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Zeta Xi News Pi Kappa Phi Fall 2005– Spring 2006

Graduates and New Brothers In the Fall semester of 2005 there were 4 associate members. They are Harrison Francis, Christopher Jordan, Daniel Peterson, and Nicolas Robinson.

Volume 1, Issue 1

During the Spring 2006 semester there were seven associate members who are now newly initiated brothers. They are David Austin, Christopher Brooks, Christopher Lamb, Michael Morse, Colin Osberg, William Stewart, and Daniel Wilson.

Graduates this semester

New Brothers

Events over the past year

April 26th, 2006

Special points of interest:

Joint Ball on April 1st, 2006. In this Picture the Zeta Xi chapter with new initiates, active brothers, alumni, and pinned ladies.

This semesters graduating seniors are Gerald Isabelle and Clinton Lemasters. There were not any

graduates from the Fall 2005 semester. From the Fall and Spring semesters the chapter has doubled in size.

as Treasurer, Timothy Montacute as Warden, Thomas Jordan as Chaplain, Daniel Peterson as Secretary, and Harrison Francis as Historian. The Push chair is Nicolas Robinson, and the Sergeant At Arms is Gerald Isa-

Upcoming and Important Dates New Executive Council

Inside this issue:

Spring 2006 Executive Council The Spring 2006 Executive Council for the Zeta Xi chapter is headed by Anthony R. Martinez who was voted Archon. The rest of the Executive council is as follows Derek McGinthy as Vice Archon, Jonathan Tolliver

belle. The two members holding the secretary and historian positions are newly initiated brothers from the Fall semester. The rest of the council are members that have previous experience on the executive council.

Seniors and their plans for the future


Events Over past year


Important Dates


Fall 2006 Executive Council


Fundraising and Push America


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Zeta Xi News

Gerald Norman Isabelle III Gerald Isabelle is graduating from Averett University this semester with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Global Marketing Management. Jerry plans to go into the Air Force Officer Training Program over the summer with hopes of graduating in preparation to go into a Flight operations posi-

tion and be a pilot. In Jerry’s four years at Averett he has held many positions in Pi Kappa Phi. He has held sergeant at arms for a semester, historian for one, chaplain for two semesters, and Archon for three semesters. Jerry was also recently chosen as the Sweetheart for the Spring 2006 semester. By the Phi Sigs.

Jerry poses with the Phi Sigma Sigma girls after being announced as the Sweet Heart for 2006.

Clinton Donald Lemasters III Clinton Lemasters is graduating Averett this semester with a Bachelors of Science degree in Aviation Management with concentration in Flight Operations. He has a minor in Criminal Justice as well. When school finishes Clint will go to the Coast Guard Academy to attend the Coast Guard Officer Candidate School after completing the C-SPI program. After OCS he would like to go to Flight Training.

Clint has held several position in Pi Kappa Phi during his time in the Zeta Xi chapter. He was Push Chair one semester, historian one semester, and treasurer for four semesters. Clint is also Planning on proposing to his current girlfriend Stephanie Harburg, and I would like to offer my best wishes, She does not know yet, and he plans on asking at Graduation on April 29th, so everyone please hold your congratula-

Events During The Past Year During the past year we held many events starting with the Homecoming football game. We had some alumni in town and we had lunch during the game. The next event held was the winter semiformal held in December the weekend before school ended for winter break. After this event the next event Mid-Year Leadership Conference in Charlotte.

When the spring semester started it was time for Spring Rush which was held the last week of January. After that was initiation of the new members and Spring Formal the next night. There were two ladies pinned this semester which were Tara Smiddy by Gerald Isabelle and Stephanie Harburg by Clint Lemasters. (Right) Serving food at the Push Dance.

tion until then so we don’t let her know.

Clint and Stephanie at Joint Ball in April 2006.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Upcoming Events and Important Dates Graduation is on April 29th, 2006 at 10 a.m. Some upcoming events over the summer will be Conclave held annually ever summer. Supreme Chapter is also being held this year in Fort Worth, Texas.

Cozad holding his dog at a party.

Fall Rush will be the first week of September. The winter semi formal is set for December 2nd currently. Homecoming will be October 28th in the Fall semester. There will also be a Fall camping trip as well.

Fall 2006 Executive Council The Fall 2006 Executive Council was elected on April 22nd this semester. The new Archon is Thomas Jordan. Chris Jordan is the Vice Archon, Harrison Francis is the Treasurer, Daniel Wilson is Secretary, Mike Morse is Warden, Nicolas Robinson is Historian, and Daniel Peterson is Chaplain.

The returning members to the executive council are Thomas, Harrison, and Daniel. The Push Chair is Derek McGinthy. The current unofficial Sergeant-At– Arms is Timothy Montacute. The picture at the right is the new members.

Fundraising and Push America This year we have been active with Stonewall Center helping with events. We were bowling every Wednesday until the bowling alley was closed in early March. We also helped with the Winter dance help at the Pepsi Center. The next event was the Stone soup event help at Stonewall center.

Then we attended the awards ceremony for the bowling. For fundraising we held the annual Brother auction in the Fall. In the Spring semester we have started Wendy’s Nights out to raise money. The picture at the right is from the winter dance.

Pi Kappa Phi Fall 2005– Spring 2006 Pi Kappa Phi P.O. Box Your Address Line 3 Danville, Va 24541 Phone: 703 - 346 - 1828 E-mail:

Fall 2006 Executive Council Archon Thomas Jordan (703) 346-1828 Vice Archon Chris Jordan (703) 346-7703 Treasurer Harrison Francis (402) 215-6991

Warden Mike Morse (703) 909-0140 Chaplain Daniel Peterson (703) 606-7023 Secretary Daniel Wilson (276) 393-9030 Historian Nicolas Robinson (434) 770-0936

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