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Bad Bones Photography ... PG 4-7 Valentines Giveaway ... PG 8 Miers Photography & Jade Belle Amour Jellyfish Jones Photography & Kristil Parrish

... 9-11 ..PG 12-15

Bombshell Blossoms Hair Accessories ... PG 16 Pink Bow Pinup Contest

... PG 17

Ask Queenie Column

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Vivid Eyecandy Photography

... PG 20-23

Inverview with Jessica Eisner Photography

... PG 24-29

Pink Bow City Sponsors

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Girlie Show Photography

... PG 32-34

pink Bow City news: On January 2nd, 2013 Pink Bow City re-located to San Francisco, California! We are very excited to be in California and we are looking forward to working with new people. We are currently focusing on finding new designers, preferably in the California area; to feature on our site. The pin-up scene is very vibrant here and we hope to continue growing our company! If you are at all interested in working with us whether it be for: modeling, photography, fashion design, events, etc. please feel free to reach out to us at anytime! The best way to reach us is via email: We welcome the adventures to come and we will be sure to keep everyone posted through our journey!

Love, Pink Bow City

Bad Bones Photography

Bad Bones Photography

Miers Photography Model: Jade Belle Amour

Jellyfish Jones Photography Model: Kristil Parrish MUA: Christina Miliusis

December Winner: “Cutest Pinup & Pet” Chole Benedict

November Winner:

“Pinup Contest” Dana Cherie Romine

To enter Our Pinup contest email photos to: contact@pinkbowcity.coM

Q: How do you get in the mood during a Pin Up photo shoot?

A: “There are many different types of Pin-Up photo shoots; from a more vintage feeling, cheeky and silly shoot to a sexy, sultry shoot. How to get in the mood? First off, contact your photographer and ask what options there are for music. Music is great for setting the mood, either make a play list or know of a good Pandora station. Another great option is bringing someone along! Either a friend who is frisky and fun to create a light, positive mood, or someone who maybe puts your panties in a twist to help you make those bedroom eyes! If bringing someone physically in isn’t an option, or the photos are for that person, imagining that person in place of the camera works really great as well. Just remember that the photographer wants you to get in the mood too, as a more comfortable model makes for better photos, so feel free to ask them for suggestions as well!”

Q: How do I break into the burlesque scene?

A: “I think every burlesque performer has a different story about how they became who they are in the burlesque world. There are many different routes to take in your journey to becoming a burlesque dancer. Some simply audition for a specific company; others take classes as a stepping off point. I would recommend doing a lot of research of burlesque history, performers and types of burlesque. Go to many, many different performances to get a better understanding of the types of burlesque and companies in your area. Do take classes; not just burlesque, but dance, acting, improv etc. Make sure you delve into yourself to figure out who you are as a performer and person and find what makes you unique within the burlesque world. Talk to other burlesque performers, fans and friends. Locally in Minneapolis there are many good and unique burlesque companies. I am a cast member of Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret and Burlesque (, which is a vintage burlesque company with a live jazz band, along with singers and poets as well, but there are many varieties of other companies as well including queer burlesque, neo burlesque etc. A great local place to take classes would be The Playful Peacock Academy, run by Ophelia Flame and Gina Louise (www.playfulpeacock. com). So take those classes, go to shows and have fun!”

Queenie’s Tip of the Month:

Don’t know what to do with your hands during a pin-up shoot? Hold a fun prop! Many pin-up shoots are themed and props add a fun element to the photo & an easy way to occupy your nervous hands!

An Interview With Jessica Eisner Photography Q: Who are some of your favorite pin-up models? A: “When I am asked this I straight away think of Mosh. I’d love to one day photograph her, wow that’d be wonderful!” Q: Who are your photographer inspirations? A: “I’m sure everyone knows this by now, but Shannon Brooke! Also, other photographers that have been very inspirational to me and my work are: Helmut Newton, Bunny Yeager, and Ellen Von Unwerth” Q: Do you have any tricks to make your models comfortable? A: “I like shooting one on one with the model, I tlak a bit with them before the shoot, and then I talk while the shoot is happening. I also show the models how they’re looking through the shoot and compliment their strong aspects.” Q: How long have you been doing photography? A: “Since I was 16. I didn’t always want to be a photographer. I wanted to be an artist, I love art, but when I figured out I could photograph the girls I would draw instead that’s when everything came to life!” Q: As most people might not know, you’re from Australia! What is the pin-up scene like in Austrailia? A: “It seems to be getting bigger & bigger!!! More and more people are starting to know about it and more people who up to the local hot rod shows.”

Buffalo Exchange Website: www, Every day customers rave about the fantastic vintage and retro fashion treasures discovered at buffalo exchange! the used & recycled fashion retailer celebrates the creativity & individuality of their customers and community, buying from and reselling to local patrons and providing support for community non-profit organizations. on lyndale north of 28th street in minneapolis. for more information or to find a store near you, visit!

Studio Betties photography website: email: phone number: 612-234-7627 studio betties pinup & Boudoir photography of MN (named after the legendary pinup bettie page) is a twist of vintage pinup with modern styling. drawing from the 1940's to the 1960's, jenn kelly (owner,) gives women the experience of transforming themselves into sassy, sexy pinups in the blink of an eye!

grinkie girls photography website: 272580182762207 email: phone number: 612-382-8442 Founder of grinkie photography, llc and grinkie girls is the twin cities leader in pin up parties. her passion for making people of all shapes and sizes look and feel beautiful has set her studio apart as one of the leaders in a growing pin up community. grinkie photography has an open environment that welcomes people from all walks of life. as part of her ongoing effort to build enthusiasm for "workin' it pin up style" she has calendar contests, minishoots and other special events.

Girlie Show Photography Model: Divinora Wardrobe: Katie Kutthroat Hat: VintageBox1947 MAUH:: Jordana Morgan


Girlie Show Photography Model: Mercedes Arredondo Hair: Liz Carillo Makeup: Jordana Morgan

Pink Bow Pinup Magazine - February 2013