leading hay exporter

Plains farmers probe soil moisture “Farmers in the local district will be relying on in-season rainfall, rather than stored soil moisture for dryland crop yields this season”, according to Greg Butler, research manager, for the SA No-Till Farmers Association. Greg made this statement as he addressed a series or farmer workshops held at Balaklava, Owen and Mallala last week. The workshops were part of a project funded by the Federal government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, trialling the use of soil moisture probes in local dryland cropping paddocks. “Local soil moisture probes indicate very little summer and early autumn rainfall has persisted into April, so the rainfall we receive from

At the Mallala Soil Moisture Probe Workshop (from left) Greg Butler SANTFA, Brian Tiller, Tony Craddock Rural Directions, Derek Tiller, Richard Konzag and Anthony Verner now on will shape yield and quality moving forward,” he said. “The situation is very similar to the start of the 2008 season where crops

didn’t have the benefit of stored soil moisture to begin the season, and a dry seasonal finish led to pinched grain and screenings problems.

“Farmers will need to be mindful of not over fertilising crops in their initial stages, and matching their fertiliser inputs with crop yield




Adelaide Plains, Clare & Gilbert Valleys:



Partly cloudy








Partly Cloudy



WARNINGS Information at or 1300 659 215 (Local call cost) STATE A ridge of high pressure will develop over the north of the State over the coming days resulting in fine conditions and light winds. A broad westerly flow south of the high pressure ridge will result in a cool to mild, moist and unstable west to southwesterly airstream producing isolated showers over agricultural areas. The isolated showers will gradually contracting to southern agricultural areas by Thursday, then to the South East by Saturday afternoon. Showers may increase to scattered about the South East Wednesday morning, with

isolated thunderstorms, and again on Friday as weak troughs move over the area. Morning fogs are possible over agricultural and southern pastoral areas Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Cumulative rainfall totals until midnight Saturday are expected to be less than 2 mm over northern agricultural areas, 2-10 mm over remaining agricultural areas, increasing to 1020 mm about the South East. The outlook for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday is for mainly fine conditions at first as the high pressure ridge moves into eastern States allowing a trough to bring showers over southern parts of South Australia early next week.










1024 1024





OUTER HARBOR TIDE TIMES 0127 1245 0158 1318 0242 1400 0414 1811 0000 1422 0228 1501 0323 1530

Wednesday, May 5 0.6m 0714 0.7m 1923 Thursday, May 6 0.7m 0751 0.9m 1956 Friday, May 7 0.9m 0849 1.2m 2043 Saturday, May 8 1.1m 1209 1.4m Sunday, May 9 1.6m 0720 1.8m 2049 Monday, May 10 1.7m 0830 2.1m 2130 Tuesday, May 11 1.9m 0908 2.4m 2202






1007 1016





H 1028






The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8415 1900

Sponsored by

day forecast – Balaklava



potential as the season progresses.” The project, initiated by Rural Directions Pty Ltd and the SA No-Till Farmers

1008 1000 992




1000 992



Wednesday, May 5 0452 0.6m 2000 1.5m

1.8m 2.4m 1.7m 2.1m


Thursday, May 6 0.6m 2020

1.6m 1.8m


Friday, May 7 0.6m 1954




Saturday, May 8 0.7m 1721


1.0m 1.1m

0813 2352

0.9m 0.8m

0300 1600

0.8m 0.6m

0409 1600

Sunday, May 9 0.8m 1614 0.9m Monday, May 10 1.0m 0840 1.4m 2312 Tuesday, May 11 1.0m 0900 1.5m 2320


1.3m 0.8m 0.8m


To 9am May 4, 2010


Week Month Monthly This year Last year to date average to date to date

Auburn 4 Blyth 2 Clare 4 Hamley Bridge 3 Hoyleton 2 Mallala 2 Marrabel Owen 2 Port Wakefield 0.8 Riverton 4 Roseworthy 1 Saddleworth 4 Snowtown 1 Two Wells 2


0.2 2

64.9 46.6 44.3 44.1 48.8 45.1 56.1 43.7 36.4 57.6 35.0 54.5 31.9 45.2

80 107 81 82 77 72 108 na 95 88 62 97 96 69

99.4 60.1 98.6 55.8 70.8 na 115.0 68.0 43.0 99.6 59.6 97.0 64.8 59.4



to better monitor what we can’t see with soil moisture below ground and help us make better crop input and marketing decisions by giving us a better understanding of yield and quality potential of crops,” Tony said. “The technology isn’t cheap but the information gained is expected to pay for itself many times over in helping growers make better decisions. “We are very grateful for sponsorship provided by the Northern and Yorke, as well as the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Boards to offset the cost of the probes.” This project is also funded under FarmReady, a part of the Australia’s Farming Future initiative.

Weather man at Mallala Channel 9 weather presenter, Brenton Ragless will speak at Mallala Hotel on Thursday, May 13, at 8pm. The event is being organised by Mallala Uniting Church. Join Brenton as he sharest his 15-year journey to become the weekday weather presenter on Channel 9, and how the principles of weather forecasting apply to our daily lives. Before working at Channel 9, Brenton earned national exposure on radio, television and print media in providing commentary on fires and other disasters as a full-time spokesperson for the SA Country Fire Service.

Card amnesty ChemCert SA Board is offering a card amnesty period until December 31 for those who did not reaccredit during 2008 and 2009. ChemCert is an industry-owned, not for profit organisation that facilitates training and education in the use of farm chemicals to ensure effective control of pests and safety for people and the environment. The opportunity exists for you to re-accredit for the cost of a re-accreditation rather than at the new accreditation cost. Re-accreditation courses are also available in your region now! Don’t want to attend a course? Then do your reaccreditation by correspondence. ChemCert SA advises those producers who undertook their last re-accreditation with a different organisation, they may not be notified of their card expiring. To make sure you can purchase your S7 chemicals when required, please check the expiry date now, and call the ChemCert secretariat to find a course near you. •Phone 8842 4048 or email admin@chemcertsa.


UV ALERT 11:10am-1:20pm Max UV Index 3 (moderate)

State: Country:

1900 655 365* 1900 926 189*

*77 cents per minute. Higher from public and mobile phones.

© Commonwealth of Australia 2010

w w w. b o m . g o v. a u Issued 12 pm May 4, 2010

0.8m 0.7m

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866 28


CENTRAL DISTRICT FORECAST Wednesday: Isolated showers, scattered about Kangaroo Island and the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide during the morning. Cool with moderate to fresh southwest winds turning moderate westerly. Thursday: Scattered showers over Kangaroo Island, Fleurieu Peninsula and Mount Lofty Ranges becoming isolated during the morning. Isolated showers elsewhere, clearing during the afternoon. Cool to mild with light to moderate southwest to northwest winds. Friday: Isolated showers, scattered over Kangaroo Island and southern Fleurieu Peninsula. Cool to mild with moderate northwest to southwest winds, fresh in the south. GULF WATERS FORECAST Wednesday: Wind: SW 20 to 25 knots, easing to 15 to 20 knots during the morning. Sea: 1 to 2 m. Swell: S to SW 2 to 3 m on southern Spencer Gulf, W to SW 1 to 1.5 m on southern Gulf St Vincent. Thursday: Wind: NW to SW 5 to 15 knots.

Association (SANTFA), has involved the installation of soil moisture probes and automatic rain gauges in focus paddocks managed by group members at Balaklava, Owen, Pinery, Mallala and Salter Springs. Information collected by the probes is transmitted to a data host via the mobile phone network, with group members accessing the data by logging a website from their home computers. Workshop participant, Wayne Heaslip, of Pinery said the probes allowed farmers to check how much rain had fallen on paddocks and how far moisture penetrated the soil. “Soil moisture is critical in determining yield and quality in dryland crops,” says Rural Directions agronomist, Tony Craddock. “The probes allow us

Has your ChemCert accreditation lapsed? Take advantage of the card amnesty and book in to reaccredit today. Contact the ChemCert Secretariat for more details on 08 8842 4048

Contact Shayn 8862 1222 Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Classifieds Plains Producer



PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday

“My motorbike was advertised on the Wednesday, I had a phone call Wednesday night and it was sold Thursday 1am. Extremely happy considering I didn’t think it would sell anywhere as quickly as it did”

Advertise until it sells




Place your ‘for sale’ item in front of around 7000 readers every week with the Plains Producer’s great new classified deal. That’s 7000 potential buyers each week.

Plains Producer

Rebecca Dixon - Nantawarra

for only

Phone: 8862 1977 Fax: 8862 1997 Email:

*Or for a maximum of 9 weeks. For the first 32 words. Excludes items sold by businesses from shop or home. The Plains Producer reserves the right to refuse this offer to any adverts it deems not to meet this criteria. Accounts incur an addition fee of $6.60.

For rent

For Sale

For Sale

Balaklava two bedroom unit. $150 per week. Phone Jeff 8862 2298 b/h.

COOPers one stand electric shearing machine including hand piece. Also double grinder, perfect condition. Inspect or p.o.a. - 27 William Street, Two Wells 8520 2385.

Heavy duty steel framed laminated top workbench, 1800W x 750D x 900H, fitted with isolation switch, 18 power outlets and small steel cabinet. Ex TAFE safety inspected 07/09, $350. Phone 8862 1769 or 0409 693 626.

Balaklava two bedroom, home. Self contained, $155 per week, air conditioning, F2F Real estate. Phone Julio 0409 100 062, Balaklava. Three bedroom house for rent, Northern end Johnson Street, Port Wakefield, $240. Contact Fred 0419 035 522. Three bedroom large house. Corner position, town centre, close to shops and schools, $230 per week. 28 Humphry Street, Balaklava. F2F Real Estate 0409 100 062.

For Sale 1998 Honda VTR1000 motorbike, low kms, excellent condition, $5000. TIU-549. Phone 0488 950 759. Brock Harcourts, Gawler. Lot 31 & 32 Melvin Terrace Pinery. Price $235,000 - $249,000. 3 bedrooms, set on ½ acre & 2 separate titles, Main bedroom with wardrobe, L shaped lounge/dine, sunken family, r/c a/c wall unit & gas heater, approx 20x30 Shed with c&p & skylight, Paved outdoor entertainment area + more. Craig Armstrong 0438 828 815 or David Washington 0403 167 459. Office: 8522 2286. RLA 226973. Burke and Wills dryzabone jacket 8XXL, full length, $125 o.n.o. Phone: 0438 036 650. caravan Viscount poptop 16ft x 8ft caravan. Air conditioner, island double bed, television, large fridge, microwave, full annexe, electric brakes, full stove, awning, $7,750 o.n.o. Phone 8862 1845 or 0403 244 576. Clean fill giveaway - approx 6 tonne. VIP home/garden. Phone 0413 018 911. Commodore ute, December 2000, olympic edition, V6, auto, 167,000km, tub liner, tonneau cover, tow bar, alloys etc, excellent condition, $10,000 o.n.o. Phone 0428 621 891.

Cornice 90mm profile; $1.00 per metre; 1000 metres available. Phone 0428 890 107. Dolls - Doll collection including teddies and bunnies from $10 up to $70. Phone 8862 1016. Firewood - good quality, sawn, will deliver. Balaklava Museum. Phone 8862 1741. Firewood for sale, cut and delivered, kindling available. Phone/mobile: 0407 896 159 or after hours 8865 2127. Firewood - split red gum. Top quality $250 per tonne (approximately). Delivered 30 km radius from Owen. Ph 0412 887 040 anytime. For Sale - egg layer, pullets, full blood registered, bore buck. Ph 8864 5096 westview. Gelding, 14.1 1/2hh, 9yrs old. Done PC/Shows/Trail. loves jumping, excels at games. Make great performance pony. Needs experienced rider. $2,000 FIRM phone 8528 6088 email betts@clearmail. located at Barabba (near Mallala).

Wanted to Buy

Mother’s Day


VALIANTS wanted AP5 to CL sedans, wagon, utes, parts, anything considered. Phone Joe 0439 339 634.

Two upholstered recliner chairs. 2 upholstered lounge chairs. 1 vinyl covered recliner chair. 1 treadmill, 1 exercise bike. All in good condition. Get yourself a bargain. Ring 8862 2240.

Handy man gardener. No job too big or small. Free quote. All areas. Call Colin 0488 033 080.

Neill - Amanda. Dear Mummy, very special hugs and kisses from me to you for your first Mummy’s day. Hope you have a terrific day, you deserve it. Love from Tyler xxx ooo.

Last week the Plains Producer made an error in the Congratulations column. Not only did we spell Kara Mallon’s name incorrectly, Leonne Hewson’s photo was accidentally placed above her advert. Our sincere apologies to Kara and her family for any angst this may have caused them. – Andrew Manuel.

Garage Sale Holden Astra AH Equipe hatch, 2006, 1.8 Ltr manual, silver, alloys, one owner, excellent condition, 70,000km. Reg XJW 628. $15,000 ono. Phone 0417 828 964. Mazda Bravo B2600 I, 1996, dual cab ute, manual, dual fuel, canopy, tow bar, air conditioning, 260,000 kms good condition, reg no VWL 367, $2,500. Phone 0427 777 079. Oaten hay - large square bales, good quality. Cleaning out shed, $50 per bale + GST. Phone 8867 1028. ONE single ensemble bed $50. Two Willshire car seats to suit boot of a wagon $500. Phone Jeff and Kirsty Ingram on 8862 1148. One table plus four kitchen chairs in good condition $50 o.n.o. 2 key boards $35 each o.n.o. Phone 8862 1347. 14 Charles Street, Balaklava. Piano, $400 ono, Phone 0428 631 242.

Hamley Bridge $176,000. 3 Hill Street. Within Your Means! 3 Bedroom home on 825m2 block, main bedroom with BIR, kitch with pantry & electric stove, open plan lounge/ dine with gas heat, a/c, carport UMR, D/gge with p & c, 2 garden sheds, 2 r/w tanks. On quiet street close to town centre. Inspect: By Appointment. WEB: SGE3366 - RLA: 226973. Natasha Olsen: 0413 859 389.

For Sale Retravision - computers, cameras, ipods, appliances, Telstra dealer, air conditioning, wiring and repairs. Ph 8862 1552.

Pig Trailer - new 15x8 checker plate tray with stock crate. Mass 1940 kg, GVM 6,520 kg, reg till 29/07/2010, reg no. TUX 130, $3,000. Ring 8862 1668 evenings. PORT CLINTON Thinking of moving to the Coast? Seaside Paradise Retreat on 7184 sq.m. Solid brick, 2 storey, Sea Views. Web ID: 406712. Elders Yorke Peninsula. RLA 218978. Pat Riordan 0412 800 179 or Robert Jamieson 0433 802 804.

Work Wanted


Garage boot sale. Two Wells scout carpark. First Saturday of every month. $10 per stall. Tea, coffee and sausage sizzle from 8 - 12 noon. Ph 8520 3324. GARAGE SALE - This Saturday May 8 from 8.30am. Quality goods, no bric-a-brac! Fibreglass 150hp Mercury Runabout boat, kids play gym, high chair, Valco pram with toddler seat, toys, clothes and more. 8 Ralli Street, Balaklava. Saturday May 8 - town garage sale at Wasleys. 7am - 4pm. Collect your town map from General Store, Main Street.

Public Notice CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Tce, Owen. Wed 10-5; Sat 10-1 or by appointment. Ph 8528 6307. Long Plains Red Cross May morning tea. Wednesday May 12, 10am. Admission $5. Guest speaker Peter Webb from Spring Gully Foods. Trading table and raffle. Phone Jenny 8862 7018. SAILPLANE flights. The Balaklava Gliding Club has $60 gift vouchers available for passenger flights any weekend from their airfield 10km nth west of Balaklava on main Snowtown road. Bookings 8864 5062. SHaremarket - buy wholesale and rent shares out. Never ending income. Ring 8862 1442.

Wanted Free of charge for recycling. We take old televisions, computers, microwaves, videos, stereos and stoves etc. off your hands. Please ph 0407 605 779 or 8862 2263.

Thank you

SHE’s DONE IT! Congratulations to Kara Mallon for passing her recruit training at RAN Recruit School - HMAS Cerberus in Melbourne. Mick, Leahann and family are very proud of their daughter Kara for her achievements. She wanted it, she got her chance and she went for it, with pride.

In Memoriam KArsten - Bruce Allan. May 1, 2009. It has been 1 year since your tragic death and we still can’t believe it has happened. We have days that we struggle without you and, yet we know you are around, watching over us. We miss your company, your laughter, and your love you gave. You will always be in our hearts and loved. Your wife Anita, Hannah, Oliver, Tobias and Caleb and your family in New Zealand. Chenoweth Heather 11/04/09, Jim 09/05/09. Cherished memories, guidance & values will remain with us forever. Sadly missed. Loved parents of Vaughan, Sheryl, Harvey, Bernadette, Leonie, Anthea, Justin. Grandparents of Kelly, Carl, Abbie, Jamie, Justin, Tristan, Brodie, Mitchell, James, Emily, Georgie. Great Grandparents of Demi, Rylan, Jack, Macy.

May is Morning Tea time. So tea up your friends or workmates and help tip the balance in the fight against cancer. It’s easy, it’s fun and together you’ll be making a big difference, because every cup counts. Register now, call 1300 65 65 85 or visit

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Return THanks Roberts - William Lindsay (Bill). Colleen, Grant, Kerry, Mark & Greg and their families sincerely thank family and friends for their love and support, cards, phone calls and flowers on the sad loss of their father and pa. Please accept this as our personal thanks. Thank you to everyone in Balaklava and Port Wakefield community who have supported us and given us guidance to deal with my husband’s death, May 1, 2009 and recently my mother’s death April 14, 2010. We appreciated all the help, friendship you have shown us. A big thank you to Andrew and Peta Smith and Mr and Mrs Lawson and the Horizon Christian School. Many thanks Anita Karsten, Hannah, Oliver, Tobias and Caleb.

Coming Soon Cooking demonstrations & tasting

MARC’S MEATS George St, Balaklava

Coming Event

. Police Band A . S Concer t Monday May 24

7.30pm at Balaklava Town Hall •Tickets $10 - available from Balaklava Newsagency, TADS Embroidery • Limited tickets avaible at the door Sponsored by Balaklava Bowling Club Proceeds to Balaklava Hospital & Balaklava Bowling Club


Main North Rd, Watervale - Ph: 8843 0111 Fax: 8843 0119

Make this Mother’s Day Special and visit Morella Cottage Nursery

Sunday May 9 3 Join Janet for delicious home-made soup, crusty bread & fresh garden platters 3 Lunches available from 12 - 3pm and bookings essential for Mother’s Day Lunch please 3 And / or Coffee and cake 10 - 3pm 3 Great spot to shop for that special gift 3 Chrysanthemum, cyclamen, indoor plants and unique giftware 3 Free gift wrapping 3 Gift vouchers 3 All mum’s welcome to enter our free raffle on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Eileen and to all other special Mums!




situations vacant

Public Notice

Mother’s Day Dinner Dance

Saturday May 8

Lower North and Balaklava Riverton Health Advisory Councils advise community members that the Draft 10-Year Health Service Plan for Lower North is available for comment from April 27 until 4 June 4, 2010.

Sales Assistants

H 8 til midnight H LIVE Rock ‘n roll band: JJR Bookings preferred leave a message on 8529 2211


Must be experienced, well presented and have a friendly and helpful attitude

Phone: 0418 887 884


or fax resumes to 8380 9767 or email:

Monday May 31 - 8pm Representatives from all affiliated clubs urged to attend.

Women’s & Childrens Hospital Balaklava Auxiliary

Balaklava Fresh Foods More convenient than ever. Phone, fax or email an order in. We deliver to Balaklava township

Ph/Fax 8862 1830

18 George Street, Balaklava

trading table Friday May 7 From 8.30am Infront of TADS Balaklava

CHRISTIAN PASTORAL SUPPORT WORKER (Previously known as School Chaplain)

Send comments: • Via email by clicking on the ‘Contact us’ icon on the Health Advisory Council’s homepage • Written responses to: Gary Stewart, Director, Yorke & Lower North Health Services, PO Box 239, CLARE SA 5453 • Telephone a HAC member – 88423 323 (Lower North) 8847 2250 (Balaklava Riverton)

Applications are invited for this 6 hour per week position commencing Term 3, 2010. The position exists to offer support to students, staff and the school community. A Job and Person Specification is available from the front office phone: 8843 0186 Snowtown Wind Farm

Closing date: Friday May 21, 5pm

• Chrysthamums & produce for sale • All donations gratefully accepted

Public Information Day


Open Evening WEDNESDAY MAY 12, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM For parents and students who will be new to the school next year, and community members who are interested in what we offer, we invite you to come to the Balaklava Community Library at 6:30pm to hear from some staff and our current Year 8 students about some of the important features of our school. This will be followed by: • A tour of the school with our student guides • An opportunity to meet many of our expert teachers, watch demonstrations, activities and performances, look at displays of student work, and hear about our broad and vibrant curriculum Areas of special interest are: • State of the Art Technology facilities • Outstanding Commercial Cooking facilities • Middle Schooling • Dynamic Agricultural & Engineering Programs • Stage 1 and 2 Pathways program with TAFE Accreditation • Progression to Year 12 level in all subjects offered at the school Year 7 students and their parents are especially welcome. Phone: 8862 0600 Fax: 8862 0650 E-mail:

“Excel today to challenge the future”

photos for sale Buy our pictures in colour ! Just go to our website a follow the prompts

Having successfully completed Stage 1 of the Snowtown Wind Farm in November 2008, major renewable energy producer TrustPower Ltd is now proposing to expand the Snowtown Wind Farm with Stage 2. This would involve building the remainder of the 130 approved turbines, with a proposal to add another 19 turbines resulting in a total of 149 turbines across the Snowtown Wind Farm site.

A warm welcome is extended to all who wish to visit our school. Staff and students invite you to spend an evening with us and find out what makes Balaklava High so special.

Copies at the reception desk of your local hospital, or download from www. and follow links to your Health Advisory Council.

Watervale Primary School

Balaklava High School


PHONE: 8862 1977

public notices

Port Parham Sports & Social Club

Balaklava Sports Club


This addition and other variations now require approval from Wakefield Regional Council.

carry a torch during legacy week Legacy is there for the families of those killed in times of war or on peacekeeping duties. When you buy a badge or make a donation, you are helping our Legacy continue. Look for our badge sellers. Donate by phone on 1800 LEGACY (1800 534 229), visit or donate at any Commonwealth Bank branch.

Corporate supporters:

A public information day will be held in Snowtown at the Snowtown Community Club from 12 noon to 7pm on Thursday May 13 to provide the community with detailed information about the wind farm expansion and to explain the proposed variations to the original proposal. Representatives of TrustPower Ltd, Electranet SA and technical staff, with maps and displays, will be available to provide information and answer questions.

situations vacant

Horizon Christian School Requires the following position:

DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993 DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MALLALA NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a C AT E G O RY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for development assessment. Details of the a p p l i c a t i o n a re a s follows:DEVELOPMENT NO: 312 / 90 / 2010 APPLICANT’S NAME: C L Booth N at u r e O f T h e D evelopment: 8 metre height extension to existing 15 metre telecommunications guyed mast SUBJECT LAND: Lot 43, 10 Jane Crescent , Lewiston, Hundred of Port Gawler, CT5150/732 Z O N E : R u ra l L i v i n g (Animal Husbandry) The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala during normal business hours and any person or body affected may make relevant rep re s e n t a t i o n s i n writing concerning this application to reach the District Planner at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala not later than May 19, 2010. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38 (8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Signed: Alexandra Koppa Development Assessment Officer Date: May 5, 2010 THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE.

Bus Driver Casual (20 hours per week)

Horizon Christian School is a rapidly growing Interdenominational Christian School, situated in the town of Balaklava with a school enrolment R-12 in 2010 of approximately 385 students. The successful applicant is expected to be a committed practicing Christian active in the life of his or her church and willing to join an enthusiastic staff team at Horizon. For more information and application forms please contact the Principal, Mike Clisby on (08) 8862 2100. Applications close Thursday May 13, 2010 at 3:30pm Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Real Estate Plains Producer


PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday

trades & Services directory

Septic Suckers

Consulting Fridays 9am to 1pm at Balaklava Ambulance Station


Phone Roger: 0428 419 133

Darren Davey & Rodney Burgess

Dr Daryl R Brown

7 Days Service!

Also visiting

Mallala & Two Wells Physio appointments and enquiries

For appointments phone

8853 2088

8862 2200

Public Notice Section 7 The vendor's statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.


8562 1999

Truly immaculate home • Fully renovated throughout • 3/4 Bedrooms • Ducted R/C aircond. • Huge games room

• Inground swimming pool • Manicured gardens • Charming timber kitchen & polished boards

No Call Out Fee/ Pensioner Discounts

Snowtown 38 Fourth Street


Neat and tidy 3 bedroom home • 3 bedroom • rent return $145 per week • floating floor boards

• full length verandah • r/c air conditioner • insulation


Modern brick veneer home • Modern Brick Veneer • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Have BIR • 2 Living Areas • Low Maint. Garden

Balaklava’s Number 1 name in Real Estate Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

• Split System A/C & Ceiling Fans • Full Length Verandah & Carport On The Side

Port Wakefield Road, Balaklava Agent: Geoff Knappstein 0407 790 210



trades & Services directory

Specialising in the eradication of ... ✓ Flies, Fleas, misc. pests ✓ Rats & Mice ✓ White Ants ✓ Cockroaches ✓ Spiders ✓ Weed spraying

Tree in the Wrong Spot? Well then, trees are my business


• Felled • Lopped • Pruned • Storm Damage • Stumps Grubbed • 40 Years Experience

Main North Road, Clare Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

Balaklava $190,000 Unit 1 - 24 Ralli Street

Balaklava 36 Harris Street

Landmark Balaklava - Phone: 8862 1000

Home 8862 1285 - Mobile 0418 896 808

Balaklava $150,000 24 Railway Terrace $168,000

• French Doors To Courtyard • Ducted A/C, Gas Heating

• Clearing sale immediately following house auction • Clearing sale terms: cash on day off sale, number system applies, ID required • Please refer previous issues OR

Peter Thompson Plumbing Contractor

NEW listing

• 3 Bedrooms • Large Block • Central Location • Renovated Kitchen

Reminder Notice Friday May 7, 2010 at 11am on the property • Terms: 10% deposit on the day, balance due at settlement



Affordable 3 bedroom home on a 880m2 block

9 Short Terrace, Balaklava

•Leaking Taps/Toilets •Water filter •Blocked Drains/Septic Connections •Replacement Units/Elements/Valves

We will advertise your property like this OWEN Reduced $285,000 5 Second Street

Auction & Clearing Sale

…Phone Your Hot Water Specialist!

or 0419 842 228


Simon & Jess Davies




Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

Lower Light

RLA 102485

Great 3 bedroom unit. • Low maintenance • Generous size 3 bedroom • R/C air conditioning

Snowtown 23 First Street

• Easy care tiles in main/wet areas • Affordable home or investment property


It’s a new subdivision & 4 x 3 bedroom homes are available • New 3 br home • R/C air conditioner • tiled floors • easy care garden

• dishwasher • affordable price

Phil Luff

0407 972 272

No Charge

Halbury $385,000 Sect. 496 Hundred of Hall

Balaklava $175,000 60 Railway Terrace

Magnificent renovated bungalow

Neat, tidy & affordable, move straight in

• Fully Renovated, 3 Bedroom Plus Office • Stylish New Bathroom • Huge Pergola & Deck Area • 20,000gallon Rw Tank

• Ample Shedding, • Approx. 4.96 Ac. With Sep. Paddock. • Numerous Other Features

• 3 Bedrooms With BIR • Renovated Kitchen & Bathroom • Solar Hws

• 40”x24”x8” Shed • 3 Phase Power • 1012m2 Approx.

Owen red $234,950 40 Second Street

Balaklava From $79,500 Residential Allotments

As new 4 bedroom home

• Allots 10, 11, 12, Phillips St 833m2 Approx. Ea. • 8 Saint St 1045m2 Approx.

• 4 Bedrooms • As new home • Spacious Lounge/ Living area

• Ensuite & wir to main bedroom • 3 Way bathroom • R/C split system A/C

Tania & Peter Butterfield Mobile: 0417 884 877 Office: 08 8862 2172 Fax: 08 8862 1280



other reports: p18 – 25

Peckers a chance! n Virginia’s Brendon Niklaus misses the mark as Bomber Ashley Natt reaches up to tap the ball clear at Virginia on Saturday. – PICTURE: Lisa Redpath

... But they won’t get past Mallala

This week Mallala returns to the scene of last year’s second semi final, when they take on Balaklava at Ralli Park. With the reigning premier in good touch and for the third season in a row undefeated at round five, they should enjoy the vast expanses of Balaklava Oval and consequently run the Peckers off their feet. Mallala’s skill level and fitness are both second to none in the Adelaide Plains and that is the reason why they have won two of the last three APFL flags and are once again at this current point in time the competition yard stick. Balaklava are not without a chance in this match but it is crucial that they play four solid quarters and also start well in the match. Last week United found out first hand you can’t afford to give Mallala a head start. If you allow them time and space and/or even lapse for half

My Call

SNAP SHOT @ Two Wells

+16 over

n Kym Jarman previews round 5

KYM’s KIss of Death:

@ Virginia

Mallala by 35 United by 12 HWE by 7 a quarter they’ll certainly take their chances – and make you pay! Balaklava must take the bull by the horns this Saturday and throw everything at winning the ball in the centre square. This is Mallala’s strength area and if Balaklava can hold their own there and not get caught ‘chasing guernseys’ the Peckers are not without their chances. Mallala has a number of genuine constant contributors who deliver almost every week for their

club. Christian Rimmer is a genuine superstar of the competition. Jason Earl’s creativity often sets up the Magpies and his killer boot hardly misses a target. Joel Montgomerie, coming back from injury, looks to have lost nothing as he slowly regains form. Ryan Montgomerie often flies under the radar with the likes of Brad Hardie and James Wildbore who pick up a plethora of touches week in week out. • Continued Page 22

+59 over

@ Long Plains

+52 over

Hills may join Central Zone

n Plains Producer reporter Bronte Hewett, playing for Two Wells, clashes with Balaklava’s Cass Powell in A2 netball at Two Wells on Saturday. Two Wells won 65-37. All the details, Page 23.

The Hills Football League could join the Central Zone when the SANFL country zone championships are played on the July 3 weekend. Central Zone currently consists of Adelaide Plains, North Eastern and Yorke Peninsula football leagues. The zone was stripped of the Northern Areas Football Association (which joined ‘Northern Cities’) after the 2007 carnival. Barossa Light & Gawler

Free Hearing Tests

By Kym Jarman Football Association left last year, joining Mid Murray Barrier/Eastern). This left Central, with a squad drawn from just 24 clubs, struggling to be competitive in the sixzone state-wide competition. I believe the Hills league, comprising 20 clubs over two divisions, made the move to join Central of its own accord. Apparently, the strong league

is looking for a change after being a part of Southern Zone in recent years. Southern Zone has ample clubs from which to draw – and the Hills League had just one representative player in last year’s championships. The move is far from a “done deal” – with the SA Community Football Board needing to “signoff” on any changes. I will endeavour to keep you informed of any developments in coming weeks.

Free Hearing Aids are available to eligible Pensioners & Veterans.*

Balaklava Hospital 4 War Memorial Drv



Mid North Hearing Clinic 294 Main North Rd

*Conditions Apply


Hamley Bridge 50 (Ashleigh Koch) d Virginia 42 (Kelsee Hassen); Balaklava 46 (Carly Gregor) d Two Wells 42 (Cassie Lange); Mallala 54 (Nerida May) d Long Plains 39 (Jessica Schulz).

Private Clients & Self Funded Retirees are our Speciality. Hearing Tests & Hearing Aid Fittings for Workers Compensation Clients. Free Hearing Aid Trials.


@ A1 netball

Consulting at over 70 Clinics

8842 3866

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Plains Producer  

Newspaper covering the Adelaide Plains and Lower North of South Australia, including the towns Balaklava, Port Wakefield, Clare, Mallala, Tw...

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