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ALPHA PSIDELINES SPRING 2013 The Alpha Psidelines of Alpha Psi is published and printed by Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Headquarters through the alumni newsletter program. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity P.O. Box 240526 Charlotte, NC 28224 (800) 929-1904




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CHAPTER ARCHON Sam Wandolowski | Newsletter by Calvin Boots, Historian

LITTLE 500 With three returning cyclists and a promising and talented young group, this should be a strong year for Pi Kappa Phi Cycling. As captain, my goal this year was to turn around the image of Pi Kapp Cycling and also develop a strong training approach. The first step this year was getting the team into the weight room and on the bike as often as possible. All that pain is paying off now as we are logging faster times than previous years and feeling more comfortable than ever on the bike. The next step was to finally have a Pi Kapp Cycling jersey. Thanks to the support of our Alumni Board, our new uniforms (which are only available to riders) give young guys some incentive to ride and finally give us some recognition on the track and out on the road. Riding in a jersey that has our letters and looks good has really pushed us all to ride with more passion and intensity. We currently have five strong riders competing for our four final spots, and this competition has been huge in keeping us all focused. Our goals for this season include a top-five qualification time, top-15 team ranking in the Spring Series Events and a top-10 finish in the Little 500. While these are ambitious goals, we believe that they are within our reach and we look forward to gaining Pi Kappa Phi some respect this year on the track. by Michael Jank, Captain

PUSH AMERICA This year will be a big one for Push America and Pi Kappa Phi. We started the year out right with our dad’s weekend raising more than $1500 for Push America with our golf outing. All of the brothers had a great time, and it was a good way to give back and have fun at the same time. At the national Mid Year Leadership Conference, I learned what other chapters do to raise money and returned with a lot of good ideas. It was impressive to see that our brothers around the country are excited about Push America like we are. Some members of Alpha Psi are hoping to go to the Give-A-Push Weekend in Linwood, Kan., in the first week of March. We also plan to host a basketball tournament in the spring for everyone on campus to raise money and awareness for Push America. We have a “Pedal for Push” event in the works as well. Our brothers will ride a stationary bicycle for 24 consecutive hours in order to raise awareness for Push America. This will be very effective towards the end of the spring semester because it is cycling related when all of campus is looking forward to Little 500 in April. by Mitch Merritt, Push America Chairman

SPRING 2013 RUSH Rush is a time that Alpha Psi looks forward to each semester. It is the time of year to celebrate the brotherhood and to share the ideals of Pi Kappa Phi to all men on campus. We all remember the Rush process, and the members of Alpha Psi strive to provide a fully enlightening experience for young men who express interest in joining the brotherhood. Recruitment this year was a huge success, of which our chapter is very proud. This past fall semester’s recruitment was particularly successful. It kicked off with a fraternal call out meeting at Dunn Meadow where the Rush Committee first encountered most of the recruits. The number of gentlemen who showed interest in joining the chapter was astounding. With the help of the brothers, the Rush Committee recruited 43 young men to become associate members. We are proud to have completed the fall semester’s associate process and to welcome 33 outstanding new initiates to the brotherhood of Pi Kappa Phi. Spring recruitment is not as extensive as the fall, but Alpha Psi’s reputation around campus provides us with a larger base of interest from potential new associates than most other fraternities. This allowed the Rush Committee to invite 24 more young men to become spring associates who are on track to being initiated next fall. by Laurence Allen, Vice Archon

NEW INITIATE REACTION A change in "status" has happened at Alpha Psi with the members of the Beta Beta associate class being initiated. The Ritual of Initiation was extraordinary, and our months of hard work were worth the effort and dedication. The first night at the chapter house as "active" members was one of the best times we've had as we all sat back and relaxed because we made it! Waking up the day after the ROI was a memorable moment, because we were, indeed, brothers of Pi Kappa Phi. Being an associate put a lot of responsibility on my personal life and that of the other associates. As the associate class president, I definitely improved my organization and prioritization skills, including classes, studying, extracurricular activities and being a part of an outstanding IU fraternity. I have learned a great deal about leadership and being responsible for directing my peers and the efforts of our associate class. The associates who follow our class will also have one of the most memorable times of their lives. There will be a feeling of growing together as they assume responsibilities in the chapter. They, like we, will earn their entry into our Pi Kapp brotherhood. I hope everyone can see what being initiated really means. It isn't about what you get out of the fraternity, but what you put back into it for the next generation. So, thank you to all the alumni who have made the IU chapter of Pi Kappa Phi the outstanding brotherhood that exists today. by Johnny Madden, Associate Class President, Beta Beta

TRIP TO HEADQUARTERS I was fortunate to be able to accompany the new initiates from the fall 2012 associate class on the 11-hour bus ride to the National Headquarters on February 16-17. The history of Pi Kappa Phi and the Alpha Psi Chapter was presented to us by CEO Mark Timmes. This was followed by a tour of the facilities and a Push America presentation, focusing on Alpha Psi’s specific goals. Justin Angotti, assistant executive director of education and accountability, gave a presentation on risk management, which led to a sub-ritual. We had a discussion on how to improve the chapter with Chief Operating Officer Christian Wiggins and a great closing meeting with Ryan Lugabihl, director of chapter development, to discuss goals for the future of Alpha Psi. It was an inspiring weekend in Charlotte, N.C., for the new initiates. As a member living out next year, I look forward to the future years of success and leadership of these brothers within Alpha Psi. by Sam Wandolowski, Archon

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity P.O. Box 240526 Charlotte, NC 28224


LETTER FROM THE ARCHON The 2012-13 school year for Indiana University and Alpha Psi has been quite a success. We have been fortunate enough to implement a formal dinner every First Thursday of the month with guest speakers such as IFC President Andrew Esstman, IU Student Life and Learning Greek Advisor Michael Goodman, IU Student Life and Learning Ethics Board Advisor Hillary Zimmerman, IU Dean of Students H. Pete Goldsmith and Indiana State Senator Jim Merritt. Each speaker gave great presentations on the ethics and behaviors expected of true fraternity brothers and the new Lifeline and Hoosier Pact Laws passed by the Indiana State Legislature. It has been inspiring to see the changes in brothers’ attitudes and behaviors this year. We have truly had a phenomenal year of Brotherhood, Leadership and Culture change here at Alpha Psi. We have challenges ahead and goals to accomplish, but I expect great things for the future of this chapter and the leaders that continue to emerge. by Craig Wandolowski, Archon

Alpha Psi - Spring 2013 Newsletter  

Alpha Psidelines - Spring 2013

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