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The Almicron Newsletter of the Alpha Omicron Chapter

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New Members

Supreme Chapter New Members

We are excited to announce our fall 2017 23-man associate class.

The Gentleman of Pi Kappa Phi celebrate passing the first round of Yell Like Hell with the lovely women of Pi Beta Phi.

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Austin Roberts John Sloan Dallas McCarthy Ben Bryson Andy Van Slyke Zach Johnson Thomas Hugo Brian Hennesy Dawson Walters Austin Kollos Alec Mobley Alec Bergman Jake Tener Santiago Juarez Sam Johnson Nathan Phan Pablo Marin Robert Saltzman Kyle Osterhues Kevin Palarski Will Orme Carlos Cotes Tyler Despain


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New Executive Board

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After a tremendous year from our executive board, it was time to elect some fresh faces. While the old executive board “worked diligently to shoulder their full responsibilities as citizens”. The newly elected executive board is ready to take it one step further in bettering the fraternity as a whole. It is my pleasure to introduce you to our 2017 Alpha Omicron Executive board. Archon – Konnor Hodges Vice Archon External – Terrence Johnson Vice Archon internal – Adam Grimm Treasurer – Nolan Pyrz Secretary – John Sloan Warden Zach Erickson Historian Dallas McCarthy Chaplain – Blake Sweeney Philanthropy Stephen Gould Risk Management Ryan Wilson Standards Chair Tanner Jones Chapter Address

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Future Pi Kappa Phi President Alpha Omicron is blessed with having the first alumni as the president of Pi Kappa Phi. This summer during Supreme Chapter our very own Jeremy Galvin will be sworn into his new position. Jeremy is still part of the active chapter, he has been part of countless events which includes speaking

This summer, Chicago will be hosting

to the associate class on what it’s like to

Pi Kappa Phi’s Supreme Chapter.

be a Pi Kapp and taking part in the

Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Omicron is inviting

memorial service for our fallen brother Eric

everyone to attend not only Supreme

Almquist. Jeremy has been a part of the

Chapter but also a reception hosted by

national chapter as well serving countless

some of our alumni for Jeremy Galvin and

years on the Executive Board. We are very

his success on becoming president of

proud to call Jeremy Galvin a brother.

Alpha Omicron. We hope to see you all there on July 26-29, 2018.

Gear Up Florida We are proud to announce our very own chaplain Blake Sweeney, is preparing to participate in Gear up Florida but he needs your help. Blake is currently at $2200 dollars, but has a way to go until he reaches his goal. He is asking for any and every active and alumni Alpha Omicron to help him out!! You can find his donation page here.

The Executive Council posing with Bob Lane at Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers in Kansas City.

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Letter from our Chapter Advisor

Letter from the Archon Hello!

As we move into the Spring 2018 semester I could not be more excited about the direction and

It is quite exciting how quickly Alpha Omicron is

leadership we have at Alpha Omicron. The

growing, but one aspect we will not leave

undergraduate chapter continues to grow at a

behind is who we are as a chapter. The

healthy rate and with 23 Newly Initiated brothers

executive team and I will be working on building

they are poised to begin the journey of taking AO

better men along with building the chapter’s

back to where it should be, the top. While there

membership. At this moment in time we have 62

are many things to look forward to we must

members and are on our way to being classified

continue to realize that the climate of the Greek

as a “Large” fraternity on campus. This

Community nationwide is still under heavy

semester we will have 40 members living in the

scrutiny. Now, more than ever, we as alumni must

chapter house which is the most we have had

continue to lead and direct these young men in the

since our return to campus. We increased our

right direction. As I reflect on my first year as the

philanthropic involvement exponentially this

full-time Advisor for AO, I am pleased with what

past year whether that be through fundraising

we have been able to accomplish but am aware

for the Ability Experience or having quarterly

that there is lots of work ahead. If you have any

dinners with the local ARK Foundation. I hope

interest in giving back to AO as part of the Board

you all enjoyed this inside look at all the

of Alumni Advisors, please feel free to reach out to

wonderful things happing in the Alpha Omicron

me and we can discuss where your skills could be

Chapter and I can promise you there is more to

best utilized. I wish all of our Alumni from across


the country and world the best in 2018 and if you ever make it back to Ames, please feel free to


reach out! Konnor Hodges Josh Carper


Chapter Advisor


AO 1041


407 Welch Ave. 515-954-9721 Twitter: @ISUPKP Facebook: @PiKappaPhiISU Instagram: @pkpiowastate

The Almicron, Fall 2017  
The Almicron, Fall 2017