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Wednesday September 16, 2009

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Evans call to council over court case war:

PLAINS Producer medallist, Liam Whitwell, a teacher at Balaklava high school, created quite a stir when he displayed his APFL best and fairest award, with no shortage of student well-wishers.

Liam wins Producer medal

Mallala footballer and Plains Producer medallist Liam Whitwell was anxiously listening over the phone as the final votes were called at the medal count last Saturday. Liam was an apology at the medal count, putting family first and watching his brother play for Kimba football club in the grand final. He admitted he hadn’t expected to win the medal.

“I thought Lee (Allmond) had it wrapped up,” he said. “I was listening to the last game over the phone, which was a bit weird.” Liam was named runner-up last year, and was third best in 2005, his first year with the Magpies. When it comes to this weekend’s grand final when Mallala will take on neighbouring club Two Wells, Liam said he had been keeping an eye on the Roosters.

“They have been playing good footy,” he said. Two Wells footballer Lee Allmond was named runner up with 19 votes, just two votes behind Liam. In A1 netball, Beth Germein, of Hummocks, was named APNA best and fairest. • All the best and fairest voting, pages 24 and 25. • Liam inspires high school students – Page 3.

‘Quit if you lose’

The battle over building a new house on rural land has escalated, with proponent Peter Evans calling for council staff and elected members “to put their positions on the line.” Mr Evans, a Balaklava businessman and farmer, who owns a farming property and sheep feedlot on the Balaklava-Mallala road, says council staff “should be willing to do this if they believe in their convictions.” “I noted the comments of Mayor James Maitland and CEO Phil Barry

and Environmental Services manager, Elca McCarthy, in the Plains Producer last week,” Mr Evans said. “Given the importance of the appeal implied in their comments and their willingness to spend rate payers’ money on this action, I believe they should be willing to put their positions on the line if they believe this money is well spent and in the best interest of the rate payers they represent and work for.” • Continued Page 2

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Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

NEWS v District

Facing up to Facebook – are there no rules?


oes anyone else get frustrated by some peoples endless status updates? Or worse still, public arguments for all to see? Who else hovers over the ‘accept’ and reject’ buttons for friend requests, only to not make a decision and leave it waiting? If you’re reading this and haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, then it’s a pretty safe guess to say you’re not on Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site where you can share information with your online friends. A status update is also shared with all your friends, and basi-

online arguments. But others say they find it entertaining. Where do you draw the line? In the outside world, social etiquette has been long established – but in cyberspace, it seems almost nonexistent. There are just some things Lauren that do not need to be viewed by your 300 or so Facebook Parker friends – most of whom you probably barely say more than hello to when you see them on the street. So why do we need to read about why you don’t like some cally tells everyone whatever person we have never even heard of, or every detail of a you want to say at the time. But there seem to be very relationship break-up? Am I just old fashioned or is few boundaries. I’m not alone in getting an- this all stuff we would have kept noyed by other peoples’ public private before the phenomena


of Facebook? Okay, it’s a great tool for keeping track of what your old school mates are up to these days. But it’s also the easiest way to create a bad impression of yourself to an audience of hundreds. Do something stupid in public and only those who are there will see. But on Facebook, everyone sees it. It’s there when your potential employer is looking for a bit of information about you. Or when that cute guy you met the other weekend is looking at your profile. Chances are the people reading this and seeing photos of you that you probably wouldn’t normally put on display are your work colleagues, family

members, and maybe even your boss – busted! Accept a friend request and you’ve giving that person access to a whole stack of information about yourself that in the past, only close friends would know. And not just them, but their Facebook friends. Would you approach a stranger in a supermarket and fill them in on your relationship dramas? Probably not. If you have to say it, at least keep it obscure so only your close friends will understand. And if “Jane Doe thinks Joe Bloggs is lying, cheating scum” – I really don’t need to know. • Terry Williams has been on leave.

Evans calls for council staff to quit

Jonathan Jenkins and Jo Kowalick face up to a blood-craving plant at a rehearsal.

‘Horrors’ come to town A mysterious plant craving fresh blood and a cast of equally quirky characters will take to the stage next month when Balaklava Community Arts presents Little Shop of Horrors. Directed by Anne Read, the cast are now well into rehearsals in preparation for the show, which begins on October 11. Little Shop of Horrors is one of the longest-running off-

Owen fire suspicious A house fire at Owen in the early hours of Saturday morning is being treated as suspicious. Port Wakefield police were called to the fire about 3.30am. The house was completely destroyed by the blaze, and damage is estimated at more than $200,000. The home was unoccupied.

Broadway shows of all time, and the comedy has only a small cast - ideal for the community arts group. The long-running community arts productions never fail to attract a crowd, and this year there will be four shows, including two cabaret style performances where the audience is able to bring their own supper and drinks. The first performance will be

held on Sunday, October 11 at 3pm. The following shows are October 14, 8pm; October 16 and 17, 8pm (cabaret style). Tickets cost $20 for adults, and student and concession tickets can be purchased for $12. Group bookings of 10 or more can receive a discount if bought at least two weeks before the performance. Tickets are available from Tads Embroidery.

• From page 1 Wakefield Regional Council CEO, Phil Barry, refused to comment on Mr Evans’s remarks, saying it was “not appropriate for council to make further public comment” as the matter was listed for Supreme Court appeal. Mr Evans (pictured) and Wakefield Regional Council are embroiled in a legal battle over Mr Evans’ attempt to build the house on land council says is zoned as primary production. The Plains Producer last week revealed council had lost a Supreme Court case, with the judge decreeing Mr Evans should be permitted to build the house, overturning previous decisions by council’s Development Assessment Panel and the Environmental and Resources Development court. Mr Evans was awarded costs – but council has indicated it will appeal the decision to the Full Bench of the Supreme Court. This could bring further legal costs estimated at more than $100,000 to council (which already has spent many thousands of dollars on the case) should its appeal be lost. Mr Evans claims the response to his call to quit from Mayor Maitland, Mr Barry and Ms McCarthy, will determine

“if they truly believe this is in rate payers’ best interest.” “Or will it merely be a continuation of the arrogance displayed by council representatives on this matter and many other matters in relation to development and planning issues,” Mr Evans said. “Given three of the four key management officers in council live outside our community, it’s not a surprise to me we seem to have management with no personal investment in the local community and seeing our local area develop. “I’m willing to follow through with the issue because I live here. “I can understand why many applicants would rather walk away from local development – whether a basic car shed or redevelopment of a golf course. “I call again for leadership and accountability to be displayed by council rather than the ongoing ‘pat on the back’ council people give themselves. “When I make a decision in my business, I stand by it personally and wear the consequences. “This gives me an acute sense of care and responsibility which if displayed by council would serve our community well.”

LETTER to the Editor

Court battle is ‘AAA debacle – pathetic, petty and bloody-minded’ I refer to the Plains Producer, September 9, “Council locked in court battle.” I was thinking of sub-dividing a block in Balaklava and duly approached Wakefield Regional Council and was advised the minimum size was 600 square metres. On enquiring why Wattle Ridge could have blocks as small as 450 sq m and the Port Wakefield development could have blocks at 385, the answer was “they are developments, so special arrangements are made.” When I was secretary of Balaklava Golf Club we wanted to sub-divide land for 12 house blocks and were told: “there will never be houses on the golf course.” Along comes a developer and before you can blink, 200 houses are proposed. It is obvious there is considerable flexibility in

interpreting the rules to suit certain situations, which arise from time to time. So we come to the possible waste of $100,000 of ratepayers’ money. During my 45 years as a public servant I saw enough red tape, lack of common sense and the wilful waste of public money to last me the rest of my life. I rate this debacle AAA. It is pathetic, petty and plain bloody-minded. If, as Mayor Maitland states in the Plains Producer report: “We are obliged to appeal” for the sake of local government, where have all the other councils and the Local Government Association been with their money to support our council in this supposed matter of statewide importance and impending disaster to development plans that are forever being amended, at

the exorbitant cost of ratepayers, by consultants who continually suck off the public purse. Come on people, get a good dose of common sense, amend the rules and save the long-suffering ratepayers $100,000. The man only wants to build a house in a paddock, for God’s sake. I will give you odds the proposed house is not going to be a “shack” and the rates generated should help to recoup some of the money spent on legal fees in this pathetic pointless exercise. I sincerely hope this sorry episode is not about the great Australian tradition of tall poppy bashing and/or personalities. Barrie Thompson, Balaklava

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009 3

NEWS v District

Mallala museum is a wiki wonder

BHS Sports Studies class. Back row (from left) Liam Whitwell, Nick Jericho, Shane McGuiness, Casey Lane-Watson, Jack Mullens, John Roberts.Front: Casey Michael, Thomas Rowe, Dale Maclean. Absent: Dallas Hill


You rock, Mr Whitwell

LIAM Whitwell in action for Mallala

PLAINS Producer medallist and Mallala grand final captain Liam Whitwell recently established a Sports Studies course into the school curriculum which aims at getting students more involved with local sporting clubs. Liam, PE teacher at Balaklava High, has brought community sport to a new level, with all students in the course coming out of the subject having carried out basic training, umpiring and coaching courses. They gain confidence, awareness and community spirit, while also getting to meet, train with and learn from some of South Australia’s most elite sports people. Balaklava High School year 11 students Dallas Hill, Nicholas Jericho, Casey LaneWatson, Dale Maclean, Shane McGuiness, Casey Michael, Jack Mullens, John Roberts and Thomas Rowe participated in the course this year. Balaklava Netball Club president Craig Cox was impressed with the subject. “The more people with these skills the better off sport will be and the clubs and associations within those sports,” says Craig. The course, which requires

Don’t Buy Pavers

By Casey Michael, with Bronte Hewett students to do 10 hours of community work within their sporting club, was first initiated by the teachers and students at Port Lincoln High School, but has now spread to a variety of schools across the Eyre Peninsula and now Balaklava High School. Early this year, students from Balaklava, Port Lincoln, Ceduna, Tumby Bay, Swan Reach, Cummins and Mannum high schools, took part in the Eyre Peninsula Sports Academy (EPSA) Football and Netball Camp in Adelaide. Girls involved attended an Adelaide Thunderbirds training session and met the players, carried out an umpiring course conducted by Netball SA, participated in a training session run by Marg Angove and played in a round-robin netball tournament against Henley High. The boys observed the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power training sessions and toured both facilities, trained with the Port Magpies and also played a number of matches

against Henley High School. Originally designed for Australian Rules football, the subject has been adapted to suit netball and other sports in recent years and is now working closely with SANFL clubs Woodville West Torrens, Port Magpies and Netball SA. The students’work within the sporting clubs aims at increasing their knowledge of the club and improving their confidence by carrying out hours of coaching, umpiring, administration, facility maintenance and other tasks. Additionally, the students also do a further 10 hours on a negotiated task of their choice. They have coached mini-mini colts, marked lines on the club oval, recorded interchanges, worked the scoreboard and assisted with the club website. Rural sporting communities such as Balaklava and the surrounding area run heavily on the work of volunteers and by developing this subject in our area. Liam hopes to encourage students to get more involved in their local district. With the Year 11 students, Liam thanked student mentors, Hummocks Watchman Eagles and Mallala football clubs and Balaklava netball club.

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Mallala Museum is keeping its history alive with the creation of its very own cultural heritage wiki website. The website, www.nowandthen. was launched yesterday (Tuesday) at Mallala Primary School by Member for Goyder, Steven Griffiths. Mallala and Districts Historical Committee and its museum have been working with the collections council of Australia since March this year in preparation for the pilot use of wiki technology. Collections Council of Australia chief executive officer, Margaret Birtley, said the Now and Then wiki was a first for the Australian collections sector. “The museum is pioneering 21st century technology for sharing Australia’s past and promoting broad participation in recording and recounting the town’s history,” she said. Mr Griffiths congratulated the museum, the Collections Council and the AuDA Foundation on the initiative. “Wikipedia, the world’s most well known wiki, relies on the efforts of millions of volunteers from around the world,” he said. “By contrast, the beginnings of this wiki have been powered by the efforts and enthusiasm of local volunteers in this community, with a population of just 500.” The Now and Then wiki will extend the work of the Mallala Museum and other historical groups in the district by recording, preserving and sharing the town’s heritage and collections - in the online environment and for a world-wide audience. The museum now has a wireless broadband connection and lap top computer to assist with the project. Many of those working on the project have a long and deep knowledge of the area, and some have learned to use computers and the internet for the first time through their involvement in the project. The website now includes 80 articles relating to the town’s buildings, people, stories, heritage items and history. Anyone can add their own memories using the wiki and even blogs, Flickr and YouTube. “This site will allow you to build a record of your past to share with the generations of tomorrow,” Ms Birtley said.

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NEWS v District

Sheila Pinkerton (left) and Moira Lee model some of the fashions. Wasleys Institute committee member, Glenys Laintoll, looks on.

Wasleys icon back in fashion After a number of years of being under utilised, the new committee of the Wasley’s Institute is keen to promote the venue and its availability at very reasonable rates. The committee have been busy taking care of odd jobs and repairs, preparing the hall for functions and events, with the fashion parade on September 25, being the first. Starting at 7pm the parade will feature clothing provided by MC Fashions at Gawler and modelled by local ladies. Modelled garments will be

available for purchase on the night and a percentage of sales will go to the institute. Tickets are $5 and include a light supper and chance to win a door prize. Tickets can either be pre-purchased from Moira (8525 4052), or bought at the door, and include a light supper and chance to win the door prize. “Wasleys has not seen a fashion parade for some time and I hope that we will attract a large number of people to the show,” said committee member Moira Lee.

A message from…

Adelaide Plains Road Safety Group

Does speed kill? It is a common misconception that speed is not necessarily the factor that causes major road crashes and that speed limits are enforced for reasons other than a real effort to reduce road trauma. It’s a simple fact of physics that the faster a vehicle travels, it moves with a greater energy that needs to be dissipated to stop it. If you are in a vehicle travelling at speed it makes sense that, the faster you are going before the crash the more likely you are to be seriously injured or that you could kill or seriously injure someone else. How does this relate in real life? If you are travelling at 90 km/h in a car and hit a fixed object, the impact is roughly proportional to being dropped from the tenth floor of a building. Think about that impact for a moment. Then consider that if you are speeding at 120 km/h, this impact is much more severe, being roughly equivalent of falling from the 17th floor. So what may seem as being quite minor increases in travelling speed can have quite major effects on the damage and injury caused in a crash. Small differences in speed can also have a major effect on the injuries caused if a vehicle strikes a pedestrian. Studies have shown that, at a speed of about 60 km/h, a pedestrian struck by a vehicle has a 95% chance of being killed. If the cars speed is reduced to about 50 Km/h, then there is a 75% chance that the pedestrian will not survive. At 40 Km/h, the risk is reduced to around 30%. Think about the speed at which you drive. The faster you drive – the greater chance of causing death or injury. The Adelaide Plains Road Safety Group Inc. meets on the 3rd. Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the old Council Chambers, Old Port Wakefield Rd, and Two Wells. We welcome guests and visitors. Supported by the Motor Accident Commission

“We have sent many emails to people who used to live in Wasleys. “We hope some will come back and share the night with us,” said Glenys Laintoll. “It will also be a good chance for the new people in town to meet some of the locals.” Glenys said the committee would also host a “Ladies Night In” on November 13. Stall holders selling lingerie, jewellery, make up and other items which appeal to ladies can contact Glenys on 8525 4281.

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

Champion’s bid to halt pokie ‘hook’ Member for Wakefield, Nick Champion, has tabled a motion in the House of Representatives about problem gambing. Mr Champion’s motion called on State governments and the gambling industry to work together to limit the harm caused by electronic gaming machines, also raising concerns about inadequate availability of treatment services for problem gamblers amongst other concerns. Mr Champion said the incidence of problem gambling had increased since electronic gaming machines were introduced in communities around Australia, and said the current legislation and regulation of such machines did not provide adequate protection to consumers. He said problem gambling associated with these machines caused financial and emotional damage to individual

Roadside walk leads to arrest Two Wells

• A woman was arrested by police after she was seen walking dangerously along Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells, on Saturday. When police spoke to the 24-year-old from Smithfield, it was found she had an outstanding first instance warrant. She was arrested and taken to Elizabeth Police Station where she was bailed and given another date to appear in court. • A 21-year-old Mallala man was reported for aggravated assault causing harm last Thursday. The report came as a result of enquiries into an assault that allegedly occurred in Balaklava just before Christmas. The victim sustained a facial injury and a broken tibia bone during a fall. The man will be summonsed to appear in court.


• A man was arrested in Tarlee on Friday after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. The 25-year-old was


Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000 arrested at 5.30am and charged with aggravated assault. He was refused police bail.


B r e v e t s e rg e a n t Joseph O’Connell and former Brinkworth police officer Wally Clark were awarded certificates of appreciation last Friday for their involvement in the arrest of a man who allegedly slashed the throats of two women and ran down a man in Snowtown on April 1.


• Several businesses were broken into in Clare overnight on Monday/ Tuesday last week. Thieves targeted Clare’s central business district, and police hope to hear from anyone who saw any suspicious people or activity in the area at the time. • Police stopped a

woman driving in Clare last Friday night after observing her manner of driving. The 48-year-old returned a breath analysis of 0.199 per cent, and she was reported for driving under the influence and exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol. • A man was arrested in Clare at 1am on Saturday for allegedly ceasing to loiter at a licensed premises, disorderly behaviour and assault. The 42-year-old was later released on bail to appear at Clare Magistrates Court on November 16. • A 19-year-old lost his licence instantly on Sunday morning after a breath analysis test showed the man was driving with a breath alcohol content of 0.095 per cent. He lost his licence for six months and his vehicle was clamped for seven days.

Nick Champion

gamblers and their families. Mr Champion said one new machine being marketed featured a hook for hanging handbags, and this was just one example of how manufacturers of the

machines targeted their audience. “They create a great deal of harm to problem gamblers: loss of income, debt, family breakdown, low productivity at work, theft, bankruptcy, suicide - all results of these machines,” Mr Champion said. “Somewhere in my electorate tonight someone will leave a gaming venue feeling ashamed, desperate and remorseful, all because of addiction to these machines. “They have a responsibility to get help, but we have a responsibility to get the industry’s hooks out of their handbags.”

Justin joins top 10 winemakers

A Clare Valley winemaker has been named amongst 10 finalists for the 2009 Young Winemaker of the Year award. The Wine Society award is open to all Australian and New Zealand winemakers under 30 who are primarily responsible for the creation of wine. Julian Langworthy, from Knappstein Wines, is one of only two South Australian finalists. Over the next two months, the top two wines from each finalist will be judged by a panel of industry icons to determine the winner. The winner will be announced at an awards dinner in Sydney on Friday, November 20. • Meanwhile, in a first for any wine brand in the world, Taylors of Clare Valley has announced its Eighty Acres range of wines is now 100 per cent carbon neutral. This is based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model compliant to ISO14044. To do this, Taylors worked with others to measure the carbon dioxide equivalent emissions at every step in the lifecycle of the Taylors Eighty Acres range of wine, beginning in the vineyard through to harvesting, and ultimately, consumption, then disposal and recycling of the finished packaging.

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n MY name is Hendrix, a four year old medium hair male tabby cat. I came into the AWL with my best friend SYRAH and would LOVE to be rehomed with her! We would make excellent indoor companions! Please take us BOTH home with you! I am desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and

Adelaide Plains Vet Surgery 94 Old Pt Wakefield Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Ph: 8520 3600 health checked. I am only $75. Meet me at the Animal Welfare League 1 - 19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield SA 5013. Adoptions: 10am –3pm, seven days. PHONE 8348 1300.

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

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Did you go ‘wild’ at plains school?

Star of the North



DUBLIN • Attention former students of Wild Horse Plains school. Dublin History Group is busy putting together mementos and memories to preserve the history of schools in the area. While information has been received from previous students of Dublin and Windsor schools, former students of Wild Horse Plains are yet to come forward. If you have any information you would be willing to add to the collection please contact Bev Jones on 8529 2220 or email • Congratulations to Luke Walker (president), Ben Starr (vice president) and Chris Mason (secretary/ treasurer) who were recently elected office bearers at Dublin Cricket Club’s annual general meeting. • Congratulations to Renee Wink, president; Deidre Skene, vice president; Pat McCann, secretary and Marie Ingham, treasurer who were recently elected office bearers at Dublin Senior Citizens Club’s annual general meeting. BRINKWORTH

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Market returning


Helen’s award

Car club shines at museum

Work with council

The Northern Automotive Restoration Club celebrated its 35th birthday last weekend by staging its biennial car rally, based in Clare. On Saturday, the group visited Blyth’s Medika Gallery before converging on Balaklava, where 50 vehicles and about 90 people visited Balaklava Museum. With all of the vehicles parked within the grounds of Urlwin Park, the rally entrants enjoyed a ‘running board’ lunch provided by Wendy’s Cafe ‘n Cakes, as they wandered amongst the agricultural exhibits, including tractors and stationary engines which were being demon-

strated, as well as a side delivery reaper and a binder currently being refurbished by museum members. Rally entrants then moved on to Centenary Hall Folk Museum, where they were the first visitors to see the newly established fashion showcase featuring a range of clothing from the last 100 years. The refreshment and re-arrangement of other displays in Centenary Hall has also created ‘new’ area of interest, with several visitors excited to see some of their ancestors featured. Museum members were commended for the excellent presentations and welcome.

• Mallala Council also is giving residents an opportunity to be involved in formulating new council by-laws through workshops. The workshops will be held between 6pm and 7.30pm at Two Wells Community Centre on Wednesday, October 7 and at Mallala Council Chambers on Thursday, October 8. By-laws under consideration are Permits and Penalties, Local Government land, Roads, Dogs and Moveable Signs. For further information visit Council’s website www.mallala. kapunda • An art group started in Kapunda 20 years ago by retired art teacher, Ron Brook, will be exhibiting works at the Kapunda Gallery between

September 5 and 27. Works of the Truro Art Group are in oil, watercolour and gouache, and the theme is open with each artist choosing their own subject. THOMPSON BEACH • Congratulations to Norm Trestrail, president; Lea Slater, vicepresident; John Walker, treasurer and Judy Lipset, secretary, who were recently elected office bearers at Thompson Beach Progress Association annual general meeting. RIVERTON • Congratulations to aspiring writer and Riverton primary school student Kate Branson who recently entered the Salisbury Writers’ Festival under six writing competition. Kate’s story entitled “Deadliest” won third prize from the 149 entries received. Well done Kate!

• Congratulations to Helen Weckert who was recently awarded the Margaret Crossfield Memorial Shield as most valuable country member of the Penguin Club of Australia, SA Region. • Past and present members of the Brinkworth Branch of Australian Red Cross will celebrate the 70th birthday of the branch on Wednesday, September 16, at Junction Hotel from 12 noon. For further information or to make a booking contact Raelene Green on 8846 2083. MALLALA • Wondering why your group or business is missing out on grants? Perhaps it’s because of the information you are (or are not) putting into your application. Mallala District Council are conducting two free Grant Writing Workshops on October 14. Community, recreation or sporting groups, businesses looking for opportunities, or those looking for some extra hints on successful grants are invited to send a representative to the workshops. Run in conjunction with the Yorke Regional Development Board, the workshops will be run at the Council Chambers between 2pm and 5pm and at the Old Council Chambers at Two Wells from 7pm to 9pm. Register your attendance by contacting Lynette on 8527 2006 or David on 0419 817 086 or email



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• If you are aged between seven and 14, like being creative and would like to have fun during the holidays, then read on. During the school holidays Samantha Johnson will be teaching cardmaking at the Riverton Community Library on October 7. Held from 10am to 12 noon the cardmaking lesson costs just $5. Numbers are limited. Avoid disappointment by enrolling at Riverton Community Library, 8847 2414. Tarlee • Tarlee country market will offer a huge assortment of stalls and delicious food on Monday, October 5 in the Tarlee Hall, Main North Road, Tarlee from 8am to 3pm. The market will have about 50 stalls, including books, trash ‘n’ treasure, olives and olive products, clothing, woodwork, bric-abrac, food, collectables and much more. Buskers are welcome to join in the day of great fun and country hospitality and are invited to call Michelle on 0427 184 474 to discuss their act. Stall enquiries should also be directed to Michelle. REGIONAL • Community groups know it is hard to come across funding programs that don’t have huge restrictions on the amount provided. Department of Premier and Cabinet are offering financial assistance to non-profit organisations offering support in community development initiatives to socially isolated members of the community. Grants of up to $10,000 are available to assist organisations undertake one-off projects such as the purchase of equipment, transport costs and building upgrade costs. For further information phone 8226 7671 or visit www.premcab. SADDLEWORTH

Charity walkathon

• Saddleworth Auxiliary of the Friends of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital invite community embers to join a walk-a-thon on Sunday, October 11. Trading tables, hot donuts sold by the Lions club, cold drinks, sausage sizzle and a walking trail. Sponsored participants will complete a three or six kilometre walk. The event starts at 10am at the Saddleworth primary school oval, with walker registration from 9.45am. All funds raised will go to the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital. For further information contact Jill Behn, 8847 4086 or Kim Scott 8847 2640.

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Nyowee prizes set trend for big sale B a l a k l ava’ s Nyowee again performed well at the Royal Adelaide Show, taking home a collection of ribbons ahead of a sheep sale on their property today (Wednesday). Nyowee took the prize for grand and reserve grand poll ewe; August shorn grand champion poll ewe of the show, the Lehman trophy for breeders group of five poll merinos which then went on to win the supreme group over the merinos. “ Wi n n i n g t h o s e groups is a good sign,” said Ian Michael. “It shows we’ve got more than two or three good sheep.”

NEWS v District

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

Show success Several local livestock producers were amongst the winners at the Royal Adelaide Show last week. Leading the way was Arabar stud, a Charolais stud run by the Wilson family of Balaklava. Nineteen animals were entered in the showing, and Arabar’s cattle won supreme champion exhibit, grand champion bull, senior champion bull, grand champion bull, grand champion female, senior champion female and junior champion female. The only Charolais category the family did not win was junior champion bull, which was won by Kadlunga at Mintaro. In the Murray Grey competition, a cow and calf exhibit by Katrina and Steve Sanders, Ballyvaughan, Clare,

Westview goats in ribbons

NYOWEE’S Ian Michael with Argentinian buyers (from left) Michael Gough – Merino judge at the Adelaide show, Julian Gonzalo – Rio Piko Merino stud and Carne Andrew from Saint Antonin.

Ian Michael with Sally Smyth from Willandra Station via Broken Hill, with Nyowee’s Grand Champion Poll Merino Ewe and Reserve Champion Poll Merino ewe.

led to the couple winning supreme champion exhibit. They also took the ribbons for grand champion female and senior champion female. R and J Kemp, of Riverton, won junior champion female in the Poll Hereford category, while Marrabel sheep producers Clayton and Andrea Rowett, of Ulandi Park, Marrabel, won supreme champion ram and champion shortwool ram in the interbreed sheep category, along with lamb production class terminal. The Rowetts also won grand champion ram for their Poll Dorsett. Farrell Flat Romney producers EB, JL and KI Williams, of Tukimbina, won champion ram for their Romney and were named most successful exhibitor in the same category.

Hanne Hejgaard was thrilled when her boer buck and other Westview goats won a series of ribbons at the Royal Adelaide Show. ‘Yale’ won his second blue ribbon in his class and was named senior champion boer buck.

His large size makes him stand out from the competition. “Judge Mal Morgan, from New South Wales, said he’s close to perfect,” Hanne said. Young bucks Dan and Danny, both from Westview, placed second and third in the 12-18 month class.

Home Expo has everything for Spring update With Spring in bloom, it is the time of the year that people focus more on sprucing up their homes and gardens. The new Adelaide Spring Home Expo, to be held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre from this Friday to Sunday (18 to 22 September), will showcase a broad range of new home products and renovation ideas with expert advice. There will be a focus on water and energy conservation measures around the home, along with concepts that can help you have your home looking like a new pin in time for the summer holidays. The Home Expo will feature cooking demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday with popular TV chef, Ed Halmagyi, of Better Homes and Gardens. There will be demonstrations of unique paint finishes, gyprock repairs, flushing and rendering, along with a seminar program including Feng Shui, interior design and colour, bathroom renovation and landscape design. Tax effective property investment is another aspect of the daily seminar program. The Home Expo will be open from 10.00am to 5.00pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and parking is free. Adelaide Entertainment Centre is on Port Road at Hindmarsh.

FREE tickets The Plains Producer has 20 double passes to give away. To claim yours, simpls call into our Howes street office. If you live outside of Balaklava, reserve your ticket by phoning 8862 1977. Tickets will only be held of those living outside the township.

Avon comes alive with learning

Adult Learners’ Week celebrations at Avon recently had guests from Balaklava, Owen, Hamley Bridge, Dublin and Adelaide attend. Guest speaker, Joy Woodroofe, gave an interesting insight into her life-journey and after lunch the SA Police Band ensemble entertained with “A Musical Experience.” Various police officers explained the intricacies of playing brass instruments,

demonstrating the basics with a piece of garden hose and a funnel as well as performing a number of pieces enjoyed by the crowd. The popular show and tell of skills from various groups and individuals followed. The day was sponsored by Australian Government and SA Government and ACE Community Partnership program and celebrates Adult Community Learning.

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009


NEWS v District Local director Paul Daniel gives a brief opinion:

‘Stronger company always better for growers’

BEN ANGEL signs copies of his book at its recent launch in Melbourne.

Seduced by an Angel: tips to succeed at work F

rom selling metal sculptures in his high school years to running a speed dating service, and now public speaking, former Balaklava man Ben Angel hasn’t shied away from business opportunities. Now living in Melbourne, Ben released his first book “Sleeping your way to the top in business - the ultimate guide to attracting and seducing more customers” last month. Ben, who left Balaklava at the age of 17, said the book took about a year and a half to write, although after the first 25,000 words he scrapped it and started again because it was “boring as bat shit.” “I wanted to make sure it was a fun book full of personality,” the 28-year-old said. More than 300 people attended the recent launch of the book, which features a clear message of how to seduce your customers. “The spark has been lost in the business sector,” Ben said. “It’s time to inject an element of surprise and fun back into the game and that includes flirting.” Ben’s message is clear. “Sleep your way to the top in business by seducing your customers via various means, including but not limited to; dressing seductively, flirting, instigating conversation, inciting controversy and having the balls to stand out from the crowd regardless of what the critics say.” And Ben’s book certainly stands out from the crowd. “All the business books on the market are pretty boring and dry and I didn’t see

The spar k has been lost in the business sector. It’s time to inject an element of surprise and fun back into the game and that includes flirting

any point in creating another one of those,” Ben said. Instead, he talks about using sex and sexuality to expand your business; how to dress the part, and how to use social media for marketing, like Twitter and Facebook. Since leaving Balaklava at the age of 17, Ben has pursued plenty of business opportunities. Initially, he made metal sculptures from metal found at his parents (Fay and Steele Angel’s) farm, which he sold through 12 Adelaide outlets. Then when he moved to Adelaide, Ben worked in music stores, and bought a house which he renovated and then sold. A move to Melbourne and a life coaching training course followed - elements of which come out in Ben’s book. But his business moves weren’t always successes, and Ben invested in a personal

development company that went broke after about a year. “It’s the best business lesson you can get,” Ben said. Then there was the speed dating business he ran with a friend, and his current business, Nationwide Networking, specialising in business programs, and sales, marketing and networking events, and a personal styling course. “I get bored quite easily if I’m not doing something interesting,” Ben said. With a regular business and lifestyle column ‘In bed with Ben’appearing in Australian Anthill Magazine and in Q Magazine to build his exposure, and frequent public speaking commitments, Ben is building a strong profile in the business world. The public speaking grew from Ben’s existing business, and he now speaks at more than 60 conferences a year. “It’s been a hell of a lot of fun,” Ben said. And his experience in the business world has proven to Ben that “there’s nothing better than a country upbringing. “A lot of business owners in cities have trouble building rapport,” Ben said. “They don’t see it as a long term relationship, just a quick sale.” However, Ben said country people saw it differently. Ben said his book appeared to have been received well, exceeding his own expectations. “It’s selling incredibly well,” he said. For more information visit www.

Canadian company Viterra has bought out ABB Grain Limited after shareholders voted and subsequent Federal Court approval allowed the companies to integrate. ABB Grain’s already established status as an industry leader in agriculture and food processing, combined with its assets, knowledge and skills, is expected to make Viterra a global leader in agriculture, capable of moving highquality food ingredients from areas of abundance to areas of need. Bowmans farmer Paul Daniel, who has joined Viterra’s board of directors along with other ABB Grain directors, Perry Gunner, Max Venning, and Kevin Osborn, said he thought the takeover would bring opportunities for Australian growers. “A stronger company in the market place will always be better for growers,” he said. However, farmers have expressed concern at the takeover, with some weighing up future benefits and considering sales of shares. Balaklava farmer Callum March and his father Trevor appeared on the front page of the national newspaper, The Australian, saying “it will be interesting to see how the next six months pan out to see if they do some of the things they said they would.”

The article said Mr March and his father wanted the company to publicly release information on how much grain it had in storage, shipping data and increased transparency on cost structures and charges, which had traditionally been kept from farmers. Meanwhile, South Australian Farmers Federation Grant Industry Committee (SAFF Grains) said it looks forward to working with the company saying Viterra’s management of infrastructure and logistics will be welcomed by growers across the State. “Having a logistic/infrastructure team instead of a marketing team in charge of the storage and handling part of the business will be beneficial,” said Michael Schaefer, chair of SAFF Grains. “We hope the new management include in the undertakings to the ACCC the transparency and full, open and fair access of the supply chain that have been talked about with us over the past months,” he said.


n Toby Moulton, brother of Balaklava’s Eliza Cottle, has made it through to the top 12 of this season’s Australian Idol. On Sunday night he survived the first idol cull to top 11 and then sang Starlight by Muse in the rock genre. Although criticised by one judge for his song choices, Toby was popular with the audience and only time will tell if his “off beat” songs work against him as he prepares for the top 10 performance show next week.


NEWS feature v District

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

It’s weeks since local residents started to recycle household rubbish ...

Waste not want not We’re still trying to get it right! Locals don’t appear to be getting the message when it comes to what can and can’t be put in their recycling bins. LAUREN PARKER takes us behind the scenes ...


lare Valley Waste has been collecting recycling in the Wakefield Regional Council area each fortnight, combined with a weekly waste collection. The waste is taken to Brinkworth, where it is baled to be taken to Adelaide for further sorting. However, once it is unloaded in the Mills’ shed, it is clear there is plenty being disposed of as recycling that simply shouldn’t

be there. This includes solid plastic items such as milk crates and children’s toys, through to oil containers, car batteries, and even hair dryers and irons. Black plastic is also non-recyclable, as it has already been recycled and re-used. All non-recyclable materials spotted by staff are removed by Clare Valley Waste. In the long run, Clare Valley Waste manager, David Murphy,

warned incorrect use of the recycling system created extra work for his team and increased costs, which would be worn by ratepayers if it continued. Before the recycling system began in Wakefield, ratepayers were issued a card telling them just what could and couldn’t be recycled. Those wanting a refresher should visit www.zerowaste. for more information.

WHERE DOES IT GO? Once removed from collection trucks, the recyclable materials are loaded onto a conveyer belt to be crushed and baled, before being stored for carting to Adelaide, where it will be sorted. From businesses and private collection bins, premium card-

board is also collected, along with plastics. However, not all plastic can be recycled. To be re-used, it must be stretchy plastic, not plastic that tears or is solid. But even with large plastic bags for businesses to collect their recyclable plastic in, Gavin

Mills said there were still contamination issues with foreign objects being included amongst recyclable materials. Cardboard and paper are not separated from general household recycling collections as it is useful in holding together the bales.

GAVIN MILLS with non-recyclable items.

do’s and don’ts 3 What can be recycled

• Paper and cardboard - eg telephone directories, newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, office paper. • Plastics – juice bottles, milk bottles, yoghurt containers, plastic meat and vegetable trays etc. • Glass – empty glass bottles and jars (clear, green and amber), with lids removed. Steel lids can also be recycled but need to be removed. • Cartons – milk, juice, custard and stock cartons.

• Aluminium and steel, such as soft drink cans, steel cans, clean aluminium foil and pie trays, empty aerosol cans, oil and paint cans. 7 What can’t be recycled • Plastic shopping bags and bin liners • Polystyrene foam • Garden waste • Kitchen and food scraps • Clothing and linen • Disposable nappies • Syringes DAVID Murphy warns incorrect use of the system will raise costs.

“PREMIUM” cardboard is loaded into a conveyor belt for compacting.

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009



Property sale reflects confidence Five parcels of farming land at Calomba and Pinery were sold at auction recently. Acting on behalf of vendors KI Pinery Pty Ltd, Elders Rural Services auctioned a total of 518 hectares (ha) (1280 acres), with lots ranging from 63.52 to 147 ha. All parcels were strongly contested with all five lots selling at a combined total of $2.99 million, an average of $2,336 per acre, with local bidders underpinning the sale. Elders real estate specialist and auctioneer

Graeme Hann said bidding was fiercely competitive and reflected the strong demand for sound farming country in a reliable area. “To achieve such a positive results shows good farming country in a reliable area that is close to a major selling centre and shipping port is still in very strong demand and reflects the confidence farmers have in the long term outlook for agriculture.” Sale results as follows - Lot 1 (63.52 ha) $420,000; Lot 2 (107.59ha) $595,000;

Lot 3 (129.5 ha) $795,000; Lot 4 (71.33 ha) $375,000; and Lot 5 (147 ha) $805,000. The sale set the benchmark for the current selling season. Meanwhile, about 50 people attended the auction of 146.96 ha (363 acres) of prime cropping land at Stockport-Alma. Solid interest resulted in two bidders vying for the land which sold under hammer for $1.33 million (or $3,663 an acre). In other real estate news, the historic prop-

erty owned by the Henstridge family at 28 Humphrey Street, Balaklava will be restored to its former glory by its new owners, who won the property at auction recently. About 40 people attended the auction and bids were taken from two – one of whom was absent and placed bids by phone. The new owner, understood to be from the Adelaide suburb of Netherby, purchased the property for $226,500 and intends to retain its authenticity.

Read the signs for drought support South Australians experiencing hardship caused by drought have been reminded support is available. Ten rural community counsellors are located across the state, including Clare-based Warren Martin. Country Health SA drought response director, Alan Morris, said during a drought the financial and emotional demands placed on rural families could be overwhelming. “Even though parts of SA have had good winter rains, some people are still doing it tough,” Mr Morris said. “Help is available to rural communities. Seeking help early is important.” Mr Morris said early warning signs included feeling stressed, tense, angry, anxious, having sleep problems or not eating properly. “These signs should be taken seriously and anyone experiencing them should make a call to see their local GP or call one of the rural community counsellors close to where they live,” he said. A referral from a GP is not required to see a rural counsellor. Rural counsellors offer a free, professional counselling service which is mobile and flexible, and people can book a private appointment at a time and place that suits them. Rural community counsellors can be contacted by calling 180 2020. For urgent assistance call the Rural and Remote Emergency Triage and Liaison Service on 131 465.

At the Owen Soil Moisture Probe workshop (from left) Callum March, Balaklava; Wayne Heaslip, Pinery; Greg Butler, SANTFA; Tony Craddock, Rural Directions; Paul Andrews, Sentek and Peter Toome, Adcon Telemetry.

Soil probe aids moisture quest

Soil moisture probes are being used to monitor soil moisture in paddocks by several groups located in the Adelaide Plains cropping district, thanks to a project funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. The groups, located at Balaklava, Owen, Mallala and Alma, have adapted technology used in irrigated horticulture for decades, to their dryland cropping systems to assess soil moisture prior to making key crop management decisions. “After recent dry seasons, farmers are acutely aware of the importance of available soil moisture in determining eventual yield and quality of crops,” Freeling-based agronomist,

Tony Craddock, from Rural Directions said. “Farmers across the district have been caught applying crop inputs such as urea fertiliser when there was insufficient soil moisture to get a good payback on their investment. “Also, many growers were plagued with high grain screenings levels in 2008 through crops running out of soil moisture. “This technology should allow us to better predict the likelihood of this occurring so we can make allowances in grain marketing decisions.” The project, initiated by Rural Directions Pty Ltd and the SA NoTill Farmers Association (SANTFA), has involved the installation of soil moisture probes and automatic rain

gauges in focus paddocks managed by group members. Information collected by the probes is transmitted to a data host via the mobile phone network, with group members accessing the data by logging a website from their home computers. “After a rainfall event we can check out how much rain has fallen on the paddocks within the project as well as how far the moisture has penetrated into the soil,” Balaklava group member, Callum March said. “This gives us a good idea of how things are tracking season and crop yield-wise so we can make decisions on things like top-up fertilizer with more confidence.”

The project is supported by a series of workshops where group members are trained in the interpretation of the data, as well as providing a forum to discuss management decisions made based on soil moisture levels. “The technology isn’t cheap but the information gained is expected to pay for itself many times over in helping growers make better decisions,” Greg Butler, fron SANTFA said. “We are very grateful for the sponsorship we received from the Northern and Yorke, as well as the Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Boards to offset the cost of the probes.”This project is funded under FarmReady, a part of the Australia’s Farming Future initiative.

Ag students get help from expert

BALAKLAVA High Year 11 and 12 Ag students Inigo Guisasola, Ashley Julyan, Todd Baker, Joe Pratt, Nick Jericho and Sam Tiller inspecting the lentil trials with Elder’s agronomist Michael Brougham.

Elders agronomist Michael Brougham has been working closely with Balaklava High School Year 11 and 12 agriculture students to monitor crop trials. Michael set up herbicide tolerance trials in Boomer and Nugget lentils so students could compare the effects of chemicals recommended for use with lentils with those not recommended for use. Michael has visited the school regularly since before the crops were sown to involve the students in the planning of the trials, and teach them about crop rotations and agronomy in general.

He then spent hours spraying the individual trial strips. The Year 12s are using the trials to investigate the effects of different factors such as seeding rates, herbicide types and lentil varieties and have appreciated having ready access to Michael’s expertise. With his help, the broadacre cropping program at the school has been able to deliver much more practical content to the students, and they gain more educational value out of it. The next challenge will be to find a method of reaping the trials – if anyone has a small plot harvester available to borrow or hire please let Ag teacher, Sue Pratt, know.


Feature v Balaklava Show

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

All your favourites, plus so much more B

alaklava and Dalkey Agricultural Society’s 131st show is just two weeks away and is gearing up to be one of the best yet. Held at Ralli Park on Saturday, September 26, this year’s show will offer plenty for the whole family. As well as the usual favourites, there are some fun new competitions. The “Australia Post’s Aussie Letterbox” competition is sure to inspire some unique entries. While certain size specifications must be met, the letterbox can be made from any material and the more creative the better. Meanwhile the Country Women’s Scone competition (made with Laucke Country Women’s scone mix) may unearth the hidden cooking talents of some locals. All money raised through this competition will go towards assisting drought affected families. The winners of both competitions will be eligible to enter the Association show, with winners then invited to compete in a State Final as part of the 2010 Royal Adelaide Show for cash prizes. Balaklava’s annual ute show, which will be held in conjunction with the show, will draw ute lovers from all over the district. The competition recognises an


BALAKLAVA and Dalkey Agricultural Society welcomes a new president, Shayn Faehrmann, to this year’s show. INSET: Entertainer Chrtis McDonald will be roving the show playing his carnival organ. Australian icon and entry categories include – Holden, Ford, 4x4, Trade, Country/Rural, Classic/Restored, Feral, Chicks, B&S, Street. Money raised in this years’ People’s Choice category will be donated to Mill Court Home for the Aged. Gates open early with Horses in Action beginning at 8.30am and stalls open at 9am. Entertainment

will begin at 10am and Leith Jenkins OAM from Riverton will officially open the show at 11.45am. Mr Jenkins has been involved with country shows since a small child and ran the animal nursery at the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Show in Adelaide for 29 years. He continues to be involved in shows and in June was awarded

the Order of Australia Medal for his involvement in the Riverton community and the Royal Adelaide Shows. Entertainer Chris McDonald will operate his roving European built carnival organ throughout the day. In addition, Balaklava Primary School will present a calisthenics display, and there will shearing and

wood competitions and the bush sawing competition will be open to the public. Amazing feats of circus magic with International Comedy Magic Stars, The Ravellos, take to the stage with their acrobatic puppy dogs, amazing spinning plates and incredible juggling acts. This year’s Youth and Youth Rural Ambassadors will be judged and young people are encouraged to enter. Side show alley and plenty of show bags are sure to keep the kids entertained, along with the Animal Nursery. Any enquiries can be directed to secretary, Natasha Grigg, at the show office on 8862 1682 or 0447 568 933 or email to balakshow@

Cutz ‘N’ Curlz

"We keep the animals well fed on show day"

Your LOCAL real estate agent supporting your LOCAL show Contact Peter: 8862 2172 or Tania mobile: 0417 884 877

19 Wallace St, Balaklava - Ph: 8862 1441

Proud sponsors of the animal nursery

Proud sponsors of the Balaklava Show

Serving the People of the Plains since 1903

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Wishing you all the best for a successful show

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ATTENTION OATEN HAY GROWERS ! "Where clients come first"

Balco is sponsoring Section E item 21 at the Balaklava Show this and future years. Prize money to the value of $60 with a trophy for the winner is up for grabs!

Here's what to do! • Fill in the entry form in the Balaklava Show book Section E item 21 • Submit your sample of hay on the day as follows: " One sheath of green (not cured hay) oats, to be 20cm in diameter at the tie." To be judged for Export Hay


Phone 8862 1333

Oaten Hay Exporters

Ph 8862 0000

for more information

The Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009


“Something for Everyone”

A V A L K A L BA OW SH L A U N N A t s


6 2 r e b m e

t p e S y a d

r u t Sa

Lots of Showbags ★ Rural Ambassador ★ Sheep Shearing ★ Sideshows ★ Animal Nursery ★ Displays ★ Ute Competitions ★ Woodchopping ★ Show prince & princess ★ Ravello’s Circus ★ Show person ★ Calisthenics Display

SHOW Program

8:30am Horse Action Begins 9:00am Stalls Open 9:30am Judging commences in Pavilions 10:00am Roving Carnival Organ 10:15am Mini Balaklava Show Person Judging 10:30am Ravello’s Circus behind the Grandstand 11:00am Novice Shearing Competition Begins 11:00am Sub Junior Balaklava Show Person Judging 11:15am Calisthenics Display 11:30am Junior Balaklava Show Person Judging 11:40am National Anthem performed by Balaklava Primary School Choirw 11:45am Official Opening by Mr Leith Jenkins OAM 12 noon Balaklava Primary School Choir 12 noon Youth & Young Rural Ambassador Judging 12:30pm Ravello’s Circus behind the Grandstand 12:30pm Wood chopping commences Junior Chop 12:45pm Intermediate Shearing 1:00pm Ute Comp Judging commences 1:30pm Open Standing Block Final 2:00pm Ravello’s Circus behind the Grandstand 2:30pm Open Underhand Final 2:45pm Open Shearing 2:45pm Bush Sawing Championship – Open to the General Public

Admission: Adults $8, Students/Pensioners $4, Children under 5 FREE Membership $20



alking around an old graveyard may seem more like the stuff of horror movies…but it could actually help save the planet. That’s the message from the Geological Society of Australia, which is calling on individuals, schools and community groups to visit their local graveyards and measure the weathering rates of old marble headstones, as part of an international project to track shifts in world pollution levels and climate change. The Gravestone Project is the first scientific research project being undertaken across the world as part of the international EarthTrek citizen science program. The Geological Society of Australia, CSIRO Education and Earth Scientists from the University of Sydney are key Australian partners in EarthTrek, which is being led globally by the Geological Society of America. There is no cost for the public to participate are guided in their work by local scientists and will receive rewards based on the number and scope of projects in which they are involved. The project involves visiting graveyards, determining location using a GPS, noting whether

NEWS v District

Graves a key to the future

PICTURES: Lisa Redpath ROY and Norma Schopp show how torchlight can help uncover the mysteries of graveyard headstones by casting a shadow. This headstone belongs to Fanny Hicks, who died in 1876. It is one of the oldest in Balaklava cemetery.

By Karen Petney

Headstones track climate change the graveyard has white marble headstones. Participants can then go a further step and select five white marble headstones varying in

age and the direction they face, and take measurements to determine weathering rates. The information is then logged on the

EarthTrek website and is used to help assess whether some regions of the globe are experiencing higher pollution and more rapid climate

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Darkness will help reveal the mystery

The headstone of Carl Benjamin Frost, shown at night and BELOW, during the day.

in good condition. At a loss to know how to make the etchings show up in photographs they sought the help of a family member who was a photographer. Taking on his advice,

the Schopps revisited the graveyard at night, with lights to cast a shadow on the etchings, which meant they showed up in the photographs. Simple when you know how!

Hurry for conservation grants

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change than others. n To discover more a b o u t E a r t h Tr e k and the Gravestone Project, visit www.

Local Balaklava couple Norma and Roy Schopp had an interesting experience when searching for the graves of Roy’s mother’s family many years ago. They found the grave and headstones of Roy’s great-great grandparents in amazingly good condition at a small cemetery at Allen’s creek, near Allendale North just north of Kapunda. The couple had an interesting time deciphering the inscriptions, written in German. While the lettering of the headstones was no longer visible, the etchings, which held the lettering were still

New n Desigon Elevation for illustration purposes only. now lGranada y disp a

Springvale Drive

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009


Conservation work at South Australian heritage places will be funded under the SA Heritage Fund Grant Program announced by the State Government. Minister for Environment and Conservation, Mr Weatherill said it was through heritage places we are able to gain a greater understanding of the values and attitudes that have shaped our community and the State government wants to ensure our heritage is maintained for future generations to enjoy. Eligible applicants include private and corporate owners, church bod-

ies, local councils and community organisations. Under the program, grant recipients need to contribute the equivalent of the grant amount towards the work, either in cash or in kind. Applicants are encouraged to clearly illustrate the proposed work, reflect current conservation practice and incorporate professional heritage advice to improve their chance of success. Applications close September 30. For more information contact the Department for Environment and Heritage Grants Heritage Officer on 8124 4715.

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009


PEOPLE OF THE PLAINS v Balaklava n Married

Saturday –

n Wedding bells – Emma Noll and Luke Evans were married at St Aloysius Catholic Church, Sevenhill earlier this year. The couple were attended by Sharyn Laube, Jane Cobb, Ben Noll, Andrew Evans, Jonathon Evans and Derek Barr. Following the ceremony, a reception was held at Clare Golf Club. Emma and Luke then honeymooned in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Emma is the daughter of Jan and Ken Noll, of Balaklava, and Luke is the son of Rosemary and Kelly Evans, also of Balaklava. n Reece is 90 – Reece Angel celebrated his 90th birthday with a luncheon at the Terminus Hotel on Sunday, September 6. Reece was joined by his wife Joan who is a resident at Mill Court and 30 family and friends including some who travelled from Queensland. Daughter Helen spoke on behalf of the family, congratulating him on 90 years well spent. Reece responded after cutting his cake which was decorated with a farm scene, depicting his life spent on the land, first at Avon and then at Dalby Queensland. The couple returned to Balaklava to retire, living in a unit in Memorial Drive. From left, Reece and Helen Angel, Christine Allan and Joan Angel.

Danielle Hedaux and Matthew Henstridge of Balaklava tied the knot on Saturday. The couple were married at the Anglican Church, Balaklava in front of family and friends, followed by a relaxed reception at their Balaklava home. Danielle was attended by sister Aliza, Victoria Edwards, and Vicky Waters. Matthew was attended by Gary Hedaux, Nigel Hodgson and Damien Forgaty. Their two children, Isaac and Nakita also attended as page boy and flower girl.

n Double celebration – twin sisters Jeanette Scott and Marleen Bennett recently celebrated their 70th birthdays with their families at La Dolce Vita Restaurant in Gawler.

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Guide v TV seven day 7 DAY TV GUIDE

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009 Week commencing Sept. 17









tvplains 17-9.indd 1

14-9-2009 15:22:30


The Way

We were 5

YEARS AGO September 2004

•Saddleworth Primary School students Luke and Annie Vater received commendations in the 2004 Max Fatchen Poetry Awards. •A group of girls from Owen Primary came second in a statewide basketball competition at Gawler.


YEARS AGO September 1999

• Mid North netballers Ashleigh Koch, Hamley Bridge and Sascha Taylor, Hummocks were chosen to play in a squad of 20 in a SAPSASA competition in Katherine.


YEARS AGO September 1989

• Selwyn Lucas, Port Wakefield found a poem in a bottle washed up on the beach near the Proof Range, along with a postage stamp and return address!


• Sep 19: Riverton Monthly Market. • Sep 20: Owen-Wood family reunion. • Sep 21: Snowtown CMC AGM. • Sep 25: Fashion Parade at Wasleys Institute. • Sep 26: Balak Show; Sevenhill Producers Market. • Sep 27: Opening Two Wells Bowling Season. • Oct 1: Bingo at Dublin Institute. • Oct 3-5: Windsor Country Market. • Oct 4: Marrabel Rodeo. • Oct 6: Hamley Bridge Memorial Hospital Auxiliary meeting • Oct 11: Kapunda Community Craft Market, Kapunda Institute 9am – 2pm; Cancer Awareness Golf Day, Port Wakefield; Balaklava Community Arts production, “Little Shop of Horrors”. • Oct 14: Long Plains Red Cross fashion parade. • Oct 16: Basketball starts; “Little Shop of Horrors”. • Oct 17:Clare Show; Country music night, Long Plains starring Graeme Hugo; “Little Shop of Horrors”.


Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

LOCAL v Living

A journey through Australia’s shearing history Shearing is an essential part of the wool industry. In 1788 the first 29 sheep arrived from Cape Town, South Africa with the First Fleet. By 1797 there were 2500, with the first keg of wool shipped back to England in 1807 – used to make a suit for Rev Samuel Marsden. By 1825 the export total had increased to 146,000kg. The first authenticated daily shearing tally was in 1835 when Tom Merely shore 30 sheep with blades in WA. The shearing table was invented in 1866 by T Millier Edgerley of Willaura, Victoria and the first known patent for a shearing machine was recorded on March 2, 1868 by James Higham, a compositor from Melbourne. In 1877 Wolseley and Savage were granted a patent for a shearing machine and a rope drive machine developed at Euroka Station near Walgett, NSW. James Gray

Heritage Highlights by Norma Schopp

is recorded as the first person to completely machine shear a sheep, at Euroka Station in 1882 and, in 1886-87, the Wolseley shearing machine was demonstrated around the country. A shearer’s union was formed in Ballarat by WG Spence, and this was the foundation of the Amalgamated Workers Union. By 1887, Wolseley had installed six machine stands at Normanby Station in QLD, and was demonstrating the new shearing method at Toganmain Station near Hay, NSW. Dunlop Station, at Louth in NSW, had the first large ‘machine shed’ in


6 4 4 9 7 5 3 1 3 5 2 8 6 6 9 4 1 5 2 5 1 6 4 7 5 8 6 1

Puzzle by

o FILL the grid so every row and every 3 x 3 square contains the digits 1 to 9. Solution on this page next week.

• 24 Cans of Coke $19.95 VIRGINIA

It’s easy to spend the winter months snuggled up by the fire with a good book, a box of chocolates and the dog curled up at your feet. Truth be known, the dog would much prefer you to put on your walking shoes, grab a lead and go for a walk. In most parts of Australia, there are very few days where the weather is so bad that a walk is unpleasant. Winter and early spring bring crisp mornings which are far more pleasant for walking than summer heat. If the weather is nasty, both the dog SOLUTION 4 7 1 8 6 3 9 5 2

Sponsored by…

Early sheep shears.

Supported by Balaklava Veterinary Service. Phone: 8862 2088

No 0006

7 3

by Dan Cooper, when he shore 325 Corriedales at Genara, Victoria, but this was done by machine, only to be outdone the following year by Ted Reick at Brinard, Julia Creek, QLD with a tally of 326. Bill Robertson shore 421 at Broadford, Victoria in 1972. One of the highest known tallies for merino lambs was 501, set by David Ryan at Penshurst, also in Victoria. Then came the 10-week strike over the use of wide combs in 1983 – it did not have the popular support of shearers and the union lost many members, but wide combs eventually prevailed, and are widely used today.


Plains Producer SU DOKU MEDIUM

1888, with 40 Wolseley stands; Toganmain had 15 installed amongst the blade shearers. 1891 saw a sixmonth strike by shearers near Barcaldine cripple the industry in the eastern states. Blade shearing continued in many areas and, in 1892, Jack Howe set a record tally of 321 blade shorn sheep at Alice Downs but it was another eight years before a machine shearing tally came close, with Jimmy Power recording a tally of 315 at Barenya Station, in 1900. Aboriginal inventor, author and spokesperson David Unaipon (who is featured on our $50 note), is recorded as patenting an improved shearing handpiece in 1909. Competition stepped up, 1925, seeing the ‘mad eight’ shearing team shearing 2000 sheep in eight hours in WA. It was 1949 before Jack Howe’s record was broken,

3 8 6 5 9 2 4 1 7

2 5 9 4 1 7 8 6 3

8 6 5 2 7 9 3 4 1


Keep walking your dog in winter and owner can wear rain gear. Pet stores have a large choice of dog coats ranging from the purely fashionable in an array of colours and patterns, to the very practical oilskin. It may not be possible to take the dog for a fitting but all you need is the dog’s measurement around the middle at the deepest part of the body, and also the

No 0005 1 4 3 6 8 5 7 2 9

9 2 7 3 4 1 5 8 6

5 1 2 7 3 4 6 9 8

7 9 8 1 5 6 2 3 4

6 3 4 9 2 8 1 7 5

length of body. In many parts of Australia dogs are banned from beaches during the warmer months, so winter can be an ideal time to take the dog for a walk along a deserted beach. M a n y beaches allow dogs off lead during this period and there are few dogs which do not react with joy at running free on the sand, sniffing unusual

Good News Ken Packer

Because he knew God was with him in all his tribulations, the apostle Paul was able to say, “When I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12.10.

Puzzle by

n The Church notices published below are supplied by local churches and will continue to be repeated weekly as a service directory. Churches should advise us of any changes immediately – or in the last week of the preceding month. Please advise changes by emailing lisa@

smells of the sea, and even having a paddle or trying to catch waves. If your dog gets wet during a walk, it should be towel dryed and an old chamois used to remove water and mud from the coat. Long coated breeds should be dried with a hairdryer and then brushed or combed to prevent the hair from matting. Both owners and dogs who continue to walk during winter will be trim, taut and terrific when summer arrives.

Did you know


D Leonardo da Vinci could write with the one hand and draw with the other simultaneously. D Alexander Graham Bell (invented the telephone) never phoned his wife or mother because they were deaf. D English sailors came to be called Limeys after using lime juice to combat scurvy.



September 27

October 4

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

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CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Auburn....................... 9.00am Balaklava....................11.00am

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CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava.......... Mass 10.30am Pt Wakefield............... 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 9.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge......... 11.00am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava................. 9 & 11am Nantawarra..................9.00am Lochiel..........With Nantawarra Pt Wakefield..............11.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Auburn...................... 9.00am Balaklava................... 11.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............11.00am Hamley Bridge.......... 9.15am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava.................. 10.00am Nantawarra..............No service Lochiel......................10.00am Pt Wakefield..............10.00am


NEWS v Virginia & Two Wells

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

Plan not so ‘great’ for growers

A draft 30-year urban development plan released by State government has sparked frustration in the Adelaide Plains horticulture industry, with claims the government is failing to recognise a genuine concern for food security. Virginia Horticultural Centre CEO and Grow SA chief executive, Mike Redmond, has raised objections to the “Plan for Greater Adelaide.” “The government has let us down on this,” Mr Redmond said. Frustrations span from the industry’s attempts to plan for the future after

Government overlooks market garden blueprint By Bronte Hewett

there was evidence to suggest encroachment was coming their way. A Development of Horticulture on the Adelaide Plains for 2030 blueprint was prepared and launched in January by PIRSA Horticulture in conjunction with the Virginia Horticulture Centre, the City of Playford, the District Council of Mallala and the Wakefield Regional Council. However, the blueprint did not rate a men-

tion in the State government’s “30-year Urban Development Plan for Greater Adelaide” released in July. The blueprint looked at issues such as encroachment and urban development and suggested the need for planned development of infrastructure matched to land use, food processing, value adding activities, and the sustainable management of water sources such as aquifers, recycled

water and storm water capture for irrigation. These issues, if correctly addressed, could lead to increased horticultural output, more employment, and the potential growth in the Adelaide Plains horticultural industry from $92 million to $200 million. Urban encroachment is inevitable in the areas surrounding Virginia, with population growth, the new Northern expressway in construction and Buckland Park housing development in the

pipeline. In relation to land use planning, the horticulture blueprint suggested the areas dedicated to horticulture around Virginia should be preserved and expanded, land use zones must resist development of non-complying activities and planning for future horticulture zones and review of existing horticultural zones need to consider allotment sizes for various types of horticulture business. Minister for Urban Planning and Develop-

STRAPPING themselves into the passenger seat of a V8 ute are: back from left Alice Turner, Casey Michael, Youth Opportunities CEO Peter Marshman, Sherri Haynes, BHS principal Mark Healy and Angus Bugeja. Front: Dylan Harrison-Brady, Kane Williams and Grigor Fahlbusch.

Revved up and ready to go

A group of Balaklava High School students were lucky enough to take to the race track in a V8 ute. The V8 Race Ute Challenge at Mallala racetrack recently was part of the Youth Opportunities program, which provides personal leadership training to show young people how to effectively communicate, goal plan, self motivate, and improve their self esteem. Close to 200 people have graduated from the program, which has been run at BHS for the past three years.

For many, personal leadership training has been a catalyst for identifying and fulfilling personal potential, regardless of their circumstances. Alice Turner, a 2008 graduate, spoke in support of the program. “Anything is possible for the future now,” she said. “I guess I never realised it before but if I put my mind to it anything really is possible.” Youth Opportunities is a not-for-profit organisation and does not access govern-

ment funds. Because of this, schools are required to raise funds to access the program. To help support schools in raising funds, Youth Opportunities, Roof Seal and Trackskill combined their efforts to run the V8 ute challenge, which in turn helped attract more sponsorship for Youth Opportunities. Local businesses or community groups interested in supporting the program should contact Balaklava High School on 8862 0600.

ment, Paul Holloway. said planning ahead to 2039 would ensure jobgenerating growth could be achieved and 80 per cent of metropolitan Adelaide would remain unchanged. “The Plan for Greater Adelaide addresses the challenges of population growth, and aging population, climate change, technological change, environmental preservation, economic growth and growing interdependence,” Mr Hollaway said. The draft 30-year plan included the protection up to 357,000ha of new irrigated land north of Two Wells for “significant primary produce.” The majority of this protected area is set aside for Adelaide’s wine producing regions. The plan “protects and ensures an accessible agricultural food bowl,” but there is no specific mention of horticulture growth in Virginia. A small section of land near Gawler and Roseworthy has been nominated for vegetable production. But according to Mike Redmond, the government hardly acknowledged theAdelaide Plains Horticulture blueprint, let alone supported it. “The horticultural industry has been smart enough to think about this, and tried to be in the right position for the future, and it appears government hasn’t taken any notice of it,” Mr Redmond said.

He said it didn’t seem like the government had appreciated the horticulture industry’s efforts to plan for its own future, and as a result were posing serious risks to the food security of the nation. “I am genuinely concerned about food security in this nation,” Mr Redmond said. Shadow Minister for Regional Development, John Dawkins, also has concerns with the Virginian food bowl. He claims the current 30year plan could force the prime growing facilities to move too far away. “The 30-year Plan failed to acknowledge the importance of the food bowl to the immediate north of Adelaide and lacks any strategy to ensure such a vital source of horticultural products remains in relatively close proximity to the Adelaide Produce Market and export facilities,” Mr Dawkins said. “Growers are seeking support for growth of the horticulture industry on the Adelaide Plains as a viable, valuable industry that contributes to the State’s economy.” In another attempt to plan for population growth, the Adelaide Plains Development blueprint also suggested horticulture and field crops could relocate to land between Two Wells and Mallala, where soil types are suitable and still relatively close to Adelaide. Greenhouses and the packing industry could remain in Virginia.

You can have your say

n To have your say about the draft Development Plan for Greater Adelaide, visit http://www.dplg. Submissions should be lodged no later than 5pm on Wednesday September 30. For more information, call (08) 83030760.

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PREVIEW 2009 Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009




Hungry for a flag n CONTINUED FROM BACK PAGE


wo Wells earned its right to compete in the grand final thanks to big wins over more fancied and more experienced opponents HWE and Virginia. Despite the greenness of many of their key players, the Roosters have played with football smarts way beyond their years in recent weeks and have also shown when the siren sounds they mean business! Whether they have reached a grand final prematurely or not, these young Roosters who have played in plenty of junior Grand Finals together are now there – they seem ready, and on Saturday they have a chance to create history! Looking at the nitty gritties, likely game breakers for Mallala will include polished mid-fielders Ryan Montgomerie , Christian Rimmer, Matthew Birchmore and newly crowned 2009 Plains Producer Medallist, Liam Whitwell, who simply must give their side first use of the footy as they have done all year. Whitwell’s fellow co-captain Jason Earl is sure to set the tempo for his side in his floating role and Mallala will rely on defenders Tim and Dave Cawrse to curb the influence of the Rooster forwards and also feed off to running defenders Daniel Jennings and veteran Paul Blacket whose rebounding roles supported by their midfielders will become so, so important. One of the most exciting matchups could very well be on the wing with Mallala’s ever-dangerous wingman Brad Hardie likely going head to head with either the super accomplished Lee Allmond or excitement machine Kahn Leighton. The big question for fans is whether these players could play loose on each other and be equally as damaging. Up forward Mallala target Brian Montgomery could go a long way to delivering Mallala the title if he can mark strongly and kick straight. Similarly if crumber Daniel Feeley can sneak under Two Wells’ guard and kick another bagfull like he did in the second semi against Virginia then Mallala will be well positioned come late Saturday afternoon. In the Two Wells camp, likely game breakers for them include Ned Seccafien who has been simply brilliant the last two weekends and Tallan Leighton who was super clever last week. While we all know how damaging Lee Allmond can be in any part of the ground, Kahn Leighton’s pace looms also being a lethal weapon for Two Wells once again this week. If Justin Antony, who somewhat of a barometer up forward, can for the third week in a row get himself “up and about� early he can give his side just the early spark they need. Rooster centre half forward Travis Uren’s role cannot be underestimated and fellow forward and 2009 APFL leading goal kicker Aaron “Wally� Hand who kicked another bag last

Kym Jarman’s


A Grade Grand Final

Mallala or Two Wells? Team game may decide week could be the difference between the sides come 5pm if things for the Roosters fall into place. Defensive leader Scott Humphrys needs to make it three scalps in three weeks to give his side a shot at the title while 2009 finals surprise packet Ryan Hooper needs to again play with the flair and boldness that has made both him and Andrew Hardiman a forceful combination that can hurt Mallala on the rebound. Aside from the individual attributes of players mentioned it must be noted that it is the complete team game that has served both the Roosters and the Magpies well to this point of the season. Just who plays the better team game on Saturday could well be the factor that decides just who claims the 2009 APFL crown. This game could well be played at an unprecedented pace and will likely rival and AFL contest with the most rotations in APFL history with both sides rotating midfielders in large numbers! Mallala has waited all year

for this – the chance to atone for last year’s surprise defeat. They will be as ready as ever to play four quarters of typical, dominant, skilful and direct football. Keith Earl will be asking his side to be uncompromising in their attack and use their football smarts to outgun the young Roosters side. Two Wells on the other hand are not only hot, they’re hungry! Stephen Fitzgerald’s side has hit form at exactly the right time of year and what they have done in the last fortnight must have Mallala worried. Although looking at ‘the last time they met’ the young Roosters will have their work cut out for them, needing to reverse their worst result of this season to topple the Magpies on Saturday. Despite noting Mallala will start definite favourites to lift this year’s premiership cup, as a football follower it is hard to not be excited about what a very young Two Wells group could possibly achieve this Saturday.

how they performed in season 2009 Round 13 – July 18 Mallala 5.1 11.6 14.11 20.12 (132) Two Wells 1.4 3.5 4.7 5.9 (39) Best: Mallala – C Rimmer, D Feeley, L Whitwell, R Montgomerie, J Montgomerie, L Heeley. Two Wells – S Humphrys, K Leighton, A Hand, L Allmond, N Applebee, J Struck. Goals: Mallala – D Feeley 7, C Rimmer 4, B Griffiths 3, B Montgomery 2, B Hardie, M Birchmore, A Bruggemann. Two Wells – A Hand, L Allmond 2, B Strong. Round 6 – May 23 Mallala 4.0 6.3 10.5 12.7 (79) Two Wells 2.2 3.6 4.8 7.9 (51) Best: Mallala – L Whitwell, C Rimmer, T Cawrse, J Wildbore, J Montgomerie, B Hardie. Two Wells – K Leighton, L Allmond, N Seccafien, A Hand, S Humphrys, S Nicholas. Goals: Mallala – B Griffiths 3, J Danis, B Montgomerie 2, J Earl, L Whitwell, J Montgomerie, D Feeley, M Birchmore. Two Wells – J Antony, A Hand 2, T Leighton, L Allmond, K Leighton

MAGPIE Daniel Feeley and Rooster Ned Seccafien will both be looking for another bag of goals on Saturday.

APFL Major Sponsor

Balaklava Earthworks and Landscaping Supplies • Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm • Sat 9am to 12 noon

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Grove Garden

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Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009



Tom’s Catering Service

*Possible line-up for this Saturday’s grand final

Catering for all occasions!

Good luck to all Mallala teams in the finals


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Brad Hardie


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If you can’t see it, ask and we’ll get it!

Good luck to all Mallala Footballers and Netballers on Saturday


Justin Antony


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Ben Spiteri


Joe Danis

Mallala Feed Barn Phone: 8527 2244

Good Luck To The Mighty Magpies …from The Bellies Gang

Pick up your take-away after the game, we’re open til 8.30pm



David Cawrse



Tim Cawrse

Aaron Hand


Travis Uern

Ryan Montgomerie


Christian Rimmer

Bellie’s Takeaway Wasleys Rd, Mallala - Phone: 8527 2179


Supporting all participants in the finals. Best of luck!


Daniel Jennings




Phone 8527 2314 Mobile 0417 811 525 Email:

ROB’S MERCHANDISE & INSURANCE Wishing all teams the best for grand final

Phone 8527 2166 5 Adelaide Road, Mallala

Best of luck to both teams in the Adelaide Plains Football League for a successful 2009 grand final From Balaklava Agency

Phone: 8862 1333

Liam Whitwell

Scott Wise 15

Jason Earl Suppliers of Perry’s Mobil Fuel

Mallala Trading Co. Good luck to all Mallala footballers and netballers in their grand finals

Adelaide Rd, Mallala - 8527 2011


James Wildbore

Tallan Leighton




Paul Blacket


Andrew Vlassco


Jon Clarke

Jonno Wildbore

Mallala Conveniently located in the centre of the town

Good luck to all Mallala footballers and netballers in the finals

• Swap n go gas • Christmas Club membership • Mobile phone re-charge •Bank SA Agency

Phone: 8527 2010

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009



Played Saturday September 19 at Long Plains

Your quality meat supplier

Two Wells Meat Store

Send good wishes to all teams in the grand finals



Khan Leighton


Ph: 8520 2211 Fax: 8520 3574


Matt Saunders

Nathan Applebee



Matthew Birchmore


Ben Stubing

Good luck to all Two Wells footballers & netballers in their grand finals

Ryan Hooper

Phone: 8520 2398

Heaslip Campers 13


Lee Allmond


Angus Bruggemann


Ned Seccafien



Brian Scott Montgomery Humphrys

Andrew Hardiman

Best wishes to Two Wells football & netball teams in their grand finals Ph Rob, Judy or Greg on (08) 8280 9488 Fax (08) 8280 9933 Cnr. Port Wakefield Rd & Burton Rds, Burton SA 5110




William Sansbury

Daniel Feeley




Brett Start

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Stephen Lange

Good luck to all football & netball teams in the grand finals

Peter Seccafien

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Tyson Knight

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Gilmac would like to wish all the football & netball teams in the APFL/APNA 2009 grand final all the best.


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ATM Come in and celebrate after the footy at

Good luck to all Two Wells teams in their grand finals


Loretta, Craig & staff wish all Two Wells footballers & netballers good luck for the grand finals

Phone: 8520 2332

Good luck to all Two Wells Football & Netball teams on Saturday

GO ROOSTERS Two Wells Internet Service Two Wells internet service wishes each of the A, B, U17’s and U14 football teams & the A1 netball all the best in their grand finals. For all your Internet services, broadband, and computer sales and service

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SPORT v Football

Roosters red hot for grand final

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

RAM Mark Gillard and Rooster Aaron Hand tussle as they wait for the ball to drop after a boundary throw-in.



My Call

n Kym Jarman Two Wells 18-18 (126) d Virginia 10-11 (71)

ROOSTER Andrew Hardiman flies above the pack to punch the ball away during the A grade match against the Rams.


Each week The Plains Producer & Osctrot Carriers are giving away a football or netball. If you are pictured (right), contact The Plains Producer on 8862 1977 to claim your prize this week.

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APFL Footy Face

Name: Graham White DOB: 05/11/1980 Team: Mallala Guernsey Number: 23 Position: Forward Favourite AFL/SANFL team: Crows/West Adelaide Who is the most damaging player (on or off field) in your club? Me for sure – look out! Who is your club’s hardest worker (on or off field)? Me again. It’s a blood long drive out here from where I live! Highlight of footy career: Taking a couple of speccies in my last season of footy. What’s your number one passion outside of footy? My two sons and watching them develop into fine young men like myself. If you could trade places with any person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with who would it be? Michael Jordan, just for the coin. What is the last book you read? Zoo Weekly/ Friday 13th If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money? Shout

Two Wells have won their way through to their first APFL grand final in 17 seasons and will play Mallala at Long Plains in this year’s decider thanks to a 55-point win over Virginia in the weekend’s A grade preliminary final. Although Virginia had finished the season in second place on the APFL ladder at the end of the minor round, on Saturday they had a stroke of bad luck, not only finding themselves against the Roosters on their home ground, they also went into the match minus two key contributors – on-baller/forward Chris Musolino and gun full back Adrian Mark who were both struck down with a very bad case of the flu. With these two absent and the Roosters already a chance in this match after defeating reigning premier Hummocks/Watchman Eagles by eight goals in last Sunday’s first semi final, it provided a massive opportunity for the young Two Wells side who duly pounced in the first half, attacking the match just as they did their semi final the weekend prior. They say fortune favours the brave and this week Two Wells were again bold and Two Wells were again brave – stopping at nothing to win the footy and then taking risks while backing their running ability! Although the first term brought a return of just five goals for the Roosters, which many thought may not be enough given the three goal breeze blowing South, they capitalised into the breeze in the second kicking three goals to Virginia’s two – setting up a nice five goal lead at half time. In the third with the breeze at their backs the young Roosters then pummelled the Rams to stretch the margin out to eight goals at the last change before a free flowing last term which produced 14 goals in total, saw the Rams show much spirit early and then Two Wells kick away late in the day to register their second big character building finals win this season. The Roosters’ performances over the last fortnight should have them very excited about their chances in this week’s grand final. Two Wells’ cornerstone defence, again the catalyst behind the eight goal win was led brilliantly by Captain Scott Humphrys who again ‘did a job’ on his direct opponents. Humphrys along with Ryan Hooper, James Williams, Nathan Applebee and Stephen Lange were again resilient and with the help of the on-ballers they made sure there was not one easy possession for the Rams inside their attacking 50. The Roosters again and again won the loose ball in this area of the ground and ran in numbers to get themselves out of trouble and opening the game up with scintillating pace and ball movement through the middle. For the second week in a row again the link men were Kahn Leighton, Willy Sansbury, Lee Allmond and Tallan Leighton. Each of these boys were superb, displaying the kind of skill and quick decision making ability that epitomises the Roosters’ blistering form in the last fortnight. In the first half when the game was there to be won, it was these men along with the inspirational Ned Seccafien who set the contest alight. Once the Roosters had delivered Aaron “Wally” Hand some great balls up forward and Justin Antony had kicked his first two goals, the remainder of Rooster play-

ers were up and about to once again contribute to a complete team performance. For the Rams who would have been disappointed to go out in such fashion, Graham Rigney played his heart out all day, beginning the match in defence and finding plenty of ball before Rams coach Greg Phillips successfully moved him into the middle to spark his side in the second half. Devon Oliver did a great job in defence halting many Rooster attacks throughout the day and Emmanuel Tsmiklis was very good, firstly down back and then up forward in the last quarter. Forward Shamus Schutt delivered a good game and four goal return and skipper Matty Young and ruckman Ben Galic also played well. Although in 2009 Virginia completed a season which saw them lift from sixth place in 2008 to play in this year’s preliminary final, many at Virginia had expected to go at least one step further considering the form they had shown over the course of the last five months. No doubt their two absent stars made a difference in the wash up although it can be said their opponents, the Roosters, did play one great game – suggesting any side may have struggled to combat them. Suddenly finding themselves in ‘red hot’ form at the perfect time of the year whilst also showing last week’s eight-goal win against HWE was no fluke, Two Wells now find themselves with a massive opportunity in this week’s grand final. Contrary to what many had previously believed, the Roosters’ two finals wins this season (both by eight goals) suggest they are “capable” as they head into this week’s grand final against Mallala.

everyone at least one beer. If you were a car, what kind would you be? HSV Commodore If you were on the front page of the newspaper, what would the headline say? Whitey injured again If you could take anyone on your next footy trip, who would it be? Some hot chick What is the best, weirdest or grossest item in your fridge? Vegies - yuck.

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RAM Peter Mylonopoulos glances over his shoulder as he is head hunted by Rooster Scott Humprhys during the A grade preliminary final

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

sport v Football


Can Roosters combat Peckers big men? Kym Jarman’s

LEFT: Leigh Wright is ready to take a mark for Balaklava.


Reserves grand final

RIGHT: Pecker Rick Lamond gives chase to Magpie Rhys Argent.

Two Wells v Balaklava

BELOW: Mallala’s Reece Kerr swoops in to grab a handball by team mate James Barr, Pecker Martin Bond getting a tackle in.

Michael Brougham, Balaklava looks to handball away.

In this week’s Reserves grand final, minor premier Two Wells will take on Balaklava who finished the regular season in third place - winning their way through to this year’s big one thanks to a close five point win over Virginia in the first semi, then an emphatic eight goal win over Mallala in the preliminary final. Two Wells will start Saturday’s match as favourites after leading from the front all season and advancing straight into the 2009 Reserves grand final thanks to a win over Mallala in this year’s second semi final. The first part of season 2009 saw the Roosters as the almost untouchable side at Reserves level. In the months of April and May the Roosters powered ahead of the competition thanks to a big pre-season build up and the blistering form of some players who would inevitably move up to A grade level in weeks to come. Although their second half of the season hasn’t been quite as dominant, they have done what they needed to, taking this year’s reserves minor premiership and the direct route into this year’s decider. Two Wells have class all over the ground with players like Tommy Taylor, Bryce Hart and Jarrod Andrews all capable of winning their positions and giving the Roosters first use of the pill. Defender and 2008 Reserves medallist Shaun Nicholas will be an ever important cog for the Roosters as a defensive marking option while the Roosters forward line is super dangerous boasting the likes of Anthony Cavallaro, the enigmatic Owen Allmond, Michael Abdilla, and Rhys McKean who are all capable of bobbing up and kicking goals just when Two Wells need them. Just like their A grade on Saturday it is Two Wells team game that inevitably will be the factor that can win them a premiership this week and no doubt with all four football sides in the grand final the Roosters will have plenty of

vocal support willing them on! In the other camp, their opponents Balaklava have a good mix of youth and experience which is sure to cause the young and vibrant Roosters some headaches. With plenty of young guns like Brad Michael, Jared Cmrlec, Oren Hearnden and Aaron Williams being well backed up and mentored by the likes of former established A grade midfield greats Grant Willmer and Rick Lamond plus Martin Bond who has been a rock in defence all finals series, it is conceivable that the Peckers experience could play a very big part in Saturday’s result. Balaklava boast x factors in the likes of Nathan Yates and Justin Walker who dropped back from A grade late in the season after starting 2009 off at reserves level – both have been important this finals campaign! This week the Peckers will need these guys along with forwards Leigh Wright and Kerry Michalanney plus defender Peter Georg to show their experience and lead the way to give them some ascendancy against a fleet footed side in what is sure to be an exciting match! Two Wells’ running game will no doubt cause Balaklava headaches as if the Roosters are buoyant and get on top early, their confidence is sure to grow with every goal they kick, meaning their pace and willingness to run could inevitably mean they leave the peckers feeling as though they are chasing guernseys all day. On the other hand, if the Peckers use their direct, non fuss approach once again this week and take the upper hand in the aerial department all over the ground, then it is hard to see the young Roosters combating Balaklava’s experience and big men stationed in the key posts. With two very different sides lining up to play very different styles of footy, this year’s reserves premiership shield could very well head either North or South of Long Plains.

The Score? Peckers put an end What’s Virginia Nursery has the answer! Pies double dream It was the Balaklava Peckers who prevailed over Mallala in Saturday’s Reserves preliminary final at Two Wells, winning a date with the Roosters in this week’s grand final at Long Plains. As was the case in the A grade the previously third placed Reserves team also won their way through to this year’s decider thanks to a somewhat poor display from a team that finished higher on the ladder after the minor round. As the game started it was the Peckers who had the early advantage in windy conditions and they went about using it to full effect setting up a handy lead at quarter time after controlling all the play. With Bradley Michael on fire early Balaklava banged on five quick goals to look very exciteable and it once again looked as if key playmakers Rick Lamond, Grant Willmer and Nathan Yates would have a big say in proceedings just as they did in the first semi the Sunday prior. Quarter time score: Balaklava 5.5 to Mallala 0.2 The second term provided Mallala’s chance to get back in the game with the breeze however despite the Magpies displaying much more run than they did in the first with Ryan Russel, Kale Jamieson and Graham White all being prominent, Balaklava’s defence was strong and prevented the Magpies from doing any serious damage on the scoreboard. Peckers Peter Georg, Martin Bond were all good in this area and Aaron Williams linking up with Willmer and Oren Hearnden made sure Balaklava had their fair share of the ball to curb Mallala’s influence. While Mallala did miss a couple of shots at goal which would prove costly all in all Balaklava’s work rate, clean hands and “no fuss” approach to the game was reaping rewards giving them two crucial goals into the breeze. A 29 point lead at half time sat nicely with coach Gib Palmer. Half time: Balaklava 7.6 to Mallala 2.7

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My Call In the third term Balaklava really turned the screws and with the breeze at their backs kicked a solid four goals and kept the Magpies scoreless to stretch an already daunting lead out to a massive 56 points. With Mallala’s Sam Angus and Rhys Argent working extremely hard Mallala did construct some good looking passages of play, however once they reached half forward on so many occasions Peckers Nathan Yates, Justin Walker and co simply picked off their kicks and sent the ball wide to runners in Willmer, Williams and back down the opposite wing. Finishing the season in second place Mallala’s scoreboard was looking very sorry for itself with just two majors against their name at the quarter time. Three quarter time: Balaklava 11.9 to Mallala 2.7 In the last term with seemingly nothing to lose Mallala did find another gear and were able to find plenty of footy throwing everything they could at their ‘last chance’ to do something in the match considering they had the breeze! But again (as they did in the second) they failed to capitalise and despite peppering the goal face could only register a plethora of minor scores. This quarter the Magpies had majority of possession and kept Balaklava scoreless but nevertheless what the Peckers had done earlier in the match had enabled them to defend their lead – Running out comfortable 36 point winners earning the right to meet the Roosters in this week’s big one! Final score Balaklava 11.9 to Mallala 4.15

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Two Wells Virginia

APFL results from Preliminary Finals A Grade Senior Colts 5.5 2.1

8.9 4.3

10.14 18.18 (126) 4.4 10.11 (71)

Best: Two Wells- N.Seccafien, L.Allmond, J.Antony, S.Humphrys, W.Sansbury, T.Leighton; Virginia- G.Rigney, D.Oliver, E.Tsimiklis, M.Young, S.Schutt, B.Galic  Goals: Two Wells- A.Hand 5, J.Antony 4, S.Wise 3, T.Uern 2, T.Leighton, T.Knight, L.Allmond, N.Seccafien; Virginia- S.Schutt 4, S.Papanotis 2, C.Mylonopoulos, A.Geradis, P.Mylonopoulos, A.Seccafien

Balaklava Mallala

B Grade 5.5 0.2

7.6 2.7

11.9 2.7

11.9 4.15

(75) (39)

Best: Balaklava- G.Willmer, R.Lamond, N.Yates, J.Walker, A.Williams, L.Wright; Mallala- R.Argent, R.Russel, G.White, S.Angus, D.Pontt, K.Jameson  Goals: Balaklava- J.Cmrlec 2, B.Michael 2, M.Angel 2, K.Michalanney, K.Zerk, N.Yates, L.Wright, O.Hearnden; Mallala- G.White 2, D.Pontt 2

Blyth/Snow Min/Man

4.7 2.0

7.8 3.1

11.10 12.12 3.2 5.4

3.3 6.5

9.6 10.6

12.9 14.7

20.15 (135) 15.9 (99)

B Grade 2.6 1.0

5.7 4.0

6.11 4.0

7.13 6.3

(55) (39)

Best: BSR Tigers- D.Hentschke, F.Nicholls, N.Burford, D.Lawry, N.Martin, S.Richards; North Clare- B.Sweetman, B.Smith, J.Nicolai, M.Dopson, P.Redden, B.Clothier  Goals: BSR Tigers- A.Mellow 2, D.Jones 2, B.Weckert, N.Adams, M.Lynch; North Clare- M.Dopson 3, T.Siv 2, M.Pawley

(84) (34)

Best: Balaklava- R.McDonald, S.Rowland, L.Michael, B.Koch, J.McPharlin, B.Harkness; Virginia- C.Hirniak, S.Soloman, L.Bannear, J.Booth-Elliot, M.Nugent, T.Lioulios  Goals: BalaklavaJ.McPharlin 4, J.Jenner 2, L.Michael 2, L.Williams, J.Matthews, C.Ruiz, L.Guy; Virginia- M.Lazenkas 2, J.Bradbrook, R.Young, G.Drew

Mallala HW Eagles

Junior Colts 0.0 1.1

2.6 1.1

2.8 3.5

4.9 3.6

(33) (24)

12.9 8.13

(81) (61)

Best: Mallala- J.Birchmore, A.Coe, J.Good, Z.Hallion, H.Kirvan, B.Jenkins; HW Eagles- C.Scott, B.Nicholls, B.Taylor, J.Zilm, T.Williams,  Goals: Mallala- A.Coe 3, Z.Hallion; HW Eagles- C.Scott 2, B.Taylor

NEFL results from 1st Semi Finals A Grade Senior Colts

Best: Blyth/Snow- R.Darling, G.Hayes, S.Atkinson, P.Keain, N.McCormack, A.Hentschke; Min/Man- J.Milburn, D.Fogden, B.Currie, R.McDermid, N.Forrest,  Goals: Blyth/Snow- J.Gillings 3, S.Clifford 3, S.Atkinson 3, G.Ottens 2, A.Hentschke 2, R.Darling, G.Hayes, P.Keain, B.Moffatt, M.Wandel, A.Conradi, A.Brackstone; Min/Man- R.McDermid 3, N.Forrest 3, M.Young 2, A.Winders, A.Bevis, B.Currie, D.Mitchell, M.Hindmarsh, L.Sandow, B.Sandow

BSR Tigers North Clare

Balaklava Virginia

RSMU Hawks Blyth/Snow

4.5 2.1

5.5 3.5

11.8 5.8

Best: RSMU Hawks- T.Connell, J.Redden, B.Plueckhahn, D.Griffiths, N.Jordan, P.Allchurch; Blyth/Snow- J.Growden, C.Lloyd, S.Underdown, A.Lloyd, C.Andriske, C.Raven  Goals: RSMU HawksS.Jordan 2, D.Busch 2, D.Bevan 2, D.Griffiths, N.Jordan, J.Redden, T.Smith, B.Plueckhahn, A.Rowett; Blyth/Snow- M.Atkinson 3, J.Growden 2, D.Krieg, A.Lloyd, C.Lloyd

Junior Colts

Eudunda RSMU Hawks

4.4 0.0

4.5 2.3

8.11 2.3

12.13 3.3

(85) (21)

Best: Eudunda; RSMU Hawks- M.Rohde, S.Ball, L.Michalany, H.Behn, D.Pike-Talbot, B.Sutton  Goals: Eudunda- E.Dunstan 4, K.Milde 2, I.Blumson 2, C.Blumson, L.Waldhuter, J.Harrison, J.Bugeja; RSMU Hawks- L.Michalany 2, J.Vater


Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

SPORT â?– Football

Peckers Cliffhanger predicted for senior GF solid win Senior Colts

â– Bronte Hewett


Senior Colts

â– Bronte Hewett

PRELIMINARY FINAL REVIEW Balaklava Peckers found the goods to get on top of Virginia Rams in the preliminary ďŹ nal in Two Wells on Saturday. The Rams suffered mainly from bad disposals, skill errors and poor accountability, while the Peckers’ speed and teamwork sealed their 12.12(84) – 5.4 (34) win. The teams were obviously hungry for the win, both vying for a chance at the senior colt’s ag, but the Rams weren’t able to topple the strong Balaklava side, who have only lost once all season. The ďŹ rst quarter opened with Balaklava kicking two goals with the wind advantage, but Virginia bounced back soon enough with Marco Lazenkas producing skillful ball work and ďŹ nishing off with two quick goals for the Rams. With the scores even, Balaklava stepped up, and pushed out to a two-goal lead, going into quarter time 4.7 – 2.0. Virginia got another goal early in the second quarter, and found some form in the forward line. Quick on-ball movements and some fast players on the wings saw the Peckers suddenly attack and push out the lead with another three goals. Sam Rowland and Jason McPharlin played well into the wind, and used short and sharp disposals. Joshua Bradbrook kicked a goal for the Rams, while Chris Hirniak and Shaun Solomon played well in the midďŹ eld. The score at half time was 7.8 – 3.1, and the Peckers looked well on their way to a

spot in the grand ďŹ nal. Riley McDonald performed well for the Peckers, as the side moved the ball brilliantly in the wings and midďŹ eld, to produce easy targets in the forward line. Sam Rowland and Lachlan Michael were fast and showed good control for the Peckers. Marking and disposing was tough in the windy conditions, which made judgment hard. Luke Williams and Jason McPharlin used good, short kicks to move the ball more accurately and pushed up the ground on target. Reggie Young showed courage and skill in the Rams defence, and was well supported by Matthew Nugent and George Arthariois. The third quarter was the Peckers best, increasing the lead by a further four goals and keeping the Rams goalless. The Rams wasted several opportunities in the midďŹ eld and didn’t hit many targets with disposals. It was 11.10 – 3.2 at the three quarter time break. The Rams kicked another two goals in the last term, but couldn’t produce a comeback. Lewis Bannear and James Booth-Elliot also put in commendable efforts for the Rams, while Joshua Bradbrook and Grant Drew played the game out well until the end. For the Peckers, Lachlan Michael and Braden Koch were impressive on the wings, helping the side with fast running and good accountability. Sam Rowland fed the ball well into the forward line and Brayden Harkness was consistent. The ďŹ nal score was 12.12 (84) – 5.4 (34).

Adelaide Plains Football League

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at Long Plains


1I Saturday September 19


Two Wells v Mallala Goal Umpires – Brad Busch, Nick Heinze Time Keepers – David Rowland, George Paues SENIOR COLTS - 10.40am

Two Wells v Balaklava Goal Umpires – Wilbur McArdle, Peter Kirvan Time Keepers – Rod Baker, Ken Roberts RESERVES - 12.15pm

Two Wells v Balaklava Goal Umpires – Geoff Curnow, Jim Franks Time Keepers – Neil Kakoschke, Graeme Moulds A GRADE - 2.30pm

Two Wells v Mallala Goal Umpires – Greg Lowe, Brenton Read Time Keepers – Marty Barker, Lyall Haynes Please note change of Times No Dogs allowed in grounds

Admission: Adult $10, Senior Card $5, Under 17 - Free

BALAKLAVA senior colts walk off the ďŹ eld victorious over the Rams.

PECKER Riley McDonald looks to pounce on Ram Terry Lioulios.

JACK Jenner takes a mark for Balaklava over his Ram opponent. RIGHT: Pecker Brayden Harkness about to take possession ahead of Ram Shaun Solomon.

The senior colts’ grand final between Two Wells and Balaklava could have the crowd at Longies on the edge of their seats, if their last meet in the semi ďŹ nal is anything to go by. Balaklava beat Virginia on Saturday to gain their chance at revenge, after losing to Two Wells the week before by 14 points in the semi ďŹ nal which put Two Wells straight through to play at Long Plains. “We’re pretty happy to have a win on Saturday to get another chance at playing Two Wells,â€? Balaklava coach Rob Michael said. Both teams have had very strong seasons, and both also have quite an impressive lineup of up and coming footballers. Balaklava was undefeated until the semi ďŹ nal, when Ryan Hooper, Jordan Sheppard and Aaron Clarke led the Rooster side to victory at Balaklava. Their last meet before that in round 16 saw the Peckers get a 42-point victory over the Roosters with Tim Sheppard, Tom Lloyd and Ryan McPharlin producing match-winning skills, while Chad Ruiz led their goal kicking. Rooster forward Shannon Schroeter has had an outstanding season, topping the leading goal kickers with 81, having a big lead on second placed team mate Luke Tassel with 47. The Peckers also have some forward line players to look out for, with Chad Ruiz and Ryan McPharlin also making the leading goal kickers list in fourth and sixth spots. In round 9, the Peckers had another win over the Roosters, but this time only

by nine points. The two sides appear to be very evenly contested, and the game this Saturday will more than likely be determined by work rate and ďŹ tness. With both teams having successful goal kickers up forward, there will be a real focus on ball movement in the midďŹ eld. Two Wells boasts a strong midďŹ eld, with Ben Slattery, Aaron Clarke and Danny Cousin usually impacting the dynamics of the game. There are also many young and ďŹ t Peckers scattered in their midďŹ eld, with Sam Rowland, Lachlan Michael, Daniel ButterďŹ eld and Jason McPharlin. Two Wells coach Neville SeccaďŹ en said the focus this season had been on a strong work rate, ďŹ tness and a high level of team plays. “Our work rate and level of team play has been fairly high this season,â€? Neville said. According to Balaklava coach Rob Michael, the Peckers have stood out this season for their team efforts and an equal work rate as well. “It was a good team effort to beat Virginia, it was pretty even all over the groundâ€? he said. The ďŹ rst time these two teams met this season, back in round two, Balaklava came from behind to take the win by 12 points. It’s clear from statistics; this game could easily go either way. With Balaklava having three wins in the bag (two of them close) and Two Wells only one, it will certainly depend on the better side on the day, so both teams will need to be switched on from the starting bounce.

Pies from behind snatch victory Junior Colts

â– Bronte Hewett

PRELIMINARY FINAL REVIEW The Mallala Magpies came back in the ďŹ nal quarter, in a game which could have gone either way, to win the preliminary ďŹ nal against Hummocks/Watchman Eagles by nine points. The Eagles got on the board early and used the initial wind advantage to gain constant possession of the ball. Tyler Williams and Jesse Zilm worked hard for the Eagles, gaining several turnovers and protecting the ball. Cody Scott scored a goal for the Eagles, and Mallala remained scoreless for the ďŹ rst quarter. It was 1.1 – 0.0 at the ďŹ rst break. Adam Coe was handy for the Magpies, running a lot with short and quick ball movement. Mallala Magpies kicked two goals in the second quarter, and six points to further their lead. Adam Coe was central to the Magpies’ team plays, and was well supported by Jake Birchmore. The ball spent most of the quarter in the Mallala third, boosting them to a 2.6 – 1.1 lead at half time. The third quarter saw the Eagles once again take the lead, with Cody Scott and Brandon Taylor each booting a goal and using the wind advantage to keep the Magpies goalless. Ben Nicholls played well for the Eagles, creating plenty of space and using his teammates well. Jamie Goode gave 100 per cent for the Magpies, and didn’t give up until the ďŹ nal siren. At the ďŹ nal break, the Eagles were in front 2.8 – 3.5, but faced a challenging ďŹ nal quarter. The Eagles struggled against the wind, their biggest opponent, in the last quarter, but played out a strong game. The ball spent the majority of time in the Magpies’ goal third, with goals from Adam Coe and Zak Hallion. Jake Birchmore, Hugh Kirvan and Brett Jenkin did their bit for the Magpies, as the team prevailed by nine points and now prepare to face the undefeated Two Wells side in the grand ďŹ nal this week. The Eagles unfortunately missed out on the grand ďŹ nal by a whisker, but had a good season with some promising youngsters making their mark on the footy ďŹ eld. Cody Scott and Ben Nicholls were among best players for the game, but their efforts could get them over the line, with the ďŹ nal score going the Magpies way, 4.9 (33) – 3.6 (24).

RIGHT: Magpies Adam Coe and Reece Svetec celebrate their win.

EAGLE Ben Nicholls prepares to kick away as Mallala’s Jamie Good hangs on. RIGHT: Hugh Kirvan, Mallala looks to handball away before being tackled.

Two Wells face Mallala The Mallala Magpies may have a hard task ahead of them in this week’s junior colts grand ďŹ nal, with the undefeated Two Wells Roosters as hungry as ever to go home with a win Not only have the Roosters won every game this season, a signiďŹ cant margin has separated them from their opponents. Last time Mallala and Two Wells met in round 13, the Magpies battled out a tough match but went down by 44 points at home. The ďŹ rst half appeared equal with three goals a piece, but the Roosters managed to keep the Magpies scoreless after half time, as they went on to score six unanswered goals. However, this is whole new ball game, and the vibrant Magpies have got a line up quite capable of success. Adam Coe is a dynamo the Roosters will have to watch out for, while Zak Hallion and Jamie Good have also had highly admirable seasons. Jake Birchmore will also be one


â– Bronte Hewett

to watch and Dylan Kearns will surely be out to kick some more goals. Adam Coe, Jake Birchmore and Dylan Kearns all made it into the leading goal kickers list this season. None-the-less, Two Wells also boasts an array of talent, and the Maggies will need physical and mental strength to overcome the conďŹ dent Rooster outďŹ t. Leading goal scorer for the season, Devaugn Bronley has been ďŹ ring on all cylinders this season, so it is a question of whether he can continue into the game that counts the most. U14 runner-up player of the year Dylan Wise has experience of U17 football and skills to create plays in the mid-ďŹ eld, while Shannon Slattery has done well in ruck all year. Lachlan Goss came in third on the leading goal kicking list.

Rooster ’s coach, Dave Gameau, recipient of the best junior coach award at Saturday’s APFL medal count, is hoping his side won’t get over-conďŹ dent and go down in the last game. “It will be very disappointing to lose this one after such a good season,â€? he said. The young Mallala boys have come a long way this season, and will go into the game as the underdogs. Mallala coach Chris Hummel is stoked his team has made it to the grand ďŹ nal. “It’s a great effort just to make it there,â€? Chris said. “We’ve got nothing to lose and that’s the way we’re going to play,â€? he said. Two Wells is expected to win this one, given the semi ďŹ nal meet when the Roosters defeated the Magpies by 47 points. But we all know ďŹ nals football is not as predictable as that!

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

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Balaklava hat trick

Balaklava Men’s hockey team created history winning their third premiership in a row in the Clare and Districts Hockey Association at Balaklava on Saturday defeating rivals Donnybrook one-nil in hot and windy conditions. The extreme north wind made scoring and running to the northern end difficult. The scores were nil-all in the tightly played first half. It wasn’t until the 10 minute mark in the second half that Balaklava wingman Josh March had the break through scoring the only goal for the match. Balaklava missed a lot of opportunities to score from many penalty corners. A dis-allowed goal by Donnybrook late in the last half had spectators on the edge of their seats. Balaklava, after having been on top of the association ladder all season, were pleased with their win. Men: Balaklava 1 goal defeated Donnybrook 0. Goal: Josh March. Best: Bal: Raf Battistessa, Lee Cunningham, James Napper. Don: John Squires, Laurence Ryan, Justin Waldhuter. Player of the final: Raf Battistessa (Balaklava). Women: Donnybrook 3 goals defeated Springstown 2. Goals: Don: Jan Falconer 2, Tanya Smith. Spr: Annie Pitt, Jayne Price. Best: Don: Jan Falconer, Nicky Grbin, Jane Weatherall. Spr: Jayne Price, Sophie McLennan, Zoe Yeatman. Best player of the final: Jayne Price (Springstown) Under 17: Springstown 3 goals defeated Balaklava 1. Goals: Spr: Tom Forrest 2, Chloe Dutschke. Bal: Peter McMillan. Best: Spr: Brianna Cheetham, Tom Forrest, Luke Burge. Bal: Peter McMillan, Natasha Greenshields, Tamara Gates. Best player of the final: Peter McMillan (Balaklava). Under 14: Springstown 1 goal defeated Donnybrook 0. Goal: Angus McGregor. Best: Spr: Tom Forrest, Matt Forrest, Angus McGregor. Don: Oliver Pearson, Jake Mill, Sarah McLean. Best player of the final: Tom Forrest (Springstown).

Back: Dan Johnson, Kevin Marriot, Justin Simmonds, James Napper, Josh March, Samuel Tiller, Matthew Gates. Front: Lee Cunningham, Matt Chapman, Raff Battistessa, Trent Stewart, James Manuel and in front Peter McMillan.

Balaklava Award Winners Back row: Raf Battistessa, Association and Club Best and Fairest and Most Valuable Player for the grand final; Tegan McPharlin, Runner-up Best & Fairest for Women; Peter McMillan, Most Valuable Player for Under 17 game and Team Player for the Men; Justin Simmonds, Runner-up Club Best & Fairest for Men; Matthew Gates, Association and Club Best & Fairest; Ben Shepherd, Club Runner-up Best & Fairest, Association Highest goal scorer for Under 17. Front row: Hedley Greenshields, Club Best and Fairest Under 14; Casey Lawrie, Coaches Award Under 14; Natasha Greenshields, Club Runner-up Best and Fairest Under 14; Amber Greenshields, Club Best and Fairest for Women.

Balaklava’s Trent Stewart tries to control the ball in front of his Donnybrook opponent.

Balaklava’s Emily Juel tackles a Springstown player in the under 17 grandfinal.

Natasha Greenshields from Balaklava, right, is attacked by her Springstown opponent in under 17 grandfinal.

Balaklava’s Justin Simmonds prepares to backstick the ball to the top of attacking circle in front of John Squires of Donnybrook.

24 Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

sport v APFL Medal Count

The Plains Producer medal count votes How they polled… A Grade

BALAKLAVA: CATFORD Ben 9, WALKER Hayden 9, McPHARLIN Todd 4, SCOTT Brady 4, LAMOND Brenton 3, McLEAN Paul 3, TAYLOR Vincent 3, ROWLAND Jed 2, YATES Nathan 2, EVANS Jonathon 1. hamley bridge: SMITH Tom 3, SCHAHINGER Justin 2, WEDDING Luke 2, GREGORY Stuart 1, WOULD Tom 1. HW EAGLES: WILSON Jared 13, THOMAS Daniel 9, BRAHAM Shane 8, HUNT Joseph 7, PRICE Shaun 5, REID Ryan 3, JERICHO Sam 2, LIGHT Shaun 2, JERICHO Nick 1, MANNERS Jarred 1. MALLALA: WHITWELL Liam 21, RIMMER Christian 15, MONTGOMERIE Joel 6, MONTGOMERIE Ryan 4, MONTGOMERY Brian 4, EARL Jason 3, WILDBORE James 3, GRIFFITH Brad 2, HARDIE Bradley 2, MONTGOMERY Robert 2, BIRCHMORE Matthew 1, CAWRSE Tim 1, FEELEY Daniel 1. TWO WELLS: ALLMOND Lee 19, SECCAFIEN Ned 12, HAND Aaron James 7, HARDIMAN Andrew 4, SANSBURY William 4, SPITERI Ben 4, HUMPHRYS Scott 3, HUMZY Adam 1, SECCAFIEN Peter 1, UERN Travis 1. UNITED: BANTON William 11, DAVEY Michael 7, PYM Heath 5, EAST Matt 3, GUERIN Tom 3, MANSFIELD Adam 3, McARDLE Sam 3, MILLS Adrian 3, SHARMAN Brett 3, CARTER Dylan 2, SCHULZ Simon 2, SOBEY Benjamin 2, ABBERLEY James 1, CURNOW Jakob 1, SHIMMIN Bradley 1. VIRGINIA:JOHNSTON Anthony 17, YOUNG Matthew 9, MUSOLINO Chris 7, RIGNEY Graham 7, GALIC Benjamin 5, GERARDIS Anton 5, MYONOPOLOUS Con 3, SCHUTT Schamus 3, MARK Adriam 2, PAPANOTIS Steven 2, SECCAFIEN Anthony 2, WARREN Nathan 2, DORWOOD Christian 1.


BALAKLAVA: YATES Nathan 13, LAMOND Rick 13, MICHAEL Bradley 5, HEARNDON Oren 3, PALMER Gibrian 3, WRIGHT Leigh 3, BOND Martin 2, CMRLECJarrad 2, MICHALANNY Kerry 2, WALKER Justin 2, WILLMER Grant 2, GEORG Peter 1, WILLIAMS Aaron 1. HAMLEY BRIDGE: NAULTY Ian 9, ROSENZWEIG Leroy 9, HILL Adam 3, KOCH Matthew 3, NAULTY Lee 3, GRACE Taylor 2, LAMPARD Justin 2, MILLER Dave 2, MORGANTE Lucas 2, SULLIVAN James 2, WEDDING Luke 2, EASTWOOD Darren 1, FRENCKEN James 1, GREGORY Mitchell 1. HW EAGLES: KOCH Riley 6, NICHOLLS Peter 4, KNAPSTIEN Luke 3, ROBERTS Jason 3, WILSON Joe 3, HILL Dallas 2, MAHONEY Josh 2, McKAY Mitch 2, BRAHAM Christopher 1, CHIVELL Paul 1, HIGGS Brad 1, JERICHO Adam 1, MANNERS Jared 1, TRUSSELL Tim 1. MALLALA: JAMIESON Kale 10, START Brett 8, BLACKETT Paul 6, ANGUS Sam 5, McGANNON Ryan 5, THOMAS Brad 3, BARR James 2, CARPENTER Darren 2, IRISH Sam 2, JENNINGS Daniel 2, McLEAN Dale 2, TILLER Brian 2, KERR Reece 1, SAUNDERS Matthew 1. TWO WELLS: HUMZY Adam 14, COLEMAN Ross 9, HART Bryce 7, McKEAN Rhys 6, NICHOLAS Shuan 6, TAYLOR Thomas 5, Watts Brendon 5, APPLEBEE Darren 2, CROOK Matthew 2, FRANKLIN Lachlan 2, LAMONT Cameron 2, UERN Shannon 2, GOODE Scott 1, HOOPER Daniel

1, LAMONT Drew 1, POLLEY Shaun 1, SECCAFIEN Peter 1, WILLIAMS James 1, WISE Scott 1. UNITED: OPITZ Travis 8, CARTER Darren 6, DICKIE Matthew 5, MASON John 4, RADECKI Scott 4, HANSEN Ricky 3, Warnock Hamish 3, JONES Brayden 2, STARR Matt M 2, JONES Troy 1, MICHALANNEY Leigh 1, PRATT Adam 1, SHARER Paul 1. VIRGINIA: CAMPBELL Chris 7, PERRE Rocky 6, KARUTZ Trent 6, DREW Billy 6, FIELDHOUSE David 5, ZITO Beuci 4, HOLLAND Buddy 3, LEO Maurice 3, MYONOPOLOUS Con 3, ALDERSON Daryl 3, WARREN Nathan 2, STILIASANO George 2.


BALAKLAVA: ROWLAND Sam 15, GUY Luke 14, BUTTERFIELD Daniel 11, JENNER Jack 10, RUIZ Chad 6, McDONALD Riley 5, HENDERSON Jason 3, McPHARLIN Ryan 2, SHEPHERD Tim 2, BERNHARDT Ryan 1, McPHARLIN Jason 1. HAMLEY BRIDGE: POWER Andrew 10, GREGORY Mitchell 2, SHARMAN Jaykb 2, DARWIN Rhys 1, DARWIN Tyler 1, HEINZE Benjamin 1, SMITH Justin 1. HW EAGLES: JERICHO Nick 23, HILL Dallas 11, ROWE Thomas 7, McGUINNES Shane 7, GREENSHIELDS Nathan 3, HOEPNER Matthew 2, LAWSON Thomas 1. MALLALA: GOSLING Lawrence 7, PREIST Zane 6, BURT Alec 5, MONTGOMERIE Gerard 3, FARRELEY William 2, HALLION John 2, HELPS Lewis 2, HELPS Russell 1, McLEAN Dale 1, MOHOR Karl 1. TWO WELLS: TASSELL Luke 21, CLARKE Aaron 10, SCHROETER Shannon 8, JONES Dylan 7, HINES Tim 6, SLATTERY Ben 3. UNITED: CROSBIE John 16, CURNOW Jakob 14, BENTLEY Lachlan 5, WISE Dylan 3, SHEPARD Jordan 3, HOOPER Ryan 2, HURRELL Jake 2, SHARER Ross 2, AVERY Maurice 1, MERRY Brandon 1. VIRGINIA: YOUNG Reginald 18, BANNEAR Lewis 16, LIOULIOS Terry 6, SOLOMON Shuan 5, BOOTH-ELLIOT James 5, BAGAR Jonnie 4, ESPISITO Sam 2, CATANZARITI Michael 2, LEWIS Alex 1, LAZENKA Marco 1.

Reserves Best and Fairest Adam Humzy from Two Wells, equal runner-up Nathan Yates (right) with football legend and guest speaker Kevin Sheedy. Rick Lamond, absent, was equal runner-up.


BALAKLAVA: MICHAEL Tait 20, KARPANY Corey 14. MICHAEL Callun 7, MCPHARLIN Cleb 4, HARKNESS Josh 2, FAHY Dylan 1, ARBON Charlie 1. HAMLEY BRIDGE: COLLINGS Sam 19, DARWIN Tyler 8, PYCROFT Nathan 6, ROSENZWIEG Sam 3, SELLERS Bradley 2, HENNEKER Liam 2, BUCKBY Connor 1, CURRAN Jack 1, HEWITT Kynan 1. hw eagles: WILLAMS Tyler 11, APPPLEBY Josh 8, SCOTT Cody 7, NOTTLE Tait 3, ZILM Jesse 3, WILLIAMS Dylan 2. mallala: BIRCHMORE Jake 26, KEARNS Dylan 12, HALLION Zac 10, COE Adam 4, HUMMELL Kyle 3, KIRVAN Hugh 3. two wells: WISE Dylan 24, BROMLEY Devaughn 9, GAMEAU Harry 8, WYLIE Mark 8, CATANZARITI Ricky 7, DALEY Brandon 4, CURTAIN Karl 2, LANGE Matthew 2, CALVETT Bradley 1, FORBES Nathan 1, SLATTERY Shannon 1. united: BUGEJA James 23, HUNTER James 6, HUNTER Claudia 3, McARDLE Adam 2. virginia: POGAS Anton 21, DREW Adam 14, SECCAFIEN Nicholas 4, MARTIN Brooke 3, HOCKING Jake 1, SPANO Reece 1, VIGOR Morgan 1.

A grade Best and Fairest runner-up Lee Allmond, centre, from Two Wells celebrates the moment with friends Clare Hammond and James Abberley.

JUNIOR COLTS Best and Fairest Jake Birchmore, Mallala, and runner-up Dylan Wise from Two Wells with Peter Smith from Woodville West Torrens Eagles and Josie McArdle, Sports Centre.

SENIOR COLTS Best and Fairest winner Nick Jericho, right, from Hummocks Watchman Eagles with runner-up Luke Tassell, Two Wells.

RESERVES leading goal kicker Derek Tiller with long time trophy sponsor Graham Moulds.

A GRADE leading goal kicker Aaron Hand, 64 goals, with David Shipway, SANFL.

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009


sport v APFL & APNA Medal Count

L-R: Beth Germein, Alexandra Wilson, Emma Riley, Yolanda Cannizzaro, Holly Nicholls, Jenny Borlase, Lee-anne McCracken and Kelly Harrison.

Beth is APNA’s best and fairest Adelaide Plains Netball Association Best named it’s best and fairest players at the combined medal count at Two Wells on Saturday night. And the winners are… A1 best and fairest Beth Germein, Hummocks, runner-up Emma Riley Hamley Bridge. A2 best and fairest Alexandra Wilson Balaklava, runner-up Holly

Nicholls Hummocks. A3 best and fairest Sam Gregor, Balaklava, runner-up Sara Trussell, Long Plains. A4 winner Lee-anne McCracken Balaklava, runner-up Cristie Castle Two Wells. A5 winner Kelly Harrison, Hummocks, runner-up Helzah Sommerville Long Plains.

Liam named Plains Producer medalist By Kym Jarman Mallala rover and cocaptain Liam Whitwell has been crowned the 2009 Plains Producer medallist. At this year’s medal count held at Two Wells on Saturday night, Mallala’s number one “inand-under” player polled 21 votes to win the award from Two Wells wingman/on-baller Lee Allmond, with 19, while third placed Anthony Johnston, from Virginia, polled 17. It was Whitwell’s maiden Plains Producer Medal after being a consistent vote poller throughout the last few seasons. It is a testament to Whitwell’s tough and rugged approach to football, his desire to be in and under at every pack and also the standard he sets for his team mates being one of the most competitive and durable players in the APFL competition. Although Whitwell was unable to attend due to being home on the Eyre Peninsula for the past week. Accepting the award on his behalf on Saturday night, team mate and fellow onballer Christian Rimmer thanked his team mates, the club and of course the umpires on Liam’s behalf. Whitwell now has the chance to make it a memorable “double” this weekend when his Magpies meet the Two Wells Roosters in the

Liam Whitwell, Plains Producer medalist.

2009 APFL grand final on Saturday at Long Plains. Although the Roosters’ favourite ran a close second in the A Grade count, the hosts of this year’s medal count had some joy on the night with the 2009 Reserves medal being awarded to running on-baller Adam Humzy who had a blistering start to the season in the Reserves grade. Humzy polled 14 votes from just seven Reserves games between rounds two and nine before being elevated to A Grade duties for the remainder of the season. Balaklava team mates Nathan Yates and Rick Lamond were joint runners up in the Reserves just one vote behind Humzy, collecting 13 votes a piece. Yates too spent much time playing in Balaklava’s A grade this season. All players mentioned in this article thus far, bar the Rams Anthony Johnston have a chance at a premiership this weekend with Humzy lining

up in the Roosters A grade alongside Allmond against Mallala and both Peckers Reserves players Yates and Lamond set to take on Two Wells in the Reserves grand final starting just after midday. In the Senior Colts, skilful Hummocks Watchman Eagle Nick Jericho won the award with 23 votes ahead of Two Wells Luke Tassell who polled 21. Jericho had an eventful year not only playing Senior Colts but cementing his spot as a regular Eagles A Grade player in the second half of the year. His skills and decision making are already something to behold and when you have seen the impact he has already had on A Grade footy it is no surprise to see him with this award. Virginia’s Reggie Young (18) and last year’s Junior Colts winner Lewis Bannear (16) were high amongst the Senior Colt votes as was United’s resilient defender John Crosbie (also 16). Finally in the Junior Colts this year’s medal for the fairest and best APFL player went to Mallala’s Jake Birchmore (26 votes) whilst Two Wells Dylan Wise was runner-up on 23 votes just ahead of United’s James Bugeja (23 votes). Virginia’s Anton Pogas (21), the Peckers Tait Michael(20) and Hamley Bridge youngster Sam Collings(19).

ABOVE: APNA Team of the year L-R: Beth Germein, Emma Riley, Rebecca O’Brien, Stacey Gameau, Jenna Koch, Sheree Tezacker, Gaynor Tink and Nicolle Sobey.

BELOW: Adelaide Plains Football junior coach of the year, David Gameau from Two Wells, and senior coach of the year, Greg Phillips from Virginia with Woodville West Torrens Eagles club president Kurt Slaven.

LEFT: L-R: APFL Umpire Coordinator Doug Tallboy, award winner Brett Watts, Greg Lowe and best junior umpire Nathan Clarke. LEFT: John Dawkins MLC awards the Rising Star award to Dylan Wise from Two Wells football club.


SPORT v ANPA Netball

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

A1: CASSIE Lange, Two Wells and Balaklava’s Michelle Williams wait for the rebound.

NICOLE Hardy, Two Wells and Gaynor Tink, Balaklava race to get to the ball during the A1 game.

Two Wells sends Balaklava packing


Grand Final at Long Plains - Saturday September 19 Grade TIME A1 3.00 pm

TEAMS SCORER SC CHECK TIMER INJURY Hummocks Hummocks Two Wells Hummocks Two Wells vs Two Wells

A2 12.30 pm Balaklavavs Balaklava vs Hummocks



A3 1.45 pm


Long Plains Hummocks

Long Plains Long Plains vs Hummocks


A4 12.30 pm Hummocks vs Balaklava

Hummocks Balaklava

Hummocks Balaklava

A5 1.45 pm

Long Plains vs Mallala

Long Plains

Long Plains Mallala

B 10.30am

Long Plains Long Plains Two Wells Long Plains Two Wells vs Two Wells

C1 9.30am

Hummocks Hummocks Mallala Hummocks Mallala vs Mallala

C2 10.30am

Hummocks Hummocks Balaklava Hummocks Balaklava vs Balaklava


Please note: No Rotation of game times all through the finals

Captains/Coaches are to have score books filled in 30 mins prior to commencement of their game in the clubrooms. If any errors occur advise secretary promptly. Scorers must obtain folders from clubrooms 10 mins prior to game starting. Host clubs to supply timers for each match. The person nominated to do the timer job must change the scoreboard during the breaks, not during the quarter. Officials on the games must be over 16 years of age. STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL, NO SMOKING OR NO DOGS ALLOWED WITHIN THE COURT AREA.

APNA netty star Name: Emily Clarke Nickname: Emm Team: Two Wells C1 Position: GS Who is the most damaging player (on or off court) in your club? Maddy Seccafien Highlight of netball career: Getting runner-up B&F in 2008 What’s your number one passion outside netball? Seeing, hanging out with friends and family If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? Liz Ellis What is the last movie

you went to see? G I Joe If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money? Go on a shopping spree! If you were a car, what kind would you be? Mustang If you were on the front page of the newspaper, what would the headline say? “The most awesomest person in the world” If you could take any person on your next netball trip, who would it be? Chelsea Fabrici What is the best item in your fridge? Chocolate

Supporting local sport throughout the Adelaide Plains Phone: 8862 1266 Fax: 8862 2080 Web:

A huge line up for the Hummocks Netball Club with six out of eight grades competing in the grand final on Saturday. Hamley and Virginia however, did not fare as well and won’t be competing. Balaklava is in with three teams, as is Long Plains who will be on home ground for the big game. Mallala and Two Wells have two teams in each. All the best for a great day of netball!

A1: Two Wells v Balaklava

Both teams began fast and strong with accurate shooting. Defence was tight and disciplined at both ends of the court. Two Wells gained a slight advantage towards the end of the quarter making the most of defensive rebounds and the accuracy of Cassie Lange, GS. Michelle Williams also had an exceptional quarter at GD for the Peckers. TW 11, Bal 9. Balaklava scored the first three goals to get themselves back into the game, strong driving through the mid court by Gaynor Tink, C and Carly Gregor WA. Two Wells GK Amy Roberts and GD Jaimie Lee Fitzgerald continued to make Balaklava pay for shots gone astray. An evenly contested quarter with some great passages of play from both teams. TW 21, Bal 21. Both sides went into the second half unchanged. Teams scored goal for goal until halfway through the quarter when Balak made a break although Two Wells were quick to earn this back. Some brilliant intercepts and turnovers by Balaklava’s mid court Gaynor Tink, Carly Gregor and Ashleigh Nutt, WD. This provided crucial second opportunities to Balaklava’s goalies Eliza Cottle and Jenna Koch. Balaklava finished strong taking a slight lead into the final quarter. TW 30, Bal 32. Two Wells swapped Stacey Gameau into C and Nicole Hardy to WA which seemed to give them confidence, evening the game with accuracy from GS Cassie Lange and GA Wendy Salter. Balaklava took a while to settled in their goal circle, allowing Two Wells to run away with an early lead. Despite the continued efforts of GD Michelle Williams and GK Chelsea Koch, Balaklava was unable to catch up the deficit.

A2 Two Wells v Hummocks

A fast start with both teams applying pressure. Hummocks settled first, taking a five goal lead at the end of the first quarter. Great play from Hummocks defences. Hum 13, TW 5. A strong quarter by Hummocks. A very windy quarter with both teams finding it hard to score. Hummocks GD continued to play exceptionally well. Hum 22, TW 13. A tightly fought quarter, both teams finding it hard to score with a five-all quarter. Standout play from Hummocks GS and Two Wells GA. Hum 27, TW 18. Two Wells came out strongly, but Hummocks stood firm and finished the game off. Hummocks girls shot well in the last quarter to stretch their lead to 10. FINAL SCORE: Hum 39, TW 29.

A4 Balaklava v Two Wells

Balaklava took the first few goals, with defenders in each goal circle doing well. Balaklava’s passing was straight and smooth down the court. Great play from Bridie Atkins at GA for Balaklava. Bal 7, TW 4. Two Wells worked well in the gaol ring to bring themselves into the game. Balaklava still worked as a team and stretched their lead to a convincing nine goals. Bal 18, TW 9. Two Wells’ defenders were frustrated by Balaklava’s GA and GS. Two Wells changed Robyn Champion into GS who shot well. Balaklava continued fighting to secure their lead, pulling ahead by another five goals. Bal 28, TW 14. Both teams worked well in mid court. Balaklava made steady passes in to the goal ring. Two Wells fired up to finish off. But Balaklava was well in front, taking the win by a comfortable 17 goals. FINAL SCORE: Bal 36, TW 19.

MATT Billington and Robyn Champion with Two Wells mascot Achie, who hasn’t missed a game all season!

A3 Hummocks v Balaklava

A very physical and skilful game from both sides. Hummocks lead in the second quarter which extended through out the game, making it difficult for Balaklava to re-enter the match. The first quarter was goal for goal until Balaklava picked off a few messy passes from Hummocks. Some precision passes directly to Balaklava goalies from the third line. Hummocks picked up some extra goals at the end of the quarter with tight defence from Hummocks’ GK Jessica Angel. Sam Gregor played well at GA for Balaklava. Hum 12, Bal 11. Hummocks got out to a flying start scoring the first six goals. Balkalava GA Sam Gregor then ceased every opportunity to score. Also not missing many goals at the other end was Hummocks’ Cassie Powell at GA. Hum 25, Bal 20. Changes were made in both teams defensive positions. Strong mid court play from Balaklava C Alana Pollard and WA Michelle Veitch, feeding into the goal circle. Top defence from Hummocks GK and GD, Jessica and Tracey Angel, stealing balls from under the ring. Hummocks stretched their lead by another eight, to be ahead by 13 at the last break. Hum 38, Bal 25. Balaklava stepped on to the court with a change to C position with Casey Michael and a fresh legged GS, Tania Robertson, to get some momentum flowing back into the side. Balaklava’s GD, Clare Haynes, played a powerful quarter, making it hard for the Hummocks’ shooters. However, GS Cassie Powell continued to find her range and Hummocks secured their victory. FINAL SCORE: Hum 48, Bal 31.

BALAK supporters Alexandra Wilson and Merridy Manuel with her children Will and Sophia.

STACEY Gameau, Two Wells A1 passes.

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

sport v ANPA Netball


Wells’chance at back to back premiership A1 netball report

n By Stephanie Reimers

Two Wells defeated Balaklava in the preliminary final with a gutsy seven goal win, after coming from two goals behind in the third quarter. The win earns Two Wells the chance at a backto-back premiership when they face Hummocks this Saturday. Finishing first at the end of the minor round, Hummocks A1 netball team are confident heading into the grand final against second placed Two Wells, but the red and white girls believe they have the consistency to take the premiership. Two Wells coach Penny Nicholls believes that Hummocks are going to bring a tough game to Long Plains’ court next week, relying on their speed and agility. Hummocks too are cautious of what they should expect from Two Wells on grand final day when the teams meet for the fifth time, this time at Long Plains. Coach Cheryl Appleby says her girls have the stamina to push through anything, and says they will stick to what they always do, “play a good, physical, clean game.” “We play as a team and we have a good strong drive down the mid court and all our girls have quite a high fitness level, giving us a lot of potential.” Cheryl continued. “I hope we will be switched on, because if we’re not this week, we won’t overcome the challenge,” said Penny about Two Wells. Two Wells and Hummocks have been evenly matched through the season, taking two wins each in close-scoring matches. After such a tight season with gutsy performances by the girls from both teams, there is no predicting how this Saturday’s match will end. The best of luck to both, Hummocks and Two Wells.

C2: JEMMA Wilmshurst, Two Wells about to catch a pass, while Balaklava’s Alicia Davey looks on. INSET: Gemma Freebairn looks for options in front of Two Wells’ Georgie Dart.

ABOVE: Aliesha Lilly, Two Wells C2 catches a pass just outside the goal circle.

THE Two Wells A1 netballers celebrate their win over Balaklava on Saturday at home.

BELOW: Two Wells’ Leah Prior looks to pass down the court during the A2 game.

A2: CARLY Smith, Two Wells about to catch the ball as Hummocks’ Lucy Forrest just misses out on the intercept and Emily Noack follows the play.

Mallala fight their way into grand final A5 Balaklava v Mallala

Each team started with scoring from their own centre passes. Mallala had the first turnover, But Balaklava soon replied. Great pressure by both teams in defence. Balak goalies were missing goals but recovered to lead the quarter by one goal. Bal 8, Mal 7. The next quarter was goal for goal again. Balaklava goalies Jess Pascoe and Kelly Zanker worked well. WA Claire Earl passed well to Mallala goalies. Both teams used injury time, which caused messy play. Nicky Graham shot well for Mallala to give them a one goal lead at half time. Bal 13, Mal 14. Mallala started the third quarter well with good defence from Ashlee Angus and shooting Nicky Graham. Balak were unsettled but C Ainsley Hill won a toss up and they scored a goal. Mallala, however, kept up the team work and created a six goal lead by final break. Bal 16, Mal 22 Balaklava made team changes which helped them shoot eight goals straight to give them the lead. Stand out play from Balak’s Abbie Tiller and Mallala’s Ashley Angus. Mallala fought back and settled to win by 3. Final score: Bal 24, Mal 27.

B Grade Two Wells v Balaklava

Superior drive and speed in the first quarter set up Two Wells for a convincing win. Two Wells started off with more intensity, jumping to a five goal lead before Balak got the ball into their circle. Balaklava rallied three quick goals. Two

Wells then took the lead. Great play from Jessica Walker-Smith for Two Wells. TW 10, Bal 3. Tayla Pascoe came on to GD with immediate results. The score going goal for goal for much of the quarter. With three minutes to go, a turnover by Jessica Walker-Smith in the goal circle gave Two Wells a nine goal lead at half time. TW 17, Bal 8. Multiple changes for Balaklava while Taiha Wilmshurst came on into WA for Two Wells. Balaklava achieved an extra three goals compared to Two Wells at one point in this quarter, with Alex Simon shooting well. Two Wells upped the intensity to retain their nine goal lead. TW 25, Bal 16. Another close quarter but Two Wells had done what they needed to do earlier in the game. Jessica Walker-Smith a stand out for the game. FINAL SCORE: TW 31, Bal 23.

C1 Mallala v Balaklava

An even quarter in windy conditions saw Mallala come out slightly ahead at the first change. Great play from Mallala’s Amanda Charleson in GS. Mal 9, Bal 7. Balaklava took control shooting the first two goals of the quarter, with the whole team lifting and forcing errors in the Mallala camp. Some great intercepts by Jordan Algar resulted in the Mallala team settling and finishing off the quarter strongly. Laura Jarman, Mallala and Ciara Guy, Balak shot well despite the windy conditions. Mal 17, Bal 12. Balaklava applied great pressure in the third, allowing Mallala little room to move and seeing


scores level at three quarter time. Rebecca Goldney a standout at GK for Balaklava. Mal 19, Bal 19. Balaklava went into the final quarter with all the momentum, scoring the first goal. Mallala steadied with great passing and cooler heads, to run out winners by two goals. FINAL SCORE: Mal 25, Bal 23.

C2 Balaklava v Two Wells

Balaklava worked hard to score the first goal of the match. Beautiful play by Chelsea McPharlin and Syjourn Renshaw through the mid-court, caused Two Wells to make costly mistakes in attack. Bal 2, TW 1. Two Wells applied the pressure in defence and made it hard for the Balak goalies. GS for Two Wells shot consistently through out the quarter to give Two Wells a nice lead. Balaklava’s Syjourn Renshaw had to come off due to injury which shook the girls up. Bal 4, TW 7. Balaklava worked hard as a team to bring the scores level. GA for Balaklava shot very well, whilst good feeding from the C and WA gave the girls plenty of opportunities to score. Fantastic team play saw the Balaklava girls take a two goal lead whilst Two Wells only managed to score one goal for the quarter. Bal 10, TW 8. Tight defensive play and pick offs by the Balak GK, gave Balaklava great opportunities to increase their lead. Two Wells fought hard to get the lead back but Balaklava’s defensive play and flowing mid court attack was too strong. Balaklava increased their lead to win by six. Final score: Bal 15, TW 9.

Results of preliminary played on September 12, 2009 at Two Wells A1: Two Wells 45 (Cassie Lange) d Balaklava 38 (Eliza Cottle). A2: Hummocks 39 (Lucy Forrest) d Two Wells 29 (Leah Prior). A3: Hummocks 48 (Deborah Davey) d Balaklava 31 (Sam Gregor). A4: Balaklava 36 (Lee-anne McCracken) d Two Wells 19 (Kia Roberts). A5: Mallala 27 (Ashlee Angus) d Balaklava 24 (Abbie Tiller). B: Two Wells 31 (Jessica Walker-Smith) d Balaklava 23 (Sarah Tiller). C1: Mallala 25 (Amanda Charleson) d Balaklava 23 (Ciara Guy). C2: Balaklava 15 (Alicia Davey) d Two Wells 9 (Gemma Wilmshurst).


Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

sport v Results

Yachts night tennis champs

Classic finish for ladies

Owen men’s champions, from left: A grade – Peter Freebairn, B – Neil Harkness, C – Brett Freebairn.

Owen champions Owen

The winning team, Colleen Howard, Tania Matz and Moya Hayes. South Australia hosted their round of the Peugeot Women’s Classic 2009 on August 27. The tournament, now in its fourth year, has been made possible through the support of Peugeot Automobiles Australian and Golf Australia. The course was in perfect condition, with 12 participants taking part and the day was enjoyed by all who attended. Peugeot and Balaklava Golf Club congratulate the winning team, M Hayes, C Howard and T Matz. This team now has the chance to represent their club in the state finals in December. The winning team members will also receive a special

Golf Riverton

Stableford on Saturday 12th September. CCR: 43. A Grade: M Day 45, J Pengilly 43, G Davis 43. B Grade: D Lowry 45, D Murphy 41, T Day 40. NTP: G Davis 3/12, J Heapy 5/14. Semi Final of Handicap Matchplay: D Lowry d M Day 4/3. Gilbert Valley Challenge: Riverton d Saddleworth (4 in a row!). Next week’s competition: StrokeFinals of Club Championships.

Balaklava Ladies

What a beautiful day for the Stableford competition on Thursday, 14 players taking part. A grade winner was P Anderson with 39 points followed by N Taylor with on 34, C Redpath 31, M Kemp 29, J Anderson 27. Winner of B Grade was T Matz on 40 points, flowed by M Hayes with 34, count back from J Hoskin 34, F Williams 32, C Howard 26. Winner of C Grade was C Hahesy on 46 points, T allen 31, J Taylor 28, S Toovey 18. Broken Handicaps: Tania Matz 31 - 29.8, C Hahesy 45 - 36. Birdies: P Anderson No 2, F Williams No 10. Chipouts: C Hahesy 5, T Matz 4, P Anderson 3, M Hayes 2, N Taylor 1. Thursday September 17 will be a fun day, 9 holes, pooled lunch and AGM (Ladies) at the Club House. All welcome!

Balaklava men

Not actually renowned for their temperance, the majority of ourAGraders strangely eschewed the greensward last Saturday, reducing the field to just twenty players, all eager to tackle the Blenheim Wines Trophy, a Stroke competition. Of the four A Grade representatives, Merv. Hameister seized the day scoring 87/75, thus send Doug Taylor (89/77) into second place. Peter Lamont (89/79) in turn accounted for Bill Lokan (98/83) and that, folks, was that. In the bulging B Grade ranks it was that strolling postie of no fixed percentage, beaming Barry Thompson (102/74) who took first place and the two tubes of our sponsor’s magnificent ambrosia. Showing a strong return to form was the heavily pomaded prince of the legally challenged, Greg Anderson, who stormed home in second place on a count back with his 97/74, ahead of Dean “Hot Dogs” Robinson (108/75). Dean also used the count back system to keep A. Henstridge (102/75) away from any flying new golf balls, which in turn left us with D. Addison (102/77), B. Michael (97/79), W. Berry (97/80), G. Toms (102/81), D. Trickett (101/82), J. Curnow (100/82), T. Whish (108/82), S. Michael (101/82), C. Michael (106/84), W. Nagle (102/85) and C. Temby (128/95) to round out proceedings.. Patricia Anderson again graced the field and played her cotton socks off too, scoring a very impressive 83/66 do you mind. Young Corey Temby followed up his previous week’s Birdie on the 3rd. with yet another last week, again on the 3rd, the only one achieved on the day. Corey snapped up the Nearest The Pin while he was at it, as did Merv. Hameister on the 8th., Dean “Davros!” Trickett on the 10th. and Her Elegance, Patricia Anderson, on the very

golf shirt to acknowledge their victory. All players registered on the day received a momento gift and have qualified for other special offers from Peugeot. The Peugeot Women’s Classic 2009 is open to all amateur women golfers across the country. State finalists wil be flown to the 2009 Women’s Australian Open for the Peugeot Women’s Classic National final and compete for a trip to the Peugeot Futernational Pro Am in Paris. The Classic is being played at a local level from March through to September, with state finals in December and National finals to be held in January 2010. difficult 15th. Hewie played atrociously, scoring not a drop. This weekend we have a Stableford event, with your starters to be Messrs. Mark Loy and Dave Rodgers. Also on our busy calendar are the club’s AGM on the evening of Friday 25th., plus a working bee, at 9.00am sharp, on Sunday 27th., just to tidy up a few areas of the course before we host the Balaklava Open. Please rock up, armed with spades, rakes, lawnmowers, gas stoves etc. and we’ll soon get the several small jobs done.

Balaklava mid week

Six players took to the course on Thursday. Bill Berry 39, Jerry Toms 36, Doug Taylor 35, Barrie Thompson 35, Mike Hahesy 34, Merv Hameister 34. Birdies: Doug Taylor 18, Merv Hameister 7 and 16.

Two Wells Ladies

Today was our last day of golf. The winner of the Par Competition was Aileen Oliver with +5. Runner Up was Helen Johnson with 0. Long Drive winner was Elaine Grigg on 4. Birdie gobblers for Elaine Grigg on 15 and for Helen Johnson on 6. K Stubing was nearest the pin on 15, A Oliver on 15 and H Johnson on 12. Winner of the Rhonda Blaser trophy was Ailenn with +5. Monthly voucher winner was Kathy Stubing.

owen CLUB Challenge

Owen v Port Wakefield Challenge, played at Owen. 27 golfers contested in excellent conditions, winners for 2009 were Owen 30.28 pts Port Wakefield 29.5 pts. Port Wakefield: S George 37, L Robertson 36, O Eglington 35, M Taylor 34, T Mudge 29, R Berry 28, R Murphy 27, G Berry 21. Ladies: S Murphy 36, J Heard 31, A Taylor 24, H Sternal 16. Owen: P Freebairn 43, R Page 37, A Parker 37, L Hean 36, B Freebairn 36, P Sullivan 35, T Harkness 33, D Cook 30, N Harkness 29, W Heaslip 27, L Beaty 27, D Pratt 24. Ladies: K Harkness 19, D Hean 11. NTP Men 7&16: T Mudge, 2nd shot 9&18: A Parker. Long Drive: Owen Eglington. Ladies NTP 2&11: Sharon Murphy. NTP 2nd shot 9 & 18: S Murphy. Long Drive: S Murphy. CCR 37.


Sunday September 13 – Club Closing Day – Mixed Ambrose- 12 midday tee off, with a pooled afternoon tea/ sponsor Taminga Hotel B Victor, B Spinks, M Grocke, AJ Wood, G Hayes 51 1/10; V Bamford, D McSkimming, P & J Agnew 55 ¼ ; M Williams, D Paynter, D Smith, M Finn 55 ¾ ; R & R Lamond, T Eime, H Noble 56 7/8 ; E Harrison, Matthew Williams, S Edmead, N Heinrich 57 5/8 ; G,K & L Mugge, H Wandel 58 ½ ; I & J Zweck, K Hayes, J Hogan 61 3/8. Followed by trophy presentation and pooled afternoon tea. Trophies presented; Mens’ Golfer of the Year Mark Williams and also the Mens Eclectic Mark Williams. Ladies Results September 9th –Ladies Closing Day/ Club Ladies all played Mulligans competition over 14 holes and enjoyed a pooled luncheon with trophy presentations Results; V Bamford 48.9, J Zweck 52, B Victor

Saturday, September 12 – Owen Golf Club wind up and trophy presentation. Championships: A grade Peter Freebairn, runner-up T Harkness. B grade N Harkness, runner-up R Page. C grade B Freebairn, runner-up D Cook. Presidents Trophy: B Freebairn. Captains Trophy P Sullivan. Freebairn Putter: P Freebairn. Best 4 Par rounds: P

Sullivan. Best 4 Stroke rounds: B Freebairn. Best 4 stableford: T Harkness. Consistency: L Hean. Seasonal Eclectic: N Harkness. President Peter Sullivan thanked players and sponsors for their support during the season. Captain Andrew Parker congratulated trophy winners and thanked Peter Sullivan for stepping in when he was unable to fulfil his duties in the second half of the season.

55.5, R Lamond 59.5, K Mugge 60 & I Fisher DNF Trophies were presented to; Ladies Golfer of the Year Janet Zweck, Club Medal Janet Zweck, Laurel Wreath Janet Zweck, Eclectic Kerryn Mugge, Most holes Changed Val Bamford, Birdies Raelene Lamond, Chipouts Raelene & Kerryn


September 12, Stableford. Sponsor: Wheatsheaf Hotel. No of Players: 32 men and 2 Ladies. CCR: 41 pts. Extremely windy conditions set upon the Two Wells golf club on Saturday and despite local football 32 brave souls ventured onto the course to battle the strong winds. Scott Abbott was the best in A Grade with 41 pts and Shorty Paul finding form with 39 pts and the Greg Giannikos eagle on 13 worth a mention third with 38 pts some members asking if it fell out of his pocket when he jumped off the pope mobile at the green? Rob Thompson also greedy with his birdie on the 2nd. Surprise surprise Darryl Thompson made the winning circle for the first time in what seem ages ago well done mate a fine 41 pts holding back Adam Bail on 40 pts and Leon Zbierski on 39 pts. For the second week in a row we have the potential club champion of the future in waiting with Jamie Gibson’s 45 pts sounding a clear intention that he is on the march ready for next year’s competition. Andrew Baker also played well with 44 pts and the man from “Dodge City” Ian Telpher third with 40 pts. Adam Bail defeated Simon Grigg 3/2 in his match play and Stuart Grigg defeated Paul Shields 2 up. Adam and Stuart will play the final in the next few weeks and best of luck to both players. As a reminder the current results for the Club Championships after three rounds in each Grade are; A Grade Gross: C. Girling 232, M. Launer 241, Stuart Grigg 242. A Grade Nett: Stuart Grigg 194, I. Smith 198, C. Girling 202. B Grade Gross: J. Ball 246, A. Bail 271, A. Christou 271. B Grade Nett: J. Ball 194, J. Weir 203, A. Christou 203. C Grade Gross: B. Prior 284, B. Readett 294, T. Clifton 295. C Grade Nett: B. Prior 209, R. Prior 218, I. Telpher 218. Putting: M. Launer 75, Stuart Grigg 76, and C. Girling 76. The fourth round will be played on the 19th September with the three leaders of each grade hitting off between 1130 and 12 o’clock. All the best to those who are in the hunt and watch out for the dark horse as Steve Kelly suggested on Saturday. A Grade: S. Abbott 41, B. Paul 39, G. Giannikos 38, R. Thompson 38, R. Grigg 36S. Grigg 36, R. Hogg 35, C. Doudle 35, I. Smith 34, J. Ball 33, H. Linsford 33, St. Grigg 32, V. Hatch 27Pts. B Grade: D. Thompson 41, A. Bail 40, L. Zbierski 39, J. Spackman 35, S. Kelly 33, P. Shields 32, T. Datson 31, F. Jurgens 28, D. Hall 27 Pts.. C Grade: J. Gibson 45, A. Baker 44, I. Telpher 40, C. Weller 38, B. Barns 37, J. Weir 35, R. Prior 31, J. Bowden 31, S. Sando 31 T. Clifton 12. Ladies: E. Grigg 36 Pts and T. Perry 26 Pts. Long Drives: A: Stuart Grigg. B: P. Shields. C: I. Telpher. Ladies: E. Grigg. NTP’s :) 1) S. Sando, 2) R. Thompson, 6) P. Shields, 11) R. Thompson, 12), 15) B. Paul. Birdies: 3) J. Spackman. 5). 15),. 16) A. Bail, R. Thompson, B. Paul. Eagles: G. Giannikos on 13. Birdies Nest: (2) R. Thompson. Pro’s Approach: Adam Bail. NAGA: T. Perry. Meat Trays: J. Spackman x 2, E. Grigg. Chicken Voucher: S. Kelly. MEMBERS Draw: R. Grigg.

WINTER night tennis winners: Courtney Daniel’s Yachts defeated Diane Gregor’s Ships, 6-34 to 0-14. 25.

Winter night tennis finals were played on Tuesday, August

Di Gregor’s Ships were out gunned by the sheer skill and tact of Courtney Daniel’s Yachts, going down 6-34 to 0-14. The match for the coveted wooden spoon saw the absent Lisa Redpath’s Tugs scrape through to defeat the also absent Lauren Parker’s Canoes by three measly games, 3-26 to 3-23. Presentations followed at the Royal Hotel Balaklava, the Yachts receiving their trophies and the Canoes proudly claiming their wooden spoons!

NENA Netball Preliminary Final

A1: SOUTH CLARE 51 def EUDUNDA 42. A hot contest between two teams desperate to have a crack at Blyth /Snowtown in next weeks grand final. South Clare with the home court advantage started the better of the two teams and settled through strong defence by Sally Anne Heinrich and Amanda O’Shaughnessy. There was great commitment to the ball, South Clare opening up a good lead by the half time break. Eudunda struggled with the heat and although Kate Abraham and Kate Brereton showed some magic combining to stretch the South attacking circle, the lead was too great. South’s class and accurate shooting by Katie Liebelt and Tammy Redding saw them secure the win. A2: Min/Man 37 def BLYTH/SNOWTOWN 36. A very intense start with great rebounding and turnovers affected by Mia Darling for the Cats. The ball moved quickly up and down the court in spite of the hot and trying conditions. Min/Man were up by two goals at the first break. The lead changed hands with nearly every centre pass as Blyth /Snowtown quickly erased the two goal deficit. Blyth/Snowtown had the lead by one at the main break. The second half was a repeat of the first with neither team able to break open the game. As the timer got up for the last time Min/Man moved into their attacking circle and shot accurately. This was the final margin. B1: SOUTH CLARE 46 def NORTH CLARE 34. A tight first quarter with excellent ball pressure from both teams. Steph Coles continued where she left off last week shooting brilliantly. North Clare held a two goal lead at three quarter time. South Clare fought back hard through the feeding of Courtney Tipppet to Kayla Jenner and Tamara Buddle who gave their team a half time lead. North Clare started the second half with four unanswered goals before South wrestled control back and steadied to open up a eight goal lead at the end of the third. North made changes at the final break hoping to get some fresh run into the centre but to no avail. South Clare running out eventual winners by 12 goals. B2: Min/Man 39 def NORTH CLARE 34. North Clare got off to an excellent start, with strong pressure applied through the centre court and into defence. Victoria Jenkins and Bonnie Kirk turned over many balls but goalies were unable to convert. North Clare took charge in the second quarter. Min/Man had plenty of the ball but struggled to convert. North held a strong lead at half time 24 – 13.A complete turnaround in the second half with Kristy Schulz getting on top in defence and Jodie Allen shooting accurately. The end of the third quarter saw North up by two goals. Min/Man were too strong for North in the end. C1: Min/Man 43 def NORTH CLARE 28. Afast and furious first quarter with both teams feeling the pressure, lots of unforced errors. North settled first getting an early break with Tara and Rebecca shooting well. Min/Man responded and fought back to hold a two goal lead at quarter time. Min/Man got into rhythm and took control of centre court and gave goalies Angela and Jodie a good look at the ball. North girls kept fighting and kept the Min/Man lead to six at half time. Both teams had their share of momentum in the second half. Min/Man made the most of all of their opportunities running out 20 goal winners. C2: NORTH CLARE 34 def RSMU 30. North Clare settled into the game from the very first whistle, capitalising on the RSMU turnovers, giving them an early five goal lead. RSMU were forced to play catch

up for the rest of the quarter. The North Clare defences never let up, the lead by four goals at the first break. North’s Rhiley Huppatz opened the second quarter with two magnificent long shots, their centre court pressure stopped any free flowing play from RSMU. Zara Pleuckhahn for the Hawks shot accurately to bring her team within two at half time. The half time margin was maintained and was the winning margin in the end. U/15: BLYTH/SNOWTOWN 32 def EUDUNDA 20. A nervous start by both teams with the ball moving up and down the court a few times until the goalies adjusted to the conditions. The Blyth/Snowtown centre court worked hard and gave their goalies a good look at the ball, B/S up at quarter time. Eudunda were much steadier in the second quarter and gave their supporters something to cheer about. Some really entertaining one on one battles with B/S still in the lead at half time. Both teams made some half time changes. Eudunda came back at B/S and closed the lead down initially in the second half. B/S proved to be too strong in the end giving them confidence to take into next weeks clash with Min/Man in the grand final. J1: SOUTH CLARE 32 def EUDUNDA 20. South Clare started confidently and passed nicely down the court. Eudunda shot accurately and the scores were level early. South pulled away to go to a two goal lead at quarter time. Eudunda fought hard all day and tried to stay in reach of South. Lauren Collins shot beautifully and the South defence with Jess Eldridge was consistent. J2: BSR 21 def SOUTH CLARE 20. A very even first quarter. South Clare came out strongly in the second quarter with determination by Izzy Lymburn and were up by 4 at half time. BSR made changes in the third quarter with Kate Ashby in GS settling the attack line and Meg Weckert at WA offering strong leads down the court. In the final minutes of the last quarter South showed signs of pressure with BSR capitalising on turnovers. A truly exciting finals game. Well done to players from both teams.

Shooting Adelaide plains rifle

Cyclists and Torrens Valley: A Grade F O Pinyon 100.7, B Grade G Apthomas 93.8, Sighters F O Pinyon 19.2. Handicap Results: F O Pinyon 50.2 50.5 (1) 100, K Sellick 50.2 48.3 (3) 100, G Apthomas 47.4 46.4 (5) 98, P Gale 49.3 45.3 (3) 97, F Pinyon 50.3 43.1 (2) 95, D Bradey 47.1 46.6 (2) 95. Phoenix: B Grade M Bialkowski 95.5, Sighters D Clarke 19. Handicap Results: M Bialkowski 48.3 47.2 (19) 119, D Clarke 48. 2 48.2 (19) 119. Cyclists and Torrens Valley “F” Class: F Standard M Williams 157, Sighters M William 50/60. Handicap Results: M Williams 73 84 (42) 199, D Zerbe 82, 73 (28) 183. Phoenix F Class: F Standard S Cowie 107, Handicap Results: S Cowie 53, 54 (11) 118, K Neale 48 53 (16) 117. Light River: A Grade R Spillman 97.7, B Grade P Bothwell 96.9, Sighters B Wrighton 18. Handicap Results: P Bothwell 47.5 49.4 (20) 120, G Lewis 47.5 49.5 (13) 119, R Spillman 48.1 49.6 (13) 117, B Wrighton 47.2, 48.2 (13) 112. Postal and Railways: A Grade V Synusas 94.7, B Grade M Spenelove 91.3, C Grade M Spendelove 91.3, Sighters V Synusas 18. Handicap Results: M Spendelove 47.3 44.1 (9) 100, V Synusas 47.6 47.3 (4) 98, I MacKintosh 46.2 47.2 (5) 98, M Bethune 43.2 42 (11) 96, A Bushell 41.2 41 (12) 94, W Phillips 43.3 38.1 (11) 92.

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009


FEATURE v Hay Fever

Hang on to your hats, hay cutting just around the corner By Lauren Parker Father and son farming team Kevin and Travis Zerk are gearing up for a busy hay season. Farming 900 hectares near Balaklava, including 230 hectares of hay, the duo are preparing to cut and bale not only their own crops but also those of other farmers. Operating a contracting business to complement their farming, the pair expect to start cutting hay within days.

Last Friday they were finishing a few maintenance jobs on their equipment in preparation. The Zerks said the season was shaping up well, although the warm, windy days in the last week had brought hay cutting forward. And when it came to other crops, Kevin said they were looking promising but would soon run out of moisture without rain.

Contract Harvesting & Baling (8x4x4) G.E & E.N. Worden



0408 689 311

0407 972 552

Adelaide Plains, Mid North, South East

Adelaide Plains, Lower Mid North

Call Greg

Balaklava farmers Travis and Kevin Zerk check one of their oat crops which is almost ready for cutting for hay.

Hay Carting Specialists also carriers of stock & general freight

Call John

Ph/Fax: (08) 8525 4171 Email:

Hay Contract Baling Clare - Hillriver - Mid North Areas

8x4x4 Baler External Doors

Ph/Fax 8842 3801 Noel jaeschke 0428 423 801

• 4 loaders available for stacking hay • 3 tonne all train forklift • Distributers & carriers for: C & M pavers & garden fertiliser

Earle’s Transport

Phone: 8842 2011 Mobile: 0408 841 721 Adelaide depot: 11-15 Churchill Rd, North Dry Creek

Skilly Contracting Pty Ltd

BROAD ACRE SPRAYING & TELEHANDLER with drop deck trailer & Transport “Servicing the lower & mid north areas

Philip & Sharlene Parker PH/FX: 8849 2171 MOB: 0427 492 171


FEATURE v Hay Fever

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

Balco eyes off China market for local hay The hay export industry is gearing up for an exciting future, and Balaklava-based exporter Balco is positive about developing new markets. The company is confident about its future in the export industry. “We’re very happy with and confident about the outlook for the hay future, with new markets emerging in Asia and the Middle East,” said research and development manager, Nick Smyth (pictured). “Short term issues related to currency and dumping by overseas competitors are only that. They are short term and we believe the emergence of new markets is going to provide the export market with a lot of potential in the coming years.” Balco is looking at breaking into the Chinese market, which has huge potential as the country advances in infrastructure and technology. With 12 million cows to feed compared with Japan’s 1.5 million, China is a longer term target of Balco’s.

Mr Smyth said while Balco’s Japanese market was strong, economic conditions meant the country’s cattle numbers were dropping slightly and corresponding hay imports may be affected. And to help develop and explore new markets, the hay industry and farmers are now working with Chemcheck, a new online chemical and fertiliser registration system where farmers can input data these products used in each paddock. Mr Smyth believes the program will be beneficial for both exporters and growers.

Rob and Paula Saint

Balowery Pastoral CO

Book Your Acres In Now For 2009

• Contract Mower Conditioning • Super Conditioning • Swathing and Spraying • V- Rake Hire • Baling • Hay Freight > Rob 0438 621 326 > Peter 0429 853 203 > A/H 8862 1326

70 Korean visitors tour Balco site

n Local hay exporter Balco was on show last Thursday to a group of international visitors. n The group of 70 were part of the Seoul Dairy Co-op, travelling from Korea to view Balco’s Balaklava-based operations.

n It was the largest group to be hosted by Balco and tour the Bowmans plant so far. n The group was made up of dairy farmers who buy Balco’s product for use with their stock. n It was the first time any had

Cloverhills Farm P/L Peter Schunke

BOOK NOW ✧ Mower Conditioning ✧ New Case 235hp 16’ disc/18' hydroswing ✧ Contract hay squeezing (ashmore machine) ✧ New 2170 4x3x8 medium square, 4x4x8 big square ✧ Round baler NH 750A with chopper ✧ Contract Windrowing 2x SP Machines, 25’ & 30’ ✧ Contract harvesting New Holland 9070 with 3 fronts ✧ Two 45’ drop decks & tippers available

come to Australia to visit Balco. n The group met with Balco’s management team during the tour and a lunch at the Balaklava sports club. n A part of the group is pictured above inspecting samples.

Big Square

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Exporter of quality

Oat & Cereal Hay


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• Are you interested in growing export hay next year? • Do you need diversity in your farm operations?

If so contact Michael Tonkin at Balco for more information 0417 808 566 or 8862 0000

and rural merchandise

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Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009


FEATURE v Hay Fever

Gilmac: cut high and early to get premium hay

Gilmac manager, Mark Heaslip, in front of the hay processing plant in Balaklava. C.R. & M.F. Wood - Hay Baling Contractors


Farmers have been advised to cut early and cut high to get premium quality hay this season. Gilmac manager, Mark Heaslip, said the current hay season was shaping up very similarly to the last. “The few warm days are going to tip the oats and quality may be slightly affected, but we expect to have very similar results to last year, when 70 per cent of our hay was premium,” Mr Heaslip said. The season is also a little earlier than normal, in line with last year, because of a dry finish and the warm, windy days. “If we had a reasonable rain in early September I think people wouldn’t have been cutting until the first week of October, but it has brought the season forward two to three weeks on from what

was expected,” Mr Heaslip said. He said some hay growers had already started cutting, and he expected the majority to begin in the next two weeks. “To get quality hay you need to cut early and cut high. “That will give you better feed value in hay.” Mr Heaslip said Gilmac had also been impacted by a shortage of containers for exporting hay. “It has made it hard for us to export through Port Adelaide this year, so we have a lot of stock left from what we were unable to ship while supply was good.” Gilmac has also recently received their new hay testing equipment, which will be used for the first time this hay season.

Proprietor Terry Corcoran

8 x 4 x 4 - BIG SQUARES 5 X 4 - ROLLS with net wrap

• Carting hay •B double and single available Ph: 8862 2066 - 20 Railway Tce, Balaklava

Heaslip Baling

V-Rake Available Phone Lachlan Wood 8528 6076, Cameron 0427 618 288, Lachlan 0427 618 299

15 years experience

Dalkey Hill Baling 8x4x4 & 8x4x3 Baling of hay & straw - Rake available -

Contact Kelvin Phone: 0418 854 159

Mackie Hay

Now contracting Premium Export Oaten Hay

• Get more on the truck! 8 x 4 x 3 bales • Using Gazeeka Moisture Meter

CONTACT MARK HEASLIP PHONE: 8862 1200 FAX: 8862 1199

Wayne Heaslip – Owen

Main Adelaide Rd, Balaklava, SA 5461

Mobile 0419 979 013

It’s Baling Time! Need Twine? At Landmark, Balaklava we have all your twine need covered. Just give us a call…

Port Wakefield Rd, Balaklava Phone: 8862 1333


Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

InFARMation v Weekly guide to weather, agriculture Australia’s leading hay exporter

State drought funding available

Confidence boost in Mid North, says bank

Applications are now open for the next stage of the State government’s drought support program, “Planning for Recovery.” The program offers farmers grants of up to $4000 for the development of integrated business plan and up to $10,000 to make on-farm changes to help drought proof their business. In announcing the extension Minister for Agriculture Food and Fisheries, Paul Caica, said farmers were continuing to face adverse conditions and low water availability, during the worst drought on record. The funding is a chance to look at their current farming operations and to work with an approved Drought

Regional business and consumer confidence continues to surge amid improved expectations about the State’s economic outlook, according to BankSA State Monitor. The latest survey shows rural business sentiment, which rose sharply in the previous survey, has again recorded a significant increase and is at 121.7 index points, up from 107 points in the May survey. BankSA Managing Director, Rob Chapman, said the results were further evidence rural South Australians were simply getting on with business and were optimistic about conditions in the coming year. The Mid-North and Riverland region recorded the largest rural increases for both business and consumer confidence, with the business result up 18.9 index points to 122.9 and the consumer figure up 22.8 points to 126.4 points – both the highest level of the region since May 2005. “This region continues to show impressive lifts in confidence levels,” Mr Chapman said. “Obviously rains have been welcome and it’s pleasing to see solid lifts in business operators who have recently taken on more staff and plan to in the moths ahead. This reflects in a significant fall in unemployment concerns among consumers.”

Recovery consultant to identify areas for improvement or change. Business consultant, Dave Lomman from Kapunda’s Darolom Business Services has been developing business plans under the program for about 18 months. Dave is working with farmers who are making changes to help build sustainability for their operation for the future. “Improving feeding and watering systems for live-stock, upgrading irrigation systems, installing rainwater tanks and modifying farm machinery for no-till are some of the projects being undertaken,” Mr Lomman said. “Alternative crops are also being planted to






Cloud increasing with rain/ isolated thunderstorms developing.

Rain tending to showers. A risk of isolated thunderstorms.

Morning fogs, then



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Morning fogs. Light winds.


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܈̅ÊVœœÊ̜ʓˆ`ÊÌi“«iÀ>ÌÕÀiÃʈ˜Ê̅iÊÜÕ̅]Ê}À>`ˆ˜}Ê ÌœÊÜ>À“ʈ˜Ê̅iʘœÀ̅°Ê "˜ÊÀˆ`>ÞÊ̅iʅˆ}…Ê܈Ê“œÛiÊi>ÃÌÊ܈̅ʏˆ}…ÌÊ܈˜`ÃÊ >˜`Ê …ˆ}…Ê “œˆÃÌÕÀiÊ V>ÕȘ}Ê “œÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê vœ}Ê «>ÌV…iÃÊ >VÀœÃÃÊ “œÃÌÊ œvÊ Ì…iÊ -Ì>Ìi]Ê vœœÜi`Ê LÞÊ >Ê w˜iÊ >˜`Ê “œÃ̏ÞÊÃ՘˜ÞÊ`>ÞÊ܈̅ʏˆ}…ÌÊ̜ʓœ`iÀ>ÌiʘœÀ̅iÀÞÊ Üˆ˜`Ã°Ê Ê L>˜`Ê œvÊ …ˆ}…Ê VœÕ`Ê >VÀœÃÃÊ Ì…iÊ v>ÀÊ ˜œÀÌ…Ê œvÊ Ì…iÊ -Ì>ÌiÊ “>ÞÊ «Àœ`ÕViÊ ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ >˜`Ê Ì…Õ˜`iÀ°ÊÌÊ܈ÊLiÊÜ>À“Ê̜ʅœÌ]ʓˆ`Ê>LœÕÌÊÜÕ̅iÀ˜Ê Vœ>ÃÌÃ°Ê "˜Ê ->ÌÕÀ`>ÞÊ >Ê V…>˜}iÊ ÜˆÊ «Àœ`ÕViÊ ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ >LœÕÌÊ >˜}>ÀœœÊ Ï>˜`Ê >˜`Ê Ì…iÊ œÜiÀÊ -œÕÌ…Ê >ÃÌ°Ê ܏>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ >˜`Ê Ì…Õ˜`iÀÊ >ÀiÊ iÝ«iVÌi`Ê>VÀœÃÃÊ̅iʏˆ˜`iÀÃÊ>˜`Ê*>Ã̜À>Ê`ˆÃÌÀˆVÌÃ]Ê w˜iÊVœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜ÃÊiÃi܅iÀi°ÊÌÊ܈ÊLiÊÜ>À“Ê̜ʅœÌʈ˜Ê ̅iʘœÀ̅]ʓˆ`ʈ˜Ê̅iÊÜÕ̅°Ê

ՓՏ>̈ÛiÊ À>ˆ˜v>Ê ̜Ì>ÃÊ Õ˜ÌˆÊ “ˆ`˜ˆ}…ÌÊ ->ÌÕÀ`>ÞÊ >ÀiÊiÝ«iVÌi`Ê̜ÊLiÊÕ«Ê̜Êxʓ“ʘœÀ̅i>ÃÌʜvÊ ÀœŽi˜Ê


7,""Ê/ Ê/ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ]Ê-i«Ê£È Ê än\În>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°äxÊ ä™\Îä>“°°°°°°°°°° £°äx Ê äÎ\{Ó«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{{Ê ££\Ó{«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°{ä /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ]Ê-i«Ê£Ç Ê äÈ\£x>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°™nÊ £ä\Ó£>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°n{ Ê ä{\Ón«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{xÊ ££\ÎÓ«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°{™ Àˆ`>Þ]Ê-i«Ê£n Ê äx\Ó{>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°äxÊ £ä\xx>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Èx Ê äx\䣫“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{ÓÊ ££\În«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°xÈ ->ÌÕÀ`>Þ]Ê-i«Ê£™ Ê äx\£n>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÓäÊ ££\ÓÇ>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°x£ Ê äx\ÓÇ«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÎÎÊ ££\{£«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Èä -՘`>Þ]Ê-i«ÊÓä Ê äx\ә>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÎÈÊ ££\xÇ>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°{{ Ê äx\{È«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°Ó£Ê ££\{Ϋ“°°°°°°°°°° ä°x™ œ˜`>Þ]Ê-i«ÊÓ£ Ê äx\{x>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°xäÊ £Ó\ÓÇ«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°{{ Ê äx\xn«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ä™Ê ££\{Ϋ“°°°°°°°°°° ä°xÈ /ÕiÃ`>Þ]Ê-i«ÊÓÓ Ê äÈ\äÎ>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÈäÊ £Ó\xÈ«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°xä Ê äÈ\äx«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°™nÊ ££\{{«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°x£



Cloud increasing with

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866

ˆÊ̜Ê"œ`˜>`>ÌÌ>°Ê>ÃʜvÊx‡£xʓ“Ê>ÀiÊiÝ«iVÌi`Ê >VÀœÃÃÊ Ì…iÊ Ài“>ˆ˜`iÀÊ œvÊ Ì…iÊ ÃÌ>Ìi]Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê œV>Ê v>ÃÊ œvÊ £x‡ÓxÊ ““Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê >Ài>ÃÊ œvÊ …i>ۈiÀÊ À>ˆ˜Ê >˜`Ê Ì…Õ˜`iÀÃ̜À“Ã°Ê /…iÊ œÕ̏œœŽÊ vœÀÊ -՘`>Þ]Ê œ˜`>ÞÊ >˜`Ê /ÕiÃ`>ÞÊ ˆÃÊ vœÀÊ ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ >˜`Ê «œÃÈLiÊ Ì…Õ˜`iÀÊ œÛiÀÊ Ì…iÊ ˜œÀ̅iÀ˜Ê >}ÀˆVՏÌÕÀ>Ê >˜`Ê «>Ã̜À>Ê `ˆÃÌÀˆVÌÃÊ }À>`Õ>ÞÊiÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}ÊÜÕ̅Ê̅i˜ÊVœ˜ÌÀ>V̈˜}Êi>ÃÌʜ˜Ê œ˜`>Þʏ>Ìiʈ˜Ê̅iÊ«iÀˆœ`°Ê

/,Ê -/, /Ê", -/ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ\Ê Ê L>˜`Ê œvÊ À>ˆ˜Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê Ì…Õ˜`iÀÃ̜À“ÃÊ iÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}Ê Ì…ÀœÕ}…œÕÌÊ `ÕÀˆ˜}Ê Ì…iÊ `>Þ°Ê,>ˆ˜Êˆ˜VÀi>Ș}Ê`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê̅iÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}°Ê7>À“ÊÜˆÌ…Ê “œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ÌœÊ vÀiÃ…Ê ˜œÀ̅iÀÞÊ Üˆ˜`ÃÊ Ã…ˆv̈˜}Ê VœœiÀÊ ÜiÃÌiÀÞÊ܈̅Ê̅iÊÀ>ˆ˜° /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ\Ê ,>ˆ˜Ê >˜`Ê ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê Ì…Õ˜`iÀÃ̜À“Ã]Ê Vœ˜ÌÀ>V̈˜}Êi>ÃÌÊ̜ÊVi>Àʏ>ÌiʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}°Ê œœÊ̜ʓˆ`Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê“œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ̜ÊvÀiÅÊÜÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ܈˜`Ã]Êi>Ș}ʈ˜Ê ̅iÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}° Àˆ`>Þ\ʈ˜iÊ>«>ÀÌÊvÀœ“Êi>ÀÞʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}Êvœ}°Êˆ`ÊÌœÊ Ü>À“Ê`>ÞÊ܈̅ʏˆ}…ÌÊ̜ʓœ`iÀ>ÌiʘœÀ̅iÀÞÊ܈˜`ð

1Ê7/ ,-Ê", -/ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ\Ê7ˆ˜`\Ê É 7Ê£xÉÓäʎ˜œÌÃ]Ê>…i>`ʜvÊ>Ê  -7ÊV…>˜}iÊÓäÉÓxʎ˜œÌÃÊiÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}Ê̅ÀœÕ}…œÕÌʏ>ÌiÊ  iÛi˜ˆ˜}°Ê-i>\Ê£°xÊ̜ÊÓ°xʓ°Ê-Üi\Ê-7Ê£Ê̜ÊÓʓʜ˜Ê ÜÕ̅iÀ˜Ê-«i˜ViÀÊՏv° /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ\Ê7ˆ˜`\Ê-7Ê£xÉÓxʎ˜œÌÃ]Ê}À>`Õ>ÞÊi>Ș}Ê ÌœÊÛ>Àˆ>LiÊLiœÜÊ£äʎ˜œÌÃʈ˜Ê̅iÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}°

/ * ,/1, ÊEÊ, Ê -Ì>̈œ˜ ÕLÕÀ˜ >>Ž>Û> Þ̅

>Ài >“iÞÊ Àˆ`}i œÞi̜˜ >>> "Üi˜ *œÀÌÊ7>Žiwi` ,ˆÛiÀ̜˜ ,œÃiܜÀÌ…Þ ->``iܜÀ̅ -˜œÜ̜ܘ /ܜÊ7iÃ

nesses must be approved for an Exceptional Circumstances Interest Rate Subsidy (IRS) and must attend an information session before submitting an application. Applications for the current round close November 27. For further information visit www. or call Brenton Growden in PIRSA on 8688 3411.

ment of the disease during spring. The fungi that cause BGM are widespread and only require the correct weather conditions for the disease to develop and spread. “A humid canopy – either from rainfall or soil moisture – and day temperatures above 18C combined with night temperatures above 8C to 10C are conducive to the spread of BGM,” Ms Davidson said.

The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8415 1900

mostly sunny. Dry. Partly cloudy. Generally dry some rain developing. 7 / ,Ê", -/

-// Ê", -/ "˜Ê 7i`˜iÃ`>ÞÊ Ì…iÊ vÀœ˜ÌÊ ÜˆÊ “œÛiÊ i>ÃÌÊ ÌœÊ Ài>V…Ê ˆ˜}ÃVœÌiʏ>ÌiÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}°Êʓˆ``iʏiÛiÊVœÕ`ÊL>˜`Ê ÜˆÊ}À>`Õ>ÞÊiÝÌi˜`Êi>ÃÌÜ>À`Ã]ÊLÀˆ˜}ˆ˜}Ê>Ài>ÃʜvÊ À>ˆ˜ÊvÀœ“Ê̅iÊÜiÃÌ]ÊÀi>V…ˆ˜}Ê ÀœŽi˜ÊˆÊ̜Ê>ÀÀiiÊ >ÌiÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}°Ê܏>Ìi`Ê̅՘`iÀÃ̜À“ÃÊ>ÀiʏˆŽiÞÊÜiÃÌÊ œvÊ>LœÕÌÊ"œ`˜>`>ÌÌ>Ê̜Ê*œÀÌÊÕ}ÕÃÌ>Ê̜ʈ˜}ÃVœÌi°Ê 7>À“Ê ÌœÊ …œÌÊ ˜œÀ̅iÀÞÊ Üˆ˜`Ã]Ê ÃÌÀœ˜}Ê ˆ˜>˜`Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê >Ài>ÃÊ œvÊ À>ˆÃi`Ê `ÕÃÌÊ ˆ˜Ê ̅iÊ ˜œÀ̅]Ê ÜˆÊ «ÀiVi`iÊ >Ê «ÀivÀœ˜Ì>Ê ÌÀœÕ}…Ê `iÛiœ«ˆ˜}Ê ˜i>ÀÊ >Ê ˆ˜iÊ œœLiÀÊ *i`ÞÊ ÌœÊ 7…Þ>>Ê “ˆ`‡>vÌiÀ˜œœ˜]Ê iÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}Ê ÌœÊ "œ`˜>`>ÌÌ>Ê̜Êiˆ}…Ê ÀiiŽÊ>ÌiÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}]ÊLÀˆ˜}ˆ˜}Ê>Ê “ˆ`iÀÊvÀiÅÊ̜ÊÃÌÀœ˜}ÊÜiÃÌÊ̜ÊÜÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊV…>˜}i°Ê "˜Ê/…ÕÀÃ`>ÞÊ̅iÊÀ>ˆ˜ÊL>˜`Ê>˜`ʈ܏>Ìi`Ê̅՘`iÀÊ܈Ê Vi>ÀÊ̜Ê̅iÊi>ÃÌʜvÊ̅iÊ-Ì>ÌiÊLÞʓˆ`‡“œÀ˜ˆ˜}]Ê܈̅Ê>Ê viÜʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}ÊŜÜiÀÃÊÀi“>ˆ˜ˆ˜}Ê>LœÕÌÊ̅iÊÜÕ̅iÀ˜Ê Vœ>ÃÌÃÊ>˜`ÊÀ>˜}iÃÊ>ÃÊ>ʅˆ}…Ê“œÛiÃʜÛiÀÊ̅iÊÜiÃÌÊ œvÊ̅iÊ-Ì>Ìi°Ê7ˆ˜`ÃÊ܈ÊňvÌÊÜÕ̅iÀÞÊ̅ÀœÕ}…œÕÌÊ 7 - 9



With early-sown lentil crops now at canopy closure, growers are reminded that registered fungicide sprays to control Botrytis Grey Mould should be applied just ahead of canopy closure to ensure maximum coverage of plants. According to SARDI senior pulse pathologist, Jenny Davidson, the need for any additional spray will depend on climatic conditions and develop-

Adelaide Plains, Clare & Gilbert Valleys region

day forecast – Balaklava

thought about why they do things a certain way and what they might do differently into the future. It has also encouraged some to explore succession planning for their enterprise. To date, more than 1000 farm business have been assisted through the program. To be eligible for the program, farm busi-

Lentils mould warning

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assist with cutting down feed costs for livestock and new segregation fencing has assisted pasture recovery and facilitated easier stock movement throughout the farm,” he said. Mr Lomman explained for some farmers working through the business plan process is the first time in years they have stopped and


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,>ˆ˜v> -i«Êä™ -i«Êän Ç°Ó £™°Ó x°n £È°x È°Ç ™°Î £ä°n £{°ä n°{ ÓÇ°Ó ££°Ó £È°{ ΰn Óx°n Î°Ó £n°ä {°È Ó£°ä È°{ Óä°n x°ä Óx°n È°È £x°Ó ΰ{ £Ó°n £ä°ä ÓÈ°Ó


ÎǙ°{ ÓäÈ°Î ÓÎx°x ÎÎÓ°n ÓxÇ°È Ó™x°n Ó£™°Î ÓxÇ°™ Óäΰn Î{™°È Ó{Ó°ä Σ™°È ÓÎä°n ÓÇÓ°È

/…iÃiÊ̈`>Ê«Ài`ˆV̈œ˜ÃÊ>ÀiÊVœ“«ˆi`ÊLÞÊ̅iÊ >̈œ˜>Ê/ˆ`>Ê i˜ÌÀi]Ê ÕÀi>ÕʜvÊiÌiœÀœœ}Þ]ÊÕÃÌÀ>ˆ>°Ê



Contact Shayn 8862 1222

weekly comment

Wheat prices take a hit


heat prices across Australia have been coming off dramatically in the last month, due to a few factors. The underlying futures market has been trading at contract lows due to slipping demand coupled with a very large wheat crop and large carry-over across the globe. In addition, a rising Aussie dollar is adding further pressure to the domestic values for your grain as we head into this coming harvest. World production news comes out regularly from different providers and can have short term impacts on values if they change a lot from previous estimates. However, with most of the Northern Hemisphere’s harvested wheat in the bin, the estimates will not change a great deal from here on in. The French have come out with their numbers at the lower end of previous estimates, with a crop size of 37.5mmt. It’s at the lower end due to issues with test weight and protein. Ukraine has pegged their production at 25.9mmt, and Russia currently has harvested 45mmt of wheat, which is behind where they were at the same time last year, however, they still expect to harvest over 55mmt. These figures, along with the significant carry-over from last year and less demand from consumers, is really damaging the value domestically. The other major influence that is problematic to grain prices in Australia is the value of the Australian dollar. The fact that Australia’s economy is in good shape compared to the rest of the developed world means that there is money flooding in, which is increasing the value of our dollar over other nations. The Australian dollar is currently trading in a range over US$0.85, and this is affecting our grain values. Using indicative underlying futures and basis levels, a move of the Aussie dollar below US$0.80 could mean an AU$15/mt improvement to your bottom line. The value of the dollar is something that is just about impossible to predict, so there is not a great deal that can be said where this might go. For more information on local and international grain market developments and grain prices either call your local CBH Grain Regional Manager or 1800 107 759, or go to

Contact CBH Grain Regional Manager Henry Carracher, call the Grower Service Centre on 1800 107 759 or visit DISCLAIMER: This Weekly Comment is written by Grain Pool Pty Ltd ABN 39089 394 883 (AFS No. 269743) and may contain general advice which was prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, before acting on the advice, consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs.

•Editorial supplied by CBH Grain

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

In association with: • Jenkins Anderson Allard, Solicitors • Greg Anderson LL.B, Solicitor • Kim Shaw J.P., Registered Conveyancer

> Property Transfers > Business Settlements > Leases > Plans of Division > Family Farm Transfers > All LTO Applications

8 North Street, Auburn SA 5451 P: 8849 2444 F: 8849 2419 E:

RLA 102485

Balaklava District 620 HA (1,532 acres)

public notice

Details of the a p p l i c a t i o n a re a s follows:DEVELOPMENT NO: 312 / 226 / 2009 APPLICANT’S NAME: Meridian Energ y Australia Pty Ltd N at u r e O f T h e Development: 80 metre high guyed lattice wind monitoring mast and associated fencing SUBJECT LAND: Section 735 Crabb Road, Lower Light, Hundred of Port Gawler, CT: 5463/952 ZONE: Coastal Zone The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala during normal business hours and any person or body affected may make relevant rep re s e n t a t i o n s i n writing concerning this application to reach the District Planner at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala not later than September 30, 2009. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission.

AUCTION - As a whole or 2 Contingent Lots. Under instructions from JK & LA Saint (only being offered due to ill health) Lot 1: “Saints” 212 Ha or 523 Acres - Attractive flat to slightly undulating fertile land being red loam over clay. 3 Brm stone home, 3 stand shearing shed, steel sheep yards, cattle yards, implement shed, super shed. 4 paddocks watered by mains & well. Lot 2: “River” 408 Ha or 1,009 acres - Well maintained flat to undulating fertile land being red loam over clay. Black soils on flood plain & approx. 3 km frontage to Wakefield River. Mains water. Sub-divided into 5 paddocks. This style of land is extremely versatile and well suited to cropping and grazing enterprises. Close to Dublin Mkts Grain Silo’s and Hay exporters.

Please note that, pursuant to Section 38 (8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Signed: Charles Mansueto Chief Executive Officer Date: September 16, ‘09 THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE.

Port Wakefield Road, Balaklava Kelly Evans 0418 859 953 Geoff Knappstein 0407 790 210



Public Notice Section 7 The vendor's statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.


Wakefield Development Assessment Panel DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993

House Re-Stumping

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993. Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for a development assessment by the Panel. Details of the application are as follows:-

APPLICANT’S ADDRESS: 9 Saint Street, Balaklava SA 5461

P: 8528 5336 M: 0409 525 452

Keanan 0438 641 032



•Bobcat •Tipper •Excavator •Excavations •Trenching • Civil work • Site levelling •Cartage • Slashing / mowing • Hole boring •Rubbish removal • Driveways • General earthworks Balaklava and surrounding areas

Contact Grant Fisher 8862 1988 or 0407 807 123

Lower Light

Septic Suckers

SUBJECT LAND: Lot 18 D1747, 47 Short Terrace, Balaklava

Specialist in Acupuncture

7 Days Service!

Certificate of Title: Volume: 5517 Folio: 109 The application may be examined at the Office of the Council located at Scotland Street , Balaklava during normal business hours (an appointment is recommended) and any person or body affected may make relevant representations in writing concerning this application to reach the Environmental Ser vices Manager at Box 167, Balaklava SA 5461, not later than close of business 30th September 2009.

Phone Roger: 0428 419 133

•I.V.F. • Arthritis • Bad Backs • Depression • Chronic Fatigue • Sinusitis • Most health funds Ph: (08) 8849 2060 - Mob: 0417 492 065 Top of Henry Street, Auburn, South Australia 5451



Dr Daryl R Brown Consulting Fridays 9am to 1pm at Balaklava Ambulance Station

Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Panel in support of that submission.

For appointments phone

8853 2088

Please note that, pursuant to Section 38(8) of the Development Act, a copy o f e a c h re p re s e nt a t i o n received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response.

…Phone Your Hot Water Specialist!

•Leaking Taps/Toilets •Water filter •Blocked Drains/Septic Connections •Replacement Units/Elements/Valves No Call Out Fee/ Pensioner Discounts

Home 8862 1285 - Mobile 0418 896 808



Specialising in the eradication of ...

Physio Appointments & enq.

8862 2200 or 0448 862 222 Introducing



Darren Davey & Rodney Burgess

Mallala & Two Wells

email: emccarthy@


Peter Thompson Plumbing Contractor


Elca McCarthy Environmental Services Manager

Kylie Button Massage Therapist

0428 359 394

Don’t just stop termites …eliminate them!

Outback Pest Control John Giles Ph/Fax 8842 3566

Termite Interception & Baiting System

Specialist Auto Repairers ★ Digital imaging for speedy insurance claims ★ Windscreen replacement & repairs ★ Plastic welding ★ Tilt towing 24 hours

414 Main Nth Rd, Clare Phone: 8842 2810 Fax: 8842 3851 Email:

Quality Approved Member

✓ Flies, Fleas, misc. pests ✓ Rats & Mice ✓ White Ants ✓ Cockroaches ✓ Spiders ✓ Weed spraying FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTES

Main North Road, Clare Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

•Millipedes •Spiders •Rodents •Bees •Weed Control •Flies

‘Complete crash repair centre”

Waratah Earthworx

Lic No. PGE203573

Nature Of The Development: Verandah

Butch Bennett Crash Repairs Pty Ltd

• Late model car • Air conditioned • Dual controls

Call Scott 0438 654 827

“Quality plumbing is no pipe dream” •Gas fitting •Blocked drain •Rainwater tank sales & installation •Bathroom renovations •Drain installations & repairs •Septic tank installations •HWS repairs, replacements and installations



Teaching Universal vehicle on-road Driving School tests (VORT)


DEVELOPMENT NO: 373/153/09

earn to drive with a

• Qualified carpenter • 10 years in house releveling

Servicing Country SA

Auction Wednesday October 7 at 11.00am Balaklava Sports Club Landmark Balaklava - Phone: 8862 1333

Trades & Services Directory

public notice

“No job Too big or Too small”

DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993 DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MALLALA NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for development assessment.


PHONE: 8862 1977

Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

> Mid North Conveyancers



Real v Estate



Plains Producer

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009



PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday

Coming Events

Look! Beef Schnitzel $


Per KG

MARC’S MEATS George St, Balaklava

Coming Events

Balaklava Show

Working Bee Monday September 21 from 8.30am

Wind-Up Sunday September 20 at Eagles Sporting Club

• Please bring… brooms etc • Morning tea provided

Blyth Cinema

Hummocks Watchman Eagles Football & Netball Club

• Junior presentations 11am • Lunch 12.30pm • Senior presentations 2pm • BBQ & salad provided • Please bring a sweet

All players & supporters welcome

Tickets: •Adults $10 •Con/Stu $7.50 •Child $5 •Family tickets $25 (2 +2) extra child $2.50 3 Full Dolby digital surround sound 3 Candy bar 3 Air Conditioned BOOKINGS 8844 5175 - (between 2pm - 5pm)

NOTICE OF AGM Wednesday October 28, 2009 at 11 am in the Members’ Bar

Nominations of candidates for the Committee close with the Secretary on Friday October 2 2009 at 4.00 pm

Owen Swimming Pool


Wednesday September 23 8pm at Owen Town Hall Meeting Room

• New members required • The pool is in excellent condition at present but cannot remain open without your support • We have a wonderful asset it’s up to YOU to keep it running • Everyone welcome For more information contact Andrew Parker 8528 6273 or 0407 619 070

Two Wells Community Club

Country Music Festival Latin American music International music of the world

All nominations must be in writing and signed by two members of the Club and the candidate. D C R Hall - Secretary PO Box 273 Balaklava SA 5461

Saturday October 10

Roseworthy Railway Club inc

• Raffles with great prizes • Tickets $10 • Food & beverages • Music for all ages - 7pm • Food available: the grand paella, latin hotdogs, chicken satay skewers

Let us take you for a ride

The 3 Amigos Band

Fiesta Band

For bookings contact… Carlos 0432 877 549 Jose 0402 096 701 or 8520 2570

Sunday September 20 Trains running from 12.30 to 4.30pm at Roseworth Campus Mudla Wirra Rd (Wasleys Rd) • Drinks • Ice Cream Covered • Cooked BBQ • Football oval footwear must be • Playground • Tennis courts worn on train Birthday party bookings welcome, contact Bob 8264 0449 anytime

Balaklava Football & Netball Club Season 2009 Presentation Day & Club Wind up Sunday September 20, 2009

Balaklava Golf Club Annual General Meeting

at Balaklava Sports Club

• Junior presentations beginning at 11am • Chicken & salad lunch for a small cost • Senior presentations to follow lunch

Grand Final Night SATURDAY September 19, 2009 at Balaklava Sports Club

• Win or lose all teams, families and supporters are welcome to come back to the club room to celebrate the season • From 6.00pm - Barbeque tea

2000 Daewoo Matiz 5 door, 5 speed, exchange motor, done 68,000 kms, new alternator, new fuel pump, new Hankook tyres, CD player, air conditioned, electric front windows, price $5,250 o.n.o. Phone 8862 2360. 2003 Automatic Holden Acclaim wagon. White, 7 seats, 158,000 km, DVD player with infra-red head phones, $12,000 o.n.o. Phone: 0427 444 284. 2006 Honda CRF 250X Motorbike, 1,100 kms, hardly used, 3 months rego, excellent condition, $7,000. Phone 0400 129 904.

15 Moore Street, Blyth SA (opp. Medika Gallery)

• Race to Witch Mountain (PG) ★ ★ ★ Family/Adventure - Fri Sept 18, 8pm • The Secret Life of Bees (M) ★ ★ ★ Drama, Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson - Sat Sept 19, 8pm - Fri Sept 25, 8pm • 17 Again (PG) ★ ★ ★ Teen Zac Efron - Sat Sept 26, 8pm - Fri Oct 2, 8pm

For Sale 3.84 metre, 14 foot, aluminium tinny, 15hp Evinrude motor, on trailer, life jackets and safety equipment included. Price reduced – a bargain at $3000 ono. Ph 8528 6008.

Friday September 25 7.30pm at Balaklava Golf Club All members welcome

Absolute river frontage. 110 Brenda Park Morgan. Approx 40 x 35 metre block. High $200,000s. Wanted to buy house/farm locally. Phone John Hogben, Manoora. Phone 0429 484 315. Firewood - 7x4 trailer loads, $120, 9x7 $240, delivered. Ph 0448 659 269. Firewood cut. Can deliver. Venture/Scout fundraiser, $220 per tonne. Phone 8862 1893 or mobile: 0428 859 634. Ford Falcon XG ute, auto, 1995, dual fuel, lowered, mags, registered, tinted windows, good condition, $3,500 o.n.o. Registration VTC 414. Ph 8529 2529. Ford Maverick 4WD wagon XLT, 1992, 4.2 Ltr diesel, front bull bar, rear nudge bar, spot lights, tinted windows, 5 speed manual, electric windows, fully carpeted, 7 seats, brand new tyres, rego, velour cloth seats and door inserts, wide wheels, flared guards, towbar, power steering, air conditioned, serviced regularly, well maintained, always garaged, 280,000 kms, excellent condition, reg no. VGY 478, $8,390.00 o.n.o. Phone: 8864 5035 Mobile: 0407 396 471. Horse float Horseman double, metal, white, has had some repairs and been repainted, tows well, registered till March 2010 - ready to go, TTU 900, via Pt Wakefield. $2500 ono. All enquiries Sandy Phone: 8868 3110 or mobile 0427 619 112. Last days! Sale! The Daisy Patch is closing doors, September 30. 40% off until September 18, after that 50% off until gone! 24 George Street, Balaklava. Lovely large lounge/ chaise, leather lazy-boy recliner. 510 Litre P.O.A. Ph 8862 2249 or 0439 617 932. Maltese Terrier Puppies. 2 males, 2 females. Absolutely adorable. $300 each. Phone 8528 2053. Oven and cook top, electric, never used, $500 o.n.o. Boat parts: 1” stainless steel shaft, brand new to suit in-board motor, various parts $100 - the lot. Phone 8862 1575 or 0439 188 410. Private land sale, Charles Street, Balaklava 28 m x 30 m, approx 840 m2, water connected, close to town centre. Ph 8862 2067. Scott Bonnar Reel mower 14” with catcher, electric motor, $225 o.n.o. Phone: 8528 6223.

For Sale


Salvage / demolition materials, 1800s cottage, doors, windows, timber, fire surrounds, flooring, matchboard. Phone 0407 807 123

ROBERTS - Maureen. Guess who 70 on 21/09/09. Happy 70th birthday mum. We hope you have a wonderful day and wish you all the best for many more birthdays to come. Love you always, John, Julie, Grant and grandsons Ashley and Bradey xxxxx

York exergear X10 elliptical cross trainer, excellent condition, $600. Phone 8862 1407.

Found Found: set of car keys at Balaklava Sports Club. Please call 0418 106 645. Nintendo DS cover & games at Balaklava Netball courts on 2nd semi final day, September 4. Contact Plains Producer 8862 1977.

Public Notice CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Tce, Owen. Wed 10-5; Sat 10-1 or by appointment. Phone 8528 6307. Is the yellow trike going to be finished in time?

Wanted Wanted to rent - 3 to 4 bedroom house for working couple. Urgent, reasonable rent. Phone 8862 1079 Mobile 0400 343 686. Wanted to rent. Two or three bedroom home in Balaklava. Phone Jeremy 0404 541 310, Kate 0421 812 143

Wanted to buy HORSES unwanted, top prices, cash, any types, Phone 8524 3640 or 0414 546 217. Treadmill - good condition. Phone: 8862 1905.

Work Wanted CONTRACT slaughtering is our speciality at our quality assured. Snowtown Abattoirs for butcher shop farmers and every day people. Serving all areas. Phone 8865 2162

18th Birthday Happy 18th Birthday Clint for September 12. A new beginning. Love Mum, Steve, Renee, Luke and Holly.

50th Anniversary

Verner - David & Judith were married at Malvern Methodist Church, September 19, 1959 by the Rev. Kyle Waters. Congratulations Mum and Dad on 50 wonderful years of marriage. Love from Irene, Mark, Wendy, Tony, Andrew, Deb, Richard, Sharlene and their families.


Death PRITCHARD, Frederick Henry. Passed away at Lyell McEwin Hospital on September 8th 2009 in the presence of his family. Aged 91 years. Dearly loved and loving husband of Dorothy (deceased). Dad & Mum together again. Loved and devoted father and fatherin-law of Helen & Peter, Maureen & Peter, Aileen & Rob, Pamela & Barry. Grandfather of 12, great grandfather of 16. A loyal and dedicated husband and family man whose enquiring mind, honesty and sense of humour endeared him to all who knew him. One of life’s true gentlemen. PRITCHARD, Frederick Henry. Beloved father and father-in-law of Helen and Peter. Loving grandpa and grandpa-in-law of Leonie, Sharyn and Paul, Kerry and Michael and Tracey and Wayne. Much loved papa of Alison, Melissa and Kristy, Stephanie and Brittany, Amanda and Matthew, Kimberly and Rachel. Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear. It doesn’t need a special day. To bring you to our minds. For days without a thought of you are very hard to find. A gentle nature, a heart of gold. Reunited with Mum. PRITCHARD, Frederick Henry. Devoted and much loved father and fatherin-law of Pamela & Barry. Dearly loved Grandpa to Anthony & Cecelia & Christopher. Cherished Papa to Amber, Bree & Chloe. Dad – as a child you walked before me to lead by example, as a teenager you walked behind me being there when I needed you, as an adult you walked beside me, not only as my precious Dad, but also my amazing friend. Your love, sense of humour and smile will be with us always. A sweet and tender Dad now reunited with our treasured Mum. Pritchard - Fred. Balaklava Bowling Club extends condolences to his family. Fred was a former valued member of our Club.

Death Robinson - Brian Dudley. 9/7/1929 - 7/9/2009 Beloved husband of Joan. Devoted father of Loryce, Bruce and Dean. Loving father-in-law of Robyn. Loving Papa of Jarred and Lucas. In God’s Care.

Aiden Blake Dean H o l z b e r g e r. B o r n on September 10. Congratulations to Jess & Karl on the birth of their beautiful little boy. We are very proud of you. Love Katie & Sam.

A funeral service for the late Brian Robinson was conducted in the Balaklava Cemetery on Friday September 11. Taylor & Forgie Accredited Member AFDA Gawler 8522 1734

Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009

Saint – Mathew. 27/10/79 - 20/09/08. You were here every day. I wait every morning for you to pull up. Dad waits everyday for his right hand man. We miss you. We can’t do it without you mate. Love Mum and Dad Our thoughts are always with the Tiller family SAINT - Mathew James. 27/10/79 - 20/09/08. Mafs it is all so empty without you now. The last twelve months have been so cruel without you. It’s been so hard without you and I feel so alone without my big brother around. If only for one more hug, no one hugs like you do. If only to see you one more time to say goodbye and that I love you. I don’t know how we will go on without you but we will. Please help Mum and Dad find some happiness now that you are gone. I love you and I wish you could come home. My love forever Casey. SAINT - Mathew. 27/10/79 - 20/09/08. It has been 12 distressing months; we have been overwhelmed, shattered, destroyed, crushed and betrayed. We have nothing but our precious memories and dreams of you and we miss you, but we will never, ever forget you. You were our lovable, strong, reliable son, brother; grandson, nephew and cousin, and we were so very privileged to have known you in your short, but extremely full 28 years. Our deepest and most sincere thoughts are also with the Tiller Families. Xx Rob, Paula, Chelsea and Demi Saint. SAINT - Mathew James. It has been one year since you were taken suddenly. Remembered but never forgotten. Our thoughts are with Jim, Lesley, Casey & Tim. Love from the Tiller Family. SAINT - Mathew. You weren’t with us as long as you should have been, but you gave us some ever lasting memories. We’ll never get tired of telling “Sainty� yarns. Sadly missed by Jamie, Abbie, Jack and Macy. TILLER - Christopher Scott (Snowy).10/02/1972 to 20/09/2008. Tragically taken. Wonderful husband, precious daddy & lifelong friend. One year has passed since we saw your trademark grin, we would give so much to see it again. Time hasn’t stopped, but our hearts have. The crops “aren’t looking too bad�, and your precious girls are growing. Nicola has started kindy & loves it. You would be so proud of her catching the school bus. Lily just loves the pink motorbike you bought for your girls. Neither of them ever want to get off. Every breath I take I think of you. You were one man, but did so much for us all. If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, we’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. “Your girls�, Sash, Nic and Lil xxx. A daily thought, a silent tear, a constant wish that our son was here. Nothing loved is ever lost, and you were loved so very much. What we would give to hear your voice, see your smile or just sit & talk a while. Deeply loved, desperately missed & cherished always by Mum & Dad. A year has gone by and it only seems like yesterday since we saw you. Time passes but it doesn’t change the pain we feel and how much we miss you. Treasured memories will always remain in our hearts. Love Shane, Mandy, Mikaela and Joshua xxx Continued next column

Continued from previous column

A year has passed since you left us. Always in our thoughts and loved forever. We miss you. Love Matt, Dot, Tay and baby xxx How does a wingman fly without his pilot? You made our lives so much easier. Jack talks about Uncle Chris everyday, and keeps a close eye on your girls. Our dreams are precious and our memories will never fade. Love Jamie, Abbie, Jack and Macy xxxx. Tragically taken one year ago on September 20. Tr e a s u r e d m e m o r i e s we hold deep within our hearts. Our love and support always for dear Sascha, Nicola and Lily. Dearly loved and sadly missed by Jenny, Kirsty, Anthony, Ashleigh, Tayla and Dylan, Tammy and Sam, Barbara and Lyall. Tiller, Christopher (Snowy, Jock)- A year has passed since you have gone but we are always thinking of you and smiling at all of the memories we have. Missed but never forgotten. Love Hoges, Roshanna, Chloe and Lachlan. Keep on Truckin’

Engagement COLLEY - PARKER. Neville and Naomi together with David and Jackie are happy to announce the engagement of Sameka to Jason on September 13, 2009. We wish them every happiness for the future.

Engagement Neill-Walker. Congratulations Amanda and Clinton on your engagement. Wishing you all the love and best wishes you deserve for a very happy future. Love and hugs from Mum and Dad. xoxo.

Return Thanks Cunningham - Keith John. Our thanks for special care and commitment given to Keith by Dr Nyoni, Dr Gao, nurses and all staff of Balaklava SM Hospital, community nurses, OT Erin. The miracle of extra time together. We thank friends and relatives for their support, cards, phone calls and prayers on the passing of Keith. Much loved husband to Joy. Father of Helaine & Paula. Father-in-law to Peter Lloyd. Pop to Thomas, Ella & Boadicea Salter, Robert, Ryan & Kaitlyn Lloyd

Thank you HALL - Rocky, Carol, Brodie, Taryn and Lachlan wish to extend their sincere thanks to everyone who supported us in any way, flowers, gift baskets, messages, phone calls, food and cards, as a result of Lachlan’s accident. Lachlan is home and please accept this as our personal thanks. The Balaklava Swimming Pool Committee would like to thank everyone who generously donated to our “Cakeless Cake Stall�. Over $1,200 was raised going towards the upgrade of the plant ready for the new season. A big thanks to all.

Public Notice


Cook Wanted Must have experience. 20 - 25 hours a week, weekends included. Enquiries to : Mark Heritage Phone 8529 2400

SA Water advises there will be a reduction in water pressure to customers living in Port Wakefield, Lochiel, Nantawarra and the surrounding district on September 9 and 16, 2009. Customers will notice the reduction in pressure for approximately 13 hours between 5am and 6pm on both dates.


Gilmac is Australia’s leading hay exporter, responsible for one quarter of all Australian hay exports. Operations are located in three states and major markets are Japan, Korea and Taiwan. We are seeking a responsible person to be involved in weighbridge receivals and hay sample preparation at our Balaklava site starting mid September. Applicants must meet the following requirements; • Have their own transport. • A reasonable level of fitness • Pass a pre-employment medical including a drug screen • Willing to work on weekends during peak season

Applications close: September 21, 2009

Casual Crop Inspector

Expression of Interest The District Council of Mallala is inviting community representatives to become valued members of Council’s Community Development Board Committee. The CDB Committee promote the development of links between organisations, groups, individuals and council and encourage people to become involved in the life of their local community. The Board also produces the Business and Information Directory which is issued to all households bi-annually. Terms of Reference for this committee can be found on council’s website au. If you have the interest, desire and commitment to be involved in the future development of council’s community programs, please forward your expression of interest by 5th November, 2009 to: The Secretary CDB Committee PO Box 59 MALLALA SA 5502 or alternatively by facsimile (08) 8527 2242 or email

Situations Vacant Person required to work on

broiler farm

• 3 days per week including weekends • Reeves Plains area • Maintenance skills required

Phone dawn on 0411248215 or email

CORSTON COACHES Senior Receptionist

Apply in writing to: PO BOX 25 BALAKLAVA SA 5461

9 and 16 September 2009

For further information on this project contact SA Water’s Customer Service Centre on 1300 880 337.

Public Notice

Enquires to: Mark Heaslip (Site Manager) on 08 8862 1200 or email


This reduction is necessary to perform vital maintenance work on SA Water’s distribution network.

PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997


in memoriam


Gilmac is Australia’s leading hay exporter, responsible for one quarter of all Australian hay exports. Operations are located in three states and major markets are Japan, Korea and Taiwan. We are seeking a responsible person to be involved in paddock inspecting & sampling from mid September until mid December. Applicants must meet the following requirements; • Have their own transport. • Good skills in identification of common weeds • A reasonable level of fitness • Pass a pre-employment medical including a drug screen • Willing to work on weekends Your role will focus on inspecting & sampling hay paddocks in a radius approximately 100km from Balaklava, with a concentration of paddocks in the Balaklava, Saddleworth & Hilltown areas. Enquiries to: Mark Heaslip (Site Manager) on 08 88621200 or email Apply in writing to: PO BOX 25 BALAKLAVA SA 5461 Applications close: September 21, 2009

• Casual / full time • Two Wells • Phone: 8520 2398 Hummocks Watchman Eagles Football Club Invites applications for‌

2010 Coaches A Grade & B Grade

In writing to: The Secretary Jill Taylor RMD 23 Pt Wakefield SA 5550 Closing date: Monday October 12, 2009

Merchandise Sales Representative Virginia, SA Elders Merchandise is one of the major specialist retailers to rural Australia, delivering agricultural chemicals, fertiliser, seed, animal health products and agronomic advice for farmers. We deliver products, service and expertise to many farming industries such as broadacre cropping, livestock, dairy, cotton, sugar and horticulture including potatoes, carrots, viticulture, mangoes and bananas. An excellent opportunity exists in our Virginia branch for a Merchandise Sales Representative. Reporting to the Branch Manager, the main duties include: t .FSDIBOEJTFDMJFOUTFSWJDFBOETBMFT t .BJOUBJOTBMFTEJTQMBZTBOETUPSBHFBSFBTUP promote the sale of products to clients t 0SEFSJOHNFSDIBOEJTFTUPDL t "ENJOJTUSBUJWFTVQQPSUUPUIFCSBODIBOE merchandise managers t 8PSLJOBIFBMUIZBOETBGFNBOOFS Our ideal candidate will have or be able to obtain: t ,OPXMFEHFPGUIFCBTJDQSJODJQMFTPGBHSJDVMUVSBM production t "OVOEFSTUBOEJOHPGUIFQSPEVDUT TFBTPOBM timing and general requirements of rural producers in the area t 4PVOEBENJOJTUSBUJWFBOEPSHBOJTBUJPOBMTLJMMT t $PNQFUFODFJOVTJOHDPNQVUFST t &YDFMMFOUXSJUUFOBOEPSBMDPNNVOJDBUJPOTLJMMT t $VSSFOUESJWFSTBOEGPSLMJGUMJDFODFT t $VSSFOU"HTBGFBDDSFEJUBUJPO t 1SFWJPVTTBMFTFYQFSJFODFJOBSVSBMNFSDIBOEJTF branch is preferable. ɨJTQPTJUJPOPêFSTBDBSFFSPQQPSUVOJUZXJUI a leading agricultural service company and BDPNQFUJUJWFSFNVOFSBUJPOQBDLBHFXJMMCF OFHPUJBUFEXJUIUIFTVDDFTTGVMBQQMJDBOU 5PBQQMZ QMFBTFWJTJUXXXFMEFSTDPNBVDBSFFST  GPMMPXUIFQSPNQUTBOEBQQMZWJBUIJTQPTJUJPOT listing. "QQMJDBUJPOTDMPTF'SJEBZ 0DUPCFS

ECO246628 09/09




Plains Producer, Wednesday September 16, 2009


FOOTBALL A grade: Preliminary final: Two Wells 18.18 (126) d Virginia 10.11 (71). NETBALL A1 – Preliminary final: Two Wells 45 d Balaklava 38.

other SPORT: p17 – 28


Young ‘guns’ aim for glory T

Netball’s best and fairest n Adelaide Plains Netball Association A1 best and fairest, Beth Germein, of Hummocks (right) with Emma Riley, of Hamley Bridge, A1 runner-up at the netball and football best player awards at Two Wells last Saturday. n All the netball winners, Page 25. Netball reviews and previews, Pages 26 and 27.

Raff sweeps all before him n Raff Battistessa (right) had a big day on Saturday as Balaklava won the men’s hockey grand final against Donnybrook, 1-0. Raff, took out the hockey association’s best and fairest award, his club’s best and fairest – and was named best on ground in the grand final! He is pictured sharing the premiership shield with Balaklava captain, Justin Simmonds, who was runner-up for Balaklava hockey club’s men’s best and fairest award.

n Hockey grand final cover, Page 23.


his weekend’s APFL grand final at Long Plains sees the APFL’s two “youngest sides” going head to head for the biggest prize of them all! Mallala is searching for their second flag in three seasons while Two Wells chases the club’s second flag in APFL history – having only saluted the judge once previously, in 1987! Mallala is celebrating its centenary in 2009 and although the club is very old, their young group of players in that 21 to 26-year-old age bracket could deliver to the Magpie faithful their ninth premiership since 1958 and a very special one, considering the club’s long existence in the Adelaide Plains. Mallala’s large number of fit and able young men all around the same age group who now have played together for a number of years means over the last three seasons the Magpies have become a very even, well balanced and self reliant side. The Magpies have effectively become somewhat of a benchmark in APFL footy – about to compete in their third consecutive A grade grand final. Although they were upset in last year’s decider by HWE at home, this determined Magpies group will be leaving no stone unturned this weekend at Long Plains as they search for ultimate success once again after being on top all minor round and winning their second consecutive minor premiership. However, for every ounce the relatively young Mallala side appears the “current’

Kym Jarman’s


A Grade Grand Final

The Grand Final teams – pages 18 & 19. All the footy final previews – Pages 21 & 22. Preliminary final report -– Page 20

ROOSTER Ned Seccafien only has eyes for the ball in the preliminary final, chased by Virginia’s Ben Galic, with Khan Leighton moving in. benchmark, Two Wells players are showing they are the “next big things” on the Plains after entering their club’s first grand final since 1992. The club boasts both the youngest list in the competition and the youngest captain – 21-year-old Scott

Humphrys. It is highly likely when Two Wells won its last premiership in 1987(although many supporters would remember the year) Humphrys and many other players set to take the field on Saturday were not yet born. • Continued Page 17

Service now, don’t pay later. Thing are looking up. You’re set for a bumper season so don’t let a breakdown spoil the mood. Book your pre-harvest check up today and save time, trouble and contributions to the swar-jar later. New Holland dealers use genuine parts and world’s best practice service to ensure maximum productivity. We’re confident that working together, we can make sure you get the best out of the bumper season to come.

So, do it now, call and book a pre-harvest service check…

Phone: (08) 8847 4020 - Saddleworth SA

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