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The Mid-Year Leadership Conference... makes me proud to be a Pi Kapp. I just wish my entire chapter could attend this. I can't wait to convey my new knowledge and excitement to my chapter." "I enjoyed the Ritual talk with [Dave]Vawter (right). We have so much to learn from our ritual and need someone to teach us the true meaning of it." "I think the Leadership and Motivation seminar with Frank Havard (left) was one of the most interesting and informative ofthe conference. He was an excellent speaker and his ideas were very useful." - Attendees at the Mid-Year Leadership Conference.

National Council adopts position on AIDS

PUSHing past the 'play unit' Fraternity's service project seeks to broaden its horizons Pi Kappa Phi's national service project is in an exciting period of transition - PUSH is reaching beyond the traditional play unit to better serve those with severe handicaps. The most obvious change is in the organization's name.PUSH no longer stands for "Play Units for the Severely Handicapped" but for "People Understanding the Severely Handicapped." "The best way to serve the severely handicapped is to first understand their needs," said Ken Kaiser, acting executive director of PUSH."The name change better represents what we are doing to accomplish this." But most important are the new directions supporting the name change. PUSH is broadening its mission through two new programs, "Partnership Grants" and the "PUSH Academy." "PUSH has grown to be much more than

play units," Kaiser said. "There are other environmental needs we can address in serving the handicapped, be it a bedroom or an outdoor area." While the traditional PUSH placements will continue, the organization is successfully involved in other projects as well. For example, PUSH recently donated an adaptive computer to the Gateway Educational Center in Greensboro, N.C., as a result of fund-raising efforts by Epsilon Iota ChapterUniversity of North Carolina-Greensboro. By interacting with the specially designed computer, the children can learn through an enjoyable and stimulating process.The children benefit in many ofthe ways they would from a traditional play unit. This success has helped launch a new PUSH program called Partnership Grants. A chapter that has established a good relationship with a local mental retardation facility

may apply for a grant to fulfill any number of needs at that facility, like Gateway's adaptive computer. The program also givesPUSH the chance to explore new areas of adaptive placements and gives chapters more opportunity to see

see FIRST-EVER, page 10

Foundation's Annual Appeal changes calendars "No more confusion" is the versity topped the list with 104 reason for the change from a 10.6%- Missed One Year or More alumni giving $3,395. Alpha school year to a calendar year for Epsilon Chapter-University of the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation's Florida had the second highest annual fund raising effort, said number of contributing alumni Durward Owen, secretary to the with 98 for $4,729(see listing, Board of Trustees. page 8). The 1988 Annual Appeal While the most common campaign ended on Dec. 31,rather gift is by check, there are sevthan concluding on June 30 as an eral ways to give to the Founda'88-'89 campaign. Changing to a tion, including gifts of stocks calendar year should help avoid 73.6%- Gave Last Year and bonds, real estate or other confusion in soliciting alumni, property,wills and bequests and Owen said. life insurance. All of these type The first Annual Appeal gifts are tax-exempt through the mailing ofthe 1989campaign will Foundation. be received by alumni in late March. These alumni contributed $101,388, a 15.1 "Join with the participating alumni and "You alumni done good"in the abbrevipercent increase.The average gift was$36.90 send in your 1989 check now if you will. ated '88 program, Owen said. Pi Kappa Phi (see listing, pages 6 and 7). Likewise, I welcome any questions regardalumni,numbering 2,748,contributed an inSeven chapters had 80 or more alumni ing the Annual Appeal or your chapter or crease of 5.7 percent over the previous year. giving. Alpha Upsilon Chapter-Drexel UniFraternity," Owen says.



Changes in address If your son is not a student should be promptly and no longer lives at forwarded to: home, please notify: The Star & Lamp,PO Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224.

Citing alarming statistics by the National Center for Disease Control(CDC),the National Council of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity adopted a statement of position on AIDS, pledging to "support any brother who might contract AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases." The statement of position recognizes the growing potential among college students, and thus among the Fraternity's membership,of contracting the AIDS virus. The statement was adopted at the National Council's Jan.28 meeting in Charlotte,N.C. In a preliminary report, the CDC estimated that three of every 1,000 college students test positive for the AIDS virus. The finding came from 1,000 anonymous blood samples from each of 20 colleges. Pi Kappa Phi's new policy says that the Fraternity "cannot be complacent in the issue of AIDS. ...its role must be to: •inform our membership to the fullest extent possible about the communication of the AIDS virus; •educate our membership about what precautions can and should be taken; •establish an attitudinal framework in the event the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic were to openly enter our membership." A series of bulletins is being prepared, and the advertising team of LoefflerMountjoy - which produced the Fraternity's award winning posters on alcohol abuse and date rape, among others - is designing a poster addressing sexually transmitted diseases. Because the medical and ethical issues surrounding an AIDS victim are unique to the individual, each incident, as it occurs, will be dealt with on an individual basis. The statement puts Pi Kappa Phi on the forefront of the fraternity world in addressing AIDS and the issue ofsexually-transmitted diseases.

The Star & Lamp(USPS 519000)is published quarterly by PI Kappa Phi Fraternity at 7017 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, NC. Second class postage paid at Charlotte, NC. POSTMASTER send address changes to The Star & Lamp,PO Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224.

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VallIESASSUES Purchasing group's policy having national impact on Greek campuses Editor s note: This is the last part of a two part series on Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group,Inc. Part One explained the risk management policy and the reasons behind it. Part Two addresses the role of FIPG as an interfraternity organization and how it operates. More and more fraternities, local interfraternity councils and national interfraternal organizations are adopting the Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group's risk management policy, making FIPG a"chapter household word." Since FIPG,Inc.'s formation nearly two years ago,22 national fraternities havejoined the purchasing group, and five fraternities have adopted the group's risk management policy without becoming members. Numerous interfraternity councils and school administrators have put the policy in effect on their campuses,some with no FIPG-member fraternities on campus. And the Fraternity Executives Association and National Interfraternity Council have approved FIPG and have adopted similar risk management policies. A recent survey estimated that 60 percent of all fraternity chapters in North America are subject to the FIPG risk management policy. That number is expected to go up,as three more fraternities currently are considering joining the purchasing group.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity's inFIPG-member fraternities volvement with the group has been strong, and Executive Director Alpha Gamma Epsilon Phi Kappa Psi Durward Owen was named presiAlpha Epsilon Pi Phi Kappa Tau dent of FlPG.Owen was one of the Alpha Kappa Lambda Pi Kappa Phi founding members of the group. Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Tau Omega His role as president will be to Chi Phi Psi Upsilon serve as a conduit for all group Delta Chi Sigma Nu members for the purpose of pursuDelta Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon ing insurance purchasing Options Zeta Beta Tau Sigma Pi and retaining legal counsel. Tau Epsilon Phi Kappa Alpha Order "FIPG was developed to proKappa Delta Rho Theta Xi vide a solid risk management polLambda Chi Alpha Zeta Psi icy which will serve to I) save people's lives and health, 2) protect all members and volunteers with one of from the insurance policy. The risk managethe strongest risk management policies in the ment policy dictates that members act in a men's fraternity market place, 3) guarantee legal and responsible manner, making FIPG Pi Kappa Phi having liability insurance covmembers more attractive to insurance carriers. The policy addresses such issues as erage, and 4) save our membership money by lowering insurance cost," Owen said. alcohol, drugs, hazing, sexual abuse, fire, The 22 fraternity executive directors health, safety, and policy education. who have joined FIPG are able to use their The risk management policy also reclout as a purchasing group to acquire greater quires that each chapter have assigned an limits of liability insurance, while reducing individual to serve as the"Risk Management the premium paid for such coverage. Group Specialist" for his chapter. The Pi Kappa Phi members are required to adopt FIPG's risk National Council last June resolved that the management policy, which was drafted with social chairman ofeach undergraduate chapter be appointed to serve in that capacity. the help of insurance experts,and each of the He is to be the liaison between the fraternities' chapters is required to follow Fraternity's Administrative Office and the the policy. student chapter in all matters relating to risk The risk management policy is separate

Responsibility reaches the very core of fraternity; means more than legal liability In this fourth article in a series about fraternity values, I would like to focus on the word "responsibility" and what its implications are for our lives as fraternity brothers. I find it a somewhat easier concept to tackle than the previous concepts ofloyalty,""cornmitment" or "morality." primarily because the word frequently is used today with our current social pre-occupation with issues of liability. Obviously, the notice of who is responsible for what behavior is the paramount concern when thinking about managing one's risk in any given situation. One of the many negative results from our propensity towards litigation is that we often go no farther in thinking about responsibility than determining culpability. In this article, I hope to get beyond the concept of legal responsibility and look at the broader implications of the word and how deep our responsibility really is when we assume the obligation of brotherhood. By itself, the word "responsibility" is basically a neutral one which means moral, legal, or mental accountability. When one is responsible, one is "liable to be called on to answer." There is nothing in the word itself which indicates the value of what one is being accountable for. The word means merely that we are accountable. In this regard, one can be a responsible person but perform tremendous evil while still being responsible. One can be a"responsible" drug dealer. If called to question, the drug dealer could justify his behavior as that of a "good" drug dealer. In the same way, prison guards at Auschwitzconcentration campjustified their behavior as being "responsible" to the Third Reich and its goals and aspirations. Obviously, then, it matters a great deal what you are responsible for - what set of values you are being accountable for. In the case of fraternity, there is a range of responsibilities which we,as brothers,are accountable for,spanning from the menial to

the very core of our brotherhood. areas of fraternity responsibility which are On the most rudimentary level, we are fairly easy to accomplish and fairly easy to asked to be responsible for the house itself. measure. They are essential, but they have For those of you who do not have a house, little to do with the most important part of you still have particular places that you are any chapter: the "quality"ol'the brotherhood accountable for. itself. It is this sense of quality which will The value that we are being asked to be have the greatest impact on the undergraduresponsible for pertains to the preciousness ate experience,and,indeed,the entire fraternity experience. of property and the belief of its perpetuation. When we take the oath of Pi Kappa Phi, We are asked to do our part in "keeping the place afloat". We must pay dues on time for we have been called upon to do more than drain the pipes before vacation, or attend heat, lights,etc., perform certain menial tasks around the house, eat meals at certain times, and perform various ... responsibility is a noun rather than a maintenance duties. verb. A true brother simply is a brother. This level of reIt is not something that he necessarily sponsibility is very does, it is something he is. easy to gage. If one is and forirresponsible gets to drain the water chapter meetings, or send in dues every out of the pipes over Christmas vacation, the consequences are obvious - and often severe. month. We are asked to do more than simply raise money for PUSH or send delegates to The next rung up in complexity of our the Supreme Chapter. fraternity responsibility pertains to the orWhat we are invited to do is assume the ganization or the group made up offraternity members. Central to the notice of fraternity responsibility of being a brother. This responsibility is a noun rather than a verb. A is brotherhood, which, by definition, means true brother simply is a brother. It is not a relationship among a number of individuals. something that he necessarily does, it is something he is. On its simplest level, we have to mainIn the last analysis, after you boil away tain brotherhood much as we do the physical structure of the fraternity house. There is all the outer trappings of fraternity, and look for the essence, you end up with the "condiminimal amount of procedural, organization" of brotherhood, that state of being a tional, and fraternal functions which must occur for the organization to stay alive. brother which is felt more than it can be We must attend meetings, hold officer described, but which is as tangible and palpable as the sound ofthe bell ringing through positions, serve on committees, etc. If there is no rush, there is no fraternity in a matter of our ritual. It is this state of being which,in the several semesters. If there is no minimal end, we are asked to be responsible for. We fiscal responsibility, then the house goes are asked to be responsible for it in ourselves bankrupt in a matter of months. If there is no and in how we relate to our brothers. Ultimately, as members of Pi Kappa Phi, we are structure of leadership and leadership training; then there is probably no chapter left called to question and are held accountable once everyone graduates.So there is responfor whether we really act as brothers or not. sibility to the entity of the chapter. loo ThomasSayre is chaplain ofPiKappa So far, what we have talked about are Phi's National Council.

management. He must also develop and submit for review by the executive director risk management guidelines for his chapter. Submission of this program is now part of the criteria for the Master Chapter Award. The Fraternity's insurance policy provides up to $1 million in coverage for officials of the National Fraternity, including chapter advisors, and housing corporation and alumni association officers - in addition to multi-million dollar coverage to protect the Fraternity's assets. However,student chapters are not automatically covered under the National Fraternity's policy - chapters must purchase their own liability insurance. Chapters which do not have liability insurance should contact Paul Green, executive vice president of Pi Kappa Phi Properties, at the Administrative Office to apply for a policy through the National Fraternity's policy. Even if a chapter does not purchase insurance, it must still abide by these policies because the National Fraternity may be found liable for each and every chapter. Last semester,the Fraternity's approach in dealing with the new policy was an educational one. This semester, more drastic steps are expected to be taken in disciplining chapters in violation of the policy. Chapters with questions regarding the policy are encouraged to call Owen.

Nebraska state court rules little sister is member of fraternity A Nebraska state court recently ruled that a little sister of a local fraternity is entitled to full membership in that fraternity. The court ruled that the fraternity was treating her as a second-class member and, therefore, illegally discriminating against her. The little sister sued the fraternity for the right to live in the fraternity house on the basis that she was already a member. The court ruled in her favor,saying that as a little sister she was,indeed,a member of the fraternity. Little sister groups are a threat to the single-sex status of fraternities, and several national fraternities have outlawed such organizations. Little sisters could force fraternities to go co-ed if a decision like the Nebraska case were to be handed down from a higher court. A judge might rule that little sisters are members of the fraternity on the grounds that they have: •a budget and/or bank account; III official membership in a structured club with scheduled meetings; •election of officers; •responsibility and/or benefits; and •their photographs on chapter corn-, posites. Although little sister programs have not been outlawed in Pi Kappa Phi chapters, they have been discouraged for several years, not only for the potential threat to the Fraternity's all-male membership but because these groups inhibit chapter success by: •diverting resources of time, effort and money away from the chapter; •distracting chapter members in the performance of essential duties; •inviting disharmony within the chapter by unsurping the roles and responsibilities of initiated members; and •weakening the bonds of brotherhood by adversely affecting interpersonal relationships within the chapter.

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IVI so]-V


No, Attendees and facilitators outside the Royce Hotel at the Mid-Year Leadership Conference in Charlotte

Leadership conferences given new name, new attendees In a significant departure from the mid- facing the Fraternity and compared its stayear conferences of past years, the 1989 tistics with the all-fraternity national averMid-Year Leadership Conferences were ages. Ken Kaiser, acting executive director given a brand new name and invited differ- of People Understanding the Severely ent attendees. The conferences were held in Handicapped, then delivered an inspiraCharlotte, N.C., and St. Louis, Mo., on tional update on the Fraternity's national back-to-back weekends in January. service project. The Mid-Year Leadership Conferences On Saturday, attendees were treated to brought 242 students and 59 chapters to a full day of leadership and educational Charlotte,and 158 students and 40chapters sessions, beginning with Kaiser and Walter to St. Louis,for a weekend ofeducation and Wahlfeldt,past director ofcommunications leadership training. The conferences are for PUSH and the Fraternity, leading the sponsored annually by the Pi Kappa Phi group in singing. The attendees were diFoundation. vided into four groups, for each part of This year was different from past midharmony,and taught the song,"The Rose of year conferences in three ways: Pi Kappa Phi." •the name was changed from A/VA/ Next Area V Governor Frank Havard T/W(Archon/Vice Archon/Treasurer/Warpresented "Leadership and Motivation." den); After lunch,the group was divided into four •attendees from the last Pi Kapp Colbreakout sessions. The "Archons Round lege were excluded from the conference, Tables" were led by Area IX Governor Paul shifting the focus to future leaders; and Combs, former Director of Communica•the traditional slots for treasurers tions Scott Evans, Havard, former Leaderwere filled by PUSH chairmen, who at- ship Consultant Jeff Michael, Owen and tended the first-everPUSH Academy LeadArea II Governor Art Quickenton. They ership Institute (see story, page 10). discussed such topics as making goals work, The mid-year conferences began in taking charge of committees, executive 1985 with only archons and vice archons in council and chapter meetings, planning, attendance. The following year, treasurers continuity,communication,public relations were added and A/VA became A/VA/T. In and risk management. 1987, wardens joined the group and, up The vice archons were led by Leaderuntil this year, the conferences were called ship Consultants Joel Allen,Dean Divis and A/VA/T/W. Bill Maycock.Their presentation,complete "We found that many of the people with how-to slides on using the "system," who attended Mid-Year were the same focussed on motivating the chapter, generpeople who attended Pi Kapp College or ating prospects, selling the right concept, Supreme Chapter that summer. We felt that and continuous rush. by excluding members who had attended Pi The wardens were further broken into Kapp College last summer and focusing on two groups for "traditional pledgeship"and future leaders, we would reach out to more "progressive associate membership" with members and thus be more effective," said Dickson and Leadership Consultant Paul Assistant Executive Director Glenn Rice conducting the former group. ExecuDickson. tive Vice President ofPi Kappa Phi ProperThe Charlotte conference began on ties Paul Green and Leadership Consultant Friday,Jan.6,with tours ofthe AdministraRob Sheets led the second group. tive Office for early arrivals. Then at the Kaiser, Wahlfeldt and PUSH Director Royce Hotel, attendees were welcomed by ofCommunications T.J. Sullivan facilitated Executive Director Durward W.Owen,who the PUSH Institute. The breakout on PUSH then gave a "State of the Fraternity" ad- carried over into the evening session with dress in which he outlined the problems PUSH chairmen remaining for "Empathy

Students at one of the Archons' Round Tables Training," while the other attendees came back together for general fraternity topics. Dickson spoke on the much-neglected resource of alumni,then former Director of Communications Dave Vawter gave his popular talk on ritualism, explaining the symbolism of the ritual and inspiring the members to not only do a better job performing it but also to apply it to their everyday lives.The evening concluded with area meetings held by the area governors from Areas I, II, Ill, V, and IX. The three day conference ended on Sunday. Owen discussed legal liability and Pi Kappa Phi's new risk management policy under the Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group, answering the students' questions and explaining the reasons for the policy. Then Kaiser and Wahlfeldt gave the attendees some practical tips on public relations. The Charlotte conference concluded with tours of the Administrative Office. The St. Louis conference was held the next weekend,Jan. 13-15,with many ofthe same facilitators and topics. Joining the conference in St.Louis were National Treasurer Phillip M. Summers, who helped facilitate several sessions. Also joining the St. Louis conference were Area VI Governor John Andrews and Area IV Governor Mark Jacobs,who helped facilitate the Archons' Round Tables, and former Leadership Consultant Jay Stuckel,

Owen who helped with the Wardens' Round Tables. Area meetings were held for Areas IV, V, VI, VII, and X. Student participation and enthusiasm was tremendous at both conferences. However, the students' major complaint was about the donuts that were served at breakfast each morning. Last year, the Charlotte conference was cancelled due to a severe snow storm. However, 14 chapters, unaware of the cancellation, arrived in Charlotte despite the weather, and a mini-conference was held for them.

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alumni CERtEi UNCC alumnus leaves behind memories, scholarships On June 10, 1988 Brother Dean Reep left our earthly chapter of Pi Kappa Phi to join the Chapter Eternal. This article is not intended to mourn his death but rather to celebrate his life. I hope the next few paragraphs will illustrate how a sad occasion such as the death ofa good friend and brother can become a positive experience. Dean's death affected me more than words can describe. It is very painful to watch someone as strong as Dean and as full of life as he was have his body decimated by cancer. Dean was my age and one of the best friends I ever had. Losing him to cancer was a sobering experience that brought me and the other brothers in our chapter face to face with our own mortality. This alone would have been a precious gift, but Dean's passing

gave us so much more. Dean Reep glowed with the fraternal spirit of Pi Kappa Phi. He was an easygoing brother who loved life but accepted his own death with Reep far more grace than any of his brothers or his family. Dean had a close, personal relationship with God which transcended his fraternal commitments. We all learned a lesson from his deep-seated faith that issued the message that through God man can conquer all. Dean was unafraid to take an unpopular stand

when he felt he was right. It can be said with certainty that Dean was a man ofdeep-rooted conviction. For this I will always admire him. Brother Reep was not perfect, but then no man is. He had a temper that breathed fire when he was crossed. Fortunately, these times were few and far between. What he also had was a love and respect for learning. In May of 1987,Dean was awarded a degree in criminal justice from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Shortly after receiving his degree, Dean found out he had Ewing's Sarcoma, a children's type of bone cancer, in his hip. Never one to give up, he enrolled in graduate school at UNCC that fall. He was determined to get his master's degree. Unfortunately, that degree never came: Dean died

How will he afford an education? Tuition costs are up these days with no indication that they will do anything but continue to skyrocket. The average cost of a four-year education at a major university is more than most families can afford. Too many students, without the help of grants or scholarships, are having to work full-time jobs to stay in school. Often these "working-class" students have no time for studying, being involved in sports or campus leadership organizations, or being in a Greek organization. The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation provides financial assistance to help ease the burden of the high cost of a college education. Through alumni donations to the Foundation, Pi Kappa Phi is able to award scholarships and loans to needy students. You can help undergraduate and graduate students pay for their education by supporting the Foundation. And your continued support will help youngsters like Carr Jackson, a Pi Kappa Phi legacy, afford to go to college and pledge the Fraternity. After all, that's what it's all about. Send a legacy to college. Support the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation.

the following June. In an attempt to remember Dean and all that he stood for the Delta Lambda Chapter, under the direction of Archon Darryl Kellough established a scholarship fund in his name to help Delta Lafnbda brothers attend graduate school. I was fortunate to be awarded the first $500 scholarship to assist my studies of law at North Carolina Central University. The alumni ofthe chapter were quick to give to an undergraduate brother of the chapter in Dean's name. From these humble beginnings,support for the program has grown. The UNCC chapter of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority pledged to support the scholarship program in the future, and Delta Lambda's support through

see REEP, page 12

National Council appoints 19 new chapter advisors Nineteen chapter advisors have been appointed by the National Council of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity since October 1, 1988. They are:

Bobby L. Bollinger, Jr. (Delta Lambda 127) Delta Lambda- UNC-Charlotte Daniel J. Bosshart(Gamma 686) Gamma- California-Berkeley J. Richard Cooley (Alpha Mu 517) Zeta Lambda- CSU-Chico Daniel Flessas(Sigma 756) Sigma- South Carolina Jimmy W.Greene(Gamma Phi 84) Alpha Eta- Samford Stuart R. Hulsey (Delta Beta 284) Delta Beta- North Georgia Billy L. Jacobs (Delta Psi 22) Delta Psi- Texas-Arlington Mitchell Kneece(Gamma Rho 132) Gamma Rho- Lander Louis A. Larson (Zeta Gamma 40) SUNY-Cortland Associate

Jeffrey D. Michael (Kappa 816) Mu Associate- Duke

Walter H.Peacock, HI(Beta Tau 203) Beta Tau- Valdosta State Kenneth R.Penzing (Alpha Epsilon 1344) Colorado State Associate Heydar Pourian Gamma Epsilon- West Carolina Steve Sanders(Alpha Psi 620) Alpha Psi- Indiana Dr. William I. Sauser, Jr. (Iota 708) Alpha Iota- Auburn David A. Smith (Alpha Sigma 603) Alpha Sigma- Tennessee Paul A. Tarashuk (Beta Alpha 485) Beta Alpha- NJIT Earl W. Vickers, III (Beta Alpha 50) Epsilon Alpha- Elon

H. Bascom Woodward, H (Delta Epsilon 291) Delta Epsilon- Jacksonville State

... It takes a strong Foundation.

Chapter advisors are nominated by the chapter,recommended by the area governor and appointed by the National Council.

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Iowa State alumnus named to Foundation's Board of Trustees An Alpha Omicron Chapter-Iowa State University alumnus has been named to the Board of Trustees of the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. Wayne R. Moore became the sixth trustee of the Foundation,a tax-exempt subsidiary of the National Fraternity. A native Iowan, Moore has been Iowa State's vice president for Planning and Development since 1984. Moore previously was vice president for Business and Finance. He has served on the faculty of Iowa State and presently holds the rank of professor of industrial engineering. Moore was initiated into Alpha Omicron in 1939. As an undergraduate he held the offices of secretary, rush chairman, and archon. On the national level, he is a past district president - called area governor today - national historian, and national secretary. He served as president of the Alpha Omicron of Pi Kappa Phi Building Corp. from 1957 to 1987. He helped reorganize the

housing corporation in 1987 and currently serves as treasurer. Moore also was instrumental in the successful fund-raising effort that put Alpha Omicron in a new house this year. Becoming a member of the Board of Trustees puts Moore back into a national volunteer capacity for the first time since he resigned from the National Council in 1955 to work as a civilian scientist with the U.S. military in Japan. "It will be interesting to get reacquainted with a new group of people," he said. Moore received a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State in 1942. Upon graduation,he served in the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Air Corps for four years during World War II. His service included two and half years in Africa, India and Burma. Following his military service, Moore joined the University faculty in 1946 and, after leaving Iowa State for a series of other

Foundation grants 17 i scholarsh ps

Moore assignments and studies, has been on the faculty continuously since 1958. He has done graduate work there and also at Columbia University. His work with the military includes studies in strategic bombing results, theater war plans, wartime nuclear efforts and in military command and control problems.

Pi Kappa Phi Classic VISA now available From the time of its formation in 1904 to the present, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity has always strived to provide its brothers with the highest quality benefits and services Now, because of the Fraternity's phenomenal growth, Pi Kappa Phi is able to offer its brothers a truly unique and valuable financial product - the special Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Classic VISA. Working with First Tennessee Bank of Memphis and Coverdell & Company of Atlanta,the Fraternity has developed a credit card program to serve the needs of all members of Pi Kappa Phi - from the undergraduate student to the working alumnus. This credit card offers so many benefits - at such a low cost - that brothers may want to replace some of their other credit cards with the Pi Kappa Phi Classic VISA. Among the many privileges which come with the Classic VISA is membership in the Premier Travel Club. Benefits of this club are numerous, including: •$250,000 free travel insurance; •auto rental discounts; •24-hour emergency message center;

more attractive, First Tennessee Bank and VISA have arranged for a donation to go to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation's campaign against alcohol abuse each time the card is used to make a purchase. This donation is made at no cost to the cardholder and will ultimately help support the Foundation's educational programs to encourage responsible

4 Nwn

2060.T"Bu 2:138 17° 3539G0 13111 vp■LID FR°1\ft


0189 jpoES • 113111( •emergency cash and airline fare. All of these benefits and many more - at an amazingly low cost: •no first year fee and just $18 thereafter; •16.5% APR; •no interest if the balance is paid in full each month. To make the Classic VISA card even

use of alcohol. The Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity coat-ofarms sets this card apart from all other credit cards.The brother who uses the Pi Kappa Phi Classic VISA will display his pride in being a member of a great fraternity. Members interested in applying for the card should call Barbara Hargett at Coverdell & Company, 1-800-992-2196. Help the Fraternity take the lead in the fight against alcohol abuse by applying for the card today.

Why Should I Give to the Foundation? Why should you give to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation? How is the money used? Why do you get different requests in the mail? Here are the answers to some frequently-asked questions about the Foundation.

A Gift To Pi Kappa Phi Supports: *Chapter leadership/educational supplies and materials *Publication and distribution of The Star and Lamp *Pi Kapp College *Supreme Chapter educational activities *Travel stipends for chapters to attend educational conferences *Mid-Year Leadership Conferences *Scholarship programs *Staff members traveling to educate local chapter leadership *Risk management programs *Substance abuse education programs *Alumni list requests and mailings *Chapter leadership awards programs *And many other things *Area alumni fund-raising receptions The Foundation relies on alumni contributions to strengthen our Fraternity. It is better able to assist our chapters thanks to your increased support. We have five Leadership Consultants traveling to chapters to provide necessary guidance and a total of nine men on our Administrative Office staff. With more staff members we would be able to visit chapters more frequently. Your gift will help all this become a reality.

"But I already sent money to Pi Kappa Phi.. There are two different avenues of giving to the Fraternity. You may receive a gift request from the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation or from your chapter. Please don't be offended if you receive a request from both of them,even though you may have given to one. The fund-raising for each is done independently. The tax exempt donation made through the Foundation is used to support the programs listed above.

How much should I send? Any amount donated is much appreciated and will demonstrate your support of Pi Kappa Phi.

How do I give? The most common gift is by check. Gifts of stock, real estate, personal property, etc., are also welcome.

Is my gift tax deductible? YES! The Foundation is an IRS-approved, 501(c)(3) organization; therefore, your gift is fully tax deductible. At the close of the 1988 campaign on December 31, Pi Kappa Phi had $101,388 in contributions from 2,748 alumni. The average gift last year was about $37. Because the 1988 campaign was an abbreviated one, our goal for next year is even higher.

Give to the Foundation and keep Pi Kappa Phi going strong!

The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation helped 17 undergraduate and graduate students pay for their education in 1988,contributing scholarships and loans. In fact, in December alone three students received scholarships or loans from the Foundation.They are:Joseph A.Brady, Epsilon Omicron Chapter- Villanova University;Jonathan Noel King,Omicron Chapter- University of Alabama; and Guido Prestes Lemos, Kappa ChapterUniversity of North Carolina. To qualify for a scholarship or loan, simply: •complete an application and have it approved by the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation; •provide an official transcript of grades; and •write a letter indicating why the scholarship or loan is desired, including your plans as a lifetime member of Pi Kappa Phi. All scholarships and loans are based on application qualifications and need. Loan repayment begins directly following graduation with payment of $75 or more - principle and interest - per quarter. Scholarships, other than specially designed assistance such as the Founders' and Alumni scholarships,are usually limited to $500 each. The scholarship and loan program is just one of a number of programs sponsored by the Foundation. The Foundation is a tax-exempt subsidiary of the Fraternity. All contributions - bequests, insurance, cash and stocks - help fund such programs as internships at the Administrative Office, leadership activities at Pi Kapp College, Supreme Chapter and the Mid-Year Leadership Conference, area conclaves, and alcohol awareness and sexual abuse programs. To apply for a Foundation scholarship or loan, or for more information, write: The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation P.O. Box 240526 Charlotte, N.C. 28224.

Alumni establish scholarship funds for their student chapters The alumni of the following chapters have established chapter scholarship funds within the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation through tax-exempt donations: Lambda-University of Georgia Omicron-University of Alabama Omega-Purdue University Alpha Epsilon-University of Florida Alpha Zeta-Oregon State University Alpha Mu-Pennsylvania State University Gamma Delta-Memphis State University Gamma Lambda-University of MissouriRolla Gamma Xi-Georgia Southwestern College Epsilon Lambda-University of South Carolina-Spartanburg. These chapters are in the process of establishing chapter scholarship funds: Alpha-College of Charleston Xi-Roanoke College Beta Beta-Florida Southern College Delta Zeta-Appalachian State University. For information on how to set up such a fund, contact Durward Owen at The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation P.O. Box 240526 Charlotte, N.C. 28224.

Page 6-the star & lamp-Winter, 1989

Council Club Kappa - North Carolina - Otis R. McCollum; ; Xi - Roanoke - Judge James Turk; Omega - Purdue- David Lane; Alpha Epsilon - Florida - Ben H. Griffin, Jr.; Alpha Iota - Auburn - James N. Crump

Foundation Club

Th Pi Kap] 1988 Annu

Lambda - Georgia - Robert E. Knox; Alpha Epsilon - Florida - George S{Coulter, David Henn; Alpha Omicron - Iowa St. - Kelley A. Bergstrom; Beta Alpha - NJIT - Steve DePalma; Beta Beta - Florida Southern - Theodore A. Scharfenstein; Beta Gamma - Louisville - Ronald E. Krebs

Lamplighters Club Alpha - Charleston - Julius E. Burges; Lambda - Georgia - T. Phillip Tappy; Mu - Duke - Louis P. Jervey; Omicron - Alabama - Travis P. Julian; Rho - Washington & Lee - Howard D. Leake; Alpha Delta - Washington - Walter C. Avery; Alpha Epsilon - Florida- Daniel A. Martinez, Charles A. Stewart; Alpha Eta - Samford - Jack Bell; Beta Alpha - NJIT - John F. Lee, Jr.; Gamma Kappa - Georgia Southern - Perry W. Buffington

Executive Directors Club

Your continued supi Phi Foundation Anni the key to the succe Fraternity. Your cont $101,388 from 2,748 sured the growth and Gold Star Club Fraternity's education Alpha - Charleston - Timothy N. Dangerfield, Harry W. Freeman, Glenn F. McConnell, David M. Pease, William L. Runyon,Jr., George E. Sheetz; Beta - Presbyterian - Gus C. Adams, Clifton C. Goodwin III, Gamma tivities and provided - Cal-Berkeley - Richard P. Cornish, Steven S. Ryder; Sigma - South Caroliona - George B. Timmermann, Jr.; Epsilon - Davidson - Hooper Alexander III, Allen J. Graham, Jr., Hugh Yelverton, Jr.; Eta - Emory Primus S. Hipp,Joseph C. Shearer,Samuel J. Westbrook,John C. Wilson; Iota - Georgia Tech - William H. FUnk, William L. Gordy, Bruce M.Jewett,James G. Pritchett, Jr.; Kappa - North Carolina - Lindon G. Couch; experience to nearly 6,0 Lambda - Georgia - Issac W. Lang, Jr.; Mu - Duke - George M. Benda, John S. Boone, William W. Dodson, Jr.; Nu - Nebraska - Scott E. Hamilton; Xi - Roanoke - Edward L. Corson II, Lyman N. Fairbanks Ill, Mark Listed here are the min( A. Harris, Seibert W. Lavinder, Weldon T. Lawrence, Jr., Daniel F. O'Flaherty, James S. Stump, Jr., E. Joseph VonCulin, Dudley F. Woody; Omicron - Alabama - Joe C. Cassady, Duncan T. Fulton, Jr. Doston L. Gurganus, Franklin W. King; Tau - NC St. - Robert C. Cline, Jason B. Dayton, Jr.; Upsilon - Illinois - Peter M. Maier, Lisle W. Menzimer, Donald F. Mulvihill, Stanley N. Perkins, John H. Wamsley; Psi- Cornell alumni,in ea supporting George F. Heinrich, William F. Newell, Lawrence G. Thayer; Omega - Purdue - Emmanuel O'Drobinak, Herman G. Riggs; Alpha Gamma - Oklahoma - Robert C. Dunnington, William G. Dunnington, Cosby T. previous gifts to the art Huddle, James D. McElhenney, Jr., Jay K. Morris, Robert J. Ogborn; Alpha Delta - Washington - Robert C. Bux; Alpha Epsilon - Florida - David 0. Charland, Emsley F. Cobb, David B. Frye, Hugh A. Gower, Charles G. Hudspeth, Albert E. Luer, Wilton L. Strickland, Raymond C. Tylander, Dave J. Werner, Guy D. Wood,Jr.; Alpha Zeta - Oregon St. - Robert J. Elfers; Alpha Eta - Samford - Warren W. Hilson; Alpha Foundation are credited Fontaine A. Maddox, Sr., Robert B. Propst; Alpha Lambda - Ole Miss - Talbot B. Alpha -Charleston - James B. Edwards, David H. Jaffee; Epsilon - Davidson - Charles H. Babcock,Jr., Harry V. Hendrick; Zeta - Wofford - Aylette P. Evans; Kappa - North Carolina- William S. Hicks, William K. Rollins, Thomas H. Sayre; Lambda - Georgia - Jack G. Hutchinson; Mu - Duke- William D. Fuqua, Marshall I. Pickens; Nu - Nebraska - George F. Spatz; XI - Roanoke- Durward W. Owen, John J. Ribar, Jr., Allen 0. Woody III; Omicron - Alabama - Jack M. Blasius, Robert A. Brannan, Harry Caldwell, Robert N. Hightower, Alonzo J. Strickland III; Sigma - South Carolina - Jay Hammett, Adrian A. Spears; Upsilon -Illinois - James G.Schalin; Alpha Gamma - Oklahoma - Vernon B.Stansell; Alpha Epsilon - Florida - Joseph 0.Boole,Jr., Andrew M.Carraway, Harry E. Fry,Jr., Byron E. Herlong, Albert S. Herlong,Jr., Robert W.McMullen II, Howard W.Pettengill, Jr., Robert N. Scott; Alpha Zeta - Oregon St. - Jack W. Steward; Alpha Eta - Samford - James L. Daley; Alpha Iota - Auburn - Frank H. Hawthorne; Alpha Nu - Ohio St. - James L. Miller; Alpha Omicron - Iowa St. - Hubert M.Lattan, Frank M. Parrish III; Alpha Phi - Illinois Tech - John P. Sachs; Alpha Chi - Miami - Frank N. Holley III; Beta Lambda - Tampa - Aaron H. Dowd; Beta Upsilon - Virginia - Daniel B. Kimball, Jr.; Gamma Alpha - Livingston - Joseph L. Alexander; Gamma Xi - Georgia Southwestern - William L. Finney; Gamma Chi - Jacksonville - Salem L. Van Every; Delta Zeta - Appalachian St. - Mark F. Christopher

Theta - Michigan St. - Theodore D. Aylward, Clare L. Jensen; Alpha Iota - Auburn - Marshall S. Caley, James E. Johnson, Newman, Jr., John E. Ward; Alpha Mu - Penn St. - Gregg G. Turner; Alpha XI - PINY - Henry H. Meyer; Alpha Omicron - Iowa St.- Don W. Brandt, Roy M. Kottman, William G. Nechanicky; Alpha Rho - West Virginia - Patrick E. Farley; Alpha Sigma - Tennessee - James T. Cogdill; Alpha Tau - RPI -Gordon B. Wright; Alpha Upsilon - Drexel - John M.Casper, Walter K. Sheppard; Alpha Phi - Illinois Tech - Don E. Helbling; Alpha Psi - Indiana- Terry R. Brown, Robert T. Gnall, Phillip M.Summers; Beta Alpha - NJIT - Edward J. Klebaur, Jr., James A. Krucher, William Stees,James A. Stiles, Donald R. VanHouten, Carl F. Wheeler; Beta Beta - Florida Southern - John D. Davis; Beta Gamma - Louisville- Warren D. Robb; Beta Delta - Drake - Robert A. Clone, Howard I. Smith, Jr.; Beta Eta Florida St. - James M. Lloyd; Beta Mu - McNeese - Richard B. Smith; Beta Tau - Valdosta - Theodore E. Nelson; Beta Upsilon - Virginia - William Couper; Beta Phi - East Carolina - William C. Ealy; Beta Chi - East Texas St. - John C. Witt; Gamma Beta - Old Dominion - Chalres E. Brady III, Joseph C. VanCleve ill; Gamma Gamma - Troy St. - Mark Landers; Gamma Delta - Memphis St. - David L. Everson; Gamma Kappa - Georgia Southern - Joseph W. Odum, Jr.; Gamma Nu - LaGrange - Ronald J. deValinger; Gamma Xi - Georgia Southwestern - Richard B. Folger, Boyce E. Miller ill; Gamma Upsilon - Oklahoma St. - Cary J. Rogers; Gamma Omega - Montevallo - David E. Wigginton; Delta Pi - Wright St. - Daniel W.Strawn; Delta Tau - James Madison - Jerry P. Keilsohn; Epsilon Beta - Grand Valley - Ted R. Lukomski; Epsilon Mu - Bradley- Jeffrey A. Luebker

Chevron Club

Council Club:$1O,O dation Club: $5,000-$t Club: $2r500-$4 999. I Club:$1,000-$2,499; Gol Chevron Club:$2504 Club:$100424(

Alpha - Charleston - Gary A. Catterton, Stephen E. Chandler, Harry W. Freeman, Jr., Ernest L. Frierson, Terence N. Moore, John R. Walton, Jr.; Beta - Presbyterian - David C. Austin, Howard C. Bean,Jr., John Bright, Jr., Edward R. Hahn,Jr., Robert G.Owens,Jr., John M. Templeton;Gamma - Cal-Berkeley - James D. Aljian, Ned R. Crouch, Owen K. Kuns,Stanley F. Shepard, Robert G.Tuck, Charles F. Vannice; Delta - Furman - Walter H. Arnold, Sidney W. Martin, Tullious C. Stoudemayer, David C. Ullman; Sigma - South Carolina - John C. Coulter, Jr., William W. Fincher, Jr., Robert C. Lake, Jr., Robert A. Montgomery, Danny W. Reynolds; Epsilon - Davidson - Frederick S. Curdts, Henry M. Escue, Robert 0.Southwell;Zeta - Wofford - Malcolm C. Burton, James H. West; Eta - Emory - Edward C. Bruce, Jr., Joseph W. Cannon, Jr., Kenneth C. Kiehl, William N. Newsom; Iota - Georgia Tech - Joel D. Bonewitz, Douglas B. Bullard, Philip H. Cook, William E. Dimmock, James H. Gordy, Herbert P. Haley, Frank C. Hodge, Alan A. Imm, Arthur F. Perkins, John H. Puckett, Stanley S. Roberts, Robert B. Rowe, Henry S. Rowland, Jr., Frank J. Whitley, Jerome B. Withers, Jr.; Kappa - North Carolina - Peter E. Berg, Glenn D. Dodson, Jr., Woodrow W.Gunter II, Roderick P. Hoover, Aaron J. Jones, Jr., John D. MacRae, Jr., Hugh L. Merritt, Donald E. Pulliam, John G. Slater, Winton G. Wilks, Jr.; Lambda - Georgia - Joe P. Adams, Jr., Harold J. Bradley, Thomas W. Dalton, Jr., Glenn W. Ellard, Marshall E. Groover , Jr., James R. Harris, James G. Hull, Herbert R. Ingram,Jr., Floyd L. Langston, William H. NeSmith, Jr., Lindsay N. Priess, Sam M. Slade, Jim M. Stoinoff; Mu - Duke - Robert T. Dunn, Percy Von Kirkman, Jr., Charles R. Myers Ill, Joseph A. Pell, Jr., Joseph L. SKinner, Charles H. Taylor, Joe M. VanHoy; Nu - Nebraska - James A. Guretsky, Herbert C. Henderson, Kenneth W. Pruden, Armon L. Todd, Jr.; XI - Roanoke - David L. Barnes, Edward J. Bennett, Paul C. Caldwell, Mark D. Edgell, Curtis L. Lemon, Wilbur E. Mann, Jr., Richard M. Newman, Thomas H. Nicholson, Jr., S. Maynard Turk, Marcus S. Wood; Omicron - Alabama - Charles E. Beard, David B. Coleman, George R. Cowart, Edwin S. Davis, George Gunn, Jr., Benjamin B. Mathis, Samuel K. Owings, Richard S. Taylor, Edward L. Turner, Jr., James A. Watts, Paul C. Wesch; Rho - Washington & Lee - Joel Grayson III, Ferdinand A. Haulsein, Richard W. Hoover, Ray A.Searfoss, Harry E. Stine, Jr., Robert J. Taylor IV, William A. Wallace, Fred E. Waters, Jr.; Tau - NC St. - Clyde N. Humphrey; Upsilon - Illinois - Karl M. Gibbon, Glen E. Hester, Ralph 0. Howard, Christian L. Larsen, Stephen E. Mumford, Robert C. Reed, Richard J. Regnier, Jack 0. Reeser, Frank W. Teegarden, Jr., Miles H. Thomas, William J. Tietz, Stephen D. Trahey, Anthony J. VanderBurg; Chi - Stetson - Edwin H. Culver, Thomas J. Deen, Jr., Joseph E. Hutchison, George L. Patterson, Herman E. Turner; Psi Cornell - Jerold H. Green, John S. Kirk, Eugene L. Lehr, Henry J. Marquart, Philip T. Pratt, Calvin E. Rote, Frederick W. Thorne; Omega - Purdue - Duane M. Davis, Hugh M. Flanagan, Charles B. Hall, Bruce R. Halley, Donald J. Hendrickson, William C. Pritchard, Fred E. Rector, Robert E. Thomson, John P. Verduce, David R. Victoria, Jr., John L. Weaver; Alpha Alpha - Mercer - Ross U. Harden, Robert D. Higgins, Jr., Augustus F. Martin III; Alpha Gamma - Oklahoma - Robert E. Holly, Bennie A. McElyea, Gordon W. Strain, Cletus P. Tate; Alpha Delta - Washington - Thomas G. Frick, Stanley J. Gratis, William K. Jackson, Jr., Charles A. Porter, Francis 0. Wollaston; Alpha Epsilon - Florida - John S. Crown, Jr., Hubert Graves, Jr., Murle E. Harrison, Jack D. Howell, Douglas B. Leigh, Gary A. Leonard, Fritz K. Mitchell, Michael L. O'Donnell, Roy T. Olsen, Benjamin F. Overton, Reginald H. Ross, Thomas B. Simpson, Robert L. Sullivan, William J. Taylor, Jr., Mark Thurn, Dennis A. Wick, William T. Woodward; Alpha Zeta - Oregon St. - Aron L. Douglas, Clarence G. Estes, Charles R. Hartsough, Rickey L. Hug, Harry R. Kallander, Norman D. Logan, Donald P. Perrin, Frederick W. Raw, Jack T. Reviglio, Raymond C. Terhune, David H. Vawter; Alpha Eta - Samford - William W. Dixon, Jr. Roy G. Evans ill, Samuel W. Hall, John E. Haynes, Sam W. Jones, Gerald W. Matthews; Alpha Theta - Michigan St. - Kenneth A. Bellinger, Thomas H. Bird, William M. Cleary, Robert B. McCall, George S. McIntyre, Waldo C. Proctor, Donald E. Viecelli, Dennis D. Yanachik; Alpha Iota - Auburn - Thomas W. FUller, J. Reeves Haley, Moyer D. Hans, Edward N. Henderson, Floyd W. Hurt, James E. Kirkendall, Jr., James P. Lynch, Jr., Samuel R. Pate, Leroy Patterson, Lawrence C.{haro, Jr., James T. Russell, Marion K. Wilkins, Charles C. Workman, Jr.; Alpha Kappa - Michigan - Dewitt C.Green, Emil W. Keck; Alpha Lambda - Ole Miss - James H. Tabb; Alpha Mu - Penn St. - Chester C. Curley, Jr., Bruce R. Foster, Harold V. Gedney Ill, Lewis B. Grube, Richard C. Heim, John G. Schmucker III, William Simon III, Albert R. Yerkes, Thomas J. Yoho; Alpha Nu - Ohio St.- Carl A. Stickel, Edwin R. Stickel; Alpha Xi - PINY - Henry A. Backofen III, Robert Demarino, Louis T. Destefano, Henry S. Gartner, Gunther R. Geiss, Frederick C. Hetzer, Richard J. Magg,Jonathan Marsh,Thomas G. May,Joseph E. McCooey, Renwick W. Nugent, Carl F. Pester, William T. Roney,Jr., Louis N. Rowley,Jr.; Alpha Omicron - Iowa St. - Keith J. Bader, Robert H. Brandau, Carl W. Files, Stanton E., Fritz, Eldred J. Harman, Kenneth R. Hook, Warren R. Madden, Robert K. McKean, Edward E. Paine, William J. Rickert, Thomas J. Ruzicka,Thomas J. bit, Charles P. VanZile; Alpha PI - Sewanee - John A. Johnston; Alpha Rho - West Virginia - Victor A. Folio, George W. Hodel; Alpha Sigma - Tennessee - Roy B. Cecil, Paul W.Combs, David P. Everhart, Henry D.Jorsz, Robert C. McKelvey, Kenneth McPherson, Frank M. Pugh, Willie H. Read,Jon T. Rymer; Alpha Tau - RPI - Richard Y. Atlee, James M. Bernstein, Richard J. Bouchard, Benjamin M. Cahill, Jr., George D. Cook, David B. Dobson, Cedric H. Dustin III, Gelston Howell, Jr., Jeffrey Keough, George L. McCauslan, Erik B. Nagel, Frank D. Popp, Donald R. Seyler, Harry J. Zimmer; Alpha Upsilon - Drexel - Thomas C. Block, Harold A. Cowles, Raymond L. David, Leonard H. Dicarlo, Thomas A. Laroe, John F. Rittenhouse, Donald L. Schey, Frederick W. Schmehl, John A. Seifarth, William, L. Shute, Samuel A. Smith, Richard L. Sullivan; Alpha Phi - Illinois Tech - Richard W. Hughes, Jon F. Humiston, Russell H. Millman, Kenneth J. Peterson, Roger L. Peterson, John V. Roach, Douglass G. Snyder, Frederic W. Widlak; Alpha Chi - Miami - Richard H. Dougherty, Jr., Melford C. Hopkins; Alpha Psi Indiana - John L. Barker, William D. Day, Jr., Kevin L. McDonald, David R. Schaefer, David S. Shook Ill, Steven W. Smith, Ross A. Wingler; Beta Alpha - NJIT - Nicholas Adams,John R. Albright, Richard M. Labinsky, Michael A. Lang, Joseph J. Manfredi, William McCabe,Louis R. Miceli, Francis J. Wood;Beta Beta - Florida Southern - Richard K. Carroll, Larry W.Carter; Beta Gamma - Louisville - Donald F. Bloomer,Spencer E. Harper, Jr.; Beta Delta - Drake -James D. Hornbrook, Robert D. Howell, Jeffrey D. Miller, George A. Oldham, Paul D. Troy; Beta Epsilon - Missouri - Christopher B. Lissner, Jay J. Stuckel; Beta Eta - Florida St. - Jeffrey M. Holler, Guy W. Hollingsworth, Charles W. MacMillin, Howard E. McCall, Jr., Christopher D. New, Michael J. O'Farrell; Beta Iota - Toledo - Robert D. Conley, Rodney E. Kagy, Daryl D. McEwen, Craig A. Myers; Beta Kappa - Georgia St. - David R. Ward; Beta Lambda - Tampa - Gary J. Cooper, Thomas C. Keator II, Richard C. Swirbul; Beta Omicron - Northwestern St. - Andreas Bachman; Beta Tau -.Valdosta - William R. Maxwell; Beta Upsilon - Virginia - John B. Browning, Glenn A. Dickson, Theodore Freeman, Russell J. Huber, Frederick J. Riggins; Beta Phi - East Carolina - Michael T. Auten, David C. Frazier, Ira T. Yopp III; Beta Omega - ETSU - Byron C. Brown, David C. Evans, William R. Mayes, Jr.; Gamma Alpha - Livingston - Howard E. Pettis; Gamma Beta - Old Dominion Linwood A. Beverly, Jr., Donald M. Midgett; Gamma Delta - Memphis St. - Thomas L. Carter, Robert A. Mullin, Allen E. Vazquez, Philip B. Wood;Gamma Epsilon - Western Carolina - Larry Adams, Marvin D. Cope, Robert L. Crawford; Gamma Zeta - West Virginia Tech - David L. Holt, Charles W. Hutzler, Scott M. Moore, Phillip R. Oneacre; Gamma Eta - Athens - Daniel H. Littell IV, Thomas S. Reinke, Robert W. Slaybaugh II; Gamma Theta - UNC-Wilmington - William B. Kirby, J. Martin Sondey; Gamma Kappa - Georgia Southern - Glenn Aspinwall, Roland M. Berry, John F. Riggs, Roy S. Sapough, Jr., Matthew L. Wolfe; Gamma Lambda - Rolla - Mario P. Gioia, Jr., Randy D. Picolet, Rodney C. Simpson; Gamma Mu - Belmont Abbey - John R. Cottingham II, Gregory F. Kusic; Gamma Nu - LaGrange - Ronald L. Farr; Gamma XI - Georgia Southwestern - Raymond L. Baggarly, John B. Colston, Michael W. Hall, Benjamin H. Hamrick, Asa W. Howard, Bernard J. Marino; Gamma Rho - Lander - James T. Lusk;Gamma Phi - South Alabama - Larry H, Green, Jimmy W.Greene, John T. Hill; Gamma Psi - Augusta - Brooks A. Keel; Delta Alpha - VPI - John N. Grist, Delta Beta - North Georgia - Victor C. Eilenfield, Thomas 0. Nicholson, Jr., Thomas J. Persia; Delta Epsilon - Jacksonville - Randy Y. Owen; Delta Zeta - Appalachian St. - Carlos T. Hodge, David A. Vaughn; Delta Lambda - UNC-Charlotte - Christopher P. Cannon, Charles A. Marus, Francis C. Proctor, Jr., Edward G. Smith; Delta Xi - North Alabama - Lawrence P. Guess; Delta Pi - Wright St. - Richard A. Prewitt, Bruce K. Rockwell; Delta Rho - USC - Lee H. Dreyfuss; Delta Sigma - Bowling Green - Kevin M. Lotosky; Delta Psi - UT-Arlington - William T. Svihel; Epsilon Alpha - Elon - Barry W.Simmons;Epsilon Beta - Grand Valley - Stephen J. Gilbert; Epsilon Epsilon - Clinch Valley - David M. Donathan; Epsilon Kappa - Southern Tech - Michael L. Hubsky; Epsilon Lambda - USC-Spartanburg - Michael L. Trotter, William S. Weathers, Jr.; Epsilon Nu - Sacramento - Kim A. Spannuth

Crossed Sword Club Alpha - Charleston - Joseph B. Allen, Robert M. Barnett, Jr., Andrew R. Cracker, Michael T. Finch, Jr., Noel P. Fuller, William S. Gaud III, Arthur L. Haisten, Herndon S. Hasty, Eric C. Helfers, Frank R. Huff, Earle D. Jennings, Jr., Waffle B. Jones, Jr., Basil L. Lempesis, Russell G. Lindsey, William P. Luhn, Jr., Lawrence Mixson, Gregory D. Padgett, John F. Reynolds; Beta - Presbyterian - Thomas J. Blalock, John H. Broughton, Dallah A. Forrest, Jr., Thomas H. Grafton, John V. Hamby, Clinton E. Massey, Samuel G. McGregor, Dale 0. Rains, Fred R. Stallworth, John W.Steenbergen, Pierce W. Timberlake; Gamma - Cal-Berkeley - Norman L. Arrighi, Richard H. Ault, Corey A. Babarovich, Warren B. Carson, Jr., Carlton F. Corey, Alexander L. Croce, David J. Dayton,Jack N. Downer, Alexander D. Glow, Jared W. Hawkins,James P. Kinlock, Sterling J. Norgard, Larry J. Olson, Ronald E. Osborne, Mark H. Plank, Martin W. Ritchie, Harland R. Ross, David L. Scruggs, Ronald A. Segel, Harold L. Simmons, Allen E. Sprague, Young D. Stewart, David N. Vered, Clifford W.Walker, Jr., Neil B. Weatherall; Delta - Furman - William M. McMillan,John A. Southern,Joe D.Sparks;Sigma - South Carolina - Juan A. Davis, Grady T. Faircloth, John S. Flynn, Robert L. Gunter, Joe A. Hanson, Michael D. Harvath II, Richard D. Lacey, Richard C. Mims, Robert H. Moorer, James R. Munn, James C. Pruitt, Jr., William D. Rhodes III, Robert R. Rigby, Jr., Hope B. Sanders, Jr., Michael T. Sickinger, Thomas J. Stafford II, Samuel R. Todd;Epsilon - Davidson - Alvis M. Baucom, Edward T. Buck, Robert A. Burgess, Kenneth L. Childs, Kenneth B. Clary, Richard A. Hall, Duncan C. Hunter, Ernest B. Hunter, Jr., Caldwell P. Johnston, William P. Mills, Robert T. Peters, Jr., Charles W. Ratliff, Hugh A. Wilson, Jr., Philip C. Winstead; Zeta - Wofford - James H. Belcher, Gregg C. Bissell, Thomas E. Bretton, Floyd I. Brownley, Jr., Marshall S. Connelly, Thomas R. Crider, Jesse C. Grimm, Thomas K. Hannah, Leland A. Jackson, Clarence M. Lee, Robert G. McCurdy, James R. Owings, Marvin A. Owings, James E. Pease, Carroll F. Reames, Charles D. West, Jr., Eta - Emory George T. Cook, James C. Grizzard, Linwood E. Herrington, Charles A. Jackson, Jr., Robert J. Noland, John W. Salter, Jr., Benjamin F. Simms, Heyl G. Tebo;Iota - Georgia Tech - John Benkert, William F. Bennett, Thomas T. Bomar, David C. Boy,Jr., Wilton A. Brown, Thomas F. Christian, Jr., Pitman B. Cleaveland, James C. Cooper, Gregory 0. Corcoran, Terrell G. Covington, James T. Dewbery, Lawrence H. Ellis, Mathis A. Ezell, Frederick E. Fuchs, George W. Heburn, Russell R.Johnson,John M. Jones, Malcolm G. Keiser, Thomas L, Kennedy, Jean E. Kirkland, Jr., Thomas Lowndes,Jr., Robert T. Lowrance, Robert J. McCamy,Lonnie A. Morris, Jr., James T. Murray, Monteiro H. Nelson III, William K. Nichols, Robert A. Parrish, William A. Pryor, Robert M. Pryor, Jr., Robert L. Reeves, Charles S. Roach, Eric A. Roberts, George V. Rouse, Jimmy P. Sulsona, Jack P. Turner, Bruce C. VanDerhoff, William R. Walker, Lewis P. Walker, Jr., Carlton W. Wheeler, Sr.; Kappa - North Carolina - Chris W. Anton, Joseph Y. Bassett, George W. Braun, George W.Butcher III, John R. Cauble, Alvin W.Daughtridge, Cuthbert H. Davenport, William D. Early, John B. Fisher, Jr., Mark R. Gorham, Russell N. Hadley, Aaron L. Hagler, William L. Harris, Richard K. Holzworth, Ralph P. Hunt, William M. Johnson, Jr., Bruce 0. Jolly, Jr., James C. Leak, David F. McAllister, Michael R. McLaughlin, Donald C. McLeod, David H. Mobley, Harry H. Montgomery, Jr., Beverly C. Moore, Robert T. Moore, Richard D. Morgan, Mark E. Prillaman, Steven F. Santee, Wayne N.Scott, Charles T. Stewart, Joel T. Thigpen,John A. Vann,Jr., Ralph S. Walthall, Van L. Weatherspoon,Jr., Robert C. White, Paul C. Wimbish, Charles B. Winn III, Mark H. Winston; Lambda - Georgia - John S. Bradbury, Randolph H. Bryan, Frank Cichanowicz III, Robert H. Cofer II, Mark A. Harp, William J. Harp, Jr., William L. Hatcher, Reginald J. Holliday, William L. Huggins,Thomas R. Jackson, Jr., Marion W. Luckey, Stewart W. McDowell, Richard L. Patrick, Jr., Robert M. Penland III, John G. Pryor, Cecil R. Spooner, Jr., John W. Wilson, James E. Wilson, Jr.; Mu - Duke - Robert B. Atkins, Sid E. Atkinson, Jerry C. Bernstein, George F. Blalock, William H. Bridgers, Aaron H. Bynum, Jr., Robert F. Clayton, Robert Dick, Frederick C. Frostick, Jr., Norman G. Gibson, David K. Gill, Clarence H. Glover, Jr., Burnett N. Hull, John W. McConnell, Charles H. Munch, James T. O'Kelley,Jr., Frank C. Rozzelle, Bart N. Stephens; Nu - Nebraska - Edward J. Bierl, Judd P. Brenton,James S. Christol, Thomas C. Miller, Thorwald L. Nelson, Robert Platt, William J. Wesslund; Xi - Roanoke - Ernest W.Ballou, Stephen T. Bast,Clarence P.Caldwell, Jr., James P. Charlton, Walter A. Clark, Jr., James A. Councilor III, Robert M. Demis,Paul R. Dotson, David W.Doyle, Francis H. Ewald, David S. Ferguson, Raphael E. Ferris,James W.Fleshman, Mark W.Fleshman, Robert G.Gray, Henry B. Hahn,Jr., Robert K. Harris, Cecil M. Hefner, Mark E. Holley, Harry I. Johnson,Jr., Henry L. Kennett, Michael D. Klein, Robert M. Lentz, Blake W. Liddle, Munsey A. Moore, George R. Mougenel, George B. Neff, Cameron R.Ogilvie, Lee S. Peregotf, DeWitt R. Petterson,James P. Piedrafite, Jr., Gordon H. Ramsey,Pleas Ramsey,John R.Stafford, Jr., Kevin R. SUllivan, William P. Tice, Charles E. Webber, Douglas M. Williams, Dan Woolridge;Omicron - Alabama - George F. Barker, Jr., William T. Bishop, Jr., Jack E. Brunson, Edwin V. Caldwell II, Raymond E. Cartledge, Charles H. Clark, Ernest W.Collins, Larry J. Contri, James E. Cunningham, Donald G. Curry, Jr., Warren D. Debardelaben, Jr., Emmett 0. Dendy,Thomas V. Gilbert, Jr., James M. Groom, Erwin E. Heblon,Jr., Thomas B. Henderson, Daniel C. Lemley, Gary W. Limmroth, Mack 0. Matthews, Dawson A. McQuaig, Jr., Desmond L. Merrill, Norman S. Morgan, Clinton H. Paulsen, Robert H. Perkins, James T. Robbins,Jr., Halford L. Robinson, Paul J. Ross,Gus D. Ross,Jr., William M. Schroeder, Robert L. Sheperd, William F. Skinner, David C.Smitherman, William G.Sutton, William C. Taylor, Joseph C. Trucks, Lawrence B. Wilkerson, William J. Worthington, Jr., Randy J. Wright; PI - Ogiethrope - Samuel E. Blackwell, Jr., Alexander F. Laird,Jr., Louis J. Ptacek, Jr.; Rho - Washington & Lee - Seth N. Baker, Bruce 0. Beckman,Walter R. Bishop, Craig A. Bowlus, Clifford B. Curtis, Jr., Edwin P. Garretson, Jr., Robert L. Jackson, Frederick R. Landrigan, William G. Loeffler, Jr., James B. Martin, George F. McInerney, Floyd W. McKinnon, William F. Methvin, Jr., Leigh L. Nettleton, Jr., Richard J. Splittorf, Malcolm H. Squires, Jr., Edward A. Turville, Kenneth B. VandeWater, John D. Wallace, Dorsey M. Ward, Jr.; Tau - NC State - Hunter B. Atkins, James E. Barwick, William D. Campbell, Michael L. Collins, Fred A. Collins, Jr., Anthony L. Evans, John A. Feather, Jr., Alexander G. Fuller, Arthur N. Greene, William H. Gurnee III, James C. Johnson, David W. Martin, Harry L. Mashburn, Joseph M. McConnaughey, Christopher M. Myers, Roland E. Noblin, Carl C. Painter, Jr., Wallace L. Reams, Stephen D. Seymore, Jr., Jacob N. Shepherd, Jr., Hartwell K. Sledge III, William D. Wallace; Upsilon - Illinois - Maynard T. Bartholomew, James M. Bayne, Rolf J. Berg, John C. Brown, John G. Carson, Andrew J. Clyde, Borden B. Cox, Peter P. Depasquale, George M. Dowd, Earl L. Feicht, Brent E. Frank, Joseph A. Gauer, Ora D. Gay, William A. Hasfurther, Joseph L. Johnson, Thomas F. Krizan, George A. Leech, Harold K. Madison, Frank W. Marlow, Jr., Charles R. Mench, Arthur R. Moore, Joseph E. Pehlman, Timothy J. Pemberton, Warren F. Perkins, James Pottenger, Kenneth J. Rabe, Edward Schmalenberger, John R. Stroehlein, Donald G.Thompson, Elzy W. Trogden, Eugene J. Ullemeyer, Thomas H. Watts; Chi - Stetson - Thomas M. Baker, Richard V. Ginn, Ira J. Giroir, James H. Griffin, Stanley S. Gryskiewicz, Jr., J. Wyman Harvard, Earl A. Jinkinson, Arthur N. Morris, Jr., Terrence M. Mullen, Tom F. Pattillo, John K. Snellings, Esten A. Ulmer, Thomas M. Wrenn; Pal - Cornell - John H. Angus, Gary R. Fisher, Paul Haas, Robert T. Harbeck, Kenneth E. Kelly. William K. Mayhew, Stephen G. Milks, Norman R. Miller, Michael J. Piscitelli, Alan S. Ritz, William E. StevensOn, James F. Storey, Foster H. White, Jr., Robert J. Wilcox, Walter J. Zygmunt; Omega - Purdue - John W. Badger, James S. Bohner, William C. Bradshaw, Stephen L. Brant, Thomas R. Brown, William K. Daniel, George G. Fassnacht, Spencer Gullicksen, Harold R. Johnson, Jr., William G. Kanouse, Alfred G. Kirchner, Jr., Kenneth L. Kraus, Mark 0. Kuklis, Lawrence P. Lang, R. Michael Little, Floyd L. McDonald, Herbert 0. Meyer, John D. Miller, David L. Mitzner, Steven K. Moore, Carl R. Nelson, Walter L. Norrington, Michael H. Ohaver, Ralph B. Olson, John P. Pop, Gregory L. Robertson, Robert A. Rust, Carl L. Sadler, William G. Scheck, Halbert C. Smith, Jr., John A. Timmons, Sr., John T. Venard, Scott L. Wetterlin; Alpha Alpha - Mercer - William G.. Bruner, Ledford C. Carter, John T. Cash,John C. Garvin, Jr., Lynward S. Lightner, Albert J. McGill, Cahrles R. Melton, Harry E. Rhodes; Alpha Beta - Tulane - Charles E. Richards; Alpha Gamma - Oklahoma - Byron T. Dawson, Russell D. Fagin, Richard W. Hoffman, Edmund P. Hugill, Jr., Jeffrey C. Jordan, Thomas R. Moore, Francis W. Scichowski, Jr., Ralph Thronburg; Alpha Delta - Washington - Elton R. Allison, John A. Clague, John J. Dailey, Robert J. Hansen, Carl A. Hedreen,James A. Johnson, Duane D. McBain, Louis A. Messer, Theodore C. Scheffer, Ralph M. Snider, Peter E. Terzick, William C. Waara; Alpha Epsilon - Florida - Roger Q. Austin, Jr., Sumpter H. Barker, Joseph H. Bell, Geary W. Cotton, Peter T. Cummings,John N. Davis, Lyman E. Davis, Jr., Donald A. Dvornik, David A. Gatchell, Jerry B. Groom, Henry C. Harrison, George N. Howe,Spence 0. Hubbard, George D. Johnson, Jr., Albert C. Mann, Walter F. McCall, Jr, Henry H. Miyares, Ellison P. Owen III, Robert G. Pastirjak, William A. Post, Clarence M. Ramsey, Dennis J. Riordan, Donald L. Roode, Jr., Terence E. Rooke, William F. Sahlie, Robert D. Snyder, Henry C.Swoope, Mark E. Timmes, Mark B. Varney, John A. Weiss, Carl S. Zimmerman, John Zoltek, Jr.; Alpha Zeta - Oregon State - Anthony L. Amort, Jack A. Austin, Earl D. Barton, Laurence E. Berwick, George W. Blinco, Keith W. Dotter, Clarence C. Ekstrand, Vernon A. Fridley, Thorne H. Hammond,Kenneth M. Hawke,Jr., Robert J. Herbage, Stanley R. Kelley, Melvin D. Knorr,James W.LaVance, Robert D. Manning, Patrick C. Meyer, John W. Moore, Gary S. Munn, Robert L. Nordlander, Thomas D. Patterson, Richard W.Saunders, Robert L. Sevcik, Mark Sherry, Marion N. Sigovich, William W.Thomas,James N. Wilson; Alpha Eta - Samford - Edward E. Beeson, Jimmy R. Bell, David K. Bower, Elbert B. Bruce, William C. Davis, Jr., William M. Ford, Elliott C. Herrin, Daniel E. Nolan,James E. Purvis, George W. Sheets, Gilmer T. Simmons, Henry J. Yeackle; Alpha Theta - Michigan St. - Kenneth G. Adams, Charles E. Cogo, Brian R. Connelly, Alan E. Erickson, Eivind J. Kolemainen, Bruce T. Lessien, J. Lyle Littlefield, Curtis C. Luthy, John A. McCormack, D. Keith Meyers, Albert C. Morley, Angus J. Morse, Milford A. Morse,James P. Neva, Jr., Leonard C. Paul, Jr., Alan W.Perlingiers, Dennis M. Rafferty, Wesson J. Ritchie, Otmer J. Schuster, Kline A. Sprague, Robert S. Trembath, Ford L. Woodard, Jeffrey A. Wrisley, Robert L. Yackels, Ray J. Zimmerman; Alpha Iota - Auburn - William G. Amos, Douglas H. Barclay, Lua R. Blankenship, Jr., John 0. Christiansen, Jr., Harry Dicus, Jr., Robert L. Ferrell, Joe W. Forehand, Jr., Tommy W. Gordon, James M. Hamilton, James H. Hendry, Charles L. Hewlitt, Donald B. Hutchins, Samuel W. Irby, William W.Jones, Jr., David A. Long, James G. Lovell, Jr., Nathnaiel D. McClure IV, George D. Mitchell, William L. Noll, Jr., Dan G.Parmer, Paul T. Persons, Neil C. Porter, Jr., Bogart S. Reed, Louis A. Reynolds,Jr., Wallace B. Smith, William B. Smith, James D. Stewart, Ward S. Taylor, Robert S. Travers,Joseph W. Williams, John D. Wolsoncroft; Alpha Kappa - Michigan - John N. Gibson, Hugh C. Hotchkiss, Carl E. 째Mara, Henry A. Pullen, William W. Rowley; Alpha Lambda - Ole Miss - Offa L. Casey, Oliver E. Cathey, Tony J. Rosetti; Alpha Mu - Penn St. - Harry N. Barfoot III, John D. Benedetti, John D. Brisbane, Robert F. Bush, Charles H. Case, Jr., Palmer L. Davis, Jr., William F. Exley, Michael A. Gardocki, Stephen J. Hadden, Daniel G. Jones, Robert P. Jones, David A. Kearney, John F. Kieser, Sr., Richard J. Kleinert, Leon M. Knetz, Solomon G. Krepps V, Jeffrey A. Lasala, Brian H. Lehman, John P. Lotz, Bryon E. McIntyre, Maurice P. Ranc, Jr., James B. Robinson III, John M. Rogers, Richard A. Sandala, Gary H. Schatner, Keith L. Shaner, Larry J. Shue, Mitchell B. Trull, William J. Vernon, Jr., Aaron P. Wagner, William R. Walker, Guy M. Williams, Donald B. Wood, Edwin R. Yeager, Kenneth W.Zehner; Alpha Nu - Ohio State - William P. Ansley, John H. Haas, Corwin D. Hablitzel, Homer H. Henrie, Russell C. Newhouse, Ivan L. Smith; Alpha Xi - PINY - Gordon Ahlers, John G. Anderson, William R. Berger, Steven M. Bertone, John F. Boette, Richard P. Brady, George A. Carleton III, Richard T. Currie, Robert D. Dalziel, William Delnicki, Vincent DiGiovanni, Paul W. Dillon, Frank M. Eigner, Walter E. Eisele, Bruce J. Elowsky, Ferdinand J. Esposito, Lewis B. Everett, Joseph Famoso, Joseph E. Flaherty, Walter J. Griffin, Stanley C. Harazim, Frank M. Herbert III, Michael R. Isaacs, Billie Jatzen, Ove Jensen, Joseph LaRosa, Henry E. Lemeur, Joel A. Miele, Bernard J. Minetti, Albert R. Muller, Alfred E. Munzer, Rino Non, Robert E. O'Donohue, Jr., Michael Pilo, William J. Prinzivalli, Joseph H. Ripel, Gerald H. Scheibner, Edward F. Schofield, John Smellie, Albert B. Steele, William J. Sturtz; Alpha Omicron - Iowa State - John R. Bateman, Lawrence S. Carlson,James r. Carson, Dale M.Cochran, Barry L. Croucher, Walter C. Dorr, Joseph G. Duncan, Philip J. Dvorak, Jeffrey G. Greiman, Thomas J. Hickey, Joe E. Legg, Jr., David K. Little, James B. Moon, Paul M. Muller, Charles J. Rehman, Jr., John 0. Sanderson, Charles Schram, Jr., Verne H. Upmier, Warren F. Wells, Harley L. Whitney; Alpha Pi - Sewanee - David E. Frierson, Daniel Gilchrist, Jr.; Alpha Rho - West Virginia - Nicholas G. Evans, Robert L. Harper, Charles W. Huber, David L. Kish, Robert J. Laughner, John C. Marano, Sr., William B. Russell, John E. Ryder, Elton R. Smith; Alpha Sigma - Tennessee - James C. Adkins, Thomas H. Banks, Ed S. Byrd, Robert E. Gibson, Jr., Abram W. Hatcher, Odus R. Johnson, Robert C. Pemberton, Aaron B. Reed, Howard B. Simmons,Roy H. Smith, Benjamin F. Smith,Jr., David B. Spalding, George A. Steele, James F. Steffner,John E. Steffner,Joe S. Tobias, Jr., Alpha Tau - RPI - Richard J. Andrews, Milton C. Beveridge, Frederick R. Bohl, Walter A. Brown, Emanuel J. Calocerinos, Alan G. Derr, Earle B. Fox, Jr., Robert J. Fuchs, Winter K. Graves, Robert E. Hawkins, Herbert K. Holden, Richard Z. Houk, Steven H. Kaitz, Charles P. Kapp, Armand T. Kelly III, Michael P. Kirchgessner, George W. Kirkland,

Winter, 1989-the star & lamp-Page 7

Jr., Brewster W. LaMacchia, William A. McAuley, John W. McMahon, Michael J. O'Brien, David M Peter, Howard W. Peterson, Jr., Marvin H. Pietschker, Kermit G. Pratt, Walter A. Rapetski, William A. Roberts, Ernest R. Stacey, William A. Steffancin, Donald J. Stephens, Robert 0. Wagner; Alpha Upsilon - Drexel - Robert E. Anderson, Jack A. Bader, Percy Brewington, John Bushmer, Jr., Raymond J. Cannon, Jr., Jeffrey S. Cohick, Henry Coleman, Jr., Samuel J. Costa, Jr., Walter W. Dearolf, Jr., Donald K. Dement, Edward J. DiMond, Kenneth J. Dirkes, Richard L. Drager, John R. Frye, Raymond H. Griffin, Paul W. Gross, Alan D. Henderson, Guy C. Hess, Jr., David M. Hillegas, Lemuel J. Holt, John M. Hudson, Robert R. Imbrogno, Arthur J. Jones, James F. Kelley, Jr., Joseph J. Keyes, Eugene R. Kiehl, Ralph E. Klessius, Anthony P. Lannutti, Edward C. Lowe, Jack N. Marshall, Gilbert S. Merritt, Osborne C. Miller, Jr., Joseph Mittura, Edwin C. Neuman,Joseph J. O'Brien, Henry W. Schutte, Frederick H. Staiger, Jack A. Steer, Harold S. Stiffler, Watson L. Stiliwagon, Roland R. Tesno, James U. Todd, Arthur W. Tunnnell, Jr., Samuel A. Wilson, Sr.; Alpha Phi - Illinois Tech Michael B. Adair, Ralph E. Belke, Edward W. Bisone, Emil B. Deiter, Brian F. Diaz, Cyril L. Dusell, John T. Higgins, George E. Hoff, Edward A. Kaschins, David R. Larson, Andrew E. Michyeta, Jr., Robert Nickel, Peter E. Ostrander, Harry F. Perlet, Jr., William J. Plichta, Burton W. Seiwell, Myron B. Stevens, Lee A. Strote, George J. Svehla, Paul W. Wagner, James C. Woodling; Alpha Chi - Miami - Parker E. Hodgman, Frank L. Kearns, Jr., Alpha Psi Indiana - Gerald L. Allen, Thomas E. Baker, Charles J. Blackerby, Donald E. Brennan, Scott E. Evenbeck, Max A. Fawley, David C. Gibson, Robert W. Haller, Brian D. Hinton, Joseph D. Lingenfelter, Joseph F. Lux, Ralph G. Mundy, Wayne G. Murray, Justin Patterson, Waldsee MI Prunty, Dennis E. Rose,James R. Ruckriegle, Charles L. Seely, William C. Seng, Jr., Richard L. Stutz; Alpha Omega - Oregon - Sherman W. Holmes, Donald D. Lasselle, Gilbert B. Lissy, Stanley C. Lynch, Thomas V. Vandawark; Beta Alpha - NJIT - Frederick Becker, Jr., Douglas E. Bruce, Theodore D. Cassera, Robert M. Fechillas, Paul Heller, Henry P. Karnas,John V. Lavery, Donald C. Linske, Anthony V. Mangone,Robert A. Mason,Thomas M. McCann, Michael D. Neary, John Pugliesi, Raymond Spinelli, Roanld P. Szkodny, Jacob VanBroekhoven, David White, Edward K. Wilson, Jr., Joseph P.Zengota. Beta Beta - Florida Southern - Gary B. Baker, Roy W. Bruce, Jr., Scott L. Cavanah, Robert J. Chapin, Charles J. Evans, William M. Fraser, Jr., Carl M. Koch, Robert B. Nicholson, George G. Peterson, David L. Robertson; Beta Gamma - Louisville - John T. Cook, Herbert M. Zimmerman, Jr.; Beta Delta - Drake - William D. Barber, Hugh M. Brand, Jr., Paul H. Gilman, James C. Glick, Scott C. Jorgensen, James Labiak, ?portofthe Pi Kappa Willis D. McConaughy, Kenneth R. Miller, Patrick B. Neary, Joseph A. Parsons, Kenneth J. Piller, Daniel B. Raskas, Norris D. Rowland, James L. Rutherford, Richard C. Schmitt, James F. Verlautz, Harry J. Winegar; rival Appeal has been Beta Epsilon - Missouri - Robert J. Baker, Philip J. Bouckaert, Frank B. Boyd, Jr., John E. Deutschmann, William J. Gleason III, John L. Lichtenberg, Walter T. Richards, Laurence G. Trudell; Beta Eta - Florida State - Leo Almerico, Newton H. Beaver, Robert F. Brown, Robert N. Clark, Charles L. Delk, William G. Gilmer, Fred L. Hoffman, Peter A. Kalmes,James W. Newman,Jr., Randolph M. Plotts, Douglas T. Prior, Derby L. Ulloa, ess of Pi Kappa Phi Sidney M. Wilson, Jr.; Beta Theta - Arizonia - Charles E. Deleuw,Jr., Russell T. Gilbert; Beta Iota - Toledo - Gene C. Collins, Gerald K. Dunaway, William G. Frederick, George H. Hershman, Charles T. Kahle, Robert itributions, totalling s. Kuhlman, Robert N. Linder, Thomas C. Montgomery, William C. O'Shea, Bruce 0. Palenske, Thomas A. Ramsdell, Roger W.Schiller, Paul C. Simmon,C. David Stahl, Lance A. Talmage,James W. White, Jr.; Beta Kappa - Georgia St. - Robert B. Donaldson, Clayton B. Doss, Jr., David R. Ferguson, John B. Whitley; Beta Lambda - Tampa - Wade G. Birch, Lawrence Bostian, James A. Gallagher, Ralph M. Griffin, Jr., Gerald alumni, have reasW. Herzog, Stephen J. Krist, Gilbert H. Leeper, Joseph A. Martineau, Robert A. Myers, Donald E. O'Neal, Harold B. Shoffeitt, Riley M. Tucker; Beta Mu - McNeese - Paul A. Brown, Steven N. Guidry, Edwin M. Potratz, of the development I Walter D. Stacy, Jr.; Beta Nu - Houston - Royston H. Patterson, Jr.; Beta Xi - Central Michigan - David E. Clappison, Donald E. Perry, Duane M. Valerio, Boyd R. Wiltse; Beta Omicron - Northwestern St. - Paul Rochette, Jr., Scott W. West; Beta Pi - Eastern Michigan - Richard H. Falk; Beta Sigma - Northern Illinois - Donald D. Firkins; Beta Tau - Valdosta - Philip L. Adams, James M. Dowd, Wesley C. Murphy II, Mark nal and leadership acA. Waddell, Hubert H. Wilford; Beta Upsilon - Virginia - Stephen S. Applegate, Edgar A. Boling, Paul E. Buppert, Jr., Barry J. Ewald, Scott A. Fodder, John D. Koester, Hugh J. McKane, Charles W. Milteer III, Stuart I a positive fraternal S. Moore, Steven P. Nesbit, Jr., George F. Shipp; Beta Phi - East Carolina - Ellis S. Banks, Jr., Dennis R. Barbour, Miles F. Barefoot, Henry C. Boone, Ellis R. Ehle, Jr., Robert S. Fuller, Samuel T. Hicks II, Gary A. Jewell, Wiley H. Lewis, Jr., Danny M.Luper, Bruce A. Mullis, Richard D.Scott, Ronald R.Siegfried, Kenneth Sigmon;Beta Chi- East Texas St.- Don W. DeColaines Ill, Kenneth L. Park; Beta Psi -Tennessee Wesleyan ,000 student members. - Hugh G. Neil, Jr.; Beta Omega - ETSU - Richard H. Blair, Feris D. Kabool, Jr., Eugene W. Smith, Robert G. Yackanin, Ronald K. Younger; Gamma Alpha - Livingston - Hal W. Bloom, Jr., Jack S. Garnett, Jr., les and chapters of our William P. Taylor, Clyde E. Yelverton, Jr.; Gamma Beta - Old DOminion - William C. Bright, Jr., Samuel F. Bryant, Richard G. Howard, Louis H. Richard, Jr., Paul V. Shebalin, Jack E. Simonik, John C. Simpson, Thomas E. Treichier; Gamma Gamma - Troy St. - Durwood L. Bozeman, Steven L. Calton, James P. McClendon, Jr., Steven R. Oliver, Laurence S. Turrin; Gamma Delta - Memphis St. - Thomas H. Appleton, wder of giving club. All Jr., Herbert W. Blow, Charles L. Hall II, Rodney T. Hurt, Thomas F. Lynch, Kenneth D. Mills, William A. Newson, Jr., James M. Ray, William T. Siebert, Gary A. VanAsek, James E. Younger; Gamma Epsilon nnual programs of the Western Carolina - Joseph 0.Craft, Jr., Samuel C. Davis,Jr., William M. Felsher, Bruce W.Fishel, Barry J. Kalet, R. David McKenzie, Tony F. Perkins,James H. Petty, Larry Y. Ramsey, Robert B.Shaver,Stephen L. Stafford, Donald C. Turner, William F. Willis, Rory A. Young; Gamma Zeta - West Virginia Tech. - David M. Childers, William G. Conrad, Jr., George A. Franz, Jr., Arthur L. Johnson, Jr. Dennis F. Maffesd to club membership. santi, John P. Mann, John Manzano, Paul A. Mattox, Jr., Robert Michael, Michael C. Paterno, Donald L. Prinzbach, Craig A. Rickenbach, Donald E. Skaggs, Clifton A. Smith; Gamma Eta - Athens - William J. Kelly; Gamma Theta - UNC-Wilmington -James M.Corcoran, William E. Dalton, Leqnard H. Harris, Henry C. Merritt, Jr., James C. Pinar, John M. Pollard, Jr., Albert B. Walls, Osborne K. Walls, Jr.; Gamma 000 Kappa -Georgia Southern - James L. Boatright, Charles P. Cates, John B. Graham, Michael L. Parrish, David W. Whatley; Gamma Lambda - Rolla - Robert Bentzinger, William H. Coalson, Eugene A. Cooper, Eric S. Harris; Gamma Mu - Belmont Abbey - John T. Farrell, Guy A. Piche; Gamma Nu - LaGrange - Howard E. Staats II; Gamma Xi- Gerogia Southwestern - Benjamin C. Andrews, Jr., Charles 0.Cates II, Larry A. Everson, Gary L. Reeves, David W.Suppes, David G. Wallis, Hubert H. Yaughn, Jr.; Gamma Rho - Lander - Robert W.Craft, Kyle W.Sherard; Gamma Sigma - Armstrong - Jack R. King, David A. Leonard, Corley J. Zittrouer; Gamma Tau - North Texas - Robert M. Williams; Gamma Upsilon - Oklahoma St. - John D. Danvers, Barry L. Howell; Gamma Phi - South Alabama - Gaither L. Chastang,Paull Langenbach; Gamma Chi -Jacksonville - Lawrence M. Hufty, Richard M. Orcutt; Gamma Psi - Augusta - Ronald P. lrick, Michael B. Smith; Gamma Omega - Montevallo - David C. Bennett, Robert E. Howard, Jr., Royce L. Leder, Thomas G. Smitherman; Delta Alpha - VPI - Marc DeLaVergne, Steven D. Dodd, Bernard A. Nash, William J. Ryan; Delta Beta - North Georgia - Richard C. Barr, Jr., Charles A. Cecchini,James P. Daniel, Jr., Michael G. Lawless, Ulysses G. Matherly, Jr., Charles A. May, Richard P. Moultrie, Bill W.Pope, P.J. Rodgers, Douglas L. Walker, Paul W. Wingo; Delta Gamma - UNO - Barry F. Burks, Robert L. Drozda, Daniel H. Ehrlich, William M. Ojile, Jon K. Taute; Delta Delta - Northeast Missouri - Darryl C. Beach; Delta Epsilon - Jacksonville - Fred 0. Holland, Clyde J. McSpadden, Henry G. Wilkins, James H. Young, Jr.; Delta Zeta - Appalachian St. - Andrew T. Braun, George G. Davidson, Douglas W. Edwards, Gregory A. Honeycutt, Edwin W. Norris, Wythe R. Wilson; Delta Eta - Morehead - David E. Jones, Gregory L. Kring; Delta Iota - Middle Tennessee - Michael L. Potts; Delta Lambda UNC-Charlotte - Mark E. Ashley, William L. Dawkins, David S. Higgins, John H. Mitchell, Robert M. Pombo; Delta Nu - Western Kentucky - Galen H. Freeman III, Bruce A. Masden, Carlos D. [9. Tatum; Delta Omicron - Nicholls St. - Jacques D. Frere; Delta Pi - Wright St. - Terry D. Brown, Bruce A. Hollingworth, James A. Martin; Delta Rho - USC - James S. Anderson, Randall E. Corber, Donald F. Craib III, Edward J. Hogan III, Jay R. Hotchkiss, Edward A. Lang III; Delta Sigma - Bowling Green - Craig L. Anderson, Brian J. Hendrickson, Kenneth N. Kaiser; Delta Tau - James Madison - Stephen E. Dicks, John D. Harvey, Mark W. Moroney, Christopher L. Negaard; Delta Upsilon - Pittsburgh - Clark J. Louden, Charles J. Rusbasan; Delta Phi - Radford - Michael E. Lindauer; Delta Chi - Kansas St. - Jeffrey L. Meister, Jeff A. Schugart; Delta Psi - UT-Arlington - Mark F. Jacobs; Delta Omega - Texas A & M - Rafael R. Gonzalez; Epsilon Gamma - Longwood - Robert S. McAra, Dale W. Rankin, Donald C. Sisco II; Epsilon Delta - Auburn-Montgomery - David M. Smith, Jr., Daniel C. Weaver; Epsilon Epsilon - Clinch Valley - Robert H. Sage; Epsilon Zeta - Central Arkansas - John L. Bearden, Kim D. Crissler; Epsilon Eta - Winthrop - Joel H. Byars, Thomas J. Sacco ; Epsilon Iota - UNC-Greensboro - Henry Y. Ingram, Dale W. Rankin, Donald C.Sisco Epsilon Kappa - Southern Tech.-Jay R. Barrow,Jose A. Morales,James A. Ransom;Epsilon Lambda - USC-Spartanburg - Michael L. Elmore; Epsilon Mu - Bradley - William Furling III, Frank J. McCue II; Epsilon Nu - Sacramento - Cary B. Schumacher; Epsilon Xi - LaSalle - Edward J. Jesko; Epsilon Omicron - Villanova - John K. Richards; Epsilon Rho - Lenoir-Rhyne - Mark S. Mullane; Epsilon Tau - St. Joseph's - Vincent J. Thompson, Sr.; Epsilon Upsilon - Georgia College - Bernard L. Doolittle; Epsilon Phi - UAB - Joseph S. McCarty


)pa Phi ual Appeal


or more Foun999.1_,amplighters Executive Directors lid Star Club: $500-$999. .$499;Crossed Sword Thank you!

Other Donors Alpha - Charleston - Daniel B. Barry, Steven N. Coker, Patrick H. Grayson III, William M. Neely, George A. Nelson, Stuart G. Spencer, Lewis A. Westbrook III; Beta - Presbyterian - James W. Ballard, Alva R. Hamilton, Jonathon C. Hicklin, James L. Kennedy, Jr., Hank W. Mason, Thomas C. Middleton, Jr., Robert N. Prince, John R. Ritter, Jr., Thomas H. Stearns. George D. Stickney, Jr.; Gamma - Cal-Berkeley - Walter B. Collins, John D. Futscher, George R. Ganz, David W. Halligan, Michael S. Kesler, Jay C. Maltby, Gerald D. Moshner, Michael W. Neal, Danny H. O'Rear, Robert D. O'Malley, Steven C. Pas, Morgan A. Pike, Richard A. Rappaport, Eugene Roberts; Delta - Furman - Kenneth S. Burnham,Christopher R. Hardt, William T. Humphries, Donald A. Miller, Daniel S. Morris, Warren B. Schatzle, Jr., Jay M. Switzer, John H. Young, Marion M. Young;Sigma - South Carolina - Herbert L. Benson, Jr., Patrick H. Cave, Charles H. Chiles, Dean E. Clary, Robert J. Degiman, Jr., Durward W. Easom, Jr., Alan R. Fraley, Edward S. James, John J. Kennedy, Karl S. Long ill, Scott N. Peck, William K. Philpot, George W. Plowden, James W. Ratliff, Jr., William S. Reynolds III, John P. Shrum, Branan I. Yarborough Epsilon - Davidson - Alvin Bayer, Jr., William H. CLayton, Jr., Paul S. Cooper, Robrt C. Grady, H.T. Gurley, Jr., William M. Heston, Samuel M. Hines, Louis C. Hite, Charlton B. Ivey, Harold B. Kernodle, Jr., John D. King, Joseph H. Vernon, Lawrence D. Wilkerson, John A. Womack, Samuel M. Woodward;Zeta - Wofford - Randall L. Bringman, Rembert 0. Burgess, Robert W. Burns, William R. Cook, Jr., William B. Evins, Jr., Thomas M. Faile, Jack Kaplan, Jr., Bruce P. McLeod, Gerald F. Mount, Stephen L. Skinner, William M. Smethie, Jr.; Eta - Emory - Bennett K. Bilbrey, William Y. Chewning, William W. Floyd, James F. Vickery, Jr.; Iota - Georgia Tech - Del C. Brooks, Jr., Robert A. Defurio, David B. Grant, Allan D. Guggolz, Jeremy M. Heymann, John G. Hotchkiss, David M. Hull, Jeffrey A. Langton, Gregory S. Legore, Alexander H. McGraw, Joe B. McRee, John C. Mosher, Robert C. Murray, Jr., John R. Paus, Dean W. Russell, Eugene R. Viscelli, Comer V. Weaver, Jr, Edwin F. Womack,Jr., Robert J. Wysocki, Daniel M.Zorn; Kappa - North Carolina - Charles P. Adams,Steve C. Barbour, Henry 0. Beck, Jr., Mark R. Bernhardt, E. Douglas Bolick, William C. Buergey, Thomas P. Davis, Bernard E. Dotson, Jr., Neal F. Fowler, Robert B. Gentry, Howard W. Hawks, Gary Heeseman III, Edmund B. Hopkins, Craig C. Huggins, Thomas W. Killian, James B. Little, Jr., Thomas L. Lloyd, Brian T. Marley, John McInnis, Jr., Harold G. McNeill, Charles H. Melvin, Jr., Jeffrey D. Michael, Marshall R. Murray,Timothy E. Newman,William J. Ramsey,Larry S. Roadman,Edgar F.Seagle,Scott T.Self, Steven C.Shaw,Jerome W.Stanislaw,Scott B. Tate,James L. Thomson, James M. Wilmott, Charles T. Wilson, John H. Yokley, Donald C. Young; Lambda - Georgia - Vernon A. Bird, Philip T. Bolt, Robert M. Bretherton, Herman T. Davis, Robert L. Dickson, Jr., Wallace S. Drage, Joseph B. Edwards, John T. Green, Ted A. Grob III, John T. Hanna, Scott R. Jacobs, John M. Johnson, James R. Lawerence, James 0. Loyd, 011ie 0. McGahee ill, John F. Peck, David T. Smith, James E. Spencer, Jr., Thomas D. Twilley; Mu - Duke - John H. Brownlee, Tom F. Driver, Heyward L. Drummond, Winder J. Edwards, Charles H. Goldberg, Peter 0. Krogh, William R. Pitts, Thomas H. Timberlake; Nu - Nebraska - James R. Boling, Lyman M. Burgess, Donald E. Cox, Dean A. Divis, Douglas J. Hamer, Kelvan A. Musgrave; Xi - Roanoke - Jeffrey S. Conover, Robert A. Covington, Jr., Ancel B. Davis, Jr., John Druzbick, Kenneth R. Garren, Thomas J. Hubsch, Onza M. Hyatt, Roy H. Jamerson, Jr., Walter D. Keister, Brian P. Kidd, John W. Kowalczyk, Alan J. Liebrecht II, Yl M. Lim, David W. McCourt, Richard J. Milan, Jr., James E. Moroch, Louis J. Mullineaux, Stephen Y. Quinn, Thomas J. Robertson, Jr., Kyle F. Schindel, Mark D. Spangler, Sean R. Sweeney,John T. Willaimson ill; Omicron - Alabama - James A. Avrett, Willaim J. Barton, Jr., Willaim L. Brunson, Jr., Calrence W. Callahan, Leo K. Cooper, Herbert Davis, Warren D. Debardelaben III, Walter P. Dendy, Jonathon F. Fravel, Emmett B. Harrison, Jr., Charles A. Jones III, Richard A. Kilgore, James W. Miree, Ladson F. Montgomery, Charles E. Mundine, Edward Pagelsen, George W. Parker, Jr., Anthony J. Rice, Albert E. Ritchey, Gregory D. Sand, Mark A. Scogin, George H. Stacy, Jr., Cyrus S. sTeed III, Willard R. Summerlin, Charles S. Trimmier, Jr., Curran E. Wade, Jr., John W. Wessinger; Pi - Oglethorpe - Clarence D. Wooten; Rho - Washington & Lee - Thomas A. Hollis, James W. Ivey II, Richard G. Leary, Clifton D. Mitchell, George T. Myers, Robert B. Shively, Thomas R. Warfieid; Tau - NC State - Victor H. Agreda, Timothy W. Atwood, Edward W. Avent III, Willaim B. Chalk, John V. Fox, Jr., Albert M. Guillet, Jr., Charles B. Harper, James H. Johnson III, Francis L. Joyner, Maurice L. Laughlin, Jr., Marvin R. Martin, Marion J. Noland, Wilson A. Sherill II, Edward H. Woods II; Upsilon - Illinois - Edward L. Atkins, Franklin J. Eubank,Jr., Daniel L. Ganzer, Lawrence D. Inglis, David J. Kallal, James E. Kaufman, Anthony A. Konsky, August M Massa, Carl V. Nelson, Luke J. Oberwise,Jr., Paul B. Phinney, Robert M. Riggs, Marvin A. Schaid,Julius Schoeller, Jr., Daniel A. Shoor, Chairs J. Steinicke, Jr., Wilber H.Tammeus,Rene A. Van Der Heyden, Dennis Wodarz; Chi - Stetson - Thomas R. Barnette, William M. Davis, Charles F. Granger, Edmund P. Hogle, Mark C. Hollis, E. Gale Huntington, Walter F. Malmborg, Ronald T. Peacock, William E. Ray, Christopher B. Walsweer, James L. Young;Psi - Cornell - Thomas T. Burger, Jr., Charles L. Dodson,Jr., John R. Heilman,Jr., John J. Senesy, Robert H. Steinfeidt, Erwin A. Tschanz;Omega - Purdue - Donald C. Adams,Charles E. Atwell, Drew E. Biehler, Arthur H. Bostater, Robert F. Brinson, William R. Brown, David A. Carder, George Fortune, Jr., Elliot N. Franklin, Sidney, K. Graham,Jr., Bernard T. Graser, Hilton B. Henry, Allan B. Larson, Patrick N. McDowell, Clayton J. Newhagen, Philip E. Newhouse, Paul E. O'Malley, Guy J. Overman, Raymond F. Ruth, Edwin T. Sherwood, Robert W.Stromberg, Matthew J. Stuve, William L. Swager, Don R. Taylor, Herbert J. Treen, Edward M. Vana, Kirk W. Wickizer, Bruce A. Wylam; Alpha Alpha - Mercer - Richard M. Andrews, Hal Dumas, Hollis C. Lewis, Jr., Thomas Lowndes III, William Maratos; Alpha Beta - Tulane - Madison T. Woodward, Jr., Alpha Gamma - Oklahoma - Paul D. Lassiter, Danny J. Lee; Alpha Delta - Washington - Daniel B. Chesney, Manuel D. Esteban, Richard F. Navert, Dean W. Parker; Alpha Epsilon - Florida - Gary T. Anderson, Bartlett Arnold III, David D. Boden, Neil 0. Contess, Eric B. Dana, Larry H. Elkins, Ord J. Fink, Jr., Herbert Frazier, James A. Grady, Paul S. Green, Walter E. Hagie, Ellett D.James, Dean A. Kontinos, Peter Lanaris, Charles F. Marks, Jr., James W. Midelis, Mack P. Niven,James P.O'Donnell, Eric A. Rail, Frank W. Rivers, James T. Schneider, Russell C. Silvergate, Harold R. Simmons,John M. Turco, John C. Vignetti, Richard C. Warwick; Alpha Zeta - Oregon St. - Ronald L. Anderson, Gale L. Briggs, Jose M. Cantor, William W. Carter, Harold E. Conklin, William V. Cook, Roland E. Curtis, Howard W. Davis,James P. Halferty, Robert G. Harris, Stephen J. Hilgart, George W.Jaska, David V. Ledoux, James S. Marsh, Timothy M. Molinari, Mark T. Roth, Neil A. Sandvik, Ronald D. Thom, Thomas L. Tyler; Alpha Eta - Samford - Daniel L. Aderhold, Liston E. Cartledge, Jr., Jerry D. Gallups, Larry M. Godwin, Jerrel B. McAnalley, Orbie L. Medders, Jr., Aubrey S. Miree, Jr., Glenn A. Olivenbaum, Joe W. Vaughn; Alpha Theta - Michigan St. - James A. Alexander III, Charles G. Beckstrom, Roderick R. Casavant, Daniel F. Ciernick,Joseph M.Colucci, Gary L. Culicerto, Scott E. Evans, Robin G. Ewen,Jerry D. Griffith, Jeffrey W.Hill, John C. Kohler, Alonzo E. Langworthy,Paul A. Long,Joseph E. Potchen, Norman Smith, Warren C.Spragg III, Richard W.Thatcher, Michael K. Ullsax, John M. Wortman; Apha Iota - Auburn - Frank M. Awbrey, Jr., William S. Baker, Charles W. Beaird, Charles S. Blackledge, Jr., George E. Bruner, Jr., Robert R. Carothers, Jr., Hugh D. Dozier, Arthur B. Hammond, Harold H. Hartwell, Edward.C. Healy, Bryan K. Kennedy, James T. Leath, Christopher C. Loughran, Charles E. McDanal, Kenneth B. Morton, Jr., William, B. Ott, Jr., William A. Percy, Ernest C. Rushing, Harry S. Scheinert, Richard J. Scott, Jr., Stephen C. Smith, Ncholas Sowinski; Alpha Kappa - Michigan - Philip S. Dalziel, Ralph W. Danielson, Harold L. Gould, Elston F. Larson, William H. Moffat, Harry Olson; Alpha Lambda - Ole Miss - Corey E. Crowder, Warren B. Cruzen, Prentiss T. Russell; Alpha Mu - Penn State - Barry C. Anderson, David N. Back, Mark D. Berger, Keith W. Bornmann,Stephen C. Botta, Arthur F. Buffett, Daniel F. Castello. Steven H. Davis, Donald L. Drake, Kenneth N. Flodin, Edwin A. Friend, Jr., Edmund J. Hathaway, Douglas S. Hisey, Scott J. Jandora, Christopher J. Kelly, Bruce J. Kent, Robert C. Kieffer, Robert G. Kreider, William W. Lawrence, Steven J. Loeper, Richard F. McKnight, Michael J. McLaughlin, Ralph W. Moyer, Scott D. Myers, John M. Puskar,John H. Ressler, Robert W. Ryan, Matthew L. Rzucidlo, Blaise T. Santianni, Emerson C. Sortore, Clarence L. Spannuth,Jr., William F. Walsh, Michael J. Wells, Douglas L. Wilson, David R. Young, Edwin H.Zacharias, Jr.; Alpha Nu - Ohio St. - Lewis E. Miller; Alpha Xi - PINY - Floyd J. Baranello. Robert J. Blazek, Joseph A. Caruso III, Michael R. Cavallo, Rutherford H. Fenn, Franklin Grandinetti, Joseph G. Grolier, Nicholas P. Guarriello, John R. Halada, Chester B. Mayforlh, Jr., Kenneth J. McCort, Frank Mummolo, Charles D. Mum, Harry F. Roener, Frank F. Romanow, Roy D. Sarcona, Paul J. Schwanenflugel, Paul M. Tierney, Warren C. Zulawski; Alpha Omicron - Iowa St. - Keith J. Allen, Robert O. Brown, James E. Burt, Hal D. Dirksen, Mark Engelmann, Guy K. Goodenow, Jeffrey L. Harm. Kenneth M. Johnson, Mark J. Nechanicky, Richard C. Ohrt, Marshall E. Olson, Wilson G. Palmer, Michael J. Powell, Winfield S. Rosenberger, Ralph H. Ruedy, Daniel A. Saad,John H.Sabin, James R. Sparboe; Alpha Pi - Sewanee - William B. Dickens, Willis M. Rosenthal. Lawrence F. Thompson; Alpha Rho - West Virginia - Robert D. Dombrowski, Charles W. Francis, Steven S. Gabbert, Howard G. Martin, Thomas McCormick, James B. Michael, Edward D. Neese III; Alpha Sigma - Tennessee - Felix J. Grosso, Kevin A. Hall, Giles D. Hollins, Claude 0. McPherson, Jr., William M. Saflay, Daniel C. Shultz, James A. Southerland, James Tombras,Trevor H.Tucker,Jr., Wade W.Williamson, Michael W.Wood;Alpha Tau - RPI - Paul J. Baker, William H.Baldwin,Scott A.Bibaud,Jose G.Castro,Kenneth F. Chucta, Frank J. Cooke,Charles A.Cuiberson,Jeffrey A.Cunningham, Deall Daymon, John J. Dempsey, Jonathan Finke, Daniel M. Guzovsky, Gregory M Florian, William H. Hodges, George J. Hoffer, Charles C. Kammermeyer, George T. MacRidis, George P. Magur, Robert S. Morris, Nels F. Nelson, Richard J. Nelson, Kenneth T. Pruyn, Thomas N. Richmond, Jr., William F. Rieke, Jr., Nicholas P. Rusanowsky, Albertino T. Santos, Christopher G. Stirrat, Harold N. Trevett; Alpha Upsilon - Drexel - Robert J. Baldwin, William W. Bintzer, Anthony P. Bracalente, William P. Carey, Harry J. Christman, Douglas M. Clarke, Lawrence M. Dandrea, David D. Delp, David S. Denenberg,James F. Duncan, Robert W.Edmands, Andrew E. Egeressy,Jr., Gino A. Fortunato, Robert W. Hadden, Gregory R. Hess, David A. Heydt, Thomas L. Hill, William H. Hitchens, Michael T. Imms, Alan R. Jenny, Richard W. Lodwig, Michael F. Lorenzo, Walter W. Lovell, Harry M. Margolis, William L. McFadden, Francis J. McMahon, John McNutt, Vicko J. Melada, Richard A. Mosher, Robert T. Murphy, Fred G. Nuenighoff, John J. Peirce, Jr., Gay V. Piercy, Stephen J. Pinkas, Thomas B. Popko, John R. Pries, Randall L. Reitenback, Harry A. Schlater, John F. Serafin, Robert F. Thorp,Jr., Walton H. Troyer, Jr., Donald R. Williams, Samuel A. Wilson, Jr., Stanton Woerth, Robert G. Wolf; Alpha Phi - Illinois Tech - Richard J. Allen ill, Albert F. Bujan, Gary C. Cathey, David A. Desilets, John J. Douders, Jr., Richard F. Einecher, Richard C. Frankenberg, Lawrence T. Harris, James M. Helm, Leonard J. Mance, Edwin N. Searl, Kenneth L. Slepicks, John A. Wheeler, Jr.; Alpha Chi - Miami - Richard S. Buchanan, Jack N. Salter; Alpha Psi - Indiana - Jay B. Cameron II, Robert J. Chloupek, Kurt A. Georgesen, Dennis S. Green, James P. Halsey, Curtis D. Kiefer, Barry G. Polley, Maurice B. Scheidier, Russell A. Sparks, Gregory H. Vann, Elbert J. Walker, James E. Wright; Alpha Omega - Oregon - Richard G. Garrett, Christopher S. Little; Beta Alpha - NJIT - James J. Adams,John A. Alfonso, Clinton Brockway, Peter A.Cady, Matthew J. Couson,Leo Credidio, Franklin J. Czysz, Robert J. Garvey,Jr., Edward M.Kelley, Lawrence A. Kominiak, William Kowalski, Roger F. Kreh, Aivars E. Krumins, Clifford G. Malarek, Charles Mandala, William D. Nichols, Victor E. Oravetz, Jr., Lester Pastuszyn, Edward J. Prokopik, Louis D. Romano, Richard Rusak, Robert C. Tomaro; Beta Beta - Florida Southern - William A. Adams,John H. Brady, Jr., DeLos L. Carroll, Jr., Lawrence J. Henyecz, William Hurst, William E. Kesler, Larry L. Merchant, John E. Trufant; Beta Gamma - Louisville - Douglas F. Abney, Winson L. Dewitt, Larry A. Hayse, James A. Koshewa, James L. O'Neal, Clark H. Scherer, Jr.; Beta Delta - Drake - Michael J. Cohen, Berkeley P. Duncan, Bradley M. Golde, Gordon Loy, Ronald N. Raskin, David S. Spewak,Jack M. Street, David G. Zucker; Beta Epsilon - Missouri - Sherwood K. Chism, Philip E. Gray, Kenneth X. Lissner, Dean M. Shillito, Jr.; Beta Eta - Florida St. - John R. Corbett, Hugo H. Debeaubien, Michael R. Kryzanek, Leonard W. Lorenzo, Jr., Robert A. Milstead, David V. Pavesic, Kenneth P. True, Thomas E. Williams; Beta Iota - Toledo - David B. Barkhimer, Christopher E. Barton, Gerard J. Bradner, Scott S. Coursen, Robert C. Friess, Douglas W. King, James A. Newhard, Christopher R. Nusbaum, Richard G. Rose; Beta Kappa - Georgia St. - Tim A. Cribbs, Stanley R. Duren; Beta Lambda - Tampa - Jefrey Goerke, David J. Helterbran, Jr., Richard R. Rodriguez, Robert C. Russell, Donald L. Small, Jeffrey A. Smentek; Beta Mu - McNeese - Wilfred R. Bourne, Jr., Brett A. Fontenot, Danny W. Hyatt, Karl 0. Stutsman, Thomas W. Wright, Jr.; Beta Xi - Central Michigan - Robert A. Archer, Richard F. BurdickWilliam L. Corbin, Jr.; Beta Omicron - Northwestern St. - John G. Oden, Chris A. Prestenback; Beta Pi Eastern Michigan - Carl V. Taylor; Beta Rho - Clarkson John F. Kruse; Beta Sigma - Northern Illinois - Ronald L Giles; Beta Tau - Valdosta - Andrew P. Cannon, Kenneth U. Ferrell, James E. Hart III, John M. Jones, Shealy E. McCoy, Roy C. Odom,Jon Scott, Grady E. Spell, Jr., Jerry D. Thomason, Jr.; Beta Upsilon - Virginia - John F. Berry, Thomas G. Haudricourt, John J. Lapenta, Charles M Lohr, Daniel W. Rogerson, Donald D. Slesnick II, Edmond H. Smith, William J. Watson III; Beta Phi - East Carolina - William F. Avera, Otis T. Bailey, Henry K. Core III, Malcolm 13. Hinton, Randy K. Langley, William G. Mann, Joseph K. Norris, Benjamin L. Parrish, Jr., Jeffrey D. Phillips, George I. Ressequie, Jr., Thomas C. Sayetta. William P. Simmons, Jr., Jonathan S. Smith, Thomas G. Willingham; Beta Chi - East Texas St. - Kevin W. Blake, Calvin L. Draper, John Onorato, Robert K. Swortwood, Jr., John T. White, Robert C. Williams; Beta Pal - Tennessee Wesiyan - David L. Calfee, Mark A. Defriese, Joel T. Jones, John M. Plemons, Barry A. Saunders, James A. Van Ostenbridge, Francis D Wieser, Jr.; Beta Omega - ETSU - Alan W.Bagley, Jerry G. Campbell, Jr., Richard D. Pitts; Gamma Alpha - Livingston - Chris V. Beeker, Jr., Archie C. Calhoun, James W. Carter, John T. Powell; Gamma Beta - Old Dominion - Joseph A. Greblunas, Jr., Robert A. Magoon, Joseph E. Murphy, Matthew S. Parker; Gamma Gamma - Troy St. - Stephen A. Caporini, Michael K. Irvin, Thomas R. Minter, Charles H. Schley, Steven J. Scruggs, Phillip E. Wells; Gamma Delta - Memphis St. Dean Aquiline, Stephen T. Cobb, Jeffrey A. Drake, Richard Franklin; Gamma Epsilon - Western Carolina - Dan Boggs, Kevin 0. Brown, Timothy B. Coleman, Max C. Daves, Jr., James A. Davidson, Gene F. Leonard, Jr., Roy L. McArn, Jr., Phillip F. McManus, Stanley B. Pendergraft, James L. Poole, Mike E. Russell, John K. Sardinia, William S. Smith; Gamma Zeta -West Virginia Tech - Richard J. Barton, Robert H. Brewer, Robby L. Clemons, Kevin Hodges,Steven A. Kraycar, Roger D. Moore,Thomas J. Sakach, David R. Strader;Gamma Theta- UNC-Wilmington - William K. Auten, John W. Baldwin, Jr., William S. Dickens, Donald L. Evans, Charles Hatch, Larry M. Long, James A. Moore, Thomas R. Stephenson, Edward A. Sundy, Jr.; Gamma Kappa - Georgia Southern - Benjamin B. Barmore, David B. Crites, Douglas H. Lambert, William D. Livesay, David A. Miles, Jack E. Parker; Gamma Lambda - Rolla - Mohammed A. Abdulla, Randal S. Curtis, Howard D. Stever, Jr.; Gamma Mu - Belmont Abbey - Michael Brady, Gregory C. Cranley; Gamma Nu - LaGrange - Paul A. Armstrong, Joseph W. Bryant; Gamma XI - Georgia Southwestern John A. Graham, Michael D. Moye, William F. Terry; Gamma PI -Northwestern St. - Howard C. Kweller, William G. Rutledge II, James P. Sutera; Gamma Rho -Lander - Bernard Pannone, Joel M. Wolbert, Barry C. Young; Gamma Sigma - Armstrong - Randal D. Rippey, Mark G. Sneed; Gamma Tau - North Texas - Ben 0. Turner; Gamma Upsilon - Oklahoma St. - Mark R. Christman, Chris R. Elich, Joe D. Holcomb, Michael S. Nichols, Roger L. Schaefer, Alan J. Stroup; Gamma Phi - South Alabama - Anthony J. Bowab II, Donald S. Dunbar;Gamma Chi -Jacksonville - Michael K. Fouty;Gamma Psi - Augusta - Ernest V. Langston, Russell M. Malone; Gamma Omega - Montevallo - Dwight L. Bentley, Michael E. Drudy, Freddie H. Ford, Ashley L. Hurd, James S. Martin, Jr. Roy A. McMullin, Mark G. Russell, Robert W.Spechalska, Larry M. Williams; Delta Alpha - VPI - William T. Bailey, Jr., Brian J. Eastridge, Michael D. Eller, Luther R. Head, Robert A. Quicko, Jr., Lane A. Schaffer; Delta Beta - North Georgia - Thomas L Childers, Charles F. Drake, David & Goodwin, Stuart R. Hulsey, Charles W. Mitchell, John M. Sexton, Scott R. Soracco, William J. Stathakis, Luis 0. Toro, Eddie Wayne, John S. Wilson III; Delta Gamma - UND - Richard T. Burns, Michael W. Winslow; Delta Delta • Northeast Missouri -David L. Ewigman, Gregory D. Lay, Gary D. Lykins, Jeffrey A. Schoenekase, Ronald D. Tracey, Michael R. Wood; Delta Epsilon -Jacksonville - Russell E. Andrews, George B. Bailey, Robert J. Chaffin, Ricky E. Newbern, Bennett Oliver, Ted C. Sexton, Tonyu M. Tidwell; Delta Zeta - Appalachian St. - Mitchell H Allison, Thomas E. Armour, Gregory L. Ball, Chuck A. Beddingfield III, Hugh C. Dirom, Christopher W. Hayes, Graham C. Hoppess, David W. Huss,John R. Knier, William E. Maycock, Derrick L. McCaslin, Steven E. Miller, Jeffrey D. Shell, Grregory B. Shepard, Ronald E. Williams; Delta Eta - Morehead - Dana L. Greene, Walter E. Higgins; Delta Theta - Mars Hill - Kenneth A. Gray; Delta Kappa - Pembroke St. - Mark Cabral; Delta Lambda - UNC-Charlotte - Ben K. Barnes, Raleigh C. Davis, Rose E. Farrish, Jr., Robert W. Fisher, Jr. Douglas A. Flowe, Rick R. Gimla, Mark C. Hall, William R. Kincaid, Timothy J. Laframboise, James Mountjoy, James M. Myers, Richard G. Pope, Terry A. Reed, Todd R. Stiller, Todd G. Thompson; Delta Nu - Western Kentucky - Francis B. laconis, J. Robert Miller, Don E. Sapp, Joseph R. Wallace; Delta Xi - North Alabama - Jeffrey R. Suggs; Delta Omicron - Nicholls St. - Don A. Champagne, Ray S. Herbert; Delta PI - Wright St. - Timothy J. Waypa; Delta Rho - USC - James J. McMenamin, Alan D. Wapner; Delta Sigma - Bowling Green - Joseph A. Bando, William A. Haidie, Scott A. Moser, Dennis E. Snook, Michael J. Thomas, Steven J. Trivisonno; Delta Tau - James Madison - Donald M. Beeby, Gregory S. Benson, Eric R. Ebel, Christopher E. Kelly, Nicholas P. Kokulis, Brian R. Lenskold, Paul M. Marhan; Delta Upsilon - Pittsburgh - Howard E. Simon; Delta Phi - Radford - Hugo X. Espinoze,John P. Hightower III, Randall Z. Hodges, Edward F. Ramsey; Franklin A. Swann; Delta Chi - Kansas St. - Steven C. Hill, Robert K. Hiss, Kenneth P. Pruett, Charles M.Scott, Robert E. Wiegers; Delta Psi - UT-Arlington - Gary Cox, Gregory K. Sanders; Delta Omega - Texas A & M - Carlos A. Delgado; Epsilon Alpha - Elon - Hardy K. Hobbitt, Paul M. Hirschmann, Gerald E. Hollan, Christopher G. Jernigan, Samuel Miller II, Ralph 0. Mueller, Vincent A. Price, James B. Stephenson II; Epsilon Beta - Grand Valley - Jody L. Matherly; Epsilon Gamma - Longwood - Darryl R. Balderson, Earnest E. Moore, Gary C. Slack; Epsilon Delta - Auburn-Montgomery - Benjamin F. Harris; Epsilon Epsilon - Clinch Valley - Steven P. Beauter, Danny B. Ladia, Allen D. Wallace;Epsilon Zeta - Central Arkansas - Richard H. Dixon, Jr.; Epsilon Eta - Winthrop - Oscar H. Chandler, Calvin K. Grant, Jeffrey A. Mahoney, William C. Moore, Jr.; Epsilon Theta - Seton Hall - Nicholas J. Beutell, Leonardo S. DePalma, William P. Freeman, Rocco Gencarelli, Luciano J. Losardo; Epsilon Iota - UNC-Greensboro - Charles R. Cote, David B. Craft, Robert L. Emory, Joseph E. Harkins, Timothy S.Jolivette, Gregory B. Larimore; Epsilon Kappa - Southern Tech - Howard E. Burch, Donald W. Eddleman, David G. Hirschler, G. Erik Hotton, Jr., Steve T. Jeffords, Jr., Barry L. Kidd, John D. Thompson; Epsilon Lambda - USC-Spartanburg - Charles T. Mardell; Epsilon Nu - Sacramento - James K. Botkin, Richard T. Doyle, Jeff J. Silver, Ty N. Tomita; Epsilon Xi - LaSalle - William Carreras, John M. Coulson, David W. Givey, Timothy J. Meiroy, James T. Richard, Jr., Enrique G. Saguil, Frederick G. Tingley; Epsilon Omicron - Villanova - Richard F. Berry, Thomas A. Daniels, Joseph E. Dugan, Joseph M. Farrell, Carl G. Marino, Jr., Brian H. Shane; Epsilon Pi - VCU - William K. Hollis, David C. Monk; Epsilon Rho - Lenoir-Rhyne - Kenneth C. Brown, James R. Hammer, Jr., Jonathon A. Holt, Donald R. Jarboe, John A. Williams; Epsilon Sigma - Christian Brothers - Kim L. Burnett, Edward L. Keene, Jr., Robert A. Ogarrio, Joel Ortiz, Jr., William A. Piercey, Jr., Robert G. Werle, Daniel E. Wilson; Epsilon Tau - St. Joseph's - Timothy E. Beaver, Charles A. Brawley III, Guylouis Ciarrocchi, Raymond E. lx, Jr., Thomas J. Merighi, Jr., Mark C. Pinelli, Christopher C. Rooney, Vincent J. Thompson, Jr., Joseph S. Vanelli, Thomas P. Wilson; Epsilon Upsilon - Georgia College - Terry P. McKinnie; Epsilon Phi - UAB - Timothy D. Evans, Lee G. Johns, Jr. Alfred E. Smith, Chris D. Teichmiller; Epsilon Chi - Denver - Render L. Wyatt, Jr.; Epsilon Psi - Slippery Rock - Kenneth Klimchock, James Ramsey, Stephen deVries; Epsilon Omega - Texas Tech - Robert M. Sheets IV, James T. Smith


Page 8-the star & lamp-Winter 1989

Annual Appeal Giving by Chapter and StateI'm Giving by Chapter (1988) School- Total Initiates- # of Donors- Total Donations Alpha - Charleston 431 42 $2,815.00 Beta - Presbyterian 403 29 $1,025.00 Gamma - Cal-Berkeley 528 47 $1,410.00 Delta - Furman 252 16 $420.00 Sigma - South Carolina 531 42 $1,625.00 Epsilon - Davidson 380 37 $2,150.00 Zeta - Wofford 408 30 $960.00 Eta - Emory 101 21 $965.00 Iota - Georgia Tech 620 80 $2,717.00 Kappa - North Carolina 674 89 $3,265.00 Lambda - Georgia 659 53 $1,870.00 Mu - Duke 486 38 $1,315.00 Nu - Nebraska 208 19 $845.00 Xi - Roanoke 527 87 $6,115.00 Omicron - Alabama 910 86 $4,120.00 Pi - Oglethorpe 43 4 $70.00 Rho - Washington & Lee 527 37 $1,575.00 Tau - NC State 39 $1,257.00 526 Upsilon - Illinois 490 70 $2,422.00 Phi - Tulsa 13 0 $0.00 Chi - Stetson 602 29 $945.00 Psi - Cornell 425 31 $1,190.00 888 75 $2,318.00 Omega - Purdue Alpha Alpha - Mercer 203 16 $438.00 Alpha Beta - Tulane 15 2 $30.00 Alpha Gamma - Oklahoma 213 21 $1,093.00 188 24 $1,915.00 Alpha Delta - Washington Alpha Epsilon - Florida 917 98 $4,729.00 Alpha Zeta - Oregon State 58 $2,070.00 547 Alpha Eta - Samford 471 31 $1,885.00 Alpha Theta - Michigan State 560 54 $1,820.00 Alpha Iota - Auburn 892 73 $3,215.00 Alpha Kappa - Michigan 45 13 $310.00 Alpha Lambda - Ole Miss 56 9 $575.00 Alpha Mu - Penn State 837 81 $2,095.00 Alpha Nu - Ohio State 37 10 $835.00 Alpha Xi - PINY 352 75 $2,473.00 Alpha Omicron - Iowa State 496 59 $3,102.00 Alpha Pi - Sewanee 18 6 $210.00 Alpha Rho - West Virginia 100 20 $815.00 Alpha Sigma - Tennessee 443 37 $1,319.00 Alpha Tau - RPI 663 74 $2,580.00 Alpha Upsilon - Drexel 719 104 $3,395.00 Alpha Phi - Illinois Tech 457 44 $1,625.(X) Alpha Chi - Miami $445.00 85 7 Alpha Psi - Indiana 400 43 $1,815.00 Alpha Omega - Oregon 112 7 $155.00 Beta Alpha - NJIT 439 57 $4,272.00 Beta Beta - Florida Southern 311 22 $1,130.00 Beta Gamma - Louisville 166 12 $465.00 Beta Delta - Drake 399 32 $1,125.00 Beta Epsilon - Missouri 249 14 $440.00 Beta Zeta - Simpson 0 21 $0.00 Beta Eta - Florida State 480 28 $977.00

Beta Theta - Arizona Beta Iota - Toledo Beta Kappa - Georgia State Beta Lambda - Tampa Beta Mu - McNeese Beta Nu - Houston Beta Xi - Central Michigan Beta Omicron - Northwestern State Beta Pi - Eastern Michigan Beta Rho - Clarkson Beta Sigma - Northern Illinois Beta Tau - Valdosta Beta Upsilon - Virginia Beta Phi - East Carolina Beta Chi - East Texas State Beta Psi - Tennessee Wesleyan Beta Omega - ETSU Gamma Alpha - Livingston Gamma Beta - Old Dominion Gamma Gamma - Troy State Gamma Delta - Memphis State Gamma Epsilon - Western Carolina Gamma Zeta - West Viginia Tech Gamma Eta - Athens Gamma Theta - UNC-Wilmington Gamma Iota - LSU Gamma Kappa - Georgia Southern Gamma Lambda - Rolla Gamma Mu - Belmont Abbey Gamma Nu - LaGrange Gamma Xi - Georgia Southwestern Gamma Omicron - Bethel Gamma Pi - Northwestern State Gamma Rho - Lander Gamma Sigma - Armstrong Gamma Tau - North Texas Gamma Upsilon - Oklahoma State Gamma Phi - South Alabama Gamma Chi - Jacksonvile Gamma Psi - Augusta Gamma Omega - Montevallo Delta Alpha - VPI Delta Beta - North Georgia Delta Gamma - UNO Delta Delta - Northeast Misssouri Delta Epsilon - Jacksonville Delta Zeta - Appalachian State Delta Eta - Morehead Delta Theta - Mars Hill Delta Iota - Middle Tennessee Delta Kappa - Pembroke State Delta Lambda - UNC-Charlotte Delta Mu - Methodist Delta Nu - Western Kentucky Delta Xi - North Alabama Delta Omicron - Nicholls State Delta Pi - Wright State

35 260 201 349 169 19 180 183 39 88 74 288 364 383 197 116 196 315 202 416 254 286 325 71 212 32 271 118 125 187 263 56 23 183 116 29 228 122 66 99 185 175 234 80 182 263 284 117 59 50 98 265 41 65 87 60 33

2 29 7 22 10 1 6 5 2 I 2 16 27 32 9 8 11 II 16 12 23 30 26 4 19 0 18 10 6 5 22 0 3 6 5 2 9 7 4 5 14 It 25 7 7 12 24 4 I 1 1 24 0 7 2 3 7

$100.00 5900.00 $230.00 $1,045.00 $305.00 $20.00 $160.00 $120.00 $35.00 $10.00 $60.00 $457.00 $1,050.00 $910.00 $275.00 $202.00 $330.00 $425.00 $490.00 $455.00 $990.00 $730.00 $805.00 $255.00 $430.00 $0.00 $755.00 $355.00 $175.00 $205.00 $1,570.00 $0.00 $75.00 $140.00 $85A/0 $35.00 $425.00 $196.00 $325.00 $195.00 $355.00 $385.00 $706.00 $175.00 $130.00 $365.00 1,255.00 $100.00 $20.00 $30.00 $25.00 $625.00 $0.00 $160(8) $60(8) $40.00 $465.00

Delta Rho - USC Delta Sigma - Bowling Green Delta Tau - James Madison Delta Upsilon - Pittsburgh Delta Phi - Radford Delta Chi - Kansas State Delta Psi - UT-Arlington Delta Omega - Texas A & M Epsilon Alpha - Elon Epsilon Beta - Grand Valley Epsilon Gamma - Longwood Epsilon Delta - Auburn-Montgomery Epsilon Epsilon - Clinch Valley Epsilon Zeta - Central Arkansas Epsilon Eta - Winthrop Epsilon Theta - Seton Hall Epsilon Iota - UNC-Greensboro Epsilon Kappa - Southern Tech Epsilon Lambda - USC-Spartanburg Epsilon Mu - Bradley Epsilon Nu - Sacramento Epsilon Xi - LaSalle Epsilon Omicron - Villanova Epsilon Pi - VCU Epsilon Rho - Lenoir-Rhyne Epsilon Sigma - Christian Brothers Epsilon Tau - St. Joseph's Epsilon Upsilon - Georgia College Epsilon Phi - UAB Epsilon Chi - Denver Epsilon Psi - Slippery Rock Epsilon Omega - Texas Tech Zeta Beta - LaJolla Zeta Gamma - North Dakota Zeta Delta - Shippensburg Zeta Epsilon - George Mason Zeta Zeta - North Florida Zeta Alpha - Clemson Unknown



Hotel Reservations


9 10 12 3 6 7 4 2 9 3 6 3 5 3 6 5 9 11 4 3 6 8 7 2 6 7 11 2 5 I 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2

$385.00 $320.00 $245.00 $65.00 $200.00 $160.00 $130.00 $100.00 $188.00 $280.00 $125.00 $100.00 $180.00 $84.00 $135.00 $135.00 $190.00 $437.00 $280.00 $260.00 $140.00 $180.00 $160.00 $45.00 $140.00 $135.00 $215.00 $45.00 $135.00 $10.00 $35.00 $50.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

saw $0.00 $0.00 5110.1)0

2,748 $101,388.00

Giving by State (1983-88) State- Total Alumni- # of Donors- Total Donations Alaska 7 $455.00 Alabama 2,619 434 $42,006.00 Arkansas 116 19 $1,799.00 Arizonia 171 54 $7,361.00 California 1,603 405 $45,237.00 Colorado 240 56 $6,036.00 Connecticut 327 99 $10,861.00 77 16 D.C. $2,276.00

The Supreme Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Where

71 96 220 68 160 103 52 77 103 64 116 87 84 55 67 82 107 63 71 75 108 101 150 51 79 73 63 52 19 17 70 29 10 14 32 8 2 6

Washington, D.C., at the Hyatt-Crystal City Hotel. Saturday, August 5, through Wednesday, August 9, 1989. Registration begins at 12:00 noon on Saturday with programs beginning at 1:00 p.m. Check out is Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., August 9. 1114*,, Are made directly through the Hotel by calling the HyattCrystal City at 1-800-228-9000. Special room rates have been provided for the 1989 SupremePTapter; $73.00,Rer room, per night, up to four persons per roibrit: These rates Ctrzply for four days before and after the con enttion, so alumni and undergraduates can take advantag cif this special city.

Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Iowa Idaho Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Maryland Maine Michigan Minnessota Missouri Mississippi Montana North Carolina North Dakota Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico Nevada New York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Virgin Islands Vermont Washington Wisconsin West Virginia Foreign Unknown TOTALS

88 3,277 3,342 31 338 22 1,151 662 143 357 522 305 553 24 798 113 517 156 21 3,168 II 207 68 1,191 61 50 1,144 678 342 450 1,472 7 53 1,959 9 1,130 1,043 17 2,090 4 39 327 131 293 116


25 727 626 5 68 237 145 42 58 87 83 132 4 155 27 83 35 2 574 3 37 16 297 8 14 225 161 63 82 327 2 7 380 2 198 254 5 427 2 10 78 22 56 21 Ii

$2,220.00 $92,784.00 $72,784.00 $355.00 $9,8/16.00 $285.00 $28,305.00 $16,756.00 $4,105.00 $5,590.00 $9,075.00 $9,694.00 $15,088.00 $160.00 $14,730.181 $2,470.00 $8,489.00 $4,565.00 $155.00 $59,268.00 $336.00 $3,800.00 $1,900.00 $35,691.00 $595.00 $1,470.00 $24,215.00 $19,455.00 $7,250.00 $10,393.00 $30,125.00 $105.00 $1,105.00 $43,883.00 $120.00 $22,602.00 $32,488.00 $635.00 $49,213.00 $145.00 $970.00 $9,524.00 $2,882.00 $6,100.00 $4,227.00 $1,245A/0




Unless you are in Washington, D.C. you may never... Meet and talk with TOM SAYRE,the developer and designer of our Pi Kappa Phi national project, PUSH. Ride a boat down the HISTORIC POTOMAC RIVER while eating a delicious dinner. Discuss fraternity HOUSING with the officers of Pi Kappa Phi Properties, headed by Travis Julian, President. Witness an ernattr4r41 presentation of your Fraternity's RITUAL OF INITIATIC94, Spend time with your Pi Kappa Phi ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE STAFF. See y9urself through the lens of a camera as arches-

Supreme Chapter Registration

All alumni, delegates and guests must be registered with the Supreme Chapter to attend all,activities, ycinquots, and meeting sessions and to receive Suprerhe Chtti room rates. The cost of registration inOudes three meals for undergraduates and Supreme Charr materials, leadership sessions, supplies, speakers, e fRegistration costs for alumni members and wives include four meals and Supreme Chapter materials, etc. Registration fees are: Undergraduate Delegates Alumni Members Wives $95.00 $120.00 $75.00

tratea'by talented TIM RIBAR. Visit MOUNT VERNON,the SMITHSONIANS,the VIETNAM VETERAN'S WAR MEMORIAL,the WHITE HOUSE (call your Congressman for a specific visit appointment), the WASHINGTON MONUMENT,the CAPITOL and more. Find out about SCHOLARSHIPS. LOANS, and other EDUCATIONAL rps14 through Ted Scharfenstein, Chairman of Pitiat" Phi Foundation, and other Trustees. Find put what the NU PHI SOCIETY is.

Travel to the Supreme Chapter

Alumni win plane tickets

Why attend the Supreme Chapter?

Continental/Eastern is offering discount fares for Supreme Chapter attendees. To qualify, call 1-800-468-7022 and give our access number, EZ 8P6. iWeridees flying into nearby Washington National Airporqbsdytake advantage of the vans supporting the Pi Kappa Phi, " " "erne Chapter for shuttle service to the Hyatt Cryst Hotel. Several railways and interstates lead into Washington,too. All alumni who register for the convention will have their names placed in a drawing to win two round trip tickets to anywhere wi he continental United States, Puerto Rico, or U.S. Virgin Psi The Supreme Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is a learning and growing experience for all who attend. The Suptiarne Chapter is the governing body ofYbur fraternity cihei4tyme#4,15 once every other year. The 1989 Supreme Chapter's somfthing that all Pi Kappa Pfli4 s can benefit from and enjoy: Pldh ri to join your br ers In Washington for a Capital Exper

Parit6pate during the SUPREME CHAPTER sessions in the determination of your Fraternity's future. Discuss issues of importance to you with your NATIONAL OFFICERS. Have an opportunity to experience over 15 hours of LEADERSHIP training. Witness the induction of new members into the PI KAPPA PHI HALL OF FAME; members who have exceeded success in their chosen fields. Share in the recognition of chapters and individuals as they receive AWARDS. Have FELLOWSHIP with Pi Kappa Phi members from all over the United States. See where all of the bureaucracy has its ALPHA AND OMEGA.


Winter, 1989-the star & lamp-Page 9

chaptEr spotlight Christian Bros. is a 'young' but 'united' chapter The Epsilon Sigma chapter ofPi Kappa Phi at Christian Brothers College,located in the heart of Memphis,Tennessee, is a relatively young chapter within our fraternity, having been founded on Dec. 10, 1983. As Pi Kappa Phi enters its eighty-fifth year of existence, the chapter will just be getting its"five year itch."But the chapter has already laid a firm foundation on which to build a great chapter. Day in and day out, the members continually strive as a united brotherhood to be the best fraternity on campus, and to achieve all of the goals that they have set for themselves. As a consequence of its persistent efforts, the chapter has been ranked in the top one-third ranking ofthe fraternity since their founding and they fully intend to remain there. In the five short years of Epsilon Sigma's existence, they have obtained many honors from their institution, such as having the highest G.P.A. on campus for three consecutive years and being the college intramural champions several times. Additionally, they have raised over $12,000 for PUSH and hope to have a PUSH facility in Memphis in the future. Despite being the youngest fraternity on their campus, the Pi Kapps at CBC have the largest and strongest brotherhood with 85 active members.PUSH plays an importantrole in strengthening the brotherhood. In years past, the chapter has held an annual PUSH-A-Thon - a walk from one end of

•MIN NM IP •NEM NMI Ilk 11•11••INIWOMMINAIO IWO . o.gego• 10111110 •SIM MEN ••••en MN,too AIM • "r145 0 04

5.51 iiiiiiuhiiI

lit MINN IMIU11011111111110 um,ono esur maw awe ow dew OMR NAM IMO OMNI NNW MUM •MN IMMO MIMIIMP

The Epsilon Sigma Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Memphis to the other, collecting donations at intersections and from passing cars along the way. Unfortunately,the city ofMemphis has changed its laws applying to solicitation and the chapter will probably be unable to continue to hold their big money-maker. Although these activities are all vital for the continued growth ofthe chapter,the mosteffective way to influence the future of the brotherhood is through the associate member education program. Just as founder Mixon commented on

the founding ofPi Kappa Phi,"...there came a never-ending stream of men. . .," the Epsilon Sigma chapter has been blessed from the beginning with large associate classes of dedicated men. They continuously institute new and more enlightening activities that will improve the pledging process and make it a more meaningful part of the fraternity. Also, by diversifying the program,they can eliminate any

see EPSILON, page 12

California State-Chico chartered as Zeta Lambda Surrounded by rice fields and almond orchards at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills is the campus ofthe California State University atChico.Homefor approximately 16,000,the campus has recently become the home for the newly-installed Zeta Lambda Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Chico State is presently in its 101st year as a member of the California State University system. Chico State is considered by some to have the best Business and Business Administration programs in the entire state of California. For the fall semester of 1988, the University admitted too many new students. Chico State used to be one of the smallest schools in the state system, boasting classes that had a 25 to one student-teacher ratio. The fall semester saw the school admit more students than any other semester in the past. Thelocalfraternity called ChiPsi Omega had its first meeting on Nov. 12, 1987.There were about85 persons present.ChiPsi Omega remained a local fraternity for only a short

Zeta Lambda Chapter-Cal. State-Chico time. The group of young men became a colony of Pi Kappa Phi on May 14, 1988, after a careful national fraternity selection search. In late September of 1988, the Chi Psi Omega colony held a successful rush, re-

cruiting 13 associate members. After meeting the chartering requirements, all 44 members were initiated as the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi on Dec. 4, 1988. Because the associate members already knew each other,the chartering requirements

were met in a record three months,starting at the beginning of fall semester. Chartering teams from both Gamma Chapter-UC-Berkeley and Epsilon Nu Chapter-Sacramento State worked hard and with exceptional skill in initiating the 44 members. The Chartering Officer residing over the event was Gamma Chapter Advisor Paul Drake along with Assistant Chartering Officer Glenn Dickson, the Administrative Office's assistant executive director. Executive Director Durward Owen presented the charter to Archon Zak Harris after a heartwarming speech on the brotherhood of the fraternity of Pi Kappa Phi. The future looks bright for the men of Zeta Lambda Chapter. They are committed to the realization that if their chapter is not moving forward, it is moving backwards. This group of young men is one of the strongest of the new chapters. With a wide spectrum of brothers and a fresh look on the Greek system, Zeta Lambda is an up-andcoming chapter: a model for success.

Alpha Gamma is rechartered at the University of Oklahoma Desire and determination brought achievement and satisfaction to the members and participants of Alpha Gamma's rechartering, held on the evening of Oct. 1, 1989. Anxiety and enthusiasm had been running high in anticipation of this event for several months in advance. The enduring and seemingly endless chartering process came to its focal point as the students' efforts finally culminated into the reinstatement of the charter. The University Of Oklahoma was founded in 1890,some 17 years previous to Oklahoma's statehood.Itclaims the world's first school of petroleum engineering, established in the early 1920s. Winning it's first NCAA national football championship in 1952, the University has become known as a football power.Today,it serves

22,000 students, 3,200 of them Greek. While closing in on OU's centennial, the school will play host to the opening ceremonies ofthe 1990 U.S. Olympic Festival. The twenty-third chapter ofthe Fraternity, Alpha Gamma is a chapter with rich history and tradition. It was originally a social fraternity called "Pi Kappa" and later produced an Interfraternity Council president, a"Mr.Pi Kappa Phi" - Melville Metcalf, an All-American basketball and baseball star - Grandville Norris, and two National Council members - Vernon Stansell and Melville Metcalf. In the fall semester of 1986, Wally Wahlfeldt and Ken Kaiser, past leadership consultants for the Administrative Office, began the rechartering process. The next 23 months would evidence many ups and downs.

Alpha Gamma members at 'Alumni Day' The six months previous to chartering were ones of great achievement. Alpha Gamma's scholarship program produced a third-place scholarship ranking in a Greek system of 26 fraternities. As the colony completed its firstfull academic year,fundraising efforts for PUSH topped $1,200. This year's goal is $2,500. Alpha Gamma also established a relationship with a local

child care facility for mentally and physically handicapped children. Intramurals have been another strong point and one of great success with Alpha Gamma making the play-off rounds in all major sports. The summer passed quickly as there

see UNIVERSITY, page 12

Page 10-the star & lamp-Winter, 1989

push Alumni help needed for PUSH trek Due to the tremendous success of last year's trip, plans for PUSH America'89 are already underway.This summer,25 Pi Kappa Phi collegiates will ride bicycles from San Francisco, Calif., to Washington, D.C. The goal of the project is to raise both money and awareness for People Understanding the Severely Handicapped, the national service project of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. One of the biggest factors in last year's successfuljourney was the generous support of dozens of Pi Kappa Phi alumni along the way. In almost every city, free lodging and meals were provided for the team. Often

Empathy During 'Empathy Training' at the Institute, PUSH chairmen learn firsthand some of the many challenges the severely handicapped face. Photo by hill flibar

First-of-its-kind PUSH Institute held; 80 chairmen attend Continued from page 1 the positive results from their efforts more quickly. "The chapter has become directly involved in addressing the facility's needs, which is the ultimate goal of the program," Kaiser said. Epsilon Iota is experiencing an even greater interest in PUSH following the placement, said PUSH Chairman Jim Bartis. "Seeing the good you've done makes you want to work harder and do more," he said. The second goal of PUSH involves increasing public awareness of the issues

facing citizens with severe handicaps. Within the Fraternity, the mission began with the creation of the PUSH Academy, a project aimed at education. "By increasing our emphasis on education, we give more to the handicapped in the long run than just another placement,"Kaiser said."We give them a more understanding society." This year, for the first time, more than 80 PUSH chairmen attended the PUSH Academy Leadership Institute, which coincided with the Pi Kappa Phi Mid-Year Leadership Conferences in Charlotte, N.C., and St. Louis, Mo. The Institute gave PUSH chairmen from across

the country the opportunity to spend a weekend together, exchanging ideas and gaining new insights into PUSH. "The Institute was informative and motivational,"said Bryan Wilson,PUSH chairman at Alpha Gamma-University of Oklahoma."It was great.I'm a new PUSH man!" "We've always felt that PUSH plays an important role in the development of the members of our Fraternity," Kaiser said."Pi Kappa Phi has much to be proud ofin looking back at the growth ofPUSH, both financially and conceptually. "And I have every reason to believe that this is just the beginning."

Beta Phi alumnus runs for a good cause Lester Osborn's fascination with running began for health reasons. When he graduated from East Carolina University in 1982,the brother from Beta Phi Chapter was 50 pounds overweight and was facing heart problems. Today he is in top condition, and he's taken his heart out of danger and put it to good use raising money for People Understanding the Severely Handicapped. This November, Osborn intends to raise more than $10,000 for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity's national service project by running the New York Marathon. Because running has done so much for

him,Osborn wanted to use the sport to benefit others. And the competitive excellence of the New York Marathon offered the challenge. "PUSH had been right in front of me, and I had never thought about it. Then I decided I wanted to put two good things together," Osborn said. Osborn, a national account executive for Southeastern Freight Lines in Columbia, S.C., intends to solicit corporate support for his run. He also aims to garner support from other sources as well. In keeping with PUSH's newest goal of education, Osborn hopes his project will

41// 111



IIMI1111111.7■1 .. ,=.02■111111 MEW MAI 411111■11•11.11/ minas

..4.1:51."11111 4■

Please send more information on PUSH America '89. I may have a contact or connection which could be of help to the project. Name Address Phone( Comments

generate some good public relations,helping raise community interest in aiding those with severely handicapping conditions. But first Osborn has to qualify for the prestigious marathon by achieving a qualifying time of less than three hours for the 26mile course. He will try to earn this time in the Los Angeles Marathon in March. Until then, he runs 35 to 40 miles a week, devoting different days to different workouts.His desire to make a difference for PUSH is helping him go the extra mile. "There's so much good we can do for PUSH," Osborn said. "Sometimes we just have to look for it."

Sullivan named director of communications T.J.Sullivan recentlyjoined the People Understanding the Severely Handicappedstaff, replacing Walter Wahlfeldt as director of communications. A large part of his responsibilities will involve public relations efforts and direct work with the Fraternity's chapters and PUSH chairmen in their fundraising and awareness projects. Sullivan Sullivan is a 1988 graduate of Indiana University and a charter member of Alpha Psi Chapter. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism


and is originally from the Washington, D.C. area. Wahlfeldt is a past Archon of Upsilon Chapter-

University of Illinois and a past leadership consultant

Thank you.

and director of communications for the Fraternity. He was PUSH's first director of communications; the position was created this school year.

special fund-raising and publicity events were sponsored in the team's honor as they passed through towns. And almost every day, the names "PUSH" and "Pi Kappa Phi" ap-

peared on the evening news, on local radio and in the morning paper. The PUSH America'89 team will cover 3,200 miles in 56 days, beginning in San Francisco on June 11, and ending in Washington on August 5. The itinerary is: Date Origin- Destination 6/11 San Francisco, CA- Brentwood, CA 6/12 Brentwood, CA- Jackson, CA 6/13 Jackson, CA- Silver Lake,CA 6/14 Silver Lake, CA- Carson City, NV 6/15 Carson City, NV- Carson City, NV 6/16 Carson City, NV- Fallon, NV 6/17 Fallon, NV- Cold Springs, NV 6/18 Cold Springs, NV- Austin, NV 6/19 Austin, NV- Eureka, NV 6/20 Eureka, NV- Ely, NV 6/21 Ely, NV- Baker, NV 6/22 Baker, NV- Delta, UT 6/23 Delta, UT- Provo, UT 6/24 Provo, UT- Provo, UT 6/25 Provo, UT- Duchesne, UT 6/26 Duchesne, UT- Vernal, UT 6/27 Vernal, UT- Elk Springs, CO 6/28 Elk Springs, CO- Stmbt. Springs, CO 6/29 Stmbt. Springs, CO- Stmbt. Springs, CO 6/30 Stmbt.Springs,CO-Hot Sulfur Springs,CO 7/1 Hot Sulfur Springs, CO- Idaho Springs, CO 7/2 Idaho Springs, CO- Denver,CO 7/3 Denver, CO- Denver, CO 7/4 Denver, CO- Denver, CO 7/5 Denver, CO- Last Chance, CO 7/6 Last Chance, CO- Wray, CO • 7/7 Wray,CO- McCook, NE 7/8 McCook, NE- Lexington, NE 7/9 Lexington, NE- Grand Island, NE 7/10 Grand Island, NE- Lincoln, NE 7/11 Lincoln, NE- Lincoln, NE 7/12 Lincoln, NE- Council Bluffs, IA 7/13 Council Bluffs, IA- Winterset, IA 7/14 Winterset, IA- Ames,IA 7/15 Ames,IA- Ames,IA 7/16 Ames,IA- Cedar Rapids, IA 7/17 Cedar Rapids, IA- Clinton, IA 7/18 Clinton, IA- Shabbona, IL 7/19 Shabbona, IL- Chicago,IL 7/20 Chicago, IL- Chicago,IL 7/21 Chicago, IL- Wanatah, IN 7/22 Wanatah,IN- Columbia City, IN 7/23 Columbia City, IN- Columbia City, IN 7/24 Columbia City, IN- Defiance, OH 7/25 Defiance, OH- Bowling Green, OH 7/26 Bowling Green, OH- Sandusky, OH 7/27 Sandusky, OH- Cleveland, OH 7/28 Cleveland, OH- Cleveland, OH 7/29 Cleveland, OH- Solon, OH 7/30 Solon, OH- Solon, OH 7/31 Solon, OH- Austintown, OH 8/1 Austintown, OH- Pittsburgh, PA 8/2 Pittsburgh, PA- Jennerstown,PA 8/3 Jennerstown, PA- McConnellsburg,PA 8/4 McConnellsburg, PA- Frederick, MD 8/5 Frederick, MD- Washington D.C. If you have any information regarding restaurants, hotels, civic groups or others who may be interested in sponsorship,please complete the coupon at left.

Winter, 1989-the star & lamp-Page 11

stantiamp THE

Winter1989, Vol. LXXV, No. 1 A Leadership/Education Publication Editor-in-Chief- Durward W. Owen Managing Editor- Jon Scott Official Photographer- Tim Ribar Office Manager- Nancy Perdue Editorial Assistant- Vivian Seeley Contributing Writers Lane Harber Matt McMillan Thomas Sayre Tim Smith Neal Strickland T.J. Sullivan Tim Wells

The Star & Lamp is published quarterly by the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at 7017 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28217. Mailing address: P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, N.C. 28224. Telephone:(704)523-6000; FAX: (704)521-8962. A life subscription is $15 and is the only form of subscription. Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C., on Dec. 10, 1904, by Simon Fogarty, Andrew A. Kroeg, Jr., and L. Harry Mixson.

111{4) Member. College Fraternity Editors' Association

Pr Kappa Phi is a member of National Intedraternity Conference





Trust Investment-Stephen DePalma Schoor, DePalma & Ganger Group, Inc. 200 Route 9, P.O. Box 1149 Manalapan, NJ 07726

Vice president-Stephen DePalma Schoor, DePalma & Canger Group, Inc. 200 Route 9, P.O. Box 1149 Manalapan, NJ 07726

Education-Patrick Farley 78-1 Drexelbrook Drive Drexel Hill, PA 19026 Ritual & Insignia-Glenn McConnell 27 Bainbridge Drive Charleston, SC 29407

Treasurer-Phillip M. Summers Vincennes University 1002 N. First Vincennes, IN 47591

Nomination-Lonnie Strickland, III 1 Old Northriver Point Tuscaloosa, AL 35406-1011

Secretary-Jerry T. Brewer Dean of Student Life USC-Russell House Columbia, SC 29208

Alumni-vacant Expansion-Clay Edmonds 1951 Carr Avenue Memphis, TN 38104

Chaplain-Thomas H. Sayre P.O. Box 393 Morgamon, NC 28655

PUSH-Philip Tappy 4800 Rockview Court Charlotte, NC 28226

Chancellor-Nathan Hightower P.O. Bcx 1669 Clearwater, FL 33517 Past National President-David Jaffee Crouch-Aydlette Realty, Inc. 830 Lowcountry Boulevard P. 0. Box 426 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 PI Kappa Phl Foundation Ted A. Scharfenstein Addison Gilbert Hospital 298 Washington Street Gloucester, MA 01930

PI Kappa Phi Properties, Inc. Travis Julian Fifield Property Management Co. 225W. Washington, Suite 1500 Chicago, IL 60606

Area: I James A. Krucher, 3 Burgh Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011 II Dr. Arthur J. Quickenton, 401 Meadowview Dr., Boone, NC 28607 Ronald J. deValinger, 402 College St., III Cuthbert, GA 31740- 131 IV Mark Jacobs, Meridian St., Apt. 101, Indianapolis, IN 46204 V Frank D. Havard, P.O. Box 16348, Mobile, AL 36616 Vi John R. Andrews, 44 Patricia St., St. Louis, MO 63135 Steven W. Smith, 1816 S. Carson VII #334. Tulsa, OK 74119 Dr. Frank M. Parrish, 7742 S. VIII Harrison Circle, Littleton, CO 80122 Paul W. Combs, 12383 Copenhagen IX Ct., Reston, VA 22091 Steven S. Ryder, 11442 Foster Rd., X Los Alamitos, CA 90720

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Executive Director- Durward W. Owen Assistant Executive Director - Glenn Dickson Exec. Vice President of Properties Paul S. Green Director of Communications - Jon Scott Leadership Consultants - Joel Allen, Dean Divis, Bill Maycock, Paul Rice, Rob Sheets

People Understanding the Severely Handicapped Acting Executive Director - Ken Kaiser Director of Communications - T.J. Sullivan P.O. Drawer 1569 Morganton, NC 28655 Phone:(704)433-0233

ASSOCIATE CHAPTERS Duke Methodist Jacksonville Univ. of Texas-Arlington Marshall Averett College LaVerne Cal. State-Fullerton Univ. of California-Davis SUNY-Cortland Colorado St. Concord

P.O. Box 4674 Duke Station, Durham, NC 27706 Box 12372, Methodist College, Fayetteville, NC 28301 J.U. Box 860, Jacksonville Univ. Sta., Jacksonville, FL 32211 705 S. Summit, Arlington, TX 76013 2W38 MSC, Huntington, WV 25755 P.O. Box 2306, Danville, VA 24541 2707 White Avenue, LaVerne, CA 91750 Univ. Activities Center 74, Fullerton, CA 92634 1443 Wakeforest Drive, Apt. #1, Davis, CA 95616 P. 0. Box 5335, Cortland, NY 13045 Student Center, CSU, Fort Collins, CO 80523 D-583 Concord College, Athens, WV 24712

ALUMNI CHAPTERS AND ASSOCIATIONS Alabama Gulf Coast Alumni Alpha Upsilon Alumni Assoc. Alpha Zeta Alumni Assoc. Americus Alumni Corp. Beta Alumni Assoc. Beta Phi Alumni Assoc. Central Alabama Alumni Assoc. Charleston Alumni Assoc. Delta Omicron Alumni Chapter Des Moines Alumni Chapter Detroit Area Alumni Assoc. Epsilon Iota Alumni Chapter Epsilon Sigma Alumni Chapter Gamma Alpha Alumni Assoc. Gamma Gamma Alumni Assoc. Gamma Phi Club, Inc. Greater Toledo Alumni Greenwood Alumni Assoc. Houston Texas Alumni Indianapolis Area Alumni Chapter Ithaca Alumni Assoc. Jacksonville Area Alumni Assoc. LaGrange Alumni Assoc. Lambda Alumni Assoc. Louisville Alumni Chapter Memphis Alumni Assoc. Metroplex Alumni Assoc. Mountaineer Alumni Assoc, New York Alumni Chapter North Jersey Alumni Assoc. Omega Alumni Chapter Seattle Alumni Assoc. Sigma Alumni Assoc. Wilmington Alumni Assoc.

Bill lshee - 1747 Hunter Ave., Mobile, AL 36606 Fred H. Schmehl - 39 W. Wyomissing Ave., Shillington, PA 19607 Ted Langton 3058 NW Charmyr Vista, Corvalis, OR 97330-2705 Ron Chaffin - 3145 White Rd., NE, Conyers, GA 30207 Howard C. Bean, Jr. - 734 Palmetto St., Spartanburg, SC 29302 Bryan McGann - 913 Bridge Way, Raleigh, NC 27615 Jim Beal - P.O. Box 505, Montevallo, AL 35115 Alan Horres, Jr. - 2146 Vespers Dr., Charleston, SC 29407 Kirk Defelice - 209 Adam Blvd., Lockport, LA 70374 John S. Kirk - P.O. Box 65663, W. Des Moines, IA 50265 Bill Lawton - 151 Todds Road #422, Lexington, KY 40509 Donegan Root - 2334 Purple Martin Ln., Virginia Beach 23455 Eddie Keene - 5490 Forest Hill, Memphis, TN 38115 Tom Tartt - P.O. Box A, Livingston, AL 35470 Brooks Thompson - 718 University Ave., Troy, AL 36081 Tom Peterson - 2455 Salvia St. N., Mobile, AL 36606 Chris Cannon - 7371 Grenlock Dr., Sylvania, OH 43560 Chuck Watson - P.O. Box 848, Greenwood, SC 29646 Brian Moore - 1310 Osborne, Friendswood, TX 77546 Greg Linder - 5202 Potters Pike, Indianapolis, IN 46234 Lawrence G. Thayer - 103 Woolf Lane. Ithaca, NY 14850 Jesse Crimm - 4445 Silverwood Ln., Jacksonville, Fl 32207-6239 Rick Jolly - P.O. Box 3382, LaGrange, GA 30241 Leroy Langston - 40 Marietta St., NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 Larry Hayse - 5303 Shorewood Dr., Louisville, KY 40214 David Everson - 1963 Deep Valley Cove, Memphis, TN 38138 Mark Fehmer - 2307 Abbington, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 Rick W. Price - 7601 Cedar Creek Lane, Charlotte, NC 28210 John Burns - 1629 E. 38th St., Brooklyn, NY 11234 Karl Kopans - 420 Victor St., Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 Jay T. Seeger - 10 N. 4th St., Lafayette, IN 47902 Derrick Rogers - 6310 60th Ave. NE, Apt. #4, Seattle, WA 98115 Jerry T. Brewer - 1611 Crestwood Dr., Columbia, SC 29205 Lee Pearson - 3617 Sirbey Smith, Wilmington, NC 28403

Photo byBennett Smith

National Council meets The Pi Kappa Phi National Council met in Charlotte, N.C., Jan. 27-28. Pictured are (from left) Past National President David Jaffee, Treasurer Phillip M. Summers, Secretary Jerry T. Brewer, President Judge James Turk, Chancellor R. Nathan Hightower, Vice President Stephen DePalma, and Chaplain Thomas H. Sayre. • THE CHAPTERS Alabama Alabama-Birmingham Appalachian State Auburn Auburn at Montgomery Augusta Belmont Abbey Bowling Green State Bradley California-Berkeley California-San Diego Cal State- Northridge Cal State-Sacramento Central Arkansas Charleston Christian Brothers Clemson Univ. Clinch Valley CSU-Chico Drake Drexel East Carolina East Texas State Univ. Elon College Florida Florida Southern Florida State Furman George Mason Georgia Georgia College Georgia Southern Georgia Southwestein Georgia Tech Grand Valley Illinois Illinois Tech Indiana Indiana of Pennsylvania Iowa State Jacksonville State James Madison Kansas State LaGrange Lander LaSalle Lenoir-Rhyne Livingston Longwood Louisville McNeese Memphis State Mercer Michigan Michigan State Missouri-Columbia Missouri-Rolla Montevallo Morehead Nebraska-Lincoln Nebraska-Omaha NJIT North Carolina UNC-Charlotte UNC-Greensboro UNC-Wilmington North Carolina State North Dakota North Florida Northeast Missouri North Georgia Oklahoma Oklahoma State Old Dominion Oregon State Pembroke Penn State Pittsburgh Polytechnic University Presbyterian Purdue Radford Rensselaer Roanoke St. Joseph's Samford Seton Hall Shippensburg Slippery Rock Stetson South Alabama South Carolina South Florida Southern Tech Stockton State Tampa Tennessee Texas Texas A&M Texas Tech Toledo Troy State Valdosta State Villanova Virginia VCU VPI Washington & Lee Western Carolina West Chester West Virginia Tech West Virginia Univ. Winthrop College Wofford

Omicron Epsilon Phi Delta Zeta Alpha Iota Epsilon Delta Gamma Psi Gamma Mu Delta Sigma Epsilon Mu Gamma Zeta Beta Zeta Mu Epsilon Nu Epsilon Zeta Alpha Epsilon Sigma Zeta Alpha Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Lambda Beta Delta Alpha Upsilon Beta Phi Beta Chi Epsilon Alpha Alpha Epsilon Beta Beta Beta Eta Delta Zeta Epsilon Lambda Epsilon Upsilon Gamma Kappa Gamma Xi Iota Epsilon Beta Upsilon Alpha Phi Alpha Psi Zeta Iota Alpha Omicron Delta Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Chi Gamma Nu Gamma Rho Epsilon Xi Epsilon Rho Gamma Alpha Epsilon Gamma Beta Gamma Beta Mu Gamma Delta Alpha Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Epsilon Gamma Lambda Gamma Omega Delta Eta Nu Delta Gamma Beta Alpha Kappa Delta Lambda Epsilon Iota Gamma Theta Tau Zeta Gamma Zeta Zeta Delta Delta Delta Beta Alpha Gamma Gamma Upsilon Gamma Beta Alpha Zeta Delta Kappa Alpha Mu Delta Upsilon Alpha Xi Beta Omega Delta Phi Alpha Tau Xi Epsilon Tau Alpha Eta Epsilon Theta Zeta Delta Epsilon Psi Chi Gamma Phi Sigma Zeta Eta Epsilon Kappa Zeta Kappa Beta Lambda Alpha Sigma Zeta Theta Delta Omega Epsilon Omega Beta Iota Gamma Gamma Beta Tau Epsilon Omicron Beta Upsilon Epsilon Pi Delta Alpha Rho Gamma Epsilon Zeta Nu Gamma Zeta Alpha Rho Epsilon Eta Zeta

P.O. Box 1947, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 P.O. Box 40, University Center, Birmingham, AL 35294 ASU Box 8991. Boone, NC 28607 861 Morrison Rd., Auburn, AL 36830 P.O. Box 17926, Montgomery. AL 36117-0926 Augusta College, 2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30910 Box 242, Belmont Abbey Col., Belmont, NC 28012 Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH 43403 1532 West Bradley Avenue, Peoria, IL 61606 2908 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 P.O. Box 12407, LaJolla, CA 92037 P.O. Box 7506, Northridge, CA 91327 P.O. Box 255826, Sacramento, CA 95825 UCA Box 5126, Conway, AR 72032 S.P.O. Box 1456, College of Charleston, SC 29424 650 East Parkway South, Memphis, TN 38104 P. 0. Box 2186, Clemson, SC 29632 CVC Box 6005, Wise, VA 24293 429 W. 4th Street, Chico, CA 95928 1236 34th St., Des Moines, IA 50311 3405 Powelton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104 P.O. Box 1423, Greenville, NC 27834 Box W, E.T. Station, Commerce, TX 75428 P.O. Box 1206, Elon College, NC 27244 11 Fraternity Row, Gainesville, FL 32603 Box 15215, c/o Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL 33802 423 W. College Avenue. Tallahassee, FL 32301 Furman University-Box 28569, Greenville, SC 29613 9905 Pohick Rd., Burke, VA 22015 P.O. Box 2926, Athens, GA 30604 P.O. Box 951, Milledgeville, GA 31061 LB #12343. Georgia Southern Col.. Statesboro, GA 30460 P. 0. Box 411, Americus, GA 31709 G.T. Box 32715. Atlanta, GA 30332

P. 0. Box 272, Allendale, MI 49401 306 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign, IL 61820 3333 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616 P.O. Box 59, Bloomington, IN 47406 P.O. Box 1604, IUP, Folger Hall Post Office, Indiana, PA 15705 407 Welch Avenue, Ames. IA 50010 P.O. Box 602-Jacksonville St. Univ.. Jacksonville, AL 36265 P. 0. Box L-211, JMU, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 1716 Fairchild, Manhattan, KS 66502 Box 1170 LC. LaGrange. GA 30240 Box 6191, Lander College, Greenwood, SC 29646 LaSalle Univ., Box 692, Philadelphia, PA 19141 Lenoir-Rhyne College, Box 8420, Hickory, NC 28603 P.O. Box M, Livingston, AL 35470 Box 1140 - Longwood College, Farmville, VA 23901 2106 Confederate Place, Louisville, KY 40208 P.O. Box 92229-MSU, Lake Charles, LA 70609 3841 Spottswood Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111 Mercer University Box 112, Macon, GA 31207 University of Michigan, 916 Church St. , Ann Arbor, MI 48109 131 Bogue Street, E. Lansing, MI 48823 500 Rollins, Columbia, MO 65207 1704 Pine Street, Rolla, MO 65401 Drawer K, 91 Bloch St, Montevallo, AL 35115 Box 1247 UPO, Morehead, KY 40351 425 University Terrace, Lincoln, NE 68508 P.O. Box 128. Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha, NE 68182 249 King Blvd., Newark, NJ 07102 216 Finley Golf Course Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Cone University Center, UNCC Station, Charlotte, NC 28223 1020 W. Market St., Greensboro, NC 27401 University Union, Rm. 202,Wilmington, NC 28407 2401 W. Fraternity Court, Raleigh, NC 27606 504 Hemline Street, Grand Forks, ND 58201 Go Student Life,4567 St. Johns Bluff Road, 5, Jacksonville, FL 32216 P.O. Box 562, 815 S. Davis, Kirksville, MO 63501 Box 6722- North Georgia College. Dahlonega, GA 30597 1714 S. Chautaugua, Norman, OK 73072 Oklahoma State Univ., 703 W. University, Stillwater, OK 74074 810 W. 52nd St., Norfolk, VA 23508 2111 Harrison NW, Corvallis, OR 97330 P.O. Box 5423, Pembroke State Univ., Pembroke, NC 28372 409 E. Fairmont Avenue, State College, PA 16801 316-C Semple Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 333 Jay St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 Presbyterian College - Box 1069, Clinton, SC 29325 330 N. Grant Street, W. Lafayette, IN 47906 815 Tyler Avenue, Radford, VA 24141 49 Second Avenue, Troy, NY 12180 Box 1450, Roanoke College, Salem, VA 24153 P.O. Box 230, 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131 Samford University, Box 2474, Birmingham, AL 35229 B-Dougherty Std Ctr, 400 S. Orange, S. Orange, NJ 07079 201 E. Orange Street, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Rm 221-C, Univ Union, SRU, Slippery Rock, PA 16057 Stetson, Box 8241, Deland, FL 32720 P.O. Box U-1208, USA, Mobile, AL 36688 University of SC, Box 85128, Columbia, SC 29225 USF, CTR 2559, Tampa, FL 33620 1112 Clay Street, Marietta, GA 30060 Box 4192, Stockton State College, Pomona, NJ 08240 401 W Kennedy Blvd, U of Tampa-Box 2786, Tampa, FL 33606 1828 Fraternity Park, Knoxville, TN 37916 1919 Robbins Place, Austin, TX 78705 P.O. Box 8844, College Station, TX 77844 2517 19th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410 P.O. Box 2478, Toledo, OH 43606 610 N. Three Notch Street, Troy. AL 36081 Valdosta State College Box 89, Valdosta, GA 31698 Student Activities Office, 215 Dougherty Hall, Villanova, PA 19085 510 Rugby Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903 1106 W. Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23220 1101 Redbud Road, Blacksburg, VA 24060 Washington & Lee-P.O. Box 903, Lexington, VA 24450 P.O. Box 1173, Cullowhee, NC 28723 109 Sykes Union, WCU, West Chester, PA 19393 641 Fayette Pike, Montgomery, WV 25136 591 Spruce Street, Morgantown, WV 26505 P.O. Box 5030-WCS, Rock Hill, SC 29733 P.O. Box P. Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC 29301




Page 12-the star & lamp-Winter, 1989

FUN Alumnus supports alcohol stand

Photo by Tim Ribar

Staff changes The Administrative Office staff(seated, from right) are Executive Director Durward Owen, Assistant Executive Director Glenn Dickson, Executive Vice President of Properties Paul Green, (standing, from left) Leadership Consultants Dean Divis, Rob Sheets, and Bill Maycock, Director of Communications Jon Scott, and Leadership Consultants Paul Rice and Joel Allen. Rice and Allen joined the staff this semester. Rice is a former archon of Epsilon Mu Chapter-Bradley University, and Allen is a former archon of Gamma Beta Chapter-Old Dominion University. Scott Smith (above, left) completed his service to the national office in December after one and a half years as a leadership consultant. He was archon of his chapter, Beta Phi-East Carolina University. Smith currently is attending the University of South Carolina-Columbia as a graduate student and serves the University as the residence hall director for Greek housing.

Epsilon Sigma sets its sights high Continued from page 9 stagnation and apathy that could develop within the brotherhood from an unchanging, set-in-stone program. The Pi Kapps at Christian Brothers do not stay closed off to themselves. Each year, they contribute as much time and effort as possible to campus and community projects. They actively participate in the college intramural program, student government, and Greek council.The brothersofEpsilon Sigma participate in other worthwhile activities, including a food drive for the Memphis Inter-Faith Association (MIFA), where the brothers conduct a food drive for the needy. Along with other student organizations, the chapter participates in the United Way Fair, held during parents' weekend each year. Another aspect of the chapter that has contributed to its growth is a strong alumni program. Despite being limited in number,

Reep fund helps UNCC alumni Continued from page 4 fund-raisers has been phenomenal.Through the Dean Reep Memorial Scholarship Fund the principles and ideals of Dean will continue to live on. Dean's family is also working to assure that his death was not in vain. They have raised nearly $10,000to help others in Dean's name. The family has pledged to furnish a room at the Children's Inn of the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Md. This facility will enable the families of children with cancer to stay near the National Cancer Institute while their children are receiving treatment. This fund pres-

the chapter still has received invaluable assistance from the alumni chapter. In addition to the brothers who have graduated, the alumni base is also composed of members of the faculty and administration of CBC and prominent Memphis businessmen who are very close to the college and the Fraternity. Each year, the chapter attempts to initiate five or six alumni who have proven to be valuable assets to the chapter. Although there are many positive aspects of being so young,sometimes it can be trying. Nevertheless, Epsilon Sigma has had many fantastic and contributing leaders within its chapter. The chapter is dedicated to the continued betterment of relations with others on campus, within the chapter, and with Pi Kappa Phi on a national level.The goals they have set for their chapter are high, but with perseverance,they will obtain and hopefully surpass all of them.

ently contains nearly $4,000. The Reeps also have started the Dean Alan Reep Scholarship Foundation which they hope eventually will become national in scope. They have collected over $5,000 for this fund. Dean would be proud of the good that is being carried out in his name. Dean gave of himself at every turn. One of his final wishes was to give his eyes to medicine so that another could see. He would burst with pride if he knew that his eyes now have given sight to two persons who were blind. He encouraged us to consider being organ donors. Dean's eyes now provide the precious gift ofsight and though the recipients never knew Dean, they will forever be grateful for his precious last gift. Ink Tim Smith is an alumnus ofUNCC. He was warden of Delta Lambda while Dean Reep was assistant warden.

I'm totally in favor of the stand Pi Kappa Phi is Letters taking on the alcohol and other drug issue. The reason I am in support of what you are doing is because of my own past and present involvement with the subject. When I was at Duke University and became Archon of Mu Chapter, I hardly drank. I think I had my first drink about my junior year and probably never consumed more than a dozen drinks while I was in school. And for about five years after leaving school my drinking was very limited and always on a social basis. Somewhere along the way following that, drinking sneaked in very subtly as a daily habit that over the next 20 plus years almost cost me my family, my job and eve-

rything else of value to me. Since February 1979, I have not had a drink, and for the past eight years my occupation changed, allowing me to work exclusively in the field of employee assistance where problems of alcohol and other drug abuse and dependency are so prevalent. Since 1986, I have been managing an employee assistance program division of a Family Service agency. Here I manage contracts for approximately 30 companies with an employee population ofover 20,000.Thus lam in a position to see the destructive nature of the disease we are all battling. I hope what Pi Kappa Phi does will prevent at least some future brothers from becoming the victim I became. I knew it couldn't happen to me! Heyward L. Drummond, Vice President Contract Services of Family Services

Gamma alumni searching for lost archives Several months ago, Gamma Housing Corporation committed itself to explore the possibility of a fund raising drive. In connection with that, I have been attempting to update some very spotty records. These include the chapter membership roll and the complete list of Archons going back to the chapter's founding. In August 1975, the Supreme Chapter was held in San Francisco. Gamma ChapterUniversity of California-Berkeley acted as the host chapter.During the convention some old chapter records were placed in some glass display cases near the registration area. After the convention those items could not be accounted for, and were reported to be misplaced. As it turns out,some ofthe items contain the only existing copies of certain information needed to complete the records updating. It is imperative that every effort be made to locate the missing items. It was assumed that they found their way into some other archives by mistake and are still in existence.They may have changed hands and their origin and significance may

not be appreciated. Any assistance that you or any other recipient of this letter could provide would be greatly appreciated. Steven S. Ryder Gamma Housing Corporation

Magazine 'impressive' I want to congratulate you and your staff on an outstanding Star & Lamp. The layout is clear, the pictures are interesting, and the articles are well written and informative; However, what impresses me the most is the content of the magazine. A record setting Pi Kapp College with attendance from 111 chapters, the resurgence offraternity singing, 12 chapters giving more than $5,000to PUSH,the outstanding candidates for Student of the Year, and the chartering of Clemson and IUP are all signs of strong leadership. Congratulations again for a job well done. Gary A. Leonard Alpha Epsilon-Florida

Warden opposed to elimination of pledging Is our member education program in danger of being abolished by the Administrative Office, as rumour would have it? I worry that my chapter is in danger of becoming a victim ofsociety's panic-stricken, scape-goat view of fraternities. I'm afraid that the idea of eliminating pledging is just such an example of the pressure society is exerting,often because ofminority instances which are used against all fraternities.

I don't consider "pledge" a dirty word. I consider it an honor to pledge oneself,body and soul, to Pi Kappa Phi. To be called "pledge" is to be honored. Dean Bryan Delta Upsilon-Pittsburgh The National Council is appointing an ad hoc committee to study the issue and to make a recomendation regarding thefuture ofour traditional plegdeship concept. - Ed

University of Oklahoma chartered Continued from page 9 was much preparation to be done.Combined with chartering activities, summer rush involved much of our energies and resources. As the fall semester started,after pledging 23 men, the stage was set for chartering. The weekend ofchartering proved to exhibiteven more excitement and meaning than was anticipated. Serving as chartering officer was Paul Welsh, Omicron-Alabama, secretary of Pi Kappa Phi Properties. Area VII Governor Steve Smith, Alpha Psi-Indiana, was assistant chartering officer. Gamma Upsilon Chapter- Oklahoma State University and Gamma Lambda Chapter -University ofMissouri-Rolla provided the initiating teams. Forty-two men were initiated as founding fathers. The chartering banquet was held at the Petroleum Club in Oklahoma City.

Today, Alpha Gamma is 70 men strong and growing.Alumni support is tremendous, and with the help ofPi Kappa Phi Properties, the chapter has secured a fraternity house.

Oops! The Shippensburgh University chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is designated Zeta Delta not Delta Zeta (Fall 1988, page 4: "Krucher named 'Area Governor of the Year' for second time"). Jeff Wahlen was initiated at Alpha Epsilon-University of Florida not Beta Eta-Florida State University. He later transferred to Florida State where he became involved with the chapter there (Fall 1988, page 5:"Student of the Year is'following in his brother'sfootsteps").


ADDRESS CHANGE: Changes in address should be promptly forwarded to: The Star & Lamp,PO Box PARENTS, NOTE: • Chico, Oklahoma charterings...

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