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continuing an ummer is always an exciting time at the National Headquarters. We celebrate the success of the recently completed school year. We welcome our new leadership consultants - young, energetic men, excited to meet and serve our undergraduate chapters. We gear up for our summer conference, whether a Pi Kapp College or a Supreme Chapter. Most importantly, though, we focus on the coming year and what we can do to ensure it is the most successful ever. This summer, I cannot help but be concerned about recent trends in the fraternity world. Over the past year, the overall rush numbers for men's fraternities have continued to drop. Understandably so as the fraternity system undergoes tremendous scrutiny from parents, university officials, and incoming freshman, all questioning the benefit of the Greek system. Fortunately, though, Pi Kappa Phi has been able to grow during this time when others are experiencing loss. It is very similar to our experiences during the Vietnam War era. While other fraternities were downsizing because of the war, we were expanding, becoming the fastest growing fraternity in the country. Time and time again, Pi Kappa Phi has accomplished the unexpected. When reading through the rest of this

issue of the Star & Lamp, be sure to stop on page 23 . There you will find a prospective member recommendation form. To ensure that we continue to buck the trend during this recession, I am going to ask for your help. If you know of a young man who will be attending college this fall, and feel he can prosper from the Pi Kappa Phi experience, please take the time to fill out and return the form . Your referral will go a long way in giving a young man that priceless experience, while at the same time, help continue our tradition of exceptional membership. This summer the Centennial Olympic Games will be held in Atlanta, demonstrating the dedication, work ethic and commitment of our Olympic athletes. At such times it is easy to forget the work of the thousands of individuals behind the scenes who make the Olympics possible. We are proud to share the stories of some of our own members who are making the Olympic dream come true. At the same time, let's not forget the "behind the scenes" work of our students, staff and alumni volunteers whose efforts help keep Pi Kappa Phi a positive experience on the college campus. In the following pages you will see examples of some of Pi Kappa Phi's members proving the value of the fraternity experience. I hope you enjoy the issue! Fraternally,


Contents COVER STORY GOING FOR THE GoAL: As attention turns to Atlanta this summer for the Olympic Games, Pi Kapp John Pierce works behind the scenes of Olympic soccer, filling the stands with millions of fans from across the world. Pages 2-4 P1 KAPPS RUN IORCJ-J: Several brothers in Pi Kappa Phi have the once in a lifetime opportunity to run the Olympic torch during its journey across the country. Page 4


phow by David Stoecklein, Aristocil, Inc.

ALUMNI NEws: Alumni continue to represent Pi Kappa Phi on campuses and communities across the country. Page 6-7 FROM PEN ro POSTAGE: The work of Pi Kappa Phi's very own Thomas Wolfe may be celebrated on a national scale as his fans push for a commemorative stamp honoring the anniversary of the writer's lOOth birthday. Pages 8-9 GoLDEN LEGION: Over a hundred men celebrate 50 years of membership in Pi Kappa Phi. Page 10- 11 BUILDING BROTHERHOOD: PUSH America remains an intricate part of Pi Kappa Phi's unique sense of brotherhood through service. The spring of 1996 brought hundreds of Pi Kapps around the country together in the name of service through PUSH America projects. Page 12-13 CHAPTER ETERNAL: The Star & Lamp remembers those brothers who have passed into the Chapter Eternal. Pages 14-15 P1 KAPPA PHI "DEVELOPs" NEW DEPARTMENT: JeffreyS. Boggan joins the national staff as Director of Advancement to oversee the Fraternity's new development department. Pages 15 CHARTERING: Southwest Texas State, Memphis and Colorado State join the Fraternity roster. Pages 16-17 CHAPTER NEws: Chapters highlight a successful spring. Page 18-21 SuPREME CHAPTER UPDATE: The National Council slate has been revised; the agenda is complete, and if you have yet to make your reservations, its not too late. Page 28-29

EDUCATION THE JouRNEY MOVES FORWARD: After one year, 33 collegiate chapters have signed on to the Journey project, the first-ever career conclaves were held, and the momentum continues to build. Page 5 ORDER OF THE LAMP: Pi Kappa Phi's brightest members enter the Fraternity's academic honor society. Page 22

Address corrections should be sent to Pi Kappa Phi, P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224

He won't be bringing home any medals, or standing before cheering crowds, but Pi Kapp John Pierce will be filling the stands this summer for Olympic soccer.



his summer, as the entire world turns its focus to Atlanta, Ga. for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, one Pi Kapp will be in the


planning 34 matches between teams from all over the globe. Originally from Budd Lake,.J~.. , Pierce graduated from Florida State University in 1990. Through his involvement in Pi Kappa Phi as an undergraduate, Pierce got his first taste of sporting events planning . As the chapter's PUSH Arrierica C airman, he planned a 5


er graduation, Pierce briefly worked e Atlanta Braves in their Ticket Sales

Offi e before coming back to the Fraternity PUSH America as special events director, responsible for the '91, '92, '93 and '94 o tours. NI reall e j,@ ed the working environent at tne ational Headquarters," Pierce


project. T -.1, <Q 19 ~ . u ht me a lot about being respon"1 remember how hectic it seemed sible for my own actions and not relying on at first," he recalled, "but the chapter Continued on page 4 2


Continued from page 2 others for supervision. Also, working with the Journey of Hope exposed me to planning large, high exposure events, which was great preparation for working with the Olympics." In 1994, Jack Tyson, former director of ticket sales for the Atlanta Braves, and current ACOG ticket sales director, contacted Pierce about a job opportunity with the Olympics. "I was excited about the chance to work on something of this magnitude," said Pierce. "The challenge was one of the reasons I chose to work for ACOG. The Olympics are a one-shot deal. There is no saying 'we'll do better next year: Every day brings something new to face." One of his biggest challenges was becoming acquainted with the game of soccer. "Before this job, I knew very little about soccer. Now, after many soccer conventions, 30 different games, and five soccer publication subscriptions, I'm an expert." In addition to keeping up with the soccer world, Pierce's job duties The 1996 Olympic Games will be the first soccer entail promotion, plancompetition ever played at Sanford Stadium at the University of Georgia. ning and marketing for

34 Olympic Soccer matches. In monetary terms, he is responsible for generating over $45 million in ticket revenue. For Pierce the only drawback to the job is the fact that once the Olympics end, so does his job. Despite the long hours and his pending unemployment, Pierce remains positive. "Its been a once in a lifetime experience, an incredible opportunity that I wouldn't trade for anything." After the Olympics are done, Pierce says he will take a vacation to Europe with his wife of three years, Kelley. Upon returning he will continue his job search. "I'd like to stay in sports marketing. However, it is going to be difficult to find a challenge equal to the Olympic Games."




Pi Kapps run torch


n June 8, 1996, Matt Reed (Toledo- Beta Iota) took part in the running of the Olympic Torch. Reed received the torch in a suburb of Toledo, Oh. and carried the flame for 4/10 of a mile. "This is easily the most memorable day of my life," said Reed, a junior majoring in Secondary Education. "It was exhilarating to see thousands of people lining the route to support the runners." The best part of the event? "Signing autographs and having kids ask to have their picture taken with me. It really felt great. Knowing that

I'll be able show my kids the torch and tell them about this day is the greatest feeling." Unfortunately, if the runners want to keep the torch they carried, they must purchase it for $275. Reed's brother, Dave, also a Pi Kapp at Toledo, bought the torch for him. t press time, two other Pi Kapps were scheduled to carry the Olympic Torch as it makes its way toward Atlanta for the Summer Games. Phil Tappy (Georgia- Lambda), who is a past national president and recipient of the Mr. Pi Kappa Phi Award in 1985, is set to run the torch on June 24th in Charlotte, N.C. While South Alabama (Gamma Phi) junior and 1995 Journey of Hope cyclist, Quint Hasenbein is scheduled to run the torch in Birmingham, Ala. on June 29th. --James O'Keefe



Matt Reed runs the Olympic torch. (photo by Warren Vess.)

moving forward


i Kappa Phi's commitment to excellence through the Journey project has completed its first year as a success. Thirty-three chapters of Pi Kappa Phi have taken on the challenge of the future of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity by signing on to the Journey Project in 1996. Seven of those chapters have been implemented as full Journey Chapters through an intensive weekend Journey Retreat facilitated by Pi Kappa Phi national staff members. The Spring began on a grand scale as the men of Alpha Omicron chapter at Iowa State University held the first Journey Implementation Retreat. Frank Wrenn, past Journey Director, Dr. Chip Voorneveld, College of Charleston Dean of Students and chairman of the Journey Advisory Team, along with Stephen Whitby, Journey Project Director,

all convened in Ames, Iowa, on a blizzardcovered Super Bowl weekend to provide the chapter with the tools necessary to utilize The Journey. "The facilitators were able to educate, inspire, and inform nearly 60 brothers with The Journey program," Troy Carmann, Alpha Omicron said. Career Conclaves organized by three Area Governor's this spring saw the turning of a new corner in alumni involvement. These new, enhanced conclaves took place in Areas III, VIII, and X. Area Governors Rob Benninghove, Ralph Foster and John Andrews invited ten Journey chapters to participate, and over 200 collegians assisted by 20 alumni focused on career and life planning. "This is an exciting opportunity for all of our alumni to get involved in the future of

our undergraduates, and to affect Pi Kappa Phi in a very finite and measurable way," David Adams, Director of Alumni Relations said. All three phases of the Journey project were implemented for the first time in the Spring of 1996. The first phase, Collegiate Success and Service, was begun by the eighteen Academic Coaches recruited around the country as mentors for our firstyear brothers. The second phase, Leadership and Personal Development, saw incredible success as the Covey Leadership Institute instructed over 250 of our undergraduate members. The third phase, Career and Life Planning, heralded a new level of alumni involvement and commitment to the future of our undergrads. The Journey has seen great successes in

its first year, and looks forward to leading Pi Kappa Phi into its 93rd year of being the nation's leading builder ofmen.

* ***


i Kappa Phi will become America's leading Fraternity -augmenting the education of America's finest men at campuses across the nation, through its uncompromising passion to maintain the lofty standards which teach all members the true meaning of brotherhood. SUMMER 1996


Toledo alumnus receives military promotion ance Talmage (Toledo- Beta Iota) was recently promoted to Brigadier General in the Army National Guard. Talmage has served in the Armed Forces for 28 years and is the Commander of the 112th Medical Brigade in Columbus, Oh. He was stationed in Munich, Germany during the Vietnam War where he served as a flight surgeon for the U.S. troops. In 1969, Talmage returned to the states and completed


Morehead recruits alumni M. "Sonny" Jones (Morehead . -Delta Eta) has I been elected chair of Morehead State's


committee. Jones has also served as past president of the MSU Alumni Association and is also a former board member of the MSU Foundation, Inc. Jones is not the only Pi Kapp to have a high profile on the Morehead, Ky. campus. Michael Mincey, another Morehead Pi Kapp serves as the university's vice president for Student Life.

Board of Regents. Jones, who earned his bachelor's degree from Morehead State University in 1974, had served as th e board's vice chair since 1994. Fi rst appointed as a regent in 1992, he recently headed the board's Student Life and External Relations 6


his residency and started practice in Toledo in 1973. As an undergraduate, Talmage served as warden of the Beta Iota chapter and was also active in IFC. He was also recognized with the Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities Award and served as the President of the 1960 Senior Class. Dr. Talmage is currently the Administrator for Toledo Hospital's Center for Women's Health. He also serves on the Board ofTrustees for the University ofToledo Alumni Association. Talmage resides in Toledo, Oh. with his wik Dee, who, coincidentally, was the chapter's Rose Queen in 1960.


* he cake pictured here was a gift from a cousin to Andrew SpeHar (George MasonZeta Epsilon). It was to be used as the groom's cake at SpeHar's wedding. However, none of the men in attendance,


including roughly 30 Pi Kapps, could bring themselves to cut into the cake. Hence, the cake left the reception untouched and is being saved for Zeta Epsilon's lOth Anniversary where, hopefully, the cake will be eaten. *

Former National President honored r. Phillip M. Summers, President of Vincennes University and former National President of Pi Kappa Phi, has been named a winner of Indiana University's Distinguished Alumni Service Award. Dr. Summers, along with five other winners this year, will be honored during the University's Cream and Crimson alumni weekend this summer. As a DASA winner, his portrait will hang in the Distinguished Alumni room of the Indiana Memorial Union. Dr. Summers, an initiate of Alpha Psi chapter at Indiana and current president of the chapter's alumni corporation, was


nominated by fellow Alpha Psi initiate Steve Sanders, Pi Kappa Phi's National Scholarship Chairman. In his letter of nomination, Sanders emphasized Dr. Summers' multiple roles as a respected figure in higher education, as a civic leader and as a devoted Pi Kappa Phi alumnus and volunteer. "It is no exaggeration to say that Phil is revered among all those, undergraduates and alumni, who have heard him speak of high standards and values, worked with him behind the scenes, or learned lessons of brotherhood around his piano," Sanders said. "Phil's presence is commanding, but his leadership style is warm and low-key." Supporting letters for the nomination were provided by Tracy Maddux, former executive vice president of Pi Kappa Phi Properties; former Pi Kappa Phi CEO Durward Owen; several Alpha Psi alumni; and administrators at Indiana and Vincennes Universities.


works for Hampshire Chemical Corporation as vice president and general manager of polymer operations. His job entails managing a global specialty dispersions and urethane chemicals business. The annual Outstanding Engineering Alumni Awards are the highest awards conferred by the Penn State College of Engineering. Only 164 men and women, out of more than 72,000 alumni world-


10 Years Zeta Gamma (North Dakota) 11-22-86

Zeta Delta (Shippensburg) 12-6-86

Zeta Epsilon (George Mason)

5 Years Eta Alpha (Concord)

wide,have received the honor during the thirty years since its inception.

75 Years Psi (Cornell)


Pi Kapp named 'outstanding engineer' Ronald Hoopes (Penn State Alpha Mu) was recently honored with Penn State's College of Engineering Outstanding Alumni Award. Hoopes received the award for his contributions to the engineering industry and his achievements as an industrial engineer. A 1955 graduate from Penn State, Hoopes earned his B.S. in industrial engineering. He currently

Contact your alumni associations regarding arrangements for your chapter's celebration.



Eta Beta (Indiana State) 11 -9-91

Eta Gamma (Colorado) 1-23-91

Eta Delta (Kennesaw State) 12-14-91

from to


the entirety of his first i Kappa Phi may soon find one of year in Chapel Hill. Understandably, after its own on millions of pieces his first year, he did not of mail. With the lOOth want to return to UNC. anniversary of the birth He did return, of author Thomas Wolfe however, a little more (North Carosure of lina - Kappa) himself, BY }AMES O'KEEFE approaching, relieved not MANAGING EDITOR the idea of a to be a Thomas Wolfe postage freshman anymore. With his new comfort level, stamp has stirred interest in many people he actively sought ways to get involved on hoping to recognize campus because, as he Wolfe for his many accomplishments during wrote to his mother, "it will never do to make his short life. the text book your god." Thomas Clayton Wolfe, a native of Mid-way through Asheville, N.C., arrived his sophomore year, he on the UNC campus for was approached by a his freshman year in group of young men 1916. The 16-year-old from a fraternity that seemed to go against the freshman was tall and lanky, weighing approxi- trends other fraternities mately 135 pounds. demonstrated on the Easily standing out from Chapel Hill campus. the rest of the student Instead of targetting the social elite and the body because of his height and awkward athletes, Pi Kappa Phi's mannerisms, Wolfe was Kappa Chapter was a target of riducule for actively seeking men



Brother Tom Wolfe as Buck Gavin in his first play, "The Return of Buck Gavin, " a tragedy of the mountain outlaw. (Courtesy of the Kappa chapter archives.)

who were destined to be campus leaders. Wolfe was a perfect fit. Initiated March 25, 1918 (Kappa #30), Wolfe was so enamored with the organization and the feelings of fellowship and recognition that Pi Kappa Phi offered, he later told his father that joining the Fraternity "is

greatest works. His premature death may have contributed to the fact that his name and his novels seem to be sinking into obscurity. Equally contributing to this trend is his style of writing. In contrast to popular modern literature, which depends on constant

the greatest thing I ever did and will mean much." Wolfe has meant equally as much to Pi Kappa Phi, providing an example of what all brothers offer - our own individual talents. Best known for his novel Look Homeward, Angel, Thomas Wolfe is considered by many to be one of the greatest American fiction writers. He published three other novels: Of Time and the River, The Web and the Rock, and You Can't Go Home Again.

action to maintain a reader's attention, Wolfe's novels are unconventional, thick with lengthy, poetic descriptions. Heavy with emotion, his prose often wanders and rambles. However, he never fails to mesmerize the reader with his enchanting style, constantly leaving

Unfortunately, his life was cut short at the age of 37 by a brain infection, leading many to believe h~ never had the chance to create his

them thirsty for more. Already recognized by Pi Kappa Phi as a Hall of Fame member for his successes as a member of the Frater-

nity, many scholars and literature fans feel Wolfe never received proper recognition for his contributions to American literature. Hence, the drive for a Thomas Wolfe postage stamp honoring the 100th anniversary of his birth, which falls in 2000, has begun. Heavily promoted by the Thomas Wolfe Society, the push for the Wolfe postage stamp is a noble undertaking in which all Pi Kapps can participate. To make this campaign a success, a show of public support is essential. By writing letters to government officials and to James C. Tolbert, Manager, Stamp Management, Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, U.S. Postal Service, 4 75 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, D.C.20260, Pi Kappa Phi can do its share to make the Wolfe stamp a reality, demonstrating the greatness of our Fraternity and our brother.


Joining the Fraternity is the greatest thing I ever did and will mean

much. --Thomas Wolfe

Portions printed were adapted from Look Homeward, A Life of Thomas Wolfe, written by David Herbert Donald, published in 1987 by Ballantine Books. SUMMER 1996


SO Years of Membership The Star & Lamp welcomes the following men into the Golden Legion of Pi Kappa Phi. They celebrated their 50th Pi Kapp anniversaries between June 1995 and June 1996. Charleston (Alpha)

Roanoake (cont.)

Alabama (cont.)

James W. Fleshman

Joseph H. Davis, Jr.

James E. Frye

James B. Ewing

G.F. Linkous II

Lee R. Flowers II

Melvin L. Linkous

Marshall J. Green

Harry E. Long

Douglas B. Hester

Theodore R. Bolchoz III

Philip J. Malouf

Sidney W. Jackson

Alan D. Horres

Louis J. Mullineaux

Maclin S. Kennemer II

Wilbur N. Looper

William R. Myers

Earl B. Parker

John R. McKinney

Joseph N. Payne

Henry H. Self

Harry E. Shaw II

Earl J. Quinn II

Gene H. Shewfelt

Presbyterian (Beta) Alexander Cruickshanks III William M. Cruickshanks Frank L. Perry II

Hugh Gower (left), recipient Robert McGreevey, and Bill Blackwell.

Duke (Mu) Welsford F. Bishpric James E. Gatling Norman G. Gibson James E. Hart II

Ed Thomson and recipient Don Whittemore.

John W. McConnell Robert D. McGreevey

Recipient Earl B. Parker and Hal Bloom.

Alabama (Omicron)

Buren E. Wells

Robert T. Matzen

Robert N. Bedsole

Durell Whiddon

Francis L. Merritt

Arthur P. Bell

Norman K. Nelson

Robert A. Brown

South Carolina

James L. Seay

James R. Childs


James T. Clememts

Edgar H. Agnew

Roanoake (Xi)

Truman K. Daniel

Frederick E. Brogdon

Charles W. Dyer

Walter H. Davis

William E. Collins

William B. Rauch

Allen W. Mead

Carol H. Segars

Marion J. Murray

Henry W. Couch

James A. Nisbet

Thomas N. Fowler

Davidson (Epsilon)

Louis M. Palles

William J. Griggs II

Harold D. Albright II

William A. Puett

Lewis M. Hough

George D. Barksdale

Fitzhugh T. Read

William E. Latture

Bryan L. Blackwell

Daniel W. Tyler

Ardeth T. Metier

James S. Blain

Abraham D. Walker

Richter H. Moore II

William E. Campbell

Don R. Whittemore

Henry B. Randolph

Clayton C. Carpenter

Ramon F. Sanchez

Kenneth B. Clary

Georgia Tech (Iota)

William C. Smith

Edwin G. Hardin

R.G. Bush

Hugh E. Vincent

William H. Lawrence

H.V. Fleming



Recipients Norman G. Gibson (left) and ]ames E. Hart, Jr.


Penn State (cont.)

Tennessee (cont.)

Ray E. Plymyer

Glen P. Reeder

William W. Quay

Thomas A. Savage Lawrence G. Simmons

Polytechnic (Alpha Xi)

Robert C. St. Clair

Howard A. Barber

John S. Tobias II

John Smellie

Left to right: Charlie Annstrong, Joe Tobias, Ray Ritter, recipient Jim Muir, Harry Henry, Ed Hoskins, and Tony Earl.

Albert B. Steele

Rensselaer (Alpha Tau)

Leonard P. Waterman

John P. Corrigan Nicholas P. Rusanowsky

Iowa State

James C. Wick

(Alpha Omicron)

Lewis H. Zimmerman

Auburn (cont.)

William E. Boyd

Donald A. Van Vleet

Augustus J. Hipp

William M. Carey

Leslie A. Willig

James W. Humpries

Keith L. Walker

(Alpha Upsilon)

John A. Perdue

Warren F. Wells

Robert E. Anderson


Illinois Tech.

N.C. State (Tau)

Purdue (cont.)

Charles V. Burleson Stetson (Chi) James E. Cochran


Conrad Summerlin

Thomas J. Deen

(Alpha Epsilon)

Russell J. Suther


Thomas R. Dunk

James A. Clemmons

(Alpha Sigma)

(Alpha Phi)

Fred 0 . Dickinson II

John A. Condon

Penn State (Alpha Mu)

Lon T. Anderson II

Donald L. Black

Robert G. Dinwiddie

Robert P. Ferreira

John M. Antolick

Dan C. Armstrong

Wilbur L. Burkhart

Charles W. Gunn

Edward A. Graeme

Samuel C. Heidersbach

Robert H. Auman

Harold E. Crawford

Arthur R. Dammkoehler

Gerald C. Berry

Arthur R. Evans II

Richard H. Eberhardt

Robert P. Jones

Oregon State

William F. Dietrich

Earl E. Goode II

Donald C. Gipple

Walter F. Malmborg

(Alpha Zeta)

Larry L. Gerwig

George W. Haynes

Edward J. Hennessy

William R. Martin

George E. Jaska

Raymond T. Moeller

Richard C. Jung

Douglass E. Holt

Joseph P. Jallits

Richard W. Lord

Edwin C. Hoskins

John A. Odrlin

Arthur N. Morris II

Samford (Alpha Eta)

John R. Mumma

Truett E. Lindner

Frank Pospisil

William P. Purtz

Hugh D. Claughton

Harold R. Norris

James R. Muir

Kenneth R. Wilson

Purdue (Omega)

James W. Justus II

Robert W. Wolf

Billy F. Masters

James C. Woodling

Louis W. Adams Bruce M. Bolding

Michigan State

Indiana (Alpha Psi)

Van Kent Heely

(Alpha Theta)

Joseph W. Drennan II

John Paul Jones

Robert A. Buys

James H. Knipp Eldon L. Knuth

Auburn (Alpha Iota)

Robert M. Ladd

Guy H. Alley

Paul K. Lawall

Wyley C. Burke

Robert W. MacBeth

Audie M. Christopher II

Philip G. Neff

Albert J. Collins

James} . Uebelhart

William D. Copeland

Edward M. Vana

William H. Eiland

Raymond Bush receives his Golden Legion certificate. SUMMER 1996




Held every year during the first three


weeks in March, PUSH Camps continue to be the ideal alternative to the traditional college spring break. The busy months of March and April are host to several Give-A-PUSH Weekends, providing opportunities for Pi Kappa Phi undergradutaes to get involved in the projects and programs of PUSH America. After six months on the road, the Kids on the Block Puppet Troupe concludes a succussful east coast tour. And, as the building projects of PUSH America are completed, the 1996 Journey of Hope Team prepares for its annual cross-country trek. A year of "building" brotherhood with PUSH America comes full circle.









PUSH Camps Undergraduates of Pi Kappa Phi volunteered a week to help make renovations and build additions to summer camps for children and adults with disabilities. The week was filled with hard work, but activities such as canoeing, boating, and high-ropes courses were scattered throughout the week. Camp fire discussions about issues facing people with disabilities help the volunteers to better understand their role in helping the special children and adults who enjoy the camps each summer.

undergraduates from all regions of the country. The "Weekend" is a three day construction project ranging from accessible playgrounds, to fishing and boat docks. The undergraduates volunteer their weekend to build the projects saving the organizations PUSH America serves thousands of dollars in labor costs. PUSH America also furnishes all materials and supplies for the weekend. PUSH America instills its motto of leadership through service into the undergraduates, whom are destined to become our country's future leaders.

Give-A-PUSH Weekends This year, Give-APUSH Weekends were held in every region of the country providing undergraduates the opportunity to participate in a classic PUSH America event. Fashioned after an old fashion "bam raising", Give-APUSH Weekends bring together

Team building at Camp KYSOC in March.

made up the troupe. The three men interned for PUSH America as puppeteers for the renowned Kids on the Block program. The troupe performed puppet shows to elementary school children, teaching them Rocky Mountain Village PUSH about the Camp in March. needs and concerns of Kic:ts on the Block people with disabiliThe Kids on the Block ties. The troupe puppet troupe reached more than completed a very 8,000 children with a successful east coast message of undertour in May. The standing and educatroupe, made up of tion. The Kids on the Pi Kappa Phi underBlock troupe received graduates traveled the media attention in entire east coast on a the cities they visited, six month tour. reaching more than Brad Fales, an 2.5 million people elementary through radio, education major newspaper, and from Florida television as well with Southern a message of underUniversity, Seth standing and educaFriedland, a tion. political science major at SUNYJourney of Hope Albany, and Mitch Plesha, an accounting major from the Miami University (Ohio)

The 1996 Journey of Hope team kicked-off the annual crosscountry trek with a goodbye celebration on June 10, 1996 at

the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. The team is 55 men strong consisting of cyclists and specialized support crew. The Journey of Hope team is on a mission to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities through the use of special events, the media, puppet shows, and presentations. The team will visit 102 overnight cities and traverse 22 states in a combined 7,500 mile campaign. The team will average 7 5 miles a day, and arrive 62 days later on August 10, 1996 in Washington, D.C. An average audience of 30 million people will read, see, and visit with the Journey of Hope team. These men representing colleges and universities nationwide are the best and brightest Pi Kappa Phi has to offer. For more information on the Journey of Hope, please contact Chris Orr at (704) 5227874.


SUMM ER 1996



heStar& Lamp regrets to report that between January 1996 and June 1996, the following brothers were reported to the National Headquarters as having passed on to the Chapter Eternal.

Charleston (Alpha) Charles W. Gould Presbyterian {Beta) John F. Winters California-Berkely (Gamma) Jack F. Dempsey Furman (Delta) Louis G. Forgione Glenn E. Turk Emory (Eta) Sam L. Laird Nebraska {Nu) Judd P. Brenton Roanoke (Xi) Kevin S. Midkiff Earl W. Pedrick Paul S. Weber Alabama (Omicron) Edwin W. Cooper Tony C. Houghton Herman W. Maddox Robert R. Till



NC State (Tau) Millard M. Fisher Thomas G. Smith

Mississippi {Alpha Lambda) Clay L. File

East Tennessee {Beta Omega) Glenn T. Edmonds

Illinois {Upsilon) Herman K. Merker

Penn State (Alpha Mu) Robert M. Atkinson Mark C. Clark

Troy State (Gamma Gamma) Steven F. Thomas

Stetson (Chi) Samuel C. Heidersbach Elliot L. Smith Cornell {Psi) Robert A. Rae Purdue {Omega) Mark B. Bates Steven J. Rudasics Mercer (Alpha Alpha) Lynward S. Lightner

Polytechnic (Alpha Xi) Henry E. LeMeur Iowa State (Alpha Omicron) Vernon F. Gammell Tennessee (Alpha Sigma) Louis M. Brockwell Odus R. Johnson

Oregon State (Alpha Zeta) Scott G. Lucas Perry H. Price

I.I.T. (Alpha Phi) Douglas H. Benton Warren S. Lenox

Samford (Alpha Eta) Charles W. Still

N.J.I.T. {Beta Alpha) Doyle E. Kavanaugh

Michigan State (Alpha Theta) F. Harold McDavid William E. Siebold

Drake (Beta Delta) Martin A. Radtke

Auburn {Alpha Iota) James E. Robbins Hugh W. Vann

Jack D. Holmes

Michigan (Alpha Kappa) Carl E. O'Mara

Florida State {Beta Eta)

Toledo (Beta Iota) John F. Kruszynski East Carolina {Beta Phi) William G. Alexander

UCLA {Eta Sigma) Michael Matsurra

*** Peter Schlendorf Peter Schlendorf, a founding father at

SUNY-Albany (Eta Xi), joined the Chapter Eternal on March 7, 1996. Schlendorf died of cardiac arrest in his Florida hotel room while on spring break with chapter brothers. He was 21 years old. His death brought national

attention to an overthe-counter dietary supplement called Ultimate Xphoria. His death is being attributed to the herbal dietary compound, which he and friends bought at a souvenir shop in Florida. The brothers of Eta Xi described Pete as "friendly and full of life." His presence in Pi Kappa Phi will be missed.


Jose Berenguer On March 23, 1996, 22-year-old Jose Berenguer (N.J.I.T. -Beta Alpha) joined the Chapter Eternal after a twoyear battle with Leukemia. Berenguer, a computer information systems major, pledged Pi Kappa Phi in 1993 and immediately became involved in leadership

roles in the chapter, serving the chapter as secretary in 1994. Tony Castillo, Beta Alpha's Chapter Advisor, described Jose as a "total optimist."


Russell Palmer Russell Palmer (East Tennessee State - Beta Omega) passed on to the Chapter Eternal on April 22, 1996. Palmer had been

fighting cancer for several years. Palmer was very involved with Pi Kappa Phi, serving as former chapter advisor for Winthrop (Epsilon Eta) . According to Brian Ruddick (Epsilon Eta), Russ was very influential in the members' lives and many brothers returned to attend the wake and funeral. "We all met Russ at a point in our lives when we had no idea

what we wanted," said Ruddick. "Russ provided silent guidance through his actions more than his words. He was the very ideal of brotherhood. We all miss Russ very much."




SouthwestTexas State chartered

o nApril12,

mystic bond of

became a colony in

advanced steadily.

1996, the men

brotherhood makes all

the spring of 1993 .

Allen Woody, national

of Eta Rho

men one." Forty-two

With the aid of

historian and Billy

chapter at

men were initiated

Jacobs, area governor, officers. Assistant Executive Director

Southwest Texas State

into Pi Kappa Phi after

Leadership Consultants Loren LaPorte,

University realized the

three years of charter-

James Benson and

meaning of their chapter motto - "The

ing efforts.

Evan Erickson, the associate chapter

The chapter

served as chartering

Jason Dodd, Senior Leadership Consultant Evan Erickson, and Director of Chapter Services Tom Sullivan represented the National Headquarters. Brothers from the University of Oklahoma (Alpha Gamma) and the University of Texas-Arlington

Three years of lutrd work resulted in Southwest Texas State becoming a chartered chapter this spting. Forty-two men were initiated.

Zeta Phi returns to Colorado State

(Delta Psi) assisted in the initiation ceremonies. Chris Duncan

eta Phi chapter

Area Governor Frank

at Colorado

Parrish acted as the

State achieved

chartering officers.

Robert Amerine was

who were with the

joined in the ceremonies by his father. Alumni initiates

chapter when chartering efforts began,

1996. After two years,

Assistant Executive Director Jason Dodd, Director of Chapter

46 men were initiated into the chapter.

Services Tom Sullivan, and Senior Leadership

Zeta Phi alumni and

Consultant Evan

and DJ James, both men had graduated

brothers from the University of Colorado-Boulder (Eta Gamma) assisted in the ritual at Christ United Methodist

Erickson represented the national staff at the ceremony. "Our brotherhood has always been strong," said Kimo

before chartering. Archon Bryan Clardy was initiated with his brother, Greg, an alumni initiate. Clardy was also

Church. National Secretary Pat Figley and

Bonnelycke. "But learning about the ritual completed the

named Fraternity President of the


rechartered status on March 22,

experience." Vice Archon

included Brad Rogers



and Rob Moffett, the only two initiates

fo und the moment the embodim ent of all the chapter's hard work. "It was like a dream come true for our chapter," Moffett said.


Forty new Pi Kapps were initiated into Zeta Phi clutpter during its reclutrtering in March. ......


Pi Kappa Phi goes to Memphis Saint Anne's Catholic

long series of events

Journey Director

included National

Stephen Whitby, all of

and difficult

Church. Archon Stephen

President and charter-

whom assisted in the

journey in the

Mosher found that

ing officer Jerry


experienced the ritual

being initiated with

Brewer, Gamma

of Pi Kappa Phi.

his father was a

Delta's Alumnus of the

Members from

learning experience.

Year and assistant

.6. Gamma Delta at the University of Memphis regained chartered status in April with 35 initiates.

Christian Brothers

"It was the ultimate

chartering officer Tom

University (Epsilon

way to let him know

Carter, Director of

Sigma) and the University of Tennes-

exactly what I was

Chapter Services Tom


joining and experienc-

Sullivan, Director of


see (Alpha Sigma)



t has been long an extremely


quest to regain our charter, but thanks to our dedication and perseverance we rose to meet the occasion," said Treasurer Craig Peterson. Gamma Delta at the University of Memphis completed their journey on April 26, 1996 as 35 members and three alumni initiates

performed the ritual at

The weekend

James O'Keefe, and



IIJ~~~ Charleston Alpha chapter received

Roanoke (cont.) the Interfraternity

Samford (cont.) April 20, the chapter

Michigan (cont.)

an award for best

Council Scholarship

implemented The

gramming, New

fund-raiser. Patrick


Journey and held the

Member Education,

area's first career

Campus Involvement,


Risk Management, and

Manning and Phillip


Ferderigos were


recognized for being

The men of Alpha

the only fraternity members at Charles-

Gamma received the first-ever President's

ton with a 4.0 this

Philanthropic Pro-

Alumni Programming. Troy State

Brother Nirav Shah

Brothers at Gamma Gamma held a week's

was elected the 1996

Trophy for chapter

semester. Chapter

excellence, which

worth of events to

Advisor, Sam Stafford,

included a $5000 cash

create awareness and

received College of

prize. The chapter

raise money for PUSH


won a total of six IFC

America. Events

The brothers of Alpha

awards this spring and

included a carnival

Sigma are in conten-

were recognized for

with area school

tion for a Master

being one of the first

children, and a benefit

Chapter Award and are

IFC organizations to

concert featuring

applying to become a

address multicult-

David Allan Coe. The

Journey Chapter. The

uralism in the Greek

chapter also held a

brothers hold the


"comedy club date party" this spring

offices of IFC President, IFC/ Panhellenic

featuring Jimmy

Liaison, Greek Week

Walker of Good Times.

Chairman, President

Illinois The 32-man chapter placed first in Greek Week in the largest

IFC Vice President of Internal Affairs.

of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity,

Greek System in the

Michigan Alpha Kappa Pi Kapps

SGA Undergraduate

country. The president

won awards for

Council, Orientation

and vice president of Pi Kapps at Oklahoma (Alpha Gamma) accept the first-ever President's Trophy from the University President David Boren.

Charleston's Advisor

the campus

of the Year Award.

G.A.M.M.A. Chapter

They also won Greek Week for the 14th

are from Upsilon chapter.

time in 19 years. Roanoke Brother Robert Lancaster of Xi chapter received the Interfraternity Council Outstanding Leadership Award. Justin Lathrop was awarded 18


Samford Alpha Eta was awarded for Best Chapter on campus and Outstanding Greek Male. The current student government president and the IFC president are both Pi Kapps. On

Kyle Pinkard of Troy State (Gamma Gamma) makes a new friend during the chapter's PUSH America carnival.

Southern Tech Epsilon Kappa brother Kris Allgood was elected SGA President while brothers Carl Hawthorne, Sean Wells, and Mike Moore were also elected to Council. Montevallo Gamma Omega was awarded the all-sports trophy this spring. Drexel The men of Alpha Upsilon placed second in overall GPA for fraternities. LaGrange Gamma Nu received the Austin P. Cook Tennessee (cont.)

Appalachian State

Seton Hall

Award for having the

Leader, and Campus

Aaron Bachenheimer

Epsilon Theta Archon

highest GPA among

Marc Manzo was

campus fraternities

Entertainment Board.

won Greek Male of the

Three brothers were

Year and was also

named President of

both semesters.

also recently inducted

inducted into Order of

the Spring Semester at

The brothers also

into the Order of Omega while another

Omega. Delta Zeta

a recent Greek Life

won Greek Week for

won Greek Week and

Awards Dinner.

the third year in a

was awarded the Order of Omega's Award of

had a very successful rush, almost doubling



their membership

Brothers at Epsilon

place in intramural flag football,

Iota won the Greek

voleyball and ulti-

Week trophy for the

mate frisbee.

with 19 quality men. Morehead State

row. They won first

Brothers at Delta Eta

Bowling Green State

tenth consecutive year.

have a newly-formed Alumni Corporation. They placed third in

Delta Sigma was awarded the Hollis A. Moore Community

Eric Seals was named IFC Greek Man of the Year and the chapter

Barton Zeta Tau Pi Kapps at Barton won Greek

Greek Week this year, and 11 new brothers were initiated.

Service Award for top community service hours on campus.

won the IFC award for overall Chapter Excellence.

Sing for the third year in a row. They also won the overall Greek SUMMER 1996


George Mason (cont.) of Omega Greek

Indiana State (cont.) the Vice President of

Honor Society. They

Programming, Re-

also won the Hooter's

search, and Records

Wing War, consuming

for Indiana State

over 1300 wings to capture the prize.

Union Board.

Ironically, the prize


was a free wing party

Five brothers at Eta

for the chapter.

Mu were elected to

Cal State-Chico Zeta Lambda Pi Kapps

Student Government Association Board.

won Greek Week for

Mason Randall was

positions on the Cal State-Fullerton (Zeta Rho) Pi Kapps

Barton (cont.) Week competition and

St. Joseph's (cont.) was recently recog-

the Collegiate Cup for

nized for outstanding

the second consecutive

elected SGA President,

winning nearly all

academic achievement

year. The chapter

Ben Sidbury was

intramural games. Zeta Tau also had the

by the Greek Commu-

donated over $1000 in

elected Executive

nity. He had the

silent auction goods

Secretary, Jeremy

largest recruitment on

highest GPA of any

for the local Boys' and

Verdone was elected

campus this year.

individual fraternity

Girls' Club, gave over

Executive Treasurer,

member with a 4.0

1,100 cans offood for

Clavin Morrison is the


cumulative average for

the Jesus Center, a

new Commuter

Brother Paul Patterson

spring 1995 when he

local soup kitchen and

Representative and

of Epsilon Lambda

was an associate

had over 63 percent of

Byron Phipps won the

was elected SGA

member and fall of

the membership

office of Sophomore Class President.

President, Patterson

1995 when he served

donate blood. The

was preceded by another Pi Kapp. The

as Vice Archon. The

chapter is looking

chapter placed second

forward to next year

chapter won the Intramural Champion

among academics for

and a "three-peat."

Arizona Beta Theta associate chapter brother Dan

Indiana State

Grove, a pre-med

fraternities on campus.

Award for the fifth time. The chapter also

George Mason Brothers at Zeta Epsilon won Greek

Brother Brent

major with a 4.0 GPA

Kilbourne of Eta Beta was awarded the

received Freshman Man of the Year. The

Sing and placed third

Sycamore Blue Ribbon

chapter also raised

overall for Greek Week. Three chapter

Award for contributing to the campus and the

over $1000 for PUSH America with a

team. The chapter lost.

members, Mohammed Elansary, Randy Pates and Bobby Barakat are

Terre Haute community. He serves Eta Beta as Vice Archon , is

successful Cow Bingo Event.

St. Joseph's Epsilon Tau chapter treasurer James Sebra

among the founders of the George Mason Chapter of the Order

a member of Leadership of Campus Organizations and is

promoted awareness for people with disabilities by challenging a local wheelchair basketball



LaGrange Pi Kapps dominate government

~~::!ea Nu)

Matt Hollingsworth as Men's Vice Presi-


dent, Jimmy Edwards as Secretary, and Matt


swept the student government elections. Every Pi Kapp who ran,

won the office they were seeking. Carey Taft won President,


Student Govemment Presidents Samford (Alpha Eta) Southem Tech (Epsilon Kappa) USC-Spartanburg (Epsilon Lambda) Wingate (E111 Mu)

Mitchell as Parliamentarian. Brothers

Intrarnurals Champions Presbyterian (Beta) Morehead SUlte (Del111 E111) Longwood (Epsilon Gamma) USC-SparUlrtburg (Epsilon Lambda) Barton (Zeta Tau)

Jeff Hornsby and Norm Thacker also won seats on the SGA Board of Senators.

IFC Presidents Samford (Alpha E111) Tennessee (Alpha Sigma)

Scholarship rewards and remembers chapter members ourtney Olive (Appalachian


Olive is a sopho-

State-Delta Zeta) received the Jabe Hardee Memorial Scholarship, named for an undergraduate brother at Appalachian State who was killed tragically in a drive-by shooting. Hardee's parents and

more Marketing major from Charlotte, N.C. He pledged in the fall of' 95 . Since then, he has held the position of scholarship chair and will hold the position of chapter historian this fall. He has a 3.45 cumulative GPA and

the chapter brothers formed a memorial scholarship in his honor. The annual scholarship of $1000

views being a member of Pi Kappa Phi as "a chance to take on a leadership role and learn more personal responsibility."

Undergrad receives scholarship


hilip Ferderigos (CharlestonAlpha) graduated Summa Cum Laude in May of 1996. He received his B.A. in Political Science from the College of Charleston. He also finished

is awarded to a brother who displays exemplary academic

a double minor in History and Sociology. Ferderigos heads to the University of South Carolina School of Law in August. USC-Law has provided him with a

effort, participates in fraternity events, and community service. A panel of alumni votes to determine the recipient.

$2,000 scholarship per year for his academic accomplishments. Scholarships are no stranger to Ferderigos, he also

won the Pi Kapp scholarship last year and was a recipient of the Harrison Randolph scholarship from the College of Charleston. He served Alpha chapter as scholarship chair, chaplain and

Greek Week Clwmpions Cltarleston (Alpha) lllinois (Upsilon) Colorado-Boulder (Eta Gamma) UNC-Greensboro (Epsilon Iota) Cal State-Chico (Zeta Lambda) Cal State-Fullerton (Ze111 Rho) Barton (Ze111 Tau) Outstanding Community Service Charleston (Alpha) North Carolina (Kappa) Bowling Green SUlte (Delta Sigma) Cal State-Chico (Ze111Lambda) Indiana SUlte (Eta Beta) Carnell (Psi)

vice archon. He is

Order of Omega Tennessee (Alpha Sigma) Appalachian State (Delta Zeta) George Mason (Zeta Epsilon)

currently on the Journey of Hope which he claims to be "one of the greatest accomplishments of my life."

Fraternity of the Year/Best Chapter/Chtlpter Excellence Oklahoma (Alpha Gamma) Samford (Alpha Eta) UNC-Greensboro (Epsilon Iota) Lenoir-Rhyne (Epsilon Rho) Averett (Zeta Chi) Cornell (Psi)

A member of the Order of Omega and Omicron Delta Kappa, Ferderigos concludes that Pi Kappa Phi has greatly influenced his life.

Outslimding Academic Achievements St. Joseph's (Epsilon Tau) Arizona (Beta Thew) Charleston (Alpha) Greek Mart of the Year Samford (Alpha E111) Appalachian (De/111 Zeta) Longwood (Epsilon Gamma) UNC-Greensboro (Epsilon Iota)

Presbyterian (Beta)

Kevin M. Woodard

Morehead State

Indiana State (Eta Beta)

John W. Harris, III 1)rler Lee Henson North Carolina (Kappa)

Iowa State (Alpha Omicron)

(Delta Eta) Shawn T. Bradley Bowling Green (Delta Sigma) Bryant J. Pickney Andrew R Schehr Brian E. Swab Pittsburgh (Delta Upsilon) Ryan S. Fischer David J. Liebman Bradley (Epsilon Mu) Brandon G. Keys

Chad D. Stevens Colorado (Eta Gamma) Zachary D. Moxcey Richard W. Wetz SUNY-Plattsburgh (Eta Kappa) Peter H. Van Bront SUNY-Brockport (Eta Lambda) Matthew Cady Wingate (Eta Mu) Jerry D. Dalton Jr. SUNY-Albany (Eta Xi) Keith L Ball San Fransisco State (Eta Omicron)

Jason A Musante Alabama (Omicron) Thomas E. Barton IV Illinois (Upsilon) Robert S. Layton Purdue (Omega) Craig Bohbrink Austin Carr Kyle J. Hilton Ryan Morris Craig Tompkins Mercer (Alpha Alpha) Timothy M. Downie Washington (Alpha Delta) Gregory J. Anderson Kyle Ren Florida (Alpha Epsilon) Matthew J. Adams Samford (Alpha Eta) Brandon C. Carr Brian Y. Griffin Clint D. Shadinger

Brian D. Lindaman Derek D. Nelson Kevin J. Sutherland Tennessee (Alpha Sigma) Bradley J. Milsaps Christopher J. Palmisano Rensselaer (Alpha Tau) John I..esica Jr. Missouri (Beta Epsilon) Lucas E. Wall Central Michigan (Beta Xi) Timothy D. Coleman Scott R Hand Ryan R. Meister Troy State (Gamma Gamma) Matthew A Singletary Joseph F. Young UNC - Wilmington (Gamma Theta) Jeffrey D. Moore Georgia Southern

Lenoir-Rhyne (Epsilon Rho) Steven M. Holst Ronald L. Ingram St. Joseph's (Epsilon Tau) Thomas C. McCermott James J. Sebra North Dakota

Craig G. Stadinger Merle L. Wade Jr. Michigan (Alpha Kappa) Jeffrey A. Bartz Daniel R Chudnof Daniel E. Fillion Edward A. Gerak Andrew R Hamilton Patrick Herek Brian M. Klobucher

(Gamma Kappa) Matt R. Adams Thomas J. Braswell, Jr. Philip J. Braun Timothy A Coughenour Frank Fee Doug McNew Eric Metz Marc S. Renna Jason R Reed Robert Shelor

(Zeta Gamma) Scott T. Gesinger William S. Ryan George Mason (Zeta Epsilon) Matthew M. Flanagan Clemson (Zeta Alpha) Rush P. Watson SUNY-Cortland (Zeta Omicron) Richard J. Boergers Colorado State (Zeta Phi) Adam B. Macy Robert R Tittle

Andrew J. Noble Russel Y. Ordonia Anthony M. Saur Mark A. Schmidt Arnaud D. Shah Nirav N. Shah Christopher A. Skaggs Brian Vivio Steven L. Warnke Arthur E. Weston

Gary A. Youngblood Missouri - Rolla (Gamma Lambda) Kelley W. Ireland Virginia Tech (Delta Alpha) Joshua M. Norton Appalachian State (Delta Zeta) Aaron H. Bachenheimer

Jason B. Woolard Albright (Zeta Chi) Christopher S. Bewley Joshua D. Diamond Robert W. Holliday Thomas S. Perry wuis J. Walters Daniel J. Wrona IUPUI (Zeta Psi) Sean A. Wibbenmeyer

David D. Graham Coastal Carolina (Eta Pi) Homer E. MacAbee Ill Mark J. Miller UClA (Eta Sigma) Christopher M. Brown MiarniAC Anthony Hutchison Peter R Ricci Minnesota AC Grant Schaffer UMBCAC Robert Woodside

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ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS Alabama Gulf Coast Alumni Assoc.-William H Ishee Central Alabama Alumni Assoc.-James B Beal Jr.-(205) 668-1931 Austin Area Alumni Association-PaulS Drake-(512) 219-0445 Greater Atlanta Alumni Assoc. -Mark F Christopher-(404) 9 34-6005 Dallas/Ft. Worth Alumni Assoc.-Steven M Kosta-(817) 572-7034 Des Moines Alumni Association-JohnS Kirk-(515) 226-0693(H) Greenwood Alumni Chapter-Charles M Watson Jr -(803) 229-2569 GreaterToledo Alumni Chapter-Gregory Lardinais -(419) 897-0020 Metroplex Alumni Association-MarkS Fehmer-(214) 348-8242 Montgomery Area Alumni Assoc.-Robert Clarklr -(334) 277-5817 North Jersey Alumni Association-Richard Nass-(201) 288-3594 IndianapolisAlumniAssociation-StephenKBarber-(317)326-2615 San Diego Alumni Association-Buzz Holdorf-(619) 439-6303

ALUMNI CHAPTERS A- Gregory Padgett-(803) 556-1106(H) r -Steven I Crase-(510) 778-8085(H) !-Frederick A Massey Sr.-( 404) 955-0174(H) K- Ed Pulliam-(919) 554-1050(H) A- Floyd L L.angston-(706) 237-3960(H) M-William D Fuqua-(706) 832-3914(H) N-Randall D Lorenzen-(402) 551-5077(H) :;;:-Mark D Edgell-(703) 774-3199(H) 0-Harry E Caldwell Jr.-(205) 988-0582(H) L-Michael T Lowman-(803) 750-7190(H) T- Robert L Lamphier Jr.-(919) 851-9090(H) X-Gary A Meadows-(904) 736-3255(H) '!'-JohnS Kirk-(515) 226-0693(H) Q- Mark V DeFabis-(317) 293-8609(H) AA- Ronny E Williams-(912) 471-6937(H) M-Derrick Rogers-(206) 255-1855(H) AE- Michael Mitchell-(813) 835-8462(H) AZ- Randall I Collis-(503) 687-2528(H) AH- Steven D L.ackey-(334) 342-3862(H) A0-Matthew I Shaheen-(312) 472-3216(H) AI-Daryl R Griswold-( 404) 636-2889(H) AK- Christopher R Meono-(313) 930-1596(H) AM- Kevin K Murphy-(610) 488-0417(H) AO-Kelley A Bergstrom-(708) 256-2687(H) AP-Patrick E Farley-(412) 681-5269(H) AT-Michael N Desmarais AY-Frederick W Schmeh-(215) 777-0488(H) Act>-Gregory I Pleszkun-(708) 403-7372(H) BA- Timothy C Foster-(704) 868-9361 (H) BE-Shann W Parker BH-Gary KVaughn(904) 893-8896(H) BM- C M Adrian-( 601) 324-7255(H) BT Club-Jonathan Scott-(704) 333-6766 BY- Leroy R Hamlett Jr.-(804) 973-6557(H) Bct>-Scott Smith-(703) 370-4553(H) r A- Joseph L Alexander-(205) 392-4739(H) rB-Paul Dickson-(703) 362-3577(H) rr- David B Dorsey-(334) 262-5211(H) rE- james M Reece- (919) 765-8988(H) EA-John Harris, Jr. (803) 542-2560(H)

ASSOCIATE CHAPTERS Ariwna cfo Jennifer Jones Dept of Student Programs Student Union 101 Tucson, AZ 85721 Ariwna State P.O. Box 2226 Tempe, AZ 85281 Kentucky cfo Jay McCoy 575 Patterson Office Tower Lexington, KY 40506 Miami of Ohio PO Box615 Oxford, OH 45056 Minnesota cfo Randy Stillinger 603 Washington SE #518 Minneapolis, MN 55414 Mississippi cfo Bryan Barksdale Division of Student Affairs Room 406, Union Universtiy of Mississippi Oxford, MS 38677 Sacramento State 2348 Villanova Cr #1 Sacramento, CA 95825 Stetson cfo Harry Mdntosh 792 Little Wekiwa Drive Altamonte Springs, FL32714 Texas-Austin Texas Union# 154 P.O . Box 7338 Austin, 1X 78713 UMBC 139 S. Symington Apt. A Cantonsville, MD 21228



NATIONAL BOARD MEMBERS Pi Kappa Phi National Council President Jerry T. Brewer (Sigma-South Carolina) Director of Student Life USC-Russell House, Ste. 109 Columbia, SC 29208 Vice President Nathan Hightower (Omicron-Alabama) P.O. Box 1669 Clearwater, FL 34617 Treasurer Harry E. Caldwell, Jr. (Omicron-Alabama) 985 Valley View Road Indian Springs, AL 35124 Secretary J. Patrick Figley, D.Min. (Chi-Stetson) Peninsular Counseling Center 2819 Horatio Street Tampa, FL 33609 Historian Allen Woody (Xi-Roanoke) P.O. Box 538 Montvale, VA 24122 Chaplain W. Stuart Hicks (Kappa-North Carolina) 604 Laurel Ave. Wilmette, IL 60091 Chancellor David Lane (Omega-Purdue) Venable, Baetjer and Howard Suite 400 2010 Corporate Ridge Drive McLean, VA 22101

Pi Kappa Phi Foundation Trustees Chairman Lonnie Strickland 1 Old Northriver Point Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 Secretary/Treasurer L. Clay Edmonds 5214 Maryland Way, Ste. 310 Brookwood, TN 37027

Frank L. Lane 8800 Roswell Rd . Ste. 265 Atlanta, GA 30350



Bruce Rogers One Tabor Center 1200 Seventeenth St. Ste. 1500 Denver, CO 80202 Parker H. Petit 1850 Parkway Place Marietta, GA 30067-8274 Kelley A. Bergstrom 714 Roger Avenue Kenilworth, !L 60043 Eldred J. Harman 867 Sunrise Blvd. Waterloo, lA 50701 Stephen DePalma 200 Route 9, P.O. Box 1149 Manalapan, NJ 07726 Tom Carter 2908 Pine Needle Drive Elliot City, MD 21042 Jerry Brewer USC-Russell House Columbia, SC 29208 Pi Kappa Phi Properties Board of Directors Chairman J. Ernest Johnson 811 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 1650 Los Angeles, CA 90017 Vice President Gregory V. Linder 4495 Saquaro Trail Indianapolis, IN 46268 Secretary Mark F. Jacobs 1 American Square, Ste. 2215 Indianapolis, IN 46282 Treasurer Benjamin M. Guion 8604 Cliff Cameron Drive Ste. 100 Charlotte, NC 28269 Member-at-Large Jay J. Stucke! 6157 Kerth Road St. Louis, MO 63128 Member-at-Large Robert J. Paterno 700 NE 90th Street, Ste. B Miami, FL. 33138

PUSH America Board of Directors President Gregory L. Ball 11121 Carmel Commons Blvd. Ste. 400 Charlotte, NC 28226 Vice President Dr. Richard B. Voorneveld College of Charleston Office of Student Affairs Charleston, SC 29424 Treasurer Dudley F. Woody P.O. Box 14125 Roanoake, VA 24038-4125 Secretary Robert McDonnell 212 S. Tryon Street, Ste. 980 Charlotte, NC 28281 Member-at-Large Regina Moody 427 E. Wilkinson Blvd. Belmont, NC 28012

Charles P. Adams One Leadership Place P.O. Box 28800 Greensboro, NC 28800 Edward L. Corson 3519 Verona Trail Roanoake, VA 24018 J. Patrick Figley 2819 Horatio Street Tampa, FL 33609 Gail Glasser Campus Box 1076 One Brookings Drive St. Louis, MO 63130 Whit Gravely 4411 Plantation Road NE Roanoake, VA 24012 Gary A. Leonard 17 44 Praters Point Dacula, GA 30211 Kevin K. Murphy P.O. Box 212 Reading, PA 19603-0212 Leslie Paliyenko 345 N. College Street Charlotte, NC 28202

Dr. Arthur J. Quickenton Appalachian State University Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction Boone, NC 28608 Michael W. Rilenge 1481 West lOth Street Indianapolis, IN 46202 James S. Stump, Jr. 10038 Woodview Circle Charlotte, NC 28277 Robert E. Welsh P.O. Box 12668 Austin, TX 78711-2668



Alumni Relations: Frank Havard 2094 Forest Meadows Circle Birmingham, AL 35242

National Headquarters P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224 (704)523-6000; FAX: (704)521-8962 email: http:/ /www.pikapp .org Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Timmes Assistant Executive Director Jason K. Dodd Journey Director Stephen Whitby Director of Expansion Matthew Pefia Director of Chapter Services Thomas Sullivan Director of Communications James P. O'Keefe Director of Marketing and Public Relations Jennifer L. Armstrong Director of Finance Pamela Meachum Executive Director Emeritus Durward Owen Leadership Consultants Thomas Atwood, Jeff Eso la, Jon Jordan, David Sullivan, Todd Wangler Office Manager Nancy Larsen Support Staff Executive Secretary Li nda Littlejohn, Membership/ Records Director Cindy Howell, Chapter Supplies Director Lue Casto, Bookkeeper Thea Polito and Receptionist Robin Peralta Administrative Interns Jeff Brady, Lia Chmiel

Education: Glenn Dickson 320 Southwind Ct #109 North Palm Beach, FL 33408 Investment (pro tern): Harry E. Caldwell, Jr. 985 Valley View Road Indian Springs, AL 35124 Nomination: Phillip M. Summers Office of the President Vincennes University 1002 N. First Street Vincennes, IN 47591 Ritual & Insignia: David H. Vawter 441 D South Linden Ave. Waynesboro, VA 22980 Scholarship: Steve Sanders Kirkwood Hall 104 Bloomington, IN 47405






Thomas Wilson 23 Kimberly Lane Morrisonvi lle, NY 12962 Norman Mawby 7 Co nstance Dr. Glen Riddle-Lima, PA 19037 Rob Benninghove 5802 Orchard Hill Ln. Clifton, VA 22024 Dr. Arthur J. Quickenton 390 Meadowview Dr. Boone, NC 28607 Chuck Watson P.O. Drawer 799 Greenwood, SC 29648 Ronald J. deValinger 910 Fifth Ave. Albany, GA 31701 J. Jeffry Wahlen P.O. Box 391 Tallahassee, FL 32302 Ralph S. Foster 210 Mell Hall Auburn Univ, AL 36849-5607 Jeffrey Luebker 5825 N. Wi nthrop Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46220-263 John R. Andrews 3201 E. 33rd St. Sioux Fall, SD 57103 Billy L. Jacobs 4335 Vine Ridge Ct. Arlington, TX 76017 Dr. Frank M. Parrish 77 42 S. Harrison Circle Littleton, CO 80122 Robert E. Langbein 1557 Douglas Drive El Cerito, CA 94 703

Pi Kappa Phi Foundation P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224 (704) 523-6000; email: alumexpand@aol. com Chairman Lonnie Strickland 1 O ld Northriver Point Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Timmes Director of Advancement Jeffrey S. Boggan Director of Alumni Relations David R. Adams Administrative Assistant Betsie Fehr Pi Kappa Phi Properties P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224 (704) 523-6000; email: Chairman Ernest Johnson PM Realty Group 444 S. Flower St. Suite 1730 Los Angeles, CA 90071 Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Timmes Executive Vice President Evan Erickson Administrative Assistant Betsie Fehr PUSH America P.O. Box 241368, Cha rlotte, NC 28224 (704)522-PUSH (7874); FAX: (704)521-8962 email: President Gregory L. Ball American Red Cross M-11121 Carmel Commons Blvd., Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28226 Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Timmes Executive Director Sally Schafer McArd le Special Events Director Chris Orr Director of Projects and Grants Eric Schmidhausler Director of Chapter Services James Lawson Director of Public Relations Da ll as O lson Administrative Assistant Terrie Smith Associate Chad Nicholas Journey of Hope Project Managers George del Prado, Nelson Wong Public Reltions Intern Chris Palmisano




' 11~~1.4t I .X~.


National Council slate update The nominating committee has made the following recommendations for new National Council members. The Star & Lamp regrets the accidental omission of the National Chancellor candidate in the spring issue. National President The committee has selected attorney Nathan Hightower of Clearwater, Fla., Alabama (Omicron). He currently serves as national vice president and was former national treasurer, national secretary, and national chancellor. National Vice President Dr. Pat Figley, Stetson (Chi), a minister and counselor in Tampa, Fla. has been slated. He is the current national secretary and former national chaplain. National Treasurer Harry Caldwell, Alabama (Omicron), is a Harvard M.B.A. graduate. He is the president of a consulting firm in Birmingham, Ala. Currently serving as national treasurer, he is a former national secretary, area governor, chapter advisor.

National Secretary Los Angeles resident Ernest Johnson, Auburn (Alpha Iota) is slated for Secretary. He is an executive with PM Realty Group. He currently serves as the president of Pi Kappa Phi Properties and is a former national staff member. Jeff NiedenthaL Florida State (Beta Eta), a retired U.S. Naval Officer from Fairfax, Va. is also slated. He is currently a principal analyst with Logicon, Inc. and the chapter advisor for George Mason (Zeta Epsilon). He was formerly commanding officer, U.S.S. Pensacola; chief staff officer, Amphibious Squadron Eight; and deputy director/dean of students at USMC Command and Staff College. National Historian Past National Council member-at-large Jim Krucher, N.J.I.T. (Beta Alpha) is slated. He is a three-time winner of Area Governor of the Year and is a Beta Circle Award recipient. He is director of information technology at Troy Corp. in Clifton, N.J. National Chaplain Sioux Falls, S.D., resident John Andrews, Northeast Missouri (Delta Delta) is slated. Currently Area X Governor, he is the executive director for the Boy Scouts of America. He helped organize the Delta Delta Housing Corp., which won 1995 Housing Corp. of the Year. Also slated is Area IX Governor Jeff Luebker, a charter member at Bradley (Epsilon Mu) . He is a midwest area leasing manager for Heitman Properties Ltd. in Indianapolis.

Dr. Pat Figley (Secretary), Allen Woody (Historian), Harry Caldwell

(Treasurer), CEO Mark E. Timmes, W. Stuart Hicks (Chaplain) , Nathan Hightower (Vice President}, and Jerry Brewer (President) have been serving as the National Council of Pi Kappa Phi since the 44th Supreme Chapter. (David Lane, National Chancellor, not pictured.) 28


National Chancellor Robert Glenn, Washington & Lee (Rho), is an attorney with Glenn, Flippin, Feldman & Darby in Roanoke, Va. and is a retired USAF officer and judge advocate.


UISUO rom August 10


through 14,

Pi Kappa Phi

celebrates its 45th Supreme Chapter in the city by the bay. Its not too late to make your reservations. An exciting schedule of events is planned, including a spouses program, a harbor cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge and an Oakland A's baseball game. Contact the National Headquarters at {704)523-6000 for registration materials. Call the Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Airport Hotel for accommodations at (800}233-1234.

Next Issue Georgia Tech (Iota) completes its three year, $1 .5 million chapter house campaign and opens the doors of the new chapter house exclusively for the Star & Lamp. I