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Eta Observer ~ Volume 1, Issue 1 ~

Little Pi Kapp Day a Success

PUSH America receives recognition from JPC for philanthropic event Games and activities were accompanied by smiles and laughter, as the brothers of Eta Omicron held their bi-annual Little Pi Kapp Day at the Janet Pomeroy Center. Along with a barbeque, brothers played whiffle ball, soccer, and ping-pong with children participating in the Center’s after-school program. “I think the event went great. The kids had a great time and really enjoyed themselves,” said Lucas Cummings #259, the Fraternity’s current PUSH chairman responsible for coordinating the event, which emphasizes disability awareness and community service. The event marked an ongoing joint relationship between Eta Omicron, PUSH America, and the Janet Pomeroy Center (JPC) that dates back to 1991. The JPC’s Fall 2008 newsletter recognized that relationship, commending the positive effects that PUSH has had on the center and its facilities. According to the newsletter, throughout the 1990’s, Pi Kappa Phi played an active role as volunteers, building the Center’s amphitheater, greenhouse, garden areas, and select wheelchair ramps. “I think we have formed a great relationship with the JPC that

Brothers pose for a photo-op during Little Pi Kapp Day

will last for a long time,” Cummings noted. While Eta Omicron’s volunteer work has yielded lasting effects for the JPC, the relationship has also contributed to the Fraternity as well. “Interacting with the children not only improves our image on campus and in the community, but also changes the way that Brothers view the disabled.” said Chris Garretty #249, “It builds empathy among brothers because they gain a connection with the children.”

After Hiccup, Eta Omicron Crosses Alpha Epsilon Class Delay in the crossing of pins 269-282 has effects for all involved

Following an unexpected turn of events, Eta Omicron initiated its newest class into the house during the first week of February. The Ritual took place at a date much later than anticipated, due to fiscal complications from the fall semester. Heading into winter break, the Brothers expected to hold the Ritual upon their return to school in the last week of January. A surprise outcome at Oral Boards however, further delayed the crossing. Delaying the Ritual over winter break had quite an effect on the members of Alpha Epsilon class. “I felt like we were in limbo,” said Alec Baer #281. The Brothers felt the effects of the postponement as well, as it resulted in a turbulent start to the spring semester. “We

had to scramble to make things work, but in the end we pulled through as a house,” said Andrew Dinh #252. When the Ritual finally did take place, it proved to be a just finale for everyone involved, especially Alpha Epsilon. “The Ritual had a pretty profound effect on me,” noted Baer. Many of Baer’s newly crossed brothers shared similar thoughts, and for some, crossing over had an effect that extended beyond the eve of the Ritual. “For the first couple weeks, it was really surreal,” noted Serge Krasilovskiy #271. As for life as a newly crossed Brother, Krasilovskiy added, “I really enjoy being involved and seeing the other side of everything that the house does.”

Trevor Lillis – 269 Matt Lauderdale – 270 Serge Krasilovskiy – 271 Scott Sims – 272 Blake Porter – 273 Tom Maendle – 274 Eric Bigornia – 275 Frank Passantino – 276 Parul Gujral – 277 Tim Moyer – 278 Tommy Chavez – 279 Steven Werner – 280 Alec Baer – 281 Dillon Ashley – 282

The Eta Observer – Volume 1, Issue 1

A Fond Farewell from Eta Omicron’s Chapter Advisor Hello Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi Eta Omicron! What a great year I anticipate from our Active Brothers, and I hope each of you will be involved with their success and have a good time doing it. I'm sure each of you is looking forward to the 15 year as much as I am. The Actives are anxious about having it and making it one to remember. I've been the Chapter Advisor for well over the asked term and am planning the transition now. Fred Gonzalez (Chapter Advisor before me), helped make me very comfortable with my transition and I hope to do the same with introducing Tennyson Wilson to this "Third Decision" of volunteering. I hope my time spent with the young men has made a positive impact for a few of them. I've greatly enjoyed the challenge of playing a leadership role in the lives of these new Brothers, they've all changed mine. I'm working on starting anew with getting married this May and trying to start a few new ventures in my life. I leave this Active Chapter as Advisor at the end of this semester but not the Brotherhood until my last breath on Earth. Love in Pi Kappa Phi, -Eddie Madril

Depression Toughens Job Search for Graduating Seniors Prospects in government, business, and marketing fields look slim OPINION – Kai D. Feder #232 B.J.O.R.K.

non-profit funding. The result has not been pleasant. As economists debate over the expected depths of the In searching for a remedy, continuing education is an depression, my fellow graduating brothers and I are appealing option for some. While I was hoping to work for a experiencing the first-hand effects of our nation’s dreary fiscal couple years prior to applying for law school or PhD programs, condition. Indeed, the words “no job opportunities available at expediting my entrance into graduate school may prove to be this time,” are becoming all too familiar. Beyond the lack of the only choice. As for my fellow brothers still seeking their organizations hiring, bachelor degree, Graduating Seniors extensive layoffs have Tyrone Cullinen – B.A. – Major: Cinema, Minor: Marketing incorporating a second flooded the job market. Career Interests: Marketing, real estate investment, or sales major or a minor is a viable Applicants with advanced option. Doing so may Kai D. Feder – B.A. – Major: Poli Sci, Minor: Criminal Justice degrees and years of work Career Interests: Public policy, law, or government increase the overall costs of experience are seeking jobs a college education, that were once considered Edward Parker – B.S. – Business Management however it allows for Career Interests: Hospitality or travel industry entry-level positions. students to postpone the While my fellow brothers are facing dire circumstances accumulation of interest on their student loans, while also searching for jobs in the private sector, it’s looking even worse making themselves more competitive for a job market that will for myself as I seek work in the government and non-profit hopefully improve in the near future. As the country sectors. Decreased tax revenue resulting in extensive budget approaches a double-digit unemployment rate, we can only deficits has forced both San Francisco and California hope for an improvement in the economy. Hopefully it will government into a virtual hiring freeze. Furthermore, come sooner than later; craigslist and have diminished grant opportunities have tightened the noose on become unwelcome, frequented destinations.


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