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Stem Cell Therapy has made tremendous progress over the past decade. The years of approved clinical trials have showed that stem cell therapy works for certain conditions.

Stem cell therapy gives hope where mainstream medical science fails to offer results.

More and more patients are flocking to other countries and to clinics which promise safe and successful stem cell therapy for a multitude of serious conditions. Stem Cell Tourism, as it is called, is in a continuous expansion as patients want to try the promising therapy. But which are the best destinations for stem cell therapy?

TOP 10 DESTINATIONS FOR STEM CELL THERAPY 1. South Korea South Korea has made tremendous progress in stem cell research, thanks to the country's flexible policies in this matter.

2. Singapore Singapore, also considered Asia's stem cell center, has more than 40 stem cell research centers.

3. China China, world famous for its acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, plans to become a leader in stem cell research and development. Stem Cell clinics: Beike Biotech, ReLife International Medical Center

4. India India plans to make stem cell therapy a standard of care and practice in a few years.

Stem Cell clinics: NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, ReeLabs

5. Mexico It has been years since patients from the US and Canada have been choosing this destination to get stem cell therapy for serious medical conditions such as paralysis, autism or cerebral palsy. Stem Cell clinics: Progencell-Stem Cell Therapies

6. Germany Germany continues to attract patients coming from all over the world for stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell clinics: Anova Medical Center

7. Ukraine Stem Cell therapy is Ukraine has helped hundreds of patients suffering from cirrhosis, pancreatic necrosis, burn disease, hepatitis, diabetes, critical lower limb ischemia and multiple sclerosis. Stem cell clinics: EmCell Clinic, Unique Cell Treatment Clinic 8. Austria Stem cell therapy is Austria has offered a chance to a normal life to patients suffering from Diabetes, Eye Diseases, Neurological Diseases, Gonarthritis or Peripheral vascular disease. Stem Cell clinics: Stem Cell Therapy Center Vienna

9. Turkey Patients coming from Europe, Asia and Middle east come here to take advantage of the benefits offered by stem cell therapy. Stem Cell clinics: Leading International Vision LIV Hospitals

10. Thailand Another stem cell therapy leader in Asia is Thailand, a country which in the last years has taken stem cell research to the next level by producing cardiac muscle from human embryonic stem cells, successfully using adult stem cells to treat arthritis and discovering a method to extract stem cells from human amniotic fluid.

Although stem cell therapy might seem for many the last hope, we advise those who begin this journey to look for and seek help from specialists in this type of medical procedure.

By getting informed you will feel more secure and so, traveling abroad for medical care, will be a positive lifechanging experience.

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