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October 2007

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity • University of Kentucky

Inside this issue: Special Points of Interest: • October brought with it a renewed sense of brotherhood in the chapter. • Associates have their Big Brothers now and are working towards Initiation.



What Are The Associates Up To?


ASTP Program


Events Coming This Spring


• Recent ASTP Program dealt with alcohol-related issues, plus the chapter’s expectations from alumni at such events. • Spring Recruitment, Alumni Golf Day, Rose Ball are some of the chapter events coming up this spring.

OCTOBER The month of October has brought with it an increased sense of brotherhood in the Eta Tau chapter. At the start of the semester, the Eta Tau’s members came to a unanimous agreement that the chapter was starting to lack strong brotherhood; therefore, we took the initiative to have brotherhood events that everyone would enjoy, not just a

handful of people, alienating the rest. Events such as a mid-

Hensley’s performance in the play, “Trifles,” and a couple of games of laser tag at Champs a few examples of what the chapter has done in terms of increasing brotherhood in the chapter.

night showing of “SAW IV,” going out to eat, attending our Associate Member, Andrew

W H AT A R E T H E A S S O C I AT E S U P T O ? Eta Tau’s Phi class was presented with their Big Brothers this month; here is who got who as a Big Brother: 1) Assoc. Andy Hensley got Daniel Burlew. 2) Assoc.

Chris Probus got Jonathan Walker. 3) Assoc. Gavin Jones got Kyle Auble. The Phi class continues to work towards Initiation. No doubt it’s been a long and slow road

for them, but with their Big Brothers behind them, the brothers are certain that they will all pull through successfully.

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ASTP PROGRAM Alcohol-related issues are something every Greek organization must deal with at some point or another. As mandated by Nationals, Eta Tau held its ASTP program recently, in which we discussed several issues that deal with alcohol (and the consequences). One thing that stuck with me about that discussion was a point the speak made, it was more of a question, but no one in the chapter, myself included had a definitive answer. Here’s a paraphrased version of the question: What does the chapter expect from the

alumni when it comes to alcohol-related events? It’s a loaded question, no doubt. The general consensus among the brothers (and Associates) was that alumni should set an example for the younger

ecutive Council is taking what we gathered from the ASTP program in hopes to come with ideas that we can improve the way our chapter deals with sensitive issues such as this one.

memb e r s when it comes t o events that present the consumption of alcohol. The most difficult thing about doing that is to give alumni enough time to clear their schedules so that they can attend the events, but the Ex-

As always, the chapter appreciates any and all alumni that participate in chapter events by simply being present at chapter events. In the coming weeks, Eta Tau’s Phi class will be having a few Associate class events where the brothers would be enjoy meeting alumni.

EVENTS COMING THIS SPRING The spring 2008 semester will start off with Spring Recruitment, the details of which will be sent out over the alumni listserve as soon as they’re made available by the Vice Archon. The spring Alumni Golf Day will be held this

spring, March.



Due to lack of funding, it wasn’t possible for the chapter to arrange a fall formal. However, the chapter has taken steps to get overdue members to pay up, therefore, now we will have a formal in

the spring—the Rose Ball. Daniel Burlew, the Social Chair is exploring different options for outof-town locations for the spring formal. If you have any suggestions regarding events, please feel free to let me know.

PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY University of Kentucky 575 Patterson Office Tower Lexington, KY 40506-0027 502-439-1955

Eta Tau - October 2007  

Eta Tau - October 2007 Newsletter

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