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Winter in Bergen By Graham Heys

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Terms and Conditions PixelXtra and Pixel are the weekly bulletin and monthley magazines of Blackburn & District Camera Club. No part of either document may be published, reproduced or stored electronically without permission. The submission of material, unsolicited or requested, is taken as permission to publish in Pixel or PixelXtra e­magazine or print editions worldwide. No remuneration is offered for materials and any submissions requested or otherwise are provided with the notion of the promotion of the activities of Blackburn & District Camera Club. The editorial staff, committee of Blackburn & District Camera Club and contributors cannot accept liability for purchases based on information published in Pixel and/or damage to equipment resulting from articles or recommendations. Opinions expressed in submissions are those of the contributing author and may not be those shared by Blackburn & District Camera Club, its committee or its members. Readers of Pixel are reminded that locations described in the publication may be remote or difficult to get to and every precaution should be taken to ensure personal safety. Readers are also reminded that permission must be sought of landowners when visiting locations. Blackburn & District Camera Club, Editorial Staff and Contributors cannot accept liability for any personal injury obtained when visiting the locations described in articles. All work submitted by contributors containing models are assumed to have the models permission for publication. Blackburn & District Camera Club and Editorial Staff cannot accept liability for any image published without the permission of the model.

Editorial Staff Pixel Editor ­ Lee Johnson Pixel Xtra Editor ­ Bob Singleton Editorial Assistant ­ Barry Noon Blackburn & District Camera Club

President ­ Jim Cunningham Vice President ­ Judith Marr President Elect/Treasurer ­ John Murray Secretary ­ Bob Singleton Competition Chair ­ Roy Pickering Publicity & Communication Chair ­ Lee Johnson Programme Chair ­ Jim Cunningham

Contact Web­District­Camera­Club We also have a facebook group

Next Meeting We meet each Monday evening (except Bank Holidays) at 7:30pm at Feniscowles Methodist Church on Preston Old Road Blackburn BB2 5EP


August 20th 3 on a ThemeCompetition Hand in night

Steward Ellett

Rule summary

Street photography. Presentation & discussion

Entrants may submit up to 2 separate themes

Matthew Ainscough

Entrants must supply 3 separate images, each depicting an aspect of their chosen theme Prints must be presented on 3 separate mounts which should be marked on the back with the Theme title, the Print title, Class (Advanced / Beginner) and viewing order Image 1 – Image 2­ Image 3, (as the judge may wish to view them as a panel) Projected Images will be the usual 1024×768 in sRGB J­peg format, maximum file size 2Mb Interpretation of the Theme is left to the judge

Butterflies and small nature ­ Discussion and crititique of images by Steward and Bob

Legal Matters

Autumn/ Winter Programme2012 August 27

Bank Holiday

3 10

Result of Panel of Three Competition ­ judge: Ian Sudall Entry Night Quarterly Theme: Sport Lecture: Andy Latham, local landscape photographer and author of the book “Landscapes of the Ribble”. will give a talk entitled "Developing Landscape Photography"


17 24

Oct 1 8

15 22 29

Members' Evening: High speed photography Quarterly results Judge: Richard Heyes

Entry Night ­ Activities Competition Presentation by Lee Johnson Annual Extravaganza – Fifteen local Camera Clubs have been invited to this event. The first part the evening will be a talk by Rod and Margaret Smith entitled “Interpretation, Interpretation, Interpretation”. In the second part each Club attending will present 4 images. These will be awarded marks by our Speakers and best total mark will be the winner. Results of Activities Competition Judge: Peter Madeley Battle with Atherton Lecture ­ Bob Dennis will present a tutorial entitled “Towards Better Landscapes”. Bob is an elected member of the L and CPU and is an excellent speaker.

Nov 5 12 19


Dec 3 10 17 24

Elimination Competition ­ Judge ­ Bob Singleton Entry Night: President's Prize Theme: "By the Sea" Lecture: Ray Wilson and Eddie Garside from Blackpool will give a talk entitled “AV Our Way”

Members' Evening: A chance to look at the accepted entries to the “2011 Guernsey Salon” , a national competition in which our Club had six acceptances. This will be followed after break by an Open Forum – a chance to bring images for critique, sort problems with editing software etc. Results of President's Prize Competition ­ judge: Jim Cunningham

Members' Evening: President's Evening Free and Easy with a presentation of Member’s best images taken in 2012. Please bring along up to eight of your best images. Holiday

Competition Calendar 2012 August 20

Entry Night – Panel of Three

3 10 24

Result of Panel of Three Competition – judge: Ian Sudall Entry Night Quarterly Theme: Sport Quarterly results

1 15

Entry Night – Activities Competition Results of Activities Competition Judge:

5 12 26

Elimination Competition Judge Bob Singleton Entry Night: President’s Prize Theme: “By the Sea” Results of President’s Prize Competition – judge: Jim Cunningham

Sept Oct


Next years competitions Themes

Including President's Prize there are 4 themed competitions next year. Following the vote at last weeks meeting the THEMES will be as follows:

Dawn & Dusk

Running Water People at Play

Small is Beautiful We will let you know which theme attaches to which competition when the calendar is finalised and released in the Autumn

Image sizes

No changes are planned in respect of Prints

Our current DPI sizes are smaller than those used in the external competition we enter as a club and the committee are considering rule changes for next year. That is competitions entered after 1 January 2013. However if you are preparing images now for next year please be aware of the change and work on larger images. The final rule changes will be announced later in the year and ratified at the AGM. For the time being we suggest that you work anticipating a new size of 2000px on the long side of the image

L&CPU News Mainly club business this week....

We announced some weeks back that there will be changes to the L&CPU Competitions next year and the CLUB ANNUALS take place in MARCH next year at EDGE HILL UNIVERSITY ORMSKIRK. The two days will be for PRINTS on March 3rd and PDIs on March 10th. Note that you will be able to pick up your prints after the event. Tickets will be available to view the judging and the prints will be simultaneously projected. Please remember that there will be an members competition held in May.

On another competition ­ the November 24th L&CPU PDI KO ­ We need a venue ­ it must be able to accommodate 120+, have somewhere to hold the Exec Meeting in the afternoon of that day and have refreshment facilities. Please email our COMPETITION SECRETARY, GORDON JENKINS if you know of somewhere. The CDs and Folios List are ready to go out but we still need addresses for folio secretaries from Lymm PS, Prestwich CC and Kirby PS Finally, one event added, Wilmslow Guild AV Group ­ Euro­Vision ­ September – EVENTS Regards,

John Royle

L&CPU Webmaster


These are fast changing times.

A short while ago we relied on announcements at meetings to communicate with you our membership. But now you have lots of ways to keep in touch and contribute

Our website is now established in its new home and our club forum is active with some thoughtful discussion taking place.

The move to Facebook has proved very popular with a lot of members and new photos are added every day making it the fastest growing part of our web presence

Bookmark these links Web

Facebook page足District足Camera足Club


Facebook Group

If you have any suggestions about how we should improve club communications please write to me.

News from Pixel

We're all going on a summer holiday It was always going to be hard to follow the hugely successful monochrome edition but the team stepped up to the mark and the new issue follows the trend of being even better than its predecessor. In something of a coup Pixel secured the agreement of Magnum photographer Martin Parr to feature a portfolio of his work. It is not everyday you have the opportunity of showing your work in the company of someone of his stature.

Downloads are going well at over 100 per day we now reach far beyond the club.

If you want your images to reach a wider audience you now know where to send them

Pixel is growing up. It now has a wide following and we think this month's issue is the best yet.

Get your work featured in next months edition send us any photos or ideas and you might get in.

If you have a question let us have it and we may be able to feature it and possibly an answer as well. We are always looking for ways to improve the magazine and welcome submissions and suggestions or requests.

You can speak to Lee or me at any meeting or contact the magazine via the following links. Facebook Email

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