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volume 15 • fall 2013 •

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Published semi-annually for alumni, parents and friends of Pius X High School. If you would like additional copies or to be removed from our mailing list, please contact the Foundation office.

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1,110 – Catholic: 98% • Other: 2%

Mission Statement

Restore All Things in Christ We are dedicated to a total education that is Christ-centered by integrating Catholic values in all areas of life and providing academic preparation of the highest quality in a disciplined environment. Thank You Special thanks to the talented photographers of the 2013-14 Pius X Yearbook staff who contribute to this publication: Sponsor Sandi Sullivan, Kaitlyn Baumgartner, Ellie Beiermann, Katherine Benal, Rachael Duden, Ethan Feltes, Adriana Fernandez, Samantha Grendahl, Noah Kapustka, Mary Kincheloe, Jacob Kreikemeier, Makayla Krings, Nolinh Linebaugh, Lawrence Nguyen, Morgan Noel, Kara O’Donnell, Emma Petersen, Brittany Pollock, and Kally Werning. We extend a grateful thank you to Jacob North for their generous donation toward this publication. Change of Address To notify the school/Foundation of address changes or personal updates, please fill out the on-line form at updateform.asp or contact the Foundation at 402.488.1046.

CONTENTS Harvesting the Vineyard......................... 4 academic success Grant Focuses on Academic Success for All Students...................................... 6 Receives Grant.............. 8 pius essentials Yearbook Receives National Honor........ 8 Seeds of Faith......................................... 9 athletic highlights................................... 9 building a strong foundation Scholarship Established in Memory of Fr. Mark Tasler................... 11 Fund for Pius X.................................... 11 Former Pius X Superintendent Honored For Service............................ 12 Annual Giving Review 2011-2013....... 13 Grants Received for Technology Upgrades........................... 27 The Sky’s The Limit - BOLT 2014....... 35

alumni today Alumnus Performs For “Beauty and the Beast”................... 27 3rd Annual Fun Run............................ 28 Mass Honors Deceased Alumni and Loved Ones................................... 28 Dan Elsener ’73 Honored as Outstanding Alumnus...................... 29 Vocations Corner - Chris Stoley ’07..... 30 Bits & Pieces........................................ 31 In Remembrance.................................. 32 Births................................................... 33 Marriages............................................. 33 All Honor Year Reunion....................... 34

On the cover –


Giving Back: Pius X Alumni (top photo) serve as facilitators, speakers and chaperones for the annual Fall Retreat held at Camp Kitaki in Louisville, Neb., on November 23-24, 2013. The retreat was attended by 158 students in grades 9-12 and included 2 hours of adoration and confessions, a prayer partner activity, sledding, dance parties and sing-offs, and wonderful fellowship time with small groups and cabins. The retreat was organized by Molly Milana ’07, who is Pius X’s Campus Minister.

volume 15

Pictured are (front, l to r): Meghan Moser ‘10, Katie Kudron ‘10, Jamie Reed ’09, Grace Morin ‘09, Caitlin Marmie ‘09, Sara LeDuc ‘07, Jon Brakenhoff ‘13, Molly Milana ‘07, Shane (Findley) Kennett ‘86; (back, l to r): Steve Mattern ‘06, senior Haley Steger, senior Bree Ackermann, senior Mark Gibbs, Liz Smilie ‘07, Daniel LeDuc ‘13, Desiree Hakel ‘13, senior Kaela Samek; and Dayne Buresh ‘11.

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A publicatio n for Alumni, Parents & Friends of Pius X High School

Tyler Cronin ’06 (third person in bottom photo), serves as the youth minister at St. Joseph parish in Lincoln. He is pictured with Pius X students Chad Quigley, Collin VanLoon, and Gus Mattern.

Pius X High School

Cost per Student

Revenue 4.1%

2.9% 1.6%

Pay & Benefits $1,588 $2,235


$1,588 $1,588 $1,588





Budget –

11.60% 1.90%

2.9% 1.6% 9.7% 4.1%


Expenses 12.70%

Parish Assessments Tuition & Fees1.90% 12.70%1.90% Tuition & Fees Donations/Grants $1,500 12.70% Donations/Grants $1,500 Endowment/Trusts 12.70% $1,500 Endowment/Trusts



Tuition Assistance

$2,235 11.60% 1.90% $2,235 11.60% $1,500 $2,235 1.90% Parish Assessments

Parish Support


Parish Support Parish Support Parish Support Tuition Tuition 12.70% Activities/BOLT Fundraiser Tuition Fund for Pius X & Other Activities/BOLT Fundraiser Fund for Pius X & Other fundraising Educational Tech. Initiative Educational Tech. Initiative Fund for Pius X & Other fundraising 73.70% Other Revenue Other Revenue fundraising 73.70% 73.70% 73.70%

TuitionPay & Benefits Pay & Benefits Fund for Pius X & Other Pay & Benefits Instructional fundraising Pay & Benefits Instructional Instructional Tuition Assistance Instructional Tuition Assistance Tuition Assistance Maintenance & Operations Tuition Assistance Maintenance & Operations Maintenance & Operations Maintenance & Operations

Maintenance & Opera 73.70%

The 2013-2014 Pius X High School budget is $5.908 million, a 3.2% increase over last year. Parish assessments are provided by the 14 parishes of the Lincoln Deanery and four parishes from outside the deanery. Parish assessments for the 2013-2014 school year make-up 42% of the operating budget.


pius welcome

small collection of lines from the preface at Mass, which is right before the Eucharistic prayer (the word Eucharist means thanksgiving), have been a meditation of mine for about two years now:

Priest: Lift up your hearts. All: We lift them up to the Lord. Priest: Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. All: It is right and just. Priest: It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation, always and everywhere to give you thanks and praise, O God, Almighty Father, for all you do in this world through Jesus Christ… Give thanks to the Lord our God. Always? And everywhere? Not only our duty, but our salvation? These are challenging words, so I look to the Saints: “The Saints were not superhuman. They were people who loved God in their hearts, and who shared this joy with others. To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone” - Pope Francis. I am happy to “share my joy with others” in this issue, as I reflect on some of the things for which I give thanks. I give thanks to God for the gift of faith, courage and forgiveness that I am so blessed to witness in our students, staff and families daily. On October 7, 2013, a violent incident took place at Pius X High Fr. Jim Meysenburg School. The victim, Ellen Kopetzky, and her beautiful family immediately offered their prayers for the Superintendent attacker and her family…that Sarah would receive the forgiveness and help that she needs. Our staff and students responded so appropriately, even though it was a difficult time. One of our teachers reported on her students’ response during the Code Red: “My students were amazing! Before I could even blink, they quickly and quietly squashed into the corner farthest away from the door and then sat to be out of view of the outside window. Once it became apparent that it was not a drill we began praying the Rosary. During the fourth mystery, the announcement came for teachers to check our email. After I relayed the message to students, I sat there for a few minutes thinking. Then, one student said, ‘Well, are we going to keep praying?’ The return to prayer was student initiated. I was proud of him and others who so prayerfully said the Rosary. Other proud moments: One male student said, ‘Maestra, I’m the biggest. Don’t you think I should be the one sitting by the door in case we need to fight?’ So he sat out of sight by the door. Another student said, ‘Maestra, I went to confession on Friday, so I could go out first.’ Students were so supportive of one another. We have the coolest and most awesome students here at Pius X. I was especially amazed and proud of our students as they expressed equal concern for Sarah.” I give thanks to God for the gift of generosity, compassion and concern that I see in our students, staff and families daily. Before Halloween, we had students trick-or-treating in the Pius X neighborhood. They were knocking on doors not for candy, but for non-perishable food for Catholic Social Services and the Lincoln Food Pantry. The Pius X student council and sponsors spent many hours soliciting pounds of food and raising awareness of the great need in Lincoln. Our faculty and staff spent the morning before Thanksgiving packaging hundreds of meals for those devastated by the storms in the Philippines. Not only did the faculty and staff give their time and energy in helping “Kids Against Hunger,” but those who had the means also donated $62 per volunteer to pay for the ingredients. I give thanks to God for the gift of the desire to grow in holiness that I see in our students, staff and families daily. On probably the coldest weekend in November, 159 students and 40+ chaperones, priests, and seminarians encountered the Lord in a special way at the school-sponsored fall retreat. Powerfully, many of the students said that the Holy Hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament was the best part of the retreat. On the same weekend, we had some students attending the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis, and many of our alumni were on a KOINONIA retreat at the Newman Center. I give thanks to God for the gift of the work ethic, teamwork and pursuit of excellence that I see in students, staff and families daily. Our fall activities have been wonderful and our sports teams have done well. The fall play, vocal concert, and marching band competitions were all done with great success this fall. Our boys tennis and girls cross country teams were both crowned with state championships and our girls golf, boys cross country and girls volleyball teams all earned their way to the state competition. Now, the winter activities are gearing up. They strive to use their talents and gifts to glorify God. I give thanks to God for the openness to vocations of service to God that I see in students, staff and families daily. I witness so many wonderful students, parents, teachers, staff members, and administrators who exemplify that holiness comes through our vocations…however the Lord may call us, whatever talents we may have. The Pius X family response to the call to Sainthood is in part the reason Pius X has 19 alumni in the seminary and four women alumnae in religious formation. Always and everywhere may we recognize how blessed we are…and give thanks. As we begin this wonderful season of Advent/Christmas, may we always be reminded that God came and still comes to us in unexpected ways. May we be grateful for his loving presence! Thank you for generously supporting Pius X through your prayers and works. May you know the love and healing of our Savior in a very special way during the Advent and Christmas Seasons. Let us continue to pray for one another!

HARVESTING the Vineyard

Tyler Cronin ’06 pictured with Pius X and St. John’s parish students at the March for Life.

by Sophia Werning

Pius X Alumni Living Out Their Faith, Evangelizing Others through Lay Ministries Then He said to his disciples, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.”

-Mt. 9:37-38

The Diocese of Lincoln is a leader in turning out priestly and religious vocations, many of whom are alumni of Pius X High School. At the same time, numerous young men and women in our diocese, including many Pius X alumni, are spreading the Catholic faith by serving as lay ministers and missionaries all over the country and the world. “He’s using me to accomplish His plan.” During his papacy, Blessed John Paul II called for a “new evangelization” of fallenaway Christians. An outgrowth of this movement is FOCUS (The Fellowship of



Catholic University Students), an organization that aims to answer John Paul II’s call on college campuses through direct outreach. Statistics show that only 15% of Catholics aged 18-25 attend church on a weekly basis. The aim of FOCUS missionaries is to live out the new evangelization among this critical age demographic. Pius X is aware of seven alumni who are currently serving or will be serving as a FOCUS missionary: Logan Burda ’04, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Kelby ’08 and Maeghan (Spethman) Meyers ’08, University of Illinois; Zach McDermott ’06, University of Kansas; Mikayla Wagner ’09, University of Southern California; and John Wojtasek ’08, University of California, Berkeley. Caitlin Marmie ’09 will begin as a FOCUS missionary in January 2014. “My experience at Pius gave me an initial foundation for knowing and loving my Catholic faith,” Wagner says. “My classes on morality and Theology of the

Body gave me an initial love for the truth of the Catholic faith that then was built upon by my experience at the Newman Center [at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln]. Through getting involved in the Newman community and especially through my contact with a FOCUS missionary, I was led to a deeper experience of my faith as a relationship with a person, Jesus Christ.” Wagner is in her first year as a missionary at USC, and begins each day with a holy hour. “Without Jesus we can do nothing and we can’t give what we don’t have,” she reflects. “Also, we recognize that this is His work and so it is fitting to ask for guidance and the gift of the Holy Spirit first thing in the morning.” The rest of her day is spent meeting with students doing mentorship and teaching them prayer and practical skills for evangelization, planning and leading Bible study, attending events, or spending time on campus with the intention of meeting new students.

“One of the best parts of our job is that we get to do all the things we love because that’s one of the best ways to meet students,” Wagner explains, noting that she had met one of the young women she has reached out to at a practice for the Ultimate Frisbee club team. “During the first practice, the girl I warmed up with was asking what year I was, which led to the explanation that I’m actually not a student, I’m a Catholic missionary. She replied, ‘I’m Catholic, but I’m really bad. I don’t really go [to church].’” After two practices, Wagner invited her to attend Mass with her. “She ended up hanging out with our team for several hours that night,” she says. “Now, we have a plan to work out together every Friday, and I can’t wait for an opportunity to share the Gospel more directly with her and invite her into our Bible study. FOCUS has been that particular way that Jesus has chosen to use me to share the Gospel message and to become His disciple.” “God can work through me to reach so many kids.” The path that led Tyler Cronin ’06 to answering the call to his current role as youth minister at St. Joseph Church in Lincoln was not a simple path, but nonetheless was filled with God’s grace and a strong desire to serve His church. After graduating from Pius X, he studied at Benedictine College for a year before entering the seminary. “I heard God calling me to do something radical for Him, so I went to the seminary to see if God was calling me to be one of His priests.” After prayer and discernment, he came to the decision that he was called to serve in another capacity. He says of his role as a youth minister: “I have been blessed to work with so many dynamic young people that I try to lead to Christ while they lead me to Christ as well. I have tried to follow the gentle, yet firm direction of the Holy Spirit and it has brought me all the joy in the world.” Evangelizing others to the faith has come naturally for Cronin, who not only serves St. Joseph students but also assists Pius X High School students in their faith formation at retreats and mission trips. “Everything began with my Catholic school education at St. John’s and at Pius X,” Cronin reflects. “Pius taught me the importance and value of my Catholic faith, and supported my parents to teach me within my home that the best and first thing that should always be on my mind is Christ.” Cronin says that there is never a typical day in the life of a youth minister. “There are several reasons for this, but mostly because I work with such a wide range of ages,” he says. “The days are filled with organizing, creating advertising, gathering

Above: Zach Birkel, Lily Kennet and Brett Jamrog visisted many historic churches and monasteries during their missionary trip to the Ukraine. Right: Zach Birkel visits with a child at an orphanage in the city of Lviv.

volunteers, planning, thinking ahead and trying to come up with new and exciting ideas for every program.” His favorite part of his role, however, is when he leaves the office behind to build relationships with young people of all ages. “I get to talk to them about my favorite topic: God and how He has worked in my life,” Cronin emphasizes. “I get to hear the joys of the students’ accomplishments and celebrate with them, and listen to those that are struggling and don’t know what to do and give them comfort and advice.” He adds: “I get the chance to serve some of the most wonderful people I have ever been blessed to get to know and I love it!” “We need to share the light of Christ with everyone.” This past summer, three Pius X graduates went on an extraordinary, faith-filled mission trip to the Ukraine. Zach Birkel, Lily Kennett and Brett Jamrog – all from the class of ’11 – signed up for the first ever FOCUS missionary trip to the Ukraine, where they went on a spiritual hike in the Carpathian Mountains and spent time visiting an orphanage in the city of Lviv. They shared the journey – and their faith – with Ukrainian, Catholic students who were about their same age. Each day, the group experienced Eastern-rite Divine Liturgy (Mass) and holy hours in historic churches and monasteries scattered along the trail. “The churches are so beautiful,” Jamrog recalls. “You walk in and feel a real spiritual presence.” At the orphange, the team’s main purpose was to interact with the children, even though they didn’t speak English. This did not prevent them from developing connections with the children. “A lot of them do not have a father figure,” Birkel reflects with compassion. “At the end there were some children calling me Dad.” The visit has inspired Kennett

to discern that someday she may adopt a child from the Ukraine or another foreign country. Jamrog reflects that the trip enabled him to see how his Catholic faith affects himself and others. “I want to make more of an impact to help others embrace their faith more,” he said. “I’ve never felt this joyful, peaceful and happy in my life.” Kennett adds: “Going all the way to the Ukraine taught me that I need to share the light of Christ with everyone.” “God is truly present and alive.” Maeghan and Kelby Meyers have begun their married vocation serving as FOCUS missionaries, a path that they may not have ever expected to take when they were in high school or even their early years of college. “As students at Pius, we both took our faith for granted,” Maeghan admits. “However, when we experienced our faith in a radical way, there were many tokens of wisdom and grace that we received during our time at Pius that laid the foundation for coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ.” Although both had significant career opportunities after graduating college, Maeghan and Kelby answered God’s call to be FOCUS missionaries. “With a world that is so confused as to what the ideals of marriage are, it is an honor and a great responsibility to be an example of a young marriage focused on Christian principles,” Maeghan reflects. “We strive to be an example to young people of what marriage can be when you put Christ at the center.” In her ministry, Meaghan has witnessed many conversions to Christ despite the difficulty of being a missionary on a secular campus. “God is truly present and alive,” she says. “Miracles happen every day in our lives when we ask Christ to work through us.” U 5

academic success

Grant Focuses on Academic Success for All Students by Sophia Werning

Homebound student Nate Vercellino participates in his English II class using Scopia interactive software to attend class virtually. Purchase of the tablet and software was made possible by a grant focused on assisting students at Pius X who struggle to achieve academic success. Pictured left to Right: Eric Adame, P.J. O’Brien, Vivian Le, with Nate Vercellino on the iPad.

Thanks to a three-year grant received this past summer, Pius X High School in the 2013-14 school year has added significant resources to its existing program to assist students who are struggling academically and to increase success for all students. Two new positions and additional learning resources were added to build upon the school’s Acquiring and Building Learning Excellence (ABLE) program that is dedicated to assisting students at Pius X to thrive academically despite potential barriers to learning. Whether a student has been identified as a special needs learner, has a language barrier, experiences health or medical challenges, or has other circumstances affecting his or her school performance, the ABLE program has long been available at Pius X to help bridge the gap between students who struggle academically and their peers. Existing resources were being strained due to increasing enrollment at Pius X. Therefore, a strong need for additional staff and a coordinator position was identified. The grant - $50,000 per year for three



years - addressed this growing need by enabling the administration to hire a full-time Academic Success Coordinator, Raina Volkmer, and paraprofessional, Tam Dworak, to assist the two existing instructors in the ABLE department, Laurie Barnes and Claire Babl. Additional technology and professional development opportunities for faculty school-wide also have been made possible by the grant funding. The ABLE program is designed to help students who struggle to better manage their course load, stay organized, prepare better for tests, and improve their study skills. Students are given weekly minilessons which they can apply to their other classes. Because some high school students can get easily overwhelmed, ABLE provides intensive, direct teaching on how to keep track of their course work to mitigate that problem. Volkmer’s newly created position goes beyond assisting students in her ABLE classes. As Academic Success Coordinator, her role is to help “bridge the gap” for students at Pius X who are not part of the

ABLE program, but who are nevertheless struggling academically. “The last thing we want is to have students slip through the cracks just because they have not been targeted as having special learning needs,” Volkmer explains. In her newly added role, teachers and guidance counselors can approach her with concerns about their students, whether it’s academic, language, social/ emotional, or other factors that contribute to their struggles. “Those students need support, and so do their teachers,” she says. “I keep that line of communication open and offer ways of providing assistance and strategies on how to work with each individual student.” When intervention is warranted, Volkmer meets with the student to come up with strategies for success, builds a relationship with that student, and keeps track of how he or she is doing. In addition, Volkmer provides in-service training to faculty school-wide so they may better assist students of all learning levels in the classroom. Some of these strategies include how to implement differentiated

academic success

Yearbook Receives National Honor The 2013 Pius X High School yearbook has been inducted into Walsworth Yearbooks’ Gallery of Excellence. It is now among the small percentage of yearbooks printed by the Missouri-based Walsworth Publishing Company that are selected for the gallery. As part of the honor, the Pius X yearbook will be shared with many people and used by the company’s nationwide sales force as a great example and loaned to schools across the country. Yearbooks are also displayed at 12-13 Yearbook Staff regional, state and national conventions and workshops. In addition, covers, spreads and images from many of these yearbooks are used for example illustrations in the company’s educational materials and idea book. The yearbook produced by the 2012-13 student staff, and their sponsor, English teacher Sandra Sullivan, was one of three chosen for this distinction out of 45 submissions in the region. “The 2012-13 yearbook staff worked and reworked their design and book cover many times to achieve a look for the cover layouts for the outcome they were happy with,” Sullivan notes. “I am thrilled they were honored for their work.” “The selection of your yearbook as a Gallery book recognizes your staff’s dedication to producing a high-quality publication by creating a book that will be treasured by your school community forever,” says company President Don Walsworth upon presenting the award. “I hope you and your staff are proud of your accomplishments and will fondly remember the time you spent producing this yearbook.”

instruction, tiered lesson planning and active learning strategies. “Differentiated instruction is about being aware of not just what you are teaching, but how you are going to tier your lesson plans in order to reach as many students as possible,” Volkmer explains. “The goal and objective of the lesson plan doesn’t change; it is still based on the state standard. Rather, it’s setting the right expectation for the student by differentiating one’s approach to teaching the material.” One such in-service provided to faculty recently, for example, involved a technique called an “enhanced lecture” that can help improve student engagement and comprehension of the materials by actively involving them in the understanding of the content. Volkmer also added a link to the online teacher’s lounge so educators can have easy access to resources that can help them apply their own interventions to assist students who are struggling. Further, as a result of the grant, another program being implemented at Pius X is “Circle of Friends”, which is designed to promote positive peer-to-peer friendships and mentoring. The program seeks to build positive student relationships and adds an additional layer of encouragement and support for students who struggle by connecting them with other students at Pius X who are motivational and who excel academically. Volkmer explains that this and other

Those working to ensure the success of all Pius X students include Laurie Barnes, ABLE/English Language/ History teacher; Tam Dworak, paraprofessional; Raina Volkmer, Academic Success Coordinator; and Claire Babl, ABLE/Language Arts teacher.

programs made possible by the grant will continue to grow and evolve as she and the administration assess the effectiveness of the various interventions in the months ahead. “The administration at Pius X is very dedicated and motivated to look at the big picture and do the absolute best for students with the resources we have,” she notes. In her role, Volkmer meets routinely with administrators to assess programs and processes in place, determine what is going well, and address what can be done to improve the teaching and learning environment at Pius X. “It always goes back to the students,” Volkmer emphasizes. “It’s a team effort because everyone has a role to play.” She adds that her aim is to efficiently use resources to meet as many needs as they can through improved communication, sharing of ideas and implementation of best practices at Pius X. “The goal is to

bridge all of the gaps that might be there, anticipating them, and then put each student on a path to success.” In addition to Volkmer’s position, the hiring of a full-time paraprofessional to work with students has come as a relief to the ABLE instructors who had struggled in recent years to meet the growing number of students who were in need of one-on-one attention. “The addition of Tam Dworak to the ABLE program this year has made a world of difference,” Barnes says. “Our students who struggle are benefitting so much more by having another teacher in the room. After each of the three periods that Tam is with me each day, I feel very good about what got accomplished.” Barnes adds: “I cannot be more grateful for the additional help that our students are getting because of the new position made possible by this grant.” U 7

pius essentials

Seeds of Faith

Landscaping Club Cultivating Generations of Gardeners by Sophia Werning

The Pius X High School Landscaping Club was established in 2006 when a student approached Mrs. Georgia Miller, secretary of 24 years and now Landscaping Club sponsor, and asked, “What about that courtyard?” This question led to the formation of Landscaping Club, whose original purpose was to completely renovate the central courtyard. After this monumental project was completed, the Landscaping Club established its mission: “To promote, encourage, foster and cultivate interest in garden floriculture; to encourage community beautification; and to assist in projects to benefit the exterior of Pius X High School.” Each year, students in all grades are encouraged to join this enthusiastic group of nature-loving gardeners who derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping to beautify their school, both indoors and out. For the past several years, the thriving club has completed numerous projects throughout the school and the greater community through philanthropic projects undertaken by its students and sponsors. Thanks to many years of support from the Estate of Glenn E. Miller Trust, the club’s main benefac-



Top: The Landscaping Club planted and maintains many of the shrubs and flowers around the outside of Pius X High School, including the wildflower garden at the entrance of the Performing Arts Center. Bottom: Landscaping Club members plant trees on A Street. The trees were purchased through a grant from the Lincoln Parks Foundation. Photo courtesy of Yearbook Staff.

tor, and two recent grants received from the Lincoln Parks Foundation, students have planted numerous trees, plants and flowers throughout the school campus. Funding from the Miller Trust enabled the club to completely renovate the front of the Pius X performing arts center and the courtyard outside of the office of the superintendent. Students also have used the funds to replant the bushes in front of school, replace rose bushes by the commons, create a wildflower garden, and renovate the horseshoe space by the flagpole. The Landscaping Club is also financially sustained through fundraising projects that take place year-round, such as the making and selling of decorative door signs, memorial bricks sales which are placed in the courtyard, and floral sales during Valentine’s Day. Students also learn to design corsages and boutonnieres that are sold at a discounted rate for school dances and proms. Recent projects include the addition of two large floral pots adorning the main entry of the school that are decoratively transformed to match the change of seasons, and a Resurrection Garden to serve as a memorial for deceased alumni.

A larger Landscaping Club project undertaken recently, thanks to a gift from the Miller Trust, is the construction of an outdoor classroom learning center at St. John Catholic Grade School. Students, St. John parishioners, members of the public, along with Pius X students in shop and drafting classes are all collaborating to create the outdoor learning center that will include a butterfly garden, waterfall and pond, a bridge, and raised planting beds for students to plant and stage a quiet place for meditation. This project is set for completion in time for the spring 2014 planting season. By becoming a friend of the Pius X Landscaping Club, you can support these and future endeavors by purchasing memorial bricks for the courtyard (for a $100 gift) and by purchasing one or more decorative door signs created by the members of the club ($25). “The quality of landscaping done by our students is of such high caliber that they were recognized by being selected to be on the Lincoln Garden Tour in 2011, and have been hired by businesses to do work in the horticulture field,” Miller says of her talented club members. “I’m very proud of these students.”

athletic highlights

State Champion Tennis Team Congratulations to the Pius X Boys Tennis Team for claiming the Class B State Championship Title with a score of 42.5. Representing Pius X were: Landon Warner, Junior (32-3) 1st Place in #1 Singles; John Cecava, Senior (22-13) 3rd Place in #2 Singles; Adam Olson, Junior & Tom Kelly, Junior (17-13) in #1 Doubles; Zach Hammack, Senior & Riley Warner, Freshman (20 -7) 2nd Place in #2 Doubles; and Alternates Jake Hotovy, Junior & Robert Bryant, Senior. The Thunderbolts are coached by Nolan DeWispelare.

Girls Cross Country Team Claims State Title Congratulations to Coach George O’Boyle, Coach Josh Kramer, Coach Bill Rice, Coach Jamie Burns, and the Girls Cross Country Team on winning the Class B State Championship. The Thunderbolts taking home the 1st Place trophy, included Willa Koenig (Sophomore - 3rd), Natalie Kurtenbach (Senior - 7th), Ellie Beiermann (Sophomore - 8th), Ellen Budell (Freshman 27th), and Maddi Essay (Senior - 33rd). The Bolts were also Class B State Champion in 2011 and 2007, Class B State Runner-Up in 2010 and 2009; and Class A State Runner-Up in 2012.

Letters of Intent On Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2013, Pius X High School hosted a ceremony to honor the Class of 2014 student-athletes who have chosen to participate in collegiate athletics. During the ceremony four ladies signed letters of intent in front of students, coaches, faculty/ staff, family members, media and guests. Congratulations to Bree Ackermann – Volleyball, Wayne State College, NCAA Division II; Sydney Townsend – Volleyball, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NCAA Division I; Ashley Witt – Volleyball, University of Southern Illinois-Edwardsville, NCAA Division I; and Kaela Samek – Softball, University of NebraskaKearney, NCAA Division II. U 9

academic success Receives Grant from U.S. Bank Nebraska Foundation

WordStruck sponsor and senior writing instructor Mr. Jeremy Ekeler ’97 works with students, Bree Ackermann and Kaela Samek.

After a first year of tremendous success and accolades for Pius X’s literary website, U.S. Bank Nebraska Foundation has awarded the program a $5,000 grant. is providing students with an innovative, exciting new way to engage in literacy. The website is one of the only online cooperative ventures of its kind at the high school or collegiate level in the nation. Whether it is creating lyrics to music, writing poetry and essays, or through editing and videography, there is no limit on the ways can help

students engage in literacy and achieve the fulfillment of having their own work widely viewed. Submissions are taken throughout the school year and the “Best of the Best” are honored. received more than 6,500 hits last year on the 54 published pieces. The U.S. Bank Nebraska Foundation grant will allow for an expansion of this outstanding literacy program at Pius X. “I am very grateful for the support of U.S. Bank Nebraska Foundation but it extends beyond appreciation for their financial gift,” says Senior Writing teacher

Nomination Deadline: April 1, 2014

Recipients to be honored at the Friends of Pius X Appreciation Reception in August.

Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna • • • • • •

Nominate alumni who are:

leaders in fulfilling our mission to “Restore all things in Christ” are recognized on a local, state or national level in their field have been awarded for contributions in their profession are leading a life of leadership and service are an example of Catholic values, virtues and ideals have graduated at least 10 years ago

Nomination form available at: or e-mail: Kristin (Edwards) Heath ’91 -

Distinguished Stewardship Award Nominations are being sought for friends of Pius X High School who are

and WordStruck sponsor Jeremy Ekeler. “The foundation’s validation of how we are developing literacy is a boost to our new approach. I speak on behalf of the Pius family, and especially our current and future students, when I say thank you to U.S. Bank Nebraska Foundation.” Funds from the literacy grant will go toward website maintenance, video cameras and equipment, a multi-purpose printer and scanner, and an award night and reception at the end of the school year. That evening, WordStruck’s “Best of the Best” awards will be given for the school year’s top five submissions in the categories of art, essay, poetry, film, photography, and original music. The grant also will be used to produce programs for the award night containing the work of the nominees. In addition to the support from U.S. Bank Nebraska Foundation, the web site has received in-kind support from web designer and Pius X alumna Bridget (Ellingson) Bredenkamp ’98 of Design by Bridge in Lincoln, Neb., who assisted Ekeler in designing and hosting the website. For more information and to see a sampling of students’ work, please visit

Save the date! Alumni Basketball Tournament March 21-22, 2014


10th Annual Thunderbolt Golf Scramble June 16, 2014

f 4th Annual

ThunderBOLT Fun Run August 2, 2014

f 3rd Annual

leaders in fulfilling our mission to “Restore all things in Christ”, who are role models in the community, and deserve to be recognized for their service through their gifts of time, talent and treasure to Pius X High School.

All Honor Year Reunion

Nomination form available online at: or e-mail Michelle Birkel -

Kristin Edwards Heath ’91

10 U

August 2, 2014

For more information, contact:

402.488.0931 •

building a strong foundation

Scholarship Established in Memory of Fr. Mark Tasler The Pius X Foundation is honored to be the beneficiary of a $10,000 endowed scholarship established by the Estate of Glenn and Anne Miller, Jason and Cindy Miller, and Matt and Joan Tasler in memory of Father Mark Tasler, who passed away in a car accident on April 6, 2010. The Fr. Mark Tasler Memorial Scholarship will be distributed annually to a Pius X student(s) with financial need. Fr. Tasler was born in Lake City, Iowa in 1954. He attended high school in Lohrville, Iowa. After graduation, Fr. Tasler worked for Frontier Airlines for a number of years before entering the seminary. He received his degree in the humanities at Mt. St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg, Md. He also held master degrees in theology and divinity. Fr. Tasler was ordained a priest on May 26, 1990 by Bishop Flavin. He served as assistant pastor at Blessed Sacrament and St. Patrick parishes in Lincoln and the St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center on the University of Nebraska – Lincoln campus. While assistant pastor of these parishes, he also taught at Pius X High School. During his time at the Newman Center, he served as Assistant Director of Vocations for the diocese.

In 1994, Fr. Tasler was appointed pastor of Presentation Parish in rural Bellwood (Marietta) and taught at Aquinas Catholic Schools in David City. Two years later, he was appointed pastor of St. Benedict Parish and principal of Lourdes Catholic Schools in Nebraska City. In 2006, he was appointed pastor of St. Joseph Parish in York and superintendent of the parish grade school, where he served until his death. The Fr. Tasler Memorial Scholarship has been established to honor the great importance that our Catholic schools had in Fr. Tasler’s heart. Throughout his entire 20 years of priest-

Fund for Pius X Ensures Future

hood, Fr. Tasler was working in some capacity in the diocese’s Catholic school system, as teacher, principal and superintendent. He had a great rapport with his students and cared deeply about each one. Fr. Tasler’s family continues to hear stories from his former students, many of them from Pius X, about the lasting and positive impact that Father had in their lives. In a 2006 interview, Fr. Tasler said: “I want to be an instrument to help people grow closer to God.” If you would like donate to this scholarship or another existing scholarship, or establish a new endowed scholarship or endowed fund, please contact Michelle Birkel at the Pius X Foundation at 402.488.1046. You may also donate directly by sending a check in the enclosed envelope or by donating safely and securely on-line at www.piusx. net/foundation, and click on the Donate Now link.

2013-2014 Fund for Pius X (formerly annual fund/annual appeal)

Thank you to all of the alumni, parents, businesses and friends of Pius X that have so generously supported the 2013-2014 Fund for Pius X. You have blessed us with a successful start to our annual campaign. The Fund for Pius X is vital to building our school’s endowment and to keeping tuition affordable for every student and their family. Pius X is so blessed to have one of the most affordable tuition rates in the nation ($1,500 vs. $9,600 nationally for freshman tuition). This is made possible only through ongoing and generous support of our local parishes, the Fund for Pius X, our annual gala - BOLT, the Booster Club, and other fund raising efforts. This year’s goal for the Fund for Pius X is to raise $450,000! This is a hefty goal, but to date, we have received $406,000 in pledges and collected more than $257,000. The gifts received thus far brings us to 57% of our goal. Your support ensures that our school remains financially strong and that a Catholic education is available for generations to come. Thank you. If you have not yet given to the Fund for Pius X, please consider making a gift. Your gift, in any amount, impacts every young man and woman in our classrooms and ensures that Pius X remains a very special place of learning and faith formation. You can donate by using the envelope included in this issue of Pius Connections or you can donate, safely and securely, online at foundation - simply click Donate Now. U 11

building a strong foundation

Former Pius X Superintendent Honored For Service by Sophia Werning

Msgr. Liam Barr was presented the 2013 Distinguished Stewardship award. Msgr. Barr served as the superintendent at Pius X High School from 1981-1994 overseeing many improvements and leading two capital campaigns.

On August 4, 2013, approximately 150 benefactors and special guests gathered at Pius X High School to celebrate friendships and honor the generous support of all who share a deep commitment to Catholic education. The annual Friends of Pius X appreciation reception also featured the presentation of a special award for exemplary leadership, service and achievement. Monsignor Liam Barr, pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church and longtime leader and benefactor of Pius X, accepted the 2013 Distinguished Stewardship Award. Msgr. Barr was born and raised in Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland. He first attended the seminary at St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth, Ireland. He then left Ireland and attended the Pontifical Irish College in Rome, where he earned Bachelor’s degrees in both Theology and Philosophy. During this time, he was also

able to continue his love of theatre by acting in and directing several plays at the Pontifical Irish College. Barr then moved to the United States and continued his education at the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio, where he earned his Master’s Degree in Theology. In 1974, he was ordained to the priesthood at St. George’s Cathedral in London, England, and in 2007 was honored with the title of Monsignor. Over the past 39 years, he has served the Catholic Church in many capacities. He was the superintendent of the Lourdes Catholic Schools in Nebraska City from 1977 through 1981 and then served as the Superintendent of Pius X High School in Lincoln for 13 years (1981-1994). While acting as Superintendent of Pius X, Monsignor also taught each year and developed a curriculum for seniors in social justice. He was appointed Pastor of St. Joseph Church in 2003,

Friends of Pius X Appreciation Reception Ben and Maureen ’80 Mattern and Koni ’82 and Rob Barie joined more than 150 other benafactors and supporters of Pius X for the annual Friends of Pius X Appreciation Reception. Ben is a member of the school Board of Advisors and Rob is a board member for the Booster Club.

12 U

where he presently serves. Additionally, he is currently Director of Stewardship and Development for the Diocese of Lincoln. Barr has been involved in leading capital campaign and endowment drives within the Diocese. Over a period of 30 years, these efforts have raised in excess of $40 million. He also worked closely with Bishop Bruskewitz in establishing the Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Lincoln, and then served as its first Executive Director. He also served as the Executive Director of the Progress for People, LLC, a corporation established for the purpose of building low income housing for families with children, called Paul VI Heights. In total, 28 three-bedroom units were built and subsequently dedicated on November 30, 1997. He also served as Director of Development at the Ava Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor, Mich., from 2000 through 2003. During his remarks, Barr reflected about the importance of stewardship, sharing with attendees a prayer that denotes the impact of giving of one’s time, talent and treasure to future generations. “We plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise,” he said. “We lay foundations that will need further development. It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for the Lord’s grace to enter and do the rest.” Barr added: “We may never see the end results, but that is the difference between the master builder and the worker. We are prophets of a future not our own.”


Thank You

o one who achieves success does so without

acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.

-Alfred North Whitehead

It is with our deepest gratitude and thanksgiving to God that we thank you for your support of Pius X. You are protecting the future of Catholic education and ensuring the future of the faith for generations to come.

Annual Giving Review 2012-2013

Pius X Foundation • Pius X High School

Pius X Foundation


t is our pleasure to present to you the Pius X Foundation Annual Giving Review. This annual report is Pius X High School’s statement of accountability for gifts received during the fiscal year July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013, and reflects your continued commitment to Lincoln's central Catholic high school. If your name appears in this report, please know of our sincere gratitude for your investment in our school and that the entire Pius X family benefits from your generosity. You have made a difference! If your name is not listed, please consider what your charitable gift could do to make a difference in the life of a student.

2012-2013 Pius X Foundation $524,250 to Distributed to Pius X High School $28,500

$5,750 programs

scholarships 1.9%


to school operating budget

Disbursement to High School Endowed Scholarships Endowed Funds

11.6% 73.7% Pay & Benefits

Disbursement to 12.7% High School


Endowed Percentage of Scholarships school distribution to budget areas. Endowed Funds

Tuition Assistance

Maintenance & Opera

Pay & Benefits Pay & Benefits Pay & Benefits Instructional Pay & Benefits Instructional Instructional Tuition Assistance Instructional Tuition Assistance Tuition Assistance Maintenance & Operations Tuition Assistance Maintenance & Operations Maintenance & Operations Maintenance & Operations

The Pius X Foundation distributes to Pius X High School up to five percent of the fair market value of its investment assets, as determined as of December 31st annually. The distributions are allocated to the operating budget of Pius X High School. For 2012-2013, Pius X Foundation distributed 524,250 to Pius X for general expenses, scholarships, and programs/projects. This was calculated based on the value of investments on December 31, 2011. We have made every attempt to publish a comprehensive and accurate list of donors. We sincerely apologize if your name was inadvertently omitted or printed incorrectly. If this is the case, please contact the Pius X Foundation at 402.488.1046. Thank you again for your generosity and ongoing support.

The selected audited information, published here, is taken from financial statements for the 12 month period ending June 30, 2013. Complete financial statements, including notes, can be obtained by contacting the Pius X Foundation. BKD, LLP conducted an audit of Pius X Foundation’s June 30, 2013 financial statements in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. BKD, LLP expressed an unmodified opinion on the financial statements, which means that the financial statements conform, in all material respects, with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

Pius X Foundation Board of Directors Back: Jeff Schumacher; Chris Wagner; John Arrigo; Scott Becker; Kent Endacott ‘83; Jack Peetz; Dave Snitily; Jim Determan; Nick Cusick ‘69; and Joshua Shassere, Diocesan Planned Giving Director. Front: Dr. Dan Tomes; Canice Kobus; Michelle Birkel, Director of Development; Doris Robertson; and Father Jim Meysenburg, Superintendent. Not pictured: Liz Koop ‘82, Courtney McCashland, Dr. Phil Essay ‘82, and Tim Conzemius.

14 U

Endowed Scholarships Vince Aldrich Memorial Scholarship Mary Knight ’74

Jim and Merle Briggs Memorial Scholarship Stephen Mueting ’64

Michael Anderson Memorial Scholarship Pat Anderson ’74 Shannon Anderson ’78 Leo Jablonski ’74 Catherine Matthews ’57 John ’80 & Kelly ’80 Morehouse

Jeff Dodd Memorial Scholarship Edward & Felecia Thomassen

Liam and Lorraine Barr Memorial Scholarship Msgr. Liam Barr Marilue Becker Scholarship New York Life Foundation* Kristin Bottger Memorial Scholarship Anonymous Norm & Sheri Bottger Bill ’99 & Madeline ’99 Christen Robert Fillaus ’99 Kurt Lynch ’78

Joanne B. Easley Memorial Scholarship Ed ’89 & Tiffany ’91 Easley Greg Easley ’65 Joe ’02 & Sally Easley Carmen Sanchez Andrade ’92 UNIFI Companies* Clint Eckhout Memorial Scholarship Anonymous Jerome & Jeanette Eckhout Todd & Karen Pritchard Ryan ’00 & Jamie ’00 Sidwell Stephanie L. Fiedler Memorial Scholarship Robin Best ’90 Don & Deloris Fiedler Paul & Deborah Maynard Kirk & Angi McAndrew Pat Sheppard

wGolden Spoon Scholarship Pat Haas ’61 Matt Grosserode Memorial Scholarship Joann Grosserode ’78 P.J. ’98 & Amber ’98 Grosserode David & Margaret Novacek Steve H. Grosserode Scholarship in memory of Marcella Grosserode Patricia Brumm ’69 Robert ’72 & Terri ’73 Grosserode Keith & Mary ’67 Ingram Eileen Hartmann Memorial Scholarship John ’84 & Lisa Hartmann Kathi Krause Memorial Scholarship Connie Ernst ’81 Patricia Krause Sam ’06 & Molly Krause Scott Krause ’76 Sam ’74 & Jane ’74 Manzitto Ginnelle Ries ’82

Endowed Funds Vince Aldrich Memorial Fund Clancy ’56 & Charlene ’56 Woolman Charles Studnicka ’52 Lawrence Arth Endowed Fund Dick Rademacher ’60

John Liescheski Memorial Scholarship Tom & Deb Greitens Phillip & Joan Liescheski Mark & Julie Main Denise Scott Dee Steyer ’45 Mark & Corinne Wible

Patrick Schafers Memorial Scholarship Eric ’89 & Angela ’89 Schafers Matthew Schafers ’88 Michael ’82 & Lisa ’83 Schafers Rich & Celia ’74 Wahl Marita Ward ’80

Adam McCabe Memorial Scholarship for Kindess Bob & Pam ’71 McCabe Pat ’79 & Beth McCabe

Harold and Cecelia Sherman Scholarship Cecelia Sherman Christine Thompson ’65

Glenn and Ann Miller Memorial Scholarship Jason ’94 & Cindy Miller Jim ’72 & Mary ’72 Miller

Linda Sloup Memorial Scholarship Anonymous Wells Fargo Bank*

Pius X Foundation Scholarship GE Foundation* Jose & Juliana Gonzalez * Denotes Matching Gift Company

Fr. Mark Tasler Memorial Paul & Rosemary Scholarship in honor of Reinsch Scholarship Jason Miller Phil ’78 & Donna ’79 Reinsch Estate of Glenn E. Miller R. Scott Wickham Memorial Scholarship Robert Dean ’66 Judy Kramer ’73 Ellen Spelman ’71

Non-Endowed Scholarships

Band Endowment Anonymous

Catholic Daughters of America Scholarship Catholic Daughters Court St. Charles #472

Jules J. and Clovis J. Vandersarl Endowment for Science & Music Patrick & Elizabeth Shea

John Liescheski Memorial Trap Team Scholarship Philip & Joan Liescheski O'Gara Scholarship Dr. John P. & Marilyn O’Gara Robert O'Gara ’57

Optimal Dental Scholarship Dr. Dustin Bailey ’91 Optimal Dental PC Bank of the West Scholarship Bank of the West

Matt Grosserode Memorial Scholarship Thomas Crawford, Pius X senior, was awarded the 2013 Matt Grosserode Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship was founded in 2005 by the late John Grosserode ’78 and his wife Joann ’78 in memory of their son Matt, a 2000 graduate of Pius X High School, who passed away in a car accident in 2003. The $500 scholarship is awarded each year to a senior football player who is faithful to God, loving to family and loyal to friends, just as Matt was. Applicants are asked to write a brief essay relating how their faith and experience as a Pius student athlete has helped shape their future. When the scholarship award was announced by Joann, a visibly moved Crawford was presented with a certificate to keep, and also was shown the plaque denoting all the past recipients of the memorial scholarship. Also on hand to assist with the presentation were Matt’s brother, Patrick “P.J.” Grosserode and P.J.’s son Cooper. Crawford is the 11th recipient listed on the memorial plaque that permanently resides in the Pius X press box. Recipients are not aware that they have been selected prior to the announcement at Fall Kickoff. “I looked down at all of those names, and felt so incredibly honored and blessed to be a part of that,” Crawford reflects. “I am so grateful to the family for having this endowed scholarship.” “My late husband John and I believed strongly in Catholic education and always knew how blessed we have been to have our 5 children attend Pius,” Grosserode said prior to announcing the name of the scholarship recipient. U 15

Endowment Anonymous (7) Acklie Charitable Foundation Stephan & Darla Andersen Anne M. Evans Charitable Fund Andrew & Carin Appleget Jeffrey & Nancy Asselin Chad Barrett Tom & Pamela Beiermann George ‘58 & Prompon Biggs Chris & Karen Border Rick & Becky Boyle Jerry Bricker Dwight Brown Dr. Brent & Tamara Bunz Darrah Burren Barry & Tricia Butler Mike & Cathy Carr

Bob & Mary Creal Deanna Dowd Bob ‘83 & Diane Duden Eclipse Inc Pastor ‘62 & Evelyn Farinas Gerald & Patricia Frain Thomas & Jennifer ‘98 Fulton Rachel Garay ‘06 GE Foundation* Jim & Jessica Gentert Wally & Dee Graff Granite City Food and Brewery Aaron & Joy Harvey Peter ‘90 & Kristin ‘91 Heath Jeffrey Henrichsen Emily Hoeller Wayne & Deb Hoge

Honoree Gifts

In honor of John Addy John & Julie Addy Pfizer Foundation *

In honor of Joseph & Agnes Hannigan Thomas Houlihan ’70

In honor of Adoption NOT Abortion Sue Phillips ’86

In honor of the Hannigan Girls Thomas Houlihan ’70

In honor of All Catholic Students Practicing their Faith Larry & Shana McClellen

In honor of Steve Henrichsen Jeffrey Henrichsen

In honor of Nick Boes Anonymous In honor of the Cathedral High School Class of 1951 GE Foundation * In honor of the Condello Family Dr. Bruce & Marlene Condello Nelnet *

In honor of Greigh Howell Perry & Becky Howell In honor of Jacob Kreikemeier Jim & Carolyn Buckmaster In honor of Casey & Kyle LaFramboise Michelle & Travis Laframboise In honor of John & Claire Liliedahl Mary Jo Ahlin

In honor of Samuel Condello In honor of Kevin McCabe Eric & Therese ’78 Sack Ellie Sabers In honor of Natalie Duden Tom Duden ’71 In honor of Lillian Dugger Larry Dugger ’64 In honor of George Easley Dr. Peter & Margo ’86 Gallagher In honor of Jan Frayser Jim Morin ’08 In honor of Loretta M. Giltner Thomas Giltner ’69

16 U

In honor of Hannah, Rachel & Sarah Osterman Jack & Ann Osterman In honor of Our Children’s Pius Education Thomas Barrett ’60 In honor of the Pius X Faculty, Staff & Students Edward & Betty Porn In honor of Todd Power Colleen Vlach ’87

Larry ‘63 & Cathy Hupka Nathan & Tracy Jarosik Justin & Amy Johnson Adam & Samantha ‘05 Kavan Joe & Susan Kelly Eleanore Kobza Joshua Kramer ‘00 Liberty First Credit union Joseph Lohmeier ‘54 Mary Lou Machacek Tom & Deidre ‘79 Malmstrom Tylor & Alyssa ‘99 Mapson Wayne & Anne Matthes Microsoft * Marlene Molacek Dr. Peter ‘81 & Lori ‘96 Morin

Nebraska Nursery & Color Gardens LLC Nebraska Pulmonary Specialties LLC Jeffrey & Kelli Niedbalski Michael & Lillian O’Neill Michael & Esther Ortiz Karen O’Shea Norah O’Shea-Creal ‘09 George Pavlas ‘56 Jason Pearson Pepsi Cola Bottling Co Dr. Gerald & Madeline ‘51 Polesky Jeremy & Jill Pontow Annie Proctor Ryan & Jessica Psota Raising Canes Rev. Daniel Rayer Russ’s Market

Sam’s Club #4873 Jeremy & Heather Scheffler Brandon ‘08 & Malaina Schlautman Joel & Mary Schlautman Kelly ‘91 & Shawna ‘96 Schroer Kenneth ‘70 & Denise Schroer Adam & Emily ‘98 Sellhorn Sid Dillon Buick Nissan Hyundai Dick & Shelly Smith St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center Ryan & Sara Stewart Tim & Jenny Stonehocker Dan ‘83 & Shelly Sullivan Tom ‘64 & Carol Sullivan Super Saver

Harvey & Laura ‘89 Swanson Texas Roadhouse The Lincoln Running Co The Nebraska Neurosurgery Group LLC Douglas & Melissa ‘96 Tvrdy Carl & Joy VanLoon James & Raina Volkmer Dan & Julie Vontz Twila Wakefield Marvin & Jane Watson Margaret Woeppel ‘94 YourCause, LLC *

* Denotes Matching Gift Company

St. Pius X


The following individuals and couples have come forward and shared the wonderful news that they plan to remember Pius X with a planned gift and promote the idea of planned giving toward our school.

Anonymous (11) Dr. Carmen Hill Grant Austin Menke Aloysius F. & Dorothy Ballweg + Steve & Patricia Grosserode Fr. Michael Morin Paul and Michelle Birkel Gary & Kathy Hoebelheinrich Paul and Rosemary Reinsch Terry Connelly Jim Houser Guy and Faie Saunders Jack and Margy Dawson Mike Hughes Howard and Doris Schiefelbein Msgr. James Dawson Rachel Jensen Clara Sullivan + Jenny Dawson Meyer Fr. John J. Keefe Verlyn and Sheila Westra Robert Duden Mary Joan Linebaugh Richard A. Wiese George & Joanne + Easley Don and Laurie Luensmann Mary Fenton + Mahoney Trust + + denotes deceased Fr. Peter Gadient + Keith and Pat May You can protect the future of Catholic education and Pius X High School. You can give almost any type of planned or deferred gift, including will bequests; naming Pius X as the beneficiary of a trust, retirement account, or life insurance; gifting real estate; or creating a life income agreement (trust, charitable gift or annuity). Your gift will impact the future, ensure that a Christ-centered education remains affordable for all students and their families, and leave a lasting legacy. *All individuals are encouraged to consult with a professional advisor before entering into any charitable or planned gift agreement. Please contact Michelle Birkel at or call her at 402.488.1046 to visit with as you consider a legacy gift to Pius X High School.

In honor of The Condello Family Dr. Bruce & Marlene Condello In honor of Cecelia Sherman Christine Thompson ’65 In honor of The Hanigan Girls In honor of Dorothy Strizek Thomas Houlihan ’70 Jeri Froschheiser ’61 In honor of Tom Seib Lisa Haley ’86

In honor of Megan & Robert In honor of Ngoc Mai Ngoc & Lien Mai Sugrue Jack & Loretta Sugrue In honor of the Tom Meyers Family Bill & Nancy Meyers

In honor of Rita Rome John & Barb Tremain In honor of Hunter & Sydney Townsend Jim & Juli Townsend In honor of Collin & Kaitlin VanLoon Carl & Joy VanLoon In honor of Msgr. Ivan Vap David Woods ’63

In honor of Nicole Weedman Fern Thiem In honor of JoAnn Wolsleger Steve & Mary Wolsleger * Denotes Matching Gift Company

Memorial Gifts In memory of Jeanne Aldrich In memory of Stephen Briggs In memory of Vernon Danahy Stephen Mueting ’64 Teresa Kenney ’78 Cathy Danahy ’68 In memory of Vince Aldrich In memory of David In memory of Jack & Lavetta Brokofsky Howard Johnson ’55 Danek Larry & Linda Brokofsky Teresa Kenney ’78 Gary Danek ’61 Mary Knight ’74 In memory of Jackson Sidney Maynard ’59 In memory of Dale Darnell Browning Patrick & Carol Darnell Maura Browning ’92 In memory of Michael Jenny Dawson Meyer ’80 Anderson In memory of Beth Davis Bridget Woita ’79 Ed Regelean ’60 Bob Davis ’77 In memory of Deborah In memory of Robert Avey In memory of Robert Brusnahan Twila Avey Dawson Elmer ’69 & Pam ’72 Wessel Joseph & Ruth Barry Michael Barry Derek ’03 & Jamie ’03 Carson In memory of Barbara John & Carol Brown Burbach Paul Christensen In memory of Deceased Anonymous George ’59 & Marie ’61 Members of Cathedral Nelnet * Cunningham High School Class of 1948 Doug & Leslie Deeter Donna Bridger ’48 In memory of Richard Scott & Jeanie Fitzgerald Campos Gerald & Patricia Frain In memory of Deceased Richard Campos ’85 Gary Hogg members of the Class of Richard ’56 & Ann ’58 Kirk 1951 In memory of Gerald Carey Dr. Gerald & Madeline ’51 Sidney Maynard ’59 Dr. Kathleen Carey ’65 Kibby ’65 & Vicki Millard Polesky Mary Anne Curry ’59 Harry & Mary ’59 Miller GE Foundation * Harry & Mary ’59 Miller John ’75 & Susan O’Neill Teresa Raven In memory of Ray In memory of Bob & Marcy Mary Schwartz ’59 Degenhardt Caster Donald Shea Dave Degenhardt ’79 Bob Caster ’63 Connie Stevens Joan Krause ’76 Ronald & Connie Strasburger In memory of Sharon In memory of Karl Christen In memory of Robert & Dickinson Bill ’99 & Madeline ’99 Virginia Barlow Joe ’80 & Kacey ’80 Lempka Christen Gregg & Barbara ’64 KreaderSkalinder In memory of Jeffrey Dodd In memory of Lorane Jason Bryant ’91 Churchill In memory of Dennis Barry Melissa Payne ’92 Juan Florez ’96 Mary Abel ’72 Edward & Felecia Thomassen In memory of Dennis Baumert James ’75 & Krystal Baumert Karen Bentz ’85 In memory of Lawrence Benes Larry Benes ’81

In memory of Nora Clancy Linda Buethe ’68 In memory of Ann Clifford Marianne Clifford Upton ’72 Michael & Carol ’80 Jenkins

Schulte Chiropractic Wellness Center Ryan ’00 & Jamie ’00 Sidwell In memory of Marvin Edwards Donna Edwards In memory of Carl and Lavonne Erickson Jean Heuke ’66 In memory of Francis Eskey Leo Eskey ’64 Kathleen Steinke ’66 In memory of Loretta Fiala Jason & Jeannie Damm In memory of Stephanie Fiedler Don & Deloris Fiedler Paul & Deborah Maynard In memory of Cletus Fischer Dr. Tim & Jodi Fischer In memory of Mary Saint Julian Flaherty Jim Schmitz ’59 In memory of Joe and Velma Fraas Sandy Harrison ’68 In memory of Frances Francis Dan ’72 & JoAnn ’72 Hyland Mary Ann Wytock ’72

In memory of Lonnie Franssen Tim Franssen ’76 Mick ’73 & Diane ’73 Horak In memory of Thomas Dolan John Voboril ’87 Mary Arth ’61 In memory of Joseph Gaughan In memory of Jon Donlan Nancy Nielsen ’61 Kurt Lynch ’78

In memory of Robert Doulas In memory of Ralph & Marie Janet Doulas ’69 Connelly Dr. Carolyn Connelly ’68 In memory of the Bernadt In memory of Maria Tulia Terry Connelly ’61 Family Downing Anonymous Elizabeth Estler ’73 In memory of Kathleen Creal In memory of Michael Biggs Anonymous In memory of Ned Dugger George ’58 & Prompon Biggs Joseph ’73 & Cheryl ’73 Benes Larry Dugger ’64 Barbara Brennan In memory of Kristin Bottger Bob & Mary Creal In memory of Joanne Easley Daniel Creal ’71 Anonymous (2) Dr. Matthew ’96 & Amberly TM & Shirley Gautreaux Norm & Sheri Bottger ’96 Byington Lucy Keady Kurt Lynch ’78 Joe Easley ’02 Michael ’66 & Susan McCrory Steve Easley ’64 Dr. Stan Schulte Schulte Chiropractic Wellness Dr. Peter & Margo ’86 In memory of Gracie Creal Center Gallagher Daniel Creal ’71 Kelly Houghton ’00 In memory of Earl & Teresa UNIFI Companies * In memory of Lorinne & Brady Maurice Curran Mary Tilton ’65 In memory of Clint Eckhout Dan ’72 & Mary Curran Jerome & Jeanette Eckhout Nelnet * In memory of Jim& Merle Kirk & Angi McAndrew Briggs Todd & Karen Pritchard Stephen Mueting ’64 Dr. Stan Schulte

In memory of John Grosserode Pat & Jeanne Hupp Rev. James Meysenburg Kelly Schinkel ’07 Ron & Claire Schinkel In memory of Marcella Grosserode Robert ’72 & Terri ’73 Grosserode Mary Ingram ’67 In memory of Matt Grosserode Kelly Houghton ’00 Pat & Jeanne Hupp David & Margaret Novacek Dr. Stan Schulte Schulte Chiropractic Wellness Center Sarah Svendsen ’00 In memory of Joseph Haggerty Mary Beth Bellotti ’70 Bob Haggerty ’73 In memory of Steven Hannasch Monty & Lynnette ’82 Sellon In memory of Cindy Hanseling Jo Theis ’76 In memory of Candice Harms Thad ’93 & Amy ’92 Aerts Class of 1992 Stan & Pat Harms Melissa Payne ’92 Scott & Elizabeth ’92 Thorson In memory of George and Arlene Hauschild Michael ’63 & Carol ’63 Laughlin Barb Runyan ’60

In memory of Faith Gautreau In memory of Brian Heath Joe & Ruthie Maguire Peter ’90 & Kristin ’91 Heath In memory of Jack Giltner Thomas Giltner ’69 In memory of Fred Glaser Anonymous Pfizer Foundation * In memory of Joseph J. & Dorothy H.K. Glenn Suzanne Wiese ’59 In memory of Paul Gottula Gregory & Connie ’85 Pautz In memory of John Gourlay Dr. Gerald & Madeline ’51 Polesky GE Foundation * In memory of Martin Grgurich Anonymous

In memory of Dean & Dorothy Henggeler Dr. Matthew ’96 & Amberly ’96 Byington

In memory of Donald Houser Randy ’83 & Julie Houser In memory of Bill, Helen and Joseph Hraban Joann Kempton ’68 In memory of Glen Hupka Larry ’63 & Cathy Hupka In memory of Dick Irvin Julie Hunter ’78 In memory of Robert Jedlicka Brenda Schroeder ’94 In memory of Harold & Effie Johnson Loretta Wagner ’81 In memory of Randall Karpisek Galin Karpisek ’68 Wayne Petrzilka ’76 In memory of Michael Keady Cathedral Men’s Golf League In memory of Jean Keating Cindy Fritton ’85 In memory of William Kehr Mary Stucky ’65 In memory of John Kerr Jody Kerr In memory of T. Mark & Barbara Kitchin Twila Mulflur ’78 In memory of Raymond Kobza Eleanore Kobza Wayne Kobza ’71 In memory of Glen & Geraldine Kohel Richard Kohel ’70 In memory of Joe Konwinski Alan & Barbara Schmidt In memory of Kathi Krause Sam ’74 & Jane ’74 Manzitto

In memory of Gabriel and Margaret Hesse Francis Hesse ’65

In memory of Joan Irene Lackey Joni Hicks ’83

In memory of William and Lillian Higgins Jan Gray ’74

In memory of Eugene Landkamer Ameritas * Ruth Lester ’78

In memory of John & Marie Hoff Cheri Boettner ’62 In memory of Milo & Helen Horak Patty Haddow ’71

In memory of Charles & Dorothy Larson Sally Burt In memory of Arleen Lempka Dr. Stacy Jo Lempka ’85 U 17

Memorial Gifts In memory of Francis Lempka Joe ’80 & Kacey ’80 Lempka In memory of John Liescheski Tom & Deb Greitens Pat & Jeanne Hupp Rick & Ann Lafler Dee Steyer ’45 Steve & Cathy Urban Mark & Corinne Wible In memory of Javier Lozano Marcial & Veronica Perez

Ann Miller Don ’69 & Georgia Miller In memory of Paul & Genevieve Miller Michael Miller ’75 In memory of Patricia Moody Dave Degenhardt ’79 In memory of Dale Munson Joe & Ruthie Maguire

In memory of Patrick & Marjorie Murphy In memory of Leo & Roberta Mike Murphy ’71 Luken In memory of Francis and David Luken ’67 Liz Neitzel In memory of Don & Ronnie Anonymous Machacek In memory of Jean Nickman Mary Lou Machacek Gene & Beth Nickman In memory of Ray Mack In memory of Jim & Emma Robert Dean ’66 Novak In memory of Betty Maguire Frank Novak ’63 Joe & Ruthie Maguire In memory of Larry O’Brien Mary MaCoy ’60 In memory of J Phillip & Davise Mahoney In memory of Gayle O’Gara Jane Mahoney Neal ’57 Lang & Anne ’74 Anderson Craig & Shelley Bauer In memory of Monica & George & Connie Bitzes Dominic Nam Mai Gordon & Judith Boe Anonymous Linda Davis Jim ’62 & Barb DeMars In memory of Colette Bill Greiner Malolepszy Richard & Catherine Haden Ed & Kathy ’64 (Meade) William & Phyllis Harm Hebert Dee Hatten In memory of Jerome Masek John Hendry Elmer & Helen Hietbrink Monica Loye ’81 Family Michael & Ellen High In memory of Mary Pat Scott & LeAnn Hofeling Matisons Von & Lois Innes Brent ’96 & Molly ’96 Gant Virgil & Ruth Johnson Dr. Carmen Hill Grant Joseph Kafka In memory of Adam McCabe Mark & Andrea Kahle Carol Kearns Bob & Pam ’71 McCabe Con & Barbara Keating Pat ’79 & Beth McCabe Keating O’Gara Nedved & Peter PC LLC In memory of Msgr. John James & Linda Kinney McCabe Robert & Leeana Kudlacek Eric & Therese ’78 Sack Jim & Patti ’70 Markel Lowell & Frankie Moore In memory of Leo McCabe Chris & Patti Nielsen Dr. Mary Burnett ’79 Kurt & Rebecca Nielsen In memory of Ed McGovern Dan & Jean Nolte Carl & Mary Lou Novak Pat McGovern ’44 Fred & Carleen Novak Shannon McGovern ’73 Dr. John & Marilyn O’Gara Angel & Elizabeth Oritz In memory of Amelia Micah & Kristin Palmer Madison Michel Michael & Mary Poskochil Michel Geoff Wollin ’91 Henry Nick & Rae Reinert William & JoAnn Roehrs In memory of Rose Betty Thomas & Mary Satorie Millard Craig & Peggy Schainost Mary Beth Millard ’66 Sharon Schweitzer Donald & Sherri Severance In memory of Glenn and

18 U

Theresa Stehlik David Sundberg The Law Firm of Erickson & Sederstrom P.C. Joseph & Doris Thorpe George & Mary Lou Wiruth In memory of Lucy Origer Catherine Hohman ’60 In memory of Don & Rita Overton Dr. Matthew ’96 & Amberly ’96 Byington In memory of Tyler & Josephine Parish Diana Prochazka ’67 In memory of Ronald Patterson Frank Effinger ’48 In memory of Richard Petersen Clinton Kucera ’05 In memory of Leona Petrzilka Cindy Gomez ’79 In memory of Mike Pinkerton Matt & Patty Bideaux In memory of Walter Plosky Mila Plosky ’66 In memory of Shirley Podraza Terri Jo Podraza ’80

Center Josh Van Kirk ’00

Sinamark Norbert Sinamark ’42

In memory of Herbert Rome John & Barb Tremain

In memory of Linda Sloup Jill Nolton ’92 Tim Sloup ’98

In memory of Diane Ruzicka In memory of Bella Snyder Fredrick Ruzicka ’71 Tim & Amy ’93 Snyder In memory of James & In memory of Leo Soucie JoAnn Ryan Cheri Esslinger ’65 Patrick Ryan ’84 In memory of Jim & Lillian In memory of Leona Stainbrook Samek Chuck ’67 & Rosie ’68 Dalton Myron ’60 & Marcia ’60 Carkoski Christin Riley ’91 In memory of Laurie Schaefer In memory of Albert Stake Monica Hansen ’97 Shawn Vondracek Jennifer Soucie Kitt ’97 In memory of Patrick Schafers Michael ’82 & Lisa ’83 Schafers Rich & Celia ’74 Wahl Marita Ward ’80 In memory of Wayne & Kathryn Schammel Joan McMahon ’58 In memory of William & Mildred Schlautman Dale & Suzie Schlautman Daniel & Joyce Schlautman In memory of Ruth Schroer Donna Damrow ’66 In memory of Leo & Regina Schueller Cathy & Wayne Heyen

In memory of Edgar Steele Dr. Debra Steele ’90 In memory of Geoff Steinkuehler Tom Barrett ’93 David & Candice Wise

Pastor Farinas ’62 In memory of Judith Valinch William Valinch ’62 In memory of Dale Venhaus Dee Martin ’61 In memory of John & Mary Vestecka John Vestecka ’75 Michael ’79 & Cyndi Vestecka In memory of Peter & Mildred Vuchetich Peter Vuchetich ’62 In memory of Gene Wakefield Steven ’83 & Julie ’84 Zeplin In memory of Mildred Werner David & MaryBeth McWilliams In memory of Sheila Westra John Westra ’80 Verlyn Westra

In memory of Beverly Stemper Keith Stemper ’60

In memory of Kathleen Wittstruck Dave Ress ’76

In memory of Jane Stock Don & Donna McClure

In memory of Patty Zemunski Bill Essay ’75 David & Angela Zemunski

In memory of Robert Stratman Joan Johnston ’74

In memory of Guy Ziegler Mick Ziegler ’64

In memory of Joe Struckman In memory of the Zimmer Alan & Mary Wiest Family In memory of Bernice Strunc Rev. Matthew Zimmer In memory of LeRoy In memory of Jim Power Ann Yeager ’65 Schumacher Colleen Vlach ’87 In memory of Gary Zlab Jack & Natalie Peetz In memory of Andrew Lincoln Lighting Center In memory of Nathan Raun Sullivan In memory of John Schwindt Jim Sullivan ’63 Chris & Teresa Raun Elaine Schwindt Robert & Eileen Raun In memory of Arthur & In memory of Rob Sebek In memory of Lynn Rech Harriet Sullivan Karen Sebek Julia Lantz ’76 Patricia Duff ’63 Mike & Brenda Sebek Mike & Jackie Thompson In memory of Clara Sullivan In memory of William & In memory of Herb Reese John Knopp ’59 Dawn Sheahan David ’89 & Laura ’91 Reese Terrence Sheahan ’82 In memory of Delores Sweley In memory of Mary Kathryn Leo Eskey ’64 In memory of Jean Shemek Regelean Kathleen Steinke ’66 Eileen Shellhouse ’69 Jim Regelean ’68 In memory of William In memory of Harold In memory of Sixto Tracy ’61 Sherman Rodriguez Patrick & Shawn ’82 Kean Christine Thompson ’65 Guillermo & Veronica Haro In memory of Robert Tracy In memory of Marge Rogers In memory of Donald & Tom Tracy ’76 Richard Shoemaker Cheryl Mart ’63 John & Cindy Hanzel In memory of Pat Tubman In memory of Brett Romberg Joan Jennings ’48 Brian ’99 & Renee ’00 Pagels In memory of Earl Siepker Holly Kruger ’71 Mary Sincebaugh ’67 Michael & Barb Romberg Dr. Stan Schulte ’99 In memory of Fr. Edward C. Schulte Chiropractic Wellness In memory of Edna Tucheck In memory of Jill Portsche Paul & Susan Portsche

Fund for Pius X Pius X High School and Cathedral High School Alumni Gifts – 1,190 gifts received for a total of $175,961 1941 (1 gift - $25) Doris Budler Buechel 1942 (1 gift - $50) Norbert Sinamark 1944 (1 gift - $1,000) Pat McGovern 1945 (1 gift - $300) Mary Patricia O’Grady Sand 1946 (1 gift - $100) Helen Blockwitz Shotkoski 1948 (3 gifts - $1125) Donna Plisek Bridger Frank & Aldeane Effinger Joan Giunta Jennings 1949 (2 gifts- $25) Phil Brusnahan Jeanne Theis Brusnahan 1950 (5 gifts - $245) Don Becker Theresa Steinauer Ramold Doreen Noonan Miller Pat Rinker Prusha Richard Rice 1951 (2 gifts - $175) Madeline Gourlay Polesky Charles O’Grady 1952 (2 gifts - $30) Mary Knorr Carter Charles and J. Studnicka 1953 (2 gifts - $350) William Krueger Rita Straub Treckman 1954 (7 gifts - $1307.50) Mary Jo Daigle Cornelia Smiley Felber James Kreifels Joseph Lohmeier

Stephanie Sander Robert Crosby Darvin Jemming 1955 (7 gifts - $325) Gary Aksamit Michael Cowan Fran Hansen Howard Johnson Karen Krueger Kubacki Shirley Heuertz George Riggs 1956 (9 gifts - $950) Judith Gilmore Burcham Mary Rocke Keef Richard Kirk Marilyn Knight Long George Pavlas Virginia Krouse Rowen Gary Venhaus Clancy Woolman Charlene Smiley Woolman 1957 (22 gifts - $2,530.50) Jon Bischof Clara Ostdiek Bricher Charles Burda Mary Stastny Daley Don DeMars George Easley Francis Hejl Stan Larchick Ken Livingston Jane Mahoney Neal Janet Justice Marshall Catherine Gardner Matthews Tom Melby Jim Partington Dorothy Diestel Scheller Patricia Rooney Taylor Mary Draver Carlson Charlotte Jonas Crosby Janet Mutchie Larchick Catherine Steinauer Maderak Robert O’Gara Kay Rocke Owen

1958 (12 gifts - $875) Mary Pusateri Douglas John Herrod Joan Schammel McMahon R Jerry Overgaard Mary Kelly Shipman Sue Crosby Smith John Stears Phyllis Dodge Stiemke Betty Kobza Janecek Ann Hauschild Kirk Sharyn Penner McDermott Michael Ryan 1959 (22 gifts - $3020) Bob Avey Marita Kriz Bigley Donna Fryberger Clark George Cunningham Mary Anne Gude Curry Donald Dolezal Sister Kathryn Easley Fr. John Keefe John Knopp Peg Mickells Lorkovic Ellen McGovern Mary Shugrue Miller Fr. Patrick Murphy Cay Curran Naughton Brantly Richardson Judy Hansen Schiltz Frank Schmal Jim Schmitz Mary Ahlgrim Schwartz Patricia Kopf Swenson Suzanne Glenn Wiese Col. Tom Yax 1960 (30 gifts - $2720) Myron Carkoski Perry Demma James Harrington Catherine Origer Hohman Sharon Messineo Jacobson John Lahiff Kathleen Donahue Lubien Mary O’Brien MaCoy Mary Ann Miller Peterson

Marie Phelan Powell Ed Regelean Barb Hauschild Runyan Carol Holden Singleton Diane Nobbman Smith Keith Stemper Ginny Aandahl Vinton Sandy Brown Winetrout Ron Zimmer Thomas Barrett Becky McKinney Bischof Marcia Stainbrook Carkoski Donna Noha Champoux Liz Dodge Corfield Cherie Brown Cowan Dennis Dolezal Edith Koziol Isaacson Gerald McVey Kathleen Murphy Dick Rademacher Lucille Stich Speth 1961 (30 gifts - $2,687.50) Michael Alesio Mary Ann Burda Larry Champoux Terry Connelly John Curran Gary Danek Louise Kalin Donovan Kathleen Sullivan Fortner Jeri Strizek Froschheiser Sueann Wilson Fusselman Bernard Geis Mary Ralston Gibson John Gordon Pat Walczyk Haas Mary Clare Juranek John Love Jeanne Lukas Martin Dee Venhaus Martin Susan Smith Martin Connie Hunsaker Myers Nancy White Nielsen Val Policky Joan Knox Smyth Skip Young Marie Baker Cunningham

Fund for Pius X

Top 10 Classes by Giving Level $20,000.00















Marilyn Justice Curran Sharon Schmidt Mill Dale Travnicek Lucy Mutchie Young David Zweig 1962 (25 gifts - $1,785) Cheri Hoff Boettner Sara Morrow Cornforth Robert Cunningham Jim DeMars Pastor Farinas Terry Fusco Bill Harding Jeanne Trumble Hess Dick Janousek Jim Love Sharron Vavak McKenzie Robert Murphy Marilyn Stern Nickell Billye Burch Oefelein Duane Rempe Dennis Schuster Nancy Sawdon Vogt Peter Vuchetich Bill Welch Marcie Kosch Etter Marie Schmal Fusco Susie Schmitt Love Steven Rodger Ralph Turner William Valinch 1963 (36 gifts - $5,105) Lawrence Abbott Doug Barrett Bob Caster Helen Gorynski Cavin Patricia Sullivan Duff Nancy Buck Elder Dr. Jim Ganser Dennis Hartz Marty Huff Larry Hupka Mary Jo McDonnell Iwan Floyd Jones Patricia Clinch Jones Sarasu Sullivan Kundo Michael Laughlin Linda Spaulding Leary Mary Anne Turner Linscott Sharon Hausner Lowell Cheryl McQuillen Mart Kathy Schmidt Nannen Betsy White O’Brien Marsha Johnson Rahrs Bernie Rempe Tim Ritzo Judy York Schroeder Kathy Bourke Starr Catherine Irvin Street Jim Sullivan Sally Kobza Williamsen Mary Mitchell Aten Carol Hauschild Laughlin James Lehr Frank Novak Betty DeMars Rempe John Strope David Woods 1964 (38 gifts - $7,825) Thomas Aguilar James Biggs Bill Bomberger Gregory Carter

Donna Tegtmeier Chapman Larry Donahue Larry Dugger Steve Easley Donna Getscher Ewing James Feather David Fusco John Hanigan Michael Kobza Pat Stark Mahan Kathy Meade Hebert Dick Miller Stephen Mueting Diane McDonnell Parks Dorothy Rezac Susan Steele Sharp Martha Weiler Shinkle Tom Sullivan James Thomas Daniel Tresnak Connie Justice Walt Mick Ziegler Virginia Lehr Rogers Sue Sweeney Barrett Marianna McEntarffer Dvorak Leo Eskey Sharon Houser Hanigan Richard Harrington Tom Keenan Michael McLachlan James Mestl Bonnie Champoux Murphy Leonor Bretos Novarro Most Rev Schamp 1965 (25 gifts - $2,905) Cynthia Jelinek Alvarez Mary Baker Briggle Carole Brow Daniel Connelly Dr. J. Richard Dosek Gregory Easley John Esser Cheri Soucie Esslinger Dr. Richard Fleming Francis Hesse Mick Johnson Kathee Kelly-Rupert Helen Malone Mayhew Jim Pecka Gregory Renter Scott Shipferling Mary Kehr Stucky Dennis Tegtmeier Christine Sherman Thompson Mary Brady Tilton Dr. Kathleen Carey Pat Dolan Lovelace Robert Wall Mary Bonde Watson Ann Strunc Yeager 1966 (30 gifts - $11,990.60) Peggy Partington Apthorpe Bob Bartlett Phillis Morgan Bryant Richard Burke Donna Schroer Damrow Robert Dean Mary Banker Elbert Julie Darnell Grubb George Hanigan Jean Erickson Heuke Mary Wall Jeppson Lora Nobbman Jones Diane Lohmeier Kann U 19

Fund for Pius X Alumni Gifts – 1,130 gifts were received for a total of $150,891.68 June Berryman Klute Michael Ley Michael McCrory Mary Beth Millard Dr. William Mobley John Navin Mila Plosky Fr. James Schrader Ronald Smith Mary Sweeney Stuart Cynthia Aksamit Waldman Gerald Wessel Patricia Esser Wilson Steven Danahy Patricia Barry May Keith May Kathleen Eskey Steinke 1967 (41 gifts $2,312.50) Sally Quattrocchi Cameron Kurt Clyne Chuck Dalton Tim Doyle Dr. Jeanne Gillespie Eulberg Kathleen Fischbach Glenn Joe Glenn Mary Gordon Marcia Renner Helman Virginia Knight Holm Mary Grosserode Ingram Bonnie Kadavy William Keefe Patricia Burns Liming Michael Lohmeier Cathy Yearley Lucas David Luken Margaret Mahoney Patty Maun Robert O’Keefe Anne Fouts Pappas Kathleen Wood Ruby Mary Siepker Sincebaugh Linda Sullivan Mark Tinius Stephen Wagner Robert Wilden Dr. Dave Ziegler Elva Berryman Bourgeois Mary Nevole Cassner Patricia Swanson Crow Del Ann Henggeler Divis Kim Schmidt Martin Alana Ladenburger O’Keefe Diana Parish Prochazka Wayne Schammel Jolene Harvey Schwaninger Karen Higgins Tinius Margie Trumble Mary McDermott Worster Joyce Thompson Ziegler 1968 (23 gifts - $1,555) Nancy Hoover Balcetis Sharon Stilwell Brennfoerder Dr. Carolyn Connelly Jim Dobler Sandy Fraas Harrison Jerome Hill John Hyland Galin Karpisek Joann Hraban Kempton Jim Regelean Michael Schmidt Dr. Michael Sullivan

20 U

Victor Witkowicz John Ziegler Linda Clancy Buethe Rosie Samek Dalton Cathy Danahy Janie Hendry Dobler Thomas Keady John Kuchta Sheila York Kuchta Don Shirley Lt. Col. Mike Streeter 1969 (31 gifts - $5,677.50) Tim Aylward Phyllis Behrens Greg Benes Patricia Grosserode Brumm Larry Caster Nick Cusick Janet Ineck Doulas Thomas Giltner Marjie Burns Hoffman Don Miller Mary Maixner Rooney Eileen Shemek Shellhouse Kathleen Brusnahan Spahr Bill Straub Mark Surmann Dr. Linda Fischbach Sutherland Jerome Urwiller Elmer Wessel Michael Boland Ann Schroeder Cusick Susan Kadavy Dupont Frank Faughn Nancy Cook Hyland Lynn Welch Kafka Marron Zimmer Keady John McKean Mary Easley Schmidt Brad Schmidt Jennie Kirtley Shiley Dr. Vince Sutton Barb Mara Witkowicz 1970 (29 gifts - $1,995) James Andreas Julie Manzitto Ashburn Mary Beth Haggerty Bellotti Jeff Bryant Dennis Butler Joan Schroeder Faldtz Patty Fijan Gilmore Louise Gude Greenway Thomas Houlihan Larry Jablonski Eloyce Johnson Jensen Dr. Mike Kafka Alan Kobza Richard Kohel Cindy Kubat Tom Kuchta Maureen Sullivan Liddle Jeanne Young Ostlund Joanne Wisnieski Pepperl Paul Reinsch Cathy Carlson Swartz David Tinius Sharon Schroeder Fusco Joseph Hesse John Loudon Diane Zitek Loudon Debra Bowers Schrader

Kenneth Schroer Debra Schommer Suhr 1971 (21 gifts - $2,365) Daniel Creal Shannon Dawson Tom Duden Patty Horak Haddow Mike Hoppmann Corinne Benes Jarrett Dennis Kipper Wayne Kobza Holly Jennings Kruger Kathy Lehr-Cochrane Mike Murphy Dan Ott David Roberts Fredrick Ruzicka Ellen Wickham Spelman Timothy Sweeney Matthew Swetland Maria Witkowicz Bill Jarrett Pam Schubert McCabe Jerry Shandera 1972 (29 gifts - $3,780) Mary Murphy Abel Brian Allison Pete Beau Marianne Clifford Upton Kate Barry Culhane Dan Curran Gary Ebert Dan Hyland Rich Jablonski Rick Karpisek Cheryl Knuth Ron Krause Jim Miller Mary Benes Rodriguez Karen Schroeder Eileen Rowe Thaden Terri Boland Thompson Frank Vestecka Larry Zitek Anonymous Sharon Lee Allder Robert Grosserode Pam Cook Hansen JoAnn Andreas Hyland Maureen Aksamit Kipper Susan Vosburg Krause Mary Samek Miller Patty Tracy Nave Pam Brusnahan Wessel 1973 (26 gifts - $1,715) Janet Cusick Jost Dan Elsener Jim Essay Elizabeth Downing Estler Janet Hanigan Gfeller Bob Haggerty Katie Kasper Helzer Mick Horak Judy Wickham Kramer Sandy Schuller Krueger Gary Love Shannon McGovern Frances Chace O’Leary Phyllis Kohel Rabe Mary Vuchetich Reifschneider Janine Burns Romontio Kathy Kopf Schulz

Ann Mahoney Swarts Mark Thompson Mary Kopf Wilcox Martha Maixner Bufford Beth Waite Elsener Toni Worster Essay Teresa Willson Grosserode Diane Franssen Horak Joleen Stransky Ness 1974 (34 gifts - $4,445) Arthur Aksamit Anne Winner Anderson Pat Anderson Dr. Mark Awakuni Swetland Bob Brooks Deb Vampola Cox Dave Danahy Dr. Michael Duggan Jan Higgins Gray Joe Haas Susan Hruby Joan Stratman Johnston Mary Aldrich Knight Larry Krebsbach Lois Wisnieski Kriger Kim Kuhle Dr. Michael Lang Dr. Andria Langenberg Joseph Loudon Sam Manzitto Joe Millard Kevin Morehouse Dan Mulligan Jo Ceraolo Poore Christine Rose Reenders Hector Sanchez Lori Thorpe Shaal Larry Shepard Celia Schafers Wahl Chuck Clifford James Deckard John Gottner Leo Jablonski Jane Murphy Manzitto 1975 (25 gifts - $3,112.50) Ann Morin Baker James Baumert Bill Essay Bill Franklin Patricia White Fricke Dr. Kevin Gillespie Fr. Gary Gross Marguerite Bouc Himmelberg Gene Kavanaugh Tom Kopf Lea Rezac Mazanec Kevin McCrory Michael Miller Monsignor Perkinton Patrick Raybould Natalie Tharnish Schlaebitz Jim Smiley Lynn Strasburg Stebbins Tom Thorpe John Vestecka Christine Sweem Werger Rita Haggerty Mary Epolite Hoskovec Teresa Hembd Landfield Sharon Samek 1976 (20 gifts - $2,807.50) Dr. James Bruckner

Tim Franssen Michelle Shannon Hamel Carol Hanson Greene Dr. Gregory Heidrick Dr. Michael Jones Jane Grosserode Loken Dave Ress Jo Deany Theis Tom Tracy Tammy Hafer Tyburski David Vuchetich Gina Vrbka Wendelin Laura Smith Duggan Julie Studnicka Franklin Joan Degenhardt Krause Scott Krause Julia Harris Lantz Therese Charko Liegl Wayne Petrzilka 1977 (18 gifts - $1,330) Anne Hain Buckley Mark Chermok Bob Davis Thomas Eckery Phillip Fitzekam Ed Gentert Jim Haas Bob Hermes Lourdes Vidal Heurermann Susan Kouma Johnson Alan Peters Jane Raybould Lynette Vrbka Remington Scott Tharnish Linda Wiater Victor Benes Deborah McGinn Sara Ludwig Stejskal 1978 (29 gifts - $19,370) DeAnna Ketterer Alexander Shannon Anderson Kathleen Maly Arnt Nancee Shannon Berger Mark Breiner Jean Lundak Flott Susan Seiker Foley Joann Hegler Grosserode Dwight Groth John Hanzlicek Karen Steele Haug Lori Heuertz Tim Higgins Julie Irvin Hunter Teresa Aldrich Kenney Greg Kouma Ruth Landkamer Lester Kurt Lynch Michael Majerus Fr. Michael Morin Twila Kitchin Mulflur Fred Petersen Roger Petrzilka Phil Reinsch Linda Rezac Gary Riggs Therese McCabe Sack Larry Laux Daniel Murphy 1979 (39 gifts - $5,330) Dr. Mary McCabe Burnett Shari Mitchell Congleton Kathleen Oenbring Dolezal LuAnn Jillson Gerber

Cynthia Petrzilka Gomez Michelle Powers Hamnett Thomas Heidrick Debbie Rerucha Hile Thomas Hoffman Patty Mulligan Jones Kerry Krause Jamie Linebaugh Linn Pat McCabe Stephanie Dawson Morrison Patti Gallagher Newberry Ruth Stephens O’Gara John Regan Bobbie Wisnieski Sherry Michael Vestecka David Westwood Bridget Dawson Woita Ed Woolman Sue Noel Braun Diane Urbanovsky Breiner Michelle Trainor Castinado Mark Cuddy Dave Degenhardt Ann Vestecka Dozoretz Julie Lynch Lazure Deidre Webb Malmstrom Maureen Morehouse McCabe Annette Shirley McGuire Dr. John Peters Deborah Wenzl Reed Donna Vampola Reinsch Rita Majerus Skillett Gerald Spethman Roberta Koerner Westover Vicki Saffer Woolman 1980 (33 gifts - $4,307.50) Lori Ohnoutka Abel Todd Aksamit Kim Vavrina Alvine Rob Anderson Kenneth Benes Karen Yontz Capoun Carl Ciani Jenny Dawson Meyer Michaela Wortman Erixson Richard Hanigan Carol Clifford Jenkins Joe Lempka Jerry Majerus Maureen Costello Mattern John Morehouse Dr. Scott Noel Carole Fitzekam Owen Mike Rerucha Debby Donlan Rye Kathy Vestecka Sartore Karen Urbanovsky-Martin Jolene LeGrande Ward Marita Schafers Ward John Westra Dr. Kimberly Knopp Allen Thomas Baumert Michelle Heng Mary Kay Studnicka Kallas Joan Czeschin Koziol Kacey and Joe Dickinson Lempka Kelly Anderson Morehouse Terri Jo Podraza Mary Elsener Pynes

Alumni Giving by Class Year

Thank you for your commitment and support!

1981 (21 gifts - $5,560) Mindy Watts Althouse Jon Bargen Larry Benes Eric Dawson Nancy Eckles Kellie Vrbka Effken Tana Power Erickson Connie Wenzl Ernst Cathy Wiater Fluckey Kevin Gross Karen LeGrande Largen Dr. Peter Morin Rhonda Nannen-Riha Amy DeVries Nebbia Shawn Schmid Loretta Johnson Wagner Mary Maly Bargen Laura Heidrick Gross Joseph Hamersky Timothy Higgins Libby Stephens Jaros 1982 (33 gifts $3,887.50) Karen Brusnahan Anderson Koni Westra Barie Mike Beecham Bob Benes Jeri Reinig Bierbower Tom Donlan Karen Wiater Edwards Kathleen Gallagher Todd Hruby Steve Jaros Liz Saunders Koop David Lang Margaret Lackey Mahler Steve McManus Burke Morrow Kelly Pohlen Ginnelle Krause Ries Michael Schafers John Schroeder Fr. Leo Seiker Lynnette Hannasch Sellon Terrence Sheahan Anne Sposato Mary Reinsch Van Der Bosch Anonymous Joan Morrissey Benes Linda Liekhus Earnest Shawn Tracy Kean Kathy Hruby Kopf Mark Linebaugh Joe McCabe Linda Strizek McQuiston Jeanine Cook Worley 1983 (26 gifts - $4,619.84) Terry Benes Tammy Cook Boeselager Nancy Kouma Cubrich Karen McManus Dey Kent Endacott John Franssen Pamela Schwindt Gronewold Elsa Castillo Hatch Pat Higgins Gregg Jablonski Roxanne Burbach Johnson Scott Langan Jeff Magsamen Mike McQuiston Rich Morris Lisa Hain Stiffler

Dan Sullivan Joan Hanigan Tasler David Westra Kay Deschene Broer Ann Byington Joni Lackey Hicks Jill Noel Korta Lisa Laux Schafers Jim Wenzl Steven Zeplin 1984 (34 gifts - $7,992.50) Nancy Strizek Allder Laurie Nelson Altenbern Kurt Broer Phil Brogan Matthew Ciani Ginger Cvitak Davila LuAnn Morfeld Dougherty Pat Haecker Karen Cecava Hardesty John Hartmann Julie Horner Jeanne Easley Johnson Linda Karre Larson Roger Maly Tony Marquis Carol Morris Craig Neid Patrick O’Brien David Sedlak Bart Stephens Julie LeGrande Wente Michael Woolman Anonymous John Barta Julian Castillo Roberta Mason Castillo Dr. Barb Vestecka Cook Tracy Hicks Higgins Jeffrey Rezac Patrick Ryan Paul Schafers Gregory Wenzl Christopher Wolsleger Julie Wakefield Zeplin 1985 (31 gifts - $2,342.50) Anne Donlan Andrew Chris Kreifels Arndt Eric Butler John Butler Teri Rotherham Clapper Larry Erdkamp Traci Frankforter Fisher Cindy Keating Fritton Rick Hill Mike Hoxie Dr. Eric Odgaard Jim Petrzilka Sam Scott Michael Steele Jan Harre Swanson John Warner Joe Wolsleger Nancy Ruby Barta Jeffrey Benes Karen Baumert Bentz Dr. Charlie Burt Richard Campos Andrew Groebner Dr. Stacy Jo Lempka Sarah Kinney Long Kevin Naumann Connie Gottula Pautz Lori Heng Petersen

Joe Summers Erin O’Grady Wolsleger Mike Zeplin 1986 (24 gifts - $3,708.06) Bruce Bode Rob Bohy Steve Burt Steve Engstrom Margo Easley Gallagher Jo Ann Gregory Gould Pam Hake Heinemann Kelly Hillman Michele Seberger Johannes Ron Kruml Lisa Lewis Geena Polivka Mehl Tim Mertens Sue Jacobson Phillips Ronald Polivka Angela Martin Root Lynn Smith Sloan Kris Herre Andry Renee Naumann Felder Lisa Powers Haley Amy Novak Lengel Monica Scott Sedlak Gregory Strizek Kay Pike Wenzl 1987 (28 gifts - $3,430) Mark Benes Russ Dolezal Jon Gross Ann Hanigan Kotopka Philip Lang John Love Tim Majerus Jeannie McManus Doug Nebel Jimmer Noel Jill Kinney Reid Thomas Rotherham Judy Stone Scdoris Dawn Socha Schuette Fr. Troy Schweiger Deanna Rempe Stall Todd Steele Colleen Power Vlach John Voboril Ann Breiner Wackel Eric Wenzl Brenda Peetz Zinnecker Dr. Sarah Cada Majerus Kevin Carranza Callie Vogt Hartz Shane Krause Susan Burger Noel Jean Rink 1988 (27 gifts - $3,220) Trent Bausch Melinda Moser Campbell Tracey Eitel Eitel Scott Felber Gary Harper Gerald Korinek Lori Lierz Kreifels Tonya Johnson Lampe Patricia Zechmann Menghini Nate Odgaard Craig Pleskac Matthew Schafers Brad Seeman Thad Standley Fr. Matthew Vandewalle

1941 $25.00

1977 $1,330.00

1942 $50.00

1978 $19,370.00

1944 $1,000.00

1979 $5,330.00

1945 $300.00

1980 $4,307.50

1946 $100.00

1981 $5,560.00

1948 $1,125.00

1982 $3,887.50



1983 $4,619.84

1950 $245.00

1984 $7,992.50

1951 $175.00

1985 $2,342.50

1952 $30.00

1986 $3,708.06

1953 $350.00

1987 $3,430.00

1954 $1,307.50

1988 $3,220.00

1955 $325.00

1989 $2,950.00

1956 $950.00

1990 $3,765.00

1957 $2,530.50

1991 $2,447.50

1958 $875.00

1992 $1,617.50

1959 $3,020.00

1993 $4,721.00

1960 $2,720.00

1994 $975.00

1961 $2,687.50

1995 $335.00

1962 $1,785.00

1996 $1,495.00

1963 $5,105.00

1997 $2,190.00

1964 $7,825.00

1998 $1,315.00

1965 $2,905.00

1999 $1,378.00

1966 $11,990.60

2000 $2,495.00

1967 $2,312.50

2001 $525.00

1968 $1,555.00

2002 $300.00

1969 $5,677.50

2003 $615.00

1970 $1,995.00

2004 $98.00

1971 $2,365.00

2005 $425.00

1972 $3,780.00

2006 $5,450.00

1973 $1,715.00

2007 $175.00

1974 $4,445.00

2008 $150.00

1975 $3,112.50

2010 $100.00

1976 $2,807.50

2011 $125.00

Angie Schweitzer Willsea Chad Winters Dr. Dave Burt Kara Foster-Koos Kim Gabriel Harper Liesa Ojeda Kasparek Christy Masek Naumann David Nebel Brian O’Grady Jill Snyder Jean Hanigan Timmerman Marie Erdkamp Woodhead 1989 (25 gifts - $2,950) Susie Arth John Boudreau

Rob Bryant Laurie Potter Clark Ed Easley Kathy Dalton Gerdes Matt Gutschenritter Jennifer Larson Heggen Lee Hunsaker Paul Hussey Kathy Danek Knollenberg Scott Lonergan Dr. John Majerus Michael Nebel Sara Kelly Ondracek Dave Potthoff David Reese Eric Schafers

Gregory Sealock Hugh Sieck Laura Schainost Swanson Amy Gray Zeleny Jane Higgins Felber Kerry Hartz Angela Rempe Schafers 1990 (28 gifts - $2,765) Robin Richter Best Melissa Miller Brox Matt Cashore Tracy Neumayer Chapelle Dr. Holli Kavan Groff Dana Houser Greg Long U 21

Fund for Pius X Julie Childerston Lutjeharms Marc Odgaard Cindy Hoffman Ridder Kevin Schlautman Stefan Sinclair Shannon Smith Kaela Olson Stamper Dr. Debra Steele Shelly Kidwell Theil Bryce Todd Sean Bauer Dr. Ann Marie Walker Bausch Lori Dustin Bryant Stephanie Hier Claycomb Jason Green Ashley Kremers Houser Kendra Karnopp Majerus Aimee Sand Nebel Sean Neumayer Amy Metz Thomas Melissa Power Wilson 1991 (20 gifts - $2,447.50) Cathy Blankenau Bender Jason Bryant Andrew Budell Tom Burt Amy Lieb Decker Tisha Rezac Elder Sara Odgaard Fritsch Kris Nabity Maul Allen McInerney Jeff Rawlinson Christin Kirk Riley Kristie Hanigan Schroll Jeff Standley Nichole Morran Tucker Geoff Wollin Dr. Dustin Bailey Julia Meacham Budell Tiffany Winters Easley Laura May Reese Bill Ryan

1992 (25 gifts - $1,617.50) Maura Dawson Browning Fr. Gary Coulter W. Christian Davenport Scott Hartz Anne Love Hauptman Leah Burling Huber Brian Johnson Paul Malone Jill Sloup Nolton Jen Gleason Overkamp Melissa Widhelm Payne Cleveland Reeves Carmen Easley Sanchez Andrade JoAnn Crable Strandquist Elizabeth Kukuk Thorson Michael Volkmer Tim Womack Amy Nelson Aerts Mark DeMars Karla Wemhoff Hartz Dana Seiler Hunsaker Jennifer Cusick Rawlinson Michael Sinclair Jeremy Wieser Melissa Shibata Womack 1993 (14 gifts - $4,721) Michael Barrett Rick Deisler Bart Ellingson Tricia Mostek Florea Judy Vandewalle Fulton Lisa Maltarich Park Amy Barton Snyder Tiffany Roubal White Anonymous Thad Aerts Mat Bickley Mark Elsener Mark Johnson Tina Sposato

1994 (12 gifts - $975) Joanne Groth Ernst Mike Kearney Jason Miller Matt Mullendore Garrick Noonan Matt Reiling Brenda Jedlicka Schroeder Fr. Sean Timmerman Tony Allen Jessica Pleskac Bauer Aaron May Michael Thompson 1995 (5 gifts - $335) Dr. Stephanie Metz Bird Kathleen Hannon Amber Warner Soden David Wemhoff Becky Dawson May 1996 (18 gifts - $1495) Dr. Matthew Byington Brent Gant Rachelle Herman Jay Knaus Eric Schlautman Timothy Sealock Dionne Seiler Lisa Carlson Vrana Laura Ziems ReeAnna Morgan Armagost Angela Lindgren Bates Amberly Divis Byington Sara Wilhelm Elsener Juan Florez Molly Matison Gant Lori Lieb Morin Tracy Makovicka Sealock Amy McKenzie Wagner 1997 (21 gifts - $2,190) Katie Stone Aldag Thomas Cunningham Shannon Bryant Dohmen Kathryn Pleskac DonĂŠ

Monica Zuerlein Hansen Pat Hodge Nichole Morgan MacDonald Megan Maly Sarah Keller O’Brien Patrick Pepper Summer Allen Portsche Jennifer Soucie Kitt Eric Wesolowski Anonymous Alicen Schulte Brandl Andrew Creal Fr. Lothar Gilde Sarah Miller Hodge Alisha Minchow Klein Elizabeth Bartels Lance J.D. Linscott 1998 (12 gifts - $1,315) Andrew Broer P.J. Grosserode Dave Knaus John Walker David Easley Amber Thomas Grosserode Annie Milana Jacobs Eric Jacobs Kimberly Welchert Kluever Tim Sloup Ryan Trausch Tina Wenzl Velinsky 1999 (15 gifts - $1,378) William Christen Robert Fillaus Juliet Kelty Gabe Kidwell Laura Summers Roeber Lynn Carlson Burda Madeline Derickson Christen Philip Cunningham Renee Hruska Cunningham Bridget Divis Easley Jonathan Goes Mikaela Barry Kidwell Dr. Stan Schulte

Pius X Unveils Religious Alumni Wall On August 3, 2013 during the All Honor Year Reunion, Pius X presented a new display honoring the 40 alumni who have chosen a religious vocation. Each alumnus/alumna is presented with their senior picture along with a vocation photo and their religious name. New alumni will be added to the display after taking final vows.

22 U

Jennifer Fiala Trausch Katharine Kucera Walker 2000 (17 gifts - $2,495) Lukas Fenton Carolyn Oborny Gill Kelly Schmidt Houghton Laura Knaus Shawn Peed Amber Ackerman Posch Ryan Sidwell Sarah Mahoney Svendsen Josh Van Kirk Ryan Wesolowski Anonymous Lacey Butler Goes Anonymous Tom Meagher Rachel Pope Jamie Gonser Sidwell Gina Morgan Weir 2001 (6 gifts - $525) Jennifer Slattery Dilisio Daniel Morrow Matthew Owens Adam Raun T.J. Birkel Alexis Wissing Terwilliger 2002 (5 gifts - $300) Jessica Becker Allington Joe Easley Carlee Reiser Wadell Danielle Gaydusek Dodds Katie McAdams 2003 (14 gifts - $615) Fr. Craig Clinch Joseph Elliott Stacey Waldman Hattaway Michael Manning Jean Hilger Reed Michael Riordan Kristen Hofmeister Rolling Anonymous

Michelle Bader-Reiling Maria Van Etten Benes Jamie Koerner Carson Adam Hilkemann Justin Kreifels Jenni Reisdorff Samson 2004 (4 gifts - $98) Tom Benes Logan Burda Natalie Duden Caitlin May Riordan 2005 (5 gifts - $425) Jaymes Kastl Katie Hilger Benes Matthew Benes Sean Bottger Clinton Kucera 2006 (6 gifts - $5,450) Laura Cassel James Beran Audrey Castillo Sam and Molly Krause Courtney Pieper Megan Slattery 2007 (5 gifts - $175) Steven and Colleen Kean Crawford Emily Pohlen Zurcher Nicole Burks Kelly Schinkel 2008 (3 gifts - $150) Amanda Clark Colby Honke Jim Morin 2010 (1 gift - $100) Austin Menke 2011 (1 gift - $125) Brenden Love

board members • parents • corporations • friends of Pius X Chris and Teresa Raun Paul and Rosemary Reinsch Bernie ’63 and Betty ’63 Rempe Doris and Bryan Robertson Jack and Brenda Schimenti Honors Society Doug and Diane Schneider Anonymous Cecelia Sherman Bob and Phillis ’66 Bryant Douglas and Nicole Simon Steve and Pat Grosserode Alan and Ruth Slattery Sam ’06 and Molly Krause Dave and Valerie Snitily Tom and Rhonda Peed Steve and Susan Statz Dr. Paul and Trish Petersen St. Elizabeth Regional Medical John and Linda Thompson Dr. Dan and Libby Tomes Center Chris and Michelle Wagner Wells Fargo Bank * Bert and Sue Wilkinson Jim and Connie Wilson

Doug and Sharon Bogue Dr. John and Laura Bonta Clint and Theresa Boothe Chris and Karen Border David and Kelly Brakenhoff Dale and Christine Brandstetter Matt and Stacy Brass Mark ’78 and Diane ’79 Breiner Ron and Joan Brion James and Brandi Brown Rob ’89 and Lori ’90 Bryant Jon and Jackie Burmeister Barry and Tricia Butler John and Anne Byers Tim and Kim-Yen Cao Benefactors Society Cardinal Health Community Anonymous Relations * Thunderbolt Club Ameritas Life Insurance Corp * Rene and Maria Cardona Anonymous (3) Jeffrey and Nancy Asselin Douglas and Mary Carey John and Tasha Arrigo Ficke Orthodontics LLC Thomas and Adaline Cashore Scott and Amy Becker Scott and Jeanie Fitzgerald Brian Cecava Dan and Mary Berning Beverly Jackson Dr. David and Tana Clare Paul and Michelle Birkel Blaine and Gail Johs Eric and Carol Clark Tom and Joanie Bittner Dr. Sean and Tracy Kenney Ron Clinch Bracco Diagnostics Inc. * Dan and Angie Muhleisen Chris and Lara Collins Ron and Debbie Brester Nelnet * Dr. Bruce and Marlene Bristol Windows Inc Jack and Natalie Peetz Condello Dr. Pat and Linda Clare Dr. Gary and Tami Varilek Craig and Ann Condello Tim and Jennifer Conzemius Jerry and Lori Connot Dr. Jude and Dr. Barb ’84 Superintendent Society Dan ’72 and Mary Curran Cook Anonymous (6) Kurt and Patty Daberkow FACTS Management / Nelnet Abel Foundation Dr. Tim and Carolyn Dalton Business Solutions Acklie Charitable Foundation Tony and Lydia Gillick Tuan Ahn and Emily Dao Derek and Kim Aldridge Fred and Tamra Daugherty Richard ’80 and Linda Mark and Michelle Aylor Dr. John and Ann Deck Hanigan Russell and Gwen Bayer Pat and Rhonda Dodson HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP Mark and Cheryl Bell Dr. Douglas and Kathleen ’79 Phil and Ann Hovis Steve ’86 and Tricia Burt Dolezal Dann and Laure Husmann Butherus Maser & Love Tom ’82 and Mary Kay IMSCORP Funeral Home Donlan Tim and DaNay Kalkowski Cornhusker Bank Michael and Cindy Donnelly Kidwell Inc. Nick ’69 and Ann ’69 Cusick Ken and Liz ’82 Koop Duane and Cheryl Dubas Thomas and Renee Dalton Patrick and Michaela Dugan Doug and Michelle Kreifels Monsignor James Dawson Gary and Mary Eckrich Tom and Pam Mejstrik Jamie and Anne Deterding Tim and Becky Engler Microsoft * Jim and Marjorie Determan Steve ’86 and Jaime Engstrom Jason ’94 and Cindy Miller Double Eagle Beverage LLC Pat and Dana Falter Gayle Morin Frank ’48 and Aldeane Effinger Thomas and Jennifer Robert and Amanda Finder Kent ’83 and Dorothy Michael and Elizabeth Nottlemann Endacott Fitzgerald John and Jody Olsson Partners Club Scott ’88 and Jane ’89 Felber Gary and Susan Frodyma Kevin and Lisa Paul Anonymous (13) Michael and Susan ’78 Foley Gene and Ailene Gubbels Pioneer Printing Allstate * Wally and Dee Graff Dr. Gerard and Mary Beth Herb and Katie Reese Michael and Lisa Andersen Joseph and Agnes Hanigan Hafner Ron and Pam Ross James and Julie Angele Robin and Mary Beth Jerome and Kristina Russell Steven and Anjilynn Antonelli Ken and Peggy Hain Holtmeier Ralph and Pam Hammack Eric and Therese ’78 Sack Rod and Michele Arndt Stephen and Tori Hupf Bob and Margie Haney Wayne Stephens Awards Unlimited Pat and Jeanne Hupp Tim and Jenny Stonehocker Tim ’69 and Gaylene Aylward Bradley and Tiffanie Hans Steve ’82 and Libby ’81 Jaros Matt and Joan ’83 Tasler John and Cindy Hanzel Paul and Lucy Baier Lavern and Canice Kobus Jim and Cathy Harrington James and Linda Tucker Rob and Koni ’82 Barie Dr. Rex and Karen ’81 Largen UBS Financial Services Inc * Deroy and Leta Harshman Bob and Laurie Barnes Lincoln Financial Services Mitch and Sandy Hartman Valentino’s Jarold and Myra Bartek Ben and Maureen ’80 Mattern James and Mary Jean Vogel John ’84 and Lisa Hartmann Dr. Bronston T ’65 and Dr. Pat ’79 and Beth McCabe Dave and Elsa ’83 Hatch Mary ’65 Barton Mayes Michael and Cheryl Wemhoff Patrick and Dr. Courtney Tom and Karen ’78 Haug Mike and Barbara Becker Verlyn Westra McCashland Mike and Mary Jo Haverkamp Ed ’79 and Vicki ’79 Woolman Ryan and Christy Beckman Ted and Paula McClymont Brian and Tammy Hayes Bob ’82 and Michelle Benes Monsanto * Gene and Susan Heath Mark ’87 and Tina Benes Green & Gold Club Monsignor Joseph Nemec Tim and Annette Helman Darci Benson Anonymous (4) Craig and Natalie Nickman Wayne and Cathy Heyen Jim and Kristi Bertrand Ronald and Becky Ackermann Pfizer Foundation * Pat ’83 Higgins ’83 Matt and Patty Bideaux John and Julie Addy Pinnacle Bank Daniel and Monica Blankenau Ken and Jackie Hilger Andrew and Carin Appleget Sean and Elizabeth Quigley Cameron and Julie Hinds Ken and Lisa Boatman Art & Soul

Heritage Society

Gary and Kathy Hoebelheinrich Gene and Rose Ryan

Joe and Penny Bachmann Brian and Tiffany Beck Jon and Deonne Bruning Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation * Dick and Melanie Cassidy Chuck Clifford Gregory and Kimberly Coffey Reverend Brian Connor Gene and Sherry Coppersmith Greg and Darla Ernst Tim and Lisa Farmer Congressman Jeff and Celeste Fortenberry Mitch and Pamela Gerdes Jim and Jill Giesler Dr. David and Mary Hilger Pat and Michelle Hoefener Duane and Mary Hugo Tom and Micki Huston Dave and Ann Kirby Dan and Susan Krick Robert and Loretta Lang Li-Cor Inc Craig and Patty Marmie Bob and Mary Kay McDonald Dennis and Ronna Meyer Maureen Monen Mike and Toni Montanez Morgan Stanley Smith Barney * Rich ’83 and Jill Morris Gene and Beth Nickman Peter and Joni Piccolo Ron and Dotti Romero Greg and Mary Schieke Schulte Chiropractic Wellness Center Dean and Mary Jo Schwenka Reverend Leo Seiker ’82 Patrick and Elizabeth Shea Darrell and Sheila Sievert Curtis and Lisa Staab Bob and Jan ’85 Swanson Gary and Roxanne Talbott Mike and Vicki Valaika Dean and Christe VanLoon Kent and Lori Vossler Jim and Carol Wathen Chris and Lori Weskamp

Chris and Anne Hobbs Wayne and Deb Hoge Marcia Hovermale Perry and Becky Howell Todd ’82 and Deb Hruby John ’68 and Nancy ’69 Hyland Dr. Phillip and Dr. Diane Hynes Dave and Kate Jarecke Mary Ann Jaros Jim and Danetta Jensen John Baylor Test Prep David and Nancy Johnson Randy and Sherry Kaup Joe and Susan Kelly Jody Kerr Joseph and Lisa Kerrigan Daniel and Mardie Kincheloe Mathew and Tracy Kleinschmit Brad and Lori Koehn Larry and Shannon Kohmetscher Rick and Joan Konecky Tom ’75 and Kathy ’82 Kopf Tom and Jill ’83 Korta Russ and Carla Kosch Dr. Mike and Ann ’87 Kotopka Kerry and Jeanna Kowalski Michael and Mary Kay Kreikemeier Mark and Patty Krings Jeff and Kathy Krinke Gary and Nancy Krumland Joe and Charity Kuehn James and Julie Kuntz Doug and Annette Kunzman Shawn and Mary Labadie Rick and Ann Lafler Michelle and Travis Laframboise Kirk and Christin Laughlin Greg and Cassandra Lesiak Michael and Michelle Liesch Phillip and Joan Liescheski Mike and Rhonda Litt Scott ’89 and Angela Lonergan Joseph and Serena Macauley Rod and Jill Machacek Joe and Ruthie Maguire Mark and Julie Main Roger ’84 and Michele Maly Mick and Sandy McCarthy Larry and Shana McClellen Bill and Joyce McClure Don and Donna McClure Shawn and Jodi McGill Bob and Annette ’79 McGuire Jack and Sheila McKeegan Tim and Bea Menke Reverend James Meysenburg Pat and Julie Milburn Don ’69 and Georgia Miller Lawrence and Annette Mitchell Eusebio and Silviana Morales Richard and Maryann Moravec Mindy and Oren Murphy Yagil Teresa Neal Paul and Lori Neesen New York Life Foundation * Kevin and Tessy Nguyen Tai and Huong Nguyen Vu Long and Minh Hoa

Nguyen Chris and Lisa Noecker Jimmer ’87 and Susan ’87 Noel Novartis Matching Gift Center * Tom and Marty Novotny James and Ruth ’79 O’Gara Jerry Petersen Mary Alice Pfeifer Thach and Tanci Pham Kelly ’82 and Mary Pohlen Arlene Pokorny Peggy Polacek Ronald ’86 and Amy Polivka Ryan and Becky Pollock Edward and Betty Porn Dwane and Shirley Pospisil Tom and Karen Post Stan and Libby Raetz John and Patricia Rajewski Audrey Ramaekers Randall and Cara Ramaekers Rick and Georgeanne Rashilla Robert and Eileen Raun Russ and Anita Raybould Reverend Daniel Rayer RBC Wealth Management * Janet Resseguie Mark and Marty Resseguie Kent and Patty Richard Wes and Monica Richert Michael and Barb Romberg Dan and Margie Rosenthal Mike and Ruth Royse Ellie Sabers Joel and Kathy ’80 Sartore Ted and Janna Sasse Guy Saunders Kevin and Heidi Schieuer Mark and Cindy Schilmoeller Ron and Claire Schinkel Bill and Marge Schlautman Dale and Suzie Schlautman Joel and Mary Schlautman Daren and Amy Schriner Tom and Cheryl Seib Vince and Theresa Seiker Joshua and Nicole Shasserre Tim and Geri Shipley Edward and Elaine Simpson Mark and Lynn ’86 Sloan Mary Spethman Tyler and Bev Sprouse David and Kaela ’90 Stamper Loran and Julie Stara Mike ’85 and Gina Steele Jason and Angie Stellingwerf Walter and Ellen Stroup Mike and Joan Stuchlik Christie Sucha Jerry and Sara Sukup Dan ’83 and Shelly Sullivan John Talken Ryan and Shelly ’90 Theil Michael and Cheryl Thiele Mike and Jackie Thompson Tom ’75 and Shelley Thorpe Jim and Juli Townsend Alex and Tuyet Tran Hung and Thuy Tran Sonny and Nina Tran John and Barb Tremain Jan Tvrdy Dan and Shari Ullman U 23

Fund for Pius X Greg and Deana Unger Randy and Suzanne Vandenhul Thomas and Catherine Verplank Michael ’79 and Cyndi Vestecka Jerry and Christina Vrbka Scott and Jeanne Vrbka Michael and Mary Vrchota Rita Vrchota Chris Wagner Steve and Barb Wallingford Michael and Janet Weedman Gregory ’84 and Kay ’86 Wenzl Joe and Sophia Werning Jim and Heather Whalen Mark and Corinne Wible James and Kathy Wilkerson David and Angela Zemunski Tom and Sonya Zimmerman

Patrons Club

Anonymous (6) Thad ’93 and Amy ’92 Aerts Dr. Mark and Debbie Arneson Jonathon and Ann ’75 Baker Don and Lois Baldwin John and Marlene Bals Kevin and Kathleen Bargen Michael and Donna Barnes Scott and Ann Barnett Scott and Marsha Bartek James ’75 and Krystal Baumert Doug and Lori Beals Bryan and Janet Benner Jeff and Debra Blaser Deb Boehm Jeff and Jenn Boettcher Dr. Brian and Monica Bossard Tim and Pam Boyle Tim and Melissa ’90 Brox Dennis and Diane Brozek Blaine and Abby Burmeister Sally Burt Larry and Ann Byrnes Matt Chaffee James and Joan Childers Carl and Michelle Chrisman Troy and Rebecca Cisneros Bob and Becky Codr Jack and Jane Connealy Robert and Mary Coulter Jason and Laura Coyle William and Mary Davenport Nolan and Ashley DeWispelare Russ ’87 and Brenda Dolezal Anne Driewer Donna Edwards Clarence and Anna Mae Eikmeier Jeff and Mary Helen Elliott Bill and Mary Feltes Sherl Fetter Dr. Tim and Jodi Fischer Chuck and Pat ’75 Fricke Mark and Heather Fusco Gap Foundation * Greg and Joyce Gibney

24 U

Jose and Juliana Gonzalez Vincent and Janice Goracke David and Beth Gosselin Tom and Deb Greitens Joann Grosserode ’78 Shawn and Kathleen Gude Connie Hajek Bill and Cynthia Hanus Ron and Lori Hanway Guillermo and Veronica Haro Gary ’88 and Kim ’88 Harper Reverend Jonathan Haschke Paul and Michelle Hassler Randy and Carol Heesacker Dave and Joan Hergenrader William and Shirley Hilger Terry and Connie Honke Kristen and Corey Howard Gregg ’83 and Sheri Jablonski Robert and Gloria Jundt Dr. Kay Lynn Kalkowski John and Liesa ’88 Kasparek Susie Kasparek Shawn ’82 and Patrick Kean Craig and Natalie Keaschall Joe and Deborah Kerr Sue Kirkpatrick Joan Knipe Bret and Emily Koenig Jackie Kopetka Victor and Rebecca Korelstein Tom and Linda Kosch Jerry and Patti Kowalski Richard and Jane Kreifels Jim and Deb Kula Ken and Alice Lauer Dan and Ann Lavicky Charles and Frances Lee Tom and Deidre ’79 Malmstrom Albert and Rena Maribaga Z. B. and Lois Mayo David and Jan McChesney Craig and Anne McVeigh Steve and Colleen Medill Darren and Geena ’86 Mehl Daniel and Angela Meyer Phil and Gina Miller Ron and Ann Miller David and Kathy Molinaro Jake Moore Diep and Tha Nguyen Thai and Nguyet Nguyen Patrick ’84 and Corinne O’Brien Tiffany Olson Sara ’89 Ondracek ’89 Gerry and Ruth Peirce Marcial and Veronica Perez Jeff and Amy Pfeifer Kenny and Kris Pfeiffer David and Linda Pleskac Larry and Kristy Punteney Domonic and Mary ’80 Pynes John ’79 and Natalie Regan Tim and Joni Richter Jim and Kathie Rynearson Eric ’89 and Angela ’89 Schafers John and Sheri Scheer Dave and Anita Scheuler

Daniel and Joyce Schlautman Gary and Jolene Schleppenbach Rob and Paula Schlotterbeck Daniel and Sharolyn Schneider Clarisse Schnitzler Ronald and Tammie Scholz Elaine Schwindt Jeffrey and Denice Sears Mike and Brenda Sebek Scott and Colleen Sims Corey and Michele Sindelar Dick and Shelly Smith Tim and Amy ’93 Snyder Tom and Donna Soukup Steve Sousek Todd and Linda Speth Jan Spethman Dean and Lisa Steffensmeier Roger and Jan Stortenbecker Claire and Sharon Stramel Anthony Strokan Jack and Loretta Sugrue John and Sharon Svoboda Michael and Denise Szatko Rich and Lisa Teel Brad and Sherry Thavenet Dale and Kim Theisen Scott and Elizabeth ’92 Thorson UNIFI Companies Tim and Kelly Utrup Kurt Verkamp Tom and Ann ’87 Wackel Jerry and Mary Pat (Waite) Ficke Bill and Linda Wallish Ann Warday Irene Wennekamp Tim and Cynthia Werner Dr. George and Nancy Williams David and Candice Wise Clark and Judi Wittwer Emily Wyatt Dave and Luann Zastrow Reverend Matthew Zimmer Dr. Paul and Gia Zuercher Friends Club Anonymous (4) Tom and Lynne Albin David and Nancy ’84 Allder Valerie Andersen Macario Andrade Michael and Jan Auten Jeff and Claire Babl Mary Bakhit Thomas and Linda Baumert James and Connie Bayless Pete ’72 and Jackie Beau

Jeffrey ’85 Benes ’85 Kenneth ’80 and Joan ’82 Benes Mitch ’04 and Maria ’03 Benes Terry ’83 and Jan Benes Jim and Tammy ’83 Boeselager Larry and Linda Brokofsky Jim and Cathy Brown David and Barbara Bruner Jim and Carolyn Buckmaster Andrew ’91 and Julia ’91 Budell Doug and Stacy Buescher Richard and Donna Bugajski Don and Joni Buresh Keith and Deb Burks Juan and Leticia Casarin Jim and Pam Cassel Elliott and Sue Castillo Roberta ’84 and Julian ’84 Castillo Leonard and Debra Cernik Pat and Michelle Champoux Jeff and Tracy ’90 Chapelle Jerry and Judith Clinch Steve and Mary Cline John and Lori Cox Bob and Mary Creal Matthew and Ame Creglow Dave and Karen Cronin Michael and Mary Daily Jason and Jeannie Damm Patrick and Carol Darnell Matthew and Mary Davis Randy and Brenda Deahn Brad and Amy ’91 Decker Jeff and Kim Dostal David and Cindy Essay Kay Evans John and Jane Farrell Rudolph and Jacqueline Fiedler Karen Francis John and Mary Gapp Greg and Lynette Gibbs Stephen and Stacy Gonifas Kevin and Mary Griffin Robert and Connie Hampl Dan and Sharon Harshman Gary and Donna Helman Dennis and Mary Hill Jay and Cindy Hochstein Eric and Beth Hoesing Mike and Beth Holland Scott and Karen Hooper Steve and Lee Ann Hotovy Dana ’90 and Ashley ’90 Houser Susie Imlay Andy and Cindy Incontro Michael and Carol ’80 Jenkins

John and Susan ’77 Johnson Terry and Patty ’79 Jones Loren and Cathy Kanost Gary and Jodi Kimminau Kevin and Gerrine Kirby Kristin Kleve Dick and Laurie Kocarnik Doug and Mary Koenig John and Patricia Kopetzky Ken and Kathy Kottich Dennis and Theresa Kottwitz Stephen and Diane Krajicek Drew and Becky Kramer Dan Krause Stephanie Krause Michael and Karen Kucera Mark and Janet Kurtenbach Jerry and Julie Lacy Tom and Jane LaHood James and Sharon Ligenza Lincoln Physical Therapy Associates PC Mark ’82 and Mai Linebaugh Roger and Debra Lockhorn Gary and Julie Lohse Todd and Sarah ’85 Long Kyle and Dorci Mabie Doug and Eike Marthaler Francisco and Rebecca Martinez Donald and Debra Mazour Kirk and Angi McAndrew Patrick and Mary Pat McBride Tim McCarthy Dennis and Betty Medinger Jenifer Mettler Bill and Nancy Meyers Bobby Meyers Kim Miller Kevin and Sue Moore Thomas and Jane Moorhouse Gonzalo and Ma Del Moreno Nick and Nicole MorrisonVint Deryle and Nadine Morton Dan and Shelley Moser Tim and Mary Murphy James and Sally Neville Cat and Linh Nguyen Sion and Stacie Odom Brian and Linda Ohnoutka Kevin Ondracek Jack and Ann Osterman Gregory and Connie ’85 Pautz Bobby and Julie Petitt Kim and Jane Pohlen Ed and Karen Printz Alan and Diane Pryor Jeff ’91 and Jennifer ’92 Rawlinson

John and Denise Ray Andrew and Niki Reifert Lynn and Mary ’73 Reifschneider Daniel and Sandra Reisdorff Dan and Amy Riley Richard Ritterbush Michael and Michelle Robinson Rich and Cindy Roettger Roger and Angela ’86 Root Mick and Jennifer Sager Al and Mary Sand Alan and Barbara Schmidt Larry and Bernadette Schneider Tim and Dr. Margo Schnell Julie Schonewise John and Linda Schulte Denise Scott David ’84 and Monica ’86 Sedlak Diane Sedlak John and Betty Sedlak Norma Shipferling Kevin and Mary Silvey Michael ’92 and Anne Sinclair Dennis and Arlene Stastny Joe and Sara ’77 Stejskal Fred and Vicki Stoll Jeff and Kerri Strizek Patty Styron Fern Thiem Dave and Linda Thomsen Gary and Chris Timm Michael and Jane Tobias Jackie Toman Ramiro and Sanjuana Torres Bichthuy and Nguyen Tran Rich and Marilyn Twehous Steve and Cathy Urban Gene and Phyllis Urkoski Dean and Jodie Valish Jason and Monica Vercellino Luis and Rogene Villamonte Shawn Vondracek Greg and Nancy Vrbka Rich and Celia ’74 Wahl S. Leigh Wahl Rita Wesely Kathleen Weyers Jack and Melinda White Alan and Mary Wiest Phil and Mary Wolfe Jay and Mary Woltemath Steven and Patty Zeleski Carl Zeutzius

Pius X High School This list contains all gifts to Pius X High School including “Give To Lincoln Day”, but excluding BOLT and Booster Club.

Anonymous (23) A Street Market A.T. Thomas Jewelers Curtis & Michele Abendroth Denise Ackerman Ronald & Becky Ackermann Acklie Charitable Foundation John & Julie Addy Thad ’93 & Amy ’92 Aerts Mary Jo Ahlin Peggy Ahlin Joe & Lois Akers John & Julie Albin Tom & Lynne Albin Derek & Kimberly Aldridge David & Nancy ’84 Allder Michael & Paula Allen Ryan & Jessica ’02 Allington Allstate* Jeff & Deb Altman American National Bank Amigo’s A&W Michael & Lisa Andersen Bert & Janet Anderson Shannon Anderson ’78 Anderson Studio Timothy & Janel Andreasen James & Julie Angele Steven & Anjilynn Antonelli Applebee’s Grill & Bar Arby’s Daniel & Amy Archuleta Nathan & ReeAnna ’96 Armagost Rod & Michele Arndt Tony & Chris ’85 Arndt Dr. Mark & Debbie Arneson John & Tasha Arrigo Mary Arth ’61 Jeffrey & Nancy Asselin Mark & Michelle Aylor Tim ’69 & Gaylene Aylward Joe & Penny Bachmann Ann ’75 & Jonathan Baker Jonathan & Ann ’75 Baker Victor & Martha Balderas Bank of the West Rob & Koni ’82 Barie Michael & Donna Barnes Scott & Ann Barnett Deirdre Barr Nicole Barrett John ’84 & Nancy ’85 Barta Henry Baum Donald & Sharon Baumert James ’75 & Krystal Baumert Thomas & Linda Baumert James & Connie Bayless Doug & Lori Beals Brian & Tiffany Beck Marilue Becker Mike & Barbara Becker Scott & Amy Becker Ryan & Christy Beckman Tom & Pamela Beiermann Mark & Cheryl Bell Michael Bell ’80 Bob ’82 & Michelle Benes Daniel & Dorothy Benes Greg ’69 & Kathy Benes James & Carrie Benes Kenneth ’80 & Joan ’82 Benes Mitch ’04 & Maria ’03 Benes Richard & Nancee ’78 Berger Keith & Dianne Beringer

Todd & Chris Berke Dan & Mary Berning John & Kathy Berrick Jim & Kristi Bertrand Matt & Patty Bideaux Billings Photography Paul & Michelle Birkel Tom & Joanie Bittner Black Hills Energy Corporation Cesar & Laura Blanco Francis & Darlene Blankenau Trudie Blyleven Robert & Mary Bobrowski Body Basics BOEING Gift Matching Program* Dr. Brian & Kathy Boes Jeff & Jenn Boettcher Doug & Sharon Bogue Dr. John & Laura Bonta David & Kelly Brakenhoff Dale & Christine Brandstetter Matt & Stacy Brass Jeff & Sue ’79 Braun Eric & Bridget ’98 Bredenkamp Mark ’78 & Diane ’79 Breiner Barbara Brennan Robert & Mary ’65 Briggle James & Brandi Brown Jon & Maura ’92 Browning Tim & Melissa ’90 Brox Dennis & Diane Brozek Jon & Deonne Bruning Bryan Medical Center Bob & Phillis ’66 Bryant Jeff Bryant ’70 Bryant Agency, Inc Jason & Jeri Bryce Dr. Laurence Buller Mary Ann Burda ’61 Burger King Restuarant Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation* Sally Burt Butherus Maser & Love Funeral Home Barry & Tricia Butler Buzzard Billy’s Tim & Kim-Yen Cao Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Cafe Carpetland Mike & Cathy Carr J.P. ’86 & Anne Caruso Jim & Pam Cassel Dick & Melanie Cassidy Cathedral Men’s Golf League Brian Cecava Central Lumber Sales Inc Bill & Kelly Chapman City Bank & Trust Co Dr. Pat & Linda Clare Rick & Patti ’79 Clarence Class of 1992 Gregory & Kimberly Coffey Colby Ridge Popcorn Cold Stone Creamery Craig & Ann Condello James & Shirley Condon Patrick & Carol Ann Condon Susan Connolly ’03 Jerry & Lori Connot ConocoPhillips* Thomas & Kathleen Conroy

Tim & Jennifer Conzemius Dr. Jude & Dr. Barb ’84 Cook Alex & Veronica ’89 Cordry Cornhusker Bank Rev. Gary Coulter ’92 Stephen ’93 & Nuala Cowan John & Lori Cox Dave & Karen Cronin Paul ’94 & Jamie ’94 Cunningham Robert ’62 & D Cunningham Dan ’72 & Mary Curran Barb Custer Kevin Dalton ’96 Thomas & Renee Dalton Darold’s Jewelers & Diamond Importers William & Mary Davenport Clemens & Shannon ’71 Dawson Jack & Margy ’50 Dawson Msgr. James Dawson Jenny Dawson Meyer ’80 Robert Dean ’66 Brad & Amy ’91 Decker Mark DeMars ’92 Designers On The Avenue Jamie & Anne Deterding Jennifer Determan ’05 Jim & Marjorie Determan Michael & Terese DeWald Matthew & Jennifer ’01 Dilisio Dillon Foundation Paul DiNino Coung & Thuy Do Dr. Kent Dodson Pat & Rhonda Dodson Dr. Douglas & Kathleen ’79 Dolezal Russ ’87 & Brenda Dolezal Shane & Ann Dolph Don & Millie’s Tom ’82 & Mary Kay Donlan Tim & LuAnn ’84 Dougherty Deanna Dowd Alissa Dowell Anne Driewer David ’79 & Ruth Duden Patrick & Michaela Dugan George ’57 & Nikki Easley Gary & Mary Eckrich Frank ’48 & Aldeane Effinger Dan ’73 & Beth ’73 Elsener Kent ’83 & Dorothy Endacott Steve ’86 & Jaime Engstrom Dan & Connie ’81 Ernst Estate of Glenn E. Miller Dr. Mike & Dr. Jeanne ’67 Eulberg Dane Falkner Famous Dave’s Tim & Lisa Farmer John & Jane Farrell Fayad’s Auto Martin & Joye Fehringer Scott ’88 & Jane ’89 Felber Pete & Renee ’86 Felder Bill & Mary Feltes Sherl Fetter Ficke Orthodontics LLC Bob & Carla Fiedler Rudolph & Jacqueline Fiedler Kevin & Chris Fish Fish World

Michael & Elizabeth Fitzgerald Scott & Jeanie Fitzgerald Mike & Susan ’78 Foley Fortune Palace Keith & Mary Frey Chuck & Pat ’75 Fricke Friedman Law Office Gary & Susan Frodyma Fund for Teachers Mary Lou Gaddis Dr. Peter & Margo ’86 Gallagher Liz Gamble ’90 Juan Miceli Garcia Barb Gard Dwight & Kathleen Gatzemeyer General Excavating Aaron ’04 & Dee Gengler Greg & Joyce Gibney Jim & Jill Giesler Rev. Lothar Gilde ’97 Carolyn Gill ’00 Jack Gilsdorf Godfather’s Pizza Goodcents Deli Goodyear Fitness Vincent & Janice Goracke John ’61 & Helen Gordon Wally & Dee Graff Graham Tire Company Grandmother’s Restaurant Cary & Barbara Gray Tom & Deb Greitens Jon & Paula Grenemeier Kevin & Mary Griffin Ron Grose Margaret Gross Joann Grosserode ’78 Steven & Pat Grosserode Edward & Connie Guerra Doug & Heather ’91 Guess Richard & Catherine Haden Dr. Gerard & Mary Beth Hafner Ken & Peggy Hain Hair by Claire Jim & Sally Hakel David & Carolyn Hall Ralph & Pam Hammack Robert & Connie Hampl Richard ’80 & Linda Hanigan Bradley & Tiffanie Hans Bill & Cynthia Hanus Stan & Pat Harms Gary ’88 & Kim ’88 Harper Harre Orthodontics Donna Harrison Mitch & Sandy Hartman Wade & Stacey ’03 Hattaway HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP Peter ’90 & Kristin ’91 Heath Matt & Dani Hecker Kelly & Julie Heftie Dr. Gregory ’76 & Mary Heidrick Janis Heim Tim & Annette Helman Dr. Kelly ’89 & Celeste Hendricks Michael & Monica Henkenius Steve & Patty Henrichsen Jeff & Melissa Henry Kevin & Lynne Hestermann James ’88 & Tisha Hewitt

Wayne & Cathy Heyen Tom & Diane Hilger Dr. Carmen Hill Grant Cameron & Julie Hinds Josh & Paula ’86 Hoage Gary & Kathy Hoebelheinrich Jack & Marilynn Hoenig Wayne & Deb Hoge Robin & Mary Beth Holtmeier Bill & Stacie ’97 Hooks Rox & Patricia Horn Steve & Lee Ann Hotovy Thomas ’70 & Nancy Houlihan Jim Houser James & Tammi Houton Donald Hovermale Marcia Hovermale Phil & Ann Hovis Perry & Becky Howell Dean Hoy Lee & Shirley Hroza Todd ’82 & Deb Hruby Duane & Mary Hugo Marlynn Hunke Pat & Jeanne Hupp Dann & Laure Husmann Hy-Vee Andy & Cindy Incontro Gregg ’83 & Sheri Jablonski Rich ’72 & Donette Jablonski Andrew & Chris Jacobsen Steven & Sonia Jambor Dave & Kate Jarecke Mary Ann Jaros Michael & Carol ’80 Jenkins Jim & Danetta Jensen Dalton & Melo Johnson David & Nancy Johnson Kevin & Joan ’74 Johnston Blaine & Gail Johs Carolyn Jones Dan & Jean Jones Dr. Michael ’76 & Marsha Jones JPMorgan Chase Foundation* Juice Stop Joan Junkin Gordon & Margaret KaiserWoodward Kenneth Kalisek Tim & DaNay Kalkowski Randy & Sherry Kaup Bob ’78 & Pat ’76 Kavan James & Irene Kearney Craig & Natalie Keaschall Mary Keef ’56 Juliet Kelty ’99 Jean Kenkel ’98 Dr. Sean & Tracy Kenney Jeremie Kerkman Joseph & Lisa Kerrigan Patrick Kerrigan Daniel & Mardie Kincheloe Dave & Ann Kirby Laura Knaus ’00 John Knopp ’59 Lavern & Canice Kobus Bob & Florence Koenig Bret & Emily Koenig Doug & Mary Koenig Tony & Michelle ’83 Koester Larry & Renee Kolbush Orville & Joyce Kollars

Kelsey Konecky ’12 Rick & Joan Konecky Ken & Liz ’82 Koop Jackie Kopetka John & Patricia Kopetzky Tom & Jill ’83 Korta Rev. Leo Kosch Russ & Carla Kosch Dr. Mike & Ann ’87 Kotopka Dennis & Theresa Kottwitz Jerry & Patti Kowalski Kerry & Jeanna Kowalski Kevin & Margaret Kramer Krauter Bosn Service Co Gregg & Barbara ’64 KreaderSkalinder Doug & Michelle Kreifels Jim ’54 & Patricia Kreifels Edward & Connie Kreikemeier Michael & Mary Kay Kreikemeier Dan & Susan Krick Mark & Patty Krings Curtis & Lisa Krueger John ’68 & Sheila ’68 Kuchta Tom ’70 & Holly Kuchta Joe & Charity Kuehn Donel & Paulette Kuhlman Mark & Janet Kurtenbach Mark & Janey Kuzila La Paz Mexican Restaurant James & Jackie LaFollette Travis & Michelle Laframboise Greg ’80 & Patty Lang Robert & Loretta Lang Liz Lange ’04 Rick & Sue Lange Dr. Rex & Karen ’81 Largen Laser Quest Keith & Michelle Laue Kirk & Christin Laughlin Michael ’63 & Carol ’63 Laughlin Don & Lisa Laurell Lazlo’s Dave & Julie ’79 Lazure Joe ’79 & Margaret ’78 LeDuc Lucy Lien ’70 Michael & Michelle Liesch Phillip & Joan Liescheski Paul & Susan Liess Lincoln Community Foundation Lincoln Glass Lincoln Parks Foundation Lincoln Racquet Club Lincoln Stars Hockey Jerome & Karen Linderman Steve & Laurie Lindgren Mike & Rhonda Litt Marvin & Denise Logan Scott ’89 & Angela Lonergan Gary ’73 & Cindy Love Jim ’62 & Mary Anne Love Bill & Susie Luxford Tom & Jean Lynch Lisbeth Lyons Kyle & Dorci Mabie Bob & Nichole ’97 MacDonald Mary Ellen Macomber Joe & Ruthie Maguire Shawn & Margy ’82 Mahler Jane Mahoney Neal ’57 U 25

Pius X High School Dr. John ’89 & Kendra ’90 Majerus Tim ’87 & Dr. Sarah ’87 Majerus Pam Makovicka Tom & Deidre ’79 Malmstrom Dr. James & Jane Maly Brent & Anne Manning Danny & Karen Marsh Paul & Barb Marsolek David & Cheryl ’63 Mart Dean & Julie Martin Max Tan Aaron ’94 & Becky ’95 May May Flanagan Foundation, Inc. Donald & Debra Mazour Patrick & Mary Pat McBride Pat ’79 & Beth McCabe Tim & Jane McCarthy Patrick & Dr. Courtney McCashland David & Jan McChesney Frederick & Erma McCormick Bob & Mary Kay McDonald Shawn & Jodi McGill Pat McGovern ’44 Bob & Annette ’79 McGuire Allen ’91 & Lisa McInerney Robert & Margaret McKitterick Richard & Kim McLaughlin Timothy & Jenny ’91 McNeese David & MaryBeth McWilliams Ed & Kathy ’64 Meade Hebert Steve & Colleen Medill Wynn & Sheila Mehlhaff Zachary & Kara ’98 MeinkeBaehr Tim & Bea Menke Marilyn Mercier Arnold & Irene Mertens Dennis & Ronna Meyer Bill & Nancy Meyers Tom & Suzy Meyers Rev. James Meysenburg Microsoft* Harlan Milder Steve & Susan Milhouse Jeremy & Courtney Miller Kim Miller Ron & Ann Miller Ronald & Roni Miller Miller Seed Company Todd & Laura Minchow William & Mary Beth Mines Larry & Phyllis Mitchell John & Denise Moeschen Mike & Toni Montanez Kevin & Sue Moore Michael & Kristie Morgan Monte & Judy ’61 Moser Stephen ’64 & Joan Mueting Dan & Angie Muhleisen Jeremy & Michele Murphy Msgr. Jerome Murray Mark & Magali Napier Kevin ’85 & Christy ’88 Naumann NE Bookstore Doug ’87 & Megan Nebel Larry ’65 & Melody Nebesniak

26 U

Nebraska Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine PC Nebraska State College System Nelnet* New York Life Foundation* Dung & Hue Nguyen Hung & Hanh Nguyen Kevin & Tessy Nguyen Vu & Quynh Nguyen Gene & Beth Nickman Chris & Lisa Noecker John ’82 & Betsy Noel Rich & Karen Noel Thomas & Jennifer Nottlemann Novartis Matching Gift Center* Stephen & Marilyn Oborny Keith & Lois O’Brien Patrick ’84 & Corinne O’Brien Mike & Ginger O’Donnell Bob O’Gara ’57 James & Ruth ’79 O’Gara Dr. John & Marilyn O’Gara Debra Olson John & Jody Olsson Joan O’Meara Sara Ondracek ’89 Optimal Dental PC Mary O’Shea Outback Steakhouse Brian & Lindsay Owens Matthew ’01 & Katherine Owens Papa Murphy’s Kevin & Lisa Paul Gregory & Connie ’85 Pautz George Pavlas ’56 Jack & Natalie Peetz Hector & Ana Pelayo Msgr. John Perkinton ’75 Dr. Paul & Trish Petersen Pierre & Michilina Pettinger Jeff & Amy Pfeifer Pfizer Foundation* Thach & Tanci Pham Peter & Joni Piccolo Joanne Pickrel Tim & Kate Pieper Pinnacle Bank Pioneer Greens Dentistry Kelly ’82 & Mary Pohlen Kim & Jane Pohlen Arlene Pokorny Peggy Polacek Ryan & Becky Pollock Edward & Betty Porn Paul & Susan Portsche Tom & Karen Post Dale & Karen Pribnow Ed & Karen Printz QP Ace Hardware Sean & Elizabeth Quigley Dick ’60 & Patricia Rademacher Raising Canes Randall & Cara Ramaekers Rick & Georgeanne Rashilla Randy & Susan Ratliff Chris & Teresa Raun Jeff ’91 & Jennifer ’92 Rawlinson Jean Reed ’03 David & Christine ’74 Reenders

David ’89 & Laura ’91 Reese Herb & Katie Reese Reese Construction REGA Engineering Group Inc Duane & Diane Reiber Andrew & Niki Reifert Tom & Susan ’77 Reinhart Daniel Reinig ’78 Paul & Rosemary Reinsch Bernie ’63 & Betty ’63 Rempe Don & Kay Rempe Marty & Mark Resseguie Chad & Jane Reynoldson James ’77 & Andrea Rice Rich & Mary Beth Rice Wes & Monica Richert Brian & Cindy ’90 Ridder Bob & Virginia Riebel Dan & Amy Riley Jean Rink ’87 John & Arlene Rink Bryan & Doris Robertson James Robinson Todd & Rita Rolfes Richard & Rosanne Ruby Runza Jerome & Kristina Russell Nancy Russell Gene & Rose Ryan Vince & Sue ’78 Rye Eric & Therese ’78 Sack Mick & Jennifer Sager Monte & Lori Sailors Sam & Louie’s Mary Patricia Sand ’45 Stephanie Sander ’54 Kirk ’81 & Connie ’81 Sanders Jim & Mary Sanley Joel & Kathy ’80 Sartore Ted & Janna Sasse Guy Saunders Lewis Schafers Scheels All Sports Kevin & Heidi Schieuer Mark & Cindy Schilmoeller Jack & Brenda Schimenti Daniel & Joyce Schlautman Joel & Mary Schlautman Gary & Jolene Schleppenbach Mike & Sandy Schleppenbach Jeff & Anne Schmidt Doug & Diane Schneider Schoettger Orthodontics PC Ronald & Tammie Scholz Julie Schonewise Daren & Amy Schriner John ’82 & Patricia Schroeder Norm & Jane ’74 Schuller Quirt & Susan Scott Robert & Diane Sealock Matt & Teresa ’78 Searls Karen Sebek Mike & Brenda Sebek David ’84 & Monica ’86 Sedlak Vince & Theresa Seiker Monty & Lynnette ’82 Sellon Sentry Electric Jack & Paula Sharkey Patrick & Elizabeth Shea Eileen Shellhouse ’69 Larry Shepard ’74 Tim & Geri Shipley Diane Shottenkirk

Sid Dillon Buick Nissan Hyundai Douglas & Nicole Simon Daryl & Mary ’67 Sincebaugh Corey & Michele Sindelar Angela Skrivan ’88 Alan & Ruth Slattery Kevin & Chananne Slepicka Bill & Joy Smith James & Doris Smith Jean Smith Mary Smith Michael Smith Molly Smith Paul & Sharon Smith William Smith Kelly & Amber ’95 Soden SolutionOne Sonic Drive-In Steve Sousek Todd & Linda Speth Tracy Spicer Darren Spriggs Tyler & Bev Sprouse St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center Scott & Linda Stacy David & Kaela ’90 Stamper Loran & Julie Stara State Farm Companies Foundation* State Troopers Association of Nebraska Corporation Steve & Susan Statz Stauffer’s Cafe & Pie Shoppe Mike ’85 & Gina Steele Dean & Lisa Steffensmeier Bart ’84 & Tina ’93 Stephens Wayne Stephens Don & Elaine Stewart Clifford & Susan Stockmyer Tim & Jenny Stonehocker Bill ’69 & Kim Straub Lt. Col. Mike ’68 & Jennifer Streeter Lindsay Strizek ’04 Mike & Joan Stuchlik Subway Jack & Loretta Sugrue Jerry & Sara Sukup Dan ’83 & Shelly Sullivan Sun Valley Lanes Dr. Greg ’71 & Dr. Margaret Sutton Sutton Linder Sutton Harvey & Laura ’89 Swanson Robert & Jan ’85 Swanson Todd & Karen Swenson Taco Inn Taco John’s Gary & Roxanne Talbott John Talken Matt & Joan ’83 Tasler Amy Tejral Ben & Erin ’02 Terpstra Timothy & Sheila Terrell Texas Roadhouse Brad & Sherry Thavenet The Buckle The Cookie Company The Fort The Knolls The Oven Dale & Kim Theisen Dan & Ava Thomas

Greg & Cindy Thomas James ’64 & Kathleen Thomas Sena Thoms Tom ’75 & Shelley Thorpe Scott & Elizabeth ’92 Thorson Tico’s Tiger Coaching/Personal Training Gary & Chris Timm Patrick & Mary Tines Michael & Jane Tobias Mike Toughill ’64 Jim & Juli Townsend Tom & Margaret Tracy Daniel ’64 & Mij Tresnak James & Linda Tucker Jan Tvrdy Rich & Marilyn Twehous U.S. Bancorp Mike Uerling ’91 Dan & Shari Ullman Greg & Deana Unger Union Bank & Trust Company U-Stop Tim & Kelly Utrup Vacek Family Dentistry Mike & Vicki Valaika Valentino’s Dean & Jodie Valish James & Geraldine Van Etten Randy & Suzanne Vandenhul Jack & Sandra Vandewalle Jeff & Deb VanLent Dean & Christe VanLoon Dr. Gary & Tami Varilek Jason & Monica Vercellino Kurt Verkamp Randy & Lisa ’82 VerMaas John & Kay Vermeulen Village Inn Dallas & Mary Virchow Wanda Vodehnal James & Mary Jean Vogel Frank & Nancy ’62 Vogt Elizabeth Volkmer ’97 Kent & Lori Vossler Jerry & Christina Vrbka Scott & Jeanne Vrbka Tom & Ann ’87 Wackel Chris & Michelle Wagner Rich & Celia ’74 Wahl Jeff & Janell Walker Wal-Mart - South Ann Warday Jim & Carol Wathen Wayne’s Body Shop Michael & Janet Weedman Jim & Connie Weir Bertha Weitzel Robert & Lynne Welch Wells Fargo Bank Elmer & Jane Wemhoff Michael & Cheryl Wemhoff Gregory ’84 & Kay ’86 Wenzl Louis Wenzl Joe & Sophia Werning Rita Wesely Chris & Lori Weskamp Elmer ’69 & Pam ’72 Wessel West Gate Bank Rose Westerlund ’67 Verlyn Westra Jim & Heather Whalen Paul ’62 & Janet ’63 Wheeler

Robert & Sandra White Whitehead Oil Company Lyndon & Rosemary Wichers Richard & Luree Wiese Tom & Sandy Wieser Wilderness Ridge James & Kathy Wilkerson Pam Wilkes Bert & Sue Wilkinson Andrew & Erin Willis Jim & Connie Wilson Wingfoot Imprinted Sportswear James & Susan Woita Paul & Sharon Wojtasek Steve & Mary Wolsleger Ed ’79 & Vicki ’79 Woolman Rick & Lori Wordekemper Skip ’61 & Lucy ’61 Young Timothy & Victoria Young Dave & Luann Zastrow Mike & Amy ’89 Zeleny David & Angela Zemunski Steven ’83 & Julie ’84 Zeplin Tom & Sonya Zimmerman Dr. Paul & Gia Zuercher David ’61 & Kathy Zweig

building a strong foundation

Grants Received for Technology Upgrades for New Chemistry Labs by Sophia Werning

Sophomore students Austin Verkamp and Sahra Buzi work on an experiment in the new chemistry lab.

Pius X High School is only a few steps away from realizing its long awaited goal of renovating and upgrading the school’s chemistry lab facilities, thanks to two generous grants recently awarded by The Dillon Foundation and the May Flanagan Foundation. The funds awarded by the organizations will go toward modernization of Pius X’s two chemistry labs through new computer equipment and technological devices designed for 21st century learning. The grants awarded – $30,000 from the Dillon Foundation and $10,000 from the May Flanagan Foundation – will go a long way toward purchasing the new equipment for the lab, including iPads, chemistry lab software, digital probes and other measuring devices, and much more. As longtime supporters of Pius X, both foundations donated very generously toward all three phases of the chemistry lab renovation project, thus demonstrating their strong commitment to seeing the project through to completion. In the summer of 2011, Pius X High School initiated a 3-phase plan to renovate its two aging Chemistry labs due to new curriculum changes by the state of Nebraska requiring all high school students complete three years of science. The labs at the school had not been modernized since the school opened its doors in 1956. Construction on the Chemistry

labs was completed in the summers of 2012 and 2013 thanks to previous grants from both the Dillon Foundation and May Flanagan Foundation, donations and matching funds received through Give To Lincoln Day, and many other donors. The goal of this project is to move Pius X students into a 21st century learning

environment through the use of technology similar to that used by modern high school and college chemistry labs. Educators point out numerous factors that explain the benefits and impacts of using technology in the classroom across all curricula, including increased students participation and engagement in learning through “showing” rather than “telling”. Further, because technology is abundant in college and in the modern workplace, exposure at the high school level greatly increases college readiness and technical skills in the future. In particular, during science experimentation, digital measuring devices allow students to more speedily gather information and thus move more quickly toward observation, analysis and critical thinking. “I’m very excited for the enhanced learning opportunities our chemistry students will have due to the new technology provided by the generous grants from the Dillon and May Flanagan foundations,” Pius X Science Department Chair Sharolyn Schneider says. “Many schools and colleges have been using this type of science technology for years, and now we here at Pius X will be able to better prepare our students for their university lab situations, and to help them be equally competitive.”

Pius X Alumnus Performs for Tour of Walt Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” Sean Murphy ’07, son of Mike and Karen Murphy, is living his dream of being a professional musician. He is currently on an international tour performing bass as part of the pit orchestra for the Walt Disney musical “Beauty and the Beast.” The tour includes a performance at the Music Hall in Kansas City, Missouri that runs from December 10-15, 2013. U 27

alumni today

Pius X Alumni Host 3rd Annual Fun Run The 3rd Annual ThunderBOLT Fun Run was held the morning of Aug. 3, 2013 at Holmes Lake Park. This family friendly event offered both an option for serious runners or those who chose to walk and enjoy the company. The event had another great turn-out. Thank you to everyone who participated, came out to cheer on a friend or volunteered to help at the event. Thank you also to our sponsors, including four alumni reunion year classes! Be sure to save the date on Aug., 2, 2014 for our 4th Annual ThunderBOLT Fun Run!

Thanks to our sponsors!

Congratulations to Alyssa Schroer Mapson ’99 for winning the prize for the best showing of Pius X spirit and pride, running in a cheerleading uniform. Go BOLTS!

Theo the Thunderbolt (middle) posses for a quick photo with the Alumni Fun Run Committee, including (l to r): Bob Duden ’83, Kristin Edwards Heath ’91, Lori Lieb Morin ’96, Kara Foster ’88, and Shawna Arroyo Schroer ’96.

Peter Morin, M.D. Family Practice

Dr. Dan J. Tomes

Mr. Lee’s Chinese

CLASSES OF: 1973 • 1983 • 1993 • 2003

Mass Honors Deceased Alumni and Loved Ones

On Wed., Nov. 6th, Pius X High School honored all deceased alumni during an all-school Mass. Students, faculty and staff welcomed more than 70 special guests whose deceased loved ones are members of the Pius X family, some of which have established an endowed scholarship or fund at Pius X in memory of their family members. Before Mass, a slide show including the yearbook photo, name, class year, and date of death of our deceased Pius X students or alumni was shown. During Mass, guests brought forward a long stemmed red rose with a message attached honoring their loved one. The roses were presented to Father Sughroue, and handed to Father Meysenburg who arranged them in vases in front of the alter. These were later displayed in the Pius X chapel for prayer intentions. We especially thank John Love ’87 with Butherus, Maser and Love Funeral Home and Stem Gallery for providing the long stemmed flowers. Following Mass, guests were invited to a reception in the Commons area. The Mass celebrant was Fr. Adam Sughroue of St. John’s parish with eight other priests concelebrating including Superintendent Fr. James Meysenburg, Fr. Leo Seiker ’82, Fr. Nicholas Kipper ’98, and Former Superintendent Msgr. James Dawson who spoke briefly to the students and the guests. Pictured above, left to right: Chuck Clifford ’73 and his wife Connie, honoring his sister, Julianne Clifford Taylor ’77. Kaelynn Wilger’16 and Julie Wilger Jelinek ’77, daughter and sister, respectively, of Jay Wilger ’80. Jim Dobler ’68 and Nancy Dobler honoring their brother and son, respectively, Gregory Dobler ’72. Fr. Jim Meysenburg, Superintendent places memorial roses into a vase which was later placed in the Pius X chapel. Photos courtesy of Pius X yearbook staff.

28 U

alumni today

Dan Elsener ’73 Honored as Outstanding Alumnus by Sophia Werning

Fr. Jim Meysenburg and Kristin (Edwards) Heath ’91 congratulate Dan Elsener ’73 and welcome him back to Pius X. Photo courtesy of Yearbook Staff.

Beth and Dan Elsener, both graduates of Pius X High School, listen while Dan is introduced as the 2013 Outstanding Alumnus. The presentation included a touching letter to Dan from his children thanking him for his dedication to Catholic education and the example he set. Photo courtesy of Yearbook Staff.

On August 4, 2013, in recognition tion Administration. He then continued of numerous years of dedication to his graduate studies at Kansas State and Catholic education, Daniel J. Elsener Wichita State Universities. After six years ’73, President of Marian University in at Gross High School, he accepted a posiIndianapolis, Ind. returned to his home tion as the first lay principal of Hayden town of Lincoln to receive the Pius X High School in Topeka, Kan. In 1987, Outstanding Alumni Award. Surrounded Elsener became Superintendent of Cathoby family and friends and accompanied lic Schools for the Diocese of Wichita. by his wife Beth – also a member of the In 1992, Elsener was asked to serve ’73 graduating class at Pius X – Elsener was presented with this distinctive award at the annual Friends of Pius Reception held in the school commons. Dan is one of six children born to Nick and Rosemary Elsener in Omaha, Neb. He experienced the benefits of a strong Catholic education from an early age, attending Holy Name School in Omaha before moving to St. Teresa School in Lincoln and then to Pius X. Elsener then enrolled in Nebraska Msgr. Ivan Vap visits with Dan Elsener during the Friends of Pius X Wesleyan University and, Appreciation Reception and Awards Ceremony. four years later, graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Political the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Ind., as Science and Education. In December of the Secretary of Catholic Education and his junior year (1975), he married Beth Superintendent of Schools, overseeing all Waite. Through 38 happy years of maraspects of Catholic education and leading riage, they have been blessed with nine 71 schools. During this time, the diocese’s children and 17 grandchildren, and a enrollment grew from 18,000 to 25,000 shared, deep commitment to the mission students. In 1999, he became Executive of Catholic education. Director of the Christel DeHaan Family Elsener’s career began as a teacher at Foundation and Project E Indiana. Daniel J. Gross High School in Omaha. In 2001, Marian College began a He immediately pursued graduate studies search for its eighth president and Elsener at the University of Nebraska from which accepted the call to serve at this Francishe earned a Master’s of Science in Educacan Catholic liberal arts institution as a

“non-traditional” president. Over the past 11 years, he has overseen the transformation of Marian from college to university status, expanded enrollment from 1,000 to the present number of 3,000 students, opened the College of Osteopathic Medicine, supported numerous nationally-ranked championship athletic teams and created and expanded a variety of new undergraduate and graduate programs. He has also overseen more than $100 million in building construction and more than tenfold growth in endowments through exceptional fundraising. Throughout his tenure, Elsener has made the integration of faith, values, ethics, and character development central to all aspects of the University’s pursuit to build a “Great Catholic University in a Great American City.” As a member of the Indiana State Board of Education and numerous other non-profit and corporate boards, Elsener has contributed considerably to advancing the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of the larger community and nation. Upon receiving his award, Elsener reflected on the tremendous impact the Catholic church has all over the world by way of charitable works, healthcare, and education, saying that “The most transformational thing we do is educate.” After reminiscing about his high school days in front of his family and some of his former coaches, teachers and classmates, he strongly praised both Pius X and the Diocese of Lincoln, saying that he has travelled all over the country and has never seen a diocese with a greater commitment to Catholic education. “It really has no rival,” he remarked. U 29

alumni today

Seminarian or “Rock Star”?

Vocations Corner

by Sophia Werning

True to his trademark style of humility and wit, Pius X alumnus Chris Stoley ’07, describes himself as someone who was “tolerated by all and liked by many” during his days roaming the halls of Pius X. Today, Stoley, son of Mark and Margy Stoley of St. Teresa parish and brother of Derek ’12 and Alex ’17, is a Theology 3 student in priestly formation at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, Penn. He is currently in final preparation for ordination as a Deacon on May 23, 2014. Among Stoley’s fondest memories at Pius X were the friendships formed during his short time participating in theater. “I was a Nazi in No Fading Star during my junior year, and that opened a lot of opportunities to make new friends and get acquainted with a broad range of people with whom I normally wouldn’t have hung out,” Stoley recollects. Throughout high school, Stoley also enjoyed a core group of friends who were there for him through thick and thin. “We had fun together, we got in trouble together, and we got out of trouble together,” he reflects. “We were a tight-knit unit, almost like a family.” Stoley has not forgotten the support he received from his friends when he announced he was planning to enter the seminary. “They were more excited than I,” he recalls of his decision to study for the priesthood. “When I told them I was going to the seminary, they all laughed.” Stoley’s friends may have laughed because they were used to his unflinching sense of humor that still exists to this day. “At Pius, I was the guy who would put an elastic book-cover on my face and run around the building bothering people,” he says. “I was the guy who hid under the stairs in the 150 hallway and scared unsuspecting climbers before class. I was the clown and trouble-maker.” All the while, it was during these laughter-filled days as a Pius X student that Stoley pursued the serious process of discerning his vocation. “I am blessed to have had as great an experience as I did at Pius, and without it, I would never have heard my vocation,” he explains. Two significant experiences greatly impacted Stoley spiritually while on retreat during his junior year. “I had been wrestling with the idea of the seminary for quite some time. I had dated a couple girls and I was not sure what to do,” he

30 U

Top: Chris Stoley ’07 along with fellow Pius X alumna Anissa Milburn ’11, Julia McCormick and Sam Volkmer were members of a Totus Tuus team that taught the week-long summer program at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ and other parishes this past summer. Photo courtesy of Fr. Steve Mills and Julia McCormick. Right: Chris Stoley ’07 is the lucky recipient of an ice cream sundae - Totus Tuus style! Photo courtesy of Julia McCormick.

recalls. “During Adoration, I could tell Christ was trying to tell me something, but I just couldn’t decipher the enigma. The more I asked Him what I should do, the less I heard. Finally, the words, ‘Go to confession’ rang out loud and clear.” It was upon receiving this sacrament that Stoley shared his thoughts with a priest who he found out later was the late Fr. Mark Tasler (see article on page 11). “At the end of it, he asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I said I was thinking about the seminary. He said, ‘Really? That is interesting because I feel a very strong calling for you to the priesthood.’ I was reeling as I left and went back into Adoration, and thought, ‘You win, God. What do I need to do?’” Other influences on his discernment process occurred during his senior year, including a class on vocations taught by Fr. Leo Kosch during which he learned the breviary, and a social justice class taught by Fr. Jay Buhman. “I was set on the seminary, but I had no idea what to do to make it happen,” he recalls. “Fr. Buhman, who was the assistant vocations director at the time,

was always around to offer encouragement and help when I needed it.” After several meetings with him and Fr. Robert Matya, he entered St. Gregory the Great Seminary. As is the case for many young men who enter the seminary, Stoley has had many experiences that he had not expected. “The most surprising aspect of being in the seminary is the vast amount of people that know about us,” he reflects. “Kids think we’re rock stars, other dioceses think we live in Utopia, and families want us for sons. The support we receive from the faithful is incredible.” Stoley expresses deep, heart-felt appreciation for all of the caring support and prayers he and other seminarians receive from their greater Catholic family. “The most gratifying part of being in the seminary is being able to serve them back by teaching their kids, helping at camps, ministering the Eucharist to the sick, serving at Mass, and offering counsel and comfort to the suffering and lost,” he reflects. “It is amazing to see God working through my words and actions to draw them closer to Himself.”

alumni today

Bits & Pieces 1950s Mary Anne (Gude) Curry ’59 received her BFA from UNL, and married Richard E. Curry in1963. They have three children who are all Pius X alumni, John Paul ’83 (Cinda), Michelle Louise ’85 (Paul) Smith, Natalie Marie ’93 (Mark) Timpone, and six grandchildren. They moved to Rapid City in 1997 and reside in Goodyear, Ariz. in the winter. She is a member of the South Dakota and Arizona Republican Party as well as Chapters DL (NE), BF (SD) P.E.O. They travel with the Dakota Corvettes and visit family in their retirement. Mary Anne hosted some Pius X Alum classmates in the Black Hills in 2011. She volunteers at the Journey Museum and Blessed Sacrament Church. MAC Design became her fur restyling and design consulting business. Mary Anne enjoyed working on the first BOLT fundraisers with her sister Louise Greenway ’70. She also noted that it was a memorable experience (with guidance of Fr. Vap and Fr. Kelly) to be a part of the decision to name the team the Thunderbolts.

and behind the scenes. Robert recently appeared as “Robert” in PROOF for Peters Alley Theater Productions. Nick Cusick ’69, CEO and co-founder of the IMSCORP group of companies, has received Lincoln Northeast Sertoma Club’s 2013 Service to Mankind Award. IMSCORP has about 200 employees and includes Bison Inc., a manufacturer of sports equipment for schools, playgrounds and residential driveways and SourceOne, a custom manufacturer with industrial clients throughout the region. He and his wife, Ann (Schroeder) ’69, have four daughters and two grandchildren. Cusick is a member of the Pius X Foundation Board of Directors, as well as serving on a wide range of non-profit and philanthropic organization in Lincoln. In accepting the award, Nick said, “Becoming involved in community volunteer activities is infectious and in most cases, the volunteer receives more than they give. The need for volunteers is infinite but human resources available to satisfy these needs are finite. There are

FLYING HIGH Jayme Cox ’13 is now a licensed pilot!

1960s Mike ’63 and Carol (Hauschild) ’63 Laughlin, were reacquainted at their 25th Pius X High School reunion. They were married October 1, 1988 and will celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. Robert Chaves ’64 is an attorney as well as an actor. He is active in northern Virginia community theater both on stage

always opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in the community.” 1980s Air Force Capt. Jason R. Jarecke ’88 has arrived for duty at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. He is the son of Linda Dewey of Woodland Hills Drive, Eagle, Neb., and Robert Jarecke of Ambassador Way, Alexandria. Jarecke received a bachelor of arts in 1992 from St.

Pius X Almnus Inducted into Hall of Fame and Authors NASA Book Jim Eckles ’68 was inducted into the Hall of Fame at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. on Oct. 23, 2013. The honor is the highest award the testing facility can give one of its own employees. White Sands is the largest government test range in America with customers ranging from all the military services to other government agencies like NASA and private industry. Eckles served in the Public Affairs Office for 30 years at White Sands and was noted for his community relations work and chronicling local history. Also in October, Eckles’ book, “Pocketful of Rockets: History and Stories Behind White Sands Missile Range” was published through Amazon. Johns University, Collegeville, Minn. He also earned a master of arts in 2005 from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. 1990s Doug Outz ’96 has three children: Madisen, Paden and Avery. The two oldest attend St. Patrick’s school in Lincoln. Doug’s wife, Christal, is a nurse at Eastmont Towers and Doug works for a drywall company as a plasterer/drywall finisher. 2000s Rachel High ’06 has received her doctorate in medicine from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences on May 18, 2013. Her residency will be in Obstetrics and Gynecology with Methodist Hospital Systems in Houston, Texas.

Zachary McDermott ’06, a FOCUS missionary serving at the University of Kansas, participates in a marathon with students and friends on October 20, 2012. Two Pius X graduates have been cast in the Rocky Horror Picture show playing at the Lyric Theater in Oklahoma City which started in October. Sean Burroughs ’10 will be playing Rocky Horror and Kate Moore ’09 will be playing Magenta. 2010s Congratulations to Rebekka Nickman ’10, who was chosen to do an internship at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. this summer of 2014. She will serve as the press intern in the classical music division as part of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. U 31

alumni today

In Remembrance Kim Wheeler ’66 passed away on Nov. 29, 2010 at the age of 62. Don Mustard ’59 passed away March 3, 2011. Don was at Pius X High School for the 56-57 and 57-58 school years. Don enjoyed reconnecting with classmate, Father Pat Murphy during his final years. John Truman, a 1952 Cathedral High School graduate, passed away on Sept. 21, 2011 Douglas, Homer “H.B.”, husband of Mary (Pusateri) ’58, passed away on Dec 22, 2012. Kristie Woods, wife of David Woods ’63, passed away on Jan.1, 2013. Richard H. Wolfe, grandfather of Jennifer (Fiala) Trausch ’99, Brenda (Fiala) Wandzilak ’00, Rebecca Fial ’03 and Alyssa Fiala ’06, passed away on May 27, 2013. Albert Louis Hanzlicek, father of Ronald ’73 (Theresa Jettner ’75) Hanzlicek, John ’78 (Shiloh) Hanzlicek, passed away on May 20, 2013. Ronald Bernard Steinauer, grandfather of Sara (Schlife) Asif ’94 and Molly Schlife ’97, passed away June 2, 2013 at his home in Gretna. Thomas Casey ’65, brother of Kathy (Casey) Rollman ’65, passed away Apr. 16, 2013. Verne Alan Gibson, grandfather of Josh ’10, Meredith ’11, and Alivia ’13 Hoxmeier, passed away on June 6, 2013. Peter G. Panos, father of Georgia Deming ’81, passed away June 8, 2013 Mark R. “Slick” Krcmarik, , father of Mason Krcmarik ’12, passed away June 8, 2013. Jane M. McCarthy, 46, passed away on June 15, 2013. She is survived by her husband, Tim, and children, Kelly ’13, Gianna, Aaron ’16, Nicholas and Luke.

32 U

Sidney J. Maynard ’59, father of Dave ’86 (Janice) Maynard, Christine ’89 (D.J). Larabee, and Janelle Maynard ’91, passed away on June 17, 2013. Joletta Marie Mommaerts, mother of Timothy Stanford Mommaerts ’76, Kelly Jo Mommaerts ’81 and Mary Margaret Mommaerts ’83, passed away June 13, 2013. Preceded in death by her son, Paul ’77. Charles A. Wilscam Jr., Cathedral High School graduate Class of 1946, passed away on June 14, 2013. Frances Mae (Hanzel) Wackel, mother of Tom (Ann Breiner ’87) Wackel and grandmother of Hanna Wackel ’12 and Megan Wackel ’16, passed away Tuesday, June 25, 2013. Mary Virginia “Ginny” “Gigi” Reese, 83, passed away peacefully June 30, 2013. She is survived by children and grandchildren, including: granddaughter, Bayley Brake ’17 and son-in-law, Gene Brake, Nathan (Kerri) Denell, Kevin Denell ’95 (Leisa), Mary Martha ’72 (David ) Allen and Christie; Mary Margaret (Patrick) Markunas and Katie; Herb (Katie) Reese and Patrick ’09, Kelsey’14, Maggie ’17, and Abby; Mary Pat Waite (Jerry) Ficke, and Lucy ’07, Ginger ’09, Lizzie ’13 and Rachel ’15 Waite; Dr. Charles (Cathy) Reese and Andrew ’12, Garrett ’17 and William; Mary Ann (Scott) Barnett, Emma ’12, Jack ’15, Lilly ’16, and Sera Barnett (Tom) Kapels; David ’89 and (Laura May ’91) Reese and Gracie ’17, Rosie, Anthony, George; 8 Great grandchildren. She is also survived by her brothers; Jack ’43 (Iola) Meehan, Charles Meehan, Bob (Jane) Meehan; and sister, Mary Meehan. She was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. Herbert Reese, and daughter, Mary Elizabeth (Reese) Brake ’70. David Mueller ’04 passed away on July 7, 2013. Margaret Vera Fulton Butler Butcher, grandmother of Pat O’Brien ’92, passed away on July 7, 2013.

Norris Dale “Butch” Sintek, father of Patricia Churray ’63, passed away on July 4, 2013. Gloria Suzanna (Enright) Carstens ’65, sister of Diane Thomas ’67, passed away in Lincoln on Friday, July 12, 2013. Diane (Enright) Thomas ’67 has passed away according to her sister Gloria’s obituary. Date is unknown. She is survived by her daughter, Jaime Thomas. James A. McShane Ph.D., father of Michael ’81 and Brendan ’84, passed away on July 5, 2013. Mary Frances (Mitchell) Aten ’63, sister of Shirley Dunlap ’49 and Betty Jo Zwiener ’58, went to be with her Lord and Savior on July 8, 2013 following a battle with brain cancer. Thomas Michael Jones, son of Jeffrey ’98 (Ashleigh) Jones, was born at rest July 11, 2013. Sharon Anne Lee Allder ’72, sister of Joyce Lee ’77 and Barb (Lee) Westring ’78, passed away July 12, 2013. Preceded in death by her brother, Mark Lee ’74. Emanuel “Manny” Luft, grandfather of Stacie (Bird) Hooks ’97, passed away Aug. 16, 2013. Diana Rae Schaefer ’87 lost her fight with cancer on Aug. 7, 2013. She will be strongly missed for her positive attitude about everything, her bubbly laughter and love of animals. Faie E. Saunders, mother of Liz (Saunders) Koop ’82 and grandmother of Christopher ’09 and Caitlin ’11 Fieselman, passed away on Aug. 19, 2013.

Herbert N. Dondlinger, grandfather of Toby ’89 (Jennifer May ’89) Korensky, Todd ’90 (Patricia Kearney ’90) Korenskey and Chet Korensky ’94 and great grandfather to Colin Korensky ’14 and Mason Korensky ’17, passed away on Aug. 20, 2013. James A. Tally, 1950 Cathedral High School Graduate, passed away Aug. 21, 2013. Gregory “Jack” Fingeret, grandfather of John Witte ’11 and Luke Witte ’17, passed away peacefully Aug. 22, 2013. Julianne (Clifford) Taylor ’77, sister of Marianne Clifford Upton ’72, Carol (Clifford) Jenkins ’80, Charles F. Clifford III ’74 and aunt to Daniel ’07, Nicholas ’11 and Scott ’13 Jenkins, passed away on Aug. 22, 2013. Christy Quinn ’71, mother of Tony Green ’93, sister of Karen (Mike ’67) Butler ’67, passed away Aug. 24, 2013 after a long fight against breast cancer. Doris K. (Koslicki) Teichmeier, grandmother of Nicole Teichmeier ’02 and Tiffany Teichmeier ’06, passed away Aug. 22, 2013. John Remine “Dugie” Doyle, father of Timothy J. Doyle ’67, passed away Aug. 28, 2013. Robert Lee Farber, grandfather of Robert Lee Farber III ’17, passed away Aug. 28, 2013. Mary L. (Rustermier) Martin, a 1948 graduate of Cathedral High School, passed away on Aug. 29, 2013. Philip R. Brusnahan, a 1949 Cathedral High School Graduate; husband of Jeanne (Theis) ’49; father of Tim Brusnahan ’79, Daniel ’84 (Chrissy ’84) Brusnahan, Pamela ’72 (Elmer ’69) Wessel, Anne Baker’73, Shari Wiese ’75, Lori Johnson ’76, Amy Steeves ’78, Teresa ’80 (Doug ’80) Groth, Julie Mitchell ’82; and grandfather of Benjamin Steeves ’97 and Erica Wessel ’00; passed away Aug. 31, 2013. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Deborah Brusnahan ’71.

alumni today

Imelda Marie (Quinn) Willet, a 1950 graduate of Cathedral High School and sister of Tom Quinn ’45 and Julie Brinkman ’48, passed away Sept. 8, 2013. Joan Frederick, sister of Patricia (Riley) Kost ’57, passed away on Sept. 20, 2013. Elmer Kohmetscher, grandfather of Lucy ’15 and Zelie ’16 Kohmetecher, passed away on Sept. 19, 2013. Alice Joyce Smith, grandmother of Lauren Smith ’12, passed away Aug. 4, 2013 Adolph J. Nemec, 90, passed away Sept. 24, 2013. He is survived by wife of 60 years, Gladys. His children are Deborah (Steven) Steager, Mons. Joseph Nemec, Cynthia (Timothy) Werner, Constance (Mark) Rosno, Jim (Lynn) Nemec, Virginia (Daryl) Braunsroth, Mark Nemec, Laura (Todd) Minchow, and Kristina (Kevin) Fitzpatrick. He had 30 grandchildren and two great granddaughters, including Jordan ’05, Darryn ’08, Ian ’10 and Kyra ’15 Werner, Tyler ’12, Justin ’15 and Kyle ’16 Minchow. Clifford C. Cheever, 83, grandfather of Shane (Findley) Kennett ’86 and Jackie (Findley) Herrera ’87 and great grandfather of Cole Kennett ’09, Lily Kennet ’11, Summer Kennett ’14 and Emma Kennett ’16, passed away on Sept. 25, 2013.


Judy (Vandewalle) ’93 and her husband Tony Fulton welcomed their 7th baby to their family! Ambrose William Fulton joined his siblings on April 1, 2013.

Ryan Bosn ’97 and his wife Ginger were blessed with the birth of a son, Rex Norman, on April 11, 2013. He joins siblings Lucille (6), Eliza (4), and Simon (2). They reside in the Detroit area in Brighton, Mich. Ryan recently marked 15 years as an engineer with General Motors. Ginger, also an engineer,

Daryl R. Warday, father of Kyle Warday ’12 and Bryan Warday ’16, passed away on Sept. 18, 2013 at the age of 45. Leonard Edwards, grandfather Jaycob Edwards ’09, Mark Edwards ’11 and Anthony Edwards ’15, passed away unexpectedly Oct. 3, 2013.

’97), Cary Nelson, Jesse Sack ’06, Emily Sack ’10, Lea Sack ’12 and Roger Sack ’16, and many great grandchildren including Kevin McCabe ’12, Leo McCabe ’14, Maggie McCabe ’15, Hunter Nelson ’15, Emma Nelson ’16, Madeleine McCabe ’17; passed away on Oct. 15, 2013 at the age of 85.

Julianna I. Davis, mother of Joseph Davis ’99 and Lauren (Davis) Smith ’02 and grandmother to Ali Davis ’16, passed away on Oct. 5, 2013 at the age of 64.

Mary Laurene Meradith, grandmother of Ashley Meradith ’09, Kathleen Meradith ’12 and Molly Meradith ’17, passed away peacefully Oct. 16, 2013

Virginia (Lehr) Rogers ’64, sister of George Lehr ’65 and Jim Lehr ’65, aunt of Jason Lehr ’94, Melissa (Lehr) Shigley ’96, Dawn Lehr ’97 and great aunt to Joshua Lehr ’15 and Nathanial Lehr ’17, passed away at her home Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013.

Leo P. Showers DDS; father of Perry ’98 (Elizabeth Martin ’98) Showers and grandfather to Connor Showers ’17, passed away on Oct. 20, 2013 at the age of 77.

Lydia A. McCabe, mother of Dan ’71 (Patricia) McCabe, Judith ’74 (Soren) Renner, Therese ’78 (Eric) Sack, Mary ’79 (Michael) Burnett, and Jane ’90 (Jason) Caplan; step-sons, Francis (Ruth) McCabe, Robert (Pam Schubert ’71) McCabe; stepdaughter, Rosemary ’62 (Randy) Jones; many grandchildren including Pat McCabe ’79, John McCabe ’81, Joe ’82 (Maureen Morehouse ’79) McCabe, Paul McCabe ’84, Molly Thomas ’85, Joel Tabor ’97 (Amanda Potter

has begun as a full time stayat-home mom with the birth of Rex. Christy (Kobza) ’05 and Mike Kruger ’03 welcomed their first child, McKinley Elizabeth, on August 21st, 2013. Sarah (Hoebelheinrich) Laird ’03 and her husband Roderick welcome their new baby girl Lauren on November 12, 2013. She joins her big sister Kate (2).

Donald L. McKee, father of Don McKee ’77, grandfather of Hilde McKee ’12 and Myra Mckee ’14 and step-grandfather of Caroline Barber ’09 and Charles Barber ’12, passed away on Oct. 26, 2013 at the age of 79. Helen Elaine (Ernst) Mulligan, mother Dan Mulligan ’74, Jim Mulligan ’75; Mary Mulligan ’77, Patty (Mulligan) Jones ’79, and Teresa (Mulligan) Guenther ’82, and Steve Mulligan ’84; and grandmother of Ann (Mulligan) Zipfel ’01, Jenny Mulligan’04, Katie Mulligan ’06, Sarah Jones ’11, Harlan Jones ’12, Kaleb Jones ’15, David Guenther ’04 and Mary Guenther ’15, passed away on Oct. 29, 2013.

Marriages Stacey (Krhounek) ’85 and Kent Marshall ’85 were married on Dec. 8, 2012. They have 5 children, Connor (20), Ryan (19), Jordan (17), Tayler (15) and Nathan (11).

Emery L. Hoesing, grandfather of Corrine Simpson ’13 and Clay Simpson ’15, passed away on Oct. 30, 2013 at the age of 86. Leonard Francis Milburn, grandfather of Holly Milburn ’08, passed away on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013. Dominick “Nick” Elsener, father of Nick ’69 (Debbie ) Elsener, Mark ’71 (Katie Partington ’72) Elsener, Dan ’73 (Beth Waite ’73) Elsener, Joe ’74 (Catherine) Elsener, Jim ’77 (Mary) Elsener, and Mary ’69 (Dominic) Pynes; grandfather to Mark ’93 (Sara Wilhelm ’96) Elsener, Michael Elsener ’94, John ’97 (Leah Groepper ’95) Elsener, Jeff Elsener ’02, Jonathan Pynes ’13 and Simon Pynes ’14, passed away Nov. 3, 2013. Mary L. Schudel, mother of Michael Schudel ’99, passed away on November 8, 2013. Dan Gourlay ’90, brother of Tom Gourlay ’86, passed away on Nov. 5, 2013.

Staci Stueck ‘05 and Ryan Hattan ’05 were married May 26, 2013 in St. Augustine, Florida. They have a little girl, Alexia Ann, who was born on April 1, 2013. Maeghan Spethman ’08 and Kelby Meyers ’08 were married on July 27, 2013. Maeg and Kelby reside in Chicago and are serving as FOCUS missionaries at the University of Illinois. U 33

alumni today

Pius X All Honor Year Reunion

Alumni Director, Kristin (Edwards) Heath ’91, (right) welcomes Ann (Hauschild) Kirk ’58 as one of our “Golden Thunderbolt Club” members. All alumni who have already celebrated their 50th Class Reunion are invited to the All Honor Year Reunion and honored as a Golden Thunderbolt Club member.

Class of 1963

Class of 1983

Class of 1973

Class of 1988

Class of 1993

The annual All Honor Year Reunion was held on August 3, 2013 at Pius X High School. The reunion honored the classes celebrating their reunion year, including 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, and 2008. Class members having already celebrated their 50th class reunion, including all Cathedral Alumni, are invited as well. Those attending are honored as members of the “Golden Thunderbolt Club,” and given a special token to commemorate the event! The All Honor Year Reunion Weekend, sponsored by the Pius X Alumni Department, started with the 3rd Annual ThunderBOLT Fun Run on Saturday morning. Special thanks is extended to the classes of 1973, 1983, 1993 and 2003 for sponsoring this fun, family friendly event. Tours of the school were held at 3 p.m., followed by Mass in the Pius X Chapel, celebrated by Fr. Craig Clinch ’03 and concelebrated by Msgr. James Dawson and Fr. John Keefe ’59. Music was provided by senior choir students Bridgett Lang, Joey Murphy and Eric Zimmerman. A reception and program with light appetizers and a cash bar was then held in the Pius X Commons. Principal Tom Korta spoke about the history of the school, including the many changes that have taken place over the year and highlighted the school’s future plans. Class members were also invited to attend the annual Friends of Pius X Appreciation Reception held on Sun., August 4, where Dan Elsener ’73 was named the 2013 Outstanding Alumnus and Msgr. Liam Barr received the award for Distinguished Stewardship.

34 U

All Honor Year

REUNION August 2, 2014 Pius X High School

Tours from 3-4:30 p.m. Mass at 5 p.m. • Reception at 6 p.m.

Honoring class years ending in 4 and 9.



BOLT 2014 • April 26, 2014

n Saturday, April 26, 2014, Pius X High School is hosting the 29th annual BOLT benefit dinner with live and silent auctions. We are excited to share with you the theme for this spring’s gala, “BOLT 2014-The Sky’s the Limit.” Our gifted volunteers are arranging our preliminary flight plans which begin with you, our frequent fliers, otherwise known as “Pius supporters!” We hope you’ll help us make this another successful event. We have wonderful auction items as well as the famous lottery, with cash prizes totaling $15,000. We are sure you will want to get on board this flight.

______________________________ _____ name ______________________________ _____ address

Lottery tickets on sale January 20th

______________________________ _____ City/state/zip ______________________________ _____ Phone ______________________________ _____ email ______________________________ _____ seller’s name

10,000 Gra $


nd Prize

$2,500 • 2nd prize

$1,500 • 3rd prize

$1,000 • 4th prize

The sky’s The LimiT BOLT 2014

Pius X Lottery drawing april 26, 2014.

need not be present to win. (all taxes

are responsibility of winners.)

2014 Executive Committee: Tom & Lynne Albin, Dave & Ann Kirby, Mike & Ann Kotopka, Shawn & Jennifer Liliedahl, Dave & Laura Reese, Bryan & Doris Robertson, Tom & Anne Wackel, Fr. Jim Meysenburg and Deb Schulte • 402.488.0931

Non-Profit Org. US Postage Paid Lincoln, NE Permit # 136

Pius X High School Foundation Office 6000 A Street Lincoln, NE 68510 Change Service Requested

Susan P. Baumert, CPA Marti Baumert Tom Baumert

Dr. Stan Schulte ’99



NE , ln o c in L • 2 0 1 e it u S , th . 86 1777 N 402.420.0024 • Dr. Stan Schulte 2 blocks North of 84th and Holdrege

Individual and Small Business

1777 N 86th St, Suite 102 • Lincoln, NE 68505

6041 Village Dr., Suite 110 Lincoln, Nebraska 68516 402.904.4729


th and Hold 4 8 of th or N s ck lo b 2 2 blocks North of 84th and Holdrege

1777 N. 86th, Suite 102 • Lincoln, NE 68505


Dr. Stan Schul.ct Specializing in surgery of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves

Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping & Consulting Honoring a tradition of excellence established by Dennis R. Baumert, CPA

Daniel J. Tomes, M.D.

4 2 0 0 0 2 4 2 40


P.T., O.C.S., C.S.C.S Orthopedic Certified Specialist

Visit any

Participating Cricket

store today & save! 5141 O St. 1903 O St.


2845 S 70th St. • Lincoln, Nebraska 68506 fax: 402.489.4153

2525 Pine Lake Rd. 2511 N. 12th St.

Pius Connections - Fall 2013  

Welcome to fall 2013 issue of Pius Connections - a publication for Alumni, Parents and Friends of PIus X High School, Lincoln, Nebraska

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