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Spring 2008

Volume 1, Issue 1

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 1704 North Pine Street Rolla, MO 65401

Special points of interest: > UMR now Missouri S&T

Pi Kappa Phi Miner

> Pig Roast March 15th, 2008

UMR Now Missouri S&T As many of you may know, the University of Missouri-Rolla is now Missouri University of Science and Technology, Missouri S&T for short. The name change was one of the main goals of Chancellor John Carney III to help UMR become nationally recognized, not just within the state of Missouri. His plan is to get more students from across the nation and the world to recognize Missouri S&T as one of the top technological schools in our great country. The

name change has created mixed opinions from our brothers. Many of the broth-

ers Pi Kappa Phi feel that the name change is a waste of money and ruins the tradi-

> PUSH America tions that UMR has put in place in the past 40 years. Regardless of any of us feel about our school’s name change; many of our student design teams compete nationally and when they are asked where UMR is, they believe that we are a satellite school of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Missouri S&T will set us apart from Columbia and will finally make people aware that Rolla can be a serious competitor without being associated with Columbia.

Letter from the Archon This semester is yet another transition semester for the members of the Gamma Lambda chapter. We have some new and old faces on the executive council, and it looks as if it will be a very productive year. Unfortunately, we are low on money and we are losing brothers (due to transfers, graduation, and jobs). Every

problem that we encounter faces us with a new challenge that we must overcome. Our exec has already set forth goals on how to defeat these challenges. Over the past semesters, we have been developing programs for out betterment in academics, recruitment, and PUSH service. We are striving to change our

public relations with campus and Greek life. We have a lot to do this semester and will be busy, but we are all working hard to uphold the principles of Pi Kappa Phi. We do this in an effort to better represent our idea of men of C.L.A.S.S. -Shaun Honeycutt Archon

> Guthrie Spotlight > House Man’s report

Executive Council Archon

Shaun Honeycutt

Vice Archon

Dan Wommack


James Holder


Ian Gunther


Jake Morris


Cody Massar


Blake Mitchell

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Pi Kappa Phi Miner

Give-A-Push and PUSH America

Pi Kapp Group Picture at Easter Seals Camp Fall 2007

This past fall several of our chapter brothers traveled to Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin to participate in a Give-A-Push (GAP) weekend for PUSH America. For the past two semesters our chapter has gone there and Atlanta, Georgia to help restore camps that host people with disabilities. I was able to make it to the Wisconsin GAP weekend and the experience was incredible. We actually

The Fall 2007 GAP Crew

get to see what our philanthropy does for people with disabilities. In Wisconsin, we were separated into groups. One group built a pavilion and the other group helped

dig up the dirt around the swing set areas and replaced it with wood chippings which is softer and easier on disabled people. At the end of the day, Pi Kapps and the campers got together and had a dance party. The experience was rewarding for all of us and makes us proud to be a Pi Kappa Phi. Spread around the newsletter are pictures from our trip to Wisconsin.

100th Annual St. Pat’s Celebration 100th annual St. Pat’s Celebration is coming and you are invited.

The 100th anniversary of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration is just around the corner. Our brothers are planning on hosting our annual pig roast on March 15th, 2008. All brothers and their families are welcome. This would be a great way to visit

and meet our older and newer members of our chapter. The event will start around noon, so come out and celebrate the good times of being a Pi Kapp with everyone. As usual, we will be designing our own logo on the

back of the school’s St. Pat’s sweatshirts. If you are interested in getting a sweatshirt to celebrate the 100th anniversary please email Cody Massar at

place overall and brought

the moral of our chapter higher than it’s been in recent years. We keep striving to do better next year with a top 5 placing. We need all the help that we can get. Participating in Greek Week is just one of the ways our chapter is getting better recognition on campus.

Greek Week 2007

Our Greek Week Banner, Anchorman, the Legend of Ron Burgundy

This past year, our chapter’s theme for Greek Week was from the movie Anchorman Our brothers worked extremely hard preparing our banner and float as well as for the Greek games out at Vichy Airport. We did not win any individual games but came close on several occasions. We finished in 6th

Our Greek Week 2007, Anchorman’s Channel 4 Action News Van.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Chaplain Report There are three main areas that I want to improve upon as Chaplain: the ritual of initiation, subrituals, and brotherhood. The Gamma Lambda chapter has always been known as one of the best at the ritual of initiation; however, there is need for some improvement. I will not elaborate much here, but I can tell you that some of my

ideas include memorization of all parts, different location, and parts will be assigned early so that the brothers can memorize their parts. I will be going through the ritual with every performer so that the initiated have a better understanding of what I am looking for from them. I would like to see more subrituals throughout the

semester and possibly send them to national if our brothers like them. We do the usual subrituals but I would like to see more. Brotherhood is always key in how our chapter operates. I hope to better our brotherhood by participating in these subrituals as well as having brotherhood events throughout the semester. -Blake Mitchell Chaplain

Recruitment For those of you who are not aware, a large chapter is out of the question without tremendous efforts in recruitment. Over the past several years our chapter has tried hard to improve our numbers to at least 25 brothers. This number seems to be hard to attain with many of our brothers transferring to different

schools and or graduating. National headquarters has now set minimum chapter standards of how many brothers that each chapter needs to maintain and the magic number is 25. Despite our recent troubles in recruitment, we have started to implement a year round recruitment program that should help us increase

the number of brothers that we get each semester. We have also become more involved on campus which should help get the Pi Kappa Phi name out there. We also hold a semi annual recruitment retreat to get our brothers excited to meet new guys and bring them to our fraternity.

Iraq. He is currently stationed in Tall Afar which is in Northern Iraq. He seems to be doing very well and he has told me that he enjoys talking with Iraqis and pulling his own weight. He should be back this fall to continue where he left off. He wanted me to give a shout out for SSG Barry

Riggs, Gamma Lambda 216, who is currently working in Fallujah. Guthrie also wanted to call for the remembrance of CPT Josh Steele, Gamma Lambda 242, who passed into the chapter eternal this past summer. He is greatly missed by all of us.

Building a Pavilion for Easter Seals

“We have also become more involved on campus which should help get the Pi Kappa Phi name out there.” Check for Updates on our Website: or soon to become

Guthrie Spotlight The war in Iraq has been subject of controversy over the past several years. Regardless of anyone’s opinions of the war, The U.S. Armed Forces go in battle without question. CPL Charles ’Andy’ Guthrie, Gamma Lambda 287, is one of those brave soldiers. This is Guthrie’s second tour in

CPL Charles ‘Andy’ Guthrie stationed in Iraq

Alumni of The Year

House Man Report of the house. This leaks during a very heavy storm and can be fixed with a bucket and some towels. All in all, our house keeps us warm, safe, and dry, but these are a few things that need to be attended to during my time as House Manager.

ing unusable. Finally, there is a leak in the Fraternally, large, top floor bathroom we call “the Bio- Alec Baird hazard” which we be- Gamma Lambda 283 lieve stems from a small hole in the roof

Congratulations to Bob “Bear” Bentzinger, Gamma Lambda 29, for being our chapters alumni of the year. Without his hard work and dedication we would not be around today. He has been treasurer of our Housing Corporation for as long as I can remember. Thank you Bear everything you do from all of us.

Dates to Remember March 15th; Pig Roast May 17; Commencement Summer 2008 Float Trip; TBA Aug 16; Freshman Opening Week Aug 25; Fall Semester Begins Parents Weekend; TBA Homecoming TBA *All events will be updated on our website as soon as we plan what is going on.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 1704 North Pine Street Rolla, MO 65401

Our range top/oven is malfunctioning to the point of the oven be-

"Leaders by Choice" Visit our website!

Our house is currently is a magic state of limbo between broken and fixed. As the House Manager, my job is to conduct our biweekly details during which we clean the house. I am also in charge of running workdays. The biggest problems we have currently with the house itself are as follows. The surround around the front door is wooden and completely rotten and full of holes.

Gamma Lambda - Spring 2008  

Gamma Lambda - Spring 2008 Newsletter

Gamma Lambda - Spring 2008  

Gamma Lambda - Spring 2008 Newsletter