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Alumni and Parent Newsletter Of the Epsilon Nu Chapter

Featured in this Issue: Active Brothers...................... Chartering PUSH Week Spring 2014 Spring 2014 Rush New Initiates New Alumni

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We Did It, We Chartered!

More memories of chartering to follow on page 2.

Chapter Statistics National Founding – December 10, 1904 Chapter Founding – February 27, 1982 Chapter Re-founding – November 16, 2013 Members as of April 2014: 26

SPRING 2014 Issue Alumni Newsletter Published by the Epsilon Nu Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein. Neither The Epsilon Nu Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, nor Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is liable for errors or omissions. © 2013

Executive Council for Spring 2014, Fall 2014 Term Archon – Jacob Brausch Vice Archon – Jace Bueno Treasurer – Daniel Ragland Secretary – Jacob Clarke Warden – Giovanni Quintanilla Historian – Ryan Lafazan Chaplain – Steven Rodriquez PUSH America Chairman – Cullen Herrington Standards Board Chairman – Brian Souza

Chapter Address

ALUMNI BROTHERS! Prepare for the long awaited return of the Alumni Softball Game! Date to be determined for this upcoming Fall 2014 semester!

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Pi Kappa Phi – Epsilon Nu – Chartering

Top: Jeryl Concepcion, Greg Parella, Cullen Herrington, and Erik Hallberg. Middle Left: Cullen Herrington and Jeryl Concepcion. Middle: Founding fathers posing with the charter. Bottom: Previous Archon Troy Petrunoff holding the charter.

Founding fathers taking a knee to sing "The Rose of Pi Kappa Phi"

Founding fathers and alumni posing for a picture.

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PUSH Update for Spring 2014 PUSH WEEK PUSH Week Spring 2014 went well. This Spring our competition between the PanHellenic Greek organizations brought major support which helped to bring in a record breaking sum over $2,000 for PUSH AMERICA to support people with disabilities! We give a huge thank you to Gamma Phi Beta for coming through strong all week long to win the competition and receive the PUSH Week prize of a commemorative trophy and a BBQ to thank the ladies for their support.

PUSH Schedule: Monday 4/7: PUSH-UPS FOR PUSH (10a-4p) Tuesday 4/8: Autism Awareness (10a-4p) Wednesday 4/9 Pedal for Push (8a-8p) Thursday 4/10: PIE A PI KAPP (11a-4p)

Big and little Carson Coats (Left) and Bobby Hubbard (Right) pie each other.

Members of the Sacramento State community pledge to remove the "R" word from their vocabulary. Actives and then associate members lining up to do Push-ups for Push America!

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Spring 2014 Rush:

Initiation Spring 2014

Brothers Jace Bueno, Greg Parella, Joe Xavier, and Ryan Lafazan (Left to Right) recruiting in the quad. Please welcome our Alpha class initiates! From left to right. We have Luke Ervin, Robert (Bobby Hubbard, Karl Perkins, Ben Cox, Noel Garcia, and Mandeep Singh.

New Alumni Spring 2014

Recruitment did a great job planning the activities for Spring rush


Archon – Jacob Brausch 1-916-220-6028 |

For Alumni looking to connect with other alumni, check out the Epsilon Nu Alumni Facebook Page!

Congratulations to our graduating seniors! Benjamin Chenkin and Greg Parella

Epsilon Nu Newsletter (Spring 2014)  
Epsilon Nu Newsletter (Spring 2014)