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December / January 2007 • Vol. 7 #1 • $3.95 Canadian





Editorial ...... Back A lley C............................. 5 Bob ’s Big Bo ruisers ................ 6 Nethercutt Cy........................... 8 1969 Chevell ollection ............ 9 e SS .............. ....... 12

SEM A Show 20 06 SEM A Histor y .............. 19 NASCAR /C Show ................... 20 CanNats on hamp Car News 26 Reluctant P the Move ............ 28 assenger ...... ......... 30

P|M • December/January 2007


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Proudly Made in Canada!

On the Move Y

ou will see elsewhere in this issue a press release from CSRA (Canadian Street Rod Association) and Speedorama announcing that Gary Wallace and the Speedorama crew will join together with CSRA to promote and run the 36th annual CSRA National event, now called the Canadian Street Nationals. My congratulations to the CSRA executive. I believe that this will be a huge step forward for their event. First and foremost, their move to the Markham Fair Grounds, close to Toronto, will give participants easy access on excellent roads, no matter which direction they come from. It will certainly be easier for our American friends to come and enjoy our great Canadian beer. Markham presents a broad choice of activities for participants to enjoy. Secondly, the much larger prospective spectator base should please the commercial vendors. Gary promises lots of additions to the 2007 event; every effort will be spent trying to give attendees more entertainment and more features than ever before. Spectators too can expect a better bang for their buck. Now if we can just get them to understand that it doesn’t matter what year a car or truck is, as long as it is someone’s pride and joy, they will really move their event forward. The most successful events have recognized this fact and adjusted to the realities of today. “Goodguys” premier event, Pleasanton, now 25 years old, allows “all years American-powered” in Canada that should be “all years North-American powered.” If I was going to emulate someone, Goodguys is who I’d follow. Watch for regular announcements on the Canadian Street Nationals as new features are disclosed and changes made. We are looking forward to it. P|M • December/January 2007


Back Alley Cruisers Mississauga Cruise Interview & Photography by: Thomas Andrews


you are into car cruises, you already know that any day of the week there is a cruise night somewhere for you to attend. To find out more about one of Ontario’s more popular cruise nights, we interviewed Maurice Corsi, the man behind the Back Alley Cruisers of Mississauga cruise night. Performance In Motion: How did you first get hooked on Hot Rods? Maurice Corsi: At the age of 15, in my first year of high school, I really got involved in cars. My next door neighbors Frank and Sam had a 1961 Ford Falcon. Sam, being a couple of years older, owned the car and took us under his wing. We spent night and day in their garage working on the car (when we were not at Harvey’s Jane and 401). We installed a ‘66 Ford Econoline straight axle on this car (I’m sure it would not be legal to drive today) and a 302 cu. in. motor. (Boy, I loved that car.) PIM: What automobiles have you owned? MC: My first car was a 61 Falcon six cylinder; all the parts that came from Sam’s car went into my car. I only paid $50 for it.

Interesting cars that I have owned include a 69 Dart Swinger 340, 69 Camaro SS 396, 57 Chev with a 409, 72 Vega with a 327, 64 Chev Impala with a 327 all done up (this was our Cayuga drag car). I grew up in the muscle car era, but my dream is to one day own a pre-49 vehicle. PIM: How did you start your cruise? MC: I bought my current 1957 Chev 10 years ago, and a friend of mine asked me to join the Back Alley Cruisers in Woodbridge. After being with them for about five years, I asked about starting a new group in Mississauga and was given the green light. We average anywhere from 20 to 90 cars. As we become more known and have a stable location, the numbers are growing.

PIM: What have been the most interesting things that have happened since you started the cruise? MC: I have seen the good and the bad. The first cruise we started was at the Home Depot at Mavis and Dundas, Thursday nights not to good. We moved to Mavis and Britannia on Sunday which was much better, but after two years of that, Sundays became too demanding (as I was also involved in the CSRA). Next came our move to Dundas and Trafalgar on Tuesday nights, where we are now. The most satisfying event that we have put on was when we did a show at Sunrise Seniors home a few years back, interacting with the seniors made us all feel warm inside (and boy, could they tell some good stories). PIM: How much bigger is your season-ending event? MC: Our season-ending events the last two years have had a little over 200 cars registered. PIM: What purpose do you think your cruise serves? MC: A place where people with similar interests can get together and have a good time (sort of like a meeting place). I have made many new friends since running these different cruises. PIM: What makes your cruise unique? MC: I don’t think that there is any one thing that makes our cruise unique. We don’t have any age, or car-type restrictions and since day one, we have given out awards weekly.


December/January 2007 • P|M

PIM: How many people run your cruise? MC: Running a cruise is a very exhausting task and, if you do not have good people helping you, you will burn out. Our committee consists of a group of four. (There is a method to my madness. I let the rest of the group decide and there can never be a tie in voting.) Steve Ruddell, Craig Hough and Dave Hayward have been with me since we started. PIM: How do you raise money and what do you do with the money raised? MC: During the cruise season, the only way we raise money is by doing a 50/50 draw weekly. It is at our season-ending event that we have auction items and draws to win prizes. We never charge an admission. All the net proceeds go to “Peel Collaborative Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Treatment Program” (try saying that four or five times a night) and “Canadian Breast Cancer Society.”

PIM: What else would you like our readers to know? MC: We have been blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy our hobby. There are many threats to the car enthusiast from misunderstanding politicians, misguided MOT regulations and uneducated insurers; we need a firm voice to protect our sport. I would like to see more people supporting CSRA, SVAO and other enthusiast associations. If more people were giving back to the hobby, whether by participating at local car shows, Canadian events or just your local weekly car cruise, we would be able to put forward a stronger voice. PIM: Thanks for your time today. All the cruisers appreciate the efforts of yourself and your team. We all wish you continued success.

PIM: What is the future of your cruise? MC: I will be having a meeting with the committee before the end of the year, and we will discuss what the future plans are. I think that there are just too many cruise nights going on at this time, to keep it fresh we need something a little different, perhaps we will move the shows around to different locations. P|M • December/January 2007

California Dreaming! What does a car guy do when winter sets in? If you are lucky enough to have a heated garage, you can work on your pride and joy all through the winter. But what if your car is done and all you are doing is storing it? Now, you have time on your hands, and no way to get your fi x of enthusiast cars. Here’s our suggestion. Get on the phone and buy yourself the cheapest ticket possible to La La

Land. Yep, it’s time to get out to the left coast where the weather is still sunny and dry to take in some of the year-round car events that go on in the Los Angeles area. If you plan carefully, you can get a full season of events in a long weekend. Fly Friday and return Monday. Here are a couple of our favourites.

Bob’ s Big Boy Cruise night

Every Friday night, at one of the last original Bob’s Big Boy locations in Burbank, there is a local cruise. Show up around 6 pm to watch the passing parade. Every type of vehicle, in all states of repair (from fi nished show cars to works in progress) will come through the parking lot.

All-steel 1932 Ford pickup.

The longest domestic car ever built, a 1959 Cadillac convertible.

One of the things I have always noticed, is the fact that Californians seem to be driving their cars while work is ongoing. Here are some of the cars that showed up on a beautiful night in California.

Nice, clean, chopped Chevrolet pickup.

Model A powered with a much modified four cylinder engine.

Contact: This 1957 Chevy created a great foreground for the legendary Bob’s sign.


December/January 2007 • P|M

Bob’s Big Boy 4211 W. Riverside Dr. Burbank, CA 91505

A very clean 1948 Ford two-door coach.

The Nethercutt Collection TIRED OF THE USUAL? J.B. Nethercutt,

in show. Thus began a lifetime obsession with classic cars. Today, this vast collection is housed in a purpose-built, earthquake-proof, 60,000 square foot building, with 15,000 feet dedicated to five restoration departments. No matter how difficult the project, Nethercutt’s craftsmen are up to the task. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Best of all admittance is FREE!

DNA Mufflers are the answer! DNA Mufflers: • Are 95% Free Flowing • Have 100% Stainless Steel Construction • Have a 5 Year Warranty

Above: Extremely rare 1937 Talbot Lago Sport Coupe. Below: 1934 Duesenberg J, Dual Cowl phaeton Engine DOHC 420 cu. in. straight eight.

• Increases Horsepower & Mileage • Are available for Race, Street and Truck applications


the co-founder of Merle Norman Cosmetics, had a lifelong love affair with automobiles. His first purchases were made in 1956: a 1936 Duesenberg Convertible Roadster and a 1930 Dupont Town Car. These acquisitions need a total restoration, which J.B. estimated would take a couple of weeks. Eighteen months and $65,000 later, they were completed. In 1958, the Dupont was shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, winning best

Lots of classic cars all in a row. Each one is licensed and driven at least once a year.

Want a true performance sound, but not the annoying drone?

Visit our website to hear these Mufflers in action! P|M • December/January 2007

California Dreaming!

Very rare 1936 Hupmobile. Once a rival to Ford & GM, The company ceased all production in 1940.

Above: 1930 Rolls Royce Phantom II Town Car, OHV 468 cu. in. six-cylinder. Right: They even have a restored Canadian Pacific steam engine.

The striking hood ornament of the 1935 Cadillac five-passenger convertible. IF YOU WANT THE LOOK OF A STOCK DISTRIBUTOR AND THE PERFORMANCE OF A RACE DISTRIBUTOR, USE AN ACCEL POINTS ELIMINATOR KIT! Perfect for vehicles that want to retain the look of a stock distributor and the reliability of an electronic distributor. ACCEL’s Points Eliminator Kits put an end to high-maintenance Points Ignition systems. By utilizing race proven electronics and an infrared trigger signal, ignition timing is stable to 10,000 RPM. • This accurate ignition timing helps improve performance and fuel efficiency • Easy to install with simple hand tools • Reduced maintenance – eliminates changing points forever • Thermal Clad based surface mount construction ensures dependability and long life Part #2010: 1957-74 GM V8 engines with ACDelco single and dual point distributors Part #2020: 1957-74 Ford V8 engines with Motorcraft single point distributors Part #2030: 1961-73 Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth V8 engines with Prestolite single point distributors Part #2005: ACCEL Points Eliminator replacement module

Available now at Auto-Zone, Checker Auto Parts, Kragen Auto Parts, Pep Boys Auto stores, Schuck’s Auto Supply as well as Summit, Jeg’s and hundreds of speed shops across the country.

ACCEL is a division of the Mr. Gasket Performance Group Cleveland, Ohio 10

December/January 2007 • P|M

Performance Radiator Additive that Promotes Quicker Engine Warm-up for On-Command Interior Heat! •

• Interior hot air available quicker • Includes corrosion inhibitor & anti-foaming agent • Safe with all alloys • 100% biodegradable, water soluble, non-corrosive and non-toxic • Compatible with all anti-freeze mixtures AVAILABLE AT

Taylor-PIM 1/2-Feb 06

12/23/05 12:58 PM

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Spare tire and mount on a 1934 Packard.

From the Inside, Out...

1910 Royal Tourist engine T-Head 570 cu. in. four-cylinder.

Dyno Tested...Track Proven Taylor wires deliver high voltage performance for maximum fire power!

ThunderVolt ® 8.2

• 50 ohm ferrite spiralwound coated core for RFI / EMI suppression • 8.2mm diameter 100% silicone 2-layer jacket • Continuous heat protection up to 600° F • Available in black, blue or red

ThunderVolt ® 50

• 50 ohm ferrite spiralwound coated core for RFI / EMI suppression • 10.4mm diameter 100% silicone 3-layer jacket for superior heat and abrasion protection • Pro-Boot® featuring vibration proof double spring locking terminals • Available in black

8mm Spiro-Pro

• 300 ohm spiral-wound conductor for RFI suppression • 8mm diameter 100% silicone 2-layer jacket • Features Pro-Boot® • Available in 10 vibrant colors

“409” Pro Race

• 300 ohm spiral-wound conductor for RFI suppression • 10.4mm diameter 100% silicone 3-layer jacket for superior heat and abrasion protection • Features Pro-Boot® • Available in black, blue & red

From Street to Race, TAYLOR Wires are Simply the Best!

All Taylor spark plug wire sets are available in Universal, Race-Fit and Vehicle Specific applications!

WIRES, HEAT PROTECTION, CABLES & MORE...Taylor is your source for the finest high performance and racing electrical components and accessories... SPACE AGE BOOT PROTECTORS

Molded headlights in 1915 Pierce Arrow.

• 6 inch long, heat treated fiberglass • Withstand high heat up to 1200° F • Available in black, blue, yellow, orange, red or silver

DIAMONDBACK SHIELDED BATTERY CABLES • Heavy duty 4 gauge cable with stainless steel jacket • Solid brass battery terminals 3 times more conductive than lead



The Nethercutt Museum 15151 Bledsoe Street. Sylmar, CA 91342

• 13.5” L x 9.5” W x 10” H size fits most batteries • Available with optional battery cable kit

Visit our web site for more detailed information: 1-800-915-9473



P|M • December/January 2007


Story by Thomas Andews Photography by: Bob McJannett

1969 Chevelle SS


hen we went to Reaboro, Ontario, to shoot Chris Graham’s 1991 Buick Roadmaster Wagon (PIM April 2006), we were delighted to find not one, but two show-quality vehicles parked in the garage. In seconds, it was decided that we would shoot both of them. In addition to their rolling billboard Buick, designed to


April/May 2006 • P|M

show off the abilities of their business “The Airbrush Shop,” Chris and his wife Susan also own their award-winning 1969 Chevelle SS. In fact, the Chevelle is something of a staple in their life. Chris bought the Chevelle from his best friend Stewart, who was the original owner, and has owned it for more than 25 years. During that time, they have rebuilt it numerous times. For the last rebuild, Chris did a complete frame-off restoration, built a 383 stroker motor that puts out 450+ hp, and meticulously went over every part to bring it to show quality. Under the hood, the firewall has been cleaned up and smoothed, wiring is all hidden and the greatlooking custom engine cover is another tribute to Chris’ skill. Chris builds his own engines and does all the mechanical work. Needless to say, being an artist and painter, he is responsible for all the paint and graphics you see on the Chevelle. Instead of the usual SS stripes, Chris designed his own unique 383 emblems and the airbrush graphics seen on the car.

Just like the Buick, this Chevelle is no trailer queen. In addition to attending local shows and cruise nights, the Chevelle has been on the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour twice, in both 2002 and 2003. On the 2002 tour, it earned a GM Performance Pick, and Chris was interviewed for Hot Rod TV. But the highlight was when his Chevelle was chosen to be the cover car for Hot Rod Magazine’s Power Tour issue in October 2002. Awards, there have been many. Here are just a few whose hardware is gracing their award shelves: Top 20 pick four years in a row at GM Autofest; Class Champion, Performance World 2003; Best Engine, Gold Choice Runner-up Car Craft Nationals Columbus Ohio 2003; Top 10 Muscle Car, Car Craft Nationals Columbus Ohio 2003; The House of Kolor, Prestigious Painter award in both 2001 and 2004. The first one was for the Chevelle, the second for a dune buggy that Chris had painted. Never one to rest on his laurels, Chris is currently finishing up a 1962 Ford Galaxy 500 two-door hardtop for Susan and turning a 1957 Chevrolet 210 into another Airbrush Shop work of art. If you are looking for some pinstriping, graphics, custom fabrication or even a complete restoration you may want to give The Airbrush Shop a call. You know that they do great work.

When it Matters...

Award winning systems since 1986





Check out our complete line of colorful performance tested hose, tubing and plug wire routing kits with Unconditional Warranty. ph:760-868-6962 fx:760-868-2131 P|M • December/January 2007


1969 Chevelle SS


• Frame-off restoration • Firewall smoothed • All door, fender gaps gauged, lined up perfectly.


• Frame – Sandblasted & smoothed • Hotchkis lowering springs • Gas shocks front and rear • Full urethane bushings Rearend • 12 bolt, posi with 3.3 gears Brakes • Custom booster & master cylinder, adjustable proportioning valve


• Small-block Chevy stroked to 383 cu. in. Modifications – 30 over, 4-bolt main block, stroker crank, Keith Black flat-top pistons, 10-1 compression, reworked Vortec heads, big double springs, solid lifter Comp Cam, gear drive, Edelbrock Performer RPM, 00 Double pump carb, fired by a complete MSD ignition system, Flowmaster exhaust, shifted through a 4-speed OTHER: Custom built engine cover, all wiring harnesses hidden, billet engine accessories.


• Black Vinyl Tweed Honda Acura front seats covered to match original • Auto Meter Phantom gauges installed in original holes •Panasonic CD, 1200-watt 4-channel amp, 4-6” Sony speakers, 2-12” subs. Special Interior Features – Dash painted to match outside colour


• Wheels – Weld Prostar 15x6 and 15x8 • Tires – 235-60-15 and 25-60-16


• House of Kolor custom Tangelo Pear

$ Two for the price of one: This 1991 fl amed “RoadBlaster” Wagon is on the other side of the Graham’s garage.


December/January 2007 • P|M


The Airbrush Shop 3218 Highway 7, Reaboro, ON K0L 2X0 (705) 878-4394

We’re car Guys ! if it’s got wheels, we’re into it! *

*car Girls too **Girls Not shown

***See select stores for details

Our staff has hundreds of years combined experience, how can we help you & your ride? DecemBER — January SALE Power Building DVDs

Learn all the tricks from award-winning engine builder Arron Johnson, owner of Bad Ass Racing Engines.


2 DVD Titles are 3 1/2 hours long! only



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VI00002 ... Performance Carburetors ............... 2 DVDs VI00015 .... Superchargers .............................. 2 DVDs VI00002 ... Nitrous Oxide ............................... 2 DVDs VI00002 ... Bolt-On Power.............................. 2 DVDs VI00002 .... Heads, Porting & Valvetrain ........... 3 DVDs

H3R Performance Fire Extinguishers

CTEK Battery Chargers

These revolutionary battery chargers are small in size but huge in power. Three models that will charge virtually any type of battery, including the popular Optima models.

High Quality American-made Extinguishers to protect your prized vehicle.


Available in 1 and 2.5 lb sizes with either Dry Chemical or HalGuard. Listed and rated from Underwriters Laboratories.


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Travel Mug

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NEWMARKET 905-954 -1630 180 Davis Drive (Hwy 9) M - T 10am - 6pm W - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm

BRAMPTON 905-453-9901 12 Rutherford Rd. S. M - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm

OSHAWA 905-725-3533 1487 Simcoe St. N. M - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm

GUELPH 519-821-6740 672 Woolwich St. M - T 10am - 6pm W - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm

PIERREFONDS 514-626-1866 4909 Boul. St. Charles M - W 10am - 6pm T - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm

HAMILTON 905-574-6940 891 Upper James M - T 10am - 6pm W - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm

TORONTO 416-259-9656 1100 the Queensway M - F 9am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm OPEN SUNDAY 12-5!

LAVAL 450-688-4536 3236 Boul. St. Martin O M - W 10am - 6pm T - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm


OEM centercaps are shown for reference only. Logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.


Toll FREE Number: 1-877-471-6700



BARRIE 705-735-1274 422 Dunlop St. West (Hwy 90) M - F 9am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm OPEN SUNDAY 12-5!

a pair!

Prices are valid from December 1, 2006, until January 30, 2007.

Please be aware that descriptive, typographic or photographic errors sometimes occur and are subject to correction. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

SEMA History 40

years ago, the first SEMA Show was held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Featuring 98 booths, it attracted about 3,000 attendees eager to see the hottest new automotive products. The entire show only featured five display cars. The show was a success, and soon moved accross from Disneyland to the new Anaheim Convention Centre. When they had to turn exhibitors away in 1976 after selling out all 570 booths, the hunt was on for a new location. In a decision some thought was crazy

at the time, it was decided to move the show to Las Vegas, where there would be room to grow. The move was a success, and grow they did indeed. In 1998, the SEMA Show rented out over 500,00 square feet of space. Currently the SEMA Show features over 10,000 exhibitor booths and brings together over 100,000 attendees occupying over one million net square feet! (That explains why our feet get tired walking the show!) Our photos of the 2006 show are on the following pages.

Like Cars? Like People? Join our team! We are looking for avid car enthusiasts to help us continue to grow our automotive specialty business. If you like cars and trucks, like people and the challenge of selling, Performance Improvements has a job for you. We offer a fun work environment, health benefits, company pension plan and a chance to work within the car hobby. Th is is a full time position. Please e-mail your resume to Dave Turner, Manager Retail Operations, or call (416) 259 9656 ext 219. P|M • December/January 2007



SEMA Show was the biggest one yet. The Las Vegas Convention centre was filled to capacity with vendors, vehicles and the ubiquitous booth babes, all vying for our attention. As we walked (and walked, and walked) past over 10,000 exhibitor booths, we occasionally managed to take a few photos to give you the flavour of the show. While each photographer had his own area of interest (some exclusively booth babes) most focused on the vehicles. If displayed bumper to bumper, all of the vehicles on display at the 2006 SEMA Show would stretch more than 5.5 miles! Here are a few that caught our eye.

Photography courtesy of: Rick McHenry, Bob McJannett, Robert Michaels, Brett Weisbrod and SEMA.


December/January 2007 • P|M

The New Products Breakfast at the SEMA Show featured two of the specialty-equipment industry’s founding fathers, Alex Xydias (left) and Carroll Shelby (right), seen here with host Dave McClelland.

STREET SCENE – Street Scene has just released two replacement grille assemblies to fit the 200508 V6 Mustangs. Easily installed with the mounting hardware provided, the 950-74591 offers a GT-style replacement grille shell. Included is the wiring harness and two lights. The 950-74592 model is a center, dual-light style, similar to the Shelby Mustangs popular in the late 60s. Both units install using the factory mounting locations. No cutting, drilling or fabrication is required. P|M • December/January 2007


LAKEWOOD – If you have purchased one of the late model Hemi-powered Dodge trucks, you already know how easy it is to overpower the rear suspension. Now, the engineers at Lakewood have solved that problem.

They have just released their model 21720 traction bars to fit most Dodge trucks with leaf springs. Once installed, they will prevent wheel hop, putting the power to the ground.

Legendary National Hot Rod Association drag racer Warren Johnson (left) and baseball hall of famer Reggie Jackson unveil their one-of-a-kind 641-horsepower 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. FLEX-A-LITE – They had several new fans to show us. This aluminum shrouded dual fan (foreground) for the Dodge Cummins Diesel allows you to recover 27HP and boost your fuel mileage by 6% just by eliminating your stock clutch fan assembly. In the background is the new S-Blade Black Magic 160, the next generation in cooling, which also allows you to recover HP and increase mileage.


NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. stands beside the “Big Red” Cheverolet Silverado named after him. December/January 2007 • P|M

POWER BUILDING VIDEOS – Arron Johnson owner of Bad Ass Racing Engines hosts these extremely informative videos. No matter if you are an expert or a complete neophyte, you will learn the tricks necessary to built true high performance into your engines. Arron takes you through all the popular modifications proving or disproving the claims made with real dyno testing. All this right before your eyes. You get the experience of an award-winning engine builder for the price of a cheap air cleaner. Most titles are twin DVDs with 3 ½-hours running time. Triple DVD titles run almost 5 hours. Current titles include: Performance Carburetors, Superchargers, Nitrous Oxide, Bolt On Power and Heads, Porting & Valve Train. As Arron says “Knowledge is Power.” (And as G.I. Joe says “Now I know, and knowing is half the battle!”) P|M • December/January 2007


ST SUSPENSIONS – (formerly Suspension Techniques) has released 31 new applications of their popular lowering springs and coilover kits. No matter if you are driving a popular Japanese, European or Domestic vehicle, ST Performance should have a properly engineered lowering kit to fit your ride. Get the handling benefits and great looks with ST Performance lowering springs.

Three automotive icons: Edsel Ford, Carroll Shelby and Chip Foose. LAKEWOOD – If you are a fan of the 2005/2006 Mustang, you already know that the stock factory control arms won’t hold up to any aggressive driving. The more horsepower you add the more they twist. Well, the engineers at Lakewood have a solution. All you have to do is add a pair of the new Lakewood 20105 Adjustable Lower Control Arms, in place of the stock factory arms, and you have the problem solved. Their control arms feature long lasting polyurethane bushings, grease fittings and an adjustment so easy you can do it “on the car.” Wheel hop is prevented, pinion angle can be adjusted and road noise eradicated. Best of all, now you can get the power to the pavement.


December/January 2007 • P|M

Tonight Show host Jay Leno introduces his turbine-powered EcoJet concept. The 650-horsepower (400 lb.-ft. of torque) Leno original is powered by a turbine engine that runs on bio-diesel fuel.

CENTERFORCE – Has just released their new DFX clutch assembly to fit the 1998 to 2003 Dodge Ram 5.9L Turbo Diesel and the 8.0L V10 engine. This latest assembly is a continuation of the DFX line of extreme performance clutches. These powerful trucks need a higher quality clutch assembly if they are being driven aggressively. The Centerforce DFX 01989984 assembly fills the bill.

Steering Solutions


UNIVERSAL JOINTS and SHAFTS • Splined or cut to length 3/4 DD • Needle Bearing Design • Stainless or nickel 5 AND 6 bolt ADAPTER fits perfectly with the Flaming River tilt steering columns and wheels.

H3R PERFORMANCE – With over 800 vehicle fires occurring every day, there has been a need for a high-quality vehicle fire extinguisher that can be easily mounted in your car or truck. H3R has the unit to fill that need. Their extinguishers, made in the USA, are available with two extinguishing compounds. The Max Out extinguishers are filled with proven dry chemical fire protection, that will smother the types of fires most common to the automotive environment. In addition, they offer a line of extinguishers filled with Hal Guard. Hal Guard is a clean agent that extinguishes the fire without the messy and corrosive residue of a dry chemical unit. Both types are available in 1.0 lb and 2.5 lb cases in either red or chrome steel cases. Mounting brackets are included.

“WaterFall” FR20150

Flaming River designs and builds steering systems including universal joints, tilt columns and rack & pinions for virtually any application:

TILT COLUMNS • All new components • Laser crafted stainless at our Cleveland facility • Column shift with only 8 inches upper housing length

Custom Adapter Required

Steering Accessories

Mustang II Style Power Rack & Pinion FLAMING RIVER INDUSTRIES. Inc. 1-866-897-5493 • FAX 440/826-0780 P|M • December/January 2007


Champ Car World Series announces Canada Month.

NASCAR comes to Canada!

Photo by autostock © 2005 Wieck Media.


he long-awaited NASCAR push north has begun. First, it has been announced that NASCAR has purchased CASCAR, and plans are afoot to create a truly national stock car racing series across Canada. Supported by the extensive promotional abilities of NASCAR and TSN, they plan a 10to 12- race series between May and October 2007. Hopefully this is just the start. Exposure of the NASCAR type, can only do great things for Canadian racers and their sponsors.

On October 2nd Brian France announced that NASCAR will hold a Busch Series race August 4 at Circuit Giles Villeneuve in Montreal. This will be the first time that Canadian stock car fans will be able to see a Busch race on Canadian soil. There will be television coverage of this race on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. Let’s hope that someone steps up and builds a track big enough to support a Nextel Cup race in the future. Then we would know we had hit the big time. We can’t wait!

On September 28 Steve Johnson, president of Champ Car, in a teleconference with the media announced their 2007 schedule. July is to be Champ Car’s Canada month. Starting off on Canada Day, July 1, they will race at historic Mont Tremblant in Quebec, quickly followed on July 6 to 8 by the Grand Prix of

Toronto to be held on the Exhibition Place circuit downtown. Then it is off across the country to Edmonton, Alberta, for the Grand Prix of Edmonton, July 20 to the 22. Rumor has it that next year they may announce a fourth date in Vancouver. Champ Car will be well represented in Canada.

Photo by Phillip Abbott, USA LAT Photographic Copyright © 2006 Champ Car World Series, LLC.


The new Painless SP Diesel Power Module is the most versatile diesel power booster on the market. Unlike a downloader, the Painless module intercepts and reprograms the ECM’s output, so no fingerprint is left on your vehicle’s computer. Simple to install and easy to operate.



Units For GM, Ford, Dodge Cummins and Jeep Liberty









w w w. p a i n l e s s p e r f o r m a n c e . c o m

- Change Power Settings On-The-Fly -


Gain Up To 3 mpg In Fuel Economy Mode Read Fuel, Oil and Boost Pressure Anytime Anti-Theft Mode Stops Thieves In Their Tracks Most Compact Programmer - Just 2 x 1.5 Inches Satisfaction Guaranteed

December/January 2007 • P|M




Ten Power Settings From Low End Torque To Max Horsepower Right At Your Fingertips. Select Fuel Efficiency Mode In Just Seconds.


- 10 Distinct Power Levels - Including High Speed Horsepower and Low Speed Pulling Torque




Tech Line 800.423.9696 - 2 5 01 Ludelle St., Ft.Wor th, TX 7610 5





Performance Business Directory

Like Cars? Like People?

Join our team! NOW HIRING Toronto • Guelph

We offer a fun work environment, health benefits, company pension plan and a chance to work within the car hobby. Th is is a full time position. Please e-mail your resume to Dave Turner, Manager Retail Operations, or call (416) 259 9656 ext 219.




ob Klowak and the CSRA executive announced a deal has been struck with Gary Wallace and his Speedorama organization to promote their 36th annual Nationals event scheduled for July 27 – 29, 2007 in Markham, Ontario. Gary, the driving force behind the resurgence of the Speedorama shows, is looking forward to the challenge that an outdoor event will bring. “It is my desire that our expanded event will bring in larger car counts and increased CSRA membership.” Noted Gary, “We are working with a number of first-

time companies to help the nationals expand in both quality and size. “Relocating our event to the Markham fair grounds will give us over 104 acres of property, with both indoor and outdoor venues to suit everyone’s needs.” No matter what direction you come from, Markham is easy to get to on excellent roads. Lots of hotels and motels nearby, and all the amenities that a big city like Toronto can offer are just minutes down the road. CSRA, The Canadian Street Rod Association, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and the enjoyment of street-driven modified and classic, pre-1979 vehicles. Originating in 1972, the associa-

tion organizes and promotes the enthusiast vehicle hobby through the co-ordination of events, supporting club shows, and by constantly monitoring potential legal threats to the hobby. One of the most important functions of CSRA is the creation and promotion of a safety standard of excellence for the hobby. Each national event features a voluntary safety lane where the car owner can have his vehicle inspected at no charge. For more information: (416) 462-0132 or

In Markham there will be more cars, vendors, prizes and fun, plan to be there, because in 2007 All Roads lead to Markham! IF YOU WANT THE LOOK OF A STOCK DISTRIBUTOR AND THE PERFORMANCE OF A RACE DISTRIBUTOR, USE AN ACCEL POINTS ELIMINATOR KIT! Perfect for vehicles that want to retain the look of a stock distributor and the reliability of an electronic distributor. ACCEL’s Points Eliminator Kits put an end to high-maintenance Points Ignition systems. By utilizing race proven electronics and an infrared trigger signal, ignition timing is stable to 10,000 RPM. • This accurate ignition timing helps improve performance and fuel efficiency • Easy to install with simple hand tools • Reduced maintenance – eliminates changing points forever • Thermal Clad based surface mount construction ensures dependability and long life Part #2010: 1957-74 GM V8 engines with ACDelco single and dual point distributors Part #2020: 1957-74 Ford V8 engines with Motorcraft single point distributors Part #2030: 1961-73 Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth V8 engines with Prestolite single point distributors Part #2005: ACCEL Points Eliminator replacement module Available now at Auto-Zone, Checker Auto Parts, Kragen Auto Parts, Pep Boys Auto stores, Schuck’s Auto Supply as well as Summit, Jeg’s and hundreds of speed shops across the country.

ACCEL is a division of the Mr. Gasket Performance Group Cleveland, Ohio 28

December/January 2007 • P|M

Performance Business Directory

Nown! Ope Auto Services Ltd.

P• 905-471-3335 F• 905-471-7274 C• 647-228-3434

Doug Lamb 60 Bullock Dr. Unit #8 Markham, ON L3P 2P2

P|M • December/January 2007


Don’t try this at home! It’s never good to question an automotive enthusiast’s abilities, but there are some instances when a reluctant passenger must put a stop to a project before a trip to the emergency ward is required. Especially if moving parts are involved. Having witnessed the tears of frustration, howls of pain and the scars that my driver wears with a fierce pride, I have created a list of things that should not be attempted either at home or alone. Please note that if your car nut is a certified mechanic, possesses a hoist along with the necessary tools and has a knowledgeable buddy or two around him, it should be safe to leave them and head for the mall. Or put together plans for that hostile takeover you’ve been dreaming about. Or have a nap. These are in no particular order, but create the same frustrating results when attempted by the unprepared and unaccompanied. And let him know that wishing that the crew of Overhaulin’ was with him doesn’t count. Re-coring a radiator This is a job best left to the professionals since when not done properly, the ride will turn into Old Faithful once a certain engine temperature is reached. If adding a geyser to the car is the intent, wear a raincoat the next time you go for a spin. Replacing brakes This is a deceptively simple task until the final adjustments need to be made. And these are almost impossible to complete alone. Do not allow yourself to feel tempted to assist. Have him use the “phone a friend” or “ask the audience (on the other side of the driveway)” option. Seized suspension bushings This description also applies to anything else in or on the ride. Seized is just another word for “it–or a nearby part–is gonna come to grief if you pull hard enough.” This is especially true for parts that can only be found on eBay.


December/January 2007 • P|M

Legend has it that a certain Canadian magazine editor removed an engine using a long board, a thick rope and a second-story open window. Removing an engine Legend has it that a certain Canadian magazine editor attempted such a project with another hot rod cohort using a long board, a thick rope and a second-story open window. If you’re cringing right now, your instincts are right on the money. Even if a hoist is readily available, ensure that there is another person who possesses engine-lifting knowledge on site. Replacing a transmission This project is similar to replacing the nervous system in a person, only with metal bits. Do his car a favour and tell him to keep it in neutral until he can get it to the shop. Upholstery If he can’t sew a button on a shirt, chances are the material used in his vehicle will pose a problem. Before he removes the seats and rips apart anything that will come off, hit him

over the head with a wrench. Or lure him inside with lunch. It’s really hard to get the stuff back onto the frame once its strewn all over the driveway. Of course, there is a big difference between telling a car freak that he needs help and ensuring that he gets it. Hats off to you for making the attempt. We’ll have to compare notes come spring. Enjoy the ride.

About the Author: Bonnie Staring

is a comedian, advertising copywriter, coupon-user, and a baker of unusual things.

Illustration by Kayvene.

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