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LET THERE BE LIGHT 5” x 7” Rechargeable Portable Work Light, Flood Pattern and Mobile Device Charger.

9” x 10” Rechargeable Portable Work Light with Mobile Device Charger and Bluetooth Speakers.

2 Light Settings: 100% - 50%

3 Light Settings: 100% - 50% - 10%


makes up to 112 Octane Fuel Race Gas 200032 Race Fuel Concentrate 32oz Reg. $53.95 CAD Buy a Case of 6 & Save Case of 6 savings -$36.09

Both Lights are Portable and Rechargeable; Rugged Plastic housing with adjustable handle/support. Multiple Settings brightness for any task. USB Recharging Port 5VDC/1A for Mobile Devices.

Save $36 a CASE





REBATE AutoMeter’s biggest consumer

rebate of 2019, Cash For Your Dash, runs through June 30, 2019. During this promotional period, when you purchase any qualifying AutoMeter product from Performance Improvements, you are able to obtain a receive up to a $250 USD Rebate. Purchases from unauthorized dealers, Ebay, and Custom Shop are not eligible. This rebate affects ALL AutoMeter products for the following brands: AutoMeter, Auto Gage, Marine, Pro-Cycle, Spek/ProParts, and STACK.

SAVE $30

LUMENS 4 LED Flood Light Efficient but powerful, 20W draw projects a darkness dominating beam pattern. Max Gear 75W90 Gear Oil - Quart 21300 Reg. $24.95

MT-90 75W90 GL-4 qt RL50304 Reg. $25.89

SAVE $16

LED POD Light Waterproof Universal Amber, Red, Blue or White

Small Size, Big Power! HIMWS4S



TOTAL FIRE PROTECTION Leaves NO Residue NEW Max-Fire Distributor from


E50 fire extinguisher with high visibility striker and cap. Offering 50 seconds of fire fighting protection against ALL major fire classes: A, B, C & K. E50’s extremely small and lightweight construction allow for storage almost anywhere. Leaves NO residue, requires NO maintenance. EF40050 $109.89


SAVE $22 LS30 Engine Oil 1 Quart JG02906 Reg. $18.89 WaterWetter RL80204 Reg. $18.89

SAVE $22

Ultra Spark 500 from

Ultra Spark 50 from



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