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Project 01 Pimrat Taecharachkij




Introduction The aim of project is to create a body of research and a final outcome based on our own chosen word from the orginal 4. I’ve chosen to word

The parts in which I’ve highlighed are the areas of the word that I would like to investigate and dig deeper in order to find a theme that would generate good content.

3 line, because I was intrigue by the depth and the amount of different thought intrigueing pathway that came with such a small word.

I started with finding words that had line in it. This in itself allowed me to branch of and look into the deeper in to the different types of lines used for diffrent things.



Communication/ Translation

Foundation of creations

Looking at the word line as one of the orignal forms of artistic experssion. “Translating a piece of the world into the dimensions of the paper�. Aswell as translating imagination into the world.

Lines used in detailed plans communicate visual aspects of a plan drawing that language simply struggles to deliver. It is the basic element required for complex creations.

Dimensions Perspective drawings goes beyond the limits of paper in order to communicate dimensions. It allows the audience to see objects as they would appear as apose to 2 dimension. The use of construction lines allows persepective drawings to be accurate.



Division / Seperation The most interesting part about my initial research is the exploration of the word borderline which sprouted from the word line. The idea that one line marks the begining of one place and the ending of another place.

Also looking into the idea of human seperation and governing systems that seperate a group of people from another due to race, wealth or religion. I think that going into this topic will allow an in depth body of work aswell as allowing my work to have a voice.

Project aims Design as As a designer I aim to play the role of an author and activist and to raise awareness. The key here is designing for impact. The final outcome should have and/or express my social and politcal voice.

This advertisement from WWF is an example of effective design that is able to inform and be thought provoking. The image itself is the metophor for the affect of deforestation making the link to human beings through our own internal organs. This advertisement had sucessfully done what I aim to be doing in this project.


Project aims


Design to I aim to target young people between the age of 20 - 35 who are interested in world matters and ejoys thought provoking imagery. I will be sharing my target audience with readers of these magazines.

“Metropoli” is a suplement of the spanish daily newspaper “El mundo”. Is known for its excelence on front design cover. The Newspaper it self covers current gloabal issues.

Vice is a New York City based Canadian magazine focused on international arts & culture. The content of the magazine is know to be contraversial, brave and to the point. The magazine very much has it’s own voice and has a faithful line of teeenage followers.

Adbusters describes itself as “a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age

Project aims


Design for Because I initially wanted the project to be tackling global topics and portray my opinion about boarder line disputes around the world to the general public the most effective

way would be through self publication or zines. These are examples of zines mentioned for their quality and conten on creative blogs such as benhance.

Patrick Fry


A self initiated zine project featuring a variety of young artists, writers, photographers and illustrators. Each issue is conceptually centered around its issue number. Curation, management and design.

It deals with the many content and aesthetic regarding thoughts, problems and attitudes a graphic designer faces while working on a book.

Zines: Self Publication Zines have always played the role of a vehicle for alternative or underground communication. Because it is self published and self produce, content of zines


are usually very raw and un-edited, the content of the zine is decided by the designer. Merging the line between author and designer.

“ Twenty - volume folios will never make a revolution. It’s the little pocket pamphlets that are to be feared �

A zine can be defined as a small circulation of self published work. The print - runs vary in numbers. Some are limited editions of up to 50, while others can be downloaded from the internet. Most Zines remain hidden, perhaps due to the freedom in their content, flying beneath the radar of mainstream publishing.

I may have underestimated the impact that zines can have in spreading a message. After research on the history I realised zines have been very involved in shaping organisations even dating back to the radical social critics of the French revolution. I fee that this knowledge have made me more confident that the format is suitable for the message that I am trying to deliver.



I’ve based my idea on the topic of conflicting borderline however I want the final outcome to always be able to be linked back to the word line.



MESSAGE Dimensions/perspective Human method of devision Translating the world Communicate Imagination




Completion Research Content

Types of maps

Art of drawing maps

Creating Content Highlighting Research

Use design Rhetoric

The zine(s)


Organizing the story




Method of binding

Method of printing

The role of lines

Practice method of Antithesis



Significant world boarderlines

Test the message





Work Breakdown Structure This work breakdown structure is done to help me see the scope of the project and what needed to be done in heirarchy. Also allows to plan my time effectively.



Types of maps In geography maps are one of the most important tools used to examine the entire Earth or a specific part of it. Simply defined maps are pictures of the Earth’s simple surface.

They can be general reference and show landforms, political boundaries, water, the locations of cities, or in the case of thematic maps, show

different but very specific topics such as the average rainfall distribution for an area or the distribution of a certain disease throughout a county.



This is a typical wind map of the United States. What made me interested in geographical maps is that there are still lines visible but not in the terms of seperation.


These maps shows the movement of rivers in the United States over the years published by the New work times.

Geographical maps Looking at design rhetoric, if I was to use the example of geographical maps I would be using design antethisis between seperation and no seperation as geographical

maps have natural curved lines whiles territorial maps are filled with jaggered lines.

Political Disputes


In order to choose the main content of my final outcome I’ve select a collection of articles of current political border disputes around the world that have been the main topic of discussion in political newspaper and magazines.

Line of control The term Line of Control (LOC) refers to the military control line between the Indian and Pakistani-controlled parts of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir—a line which, to this day, does not constitute a legally recognized international boundary

Palestine wall The issue between Israel and palestine has been going on for over a decade. It is a complicated topic to tackle. In order to be selctive and quite in depth I’ve chosen to focus on the changing of territorial lines

between Israel and Palestine. In summary once Israel was able to establish their territory Palestinians were pushed behind these walls with violence and descrimination.

Looking at articles that focus on the seperation of the people in the area gave me insight how this is one of worlds most dangerous places.

Political Disputes “As states and societies become further enmeshed more walls, barricades and cordons seem to be going up rather than coming down.� - Delwar Hussain

India and Bangledesh

The dispute between india and bangelesh (which use to be the same country therefore extremely simliar culture) is als one that’s been going on for a very long time. I want to narrow my focus to this article writen by Delwar Hussain.

38th Parallel The 38th parallel north is a circle lattitude around the earth. Over Korea this line marks the territorial seperation between north and south Korea. Due to a long history of conflicts this line not only seperates different governing systems but also the people and their families.

This line also marks the cause of numerous amount of territorial war and conflicts, resulting in wars envolving weapons of mass distruction

The writer visited Boropani, a town that was seperated in half in 1947. Causing extreme poverty and daily confrontation between villagers and border security guards of both countries. This happens to more than 10 towns on the this border.


Political Disputes


Scramble for Africa Africa was a place that I’ve always wanted to research in terms of territorial claims. As the contitent became one of the first to be completely torn apart by European colonization. The Act of Berlin conferenc in 1884 was the scramble for Africa by European countiries ‘claiming’ their port of trade. These 3 maps shows this process and the use of lines to conquer a continent.

Fall of the wall There is a lot history behind the Berlin wall the causes it to be one of the most studied issues in human history. People were seperate by governing system, communism and capitalism. However it seperate a different way of

life for the people that use to live in the same city. The fall of the Berlin was one of the most significant event in human history. Marks the overcome of seperation and descriminiation. This is what I will focus on.

Concept challenge


Zine to show line as a method of devision and seperation.



- Borderline about zines. - Zine that is an actual borderline

- Seperate the actual zine. - Completely visual zine with no description.

- Zine folds out into one long line of inforamtion - One line running throught the zine

Moment to moment

Focus on the difference

Extract - Seperate the actual zine would emphasize the message of seperation. - No description of for the zine would let the audience make up their own mind borderlines. This would be more effective.


- engaging the audience more than just flicking through the pages.

01 Zine to show line as a method of devision and seperation, with one long line running through the zine.

- If there is too much for the audience to do they might lose patient

02 Zine to show line as a method of devision and seperation that folds out into one long line (poster) of information.

Wishful thinking - Zine is given on acutal international borderlines.

Postive aspects - Having a completely visual zine will make the final outcome simple fast to understand and therefore effective.

03 Zine to show line as a method of devision and seperation containing only visual elements and allows the audience to make their own judgment.

Existing work Luis Dourado Digitally distorting maps. This method might be usefull in the way that it challenges the way people would percieve their location

Armelle Caron ‘Tout bien range’. Here the designer extracts shaps from a satellite image of paris and re - organzing the elements from the city. The designer is effectivelt mapping map.




With africa I wanted to illustrate the devision of the continent between European powers. I went about doing this a numer of ways BRITISH




Using Illustrator I traced the colonial land of africa after the Berlin conference physically seprated the contient I deliberately showing how these countries were creating new countries on native land. ITALY




This one uses the same element but scattered at random. Here I focused souly on the seperation of the continent like a big real life jiq saw puzzle that would be hard to put back together.


The two ‘scrambled’ africa is made up of 8 different outlines of the continent in various different sizes.



This was a message written on the Berlin wall. A result in one of many protest to bring down the wall. It captures the essence of my entire concept. It would also be helpful for the audience to understand the message. I manipulated this image of taken for Life magazine in 1961 about the life on the other side of the wall

The Berlin wall was rebuilt 4 different times, each time making the wall higher and stronger. I thought I could represent this fact through simple tracing of the wall line from maps

From a collection of photos I created to contrasting collage showing the rise and fall of the Berlin wall.



Through the development process I became more fond with the result of t racing the outline of these locations as it reflects back to the word line.

The red circles around the borderline of Bangledesh maps the location where small towns like Boropani from the article that I read, are being seperated with one line.

23 The cutting line on the 38th parallel is trying to show the degree of seperation between north and south Korea. That they might aswell it physically cut in half.

’ve also create a nuclear bomb pattern on illustrator and hoping to use it next to the dotted line.

I prefer the top design for the line of control to the one on the left. With the one above I wanted to create a fence using the actual ‘line of control’

cover I wanted to use the actual word to be the name of my zine. This is because I think that the content captures the meaning of the word rather well.

As the main colors for the visual content of the zine is black white and red I thought it would be important to portray that on the over. The barbed wire illustrates the degree of seperation that the word can brin better than the other 2 options. This is an image taken anonymously in 1989 during the tearing down of the Berlin wall. The emotions and the way that is framed with young people tearing down the wall captures not only the content of the zine but the aim of it aswell.







Layout And prototypes Layout and Testing It is important that through layout, the story of the zine flows nicely. Each visual image working with the one next to it in order to convey a message. There were major changes that occured more than a couple of times. The testing of the paper went well, I decided for the content to be on sugar paper as it adds authenticity to the content. The cover will be printed on cartirdge paper.

Prototype A phsical prototype aided with visualising the final outcome and the flow of the story. This will also come into use when preparing the pages for printing. I will also be using had binding to reall embrace the ‘self publishing’ aspect.



In conclusion I have suceesfully created a 16 page zine about the borderlines that seperate. There was a last minute change by adding the quotes. The reason I did this was because I had feedback that having ‘the world is too small for walls’ in the zine does help with


the understanding of the concept. Except there just wans’t enough for the audience to be confident of this. However the result turned out well and once tested with a number of students shown to be a sucessful outcome.



Positive aspects

Negative aspects

- I managed to create an outcome that is completely visual, with a little help from quotes, that communicated an in depth concept. - I feel that the chose format is suitable for the right delivery of the message. - The work breakdown structure was helpful in order to mange my tasks and times

- I didnt manage to use all of my research in the development of the final outcome i.e geographical maps. - There were no primary research. I were to have done a test of the target audience or have system of recording the testing process of the zine it may have given me insight to improve the outcome. - I feel as though there were not enought testing throughout the project. Maybe there was a better option for me than the paper that I have chosen to test.

Improvements In order to improve I would spend more time on primary research to find out whether or not what I am doing is truely relevent to the audience that I am trying to communicate with. I would also improvment my testing stages and allow myself to experiment with more options and materials.

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