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Brothers partake in a memorable rush night poker tournament with potential new members.

RUSHING THE FUTURE Scott Sims #0272, Historian

Just as you once may have considered a fraternity a bunch of guys being out of control, you somehow overcame that sterotype and you decided to rush Pi Kappa Phi. Like the boys that became men before, with, or even after you, somehow by some unexplainable force, that sterotype was brought to it’s knees and conquered. This semester rushing men was even more difficult than it has been in past years. Due to the closure of San Francisco State University to new incoming freshmen and transfers, the Brothers here at Eta Omicron were forced to dig deep in their vast collective knowledge on how to rush differently. This past month the men were relentless on tabling in the quad, spreading out flyers to passerbys, and talking in their

classes to prospective neophytes. As the month progressed we had successfully earned the interest of over thirty-five men on campus. With an also very successful series of rush events, we were able to weed out the boys that were not intersted in brotherhood, and keep those that were, even more enticed. Finally at the culmination of rush week we invited twentyfour men to Associate Membership, which is a outstanding feat considering the odds that SFSU gave us at the beginning of the semester. Finally in the following weeks, after everyone that wanted to do so had accepted their invitation, we prepared their introduction into the world that is Pi Kappa Phi. Like anyone not knowing what to expect, this was a huge eyeopener for the men that would now

be called Associate Members of Pi Kappa Phi. They were exteremly happy that they made the right choice and they are ready to embark on their semester as an Associate Member. As one of our newest Associate Members, Kevin Kapanka puts the past month into perspective as he said that he “felt exteremly welcomed by all of the brothers, and that it has been one of best experiences of life so far. Everyone opened up to me and was ready to reach out and get to know me as I am ready to get to know them.” While this is just the beginning, you know that Eta Omicron will only allow the best to pass the finish line as we always have, and always will do. Yours in Pi Kappa Phi, Scott Sims – #0272

Eta Omicron - February 2010  
Eta Omicron - February 2010  

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