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Pilot Press Winter Issue 2017

In this issue: * Tis the Season * Current Events (2-3) * Winter Sports Update (4) * Just Kickin’ It with Jenna & Ashlin (5) * Plaid Problems (6) * Just OLP Things (6) * Q&A with J (7) * Tis the Season of Gift Giving (8) * Christmas Cookie Recipe (8) * Top 5 Celebrity Parties/ Celebs in Ugly Christmas Sweaters (9) * Christmas in San Diego (10) * Top Christmas Movies (11)

Tis the Season With the holidays right around the corner, it’s important for us to give back to our community Article by Marissa Hernandez-Torres As Christmas and New Year’s approach us, it’s hard not to notice the sweetness in the air and the long awaited Christmas break hanging so close to our fingertips. But before we can think about sitting at home in cozy pajamas, with a hot chocolate, and watching Christmas movies all day, we must first deal with the hustle and bustle of finals week along with last minute group projects assigned by what seems to be every teacher. Often stressed and overwhelmed, it can be difficult to stay joyful for the Christmas season. So how do we get back into the true spirit of the holidays? “I’ve been giving back since I was a teen, handing out turkeys at Thanksgiving and handing out toys at toy drives for Christmas. It’s very important to give back as a youth. ” - Queen Latifah Whether it be volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul or donating to a local charity, the best gift to receive during the holidays is the feeling of helping someone in need It’s something you can’t put a price on. While we are surrounded by the festive lights in our homes and the presents under our tree, let us remember all of those who are struggling to put a meal on the table or have to spend the holidays alone. Ask yourself, what can I do to help? ‘Tis the season for us to spread kindness beyond our homes and out into our community, where each act (no matter what size) makes an impact. We can serve others. We can spread kindness. We can make the holidays brighter. “We’re all in this together. Each and every one of us can make a difference by giving back.” - Beyoncé So why not start early on a New Year’s resolution this holiday season by giving back to our community?

* Which Holiday Drink is for You Based on Your Horoscope? (Back)

How can you give back?

* Volunteer at St. Vincent De Paul * Donate to OLP’s Christmas Toy Drive * Distribute food to the Homeless via St. Vincent De Paul * Visit the elderly at a local retirement home ( try UCSD Health) * Contribute to Meals on Wheels * Volunteer/Donate to Salvation Army OLP girls Gabi Preciado, Sidney Crecy, and Haviland Soto volunteering at St Vincent de Paul

Raging Wildfires

California fires cause devastating impacts on thousands. By Ashley Yeatts, Anisah Enciso-Salum and Diana Arce

Thousands of homes destroyed, 42 dead, hundreds reported missing, one of the deadliest fires to hit in years–– all of this caused by the California fires that have been devastating areas starting in early October and continuing with their brutality to present time.

Areas Affected

Areas throughout northern and middle California in 2017 are feeling the direct effects of the fires that touch their homes. Some of these areas include: Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and Napa County. However, the fear of the fire spreading with the harsh winds and dry areas of land are constant with the rising conditions and wildfires. “Sonoma County has had a very tough morning with the winds that have surfaced over there. We’re not out of the woods and have work to do,” Napa County Fire Chief Barry Biermann said. A firefighting air tanker drops fire retardant near a house near Santa Rosa, California.

Firefighters & Fleeing

More than 500 firefighters have been sent to aid those in the fire zones. Additionally, numerous rescue teams have been employed to inspect the areas and search through the rubble to obtain any people that might have been trapped.

Cause and Effects

An official cause has not yet been identified, however there are many speculations leading to the fault of the fires being sparked from a Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) power line. After this initiation of the fire, the winds and terrain of the surrounding areas aided in the expansion of the fire to many areas. After these fires subside, there are many expected outcomes that not only influence those living in the areas with homes destroyed but also affect those in other areas.Most victims have been elders who were unable to escape on time while the youngest fire victim thus far has been 14 years old and the death toll has now reached forty-two. “The deadliest series of wildfires in California history” is how U.S News & World Report describes the recent fires. It will be hard to recover from the physical and emotional damages caused by these fires, but many have quickly responded to helping all affected. Santa Rosa has lost 5% of its houses, but Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, says Northern California’s response to these fires, if done right, can serve as an example to the nation when it comes to assisting in natural disasters.

All photos courtesy of NBC Los Angeles

A firefighter uses a drip torch to set a backfire to protect houses near Santa Rosa, California.


Crisis in Catalan Estelada Azul - used by independce supporters.

Estelada Verde - used by ecologists and supporters of peaceful protesets.

Catalunya, Spain - Home to 7.5 million people, 16% of Spain’s population, in the northeastern part of the country bordering France. The autonomous community of Spain, formed after and in accordance with the Spanish constitution of 1978 could easily deceive people into thinking that they are a sovereign state. Catalonia has their own form of government, Generalitat de Catalunya, their own capital, Barcelona, and their own language, Catalan. The fight for independce has been a long battle and recently the administrative and political division voted to secede from Spain. The conflict is mainly due to the fact that Catalans believe that too much of the money that they bring in is unfairly distributed throughout poor areas of Spain, a country that they do not feel like they belong in. In response, the Spanish government called for elections on December 21, 2017, dissolved parliamente, and fired Catalan leaders. The leaders of Catalunya have since received support and help from the Belgic administration. In the meantime, Catalonian president, Carlos Puigdemont, has ordered civilians to disobey Madrid, the Spanish capital.

Prototype for the Wall California is housing eight prototypes for the wall that President Trump wants to put up as a border between the U.S. and mexico. Each type of wall uses different features, as seen on the right, including concrete and materials that allow people to see throught the wall. These prototypes that were recently constructed are now undergoing tests to see if they are easily breachable including the tests of: can they be dug under, climbed, and withstand cutting tools. This testing is expected to last from 30 to 60 days before the improvements are made in the second round of construction. It is not expected for one type of wall to be chosen; instead it is expected for different features of each wall to be combined into one wall. One of the main concerns facing the wall is the concept of cost. The White House proposed a plan that states that 1.6 million dollars is needed for the initial building of new sections of the wall. The White House estimated that the total cost for the wall is expected to be in between 8 and 12 billion dollars, and as high as 21 billion. However, the construction of the official wall across the entire border is expected to be at least a year away.

Photos courtesy of NBC News


Student Spotlight: Grace Kotnik By Andrea Morland-Tellez The water is calm and peaceful as 16-year-old Grace Kotnik sits on her board. After waiting for a moment she sees the wave she has been waiting for. She turns her board around, goes onto her stomach and begins to paddle. After paddling for what seems like forever, she catches the wave’s current, pushes herself up to a standing position and rides it into the shore. Another successful day at the beach where Grace practically lives.

By Andrea Morland- Tellez and Ashley Yeatts

Grace Kotnik, a junior at OLP, was surfing before she could walk. Her dad would take her out on the board and teach her on a longboard when she was little. Today, she is on the OLP surf team and has placed for many of the competitions for the school. On November 4th, she placed first overall for the longboard division. Grace loves surfing and the “sense of calmness” it provides for her. During the week she spends up to eight hours in the water practicing and even more during the summer. According to Grace “it is the biggest blessing to be able to live in San Diego right next to the beach and I would recommend it to everyone”.

Water Polo - Won game at La Jolla Highschool 20-6. This was the first OLP win ever in our Water Polo history! - Varsity and JV Team - 29 people make up both teams.




- Freshman, JV, and Varsity all have large teams

- The surf team started their season on October 7th

- CIF championship starting line-up is back for this season

- There was a mock meet on October 14

- Expected good season for all three teams

- They had their first meet on the 21st of October - Chloe Faucher placed first in the longboard division

Basketball - Participated in the Matador Classic Tournament November 28th, Varsity beat University City -Personal Highlights: Gehler: 14 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals Lunde 6 points and Dixon 8 points - All teams will participate in the Lady Barons Tournament December 27-30th -

Just Kickin’ It With Jenna & Ashlin Jenna Chandler and Ashlin Healy, best friends on and off the field By Julia Espinosa and Kylie Greene

Since they were 11 years old, seniors, Ashlin Healy and Jenna Chandler have played major roles in each other’s lives. The two girls first became best friends when they had the opportunity to play on the same soccer team. Ever since, they were automatically connected and felt their friendship was something to be kindled. “Ash is more like family than a friend. I know she has sisters and I don’t, but she is the closest thing I have to that,” Jenna explained. In addition, she described Ashlin as a role model and as someone who pushes her to be the best that she can be as an athlete, as a student, and as a person. Jenna treasures her friendship with Ashlin because she is always there to listen and give her the best advice. Ashlin mentioned, “I’m a little more shy and less willing to make a fool of myself, but Jenna never is, so she often pushes me to step outside my comfort zone which I love.”

Ashlin and Jenna together for senior portraits

Jenna, left, and Ashlin, right, at OLP soccer pictures

The girls’ passions for playing soccer together has had a tremendous impact on their friendship. However, as of this year, they no longer play on the same team which has led to a difficult transition for both Ashlin and Jenna. Ashlin said about Jenna, “I remember crying to my mom one night before committing to my new team because I was scared our friendship would suffer, since we were no longer playing volleyball together, and now soccer.” Playing soccer together has been one of the greatest joys in their lives. As a result of the girls being unable to play together and their schedules being busier than ever, they struggle to find time for each other, but are still able to maintain their close friendship. Even though it is difficult, they both have learned to make the most of any time they have together, and this time becomes more meaningful. Luckily, Ashlin and Jenna have the opportunity to play soccer together one last time during their high school season.

Both Jenna and Ashlin have bright futures ahead of them, but unfortunately have to consider the fact that they must go their separate ways for college. Thankfully, they have an exceptionally strong bond and know that they won’t lose touch, regardless of how far away they are from each other. “I’m going to find a way to watch all of her games from no matter where I end up. So if i’m cheering her on from the other side of the country, then so be it. She’ll always hold a special place in my life,” Jenna said. Both girls agree that they will do whatever it takes to remain close; they intend to keep each other in their lives for as long as possible.


By Julia Smyth Ah yes, it’s finally December: the month of giving, receiving, red and green decorations, and of course our beloved finals! We all know that it doesn’t truly feel like Christmas until you finish your last exam, but how about the feelings beforehand? The stress. The scare of borderline grades jumping off your screen and into your face. The nightmares of seeing “-13%----------” adjacent to your final grade on Jupiter. All OLP students go through this, whether you're a scared freshman or an accustomed senior. But does our stress really come from the rigorous studying and the hard work we put in? Or, does it come from the absence of those things? The few minutes of scrolling through a quizlet followed by hours of Netflix? Or maybe your stress comes from staring at a blank study guide two days before the final. No matter your struggles, we can all blame procrastination. It happens to the best of us! Let’s be honest, knowing that a single test has the potential of dropping your grade so much is daunting. Just knowing that can make us nervous and try to push the duties of reviewing away. Then of course our stress levels double as we sit in our Gblock, doing nothing, and look over at our peers. We see them creating quizlets, filling out study guides, and even making a Kahoot to quiz themselves. Finally, you force yourself to get started. Then only an hour later, you have the study guide downloaded and you’ve begun to fill it out. Not so bad after all! Until the actual test day comes around and you regret nothing more than watching every episode of Grey’s Anatomy for the fourth time through while everyone else was contributing to the shared Google Doc. So this goes out to all you procrastinators- let’s try out this whole “time management” thing out and see where it takes us. It might actually help!

Just OLP Things...

1. Arriving to school at 7:00 just to find a parking spot two streets down from OLP 2. Trying to get to class on your birthday while holding more bal loons than the house did from UP 3. Having to choose between not opening your lunch box or being swarmed by wasps at the tables 4. Finishing a test early and staring blankly at the clock until you hear the three tones releasing you to break 5. Forgetting that it was Mac and Cheese day at the cafe and realizing you’ll have to wait two weeks for it to return


Sophomore, Sarah Callahan on her Sweet 16

Q&A with J The Juciest Advice in School Julia Lamas

How do I celebrate the holidays single? Celebrating the holidays without a boyfriend is simple. Depressing, but simple. Instead of crying and wondering where you went wrong, use your time to think about what you can do right this holiday season! You might be confused regarding what there is to do during the holiday season if you’re single. And the answer is everything, there is absolutely nothing holding you back from looking at christmas lights, shopping for christmas trees, or christmas caroling. On the bright side, you won’t have to deal with dragging someone who is twice your weight, or listen to the groans coming from the piece of flesh behind you when you want to go to another Christmas play. Of course, you’ll be alone, but you’ll get used to it. Adaptation is key. Maybe it’s a blessing, you could make new friends, meet a boy who also happens to be lonely, or - if you’re bolder - steal somebody’s man! If you do not possess the homewrecker qualities, there are still options! Walking under a mistletoe is no problem, bring a mirror with you so you can kiss yourself! There’s no shame in buying presents for yourself, especially if you label it from your boyfriend. Then nobody will know that you’re lonely, or that you spent so much money on yourself. It’s a win-win. Who cares if you don’t have a man to snuggle up to and watch movies with? Throw a cookie batch or two or twenty into the oven and before you know it, you’ll be so busy eating that you won’t even have time to think about the intense loneliness this holiday brings. Heck, maybe you’ll even eat so much that it’ll feel like there is another person with you. If cookies aren’t for you, try a cake, or hot chocolate, or egg nog. Nothing says “I’m not lonely, I’m just thirsty” like a warm glass of egg nog. Avoid sitting in front of the fire alone by sitting in the fire, join those logs sweetie! Being cold is no longer a problem, stop shaving your legs and grow your own, natural, organic, personal blanket. If you cry enough and you’re lucky, you can use your sea of tears and sail to Africa; where nobody understands anything you say. Who needs to talk nowadays anyway? Not you! Avoid seeing all of the happy couples by walking around with a blindfold over your eyes. Running into trees and tripping over curbs are purely bonuses. All jokes aside, the holidays can be a great time to discover new things about yourself and work on becoming comfortable while being alone. Go out to dinner by yourself, and own it. Buy yourself a nice pair of shoes, wear them and show everyone what they’re missing out on. You don’t need a boyfriend for the holidays, they cause too much drama anyways. No matter how upsetting it is that you don’t have someone to call yours this holiday season, there is one very important thing to remember - it’s not you, it’s them.


Tis the Season... of Gift Giving! Having Trouble thinking of present ideas? Today’s your lucky day By Julia Smyth

We all know the struggle of gift-giving during the holidays; we want to spoil our loved ones, but how do we pay for it all?! Your answer is three simple letters: DIY- do it yourself! What’s better than a heartfelt, handmade item that costs just a few dollars? Turn a Pringles can into a pretty Christmas cookie container by cleaning it out, painting the outside, and tying on some ribbon. This way, you get to munch on a salty snack while you create an inexpensive, delicious gift for a friend. If you want to get a little more handy, try making a festive candle. There may be a bit of a mess afterwards, but that’s all part of the fun. All you need to do is melt wax, pour it into a container and let it cool. Don’t forget the wick, of course. Candles can be expensive, so try this out and add your favorite fragrance oil into the mix! If you don’t mind spending a little do-re-mi but still want to have a personal touch on your gift, there are still options. You can head over to your local paint-your-own-pottery store and buy any kind of plate, butter dish, piggy bank, and more. Then, you paint it however you like; most stores offer puff paints, too- who doesn’t love that?! This next one is for those of you who also don’t feel like leaving the house. Or your room. Or the covers of your bed. That’s right, online shopping! Now is the perfect time to gift ugly sweaters. They’re only in season for the holidays and you can customize your own on a few different websites. UglyChristmasSweater.com allows you to create your own sweater with different colors, patterns, your own photos, and text. These are on high demand, though, so get your order in ASAP! Everyone understands the battle of finding the perfect gift. Go out now and make your own. It is more affordable and fun for you to customize a present and the recipient will like the personal connection to it; it’s a win win!

Christmas Cookies Recipe: Peanut Blossoms By: Julia Espinosa, Diana Arce

Before you start… -This recipe makes about 3 dozen cookies depending on how big you shape them -You will need to set your oven at 375° and bake for 8 minutes initially and then 2-5 minutes Ingredients to Sift Together... -1 ¾ cups sifted Pillsbury’s Best All Purpose Flour -1 teaspoon baking soda -½ teaspoon salt Ingredients to Cream Together… -½ cup butter -½ cup peanut butter Bake… -Gradually add ½ cup sugar and -Bake at 375° for 8 minutes, remove -½ firmly packed brown sugar sheet and press a solid chocolate kiss candy Final Ingredients to Add… Shape…-1 unbeaten egg and in the center until the edges crack and then -Dough into balls, roll balls in sugar, and place on return to oven for 2-5 minutes until the cookie ungreased cookie sheets takes a golden-brown color


Top 5 Christmas & New Year’s Parties

By Julia Espinosa and Andrea M Tellez

1 2 3 4 5

Kardashian’s annual Christmas party thrown by Kris Kardashian consisted of a guest list including celebrities like JLo, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Paris Hilton, and Drake.

White House Party: First Lady Michelle Obama chose the theme of “Simple Gifts” to celebrate the 2014 holiday season. She stated, “The greatest blessings of all are the ones that don’t cost a thing: the time that we spend with our loved ones, the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and the joy we feel from reaching out to those in need.” Beyonce’s Christmas Party: Beyonce is expected to host another big Christmas party. Her party last year was based on her movie Lemonade and even featured a room filled with outfits she wore during the video. Beyonce gifted goody bags with popcorn and lemonheads.

New York: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo: These celebrities will be performing as part of the MTV’s New Year’s Special. They will be performing in Times Square.

Las Vegas: Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and Britney Spears The stars will be spending their New Year’s Eve at various nightclubs and at the Las Vegas Strip to perform.

Celebs in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Full House actress, Candace Cameron Bruce

Pharell in his signature hat and blue ugly sweater

That’s So Raven star, Raven Symone 500 Days of Summer actor, Josephin her Bah Pumpug sweat sweater Gordon Levitt

Beyonce is seen fully decked out, ready for the Christmas season


Christmas in San Diego Bucketlist By: Kylie Greene With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is trying their best to celebrate the holiday season in every way possible. Thankfully, San Diego is filled with Christmas festivities and exciting holiday events. 1. Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade Downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter hosts an annual pet parade in which owners bring their dressed-up pets and march down the streets. At the end of the parade is a Pet Expo including an award-ceremony for the best dressed pets. The event takes place on December 10th, and is the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit and celebrate with our pets! 2. So You Wish You Could Skate at Hotel Del Coronado So You Wish You Could Skate is an ice-skating competition at the Hotel Del in Coronado that raises money for Make-A-Wish-San Diego, helping to make the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions come true. The fundraiser takes place on December 14, and is a great way to celebrate the holiday season and help people in need!

3. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas From November 4 to December 24th, the Old Globe Theater at Balboa Park has its annual production of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. You can explore the Whoville themed decorations outside the theater and then go watch the play! 4. Mistletoe at Seaport Village What’s Christmas without some Christmas shopping! Mistletoe is a shop at Seaport Village. It is open year-round and sells the most unique ornaments and amazing Christmas decorations. Mistletoe is a wonderful way to get excited for the holidays and spend some time shopping with family and friends! 5. Garrison Street Point Loma’s Garrison Street is, without debate, one of the most festive streets in San Diego during Christmas time. The street is covered head to toe in beautiful Christmas lights and other outstanding Christmas displays. A simple walk or drive through the neighborhood is a fun way to lift your spirits during the Christmas season.


Get Your PJ’s Out! Classic Christmas movies that will definitely get you ready for the holidays Article by Marissa Hernandez-Torres Do you smell pine trees? Do you see red and green lights? Is your mom baking cookies? It must be because it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas has one thing that everyone loves doing every season -watching Christmas movies in pajamas. Whether you watch the movies on Netflix, TV, or have a complete Christmas movie collection on VHS, make sure you remember to watch these nine Christmas classics. Merry Christmas you filthy animal!


Which Candle Scent Are You Based on Your Zodiac ?

Leo: Peppermint Aquarius: Magic in the Air Virgo: Vanilla Bean Pisces: Frozen Lake Libra: Hot Cocoa & Cream Aries: Holiday Cookie Scorpio: Winter Candy Apple Taurus: Rain Water Sagittarius: Campfire Donut Gemini: Flannel Capricorn: Cinnamon Cancer: Teakwood

Common Ground’s Coffee Creations Which do you prefer? Christmas Socks or Slippers?

Skiing or Snowboarding?

Fake Tree or Real Tree?

Giving or Receiving Gifts?

Molasses Cookies

Candy Canes or Gingerbread?

Peppermint Mocha

Naughty or Nice?

Eggnog Latte

Sweet Ground White Chocolate Mocha Frap

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