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Today, when decision makers in the energy field are looking for information, digital media and leading search engines on the Internet are their first and favourite means. Whatever your investment, including in marketing and communication, as an energy company you never spend money without considering ROI. At Power Insider, based on our long-term Energy background, we do know that. We offer our customers to value our long-term experience. Our media send’s relevant information only to targeted decision makers. Such information includes applications and new product introductions, that help readers in their daily operations. It also includes articles from industry experts and industrial columnists containing genuinely useful analysis. At Power Insider, we continuously invest for improving the circulation of our Print, online magazines and e-newsletters. This has actually led to more than 100,000 recipients worldwide. But the key for you to remember – as the advertiser, is that this turns into a cost per click in the range of €1-3 euros. Our algorithms and processes lead to maximising the reach of the proper targeted readers. Also, our websites appear on the first page of search engines. Power Insider is also showing on many other portals – including those of professional associations – and optimises the use of social media. This typically leads to 300,000 visits/month. Power Insider through its websites, print and digital magazines with their own newsletters, relayed by the digital publishing platform www.issuu.com and Social Media networks, publish every day the latest industrial news for professional readers all over the world in a wide range of verticals. We have been in the market for over 10 years and work with the industries biggest and most influential Companies and decision makers. Be part of our success and make 2020 the year you see real results!

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Print Circulation Pimagazine Asia has been in the market for 10 years, and has always invested a huge amount of time, effort and energy to ensure our readership is the most up to date and target available in the Energy sector in Asia. We reach an internally audited distribution of 32,475 key stakeholders in the Asian energy market place. With this report we create a cross border market place enabling our advertisers to reach the most important decision makers in the region. Pimagazine Asia distinguishes itself by bringing our management culture to bear on the energy sector, along with intensive coverage of the most important business developments. Instead of simply reporting on day to day events, we detect the trends that executives need to follow and show how these trends will effect business decisions. In addition to our print edition, our online digital edition of the magazine is published on our homepage and is emailed to a further 35,000 individuals around the World that have expressed an interest in the Power & Energy markets of Asia.











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AN EVER. Online Advertising 100 years of controlOpportunities technology innovation A New Global Leader in Sustainable Energy Solutions

Dangjin Unit 4 in South Korea, which feat multi-fuel CFB technology, produces 105 MWe o from palm kernel shells, wood pellets a

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Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective logos, “Caterpillar dge” trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of ne KOHLER Series generators. With sizes t beofused withoutKD permission. 4200 kVA, there’s nothing they can’t power. And best stem is designed and built by Kohler—including al system integration, but you call it peace of mind. ®




erful—spec the larger lineup of s at KohlerPower.com.

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digital takes ability.

27.04.18 14:53

We are excited about our new company, Sumitomo SHI FW, as it allows us to dedicate our talent and quality of service on our fluidized bed technologies, which we see as the future for converting economical solid fuels and waste into clean and sustainable energy.

► CFB and BFB steam generator

210 mm► CFB and BFB gasifiers ► CFB scrubbers

Key attributes of the new company are:

► Metallurgical waste heat boiler

► Largest and most experienced team of fluidized bed experts

► Full range of boiler

► Largest global delivery network for fluidized bed technology

and AQCS services

► OEM of nearly 50% of the operating CFBs in our served markets

Project Delivery

► Largest global network of fluidized bed R&D resources and capability

► D&S equipment supply

efining attributes of modern society. In today’s digital Please visit our new website at shi-fw.com and come see us at trade shows vast amounts of data being produced by power plants to learn more about our exciting new company. omer actions. By making plants more intelligent, and digital worlds, ABB is helping generate more reliable kes ability. ABB Ability. mphonyplus

nd clean energy

Products and services 3/23/16 2:48 PM

► Turn-key boiler and AQCS island

► Long term service partnerships

#1 Global Energy & Water Cloud Pla

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Industries Served ► Power ► Industrial

► Combined heat and power ► Waste-to-energy


Smart Utility Systems (SUS) - The #1 Smart Energy and Water cloud platform, is addressing core challenges of global energy and water utilities in the areas engagement, mobile workforce and big data analytics.


Digital Campaigns Weekly Newsletter - Reaches over 110,000 global energy decision makers

who have all opted in to receive our weekly newsletter. Currently our Newsletter has an open rate of 68% and a click through rate of 14% ensuring our clients a tremendous return on investment. Our team have undertaken the latest digital media training course and are Google ad words qualified so we understand what works and what will work for your business and digital campaigns. 650px x 70px Banners with links are available to purchase from ÂŁ1,500 GBP PCM

EDM - EDM is the latest and most focused area of our business. Our team have undertaken the very latest course to ensure that all of our EDM campaigns are a great success for your business. Due to the huge reach of our data, we ensure that we spend the time with you to really drill down your campaign. Who do you want to reach, which country, job title. We work with you to compile a specific client avatar, so we truly understand your target client. Then we put together a profile and campaign to maximise your success. We do not have a set price for this service because every client is different. If you wish for a free campaign quote please contact us for more information.


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Pimagazine Asia 2020 Media Kit  

Please take the time to look at our 2020 media information, giving you the relevant information and statistics to make informed marketing de...

Pimagazine Asia 2020 Media Kit  

Please take the time to look at our 2020 media information, giving you the relevant information and statistics to make informed marketing de...