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CREDITS 4 • CONTRIBUTORS 5 • LOOKBOOK 8 • MEET BETTIE B U TC H E R 1 2 • A S K T H E V I N TAG E DOLL 26 • TEN QUESTIONS WITH S A B I N A K E L LY 3 2 • F I G H T F O R Y O U R D R E A M S 4 4 • M E E T S hannon B rooke and N athalie R attner 5 0 •

B E T T I E B angs hair tutorial 6 8



McCuli Rae Photography by Brandon Lund




Keona Tranby

Sabina Kelley photo by Riley Kern Studio


hair by His Vintage Touch

Dan Ferro

MUA Jennifer Corona assistant Genevieve Davis

Writers The Vintage Doll


Nathalie Rattner

Shannon Brooke McCuli Rae


Bettie Butcher

Diablo Rose Mailing Address

PO Box 1096

Venice, CA 90294

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McC uli Rae • photos by B randon Lundby

3 − 5 & 44− 47

B ettie Butche r • photos by S hannon B rooke Imagery • MUAH Jennifer Corona A na Pe rduv • photos by Filip D izdar • Lisca Selection Lingerie

12− 15

16− 19

L e ila Lipstiq ue • photos by Damona-Art • Jew elry by Glitter Paradise • Nostalgic Cars 24

Bondi Holly • photos by Miss Missy P hotography.


A N G ELA RYA N • photos by K enny Lee P hotography


C ourtne y C rave • photos by K enny Lee P hotography the V intage Doll • P hotos by Vivid Ey eCandy



Mox ie Vale ntine • photos by Vestig e P hotography hair by G ine rsy • makeup by Alyne Halvajian

28− 29 30− 31

M aranda We iss • photos by Lion Lady P hotography S abina Ke lle y • photos by Ril ey K ern Studio

32−39 40− 41

J e nnife r Humphre y • photos by Grinkie Girls • MUA B ecky Joyce

L ilith Von Dahlia • Photos by V estig e P hotography • MUAH Lindy Sue Walt ers 48

S uzy Starlin e r • Photos by Autumn Luciano • MUAH K elly Swanson F rancine Lane • photos by Miss Missy P hotography


photos by S hannon Brook e Imagery • art by Nathalie Rattner


Krist e n Le anne • photos by Rob ert Alvarado • MUAH Natalie Rose Emma-Jane • Photos by Jem Shoots Frames


54− 55

56− 57

A ndr e a G ladso Hilton • photos by Nancy D olls P hotography • MUAH Glam by Shirely 58−61 Dinah De Rosa • P hotos by Holly wood B reeze


Jaclyn Van He ars e • photos by M aria Qualtieri • Studio/MUAH B ombsh ell P inups 63

J oie S unshine • photos by M arilee Caruso • MUAH: Cherry Dam e A nna M e i • photos by M ike Gleeson of Glit wood P hotographic S he lle y C he sson • photos by Little skull photography photos and article by D iablo Rose


66− 69


64− 65




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FIRST PLACE Lilliam Ribota • Photo by Nancy


Dolls Photography

Christina Maria Villa

M.U.A Julie Anne

• Hair Stylist Carmen Sique




Jana Marie •

Luna x Mars •

Photo by Tara

Photo by Ron

O Photos



# P I N K B O W C I T Y


W i n t er 2 0 1 3

LOOK BOOK Collection I: "Mia" the pin-up girl Made in the USA Items available at: Shirt Designs by EddyRose Art Model Andrea Gladso Hilton MUAH Glam by Shirley



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P I N K B O W C I T Y. C O M

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Meet Bettie Butcher, model, teacher, pageant coordinator and mentoR.

Bettie is known as one of the pioneer Pinup and Tattoo

2010. This has also secured Bettie a position as a regular

Models in Australia, with ink by national and international

model for the fashion shows at various Tattoo Expos, Pinup

artists. Her trademarks are her curvy VAVAVOOM figure,

events, Fashion launches and more.

versatile style, a love of working on and showing her classic VW Beetle “Evelyn” and bubbly persona.

Winning the title of Miss Pinup and Miss Ink Australia has expanded her modeling career into regular trips around

Bettie grew up as a tomboy in Brisbane, Australia, working

Australia and even recently to the USA, where Bettie was

on cars with her brother and father. Girly things were never

lucky enough to work with LA’s finest, Shannon Brooke

something she was interested in. Growing up in a lower

Imagery and AmaLea Pictures. Bettie is now the organiser,

class suburb North of Brisbane, she left school early due

judge and host of many Australian Pinup and Tattoo

to constant bullying and being labeled an outcast. Bettie

pageants including Miss Ink, Miss Dirty Love, Miss Surf n Ink,

never thought she would ever be anything close to a model,

Miss Garterbelts and Gasoline, The Gangsters Ball and many

but this all changed one day in 2005 at a Rockabilly show,

more. You’ll never know what Bettie will get up to next!

Greazefest, where she was photographed with a pickup truck and was later published in national magazines, and nothing

Due to her extensive knowledge and experience as a Pinup

has held her back since. Bettie has been heavily involved

model, Bettie is now the Vintage Styling Tutor and Hair and

in the Pinup and Rockabilly scene since 2005 and has

Makeup Stylist with the Bombshell Burlesque and Beauty

established a name not only in Australia but Internationally.

Academy in Brisbane, teaching everyday women the finer points of Vintage Hair, Makeup and styling. Bettie is also

She had a brief roller derby career in 2007, which introduced

sponsored and an Australian sale representative for Besame

her to many beautiful tattooed ladies, giving her the

Cosmetics and Uppercut Deluxe Pomade. This gives Bettie

confidence to pursue her love of art and tattoos. The stigma

the opportunity to give back to the Pinup community in

that you have to be a rough and intimidating chick to have

Australia and to help every woman to bring out their inner

tattoos was now broken to Bettie as she learned that you can


have your favourite artwork with you all the time (in the form of tattoos) and still be a proud, feminine, strong woman, even

Bettie has modeled for various National and International

a role model. This taught Bettie that you can still be a Pinup

designers such as Iron Fist Clothing, Kiss Me Quick Lingerie,

with Tattoos and expanded her style from classic pinup into

Doll Deluxe Clothing, Suzi Homemaker, 50ft Queenie, Beserk

more exciting genres such as fetish, horror, latex and tattoo

Clothing, Route 66, Bernie Dexter Clothing/Miskonduct.

shoots. Bettie is lucky to have a supportive fiancé who has been with her every step of her career. He (Rastra Lyall), is also a Kustom Kulture artist and has designed jewellery,

Betties Hot Tips

robots and rayguns used in many of her shoots. Bettie really hit the spotlight when she was crowned 1st place winner of the National Deadbeat Pinup Pageant at The


Educate yourself! “Information is power”, and you want to get an appreciation and understanding of the Vintage

Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo 2010 (judged by Sabina

era, knowing the different clothing styles, the importance of

Kelley) and 1st place winner of National Miss Ink Australia

foundation garments and petticoats.

1 3


A general understanding of hair and makeup trends. Books

to brighten everything around you. You are BEAUTIFUL, so

like Vintage Hairstyling and Retro Make-up are a great start

remember that and let it show not only on the outside, but

to learn your own pinup style, or attend a class to get a

also on the inside.

hands on approach to styling. Youtube also has some great tutorials which can help you get started.



Be everywhere! And always dress up! Get out and go to every event that you can, be it car, bike, tattoo, rockabilly

You don’t have to spend a fortune on an “authentic vintage”

or pinup shows, someone once said to “always dress

wardrobe, there are a ton of companies out there that do

as if you may run into your worst enemy”. There will be

reproduction pinup clothing and accessories which are a

photographers at all of the shows, so make sure you have

fraction of the cost of real vintage, but still beautiful designs

practiced your posing at home in a mirror, so you can pop

in quality materials. If you do want vintage garments then

out a few signature poses for the cameras, you never know

I suggest regularly checking out your local charity shops

where the photos may show up (eg, magazines, websites

because not only could you find that one amazing dress


at a bargain price, but you’re also doing a good thing by helping charities to raise much needed funding.


Stand out from the pack! Understand that YES! you can have tattoos, piercing, crazy hair colors, be ANY age, ANY

If you wish to see more of Bettie's work, or have any

size! Don’t every let anyone tell you that you cannot be a

questions, check out

pinup because you have your lip pierced, or because your hair is bright green! Being a pinup is not about labels, its about being a confident, strong woman with a love of the bygone eras. And lets be honest, it's not the 1950s anymore so realistically we’re all “Modern Pinups”.


Don’t get caught up in the drama. If you want to enter pageants or competitions, always remember it's just for FUN and experience. Trash talk and being nasty will only ruin your reputation and chances for further opportunities down the track, plus its not in the good spirit of being a pinup. Pageants can be great to meet likeminded ladies, get lots of photos, improve your confidence, share tips and tricks, and just have a good time. You never know, you may make some new lifelong friends.


Confidence. I really think this is the main aspect pulling off the pinup look. Confidence will improve your posture for posing, make you more relaxed and put a smile on your face

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1 6

ana perduv Lisca Selection Lingerie • Photo by Flip Dizdar

1 7

1 8

1 9

Leila Li

2 0


Photo by Damona-Art • Jewelry by Glitter Paradise • Red Cadillac by Nostalgic Cars

2 1

2 2

2 3

B ondi

h o l l y

Miss Missy Photography

2 4



Photo by Kenny Lee Photography Lingerie via What Katie Did

C ourtney

C r a v e

Photo by Kenny Lee Photography Lingerie via GirdleBound Shoes via Ellie Shoes

2 5

ASK THE V I N TAG E D O L L "The Confidence of a Pinup, and a

think we should change ourselves

I decided to take the pinup road I

True Pinup Heart" by The Vintage Doll.

entirely just to fit the "beauty mold"

had just as many struggles with my

In today's world it seems like

of today's world. If I have to change

self-confidence and finding beauty

everyone likes to think they get to

everything about myself and how I

in myself as the next girl. Always

decide what makes a person beautiful

was created to fit into some kind of

too skinny to fit clothes that made

and what they should change about

mold, then I don't think that's a mold

me feel good about myself. I had to

themselves to fit into what things like

I want to fit into anyways? I say we

safety pin all my jeans up because

social media, Hollywood, magazines

break the mold of today's beauty

if they were long enough in the legs,

and television say what makes a

stereotypes and bring to light a style

they were to big in the waste. I guess

person visual beautiful. I find this to

that all women can feel beautiful and

you can say that's where my "pinup

be absolutely absurd! No one should

confident in just the way they are

days" started when I was literally

be able to define another person's

pinning up my clothes! So having the

beauty especially only judging them

empowering feeling a woman can

The confidence of a pinup, and a true pinup heart.

get from a great outfit was never an

what's not good enough about us and

Written by The Vintage Doll

world, and why was that? Because

just down right have our confidence

Photography by Vivid EyeCandy

the world said I had to be a certain

by their outer appearance. Which is why I decided to jump back into a different time in the world and embrace the pinup lifestyle!! As women we all know what it is like to have someone judge us, tell us

option for me. Being very fair skinned that I was insecure about wearing shorts because I had skinny white legs. I had my insecurities about myself just like every other girl in the

stolen from us by others opinions of

size and I didn't fit that look. I was my

what they think could make us more

own look and I needed a style that

beautiful. Who are they to say what

without changing everything that

I could embrace "myself" and not

we need to change about ourselves

makes them beautiful already! Let's

have to try and change things that

just because it's what "they think."

put some pinup colored glasses on

are impossible to change! You can

We can all relate to these feelings

the world and watch the confidence

always change your hair style to fit

of insecurities about our bodies, self-

and strength in all women rise!!

into something, but you can't really

esteem issues, and extreme drops in

Getting involved in the pinup lifestyle

change your body type if you're

our self-confidence. But for what?

has been the most positive thing for

made to be a certain way and I was

Why should we be so hard on who

me as a woman. Most people see me

made very petite and small framed

we are and how we look just because

now and think I'm the most confident

and try as I may I couldn't change

damaged people who have their

woman they have seen and how

that. It was time to embrace it!

own insecurities think it's ok to overly

easy life must have been. I'm here to

I discovered the pinup style and life

give their opinions about how they

tell you that's not the case. Before

that carried it when I was 16. I fell so

2 6

in love with it but my own insecurities told me there was no way for me to look like that. "No way Emily, you can't be that bold, you can't be that strong and sexy and confident,

Submit questions for The Vintage Doll to Or mail her a letter at: po box 1096 venice, ca, 90294

don't even try" my mind told me. So

shapes and truly can make a woman feel amazing! But it's a pinup's spirit that makes her who she is. Having a pinup spirit allows all women to feel beautiful. It shows them they can be strong, sexy, classy and feminine

I didn't. I instead stayed myself and

maybe sacrificing your best qualities

and it's ok! They can embrace being

just stayed on the sidelines studying

to fit a mold that's less than appealing

a woman and feel proud. Even more

pinup history and style instead, which

anyways. Being yourself will always

so they can embrace who they are

in the end served a great purpose.

be more beautiful than a dulled down

already and who they were meant

After five years of hiding my passion

version of how the world thinks you

to be and love themselves with out

for the pinup life and jumping from

should be.

having to change all of their beautiful

one style to the next just trying to find

I'm aware that not every woman

qualities to fit a mold that might hide

something that gave me a place to

wants to look like a pinup or dress the

their true beauty in the end anyways.

feel strong in who I was as I woman,

way we do on a daily basis and you

Who wants to lose them self to fit into

and becoming a wife and a mother

don't have to do that to have "pinup

a world that can't appreciate who

I finally decided to step out of my

confidence". It's not the clothing that

they were born to be? Not me! That's

comfort zone, stop being so down

makes a pinup who she is but the

why I decided to go back in time to a

on myself and doubting myself and I

strength inside her soul. Pinup girls

world that let women be women and

jumped feet first into the pinup life. I

hold a strength and confidence inside

who they are and embrace the pin up

have now been a full-time pinup for

them and that's why people are drawn

lifestyle. I wear it on the outside every

three years and I think back on where

to them. Sure the clothes are beautiful

day, but it's what the pinup lifestyle

I came from and the mind-set I had

and embrace all types of bodies and

gives my heart and soul that makes

and I laugh at myself. Why? Because

me strong and confident in who I am

the confidence and strength in who I

as a woman, who I was born to be.

am now can see how silly I was then

I encourage every woman to not

to think the way I did. I didn't have to

change your outward style or give

change who I was to be a pinup I just

up the style you love but to turn your

had to embrace what I was meant to

hearts pinup, and you will begin to

be. I think that's the difference in

see how strong and confident you

true beauty. Being able to see

are and that your beautiful the way

who you are already and

you were created and if you change

embracing that and wing

yourself to fit into the molds others

able to shine will always

try and put you in, you will only

be truer than changing everything are

miss out on all of the amazing


things you were meant to do


and be. Never let anyone steal you're beauty because you are amazing and the world needs more true beauty in it. – Xoxo The Vintage Doll

2 7

M o x i e Va l e n t i n e Photos by Vestige Photography • Hair by Ginersy • Makeup by Alyne Halvajian

2 8

2 9

Maranda Weiss Lion Lady Photography

3 0

3 1




Sabina KELLeY Photos by Riley Kern Studio Hair by His Vintage Touch • Makeup Artist Jennifer Corona • Assistant Genevieve Davis Judge on Season 3 of the Oxygen TV Show "Best Ink" with celebrity judge Pete Wentz. Internationally published model, featured on the covers of: Inked, Tattoo Magazine, Pin Up America, Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine & more! Sabina is a driven entrepreneur, pin-up model, mother & burlesque dancer. She pretty much does it all!

3 2

3 3

How do you balance your busy life while being a mom? Silly related question: In your opinion which hurt more: getting tattooed, or giving birth?

It’s not easy balancing my life, but I don’t really have a choice.  Honestly I wouldn't change my life or situation for anything.  I’m pretty blessed to have such amazing kids and supportive friends and fans. That’s not even a question, lol!  Obviously giving birth hurts more.  How about getting tattooed while giving birth.  Now that would hurt even more.

How did you get involved in the pin-up world?

I have always been a big fan of the 40s and 50s Pinups and collected old pictures and calendars, vintage lingerie, and dresses. I just started dressing that style and shooting images like that and got asked to shoot a few magazine covers and it just snow balled.

You are a driven dancer model and entrepreneur. What did you do to become so successful? Any advice?

I just followed my dreams and focused on everything I love.  I don’t have time to mess around since I have kids, so I bust my butt to be a good mom and kill it on my career.

Who are your pinup idols & why? Have you met any of them? If so, what was it like?

My Pinup idols are Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager. They are huge influences to me because their work is sexy, yet classy. I have met Bunny Yeager and shot with her twice. It was such a great honor and I learned a lot. I made a good friend and feel pretty special that I got that opportunity to work with a legend that I have always admired.

Your style mixes classic pin up with a sexy modern flair. What fashion / beauty tips do you have for modern-day pin ups?

I definitely have my own unique style. I started a fashion blog to answer all of those questions for my fans and to tell them all my beauty secrets and favorite items and places to buy my style of clothes, lingerie, and bikinis. www.sabinakelleysfashionblog.wordpress. 3 4

3 5

3 8

What would your dream photo shoot look like?

Shooting for the cover of Italian Vogue in a retro-looking high fashion outfit with Ellen Von Unwerth as the photographer. That would be a dream come true!

What is your opinion on nudity in pin-up shoots?

Nudity does not bother me at all, especially if it is tasteful. What bothers me is when photographers take advantage of newer and younger models and push them to do nudity to make money off of them, and then later on, the models usually regret it. Yes, you can make a lot of money fast doing nude shoots, but if you ever decide as a model to futher your career huge companies will not hire you if you have done nude shoots. You will not find one completely nude pic of me on the internet. I shoot implied nudity, but that is as far as I go, unless I get a Playboy cover! I think it is sexier to tease than to just show it all.

Do you have any new tattoos planned for the near future?

No, not right now. I am just trying to finish my back right now.

What projects are you currently working on? Are you still planning to do a burlesque show?

My 2014 calendar will be out at the end of October. I am working on opening up some more Bombshell Tattoo Removal shops, and possibly my own tattoo shop. I am still modeling full-time and we just finished filming third season of 'Best Ink' and it will begin airing in December. Yes, I am still planning on doing a burlesque show.

Season 3 of 'Best Ink' airs this month! Can you tell us anything about this season?

Season 3 of, “Best Ink” begins airing in December on Oxygen. Pete Wentz is the host of the show. The show is definitely full of drama. It’s 14 artists going head to head to see who has the Best Ink. They do flash challenges and ink challenges and since it’s a competition show people get eliminated and you see all the drama. We had a great crew of artists 3rd season and I feel this season we had a very even playing field, so it’s really hard to guess from the beginning who is going to win. It will for sure keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jennifer Humphrey • MUA Becky Joyce ¬ Grinkie Girls Photography

4 0

4 1

Lilith V o n Dahlia Vestige




Lindy Sue Walters • Cars by Lucky's Speed Shop Sydney • Clothing by Pandora Deluxe

4 2

4 3

Fight F o r Your Dre a m s

Written by McCuli Rae

My name is McCuli Rae. I live in Las

in the seven days I was there the last

Vegas, Nevada. At 18 I started to have

of which being an unmedicated spinal

multiple erratic symptoms, starting

tap, to which the results confirmed,

with the right side of my body going

at just 18, I had Multiple Sclerosis.

completely numb for 9 days. I went to

After diagnosis and release, I face a

the ER, and they told me it was just a

few of the hardest months of my life. I

pinched nerve and sent me home. A

completely lost vision in one eye, had

week or so later, the entire left side of

this horrifyingly relentless squeezing

my face lost function and completely

pain across my abdomen known as the

hung low to one side, I again went to

“MS hug,” and had to embarrassingly

an urgent care and was sent home.

attend one of my best friends high

I started to have random bouts of

school graduation parties with a cane.

extreme intense panic, followed by

I’ve now been fighting this beast two

numbness and tingling jumping back

years. I have regained vision in my eye,

and forth from finger to finger and

and my symptom list has been reduced

slowly creeping up my arm. After 3+

to the occasional loss of balance and

trips to the emergency room, My entire

dizziness, food sensitivity, memory

arm went numb, and I made one last

problems and extreme fatigue. These

trip to the Emergency room. I finally

trials have made me realize none of

had a CT scan to bring in ordered

us are invincible, although at a young

by my primary care doctor. When I

age, we all feel it. It has made me a

arrived, they played the CT scan and

healthier and more compassionate

what they found was alarming, giant

human being. Above all, it has taught

white spots all over my brain. They

be to follow every dream I’ve ever had.

thought I had a brain infection, or

Don’t wait for something unfortunate

tumors all over my brain. I was then

to happen to follow yours.

Photos by Brandon Lundby

admitted. They ran multiple tests daily

4 4

4 5

4 6

4 7

S u z y st a r l iner Photo by Autumn Luciano • MUAH Kelly Swanson

4 8

F r a ncine

l a ne

Miss Missy Photography

4 9

Shannon Brooke

Nathalie Rattner 5 0

How did the two of you

Who would be your dream pin-up

start working together?

to draw / photograph and why? One living and one from history.



I met Nathalie through a good friend of mine, Revecka.  Rev owns a company called Delicious Dames, (a body

Living, I have to say Drew Barrymore.  She’s so fun and

positive website for women) and Nathalie had drawn a

carefree, I think she would make such an amazing pin-

beautiful logo of Revecka based on one of my photos.  I

up, her smile and body…she’s a gem…a dream model! 

was stunned with the quality and attention to detail.

Deceased, I would have to say Bettie Page.  As cliché as


that sounds, she inspires me more than any other model I

At the start of my pin-up career, I was lucky enough to find

have ever studied.  Her posing, her sense of adventure in

some wonderful photographers who allowed me to use

her expression, her wardrobe! Nobody has a body like her,

their photos as references and inspiration for my pieces.

it’s simply the most unique shape I have ever seen.

Once I found my style and artistic voice, I knew it was time to have my own source material shot for me and bring the concepts I had simmering in my head to life. Shannon has such an amazing eye and talent for capturing the best out of every girl that steps in front of her camera, and I have been following her work for years. One night, I sent her an email, not knowing if shooting figure studies for an artist would be at all interesting to her, but to my delight she said yes and, as they say, the rest is history. My life and work changed for the better when Shannon came into my world, and I count myself extremely lucky to be able to collaborate with her.  She’s very supportive, is always up for my crazy ideas and is a consummate professional.

Model Masuimi Max Wardrobe Madame Pomp


For a living model, it’s a toss-up between singer Ivy Levan and Carmen Dell’orefice. Carmen is one of most exquisite women alive and, like a fine wine, has only become better with time. I’ve always thought Ivy would be a perfect modern day pin-up model.  I love working with singers, as I’ve found that they’re very talented at embodying any emotion or character that is needed. For a historical model, I would have to choose Mitzi Gaynor.  She always looks like she’s having a lot of fun

Model Jolee Blon' • MUAH Natasha Marcelina • Wardrobe Madame Pomp

and that, combined with her dance talent and those legs, 5 1

would just make her a dream to draw.

What attracts you to the pin-up aesthetic? 

Treating everyone with respect is very important to me, and remembering that every girl has their insecurities…I try to pay special attention to that.


I like to see girls with confidence, loving the way they

were made, enjoying life.  I think every woman is beautiful,

You both have a modern flair to your art,

uniqueness is so sexy to me.  Every shape, every color,

how would you define “pin-up” and what

every age.  I think pin-up celebrates a woman’s happiness

inspires you to incorporate a modern twist? 

and beauty on the inside and out.



In my mind, a Pin-Up is a glorified version of oneself. 

It’s a little slice of fun and beauty to get lost in, and it’s a

style that all women, regardless of size, race or age, can

Whenever I photograph a woman, I hope that the end

result is a fantasy version of them.  The modern twist is

see themselves in. I love that it’s such an inclusive a style

there to embrace who that model really is.  Women have

and that both men and women can appreciate it and

tattoos now, as well as rainbow colored hair (etc) and I

share it with each other.

have modern lights to play with! 

Nathalie, what medium do you use for your work and how long does a piece normally take you to complete? 


To me, pin-up is a style that shows all the different sides of women: sassy, classy, strong, vulnerable, witty, intelligent,


and adventurous.

The modern twist in my work isn’t a conscious thing that

I use a mixture of pastel (mainly Pan Pastels) watercolor,

I think about when creating each piece.  My style and

gouache, ink and occasionally charcoal. Depending upon

creative process just seem to have naturally evolved that

the complexity of a piece, it can take up to a few months to

way.  I’m influenced by many different styles and eras, and

create, from the initial idea, figure study shoot, sketches,

I think my art just reflects that diversity.

drawings, studies, and test pieces to the finished product.  However, sometimes things just fall into place quite fast and I can finish a piece in a few weeks, which is always nice.

Shannon, you photograph some pretty wellknown celebrities & pin-ups from Sabina Kelley (our cover model), Avril Lavigne, Renee Olstead, Masuimi Max & more. What do you think is the key to your success as a photographer? 


I think that being a woman and a photographer works

for me.  I truly can see the beauty in every woman I meet, and I know how to accentuate that in my photography.  5 2

Model Lauren Luck • Wardrobe Madame Pomp • MUA Jennifer Corona

Model Shayna Rae • MUA Jennifer Corona • Lingerie by Lucy B Model Renee Olstead • MUA Jennifer Corona • Wardrobe Madame Pomp

Model Ruby Mae Collins

5 4

K r i s t e n

L e a n n e

Photographer Robert Alvarado Make up & Hair Natalie Rose

5 5

D i n a h

D e R o s a

Photo by Hollywood Breeze

J o i e

S u n s h i n e MUAH by Cherry Dame

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Bettie Page Bang 6 6

Be t t i e pag e bangs




Article by Diablo Rose

What you will need: Hairspray Bobby pins A rat tail comb Heated bendy rollers


Your favorite mousse or setting lotion






STEP TWO Apply setting lotion

STEP THREE Roll to the scalp then

your hair forwards and sectioning

(or mousse) down the length of

ease the bendy roller upwards

off the hair in a circular shape.

your hair. Then place the heated

to create a C shape keeping the

bendy roller at the tip of your hair

section of hair tight at all times.

and start rolling towards your



head, making sure the ends don’t stray and keeping your hair tight.



STEP FOUR Leave this to cool

completely. You can also use a

STEP Six Once all your hair

thin sponge roller if you prefer to

has been curled, spray lightly

curl without heat, you’ll just have


to leave it in for longer to set.

STEP Five Partition your hair into a centre part and using the same method as we did on the bangs apply bendy rollers section


section, 6 7




hairspray cool






STEP Seven Once cooled, remove all the heated bendy


rollers (minus your bangs) by straightening each roller out and unravelling the hair. Brush through the curls gently with your fingers to keep them tight.   Begin to backcomb the roots, avoiding the top of the hair to keep it smooth. Backcomb the to section of your hair to your desired look, spray with hairspray.

STEP eight Using a bristle brush smooth over the top of


the hair, brushing backwards to keep the height. Once you're happy with your style, you can remove the bendy roller in you're bangs. After you remove the roller, brush through the curl you have created. Then take the tip of the section and make a pin curl by rolling the end of the hair towards your forehead, keeping the curl fairly tight and upright.




STEP nine Once you're happy with

STEP Ten Once you have your

STEP ELEVEN Pop a few more clips

the position of the roll, use your

bangs just right, spray them with

in if you feel it needs securing in

bobby pins to pin in place. Once


place and finish the whole hairstyle

the roll feels secure you can start to

with a light spritz of hairspray! You

gently pull the roll upwards to create

now have an adorable pin-up look

a wider, more curved bangs.

complete with your new bettie bangs! 6 8

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