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VOLUME 11, ISSUE 2 - FALL 2007


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Chapter Places 7th in Greek Week and Plans For Busy Semester

Alumni Involvement With each Eta Update, it is always nice to hear what our brothers are doing in their lives beyond Miami University. It is also exciting to reconnect with the undergraduate chapter to see how Eta Upsilon continues to thrive at Miami University. As you wi# read in Matt Wray’s Chapter Advisor article, it is time for us to better organize ourselves as alumni members in order to ensure our chapter wi# continue to prosper at Miami for years to come. As you read this current edition of the Eta Update, please consider what ways you would be wi#ing to assist both the active chapter and the forthcoming alumni chapter.

By Jon Decker, #226, Historian Eta Upsilon has been very busy this semester at Miami thus far. Recruitment events have begun, and we are hard at work recruiting the next class of future Pi Kapps which will undoubtedly carry on the legacy of men of CLASS. In addition to recruitment, the chapter has just finished Greek Week. This was a week which all brothers, alumni and active, should be very proud of. The chapter placed second in dodgeball, second in Bandstand, and sixth in Puddle Pull. Other solid

finishes led the chapter to a seventh place finish this year and also gained our chapter countless amounts of respect from other chapters, both fraternities and sororities. Additionally, all alumni are invited back for Homecoming week this year, which will be held the second week of October. The house will be decorated, and we will be looking to build on our second place finish last year in the house decorating contest. Also, we will be grilling out and going to the football game that weekend.

-Brandon Tudor, #81

So, if you’re in town or live in the area, please consider stopping by for some food, football, and fraternity brotherhood! Finally, the chapter will wind down a busy semester in November. The Phi class will be initiated the second weekend that


THE ETA UPSILON CHAPTER OF PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY, MIAMI UNIVERSITY month. Finally, elections will be held the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and all actives are excited about the leadership potential that will come to fruition as the five seniors on the current exec prepare to hand over responsibilities to the next generation of Eta Upsilon leaders. month. Additionally, the old guys will be looking to continue their Turkey Bowl domination that

Chapter Advisor’s Report By Matt Wray, #121, Chapter Advisor The chapter has now been back to campus for a while and has been busy getting about the business of strengthening the fraternity. Recently, the active brothers held their annual fall retreat. During which they reconnected with one another after a long summer away and came together as a chapter to plan for the future. As a result of their planning and building on the momentum of last school year, they have hit the ground running with recruitment, working hard to ensure another successful recruitment year. As you have read in recent Eta Updates, the chapter has celebrated success after success, whether in recruitment, Push, increasing their presence on campus or strengthening the brotherhood. They have be doing the necessary work to uphold and advance the values we all hold dear. It has been a pleasure to work with such a talented and dedicated group of fraternity men and I can say without hesitation that I am proud as ever to be a member of Pi Kappa Phi.

As I consider the recent success of the active chapter, it causes me to turn my thoughts towards Eta Upsilon alumni. Roughly one year ago, we came together in Oxford to celebrate our 10 years of leading on Miami’s campus. Coming on the heals of the successful 10 year celebration, I believe the time has come to begin planning for the long term future of Eta Upsilon - both active and alumni. The needs of planning for the future are two-fold and must encompass both the acquisition of a property in Oxford and the development of a functioning and engaged alumni organization. With respect to acquiring a property, the Housing Corporation has done much work over the last several years. Not only have they ensured the active chapter has a home, they have also begun the necessary work of setting aside the capital that will make purchasing a property possible. But to take the next step, we must have a renewed commitment on behalf of Eta Upsilon alumni to make that

possible. But alumni engagement doesn’t end with the physical property. Active and engaged alumni are part and parcel of any fraternity’s success over time. With 243 initiates as of the writing of this article, I believe we’ve reached a critical mass that would allow us to reconstitute some version of an alumni chapter. An Alumni Chapter would allow us, as HY alumni, to model the way for future generations of HY yet to join our ranks, as well as to reconnect with one another. To take the next step as a fraternity, we need to fortify our r a n k s co m m i t te d a n d a c t i v e alumni volunteers. Please let me k n o w ( or 513.254.4002) if you have a desire to support these various efforts in the coming months.



ETA UPSILON PREPARES TO INITIATE PHI CLASS By Jon Decker, #226, Historian Eta upsilon is proud to announce that the Phi class is currently engaged in their member education process in preparation for their November initiation. The ten young men who comprise this class embody those principles which make us all proud to be Pi Kapps. The Phi class, led by President Nick Powell, has entered the fraternity with high expectations from the active chapter. All of these men have exhibited strong leadership skills, and the chairs of the class are actively working to forge strong bonds with the active chapter through brotherhood cookouts, fraternity sporting

events and other events. These bined with the last class (the Upevents have helped both the asso- silons), one can see that the chapciates and the active chapter get to ter has really made a concerted effort to increase its recruitment efforts and, subsequently, its standing on campus. The 24 men who have comprised our last two classes have held campus-wide PUSH America events and have had numerous other gatherings and events in order to increase our standing. It is with great expectations that we will initiate these know each other better. The newest members into our brothalumni should be very confident erhood, and we look forward to that, as usual, the newest associate the contributions they are certain class exhibits great leadership po- to make in the pursuit of making tential and will one day be ready to our chapter the absolute best it step up and assume leadership can be. roles in the future. When com-

ALUMNI UPDATES Trevor Minor, #12

Kha Huynh, #40

My wife, Andi, and I are expecting our first child this December. I’m also looking forward to seeing Keith & Wags’ next photo in the Miamian magazine. Pictured are (l to r) Bret Kacher, Neil Gupta, Todd Kacher, and Trevor Minor, taken on September 30 in Cleveland when the Browns beat the Ravens.

Kha is currently t h e Ma n a g e r o f Operations & Administartion for O N C AC . S i n c e April 2005 Kha has served as Executive Assistant for O N C AC . In addition to his administrative duties Kha has assumed responsibility for the data collection / case management system, working with the CAC Directors training and annual meeting committees, management of our office and physical facility as well as serving as a resource for our member agencies in securing information on a variety of topics. He initiated the implementation

of the use of scanning technology for record-keeping and initiated the idea of the use of a server to streamline the sharing and storage of information. He will also be responsible for the upstart of the new website. In recognition of his service and accomplishments Kha has been promoted to Manager of Operations and Administration. Prior to joining ONCAC, Kha was on the staff of Southeast, Inc. (mental health). An accomplished artist, Kha has developed his own unique style, which many of you have enjoyed in ONCAC awards and gifts. Joe Heaton, #72

Joe was recently promoted to Legislative Director for Congressman Michael R. Turner (OH-3). Joe has


THE ETA UPSILON CHAPTER OF PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY, MIAMI UNIVERSITY been working for Congressman Turner since Joe graduated from Penn State, Dickinson School of Law in 2004.

summer from the University of Cincinnati, took the bar exam, and is starting work with Jones Day Law firm in Columbus. We also bought a home in Columbus, about two miles north of the OSU campus. We are currently enjoying the down time after the wedding and trying to get acclimated to being home owners and starting new jobs.

Brandon Tudor, #81

Now in his second year of business school in Orange County, CA, Brandon is currently studying abroad for the fall semester in Budapest, Hungary. Brandon is pictured with +iends during a typical night out Anthony Holman, #156 in Budapest. I’ve been married for just over two years now to my wife, Carolyn, and that we’re living in West Chester, Ohio. I’m a 3L at the University of Dayton School of Law hoping to land a job with a firm in the Cincinnati area.

Josh Stubenvoll, #182

I just proposed to my girlfriend, Cynthia, of 4 years on Sept. 8th, and the wedding is set for May 2008.

Trevor McGrath, #168

I am teaching math at my alma mater, Mayfield High School. Still single, but 9 kids, imagine that.  2 of those 3 things are true.  You decide. Christopher Haedt, #141

I haven’t updated the chapter much about what I have been doing in the past couple of years, but a lot has changed. Within the past six months, I have completed my thesis document, graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master’s in Architecture, moved from Cincinnati to Columbus, and changed jobs. I was previously at BHDP architecture in Cincinnati, and now I am with Design Group in Columbus. I also got married to my long time girlfriend Allison. She was lavaliered in February of 2003. She graduated from Law school this

Dan Brewer, #173

John McGarry, #129

Since graduating from the business school in 2005 I’ve been working for Nestle USA in the retail operations division. This past June, I accepted a promotion to retail sales manager, relocating from Clearwater, FL back to Cincinnati, OH. It’s great to be close to Miami again (notably the new Goggin) and I’d like to offer help in any way I could as one of the local alumni.

Sarah and I moved to Denver, CO at the end of June. Sarah is working for RNL Design and I am working at Prima Capital. We are both enjoying our new life in the mile high city. Pictured are John and Sarah at the finish line of the 100mil Aspen/Snowmass Ride for the Cure Gary Manka, #166 and at the top of Torreys Peak. I’m starting my third year as the Director of Student Activities & Leadership. Both of my daughters graduated from Miami University last year and I am happy for that. College sure costs a lot more nowadays than it used to when I went to school. Gary is pictured with Max Weinberg of the E Street



Band, taken at a recent NACA convention.

I got engaged in June to Page Warstler, my girlfriend of about three and a half years. We are planning the wedding for spring of 2009. Chris Wagner, #10

My wife Shannon and I live in Evanston, IL. We both work for CDW Corporate, I am a Microsoft Sales Manager and my wife is a recruiter. We have a daughter Emma (pictured) who is 17 months old and keeping us busy. Isaac Houston, #57 Mark Fitzgerald, #39

My wife Dana and I are expecting our first baby in early December. Please let brothers know that it would be fine to send money in lieu of gifts. :) Also, he’s probably too modest to write you about it (and he rarely checks his email, so probably wouldn’t get back to you in time anyway), but Steve Gongola just bought his third McDonald’s franchise and was awarded the Golden Bun for Outstanding Franchisee at the annual franchisee meeting. Apparently it’s kind of a big deal, he called me all proud about it, so I thought it would be nice to include that in any update. Ben Winfree, #31

My wife (Susie) and I live in the Outer Banks of NC where I have my medical practice. We have two daughters, Kara 3 and Brooke 1. Life is good on the coast, enjoying the warm weather and relaxed lifestyle. Ben is pictured with his family, taken at a recent surfing competition in Nags Head.

I received my Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Microbiology in July, from the University of Cincinnati. I have since relocated to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I will be living for several years. I am married and have a 3-year old daughter, Paikea, and another daughter, Airini, expected in October. I keep a running blog on my travels here: Pictured are Isaac, Paikea, and Neelam Modi on Sept 2 at a pizza place in Indianapolis the day before leaving for Argentina., and Isaac with his daught e r, Pa i k e a.

Brandon Jackson, #172

From December 2006 to January 2007, I was in the hospital for Bilateral C o m p a r t m e n t Syndrome in both legs. February 2007 through May, I was in rehabilitation for my legs. Now I am using a wheel chair and a cane to get around. I am still receiving training on driving with hand controls. I will be attending OSU for a single class to get back in the swing of education and will be volunteering with the ABLE program which helps older adults obtain GED’s or learn how to read.



Kyle Haeussler, #100

Pictured are some of our brothers at Kyle and April’s recent wedding.

Calendar October 12-14, 2007 Miami Homecoming (vs. Bowling Green)

June 13-15, 2008 Miami Alumni Weekend

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