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Pixelatl is an association dedicated to promote the creation and spreading of Mexican multimedia narrative and content. Its objective is to enhance Mexican productions and to expand their audience within Mexico and abroad. One of its main projects is Ideatoon, a Mexican contest that seeks out ideas for animated series. Its goal is to encourage the creation and development of properties that can potentially become international hits. Ideatoon is opened to all the Mexican studios, production companies, animators, artists, directors, scriptwriters and producers that want to participate. The winners receive advice from experts in the industry and financing to produce a pilot, which can help the studio find co-productions in the international markets.

The last edition of the contest happened during El Festival (, a Mexican animation, videogame and comic book festival that took place in Cuernavaca, in September 2015. 163 ideas for series were sent to participate. A jury selected the best 15 projects based on their international commercial success and they went on to the next step in the competition, which was a pitching session with an international jury. Here are the 2015’s finalists so that you can have an idea of the content quality of Ideatoon in the hope that you may want to co-produce, partner, or just take a look at what is being developed in Mexico.



Molly and the Cryptos



Eleazar Darkie

Chico Chihuahua


She turns every common problem into a complex mystery. He is a monster with refined manners. Together they will embark on a quest to find her parents.

Created by:

TV series • 11 min • 52 episodes • 2D Digital Animation Genre: Mystery Adventures • Target: 9 to 12 years • In development

After the mysterious disappearance of her parents during an exploration mission, Molly Geller is left alone under custody of Sir Phillip, a very refined chupacabras, until one day a breakthrough lead on her parents pushes them to embark on a quest to find their whereabouts. Throughout this adventure, they will meet fantastic crypto-zoological creatures with

extraordinary personalities. But their quest will become troubling when they cross paths with the Brutovskys, a rival family dedicated to hunt cryptos. Plus, a shadowing menace emerges when a secret agent working for “The Organization” finds that Molly and Sir Phillip are looking where they’re not supposed to.

Juan lives in a world were internet memes are everyday life. Humor beats drama and soccer is the only passion.

Created by:

Web Series • 26 episodes • 3D Digital Animation • Genre: Comedy Target: 6 to 9 years • In production

Juan is a common teenager, squared and green, and lives only to enjoy his passion for soccer. This leads him to different situations, in and outside the field, that will be surrounded by memes, references to pop culture, and circumstances that you won’t find in any sport channel but that are the dream of every young soccer fan.

Soccer Juan is a web series that uses random humor and the virality of the world that we are getting used to to share comic and dynamic expereinces to reach soccer fans (and not so much fans) where anything can happen.

The unsuccessful quest of a manic Chihuahua dog to befriend and share the fun with the eccentric self-centered flea, that lives in his fur.

Created by: Blanca Ruiz • TV Series • 11 min • 52 episodes • 2D Digital Animation Genre: Comedy • Target: 6 to 9 years • In development

Pulga bought a piece of “land” inside Chico´s fur when Chico was a puppy. Over the years, Pulga realized why the land was so cheap! Living inside Chico´s fur is a nightmare, Chico is always in trouble. Pulga realized that his life was doomed until one day, when Chico Chihuahua decided to take a “siesta” out in the Jalapeño fields, a thunderstorm broke

out. Pulga was hit by lighting and since then he got super powers. Every time he eats a Jalapeño, he turns into a Super Flea with amazing strength (at least compared to other fleas). Now, he can control, to some extent, Chico´s actions and bring himself some peace. But, of course, things never really progress according to plans.

When you face a theatening monster, sarcasm is your best weapon.

Created by: El Santo Flagelo • TV Series • 12 min • 52 episodes • 2D Digital Animation Genre: Adventures of Monsters • Target: 9 to 12 years • In development

An ancient legend tells the existence of a magic book known as “The Book of Beings that never existed.” The Darkie, a legendary family, were in charge of taking care of that manuscript and they had to make sure that none of the creatures that were in the book escaped. In the year 600, a series of unfortunate events that happened to Sybelius Darkie,

led to the massive flee of the creatures in the book. Since then, generation after generation of Darkie’s have been trying to find and return these being that were not supposed to exist back to the magic book. Eleazar is the last Darkie and this adventurer wants to make history as the guardan that trapped the dangerous Behemoth.


In a world full of opposites, two creature friends will discover the value of their differences and will learn to share them with each other.

Created by: Raúl “Robin” Morales • TV Series • 7 min • 78 episodes • 2D Digital Animation Genre: Fantasy • Target: 3 to 5 years • In development

Blue and Red are two great friends. One is small and the other, tall. One likes to play in daytime and the other, by night. One is scientis and the other is an artist. Together, they will discover that the world is full of opposites forces: the big and the thin, the near and the far, the high

and the small. Both will recognize that opposites frequently complete each other and each one of them offers them different possibilities they can enjoy and share if they allow themselves to be opened to difference.

Saving abandoned animals in each delivery.

Created by: Francisco José Hernández • TV Series • 7 min • 78 episodes • 2D Digital Animation

Genre: Action • Target: 6 to 11 years • In development

Luka, a cat trained by the Russian secret service, is the leader of the X3 Team, a dysfunctional team which gathers three cute animals as Mechas pilots. They work undercover for an express mail service company. Their real goal is to save abandoned animals before the villain Kot, Luka’s evil brother who works for the Russian Cat Mafia that needs the animals for genetic experiments.

Our adventures take place in Sky City, a modern city built in between the clouds with the help and development of high technology. It combines nature and futuristic/minimalistic designs and architecture in order to achieve happiness and comfortability for their habitants.

Little girls building high-tech robots, and high-tech robots (and aliens) being friends with little girls.

Created by: Julieta Colás • TV Series • 12 min • 56 episodes • 2D Hand Draw Genre: Comedy Adventures • Target: 6 to 11 years • In development

Two young scientist step-sisters share a passion for science and mechanics. Mindi designs the robots – and dreams of one day getting to ride a giant one – and Tasha programs them – and dreams of one day creating the ultimate Artificial Intelligence Structure. Together they start a company called “Ribbons and Robots”. The third member of this group is a tiny little robot they find at a local junk-

yard while looking for scrapped parts they could use in their designs. This little guy is sentient, sensible, and some sort of a little brother to them. Together will challenge stereotypes, the local scientific community, and a bigger evil they never expected to face when they found Bot-Butt in that junk yard.

To save his master, a young and talented ninja cat must find the lost gems and defeat her fears.

Created by: Eduardo Escalante • TV Series • 22 min • 26 episodes • 2D Digital Animation Genre: Adventure • Target: 6 to 11 years • In Development

After the kidnapping of Inu Sensei and the scattering of the Gems of Power, the Yamiku clan seizes the opportunity to wreak havoc and occupy the most important strongholds and villages in the country. Fu is a very talented ninja warrior who will unite a land divided between the two most powerful ninja clans. With the help of her brother, and Saru the monkey, Fu will

chase after Tora, the great tiger who kidnaped her Sensei. Along the way, they will have to free the other villages from the shadow of the Yamiku clan, and find each of the Gems of Power that will tip the balance of this conflict towards the light of the Hikari clan. Only then will she be able to free her master.

A little and naive Princess. A journey to discover the world. A Quest to save her people.

Created by: Ruy Fernando Estrada • TV Series • 12 min • 52 episodes • 2D Cut Out and Hand Draw Animation • Genre: Adventure • Target: 6 to 11 years • In development

When Pitayo promises that he will return the legendary Tlanexus, an important artifact that nobody know what it is for, the people of the town Coatlán considers him their heroe. However, the day he is supposed to deliver the device, Pitayo disappears and causes a chain reaction that leaves the city abandoned and ruined. Princess Kaira, who never left the town, offers to bring Pitayo back. Even though

she doesn’t know the outside world, her curiosity drives her to make the decision and explore the unknown. She embarks the journey with Xio, the corteous cooker of the court, Tikoloteo, the imprudent guide, and a dreamer girl called Seven. They travel through the fantastic land of Coatlán trying to find Pitayo.

No matter how smart, strong or wise you are, everybody needs help in the desert.

Created by: Arturo Montero, Santiago Santana & Marco Olmedo • TV Series • 12 min • 52 episodes 2D Digital Animation & Layer Compositing • Genre: Action with comedy • Target: 12 to 15 years In development

After being taken as slave for the Indians, Joe learns all their culture and is welcomed as an equal. When he returns from a journey, he finds the Indian village destroyed and the minerals of the city stolen because they are a power source for The Crystal People. Therefore, Joe has to travel through the wild to destroy the empire of The Crystal People. He doesn’t trust anybody until he

meets Wika, a very smart young girl with cat powers, that lives in a town called “The Abyss”. In a mine, in the middle of a cloning process to create “bobo slaves”, Wika accidently makes a mess on the lab. Between substances and clones, Churro is born: a wise, moral, and strong “bobo slave type”, who after scaping the mine realizes he wants to unchain his race from slavery.

In a world where everybody has super powers, a family lives without them.

The Super Common Family

Created by:

TV Series • 12 min • 52 episodes • 2D Digital Animation Genre: Comedy Adventure • Target: 6 to 11 years • In development

The Mighty were a proud family with high category super powers. They had great social status in a city where everybody had extraordinary qualities. Unfortunately, a radioactive accident makes them lose their powers. Afterwards, the Mighty must learn to live withouht the super powers that they were so

used to. They have to face day by day the most simple and common challenges that they used to solve with their habilities. Above all, they have to shine in a society where everybody else have superpowers.

A group of idiots that try to keep the delicate equilibrium that holds the universe in peace.

Created by: Ernesto Molina • TV Series • 22 min • 11 episodes • 2D Digital Animation Genre: Adult Sci-Fi Comedy • Target: 15 to 18 years • In development

Captain Pluto, grumpy small being with noble heart, and Liutenant Merry, a closeted gay that tries to hide his preference by doing heroic acts, are part of Spatrol, an interestellar force whose mision is to regulate the military power that exists between the different intelligences in the universe. While trying to flee from an attack of smugglers, Pluto and Merry end up break-

ing up their navigation system Binx and while trying to jump into hyperspace, they get lost in nothingness, an unexpored part of the universe. But not all is lost, the navigation system becomes alive into a childish and playful robot. They have to find their way back to their general headquarters before everybody realizes that they are missing.

After being rejected to perform their own animated series, a group of disfunctional cartoons get together to try to create a new wonderful show.


Created by: Gerardo Cotera / Polygoon Studio • TV Series • 11 min • 52 episodes • Cut Out and 2D Digital Animation • Genre: Comedy • Target: 11 to 15 years • In development

When Hector, an ambitious child, is about to become the lead actor of his own animated action series he gets fired and is excluded from any series being developed by the network. Defeated and without resources, Hector finds other cartoons that also have gone throught the same situation: a young 2D princess that only talks in metaphors, a

powerful robot that has all the pieces in the wrong place, and a character that appears in elementary books that can do anything but talk. The disfunctional team has something in common: everybody looks at them like loosers. They decide to create a small studio to create their own show, a low budget series with high emotional content.

Been a veggie was never so dangerous.

Created By: Guadalupe Peña & Ricardo Rodriguez / Mandrágora • TV Series • 11 min 52 episodes • 2D Digital Animation • Genre: Comedy • Target: 6 to 9 years • In development

A group of vegetables with very strong personalities come to life from a genetic experiment called Vega Project. After realizing they are alive, they start a journey to the place where the radioactive materials are dumped into the river to stop the pollution. Unfortunately, they are not the only weird creatures around. A bunch of zombie rabbits will try to hunt them to eat them.

They must fight for their lives and save the environment by joining forces and making alliances with each other and their surroundings. A strong friendship will develop beyond their personalities because they need to look after each other and be safe from the Zombie Rabbits hunters.

Murphy’s law says that if something can wrong, it will go wrong. In reality, it refers to the small accidents that save us from big catastrophes.

Created by: One Simple Idea • Web Series • 15 episodes • Live Action & 2D Digital Animation Genre: Comedy • Target: 9 to 12 years • In development

The Murphy’s office is a Non-Profit Organization in charge of handling the people’s well being. They work in an anonyms manner in order to avoid big catastrophes. According to the mathematical model that they follow, they need to create accidents or unusual situations that humans refer to “Murphy’s Law.”

Pimpy, Doro, and Meme are three volunteers that join this organization to gain professional experience. They start at the bottom of the latter in the coordination of minor inconveniences. They will cause minor incidents in the home and school of Leo to stop the end of the world because of the butterly effect.



Screenings + Workshops + Market + Expo

September 6-11, 2016

C uernavaca , M exico

OTHER ACTIVITIES THAT YOU CAN FIND DURING PIXELATL FESTIVAL STUDIO PITCH: The opportunity for your studio to find partners in the Mexican Animation Industry: meet the local studios, see their work, schedule one-onone meetings, and find your future ally in Mexico.

THAT WHICH UNITES US: International Animated Short Competition about the social gaps and how to overcome them. You can find the call for entries in

SECUENCIARTE: Presentation of the four winners of Pixelatl’s comic book contest.

For more information, please contact José Iñesta +52 (1) 55 3649 9824

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