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ROYAL NORWICH GOLF CLUB The premier Golf club in norfolk Official Corporate Brochure 2013-2014

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A History of Royal Norwich Golf Club


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oyal Norwich is a traditional members’ golf club situated close to the heart of Norfolk’s county town. The club is blessed with a challenging 18-hole course designed by the famous course architect James Braid which plays to 6,506 yards, par 72, off the white tees. Our picturesque course, which is rarely closed for play due to its excellent drainage, boasts stunning views while providing a fair test for golfers of all abilities.

The spacious bar (including sports bar) and dining facilities provide a welcoming and convivial atmosphere to enjoy the full range of services available to members and visitors alike. We welcome golf societies and are experts at organising corporate golf days. Royal Norwich Golf Club was founded in 1893, with Royal patronage being granted in the same year by the Duke of York, and we were delighted when the current Duke agreed to become our patron in 2013. The club is rightly proud of its golfing history having produced its own Open Champion, Arthur Havers, and it continues to produce golfers of a high calibre.

With its rich tradition a cornerstone of the club, Royal Norwich is committed to remaining true to its past but also equally focused on evolving to ensure it looks after its members of today and those of tomorrow, with a commitment to introducing young people to the game. Leading magazine Golf Monthly recently voted us among their Top 100 Hidden Gems in the UK and Ireland. If you have yet to discover us we would be delighted if you paid us a visit, for a round at Royal Norwich is one that lives long in the memory.

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A History of Royal Norwich Golf Club


he Royal Norwich Golf Club was formed on November 8, 1893 and the then Duke of York (the future King George V) kindly consented to become Patron of the Club. The club’s emblem was therefore designed around the white rose of York and this is still reflected in its logo today.

Original Land The original land, sufficient for a 9-hole course measuring 2,920 yards, was purchased from the Gurney Trustees for the sum of £1,800 and the funds for this were raised by offering £10 debenture shares at 4 per cent interest. The club’s operating costs were to be covered by membership entrance fees and annual subscriptions, with the latter fixed at one guinea each for those joining before December 31, 1893.

The course was opened on St Andrew’s Day, November 30, 1893 and the first medal competition was held on January 25, 1894, with the winning net score being 51. The official opening of the club was held on February 1, 1894 and by this time 18 holes had been constructed measuring 4,925 yards. Lady members were able to play either the full 18-hole course or a specially selected nine-hole layout measuring 2,425 yards, which was officially opened on March 24, 1894. This shorter course was made

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 7

available ‘as the main links are too arduous for the gentler sex’ (the Committee’s Report to the ‘Easter Meeting’ of members held on March 19, 1894, as quoted in the Eastern Daily Press the next day). Within six months of being founded the Royal Norwich Golf Club had attracted over 300 members and appointed its first Professional, Richard Kelly, in January 1894. The first club match, against Royal Worlington and Newmarket Golf Club at home, was played on July 12, 1894, Royal Norwich winning

the 9-a-side contest by a 15-holesup margin. Exhibition Matches Around the turn of the century several golfing greats played in exhibition matches at Royal Norwich, including Jack White of North Berwick and all three members of the great triumvirate - James Braid, J.H. Taylor and Harry Vardon - who between them dominated The Open Championship from 1894 to 1914. In September 1921, Arthur Havers,

younger son of the steward and born within a stone’s throw of the course, returned to Norwich for an exhibition match against Vardon. Havers achieved golfing fame by qualifying for the Open Championship when he was only 16 and was to win the Open in 1923. After the dynamic activity of the early months of the club’s founding, the following years witnessed a period of consolidation and steady development leading up to the outbreak of World War I. >>

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Tel: 01953 789 090

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A History of Royal Norwich Golf Club >> When golfing activity resumed following the ending of hostilities, Royal Norwich embarked upon a scheme to improve and extend the course. A redesign was undertaken by James Braid in 1923 and resulted in eight new greens and the extending of the course to 6,399 yards. These changes have survived to the present day with only some minor alterations. The course escaped largely unscathed as a result of the Second World War, though the warhead of a disintegrating V2 rocket exploded on impact on the 7th hole, leaving a shallow crater evident today beside the first left-side bunker. The club had been unable to celebrate its Golden Jubilee in 1943 due to the war and its finances had suffered badly during that period.

A number of legacies and personal contributions from members soon restored the club’s finances, although the annual subscription had increased to 10 guineas by 1952!

over more than 40 other Royal clubs from around the world attended the week of celebrations, and the club was privileged to enjoy the company of HRH The Duke of York at the Centenary Banquet.

The club is proud to have hosted a number of national golfing events during its history and to have produced golfers of a high calibre. Notable amongst these is Arthur Perowne, who represented Great Britain in the Walker Cup on three occasions, and Mrs Peggy Carrick, who was an England international and won the Norfolk Ladies Championship on no fewer than eight occasions.

We are delighted to have maintained our association with the Duke of York, who agreed to be our patron in 2013.

The highlight of the club’s more recent history was the celebration of its centenary in 1993. Guests from

There have been ongoing improvements to both the course and the clubhouse, although in the former’s case we have tried to maintain its character in the tradition true to the memory of James Braid.

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About the Course


oyal Norwich has a beautiful and historic tree-lined course that is regarded as one of the best not only in the county but in the whole of the East of England.

It stretches to 6,506 yards off the championship tees and a Standard Scratch Score matching the par of 72 provides a fair indication that our layout offers a fair challenge to even the most proficient of golfers.

Every skill in a player’s armoury is put to the test. Drives must avoid the vegetation or risk inflating one’s score, approach shots need to be threaded through greens well guarded by strategically-placed bunkers and the putting surfaces themselves, although true-running and immaculate, contain some subtle borrows.

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 11

There is the opportunity for the better player to work the ball both ways off the tee and with raised greens and downhill shots too, the thinking golfer who does not stick rigidly to his yardage charts will be rewarded.

There are no weak holes – truly – but one of the highlights is undoubtedly the 13th, a downhill par 4 which is driveable for the best players but where you can just as easily walk off with a six.

Then there is the 8th, which has largely remained unchanged since the day the course first opened in 1893. Play this hole and take a moment to consider the great players whose footsteps you are following in, such as Harry Vardon, James Braid and former Royal Norwich member, Arthur Havers, who won the Open Championship in 1923.

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Take the Course Tour


f you have never played Royal Norwich before you are in for a treat. Make the most of your trip by learning about some of the pitfalls that lie in wait and how to avoid them as you follow our course tour.

Hole 1 (Road Out) 164 yards, par 3 The 1st, a hole with a well-guarded green, provides a testing tee shot as the first stroke of the round.

Hole 2 (Corner Pocket) 463 yards, par 4

Hole 3 (Redan) 331 yards, par 4

The 2nd tee lies over the Drayton Road, leading to a splendid hole of 463 yards, a stiff par 4. The drive is especially important and a pull must be avoided, as ‘The Grave’, a deep hollow surrounded by trees, lies to the left with the ground beyond also falling away leftward. A long drive calls for a second shot from a downhill lie to the sloping green bunkered left and right.

Trouble again lies to the left in the case of the tee shot, with the second shot requiring a pitch up to an elevated green. Hole 4 (Quarry Out) 365 yards, par 4 The 4th is a dogleg left, leaving a pitch shot over cross-bunkers immediately in front of the green, with little margin for error in a following wind. Beware of golfers playing from the 8th Tee.

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 13

Hole 5 (Eastward Ho) 399 yards, par 4

Hole 6 (Quarry In) 373 yards, par 4

Hole 7 (Westward Ho) 469 yards, par 5

The 5th presents one of the most exacting drives on the course, with a straight boundary hedge on the left and ground sloping up to the right on the right-hand side of the fairway, the slope being topped by gorse bushes. Even with a good straight drive, this hole at 399 yards is never easy and a firm second to the heart of the green is needed.

At the two-shot 373 yard 6th hole the drive is to a higher-level flat fairway, which it is essential to reach to have a proper chance of getting home in two.

The 7th, for it stretches to 469 yards from the back tee, calls for length and direction of shot, a good drive and correct placing of the second shot among bunkers at various distances being essential to achieve the par of 5. >>

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 14

Take the Course Tour >> Hole 8 (The Glade) 408 yards, par 4

Hole 9 (The Wood) 129 yards, par 3

Hole 10 (Road In) 483 yards, par 5

A delightful hole, the only original hole on the course, and one of the best. Down an attractive valley with gorse and wood on the left, the 8th’s special feature is a layer green between two banks, with trees either side, a setting which inspired its name, ‘The Glade’. Beware golfers playing from the 4th Tee.

The 9th is an attractive hole of 129 yards, with a green, re-laid and reshaped in 1987, surrounded by fir trees. The course has only three par 3’s, and this is the shortest.

The second nine starts with a drive from a high tee to a fairway in a valley. The 10th hole, 483 yards and par 5, then turns uphill to the right, finishing with a kidney-shaped green sloping left to right with varied ‘borrows’.

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 15

Hole 11 (Devil’s Punch Bowl) 398 yards, par 4 Back across the Drayton Road, the 398-yard 11th dog-legs to the left with the elbow guarded by a tall oak. The green cannot be seen for the second stroke but is in a hollow which gathers a reasonably straight shot.

Hole 12 (Paradise) 198 yards, par 3

Hole 13 (Hades) 328 yards, par 4

The short 12th hole is one of 198 yards, the green exposed to the elements atop Rabbit’s Hill, with bunkers left and right. This is no easy par 3, even for the best players.

The par 4 13th, 328 yards downhill from a high tee, threatens trouble from bushes and trees for any but a well-flighted and well-directed tee shot. The green itself requires a skilful second shot for the ball to hold, without running away off its banked edges.

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Take the Course Tour >> Hole 14 (King Solomon’s Mine) 349 yards, par The 14th is a strong uphill twoshotter of 349 yards, with a fairway cross-bunker restricting the longest drivers and a green on the crest of a rise with bunkers on each side. The hardest hole on the scorecard, if you make four you can be well satisfied. Hole 15 (The Whinney) 389 yards, par 4 The splendid sweeping, open 15th hole, measuring 389 yards, requires a tee shot down the left of the fairway to open the green for the second shot. This approach avoids the deep pit just short of the green to the right.

Hole 16 (The Bank) 352 yards, par 4

Hole 18 (Home Green) 415 yards, par 4

The 16th hole of 352 yards is another fine hole, crossing the same pit from the tee as the 15th. A bunker which eats into the left front of the green demands a well pitched-up second shot onto the uphill-sloping green. The slope is sufficient to test the best of putters, particularly so as not to over-run the hole from the back of the green.

The 18th is a first-class finishing hole of 415 yards which rewards the player whose second shot finds its way beyond bunkers left and right into the heart of the green.

Hole 17 (Drayton) 493 yards, par 5 The 17th, a par 5 hole of 493 yards, is the longest on the course but nevertheless reachable in two by longer hitters. Several well-placed bunkers to trap second shots must be avoided on this hole, which finishes with one of the course’s largest greens.

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 18

Visitors and Societies


hile Royal Norwich is a private members’ club, we do warmly welcome visitors and golfing societies and extend an invitation to come and enjoy our hospitality.

Our current green fee rates can be seen on our website, but we think you will be pleasantly surprised by their modest nature and equally thrilled by the challenge presented before you by our James Braiddesigned course.

With our immaculate and historic golf course, our exceptional catering team and our professional and attentive staff we are confident that your day with us will be most enjoyable.

Reduced rates are available for those with a county golf card (weekdays only), members’ guests, juniors and those able to play at quieter times late in the day.

Society organisers can be assured of a favourable reaction from their golfing group by arranging a trip to Royal Norwich. Whatever your budget or your dietary requirements, there is a society day that is right for you, and the team here at the Royal Norwich Golf Club know exactly how to ensure your guests are entertained. In our opinion no Society Golf Day is the same, and with this firmly in mind we prefer to tailor our packages and prices to meet your needs.

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 19

Working closely with the team here at Royal Norwich Golf Club we can ensure that your golf day is nothing short of a great success. Having said that, some organisers prefer the simplicity of being offered several set options and we are happy to oblige here, too. Some sample packages are available to be downloaded from our website which can be printed out and distributed by society organisers or viewed by the golfers themselves.

An outline of our three popular set packages is: Birdie Tea/coffee and bacon rolls 18 holes 2-course lunch/dinner Eagle Tea/coffee and bacon rolls 9 holes Light lunch 18 holes 2-course dinner

Albatross Full English breakfast 18 holes Light lunch 18 holes 3-course dinner For further details call the club today on 01603 429928, visit www. or email mail@royalnorwichgolf.

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Royal Norwich Golf Club • 21

The Professional and the Pro Shop


he head professional at Royal Norwich is Neil Lythgoe, who has been associated with the club since 1993. Neil has enjoyed a successful playing career and is a three-time winner of the Norfolk Open and five-time winner of the Norfolk PGA Order of Merit. He also twice competed in final qualifying for the Open Championship. These days, Neil is focused on running the Professional Shop and helping Royal Norwich members to become the best players they can possibly be. He became the club’s head professional in 2013.

The Pro Shop is fully integrated into the club and is open to members and visitors to cater for all their golfing needs, be it the purchase of new equipment, refreshments, hiring a buggy or booking a teetime. The well-stocked shop offers a wide selection of clubs, with Cleveland one of the featured brands. A popular (and free) custom fitting service is available, which allows the golfer to have a set of clubs built to complement their individual swing characteristics. There is also a fine range of clothing for both men and ladies so players can look the part on the course.

The top priority is always customer satisfaction, so if you are seeking a particular club or piece of equipment that is not in stock, simply ask. Our professionals are dab hands at fixing favourite clubs and are equally happy to do re-grips which can give a whole new lease of life to a tired set of irons.

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oyal Norwich has all the component elements in place to ensure that beginners are given a firm foundation on which to build a solid golf game and that good players are inspired to take their game to the next level. The club has an exceptional teacher in Neil Lythgoe, our head professional, allied to some outstanding practice facilities enabling you to ingrain the new skills you have learnt. If you have the desire to get better, Neil has the application and determination to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

A selection of 30-minute lessons are available, covering any area of the game you wish to work on, from driving the ball with power and precision to the more delicate skills of chipping and putting.

On-course lessons are also available, which not only allow you to pick up some pointers on your technique but also gain invaluable insight into how to think like a professional and hopefully score like one too!

While Neil takes very much a handson approach to his teaching, he is happy to embrace technology as well and can offer the use of video analysis with the V1 coaching system, which enables the everyday golfer to see their swing and compare it against some of the world’s leading players. He looks at every area of a golfer’s game, including psychology and their practice routine.

For more details, or to book a lesson, phone the Pro Shop on 01603 429928 (Option 1) or e-mail:

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 24

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Practice Facilities


oyal Norwich offers excellent practice facilities to enable golfers of all abilities to work on their game. The main area is an extensive grassy open space allowing golfers to hit any club in their bag off turf. It stretches to around 320 yards so will accommodate just about anybody unless your name happens to be Alvaro Quiroz or Bubba Watson.

The practice area is open to members only, so become a part of the Royal Norwich family, book yourself in for a lesson and bring your own balls to put those new tips into practice. Short Game Area Our short game area, which is only a short walk from the clubhouse, has a practice green with bunkers. This is the place to work on your game from 40 yards and in, perfecting those up-and-downs that can turn a good round into one to remember. This area also boasts two practice nets, ideal for those wanting to get loosened up and ready for the challenge that awaits on the course.

We also have a large putting surface outside the clubhouse where you can acclimatise yourself to the true roll and fast pace of our exceptional greens.

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Royal Norwich Golf Club • 27

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 28

Membership Categories


oyal Norwich is very much a traditional members’ club, but we are also forward thinking and like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to belong to one of the county’s premier golfing establishments.

Full Membership

To that end, we offer a range of membership alternatives among which we hope you will find something to meet your needs whatever your lifestyle.

Associate Membership

Our most complete membership package, 7 days unlimited golf with access to all facilities. As a Full Member you are entitled to vote and retain proprietary rights. To help spread the cost, the Joining Fee can be spread over 4 years.

From a golf and access point of view, the Associate Membership is exactly the same as the Full Membership with no restrictions.

The difference is in the voting and proprietary rights, for which you need to be a Full Member. The beauty of this membership is that you pay no joining fee. Intermediate Membership “Young Adults” benefit from fantastic rates here at Royal Norwich Golf Club, while still enjoying all the benefits of Full or Associate Membership for just a fraction of the cost.

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 29

There is no joining fee for Intermediate Associate Memberships. Voting and proprietary rights can be added to the membership by opting for Intermediate Full Membership and upon payment of a joining fee, which can be paid over four years. Intermediate Membership helps the transition from junior membership to Full Membership and we offer attractive rates to young adults in three separate age brackets, from 18-21, 22-25 and 26-28.

We have had a strong junior section for as long as we can remember at Royal Norwich. Youngsters know a good thing when they see one and the opportunity to learn the game and play on one of Norfolk’s most highly-regarded courses are irresistible, especially when the annual rates work out well below what one of today’s games consoles would cost.

Children under 12 can enjoy membership here for a little more than £1 a week, while the rates on offer to juniors aged 12-15 and 1618 are equally appealing. For our part, we hope and trust that this new influx of golfing talent will become our members of the future and continue the Royal Norwich tradition of competitive excellence out on the fairways. >>

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 30

Membership Categories >> Braid Membership…Points based system Named after our legendary course designer, the Braid Membership is the perfect membership for those looking for a second club, looking to start or get back into golf, or simply for those who cannot commit a great deal of time to golf, but want the option of a “Home Club”, handicap and the option to play a great course at great rates.

Braid Membership is based on points, redeemed each time you play with no further charge to pay. When points run out, or after a year of membership, simply top them up. The points redeemed vary on the time you play and can be seen in the table below: BRAID MEMBERSHIP


Before 4pm (18 Holes) After 4pm (18 Holes) Guests before 4pm Guests after 4pm 9 Holes Before 4pm 9 Holes after 4pm

10 Points 8 Points 12 Points 8 Points 6 Points 5 Points

Mon - Fri 8 Points 6 Points 10 Points 8 Points 5 Points 4 Points

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 31

The cost of Braid Membership is designed with flexibility in mind. We know that not everyone has the time or budget to commit to our more complete membership packages, therefore the Braid Membership offers a great opportunity to become a member of the club and enjoy all the facilities it has to offer. After 12 months of Braid Membership, points can be carried over by topping up a minimum of 100 points, purchased at the current unit rate. Choosing not to

top up will result in the membership ceasing and any remaining points will be lost. Of course the option is available to transfer to one of our more complete membership packages, and this can be discussed at any time with the General Manager, with the option to transfer the value of any remaining points to credit against the cost of another membership.

Social Membership You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy the hospitality of Royal Norwich Golf Club. As a Social Member, you will benefit from the great discounted prices through your own Member’s Card. You will also have access to the clubhouse like any other member and be able to enjoy live coverage of football and golf on Sky while having a relaxing drink in our Sports Bar. The cost of Social Membership is just £110 per year.

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 32


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Competitive Golf Opportunities


s you would expect with a club boasting such an illustrious past and possessing such a magnificent golf course, the opportunities for members to play competitive golf at Royal Norwich are numerous and varied. While a great deal of enjoyment can be had with a casual round with friends, you only really learn about yourself and the true state of your game under the pressure and scrutiny of competition, whether it is against fellow club members or while representing Royal Norwich against other clubs.

Within the club, the men play frequently through the summer in medals and stablefords, and also have an extensive programme of competitions in the winter. They also play a monthly medal. Among the highlights are the club championship and the Mid Summer Gold and Autumn Gold competitions, both held on Sundays, in June and September respectively. There is also a club winter singles and pairs stableford competition open to both men and lady members, with the best six of eight scores being aggregated to determine the singles winner and the best four of six in the pairs.

Representing the club The county’s premier men’s interclub team competitions are the Myhill Trophy and the Cullington Cup, which start in April. Played the same day (Sundays) these are both knockout events, played as 36-hole foursomes. The Myhill Trophy is intended for single-figure handicap golfers, while its competitive cousin, the Cullington Cup, is aimed at those in the 10 to 18 handicap bracket. The leading clubs having to battle through four rounds to reach the final, which takes place in late September. >> Ba htn Jo . w or ich. NR2 1LW N , t e e r w S .uk s 0160 w t Gile S 0 3 76 6 w 694 4

Royal Norwich Golf Club • 34

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Competitive Golf Opportunities >> Men


The men enter one team in the Norfolk Men’s Scratch League, which features a round-robin competition played by teams of five players followed by a finals day for the six teams progressing through the group stage. Royal Norwich has an excellent pedigree in this competition, having won it no less than six times since its inception in 1985.

The Ladies have their own Scratch League competition played between April and October each year, though its format is slightly different from the men’s. Teams consist of three players, a trophy is awarded to the winner of each division and there is active promotion and relegation between the divisions.

The club has won the NLCGA League Shield six times since the League’s launch in 1961, the last time in 2010 which saw a particularly memorable year for Royal Norwich as between them Nickie Clarke, Rebecca Heeles, Jenny Hide, Sadie Lines and Sam Martin almost swept the board in all the county’s premier competitions, with Hide becoming the youngest ever Norfolk champion. >>

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Royal Norwich Golf Club • 37

Competitive Golf Opportunities >> Success has been a familiar story. The Gillieson Cup, an inter-club foursomes knockout competition, featuring three pairs per team, has been won seven times since its inception in 1956.

The Carrick Cup scratch foursomes were won in their first year, 1979, and in 1982, 1983, 1985 and 2000. The cup returned to Royal Norwich in 2010 thanks to Sam Martin and Rebecca Heeles, who won all their matches despite having to play every round away from home. The pair then repeated their achievement in 2011 with a dramatic victory over Barnham Broom at the 20th hole.

The Ladies also enter the Mail on Sunday team competition, as well as the Daily Mail Foursomes, two prestigious and long-running national events.

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Juniors at Royal Norwich


oyal Norwich Golf Club is committed to its juniors, with a range of fun and competitive events to enjoy throughout the year, and a vast range of abilities ranging from complete novices to international stars. We continually welcome new juniors into the club, working closely with local schools to ensure the local community benefits from our facilities and the tuition on offer from our PGA Head Professional, Neil Lythgoe.

The club has also recently introduced its own Junior Golf Scholarship, which has proved to be hugely popular. For a very modest fee, children aged between 7 and 15 get the opportunity to learn to play or improve their golf. Scholarship benefits include: • One year’s membership at Royal Norwich • A set of golf clubs • One year’s intensive coaching from a PGA Professional

• A set structure, with coaching handouts • Etiquette and rules workshops • Fun competitions Royal Norwich Golf Club is also proud to be one of the few Norfolk clubs to be accredited with GolfMark, a national scheme that identifies and recognises junior and beginner-friendly golf facilities. Independently audited, it is recognition of the club’s commitment towards junior and entry-level golf.

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Golf “We Club believe that moving into a care home

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Other homes in the Norwich area include: Dussindale Park (01603 294010) Nursing Care Mary Chapman Court (01603 294011) Residential Care The Hawthorns (01603 294012) Nursing Care

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Clubhouse and Dining


riendly and welcoming is the standard order of the day at Royal Norwich. We have a large, comfortable, relaxing and bright lounge area which provides the perfect setting to discuss that missed putt or 300-yard drive.

In the summer, our balcony provides seating where you can relax in the sunshine overlooking the beautiful, tranquil setting and discuss the day’s play.

New Sports Bar The clubhouse has a lounge bar, new sports lounge and the main dining room can seat up to 80 people for those functions and special occasions. The bar is stocked with a wide range of draught and bottled beers, ciders, premium lagers, wines and spirits. We also serve a guest ale, which varies according to the season and availability, along with a fine selection of more than 10 whiskeys.

The menu provides everything from full English breakfast and mid-morning snacks to hot and cold lunches, afternoon teas and evening meals. We specialise in traditional home-cooked food prepared on the premises with locally sourced products. >>


Steam On Ironing Services Family run buSineSS

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Clubhouse and Dining >> Select from sandwiches, baguettes and toasted sandwiches, light snacks such as teacakes and scones to a filling and varied lunch menu that features dishes such as chilli con carne with rice, scampi with salad and chips and homemade lasagne with salad and garlic bread. There is also a wide selection available from the daily specials board.

Check out our menu which is available to download from our website, you are sure to find something to your liking. Catering can be provided outside our normal opening hours with notice and special dietary requests can also be catered for.

Our premises carries the seal of approval from Broadland District Council, who certified us under their new Safer Food Better Business Scheme. Please telephone 01603 429928 (Option 3/4) for further assistance.

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Boiler Replacement Central Heating Servicing & Repairs Underfloor Heating Renewable Energy Power Flushing/Descaling All Plumbing Work Pressurised Cylinders

Contact Matthew Southern

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Unit 26, Vulcan House, Vulcan Road, Norwich, NR6 6AQ

01603 401834 Unit 26, Vulcan House, Vulcan Road, Norwich, NR6 6AQ

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Corporate Golf


oyal Norwich is an ideal choice as the venue for your corporate golf day. From the moment you first call us to the completion of your day you will have our undivided attention. Nothing is too much trouble and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We prefer not to offer packages because we feel every group that comes to us is different and given the choice, with a blank canvas as a starting point, no two golf days would end up being identical. Instead, we very much prefer if you come to us to discuss your specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate, right down to the very smallest detail.

We are proud to have the word Royal in our title and we hope anyone who enjoys our hospitality on a corporate day here will feel they have been royally treated. You will not feel like you are just another golfing group. Our reputation rests on your recommendation and that means everything to us. >>

ElEctrical & ElEctrical tEsting

ElEctrician DaviD J Huntington Eng TEch M.I.E.T Royal Norwich Golf Club • 46

Beauty through skill and science

ElainE SaSSoon AB, FRCS, FRCS (PlASt)

Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery available as well as non surgical treatments for lines and wrinkles.

(+44) 01603 279805

D.I.Y mishaps fixed Electrical installations Electrical installation tests portable applicance testing

190 DErEHaM roaD. norWicH. nr2 3aJ TEl / fax / answEr phonE

01603 622742

Mobile: 07710 460 052 Hill House Consulting Rooms Spire Hospital, Old Watton Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TD

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Corporate Golf >> So if you don’t know where to start, come to us and let us help plan your day. Whether you are looking for 18, 27 or 36 holes, a combination of breakfast, lunch and evening meal (or all three), refreshments half-way round, assisting your guests with filling in their scorecards, a clinic from our professional or helping with your prize presentation, we would be delighted to assist. Whenever you need someone dependable to turn to to make sure your day is one to remember, we will be here every step of the way.

Give us enough notice and we can even arrange to have a selection of golfing merchandise available sporting your company logo – one sure way to ensure your golf day lives long in the memory of the participants.

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When only the best will do, Decadence Discos delivers fantastic customer service, excellent sound and lighting and a fantastic professional DJ. Phil ‘DJCoops’ Cooper has over 17 years experience in mobile and club djing, performing throughout the UK at large corporate events and even for royalty! Phil also owns our sister company Norfolk Events Company, planning bespoke Wedding, Corporate and Private parties.

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How to Find Us


oyal Norwich Golf Club is situated just over two miles north west of Norwich city centre. For satellite navigation purposes our postcode is NR6 5AH. Directions From the city, take the A1067 Drayton Road in the direction of Drayton and Fakenham. The club is on the left.

From the east, follow the A47 towards Norwich. On the outskirts of the city, take the 1st exit onto Sweet Briar Rd/ A140 and after about a mile take a slight left into Drayton High Road. The club is around 500 yards up on the left. From the south, follow the A140 into the outskirts of the city before turning left onto Daniels Road (A140). Go through three roundabouts before taking a slight left into Drayton High Road. The club is around 500 yards up on the left.

Public transport The nearest railway station is Norwich, which is 3.7 miles or around a 13-minute taxi ride away. A direct train service runs around half-hourly to London Liverpool Street. Journey time is approximately 1 hour 48 minutes. We are only 10 minutes from Norwich Airport

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Contact Us


e look forward to welcoming you to Royal Norwich Golf Club. If you have any questions or would like further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Royal Norwich Golf Club

Phone: 01603 429928

Drayton High Road Hellesdon Norwich NR6 5AH


01603 417945

E-mail: Website:

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Royal Norwich Official Corporate Brochure 2013/2014  

A guide to the golf club, course and facilities, and supporting local businesses.