Retail Solutions: Air-filled Balloons

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Retail Solutions: Air-filled Balloons

Helium Prices Got You Down?

If the price of helium has you scrambling for ideas to keep your balloon sales soaring, look no further! The designs featured are not only simple to assemble, but are highly profitable without the extra cost of helium.

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Simple Air-fill Designs

Simple Air-fill Designs Top mini bases with 16" Northstar numbers for small table centerpieces or sweet deliveries.


The most basic of air-fill designs, these minis deliver all the fun with none of the hassle of helium! Use 5" round latex balloons to create a 4-balloon cluster base and top them with an 18" Microfoil. Within minutes, customers will be out the door with smiles on their faces!

Super Air-fill Designs Super Air-fill Designs

Upgrade your mini designs by upsizing your latex base to 11" balloons. Then top it off with an extra special Qualatex Microfoil shape!


Luxury Air-fill Designs

Luxury Air-fill Designs

For customers who want that little bit “more,” luxury designs are sure to please. Incorporating an 11” base, 18” Microfoil or Bubble Balloon, topped with a unique Microfoil shape, these designs are dazzling and easy to assemble!


350Q Stand-ups


If more stability is needed, make the 350Q shorter. A heavier weight and bigger clusters at the base will also provide additional support.

350Q Stand-ups

When paired with a substantial base of larger sized clusters, a 350Q can make a sturdy stand-up design, and it will fit in most cars — making it great for a cash-and-carry piece. Top off the design with an 18" Microfoil or Bubble Balloon, or be bold and twist a topper like the flower shown. It’s super easy to make once you practice, and it packs a perceived value punch!

U.S. Patent No. 6,782,675


646Q Stand-ups

646Q Stand-ups

Create these classic designs with no helium by adding more clusters to the bottom for a sturdier base. Add value by wrapping non-round balloons around the 646Q or incorporating curly 260Qs and small air-filled Microfoils. These designs works great as a decor element or a delivery.


Quick Link Colunms

Quick Link Columns

Quick Links make it easy to create air-filled columns in a snap! Simply tie two Quick Links together and attach them to a base and topper with 4-balloon clusters at the joint to provide support.

U.S. Patent No. 6,782,675


Simple Cash & Carry Gifts Simple Cash & Carry Gifts

Increase everyday and seasonal sales with these quick and easy ideas. Display the long-lasting designs in your store to encourage impulse sales — because you’ll sell what you show!

Gift Instructions

Create an appealing display that’s perfect for grab-and-go designs by gluing floral foam to the bottom of a container. Insert the sticks into the foam, and cover with shred. Add perceived value to the display with 160Q “leaves,” or a small collar on the neck of the balloon. You can also use lengths of curled ribbon or a small bow.


1. Air inflate four 5" balloons to 4" (10cm) and make a 4-balloon cluster. Repeat to make a second 4-balloon cluster. 2. Air inflate four 5" balloons to 2" (5cm) and make a 4-balloon cluster. 3. Place the cluster of 2” balloons on top of a cluster of 4" and tie together. Place the second 4” cluster on top of the 2” cluster, so they are positioned directly above the 4” balloons on the bottom, and tie together. 4. Air inflate two 160Qs, leaving 4" uninflated. Tie together at the neck. Repeat with a second pair, and twist the pairs together to create a 4-balloon cluster. Lay the 160Q cluster on a flat space to make an “X” shape. 5. Tie a small sand weight to one of the 4" clusters. Place this cluster on top of the 160Q cluster so that the 160Qs lie between the 4" balloons. 6. Bring two opposite 160Qs over the round balloons and twist them together several times at the top, keeping them snug against the sides of the “gift.” Bring the other two 160Qs up and twist all four 160Qs together. 7. Make a loop twist (see diagram) in each 160Q at the point where they are twisted together, creating a bow at the top of the gift. Make a 6” bubble in a 160Q, tie and cut off the excess to create the tail for the bow. Repeat with a second 160Q. Tie off and remove any extra 160Q.

Candy Cups Candy Cups

Candy Cups are a great upsell for birthday parties. For example, if you have an order for a large Unicorn centerpiece, mention that you can also provide balloon Candy Cups in the same theme. Let the client or parent know the cups can be used in lieu of “goody bags” for the kids and handed out as they leave the party. It’s fun, adorable, and the kids love it!


Attach a sticker label to the side or bottom of the cup so customers know where to find you.

Step-by-Step Candy Cup Instructions

1. First, fill the cup with candy of choice (skip this step if client is filling the cup). 2. Underinflate 5" round balloon into dome lid. Leave the nozzle sticking out of the hole. 3. Attach a 6 - 7 petal flower or 4-balloon cluster to the cup by pulling the nozzle of the 5" balloon tightly around the center of the flower or cluster several times. 4. The cup and base are complete and ready for an air-filled Microfoil or Air Bubble topper to finish the design.


Add bunched up tissue paper for added color and to prevent the candy from shifting around too much (this works best in the 16 oz cups so there is still room for candy and the round balloon.)


Balloon Buddies

Balloon Buddies

Some twists of a few 260Qs combined with a Microfoil or Bubble Balloon easily transforms into adorable balloon buddies to match any occasion.


U.S. Patent No. 6,782,675

Balloon Hang Tabs

Balloon Hang Tabs

Attach balloons to decorative ribbon or clear fishing line to enhance your party with adorable air-filled decor!

Balloon Hang Tabs BDS #10617 (25 ct.)


Accessories to the Rescue Heat Sealer

Heat Seal Like a Pro

Microfoil Heat Sealer 4" LH #10008 - 4" 110V DAZ #31748 - 8" 230V Euro

Sealing non-valved Microfoils and Air Bubbles requires a heat sealer, like the Microfoil Heat Sealer – 4" (10008) by Premium Balloon Accessories®. Here are some helpful tips to ensure a proper seal:

Seals 4" and 9" unvalved Microfoil balloons.

Test the setting: Make sure the heat sealer is not set too high or too low. Usually a setting between 3 and 4 is recommended for sealing Microfoils.

Magic Balloon Wand


Inflate the Microfoil: Use a hand pump to carefully inflate the Microfoil. Do not allow any air to escape while you prepare to heat seal the neck. Check for creases: Make sure there are no creases in the neck of the Microfoil prior to heat sealing.

Ruby Red DFR #24435 (40 ct.)

Sapphire Blue DFR #24436 (40 ct.)

Position the balloon: Place the balloon under the bar of the heat sealer and press down firmly for a few seconds before releasing.

Diamond Clear DFR #22860 (40 ct.)

Increase sales with Magic Balloon Wand, created specifically for air-filled balloons. This innovative and unique accessory is made of durable material and available in three translucent colors. Use them with Microfoil®, latex, and Bubble Balloons.

BUBBLE Balloon Stick ®

Exclusive to Pioneer®, the Bubble Balloon Stick is designed for use with Single, Double, and Deco Bubbles. Combine it with the Maxi Cup II to display air-filled Bubble Balloons.

• Makes all balloons MAGICAL with the “Cool Corkscrew” look! • Air-filled and eliminates the need for helium. • Durable, translucent, magical colors of Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue or Diamond Clear. • For use with 18" Microfoil , Bubble, or latex balloons up to 16". • Exciting concept to increase sales! © Premium Balloon Accessories

Bubble Balloon Stick BCK #50871 (25 ct.)

Balloon Sticks & Cups

Maxicup II & Maxistick II ®

MaxiCup II and Maxi Stick II are an improved system for supporting larger, air-filled balloons. The design includes a Slot-N-Lock™ system which quickly locks balloons onto the large oval shaped cup. Use them with 18" to 28" air-fill Microfoil®, large latex balloons, and Bubble Balloons.

16" Sparklers™ Balloon Sticks Clear Blue Red LO #25560 (100 ct.) LO #25561 (100 ct.) LO #25562 (100 ct.) Translucent-clear and decorator-quality. Available in Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, and Diamond Clear. Suitable for air-filled latex and foil balloons.

16" Balloon Straws White LO #47740 (100 ct.) 24" Balloon Straws White LK #47737 (100 ct.) Original Cello-Cup™ Clear LP #47741 (100 ct.)

MaxiCup II BCL #41422 (25 ct.)

For use with 4", 9", and 14" air-fill Microfoil balloons and latex balloons.

Display air-filled Microfoil® and latex balloons with ease with the Magnetic MaxiBase™. Attaches to any metal surface.


MaxiStick II BCK #41421 (25 ct.)

© Premium Balloon Accessories

12" Balloon Saddles White KZ #79748 (100 ct.)

Magnetic MaxiBase™


Magentic MaxiBase BCM #50553 (5 ct.)

Perma Sticks & Cups Perma Sticks BDN #58387

• •

Ideal for all air-filled mini and small shaped foils. The 15" Perma stick is produced from a special material that prevents breaking or cracking. Dramatically reduces freight costs over 1-piece units up to 60%. Very compact package requires less storage space. Child-safe design.

(100 ct.)

Perma Cups BDO #58388

(100 ct.)

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