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Pilot Press Spring Issue 2018

Where the Wild Things Are By Julia Espinosa

As the winter comes to a end, everyone begins trading their UGG Boots for sandals and their OLP Meets a New Kind of pants for skirts. However, at the Peace Academy, we trade our sneakers A Leader, A Role Model, A for dance shoes and our uniforms for leotards. Spring Sing is a wonChangemaker derful OLP tradition which allows Exercising First Amendment the young women to embody grace, leadership and creativity. Rights Finding Your Bright Spots

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Nevertheless, behind the scenes is a little bit different. Ever heard of sibling rivalry? Imagine that multiplied by 200. Us young ladies here at the Academy take sibling rivalry to a brand new level. Between the 2-3 hour after school practices to the quick 30 minutes given at lunch, we’re always on our toes. This year’s overall theme is “Where the Wild Things Are.” The fresh new freshies chose pegasus. The superb sophomores were aliens and the jazzy juniors were dragons. And last, most definitely not least, we have the sassy and splendid seniors as mermaids. After all of the classes orchestrated this wonderful and creative production, the class of 2019 took home the gold with first place. Nonetheless, this is nothing but a friendly, traditional competition between all of the sisters at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace.

OLP Meets a New Kind of Peace Father Greg Boyle shares his peace and sense of community with the students of OLP By Kylie Greene In late January, the Academy had the amazing opportunity to welcome Father Greg Boyle into our community to celebrate Mass and speak about his organization, Homeboy Industries. Homeboy Industries is a non-profit organization located in Los Angeles founded by Father Greg in 1988. It focuses on providing support and training for former gang members, both men and women, enabling them to redirect their lives and contribute to society. Father Boyle celebrated Mass with the OLP community and focused on the themes of unity and kinship. He shared with us many stories about his experiences with gang members and how he played a part in redeveloping their lives and welcoming them into the Homeboy Industries family. Within the Mass celebration, Father Boyle also shared the story of the Prodigal Son, as he shared with us that God is truly all merciful and that he welcomes all of us as his children. Father Greg Boyle shares his sermon on kinship and unity.

Throughout the school day, Father Boyle received the opportunity to listen in on certain classrooms in which the students discussed his book, Tattoos on the Heart. With him, he brought two of his “homies,” Marcos and Jason. Together, they were able to listen in on Socratic Seminars and other class discussions about Father Boyle’s book and about his mission for Homeboy Industries. Father Boyle’s day at the Academy concluded with an assembly in which he shared additional stories about

Father Boyle and Marcos embrace each other during the sign of peace.

his work as a peacemaker. Likewise, Marcos and Jason had the chance to tell their stories and answer any questions about their experiences with Father Greg Boyle and the impact that Homeboy Industries has had on their lives. The OLP community was extremely fortunate and grateful to have had this encounter with a man as amazing and truly inspiring as Father Greg Boyle. It was an unforgettable experience. Father Boyle shares a moment with an OLP student.


Finding Your Bright Spot Bright Spots can be anything and everything. It is up to us to seek them out. By Andrea Morland Tellez

“You are the light of the world!” Nothing can dim that light or take it away. You may think to yourself that you are not the light or that someone else is more of a light than you. However, in Matthew 5:14, Jesus says “YOU are the light of the world!” We can see our light even more through different ideas, places, and people as well.

Nicaragua Service Trip

On February 18, eighteen excited girls boarded a plane to Nicaragua to partner with Amigos for Christ to build bathrooms and embrace the culture of the Nicaraguan people. This trip contained some eye-opening experiences. The girls were taught how to mix concrete manually, dig extensive holes, and learned how to survive a whole week without their phones. “It was hard at first to go without my phone but after about a day I really began to have a lot of fun” junior, Hannah Balkowski said. The girls also learned a lot about seeing the good in the little things. These teachings were called Bright Spots.

What Are Bright Spots?

Nicaragua’s service team, Amigos For Christ, picks a new theme every year to drive its members and its visitors. It inspires each worker to get up everyday and to make a difference in their community. This year’s theme is “Bright Spots”. Bright Spots can be everything and anything. They can be people, objects, or images that have stuck with you. Bright Spots show you the light within others as well as yourself.

How to Choose a Bright Spot

Annie Danaher, Rosela Pareyon, Nicole Bruno, Gilly Folk, Linda Alverez, and Sofia Fleming on a service trip in Nicaragua pose for a fun photo during the trip.

You can find a bright spot in anything. To Annie Danaher, her bright spot was being able to travel to Nicaragua and grow closer with her classmates. She says “Junior year is filled with people worried about grades and college. It was nice to relax and take time to really get to know people I don’t usually talk to”. Bright spots can be found in the people around you, and challenge yourself to be a bright spot for others. (Left) Linda Alverez, Nicole Bruno and Olivia Tubao climb high showing their sisterhood on Cerro Negro Volcano in Chinendega Nicaragua. Hiking this volcano is an annual tradition for those who attend this service trip.


A Leader, A Role Model, A Changemaker Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee’s Influence in Liberia and the World By Marissa Hernandez-Torres Leymah Roberta Gbowee is a Liberian peace activist who is responsible for leading a women’s peace movement in West Africa. She was seventeen and living with her mother and sister in central Liberia when the first African civil war erupted. Witness to the destructive effects of war on Liberians, Gbowee decided to train as a trauma counsellor in order to treat former child soldiers who had trouble reinstating themselves with their families and in society. When the second civil war broke out in Liberia in 1999, the cycle of rape and brutality worsened. Unable to witness the destruction, Gbowee chose to act. She founded a coalition of Christian and Muslim women and organized the Women of Liberia Mass for Peace movement. Through her leadership Gbowee inspired women to partake in pray-ins, nonviolent protests, and the demand peace from the Liberian government. The pressure from these women pushed Liberian President Charles Taylor into exile and out of office and paved the way for Africa’s first female head of state.

“You can’t cure trauma when violence is ongoing, so the primary effort must be working for peace. You can’t negotiate a lasting peace without bringing women into the effort, but women can’t become peacemakers without releasing the pain that keeps them from feeling their own strength.” Continuing to fight for sustainable peace, Gbowee co-founded the Women Peace and Security Network Africa to transform women’s participation as victims into leaders and is also a founding member and former coordinator for Women in Peacebuilding/West African Network for Peacebuilding. She served as a member of both the African Feminist Forum and the African Women’s Leadership Network on sexual and reproductive rights. Through her leadership positions, Leymah has fought for the rights of women in societies that have been broken down by war and violence. As the current President of Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa, Leymah pushes for greater inclusion of women as leaders and agents of change in Africa. Since receiving the Nobel Peace Prize Gbowee has travelled internationally to speak about the devastating effects of war and violence against women. Her TED talks have inspired thousands to act against injustice and use their voices to support women’s rights.

“You can tell people of the need to struggle, but when the powerless start to see that they really can make a difference, nothing can quench the fire.”


Exercising First Amendment Rights By Anisah Enciso-Salum, Diana Arce On March 3, 1913 around 5,000 women gathered in Washington D.C. to march and demand the right to vote. This is widely known as the first women’s march to have taken place in U.S. history and ever since women have persistently fought for equal rights. Last month on January 21, this same energy was present when about 37,000 people attended the Second Annual Women’s March here in San Diego. With its theme of Power to the Polls, many set out to march for women’s rights, human rights, social and environmental justice, and participation in the 2018 midterm elections. The event started at Waterfront Park and the people marched around downtown and back to the park. The Coaster and Amtrak Pacific Surfliner rail service was even delayed until after the march ended. This event sought out to bring attention to specific women’s rights in areas like civil rights, the economy, the arts and education, the environment, healthcare, immigration, and national security. Political figures like Senator Toni Atkins and Congresswoman Susan Davis participated in the fight for gender equality and empowerment of women all across the country.

Suzanne Robertson ‘18, Lauren Jacobsen ‘18, and Olivia Justice ‘18 at the March for Life.

That same day, the 6th annual San Diego Walk for Life chose the theme “Pro-Life=Pro-Women” to walk for the rights of all unborn children. This year, almost 5,000 people attended the walk, twice the amount of people from last year. OLP’s club Pilots for Life was at the march to support the cause.

“It was inspiring to hear from the bishop and to see speakers who had gone through unplanned pregnancies and brought their babies with them. The walk was peaceful, and I loved the pro-life, pro-women message that was promoted.” - Olivia Justice ‘18, attended March for Life

OLP’s High School Democrats at the Women’s March.

“It was so empowering to be with women and allies who want a change as much as you do. Especially because I went with my classmates I knew that our country will be in good hands and that future generations won’t just settle for “how it’s been done” but will constantly fight for what is right.”

-Haviland Soto ‘18, attended Women’s March


Softball Swim

OLP Spring Track Sports




Sand Vball

Student Spotlight: The Balancing Act of Gillian Folk

By Andrea Morland-Tellez and Ashley Yeatts

When you think of someone who excels in both her rigorous sports and academic life, you may think of Gillian Folk, or how most of us know her, Gilly. Throughout her OLP career, she has been able to balance both a spring and fall sport on top of her numerous AP and Honors classes. During junior year alone she manages to take 5 AP courses as well as one Honors course. She is academically accomplished with her 4.86 GPA and a 35 score on the ACT; however, she flourishes in the team setting as well. During the fall she is a runner on OLP’s Varsity Cross Country team and for Gilly Folk with her teameate after the spring season she is a varsity Swimmer. In addition to this she also a win where they both medaled at an event participates in swim as a year round club sport. “Swim is my favorite of the two sports. It’s a smaller team and I’m able to get to know everyone much better.” To Gilly, swim is much more than a pastime. She has been swimming ever since she was little and she reflected that one person that has driven such a passion for the sport is her swim coach: DawnElla Stoddard. Gilly has been swimming with her since she was 10 years old and over the years they have even switched clubs together. Gilly said that even tho Coach DawnElla is busy with her live as a District Attorney she never fails to make considerable amounts of time to coach all of us, and help me grow Gilly at one of her swim competitions. stronger and better in the sport that I love. In past seasons she has made many accomplishments such as making CIF’s in both Cross Country and Swim, being nominated MIP (most inspirational player) and MVP (most valuable player) as well as being awarded the opportunity to be team captains of both sports. As a Junior with a college fast approaching, Gilly said that she would love to final for CIF in swim again this year and would love to play sports in the college of her choice. “I don’t know where I want to go yet. I know that I want to pursue medicine and playing my sports during my college experience would be amazing; but, swimming at the collegiate level will not affect where I decide to go–– I can always swim outside of the school teams.” Gilly’s outstanding goals for the future and drive to succeed ensures that she will go far in the future and she says that OLP has prepared her for whatever is to come in the future.


The Trek to OLP Plaid Problems By Julia Smyth

Whether you drive yourself to school each day or get dropped off, there are many struggles involving vehicles and school. For those of us who take the trek ourselves in a car, parking is (for the most part) horrendous! Unless you arrive an hour prior to the first bell or you have a spot in the parking lot, you’re out of luck. The diagonal spots along the front and side of the school are nice if you (1) get there earlier than the sun and (2) don’t mind waiting for traffic to die down after school. The block adjacent to OLP is definitely prime parking- you can leave right after school without any other cars blocking you since that road is closed off after classes. You will be lucky to find a spot on the street along the senior lot, but then you’ll be dealing with the double-parker parents after school. Now, no shame to the pick up parents! Parking is difficult for them too. There are a few options for the pick up parents, all with their own cons. One could park a few blocks away, keeping away from traffic and also increasing their daughter’s daily steps (go health!). Another option is, as stated, double parking. This is when someone parks (but stays in their vehicle) alongside the already parked cars in the street. This makes getting out of spots difficult for student drivers (trust me, I know). Finally, what I would say the most stressful tactic, Circle Drive. Imagine being that first car lined up in Circle Drive… The entire line of cars behind you depends on your kid coming out right on time, right after school ends. If I were that student or parent I would be very anxious in my last block. What if they start honking? What if their kid forgot they were to be picked up right after school? Was this waiting all a waste of time?! I guess you just hope for the best. At the end of the day, getting to OLP is a slight hassle, but everyone finds their niche and what works for them.

Just OLP Things... 1. When you come back from Spring Break and face the harsh reality of seeing yourself in the mirror before 7AM again. 2. When you have to pack an extra jacket and sweatpants just for your one block in Saint Joseph’s. 3. When its -4 degrees at first break and 97 degrees at lunch. 4. When the cafe runs out of bread so you have to eat your tomato basil soup plain. 5. When you’re just trying to get to your Gblock but girls stand still on the stairs in front of you, yelling down to their friend as if they’ll never see each other again.


Exploring North Park: Coffee Shops By: Anisah Enciso Getting off the Él Cajon Blvd exit from the freeway, not wanting to get to school having 25 minutes until it starts, and not enough energy to get through the day once you get there is an issue I encounter in my weekly school routine. Everyday, I leave my house with enough time to sit through the long minutes of traffic and be able to arrive at school on time. Some days, I arrive with enough time to either wait outside, sitting on the cold benches, dreading the bell, or exploring the variety of coffee shops in North Park. Starbucks should name their Oregon St. location after the Academy of Our Lady of Peace because I am pretty sure 75% of their clients come from there. Starbucks has many options and one of their best ones is, the ability to order from your mobile device. If you want to skip the line, ordering from the Starbucks app helps you save time and money, since you are able to accumulate stars, which lead to free drinks. But, we are in North Park, and we are not always going to go to Starbucks because like everyone, we should support local businesses. There are an enormous amount of coffee shops in North Park, I’m almost positive there is one on every street. One of the first local coffee shops I visited was Twiggs. They are a coffee shop at a walking distance from campus, so if one ever wants to take a walk and buy a coffee, go on over to Twiggs. The coffee is a nice change to your morning routine, and they have yummy pastries, bagels, and homestyle biscuts. The next coffee shop we visited was Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. This definitely became one of my favorites after trying it. The coffee itself is medium-strong, not overly bitter, and does not have any bad aftertaste. I first tried a normal latte with brown sugar, proving to my dad I do not always have to order the typical iced vanilla latte. I ordered that the next time we went. And it was good. Very good. Some vanilla syrups taste artificial and overly sweet, like the one at Twiggs, but the one here does taste like vanilla and does sweeten your drink without overpowering the taste of the coffee. They do not have as many pastry options, aside from some vegan donuts, so if you want a bagel or something that will not make you all jittery during first block , I definitely recommend Starbucks or Twiggs.

Nomad Donuts used to be in front of Señor Mangos and they scared us by moving to University St., but they just re-opened their past location and renamed it “COFFEE by Nomad Donuts”. YAY! Nomad Donuts, has the best coffee, especially one named Panther’s Milk. It is an iced drink with sweetened condensed milk, half and half, and espresso. It is the sweetest, yet most delicious drink. It is worth waking up earlier in the morning, just so to have time to pick up a Panther’s milk. Last, but not least, Blackmarket Bakery, is one of my new favorites. Their vintage yet cute place, has places to sit and comfortably do homework or read a book. Not only are they a coffee shop, but they have sandwiches, croissants, breads, and many pastries. The coffee is very good, probably because they get it from Dark Horse Coffee. This location is more suitable if going in the morning because it is a bit closer to school. They have a good amount of parking, and overall, they deliver you a great experience. Coffee is a necessity when not wanting to fall asleep in class, especially these cold days, where all you want is to go home and cuddle up in a warm blanket. Head on over to one of these coffee shops or recommend us new places to try out by tweeting us @olppress !

Nomad Donuts

Black Market Bakery in North Park


Q&A with J

The Juiciest Advice in School By Julia Lamas

Heads up: Q&A with J is a dose of sarcasm and satire.

How can I still put in effort my second semester senior year? Nothing is more agonizing than the months between December and May - second semester. Teachers piling on homework like it’s ice cream toppings and parents forcing us to do our homework as if refraining from doing one assignment means instant homelessness. It’s crazy how appealing living on the streets sounds when teachers are shoving homework and quizzes and tests down your throat every chance they get. No need to feed those who aren’t hungry. As we all know, thinking about summer won’t make it come quicker - just as wishing your grades were higher doesn’t actually raise them, you’re just wasting time instead of studying. Sometimes effort can be the hardest thing to give, in any circumstance. No motivation to get out of bed and shower, no motivation to drive to school, no motivation to read the same chapter over and over just to get a subpar grade on the test. These few months are the months full of going to bed before we have even looked at homework, groaning when our alarm clocks go off, and laying in bed wondering if an education is really worth all of the sleep deprivation and stress. Embrace it because I can almost guarantee that we’re going to miss only having to worry about studying when we have mortgages, bills, and babies to worry about. Believe it or not, this is the easy part. To my fellow students: second semester has the potential to be a breeze for those who possess the golden skill of time management. Doing homework and studying efficiently so you have time to go out with your friends or relax with a movie, free of stress. For those few souls that excel in procrastination rather than efficient time management - I suggest you kick back with a puzzle and drink a nice, warm glass of acceptance. Scribbling gibberish on crumpled worksheets and cramming for tests you didn’t know you had seems to be in your future. Good luck.


OLP Dopplegangers

OLP teachers look a lot more like celebrities than you think! By Marissa Hernandez-Torres

Ever walked around campus and swore you saw someone famous, but it turned out to be a teacher? Or stared at that teacher until you were convinced that they have to be related to the celebrity you saw in that one movie last week? This week’s teacher doppelgangers include Mr. Paluso, Ms. Artz, and Mr. Boyer.

Our Very Own Ryan Reynolds Look familiar? Popular in many romantic and action movies, actor Ryan Reynolds seems to have a bit in common with our very own math teacher, Mr. Paluso. Starting with their eyebrows and eyes, the two seem like duplicates! And have you ever heard Mr. Paluso talking about Calculus? Not only do the two have similar features, the similarity in their voices is uncanny!

Hair Twins? Ms. Artz and Amanda Seyfried? Our math teacher looks very similar to the famous actor that starred in Mamma Mia, Red Riding Hood, and the classic movie we all love, Mean Girls. From their long blond hair to their light brownish eyes, the two could easily be sisters!

Boyer vs. Bateman

Jason Bateman, starring in many comedy movies like We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses, as well as other genres like thrillers and TV shows, seems to look an awful lot like our tech wizard Mr. Boyer! From their light blue eyes to their cheeky grin, B and B can be confused for brothers any day! Is Boyer Bateman’s double on set? Is that why Boyer is hard to track on campus?

Whether you agree or disagree, when you look at Paluso now, will you ever be able to stop comparing how much he looks like Ryan Reynolds? Send us your thoughts and ideas for teacher doppelgangers for the next issue! Send them to olppress on twitter!


Where To Road Trip This Easter Break

By Anisah Enciso

Easter Break will soon approach us, so let us look forward to a break full of new adventures instead of the daily Netflix binge-watching. California offers us so many places to visit, yet allows us to avoid going through the loathsome airport-dilemma. Hop in your car or buy a train ticket, for the places to explore are endless, and the memories you will make are priceless. First step is picking up snacks and finding a good playlist to listen to along the way. The rest is up to you, for vacations with no itinerary are the best kinds of vacations. Don’t forget to take a camera along with you to document your adventures!

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park is the perfect place to escape the rush and craze of our typical busy schedules and bask in the wonders of nature. A bit farther than LA, but totally worth the day’s travel. Yosemite National Park is home to black bears, foxes, lizards, turtles, and snakes. One can camp at the park or bike along the trails. Go stargazing, take amazing pictures,go rock climbing, and boat along the Merced River. Yosemite Park is an amazing way to appreciate all the outdoors has to offer, and inspire us to care more for the creations around us.

The Painted Ladies in San Francisco

San Francisco San Francisco: Known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Painted Ladies, and Full House. When arriving at San Francisco, ride a Cable Car to the Fisherman’s Wharf. You cannot forget to visit the famous Ghirardelli Square, or walk about Lombard Street, “the world’s crookedest street”. Catch a Giant’s baseball game or visit the Aquarium of the Bay, known for housing over 200,000 animals in its 700,000 gallon tank including sharks and jellyfish. Lace up your running shoes and hike at the Muir Woods, known for the enormous redwood trees. San Francisco offers something for everyone, whether it is eating giant hot fudge sundaes or staring at mesmerizing jellyfish.

Los Angeles A few hours closer than San Francisco, Los Angeles is a great escape from San Diego. You can go shopping at the Grove while eating some Pressed Juicery Freeze. The art lover can visit The Broad Museum, which is currently the home of some of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work, and has free general admission. Visit Joan’s on Thirds and set up a picnic at Griffith Park, overlooking Los Angeles, below the Griffith Observatory. Walking down Santa Monica Pier is a great way to spend time; be sure to visit Sugarfish, a sushi restaurant that will surely become your new favorite. One of the perks of living in San Diego is having the opportunity to visit Los Angeles once in a while, exploring all the many places it has to visit.


Golden Gate Bridge

The Broad Museum

Santa Monica Pier

Spring break beach stops By Kylie Greene

Looking for a staycation? Something to do during your Easter break? Well why not stay close by and check out the beautiful beaches that we have here on the wonderful west coast? You don’t even need to go far--just grab a towel, some sunscreen, a few friends, and hit the road!

First Stop: Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, located in Ocean Beach, is the perfect place to explore, with its amazing views that you can see from its cliff formations and caves. Running along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, you can walk along the coast for miles and not get bored! If you don’t feel like exploring and would rather just chill and take in the view, Sunset Cliffs is also a perfect spot to have a picnic on the cliffs and enjoy the beautiful sunset with friends or family.

Second Stop: La Jolla Trail If you’re searching for an adventure, try hiking the La Jolla Trail! It is located on La Jolla Farms Road, just south of Torrey Pines State Reserve. The entrance may be a little hard to find, as it is hidden and tucked away behind fences, but once you reach it, you’re in for an exciting hike and some beautiful scenery! During your hike towards the beach, you will come across some lovely floral areas, as well as some interesting rock formations. The final destination, the beach, is the ideal spot for a little rest and relaxation--you’ll need it after your hike!

Third Stop: Moonlight Beach Moonlight Beach, in Encinitas, is the place to be to swim, surf, and fish! But that’s not all. At Moonlight Beach, you can find volleyball courts, tennis courts, a snack bar, and picnic areas. It is a perfect spot to spend the day in the sun with family and friends. Whether you’re in the mood to sit back and relax, or play some sports and games, Moonlight Beach is a fantastic spot for a beach day.

Fourth Stop: Thousand Steps Beach Looking for a little road trip? Finally, drive up to Laguna Beach’s Thousand Steps Beach. Don’t let the name scare you--there aren’t really 1,000 steps, it’s more like 300. Once you reach the bottom of these steps, you’ll find pristine sand, a beautiful ocean, some tide pools, and a cave. Thousand Steps Beach is one of the few beaches that will allow you to get away from the crowds of people and take some time to enjoy the breathtaking Pacific Ocean.


Zodiac ?

Which Girl Scout Cookie Are You Based on Your Leo: Do-si-dos Aquarius: Samoas Virgo: Girl Scout S’mores Pisces: Thin Mints Libra: Lemon Chalet Cremes Aries: Tagalongs Scorpio: Lemonades Taurus: Toffee-tastic Sagittarius: Thanks-a-lot Gemini: Trefoils Capricorn: Trios Cancer : Savannah Smiles Do you want to win an amazing prize? Then keep on reading. This competition requires you to fill the in blanks for each question down below. The green boxes in each answer will form a word! The first five people to find this word and DM it to the olp.pilotpress instagram account will win a prize! You must follow the account before sending in your answer. To find all the answers go to OLP’s Pilot Press Online Article: https://olppilotpress.org Type in the title of each article (listed below) into the search bar at the top of the home page and have a happy time as you get that much closer to winning your prize. In addition to being a cheerleader, Gabby Belsito, plays what other sport? (go to the “Beyond the Bows” article)

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Who saw the ghost in the window of Carondelet building? (go to the “OLP Myths and Legends” article)

____ ____ ____ ____ ____

_____ _____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

What food gives you a good boost of energy in the beginning but later makes you feel drowsy and tired? (go to the “Getting to Know What Your Body Needs” article)

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Where did the Genetics class go to test their blood type? (go to the “We have these classes?!” article)

____ ____ ____

____ ____ ____ ____ ____

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

What is the article “Blue Crew” talking about when it says “the best and worst times of our lives”? (go to the “Blew Crew” article)

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

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