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The Eagle

of Theta Zeta

Spring 2006

Chapter townhouse secured for two years! Story on page 3

Pikus Cup 2005

AnchorBowl 2006

Welcome, Etas!

Theta Zeta won their second consecutive Pikus Cup for the 2004-2005 year. Check out our photos and a recap of the sports year. Starts on page 6

The brotherhood participated in Delta Gamma’s AnchorBowl competition in March, coming in third place overall. Congratulations to those involved

Theta Zeta initiated the Eta Class of the fraternity on April 21, 2005. Congratulations to all the new brothers, as we reach initiate number 120


The Brotherhood of Theta Zeta Marc Abanto

Pat Kirby

Andrew Abdel-Malik

Dan Klionsky

Larry Adler Ravi Alfreds

Marc Knox Mark Loucas

Kris Ansin

Adam Marmor

Andrew Baca

Drew McGurn

David Balot

Chris McLaurin

Christopher Barajas Chris Burke

Kevin Mead Andrew Miller

Noah Cherry

Darren Miller

Drew Cohen



Jimmy Morgan

Bobby Corp

Andrew Morris

Mike Costa Mike Cramer

Mike Nemerof Matt Nocella

Mike Dalesio

George Olsen

Barrett Demers

Aaron Papermaster

Chris DiBitetto

Lincoln Patel

Jake DiGregorio Mike DiNapoli

Randy Perillo Shervin Razavian

Kevin DiSabatino

Nick Robin

Sam Farber

Ernesto Rodriguez

Marco Fattorini

Mario Sansalone

Mark Fisher Andy Fromknecht

Dustin Schiavi Chris Singel

Brian Gallo

Jason Steblay

Cory Gill

Matt Steinhelfer

Ross Golband

Jeff Stomel

Josh Gordon Sean Hallisey

Jordan Teller Slade Thorpe

Andrew Hodes

Ben Vaughan

Matt Hudson

Ram Villivalam

Rogers Jackson

John Wainwright

Todd Jasper Wes Johnson

Adam Wallick Michael Wax

Pat Kilmer-Lipinski

Dustin Wright Tim Zirolnik



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The Eagle of Theta Zeta


A House of Fraternal Unity




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Chapter Awards: Page 8

Theta Zeta receives word on an extension to their house lease On January 30, 2006, The George Washington University informed the Theta Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi that they had been granted a 2-

CLASS, and our advisors, especially David Parrish, our Housing Advisor,” he added further. The house has been a key part to the success

year lease extension to their current townhouse

of the Theta Zeta Chapter. It has been the venue

on 607C 23rd St. Ever since the chapter moved

of brotherhood poker games, rush events, empa-

into house 3 years ago, it has grown from

thy dinners as well as chapter and associate meet-

strength to strength. It has served as a hub for not

ings. “It definitely is an attraction for potential

just the local chapter, but for the national frater-

rushees,” said Andrew Miller, Vice Archon.

nity as well, with the Build America 2005 Team

With the new 2-year lease, the chapter will

spending 2 nights in the house while doing area

have the house through August 2008. “Being


among the three fraternities to be selected to live

“I am extremely pleased that administration

in Townhouse Row is a great honor,” added An-

officials have seen our commitment not only to Pi

drew Morris, Archon. “The university has recog-

Kapp and Greek Life, but also to this university

nized us as a premier chapter on campus, which

community,” said an elated Ravi Alfreds, chair of

isn’t an easy feat for this campus. It encourages

the Housing Reapplication Committee. “How-

us to strive for greater things.”

ever the credit must go to my committee, all the Brothers who have displayed all the attributes of

Written & submitted by Ravi Alfreds


Home sweet home Townhouse C on 23rd Street has been home to Theta Zeta since just a few months after their November 2002 chartering.

The Gifts that Keep on Giving The clear Gold Level Achievement award sits in front of the rest of the chapter awards (left), while the Living the Ritual Award is already being hung up on the wall (below)


A testament to the tenets of CLASS that we pride ourselves on The Theta Zeta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi took home the highest level

brotherhood. In addition, Pi Kapp was given recognition for having a GPA

of recognition at the Order of Omega and Student Activities Center 2nd

above the all Greek average for all of 2005, and for participating in the

Annual Greek Night of Achievement.

Spring Dance Marathon, known this year as the “Hippothon”.

Pi Kapp was one of only two Inter-Fraternity Council fraternities to

Pi Kapp was also nominated for several other awards in categories

win the Gold Level of Achievement; the other recipient was Sigma Nu.

including Outstanding Risk Management, Programming Innovation,

(The Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Kappa sororities won Gold Level.) This

Scholarship Program, and New Member Program. In addition, Ravi Al-

award ensures Pi Kappa Phi’s continued residence on the university’s

freds, Kris Ansin, and Wes Johnson were all nominees for the Greek Man

townhouse row. Pi Kapp was also given the “Living the Ritual” award

of the Year. The awards show could not have proceeded without several Pi

which recognizes a Greek organization’s commitment to holding them-

Kapps including Master of Ceremonies Chris Singel, background designer

selves to the ideals put forth by their ritual. Pi Kapp was recognized for its

Noah Cherry, photographer Jason Stebley, and presenter Chris DiBitetto.

unique adherence to the principle of Ultimate Respect which allows for problems to be addressed without allowing emotion to put rifts in the

Award Rundown

Written & submitted by Noah Kai Cherry

Gold Status

GPA (Spring ‘05) GPA (Fall 2005)

Living the Ritual

Highest level of recognition This award is presented to chapters who excel at all areas of chapter operations. For Pi Kappa Phi, this includes an extension on our house lease.

For GPA over AllMen’s Average Awarded to chapters who have an overall GPA exceeding that of the All-Men’s Average at the University.

For adherence to ritual practices This award is given in recognition for a chapter’s standards of respect for the ritual and the ability to utilize the ritual as a part of chapter life


For GPA over AllMen’s Average Awarded to chapters who have an overall GPA exceeding that of the All-Men’s Average at GW.

SPRING RUSH ‘06 What do you get when you put together 50 second-semester freshmen and sophomores with a bunch of Pi Kapps? For one week at the end of January, the Theta Zeta chapter here at The George Washington University spent every weekday evening “courting” prospective associate members from a group of men ranging from the quiet, more reserved students to students that fit the typical “frat-guy” mold. Five nights of activities, food and non-alcoholic beverage (seriously) culminated in a vote that saw 11 associate members accept bids from the chapter. Unfortunately, the process leading to this vote was far from easy. Rush isn’t something that is simply thrown together in a week. It takes weeks of planning, numerous meetings late into the night, and a lot of hard work from the rush chairman and Vice Archon. This year, Ben Vaughan and Lincoln Patel filled the roles of rush chairmen and offered unbelievable amounts of time and effort to the rush process. I thank them greatly. These two truly embody what it is to be a brother of Pi Kappa Phi. Thanks to their dedication, rush was creative and fun for everyone involved. Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, what did the 60 of us do during rush? Our first night, Monday night, was an open house in our prestigious Townhouse Row unit C. Food and drinks were provided by The GW Deli, located about a block from the house. Brothers spent the evening explaining Greek Life at GW, Pi Kappa Phi, and just getting to know us as a chapter. One of the things that we try to explain in great detail is that, if the decision is made to join, a student would be joining the chapter first, fraternity second. Rather than focus on Pi Kappa Phi, it is our job to sell ourselves as gentlemen, scholars, and leaders on campus. We differ greatly from many of the other chapters of Pi Kappa Phi located at big state schools and we try to exhibit this “breaking of the mold” in our everyday lives and involvement on and off campus. Most of us in the chapter weren’t looking to join a fraternity when we arrived on campus. We hope to continue the tradition of searching out well-rounded individuals to fill roles in our evergrowing chapter. The second night introduced the rushees to Marjan’s of Georgetown; a middle-eastern restaurant and hookah bar located just off of Wisconsin and M St. win Georgetown. The evening was spent enjoying hummus, pita bread, chicken and beef. Transportation was provided by our

brothers with cars. Special thanks go out to brothers Abdel-Malik and Hodes for the use of their cars throughout the week. Also, gratitude goes out to John Wainwright; a rushee whose car we usurped (don’t worry, we asked first) to help in transporting ourselves and the rushees to and from several locations. The use of his car was not in vain, as he is now a brother of the chapter. Night three saw the chapter back at the house for barbeque provided by Rockland’s BBQ. We feasted on pulled pork, chicken, cornbread, baked beans, chili, and grilled vegetables while continuing to sell Pi Kapp. At this point, we shifted gears and began to explain responsibilities of brotherhood, what the fraternity is and what we do to live by its principles. We also addressed many of the more detailed questions such as time commitment as an associate member, the member education process, and responsibilities of an associate member. As the week progressed, it was easy to see who we had successfully sold ourselves to and who needed work. For rushees that we felt we weren’t getting through to as much as we’d hoped, we organized one-on-one or two-on two lunches with brothers at their convenience. These are meant to be more relaxed and informal and remove the rushee from the stressful situation of a room full of brothers trying to convince them to join. The fourth night was somewhat of a debacle involving mixed communication between a venue and myself. However, when all was said and done, it was a fun and successful evening with our final destination being Koko’s Pool Hall. This invite night (we personally invited specific rushees to the event) was met with enthusiasm and fun. The final touches were put on “sealing the deal” and we returned home with a solid list of guys to invite back for the second invite night the next evening. Friday night invite night was done a little differently this year. Instead of utilizing Mt. Vernon Campus’ Post Hall, the decision was made to treat the rushees to dinner at Papa Razzi Restaurant in Georgetown. The second floor balcony was used for a three-course meal and personal interviews with me and several other

Andrew Miller, Vice-Archon


members of the chapter. The night was capped with a pleasant walk home along the Georgetown waterfront, cigars included. Directly after we arrived home, bid voting ensued and we solidified our new Eta Class of the Theta Zeta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. We handed out bids at midnight as the Inter-Fraternity Council required and received acceptances/declinations by noon the next day. The ensuing bid night party at one of Pi Kapp’s favorite watering holes, Hawk n’ Dove, was a great success thanks to the planning by our social chair, Ravi Alfreds. Our bid night party was also met with the biggest snow storm that the District received this past winter. At the time of our departure, it had just begun snowing. At last call, several inches of fresh powder blanketed the streets of our nation’s capital and only the bravest (or perhaps most insane) cab drivers were left to cart us back to Foggy Bottom (Hawk n’ Dove is located near the Capital in SE DC. We reside in NW). Rush is looking good for next semester with planning already well under way. Events at the University Club located next to Thurston Hall, a return to Koko’s and events at the house will hopefully draw in an even bigger Theta Class. Ideally, the chapter looks to replace the twelve departing seniors with many more qualified gentlemen and leaders on campus. If you have questions about rush or if you know any incoming freshmen males that you feel would add to the chapter, please feel free to contact Andrew Miller at Please also visit our website at for a listing of all rush events and dates.

Written & Submitted by Andrew Miller

Pi Kapp Sports has Successful Spring Semester The second semester of the 2005-2006 school year started off with Pi Kappa Phi soundly in second place in Pikus Cup standings. Although this was a position that we have not been used to since the Pikus Cup began, the morale, effort and energy of the sports teams remained at a high level. As great success by the first place fraternity (Pike) in a number of sports, including an overall championship in floor hockey, put the top spot out of reach, our effort remained high, as to assure that second place be the lowest possible finish. In 5-on-5 basketball, we finished at 2-3, shockingly missing the playoffs, despite a sizable positive point differential. Captain Brother Sam Farber led the team, at times carrying the team with his amazing 3 point shooting. Brother Bobby Corp was the second leading scoring, who at a quite undersized 6’0, 180 pounds was supposed to be considered the team’s center. Brother Corp provided effective inside scoring and rebounding, and a decent second option for Brother Farber. Mike Cramer provided some nice shooting, Brother Drew Cohen had high energy and ball handling, and Brother Andrew Baca gave some much needed strength inside. Off the bench, Brother Randy Perillo, Brother Jason Steblay, Brother Adam Marmor, Brother Andrew Abdel-Malik and Brother Dustin Wright all provided effective minutes. The team’s lack of size and defensive ability led to their ultimate demise, but in the highlight of the season Brother Farber put in an outrageous display of 3s, powering the team to a 72-41 blowout of TKE, in the highest scoring game of the entire intramural schedule. Two of the most disappointing finishes in the history of Pi Kappa Phi intramural sports came in arena football and dodgeball. Our record was 1-4 in football, largely due to scheduling conflicts that resulted in many key players missing games against our more challening opponents, and with 2 sets of double headers, having people unavailable on a couple of days was compounded into a larger problem. In dodgeball, we lost our first two games in the double elimination tournament, ending the night much earlier than we would have liked. Brother Farber gave an impressive individual effort in the singles Racquetball league. He went 4-0 with a point differential of 52 points, winning the fraternity league easily. However, he drew a difficult first round matchup, and was bounced from the playoffs early. The playoffs in racquetball, a Division III sport according to intramural sports, do not count for points, so he brought home the most possible points from that sport.

Two other brothers performed tremendously in individual sports as well. Brother Christopher Burke and Brother Ravi Alfreds finished first and second respectively in the 5k run. Brother Burke finished in first place with a time of 19:16, with Brother Alfreds just a second behind at 19:17. The brothers were leading the race and broke out in a sprint for the finish, with the sophomore finishing just a tick ahead of the graduating senior.

we have accumulated the maximum amount of points from meeting attendance that is possible and always have enough players and subs to

Bobby Corp, Sports Chair

Three sports are currently in progress at the time of this publication. Our 7-on-7 soccer team is in the middle of an excellent season. After a loss in our first game, we have won twice and tied once, to finish the regular season at 2-1-1. We are heading into the playoffs with momentum and confidence, and hopefully this can be the silver lining in a shaky sports season. Our goaltending from Brother Andrew Baca has been superb, Brother Kevin DiSabatino has anchored the defense effectively, and Brother Rogers Jackson, despite endurance issues, is a talented ballhandler who dictates play. Brother Farber, Brother Darren Miller, Brother Corp, and Brother Shervin Razavian all have played effective offense. Brother Jason Steblay, Brother Randy Perillo, Brother Dustin Schiavi, Brother Alfreds all have given tremendous energy and effort from the midfield position. In bowling, we have had to deal with the graduation of the entire team from last year. The captain of the team, Brother Andy Fromkneckt, has put together a young team that is getting better as they head into the playoffs with a 1-3 record. In volleyball Brother Adam Marmor has captained a talented and young team who is 2-2 after a couple of heart-breaking defeats. We are one win away from making the playoffs in this sport as well. All in all, it was indeed a down semester, and year, from the Pi Kappa Phi sports standpoint. We stand solidly in second place in the Pikus Cup standings, which, out of twelve eligible fraternities is still quite good. Our participation and organization remains top of the line, as


ensure that fatigue never works against us. The graduation of the seniors, particularly Brother Farber, Brother Wes Johnson, Brother Alfreds and Brother Marmor all will hurt particular sports. The Sports chair would like to thank and congratulate Brother Farber particularly, as his participation in individual sports, being the point guard of the basketball team and the quarterback of the football team will leave a void difficult to replace. However, we have an athletic, spirited group of young brothers with great potential, and hopefully next year we will be able to regain the Pikus Cup. Written & submitted by Bobby Corp

Repeat for Pikus Cup Glory


Most people couldn’t believe that it came down to team bowling. However, that was what happened at the end of an exciting season of Inter-Fraternity sports. Unlike the season before, where the title was decided almost a month before the end of the competitive season, the 2004-2005 season was marked with a nailbiting race to the finish, with Pi Kappa Phi clinching the title on the very last day of competition. Packing the Hippodrome, the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi turned up in numbers to watch, cheer and show their support to the bowling team as they took the annual Pikus Cup for the second year in a row. The Pikus Cup is an annual championship organized by the Recreational Sports & Fitness Services (RS&FS). It is named in honor of Ken Pikus, a member of the class of 1994 who was tragically killed in an automobile accident. During his time as GW, Ken helped his fraternity win the then named Fraternity Cup three of his four years at the University.


According to Jon Broska, the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports who runs the program, the aim of the competition is to promote friendly competition and sportsmanship among the Greek letter fraternities and to increase awareness and participation in the intramural sports program. Points are given for most intramural programs, and at the end of the academic year the fraternity with the most number of points is declared champion. When asked on how he felt the competition went, Broska said, “The level of competition was very balanced and exciting this year, with 11 of the 12 registered fraternities actively participating.” He further added that with the increased participation came an increase in interest in intramural sports and a higher level of competition and enjoyment from all the participants. Pi Kappa Phi received the Pikus Cup award on the court of the Charles E. Smith Center on February 28, during the GW/Rhode Island basketball game. Written & submitted by Ravi Alfreds

Rose Ball 2006 One of the best highlights of a year at Pi Kappa Phi is our annual Spring Formal. The one for 2006 was no different. Brother Andrew Abdel-Malik outdid many a predecessor with his significant touches and attention to detail at the Rose Ball, held on the evening of April 29, 2006, at the Key Bridge Mariott in Rosslyn, Virginia. The events took place at the View Ballroom, on the top floor of the hotel, overlooking the Georgetown area as well as the National Mall from the rooftop terrace. The evening started out pretty early, as hors d’oeuvres were served at 7:30 with couples starting to get to their tables. Brother Abdel-Malik added a nice touch in the formal gift of picture frames, with table assignments for each attendee in the picture frame, bordered on the bottom with “Pi Kappa Phi Rose Ball 2006”. Ladies received a red rose at each table, and many were able to take pictures of one another as the sun began setting in the background. At about 8 o’clock, dinner was served; a choice of chicken, swordfish, or pasta was offered as the entree. As a delectable dessert of chocolate cappuccino cake was handed out, Brother Christopher Singel, the emcee of the evening, began the ceremonies. First off was the chapter awards, given out mostly by the Standards Board justices Samuel Farber, Ernesto Rodriguez, Robert Corp, and Ross Goldband. However, two awards to note were those not given out by Standards Board:

the Nu Phi Award and the Brother of the Year Award. The Nu Phi Award is given by the Archon to a brother he believes epitomizes the effect of “nu phi,” that is, non-fraternity, and was given by Andrew Morris to Andrew Baca for his exemplification of qualities becoming of a Pi Kapp and not in the spirit of “frat”. Also, Wesley Johnson, one of Pi Kappa Phi’s founders, was called up to pass on the Brother of the Year Award which he received at the prior year’s Rose Ball. For a final year, a Founding Father was given the award: Ravindran Alfreds was the recipient of the Brother of the Year Award, representing an emotional appreciation for all of the hard work he has done for the chapter over his eight semesters at George Washington. The event proceeded in a more lighthearted manner through Senior Superlatives, where some honorable (and not-so-honorable) mentions were given to brothers for their actions over the past year. Then, Aaron Papermaster put on a wonderful slide show of pictures and senior recollections from the year. Finally, Rose Queen Ashley Quinn bestowed the honor of Rose Queen on the newly-chosen Cristina Rysz, as she was serenaded with the Rose Song. Finally the party could start! Tables were moved, and the music got loud to let everyone finally get on their feet to enjoy the evening. Some special guests even arrived, including chapter alumni and our Leadership Consultant, Mike Harsono. Written & submitted by Christopher Barajas

CHAPTER AWARD WINNERS: Character Award: Christopher Burke Leadership Award: Andrew Abdel-Malik Academics Award: Andrew Hodes Sportsmanship Award: Samuel Farber Service Award: Michael Costa Athlete of the Year: Samuel Farber Alumni Award: Evan Dean Associate of the Year (Zeta): Lincoln Patel Assocaite of the Year (Eta): Matthew Hudson

Brother & Associate (Eta) of the Year

Nu Phi Award: Andrew Baca Student’s Lamp Award: Christopher Singel & Darren Miller Star & Shield Award: Adam Marmor Brother of the Year: Ravindran Alfreds White Diamond Award: Michael Wax


Social Report Written & submitted by Ravi Alfreds

Ravi Alfreds, Social Chair

Unlike the fall semester, the spring social calendar has a tendency

In addition to the non-traditional, the chapter did have two very

of being rather brief. However, despite these difficulties, the chapter was

well-attended parties. A bid party helped to welcome the addition of the

able to have three successful mixers with sororities, one with a sorority

Eta Class to the brotherhood, and the chapter held a crush party, invit-

from American University.

ing numerous young women to enjoy the company of the brotherhood

This semester, the chapter pushed for some non-traditional mixers,

for the evening.

having a breakfast mixer early in the semester, and a dinner mixer just a

With the semester winding up, and planning for the fall already

few weeks ago, in the houses of Delta Gamma and Alpha Delta Pi, re-

taking place, the chapter hopes to continue this tradition, of both regular

spectively. This provided ample opportunity for the gentleman of Pi

and non-traditional events as we continues to break the negative Greek

Kappa Phi to wow over the sororities with their classy behavior.

stereotype and proves to be an example for other chapters to emulate.

Determination Tour 2006 Stops at The George Washington University On March 21, 2001, Theta Zeta hosted Chris Hendricks, an Elon University student, as part of his “Determination Tour� across numerous college campuses. Chris was born with cerebral palsy, but he has never let that external disability to hold him back from success. This young man has bested some of the toughest student athletes at their own games. As he shares in his speech, Chris once dominated an Elon swimming competition, out-swimming every other contestant, even when one arm had given out from overuse. Things were not always so cheerful for Chris. He speaks of his tough times in grade school, where ignorance and bullying darkened his days. Just when he had thought things could not get worse, his father was in a brutal car accident, and was on the brink of death. Chris promised his father, on what felt like their last night together, that if his father pulled through, he would never let his disability hold him back again. Miraculously, his father recovered, and Chris has kept his word every day since. Chris came to GW to share his story in its entirety. Through all its ups and downs, Chris gave everyone present an intimate look at a man who has never let his disability get in his way. Each attendee took away an important, empathetic message from the event, which they will not soon forget. Written & submitted by Andrew Morris


ALUMNUS SPOTLIGHT Evan Dean is a 2005 graduate attending GW Law, and is the recipient of the Alumni Award. Brother Evan Dean is a member of the Al-

Dean has had a lot of interaction with the

pha class, and was one of the first non-Founder

graduating seniors, as he was to be in their

initiates to the chapter following our November

graduating class before going to law school early.

15, 2002 chartering.

“It won’t be the same,” he remarked. “This batch

Brother Dean pulled off a three-year

of seniors are [the chapter’s] first freshmen;

Mark Your Calendar! Theta Zeta is having an Alumni & Family event as part of

graduation at GW for his undergraduate studies,

they’re the folks who’ve been around the whole

Graduation Week. Stop by the

and is currently attending GW Law, finishing up


his first year. Regarding his early graduation,

Looking forward

house before the Monumental

Dean understood the necessity of getting to his graduate work as quickly as possible. The intervening period was tough, but, as he says, “From now on, my class will be gone so my is going to be more supervisory, to help things going along.”

A rough road of academics When asked about his current situation at GW Law, Dean responded, “Well, it’s the hardest

Dean has a lot to be thankful for at the end of this spring: not only is he well on his way to

is doing. Congratulate the new

finishing his first year at law school, but he is

graduates, learn about our Cam-

also the recent recipient of the Alumni Award, given out two whom the chapter recognizes as a special help to the furthering of the chapter’s cause. “It’s second best to sticking around for my senior year, but I’m really honored I got it. “Now that Theta Zeta finally has a full

thing I’ve ever done. But it’s very worth it: It’s

alumni class, I feel we’re fully established,” Dean

nice to still be around campus to see the guys. It

gave as a final thought.

also allows me an interesting perspective in

Celebration to see what the chapter

If you’d like to keep in touch with Brother

watching the chapter grow and evolve, since I’ll

Dean, you can reach him by e-mail at

be here for two more years.”

paign for Theta Zeta, and stay up-to-date with Pi Kappa Phi’s Second Century Vision. Or just have the free refreshments!

May 20, 2006 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Written & submitted by Christopher Barajas

Brotherhood Event: Paintball Early in the morning of Saturday April 22nd, just a few hours after the Eta class was initiated, 18 brothers set out to go paintballing in Leesburg, Virginia. Despite a lack of sleep, breakfast consisting of Red

bypassed the opposing team’s defenses to take and return their flag and claim victory. After the first couple games we moved to Attack and Defend, in which one team defended a flag and the other team had to take it. This field saw Andrew Baca bravely take a paintball to the neck at point-blank range care of Dan Klionsky. Finally we played a

paintballs in 3 hours! (Although some lost more than their share by accidental spillage, ask Ravi Alfreds.) John Wainwright was the most feared since he had the most experience, but was kind enough to allow Cheese to take a free shot at him firing-squad style from 50 feet away after our last game. After a few hours of paintball and still

Bull, a few hangovers after some post-ROI celebration, and rain, we were not deterred. Though the rain stopped eventually, playing was a bit of a challenge since our protective facemasks kept fogging up! We split up into two teams of nine, changing teams occasionally during the various courses we played on. The first was a game of Capture the Flag, in which Mario Sansalone deftly

few games on a field dominated by wooden bunkers, a trench-like river and forest trails. The object of the games played here was simply Elimination: take out as many guys on the other team as you can. By the last game it became intense as everyone was shooting anything and everything to use up the last of their paintballs. Despite being only 18 guys we managed to use up 9,000

on empty stomachs, some of us went to the famed International House of Pancakes for an amazing brunch with tons of food (that’s one ton for Chris Barajas, another ton for the rest of us). Needless to say, all the brothers who came out for this event had a good time.


Written & submitted by Adam Wallick

THETA ZETA GIVING OPPORTUNITIES our Alumni & Family Chapter Fund, to be used for

• Computers, desks and chairs

enhancements to our house and brotherhood

As a chapter, we have made a number of

immediate chapter improvements, or as part of

A donation to the Chapter Investment Fund

activities. Our financial flexibility is always put

what we are calling our Campaign for Theta Zeta,

for Theta Zeta will be held in an interest-bearing

to the test when we launch new initiatives and

made possible through the Pi Kappa Phi Foun-

account to be used for these educational oppor-

budget for a more improved experience in our

dation and the Chapter Investment Fund.

tunities, and is tax-deductible, as Pi Kappa Phi

house and for our brotherhood. To enjoy a greater level of financial security

Pi Kappa Phi Foundation has formed a fundraising initiative known as the Chapter

Foundation is the tax-exempt educational foundation of the fraternity.

for the chapter, we are looking to our Pi Kappa

Investment Fund, or the CIF. What the CIF is

Phi family, both friends and alumni, for as much

designed to do is provide alumni and families

ter on a direct basis for an immediate gift to the

assistance as they feel comfortable giving in

the opportunity to direct donations to the Pi

chapter, or through the CIF for a supportive and

order to promulgate our chapter’s goals. The

Kappa Phi chapter of their choice, but to do so in

extended gift, know that your donations are

following is a listing of just part of what the

a manner that will enable more educational op-

being used to help further the goals of the Theta

chapter is currently looking to improve upon as

portunities for the brotherhood and the future as

Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at The

we move into the summer and enhance our

an endowment. Some examples of how Chapter

George Washington University.

house and brotherhood for fall recruitment:

Investment Funds may be used are:

• Trophy case for recent awards ($150) • Steam cleaner for common areas ($200)

• Local academic scholarships • Participation at Pi Kappa Phi’s national

• Outdoor bench for the back alley ($75)

leadership events: Mid-Year Leadership Con-

• 20’x10’ chapter recruitment banner ($400)

ference, Pi Kapp College, Supreme Academy

Your gift can be given in one of two ways: either by helping the chapter directly as part of

Whether you choose to donate to the chap-


• Local educational programming • A dedicated study area of the house

Christopher Barajas, Historian

How to give to Theta Zeta: For The Campaign for Theta Zeta: • online (credit card): • • Designated Donation: Theta Zeta CIF • by postal mail (check): • Pi Kappa Phi Foundation, P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte NC 28224 • by phone (check): • (800) 929-1904 ext. 103 - Betsie Fehr • Make sure to mention Theta Zeta CIF For The Alumni & Family Chapter Fund: • by postal mail (check): • Pi Kappa Phi - Theta Zeta Chapter, 800 21st Street NW Suite 427, Washington DC 20052 • in person (check): give to Christopher Barajas, Historian (House Room 302)


Letter from the Archon I would like to congratulate Theta

ance you have shown to me, to the Ex-

Zeta on another excellent year in Pi

ecutive Council, and to the entire Broth-

Kappa Phi. We have cemented ourselves

erhood. Keeping your words in mind,

as one of this campus’ top fraternities,

we will work to maintain the ideals

and have earned the respect of the

upon which you founded this chapter.

whole of GW Greek Life. In successfully

While we will miss you, we wish

earning a place on Townhouse Row for

you nothing but good fortune

the next two years and taking the Gold

and happiness wherever your

Award in the 2006 Greek Excellence

paths lead you.

Awards, we have shown this campus that we are here to stay.

Andrew Morris, Archon

It has certainly been a year of transition and learning for our

With all the successes of this year, I

with the support of the

all-sophomore Executive Council.

chapter, we have grown into our

would like to thank the seniors and the

Things were difficult at first, as filling

roles. The learning process is never over,

last of our Founding Fathers, who put

the shoes of our predecessors turned out

but bolstered by the successes of this

Theta Zeta on the path to greatness.

to be tougher than we had expected.

year, we look to shoot even higher next

Thank you for the wisdom and guid-

With the help of the outgoing EC and


Congratulations seniors! Theta Zeta would like to congratulate the Class of 2006 on their upcoming graduation from The George Washington University. We are looking forward to your success stories as new alumni of the chapter.


607C 23rd Street NW #204 • Washington, DC 20052-0001






Addressee Name 4321 First Street Anytown, State 54321

Theta Zeta - Spring 2006  
Theta Zeta - Spring 2006  

Theta Zeta - Spring 2006 Newsletter