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ROMANIAN GAMES “The third one runs!” Students are placed in two concentric circles, back to back. Outside the circles there are two students running one after the other. The first one, who is followed, stops in front of one group of two students, becoming the 3 rd one in the group. Now, the one left outside the group is going to run and he shouldn’t be caught, and he stops in front of another group of 2 students becoming the third, and the game should go on. “The Bouquets” The children are staying in a row while they are walking. At the sign 2,7,5,3 the children are getting together in bouquets of many as the teacher says(2,7,5,3). And then again. “Touch and run” The children are running in the courtyard. One of them is assigned by the teacher to “ touch” another kid before this one sits. If this kid is touched while he is still standing, it is his turn to run after another kid and to touch him. If not, the first kid keeps running until he will find another kid to touch. And so on, and so on.

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