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September 2007

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity • University of Kentucky

Inside this issue: Special Points of Interest: • Eta Tau chapter continues to grown in brotherhood at the University of Kentucky. • Not only is this newsletter a way to keep alumni informed about the chapter’s news and events, but it’s also a way for the alumni to be heard.

Eta Tau Welcomes 2 Phi Class

• Eta Tau welcomed Phi class this fall. Associates are showing promise and commitment to the chapter’s future.



The Floor




E TA TAU — T O DAY The Eta Tau chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity started the fall 2007 semester with a completely new attitude. Under the leadership of a new Executive Council, the chapter’s brothers vowed to give it their all throughout the semester. One point that has been empha-

sized a lot this semester is recruitment. Cur-

don’t let numbers deceive you! Although Eta Tau is struggling with retention of active members, the chapter has grown immensely in the real purpose of a fraternity — brotherhood.

rently, the chapter has 12 active brothers, but

T H I S I S A B O U T YO U As Historian, one of my goals is to bring back as many alumni to the chapter as I possibly can. One way to make this happen is by conducting events that would interest the chap-

ter’s alumni, primarily. I want to hear what you, the alumni want to do; I want to know which direction you want to see the chapter go in; I want the alumni of this great chapter to come

back to something that interests them, as well as the active members. So, please, if you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, let me hear them!

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E TA TAU W E LC O M E S P H I C L A S S In August 2007, the Eta Tau chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity welcomed it’s Phi class. The Associates: Andrew Hensley, Christopher Probus, and Gavin Jones all have something unique to bring to the table. The chapter is ecstatic about these gentlemen, and it is our sincerest hope that

these gentlemen will enjoy their Associate membership and will proceed to becoming active brothers of our chapter. Phi class has already shown that they are willing to actively contribute to the chapter’s growth and longevity by participating in intramurals, Greek Week activities,

and day-to-day activities that all add up to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood. Having said that, Phi class still has a long way to go before they make it to Initiation, but it’s safe to say that they are full speed ahead.

INTRAMURALS “We are one of the few chapters on campus that allow Associates to participate in intramurals...”

Intramurals are always a fun and exciting time for everyone involved, this semester is not different. Thus far we have participated in virtually every intramural held this fall, from soccer, to flag football, to tennis. I cannot say that we have won all

these events, but that’s not the point. The real excitement and the real purpose is to have fun and enjoy all that we partake in. We our one of the few chapters on campus that allow Associates to participate in intramurals, which adds

to our uniqueness and helps with the morale of the players on the field or in the court.

T H E F LO O R The Eta Tau chapter is proud to say that we are the only fraternity at the University of Kentucky that has the privilege of having one of the most unique and convenient houses on campus. In the fall of 2006, the University of Kentucky

Housing department provided the Floor with brand new furniture for the lobby, but the University didn’t stop there… A room that was being used as a storage room was converted into a Study Room. The Uni-

versity removed the beds from the room and furnished the room with study tables. The chapter’s Upsilon Associate class provided study lamps and stationery materials. This room is a great location to study, especially during finals week.

PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY University of Kentucky 575 Patterson Office Tower Lexington, KY 40506-0027 502-439-1955

Eta Tau - September 2007  

Eta Tau - September 2007 Newsletter

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