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October/November 2006 • Vol. 6 #6 • $3.95 Canadian




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Dennis Henderson designed and built “The Twister” from scratch. How about this for “in the weeds?” If you look hard, you can see the custom front suspension behind the grille. For full story, see page 10.



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ACCEL is a division of the Mr. Gasket Performance Group Cleveland, Ohio 

October/November 2006 • P|M

Drift-Mania comes to On tario! See full story, p

age 8.

24 30 Editorial ...... Fift y-Two Pic............................. 5 Drift-Mania kup .................... 6 Cover Stor y Smoke Show ...... 8 Hand-built • The Twister roadster ...... ......... 10

Dream Cruis Pinstriping e 4 ....................... 16 How-To ...... Canadian Str .......... 23 Mellow Yell eet Nationals .... 24 Rust Never ow ......................... 28 Sleeps .......... ......... 30

Tach Proble Camaro Booms? ....................... 32 New Produc k Review............. 33 The Relucta t Showcase .......... 34 lists “ Tools nt Passenger of the Trade ” ....... 34

P|M • October/November 2006

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Proudly Made in Canada!

Forget the car – it’s the cows!


s the fight to save the planet escalates, the automobile has taken the brunt of the blame whenever the subject of escalating greenhouse gases raises its ugly head. Now, we find out it’s the cows. According to two University of Chicago scientists, every person who eats a typical North American diet (read meat) will add the equivalent of an SUV’s worth of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. It seems that during its life a cow creates a number of polluting gases, methane being the primary. It’s not just the cows that contribute to the problem; sheep are also to blame. A single sheep will produce between 20 – 30 liters of methane every day, while a cow will produce ten times that amount! Think of the impact one of today’s modern feedlots, where more than 50,000 cattle reside, has on the environment. Over one and a quarter million liters of methane being farted or burped into the atmosphere every day. In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 25% of methane emissions come from livestock. Methane released from sheep, cattle and manure lagoons is said

to cause as much environmental damage as the carbon dioxide from 33 million automobiles. This has to stop. Since the thought of no longer eating beef or lamb doesn’t appeal to most people, it seems to me that the automotive industry must come up with the solution. Surely, we can design a front- and rear-mounted catalytic converter system for these animals. It could be mounted either externally or internally. The performance manufacturers would come up with great looking polished stainless appliances that worked better and faster than the OE systems. Cows with sidepipes, sheep with stacks, let your mind go wild. Get on this people… the world is waiting for an emissionfree cow.

PS: Guess who’s tired of serious editorials.

Illustration by Chris Graham. P|M • October/November 2006


Fifty-Two PickUp

Story by: Len Sly • Photos by: Claude Best

This is what the cab looked like when they brought the truck home.

After 400 plus hours, the truck was prepped for paint.


October/November 2006 • P|M


n 1993, Claude Best and his wife Gwen discovered this 1952 Chev pickup in Oklahoma. After some discussion, it soon made its way to their home in Bancroft Ontario. It was taken to Bancroft Motors where work was begun to bring it back to pristine condition. Claude knew exactly how he wanted his truck to look since his brother had bought one new in 1952. The only change to the OE body was the addition of 1953 corner windows to the cab. 484 hours later with the body brought back to perfect condition, the victory red paint was applied. The original six-cylinder power plant was replaced with a 350 cubic inch Chevrolet V8 hooked to a GM700R4OD transmission. To bring the chassis up to current standards, a 1979 Camaro front clip replaced the original front end. This gave them power steering and power brakes plus a much more comfortable ride. The rear end came from a 1969 Camaro. Inside, the dashboard received a full complement of Classic gauges including a speedometer that measures in kilometers. Seats came from the Van Shoppe in Waterloo, and all upholstery headliner, door panels etc. was done by Fred Kreiger of Bancroft. Air conditioning was installed by Jason Burke also of Bancroft. This truck is a pleasure to drive anywhere. Careful attention has been paid to the details. The truck bed sports a varnished oak f loor that started out as rough wood planed and installed by Claude and his brother-in-law. Period-correct Coker 215/75R-15 whitewall tires, fender skirts plus the bed-mounted spare combine to give this truck the correct 50s look. Today, the Bests use their truck for cruise nights and cars shows. Watch for them and take a closer look at this excellent early 50s pickup.

This is what the cab looked like after Bancroft Motors were finished their body magic. Paint was soon to follow.

The bed certainly doesn’t look like it has seen 54 years of service. The oak wood gives it a great look.

Cruisin’ in 50s-Style in Bancroft!

Everything has been modernized, even the speedometer.

This is the view you would see in your rear view mirror. P|M • October/November 2006

Tandem competitions are the most spectacular part of a Drift Mania event.

DriftManiacs Story by: Tyler Ippolitto • Photography by: Bob McJannett


rifting can be traced back to 1977 Japan where a young racer named Keiichi Tsuchiya began his professional career. His technique of “drifting” his car through turns despite the traditional grip style earned him the name Drift King, and to this day, his influence is spreading the sport of drifting all over the world. Grassroots drifting has been alive and well in Ontario since ‘99 thanks to’s practice events, but we were still without a pro series. Today, Canada’s piece of the global drifting scene is Drift Mania. Founded in Quebec in 2004, Drift Mania’s purpose is to promote drifting through their sanctioned events and

appearances at other events such as their demonstration at this year’s Toronto Grand Prix. The fourth round of this year’s championship was held at the Toronto Motorsports Park and was also the first-ever Drift Mania event to reach Ontario. For those who still don’t “get” drifting, the premise is simple. With a rear-wheel drive car, the drifter breaks traction using proper brake, throttle and steering techniques, and tries to slide the car as fast and at the most aggressive angle he can for as long as he can (without losing control, of course). It may not look too graceful from the outside, but professional drifters possess as much driving skill as any pro racers.

The competition was tight at this event, due partially to the amount of skilled Ontario drifters that made it out, with Haig Kanadjian coming out on top of the Toronto round. Once the points were tallied, the winner of the Championship was Ryan Tuerck. Hideki Nishimura placed second, while Ben Alden and Haig Kanadjian tied for third. This first-time Ontario event was well received and with the level of skill in Canada and support from fans and spectators rising, this is a sport that has lots of room to grow north of the border.

Too much enthusiasm when entering a corner will sometimes result in a little grass trimming.


October/November 2006 • P|M

From a standing start, each competitor makes qualifying runs to earn a place in the top sixteen.

A serious drift car requires stout horsepower to get the job done. Monster turbocharger helps this 240SX break those tires loose.

Believe it or not, there is a car hidden in this smoke.

Have you ever wondered why the tire makers have embraced the sport of drift ing? Wonder no more.

Marcos Santos decided it was just too easy sitting in the driver’s seat, so he put on a display while sitting on the door. The crowd loved it. P|M • October/November 2006


T o



October/November 2006 • P|M

Story & Photography by: Bob McJannett

Home-designed, Home-built, and Home-schooled.


ennis Henderson has been a car nut as long as he can remember. Long before he could drive, he could name every car that passed, along with its correct year of manufacturer. Needless to say as soon as he had a licence, he bought a car. This purchase would have a great effect on the young man’s future. You see, he was duped by an unscrupulous garage, ripped off on the safety check. When he realized what had happened, he vowed it would never happen again. The die was cast. He got a job at the local garage owned by Doug Campbell in Harriston, ON, eventually becoming an auto mechanic. Even today, Dennis speaks of the vast amount of knowledge he aquirred from Doug during his tenure there.

Life’s changes came and went, Dennis became a teacher, but cars remained his hobby. Over the years he restored many 60’s and 70’s muscle cars. Honing and improving his skills on each successive project. In 2000, Dennis decided it was time to take his car-building skills to a new level. Instead of rebuilding or reworking someone else’s product, he decided to design and build a car from scratch. After much thought and many sketches, a design was finalized. Soon, he was fi lling the garage with steel tubing, aluminum sheet, tubing and billet bar stock. Once the pieces were acquired, work began. Four and a half years later “The Twister” emerged from his garage. This unique vehicle has the flavour of a 1937 Ford roadster, but is completely hand-built by its owner.

Dennis’ carefully built cantilevered front suspension is hidden behind the grille when the body is installed. P|M • October/November 2006




Heavy-duty square tube steel frame was designed and built by Dennis. Here it is painted and ready to receive the body.

Hand-formed dash, console and interior trim will soon receive the air conditioning vents and instrumentation.


October/November 2006 • P|M

Underneath is a hand-built, high-strength frame constructed from square tubing. The rear is suspended with Pro Ride air shocks from Air Ride, attached to a 9” Ford rear end from Currie enterprises. In the front, Dennis designed and fabricated his unique cantilevered Air Ride suspension that is hidden behind the grille when the car is assembled. The body and interior were constructed by Dennis using a T6061 aluminum substructure covered with .063 aluminum sheets. All the body and interior trim pieces were formed from billet aluminum. Power is from a 501 cubic inch Ford engine attached to an ATI C6 transmission. With this much power, there are lots of “Yahoo” moments behind the wheel. Attention to detail is second to none, fasteners are hand-polished, and fit and finish is top drawer. Nothing has been overlooked. Best of all, this car is a driver, Dennis and Alison can be seen at cruise nights and car events everywhere. When asked what use he puts his car to, Dennis answered car shows, cruise nights and scaring myself, I guess! What’s next? Dennis has started two small businesses: Eastern Hotrod, where he offers his skills either building or modifying street rods and Eastern Appraisers where he specializes in appraising Muscle cars and Street Rods.

Unique twister logo was drawn by Dennis in school when he was a kid.

Seconds after we took this shot, Dennis tore off up the road doing just what “The Twister” was built for…driving.

501 cubic inches of big block Ford loaded with all the right parts motivates “The Twister” down the road.

Here is the completed interior. Hours were spent hand-building the dash, console and trim pieces. P|M • October/November 2006





• Hand-built from T6061 aluminum tubing and .063 aluminum sheet • Body trim from billet aluminum • 193 MG curved windshield • Autoloc power windows • Autoloc power doors • Painless remote control center • LeCarra steering wheel


• Hand-built from aluminum tubing covered with Mercedes cloth • Black on the outside, tan on the inside


• ATI competition C6 transmission • TCI 500 converter • Lokar shifter • Currie 9” Ford rear end • Moser nodular iron center section • 3.50 rear gears • Complete  ½” stainless exhaust


• Four-inch Magnum dropped axle attached with Shock Wave air shocks to a custom cantilever suspension design. • Hand-built steel square tube frame • Pro ride Air Ride rear suspension • Steering box is Flaming River • U-joints are Borgeson • Steering column from Billet Specialties • Brakes are Wilwood with a Corvette master cylinder


• 501 cubic inch Ford (460 bored and stroked) • Eagle 514 stroker kit • H-beam connecting rods • SRP Pistons • ARP Bolts • Fluidamper balancer • Laser Cam and lifter kit • Ford Motorsports roller rockers • Weiand aluminum water pump • Weiand Stealth intake • Barry Grant Demon 850 carb

• MSD distributor, coil and 6A control box • Holley high flow fuel pump • Howe aluminum racing radiator • Sanderson Jet Hot coated headers


• Glide engineering seats covered in black and tan soft-touch leather by Pierre Salois at Mississippi Auto Glass. • Hand-built dash, console and trim • Painless 18 circuit wiring harness • VDO gauges


• Dupont 004 Ford Orange Crush and Dupont Jet Black


• Front 1x8 American Torque Thrust with 35 45/1 rubber • Rear 0x10 American Torque Thrust with 95 40/0 rubber

Contact Dennis:


Eastern Hot Rod 613-938-3374

October/November 2006 • P|M

Taylor-PIM 1/2-Feb 06

12/23/05 12:58 PM

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From the Inside, Out...

Dyno Tested...Track Proven Taylor wires deliver high voltage performance for maximum fire power!

ThunderVolt ® 8.2

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ThunderVolt ® 50

• 50 ohm ferrite spiralwound coated core for RFI / EMI suppression • 10.4mm diameter 100% silicone 3-layer jacket for superior heat and abrasion protection • Pro-Boot® featuring vibration proof double spring locking terminals • Available in black

8mm Spiro-Pro

• 300 ohm spiral-wound conductor for RFI suppression • 8mm diameter 100% silicone 2-layer jacket • Features Pro-Boot® • Available in 10 vibrant colors

“409” Pro Race

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All Taylor spark plug wire sets are available in Universal, Race-Fit and Vehicle Specific applications!

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• 6 inch long, heat treated fiberglass • Withstand high heat up to 1200° F • Available in black, blue, yellow, orange, red or silver

DIAMONDBACK SHIELDED BATTERY CABLES • Heavy duty 4 gauge cable with stainless steel jacket • Solid brass battery terminals 3 times more conductive than lead


• 13.5” L x 9.5” W x 10” H size fits most batteries • Available with optional battery cable kit

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P|M • October/November 2006


Rock “N” Ray Michaels

Dream Cruise 4 O

Story & Photography by: Thomas Andrews

n Sunday August 20th Rock “N” Ray Michaels took time off from his wildly successful afternoon radio show to bring his listeners Dream Cruise 4. This year’s event moved to beautiful Bayfront Park in Hamilton on the shores of Lake Ontario providing a lush setting for the classic car cruisers to come and enjoy the entertainment and beautiful scenery. While the weather didn’t co operate, dark threatening clouds hung over the park all afternoon, the car enthusiasts still came out to

support Ray and the Dream Cruise. Once there, they were treated to an afternoon of live entertainment starting with Pauly and the Greaseballs. Other featured entertainers were Anthony Von as Elvis, Wizened Old Men and Al Ross as Tom Jones. One of the things I like about the Dream Cruise is the fact there is no cut-off year or type of car requirements. Ray says “if you love your car, bring it to the Dream Cruise.” This makes for an interesting mix of cars and trucks, many not seen at other events.

Pauly and the Greaseballs started off the day’s entertainment. That’s Rock “N” Ray himself, third from the left.

Classic cars of all types filled the park.


October/November 2006 • P|M

For a measly $5.00 per car, you were treated to a fun afternoon with lots to do and see. Best of all, the net proceeds from this years cruise will be donated to the McMaster Children’s Hospital. Hats off, the crew from Oldies 1150, the entertainers, the huge number of volunteers and Rock “N’ Ray himself for their efforts. We are already looking forward to Dream Cruise 5.

This 1969 Beetle brought a smile to everyone who walked by.

TIRED OF THE USUAL? This group of Fieros featured exquisite workmanship. Imagine the fun you could have with a V8-powered Fiero!

DNA Mufflers are the answer! DNA Mufflers: • Are 95% Free Flowing Here is one of the cars that started the muscle car era. A genuine Pontiac GTO with the three-two engine package.

• Have 100% Stainless Steel Construction • Have a 5 Year Warranty • Increases Horsepower & Mileage • Are available for Race, Street and Truck applications


Want a true performance sound, but not the annoying drone?

Visit our website to hear these Mufflers in action! Here is a Model A Coupe done in the classic 60s style. P|M • October/November 2006


How about a 1936 Desoto Taxicab! It looked like you could still call for this cab for a special occasion.

The driver of “Minime 43” was having a ball touring the park with the siren and bell catching everyone’s attention.

How often would you go to a cruise and see a Yenko Camaro?

Brian Dowson has had his Model T pickup on the road for decades! It looks as good today as the day he brought it out. With no cut-off date, great cars like this C5 Corvette fit right in with all the many other classics.

Rock “N” Ray Michaels’

If you were a Blues Brothers fan, you would have seen a replica of Jake and Elwood’s cruiser at the Dream cruise.


October/November 2006 • P|M

Dream Cruise 5 Contact:

Rock “N” Ray Michaels

We’re car Guys ! if it’s got wheels, we’re into it! *

*car Girls too **Girls Not shown

***See select stores for details

Our staff has hundreds of years combined experience, how can we help you & your ride? OCTOBER — NOVEMBER SALE 200 Series • Soft & Lightweight • Breathable • Good Dust Protection • Two Year Warranty



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a Lock and Cable Kit.


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gwininteer? n e this

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Ted Barnes, son Jackson & father Bill barnes standing in front of the Performance improvements datsun 510 BARRIE 705-735-1274 422 Dunlop St. West (Hwy 90) M - F 9am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm OPEN SUNDAY 12-5!







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OEM centercaps are shown for reference only. Logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.



October/November 2006 • Performance Improvements SALE



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a pair!

NEWMARKET 905-954 -1630 180 Davis Drive (Hwy 9) M - T 10am - 6pm W - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm OSHAWA 905-725-3533 1487 Simcoe St. N. M - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm PIERREFONDS 514-626-1866 4909 Boul. St. Charles M - W 10am - 6pm T - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm SCARBOROUGH 416-757-7377 1180 Kennedy Rd. M - T 10am - 6pm W - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm TORONTO 416-259-9656 1100 the Queensway M - F 9am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm OPEN SUNDAY 12-5!

Toll FREE Number: 1-877-471-6700 Prices are valid from October 1 until November 30, 2006.

Please be aware that descriptive, typographic or photographic errors sometimes occur and are subject to correction. We reserve the right to limit quantities.


o one can truly identify when the first stripes appeared on vehicles. Some say the Romans used crude stripes to individualize their chariots, probably to scare away the lions. We do know that horse-drawn vehicles from the nineteenth century, farm wagons, cutters and high end carriages, all had carefully crafted hand striping. The more elaborate the striping, the better

the owner’s pedigree. Early motor cars continued to use striping accents with the more elaborate jobs coming on the higher-end vehicles. Factory-installed striping finally ended in 1938. But the art didn’t die; customizers in the late 40s used pinstripes to accent the custom bodywork on their projects. Today’s style of custom car and street rod pinstriping was popularized in the

With the centers marked in grease pencil, Gord begins to create a design.

Story & Photography by: Thomas Andrews

50s by such legends as Tommy “the Greek” Hrones and Kenny “Von Dutch” Howard. Canada also has a number of great stripers: Tramp Warner, Paint by James, Dave Connery to name just a few. Now, you can learn this art yourself. Gord McCallum, a pinstriper and sign writer for over thirty years, is offering to teach you everything he has learned

True hand striping, no pattern, just the artist’s mind telling him where to go next.

during his career. In two days, you will learn the tricks and techniques that could help you become the next Von Dutch. Imagine the fun you can have striping everything in the house! Grab your Mack brushes and One Shot paint and call for further information. To see a course outline, go to or call: 416-571-2237.

In less than 15 minutes Gord created this unique design that makes the otherwise plain sides on the truck more interesting.


The new Painless SP Diesel Power Module is the most versatile diesel power booster on the market. Unlike a downloader, the Painless module intercepts and reprograms the ECM’s output, so no fingerprint is left on your vehicle’s computer. Simple to install and easy to operate.



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P|M • October/November 2006


Here is a nice contrast in styles. The yellow 1932 Hi-Boy roadster came over from Loretto, while the red full-fendered, 1930 Model A sedan travelled from Washago.

Story by: Thomas Andrews Photos by: Robert Michaels



arrie, Ontario was the site for the 35th annual Canadian Street Nationals, for the second year in a row. Located on the shores of Lake Simcoe, Barrie offers a wealth of things to do and see. 735 acres of publicly-owned parkland follow the lakeshore all through the downtown area. Opportunities for shopping and fine dining abound. However, it’s the cars that are the focus of this weekend. A full complement of pre-1980 street rods, muscle cars, classic trucks and cars all came out to be seen and enjoyed. This year more high-quality, Canadian-built cars graced the grounds than I have ever seen. Many of these cars were new to the area, making it a great event to attend as a participant or spectator. CSRA is a non-profit group dedicated to the care and preservation of these pre-1980 vehicles. Their members work hard and long to present a high-quality, family event that will be fun for everyone. One of their most valuable projects is the operation of a safety inspection program avail-


October/November 2006 • P|M

able to members and non-members alike. Operating from safety lanes set up at the nationals (and numerous other events throughout the year), CSRA safety reps will inspect your pre1980 vehicle ensuring it meets their standards for 22 items important to the safe operation of your ride. Brakes, lights, steering, tires and more are all scrutinized to ensure your car is safe going down the highway. In addition, this year they have added a “safety plus” program to encourage the installation of seat belts in cars that did not require them when they were built. Dave Robertson is the CSRA national safety director. If you have any questions about the inspection program he can be reached at With over 1,200 cars on display the Canadian Street Nationals is a must-see event. In 2007, “all rods will lead to Barrie” – the only difference will be the date. Next year’s event has been moved to July 27, 28 and 29. We will be there. Hope you will be too.

You never know what you might see at an event. This metal sculpture graced the hood of a 1958 Edsel station wagon.

If you crossed to the other side of the grounds, you could pick up a free bible.

No matter what style of engine compartment you prefer, you could find it in Barrie. On the left, this Super/Stock 413 wedge engine was period correct right down to the OE decals. If it’s the brute horsepower look you crave, this GMC supercharged, tunnel-ram equipped Ford (on the right) should fill the bill.

Steering Solutions


UNIVERSAL JOINTS and SHAFTS • Splined or cut to length 3/4 DD • Needle Bearing Design • Stainless or nickel 5 AND 6 bolt ADAPTER fits perfectly with the Flaming River tilt steering columns and wheels.

Finally, if the ultra-smooth high tech look is for you, the engine bay in this 1955 Chevrolet Nomad is as clean as they come.

“WaterFall” FR20150

Flaming River designs and builds steering systems including universal joints, tilt columns and rack & pinions for virtually any application:

TILT COLUMNS • All new components • Laser crafted stainless at our Cleveland facility • Column shift with only 8 inches upper housing length

Custom Adapter Required

Steering Accessories

Mustang II Style Power Rack & Pinion

How about a Pro-Street 1947 DeSoto business coupe? Mark Pavelich brought his blown, 340 Dodge-powered “Home Brew” all the way from Sault Ste. Marie.

FLAMING RIVER INDUSTRIES. Inc. 1-866-897-5493 • FAX 440/826-0780 P|M • October/November 2006


John St. Germain’s remarkable 1936 Ford Roadster featured so many modifications it simply boggles the mind. This car caused quite a stir at the event.

Ultra rare 1965 Ford Falcon convertible is the pride of Toronto’s Dennis Scriver.

If “original” is for you, you would love Len and Debbie Howe’s perfect 1965 Mustang Coupe.

Stan McCutcheon’s great looking 1938 Ford Tudor Coach came from Beeton, Ontario. Straight sheet metal was a big feature on this car.

This Milk Bottle delivery truck was built as a promotional vehicle for Toronto’s Hall’s Dairy. After a long search, it was found and restored to its original glory for another generation’s enjoyment.


October/November 2006 • P|M


Roger Ritter’s 1954 Oldsmobile two-door hardtop was one of the ultimate highclass cars, in its day. Today, 54 years later, you can still see why.

Louise Minialoff let husband Nick have her just-completed 1959 Corvette for the weekend. Their Vette features a full tube chassis and top-quality workmanship throughout.

Terry Adkin’s mild custom 1953 Chev Bel Air hardtop has all the right touches. Lowered, nosed and decked, body coloured grille surround and extra grille teeth create a great look. P|M • October/November 2006

Story and Photography by: Thomas Andrews

Mellow Yellow

Nothing on Tony’s car opens in the normal way. Imagine taking this car to be valet parked!

This screamin’ yellow Civic sure isn’t subtle!


ike many young people, Tony Balice got interested in cars through his father. Cars were his Dad’s hobby, so as a young man, Tony went to lots of car shows and met many other car enthusiasts. As he got older, Tony had projects of his own. Over the years, he has worked on a 1988 Pontiac Trans Am and a 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. His current project, a Pearl Yellow 1993 Honda Civic has taken up five years of his time and, as Tony says, it is still not finished. “It will never be completed.” Tony, an auto mechanic, has done almost all of the work on this car himself with the support and help of his wife Sherry. Ron at Classic Paints laid on the pearl paint. During the time he has owned his Civic, Tony has taken it to cruise nights, drag raced it, and attended numerous car shows. However, when asked what was the best thing he has ever done with his vehicle, he quickly responded “We had our car in our wedding photos.” This car has it all. Virtually every part has been changed or massaged. Look carefully at the photos to see all the details.


October/November 2006 • P|M

Under the hood is a JDM B18C engine swap with a Jackson racing supercharger and an AEM intake system.


• A full four-piece body kit • Lambo doors • Body lines & door handles shaved • French twist licence plate at the rear • F1 mirrors • Roll forward Spider  hood • Side vents molded into side skirts • OTB flip trunk • APR 0-inch aluminum wing • Projector head lamps • Clear corner lamps • PPG Yellow pearl paint


• Custom made  ½” exhaust • JDM Type R LSD 5-speed transmission • Clutch master clutch • Lightweight flywheel

Here are the proud owners Sherry and Tony with their car.

Auto Meter gauges, MOMO accessories and in car electronics add a great touch to this YELLOW interior.


• Pioneer in dash head unit • One Planet Audio & two Kenwood amps • 6” drop down TV & 5” glove box TV • Playstation  • APEXI I unit


• JDM B18C (GSR) engine swap • Jackson Racing supercharger • AEM True time adjustable cam pulleys • Holley in tank fuel pump • AEM power steering & alternator pulley • AEM cold air intake with K&N filter • DC Sport header


• Dupont 004 Ford Orange Crush and Dupont Jet Black • Custom graphics and airbrushing


• MOMO racing bucket seats • Four-point cage • Four-point racing harness • MOMO shifter, knob and steering wheel • A full complement of Auto Meter gauges


• Air Ride 9-way air suspension • Chrome air tanks


• Toyo Proxes T 15 rubber on 1” Giovanna 5-spoke custom wheels.

You get a good look at the body kit, the projector headlights and the Spider 2 hood from this angle. P|M • October/November 2006


• rust (rŭst) • a reddish-brown or yellowish-brown coating formed on iron or steel by oxidation, as a result of exposure to moisture • Any of various metallic coatings, especially oxides, formed by corrosion • Deterioration, as of ability, resulting from inactivity or neglect. • Harry Cartner tells us he isn’t really into cars, he just finds them fascinating subjects for his camera. His quest to photograph the unusual led Harry to a junkyard in Eastern Ontario. In one day, while prowling the aisles of the yard, he captured the images seen on these pages. Many of us find these photo subjects fascinating. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know where these cars had been and what stories they could tell? Enjoy Harry’s work.


October/November 2006 • P|M

While many people are interested in knowing where these hidden treasures are, Harry has been sworn to secrecy.


Harry Cartner Photography photography P|M • October/November 2006


TACH PROBLEM? Story by: Thomas Andrews


ften after the installation of a high-energy ignition system, you will find that the tach does not work properly, being either erratic or no movement at all. This is a common occurrence and can easily be corrected. The three most common tachs are – ground sensing, pulse sensing and current sensing. If you experience a tach malfunction, determine the type of tach you have and try the fi x noted below. PULSE SENSING TACHS: This is a commonly used tach on OEM inductive type ignition systems and is triggered from a high voltage feedback pulse at coil negative (–w). Often after the installation of a high-energy inductive type ignition system, the plug gap is increased to take advantage of the system and the voltage feedback amplitude at the primary negative terminal has increased. A common fi x for this is to install a 10k ohm, ½ watt resistor in series with the tach trigger lead. This will reduce the amplitude and should correct the problem.


October/November 2006 • P|M

GROUND SENSING TACHS: These work with most automotive ignition systems using a single ignition coil. They are triggered from the on/off switching of 12v through the coil by the ignition module. The on/off switching creates a 12v square wave. If the tach malfunctions after the installation of an aftermarket inductive-type ignition, a tach adapter may be required. The adapter is connected across the coil, with the output going to the tach trigger. Tach adapters are available from Crane, Autometer, MSD and other ignition or instru-

ment manufacturers. CURRENT SENSING TACHS: Many tachs found on English-made vehicles, such as the Smith Tach, are current sensing. When installing a CD-type ignition system, you may need a tach adapter, which will allow the tach to see the proper current it was designed to work with. This adapter is connected between the switched 12v lead from the tach and the tach trigger signal from the CD system.

Book Review:


ere is the book for the Camaro enthusiast, “Chevrolet Camaro 1967 to 1972.” No matter if you are planning to restore one of GM’s best looking muscle cars or are simply a fan of the genre, William Burt’s book will provide accurate details you probably didn’t already know.

HoleShot Converter ™ ™

QuickSilver Shifter ™ ™

Polished SuperCooler

™ ™

Shift Improver Kit

™ ™

There is a full chapter on each Camaro model year. All models RS, SS and Z28 are covered thoroughly, as are all engines from the 302 up to the 454 big block. This book is liberally illustrated with more than 300 detailed colour photos showing interior, suspension, chassis and engine components. As well, the author includes information about the more obscure options available on these cars, such as the AS4 option that provided shoulder belts for the rear seats (they were not standard during those years). Only 90 cars were ordered with this option in 1970, even though they only cost $26.35. Those were the days. This is the ultimate 1967-73 Camaro guide for enthusiasts, owners, restorers and scale model builders. - Bob McJannett

Published by SA Design • Item #SP100 By William Burt • $33.99 Canadian

Trick Shift

™ ™

Whether it’s Shifters, Torque Converters, Kits, Coolers or Fluid - B&M is at the forefront! For over fifty years B&M has been the leader in automatic transmission technology! For more info, come see us at!

Racing & Performance Products 818.882.6422 P|M • October/November 2006


New Product Showcase COVERCRAFT – One of the items that are often overlooked when you plan to put your car away for the winter is a good quality car cover. The amount of protection that a good cover will give is enormous. As with most things there are varying qualities of covers. Covercraft, long the leader in car cover technology, offers a number of covers to fit any need. If you are covering a car indoors and are budget conscious take a look at the universal Multi Bond 200 series covers, three layers of soft breathable fabric. These offer excellent dust protection when used indoors.

For better protection, you will need to get one of the universal Technalon covers. Four layers of fabric offers the best impact protection from nicks and scratches caused by lawn mowers, bicycles etc. Technalon is breathable, highly dust resistant and offers maximum allweather protection.

ROYAL PURPLE – As all mechanics and car guys know, there are really two main problems that people experience with their power-steering pump; cracks and leaks from faulty seals or that annoying whine when making turns. Royal Purple has heard about these problems and created Max EZ, an advanced power steering fluid designed to maximize the life and performance of all power steering units. Formulated with a blend of select synthetic base oils plus Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology, which provides users with a host of benefits. Not only has it been proven to make equipment run cooler, smoother, longer, quieter and more efficiently, it also has excellent seal compatibility and will help prevent nasty leaks and deterioration. Max EZ® can be mixed with conventional power steering fluids and will eliminate foaming while protecting against rust and corrosion. For further information, visit your nearest Royal Purple retailer or .


October/November 2006 • P|M

Finally, for the best possible protection, you can order a custom-fit cover using the top-of-the-line Noah fabric. This will fit your car like a glove. All Covercraft covers are made from Kimberly-Clark bonded fabrics that stand up to all weather conditions and UV degradation. There are no finer covers. Visit your nearest Covercraft retailer to find which cover is best for you.

AIRAID – Retro is in, and Chevrolet has the all new HHR sedan. With its retro styling and large amount of reconfigurable interior space, the HHR is already a hit, especially with economical Ecotec four-cylinder power plants under the hood. While the optional 2.4-liter 24-valve Ecotec is rated at 172 horsepower and 162 lb/ft of torque, it never hurts to have a few more ponies when attempting to motivate a full-loaded, 3,100-pound vehicle. AIRAID has figured out the secret to improved throttle response in the HHR, while also gaining more horsepower and torque. AIRAID’s latest Cool Air Dam (CAD) intake system for the HHR directs cool, outside air directly to an AIRAID Premium Filter, the heart of the system. Check out all the AIRAID applications available for your vehicle.

Visit your nearest AIRAID retailer or


Performance Business Directory









P|M • October/November 2006


New Product Showcase LAKEWOOD – If you are building a car and you plan to take to the drag strip, you may be required to run an approved safety bellhousing. Cars with a standard transmission, capable of running 11.99 or quicker, all require an SFI approved bellhousing. If you value your feet, no matter what speed it runs, you should consider a bellhousing. Lakewood offers hydroformed steel housings that meet the required SFI 6.1 spec. Models are available for all popular domestic engines, including some of the older muscle car engines that are coming back into popularity. Currently, they are available for Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Ford, Chrysler, and their latest application, the 69 - 76 AMC V8 engines. For further information, visit your nearest Lakewood retailer or

TAYLOR – With all those Hemi-powered cars and trucks coming out of Brampton, the need for high-quality performance parts is expanding. Taylor is offering 8mm Spiro-Pro and ThunderVolt 8.2 Ignition Spark Plug Wires for the HEMI 5.7L utilizing Chrysler’s new cylinder deactivation-Multi Displacement System (MDS). Dyno tests performed using the Taylor ignition wires showed increases in the range of 3.5 to 5 additional horsepower over the factory wires. These new wire sets are designed specifically as a performance replacement to fit the Chrysler platform cars (Magnum R/T and 300C) utilizing MDS through the 2005 model year. Each set features eight ignition wires that are number sequenced to their respective dual plug per cylinder configuration. For more information, check out, or your nearest Taylor retailer.


October/November 2006 • P|M

SUPERCHIPS – The computer geniuses at Superchips continue to expand their line of Flashpaq’s; their latest is one that will fit all the 1996 through 2001 GM Trucks and SUVs. This unit offers two levels of tuning,“87 Octane” that generated an increase of 34 hp and 30 ft/lbs of torque and “Performance” that provided a whopping 37 hp increase with 36 ft/lbs of torque! Flashpaq also offers the ability to adjust shift points, shift feel and the speed limiter. You can reset for a change of tire size or replacement gear set. You can even adjust the electric fan setting. All these features come in a simple, easy to install, handheld tuner. For further information, visit your nearest Superchips retailer or

CENTERFORCE – With the trend back toward more manual transmission applications, there has been resurgence in interest in steel and aluminum flywheels. Steel flywheels are heavier and are seen mostly in street, heavier drag race cars and any other high torque application. Steel wheels can be up to 50 pounds in weight. Aluminum flywheels, being much lighter, are typically seen in oval track, road race and lightweight drag race engines. The lighter weight aluminum wheels rev faster allowing better power off the corners or quicker acceleration. Centerforce has announced the addition of SFI Approved Aluminum and Steel billet flywheels for the 05-06 Ford Mustang GT. Centerforce aluminum flywheels also feature mechanically retained starter ring gears, as well as replaceable steel friction surfaces that have been heat-treated for abrasion resistance and long life. For further information, call your nearest Centerforce dealer or www.

Performance Business Directory

Nown! Ope Auto Services Ltd.

P• 905-471-3335 F• 905-471-7274 C• 647-228-3434

Doug Lamb 60 Bullock Dr. Unit #8 Markham, ON L3P 2P2

P|M • October/November 2006


Tools of the Trade!

Sharing your life (or even a few hours) with a car nut requires patience, ingenuity and a healthy dose of humour. It also helps to have a good understanding of the standard tools of the reluctant passenger trade. Here are some of them: Ignorance Never admit to knowing the difference between a clutch cylinder and a spark plug. Most car-related arguments start with a “Honey, can you pass me the sonic screwdriver?” When asked, look thoughtful for a moment, then get him a spatula. Or a potato—Yukon Golds work best. Good soap Forget about that stuff that smells like peaches, automotive enthusiasts deal with oil, grot and driveway dirt for extended periods of time. Be prepared by stocking up on stainfighting laundry detergent and powerful hand soap with a grit component. Online access It’s amazing what you can find online, especially concerning that particular object in the driveway. While some might use the Internet to—for example—enter contests, buy shoes and chat with friends, a vehicular virtuoso may discover wanted parts, new info he’ll rave about for days and a community of fellow freaks. eBay account Learn about this online auction leader so that you can guide him through the pros and cons of “Buy It Now,” feedback and the everpopular “ships only to the USA.” For starters, never use your email address as your user name and, if a deal appears too good to be true, odds are, it is. Did I mention that eBay has more than just car parts up for grabs? You should see the velvet Elvis I picked up for just $4.99—from Reykjavik. Digital camera This tool is essential if you’re going to sell off unwanted car parts on eBay (with or without his knowledge). A digital camera will also come in handy for those fun occasions when


October/November 2006 • P|M

When asked for a tool, look thoughtful for a moment, then get him a spatula.

his ride actually starts and you get there in one piece. He may refer to these images with fond memories when the vehicle in question is in pieces all over the garage floor. Shrine area You can earn exponential brownie points by allocating a certain area of the home—preferably under the basement stairs—for a shrine of automotive paraphernalia such as badges, stickers, trophies and key fobs. Approach this area with great reverence as it may be considered hallowed ground to some members of your household. Tracking device Whether it’s a cell phone or homing pigeon, you need to find a way to keep track of where your driver is. Especially if random phrases such as “for a spin,” “stop in at the shop” or “bleeding the brakes” are overheard. (Don’t worry, no brakes were harmed in the writing of this paragraph.)

Hypnosis Some reluctant passengers find this to be the most useful tool of all. Especially while at live auctions, car shows or meetings for automobile lovers. Use an ignition key for your subject to stare at for best results. Having these in your back pocket will help you maintain an air of sanity for now. We’ll cover the benefits of tranquilizer darts, carnuba wax and honey crullers in an upcoming issue. Enjoy the ride.

About the Author: Bonnie Staring

is a comedian, advertising copywriter, coupon-user, and a baker of unusual things.

Illustration by Kayvene.

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