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Letter from the Chairman of the Board

Letter from the President

Ignite: Built for Battle, Ignite, Alive

Equip: PK@Home, PK@Church, PK@Work, Community Discipleship

Impact: PKMissions, The Mentoring Project

Looking to the Future: Growing our Impact & Effectiveness

Measuring Success


The Promise Keepers Canada Team


Letter from the Chairman of the Board Greetings Brothers! It hardly seems possible that another year has gone by since our last Annual General Meeting. During the past year we have continued to see God’s hand at work in this great ministry wherein we are privileged to serve Him. Men from all walks of life are meeting our Saviour and beginning new lives as they follow Him. Broken families are being restored and hurting marriages are being healed. Churches are being blessed by men who encounter Promise Keepers and make commitments for Christ. As you will see and hear from the staff presentations, this year has also been one of financial and numerical blessings. We are constantly receiving invitations to minister in new locations, whether individual churches or entire cities. As I said earlier, this is a privilege which you and I have to participate in this great work of God in Canada. As you know, we have an amazingly dedicated staff, led by Kirk Giles, whom I believe is truly God’s man for

Churches are being blessed by men who

May God bless you richly for your investment in the lives of men! In His Service,

encounter Promise Keepers and make commitments for Christ. this ministry at this time. May I take this opportunity to invite you to renew your commitment to pray for Kirk and his team as they seek to serve the Lord through Promise Keepers Canada during the coming year?

Garry Ford, Chairman of the Board


Letter from the President Dear Friends, One year ago, our team was well aware that we were about to enter a season of intense spiritual battles. Today, I am here to proclaim to you that our God is greater and that He is the victor in the lives of men across Canada. The past fiscal year has seen many of our team members experience a variety of personal battles, but through their faithful perseverance and the grace of God, we have experienced incredible breakthroughs in the lives of men. We were privileged to partner with other organizations to help bring the movie Courageous and the message of Godly fatherhood to Canada. Our Built for Battle Conferences did an outstanding job of challenging men to engage in the spiritual battle for their own heart and the lives of the people around them. In addition to growing the attendance at these events, we saw the first ever francophone conference in Montreal – reaching almost 1,000 men ! Our PK@Home ministry continued to grow and has been so welcomed by men in equipping them to continue to live for Jesus. This past year saw us introduce our PK@Home speaker series as a podcast on iTunes as well. Our support to local churches grew over the past year. More churches are being reached with leadership training and opportunities to access resources they can use in helping the men in their church and congregation. As part of this, we also introduced a Valentine’s Day devotional that provided encouragement to over 22,000 couples in Canada. Our Father’s Day program was another significant success with over 30,000 men being reached with various Father’s Day resources – including approximately 10,000 francophone men. We continued to pursue and develop our missions emphasis as we help men to have a Godly impact in the world. Mission trips to various nations provided training and building projects to assist others. In addition to all of this, your support also helped us strengthen our infrastructure with the move to a larger office space, and the overdue purchase of a new database software to assist in effective communication and support for the men and churches of Canada. You are an important part of all of this. Together, God is allowing us to be part of something incredibly special as He is moving to call the men of Canada to Himself and empower them to have a Godly impact at home, work, church, and in their communities. Let’s celebrate God’s goodness together! Your brother in Christ,

...we have experienced incredible breakthroughs in the lives of men.

Kirk Giles, President


The Vision:

Leave No Man Behind - To see every man become, grow, and live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Mission:

Ignite and Equip men to have an impact.

The Seven Promises: 1. A promise keeper is committed to honouring Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, and obedience to God’s Word in the power of the Spirit. 2. A promise keeper is committed to pursuing Christ-centred friendships with a few other men, connecting regularly, understanding that he needs brothers to help him keep his promises. 3. A promise keeper is committed to practicing biblical integrity: spiritually, morally, ethically and sexually. 4. A promise keeper is committed to strengthening families and marriages through love, honour, protection, and biblical values.

Every man


becoming, growing, and living as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Equip Impact

5. A promise keeper is committed to supporting the mission of his church by honouring and praying for his pastor, and by actively giving his time and resources. 6. A promise keeper is committed to reaching beyond racial, social, economic, generational, and denominational barriers to demonstrate that power of biblical unity. 7. A promise keeper is committed to influencing the world by his fervent love for God while loving his neighbour, seeking justice for the poor and oppressed, and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Result:

Men living the Seven Promises while exhibiting the fruit of the Holy Spirit.



Ignite: {ig-'n朝t} v. Challenge and motivate men to follow Jesus


Conferences “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” – Ephesians 6:10 (NIV) Over the last few years we have encouraged men in different areas of their life. Starting with the GPS conference they were told that as men we find our way by following The Truth, The Way and The Life. The following year at Forever they were challenged to set aside living for the world and to live for what lasts forever. At our Legacy conference they were encouraged to positively impact our world and leave a legacy that lasts. This past year we dared them to fight with all their heart, soul, mind and strength - we dared them to be Built for Battle. The storyboard for the Built for Battle conference focused on the reality of spiritual warfare we are called to as men. They realized that every day a war is being waged for our lives, our families, our work and our world. We do not stand alone.

Over 11,000 men from across Canada attended Promise Keepers Canada’s National Built for Battle men’s conferences. They were challenged by two days of fantastic speakers, live music, and resources to equip them for the fight. It was exciting to see the response to the altar call, the men gathered in prayer, and the excitement as they began to comprehend and embrace the message. Event cities included: • • • • • • • • •

Edmonton Halifax Lethbridge Lloydminster Mississauga Montreal Ottawa Regina Winnipeg

Over 900 men attended our first ever French language event in Montreal! “Not sure how to describe this weekend. Surreal experience. Humbled that God uses us this way.” - Promise Keepers Canada President, Kirk Giles

“I am grateful for men of God as yourselves to provide Christ-like learning and fellowship. I look forward to bringing my sons to future events. May God continue to bless this ministry.”

Ignite Conferences At these one day conferences men were able to customize their experience at the event by choosing from a wide selection of workshops designed to meet a range of needs and interests. However, unlike other conferences the majority of speakers and presenters were Promise Keepers Canada staff like Steve Masterson, Kirk Giles, Rick Verkerk, Bill Innes and Mark Garner. This format gives us a tool for reaching smaller to midsize locations with live event ministry. Ignite conferences were held in Cranbrook, London, and Moncton, with over 860 men attending.


Looking ahead:

Too many men settle for being half alive. This is not what God wants for your life. You can be transformed. It’s not selfindulgent for you to become the man God created you to be. In fact, it’s your destiny to lead a powerful life transformed by Christ. God wants you to know that no matter what you’ve done, you can be forgiven because Jesus loves you and died for your sins. God wants you alive - not just in heaven but now - in this life. We have been bought with a price and saved for a purpose – to live each day in the transforming power of Christ alive in us. Allow Jesus to transform the restless energy you feel into a powerful spiritual life. He died and rose to life so we can truly live today. Be a man alive!

COMING TO: • • • • • • •

“As a pastor I want you to know how much I appreciate the time of prayer. Having so many lay hands on me while praying is always a very powerful and humbling experience. Thank you.”

Victoria Cranbrook Edmonton Calgary Lethbridge Lloydminster Saskatoon


Grande Prairie London

• • • • • • •

Regina Winnipeg Toronto Ottawa Quebec City Halifax St. John's



Equip: {i-'kwip} v. Provide resources to disciple and train men to live for Jesus.


Resources designed to minister to men beyond the live events, throughout the

january – february, 2012

Newsstand Price CDN $4.95

Newsstand Price CDN $4.95

march – april 2011

year in their homes. This year we reached 48,000 men through PK@Home.

Howsharp is yoursword?

Our own Christian men’s magazine for Canadian men; a quality magazine that is relevant, exciting and biblical. Each edition focuses on the things men care about from the latest gadgets to living a deeper The Anger faith in the world today. Issue SEVEN is available in print or online on our website. This past year saw us cover a variety of themes including: Spiritual Disciples Sex Anger Courageous: One Year Later

july – august, 2012

Newsstand Price CDN $4.95

may – june, 2012

• • • •

Newsstand Price CDN $4.95

Love her like a man

ONLINE Video, audio and articles designed to minister to men through our website. Online we are able to reach men year round and men that would not be able to attend a live event. We had over 61,000 unique web visits to our website. Promotion through social media is allowing us

We had over 61,000 unique web visits to our website. to reach even more men who have not been previously familiar with Promise Keepers. We have over 2,700 likes on Facebook. This past year we also added podcasts to increase our depth of ministry.


Looking ahead: Over the coming year we are continuing to grow our reach to men through PK@Home as we strive to minister to men throughout the year. In the coming year, SEVEN magazine will explore the following themes: Issue: September - October Theme: Supernatural Description: A look at our culture’s fascination with the supernatural apart from Christ. New Age, Wicca, ghosts, vampires etc. How do we as men of faith address this? As fathers how do we teach our children? Issue: November - December Theme: Music Description: Interviews with different artists. What does male friendly worship music look like? MEN OF INTEGRITY Produced in partnership with Christianity Today, this pocket-sized devotional gives specific, biblical answers to the challenges that men face today. Available online, as a daily email or in a booklet. Over the past year the devotional touched on a wide range of topics including: sexual purity, suffering, apologetics, marriage, religiosity, and heaven.

AUDIO AND VIDEO Inspiring messages from past speakers, other ministries or specially created by Promise Keepers Canada for distribution. Available in CD, MP3 or on our website. Messages focused on prayer, purity, marriage commitment, faith in the workplace, fatherhood, spiritual warfare, and messages for young men to list a few. RESOURCES These are books, CDs, DVDs and other physical resources especially created by Promise Keepers Canada or selected by us as recommended tools for spiritual growth. Resources can be purchased at our live events or through our online store. These resources provide men with ongoing tools for learning and growth.

Issue: January - February Theme: Marriage Description: A promise keeper is committed to strengthening families and marriages through love, honour, protection, and biblical values. Issue: March - April Theme: What In The World is Going On? Description: Christians around the world, discussing articles on select global issues. Issue: May - June Theme: The Health Issue Description: As men we are striving for complete health: spiritual, physical and mental. * Themes maybe subject to change

For more information on Promise Keepers Canada resources, visit or scan this QR code with your smart phone.


This year we created a couple’s marriage devotional for churches to hand out on Valentine’s Day. The response was greater than we expected and we had to print over 22,000 copies. In the following months we have received additional requests from marriage counselors and pastors who have wanted to use the devotional as a resource. Work has already begun on a new devotional for this coming year.

STUDY GUIDES With the popularity of our study guide series, both Walking with the Master and Shoulder to Shoulder sold out and have gone to a second printing.

FATHER'S DAY In partnership with the Canadian Bible Society, we have created our first French Father’s Day devotional. Almost 10,000 copies were distributed through their network of French-speaking churches. Our promotion for English speaking churches included a special recording created exclusively for Father’s Day. Kirk Giles, President of PK Canada, sat down with four other fathers for a round table discussion about issues facing fathers today. Representing a variety of backgrounds, these men provided wise insights to challenge and encourage men.


WORKSHOPS Our workshops are designed to disciple and train men in crucial areas of their lives. Workshops include: • • • • • •

Anger (NEW) Brothers Fatherhood Mentorship Money Purity

Local reps and staff visited over 600 churches

Coming this year: KING'S MEN BOOK FIVE With the success of the first four study guides in the series we are introducing the fifth book, “Better Together”. This guide will focus on promise five: “A promise keeper is committed to supporting the mission of his church by honouring and praying for his pastor, and by actively giving his time and resources.”

OVERCOMERS OUTREACH Promise Keepers Canada has partnered with Overcomers Outreach Ministry to help meet a significant need. Overcomers is a Christian 12-Step recovery program that uses the copyrighted 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, however, they clearly recognize Jesus Christ as our Higher Power. Overcomers deals with all types of addictions and compulsions including alcohol, drugs, pornography, prescription drugs, gambling (the list goes on).

Each book in this series uses only the words of Jesus as the scriptural basis of the conversation. Using just the gospels to discuss what Jesus taught about our involvement in the church posed a unique challenge in the series. It was when we broadened our focus to include Jesus’ letters to the churches in Revelation that we knew we had something special in the works.

A conference featuring sessions on: being a Godly man, being a Godly father, being a Godly husband, and purity, that will challenge participants through teaching, interactive assignments, and practical steps to learn what it takes to be the man God intended you to be. We continue to explore new ideas and options for how we can provide men across Canada with resources for their ongoing growth and discipleship.

1,170 churches across Canada have signed

Promise Keepers Canada wants to challenge businessmen to learn how to live out their faith at work, and we will show that it is possible by introducing you to successful Christian men who are doing it already. We will encourage you to read some great books on the subject, and will spend time in God’s word as our ultimate authority for how we are to live our life.

up to support God’s ministry through Promise Keepers Canada



Impact: {im-'pakt} v. Connect and direct men to influence the world for Jesus.


This year we had the privilege of sending Ian Nairn and Steve Masterson to meet with a gathering of about 250 local pastors and church leaders in Cuba. Here is an abbreviated version of what Steve had to report: It was a very humbling experience for Ian and me to be The 250 men left trained and equipped to go and make invited to come and serve the pastors and men’s leaders. disciples of the men in their churches and communities. They They have such a passion, hunger and love for the Lord had applied the truth to their lives by receiving and responding. to reach the people and the men of Cuba. They testified they were going to now speak and move into Wednesday focused on God’s design, plan and purpose reaching the men who needed Christ in their communities for His gift of male sexuality and sex… We as well as train then witnessed the men being forgiven, They have such a passion, the men in their washed, cleansed and healed from their churches to do sexual brokenness receiving God the Fathers hunger and love for the the same. gift of sexual wholeness cleanness and purity. Then the 250 men rose to their feet Lord to reach the people We have been and a Holy Spirit spontaneous roar of praise, invited back to adoration and worship broke forth and filled and the men of Cuba. Cuba by the the conference room. It went on and on! leaders… It was a wonderful Thursday was a day filled with worship with time of praise, stories of God’s redeeming power and presence to forgive, prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord and giving him all the wash, cleanse, purify and heal as these men were set glory. We were moved deeply by the presence and power free with a devotedness to no longer live under Satan’s of God in all our lives for those days in Cuba. strongholds of silence, secrecy and isolation. Ian and myself, along with the 250 pastors and leaders, The final session on Thursday ended with the ceremony of express our gratitude for your spiritual covering and prayers. the men once again hearing from their Heavenly Father We thank all of you who gave sacrificially so the men of his calling out their manhood and blessing them as image Cuba could attend this first ever men’s conference. bearers of His. All but 10 men had never received their earthly fathers blessing of their manhood. All the men stood to receive this powerful blessing from their Abba-PapaFather- Almighty God.


BELIZE APRIL 2012 In partnership with EduDeo Ministries, a team of 13 men from across Canada came together in Belize City to help build more classrooms for a local Christian school. Pastor Betson and his wife Carolyn started a church in a poverty stricken community known as “The Burial Grounds” just a few years ago. They saw that many young

children did not attend school. As a result, on September 1, 2007, they started Unity Presbyterian School as a preschool with 20 students. The school has since grown much faster than expected and today there are over 220 students attending. The week was truly life changing and the Lord used several moments to deeply impact the hearts of the team members. We saw the love of God practically expressed through words of affirmation and blessing by the Betson’s and the school staff. We experienced the manifest presence of God in worship together with members of the community. I vividly remember some of the team racing to a local sporting goods store in grimy work clothes immediately after a full work day in order to get there before closing. They were there to buy a pair of runners for a young boy from a troubled and difficult family situation. It was profound

to hear of Pastor Betson making a special visit to comfort the mother of young man recently murdered in a drug related incident, who only a year ago had lost another child in a similar manner. Most life changing of all though would be the incredibly humbling experience for each team member of receiving a hug and small piece of artwork from almost every one of the 220 children during a special school assembly held in our honor on the last day of our trip. To be honest there wasn’t a dry eye amongst us!

secondary or high school education. Primary education is officially free and compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 14, but those who live in rural areas usually do not have access to schools. If they can attend, most children drop out of school by age 12. Only 10% of those who initially enrolled in school graduate from secondary school. Partnering with EduDeo and a national ministry called Colegios Cristianos Reformados we share in the mission to: “Provide a quality Christian education to our students through our schools, implementing active and participatory teaching that promotes the development of the God given gifts, talents, and abilities so that they can transform their lives, those around them and their nation through being servant leaders.”

The partnership with EduDeo continues to be an extremely rewarding one as teams have the opportunity to experience firsthand the fruit of the ministry’s conviction that Christian schools play a vital role in strengthening the church and family, in shaping and preparing the next generation of leaders, and in transforming culture. Looking to the future, plans are underway for continued partnership in Belize with a further expansion of our involvement there as requests have come from local leadership to provide assistance in the training and development of men. To God be the glory!

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Our involvement in the Dominican Republic is very similar to Belize. November 2011 saw the return of another team of men from across Canada to serve the students at Las Esperanza School in Hato Nuevo. It is an extremely poor community located in a rural area just outside of Santo Domingo and Las Esperanza when translated into English means “the hope”. The building project is an expansion to an existing school which will allow for some of the poorest children in the country to receive a

This coming year we have additional trips planned to continue the work we have been a part of and to expand to additional areas.


Addressing Fatherlessness THE STATISTICS • The amount of time a father spends with his child - one-on-one - averages less than 10 minutes a day. • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes. • Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school. Last year as we began to explore our role in this area, we ran into significant problems lining up a partner to host a pilot project. As we were eager to get started, this delay was disappointing for us but it did allow us to better prepare ourselves for the work ahead.

THIS YEAR: • Pilot project in Kitchener Waterloo area will partner churches and The Big Brothers Association to help men be Big Brothers to fatherless children in that region. • A series of roundtable discussions will take place across Canada to do research on best way to engage men in supporting grassroots organizations who are already working with fatherless children.

• Fatherless children are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide, poor educational performance, teen pregnancy, and criminality. • Canadian single mother households are four times more likely to be poor. • Children who exhibited violent behaviour at school were 11 times more likely not to be living with their fathers. • The need of the fatherless in Canada is one of the greatest issues facing the church. God has a special passion for the fatherless and the widow. We share that passion and it is our desire to become a Christian, national catalyst to engage men in bringing hope for fatherless children. • We are calling godly men to impact where other men have left darkness.


Looking to the Future Growing our impact and effectiveness over the next 3 years


Year round ministry to ignite and equip men to have a Godly impact is taking place in 25 Regional Ministry Areas • Church Relations • Business Relations • Continue to strengthen marketing plan for general awareness of PKC


Equip more than 70,000 men by providing resources directly in their home • Expand delivery mechanisms • Strengthen marketing strategy beyond PK events


Engage 5,000 men in the mission of Jesus through Promise Keepers mission activities. • Solidify mission opportunities • Intentionally involve men in bringing non-Christian friends to PKC conferences


Increase total revenues to $2.5 million per year and maintain balanced budget. • Regional Ministry Areas • Business & Donor Relations • Donor Development for Missions


Strengthen our commitment to being an intercultural ministry • Corporation membership reflects Canadian population in terms of geographic and cultural representation. • Be intentional to connect with all cultures represented in each Regional Ministry Area. • Wherever possible and feasible, provide ministry to men in their native language. • Intentionally strengthen our ministry to men with First Nations and French leaders.


Measuring Success CORE VALUES

Core Values

Annual Dashboard

Annual survey to measure how people believe we are doing in living out our Core Values.


How we are doing in accomplishing the overall ministry objectives – measuring key numbers that reveal trends.


Spiritual Fruit

Ministry Programs

Ongoing surveys to measure how men are doing in relation to the 7 Promises.


Annual review to ensure all ministry programs are effectively accomplishing their mandate in one of the following: Ignite – Equip – Impact.

In order to gauge our effectiveness in living out our Core Values, we conduct an annual survey. The results...


Promise Keepers Canada has placed God at the centre of everything we do. We are focused on Excellence and Christ-Centred Values as a Team We are committed to the Body of Christ We facilitate Encounters with God

*Note: These results are a summary of a much more exhaustive survey.


Dashboard E-Prayer Partners Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 1,101 1,155 1,186 1,228 2012 1,272 1,382 1,180 1,216

Regional Ministry Areas in Process Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 12 13 13 13 2012 13 13 15 15

Church Support Network Partners Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 844 894 940 980 2012 1,024 1,078 1,133 1,170

Conference Attendance Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 N/A 4,954 4,954 10,246 2012 N/A 6,077 6,077 11,240

Men Reached Through PK@Home Ministry Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 9,215 12,200 15,469 21,943 2012 19,4332 28,284 38,909 48,000

Valentine's Day and Father's Day Offers* Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 N/A N/A N/A 25,000 2012 N/A N/A 22,000 23,000 *Q3 and Q4, respectively. Please note: 2012 was the first year we offered Valentine's Day resources.


The Spiritual Health of Men This past year we surveyed the men who attended our events to find out how the average man who attends our event is doing in his Christian walk. I tell others about Jesus. I give to the poor. I pray for my pastor(s). I am volunteering at church. I regularly pray for and with my family. I enjoy my marriage. My marriage is on solid ground. I balance work and family life well. I do not view pornography. I am sexually active with only my wife (waiting for marriage if single). I have friends I can rely on. I read the Bible regularly. I spend daily time in prayer. I am growing in my faith. I am a follower of Christ. 0











*Note: These results are based on summarized averages from multiple surveys.


Financials Donations: 52% Product Sales: 13%


Registrations: 24% Sponsorships: 10% Other: 1%

Ministry Projects: 76% Occupancy: 4%


Marketing & Development: 9% Cost of Product: 6% Management & Admin: 5%

This past year, we made significant investments into capital that will assist in growing this ministry in the days ahead. These include: • New database software • New Customer Relations Management (CRM) software • New office space


The Promise Keepers Canada Team Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Garry Ford

Lennett Anderson Greg Arndt Jeff Bergen Wally Budgell Larry Dyck Ron Hannah Gary Langerud James McArthur Casey Moroschan Bob Roebuck Larry Wilson Phil Wagler Peter Yi

Chairman of the Board Brampton, ON

Randy Collins Vice Chair London, ON

Paul La Vigne Secretary Milton, ON

Art Van Ravens Treasurer Georgetown, ON

Garry Bennett Brantford, ON

Marc Brule Welland, ON

Larry Dyck Winnipeg, MB

Blaine Pho Regina, SK

Stephen Verhoeff Calgary, AB

As of August 31, 2012


Leadership Team


Kirk Giles

Matt Breimer

Bayne Leong

Mark Garner


National Manager, Finance & Administration

Ian Nairn

National Manager, Missions

John Steadman National Manager, Business & Donor Relations

Jeff Stearns

National Manager, Marketing & Resources

Rick Verkerk

National Manager, Events

Marketing Associate Events Manager

Steve Hahn

Community Relations Manager

Jim Hubert

Regional Representative Essex Country

Bill Innes

Events Discipleship Supervisor

Martin Irving

Customer Service/ Accounting

David Milmine

Church Relations Supervisor

Dave Mysko

Regional RepresentativeLloydminster

Barry Seitz

Regional Representative Cranbrook

Ken Sexton

Regional Representative Winnipeg

Regional Representative Saskatoon

Jeff Thiessen

Jim Kitney

Andrew Thompson

Regional Representative Saskatchewan South

Steve Masterson Staff Pastor

James McArthur

Regional Representative St. Thomas As of August 31, 2012

Jenice McDonald

Admin/Accounting Support National Worship Leader

Box 20099 RPO Brant Hills 1295 North Service Road, Burlington, ON L7P 0A4 Tel: 1-888-901-9700 Fax: 905-331-1832 E:

Promise Keepers 2011/2012 Annual Report  

2011/2012 Annual Report for Promise Keepers Canada