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Crowded Dental Tourism Market A Challenge for Providers' Survival

 With increasing awareness of the potential of the

dental tourism, more and more dental clinics are trying to get into the business of attracting “foreign patients”.

 But how easy is it and

what it takes to be a competitive player in such an unpredictable industry? Company Logo

ď‚— Pramod Goel, CEO and founder

of PlacidWay, a leader in global medical travel and tourism, has found out what are the key factors when choosing a medical provider and what are the main trends of this industry.

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Why would you choose to go to another country for dental care?  No dental insurance  Avoid excruciating costs in developed countries  Holiday in a foreign country

e.g. Dental implants - U.S. - $4,000 - U.K. - $3,500 - Thailand - $1,500 - Turkey - $1,000 - Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia - $850 - India, Argentina - $750 Company Logo

ď‚— Price being the main driving force towards the expansion of

the industry, countries such as India, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Turkey and countries in eastern Europe have a big advantage due to lower cost of dental services.

They can compete on price!

Company Logo Dental Tourism Trends for 2014

The dental tourism demand will continue to expand and PlacidWay has defined the main trends in this market:

Regional Solutions: • Dental tourism is a regional solution where distance traveled is a major factor as it equates to costs of travel. • North Americans will travel to Latin America, Europeans will travel to Eastern Europe, Asians will travel within Asia, Australians will go to South East Asia. Company Logo

Dental Tourism Trends for 2014 Costs/Price War:  People will look for deals  People look for total return

on investment, including treatment cost, travel cost, lodging and incidental expenses.

 People travel when

savings are significant Company Logo

Huge Competition: ď‚— All dental clinics no matter of their size or infrastructure are

trying to compete under similar pretense and trying to attract the same patients.

ď‚— This is creating chaos,

confusion, and blurring of lines between good, bad, and ugly. This is propelling a price war! Company Logo

Transparency: ď‚— This is a growing concern in the dental tourism marketplace,

as there are instances when what is being marketed versus what is being delivered varied significantly. The lack of price and procedure transparency continues to grow and hence the consumer must do proper research before engaging in a treatment.

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ď‚— The dental tourism market is definitely moving towards a commodity-type

market, where there are many suppliers and the demand for those services is becoming a common place.

ď‚— In order to gain a competitive advantage, the dental clinics need to re-think

more strategically and systematically to differentiate their specific offerings beyond costs, quality, and services.

ď‚— Therefore, to stay a competitive player in the market, dental providers have to

think more strategically and differentiate through innovation, efficiency, talent and the services offered. Company Logo

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Crowded Dental Tourism Market - A Challenge for Providers' Survival  
Crowded Dental Tourism Market - A Challenge for Providers' Survival - Global dental tourism industry is booming as a full-fledged industry due to demand of low cost dent...