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Delta Tau Formal Newsletter April 05, 2007

Greetings Brothers, We have a few things coming up in the near future, mainly Paul's Walk and Alumni Weekend, we hope you find all the information you need. If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact us at the information at the bottom of the page. ABOUT PAUL'S WALK: Dear Brothers, Pi Kappa Phi has teamed up once against with Tri-Sigma to help battle ALS! We would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to the 2nd Annual Paul’s Walk for ALS. Last year, the 1st Annual Paul’s Walk not only raised awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) for both the JMU and Harrisonburg communities, but it also raised $9,200 for the ALS Association to fund research to help find a cure for this terrible disease. The $9,200 raised by Pi Kapp tripled the previous record for money raised by any JMU Greek philanthropy, setting a high water mark for all organizations to follow. It is a tremendous event which we are incredibly proud of that we would love to share with our alumni. Paul’s Walk is held as a tribute to Paul Massey, who battled ALS for five years; finally losing his battle on September 19, 2005. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative and fatal disease that attacks the motor neurons, making even the simplest movements – walking, speaking, gesturing – nearly impossible. Like all victims of ALS, Paul’s mind remained unaffected. He was a perpetually strong and loving husband to his wife, Sue, and father to his four children Amanda, Peter (JMU/Pi Kappa Phi ’05), Matthew, and Kristin. Event: Paul’s Walk for ALS Date: April 14, 2007 Time: 11:00 am (10:30 early check-in) Location: Festival Patio, James Madison University Distance: 5 km, or 3.1 miles Our goal for the 2nd Annual Paul’s Walk is to raise over $11,000 for the ALS Association and we can’t do it without our alumni support! Checks can be made payable to Paul’s Walk and mailed to Mary-Kate Barry, 859 Village Lane, Harrisonburg, VA

22801. If you would like to donate online, please visit our website at Immediately following the walk, there will be a silent auction and raffle. If anyone would like to donate an item to the silent auction or raffle, we would be immensely grateful. Also, after the conclusion of the walk there will be a party at our house on S. Liberty St, which will include food, beverages, and a live band for entertainment. There were some heavy operational costs incurred for the event; if you won’t be able to attend, any donations will go a long way. We would be honored if as many Pi Kapp alums came back for this event as possible. It is a great opportunity to build a bridge between the older brothers and the current Delta Tau’s. For further questions please email us at For registration and other donation updates, please visit our website at We look forward to your support and participation in order to help find a cure for ALS and solidify our Delta Tau chapter as the strongest fraternity on campus. Sincerely,

Matthew Plunket Co-Founder Pi Kappa Phi

Mary-Kate Barry Co-Founder Sigma Sigma Sigma

About Alumni Weekend:

This years Alumni Weekend is fast approaching. We look forward to seeing many of you there enjoying the nice weather and festivities. It will take place the weekend of April 21. We have a six way planned consisting of: Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Alpha, and Kappa Sigma. The party will be on Saturday the 21st and will take place behind 801 and 803 Forrest Hills. It is planned to start early that afternoon, so show up with early and have a good time. We will be having live entertainment provided by the band Another Level, “The Best Soul, Motown and R&B For Any Occasion”. You can check out there music at Let us know if you are expecting to come, so we can have somewhat of an idea of how many people are coming. See you there!

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Delta Tau Formal Newsletter February 27, 2007 Greetings From Delta Tau: Greetings Alumni Brethren, We are very excited to bring back our monthly newsletter in effort to grow a stronger relationship with you all. Our goal is to no longer feel distanced from our alumni, and we want to encourage full participation between active brothers and alum. We currently have a great deal planned for the future of our chapter and the newsletter should be a good way of keeping you all in the loop. This newsletter is the beginning of new opportunities for us all. For the active brothers, it is an opportunity to strengthen our history and brotherhood. For you alum, it is an opportunity to reunite old friendships and develop new and strong friendships with the active brothers. As the new Historian, I ask all of you to help me in strengthening our bond and brotherhood. I encourage all alumni to feel comfortable and welcome to send any updates, news, stories, ideas, concerns, or questions to the contact information on the bottom of the newsletter. Fraternally, Historian Evan VanDyke SECOND ANNUAL PAUL’S WALK FOR ALS: Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority have teamed up again to host the Second Annual Paul’s Walk 5k for ALS. The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2007 and includes a 5K walk, raffles, auctions and other festivities to raise money for the ALS Association - DC/MD/VA Chapter. Last years walk raised over $9,200 for ALS Research, more then tripling the previous record for money raised by any JMU Greek philanthropy. Paul’s Walk is a tremendous event we would be proud to share with all our alumni. We are hoping to break our own record and raise over $10,000 and we cannot do it without your help. Donations can be made on the Paul’s Walk website, which should be up and running by March 1, or can be sent to: Pi Kappa Phi 800 S. Main Street Harrisonburg Virginia, 22807 The event is being organized in memory of Paul Massey, loving husband, brother, and father of four, Amanda, Peter (Pi Kapp DT 601, JMU ’05), Matthew and Kristen, who lost his life in September 2005 honorably battling this debilitating disease.

For any questions or additional information, feel free to check our website,, or email us at Date: April 14, 2007 Location: Festival Patio, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va. Distance: 5 km, or 3.1 miles Check-in: 10:30-11:00 am Event Start: 11:00 am Plans For The Future: Alumni Weekend will be the weekend of April 21. Plans are still being developed for the event, but we will most likely have a party behind Forrest Hills with a band and plenty of beverages. April in Harrisonburg is beautiful and it should be a great time to catch up with old friends. More information about the weekend will be sent out in the March Newsletter. Jimmy Bonnell (DT 565) has contacted me and says he is beginning to plan the 5th Annual JB Golf Classic. This event raises lots of money for PUSH and should be a great time. No date has been set in stone, but Jimmy is shooting for August 11. We will keep you posted with more information in upcoming Newsletters. GREEK WEEK: The official “Greek Week” is coming up shortly after spring break. I’m sure a lot of you are asking yourselves what exactly this is, and that’s the whole point of this year’s event. This year, the fraternities and sororities will pair up in to teams and participate in various events to win points. We are making a point to pair chapters together who on a normal basis would never really hang out or mix. There is no decided theme yet but this year the big concentration is unity. All of the fraternities and sororities will be given a common shirt to where rather than everyone wearing their own letters. Our idea behind this is to promote Greek-life in general to the JMU community rather than conveying a popularity contest between all the chapters. Shak-a-thon is going to be a really popular event where each team sets up a shack out of cardboard boxes outside of Festival and must keep a certain amount of people living there for the entire week. This poverty-awareness cause and other events will hopefully really speak to the JMU campus, giving us credit for doing beneficial activities for the school. -Elliott Armstrong Housing For Next Year: Housing for our fraternity has been a concern ever since all fraternities were moved off campus a few years back. But next year we will be taking over the well-known Gingerbread House. Gingerbread House is easily the most recognizable house in Harrisonburg. It is located at 715 S. Main Street and is about one-block from the quad.

The House sleeps 26 people and we will now be able to have about 90% of our fraternity living in a house together. This is a great opportunity for us, for it will be a good way to increase our brotherhood, and make Pi Kapp one of the most recognizable fraternities at JMU. We will now be able to use housing as a means of recruitment, so this should give a bump to our active numbers. Feel free to come by next year and see the house! The New Executive Council: We are very excited about the newly elected Executive Council. The members consist of: Archon – David Hebda Vice President – Jeff Kawamoto Secretary – Tom Kelly Treasurer – Kyle Purcell Historian – Evan VanDyke Chaplain – C.J. Capizzi Warden – Patrick McCann **Note** If you know of any alumni would like to receive this bi-monthly newsletter, please e-mail their information to or if you would no longer like to receive this newsletter please write to titling the e-mail cancel.

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Delta Tau - Fall 2007  

Delta Tau - Fall 2007 Newsletter