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On the Cover: Marc Caruso is

one of the top cars from the TNT Super Series. HP243_DFI_StreetRodder.qxp 2/6/07 See page 8, for more info.

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From Street to Race, ACCEL/DFI has you covered…





October/November 2007 • P|M


Carb Class 101


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Parked in the underground, Brian Mundy’s 2002 Mazda Protégé 5 looks deceptively stock.

Canadian Street Nationals 2007

16 Years Of Innovation, Integrity & Leadership

■ Chassis

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w w w. p a i n l e s s p e r f o r m a n c e . c o m P|M • October/November 2007


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fter a long period of agitation, letter writing and phone conversations regarding Bill 203, we believed we made a breakthrough. On August 15th, we were granted a meeting at the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) with three of the bureaucrats responsible for the official wording of the regulations entailed in Bill 203. Two of our people, Jim Cowan and Andy Souter, left their homes at 4:30 am in order to get to Toronto in time for the meeting. Since I live here, I was able to leave at 7:30. The impression we had, based on conversations with both the bureaucrats and Minister Cansfield, was that we would have the opportunity to voice our concerns about the portions of the Bill we found onerous. Hopefully, they would be able to make some adjustments that would take some of the unreasonable wording away. Jim and Andy were there on behalf of SVAO (Specialty Vehicle Association of Ontario), while I was there to represent the performance industry and SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association). Imagine our surprise when, after making small talk, they handed us copies of the completed regulations and told that Premier McGuinty would be making the announcement that day. So after an enormous effort on the part of the three of us, with much help from numerous other interested parties, the creation of both an eight-page discussion paper and an executive summary, we were left looking stunned with not much to talk about. In fact, my guess is that we got the meeting because we had made so much noise they just wanted to get rid of us. Perhaps the Minister had told them to talk with us.

We were able to explain the majority of our points, however, they were not making any notes so they won’t be hollering “Stop the Presses” and changing the wording, not based on anything we had to say, anyhow. What now? Well there is an election in Ontario, October 10th. For what it’s worth, 89 of the sitting MPPs voted in favour of Bill 203, that would be 89 to 0. Only those not in attendance can claim they did not vote for it. When my MPP comes calling, I am anxious to speak to her about the knee-jerk reaction that the sitting government forced upon us. I will also be speaking with the other candidates to see just where they stand. Hopefully, you will all take a moment to explain your feelings and concerns about 203. Once the election is over and we know who will be in charge for the next time period, I believe we must begin to explain our concerns and press for a resolve. Meanwhile, both Attorney General Bryant (St. Pauls) and Minister of Transportation Cansfield (Etobicoke Centre) are running in ridings previously held by the PCs. Perhaps, we will have new MPPs to plead our case to. Remember to speak your piece when the politicians come calling, or don’t complain when things don’t go as you think they should. Canada is not a police state yet, it is up to us to ensure that it doesn’t become one.

P.S. The Sema Action Network is now open to Candians. Visit click on Canadian residents, and sign up today! P|M • October/November 2007


BRIAN MUNDY IS A BUILDER WITH A PURPOSE. Story by: Thomas Anderson • Photography by: Brian Mundy


n 2002, James, one of Brian Mundy’s friends took him for a ride in his newly turbocharged Volkswagen Jetta. To say it made an impression would be an understatement; four days later, Brian had a new project parked in his driveway. Sitting there was a white 2002 Mazda Protégé 5, all ready to be someone’s dream car. But just what shape would that dream take? Well, for Brian, it would be high performance; everything else was unimportant. Brian wanted to turn his Mazda into an awesome accelerating, greathandling stealth performance

car. Nothing would be put on the car that wouldn’t help to forward that aim. Now, Brian claims he did not know much about cars when he began. In fact, he started with a Mazda Protégé 5 because “There were no aftermarket parts or kits available. This forced me to learn from scratch. The car would not modify itself.” While Brian may not have known much about his car, he certainly knows how to fabricate and handle tools. In January 2003, work began in earnest. The plumbing to install the Garret turbocharger was built along with a custom-

From the outside, Brian’s Protégé looks remarkably stock. The only obvious mod is the two-inch dropped stance.


October/November 2007 • P|M

fabricated, stainless steel exhaust system. Sway bars were upgraded to AWR 21mm, with adjustable end links. Tein SS shocks and springs were installed on all four corners to drop the Protégé 2”. Brake rotors were changed to KVR cross-drilled units. Everything was buttoned up and out on the road it went. Everything went wel,l and the car ran strong, perhaps too strong for a stock engine block. You see near the end of 2003 Brian’s Mazda suffered a devastating engine explosion. When the dust settled you could see right through the block.

As winter arrived the Mazda was short its engine, and Brian’s basement was set up for a complete engine redo. Determined to build a bullet-proof power plant, Brian started with a Mazda 2L FS block. The crank was balanced, and the block align-honed for accuracy. To a set of fully polished CP 8.5:1 forged pistons, Brian added a set of Oliver forged rods, Toga high performance main and rod bearings completed the reciprocating portion of the engine. To ensure no bolt failures, ARP main, rod and head studs were used. Once everything was

After his devastating engine explosion with the stock engine, Brian is getting ready to build the bullet-proof replacement.

MAZDA PROTEGE 5 2002 White Mazda MP5 Turbo 2.0L 16V DOHC Manual

ENGINE & DRIVELINE Here is engine number two during assembly. Fully polished low compression CP Forged pistons are very visible.

checked and double-checked, the engine was buttoned up and reinstalled in the engine bay. While the basic frame remains stock, Brian had the area around the engine reinforced. One of the most interesting aspects of Brian’s car is the things that are not there. There are no body kit components. “Body kits don’t make it go faster.” The only real modification is the handmade A pillar to accommodate the APEX-I and AEM gauges that tell Brian what is going on under the hood. The air conditioning unit, power steering, and cruise control have all been removed to save weight. Virtually all the non-required pieces have been deep-sixed in the name of weight saving. The hood is carbon fibre, but rather than leave it natural which Brian thought looked stupid, he had it painted to match the car. The only clue is the Mazda Speed logo on the hood’s edge left in natural carbon fibre. So, how did he end up with his project? Well, here are his own words. “This car has been my transportation, my teacher and my mechanical drug for the last five years. The car is much more responsive, it spools low and fast and is truly a street legal Go-Kart. It sounds unreal when the turbine hits max boost, it is violent and brutal, just the way it should be. Every time I get in it, I smile as the gas pedal hits the floor.” What more needs to be said. Oh yeah, Brian’s project now produces 312 WHP @ 22PSI!

ARP head studs have been installed, and the head is ready to be reinstalled.

• Garret Custom GT-28s liquid-cooled ball bearing (Disco Potato) Turbo • 8.5:1 low-compression CP forged pistons, 4 ring forged rods • SDS EIC2 extra injector controller • ARP Rod Bolts & Head Studs • Full-crank balance, deck/head, deglaze, align hone • Custom-built 304 Stainless 4 to 1 turbo manifold • DEI header wrap • 2.75” turbo-back exhaust • Spearco full front intercooler • Liquid turbo cooler • Vibrant silicone hose kit • Ron Davis triple-pass radiator • Optima Gold deep-cycle battery • 18” Rims w/Yokohoma 215/35Z18 • KVR Cross-Drilled Rotors • Tein SS Full Suspension

INTERIOR Custom-built stainless steel turbo manifold is a tribute to Brian’s fabrication skills.

• Sparco Torino seats w/4-point harness • Apex-i turbo-timer • Autometer gauges: Boost; Air/Fuel; Oil Pressure; EGT Pyrometer and Tachometer • Kenwood audio system • Phoenix Gold Amp & Bass Cube

The engine bay is packed with powerproducing parts and pieces. Items that don’t add horsepower have been removed.

Intercooler resides behind the bumper provides a denser air charge to the engine resulting in increased engine output.

Sparco buckets & harness secure the driver. P|M • October/November 2007


Ted Barnes

Ted Barnes explains the Explosive TNT series.


Story by Robert Michaelson • Photography by: Mike Goodwin - MG Digital Media

you are a devotee of drag racing in southern Ontario and western New York, you have probably attended one of the TNT Hot Rod Super Series events. These races are extremely competitive and very entertaining. We thought you might like to find out about the series and its creator Ted Barnes. Ted, his dad Bill (the Clapper) and their Datsun drag car are very familiar in the southern Ontario area, having won a number of championships over the last few years. We caught up with series creator Ted Barnes and asked him how TNT came to life. Here’s his story…

“I’d been

bracket racing for a long time, something on the order of 15 years, and was looking for new challenges, something different. IHRA’s Hot Rod (10.90) class looked interesting. (In this class, you have to run as close as you can to 10.90 without going too fast and leave on a 5/10th’s pro tree.) In early 2002, I took my ten-second racecar and tried to set it up to be competitive in the Hot Rod class. This meant not only being able to run a consistent 10.90 in a variety of weather conditions, but also being able to get a decent reaction time on the .500 pro tree. Not as easy as I thought.” “Running 10.90 wasn’t the problem, since my car had been running in the low 10’s for a long time. I quickly learned that the reaction time issue was going to need outside help. I had been running a nearly stock Power-


October/November 2007 • P|M

glide with a trans brake for years, along with a run of the mill 8” converter. It soon became apparent that this was not the right combination for a 10.90 class. After talking with a number of other racers, and incorporating some of their suggestion in the car…I was able to go red on the pro tree!” “The reason that 10.90 racing looked so interesting was a local series called the Carl McQuillen Series that had a half dozen or so 10.90 races in the area, add to these the two IHRA national events within a 3-hour drive of Grand Bend and Cayuga and these races would offer a good chance to hone the skills necessary to be a competitive 10.90 racer. Unfortunately, the McQuillen series came to an end in 2003 leaving only National and Pro-Am events at which to practice. This would mean a lot of time on the road trave. ling to and from races.”

“Early in 2006, I came up with an idea. Why not create a local series for Hot Rodtype cars that would provide a reasonable payout and was self-funding. After much consultation with other racers and the track promoters, the TNT Super Series was born.” “I wanted round money – so racers who won rounds would get rewarded – and I wanted both the winner and runner-up to be paid fairly well” said Ted. Here’s how it works. A racer pays $50 to run the class. All of that goes into the payout pool. For every round won, the racer receives $25 back. Then the winner/runner-up split what’s left 2/3 to 1/3. For example, with a 22-car field, the winner receives $500 and runner-up receives $250. The only people who get nothing are those who lose in the first round.” “Jim Reid and Sharon Hughes at Lancaster Raceway Park were the first track to give the

Joe Fiano

Jerry Scaccia

Tony Platania

Joe Urbino

TNT series a chance to try the concept. In late 2006, on an overcast day with rain threatening, the odyssey began. Even with those negatives facing us, we drew 23 cars! The races were close and exciting; the fans seemed to enjoy the concept. We were encouraged by the comments received and started to plan for 2007.” “Over the winter, Joe’s Transmission of Niagara Falls, Ontario, came on board as our lead sponsor for the 2007 season. The series was renamed the Joe’s Transmission TNT Hot Rod Super Series. Six dates were set for events at three different tracks: Lancaster Raceway Park, Toronto Motorsports Park and Grand Bend Motorplex. With a lot of help from the folks at MG Digital Media, the TNT logo, decals and a web site were built We developed a points system that will reward the top five racers at the end of the season with a beautiful embroidered jacket. Hoosier Tire Canada also came on board posting a $50 certificate for the #1 qualifier at each race!” The TNT Super Series presented by Joe’s Transmission is based on IHRA’s 10.90 Hot Rod class. The six race series pays round

money starting with first round wins and has only two exceptions to the IHRA rulebook – No weight minimum and left-hand drive open-bodied cars are allowed. “To keep the enthusiast press and other racers up to date, after every race, I send out a press release detailing the day’s events, the response has been tremendous. Car counts have continued to grow, at our July 29 event at Lancaster we had 26 cars racing. In 2008, we expect to move to the high thirties.” “Moving into 2008, we are planning the addition of a TNT points fund…so at the end of the year, we will be able to reward the top five to ten racers with some additional money for their efforts.”

TNT Super Series final event for the 2007 season is Saturday, Oct. 13, at Lancaster Raceway Park in Lancaster, NY. See for full details, or email info@tntsuperseries. com .

Ken Hebert Jr.

John Pop

Jon Jablonski Driving Bill Eleke’s truck P|M • October/November 2007 9

CANADIAN STREET NATIONALS 2007 Story & Photography by: Greg Miller


hat do you get when you have 500+ spectacular cars, a smokin’ hot bikini contest, car crushing monster truck and smash up derby - along with a huge crowd of spectators? You get the 2007 Canadian Street Nationals, otherwise known as CANATS. This event was held July 27th-29th at the Markham Fairgrounds. Thanks to Speedorama promoter Gary Wallace in conjunction with the (CSRA) Canadian Street Rod Association they brought us a great show this year! Even with Friday’s weary weather, with the amount of cars at the show we still knew


October/November 2007 • P|M

that it was going to be a great weekend. Saturday brought lots of unbelievable machinery all day. We saw everything from ratrods to factory originals looking as if they just rolled off the assembly line. To really get the guys in gear, CANATS held its fabulous bikini show. The girls helped to raise money for charity by wearing CSRA shirts and then auctioning them off. Saturday evening followed with 4 rounds of smash up derby. This was great to watch, with smoke billowing from cars and parts coming off. I wanted to get into the action myself!

Sunday brought beautiful hot sunny weather backed by more cars coming to the show. Both Saturday and Sunday, fans heard the rip of power from a monster truck named “Rap Attack.” He went from crushing cars to freestyling on the grounds. When the engine fired up people started to run, it was incredible. The show ended with a great award presentation for the guys who put all the hard work into their cars. I would just like to say thanks to everyone who volunteered for CANATS 2007.

P|M • October/November 2007




October/November 2007 • P|M

P|M • October/November 2007



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October/November 2007 • P|M


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Please be aware that descriptive, typographic or photographic errors sometimes occur and are subject to correction. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Recently, we discussed common carburetor problems with our friends at Barry Grant Inc., makers of the Demon line of carburetion. They graciously provided the following answers to their most-asked questions.


Carb Class Q: What carburetor maintenance is needed on my muscle car? A: The amount of carburetor maintenance should be consistent with the use of the car. The best plan is to examine the carburetor prior to each season. A full rebuild may not be necessary, just a quick clean and a gasket change is usually all that’s required. This job can be completed in under an hour. First, remove the carburetor from the engine. Then, with the carburetor on your workbench, remove the float bowls and metering blocks. Using some carburetor cleaner and compressed air, clean the passages in the metering blocks and main-body. Also ensure the linkage is clean and that it’s moving freely. Now reassemble the carburetor using new bowl and meteringblock gaskets. At this time, it’s a good idea to install a new power valve and gasket. Finally, install the carburetor on the intake manifold. Q: Why do I usually have carburetor troubles when the car sits for a while? A: Modular carburetors have gaskets between their modules: metering blocks, fuel bowls, baseplate, main body, etc.

As the engine is exposed to heat cycles, the gaskets and fasteners contract and expand. Therefore, it’s important to renew the gaskets and keep all of the fasteners tight, especially the bolts that secure the bowls and metering blocks to the carburetor main body. To maintain performance, check the bolts routinely, perhaps during each oil change. Q: How do I prep my entire fuel system for winter storage?

A: Prepping a fuel system for winter storage depends upon how your car is stored. If you have regular access to it, the best plan is to start the engine and run it until it reaches normal operating temperature. This routine removes any moisture in the fuel system and should be conducted every week or so. If you do not have regular access to the car, drain all the gasoline from the fuel system and remove the carburetor from the vehicle. Drain all the fuel from the carburetor, coat it with some light oil: CRC or WD-40, and store the carburetor in a sealed plastic bag. This prevents fuel from corroding the system. When spring arrives, install the carburetor and new fuel fi lters (even if you didn’t remove the carburetor) and you are ready to go.

The main gaskets required for carburetor maintenance seal the metering blocks and fuel bowls. Beyond that, it is good practice to re-gasket the accelerator pump diaphragms, nozzles (squirters), as well as the power valve. Since they have a tough life, it’s smart to replace the needle-and-seat valves too. P|M • October/November 2007


The first rule of carburetor tuning is ‘ignition first.’ For advice on initial timing, refer to the Demon Selection Guide at

Q: I’ve installed a new camshaft and intake manifold on my muscle car, now it won’t idle properly. What’s wrong?

Q: I’ve upgraded the engine of my muscle car. What carburetor should I use?

A: With an upgraded intake or exhaust system, it’s common for the idle characteristics of an engine to change. Because the upgraded components develop more power, the engine needs its spark earlier; therefore, the initial ignition timing needs to be advanced. Most aftermarket camshafts, cylinder heads and intake manifolds will require more initial timing in order to get optimum performance. Most ignition timing issues can be resolved with a simple timing light, wrench and screwdriver.

A: Demon Carburetion offers a wide range of carburetors to fit just about any engine combination from mild to wild. A helpful carburetor selection guide is available at the Demon web site, which identifies the most appropriate carburetor for your muscle car. This selection guide is based upon your engine’s idle characteristics, and the duration of your camshaft at .050” lift. It can be accessed under the Demon banner at www.barry

Q: I want to upgrade the induction system of my Muscle Car. What’s out there that’s different, tractable, and has good top-end power? A: Check out the SixShooter from Triple-D Induction. It’s a three-deuce intake system with air cleaner, fuel logs and linkage. Designed to evoke a ‘60s muscle car look and feel, the newer technology now available provides the SixShooter with impressive power and economy as well–if you have the discipline!

Here’s an in-depth look at a Demon carburetor billet metering block:


This side seals to the carburetor main body; the far side seals to the fuel bowl. 1. Idle-circuit fuel enters here from a main jet. The vacuum (depression) generated below the closed throttle plates at the idle discharge orifices and transfer slots has the power to defy gravity; it draws the fuel vertically upwards through internal idle circuits to the idle-feed restrictors. The idle-feed restrictors regulate the amount of fuel in the idle circuits. 2. At the idle-feed restrictors, the fuel is introduced to the air that is travelling down from the idle air bleeds (also October/November 2007 • P|M

The Speed Demon is popular with muscle car enthusiasts. This carburetor suits camshafts with profiles of up to 240-degrees @ .050”

Steering Solutions


UNIVERSAL JOINTS and SHAFTS • Splined or cut to length 3/4 DD • Needle Bearing Design • Stainless or nickel 5 AND 6 bolt ADAPTER fits perfectly with the Flaming River tilt steering columns and wheels.

“WaterFall” FR20150

Flaming River designs and builds steering systems including universal joints, tilt columns and rack & pinions for virtually any application:

TILT COLUMNS • All new components • Laser crafted stainless at our Cleveland facility • Column shift with only 8 inches upper housing length

Custom Adapter Required

Steering Accessories On the SixShooter, the center carburetor predominates, and the outers respond via a progressive linkage. With only two idle-mixture screws and one idle-speed screw, synchronizing is easy.

drawn by the depression below the closed throttle plates). Emulsification (mixing) of air and fuel occurs in this vertical channel as the air-fuel mixture for the idle circuit travels downwards on its way to both the idle discharge orifices and transfer slots, located in the base plate. 3. Passageway that leads to a transfer slot. The function of the transfer slots is to provide sufficient air-fuel mixture during the transition between the supply of idle circuit fuel and main circuit fuel.

Mustang II Style Power Rack & Pinion FLAMING RIVER INDUSTRIES. Inc. 1-866-897-5493 • FAX 440/826-0780

4. Passageway that leads to an idle discharge orifice. The function of the idle discharge orifices is, unsurprisingly, to provide sufficient air-fuel mixture during idle. Adjustment of the idle mixture is performed by the adjacent screws, which penetrate these particular passageways. 5. Power valve apertures are usually unnecessary in drag racing applications. They are more suited to cruising and generally work in conjunction with smaller main jets, providing additional fuel when required.

6. Emulsion bleeds are set in the main fuel circuits. Air is drawn in from the high-speed air bleeds above and mixes with the fuel in adjacent internal passageways behind the emulsion bleeds. The vacuum (depression) generated by the boost venturii (boosters) also has the power to defy gravity; it draws the emulsifying main circuit fuel vertically upwards, out through the main well exit holes at the top of the metering blocks (7), and discharges through the boosters. P|M • October/November 2007


Book Review:

Factory Lightweights

Detroit’s Drag Racing Specials of the 60’s.

In the heady days of the 1960’s the horsepower war was on, big time. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and AMC were all fighting for product supremacy on the drag strips of North America. Suddenly you could buy a car with your NHRA rule book in one hand and your cheque book in the other. If you knew how to read the options sheets you could end up with a fire breathing, ultra-lightweight “street” car that featured fiberglass and aluminum body parts, Plexiglas windows, lightened chassis and suspension components plus many other weightsaving tricks. or ris M . R es rl By the end of the decade, behemoth ha C eights by T#4 44 • C Factor y Lightw SA • engines were all the rage. Ford had ks oo B CarTech m• co • Published by s. ok bo the 427SOHC and Boss 429. Chrysch te • Retail $35.99

ler continued to develop their very successful 426 Hemi, Oldsmobile had the 455 big block, Pontiac the 455HO, Chevrolet drivers were wailing the drag strips with 409/409 engines and even a few of the fabled 427 Mystery engines that had shown up in one of Smokey Yunik’s Daytona 500 cars in 63. In his latest book, Factory Lightweights, Charles R. Morris has documented the complete story of these interesting times. He has reported on the rise and eventual demise of these unique factory specials. Limited numbers were built and today far fewer have survived. The value of an original, numbers matching factory lightweight racers has skyrocketed into the atmosphere. Just watch the next Barrett Jackson auction and be amazed.

eMS-pro Electronic Fuel Injection Controller Every once in a while we come across a product that seems revolutionary, a product that fi lls a need like no other we know of. The new Spectre eMS-pro seems to be such a product. Up till now if you wanted to convert your carbureted hot rod, muscle car or performance truck from carburetion to fuel injection you had to jump through hoops. The factory computer from the F.I. system you choose was necessary and of course was calibrated for the vehicle it came from, rather than the vehicle it was destined for. The eMS-pro resolves those problems. The eMS-pro can be applied to any liquid fuelled engine with spark plugs. It will support engine sizes from 4 through 12 cylinders. It will not only make your F.I. system work correctly, on your individual application, it will support a broad array of power adders. Nitrous systems, turbochargers or superchargers are all easily accommodated. Best of all the eMS-pro is the only full featured state of the art engine management system that won’t break the bank. Check these out at your nearest Spectre retailer, you will be amazed!


October/November 2007 • P|M



2:02 PM

Live Build at Performance World

Page 1


8mm Spiro-Pro

• Retro-look Gray wire color for early muscle cars •350 ohms spiral-wound conductor for RFI suppression • 8mm diameter 100% silicone 2-layer jacket • Features ProBoot® • Also available in red, black, blue, orange, yellow, purple & hot lime

Also check out other high performance & race wires from TAYLOR. ThunderVolt ® 8.2

Joe Leone of Dream Driven Street Machines and Steve Bloom of Great North Hot Rods are combining forces to build a state-of-the-art 32 Ford Roadster during the 2008 Performance World Car Show. To be known as the “Live Build at Performance World,” Steve and Joe, working with a large number of associates, plan to set the show world on its ear with the quality and practicality of their project. They will begin building on Friday, answering questions about the project throughout the show. There will be bleachers for the spectators to watch the action and by Sunday they will fire it up and drive it away. A number of progressive companies stepped up to aid in this adventure. In addition to Dream Driven Street Machines and Great North Hot Rods, the following have indicated they want to help bring the project to completion: Concepts on Wheels; Hilton Motorsports; Horton Hot Rod Parts; Legend Motors Worldwide (Downs Design); Performance Improvements; and Sherwin Williams (Planet Color) have all thrown their support behind the build. “We want to do something uniquely Canadian,” said Steve. “There is a great amount of unsung talent in this country, and we want to use this project to show some of it off.”

• 50 ohm ferrite spiral-wound coated core for RFI / EMI suppression • 8.2mm diameter 100% silicone 2-layer jacket • Superior spark energy • Continuous heat protection up to 600° F • Available in black, blue or red

HEI Distributors

ThunderVolt ® 50

• 50 ohm ferrite spiral-wound coated core for RFI / EMI suppression • 10.4mm diameter 100% silicone 3-layer jacket for superior heat and abrasion protection • ProBoot® featuring vibration proof double spring locking terminals • Available in black

“409” Pro Race

• 350 ohms spiral-wound conductor for RFI suppression • 10.4mm diameter 100% silicone 3-layer jacket for superior heat and abrasion protection • Features ProBoot® • Available in black, blue & red

• Precision CNC machined A354 T-6 cast alloy housing for maximum accuracy • Centerless ground shaft reduces friction and provides concentric operation • 50,000 Volt coil with dust cover • High-output GM style module • A hardened steel gear machined to exact tolerances for a tighter mesh with cam gear • Direct plug-in replacement for easy OEM style plug and play installation • Replacement, Blueprinted and Chevy race models available

NEW Smaller Embossed Aluminum Battery Boxes

• Two new box sizes are now available to fit both Optima® and Odyssey batteries • Optional battery cable kits are also available • 1-816-765-5011



Performance World will be at the International Center, March 14-16, 2008. Plan to see this amazing project come to completion.

P|M • October/November 2007


Cruising for a Cure One

of the more rewarding cruise events that we attend has been the Cruising for a Cure events put on by Cynthia and Gary Solomon. It all started when Cynthia was misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, unwilling to just sit back and let things take their course the couple decided to fight this disease and to find ways to raise funds to aid in finding a cure. Since they were both car enthusiasts, someone suggested creating a cruise. From that seed, the Cruising for a Cure program began. In 2002, their first ever event was run successfully. Since then, there have been eleven

events. This year’s Cruising for a Cure was held on July 5th at the Canadian Tire parking lot in Thornhill. Festivities started about 10 a.m. and continued till 3 p.m. Cruisers were entertained with a nice mix of 50s, 60s, and 70s music, and were inundated with door prizes. One of the things that Cynthia and Gary do very well is get prizes; it would be hard to imagine that anyone went home empty-handed. They also had a great number of unique trophies to give to the cars selected by the vote of the car owners. But the real reason everyone attends is to help raise money for MS. This year was no ex-

ception. After the dust settled, they gave the MS Society of Canada another $4,100. Increasing their grand total raised to $35,000! Running an event like this takes a lot of work. Gary and Cynthia are quick to thank all those who volunteer. They have a group of 12 dedicated individuals who willing give of their time and efforts. Next year’s event will also be held on the Saturday of the long weekend. Be sure to come out and help the fight against MS. For further information, contact Cynthia or Gary Solomon - 905-554-1084.

SEMA supports our fight to change Bill 203 The Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) represents the $34 billion automotive industry. A portion of its mandate is to provide legislative advocacy, to protect the hobbyist from detrimental legislation. SEMA Executive staff, its Chairman and Chairman-elect all vowed to support our efforts to blunt the potential ill-effects of Ontario’s Bill 203. We have decided to hold off any immediate action until after the provincial election on Oct 10th, when a new legislature will be installed.


October/November 2007 • P|M

SEMA’s VP of Government Affairs, Steve McDonald has an interest in replicating in Canada those SEMA functions that have proven successful in the U.S. One of these is the SEMA Action Network (SAN). The SAN is a nationwide partnership between vehicle clubs, enthusiasts and members of the specialty auto parts industry united to protect the hobby. SAN was designed to help stamp out legislative threats to the automotive hobby and pass favorable laws. In the U.S., the SAN regularly rallies the support of 3,500-plus

car clubs, thousands of individual contacts, and 100-plus publications, with an estimated reach of 36 million enthusiasts nationwide, amplifying SEMA’s political voice on issues affecting the specialty equipment auto parts industry. The SAN sends out action alerts to state and/or federal legislative actions and regulatory proposals along with timely updates of legislative developments. The Sema Action Network is open to Candians. Visit click on Canadian residents, and sign up today.

If your car was chosen by your peers, you would have taken one of these unique trophies (on the left) home. Below are just some of the prizes that were up for grabs during the day.

REFUSE TO COMPROMISE HIGH PERFORMANCE AND GREAT LOOKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE TOGETHER! • Precision manufactured from aluminum with a unique black and titanium gray appearance • Over 200 parts available to make any performance plumbing job simple Stainless braid, swivel type fittings: Good up to 1000 PSI, compatible with virtually all automotive chemicals. Push-on fittings: A great alternative to stainless steel hose and swivel fittings - lighter weight, easier to assemble, good to 250 PSI.

A Driving Force for Generations 1964


There is no cost to the consumer or club; all costs are born by SEMA. The site is currently being updated to accept Canadian members. SEMA has also developed a network of state and federal legislators who are car enthusiasts and business friendly. This concept may also be viable in Canada. We need to find out which lawmakers might be on our side, so that we can develop those relationships on this side of the border.

P|M • October/November 2007


New Product Showcase Demon 98 Carburetor from Barry Grant for Vintage-Engine Hot Rods. Inspired by the growing popularity of oldschool hot rods, Demon Carburetion has joined this niche market with the introduction of the Demon 98 carburetor. This retro two-barrel high-performance carburetor designed to fit thirties-style three-bolt intake manifolds, can be fitted singly or in multiples and is a replacement for the Stromberg 97. Rated at around 205 CFM (per unit), the 98 is designed to accept period-style air cleaners or air horns. It also employs many commonly available service parts, facilitates a choke, and operates at 6 to 7 psi of fuel pressure. The Demon 98 is available in a standard gold retro look with optional chrome finish available at later date. For further information, contact your local retailer or

Covercraft offers the best possible car cover to protect your vehicle. Manufactured in the USA by Kimberly-Clark, EVOLUTION fabric carries their highest rating against harmful UV rays, and can stand up to the worst Mother Nature dishes out! The fourlayer thickness absorbs impacts, protecting against chips, scratches and dents. The outer layer is available in Blue, Gray or Tan. EVOLUTION is made from Polypropylene fibers bonded into the four-layer non-woven finish, providing strength, with a soft inner liner against your paint.

This multi-layer design provides protection against inclement weather, and also from tree sap, bird droppings and acid rain. It’s a material suit of armour that breathes, allowing moisture, condensation and heat to escape, while supplying maximum UV protection for your paint and interior. For further information, contact your local retailer or

COMP Cams Aluminum Shaft Rocker Arm Systems are a popular choice for professional engine builders who desire increased valve train and cylinder head stability for improved performance and overall durability in all-out race engine applications. COMP Cams® announces the expansion of their shaft rocker arm system line to include nine new applications, including GM, Ford and Chrysler engines. Constructed from 2024 aluminum, these high-tech rockers ride on an 8620 hardened steel shaft and feature an efficiently designed oiling system that ensures consistent flow. Rocker arm ratios for these assemblies range from 1.5 through 1.7:1, depending on cylinder head application.


October/November 2007 • P|M

For further information, contact your local retailer or

ACCEL/DFI announces new 120lb/hr Low Impedance Fuel Injectors designed for high horsepower engine applications. These injectors are perfect for Blown or Turbocharged applications where increased fuel pressure and precise fuel metering are required.

Hamburger Performance is offering superior performing throttle body spacers for 2007 GM 5.3 & 6.0L SUVs. The unique throat design of Torque-Curve technology spacers is dyno and road tested, proven to perform better than both stock, and the leading competitor’s spacers. The design provides significantly more horsepower and torque, and do not have a whistle when in operation. The spacer shown (#3267) fits 2007 Suburban, Tahoe and Yukon models with a 5.3 or 6.0L engine.

These are all-new units, not modified stock units or remanufactured from used cores, and operate at higher fuel pressures without loss of metering control. Also, this new anti-plugging injector forever eliminates problems that were once associated with carbon build-up. They are an ideal replacement for the 160 # Injectors where drivability becomes a problem.

Centerforce introduces this new Single Disc Replacement 11” DFX® clutch assembly for the 2006 to ‘07 Ford Mustang 5.4L Supercharged GT500 Shelby. This replaces the stock Twin Disc pressure plate with a more reliable assembly with a higher holding capacity designed for use with a Centerforce flywheel for perfect fit and function.

For further information contact your local retailer or

DFX scores big, with holding-capacity and strength, and the best drivability from a raceinspired clutch. DFX retains an easy pedal effort, thanks to Centerforce’s patented ball bearing actuated diaphragm, for smooth engagements. For further information, contact your nearest retailer or

Testing of Torque-Curve’s design on a 2004 4.8L GM truck (spacer #3262) yielded 55 ft.lbs. more torque, and 38 more HP than stock. The same testing also demonstrated 29 more ft.lbs. of torque, and 25 HP than the leading competitor’s spacer on the same vehicle, under the same test conditions. Hamburger’s MPFI spacers are 100% CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. For further information, contact your local retailer or


5,16 ,1 4 1 H C R MA SH THE HARDCORE



Spectre Performance offers you some fresh air with 4” single and dual Air Plenums. These plenums are the first step in routing cold air straight into the engine where air is needed the most. Manufactured from cast aluminum then hand polished for a one of-a-kind look. Plenums are available in single and dual 5-1/8” base applications with 4” inlets. Four-inch Plenums are designed to connect to the Spectre Performance Modular Air Intake System and High Flow Air Filters, providing the ultimate air intake with show-stopping looks. For more info contact your local retailer or


ld i u b live


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NEW FOR 20 H A 6 C >D HJ:9:CJ768IDGG6A™IGJ8@:G6B6™9:JGHC9:G'*


D9 >C<HIG::IG JE6C98DB <;:6IJG:H C I> 8> :M DGBDG: HI6NIJC:9;

IDG:<>HI:GNDJGK:=>8A:K>H>IDJGL:7H>I: WWW.PERFORMANCEWORLDCARSHOW.COM P|M • October/November 2007 PW08-3.5" X 5" ad.indd 1


8/28/07 1:18:30 PM

Performance Directory

Auto Services Ltd. P• 905-471-3335 F• 905-471-7274 C• 647-228-3434


Doug Lamb

60 Bullock Dr. Unit #8 Markham, ON L3P 2P2

October/November 2007 • P|M

Performance Directory

P|M â&#x20AC;˘ October/November 2007


Auction Survival Guide R

emember when the only auction options for rod nuts were local events that took up temporary residence in large, tobaccofilled facilities? Now the far-reaching powers of cable television and the Internet have made monitoring your driver’s auction-oriented activities an almost-impossible task. Nothing has stretched my scheming abilities further than preventing unfortunate successful bids. Heed my warning fellow passengers, or you may find yourself associated with an enthusiast who has purchased half a classic vehicle. Which half, we’re not sure, but the other half was owned by a good friend–who lived a “good” hour’s drive away. To prevent this from happening to you, I’ve developed this guide to ensure your home is a relatively happy one. Without shrieking or the “loud silence” that signifies a Soprano moment is about to take place. Tips for Live Auctions Prevention is always best, so try to: • Lock him in the garage or basement. • Cancel all credit/debit cards once he pulls out of the driveway. • If he watches Barrett-Jackson auctions, you might want to also cancel those cards in early January, just to be safe. If you must, tag along so that you can: • Convince him the auction is being held on the other side of town, to delay his arrival by an hour or two. • Handcuff him to a pole in the parking lot. • Ask him to get you a hot dog, just as the ride of his dreams is about to go up. • Set his bidding paddle on fire when he’s not looking. • Heckle the auctioneer so that you both get thrown out–and banned.


Tips for Online Auctions As these run 24/7 on eBay, uBid, eBid and Amazon, you have to be on your toes. Don’t be fooled by whistling or humming; these are clear indicators that he has achieved high-bidder status on a coveted item. Try these tactics: • Fake an interest and suggest that you both share an online auction user name and password so that you can accumulate positive feedback faster. This step alone will give you power beyond your wildest dreams. • Insist on a lame user name like Born2Loooose or one that’s way too cumbersome like “dontcha-wish-your-roadster-wasflaming-hot-like-mine-u-sucka_1957” for him to type in correctly. • A spilled drink or dropped bowling ball on other household computers ensures that auction activities are limited to one machine.

• Hog the computer: join Facebook. • Check his status. Certain online auction sites have a section where you can view recent transactions and bids. • Set all of the clocks (including the one on the computer) five minutes back. That way he’ll log-in too late to bid. • Accidentally block access to his regular auction sites. • Tell him horror stories of auctions gone wrong like “The Disappearing Sender,” “As Is” or, my personal favourite, “Shipping.” • If all else fails, pull the plug. Cancel your Internet service or ask the electric company to take you off the grid. Or simply say: “One item won equals a trip to the mall.” Enjoy the ride.

About the Author: Bonnie Staring is a comedian, advertising copywriter and one of those people who enters all kinds of contests. To see what else she’s been ranting about, visit her website: Illustration by Kayvene • website:


October/November 2007 • P|M

Performance in Motion Magazine Vol. 7 No. 6  

In this issue: TNT Super Series Review, Mazda Protege 5, Canadian Street Nationals 2007, Carb Class 101, Book Review: Factory lightweights,...

Performance in Motion Magazine Vol. 7 No. 6  

In this issue: TNT Super Series Review, Mazda Protege 5, Canadian Street Nationals 2007, Carb Class 101, Book Review: Factory lightweights,...